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December 20th, 2005, 8:55 PM
Hello, i welcome you to this thread!

It was a clear sunny day, and much poeple traveled to the great big ship called M.S. Glory. As the ship leaved the yard, a big party started in the inside and Pokemon fights, a big market and much more. Everything was fine and guests and pokemon had a lot of fun. But then it happened: a misfortune and the machines of the ship exploded. The big shock wave destroyed much of the beautiful ship. And to make everything worse, a storm was aproaching. It couldnt be helped: Everyone had to leave the ship. Most of the poeple could escape with emergency ships, but some poeple and pokemon were missing. The crew of the M.S. Glory had searched and waited for them, but the time went by and they left the sinking ship too...

The water waves slashed against the ship and water flowed into it fast. Several ways to the exits were closed or broken. He was running through the water afraid of dying and scared. Much rooms and canines were filled with water and wouldnt open, so he praid that there werent poeple or pokemon anymore. But then screams were heard, and a knocking, a knocking through the metal of the ship. There are still poeple? The water already reached his uper body parts. How could he help? Crying he dashed throuhgh the ship. "I dont want to die!" He looked out of the window. The ship was sinking indeed. The metal made a scaredous sound and suddenly the wall broke. In a few moments the ship was filled complete with water. He couldnt breath. `Live... I want to live...` The broken wall! He swam out of the ship and tried to reach the Surface. As he got there he took a hard breath and swallowed some water. He hadnt much strengh left. He swam to some large objekts and hold on it. The last thing he could see that some faces poped out of the water of the deep black cold ocean. The storm was heavy and big waves split everyone away. The wind blew in his face, the fresh cold wind. Er became unconscious...

You are stranded on an unknown island, not knowing where you are, how to survive or how many poeple are left. What would you do in this situation?

You are:
A guest or a crew member
A trainer with or without pokemon
A pokemon

- No godmodding
- no powerplaying
- no oneliner
- no legendarys


My Charakters:

Name: Felithas
Age: 16
Gender: female
Class: Trainer
Apeareance: Brown long hair, jeans, violett vest and baseball cap.
Pokemon: Bulbasaur, Pikachu
Personality: Gets fast agressiv and doesnt think about what she says.
History: Felithas did just started her journey and has beaten 3 gym leaders with her bulbasaur. Katmai did she get on the ship M.S. Glory. Since the accident happened on the ship, she and bulbasaur thinks that Katmai is responsible for everything.

Name: Katmai
Age: 5
Gender: male
Class: Pokemon
Apeareance: has a tatoo on his left arm, earring left ear
Pers: A funny pikachu who likes laughing. He helpes if he can and protects weaker okemon if needed. He has strong emotions which he shows emediatly if something happens.
History: Katmai was trained by the owner of a nuclear power plant. After the power plant closed cause there were better ways of getting energy, he gave Katmai to Felithas.

December 20th, 2005, 9:08 PM
Name: Terra

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Class: Trainer with pokemon

Apperence: Terr looks different than your normal human. She has jet black hair that goes hlf way down her back. She has the eyes, ears, and teeth of a cat. Her ears a snow white and very noticable. She also has a tail. The color of her eyes is a light soft blue color. While her teeth are like a cat's. She wears a black shirt and jeans. The sleeves are torn off on her shirt. She has a black necklace with a white feather on it. She tries to hide her cat likr ears as best as she can but you can still see them most of the time.

Pokemon: Umreon, White Espeon.

Personality: She is shy, mysterious, caring, and she hates being around peple.

History: Terra will only tell her closest friends her past.

December 21st, 2005, 11:27 AM
Name: Andy Kemor


Gender: male

Class: Trainer

Apeareance: brown hair, blue jeans, orange t-shirt and a green west over the t-shirt.

Electabuzz,Scyther, Growlithe

Personality:very kind and trans always with hes pokemons and is very god to make food

History: has always lived with pokemons in the woods so he is very cornektet with his pokemons.

PS im not good at englich but i think you can understand me any way.

December 21st, 2005, 11:36 AM
Both accepted. I am waiting for more players. Pacman, it is okay if you cant english good. I am a German, and my english isnt the best either. ^^

December 21st, 2005, 1:29 PM
thank you :-)...............

December 21st, 2005, 2:53 PM
Name: Kazuo
Age: 14
Gender: male
Class: Human
Apeareance: Kinda short for his age. About 5'2" Has spikey black hair with a tint of blue in it and light blue eyes. He wears torn blue jeans that are kinda loose on him but not too loose, and a pitch black T-shirt.
Pokemon: Pikachu
Personality: cold and distant. Doesn't really want to know anybody and doesn't.
History: Kazuo grew up alone in a house just outside of Viridian city. He never had any parents, and when he was born there was this freak accident that damaged his nerve cells near his head. The result, Kazuo has no emotions toward anything what so ever. And if he did, it would be very little, and he wouldn't notice it most of the time. He got his Pikachu when it was just really little. It was weak, and just happened to stumble along his proch alone one night. Kazuo was about ten around the time. He didn't know what to do with it and, due to lack of emotion toward it, flipped a coin to see if he would bring it in or not. The coin was head so, of course, he bought it in and that was his first Pokemon. He didn't really interact with any other Pokemon or human, and him and his Pikachu are just partners, nothing more. They work side by side, not talking very much, and not doing much of anything friendly together to one another.

Name: Pikachu
Age: 4
Gender: male
Class: Pokemon
Apeareance: Has a darkish yellow fur, scruffy around the edges of his ears, and a chipped tail. He also has the scar that runs diagonally along the right side of his face, going through his right eye, but not harming it.
Pokemon: Pikachu
Personality: Quiet and doesn't usually speak much it not needed for him to. Just like Kazuo, doesn't really show any emotion, not even in battles. He doesn't care if he wins or loses.
History: Pikachu grew up with Kazuo ever since he brought him in. Since then, they both lived a quiet and distant life in their house, both not interacting with the other. Pikachu is silent most of the time, and prefers quietness and peacefulness over loudness and disturbances.

December 21st, 2005, 8:55 PM
Name: Eliadon

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Class: Trainer with Pokmon

Pokmon Team:


Pokmon species: Espeon
Gender: Female
History: Espeon was the first Pokmon that Eliadon ever had. She was an Eevee when he got her, and a feisty one at that. Whenever she saw any Pokmon, she'd get ready to tackle her opponent to smithereens, until one day, she triedto tackle a Machoke, and nearly got beaten up. Since then, she listened to Eliadon, and soon, she evolved into Espeon.


Pokmon species: Lanturn
Gender: Female
History: Lanturn was an odd catch for Eliadon. he had been walking through a forest, when he heard the mournful cry of this small Chinchou. From what Eliadon gathered, the Chinchou had been washed ashore. he had healed her at the nearest Pokmon centre, and then captured her.

Appearance: Eliadon is what any normal person would call lanky. He exceeds the average height of a thirteen-year old, and is unnaturally thin. Even though he is thin, he does have muscle, but is not the type to show off about them. Infact, if Eliadon hadn't told anyone about his muscles, no one would know that he had them. They are that invisible. His skin is a healthy tan, because he is often outside in the sun for extended periods of time. His hair is jet-black in colour, and hangs all the way down until his shoulders. The fringe of his hair falls infront of his face, obscuring his left eyes, whcih, like the right eye, is sapphire in colour. His eyes seem to sparkle at the idea of risk taking, yet they will always give avarything they can lay their pupils on, a long and calculating glare. He wears a pair of baggy black jeans, that sag slightly, and drag across the floor. This is coupled with a long and loose red tank-top, which reaches half-way down to his knees. He wears two fighter's gloves, the type that stop at the knuckles, which are also black. And hung around his neck is a silveer chain, with a Mew pendant on it.

Personality: Eliadn is the type of guy who would never say no to a challenge, no matter how dangerous. He would even throw himself off a cliff if someone told him to, and almost did once, if it hadn't been for his friends. This earned him the nickname "Dr. Dare". But eventhough his is a risk taker, Eliadon is smarter than he looks. Behind his eyes is a brain that is working twenty-four seven, and because of this, he is always able to come up wth good battle strategies, that often allow him to win. His Pokmon are his life. Without his trusty companions, Eliadon would never be where he is. His Pokmon trust him with their life, and would kill themselves if it meant saving their master. Eliadon is very thankful for this. He is a very open person, and is willing to strike conversation with anyone and everyone. In fact, the conversations he strike are so intelligent, people often wonder why he acts so stupid.

