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Baker's Bulbasaur
January 27th, 2006, 4:21 PM
OOC - Only for certain people will i take requests XD
aaanyway, here u go, sorry I couldnt find a good Victreebel piccy :( not good enough to go in with this one anyway.
if you want anything changed, let me know.


January 27th, 2006, 8:19 PM

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I felt like drawing only Gardevoir tha day for some reason.o.O;;
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Alter Ego
January 28th, 2006, 12:59 AM
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Anyways, on Valen and clowns...*Shudders* Odds are he'd tell them some really morbid jokes, as in, the kind were clowns who pester people meet really ugly ends, and hope that they'll take the hint and scram. If not...well, then BB's suggestion is quite close to what would happen, I believe. xD

And yay for your Gardevoirs, Yibber. ^-^Although one of them has been swiping stuff from May's closet. xD Anyways, I like the upper right one best but they're all...um...Gardevoirish. Although you do ought to have something to post. *Pokes Vincent's previous reaction* they can spot Reina and Valen shortly since they're supposed to be real close to the place now. Aaanyhow...


Valen turned his attention back to the present as Reina attempted a shift of topic by asking about his injuries. The previous subject had been far from enjoyable for the boy, although he was glad to find that the girl hadn't pushed the matter on, or given one of those 'Oh my god, I'm so sorry...' responses, the boy hated those with a passion. Yes, he had been scarred by his life, but they weren't a beggar's scars, purposefully brought forward in the hopes of sympathy and help, he was a fighter, a survivor, and to him his scars were, much like the torn sleeve on his jacket, reminders, reminders of mistakes he had made but which he would not repeat, to be remembered but not to be wallowed in, and it was a refreshing change to hear someone who had realized that.

"I...think they're a bit better now." he replied slowly, carefully attempting to move his arm about a bit. To his relief, it obeyed readily enough, although the familiar jolt of pain still came with it, albeit a bit less severe this time, and the arm felt pretty weak. Indeed, he seriously doubted that it could serve much practical purpose in its current state, but at least it felt fairly okay as long as he didn't move it overmuch. Making a second attempt at standing up, the boy still felt a bit dizzy and light headed, but managed to maintain his footing this time, although he had to take some support from the wall behind him with his left hand.

At Tabanasi's question, Kachiko took a small pause of thought before replying, {Erm...nope, papa dun laugh very much.} she concluded, shaking her head, but before she could elaborate, the Mawile suddenly noticed that her trainer was on his feet, {Ohh! Papa is allright again!} she called out, jumping at the boy's leg, for that was as far as she could reach, and hugging it, nearly causing Valen to fall over again and forcing him to lower himself down to the pavement again.

"I'm...not quite allright yet..." the boy confessed, knowing that the steel type had learned to see through the standard excuse and stroking her head, "But I'm getting there, don't worry."

{Hey! Look!} Cespenar suddenly exclaimed, pointing down the street where the procession led by Vincent and Lori had just become visible, {Tis' a band of valiant warriors heading our way!}

January 28th, 2006, 1:25 AM

Bleh, I was having a writer's block this morning. Either that or the fact that getting up at 6am in the morning on a Saturday to cram for Geography was getting to me...>_>;;
Oh yeah, thankies for the comment and like, for some reason I just felt like drawing a Gardevoir wearing May's clothes.X3


Cona was begining to dislike the man more and more, seemed like he had taken to ignore most of her statements. She would have folded her arms if not for the heavy load of Marshtomp she had on her. Sulking, the girl followed Vincent and Lori as they started walking once more, only to notice two familiar figures just by the side of the street...

"Hey..Isn't that.."she pointed at Valen and Reina, noting that now, there was a Cubone with them. Oh, and the boy had injured himself, no doubt because of his evil plans to take down the cheese market. He must have angered the wandering spirits, causing that to happen, Cona's worried expression changed into a slight s****** for a moment.

{Ah yes..like, those were the days.}Kuner closed his eyes and sighed, remembering the warm fireplace mistress had back at home. And how he'd sit down and tell the young Pokemon belonging to children of the city tales of the sea. Atleast at that point of his life, he didn't need to run around battling pokemon for no reasons all day long. He had Mistress back then for company..instead of two uncoordinated companions.

"Valen and Reina!!! Are you two alright?"Cona started rushing forward to take a closer look, causing the Pidgey on her shoulder to stop in mid-sentence so that he could concentrate on not falling off his perch. Reina looked like she had been in a fight, while it was rather obvious that Valen had injured his arm. Eventhough it must have been their fault in the first place, to get involved, the girl admitted that this wasn't the best of sights. And just when she thought one knee injury was enough.

January 28th, 2006, 1:27 AM
{ooc| BB, am I a special case? xDD Could I have a banner with a zubat on? Or, alternatively, one with a wigglytuff on?
This is my dog. He is pretty. Loooooook at him. Looooooove him.

Those pictures are cool, Yibber! You draw pokemon so cute. I haven't really got much to post. Mika's very busy with school so she can't get on much. I'lll just shake the dust off Rosairie... any chance of our charatcers meeting up later?}

Rosairie smiled. "Come on, lovey, let's get you out of here." she pointed to Henna. "Hen, can you carry her for me? Just for a bit?"
For a moment, the magmar's eyes narrowed in suspicion. Eventually, she nodded, and the muscular pokemon strode over, grabbed Kyko around her waist, and threw her over one shoulder in a fireman's lift.
"I didn't mean like-"
{Stop faffing, you two, we're moving out.}

She strode ahead of Rosairie, completely oblivious to her gasps of disgust. Silence's eyes darted from Rosairie to Henna, and eventaully settled on the magmar. He darted after her, still emitting sparks at any pokemon that dared come close.
"Gu-uys!" Rosairie moaned, and followed them.

Baker's Bulbasaur
January 28th, 2006, 4:23 AM
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(and charon the doggy is teh awesome'ness!! my dog is a huge fluffy bugger :P)

IC -

''Thankyou....and no problem whatsoever, it does look extremely well trained and disiplined...'' JJ replied to Vincent, thankfull for his understanding and simple allowance of his request to walk freely, he really did seem like a nice man, although, he seemed to be ignoring Cona's comments...not that those comments were exactly ones that you could reply to with a dignifies response...but still, well, maybe he was a little deaf.
The group continued forward, Jeffery making sure to to tread carefull as to make sure he didn't make the same step again, yet also to make sure that he didn't make it too obvious of how hard he was trying.

{Like, i thought so, i remember dude as soon as I looked at you you know what I thought dude? I thought now heres a dude that can tell some good stories, so i asked you dude ''dude..you look like you could tell some good stories...'' and dude like you prooved i was one correct flying dude.........whoa.......dude......thats deep.}
The Taillow for a moment went back into it's little dream world for a moment, JJ could swear that he spent more time there then he did in reality....
The blonde ran a hand through his blonde hair with a smile when all of a sudden, he felt Cona brush past him very fast, breaking free of the security escort they had.
''Whoa...'' JJ said eruplty, making sure to steady himself from any threats of falling over.
she ran past vincent and began chatting away to whoever or whatever she had ran at, JJ shook himself off and looked over Vincent's shoulder, it was Reina!
He smiled at the sight of her....however the smile quickly dropped to a glope to make a Lombre jealous......
''Valen...'' he muttered unde his breath.
Finally, the blonde had gotten this boy out of his hea,d and now look what happens......
He began to run his hand pointlessly through his hair twice before quickly turning round to face Taillow. Reaching into his inside pocket, he pulled out an empty pokeball and pointed it at the flying pokemon

''Taillow return...'' he ordered un-charactaristically, as the red beam from the pokeball was fired from sphere, and captured up his suprised pokemon, bringing it into the compound and safety of the ball. JJ returned it to his inside picket and closed his eyes, taking a deep breath. He refused to stoop down to Valen's level, he would not give hoim the satisfaction of knowing that he had gotten inside his mind. Forcing a smile, JJ turned back around and began to walk towards them cheerfully.

Alter Ego
January 28th, 2006, 4:33 AM
OOC: Aww...your doggie is cute, Charon! Although of course, I still prefer german shepherds (Particularly pups ^.^) above all others. ^-^ On the assembling thing, yeah, there will be one in which they are all gathered together. Once the whole investigation squad has sorted out what has happened there will be a little scene in Slythe's office after which I shall arrange for a gathering, although before that there will probably be like X 'days' of waiting with the whole city in a lockdown. Yes, I've got a plan...*Cackles evilly* >D

EDITNESS: Nyuk, nyuk, JJ is jealous! JJ is jealous! *Points and laughs meanly* XD Lol, I've just got to put those three to work as a team at some point. ^-^


"More like the legions of Hades..." Valen remarked as he noticed exactly what people were on their way, although he went silent again as Cona of all the people he didn't want to meet came rushing over and asking if they were okay.

"Yes, never been better..." he replied sarcastically, although he decided to give a proper answer as well, even though there was no doubt in his mind that the girl would twist it into a conspiracy somehow, "Seriously though, I am...well enough, at least concerning the circumstances, although I can't speak for Reina." he finished, shrugging as he waited for the rest of the lot to reach them, unable to completely conceal his dislike for this particular rescue party. Cona, JJ, and Lori...that was a bad enough combination as it was. Avery one could live with, at least for as long as she kept her youthfull exhubrance in check, and Vincent...well, Vincent was one of the few people the boy got along with, and he was a nice counterbalance for Lori. And at any rate, it could have been worse...Rosairie and that snivelling little girl-child who kept following her around could have been with them.

{Master...over there...} Whisper said in her usual quiet tone, nodding in the direction that Cona had set out in.

"Good job." Vincent said, frowning as he noticed that Cona had already set off on her own, "Impatient child..." he muttered quietly, shaking his head before turning to adress the group, "Well?" he demanded, "Move out. We have two potentially injured trainers to see to." with that, the security chief heightened his pace, although still somehow managing to keep an authoritive appearance as he ran forward, the guards at his heels.

"My...my..." Lori commented as she increased her pace a bit as well, taking in the scene of destruction in front of her but paying particular note to Valen and Reina and the flash of envy on JJ's face, a grin spreading across her face for reasons unkown to anyone but the woman herself "...who would have thought?"

January 28th, 2006, 6:06 AM

Aw..JJ's jealous again.XD

Thankies for the comments, Feebas!^0^ Though, I'm not really good at drawing Pokemon.XP

Charon! Your doggi ish so cute and huggable!^0^


"If you're sure then..."Cona sighed at Valen's reply, turning to look at Reina. The girl had failed to notice that she had nearly caused JJ to topple over, or that jealous glare he had going on. Like she what she'd noticed before, and on Valen's prompt, Reina looked rather beaten-up. No doubt getting involved in the boy's evil cheese-destroying conspiracy. How easy young minds were manipulated these days.
"Are you alright then?"the trainer turned her attention to Reina, changing the position of her Marshtomp's head, from right shoulder to left. This was giving her a real sore neck, if one hadn't counted the other small bruises she had gathered from running around.

{Like, no way. I'm an old-timer dude. I've too many ruffled feathers to see my tired face, dude.}Kuner could feel himself turn red as Tailow commented on the way he looked. And, what was it now? What the Flying type could see of him on first glance.

"Didn't you people say you were supposed to treat-"Cona stopped talking as Vincent ordered the guards forward. The girl quickly jumped to one side so as not to block their advance. She noticed that the tour guide lady was grinning to herself in a strange way. Now holding a confused look on her face, the trainer decided to keep quiet and that there was nothing to comment or mumble on.

January 28th, 2006, 7:10 AM
OOC: XD Well, as long as you don't start making up shipping names for everyone Yibber. ^^; In fact, didn't Flissie just post a little while ago in Showgan? I should go check that out. *nods*

EDIT: Yayness!! I beat Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones last night! ^____^ I love the Demon King's battle music by the way. Awesomeness.


Tabansi and Reina watched as Valen attempted to get up on his own. He did need some support from the wall, but it was a marginal improvment over before. Reina smiled, "Oh good. Maybe now we can get you somewhere so that you can get healed by actual nurses and not me and... Tabansi." Ack! Reina had almost let slip a very important secret! Luckily, she had managed to cover it up and make it look like she had trailed off for some sort of dramatic effect as if suggesting a Heracross was a unlikely nurse. Valen would no doubt think something was up... he wasn't an idiot.

As Reina was thinking over her mistake, she looked up and saw Cona dashing up to them. Reina smiled a bit, this girl was a bit odd at times, but she wasn't as annnoying as Rosairie. She asked them how they were, and Valen answered in his usual manner. Reina nodded as Cona asked her.

"I'm allright. Just got a punch to the gut and some sore knuckles. I think there might be a few scratches on me from stray pokemon and pokemon attacks that scraped by me as Tabansi and I were running," Reina said truthfully, suspecting a pretty good scrape on her left shoulderblade but not being able to see it.

Reina noticed the others coming over. She saw JJ with them all and was glad that another person she was friends with was there. She also noticed Lori, and another man that looked as if he were the one in charge of the little group. A Misdeavus was out too, though Reina didn't know who it belonged to. She stared at the pokemon for a moment, thinking about how cool ghost pokemon were.

She also noticed the very obvious forced smile that JJ was wearing. 'Oh yeah,' Reina thought to herself, 'JJ and Valen don't really get along. He shouldn't let Valen get to him so much. If he thinks that fake smile's going to fool him, he's going to be sorely dissapointed.'

January 28th, 2006, 7:35 AM
Like, thankies for reminding me, Melissi!!XD

ValenXReina= Durableshipping (Most Durable couple I've seen so far.XD)
ValenXRosarie= Scowlinshipping (Obviously I guess.XP)
ValenXAvery= Neutrapyshipping (<--Mixture of Neutral and Happy.XD)
ValenXJJ= Distalousyshipping (<--Uh-huh..Distaste+Jealousy.X3)
ValenXCona= Loonconspiracyshipping (Yeah, its a loony conspiracy!>D)
ValenXKyoko= Girl-childshipping (Doubt there's a shipping name even close to this.)
ReinaXJJ= Firsttimeshipping (Well yeah, seems to me tha JJXReina was the first noticable shipping here.XD)
ReinaXRosarie= Repelieshipping (Added the 'ie' because I've a feeling that Repelshipping might be taken.>_>)
ReinaXAvery= *Due to lack of remaining brain cells and the unearthly time here the shipping name shall be called - Titanmademeshipping - for the time being!^^ *runs away fast* *
ReinaXCona= Caroughshipping (Care+Rough for no apparent reason!^^)
AveryXJJ= Brightblondeshipping (The girl's bright while the boy's...blonde!XD)
AveryXCona= Pullmeshipping (Pull me, Pull you.^^)
AveryXChain= Aquaintancyshipping (From what I see, both just aquaintances.^^)
ConaXJJ= Neeshipping (Same pronouciation as 'knee'.XD)
ConaXRosairie= Shiftypicoushipping (Shifty+Suspicous. Cona has her suspicions on Rosairie being involved in a conspiracy too.XD)
KyokoXRosairie= Chanchanshipping (Yey for repeatedness!!!^0^)


The list has been completed(Not really...XD)!!^0^

Alter Ego
January 28th, 2006, 7:41 AM
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At any rate...I think I'm going to wait for a bit longer before I let Vincent & Co do their stuff. Stay tuned. ^^

January 28th, 2006, 7:55 AM
Encourage me?XD

And no! My skills aren't getting rusty! Its merely because of the unearthly hour here!>_<
Yeah, and I finished the list!^^

Baker's Bulbasaur
January 28th, 2006, 12:52 PM
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''oooh! a butterfree!'' *chases*
oh and teh charon-chan's banner :)
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lol na let me know and i'll change it accordingly

IC -
JJ walked towards the small group consisting of Cona Reina and Valen, his forced smile now attatched to him as if the pose has been glued to him permanantly, he managed to get some speech through the gritted teeth
''Hey Reina!.....valen.
where have you been?''

He looked at valen who seemd to be standing awqwardly, leaning against the wall, his leg slightly bent...in fact looking closer, he had a blood stain!
The blonde boy was deeply torn here, torn between his wanting to feel pleased about this, about this stupid boy having being injured, this stupid boy....who had been around reina so long.....been flooding her mind with whatever cok and bull that must have come out of his mouth....
yet also torn between his charactaristic need to please people, and yet another thing, the fact that he wasn't a monster pleased by pain, even when inflicting to that of an enemy.......but he couldnt. Jeffery just couldnt feel pleased about this....
I'm a nice guy.... he told himself .....I hate that he finished as a joke.

''Hey man whats wrong? your bleeding... your not hurt are you?'' he said to him with concern...he meant it too....his liking for the boy hadn't improved in the slightest, but valen had done nothing evdintal as of yet ot proove he was deserving of physical force.....

Random Plushie
January 28th, 2006, 6:17 PM

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I wasn't here for the longest time because frankly, yesterday was completely screwed over. I won't get into details 'cause it wouldn't make sense anyways. XD

Then this morning I had to take a friggin' SAT. Just because I qualified for the English section of the test.

I thought it was going to be harder, but all the same my brain hurts a lot. @[email protected]



Avery had actually gone silent as she approached the scene, much more slowly than Cona and JJ, a look of worry working its way into her expression, even while both Reina and Valen, if the latter a bit sarcastically, assured the arrivals that they were okay.

"But.. It looks like you guys totally ate it!" Avery suddenly burst out, Fable having to endure the full blast of her suddenly loud voice, being that he had recently worked his way up to her shoulder. It was a wonder that he had managed to keep his perch on that shoulder. "Are you still going to say everything's fine anyways?" Avery asked, hurrying closer towards the other Trainers in an attempt to get a better view of the situation.

{The pain..} Fable muttered, holding his ears as he regained some of his balance. The imp quickly shook himself together, and probably would've blinked several times if he had had the means. {So everyone just forgets about investigating.. Whatever it is. Pfft.} The Ghost stated, making random clicking sounds with his tongue.

January 28th, 2006, 7:27 PM

Like, welcome back, Plushie!!^0^

Anyway, dude, your banners are beautiful.O_O
I love the font you used for Charon's name, and the background ish just Feebas.^^

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She walked over and got onto my spot at the dinner table and told me to sit at her place. Then she was like,
Yibber's mom-My mother told me that mothers must swap their places with their daughters or else their nightmares will come true'.
Yibber-But I don't have nightmares...
Yibber's mom-I do! Go and sit there now! Sit!

And we aren't supposed to wear black cause its not auspicious.


"Wow. No wonder you're in a conspiracy with Valen. You're really strong."Cona's eyes had widdened upon hearing that Reina had been punched in the stomach, and well, her punching others. Although she wasn't one to actually side with the dark alliance, the girl had to admit that what they did, there was a slight percentage that maybe they weren't doing bad stuff after all. Anyway, Reina seemed like a nice girl.

"Still..both of you should let the guards ted to your injuries and such."Cona shrugged, turning upon hearing Avery's statement, not reallly having anything to say, the girl gave a cautious nod, before continuing to lean against the wall.

{Investigating? Like, dude, isn't that what we're doing now? In a sort of bizarre way..}Kuner frowned as Jeffery returned Tailow into his pokeball. Not having anyone to talk to now, the Pidgey could only turn to Fable for a conversation.

Random Plushie
January 28th, 2006, 7:33 PM

Hmmz, I guess now would be a good time to say it. Plushie be starting an RP soon, so she thought she'd give y'all a bit of a warning, for thinking time, before she went through with it. ^-^

Except for Titan. 'Cause he knows too much. =P

Be on the lookout.

*is happy*

I'm probably going to save it for next weekend, though. I have too much homework right now to tend to an RP. o.o;;;


At Cona's next statement, Avery turned to do a double-take on Reina's fist. Indeed; the girl's knuckles seemed to be red from hitting things too hard. Way too hard. She would've hated to be the one at the recieving end of Reina's blow.. But she decided to say nothing further. She had the feeling that both the red-head and Valen had been bombarded with enough questions and such.

{Fable would hardly call it investigating. If anything we're investigating what happened to Reina and Valen, and they have already claimed that nothing is wrong. Fable feels.. So.. So violated somehow.} The Sableye said, in response to Kuner, a sour expression on his face. His ear drums were probably still ringing.

The Sableye turned in his position on Avery's shoulder to face the Pidgey completely. He had gotten bored of the current situation, now deciding that it was better just to talk to the old coot instead. Maybe he could twist a conversation into a mind game of sorts if he felt like it.

January 28th, 2006, 10:22 PM

Another RP to join?
Niah, like, I'd better get started on the sign-up sheet then.^^ Like, yey for my 3-day holiday!^0^


Cona stood at her place as Avery stared at Reina's fists. They were of a red color from hitting people, it looked like she must've been busy, very busy indeed. Strange, the trainer had never really met any one quite like the people with her now. They all seemed so different from one another, there was no way that one would be able to find such personalities like these in Lilycove City. Almost everyone in Lilycove was the same, either you're rich or you're not. Middle-classed people (which meant Cona's family) were plenty, though it was the rich kids that gained the most popularity amoung their peers. Bribing and showing off their neat(and expensive) toys and Pokemon. Cona was never fond of such snobby people.

{Like, dude. You can't just believe what people are saying. Thats like, too easy. Look at the poor state the dudes are in now.}Kuner shook his head at Fable's reply, gesturing to Reina and Valen's shoulder.

{You honestly, like, think they're okay? Now I feel violated too.}the Pidgey folded his wings and waited for the Sableye's reaction.

Random Plushie
January 28th, 2006, 10:36 PM

Th-Three-day holiday?

Pfft.. The least the SAT could've done was grant me two days of sleeping in.. But no, they had to take away Saturday morning AND FOUR HOURS OF SLEEP!


'Kay then, I'm done.


While Avery began pondering how Reina managed to do that to her knuckles, Fable tilted his head inbetween Kuner's words.

{Fable never said he believed them. Fable repeated to you what they have stated. Pidgey is unobservant, yes? Although really the term 'unobservant' usually refers to not noticing things visually.} He paused in his statement to hear out the rest of what Kuner had to say.

You honestly, like, think they're okay?

The Sableye twitched a few times for no apparent reason, pausing before speaking up again. {Pidgey has developed shiny new dialect.} Fable exclaimed, another wide grin forming in his expression. {Pidgey is most amusing! It shall be utterly glorious holding out a conversation with such accents!}

As he finsihed saying that, he honed his gaze more fully on Kuner.

{Now tell Fable, where do Christmas Trees originate, and therefore how long have they been in existence?} The Sableye asked, if only to hear Kuner's answer in his new way of speech.

Avery continued to pay no attention.

January 29th, 2006, 12:39 AM

Yeah, but we don't have Summer Break here.X3
Anyways *cackles*
Yey! Lookie at all the red packets I have with money inside them!!Pwhee!!*waves red packets*
Plus, the pineapple tarts we make during Chinese New Year just pwn.^^
Oh! And rice dumplings! Yey for rice dumplings!!^0^


{Like, really?}Kuner scratched his chin with one wing, pondering over what Fable had just said. Unobservant? When he had, Kuner the Pidgey been unobservant? Maybe it was one of the different types of ways young pokemon saw things. The Flying type shrugged it off before continuing to talk.

