View Full Version : Peek inside the Rabit Hole

December 18th, 2005, 8:59 PM
Here is my old poem revised, I hope can go more in depth to it, please try to debunk it, I wana see if anyone can solve the underlieing riddle and question. It goes very deep, trust me.

Hold your breath it's time for the show,
Down and down still more to go.
Falling down trying to escape,
That voice still rings, "I'm late, I'm late."
Falling, falling I'll never land.
To many shadows of a bleak dreamland.
Still falling till I play my part,
Deck of cards, the queen of hearts.
Talking flowers, speaking trees,
Flashes of a tea party.
In the eyes of Wonderland.
I have fallen all I can.
I turn around another hole,
It seems the rabit's unwritten goal.
Ready to jump still more to go,
Hold your breath, it's time for the show.
Hold your breath it's time for the show,
Time will tell, don't ya know.
Life was cruel, but I don't care
That evil voice still in the air.
Falling, falling please don't let me die.
Time and time, I want to cry.
Still falling till I play my part,
Life in cards, Aced in my heart.
Talking people, speaking of me,
Flashes of the morge I see.
In the eyes of death.
The worst is yet to come.
Life's a *****, and I'm It's bum.
It seems the rabit's laughing away.
Ready to jump, yet again in the haze.
Hold your breath, it's all you can do.
Time to jump, and pursue.
Hold your breath it's time for the show,
The rabit jumped back in its hole.
Why, oh why must this game never end.
The hatters hat is my mad crazy trend.
Falling, falling down I go.
Life Im scared of, but this tops the boat.
Still falling till Im alive no more,
Life in fear, was alive once more.
Talking voices, no one caring for me,
Flashes of my life I see.
In my own two eyes, life has come to an end.
The worst is over,
But there the rabit is again.
Seems my life is as hellish as can be.
I must find my only escape in this heat,
The holes right there, pure as fate.
Time to jump, and wipe away tears.
Lifes no life,
When your living in fear.
Hold your breath, Its time for show
I jumped right in the other hole.
What the hell, why go on
Trying to escape this invinceable fawn
Falling...Falling, I CAN'T TAKE THIS NO MORE.
As anger and rage thrased to the floor
I'll just keep on falling cause there fun simply must not end
They will see soon what its like to have no friends.
King of Liars, with warriors at side,
but all I see is the tears I cried.
All these HOLES, but still no ESCAPE.
I guess I'll just have to return all this hate.
THERE IT IS, **** rabit must DIE!
Or in it's holes I will surly fry.
and there it was
another hole,
another chance to be plain.
surly this canot be my fate.
The Chasire cat, held out a plate.
Nme of mine, friends of yours?
Who are you, peering from the floor.
Cup of tea, he asked again
Then I was handed a pen.
They do this all the time, you canot escape.
Your hopes of coming here, surly is fake.
You see My friend, your life has come to an end
Time to accept, your very own trend.