History: Not much is known about Elidon, and whatever is know, is very fuzzy (I'll explain everyting in the RPG

December 22nd, 2005, 2:38 PM
occ: Both accepted!Fine! We are now 5 poeple, but everyone who likes to join may join! ^^ now... POSTING TIME!

Felithas woke up slowly. She felt the sand under her boddy and the cold water on her legs. As she opened her eyes, she could see the white/yellow sand. She looked up and saw the first trees to a wood that was leading to the beach Felithas was now. Her look followed the wood and she gasped as she saw a that she was on a big beautiful island. "Aw... my head..." she tried to stand up and pattet her head. The total beach was filled of remainders of the misfortune. "Fragments? ... ship... pokemon. Oh my god!... Where am i? Where are?" she looked down to her belt. The pokeballs were gone.

"Nooo! Bulbasaur! Where are you? Please give me a reply!" She shouted. No reply. "It cant be... Bulbasaur... Katmai... its your fault... It IS YOUR FAULT!" she screamed. "We shouldnt had gone to the machine room... but you... you did want to see it... **** Pikachu... i hate you..."


{oh... aw.... my arm...} Katmai hold his arm. It was bleeding and hurted badly. The Pikachu was leaning against a rock and was standing in the water. The scratch was deep and it feeled like burning. He got out of the water and feeled the sand under his paws. The sun shined brightly and his head was getting dizzy. {Where... what the hell? Where is Felithas and Bulbasaur?} he said to himself. I think i have to look for them... Katmai thought. He walked slowly through the beach. {Am i... the only survivor? Hope not...}

{There you are!} suddenly a voice shouted. Katmai turned and was tackled by the Bulbasaur. He felt to the ground and his face was covered with pain. {my arm...} he whispered. The bulbasaur got close to Katmai. He kicked with one paw the injured arm. "Pikaaaa..." Katmai screamed. {Its your fault... she is... she is propably dead!} The tendrils came out of the bulbasaur and hit Katmai again. {Please stop it...}

{Why should i? Its your fault!} the Bulbasaur screamed again with tears in his eye. {Let me alone... I want to find her. Without you!} Bulbasaur said and leaved. {Please dont go...}

December 22nd, 2005, 3:18 PM
Kazuo got up from the sand, brushed off his pants, and looked arounds the island.'Hmm..' He thought to himself.

Pikachu was gone.

Kazuo shrugged, stuck his hand in his back pocket, and pulled out a gold coin, just bigger then a quater. He pressed the gold coin against his thumb of his left hand, which was now balled in a fist with his thumb ontop, and flicked it. The coin spun into the air. Kazuo lay his left hand flat as the coin came falling down. It landed with a soft 'pat'.


"Hmmm...guess i'll go looking for him' Kazuo placed the coin back into his pocket and started off into the forest.

December 22nd, 2005, 4:16 PM
Name: Gordon
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Class: Trainer
Pokemon:houndour, charmander,pidgeotto
Personality:funny, careing, loyal, resourceful.
History: needing a job from being kicked out of his parents house he had applied to the m.s glory. he got the job and had been working there for three years doing work and training his pokemon.

Gordon woke up his face half in the sand half in the sun. "awww man what happened?" he said slowly getting up. after a minute of adjusting to his surrondings he new what had happened. with a panicked feeling he reached for his pants pocket where he kept his pokeballs all of them were there. he stood up and saw the reckage across the beach.

December 22nd, 2005, 9:07 PM
OOC: yay!


Eliadon's eyes fluttered open, and he found himself staring up at a clear blue sky, with light whisps of clouds floating past. He saw an occasional Wingull fly over. He could smell a salty tang to the air, and everytime he took an inward breath, he felt salt enter his body. The ground beneath him felt soft, and smooth. The tried to get up, but his neck pained quite a bit.

He tried again, and again, until he finally managed to get himself up into a sitting position. He looked straight ahead of him, and he gasped. he was staring at a bright blue sea, that looked unnaturally calm. But the water was so clear that he could see to the bottom, and he saw a coral reef.

"No wonder," he muttered to himself. "The sea is always calm around coral reefs."

His hand automatically went for his belt. his pok-balt, which held is beloved pok-balls. He felt one, sealed, and small, indicating that the Pokmon was inside. That was Lanturn's pok-ball. He then felt the next own, and gasped in horror. It wasn't sealed, and it was big. that meant that Espeon was somehwere, all alone.

"ESPEON!" he yelled, his eyes now brimming with tears.

{You called?} came a soft voice from behind. {Ah, you're finally awake. You didn't have to shout so loudly, you know.}

Eliadon turned around, and found himself facing his dearest Espeon. And despite Espeon protests, Eliadon took Espeonin his arms, and hugged her tightly. But after a while, even Espeon felt glad that she was reunited with her trainer and nuzzled her nose into his chest.

"So, do you know where we are?" Eliadon asked, looking around.

{I haven't the foggiest,} she replied.

Behind them, was a large a sprawling forest, that seemed to stretch as far as the horizon. And that was quite far, seeing as the land was quite flat. The trees were a combination of tall and skinny palm strees (closer to the coastline), an large spreading oak trees (further inland).

"Well, we won't get wnywhere by just staying here. Let's check out the forest," suggested Eliadon, looking around.

{I'm with you all the way, Eli,} she replied.

Eliadon got up, and dusted some sand off his pants. "How many times have I told you not to call me 'Eli'"

{Unountable billions...}

December 22nd, 2005, 9:08 PM
Terra groaned and got up from the mound of sand that she was on. She brushed herself off and looked around for Moonlight and Sunlight. They were no where to be found. "Moonlight. Sunlight." She called out. Where can they be? She wondered. Terra started to walk around and look for them occasionally calling their names. As she was walking she spotted Moonlight struggling to get his head out of the sand. "Moonlight." Terra said walking over to him and pulling the Umbreons head out of the sand. {Hey who turned on the lights?} He asked still shaken up. "You know where Sunlight is?" {What you lost Sunlight!} They started to search for her hoping to find her.

December 23rd, 2005, 6:27 AM
Ah! Nigma's new RPG! ^.^ Oh, and sorry about not posting in Pokemon Outbreed. I hadn't posted for so long in it I kept forgetting... o.o However, I shall go post after this sign-up. Thank you for reminding me. ^-^ I've been quite busy the past couple days though with Christmas shopping! Luckily, I'll be done with it today. ^-^

Name: Reina

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Class: Crew Member

Apeareance: Like most crew members were dressed, Reina is wearing a uniform, deep blue slacks and a red vest with gold buttons. The shirt underneath is a blue as well, and she did have a hat, but it was lost in the wreck. As for her body, she has bright blue eyes and orange-red hair. She enjoys being called a redhead. She also wears a necklace with a diamond on it. It's very expensive and very important to her.

Pokemon: Doesn't have any in the beginning.

Personality: Reina is the typical redhead. Stouthearted, outspoken, tomboyish, and tough are some of her qualities. She can seem a bit insensitive at first, but she's actually quite kind and thoughtful. She's quick to anger, but she is also quick to forgive as well. She doesn't hold a grudge, if you seem sincere, then she will most likely trust you no matter what your past. Reina doesn't believe that women should be the "weaker sex." She has always wanted a pokemon, and it seems like fate has smiled on her when she meets a stranded pokemon on the ship as it's going down.

History: Reina is the daughter of the man who owns the M.S. Glory, and so she got a job on there when she was 14. She's been working on the ship for two years, and enjoys it a lot. Her childhood was a strange one, she was carted around on the M. S. Glory for the majority of it. Her father used to like living on it with his family, but after a time he wanted to live back on the land. Reina never really got to make friends or go to school, or even own a pokemon, because she was always on the ship. She began to have this love-hate relationship with the ship, loving it because to her it was home, and hating it because it always prevented her from having a normal life. She also has mixed feelings when it sinks, wondering if she should feel horrified, or start a celebration.

EDIT: Oh! Forgot my pokemon! ^^;

Name: Nidorino "Saki"

Age: Unknown, but he's a teenager.