{Like, my dialect is not shiny! And dialect does not mean the way I speak! It means the language that I speak! Which is, like, english!}the Pidgey replied getting a little ticked off by the Sableye's small wrongs, either that or he needed more lessons from Tailow, to understand the youth.
{Anyway, yes. I have like, been learning from JJ's Tailow. I say, the dude is amazing at teaching!}he stated, wondering why Jeffery had chosen to withdraw Tailow. Perhaps he could have taught Fable a thing or two.

"So...where are we supposed to go after this anyway?"Cona asked outloud, not really used to the silence once she had met these people. Before, all she could hear was silence. She had been hanging out with these trainers for far too long already.

{You mean, like, Pine trees..or like, what did the dudes called them? Fur trees or something..}Kuner tilted his head to examine the sky, thinking of the answer to Fable's question.

{Christmas trees, like, I believe they originated from the North Pole. Where like, this dude called Santa Claus lives. I believe that you have like, heard of this dude? He is famous you know, I like, read a totally big amount of books on that narly dude.}the Pidgey had to find the answer for the second question fast, if not, the Sableye would most likely ask even more hard to answer questions.

Random Plushie
January 29th, 2006, 12:43 AM

Gawd, I crack myself up.. We had to answer the Christmas Tree question if we wanted extra credit in Social Studies. XDDDD

I kid you not! XD

I shalt post an IC when Alter does.

January 29th, 2006, 1:05 AM
{ooc| I LOVE IT, BB! Thank you!}

Alter Ego
January 29th, 2006, 1:34 AM
OOC: Agh, two-person posting spree...dang, it's been a while since the last time I saw one of those! xD

Anyways, small correction, BB; Valen had to sitt down again because Kachiko got so happy about seeing him up that she leapt and latched onto his leg, which was kind of more than the boy could support at the moment. ^-^ But anyways, that's a moot really, and it's time for an...


Valen groaned as Cona began raving on about conspiracies again, shaking his head. He decided to ignore the annoying girl altogether for the moment, noting that she seemed quite preoccupied with whatever it was she was talking about anyway and turning his attention elsewhere, only to see someone even worse. It was JJ, approaching with a definitely faked smile, and quite a bad one at that, and immediately attempting to strike up a conversation with Reina, beginning with a foolish question, quite fitting for one of his intellect.

"Right here, risking our necks trying to sort out this mess..." the boy replied "...which is more than can be said for certain people." he added, the point of his sentence aimed as much at the Waiwai Inc. guards, all of them making a big show out of their 'investigation' and poking around the place without really accomplishing much, as the boy in front of him "And of course I'm not hurt, oh observant one." he added sarcastically to the boy's later comment, "Bloody bandages just happen to be the latest trend in street fashion."

"Fashion, loveh?" Lori, who had discreetly made her way over to them while Valen was preoccupied with being sarcastic, "My, my...I didn't expect you to be one for such things..." she continued, wearing one of her usual smiles, "But then again..." the woman added, casting a glance at Reina and putting on a far more knowing smile, "...I didn't expect you to be the type to make a little getaway with a girl in the middle of a crisis either...not even with a girl who dresses like a boy." at this point, Lori cast a distasteful glance at the clothes Reina was wearing, "It's surprising what one can see when working under Slythie, isn't it?"

A definitely furious expression flashed across Valen's face as he heard these words, but he just as quickly surpressed it, keeping both expression and voice as even as he could manage, "With all due respect, m'am, you would know precisely what it's like to be under...Slythie, as you call him." he retorted viciously, purposefully placing an emphasis on the word 'under', and sure enough, Lori took the hint.

"Why-I never-" she began in a slightly huffed tone, folding her arms defensively, but before she could continue, a third party had already cut into the conversation, namely, Vincent.

"That will be enough from both of you." he said, raising a hand towards each of them while placing himself betweeen them.

"But-" Lori protested.

"I said enough." Vincent repeated sternly, "We're in the middle of an investigation and don't have time for your childish bickering, so whatever either of you has or hasn't done with anyone is irrelevant." he turned to adress Valen, leaving Lori to her indignation.

"Now, Valen." the security chief continued, his voice taking on a slightly more friendly note, "What do you have to report?"

The boy took a small pause before answering, straightening up his pose a bit as he prepared to give a report, "It appears that your assumption was correct." he began, "The disturbance did indeed originate from this place. It was a group of robed and hooded figures, five in all. They claimed to be 'the disciples of Typhoeus', a cult of some kind. And they were standing over there." he gestured towards the ruined seats over the pen, "They were performing some kind of chant that placed certain pokmon under their control, pokmon such as that Aggron." he gestured towards the unconscious steel type.

"Chanting people in robes?" Lori echoed sceptically, still sore about Valen's remark "A likely story. Vince, you aren't taking this seriously, are you?"

"Of course I am." Vincent replied in a nonchalant tone, briefly turning his gaze to meet the woman's "I trust my operatives, Lori. And I trust my son. Now continue, please." he added, turning to Valen, "What happened next?"

"Well, the Aggron's attention seemed centered on me for some reason..." the boy continued, "So I took up the task of diverting the creature while Reina here..." he nodded towards the girl, "Took up fighting of the cultists. I think it would be best if she explained that part herself. I'll give a full report back at headquarters."

Vincent nodded, "See that you do." he replied, frowning slightly, "And after that it's obvious that we'll have to revise some lessons." the security chief added.

"What?" Valen asked, his voice now sounding offended, "Why? I got the job done, didn't I?"

"Not to mention that you almost killed yourself in the process." Vincent retorted, casting a stern glance at the boy, "And that you let a civilian get involved. You know the rules, Valen, and the fact that you did manage to stop the chaos might be the only reason for Slythe to keep you, he is not tolerant about failure...as you well know."

The boy made as if to respond but then thought the better of it, taking on a scowl and falling into silence again.

"Now...Reina, is it?" Vincent continued, turning to adress the girl, "It sounds like you've done some impressive work, reckless thought it was. I am Vincent, chief of security for Waiwai Inc. Could you please tell me your view on the events?"

Random Plushie
January 29th, 2006, 1:43 AM
Fable grinned as Kuner rambled about how he had misused the word 'dialect'.. Wow, he'd have to use that one again sometime. But what was even funnier to the Sableye was his answer to the Christmas Tree question.

{Heehee! Wrongness!} Fable exclaimed, twisting his head at an odd angle like he had done earlier that day, his grin still revealing his teeth. {But Fable shan't tell you the answer just yet, for it is required for perplexing!}

Avery had altogether blanked out Fable's ranting at this point, looking on towards the conversation between Valen, Lori, and Vincent, although she couldn't exactly hear what was being exchanged from her perspective. Well, apparently they knew each other..

However, she knew from experience that butting into people's conversations, especially when they seemed or maybe just acted overly official, was not a very good idea. And so all she could do was wait, not answering Cona's question simply because she did not know the answer.

January 29th, 2006, 1:52 AM
While Rosairie and Henna bickered, Silence had been listening. It was what he did best. He had heard raised voices in the adjoining alleys, and Silence, although cowardly, liked to know what was going on. He slunk away from his trainer, keeping his belly to the floor as he crept towards the group. What was it they were saying? He struggled to understand. Humans spoke in such peculiar ways, with so many different accents. Silence cast a glance back at Rosairie. She was still arguing with Henna, and neither of them had noticed Silence's vanishing act. He chuckled to himself, and took a step forward, peering around the wall. Rosairie was such a self-absorbed person - it really came in handy.
There was the boy Rosairie had saved, and his girlie, and they were arguing - the boy's voice was angry, bitter, and Silence flattened his ears against his head. How he hated anger! Something told him the boy was being cornered - something in his questioner's voice, maybe. He fixed his grey eyes on Vince, but that man was a stranger. The woman, now he recognised her, but was she friend or foe? Silence knew one thing; he was on the injured boy's side, just as the cubone named Cespaner was. He edged forward a little bit more. They were turning to Reina now, demanding she give an account-

"Siiiiiii!" a girl's voice broke out from no where. "Silence, where've you gone?" Rosairie called.
The jolteon's ears pricked, and he gave a little mew. He hated choices! Goto Rosairie, his saviour... or watch? This'll...lead back to us, I'm sure... she told himself, It'll be dominoes, a chain of events...I need to watch.
The jolteon rose to his feet, torn between the safety of Rosairie and the scene unfolding before him.
"Silence? S-si?" she called again. Silence could hear her now, behind him. Her voice was fearful, and it made him shudder. He shook his head, and streaked off back to his trainer. Never mind the law, he thought, That can wait.

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January 29th, 2006, 10:14 AM
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Before Reina could address JJ's question, Valen answered it for them with his own remark. As soon as he was done saying his piece though, Reina elaborated.

"Yeah, he's right, we were busy fighting off the bad guys... though, I'm sure you all must have had your own battles to fight, eh?" Reina said, knowing that their opponents couldn't have been as bad as Valen and her's, but that they still had some opponents. As Lori approached them upon hearing the word 'fashion', she seemed to be looking at Reina in a different way than before when registering and the tour. Reina really wasn't too fond of Lori and hoped she just left or was told to shut up by that other man soon.

She wasn't about to say anything to Lori, but when the woman made a comment on her taste in clothing, Reina felt more than little bit offended. "Hmph...," she grunted, not really sure how to make a comeback, and too angry to think straight. She instead watched as Valen and Lori began to bother each other, obviously speaking about things that Reina did not know about. She didn't really care what it was about, as long as it made Lori angry, it satisfied her.

Vincent finally broke them up, and Valen gave his report to the man. Reina spaced out a little on Vincent's orderly hair, wondering how long it took him to get it so straight. Lori immediately protested Valen's account of the robed men, but Vincent made it clear that he belived him. Reina frowned as he said 'my son'. Was he talking about Valen? With their attention shifting to her though, she didn't have time to think on it, and instead began to gather her memories of what happened.

She cleared her throat a bit and spoke clearly, "My Heracross and I made our way up to the pen that the Aggron had been in. The robed men were all doing their chant-thing, and so Tabansi and I tried to get them to stop. When we went to attack them, they somehow called some crazed pokemon to their aid. We had to get past them, and then attack them. I punched one guy in the jaw, and some of the others got burned by my Ninetails. When a few of them were weakened, it seemed like the chant got weaker as well. Some of the pokemon that had been crazy before weren't anymore, but most still were. Then we fought some more, and I tried to tackle the leader, but he got me in the stomach first, summoned up a Steelix from below us, and ran off with his little cronies all atop the pokemon. They said something about them not being finished with this place yet." Reina shrugged, "That's about it really. I'm a little sore and a bit confused about what's happened, but both will pass with time I'm sure."

Tabansi moved closer to Reina's side, he didn't really trust any of these people, even if they did know Valen. He couldn't help but feel uneasy about all of this for some reason.

Baker's Bulbasaur
January 29th, 2006, 11:46 AM
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January 30th, 2006, 8:11 PM
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Well Kyoko was flustered to say the least and the once still rag doll had now become a flustered squeaking thing flailing her arms like a baby duckling in an attempt to be put down. She couldn't see where on EARTH she was being taken and being carried in such horrendously embarssing mannor wasn't helping her already fragile (okay so they hardly existed) emotions from snapping and the once quiet thing was now squawking to be let down and to be let down NOW before something or someone was punished brutally by her metal plated gloves she had hidden away in her knapsack

"Put me dooooowwwwwwwwwn! This is humiliating!" T'was true she couldn't walk but PLEASE

Alter Ego
January 31st, 2006, 9:03 AM
OOC: Urgh...need...to...get...an...IC...done...meh, my eyes hurt a bit...I just very naughtily and in defiance of 4kids' safety regulations watched the banned Electric soldier Porygon episode. Dang...so much unnecessary flash...~_~ Still, the old clueless cowardly Ash was kind of funny, much better than the current one, besides, the episodes are always much more fun when they're spoken in japanese. ^-^ I wish they'd do that here too and just put in subtitles...not to mention changing the airing times. Oh well...


Vincent listened to Reina's explanation without interrupting while Valen and Lori were busy exchanging deathstares and discreet, but probably rather obscene, hand signlas behind his back. When the girl had finished, the security chief nodded.

"A Steelix, you say?" he asked in confirmation, glancing up at the ruined stage, "Yes, the damage does seem to be consistent with your story and you do not seem like a liar to me." Vincent took a small pause "So...we have no culprits to question, no motive for their actions, and only two eye witnesses who saw the whole scene..." he stroked his chin thoughtfully, "Well, thank you for your co-operation." he concluded, nodding towards Reina, "I believe we have a sufficient picture of the situation at the moment...provided that you are done investigating the scene?" he added to the various guards, all of them quickly lining up to proclaim that this was, indeed, the case.

"Good." Vincent said simply, turning to adress the whole group, "Lori, would you be as kind as to take two guards with you and escort these civilians to Overcity?" he gestured towards Avery, Cona, and JJ, "I'm afraid you will have to stay in this city for the night at least." he concluded in a slightly apologetic tone, "Under the current circumstances I doubt that anyone will be permitted to leave. I'd suggest going to the local pokmon center if you can't afford better lodgings. They will surely have sympathy for your plight there."

Lori merely shrugged at the command, "Fine." she replied in a tone that suggested that she couldn't care less about spending more time in the company of this particular male anyway "This way please, lovehs." the woman said, returning to her usual flowery voice and accompanying it with her characteristic smile, "And don't stray too far from our little group...curiosity killed the Meowth, you know."

"As for you two..." Vicent added, turning his attention to Valen and Reina, "You will have to be taken to a hospital. Recall your pokmon, please."

"But the report-" Valen protested.

"Once you are better." the security chief interrupted him, "You will need to be in full health both mentally and physically if you are to give a proper account of the events. And thorough though that aid you have gotten seems to be..." he cast a glance at the various bandages wrapped around Valen's wounds, "...I highly doubt that getting proffessional help would make matters worse."

"Whatever..." Valen scoffed, quite skillfully taking the two empty pokballs with only one hand and returning Kachiko and Cespenar into them before clipping them back onto his belt. Truth to be told, it wasn't like he was by any means eager to give his report to Slythe, quite the contrary really, but for someone who hated relying on anyone else for anything, the thought of spending an indeterminate time lying in some hard-mattressed bed with thin, paper-like sheets and headache-white walls surrounded by machines that go beep and constantly being fussed over by a horde of people in white coats was hardly appealing.

"Very good." Vincent said, "You two, come help, please." he gestured for three of the guards to gather around "One of you come and help me with Valen, the other look after this young lady and see if she needs any help. And the rest of you..." he turned to the remaining guards, "Fan out and search the city for straggling trainers and direct them to Overcity. Is this clear?"

"Yes sir!" the remaining guards replied in rigorously practiced unison, each of them picking a street and jogging down it while Vincent walked over to Valen, carefully slipping under the boy's right arm while the other one took his left and the third man simply stood in Reina's vicinity but didn't dare to approach further out of fear for the Heracross that was keeping watch over the girl.

"Well, let's get going." Vincent said, adjusting his grip so as to put as little pressure on the arm as possible, "The nearest elevator shouldn't be too far, although I think it's best if we don't take the same one as Lori's lot."

January 31st, 2006, 9:40 AM
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Tabansi still didn't like this. In fact, the more he heard, the less he liked the situation they were facing. A lockdown of the city? The Heracross wasn't an expert on human behavior, but he was sure that people were not going to behave in their normal fashion. When disasters struck towns, or when the usual way of life was interrupted, it almost always resulted in people getting hurt, panic, and seemed to bring out the best and worst in people.

The bug pokemon's trainer didn't think of such things though, she was more concerned with the here and now, and she was just glad that Lori was leaving. That also meant that JJ and the others would be leaving again, but this didn't bother her too much as she had done fine before without them. She wasn't too happy about having to be looked at by a doctor, she had never liked those guys, but she figured she was in no position to argue. If Valen couldn't sway Vincent's health command, then she certainly wouldn't be able to.

The third guard, that was coming over to her, hesitated. Reina looked down at Tabansi. "Oh, I've got to return you. Come on Tabansi," she said, holding out her pokeball to return him.

{No... I don't think you should Reina, what if something happens to you?} Tabansi said with a concerned tone. Reina shook her head.

"Come on, these guys want to help Tabansi. If you ask me, the bad guys are those robed men. You can come back out if they want to be alone with me, okay?" she said, holding up her pokeball and watching the Heracross' form disappear in a red light.

She turned to the guard, "Uh, I can walk on my own, but I would like someone to look at my hand in the hospital... it's really starting to ache, and I want to make sure I didn't break anything." She walked up to the guard, attempting to look self-sufficient.

Baker's Bulbasaur
January 31st, 2006, 9:43 AM
JJ Stood in silence as Reina accounted her version of what had happened to Vincent, something was defenitely up.....strange men in robes, he was sure he had seen a couple of them in the area they were waiting earlier before the tournament started.....perhaps they had been waiting for things to die down and the area to clear before making their move on that poor agron. Obviously they didn't expect the company of two young teenagers. Jeffery then listened as Vincent gave an order for cona, avery and himself to head to a pokemon centre while, Reina and Valen were to be taken to a hospital, he had some satisfaction at seeing Valen show negative signs of this, and reluctantly return his pokemon to their pokeballs, a mawile and a cubone..........what was with this guy anyway, what the heck could JJ have possibly done to annoy or insult him so to be deservent of these extremely harsh verbal attacks, before thinking JJ said calmly the first thing to come to his head
''Enjoy hospital valen, it's the best place for you, all tucked up safely, don't worry about a thing, we'll take care of it''

Perhaps it wasn't such a good idea to proboke Valen even more, least of all sink down to his level.........but it made him feel so much better.
JJ smiled innocently to Valen, showing his perfect teeth before turning to Vincent wearing a more serious face.

''Thankyou sir, we shall do just that, I for one was planning on staying a few days anyway so your requirement of just one doesn't foul up my plans, I can't speak for Cona and Avery though of course....'' he finished indicating the two girls. So what if he sounded a little like a suck up, during these circumstances it didn't sound like the worst idea in the world if it was going to help them solve this mystery, the main problem was, they didn't even really know exactly what that mystery was........

January 31st, 2006, 10:37 AM
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{Sorry.} The magmar grunted, and dropped Kyoko unceremoniously on to the ground.
"Henna, what are you doing?" Rosairie whined, as her fire type dumped her friend on the floor. "That was really rude!" she hissed incredulously.
The magmar wasn't listening; Silence had returned, and he looked more anxious than usual. "Sileeeeeence!" Rosairie squealed, and threw herself at the jolteon lovingly. She seemed completely oblivious, as usual.

Scratching her head thoughtfully, Henna stared in the direction Silence had just come. {Hmm... Rozz, maybe we should investigate?}
"What?" the girl looked up from her embrace, her gaze quizzical. "Investigate what?"
{Whatever Silence saw around that corner. C'mon...} she muttered, and began to wander off around the corner.
Rosairie stared after her. "What about Kyoko?" her attention turned to the other girl. "Can you walk?" she asked.

February 1st, 2006, 1:15 AM
{Like, dude. I should really start paying attention to the television. Because, like, that teaches one, such as, like, an old coot like, myself, alotta things.}Kuner scratched his head in fustration upon hearing that his answer was incorrect. One couldn't blame the Flying type, when was the last time he'd manage to even get a glance at one of those electronics anyway?

Cona listened intently to Reina's recount. About robbed men, Steelix and such. It seemed very evil coorporatio-ished to the girl. The robbed men, were they the exact same people she had bumped into before?
Yes. The trainer began to remember. She had met up with their group before, and if they weren't the same people, well. Brown robes were certainly becoming a fashion statement of some sort. Just thinking of what those few men could do made Cona wonder, why was she in this again...?

"Lori, would you be as kind as to take two guards with you and escort these civilians to Overcity?"

At Vincent's words, the girl managed to force herself out of her thoughts this time. They had to stay in the Overcity? She nearly released Krystal from her grip, fact was, the Marshtomp had been there for such a long time. Even with his trainer were to let go, his flippers were already clamped tightly on either side of her.

"Huh? But-...."Cona let out a tired sigh, realising that there was no point fighting. Atleast, not with the lady called Lori or the guards. The trainer was sore from the running about, and her friends were too. That was what she could tell. And JJ's knee...

"Fine. I'm not objecting."she gave in, wanting to fold her arms, only to be stopped in mid-motion by the blue pokemon she had on her.

Alter Ego
February 1st, 2006, 11:07 AM


Now I'm going to have to write this all over again...joy...-.-

Ahem, at any rate, there's no need to worry about me, Melissa. We were watching the episode on Arty's computer and didn't download nuthin', if anyone will get hauled of for brainwashing it will be him. xD

Seriously though, I agree. The new Ash sucks...he's such a complete Gary-Stu! Where's his cowardice? His sloth? His childish outbursts? Where's his humanity?! Gone...gone because 4kids wanted to provide the children with a 'good rolemodel'. *Stabbs 4kids* And on his hormones...the guy actually had more of them in his earlier episodes. Remember how he drooled over that picture of Giselle together with Brock and Pikachu in 'School of hard knocks'? You don't see that sort of thing anymore...-.- Incidentally, it would be kind of interesting if Ash's tastes turned out to be...that way. Although knowing 4kids, hell will freeze over before they'll allow anything like that to be aired. <_<


Valen was about to lash out with something truly obscene at JJ's little show of insolence but then thought the better of it. First off, he didn't want to give that blonde idiot that kind of satisfication, and secondly, he had an ace up his sleeve; namely, the fact that Vincent, the man whom JJ seemed so very intent on sucking up to, was his foster father. And what's more, Valen knew that there were few things Vincent disliked more than suck-ups. So instead of displaying anger or resentment of any kind, Valen put on a strikingly accurate immitation of JJ's smile and responded in the same conformist voice that the boy had used when talking to Vincent;

"Why thank you, JJ." he said, "I would gladly take you there as well had I the means, but failing that, look after my dad in my place, will you?" he cast him a quick smirk at the end of his sentence before returning his expression back to neutral.

"Quite so." Vincent replied to JJ's words, his voice bearing the usual carefully polite tone, although Valen was pretty sure that he sensed a slight build up of annoyance behind it "Well then, of you go."

"That's right, it's about time you came, lovehs." Lori called, already having started out her journey towards the closest elevator "It's not proper to make a lady wait, you know." with that, she turned around again, proceeding to pick up a fairly quick pace.

As Reina withdrew her Heracross, the guard in question became noticably relieved.

"Umm...okay miss." he replied to the girl's statement, taking up a position close to her but not actually making contact and turning his attention to Vincent again.

"Right, let's move out." the security chief said simply, taking up a walking pace which was carefully synchronized with that of the guard holding onto Valen from the other side as their little procession began moving towards another one of the elevators.

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February 1st, 2006, 11:31 AM
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At JJ's outburst, Reina shook her head. She knew the boy would snap sometime, as it was obvious that he and Valen could never seem to get along. She figured their relationship as being something like hers with Rosairie.

The group was now moving to the elevator, and Reina was glad that she would soon be getting something to help her hand out. She wouldn't have admitted that to anyone; but this was just herself she was thinking to. She looked over to Valen as they walked, "Why don't you and JJ just get in a fight already and get it out of your systems? I mean, it's gonna come to that eventually, so might as well get it over with." She was half-joking, but she was also a bit serious. The two were only dragging out the conflict with their weighted words and angry glances.

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February 1st, 2006, 3:01 PM
JJ's smirk was wiped off his face like water from a bucket, he felt like he was about to turn red but put all his mental efforts into making sure this didn't happen, instead he simply replied, putting the smile back onto his face, as if the two were having some sort of smiling contest....
''ahhh, take me to hospital hey, well thankyou for the offer but my knee isn't all that bad, besides, i like to challenge myself and work through even the most immense of injuries, helps one to become strong wouldn't you say....but yes you rest yourself up, and Don't you worry i will do as you request and look after your daddy if neccecary, although i highly doubt that will be neccacary at all, he seems to be perfectly able of looking after himself''

He finished with a final look and a slight bow of the head to valen before aruptly turning and beginning to walk towards the Lori girl near the elevator.

''My apologies miss, for keeping you waiting'' he bowed his head and offered her his arm before waiting for Cona and Avery to join them, he shouted back

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was amazing!

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February 2nd, 2006, 9:39 AM
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Anyways, congrats on your stage success, BB! ^0^ I've never been much for real proper acting myself, although the occassional improvisation is fun...like when we had to do one on the subject of nationality stereotypes for Swedish class. The cast consisted of six people portraying three distinct national identities; Finn, Swede, and Swedish-speaking Finn and the setting was one of those 'Survivor'-type' reality TV shows. I ended up being a Swede, so of course, I had to make passes on the other male actors, propose that we paint our shelter pink, insist on shaking hands with everyone and inviting everyone to come over for coffee some time while at the same time lamenting that I didn't have the proper tool to trim my toenails with. o.O T'was kind of freaky, but a lot of fun too. Ahh...we got plenty of laughter and applause for that one. xD


Valen looked up at Reina's comment, taking a moment to form his thoughts into words, "Because..." he replied in a purposefully low voice so as to at least keep the two guards from hearing, he knew better than to expect Vincent not to take notice, "...he's not worth it." the boy concluded with an expression of distaste on his face, "I'm afraid I'm not allowed to pummel people merely for insulting me anymore, comes with the territory I guess-and you keep your eyes on the road, tubby." he added sharply to one the more heftily built of the two guardsmen, who had indeed been staring quite openly, no doubt listening in as well, but now quickly turned away and made a big show of not knowing what on earth Valen had been alluding to, "As I was saying..." the boy continued, "That arrogant little prat isn't worth risking my job over, and certainly not worth dirtying my pokmon with, not even with a regular battle. Quite frankly..." he continued, giving the girl an inquiring look, "How can you stand being around him?"

February 2nd, 2006, 11:10 AM
OOC: Awesome BB! Plays are really fun to do, I've only ever been a part of a "Reader's Theater" play in high school. My friend, the one that Alter reminds of (though I don't know if he'd do something like this), kept teasing me about bringing posters to the showing saying "Go Melissa!" on them and such, and I didn't think she would do it. I was wrong. Sure enough, there in the audience, front row, was my friend with her big sign and a huge grin to go with it. GAH! I had to exert all of my self-control not to laugh my head off right then.

My brother was also in the "It's A Wonderful Life" play in high school too. He had a minor role though, but he did get to feign a punch to the main guy's jaw. That was funny, seeing my brother 'punch' someone out! ^-^

... Are Swedish people stereotyped as gay? XD I wouldn't know, stereotypes seen in America don't usually include countries of Europe beyond England, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Russia... the rest just sort of meld into something else. It's kinda sad really... most kids probably wouldn't even be able to point out Sweden on a map. XD A labeled map.

Anyway, onto the post.


Reina was sure that this question was about to come at some point in this conversation, so she wasn't too surprised when Valen had asked her why she was so friendly with JJ. She thought for a moment, gathering her ideas into something workable. She then figured that there was really only one reason that she was nice to him. Leaning closer to him so that the guards would have an even harder time hearing them, she half-whispered her response.

"I'm in love with him," she joked, putting on a smile, "No, no, I'm just kidding. You're always so serious about these things I couldn't resist myself. Well, if you must know, I'm nice to him because he was nice to me. He does look like the kind of person that would annoy me, but he's never given me reason too. He's just too darned polite to be mad at. Rosairie... she's something else. She just acts so like those girls I knew back home it makes me hate her automatically. But I don't hate guys who think they're cool and perfect if they're nice to me. I guess...," she paused for a moment, "I guess I just haven't met as many idiots as you have."

She wondered if Valen would consider her a fool now that her answer sounded so silly. She did consider him a friend now, and she didn't want to break a friendship just as she got it. However, if that meant lying about her true feelings she wouldn't do it. People were not one-dimensional, they had good things about them and bad. This was simply a fact of life. Reina was sure that he probably had done worse things in his past than her, or her small friendship with JJ.

February 2nd, 2006, 1:09 PM
{ooc| I can't post an IC until Mika does. I think she might be ill again, there's no sign of her on MSN....
anyway, it's time for a story about cake.
I love baking. I hadn't baked anything for over a year though so I decided to make a chocolate cake thing for my cousin's birthday. I made it perfectly... I measured everything out exactly, to the very last ounce, and it was lovely.
Then I put it in the oven and it didn't rise. I was so sad! Then I realised the baking powder was two years out of date ;; so I had an anorexic cake.
That was a lovely story.}

February 2nd, 2006, 4:55 PM
[OOC: I hope this post is in the correct context . . .

Also, I attempted to be vague in the results of Chain's reasearch. Hopefully it was not too vague--or not enough so.]

"Project Omicron . . . " Chain murmured as his eyes scanned the screen of the miniature computer that rested in his hand. A project started a number of years ago, funded by WaiWai Inc. Its purpose was to determine the specific capabilities of sonic waves in manipulating certain electromagnetic impulses. The trainer scrolled the screen downward. It seems that there were some problems, however, during research. And, apparently WaiWai Inc. cut the project's funding.

After a thoughtful pause, Chain spoke. "Circuit, any luck opening those locked files?"

A reply appeared on the screen: Affirmative. Would you like to view the unlocked files?

"Yeah. And, good work." As he viewed the various files, Chain's green-gold eyes narrowed. Looks like there was a lot WaiWai Inc. didn't tell the public--or anyone, for that matter. Closing one file to view another, the male continued to read. Odd. This file appears to be of a different nature from the others . . . All it seems to be is a list of monetary income and expenditure. Chain paused. Wait a moment. These numbers don't add up right.

"Hey, Circuit, there's some tests I want you to run on these numbers . . . And, a little research I want you to do." After giving Porygon the specifications of his tasks, Chain carefully read the results of the tests, noting the numbers his Pokemon had highlighted in red. I thought so. WaiWai Inc. has been spending a considerable amount of money on something. But, they don't have listed who or what exactly this money is going to--though it appears they've been making a profit off whatever it is.

Sighing as he ran a hand through his hair, Chain exited the file. I'll have to look at that again later. Right now, I have enough other material to read and decipher. Sorting through the various files--some accidentally downloaded due to Iris' file transfer, others intentionally downloaded and useful, and still others only partially downloaded and therefore incomplete or corrupt--Chain scanned any information that seemed useful. Finally, returning Porygon to its Premier Ball and turning off the computer, Chain stood.

From what I picked up, one of Project Omicron's main problems was that of violent nature being exhibited in many of those used as test subjects. Not only was quite a bit of laboratory equipment destroyed, but several of those involved with the project sustained injuries. Still, though, not everyone was convinced that the violent reactions of the test subjects were accidents. And, one man in particular was under suspicion. Omicron's leader was watched and questioned closely. Yet, after the project was closed, he managed to disappear. To this day no one knows where he went.

Motioning toward Sneasel as he strode toward the alley's entrance, Chain returned his digital equipment to its place at his side. And, as Sneasel sprang to his shoulder and returned to her perch on his head, Chain turned his eyes up toward her. "Since you're up there, keep a sharp eye out," he directed.

Sneasel nodded, her manner mockingly dutiful.

After several minutes, the dark Pokemon alerted her trainer with a sharp "yip" and a breeze of frost on one ear. Swiftly placing his hand over the ear, Chain again glanced toward Sneasel. "What is it?" he asked, suppressing his annoyance.

Without a word, Sneasel simply raised a paw toward one direction.

[OOC: Truthfully, I have little to no idea what Chain will see. If anyone desires to improvise, they are welcome to. Otherwise, I will add it in my next post.]

February 3rd, 2006, 4:15 AM
ooc: ; You know... it's one thing to fall down stairs and whack ones knee.... it's another to fall UP those stairs... and take the principal with you..... so yeah... that's were I've been. Totally killed me knee... and it's already got that knee problem where my knee cartilage is going to hell in a broken PokeBall and will eventually hafta be replaced. ; Yay for needles knives and all that shizzle.

Although knowing 4kids, hell will freeze over before they'll allow anything like that to be aired. <_<

o___o Alter. I. Friggen. Love. You. -glomps- (NOT THAT WAY. <<;;;; MIND OUT OF GUTTERS PEOPLE) D: Nobody has ever said that before.... NOBODY -dances gleefully- :3 Do you also wanna tie 'em to a tree and beat them with sticks for RUINING good shows like One Piece, Pokemon, Shaman King an Ojamajo Do Re Mi? x33

Anyways yay. -points at knee- I'm POSTING AND YOU CAN'T STOP ME


"Um... Um yes... yes I think I can walk...." She was a little startled when Henna promptly dropped her to the ground but she managed to get up and stagger around a little bit to prove she very well could walk, "Yes... yes I can walk... See?" She smiled lightly, tottering after Rosairie like a baby chick, "Lead the way Onee-chan! I'll follow you!" She giggled, her color returning quite rapidly, "I'd like to... meet some... more people... as... something here..." her smile evaporated, "Doesn't seem right... Right Silence?" She bent down to stroke the dog-like pokemon's nose softly, "You sense it too... don't you..."

February 3rd, 2006, 5:23 AM
Cona had been busy standing still with a Marshtomp in her arms after she agreed to go to stay in the city. The girl was daydreaming once more, staring blankly before being woken by JJ's shout to Reina.

The boy seemed a tad on the irritated side, maybe because Valen was there. Or did the spirits get in, through his knee already? The girl gave a small nod, which was rather hard to see from behind Krystal's head.

"Right. Right."she said lazily, walking over to where Jeffery and Lori stood. She then began to wonder who much longer she had to wait. This was really starting to bore her, even with the interesting flare between Valen, Reina and JJ for entertainment.

{Like, dude. You should really get onto your feet.}Kuner was now hovering beside Krystal in a manner much like that of an irritating fly. At least, that was what it seemed to the Marshtomp.

{Try taking down many, many not-friends and tell me how it feels.}he frowned, closing his eyes and tried to get back to resting.

Alter Ego
February 3rd, 2006, 11:46 AM
OOC: I'm being so very slow on posting in RPs today...-.- oh well, better late than never I always say. ^-^

First of all, Kogenta, you did a good job with the information. Suitably vague but still everything needed for plot purposes is there, plus, I like the name 'Project Omicron' for some reason. ^-^ Hmm...that's one of the greek letters, isn't it? Yup, I think it is.

And yup Mika, I share your desire to inflict bodily pain on 4kids for messing up the little good Anime that we get over here, although my methods are a bit more...advanced. >D *Pulls out red herring and brandishes it at 4kids* Begone demons of stupidity! XO I'd give them a round of the god ol' big, bolded, red letters too but they can't see them here so that would be a waste. But sorry about your leg Mika, knives...*Shudder* I dun' like knives. Best of luck with that. ;__; I don't think I've ever had doctors cut me up, (Although I can't be certain about the time they messed with my wrist because I was asleep and they wouldn't let dad watch because they feared he'd do something violent. <.<) although they did sew me up once when I accidentally ripped up my forehead on the evil ceiling/floor in our house, namely, I was running down the staircase in a hurry and slammed my forehead straight into the edge of the second-floor...umm, floor. It's so bloody low and that edge is ridiculously sharp. It's a veritable security hazard. <.< *Glares at edge* At least I left my mark. But still, it was a very surreal experience to sitt on that bed, staring at that hole on my forehead (Which I swear I could see something white sticking out of o.o) while the doctor gave me one of those scary smiles that are supposed to be encouraging and started out a little conversation.

Doctor: "That's a really neat cut you've got there."

Me: "Umm...thanks?" *Gives him a funny stare and would have slowly backed away if I had the energy*

Of course he was referring to the cut being so clean (Perfectly straight line), but it sure souned freakish. Anyways, having my forehead sewed together with thread and needle wasn't fun, not even with that anesthetic. Surgery of all kinds is [email protected][email protected]

But yes Melissa, swedes are definitely stereotyped as being gay. To give you some idea of the stereotypies, here's a modern finnish proverb;

"Every swedish woman is either transexual or lesbian."

And a joke;

Q: Why wasn't Jesus born in Sweden?

A: Because there wasn't a single virgin or wise man to be found there.

So yeah, finns love to knock swedes. But there's a balance of nature here because swedes took up knocking finns first, although they're even more focused on norweigans for some reason (Probably bitterness over an old uniting pact that the norweigans broke out of ages ago, taking the nice, oil-holding areas with them and becoming practically the only state in the world not to have any national debt). In all honesty, though, swedes are much worse because the mockery is officially supported. For instance, a few years ago some random psychopath stabbed a swedish politician to death with a knife, and the next day, one of Sweden's lovely newspapers called "Aftonbladet" (For anyone who can be bothered to translate, most finns refer to it as 'Aftonhoran") declared that the murderer had to be finish because he had a beard and used a knife. Go figure...<.< He turned out to be a russian immigrant who had repeatedly applied to the Swedish state for mental help but had had all of these applications denied as 'unjustified'. -.-

But yes, that was a most touching story you told, Charon. Poor cake...still, I can't help loving a sad ending. ;__;

Oh, and might I suggest that Rosairie and Kyoko meet up with Chain? That way we wouldn't have anyone straggling about on their own anymore. ^-^


At Reina's first statement, Valen's expression betrayed a hint of alarm before he caught it again, frowning ever so slightly, "I fail to see what's wrong with being serious." the boy stated in a tone which was...well, simply serious. Not offensive or hurt, it just was, "In my experience this world would be a much more functioning place if people...took their jobs seriously!" he barked the last four words at one of the guardsmen, this one chosen at random, who almost leapt up out of shock. The boy found himself slightly amused by this, as it was obvious that doing his job was precisely what the guard hadn't been doing, hence the strong reaction, but maintained a neutral expression as he turned his attention back to Reina.

"So...you would trust anyone who is nice to you?" he asked, shaking his head slightly, "Why do you settle for that, Reina? Surely you could do better than that-that boy. He is a parasite..." Valen continued flatly, "He'll suck up to you, just as he sucked up to Vincent here, for precisely as long as he believes that there's something in it for him, but once that incentive is gone..." he would have slashed the air with his hand had he been in a condition to do so, "He'll be asking 'Reina who?'. Quite frankly, I'm surprised that you haven't realized this..." the boy continued, "I thought it was pretty obvious what he's after right from the beginning..." he purposefully left his last sentence open-ended.

As the conversation went on, their little procession had already made some headaway, approaching one of the lesser support pillars, and the elevator door located on its side.

Baker's Bulbasaur
February 3rd, 2006, 3:58 PM
OOC - I'm deply sorry my RP'ing has been delayed lately, i have had my show of ''sweet charity'' from wednesday onwards, and have our last show tomorrow, im posting now having just gotten off stage from odays about 15 minutes ago, and im about to go to bed, i also have a yugioh tournament tomorrow to prepare for.....*groan*
still i got the loudest clap and screams on my bow (again :)) suprising but flattering none the les, and a lot of compliments and general congratulations so it was good, i love adrenline.
anyway I will RP the day after tomorrow, i cant tomorrow as i have my tourney and when i get back ill have to get ready and leave for the threatre immediately, sorry about that.
cya soon guys, g'night.

February 3rd, 2006, 8:48 PM
[OOC: ::nod:: Omicron is a greek letter.

Also, ganbatte with your tournament, Baker's Bulbasaur.]

A WaiWai Inc. security guard? I wonder what he's doing here . . . Having followed the motion of Sneasel's paw, Chain's gaze rested firmly on a uniformed man standing a few blocks away. Either way, after what I did to his company, I'd prefer not to have an encounter with him.

Turning abruptly, the trainer turned a corner and started down a new street, musing silently to himself. It's fine that I found that information now. But, what does it mean? And, what do I do about it? Moving his hands to his pockets, the trainer's eyes seemed to deaden as his thoughts turned inward. Breaking into a computer system is one thing. But, physically infiltrating an entire company is completely different. Beside that, I'm not even sure what the exact problem is--nevermind the solution. Chain rounded another corner. Still, there's a definitely a threat here. And, I want to find out more about it.

A sharp flick of Sneasel's paw snapped Chain from his reverie. It was only then that he noticed, hovering a before him, a somewhat irritable Beedrill. Displaying no form of surprise, a gold flame instead briefly flickered through Chain's luminous eyes. I don't believe I ever had a particular fondness for Beedrill. So . . .

"Sneasel, Agility and Fury Swipes." Releasing her previously suppressed eagerness, Sneasel vanished from her perch on Chain's head. Appearing behind the Beedrill, claws flashed from the dark Pokemon's white paws as she slashed at the bug type's wings. Immediately the Beedrill whirled about and blocked the strike with one of its lances as Chain calmly directed, "Blizzard."

Catching the lance with one paw, Sneasel again struck toward Beedrill with the other, her movements now surrounded by a swiftly growing ice storm.

Releasing the Beedrill as her icy blow slammed into creature's back, Sneasel sprang back and away--circling about the Beedrill as the bug type attempted to retaliate with a rain of Poison Sting.

Chain viewed the battle, still and unmoving, even as a Poison Sting needle brushed dangerously close by one cheek. Blizzard is definately more powerful than Sneasel's other snowstorm attack. But, because of it's accuracy level, Blizzard is better left to tough situations or close range. Besides, Beedrill's speed could use some lowering . . . "Sneasel, use Icy Wind. And, don't stop until it's over."

Dodging another Poison Needle, Sneasel released a flurry of winter gale toward her opponent. Then, springing to one side, she struck yet again. As Sneasel prepared a third attack, she paused. The Icy Wind surrounding the dark type faded as Sneasel changed her stance. The Beedrill had fainted.

Catching Sneasel's shoulder as she promptly attempted to return to her perch on his head, Chain firmly placed his Pokemon on the ground, saying, "Nice work." However, before he could continue, a large structure to one side caught Chain's attention.

Tch. How could I not notice it before. I suppose that's what I get for not looking where I'm going--and getting too caught up in a battle.

His gaze resting on the structure, the trainer's eyes narrowed. Ahead of him loomed the WaiWai Inc. building.

[OOC: I am rather unsure as to whether there are still wild Pokemon wandering about. But, I recently realized that Chain has not yet defeated any. ^-^;; If necessary, I will delete the battle and apologize for any inconveniences or inconsistencies.]

Random Plushie
February 4th, 2006, 1:00 AM

*clings to everyone in sight*

Two evil projects have been keeping Plushie away.. She hopes that you will all accept the hug of forgiveness. *huggle* ;___;

I leapt onto the computer the instant I got home, but PC decided to be stupid and have a database error. D:

So I watched Spirited Away (cause it was on Cartoon Network) and I was reminded of teh huggable No-Face. (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v298/purple_wing/NoFaceh.jpg) ^-^

So I drew that while the database error drew on and on.

Ooh, and I can sympathize with that cut, Alter man. I still have a scar from stitches that I had to get when I was two. It looks like a faded white line over my right eyebrow, but it ain't really that noticable.

Wanna know how I came to get stitches?

Long story short:

Grandma: *babysitting*

Two-year-old me: *jumping up and down on couch*

Grandma: I hope you don't fall or anything.

Two-year-old me: *falls off couch and bangs forehead on nearby glass table*

Like BAM. You can all guess the rest.

GAH! I should just skip to the IC already!


For the past several minutes, all that Avery could remember doing was watching Fable say something to that Pidgey. She watched him finish whatever he was saying, then watched him proceed to perform some sort of cartwheel on the ground, and then scuttle back over to her feet after it was obvious that he had nothing to do. Out of habit, she then picked up the Sableye and allowed him to instantly spring to her shoulders.

And then he started babbling.

Fable began to make an attempt at bombarding her with as much information as possible, mentioning the word 'Germany' every so often for some reason. And 'Christmas trees.' Avery decided it was best to ignore him completely--As if she were already listening. Pfft.

So, she simply turned her gaze away, causing Fable to frown, of course, before she noticed Cona walking away towards JJ and Lori.

..Oh yes, that's right, Lori was taking them somewhere. Overcity or something.

Without saying a word, Avery continued to blank out the words of everyone else, whether they were being directed at her or not, while at the same time she made her way over to the other three aforementioned people. The day's previous events were obviously beginning to take their toll, seeing as she was now zoning out much more frequently.

"Well.. Ready to go?" Avery said aloud, once she had joined JJ, Cona, and Lori, attempting to address all three of them at once, while Fable was sulking on her shoulder because he was being ignored.

Alter Ego
February 4th, 2006, 6:25 AM
OOC: Yeah, there are still wild ones down there. Although I kind of figured that Chain would have had to fight of one or three but that the battles weren't covered (What with you being away and all). ^-^ Although keep in mind that the Waiwai Inc. HQ is in Overcity and the tournament is in Undercity, so...well, I suppose they'd have an entryway in Undercity too. So yeah, no problem. And good luck on your tournament BB! Knock em' dead! ^0^ Lol, I could never figure out that game myself, actually. Tried once or twice with this lil' YuGiOh-based game Arty...found on the internet, but gave up because I kept getting beaten and couldn't figure out the rules. xD



PLUSHIEEEEEEEEEE! You're back! ^0^

We were beginning to miss you, yes we were! I figured it was the evil homework attacking you again but you can never be completely sure, you know? *Ish very relieved now*

Yayness! ^^

Anyways, you get Spirited Away on Cartoon Network over there? O.O That's so unfair! We only get crappy shows like Duel Masters (I want to stab that show so bad...<.<) while others get stuffers like Spirited Away and the Pokmon Raikou Special! *Kicks Cartoon Network employee* Send some of that good stuff this way too! But yes, no-face is cute, almost as cute as those adorable little soot-creatures in the boiler room. D'aww...I still think they're the cutest. ^-^ Anyways, that's a great drawing you've made, Plushie. Respect. ^^

And Plushie...stitches when you were 2 years old? Whoa, I'm sorry...I'd smite the evil glass table for doing that but I doubt that it's an option anymore. My stitches left a mark too, it's a lil' bump on my forehead, can still feel precisely where it was with my fingers, and hair is having a hard time growing there, although most people don't know about it since the rest of my hair grows nice and long over that spot.

Whoa...after all that OOC I've just realized that I don't have anything to write IC. Well, another time, I suppose. Although I might not be able to attend very well today because one of my cousins is having a birthday party so I'll be over there with the rest of my family. But on the plus side, I'll get cake again...mmm...cake...^_^

February 4th, 2006, 7:30 AM
OOC: Aw... I want cake.... ;_;

Good luck with the tourney BB. I have like... eh... 30 or so Yugioh cards. Darnit I want that stinkin' Dark Magician Girl card!! XD 'Tis the only reason I buy the cards every now and then, so I can sift through the dumb monsters *coughMysticTomatocough* and get the few that are my favorites. I've only ever tried to play like twice, and I kinda lose. ^^;; I once played a Yugioh game that wasn't based on the cards... and it was reeeeaally boring. I'm definitely a fan of the anime/manga only. >.<

And Alter, those stereotypes are crazy... and really mean! I can't believe people still believe those things. Where's the love? XD

Spirited Away on CN? You know... one of the channels here is supposed to be having a Miyazaki week or something. I think it was the Sundance channel or something similar. They were going to show a whole bunch of his movies. ^-^ I've gotta get Princess Mononoke recorded!! I love that movie. Yay for cute wolves! ^.^

Oh yeah, and Welcome back Plushie and Kogenta!!