Gender: Male

Class: Pokemon

Apeareance: He's a regular Nidorino; that strange pinkish-purplish color. However, his horn has been broken halfway down.

Personality: Saki is an atypical Nidorino. This stems from the fact that his horn has been broken off since he was a baby Nidoran. He is not agressive in the least, is quite kind and timid, and startles easily. He thinks little of himself, and feels ashamed that he will never live up to the standards of other Nidorino. He's quite sad really. His only happiness was his trainer, a burly and tough man. Now that they are separated now though, he is once again his sad self. He has an undying loyalty to his trainer, but when he has to team up with the kind and tough Reina, he begins to realize that his old trainer was mean and cruel to him.

History: "Saki" is actually short for his full name "Murasaki", which means purple. This was the name his mother gave him, and is the name he carries with him too. He was caught shortly after birth by a burly man named Jack. Jack was a ruthless and cruel trainer that wanted powerful pokemon, but he never wanted them to turn against him. How he ensured this was to make them feel bad about themselves. He was the one that broke Saki's horn, though he always told Saki that it was his fault the horn was broken. Saki grew up with others, a Hitmonlee that was always told he was abandoned by his mother because he was never wanted, an Eevee without collar fur; they all had something wrong with them. They all grew powerful and strong though, all except for Saki. So when the ship was going down, Jack grabbed his pokemon that were the best, leaving behind Saki. While Reina was running through the ship looking for passengers, she spied the Nidorino all by himself, and grabbed him to help him escape.

December 23rd, 2005, 6:53 AM
OOC: That reminds me...I have a question. Can we catch Pokmon? Ifso, do we edit our forms when we do?

December 23rd, 2005, 12:47 PM
occ: Hey Azu and pokehunter, good to see ya! Your charakters are ok, so lets have fun! There are no rules to survive on an unknown island. You can catch, steal or adopt a pokemon. I will add this better to the plot: This is a survival rp, and we will see how long you can survive and if you can experience the dark secret of this island. I will make the rp week like, you will see, ok? If there are any questions or ideas, please write it!

FOR EVERYONE: Week one : The Arrival


Felithas was walking through the beach, not knowing what to do. She was hungry and she had a headache. "... what to do? What should i do? I... i will seach for bulbasaur of course!" She went to the west side of the beach. After she walked about an hour, she could see something aproaching her. Something.... green... "Bulbasaur? Its you!" The two were running to each other. They embraced and were crying. "Bulbasaur, i missed you! What... whats this blood on your foot?" {... uhm... this isnt my blood, who cares... i found you, thats the only good thing!} "Ah, never mind if you arent injured... well, we have to find something too eat, and after that, we look out for some survivors... perhaps this ... "pikachu" is allive too..." {... who cares...}


Katmai lay under a palm tree. He had bound himself a leaf around the wound. It still was blooding a bit. {Why did that happened? Was it my fault... my fault that my trainer died?} some tears where leaving his eyes. {Why is never luck on my side? First the powerplant... now this ship...} he was crying silent. {... nobody likes me... am i... am i destined to die here?} Then he heared steps in the sand. Was that a person? Katmai where too tired and to weakened to stand up. He wondered that he had have enough strenght to creep to the palm trees. He looked up to the beach to see the myterious one, and hoping that the one could hear his silent call for help...

December 24th, 2005, 7:32 AM
OOC: Alright! Starting time! ^0^


Reina had woken up on the sandy beach of a strange shore. Things were a bit fuzzy in her mind; the whole shipwreck was a blur to her. What had happened? Her father's ship! The whole thing was gone! Gone... what was her father going to do.... Well, he had his affairs in order, he wouldn't have a hard time, and he would no doubt get lots of help from his well-to-do friends.

That's when Reina realized that something strange and spiky was poking into her stomach. She moved and sat up a little, and noticed that next to her sand-covered body was a pokemon. A pink and purplish rabbit-like pokemon; a Nidorino. Reina brushed her orange hair out of her eyes and tried to shake the little pokemon awake.

"Oh... don't be dead... that would really make me cry," she said in a shaky voice, "And I hate to cry."

But the little Nidorino woke up, and immediately began to look around. {Where am I...? Oh!} he squeaked, looking up at Reina with a fearful face, {Don't hurt me!} Reina shook her head quickly, little bits of sand flying off.

"Oh no, I won't hurt you. It's just, don't you remember me? I helped you escape the ship? You were lost," Reina explained kindly, feeling very sorry for the little pokemon.

{Oh yes... I- I remember now,} the Nidorino said timidly, still looking a little afraid of the human before him. He turned his head back and forth looking around the strange island. {Where is my Master?} he said, looking back at the girl in front of him.

"Come on... we have to figure out what to do... or see if anyone else even made it here," Reina said, getting up and dusting off her messy clothes.

December 24th, 2005, 9:27 AM
DUDE! This looks cool, can I join.

Age: 14{human years}
Gender: Male
Class: Pokemon
Apeareance: A normal Flareon, except for the fact that his paws are brown. A dog collar is fastened tightly around one leg, from a previous owner. Bushy tail, can use fire, climbs trees.
Pokemon: Flareon
Personality: Doesn't really like to talk. Just observes. Loyal, scared, and torn between what to do.
History: Wandered onto the ship which was emitting good smells. It crashed, swam to safety, then blacked out.

December 24th, 2005, 9:29 AM

Eliadon wandered through the forest, looking for any sign to where he was. After waking up on the beach, Eliadon was seriously worried about his whereabouts. After all, the last thing he remembered was being in that cabin when the water level rose. After that, it's all a blank. Nothing but blackness.

The canopy of the forest was so thick, that it seemed to form a roof to the forest, making it completely pitch-black. It was only thanks to Lanturn's Flash technique that Eliadon could see what was around him.

Lanturn was in his arms, the bulb on her head, crackling with electricity to form a light, bright enough to cover ten metres in each direction. His Espeon was by his feet, using her telekinetic powers to warn Eliadon about anything beyond the border of the light.

"So, what do you suggest we do know?" Eliadon asked, stopping.

{Beats me. How about lunch?} asked Lanturn, looking hopefully up at Eliadon.

Eliadon smiled. "I think that, unless we can find any berries, lunch is out of the question."

{What! No lunch!} complained Lanturn. {Awww. I'm hungry.}

{Of course, and I have a full belly,} replied Espeon sarcastically.

{What! You've been eating without us?} screamed Lanturn.

Espeon rolled her eyes. {GOD! You're dense}

"It's always nice to spectate a cat-fight in the process," commented Eliadon, earning himself a long scar on his leg...

December 24th, 2005, 9:50 AM
Terra walked up the beach and so did Moonlight. Wondering where Sunlight could be. They were seriously getting worried about her.

"Where is she?" Terra asked in a scared tone.

{I... I .... don't know.} was Moonlights only reply.

Terra spotted something lavender running towards her. It turned out to be Sunlight. Who jumped on Terra and made her fall down.

{Terra I'm so glad to see you!} Sunlight said fantically.

{Sunlight I'm glad you're okay.} Moonlight said running over to her.

"Me too let's go find something to eat on this desserted like place."

Terra said as they started walking.

December 24th, 2005, 10:38 AM
:: I can't take it. I have to post. Flame me if I'm not excepted, okay? :D ::


I picked myself up from the ground. I was wet, which wasn't good. I shook myself, until I thought all of my fur would fall off. Looking around I saw I was on a beach.

{What happened?} I asked myself. {Oh. Right, the wreck.}

I walked a bit, wobbled, fell down. Picked myself up again, took care in placing my paws in front of the other.

And made it to the edge of a wood. I got the hang of walking again, and stopped looking at the ground. Snuffling with my nose, I came upon a scent. And following it, almost passed by the cause of the scent.


A Pikachu was there, a leg wrapped in leaves. I sat in front of him, cocking my head in curosity. He seemed sad.

So there we sat, him not noticing me, and me looking at him.

{... Hello.}

December 24th, 2005, 12:45 PM
Gordon continued to look around walking down the beach. "I wonder if anyone else survived?" he asked himself as he passed a huge part of the ship that seemed to have something in it. "Charmander come on out." he said releasing his charmander. he looked at the charmander then at the ship, "well lets see what we can find." he said to his charmander as they walked into the ship. "hey wait, didn't we come from this place." his charmander said looking up at his trainer.