What was those guards' problem? Couldn't they keep their ears to themselves? At any rate, Reina was getting a bit annoyed with talking about her motives for being friendly with JJ. Okay, so maybe there was a chance that JJ wasn't the nice person he acted like, but Reina couldn't possibly see what he would want from her. What boy had ever talked to her because of her stunning good looks? Heh, that was a laugh... Valen couldn't be thinking that JJ was after what other boys were probably after Rosairie for.

Reina frowned back at him, her annoyance getting the better of her. "Look Valen," and this time she did little to keep her voice down, "I'm not a helpless idiot. I know when someone is sucking up to me. I've had people suck up to me many times in my life. It's what the girls at home used to do to me all of the time. They would pretend to be my friend, then once they got me just where they wanted me, they would show their true colors and do something horrible. Sometimes they'd do it for homework, a laugh, or to impress one of their real friends. I fell for it in the beginning, but I learned after a while though, and I assure you, I don't need any help in recognizing it."

She paused for a moment, and then continued, "Why would he pretend to be my friend anyway? Because of Tabansi? If you're thinking it's because I'm a girl, I'd have to say you were crazy. I'm not exactly pretty, and I'm not the kind of girl that boys think about in 'that' way." She quieted, not really knowing what else to say. Valen would no doubt have some sort of comment about what what she said, as he would probably never understand her firendship with JJ. She knew she couldn't convince him, but she had to stick up for herself.

As they approached the elevator doors, Reina was almost glad to be getting there. At least it there would soon be something else to get her away from this conversation.

Random Plushie
February 4th, 2006, 10:18 AM

Hi to you all, too! =D


Don't feel too bad about CN, though, Alter. I'm pretty sure the Spirited Away thing was a once in a blue moon deal. ^-^ And besides, we don't have the Raikou Special either.. ;.;

Or at least I think we don't. If we do I'm lame because I missed it. ;.;

And yay~!

Alter, we can be scar buddies! XD

Scar Buddies!!!!!!!

You can't smite the glass table, though. I think we left it at our old house. It wasn't the table's fault anyway.. It is my uncanny ability to do lame things that got me. =D

Oh! Ah, yes, Melissa, you just reminded me.. I have the video of Princess Mononoke.. Only I have no flippin' idea where the tape is. XD I have the cover, but I can't find the tape.

Cover. No tape.


*will post IC at a more appropriate time*

February 4th, 2006, 11:28 AM
{ooc| I know there's lots of stereo-typing against English people out there, thinking we're all posh and have bad teeth xD I love my country... yay... we're cool!
The CN here shows the origonal pokemon adventures every evening at eight, but I don't really watch them. Kiddy anime winds me up, I'm afraid. Bleach all the way~!

Rosairie frowned. Kyoko was unsteady - was it really safe for her to be wandering around town?
Silence mewed softly at the younger girl's words, and cocked his head. Did she really understand how he felt? Silence knew most people found it hard to make sense of his...erratic behaviour. The fear, and the panicing... The jolteon shook his head. It wasn't likely.

Rosairie kept walking, occasionally glancing back to make sure Kyko was still following. She walked out from between the alleys, incredibly concious of the wild pokemon hurtling past. Occasionally Henna sent a burst of fire towards a paticuliarly plucky Aipom, and the party proceeded.
The gilr paused. "Is...that..." her eyes had fallen on Chain and his sneasel. Rosairie squinted. She had only met the boy once, but he had seemed okay... at least his wasn't a complete prick, like Valen. "Chain?" she called warily, and peered at the boy.

Alter Ego
February 4th, 2006, 12:05 PM
OOC: Yay for birthday parties! ^0^ And a bit less yay for my dad's obession with fixing up everyone's computers...that was a good hour of pointless waiting right there...<.<

Anyways, here I am. ^-^

And concerning stereotypes, Melissa, you'd be surprised. Do you realize that some danish textbooks, used for school, still have this to say about finns? And I paraphrase;

"Finns are primarily uncivilized and should be dealt with cautiosly as they have very short tempers and are prone to resort to the knife."

Yay for civilization...-.- But on the subject of Finland versus Sweden; knocking swedes is something of a national hobby among finns, I'm afraid, just like knocking finns is in Sweden. It's what we call a hate-hate relationship, I believe. Really though, it's not all that different from what certain americans are saying about the french, not all of them mind you, but some of them. <.<

And Miyazaki films...gawd, I friggen' love them...it's no fair. >.< *Stamps foot and whines*

Anyways, Plushie, I propose that we take a CN executive hostage and demand a Miyazaki film/Raikou special marathon on our respective Cartoon Network channels for his release. xD Oh, and a permanent ban on Carebears, Arthur, B-Daman, and Duel Masters. Because I hate those shows. >_<

But yay Scar Buddies! ^0^

I like the sound of that...*Dramatic pause*

Scar Buddies!!!

Doesn't it just sound great? ^-^ Yup, going to have to add that to your PC Family title. =D

But very well, the table shall be excused...this time. And good luck on hunting down your Princess Mononoke tape. *Sigh* Wish I had that one...or Castle in the Sky...or preferably both. *Feels left out*


At Reina's rather snappish reply, Valen remained silent for a moment, studying the girl's reactions before speaking up. Perhaps she had a point, after all, most males of his age group did have exceedingly poor taste when it came to girls, the way they fawned over people like Rosairie was enough of a testament to that, but still, Valen was confident that he had spotted jealousy in JJ when the boy had seen him with Reina. Nonetheless, the girl didn't seem to be in any mood to listen to such insinuations and with the hustle and bustle that would surely follow once they entered the elevator they wouldn't have the time for a more thorough conversation, not that having a couple of nosy guards trying to listen in to every word they said made the situation any better.

"As you wish, then..." he replied at last, shrugging, "We agree to disagree. But if my assumptions do turn out to be correct, don't say I didn't warn you. Although make no mistake, I do believe that you are quite capable of handling such people if need be." just then, their little group stepped into the elevator, Vincent moving over to operate the panel after having placed Valen to lean as comfortably as possible against the elevator wall. The boy didn't mind this at all, in fact, not being hauled around like a sack of potatoes for a change was actually relieving for him. Valen had always despised other people touching him in any way, and overly curious guards with sweaty hands certainly weren't an exception. The boy cast a quick glare at the guard in question, making a mental note of finding some way to get back at him as Vincent finished typing in the acitivation code for what was apparently an exclusive elevator of some kind, pressing a couple of buttons which caused the elevator doors to slam shut and a soft humming to ensue as the elevator began its ascent towards Overcity.


"I've been ready to go for quite some time, loveh." Lori noted at Avery's comment, raising an eyebrow at the girl's statement, "I'd suggest getting a move on. It wouldn't do for a pretty little thing like yourself to be spending the night down here, it might be...dangerous." the woman concluded, "Now come along, the elevator is only a short walk away."

February 4th, 2006, 12:52 PM
[OOC: If you want to play the Yu-gi-oh! card game, you can download YVD (Yu-gi-oh! Virtual Desktop).]

"Hn?" Taking ahold of Sneasel in his arms, so as to prevent her from performing any mischief, Chain turned as he heard his name called. The trainer paused, his gaze studying the group that stood a short distance away. I know them . . . They were part of that group I met earlier.

Approaching Rosarie and the others, Chain released his hold of Sneasel, murmuring, "Seal the wild Pokemon in the alley." Springing lightly to the ground, Sneasel flitted past the other trainers as Chain replied, "You're Rosarie, right?"

Standing before the alley's narrow entrance, a cold wind surrounded Sneasel as she raised as thick wall of ice from the ground--blocking the exit to the passage.

February 4th, 2006, 6:05 PM

And Miyazaki films...gawd, I friggen' love them...it's no fair. >.< *Stamps foot and whines*

T_T I haven't seen the new one.... An I wanna see it. D: I read the book and shtuff.... But Charon AGREES WITH ME that Mononoke-hime is the best one. ^o^ cuz ish got teh wolfies in it, right Charon-nee-chan? RIIIIIIIIIIIGHT? And Alter.... I know your pain. The Miyazaki films never ever EVER come out here.... until dvd or vhs. Unless you're Cade... and your dad is friggen RICH and you get to see the movie during the ONE WEEK it's actually OUT in the theatre... T_____________________T -sobs- So Alter... -glomps and hands Grave of the Fireflies and Mononoke-Hime and Spirited Away- X3 I share wiff j00. -nodnod- Because Charon-nee-chan taught me to share. She said sharing gets me CANDY and I like CANDY.

Scar Buddies!!!

Scar as in...

The FMA Scar? Cuz I <3 him..... typing up IC, bear with me

February 5th, 2006, 12:18 AM

Like, yey! Welcome back, Plushie and Kogenta!^^

Anyways, I suddenly feel so lucky that I've never had a stitch in my life.O.o

Baby Yibber- *cries everytime her mother/father puts her down on the floor while trying to hold onto them*

1 year old Yibber(or around the age)- *holds onto chair's legs as she learns to walk around and around the dinner table, sitting down once every few steps so that she won't fall* -As time passes- *circles around the dinner table with great speed, hands are however, still holding onto the chairs*

Now- *holds onto anything which can be held onto so that she doesn't trip over/get hurt/knock herself, including the arm of her computer chair*

Feebas...Old habits never die. I've been born as a phobic Feebas who holds on everything so that I won't fall over.X3
Tho' yeah, plus the fact that there are like, no stairs/sharp edged glass tables in my house!^^ I've been known to slip on wet floors alotta times though. And bang my head against the wall behind my bed when I try to lie down and sleep.o.O *ish still very much clumsy*

But, no fair! The CN here doesn't broadcast those cool shows! I had to buy the 'Spirited Away' CD to watch it.>_<;;

Oh yeah, Grave of the Fireflies is a great one. *nods*
Sad ending though. T_T

Bleh, a little late, but good Feebas on your tourney-thingy, Bulba!^^

O.o*stares at Mika's attached picceh*


"Finally.."Cona said in an impatient tone as Avery approached them while Lori stated that the elevator was not too far away. Now they could get going somewhere.
Reina was still talking to Valen and JJ was just standing around. Avery had only justed joined them for some reason, she had been standing in a sort-of thinking stance for the last few minutes. Either that, or there was more spirits at work. Or the fact that she was tired.

The girl amazingly wished that they could get the that...Overcity faster, she could get Krystal healed properly and stop having to bear his weight.

{Like, I'm sorry Mister Grumpy-dude.}Kuner rolled his eyes at the Marshtomp, proceeding to land onto his trainer's shoulder.

February 5th, 2006, 1:08 AM
{ooc| This is an awfully long IC, Mika xD But you forgot Kiki's Delivery Service, Castle in the Sky, My Neighbour Totoro and Nausica of the Valley of the Winds! Those are really old Miyazaki movies... I've only seen Kiki, which is as cute as a button. Oh, and recently he's made 'The Cat Returns' but I don't think there's a Western (let alone european, Alter) release planned.
Okay, I admit, Miyazaki is my hero xD
*gives Mika candeez* Darlin', you really gotta stop showing people that dancing Scar, the butt motion is bound to give frail people some sort of hemorage. Or however that's spelt. xDDDDD}

Henna watched the Sneasel dash past her, and raised her eyebrows. Sneasels were peculiar little pokemon, she decided. For one thing, one ear was bigger than the other. {Should I help?} she asked, but Rosairie shook her head.

"Yeah, I'm Rosairie. This is Kyoko...." she waved to the younger girl. She eyed Chain scrutionously. His hair was dark, his clothes were dark, and he had a peculiar taste in jewellrey - but something told her he was trustworthy. "Look, I just found Valen and Reina... you know, the others...? They were in a lot of trouble... they had been attacked by this mad....aggron. And..." she paused, her confidence draining. It wasn't a very believable theory... "And I have no idea what's really happening, but I think someone's tampering with the pokemon here somehow. Backhanders and...stuff." she glanced up at him. He probably thinks I'm as Barmy as Cona....

Henna watched the wall of ice darkly, before turning back to Rosairie. {We could also do with some help, remember? Kyoko?} she growled.
"Oh, yeah." Rosairie bit her lip. "Well...Kyoko's in.....a bit of a state..." she gestured to her friend, who had been struggling to walk before. "She's not injured....just... stunned....or something..." she muttered, flashing scarlet.

February 5th, 2006, 9:14 AM

*gives Mika candeez* Darlin', you really gotta stop showing people that dancing Scar, the butt motion is bound to give frail people some sort of hemorage. Or however that's spelt. xDDDDD}

Who said that wasn't my intention. :3 -blinks innocently-



Also sorry my ic is so short. we gotta clean up for Super bowel party


Kyoko's head snapped up at the mention of her name from where she had been petting Silence quietly. She stood up quickly, brushing off her clothing once again and then promptly bowed lightly (Lightly as in a secondary bow that made her look like a table. Much too polite for the average person) "Pl-pleased to meet you...." Peering up shyly at him, she managed to confirm he wasn't all that scary... okay maybe just a LITTLE scary but not all UBBER scary like other people here were.... okay she was still slightly scared of him... and then her knees gave out and she slumped back to the ground, sweating lakes of sweat, "Nee-chan I really really don't like this... I can't breathe well under all this pressure.... Too many feelings...."

February 5th, 2006, 9:17 AM
OOC:Oh, and recently he's made 'The Cat Returns' but I don't think there's a Western (let alone european, Alter) release planned.

Tee hee! I have that one on DVD! My brother bought it because he likes cats and Miyazaki. XD Not that there's anything wrong with liking either of them. ^-^ We got it a few months ago at Target. *shrug* I don't think Miyazaki directed it though, I think he just created the story or something.

Alter, about those textbooks, that's horrible! Though I'm sure that some books in the southerns states here probably have unkind words for African Americans. T.T Who are these people who keep on perpetuating the stupid stereotypes of other countries/races/etc? I wish they'd all just shut up. And yeah, I know some of those 'certain Americans' you speak of. Morons, the whole lot of them. It doesn't help when stupid stories knocking the French on the news (that guy who wanted to change French Fries to "Freedom Fries") get top coverage. Lame.... Don't worry about me though, I'm not one of those poor, ignorant people. Nor do I think that all British folks have bad teeth and are posh. Silly stereotypes! =P

*twitch* Hey watch it there, I used to watch CareBears when I was little! ;_; I have nostalgic feelings about that show! Although, I can see why anyone over 10 would hate it. It's kinda sappy and a little too happy/perfect at times. ^^;

Now onto an IC:


Glad to be done with the conversation, Reina nodded to Valen's comment. "Thanks for appreciating my decision. After all, I know you wouldn't want anyone trying to talk you out of something," she said, the annoyance fading from her voice. Others may have actually taken Valen's earlier comments as a friend looking out for a friend, but of course Reina had been quick to dismiss it as something offending. Had Tabansi been there, he might have said something about it, but him being in his pokeball, he couldn't.

They were now in the elevator, and Reina was suddenly feeling a bit apprehensive. Here she was, getting such special treatment from these obviously important people. Who were these guys again? Oh yes... they were from Waiwai right? Reina had heard about Waiwai Inc., and how they had been suspected of ties to a certain criminal organization. She couldn't remember exactly. She didn't care too much though, they had never hurt her or anyone she knew, so she couldn't really have a formed opinion on them.

Then something occured to her. Hadn't Valen said that Vincent was his father? Well, he must be his foster or adopted father, considering he had also mentioned being in an orphanage. Reina shook her head a bit, she shouldn't be thinking about these things. She never made a point of thinking about people's personal lives. Then again, most of the people she had known back home either had perfect lives, or were people who never told her about themselves. She forced herself to think about something else... perhaps the ache in her hand.

She'd be nice and pain-free in the hospital soon.

OOC: *looks at Mika's OOC post* Yeah!! GO SEAHAWKS! PHWEEE! ^_____^

Baker's Bulbasaur
February 6th, 2006, 1:08 PM
OOC - I'm baaaaaaaack!!
Firstly, sweet charity went awesome, absolutely fantastic, and im really upset its over im so gonna miss the part i played, also im feeling quite depressed at the moment, prolly will for a couple of days, when ur acting, in a show this big ur adrenline gets so high for so long that it settles, and then when it goes back down you feel like ur emotions are lower then what ur used to, whereas in reality there at there normal level lol.
I won the tournament, got a handfull of rare cards lol.
Lighty, Kogenta is right, u can use YVD, PM me about it and i'll be happy to help, i can teach u all the rules, and using yvd u can make any deck u like, it has every single card, :)

IC -
''My utmost apologies'' JJ said with a small tilt of his head towwards Lori.
''I merely was having a quick word with my.....friend, over there, we can now continue if everyone else is ready''
He smiled at the approaching Cona before looking down the streer
''The elevator is down here yes?''
he said questioningly.
Jeffery was feeling very wierd all of a sudden, he didn;t know what it was, but, it was almost as if he had become much more brash and confident, not that he hadnt been brave before, but there was even a slight tone of cockyness in his voice, although what he could have to be cocky about he didnt not know.........

OOC - Grrrr the short'ness!!!!!!!!!! *cries*

February 6th, 2006, 4:40 PM
[OOC: Congratulations, Baker's Bulbasaur. By the way, all my YVD decks are rather far from spectacular, but we should still duel sometime.

Also, everyone, thank you for the welcome.]

Another Pokemon behaving abnormally . . . A slight intensity entered Chain's eyes as he silently mused to himself. Maybe it's a bit of a stretch. But, these strange events during the tournament, WaiWai Inc.'s hosting the event, the files I liberated from their database . . . The person running WaiWai Inc.'s security seemed pretty intent on me not downloading those files. Maybe there's some connection between the files I've found and these aggressive Pokemon.

Snapped from his reverie as Rosarie continued speaking, Chain listened wordlessly until the female had completed her statements. "There might be more truth to your theory than you know," Chain replied thoughtfully as Sneasel returned to him. "But, more on that later." Removing a Pokeball from his belt, the trainer recalled the dark Pokemon as he turned his attention toward Kyoko.

After allowing himself a slight nod in answer to Kyoko's bow, Chain studied the girl quietly. She seems different from when I last met her. I wonder what could have happened . . . Either way, it would be troublesome if she collapsed or broke down again like this later. Kneeling before the girl, Chain lightly raised one hand toward Kyoko, simply stating, "Give me your hand."

Random Plushie
February 6th, 2006, 8:33 PM

This sentence is not true.


"Oh. Okay." Avery said in response to Lori, although she didn't seem embarassed in the slightest that she had just been very lame. She also seemed not to notice that Cona was getting impatient, simply wearing her usual cheerful smile and nodding as Lori stated that the elevator wasn't too far away.

{So we're going to eat something soon, right? Or do I have to scout the area for whatever pathetic rocks are around?} Fable asked, tilting his head slightly.

"I'm sure we'll find out soon enough. You should've just eaten that other stone.. It really did cost a lot, you know." Avery whispered, turning back to face the others as soon as she was done. She hoped Lori would start leading the way soon.

Alter Ego
February 7th, 2006, 8:26 AM
OOC: Uuurgh! >_< Every time I try to post in this RP some circumstance or the other forces me to shut off my browser/computer! Well, I'm going to outspeed the jinx this time!


"True enough." Valen replied, nodding at Reina's statement, although innerly cursing the girl's stubbornness in this matter. He had, by now, concluded that it was obvious that JJ was after something from her, and although he might not have been sure what exactly the blonde little brown-nose was after, he was sure that he didn't like it one bit. Reina was the only human being in years who hadn't awoken a sense of revulsion within Valen, and he was certainly not going to let a narcistic little upstart like JJ take advantage of her. And if she wasn't about to keep her guard up he certainly was, although the boy suspected that Reina for one wouldn't appreciate his efforts, not before they turned out fruitful at least. With neither of them having much to say at the moment and Vincent being his usual quiet self, all noise except for the steady whirr of the machinery ceased in the elevator, although this was only a temporary respite as the machine soon ground to a halt, its destination reached and its doors sliding up automatically, allowing the bright sunlight which could not be seen down in Undercity in with the whole of its intensity. Valen for one didn't enjoy it though, bringing up his left hand to shield his eyes from the sudden onslaught while Vincent and one of the guardsmen resumed carrying him as their little group stepped out into the streets.


"Well, yes hun, that's why we're going there." Lori replied to JJ's comment, her boredom about the situation becoming all the more apparent, "And anyone who doesn't want to get devoured by rabid pokmon better start following me right about now."

And with that, the woman set off towards the elevator at a brisk pace, not really seeming to care wether the others followed or not.

February 7th, 2006, 10:32 AM
OOC: Hm... interesting. I shall have to try my hand at the deck building sometime then. The problem is I have to remember all the rules and the only time I played that card game was like a loooong time ago. ^^;;

Poor Alter. Teh Internet must hate you. Did you ever say anything to offend it? XD


"Ack!" Reina grunted as the light poured onto the small group. She squinted and frowned at the bright light. Had she known that such a shock to her eyeballs would be coming, she would have closed them but instead she had turned her attention to the elevator doors, which might not have been the best thing to do.

Since the slight argument with Valen, Reina had been going over JJ's actions in her mind. Was she really sure about him? He did do that annoying thing with his hair that so many selfish people did... but what if that were a learned technique from a parent or something? She hadn't questioned the boy's kindness before... should she have? Perhaps she was too used to the way that people acted back home, and that JJ was just another kind of tormentor.

Tabansi hadn't thought the boy was untrustworhy, and he was always quick to notice things like that. Even Tabansi had his faults though, and his observant mind wasn't always perfect.

Pixie would know. Reina would have to bring out Pixie when she saw JJ again. That way this would all become certain. Pixie was a master at detecting deceit, and she was also a master at detecting strange things that no one else could. She had to concentrate for a little bit, and there could be no distractions around, but she could use the vibrations of a person's spirit and body to identify things about them. Because she had no vision, she had to instead rely on her extremely heightened sense of touch, which allowed her to know a great many things about an individual that most couldn't tell with just their eyes.

Personally Reina couldn't wait until her little Staryu evolved into a Starmie. Starmie, with training, were sometimes said to possess such heightened abilities that they could tell what a person was thinking. Reina had always been curious to see if that claim was true.

She shook her head, she would just have to remain stubborn about her decision until the time came to change it. If the time came to change it. Reina sighed, this day had been full of too much. She was ready for some rest....

"Where's this hospital at anyway? This place is too big for a small-town person such as myself," Reina admitted, still frowning in the face of the sun.

Baker's Bulbasaur
February 7th, 2006, 11:27 AM
OOC - Oh most defenitely Kogenta, like it would be my pleasure'ness, if you have MSN drop me a PM with it sometime, or wise we can talk via PM and use the YVD chat room to converse with greater ease.

something i just wanted to run by people, and also titan as it is his RP and knows what kind of angles it will take.
would it make sense, be liked, be good, if JJ was to take some sort of evil character turn, i have a couple of ideas as to how it could happen, but ide have to link it in with the story, so titan would have to let me know.
just curious if anyone would find that interesting.

IC - ''Nothing certaintly gets past you does it'' Jeffery said with a large smile to Lori, making sure to keep his gaze for a moment without blinking...why he didn't know, that certaintly wasn't like him...
Turning to Avery and Cona he ran a hand through his hair slowly and elegantly and swiped his fringe upwards with a flick

''you two ok yea? only i don't know about you but i'm getting a little freaked'' and it was true, he was, for some reason something didn;t seem right about this whole situation, but not just these wierd monk guys, it was something else, something deeper, what the heck was wrong with him??

why was he acting wierd, feeling wierd, being wierd.......perhaps all his negative thinking was having an equally negative effect on his whole tired body, some sort of anti adrenline rush perhaps.

''I have a feeling that Vincent thinks theres something up, and not just about those monk guys, and i agree, I think there's defenitely something more mysterious going on here.....but what it is, I have absolutely no idea.''
He closed his eyes and sighed deeply, his mind was racing, thoughts of his grandfather, the tournament that he thought he would be innocently attending, reina and valen, the mad pokemon, Vincent and the security guards making a lock down of the city, his brolen phone, Valen and reina, how negative he was feeling, the pain racing through his leg, his pokemon and wether or not they could sense something was going on...Reina and Valen.....

''Come on guys..'' he muttered with depression ''we'd better get going''
He beckoned to the two girls and began to walk off after Lori.

February 8th, 2006, 3:58 AM

JJ turning...evil?o_O;;

That's something to ponder over for awhile...


"I'm okay..."Cona answered Jeffery absent-mindely, she wasn't paying attention to him, rather on where Lori was walking to.

"Uh-huh..Yeah, okay. Right.."she continued half-listening to JJ, hoping that he'd give the signal for them to move off after Lori faster. He was talking about being freaked out. She was always freaked out. Now, with all the sudden events, bleh. Cona needed time to sort herself out, and get Krystal healed of course.

"Yep..right on that.."she persisted with the mixed use of words, though slowly turning back to JJ as he closed his eyes and sighed. There was something wrong with him, wasn't there? Yes, it must've been the knee, the negative spirits had gotten to the boy. Even the way he told them that they could go was with a depressed tone. The trainer started following him, pondering at the same time, trying to guess which of the recent events had affected Jeffery so much.

She still thought it was the damaged knee though.

Alter Ego
February 8th, 2006, 11:16 AM
OOC: Eh...I insult the internet on a regular basis, that's not the problem. The problem is these stupid computer time restrictions cutting me off mid-post. <.<

And...JJ going evil? o.O *Blinks* Ehh...it depends on how exactly you were going to change him. Incidentally, wouldn't it be ironic if Valen turned out good and JJ turned out evil in the end? Now that would be a mouthfull. xD Anyways, if there's something about your idea that depends on the plot then just PM me and we'll discuss it. ^-^


Valen grimaced at the sun, blinking a few times until his eyes had once again adjusted to the bright lighting. But judging by Reina's reaction, he wasn't the only one who disliked this change. As he began to properly regain his vision again, the boy quickly noticed that Overcity was like it had always been; spotlessly clean, well-ordered, and seemingly without a care in the world. Apparently the public here didn't know the full story yet or their reaction had somehow been tempered by other means. Maybe they were assembled somewhere? Valen shrugged, what did it matter what these simple-minded people were up to as long as they didn't interfere?

The boy permitted himself the faintest of smiles as Reina complained that she was too much of a small-town person to find her way up there. Of course her attire, much like Valen's, had suggested something quite far from a metropolitan upbringing, but what kind of two-Miltank town was she referring to anyway? Ahh...he had better not ask, besides, it was often the harshest soils that provided the hardiest crop, wasn't that the metaphor Vincent had used? Valen had never been overly fond of it, but it did seem to hold some merit. Nothing bred weaklings and cowards like peace and wealth, the reactions among the tournament participants had served quite well to prove that.

"Not to worry." Vincent stated at Reina's comment, "Most of us are small-town people after all, but we are quite adept at maneuvering our way through this city, the hospital is at the center of the next platform." he nodded towards the sizeable walkway connecting the tree-lined boulevard they were currently on to a platform with more tall, glass and steel structures on the other side as the group headed that way, Valen once again, much to his distaste, being hauled about by Vincent and one of the guards, although the guard in question had been switched when they exited the elevator, for fairness sake, apparently. Not that Valen considered it particularly fair as this particular guard was rather obese and could certainly have used some improvements to his personal hygiene. The sooner they'd reach the hospital the better.

Random Plushie
February 8th, 2006, 9:57 PM

Heh, now that would be the plot twist of the century.. XD


"I'm fine as well." Avery said absent-mindedly in JJ's direction, after Cona had said so herself as well. The boy was getting freaked out, eh? Well, Avery herself didn't feel as freaked out as she had been before, back when the actual tournament had just begun. The sound of those metal cages swinging open, releasing their unpredictable occupants.. Now that was something that freaked her out.

But right now she supposed JJ had a point. All this funny business possibly involving some kind of sick cult was freaky in itself. But still, she had felt a lot more defenseless earlier. Why didn't she feel so helpless now?

Allowing Fable to sulk quietly on her shoulder, Avery walked after JJ and Cona, trusting that they were also closely following Lori. Once she had gotten past her thoughts, she looked back up to their guide.

"Where are we going to go in Overcity, exactly?" Avery asked, asking the question as it came to her mind.

February 9th, 2006, 8:19 AM
OOC: That would be interesting. I agree, it would have to be done carefully. JJ's such a nice person right now, there would have to be a good reason for him to just turn evil. Of course, I'm sure you realize all of this BB, as you're a pretty intelligent person. ^-^

Anyway, I skipped history this morning. Heh, I feel like such a rebel! XD I skipped because I: just don't want to go, this is the last day of the week with school because of President Lincoln's birthday, I couldn't finish my homework for the class because he didn't have the assignment on his website like he was supposed to, and lastly, I haven't been able to buy the book yet and thus haven't studied for today's quiz and so it wouldn't matter if I went anyway. >.>

So now I'm just on here and working on my PowerPoint presentation for Monday at the same time. ^-^


Reina was glad that she wasn't the only one from a fairly small town. Her town wasn't the smallest, but it certainly wasn't big. There were a good number of businesses, and the housing and real estate industries were booming there because the town was growing so rapidly. Her family was getting so many jobs, they actually had to hire on help aside from the usual Reina, her two brothers, and a couple of their friends.

As they began to walk again towards the hospital, Reina looked around and was a bit surprised.

"This place is so... calm," Reina said with a slight frown. Overcity sure was peaceful compared to the scene they had just come from. The chaos that had ensued upon the tournament had been like a war-zone, and it had felt like they were in a whole other world. Now though, it was as if they had taken a step back in time, and gone back to the time before the tournament, when things were still normal.

Reina had almost forgotten about the strangeness of the tournament disaster. Those men, the vow that more was coming; it was all so unreal. Tabansi had said he thought the Aggron in the pen unnatural in some way... what had the beetle meant? Reina wasn't even sure if he knew what he had sensed.

Alter Ego
February 11th, 2006, 1:04 AM
OOC: Yeah, careful and well planned is the way for most personality changes, but of course, being the careful developer that he is I assumed that BB already thought this way and didn't bother mentioning it. ^-^ Still, there's definitely potential for that kind of change with JJ's jealousy towards Valen. Yeesss...something can be done if it is so wished. Actually, plenty of something. >D It all depends on how far BB is willing to go with this change. ^^

And Melissa being rebellious? o.O Like...woah...just, whoa...there's something I didn't expect to hear. xD Good luck for your powerpoint presentation and all. ^-^


"Yeah, what did you do to the poor bastards?" Valen asked, turning his head to adress Vincent as Reina commented on the general silence of the place.

"We have taken some...precautionary measures to avoid spreading panic." the security chief replied, his expression indicating that he didn't wish to elaborate, "Suffice to say that this place shall remain well ordered and peacefull for as long as possible. We didn't consider it prudent to let another crisis build up on our hands."

"So you're still in that bussiness, eh?" the boy inquired, tilting his head.

"What bussiness?"

"The crap-talking bussiness." Valen concluded, shrugging, "They don't have a clue about what's going on, do they?"

"I'm afraid that information is confidential." Vincent concluded, ignoring the term Valen had used as they began crossing the walkway, "And I'd like to ask you to refrain from that kind of language in the future."

"Whatever..." the boy replied, falling silent again as he noticed that Vincent wasn't in the right mood for revealing secrets at the moment.

February 11th, 2006, 11:34 AM
ooc: o.o Charon you need to postie before I can....

>.> Sorry I've been M. I. A. Math final's coming up and I had ta get some extra help. ;_; GEOMETRY IS EEEEEEEEEEVIL. EVIL I SAY. I like equations. D: No pictures, just numbers.... T_T Stinkin confusing pictures

February 12th, 2006, 7:09 AM
OOC: Yeah, well, even we non-rebels have moments of shining rebellion! XD I did go through a particularly rebellious time in middle school where I kept telling my parents that I was going to join the Republican party. That's like the one thing that could freak them out the most. No noserings or tattoos, those they wouldn't have had a problem with, no I had to dangle the possibility of going against their political party. ^^;;

What in the heck? Why hasn't anyone posted in this? o.O We're being quite slow lately....

And for me: Algebra>Geometry & Trigonometry


Reina watched Valen and Vincent's conversation silently, wondering if the two were about to agrue about it as well. Vincent didn't seem like the kind of man that would be easy to argue with though. Reina had to stifle a chuckle at Vincent's reprimand about using 'language', as she thought that 'crap' was most certainly not the worst word that Valen could have used. Memories of how many other swear words that she and her brothers had used, despite the feeble attempts of her father to stop them from using them.

She smiled a little, her father was funny, he had always tried to be a good father that cared about the behavior of his children. Unfortunately, she and her brothers often used the excuse of, "But you always do/say that Dad!" He could never quite come up with a comeback for that argument, and so they had gotten away with a lot over the years. Reina often wondered what her mother would have thought had she been there.

"I guess it's necessary to keep the public unaware of what's going on sometimes," Reina said, thinking of Overcity again, "A panic always results in people dead and property destroyed." She didn't think that Valen's term for the general public was very accurate though. He sure had a negative view of people; though, she doubted he would ever change that particular feeling of his.

Baker's Bulbasaur
February 13th, 2006, 12:42 PM
OOC - Why thanmyou people :)
Yes i believe that tha goody too shoes of the group becoming the evil one would defenitely make for good RP'ing lol. and yes titan i have indeed had a couple opf ideas as to how it could happebn, but i want to make sure that whatever i do doesn't conflict with the story, so i will continue to make the change slow and steady, and then do so as i see fit, then again, i may choose not to turn him completely evil at all, it may just seem that way and there may come a point where he has a choice to make, this choice would truly show what side he is on...tension building yet?....I hoipe so :)

and titan i would make another IC but we are still being guided by lori and i can't bunny her lol, would you mind making her take us somewhere? unless of course u already ave cdone and i've missed it by mistake lol.

February 14th, 2006, 10:46 AM
ooc- Bah screw it, I'll just post ic. @[email protected] -is going nuts from lack of rpg- AFTER my eye appointment. e____e; STINKIN EYES OF MINE JUST DON'T WANNA WORK -slaps eyes to obey- ;_; Oh an, imma just curious. Have any of you read the Pokemon Manga at all? Specifically the Yellow Caberello (sp? o.O; My eyes are being screwy) with Lance. x3 being all... Evil and shtuff.

Alter Ego
February 14th, 2006, 10:59 AM
OOC: Wha-? Did I forget Lori? O.O Dang, I'm going to have to remedy that right now. >.<

Anyways, on the whole good/evil JJ thing, if you have ideas then please share them via PM (Unless of course you have some grand master plan that requires me not to know. xD) so that we can discuss, because I have a major...ahem, temptation to present for the dude, and him turning evil would fit nicely into what I have planned for the eventuality that Valen would turn good (Which is looking pretty probable at the moment). ^-^ Yeah, JJ could really have a chance to play with the big bad guys if he's in for it. >D

And on the subject of Algebra versus Gemoetry; I agree...Algebra I can live with, but Geometry is the incoherent work of satan. >.< It's evil! PURE EVIL! XO Especially the kind of geometry you need in Physics...bleah, how on earth should I figure out the evil triangles that state what the angle of derivation from the true vertical an object suspended from a piece of string on a 50 degree latitude on the surface of the earth is? I don't even know what half of that stuff means. :confused:

But yes, attendance has been shamefully low. Looks like I'll have to give certain RPers a yank. >.>


"Come now lovehs, move along please."

Lori had already made it to the elevator leading to Overcity, unceremoniously opening up the doors with the simple press of a button and busily taking up ushering everyone else inside, obviously quite tired of her current surroundings by now.

"JJ, Avery, Cona, you too. Come on." she gestured for the three trainers who hadn't managed to keep up with her pace to hurry up, already taking up a position by the elevator control panel, ready to set it to work the moment everyone had gathered inside.


Vincent took a small pause at Reina's statement, "Quite true." he replied, smiling slightly, "It seems like your friend here has a better understanding of crowds than you do, Valen."

"Well hooray for that." the boy replied in a purposefully dispassionate voice, "Are we going to get to that hospital sometime or what?"

"We are, actually." the security chief replied, "In fact, I think we are arriving there right about now." he nodded towards one of the sizeable buildings which were just coming into view as they rounded a corner; much like every other structure in Overcity it was carefully symmetric and had a mainframe which consisted mostly of large glass windows that sparkled in the sunlight. What little stone was to be found in the structure however was painted with the traditional headache white which could be found in practically every hospital in the world, and the standard red cross was located over the main doorway, large letters just below it declaring the structure to, indeed, be none other than the Twilight City Hospital.

February 15th, 2006, 1:10 AM

I just posted! But yeah, there wasn't anything else for me to post in an IC. And I didn't want to spam the RP..^^;;

Oooh! I read the manga, Mika!! *jumps and waves*
I'm an avid reader and supporter. I lurve Franticshipping(RubyXSapphire) and I can't wait for volume 21 to get out here in March!^^
Yellow's really cute[*remembers* Um..the dude's full name ish- Amarillo Del Bosque Verde. Or..someFeebas like that.^^;;] Like, the only dude who has a real name.XD
Other than Silver..cause no one knows his real name[Which could be Silver as well], Blue named him Silver because of his eyes.

The manga Lance was..evil. But yeah, he meant well...kinda.o.O
Other than the whole 'wiping out the entire human species for a Pokemon Paradise' thing.XDD


"Hopefully somewhere that's better off than this place, with a decent Pokemon Center."Cona replied to Avery's question, not really having anything else to talk about. All she could do now was follow the lady and carry a Marshtomp.

To think that all she wanted to do was compete in a simple contest. Look what it landed her into? Perhaps she needed to pay attention to Kuner's warnings more often. Either that, or it was just her rotten luck. Though, it did seem rather exciting in some ways. The girl was still wondering about those hooded men...

"Right, okay."she said in an absent-minded tone, walking into the lift after Lori. Kuner still silently perched on her shoulder. Now that Tailow was gone..it didn't seem like he had anything much to do. Except hope that JJ would let the bird out soon, or..get somebody else to converse with. Too bad Krys was a tad cranky today.

Baker's Bulbasaur
February 15th, 2006, 8:33 AM
JJ slouched into the elevator and leant against the far wall, a look of deep thought on his face. He had been feeling wierd for a while now, very out of the ordinary. Almost as if he was sub consciecly considering something, or perhaps remembering something of great importance, but just what it could be that he was trying to remember, or debating was completely unknown to the boy.
He raised a hand and stroked it through his blonde hair with a sigh, why did things need to be so complicated, all he wanted to do was come and enjoy an innocent tournament....infact, why did life have to be so complicated.......He rubbed his eyes and began to stretch his neck.
I need to sleep.... he thought to himself It's been at least 2 nights without any

He stood and watched as Cona walked into the lift, still carrying her marshtomp, and with her Pidgey on her shoulder, how he envyed her in some ways. So lax, so care free, yes she was alittle....well different, but that's what helped her be so calm and collected about everything, she didn't worry as much. He threw her a smile before turning his face to the side again, staring blankly at a poster on the inside of the lieft, but not actually seeing it, he was too lost in thought for that, the problem was, he didn't know exactly what that thought was.....

February 15th, 2006, 12:35 PM
"Na-nani...?" Kyoko blinked in disbelief at the hand that was now firmly shoved in her face, a blush that wasn't caused by her now evident light fever quickly spreading to every dainty curve and every childish groove and illuminaiting the said features with its horribly humiliating light. How pathetic could she get, how pathetic did one have to be to have people treating you like you were a burden. Firmly shaking her head, she stared right up at him, "I'm-I'm fine." Once her piece was said, her head shot back to the ground, "I-I don't need any help... Really I'm fine."

As to futher her claim of "okayness" she struggled shakily to her feet and after a few steps that looked like the steps of a toddler learning to walk, she turned back towards the other two with a defiant glisten in her eyes, "Perfectly capable of walking, talking and yeah... Okay Chain-san? I'm really okay." And to kill any sense of "Yeah right-ness" she bounced slowly from side to side, "I can even bounce, could an ill person... do... that..."

She really was an idiot sometimes. She trully hadn't realized that her little "episodes" thus far had taken much more of a toll on her body than she thought and without warning she collapsed against the nearby wall, sliding back to the comfort of her knees, in a w like shape, hands tightly pressed into the concrete as the world stopped its crazy spinning around her and waited for her breathing to regulate itself. She knew she shouldn't be pushing herself this hard, she knew it with all her heart but her gosh darn stubborness had forbidden her from admiting it.

Now she didn't really have a choice.

Her gaze was fixed on the concrete at the backs of her still-trembling hands as she desperately tried to hold back her growing tears. Quickly raising an arm in defeat, she kept her gaze away from both of the other's faces, not wanting them to see the increasing embarassment, "I'm... I'm sorry... I'm sorry.... I.... You... win..."


There. o_o My post that i wrote in my math notebook is posted. And my post is so open ended I think that if ya want, Alter, we can merge the two parties into one and continue with the plotline. :3 because I'm oh-so-smart (and bored outta my friggen skull. T____T DARNED FINALS! .... Least i'm only in Algebra 1. ^.^; Geometery is trully the work of Satan AKA Barney AKA Elmo. (Yush Elmo. >___> he's after my soul) and I'm happy with the easy-ness of scientific notation. X3) and I wanted to make thish rp not dead. =o Cuz death is bad.

But running people over in video games with cars is not bad. >.> -has been playing Jakk II-

Yibber, my other RP character, Mika, is the manga Lance's wayward daughter. XD Charon, member heem? I made him a total Feebas (-steals Yibber's word- =3) meanie butt, member? Fang thought he looked scarier than Luna with no sleep if I remember correctly.

February 15th, 2006, 1:38 PM
{ooc| ARRRGH, I missed you again! Mika, you need to stay online longer, my sister is a complete computer hog and she never gets off for me. HATE HER >>;

Yar, I do remember that. But...isn't Silver Giovanni's son? I'm sure there was a trainer in FG saying giovanni's son had red hair... Still, Mika's more than deserving of that place - I mean, hooooow much crap has she done? xD There was that bit with a helicopter, and that bit where Luna was insane (the voooices), and one where Maxie and Luna broke into the lab and found MIKA...and she was all...NOWAY. What excitement. What cliffhangers. What terrible grammar and spelling. xDDD
Sweetie, I miss you~~~ I haven't read any more Fruits Basket, but I did buy the first D.N.Angel DVD which I'll watch tomorrow...GOD, Dark is hot... and I really need to post.... BUT I NEEED TO TALK AS WELL.... *whines*}

As Kyoko slumped to the floor, Rosairie dropped elegantly to her knees beside her friend. She reached out a slender hand and touched it gently against Kyoko's forehead, but she already had assumed what Rosairie's medical experience told over. Kyoko had over-exerted herself. Badly.

Rosairie's blue eyes darted from Kyoko to Chain. As the younger girl flushed scarlet with shame, Rosairie felt her own cheeks burn - after all, this was her fault. Kyoko was her minor, her friend, and she had taken her on - albiet subconciously - as her charge. Kyoko was young for her age, and she seemed ever so vunerable. Oh, how guilty she felt!
Rosairie looked away swiftly. They must have looked completely stupid to chain - both girls blushing, both completely helpless. Rosairie bit her lip, and put her hands on her hip.

"You're..." the girlt railed off, unsure of what to say. After all, 'you're not okay' was such a demeaing thing to say. "You need a check up." Rosairie announced, and clapped her hands. "You haven't lost, you're just having...an episode..." she smiled reassuringly, and rose to her feet.
She turned to the boy, her brow creased in concern. "Where's the nearest casualty? I..." she lowered her voice, so Kyoko couldn't hear, "I think she's in serious trouble."

February 15th, 2006, 5:16 PM
Chain stifled a sigh as Kyoko again collapsed. Standing and watching in silence as Rosarie helped her companion, the trainer ran a hand through his dark hair. Looks like this is more trouble than I thought it would be.

Seeing Rosarie turn toward him, Chain's green-gold eyes shifted toward her. "Where's the nearest casualty? I..." she started before lowering her voice. "I think she's in serious trouble."

"I'm not sure," Chain replied quietly. "But, I remember seeing a listing of different locations on a billboard a few blocks back. They'd probably have it recorded there." His gaze turning toward Kyoko, Chain's voice dropped another note as he added, "Once we find the place we're looking for, Abra can teleport us there. But, until then . . . "

Chain continued to stare silently at the girl as he mentally considered several options. Walking is obviously not an option for her. And, with so many wild Pokemon in the area, leaving her wouldn't be wise either. Several of our Pokemon could guard the girl, but I doubt Rosarie would agree to that . . . On this occasion, Chain allowed himself an audible sigh. I guess there isn't too much choice.

Stepping forward, Chain knelt beside Kyoko, stating simply, "If you complain, I'll drop you." Without another word, the trainer lifted Kyoko from the ground. And, though he may not have chosen the most discreet or wise terminology to use with her, he hoped it would prevent her from attempting to walk again.

Turning toward Rosarie, Chain nodded slightly toward one direction. "Let's go."

February 15th, 2006, 8:08 PM

>.> I'm friggen SICK again... Freakin' flu virus took out half of the 35 kids in my math class and now it's trying to claim me! -tries desperately to evade- But... I shall.... post.... @[email protected] Because if I don't I'll go stir crazy with Jakk II... gawd that game is evil... And I haven't read past the Yellow Caberello series in the manga. T_T GIMME SCANNIES! I WANNA SHEE SILVER. D: he's like... competition. @[email protected] -must slap him- An Charon. :o I'll email you later. we can set up a time to talk. As I need to talk as well.... I am... deprived of talking to yew. ;; We need to reminisce with Mika an Maxie and I swear to the CHEESE GOD if you don't answer the stinkin email rp... >____> no hugs for you EVER.


Kyoko had returned to petting Silence, almost ignoring Rosarie completely til that very nice cold hand was placed on her forehead. Her eyes closed at the nice contact and she withheld with a light cough, a slight whimper that had arouse in her throat when the hand was removed, "H-hey..." she mumbled, "...That wasn't very nice..."