"hey come on, theres no need to be scared, plus i might need a light." he said as he and Charmander continued to walk into the large peice of ship. "ahah, were in the cargo area of the ship. this is a good thing Excaliber." he says to his Charmander. Yuri starts rummaging through the boxes that hadn't been lost. as he moved boxes with other boxes he saw one labled POKEMART. to his astonishment inside the box were three orders of pokeballs the largest amount he had ever seen. thats when it dawned on him. His bosses daughter also his coworker and friend, was working the same time he was. "excaliber do you think Reina is some were out on the beach?" he asked his pokemon

with a wide eyed exprestion, "yes, she should be." he said in pokemon lang. with that excaliber became frantic.

"ok, ok, calm down so don't i." he said noticeing his pokemons sudden change in mood. "we need to get as much of this stuff as we can out of this wreckage before high tide." he said giving instructions to his charmander. as he and his pokemon worked a couple of boxes out of the wreckage to the beach he let out his Pidgeotto. "Merlin go look for Reina if you find her leed her back here." with that said Merlin flew off. "ok know we need someone to gaurd the stuff while we get more out." he said letting out his houndour. "ok lancelot you need to make sure no body steals this stuff. if they do let out a howl and i'll run out here." with that said, he and Excaliber continued to carry cargo out.

December 24th, 2005, 2:25 PM
occ: Gohan, you are accepted!


Katmai felt sad, and his leg was in pain. Some minutes past by, but Katmai thought it were hours. Then he heared something again. Somebody seemed to be in front of him, but the pikachu had a dizzy head and couldnt recognize who or what he was. {Hello...} the unknown said. It must be a pokemon. Katmai forced all his remaining power to say something: {Please... help me... uh...} he whispered. Perhaps Katmai was too long in the sun or lost too much blood. {Can you... bring... water... } he continued. His mouth felt like filled with sand. He looked at his injury, and as expected, it didnt look well. It was already afternoon, and it wouldnt keep long until it was night. What if he freezes to death, or an agressiv pokemon comes? He couldnt defend himself.

I am lucky that another pokemon did survive... Sleep... i have to sleep and cure my wound. And if i can manage it, i should eat something.

December 24th, 2005, 2:37 PM

"This place is pretty cool... too bad we're too scared to enjoy it," Reina said with a smile to the Nidorino walking beside her, "Hey... I wonder if there might be some people that live here. You know, like if it's an actual island that has people and stuff?"

The Nidorino looked up at her. {I- I dunno. I'm so worried... my Master will hurt me when I get back... I've been gone so long,} the pokemon said to himself.

Suddenly flapping was heard above the two, and Reina looked up to see a Pidgeotto flying above her. She blinked, wondering if perhaps this was a strange wild pokemon that wanted to battle or something. The bird pokemon didn't look like it wanted to battle though, it looked as if it had something else in mind.

Nidorino approached the Pidgeotto slowly and cautiously, {W-what do you want...?} He spoke timidly to the bird, but still maintained a serious look.

"Wait...!" Reina said with a gasp, "Are you Merlin...?!"

December 24th, 2005, 2:40 PM
:: Thank you! ::


I ran back to the beach, and let out a yell of frustration as I realized there was nothing to carry water in. My rant brought me to a fallen palm leaf. {Yes!} I shreed.

I picked it from the ground with my paws, filled it with water, dragged it back to the Pikachu. He was curled up, and I kept my voice down as I said, {Okay. Need anything else?}

December 24th, 2005, 2:47 PM

{No thanks...} he said and started to drink the water. After he was done and his voice was strong enough he looked at the pokemon. A Flareon. Katmai tried to stand up. {ouch... } he leg hurt, so he took the leaf away and he could see the wound. Using the water to wash the wound he said meanwhile: {Thank you very much for helping me... i shouldnt be too long in the sun... ouch! Crap! Lets see...} The pikachu used another leaf to bind the wound. {Ay! That burned... Ok...} he turned to the Flareon. {Whats your name? I owe you a wish... } he said.

December 24th, 2005, 3:29 PM
Pikachu woke up with a start. He got up slowly on unsteady paws and shook out his fur, yawning. {What..the hell happened} He looked around the sandy clearing he was in. It was located in the middle of the dessrted island. He looked down at his left arm and noticed a slanted wounds going through his yellow fur, now stained with blood. It kinda looked like a lightning bolt. Blood was still coming out of it. Pikachu shrugged and walked slowly over to a nearby palm tree. Long grass grew underneath it. Pikachu took one of the long pieces of grass and wrapped it around his wound, tieing it at the end. Blood seeped through it, but it wasn't anything fatal.

{Wonder where I am} Pikachu said, looking around the clearing, twitching his fuzzy ears, listening for anything living. He sniffed the air and found scent of Kazuo. {Kazuo..Hmmm} Pikachu was lost in thought. He never did have a coin like Kazuo, and always had to decide on his own.

A few minutes later, Pikachu stared foward in search of Kazuo..

December 24th, 2005, 8:42 PM
Merlin touched down near Reina"hey, Reina. Gordon's looking for you.{Pidg.. Pidgeotto.}" Merlin says looking at Reina. Moveing a little forward to see if Reina would follow he stoped to wait. while waiting he starts to talk to the Nidoran male. "hello im Merlin. who are you?" he says looking from Reina to the Nidoran.

December 26th, 2005, 7:24 AM
OOC: Oh, Pokehunter, Reina's with a Nidorino, not a Nidoran. ^-^


"Hey Merlin," Reina said to the Pidgeotto, "Lead us to Gordon!" She began to follow the large bird, glad to know that someone she knew was alive. Hopefully he knew where they were, or how to get off this stupid island.

The Nidorino looked up at the Pidgeotto, satisfied that he could feel safe since this human girl he was with knew the bird. {I- I'm Saki. I was on the big boat with my Master when it began to go down, and my Master... he forgot me. This girl Reina found me and so I am staying with her until- until my Master comes for me.}

It hadn't really hit Saki too much, but now it did. His Master had forgotten him. Again. He was so worthless... who would ever want a Nidorino with a broken horn? Saki's stomach churned... did the Master want him to die with the ship?

December 26th, 2005, 6:01 PM
{Tierr. My name's Tierr....}

I looked down at him for a moment, then curled up in a tight ball. I could feel the rough ground, see the trees and shrubs, see the Pikachu. I eyed him, then turned around.

I said, {Curl up in a ball, it will give you heat, and a bit more protection than you have like that.}

And drifted off into sleep, like a giant cat.

December 27th, 2005, 10:36 AM
Occ: ohh ok, sorry i must have read wrong. hope i didnt offend.

"Really, well Reina is a very speacil girl and very nice. you stick with her and you'll be just fine." Merlin says to Saki. with hearing reina's words of follow, he starts to fly in the direction of his trainer. going slow enough for the two on the ground to keep up.

Gordon and Excaliber have managed to take everything that is usable out of the cargo area. all that is left is lugeage. on carrying out the last suit case he sees Merlin in the distance. "I hope Reina is with him." he thinks to himself walking over to a create that is marked "Perishables", and opens it to reveal some food. he takes only enough to eat and his pokemon to eat the looks back in the direction Merlin was and cabn know make out two figures.

December 28th, 2005, 5:52 PM
OOC: Posties! XD Hey, where's Nigma at? Hope all is okay with him. You know, since he was in the hospital and all.


{O-Oh, really?} Saki said to the Pidgeotto as he walked carefully, {That is good... I get easily afraid, so I'm glad a nice person found me. Who knows what kind of scary stuff is on this island.} The Nidorino shuddered.

Reina looked up ahead and tried not to think about what her father must have been going through right now. Did he think she was dead? She tried not to picture his upset face, pale and crumbling as it was when... no; she shouldn't think of that time. She shook her head and noticed that up ahead was Gordon and Excalibur, Gordon's Charmander.

"Ah! Look it's Gordon and Excalibur!" Reina said aloud, feeling glad that someone else was all right. She raced up to the two of them. "Gordon!" she said to him, "I'm so glad to see another human face. For a minute I thought that it was just me in this place."

December 28th, 2005, 6:06 PM
Terra walked around and spotted a girl and a nidorino along with some others. Sunlight ran past them and Moonlight followed.

Terra shook her head and ran after them.