She didn't hear really anything that Rosarie after that, she was too busy trying not to pass out right then and there and it was absolutely true that she could no longer walk more than a few inches. She wasn't, however, expecting Chain's face suddenly very close to her own and couldn't let out a single complaint before he scooped her up off the ground. Her face flamed brightly but she said nothing, not wanting to fight anymore; she physically couldn't. Leaning against his shoulder for better support, she just nodded, eyes shutting lightly, "O-okay...."

Random Plushie
February 15th, 2006, 9:06 PM

Aw, sowwy to hear that, Mika. Teh flu virus needs to DIE. 'Cause it should've died a long time ago, yes it should have. D:

By the way, I was also waiting for a Lori post, so that's why I waited so long. I didn't wanna take up space with another pointless OOC..


Avery didn't mind that she was probably the absolute last one in the elevator at the pace she was going. Right now she could care less. JJ's words kept repeating themselves in her head.. The fact that he was still freaked out about everything and all. The events of the day so far truly had been strange.. And Avery couldn't help thinking about all the possibilities. The possibilities about who was behind all the strange occurances, that is. Whoever it was, they sure had a knack for freaking people out.

As she fell into another silent mood, Fable took the time to climb down into her bag and hide, not feeling like hanging around in plain view in a crowded elevator with so many unfamiliar faces packed into a small room.

{Is there food in here, Avery?} Came his muffled voice from within the bag, a few seconds after he had entered it, if a bit more hushed than usual in an attempt to avoid too much attention.

Avery didn't answer, too preoccupied in stuffing herself in the last open spot in the elevator.

February 16th, 2006, 2:10 AM

Yes! Silver is Giovanni's son!^^
Its like..Star Wars.o.O

Like, do I hear the magic word?
Scans you say, Mika?^0^

Like, Yeah, just some scans of Mato's Silver-
-http://i33.photobucket.com/albums/d94/ybur_angel/Manga%20Scans/Chapter93.jpg [Him stealing a Totodile]
-http://i33.photobucket.com/albums/d94/ybur_angel/Manga%20Scans/SilverGold.jpg [Meeting up with Gold after he stole the Totodile]
-http://i33.photobucket.com/albums/d94/ybur_angel/Manga%20Scans/Silver23.jpg [Getting caught by Gold because he looked so Feebas suspicious]
[..Grabbing a pokeball??XD]
[Scan of a picture of him..X3]
[Showing perfect understanding?XD]

And..Yamato's Silver-
[Angry Silver..>_>]

NOTE- SPOILERS for Green and Silver's past at these last two.X3


^Volume 8 and 14

Like, Gold's there! *squeals*
He might not be as cute(or hawt *drools*) as Ruby, but yeah, he's one of my other favorite chars.^^

May this help you with the evil flu, Mika.^^
Oh, and feel free to ask for more scans if you want.X3

Bleh,I don't think I've anything to post now..^^;;

February 16th, 2006, 2:13 AM
{ooc| Yes'm. *salutes*
ALSO, guess what we're getting over here at 7:30 AM to replace Zoidz? Card Captors! Yay for Clamp shows! I was hoping we would get Sailor Moon... *shot*.... xDDD apparently not.}

Rosairie watched fearfully as Chain lifted up her friend. At least he's gentler than Henna... she thought, but she couldn't help worrying.
Silence whined as Kyoko vanished up into the air, and he began to trot beside the boy, whimpering pathetically. The jolteon had found some one who understood - she had sensed the same weirdness he had~!
His trainer bent down and grabbed him by the tail. "Don't get in the way, Si. Can you scare off some wild pokemon for us?" the Jolteon's ears perked, his livliness revived as his sense of purpose revived. He darted off ahead, sparking with potential energy.

Rosairie smiled to herself.
"Sorry about that..." she muttered to Chain, "he tends to sulk, unless he's got some sort of job to do."
She paused. Chain had mentioned a billboard a few blocks back... That would be there best bet for finding a hospital, and possibly the safest. After all... Rosairie was deeply afraid that they would find some more chanting monks hanging around, ones that would turn her own partners against her....wandering around willy-nilly in a situation liekt his wasn't a good idea.

February 16th, 2006, 6:53 AM

{ooc| Yes'm. *salutes*
ALSO, guess what we're getting over here at 7:30 AM to replace Zoidz? Card Captors! Yay for Clamp shows!

Kay first I keel you for having Zoids. ;_; -hasn't seen her Ravenypoo for a year now- Then I tell you that the dubbed CC sucks. <.< It's horrible. It makes small children cry. They took out the fluffy wuffy boy luff story of YukitoxTouya. ;_____; and they made Shaoran MEAN. AND HE'S NOT MEAN. ;O;

-whines over the loss of her bishies-

Oh and it's a friggen snow day today. I'm friggen sick. ON A SNOW DAY

An Yibber. o_o Gimme ANY Scans you have of Lancey-poo AFTER the Yellow Cabberello incident... and of Clair.... from Blackthorn... if you have any of her.... -is a die hard ClairxLance fan- <____<;;;;;;;


She blinked lightly, trying to keep herself awake as Chain and Rosairie talked... about something or other... but it wasn't exactly working too well. Her body was drained. Plain and simple. It was starting to disobey her mind with its need for rest. Pretty soon she wouldn't be able to fight it anymore... but for now at least she'd /try/ to stay awake and say nothing because that might make it worse. But at the sudden loss of Silence somewhere close to her, Kyoko's head popped awake and she looked from side to side lightly, "...mmm? Si-kun...? Si-kun...don-don't go too far...?" turning her head somewhat towards Rosairie, she half asked, half whimpered, "Nee-chan don't let him go too far... I... I don't want him to get hurt..." Pausing for a moment to re-catch her breath as talking was becoming increasingly difficult, "Where... are we going anyways? If... I may ask that is..." Saying nothing more after that, she leaned back against Chain's shoulder so as not to be dropped.

Alter Ego
February 16th, 2006, 9:42 AM
OOC: Meh, it looks like Melissa has gone M.I.A. again. -.- Its probably the cold, hope she gets better soon, oh and the same goes for you Mika...evil colds. >.<

Anyways, the next time I'm forgetting something, could someone please actually inform me about it? It's not pointless to demand progress in the RP, ya' know.

Still...yay scans! ^0^ It's not like actually having the manga (*Kicks finnish importers*) but at least it's something. Question, are there any Cradilies/Lileeps in any of them? Now that's the kind of scans I'd really like to see. xD Failing that, do you have any ones with Zuzu or Sapphire having the funny expressions? Oh, or Togetaro, that Togepi's so cute when he's all focused on the game. ^-^

Aaaanyhow, I'll try to come up with something useful to post.


Lori was quick to react to Avery's and Fabel's entry, immediately reaching out to the panel and tapping the correct button with one of her long-nailed fingers, the elevator doors immediately sliding shut and a muffled humming voice becoming audible as the device sprung to work, the elevator beginning its ascent.

The company certainly wasn't the best in Lori's opinion, and neither was the mood, so the woman didn't find particularly much to comment on during the trip. Getting up to Overcity was not exactly accomplished in a snap however, so finally she decided to break the silence by adressing the others;

"So, lovehs..." she began, making her best attempt at maintining her usual flowery voice, "What will you be up to now that the tournament is over? Any grand plans?"

February 16th, 2006, 10:41 AM
OOC: *feels a bit better*

Uh... yeah, I seem to like missing things lately. >_> Gosh... that cold had me down and out for quite some time. It would have been better if I hadn't felt dizzy every time I practically moved my head. -_- I hate being sick.

Anyway, I'm back again, with a stuffy nose and sore sinuses, but able to type nonetheless. I wanted to get on here sooner today but everyone was hogging a computer in the computer lab. =P

I saw a scene or two with some Lileep/Cradily in them in the latest pokemon movie. I should take a picture of them and post it here. ^-^

*hears moaning from across the library* Um... o.O I hope that person I hear moaning is okay....

*ahem* Whatever, here I am to post!


"Ah!" Reina said, her face brightening considerably, "Finally some pain medication!" She had said it without thinking, and quickly backtracked, "Well... not that I need it or anything." It was an obvious mistake of hers, but she wasn't too concerned with her image as an independent person right now, she wanted to rest and heal her pokemon. They had been through as much, perhaps more, than she had and she was getting anxious about them.

She could almost hear Tabansi's nagging, hissing voice telling her to forget about being concerned with her self-reliance, and let the nurses do their jobs. She smiled a bit, thinking that even though his advice annoyed her to no end, she loved him even more for it.

She found herself wondering how the food at this place was going to taste, and if it would even be edible. Well, she would be here too long, perhaps there were some better places to eat outside of the hospital.

OOC: By the way, great scans Yibber!! *hugs w/mask on so you don't get sick* I love the manga scans! ^-^

Baker's Bulbasaur
February 16th, 2006, 11:42 AM
JJ opened a lazy eye, in a good impression of his Grovyle, and raises it's eyebrow. What a stupid question, any big plans, yea like we're really going to just head home and carry on like nothing happened, go shopping, or perhaps knit a nice jumper......stupid woman. Immediately JJ was disguted with himself, how could he think that cruel things, even in his head?! That wasn't like him at all, she was only trying to be nice, and besides, it would be stupid to assume that their lives were all going to become shrouded by nightmares and pain just because of this one unfortunate occasion.

JJ looked up with a smile
''I don't really know'' he said politely ''Of course we all have to stay here tonight, but after that i'm not sure, proberly head home to see my grandfather, and then....'' suddenly he found that he was feeling incredibly sad inside, he had been trying to push these thoughts of his ill grandfather who he loves dearly behind him, to worry about them at a more appropriate time, but now mentioning his name he couldn't stop it. Pictures and memories of his grandad laughing, telling storys, just talking late into the night with jeffery ran through his mind and stuck there like a bad storm. Suddenly he realised that he had stopped talking mid sentence and had his mouth open wide and god knows how he looked.....
JJ ran a hand through his blonde hair
''sorry uuum, yeah go home and see my family, and then uuum, i was considering heading off on a new journey, take another gym challenge''

He turned his head to Cona and Avery who both for some reason looked a little worried too, well mainly avery, cona was more interested by the lift.......He threw what he hoped would be a comforting smile at Avery before looking back at Lori.

February 16th, 2006, 6:26 PM
Chain nodded slightly, replying to Rosarie's apology, "It's understandable."

Falling silent as Kyoko spoke, the trainer continued to make his way down the the street. Then, pausing to glance about the area, Chain turned a corner as he answered Kyoko's inquiry. "We're going to the nearest medical facility," he stated before firmly adding, "And my previous threat still stands. So, it's probably best if you get some sleep until we arrive."

After a moment, Chain's expression changed faintly as his eyes met a certain object some distance away. "I think I see the billboard--there, down the street . . . " he murmured.

February 16th, 2006, 7:02 PM
"M-me-medical facility...? What's that...?" Her voice was suddenly more highpitched than normal, anxious even, "That's not like... a hospital is it...?" Her eyes widened as best they could before returning to their half hazed sleeply shape. She repeated both her questions once more, barely hearing her own words as her body quickly pulled out the trusty mallet and whacked away at any signs of livelyness out of her.

She was clearly trying to hear the answer before she was forced to sleep.


sorry the post is so short. >.< I feel awful...

February 17th, 2006, 5:47 AM

Like, yey for scans!!*jumps and grabs her manga books*

Letsee, Mika wants ClairXLance? Okies, Dragonshipping-

Lance meeting Silver for the firs time (http://i33.photobucket.com/albums/d94/ybur_angel/Manga%20Scans/Lancesha.jpg)

Clair calls Lance her brother, even though he's actually her cousin.^^ (http://i33.photobucket.com/albums/d94/ybur_angel/Manga%20Scans/LanceClaire34.jpg)

Lance and Clair together when they were young (http://i33.photobucket.com/albums/d94/ybur_angel/Manga%20Scans/Outrage.jpg)
^Blaine there, if you can't see.X3

Lance talking to Silver (http://i33.photobucket.com/albums/d94/ybur_angel/Manga%20Scans/LanceSilver234.jpg)

Lance actually getting threatened.XDDD (http://i33.photobucket.com/albums/d94/ybur_angel/Manga%20Scans/Lancesneasel.jpg)

And, since you like Dragonshipping, this isn't from the manga, but its shippy art.^^ (http://i33.photobucket.com/albums/d94/ybur_angel/LanceClair.gif)


Cradily and Lileep eh, Titan?
Cradily appeared in volume 20 for abou' half a chapter. So, I took the liberty to scan tha part.^^ (http://i33.photobucket.com/albums/d94/ybur_angel/Manga%20Scans/CradilyRoxanne.jpg)
Part 2 (http://i33.photobucket.com/albums/d94/ybur_angel/Manga%20Scans/CradilyRoxanne2.jpg)

^Roxanne's Cradily trying to defend Roxanne's Nosepass cause it put a Block on Groudon. Marge/Courtney[Whichever name you prefer to call tha Magma lady] suceeded in releasing Groudon.^^;;

A Lileep and Anorith (http://i33.photobucket.com/albums/d94/ybur_angel/Manga%20Scans/LileepAnorith.jpg)
^Wallace's Luvdisc there. Wallace purposely told it to let the Lileep and Anorith out of their cage-thingy

Lileep and Anorith getting intimidated by Ruby *tackles Ruby*.^^ (http://i33.photobucket.com/albums/d94/ybur_angel/Manga%20Scans/RubyLileep.jpg)

^Both as of volume 18

*ish starting to feel tired*

Togetaro, righ, here we goes!^^

As an egg he got stolen by a hungry Gligar. (http://i33.photobucket.com/albums/d94/ybur_angel/Manga%20Scans/SintaroTogetaro.jpg)
^Gold's Sunkern[Named, Sintaro cause she's sincere] looked so terrified when she found out that there was a crack.XD

Right after he hatches.X3 (http://i33.photobucket.com/albums/d94/ybur_angel/Manga%20Scans/Togetarohatch.jpg)

Using the Finger Shake attack.^^;; (http://i33.photobucket.com/albums/d94/ybur_angel/Manga%20Scans/Scans021.jpg)

Okies, another half-chapter scan. Togetaro actually beat a Tyranitar.o.O;; (http://i33.photobucket.com/albums/d94/ybur_angel/Manga%20Scans/TogetaroTyranitar2.jpg)
Clickeh 2 (http://i33.photobucket.com/albums/d94/ybur_angel/Manga%20Scans/Togetranitar32.jpg)

As for Zuzu and Sapphire, there are too many for me to scan[or look, for the matter.X3], I'll scan them tomorrow.^^;;

Ooh! And an extra scan~ (http://i33.photobucket.com/albums/d94/ybur_angel/Manga%20Scans/Gymleaderstourn.jpg)
In the manga, the Johto Gym Leaders and Kanto Gym Leaders got together for a Tournament.^^

And an extra, extra scan. (http://i33.photobucket.com/albums/d94/ybur_angel/Manga%20Scans/Gymleaders22.jpg)

*wheezes and dies*
Dudes, you are SOOO lucky to have a scanner-er like Yibber.XDD

Okies, I might not be able to post in the other RPs since I took long on the scans.XD*wheeze*

*did 40 starjumps, 45 crunches and 40 push-ups today*
NPCC, I lurve you!!^0^

*also ran around her school lake two and a half times*


"What..? Oh! You mean what I'll do if I go back."Cona looked after from the lights located on the ceiling of the lift.

"If I go back. We might all die here."she emphasized on the word 'if', like she knew that they were all just going to drop dead on the floor right at that moment.

"Visit my mom. Go and join contests. I'd go and look for my dad too, tell him that I brought name to the family. May not find him though.."she drifted off, proceeding to continue staring at the light on the ceiling. Though, noting that JJ seemed a tad depressed as he started talking about his grandfather.
She mentally shrugged it off, it was probably because of his knee.

The trainer waited for Avery to speak, not really paying attention, but she wasn't blocking out the happenings around her.


Yeah, forget to mention.
I'm still willing to do scans, incase any of you got the idea that I felt tired from scanning[Actually..I am!XD]. Tis' the drills I had to do today during NPCC.^^;;

Alter Ego
February 17th, 2006, 11:03 AM
OOC: Yay for scans! ^0^ Roxanne is hereby my favourite gym leader for her excellent taste in pokémon (Nosepass or no <.<)! ^-^ *Sigh* If only more ingame trainers had Cradilies...

Oh, and I love the Togetaro scans Yibber! Especially the metronome one. *Points at new avvie* ^-^ He-hee, he sure was a tough cookie ever since birth. xD Togetaro is my favourite pokémon of the lot. ^^

And yes, we're extremely lucky to have a talented scannerer like you, Yibber. Respect. ^-^


Lori opened her mouth as if to argue on Cona's statement about their likelihood of dying, but then shut it again, apparently thinking the better of it, and returning her usual smile instead as she proceeded to comment on trainers' words, now a tad doubtful about the mental stability of her charges between Cona's ravings and JJ's freezing in mid-sentence with his mouth open;

"So it will be bussiness as usual then, lovehs?" she commented, nodding, "Yes, life's too short to dwell on bad things, isn't it? What about you then, sweetie?" she turned to adress Avery who had yet to reply, "Something on your mind that you'd like to share with the rest of us?"

The elevator was now nearing its destination, what little additional light had made it in from the outside vanishing altogether, leaving only the elevator lamps to provide illumination. It wasn't a large change by any means, but it was still quite noticeable.


A knowing smile crept onto Vincent's face at Reina's exclamation and consequent denial, and he, being quite familiar with this kind of behaviour, chose not to comment on it, proceeding to lead the group into the hospital instead. As the rather remarkable group made its entry, a good deal of waiting patients and their relatives turned to watch them with curiosity, but the security chief was quite well prepared for this, merely raising his free hand as a signal of silence as he adressed the crowd;

"Make way, please." he said in an even yet firm voice, "It's only two contestants who ran into a spot of trouble, nothing that spectacular surely. He led the group towards the closest service desk, the crowd around them soon loosing interest and returning to its bussiness, although a great deal of the people started muttering in a conspiratory manner about themselves, clearly striking up a debate about wether the official-looking man in the suit had something to hide or not. Still, the general attitude towards this line of thought seemed to be that it was just a load of rubbish and silly talk.

Valen couldn't help grinning for himself, the old man certainly hadn't lost his touch when it came to keeping fools in the dark. And well...it was slightly amusing how much Reina's reaction had mirrored his own, although the boy had, by now, learned to keep thoughts such as those to himself.

As Valen was pondering this, Vincent had leant over the service desk, quite promptly having sidestepped the queue, and was quickly explaining the situation to the receptionist in a low voice.

"I trust that you will give them the appropriate priority?" the security chief concluded in a polite tone.

"Oh, of course sir." replied a fairly young female voice, which sounded to Valen like a rather suck-upish one. He couldn't make out the appearance of the voice's owner, though seeing as how his dear foster father and a couple of other people were standing in the way.

February 17th, 2006, 11:31 AM
OOC: I keep having these moments when I think I'm going to sneeze and never do. -___- Yay... I hate being sick. I can't smell a thing.

One good thing happened though. I bought cupcakes to eat!! XD

Great scans Yibber! I especially like Togetaro too. What a personality. ^^ I must say that the manga does a more effective way of getting across personalities for pokemon than the anime does.

Lance's hair is... interesting. ^-^

Yayness for the Togetaro avvie!!

Now for some RPing... though I'll probably be skipping off to lunch after this post.


"Hospitals are... strange places," Reina said aloud, looking around at the sterile environment they were all surrounded in now. The whole feel of a hospital was something different compared to every other place. It was certainly never welcoming feeling to Reina. She wasn't really scared of hospitals, she just always felt nervous in them. The throbbing in her hand wasn't helping and seemed to worsen as she thought of being in the hospital.

There certainly were a lot of people around them, and Reina saw some girls looking toward her. She frowned at them and when they continued gawking she had to speak up.

"Boo!" she said, looking rather annoyed, "Go buy yourselves some new shoes and quit staring at me." It was a comment that would have sent Tabansi into a flurry of apologies, but he wasn't here now, was he? The girls all mumbled to themselves and then instead began to stare at Valen. He was, after all, a boy that was hurt, and most girls couldn't resist that. Not to mention there were certain girls that liked the rough and tough image of a troubled youth. They all chattered to each other like a bunch of chickens.

"Ugh," Reina sighed, figuring it would do no good to comment on the staring they were now doing to Valen. She then decided to ignore them for the time being.

As Reina heard the voice of the nurse that was being addressed, she rolled her eyes ever so slightly. 'Great,' she thought to herself, 'Another hyped out chick to interact with.'

February 17th, 2006, 11:58 AM
She seems pretty panicked . . . I wonder if she has some sort of aversion to hospitals. Still, though, lying to her won't help. She'll eventually find herself at the hospital anyway.

"It's . . . A little more than like a hospital," Chain said after a pause. "It is one." Glancing down toward Kyoko, the trainer added, "And you don't have to stay awake anymore. You do trust Rosarie, right?" Turning toward Rosaire, Chain gave a slight, apologetic shrug. 'Couldn't think of anything else to say,' he mouth noiselessly before returning his gaze to the path ahead.

February 17th, 2006, 5:06 PM

Like, yey for scans!!*jumps and grabs her manga books*

Letsee, Mika wants ClairXLance? Okies, Dragonshipping-

o___o Yibber got any Stevie-poo scans? (Steven Stone. o.o From R S an E)

And any more Lancey-poo? Or Clair? -giggles- In Japan cousins can marry. >___________> -has hooked up Clair and Lance in SEVERAL short fanfics- Smutty smut WHEEEE

>.> I got one manga book. The last one in the Yellow Caberello series. With Lance... being sexy..... mmhmm... -drools- Iowa sucks with it's -35 degree (I'm not kidding. e-e) weather and it's lack of Pokemon manga.... BUT WE HAVE FMA MANGA.... and KH manga.... -drools on Riku- I should give you all some KH manga scans... as Riku... is OH SO FINE. -punches self in face- >>; there I'm better now.... -twitch-

Also, does anybody have any idea if Morty has a last name? o.O The gym leader I mean. I've looked through the darned manuals and the game itself and I don't think he does. ;_;


Don't panic self... Just stay somewhat calm... if they don't know or give your last name he can't find you... and then everything will be okay... Hmmph... Who does Chain-nii think he is, telling me I need sleep? .... Okay I do.... but still... I'm kinda aware of that, aren't I? I mean... I gotta live in my own body.... aw darnit now I'm positive he's right.... Stupid big brother complex people and their stupid knowledge of knowing everything.... ARGH

"O-o-okay... And I do..." she blushed, "I just... hate hospitals... please... don't give them my last name... kay? That's... all I want..." Her eyelids drooped til they couldn't droop any further and the bundle in his arms was now out cold and nothing short of a loud trumpet blaring in her ear could wake her up now.