She darted in between the trainers and quickly gave them an apology. She then ran off after her pokemon without waiting for a reply.

Her pokemon jumped up into a tree. Terra did a flip up onto the tree with them.

"Why did you do that?" Terra asked annoyed.

{We just wanted you to acually say something to someone for once.}

They said with a sigh.

December 29th, 2005, 12:23 PM
occ: Sry for posting late! Had something to do, so dont worry about me! ^^

Katmai curled up in a ball as Tierr said. {My... my name is Katmai... nice to meet you...} he said, but he didnt know if the big pokemon could hear him. Was it already asleep? I have to find my trainer, and as much survivors as possible... Katmai thought. His wound wasnt hurting anymore, and he felt that the next day would be nicer then the first one. Katmai tried to sleep, but he had a nightmare with the sinking ship, the screaming poeple and childen. And pokemon. Pokemon that couldnt escape from the ship. He new that it didnt happen like that, but this dream was like... like reality...

He woke up suddenly. Looking around fast and breathing hard, but then he started to realize that it was a bad dream. Nothing more. The wind blew a fresh new breath and Katmai curled into a ball again. Slowly he fell into sleep again...
occ: Well, i think we can end with the first day and go on with the second one ok?

December 29th, 2005, 12:27 PM
"i'm glad to see you too. i thought the same thing when i got here. i started to wonder around and i found part of the cargo area, so i went through it and found all this." he said pointing to the boxes and the few suitcases. "i also found a couple of cases of pokeballs." he says takeing a handfull and giving them to her. he looks down and sees the Nidorino. "hey little guy, yout cute." he says putting his hand out to pet it.

December 29th, 2005, 5:54 PM
:: Fine with me. AH! The personality on the sign-up soooo isn't right, I just change it all the time. ::

[Katami, huh? Nice name, kid.]

I tried to sleep, but found it wouldn't come. So I lay there, eyes wide open, alert and watching.

Jake Marion
December 29th, 2005, 6:25 PM
a wee bit late

Name: Jake Marion
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Class: Trainer
Apeareance: short hair with long hair in the front, all hanging over his left eye, black shirt, darkblue jeans, backpack with 4 pokballs attached on the belts, Black "clumpy" shoes
Pokemon: Spearow, Umbreon, Larvitar, Houndour
Personality: Emtional, bit Depressed, uncertainty, shy, if getting loose with the people, carefull, playfull
History: after his 8th his mom died and his dad kinda neglected him, so Jake locked himself up in his room, alone. when he was 12, he found a left-alone eevee.
Jake and Eeve grew up together, later Eeve evolved into Umbreon, and Jake felt something in him changed too, he wanted to be a pokmon trainer. he told his dad it, by leaving a note, he caught and learned about pokmon feelings and wellness, but he knew there was more to learn about more pokmon, so he took a boat, you know the rest of the story


Jake wakes up, he has a bursting pain in his head, like thousand rocks fell on his head. he must have fell out a rescue boat or something and the sea floated him to the island

-Oww, my head, where am i?
He doesn't remember anything how he got here.
he gets up and looks around, sees no one, took of his backpack, drops it in the sand, sits down in fetus possition, and starts crying

he mumpled something
-Mom? if you can hear me, let someone find me

December 29th, 2005, 6:49 PM
:: OMG, I have broken the rules in SOOOO many ways this past month. ::

I got up, stretched my paws daintilly(sp?), and yawned. The other one, Katami was asleep, and I was hungry.

{Should I go find some food, or stay here?} I asked myself. {That one there seems pretty scared and would break down, I think. But I'm hungry, and if I don't get food my stomach is going to attack me!} I debated. In the end, I decided to climb the tree, and see if there was any fruit there.

Jake Marion
December 29th, 2005, 7:04 PM
Jake saw something moving in the tree's about 300ft away from him, he gets up, picks up his backpack and starts running!

suddenly Jake stops running
- I don't know what it is, maybe it's something big and scary,

He takes a pokball from his backpack's belt, a Spearow came out, the spearow was flapping with his wings, and flyed to Jake's right shoulder.

Okay spearow, fly up there and if its safe come back and shake your head okay?
the spearow scratched his head, looked at Jake, and flew to the tree's

December 29th, 2005, 8:18 PM
:: Grammar, dude. Try to improve it. ::

{WHAT THE--} I yelled.

And fell out of the tree.

{What the hell?!} I screamed, running around in circles. Somehow all of this commotion hadn't woken Katami yet. [Great time to turn deaf,] I thought.

A bird Pokemon had come straight at me, nearing closer and closer every second. It hadn't reached the tree yet, but it was bound to soon.

December 29th, 2005, 8:28 PM
Terra fell out of the tree she was standing in because she was deep in thought and someone yelled.

Terra rubbed her head and ran over to a Flareon with Sunlight and Moonlight closely behind her. She grabbed the Flareon ignoring the fact that he had a tail made of flames. She grabbed him to make him stop running in circles. Terra kept her hands lighlty on him while Sunlight walked around him looking closely and taking in every little detail. Terra let go and waited to see what he would do. {I'm Sunlight. What's your name?} Sunlight asked in a friendly tone.

December 30th, 2005, 6:53 AM
OOC: Jake, um, would you please put your speaking parts in quotes? That would make them easier to read for us all. Thank you!


"Oh. Good, I guess it's better than nothing at least," Reina said, taking the pokeballs that Gordon handed her. She glanced down at the Nidorino when Gordon leaned over to pat the pokemon.

{Eeep!} Saki squeaked, racing behind Reina's legs and shaking slightly.

"Sorry Gordon, I forgot to mention, this Nidorino's a little shy. I found the poor guy when the ship was going down and decided to take him along with me until I found his trainer," Reina explained, feeling a bit sorry for the spiky pokemon.

{I- I don't like s- strangers...,} Saki stammered, unsure of what to do.

Reina looked around a bit, "I wonder if others have made it off? If both of us ended up here, I'm willing to bet that others did too."

December 30th, 2005, 10:32 AM
:: Oooh, conflict.
Muse: Drama club, it's gone to her brain.
Talking Neko: Poor thing. ::

{Let - go - of - me!} I shouted in Poke-language between attempts at escaping. I was thrashing about in the girl's arms, while the Umbreon and Espeon looked at me.

{If - I tell you my name - will you let me - go?!} I cried. I finally decided there was no other way. I had to scare the girl away. I enhaled a gulp of air, then exhaled fire right past her left arm. The ground was scorched where the burn had hit.

December 30th, 2005, 11:54 AM
Terra showed no emotion to the fire and kept her hands on him.

"It's okay I'm not going to hurt you." She said in a calming voice.

{Terra wants to know why you yelled and what's wrong. She cares about pokemon just not humans.} Sunlight said

{She will let you go if you tell us what happened.} Moonlight added.

December 30th, 2005, 12:38 PM
:: SPOON! I have one, and I befriended it. Hasn't told me it's name yet.... ::

[Oh great, another one of them....] I thought pointedly.

{Rawr.} I said, and made a face. {Let me go, and I'll tell you my name. It's Tierr.} I told them.

{Now let me GO!}I yelled. I remembered the explanation part of the deal, and said, {I uh, I was thinking, I fell asleep, and fell out!} I lied.

December 30th, 2005, 1:00 PM
"You are not telling me the whole story. I can tell." Terra said showing no fear or emotin.

{That's because she's psychic, but doesn't like going into anyone's mind.} said Moonlight.

{What truley happened. You broke Terra's consentration and made her fall.} Sunlight asked calmly.

Terra's tail thrashed wildly while her cat like ears twitched. Her eyes gleamed in the sun just like a cat's and her cat like teeth looked as sharp as ever.

December 30th, 2005, 1:30 PM
Pikachu heaved silently against a giant palm tree. He had been looking for kazuo all day, and now it was in the middle of the night. 'Dang..' Pikachu got up from his sitting position and started foward again. He continued walking for about an hour more until he came to a clearing. There he saw what looked to be a human pulling on a Flareon's tail and an Umbreon and Espeon beside her. His ears twitched a little. The Flareon was screaming her head off, telling them to let her go, but they others still refused. "Pikaa" Pikachu warned, his cheeks lighting up the clearing with electricity. He didn't need a coin for this one for, unlike Kazuo, he had feelings, they were just bottled up most of the time, and the only emotions he had ever gave was annoyance and hatred. "PIKAA" He said louder, stepping in front of the human girl. {Let go of the Flareon, or else!!} Pikachu demanded, his whole body glowing now.

December 30th, 2005, 1:37 PM
OOC: She isn't holding him by the tail she has her hands on his back.

IC: {Back off you pickachu. Terra isn't affraid of you. She can hear every word you're saying so I'll let her do the talking.} Moonlight said snapping at the pickachu.

"I'm not hurting him. He's freaking out and I'm going to find out why. Something's wrong or else he wouldn't of yelled then fallen out of a tree."

Terra said hitting the pickachu on the head with her tail.

December 30th, 2005, 1:47 PM
:: I'm crazy. The entire 'My Pictures' File is filled with D.N.Angel pics. And I'm bored, as its either talk to people online, or sit and wait for this file to download, which will take another 2 hours. ::

{Quite a party we've got going here, huh?} I said, aiming this comment at the Pikachu that had just arrived.

I turned my attention to the girl again. {And I'm obviously freaking out because YOU WON'T LET GO!}

December 30th, 2005, 1:48 PM
OOC: Oh, woops XD

"PIKAAA" {Bakc off, dude!!} Pikachu said, whipping his glowing tail around, smashing it hard across the Umbreon's face, sending him flying back a few feet. He then turned toward Terra "PPikaCHU!!Pi..PikachuCHA" {And who the hell are you?! And why..Do you have a tail??!} Pikachu's body started surging with electricity now. He wanted to release it soo badly, but he held back on it. 'Calm down, Pikachu' A voice in the back of his head told him 'Don't let these dirt bags upset you' Pikachu breathed hard in and out slowly, relaxing his body a little. He then heard the Flareon's comment and said to the human in a harsh tone "PiPikaa" {hes right you know. Maybe hes freaking out because you won't let him go}

December 30th, 2005, 1:51 PM
{She means earlier. Are you really that dense?}

Moonlight asked.

Sunlight sighed and scanned the Flareon's mind.

{Got the information Terra.}

"Ok Sunlight and Moonlight will you be quiet. Why I have a tail is for me to know and you to find out."

Terra let go and jumped away disapearing with her pokemon close behind.

December 30th, 2005, 1:56 PM
"PIKAAAA" {Wait!!} Pikachu dashed off and jumped on the umbreon's back. {This is for calling me dense!} "PikaaCHUUUUUUU!!!!!" Pikachu's whole body lit up as a thunderbolt from the sky struck him, also lighting up the Umbreon, Espeon, and human with the tail. {How dare you look into someone's mind and read their info. Thats not right!!} Pikachu said, electricity still pouring out of his body, and from the sky. {Now I will make you pay...} Pikachu opened his eyes a tiny bit and bit down hard on the Umbreon, feeling warm blood come rushinf out of him. 'I hope I got his neck..' Pikachu thought to himself, now ignoring the faint voice in his head. He had never felt so..free before. 'Man this feels gooood'

December 30th, 2005, 2:06 PM
{That's right! Don't come back!} I yelled after them. {I really showed them, huh!}

I ran after them, checking to make sure that Katami was still asleep. To the Pikachu's side, who seemed to be struggling with himself a bit.

{Dude, you're crazy. You soooo totally lost it when you launched that thing.}
I watched him for a second, then went back to verbally abusing the girl and her Pokemon.

{Don't read people's minds you little wretches! You girl! Don't be a cat! Wierdos!}

December 30th, 2005, 3:10 PM
Sunlight used her psychic abilties to lift the pickchu off of Moonlight and toss him against a tree.

Terra turned to the Flareon letting her emotions flood out.

"You! You think I like being like this with a tail! Well you are dead wrong! I hate this world and my life so don't go telling me not to be a cat because I have no say in the matter." Terra picked up Moonlight who was still shocked by the bolt.

{Ouch that hurt.} Was all he could say. Terra was covered in small cuts, but she acted like she was fine. Sunlight scowled at the Flareon and turned away.
They jumped into a tree and Terra sat Moonlight down on the branch.

December 30th, 2005, 3:46 PM
"Hmpf" Pikachu trotted up next to the Flareon "Well we're Pokemon and we can't change that either!" He saw them jump into a tree nearby. 'They'd Better leave soon or else' He thought, glaring daggers at them.

'You've got to calm down though, Pikachu.'

Pikachu sighed softly to himself 'Yeah..your right' He let his fluffed up yellow fur settle down against his back once more.

December 30th, 2005, 8:16 PM
{I know.} I replied, and looked the Pikachu over for the first time. He reminded me of someone I had seen recently, but I coudn't put my paw on who.

{Oh well,} I said, and the Pikachu looked at me. I gave up on trying to remember who it was. {I'm too good at making people mad.... I'm a pokemon, I like that about me. No worries, no debt - ooh I'd have a lot of that - no hands!} I had been trying to make myself feel better, but instead I went into a fit about how humans had opposable thumbs.

{And they ha-- ohmigosh, Katami!} I suddenly remembered and dashed back to the tree where the Pikachu was - still - sleeping.

:: One more level... one more level on Ragnarok Online.... *collapses* I've been playing for three hours straight, and I'm soooooooo bored. ::

December 31st, 2005, 5:55 AM
OOC: yeah and um..don't control my chracter please >.>

IC: Pikachu opened his eyes once more and continued walking foward. "PiPikachuu" {Waste of my time. Now, have to find Kazuo..} He muttered to himself as he walked through the dark depths of the forest. It wasn't dark to Pikachu though, more like everything was a neon blue color..

Pikachu walked past the trainer with the tail, the Espeon, and the fainted Umbreon. 'Serves him right' he thought calmly as he started walking a bit faster now. 'But no time to worry about these things, i've got to find Kazuo first'

December 31st, 2005, 8:25 AM
Terra took herbs and crushed them up. She added berries and took out a cloth from her pocket.

Sunlight watched intently helping everytime she could. Terra sprinkled the mixed and crushed herbs on the bite on Moonlight. Then she tied the cloth over it.

"See he'll be better in a little while." Terra said emotionless. Sunlight scowled. {I hate other pokemon, I always have.} Terrs picked up Moonlight and jumped through the trees.

December 31st, 2005, 11:23 AM
:: Sorry, that happens naturally to me. Too much manga. Sorry. ::

{Wake up you lousy little cretin!} I yelled at him. I was mad, seeing as he hadn't even awoken during all of that.

No, I wasn't mad, I was fuming, as I yelled this at him, {WAKE UP! C'MON! YOU LITTLE--}

I stopped when I noticed the bird had reached the tree. It was a Spearow.

January 1st, 2006, 6:13 AM
occ: Sorry for being late, but i had some trouble at home...

Katmai woke up. {Huh, what is going on?} his wound hurted. {Did something happen?} he asked Tierr, seeing a bird pokemon was aproaching them. {You look upset... are there other survivors?} He stood up and looked at his injury. It didnt bleed anymore so he did the leaves away. He tried to walk some steps. Katmai was able to walk, but his speed wasnt very fast. Slow he walked to the beach.

January 1st, 2006, 1:34 PM
:: Ooooh, did you get grounded? That happens to me all the time. ::


I looked up again, and noticed that the Spearow did not seem wild. In fact it looked like it was a trained pokemon. And so, with my great powers of deduction, concluded, that, although the Spearow was probably mean anyway, it was a trainer's Pokemon, thus that someone had survived.

January 6th, 2006, 1:59 PM
occ: lets post again


Felithas walked through the big forest with her bulbasaur. "Katmai! Katmai, where are you?" she shouted. She didnt like the little pikachu, but she got worried. And by thinking of the situation she understood slowly that it wasnt the fault of her Pikachu that she was strandet here. {Do you think we can find him?} asked the bulbasaur. He had a bad feeling as he reminded that he had attacked him, and Katmai was already injured. Blood... blood! Oh my god we have to find him quickly! {I know a shortcut to the beach. I think i know where he is!} the bulbasaur said. "Then lets be quick! I am behind you!" with this words they dashed to the unknown wood.

January 6th, 2006, 3:42 PM
OOC: Erm... I can't really post until pokehunter does... he's the only one I'm with right now. XD If he doesn't post by tomorrow though, I'll post anyway and think of something. ^-^

January 10th, 2006, 7:46 AM
Occ. Sorry it's been so long. but im back know.