February 17th, 2006, 7:49 PM

They've never really given the gym leaders a last name.
Um..I do know the last names of Sapphire and Green. Since Sapphire is Prof Birch's daughter. And Green's Prof Oak's grandson and all.X3

Steven? There're supposed to be really good piccehs of him in 21. Now, we shall all have to bear with these few scans and wait till March.^^;;

Ruby meeting Steven (http://i33.photobucket.com/albums/d94/ybur_angel/Manga%20Scans/Stven.jpg)

Steven offering a..part-time job?!XDD (http://i33.photobucket.com/albums/d94/ybur_angel/Manga%20Scans/Steven22.jpg)

D'aw..Ruby made Steven sweatdrop.^^ (http://i33.photobucket.com/albums/d94/ybur_angel/Manga%20Scans/Stvnsweede.jpg)

Ruby made Steven-dude sweatdrop AGAIN.^^ (http://i33.photobucket.com/albums/d94/ybur_angel/Manga%20Scans/stonegetter.jpg)

Looking all cool and stuffers (http://i33.photobucket.com/albums/d94/ybur_angel/Manga%20Scans/steveencool.jpg)

^Volume 16

Clair talking abou Lance (http://i33.photobucket.com/albums/d94/ybur_angel/Manga%20Scans/Claire213.jpg)


A small Zuzu sweatdropping at his trainer. (http://i33.photobucket.com/albums/d94/ybur_angel/Manga%20Scans/Milotic21.jpg)

Marshtomp-Zuzu sticking his tougue out at a Magma dude's Slugma.X3 (http://i33.photobucket.com/albums/d94/ybur_angel/Manga%20Scans/Zuzutougey18.jpg)

^16 as well

Cute Sapphire scans, I think I'll post them in Showgan. I've been lagging behind the other RPs lately.>_<;;
Anyways, most of Sapphire's cute moments are when she's with Ruby. Like, yey, Franticshipping!^0^


Cona didn't really take notice of how Lori looked like she wanted to comment on her statement. The woman was probably one of those mouths-breathers.
"We'll get you fixed up real soon. Just bear with it a bit longer."the girl whispered to Krystal, giving the Marshtomp in her arms a reassuring pat on the back.

{Right. As if I haven't endured the pain enough...}the mudfish mumbled, letting out sigh, allowing his eyes to close. He needed rest, so sleep was the best medicine now.

Random Plushie
February 17th, 2006, 9:06 PM

Wow, Zuzu is just so priceless. XD

I agree with Melissa, the manga is just so much better at getting personalities across, eh? I guess since they focus more on pictures, there's more emphasis on expression. SO COOLNESS.


Avery looked up at Lori as she was addressed, tilting her head slightly. She hadn't thought it would matter to anyone whether she kept to herself or not. On the other hand, she saw no harm in sharing her thoughts.

"If you must know, I was just thinking about how weird today has been. I think you can all get the picture based on that." She paused, mustering a smile, while Fable took a few moments to peek out of his hiding place. The Sableye quickly dived back into her sling bag after a few moments, though.

"And.. I guess I don't really have plans at the moment. I'm just trying to get through this right now.. focus on the present." Avery continued, although the smile never left her lips.

February 18th, 2006, 1:26 AM
{ooc| Yar, I second what everyone's being saying and whatnot...
Nyaaah, Mika, scrub your brain with salt! No more smut please, I had quite enough of that at a party last night... ._.;
I need to be more active..}

Rosairie gave Chain a reassuring smile. "No worries." she whispered.
The girl turned back to Kyoko. "We'll be here for you, don't worry. And Silence~!" she added.

Silence barked loudly, and Rosairie's eyes snapped forward. Her jolteon was standing stock still, his ears pricked.
A large billboard stood directly in front of them, covered in directions. It cast a morbid shadow over those beneath it.
"Looks like Si found it." Rosairie said, with a slight smile. Despite his despression, and constant fear, he was a usefull little pokemon.
She left Chain's side and strolled forward, her eyes on the sign. There it was, the hospital. However, the arrow pointed up. Rosairie blinked.
"Up? Is it above us?" she peered up at the cieling scrutionously. "Oh! Overcity!"
Henna rolled her eyes inwardly. Sometimes Rosairie really did live up to her hair colour.

Alter Ego
February 18th, 2006, 4:08 AM
OOC: Eh, I'll have an IC up soon, but first I just have to comment; Charon, there aren't really any real hospitals and suchlike in Undercity, and weren't they looking for a billboard anyway? I was thinking having them landed in the Overcity hospital, same place as Valen and Reina, would be a good way to get rid of some more scattering. So could you edit that, please?

February 18th, 2006, 4:33 AM
{ooc| Sorry, Alter-captain! I actually thought Valen and Reina were in the undercity hospital... because i'm stupid... and I skipped the billboard trying to hurry my trio towards you lot.}

Baker's Bulbasaur
February 18th, 2006, 6:16 AM
JJ was only half listening to what his companions were saying, somehow it didn't really feel important to do so, how could you think about getting on with life as usual after what had happened?..... Jeffery's head just kept filling with the memories of the distraught, pained, yet angry faced of the pokemon that had turned on there trainers, attacked without waning, basically gone insane. The mere thought of pokemon acting like that made JJ sad, angry, it made him want to go insane too......yet this wasn't the only thing that was making him feel this way, thankfully, thought of his grandfather he had managed to force to the back of his mind, how long for he didn't know but any time was better then none, but this came at a price, for it seemed to have pushed forward another painful thought, that of that scum, that wannabe, that little kid that thought he was owed something....Valen! Oh how Jeffery James would like nothing more then to.......

JJ slapped himself, hard....very hard. What was he thinking?? Why was he thinking this badly of people?? that wasn't like him at all, especially seeing as they hadn't actually done anything wrong, i mean ok Valen had been rude, but JJ had very uncharacteristicaly made a rude comment back, making him no better.......yes, exactly, he didn't have a right to be mad at valen for being rude when he himself had done just the same.......YES YOU DO!!!

''what the?....'' Jeffery suddenly said out loud. He looked up, and began to swing his head round to Lorri, to avery, to cona, there was no one else in the room though..

''Di....did one of you...ju...just say something?.....'' he said hopefully. It must have been, what the heck was that noise, that voice, and....what had it said??.....

Alter Ego
February 18th, 2006, 8:55 AM
OOC: It's okay Charon, I just didn't want any confusion among our ranks. ^-^ Oh, and I like these scans too, Yibber, not as much as the Sapphire/Franticshippy batch, but still. Zuzu pwns when it comes to expressions, but he's still second to Togetaro in my opinion. xD And I agree, in Pokémon Manga > Anime, definitely. *Throws random barnyard animals at the idiots who sacked the old pokémon writing team* It's all your fault! <.<

Oh, and yay for cupcakes! ^0^


Valen listened to Reina's remark with considerable amusement, permitting himself a small grin, although it didn't last very long as the small flock of girls proceeded to turn their attention to him, staring, pointing, and giggling amongst themselves at such a pace that Valen was feeling a strong urge to strangle the whole lot. He didn't say this out loud though, as, unfortunately, girls of their kind possessed the annoying habit of being able to, through the power of inane chattering, twist anything you said into anything they wanted it to be, and asking them to take a long walk of a short pier tended to have an effect quite opposite to the desired one. Frowning for himself and cursing the annoying little pests - why did they always have to move in flocks, anyway? It suddenly struck Valen how hauntingly similar these people were to witless little birds.

"Ah...so these are the two patients, then?" the sound of a slightly less sickening female voice interrupted Valen's musings, the boy turning his head to finally spot the person whom Vincent had been adressing. She didn't look much older than the members of the annoying gaggle of females, all of them still chattering amongst each other in a most amused way and extremely annoying way, although fortunately, the hospital dress code had made her a bit less annoying to look at at least. It was a rather lanky female, apparently in her early twenties, with quite distinctly slap-looking faded brown hair, tied up into a ponytail at the back, and she was dressed in a regular nurse's uniform. Overall, the nurse struck Valen as a very simple-minded one, staring at them with those big, light blue eyes of hers which seemed to simply radiate an utter lack of understanding about everything they saw. The only thing positive about this was that Valen could, at the very least, be confident that this particular imbecile wouldn't be the one looking after their injuries.

"Erm, yes they are." Vincent said, maintaining a neutral expression although Valen had the distinct feeling that he was not the only one who was suffering from this nurse's slow wit, "So if you could arrange for a way to get them on for actual treatment?"

"Oh-oh, right." the nurse replied, putting on her intelligent face as she clapped her hands, a duo of Chanseys dutifully appearing with a wheel-equipped bed in tow, and then, after a short while of confusion and less-than-clear order giving, proceeding to help Valen onto it.

"They're a loan from the pokémon center." the nurse, whose name tag, Valen now noticed, bore the name 'Veronica', explained, as if someone had asked the question, "D'ya need a bed too, missy?" she turned to adress Reina.


Lori raised an eyebrow at JJ's comment, shaking her head, "Not after Avery's explanation, hun." she replied, casting an intent look at the boy as if to determine whether he was quite sane or not, "Last sentence I heard was you saying 'what the?'. You wouldn't happen to be on some kind of medication, would you, loveh?" she asked with slight caution, "Oh never mind, maybe you're just tired? At any rate, we're here." she nodded, towards the elevator door as the machine ground to a halt, letting out a quiet 'ping' before the doors slid apart again.

"Let's keep going." Lori announced, making a swift exit from the elevator and proceeding to wait outside for the rest.

February 18th, 2006, 9:05 AM

-hides smutty manga and giggles- oO Well I dun got a BF so I deal with what I got... but FOR YOU I'll stop the smutty... here anyways. X3 Mmyes.... And I got nothing to post IC atm. o_o As Kyoko's out like a light in a blackout in California.... So I'll stop this horribly short OOC. @[email protected] But I'm uploading KH manga scans... because it's KH. :OOO and it got delayed. e___e to the end of March. -steals Alter's herring and trots off to Square Enix's hq-

February 18th, 2006, 11:47 AM
Gazing upward, Chain fell silent for a long moment. It looks like we were closer to the Hospital than I thought . . .

Using his elbow, the trainer lightly knocked one of the Pokeballs attached to his belt. The object instantly opened, releasing a crimson flash of light that faded to reveal a sleeping Abra. "Abra, Teleport us to the Hospital above," Chain directed. Still slumbering, a brief ripple of psychic energy surrounded the creature before the three trainers and their Pokemon vanished.

Materializing before the Hospital's entrance, Chain nodded toward the Abra that now clung to his shoulder--though it slept as deeply as ever. "Good work," he said shortly before stepping through the automatic glass doors into the large building.

Baker's Bulbasaur
February 18th, 2006, 4:36 PM
''No, no no, I most defenitely.....'' The young blonde stopped in mid sentence, and brushed his hand through his hair uneccecarily roughly.
He was now starting to get seriously freaked out, was he hearing things? had his imagination gotten the better of him? lets face it, it wouldn't be the first time....or had someone actually spoken to him.
After a moment he chickled to himself. Lori's right, i'm just tired, besides, no one spoke, so it couldn't of been someone....
he looked up again with a smile
''Must of been my imagination'' he said with a grin 'you're right, i really need to sleep haha'' he then calmly and cheerfully stepped forward out of the elevator.

Suddenly in a stream of light, one of his pokeballs opened and the blinding light was replaced with that of a grass type pokemon

{Good evening Jeffery}

JJ was slightly taken back at first, but quickly smiled at his pokemon
''Oh, hey Grovyle, fanied joining us did ya?''

{uuum, actually no, I did nothing to release myself, I assumed that was you....}

JJ stared at his pokemon with a raised eyebrow for a moment
''Nope.....wasn't me, gimme a sec'' The boy reahced into his inside pocket and pulled out Grovyle's now empty pokeball, he observed it for a moment, holding it close to his face, Heffery had always been rather talented with finding out what was wrong with devises and machinery og differen't types......how to fix them was a different matter completely though.

''well....it seems to be in order, hmmm, that is a thinker but I cannot find an explanation.....but it doesn't seem to be something to worry about, would you like to return''
The grass type considered this for a moment before blinking it's big eyes and reaching for a leech, popping it into his mouth
{No, no thats fine, I think for some reason it would be better if i were to stay out with you....}

''Uuuum, ok, sure.....'' JJ said in response, slightly confused. He returned the ball to his inside pocket before turning to Cona and Avery inside the lift

''right, well, shall we get going?'' he said with a toothy smile.

Random Plushie
February 18th, 2006, 10:56 PM
Avery stepped out of the elevator after JJ, not noticing the blonde's little Pokeball incident. She merely registered the moment as one where Grovyle was let out of his Pokeball and moved on. As she stepped out of the elevator, the light of their new surroundings striking her bag, Fable popped out of the said bag. Of course, he hesitated slightly because of the increase in the amount of sunlight, but all the same popped out because they were out of the elevator.

"Hey, Lori, not to be a bother and all, but how much farther is the Pokemon Center?" Avery asked, as Fable crawled all the way out of her bag, dropping to the floor. The Sableye then began glancing around the ground, hoping he'd spot some kind of rock embedded some where around them.

February 19th, 2006, 2:45 AM
"Right."Cona blinked a few times so that her eyes could adjust from the bright elevator lamp to the mere light from the Sun as she stepped out after Avery. The girl didn't really ponder on what Jeffery was talking about his pokeball, just noting that Grovyle liked eating leeches. That boy was begining to act stranger and stranger, first it was that look he had on his face, now the knack to talk to himself and shout out in an enclosed space?

The trainer shook her head slightly, telling herself to stop daydreaming. JJ wasn't the only one who needed rest. "We'll be there in a bit, so you can stop clinging to me so tightly.."she whispered to the Marshtomp leaning against her shoulder, only to be answered by a grumble and loud snore. Krystal had fallen asleep so fast, infact, there was a bit of drool hanging from his open mouth. Kuner raised one eyebrow from his spot on Cona's free shoulder, deciding to turn away from the mudfish.

February 19th, 2006, 10:36 AM
OOC: Kingdom Hearts manga scans?!! O___O You must upload them for sure Mika!!! *tackle hugs* Kingdom Hearts is sooo awesome!!

Anyway, um... my post. ^^;


Reina watched as Vincent began to direct the nurse's attention to the most important thing at hand, their health. She raised an eyebrow at the girl's slow mind, but didn't say anything hurtful for Reina just wanted to get treatment already.

The nurse conjured up some Chansey with a bed for Valen. Reina almost smiled thinking of how frustrated the boy must be with all of these people fussing over him. What was even funnier was that as she was thinking how much she would hate to be bed-ridden, the girl asked her if she needed one. She shook her head at the girl's question with a good deal of enthusiasm.

"Um no, I don't need a bed, it's just my hand that's all...," Reina said with a frown. She didn't need to be lying in a hospital bed all helpless. Wasn't it obvious that she could walk?! She stopped herself from snapping at the girl and simply told herself to calm down a bit.

February 20th, 2006, 4:02 AM
Rosairie blinked at the Abra with suspicion. "How can it do that when it's...asleep?" she asked quietly, mainly to herself. She guessed Chain didn't know either. After all, she had owned and trained Henna for years, but she still had no idea how the fire burnt strangers but not her, or how the magmar looked like lava, and was hot like lava, but wasn't molten to thhe touch. There were many mysteries in pokemon, most that never could be explained. Still, Rosairie liked to ask.

{Rose!} Henna hissed, and Rosairie was jerked back to reality.
"Don't call me that!" Rosairie hissed irratably. "'Rose' is my Mum, not me..." she muttered bitterly.
{Sorry,} Henna began, {but we need to find a nurse...} The magmar trailed off, and gripped her friends hand reassuringly. Rosairie had fallen silent, no doubt remembering. That's girl's got everything she could want, save the thing most people need most... Henna thought. The most obvious abbreviation of her name was a painful reminder of her mother - every single time.

Rosairie, meanwhile, was peering about the hospital. It was bright and spotlessly clean, decorating with beautful paintings in pastel shades and potted plants which spilled their green foliage over the edge of their mounths. Rosairie guessed this wasn't A+E; after all, where were the casulty patients, the groaning injured, the drunk?
Rosairie walked over to the desk, where a beautiful woman dressed all in white was sitting.
"'Scuse, where's-"
"Accident and Emergency?" the woman interjected in a boredvoice, as if she was more than used to this. "You're come in through the private entrance, my dear. Just follow the corridor."
Rosairie frowned in indignation, and headed back to Chain. "Apparently we're in the wrong side... still, I'm sure we'll find someone that can help soon-"
Before she could finish, Silence was padding off somewhere, his nose to the ground. He paused, and turned his sad gaze to his trainer.
{I think he wants to be followed...} Henna muttered.

Alter Ego
February 20th, 2006, 4:16 AM
"Well okay then." nurse Veronica stated at Reina's reply, sounding slightly offended, "No need to get all indignant about it, I only asked, ya' know." she turned her attention back to the Chanseys, who were peering a bit nervously at the less than pleased expression on Valen's face.

"Hey." the boy protested, attempting to elbow himself up with his good arm, "Who ever said I needed-"

"I did." Vincent cut him off, "If he tells you he's fine don't read too much into it." the security chief added to the nurse, "He's not to leave that bed unless absolutely necessary, clear enough?"

"Like, no problem." Veronica replied in a slightly absent-minded voice which made it questionable wether she had even been properly listening or not, "Well, chop, chop." she said, clapping her hands to the Chanseys again to get their attention, "Let's get them over to the doctor." she took up a brisk stride, the Chanseys quickly rushing off to their respective sides of the bed again and beginning to move it after them, while Valen remained lying where he was with an indignant expression on his face, not uttering a word but merely glaring hatefully at anything he happened to see.


"Eh...you'll get no argument from me there, hun." Lori remarked at JJ's comment about needing more sleep, taking a discreet step away from the boy as he began ranting on about not having called out his Grovyle. Relieved by Avery's change of subject, the woman was quick to reply;

"It's just down the lane, sweetie." she replied, nodding towards a red-roofed building just barely visible in the distance, "We'll get there in no time, just follow me please, so that we can all end this ridiculous escorting mission, mmm'kay lovehs?"

Without pausing to wait for a reply, Lori began walking again. The sooner she'd get away from that mentally disturbed kid and into the company of some real men the better.

February 20th, 2006, 9:35 AM
[OOC: On Friday I purchased Pokemon Emerald. Although I have already defeated the first four gyms, I only have about twelve Pokemon in my Pokedex. ^-^;; My Pokemon also have rather pathetic nicknames . . . (ex: Marill - Bubble, Skitty - Ichigo (Strawberry), Lileep - Chawan (Rice Bowl {Though I almost named it Alter Ego ::blinks::}), Seviper - Potato)]

"Abra's always been able to operate in its sleep. I've never been sure why, though," Chain replied quietly.

Remaining near the entrance, Chain watched wordlessly as Rosarie spoke to the receptionist. After another slightly apologetic shrug directed toward the female, Chain's gaze switched to her Jolteon. It appears the girl's Jolteon--'Silence', I believe he was--has discovered something.

Turning toward Rosarie, Chain questioned, "You know your Pokemon better than I do. Should we follow him?"

February 20th, 2006, 10:10 AM
{ooc| Yay for pathetic names! I like to give my pokemon stupid names, that way I always laugh... Leader Roxanne wants to battle! Go Dumbledore! *chuckles to herself*
My pokemon Emerald should arrive tomorrow - see guys, I'm being legal!}

Rosairie paused, and glanced to Kyoko. She wasn't sure how muhc younger the girl could cope; she appeared to be swimming in and out of conciousness, ocassionally lifting her head just long enough to say something.
She bit her lip.
"Yeah, we should..." she muttered, and pushed open the door that Silence had been standing by. Once it was ajar he slipped through the gap, eager to be on the other side. Rosairie followed, walking as fast as she could in her high-heeled boots. The jolteon bounded ahead.

Silence had caught the scent of something - or someone - familiar. He couldn't remember where, but it was a scent he had picked it up earlier that day, and Silence had a hunch. Still, there would be know way of knowing until...
He turned the corner.
There was the girl and boy he had met earlier - one of them in a bed, apparently injured. Silence puased and cocked his head. This isn't what I wanted... he thought, staring up and Vincent and Veronica with a look of confusion on his face.

February 20th, 2006, 10:30 AM
[OOC: ^-^;; Heh.

Whenever I see Potato's name, I feel a considerable amount of pity for him--though not enough to change his name. And, unfortunately, I find myself waiting for Bubble to faint to allow me an opportunity to say "Bubble popped" (somewhat morbid if you think about it too long). ]

Catching the closing door with one foot, Chain pushed it slightly open--slipping through as narrowly as he could while still carrying Kyoko. Then, turning to follow Rosarie and Silence, Chain cast a quick glance about the area to register his surroundings before starting after the others. As he made his way around a corner, Chain came to an abrupt halt--seeing Silence no longer moving and desiring to avoid crashing into the people the Jolteon had discovered.

Though he said nothing, Chain cast his gaze over those present. This seems quite the merry party . . . Still, though, that Jolteon doesn't seemed particularly satistfied with his discovery. I suppose he was hoping to find someone or something else.

[OOC: By the way, I created a thread some time ago, but do not see it. Is it usual for threads to not appear for some time?]

Alter Ego
February 20th, 2006, 12:02 PM
OOC: Heh, yay for less-than-glorious nicknames! ^0^ Mine mostly tend to be random ones which I've derived from their (Usually japanese) names. I have a few exceptions though, such as Bubu the Swampert (Whose name does happen to be that of Plushie's deceased goldfish, rest his soul), Dadaluma the Claydol (That name just popped into my head for some reason. xD) and Riff-raff the Shuppet (Named after the Shuppet of one of my old RP characters). So yeah, and if you would have settled for Alter Ego as that Lileep's name then it would have been te second lovely little Lileep named after me. (Cause' last I heard, Flissie had one with my IRL first name ^-^) Yay for pokemon named after people, oh, and people getting their Emerald cartridges! ^0^ Incidentally, we're finally getting a GBA link cable in this household. (Delivery should come any day) I'M FINALLY GOING TO GET MYSELF A FRIGGEN' KINGDRA AGAIN! *Runs around the room screaming and waving his arms like a maniac* Yayness! Oh, and a Politoed too! I've always wanted a Politoed. ^-^ And a Hoppip for my Emerald team...augh, there are too many pokemon I want to train. I already have at least...*Beginns counting on fingers* 10 of them at least, if you don't count the ones I trained for pokedex data. And the team is still undergoing constant changes. (Swampert, Camerupt, Hariyama, Claydol, and Altaria being my current active team members with a HM slave Tropius for support) I'm too friggen' indescisive. xD And I really need to edit my T-Card. But what the heck, variety is the spice of life and all that, ne? ^-^

Oh, and incidentally...Goro the Hariyama just flattened the opposition in the Normal, Super, and Hyper rank contests, and he's not even full on pokeblocks yet. He took a bit of a trashing in the Master rank, though (Stupid Luvdisc and Sableye kept making him nervous and kept him from appealing. <.<), but as soon as I've properly maxed out his Cuteness I'm going to boot out those loosers. Fear my comeback! >D GYAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!


Ahem, I've just been informed that I have to log off the computer for the day. IC to come tommorow folks. ^^

EDITNESS: To answer your question Kogenta, yes, all new RPs are being moderated in an effort to improve RPing standard so your thread won't appear until either Ookami or Kurosaki comes around and approves it.