"Really, someone would leave there pokemon behind to save themselves. to me it sounds like they abandoned him." he said straiting up after saki jumped behind Reina's leg. "Well it's good you saved him Reina. i couldn't think of a better person." he said looking around. "oh and i definently think other people are here. there has to be." he says to her then looking at the boxes. "Well this is going to sound, and be really cruel but lets go through these suit cases and get some dry clothes." he says crouching down opening a suit case. "excaliber use cut on this lock." he said to his charmander. Excaliber obayed and cut the lock clear off the suit case. "That was fun, can i do it again.' Excaliber said in poke language"Calm done Excaliber" Gordon says to Excaliber after noticeing his increase excitment.

January 15th, 2006, 6:43 PM
:: Hey guys, lets RPG! ::

I sighed, said { I'm gonna go find someone. You stay here. I'll check out the beach first. }

Walked toward the beach where I had found myslef, and started to comb it, looking everywhere for some sign of life. Of course, I hadn't needed look that hard, as two people were conversing near some crates and what-not. And a few pokemon. I approached them cautiously. My good luck with humans hadn't been... so... good....

EDIT: Crap! Forgot I was on as my friend. It's Gohan! Me.

January 16th, 2006, 11:24 AM
OOC: Heh, I was like "Who's this Ice guy?" ^-^ Oh, it's Gohan! Heehee. Anyway...


"Ah... it is a bit terrible, but I'm sure the people these clothes belonged to would want us to use them," Reina said, grabbing at the clothes as well. Saki turned a pale lavender at the sight of the overexcited Excaliber, imagining what that sharp beak could do to him instead of that lock.

{I- I wish I were someplace else,} the Nidorino stammered out, unsure of himself and clining to Reina's leg. Right now she was the only one he semi-trusted, and even she was a bit scary-looking.

Reina found some clothes, and put them on under the cover of a group of thick bushes. Things were looking a bit better once she had gotten dry. At least now she wasn't soaking.

"So should we stay put? Or do you think we should look around? We should at least look around the immediate area but not go too far," Reina suggested, peering around at their beach-like surroundings.

{EEP!} Saki squealed, racing to the other side of Reina's legs. Reina wondered what could have scared the poor thing so badly, when she noticed a Flareon approaching them.

"Oh... it's just a little Flareon," Reina said to Saki, patting the nervous wreck on the head, "He's probably lost. Hello there." She looked in the Flareon's direction.

January 19th, 2006, 4:54 AM
Gordon took a uick look at the pokemon comeing towards them "Hmm, another stranded pokemon. I guess i should have known there would be some." he said moveing over to the creat marked for the pokemart, he starts to go through it hopeing to find some pokefood. he finds a couple of bags and takes one out and opens it. he thenn procceds to put a little pile in front of each pokemon, the pile for the flaireon is a little ways in front of it.

January 19th, 2006, 11:59 AM

Felithas dashed through the wood, the leafs of the wood hit her face and she breathed hard. Then she got to the beach and saw some unknown poeple. Some of them looked like trainers, some of them looked like crew members of the ship. Confuse and with no orientation she looked at the people, a flareon and the beach. She cried tears and looked kind of hectic to the left and to the right. "Katmai... where are you...?" Her bulbasaur looked shocked. He realized that he did terrible and wrong things to the pikachu, and he did want to find him. {Katmai...} Then Felithas shouted outloud "Katmai! Where are you?" She turned left to the direction of the flarion and run along the beach, followed by her bulbasaur. "Katmai!"


Katmai looked after the flareon who left him alone. {Perhaps he has found something or someone who can help...} he said to himself. He had a headache and he was hungry too, even thirsty. What should i do? he thought tired. {I will follow this flareon, cant be wrong...} he yawned, and started to go along the beach into the direction the flareon had left him. He hobbled soft, because the injury hadnt healed yet. In some distance he could see some people and pokemon, even the flareon and a crying person. His view was blurred in some way, so he couldnt recognize everything.

January 20th, 2006, 12:43 AM
Class: Pokemon Leauge Champion in Hoenn
Apeareance:Red Headband,White Hair,Blue Eyes,shirt and Gloves and black pants.
Pokemon:Swampert and Blaziken.
Personality:Calm in tight spots and has beaten the Pokemon Elite 4 and Champ in Hoenn

History:Started off as a normal kid that came from Goldenrod City to Littleroot Village in the Hoenn Reigon and gets a mudkip from Prof. Birch as a starter pokemon to start his journey(sorry about bad spelling) to become a Pokemon Champion he fights off Roxanne the owner of the first gym with Mudkip and Combusken(caught at Petalburg Forest) and the Second gym owned by Brawly with a Kadabra,the third with Marshtomb,the fourth gym owned by Flannery with Marshtomb and Kadabra,the 5th gym owned by Norman with a Marchoke,the 6th gym owned by Winona with Swampert,the 7th gym owned by Tate and Liza with Swampert and Blaziken and the 8th gym owned by Juan with a Sceptile and beats the Elite four with Blaziken on Sidney,Sableye(caught in Victory Road) on Pheobe,Blaziken on Glacia,Salamence on Drake and Sceptile on Wallance.Later on he boards the M.S Glory to go to Kanto and Johto regions to become pokemon Champ there aswell everything is going on on board until the ship started sinking soon he woke up on a beach stranded and used Swamperts Water Guns to drink and Blazikens Flamethrower to start a fire and uses the remainder of his bags contents(Soda Pop,Berrys,a Master Ball and Pokemon Food)to eat until one day he sees a Island close by and at low tide so theres a path to it on that island.

January 20th, 2006, 4:43 AM
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January 20th, 2006, 7:13 AM
Gordon looked up from what he had continued to do and looke at reina. "whats the matter Reina?" he asks he looking into her eyes. stoping every thing he was doing and moved closer to comfort her. "Hey i know we when we were on board the ship we didn't talk about our personal lives, but now that we're stranded if you need to talk you can he said putting his hand on her shoulder, giving her a suportive squeeze.

January 20th, 2006, 11:25 AM
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I stopped short of them and the food. I wasn't up to trusting anyone, and these people counted as 'anyone'.

{My name is Tierr. I need help. Well, not me.} I said to them. I was frowning as much as a pokemon could. As a caution, he warned them, {Don't throw those ecursed pokeballs at me, or I'll knaw your arms off.}

January 25th, 2006, 1:42 PM

Katmai was far away from the crowd, but he could hear some of them silent. What are they doing? he thought. I am feeling bad, and Tierr is chatting around... he walked slowly to them, until he heard a scream and something run to him. He was too tired to do anything, just standing there and waiting.


Felithas looked around and saw the poeple and the pokemon. The Flareon was near them and she seeked but couldnt find something that looked like her pikachu. She couldnt believe that nobody had noticed her and everybody was calm. Then she saw a yellow thing walking along the beach from the direction the flareon came from. "Katmai!!" she shouted and run to this yellow spot. Bulbasaur followed her. She came near and saw that it was her pikachu for real. Tears came out of her eyes and bulbasaur felt the same way. She got to Katmai and cuddled him for her first time. The tired pikachu looked surprised but Katmai didnt say something.

"Katmai! I am glad that you are fine! Katmai? Please say something! Even its a chirp!!" {Dont be so hard, you are squeezing him together!} She saw in the tired face of the pikachu, awaiting an answer. Katmai just smiled. That was a reaction Felithas had waited for. She took Katmai into her arms and just cuddled him silent, happy that nothing bad had happened.

January 25th, 2006, 4:30 PM
I heard the yelling and jumped. I spun around, I could feel the fur rising up along my neck.

{ Arrrghh... stupid reflex. } I muttered when I saw Katami and the girl. I imagined this must be his trainer or summat.

{ Nooow.... nevermind. Don't need help anymore. Congradulations, you have talked to me and not done anything to offend me yet! } I said to no one really. The humans were talking.

January 26th, 2006, 4:02 AM
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Pikachu continued walking through the underbrush, holding his forehead with his left paw. He had been walking for hours and still no sign of Kazuo. "Where the hell is he?!" He muttered under his breath as he trudged on. "I have been walking for hours and it's tike I find him!" Pikachu said, slightly angered, though and Pokemon would be if they were in his position. 'and it's getting hard to see in this darkness...' Pikachu finally let out a soft sigh as he came upon another clearing. He was out of the forest. There he also saw two humans, a Nidorino, and the two Pokemon he saw before. He had no time to deal with them though and, instead, he took a heavy step foward, his body sparking violently. "Ok either one of you tell me where Kazuo is or else!" He shouted across the clearing so everybody would hear him.

January 26th, 2006, 10:27 AM
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{Eep!} Saki squeaked, feeling extremely afraid of the pokemon before them. They had both sounded so... forceful, and he didn't want to see anyone get their arms knawed off by either the Flareon or the Pikachu. Reina and Gordon couldn't talk to them though, they weren't pokemon and they wouldn't understand what was going on. Saki had to talk to the Pikachu questions... he really had no choice. Excaliber didn't look like he was interested in it.

So Saki poked his head out from behind Reina's legs, and spoke to the Pikachu. {Uh- Uh- I-I-I d-d-don't kn-now w-who i-i-it is y-you're t-t-talking about,} the Nidorino choked out, feeling his spine tingle in fear.

Reina looked at Gordon, "Oh thanks... I'm fine, I was just thinking about how sad all of this is. Everyone separated... and who knows when help is coming? Not to mention... what if some people... didn't make it?" Reina wasn't thinking of anyone in particular, but she was worried about them still. Reina then noticed a girl nearby. "Hey! Look someone else!" Reina said, rushing up to the girl who had been having a reunion with what appeared to be her Pikachu.

"Hi there. Are you from the ship too?" Reina asked, figuring she was but felt it was only proper to ask.

January 26th, 2006, 2:28 PM
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Gordon turned his attention to the girl that Reina noticed and walked over to her, Reina had already asked the questions that were running through Gordons mind.

Excaliber, Merlin, And Camelot stood looking as there trainer walked over to this girl. "Merlin then turned his attention to the pikachu that was getting mad. "Hey what are you doing? stop hurrassing Saki!" Merlin said in a threating tone.

January 31st, 2006, 12:56 PM
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Felithas & Katmai

Felithas looked at the girl that had ask her. "... uh... uhm, yes i am." The feeling of the reunion with Katmai was big and tears flew down her face. "Who... who are you?" she asked, not knowing really what to say. She was happy to have her pikachu back, but even happy to see people on this island. Or was it just her imagination? She surely was a long time in the sun, and the accident with the ship was also critical. But now a second person walked up to them. It couldnt just be her imagination. "Im... i am Felithas!" she said. Then she looked back to her injured pikachu. Katmai was sitting in front of Felithas, looking kind of happy and confused because so many things happened. Then he looked at the bulbasaur, and he got very afraid. {I am... i am so sorry Katmai!} he said. {I didnt want to hurt you, but... i... i was angry... i couldnt control...} he whispered crying.

{Its ok...} Katmai said. He looked up to the sky and then to all the pokemon and people here on the beach. The sun got ready to hide behind the horizon and the sky got slowly dark. {This night will be cold i think...} Katmai said. He stood up and tried to walk to the trees nearby the wood, but he fell down. Bulbasaur helped him to get there. Both sat down under a big tree and looked at the crowd of people and they thought about their situation. {Its a mess...} Bulbasaur said. {You could built something to sleep...} the pikachu said. {Yup, you are right. And... sorry again...} it said and went into the wood.

Felithas looked at her two pokemon and tried to get some normal thoughts. Then she said to the unknown two people: "What are your names? I think we should look for any options to sleep somewhere." she looked to the beach. "Its getting cold..." she whispered.

January 31st, 2006, 6:44 PM
I looked over at the Pikachu I had met before and laughed.

{ HAHAH! It's you, you're the one who helped me get those losers! } I said. I was hysterical. Definently too much time in the sun. And the quiet.

I hissed. I didn't like quiet things. I noticed the Nidorino.

He was talking to the Pikachu. He was pretty scared.

{ Whoops. I sound so scary.... } I muttered to myself.

February 1st, 2006, 6:50 AM
Gordon watched the two pokemon walk away before he answered Felithes. "My name is Gordon, I was part of the crew. and yes your right we should find somewere to sleep." he said looking at her then turning and lookingat the boxes were his pokemon were. "Umm if your cold theres some clothes near those boxesover there." he said pointing in the direction not to far from the tree line. "we were able to get them off the cargo part of the ship. Your more then welcome to help yourself." he explained, then headed towards that exact spot.

February 1st, 2006, 12:25 PM
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"Yeah, Gordon's right help yourself to anything, I'm just glad to see that someone else has survived the ship! My name's Reina, and I was one of the crew too. My father owned the boat that sank," Reina said, feeling happy that things were looking a little less lonely. She was lucky to be with Gordon, but she was glad it wasn't just the two of them anymore; that was pretty saddening considering she knew there were others on the ship when it went down.

Saki was still nervous around the other pokemon and people, he continued to hover close to Reina's legs, unsure about what he could do.

{I... I'm cold,} he said nervously, shivering a little.

"Here," Reina said, feeling the Nidorino shiver, and grabbing an old sweater, "Keep this on." She had a tough time getting the sweater over his spiky head, so instead she just tied the arms around his neck and let it drape down his back.

"Where do you think we should sleep? I've not really much of an idea. We should look for some cover maybe? Perhaps some trees," Reina replied, looking at the foliage a short ways away.

February 1st, 2006, 12:33 PM

"Well, thank you Reina and Gordon..." Felithas said. "Perhaps we should built something. I mean, what if it starts to rain? Perhaps our pokemon can meet each other. I think that should be fine." She walked to the boxes and searched for some warm clothes. She got a warm pullover and some shirts and went to Katmai. She wraped the surprised pikachu in the shirts and dressed herself with the pullover. "Katmai, where is bulbasaur?" {He has left to build some things we and the others can sleep on...} Katmai said. Felithas didnt know if she had understood everything Katmai had told her but it surely was fine. She sat down to her pokemon and pulled Katmai to her to snuggle with him. The pikachu made some rattling sounds Felithas hadnt hear before. "What are you doing?" she laughed. {Well, you have never snuggled with me...} Katmai said satisfied.

February 2nd, 2006, 7:15 PM
I noticed the others saying it was cold, and shivering, and things like that. So, I, being my evil self and all, spit out some fire, just close enough to keep only me warm. I smiled, and let the flame die.

{ Guess I don't really need it, } I said, yawning. I didn't get cold. I was a fire type. Th heat within my body that allowed me to create fire kept me warm.

February 3rd, 2006, 7:05 AM
Gordon watched as felithas snuggled with her pikachu, and Reina but a sweeter on saki.
"alright you two stay here im going to get fire wood for a fire and maybe find something to eat." he told them returning Merlin and excaliber."i'm leaveing camelot with you in case you need extra protection." he said patting the mightyena one last time on the head and started for the forest.

February 20th, 2006, 12:54 PM
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Felithas stood up as her bulbasaur came back to her and gave a sign. "Hey everyone! My pokemon have prepared a place where we can all sleep! Perhaps we should get some rest from the trouble we had and get a clear thinking tomorrow! What do you think about that? If you are ready, just follow me!" She looked to the people and the pokemon, hoping that they would follow her and get some sleep. It was quite an horrible feeling that they had stranded on an unexplored island with only the clothes they are wearing and their pokemon friends and some crates. She turned and followed her bulbasaur. She took her injured Katmai with her and thought about nothing else as about sleep. She was tired, and she could see that their pokemon were also. "Hey guys are you hungry?" she asked them, searching something in her pocket. [You don´t have food, so why do you think you could... hmmppff...] Katmai couldn´t speak because Felithas put him a piece of a snack she had found in her pockets into his mouth. And the same she did to her bulbasaur. "Hmm... I think i know a name for you bulbasaur..." she said. Pokemon looked surprised. "I think i will call you Foxy!" [Foxy? That´s a cool name!] Foxy said. [Yeah, it´s a name for a tough one...] Katmai added. Foxy got red in the face. [Thanks, Katmai...]

February 27th, 2006, 6:34 AM
Gordon rummaged through the woods not to far in though, he was able to find plenty of wood. "Hmm excaliber come on out.' he said calling out his charmander. "here carry some of this wood." he said putting a pile in its arms. and atarted back towards the others.