February 20th, 2006, 1:07 PM
{ooc| WHAT? A TROPIUS SLAVE? I WON'T STAND FOR IT! *beats you with bannanas* tropius are one of the only pokemon from Hoenn I actually like the look of... I'm not sure why, I just really like it. Give them some respect, man. They're pretty cool. On my sister's Ruby version, my tropius is lv 69, which is only beaten level wise only by Fang who is level 92. I never train my guys up to one hundred, for some reason.
I did have Sapphire but it got stolen, so now I just have four pokemon on my sister's game which I adore/battle in that tower. These include Boudicca the Absol, Mungo the Tropius, Fang the Crobat and Shy-Guy the dusclops. I love them. They're all on level 62, save Fang. He's my mascot, and once I get my new game I willr elease ruby-fang into the wild and have emerald-fang! AHAHAHAHA

Wait...hoppip isn't on Emerald? I didn't realise that, I thought you caught them in the extra safari zone or whatever it was ;; I love Jumpluffs. I also love Wiggytuffs, in case you haven't noticed. xD
And well done, Goro, I once had a golem that went by that name because there's a race of people in the Zelda games that say it. At the end. Of every. Sentence. *kills self*
I used to try and give all my pokemon themed names, like name them after videogame characters or whatever. I used to do that with pets aswell...

It would be so cool if, in the future, you could plug your gameboy into the 'net and battle with your friends. xD}

February 20th, 2006, 5:34 PM
OOC: I see. Thank you.

A Tropius? On Sapphire, I have a Tropius named Ensalada . . . The name was my sister's idea.

My sister and I often share Pokemon games, though our styles of playing are considerably different. She focuses on variety while my focus is directed toward strengthening a few Pokemon. On Sapphire, our only level 100 Pokemon is Absol, though . . .

Alter Ego
February 21st, 2006, 7:09 AM
OOC: Like woah, slow down Charon! *Covers from banana assault*

I like Tropius too, ya' know (Had one on level 57 on the old Ruby game I had on my brother's cartridge as I recall), but it's the only pokémon that I have which is capable of packing Flash, Fly, Cut, and Strength all at once. *Shot for disrespect* I don't want to carry a whole bunch of HM users around as additional baggage if I can fit it all on one. ~_~

Nope, Hoppip isn't in Emerald. ;_; It's not like you've got every Johto pokémon available around there. The ones that you can get there are...Snubbull/Granbull, Remoraid/Octillery, Aipom, Miltank, Houndour/Houndoom, Pineco, Mareep, Wooper/Quagsire, Shuckle (Yay ^-^), Sunkern, Stantler, Ledyba, Hoothoot, Teddiursa, and Gligar. Still no fuzzy-wuzzy Mantine, though. ;.; Jigglypuff is available in the wild, though, even if they're not in the most obvious of places. (I actually missed the whole spot on my first Ruby playthrough >.<)

And I agree, netbattling via Gameboy/DS/Whatever would rock! ^0^ Although unfortunately, that kind of system would probably be rife with ubershippers. <.<


Veronica paused in her march as Silence came to a halt in front of her, and for a moment, the two just stared at each other, before the nurse had finally come to a conclusion about this event.

"Okay, like, which one of you let their Jolteon loose?" she asked, turning to adress the others, "It's like, blocking our way so return it, allright?"

"It's not one of ours." Vincent replied simply, raising an eyebrow at the nurse's conclusion "If it was then it would have been following us inside as soon as we entered."

"Oh...right." Veronica replied, taking in this new piece of information, "Well who's is it then?"

"Just a minute." Valen said, a nasty suspicion creeping up on him, "Move aside so I can see, will you?"

As the nurse took a step sidewards, albeit accompanied by grumbling remarks about manners being dead, Valen leant a bit forward so as to get a proper look at the Jolteon.

"It's silence." he thought out loud, those sagging spikes and that hopeless expression could not be forgotten, "He belongs to Rosairie, a girl I ran into before the tournament." the boy continued as a clarification, "Don't worry about him, I'm quite sure she'll come and pick him up any minute."

"What makes you so sure?" Vincent asked, more out of curiosity than anything.

"I know my luck." the boy replied, looking the security chief in the eye and displaying an expression which was once again far from pleased, "It would be far too optimistic of me to expect not having to meet her again."

February 21st, 2006, 10:56 AM
OOC: *dies* People were hogging the computer yesterday and this morning. -_- Ugh... anyway, here I am! However, I will have to be leaving to lunch soon in like ten minutes or so. We'll see.

I usually name my pokemon by whatever comes to my brain first. It's usually pretty random unless I planned on catching it a while in advance. Some names I've used in the past: Char-Broil (Charmeleon), PikachuPi (Pikachu), Muddie (Mudkip), Illyana (Mareep), Squirt (Squirtle), Leif (Chikorita), Ron (Aron). Eh... those aren't my best ones... I can't ever seem to remember things when I want to. ^-^; Hm... I didn't realize I had used a couple of my pokemon nicknames with my RP pokemon.


"Rosairie? Great...," Reina frowned visibly, not liking the prospect of meeting up with the girl again. She would no doubt cause the further decent of Reina's mood. Not to mention it would be a bit more difficult to disguise the secret of Rosairie's assistance in Valen's recovery when the girl shows up at the very hospital the boy's recovering in. Reina was confident she wouldn't spill the beans, but hopefully the silly girl could hold her own tongue.

"He's right, Silence will be fine once Rosairie gets here. I wonder why he's here at all though? You don't think," Reina paused, checking her words before speaking them, "She's gotten hurt or something? I'd hate to see you and her sharing a room." She smiled a little at her own comment, trying to imagine Valen and Rosairie recovering from injuries in the same living space. The boy would probably need to attend a mental institution for a follow-up recovery.

What Reina was also wondering was the possibility of Rosairie coming here to check up on Valen. Would she do something like that? No, the girl clearly wanted nothing to do with the credit of his recovery, so she wouldn't think about checking up on him, right? Reina shrugged inwardly and figured that she was never any good at discovering hidden agendas and messages. Oh well, what did it matter anyway? The girl was annoying and Reina was hoping that they would be gone by the time her perky little head could pop through the entryway.

February 21st, 2006, 10:59 AM
{ooc| Emerald arrived today! Still, I haven't played it yet. I visited my new boyfriend instead... he's back from his trip now so I thought I'd find his house... and I did! Yes, I had fun...:P NOW ONTO THE POKEMON!
btw, do any of you know the term for when the weather matches the mood in a piece of writing? *stares blankly at her essay*}

Rosairie gave a sigh of relief as Silence finally came to a halt. After all, he probably found a nurse or someone similarily helpfull - the depressed little Jolteon did have his uses, even if he wasn't the best company.
"Have you found a nurse, Si?" she asked tiredly, and peered through the doorway. As her eyes flicked, from the nurse, to the man from the tournament announcement, to Reina to- Valen. Her eyes narrowed. Still, she didn't have time to dig up old feuds and scratch at old wounds; standing beside him was a nurse, and that was what she had been looking for.

"Can I get some help for my friend?" she asked desperately, her voice catching ever so slightly. This situation was terrible; not only was Kyoko in a terrible condition, here were the two people that hated her most in the world. How awfull this day had been! Rosairie rubbed her forehead. "Kyoko... Kyoko, I think she's fainted or..." she trailed off, staring despite herself straight at Valen. He looks okay, she thought, He's sitting up, and none of those wounds have gone bad... She nearly smiled in self-pride, but then she recalled how much Valen hated her; he would like to see her miserable.

Silence merely cocked his head. He was sure he had smelt someone nice - Valen certainly wasn't nice, and neither was Reina. At least.... not on the surface...

Alter Ego
February 21st, 2006, 11:23 AM
OOC: Ehh...spend hours online and nobody comes, but take one hour off to go to a play with your family and then the missing posters arrive. It figures. xD

Anyways, I'll make an IC soon enough, but before that; I believe that the term you are looking for is 'Personal projection', i.e. the character's personality/mood being projected on his/her environment, unless it's merely a choice of adjectives to describe the weather (E.g. Negative ones when the character is feeling negative) in which case it's called 'Free indirect discourse'. Yeah, I didn't go through a whole course of academic writing without learning anything. xD

February 21st, 2006, 6:23 PM
It appears there is some friction between those present.

Remaining a few paces from the doorway, Chain's gaze shifted from trainer to trainer before temporarily resting on the somewhat confused, still depressed Jolteon. I suppose this was not quite what Silence was expecting . . . Or anyone, for that matter. Raising his jade eyes, Chain silently studied the occupants of the room he now faced as he listened to Rosarie address the nurse. Those two--Valen and Reina--I recognize. The other man . . . If I recall correctly, he works for WaiWai Inc. Though his expression did not change, a flicker of discomfort passed through Chain's mind. Even if that's true, as long as he doesn't know what I did, it doesn't particularly matter.

Shifting his grip on Kyoko slightly to prevent himself from dropping her, Chain's glance finally rested on the nurse as he awaited her response to Rosarie's request.

Alter Ego
February 22nd, 2006, 6:52 AM
OOC: Urgh...I was told to get off the computer just a few minutes after I posted so I didn't have the time to write an IC. >.< Sorry...Oh, and would someone from the Showgan crowd be as good as to post there, please?


An expression of alarm briefly flashed across Valen's face at Reina's remark, soon to be replaced with his usual scowl, "Don't even joke about that." he muttered, shaking his head, "Just the thought of that is enough to-"

He paused in mid-sentence as Rosairie made her entry, deciding against starting out an argument about this at the moment and trying to focus his attention on anyone but the girl, although he felt a tinge of annoyance as he noticed that she seemed to be all too focused on him. What's she staring at? he thought irritably, forcing his attention to the others with her instead; there was that little pipsqueak who had always been clinging to Rosairie...Kyoko or whatever her names was, unconscious apparently. Hardly a surprise... Valen thought bitterly, The miracle is that she stayed upright for this long. and holding the girl was...well, some boy. Valen recalled seeing him somewhere before but couldn't really put his finger on where, and he certainly didn't know his name. Anyway, the boy just seemed to be shutting up and minding his own bussiness at the moment so Valen decided not to pay him too much heed, absent-mindedly hearing Rosairie's pleas to nurse Veronica.

"Like, sorry miss, but do you have an appointment?" the nurse asked, her mind once again setting busily out to work to figure out all of these new events while her mouth took up spouting the usual jargon on its own accord, "In case you didn't notice, I'm like, really busy already." she gestured towards Reina and Valen, "So like, go and wait in queue in the reception like everyone else, and take your Jolteon out of the way, okay? He's like, blocking the corridor, you know?"

Vincent had been silent for a while, studying the others as well, being well-versed in spotting the tiniest details as he was, he found himself distinctly aware of the fact that the boy who was holding this...Kyoko, seemed to have looked at him a bit longer than anyone else. How odd... he thought for himself, That would indicate that he has something to hide... still, if the boy was indeed hiding something then he was doing it well, as there wasn't the slightest change in his expression to be seen, so the security chief decided to push the matter aside for a moment, focusing on sorting out the problem with Veronica instead.

"Excuse me." he said in an even voice, "But I do believe that this girl is also a wounded participant of the tournament, and therefore I would request that she recieve the appropriate priority as well."

"But like, who's gonna' look after her?" Veronica asked, tilting her head, "I like, still haven't gotten these two to the doctor because that Jolteon is blocking the way, you know. And like, I can't give everyone priority so like, she should really go and explain that in the reception, you know?"

Valen shook his head, knowing Rosairie she'd just stand there, scream, and stamp her foot all day if Veronica didn't change her opinion, and Silence would probably see to it that no-one got anywhere. The boy frowned at what he was just about to do. The thought repulsed him, even though he was really just doing it so he could get this over with, and so hopefully get rid of Rosairie's annoying presence as soon as possible.

"We're more or less heading in the same direction, aren't we?" he remarked in a less-than-happy tone, "And that being the case, couldn't we just..." he was having considerable difficulties with uttering this suggestion, "...let them come along with us." the boy concluded, "If they need a different kind of doctor then you can just lead them yourself, I'm sure these Chanseys can find their way."

"Well..." Veronica began, trying to work through this new suggestion, "I...like, suppose that it could work." she took a small pause before clapping her hands again, and the Chanseys promptly rushed off and disappeared around the corner, only to reappear with another one of the wheeled beds in tow.

"Like, put her over there." the nurse stated to Chain, nodding towards the empty bed, "And we've, like, only got two Chanseys available at the moment so some of you will have to push, ya' know?"

February 22nd, 2006, 8:34 AM
OOC: Showgan? What's that? XP


So Rosairie was actually here for an actual reason. Reina should have known that the girl was doing her best to help another fluffy, sweet girl get to the hospital. What on earth was wrong with the girl anyway? She merely looked as if she had fainted or something; how wimpy. Were there no tough girls left in the world? Reina knew she was a rare breed, but surely there must be others! Why did it seem like she was the only one like herself in the world sometimes?

That boy, Chain, was with the two girls. Reina didn't mind him, he seemed like a good enough person. He had a sort of secretive air about him that bugged her a little, but other than that, she had no problem.

Reina almost snapped at Rosairie when she began peering at Valen. What was she playing at? She was going to blow her own cover if she continued to do that. Valen did not seem like the type to ignore people he disliked when they stared at him. Reina didn't say anything though; that would have only made things worse.

That in itself wasn't so bad, but it was when Valen made a suggestion that they all... go together... that Reina's eyes widened in total shock. "What?! You can't be serious...?!" she began, but trailed off, figuring that it was futile to argue, "Nevermind. It's fine." Reina may have disliked Rosairie, but she wasn't about to deny that girl treatment when she obviously needed... something. Things wouldn't be too bad... as long as Rosairie didn't talk, and didn't sneak another proud peek at her unknown patient.

February 22nd, 2006, 5:14 PM
There's more hostility in this room than on a battlefield and more tension than in a political debate. At Chain's shoulder, Abra shifted slightly in its sleep before tightening its grip on its trainer. I wonder if Abra senses it, too.

Altering his gaze as Veronica addressed him, the male nodded. Turning, Chain carefully placed Kyoko on the wheeled bed the Chanseys provided. Then, stepping back, he paused as the nurse stated that someone would need to help push the patients. I hadn't realized how heavy the girl was until I put her down--not that she was of any great weight. But, carry anything for a while starts to have an effect on you. Still . . . Glancing toward Veronica, he shrugged slightly. "If I could carry her this far, I'll push her the rest of the way."

February 23rd, 2006, 10:11 AM
{ooc| Un! Dos! Tres! Cartocy! *can't spell in foreign languages*
I'm making a new Scared CD for my youth club for us to listen to/mix/sing along to... so I'm trying to find loads of catchy hyper songs. Any language. Any era. Guys, you got any titles for me? *points to bearshare* I can get ANYTHING, mwahahaha...
I'm at a place called Vertigo!}

As Chain lay the unconcious Kyoko on the bed, Rosairie seemed to relax. She shot nurse Veronica a suspicious glance. "You WILL treat her, right?" she snapped immedietly, her voice strained by anxiety, "I mean... she's been like this all afternoon, fainting and coming round and fainting again... there's something serious wrong with her..." she trailed off, and bit her lip. Henna petted Rosairie's arm supportively, but the girl didn't seem to notice; she was deep in thought.

I'm such an idiot! she thought angrily, I helped that arrogant little prick Valen, but I'm not even clever enough to help my own friend!
It took all her self-restraint not to hit the boy, who was so desperate for her to suffer - she had saved his life! She clenched her fists. He could never know. Still, he disgusted her - his arrogance, his adamance...
"Si, heel." she hissed, and the Jolteon skittered back to Rosairie's side, well out of the way. Sensing Rosairie's anger, the Jolteon's lip drew back in a snarl. As usual, he made no sound - but his eyes blazed, fixed on the two other teenagers. Valen was upsetting his trainer, and Reina...well, she had done nothing, but she reeked of contempt. Both of them loathed Rosairie, and in his book that alone was enough for the Jolteon.

Alter Ego
February 23rd, 2006, 11:55 AM
Showgan? What's that? XP

It's a kind of a fruit that people used to eat before potatoes were discovered, why do you ask? xD

And uh...what language is that exactly, Charon? If it's french then the spelling goes Un, Deux, Trois, Quatre and if it's Spanish then it goes Uno, Dos, Tres, and qu-something, I'm not sure about that since I've never studied Spanish. xP

As for catchy hyper songs...ehh, sorry, not exactly my expertise. *Shrugs*


"Like, I said I'd go along with it, didn't I?" Veronica replied in an offended tone to Rosairie's remark, "But like, it's the doctors around this place who are supposed to actually help, ya' know? I only like, take people to places and stuff."

"And you're doing a right terrible job at it." Valen remarked in a very quiet voice.

"Like, what was that?" the nurse inquired, turning her attention to the boy.

"Nothing." Valen replied nonchalantly, "Now are we going to get moving or what?"

"Right, like, that's the plan." Veronica said after giving the boy one, last suspicious look, turning her attention back to the corridor in front of her instead.

"Allright like, you start pushing then." she remarked to Chain, "And like, maybe you should help too, miss, because it's kind of heavy." the nurse added to Rosairie, "Now like, let's go. Everyone follow me."

And with that, the nurse began walking down the corridors again, the rest of the procession following in a more or less organized manner while Valen had once again taken up glaring murderously at the covers of the bed he was in, although he couldn't help shooting an extremely quick glance at Rosairie, only to return his eyes just as quickly.

What the hell was I thinking? he thought furiously, Why did I bother to help that spoiled ingrate in any way?! I should just have let those Poochyenas have at her! had there not been so many people around he would probably have punched an innocent wall and shouted this out aloud, but as it was, he remained quiet and just shut out his surroundings as he waited for them to arrive at their destination.

February 23rd, 2006, 6:12 PM
OOC: Cuatro.

Hyper, catchy songs?

Butterfly (original, extended, Hyper K, Upswing, etc.),- SMiLE.dk
Dragonfly - SMiLE.dk
Spinnin' Around - Jump 5
Countre-Courant - Alizee (not fully hyper, but relatively energetic)
I Do, I Do, I Do - Creamy
Be Your Girl - Chieko Kawabe (somewhat energetic)
The End (Remix) - Groove Coverage (not quite hyper, but still a type of dance song)

Those are the songs I can currently recall.

Er, I should be leaving. I will add my IC later.

Random Plushie
February 23rd, 2006, 9:59 PM

Waaaaaah, somebody please hit me with a stick or something.. 'cause I didn't even notice that there was a new Lori IC until Titan mentioned it.. xD


Avery nodded cheerfully at Lori's answer, almost clapping her hands in excitement. Apparently energy was returning to her. Maybe the fact that there seemed to be more sunlight was a factor.. although anyone who really knew Avery would know better. Fable didn't react at all, too busy in sniffing at the ground to care that they were close to the Pokemon Center.

"Awright! Just down the laaaaaane!" Avery exclaimed in a sing-song voice, ushering Fable to follow after Lori at the same pace. The Sableye sulked while he did so. How was he supposed to find any good rocks like this?


Meanwhile, not too far away, was a simple wooden green park bench, which was showing signs of erosion. However, something seemed off. Perhaps it was because this particular park bench was currently occupied by a lone Banette. This Banette wasn't grinning in the manner that Banette normally do, though. In fact, the poor Ghost-type seemed to be completely frustrated, a scowl across his entire expression, his arms folded across his chest.

{Piffle.. Doesn't he realize that I have much better things to do?} The Banette said aloud, apparently to himself. His voice seemed to match his expression; very much irritated. {It's not like the imp would be around here anyways.. He said himself that the loser was abandoned years ago. If only that tournament hadn't gone all wrong.. it would've been fun to..}

The Banette trailed off, his eyes lighting up with a newfound interest, for he had just spotted something very interesting.. something very interesting indeed. It looked like a tour group of sorts, comprised of mostly trainers, and lead by a lady he might've seen before. Apparently they had just gotten off the elevator from Undercity. In the middle of this particular group, on the ground to be precise, was a Sableye, probably scouting for rocks like all Sableye tend to do when hungry.

The Banette cackled a bit to himself, rubbing his little hands together enthusiastically.

{Looks like ol' Kooky wasn't having one of them hallucinations after all.} The Banette remarked, slowly fading away from view, the park bench becoming lonely and empty once again.

February 24th, 2006, 5:25 AM
"Hear that, Krys? You'll be healed and jumping around again."Cona gave the Marshtomp a soft pat on the back as Lori said that the Pokemon Center was only a lane away. Finally, all of them could get some rest. Plus, she'd be able to seat down, sort out her thoughts and think for real this time.

"You aren't going to mention aliens. You aren't going to mention spirits. You're going to think about the most logical explanation there is."she told herself in a firm tone, hoping that the thought would stay in her head.
Withthat, the trainer followed after Lori and Kayley.

"Eh, hurry it up, Jeffery."she called out to the boy behind her before turning to make sure she was walking towards the red-roofed building and that Lori and Kayley were still in sight.

Baker's Bulbasaur
February 24th, 2006, 6:10 AM
JJ was snapped out of conversation with Grovyle at the sound of the calling Cona, she motioned for him to hurry up.

''Come of Grovy, let's catch up''
{where may I ask are we going?} the grass type said with interest

JJ began to walk, with his pokemon just on his heels, he brushed a hand through his hair as he answered ''To the pokemon centre, apparantly we have to stay in the city tonight, it's being completely shut down, so we're staing at a pokemon centre....not that I had intentions of leaving tonight anyway....'' Grovyle looked as if he was about to ask another quesion, perhaps on JJ's final comment about not planning to leave the city, but he thought better of it and merely followed on.

Walking fast, to catch up, JJ layed his eyes upon the sky above, he closed his eyes, and for the first time actually tried to bring the images of those pokemon back to the front of his overcrowded brain of thought, before now he had been more trying to push it back, but now this was not the case.......he knew there was something going on here, something deep, something secret, much more secret then anything even Valen, or vincent knew, because Jeffery was sure they knew something and were not letting on, but something told the young man that they were unaware of something, and after trying to force these theorys away from him, JJ figured he might aswell let them come, and try and work them out, not that he had high hoped of doing this though....

''Hey, sorry about that, was miles away.'' JJ said with a grin, finally catching up with the girls.
''How far are we from the centre? I would like to get my Corsola checked out...''

Alter Ego
February 24th, 2006, 6:49 AM
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February 24th, 2006, 7:53 AM
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February 24th, 2006, 8:09 AM
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Sorry, can't think of any hyper songs right now. I have heard some of the ones that Kogenta mentioned though! *feels special*


'Quit letting yourself be bothered by him you idiot!' she thought towards Rosairie, 'You're going to blow it!'

Grumbling to herself, Reina kept trying to ignore the fact that Rosairie was two seconds away from blowing her own secret. The girl's clenched fists and clearly bothered face were a great indication of how angry she was getting, and the angrier people got, the stupider they got too. Reina would have spoken to the girl, told her to calm herself if she never wanted Valen to know... but that was impossible right now in their current state. Reina could only watch the events unfold.

They were now moving along, and though the pain in Reina's hand was getting a bit better now, she still wanted it looked at.

Perhaps she could do something about this situation of Rosairie's without giving it away. It would have to be done carefully though, or Valen would pick up on it and all would be for naught. Reina thought quickly, and then turned to the annoying girl, but not before glancing at Kyoko.

"So what happened to her anyway? Do you know?" she asked, trying to spark some sort of conversation. Rosairie had already hinted that she didn't really know, but Reina had to think of something to get this going. Hopefully Valen would just stay out of the conversation to make this easier.

Alter Ego
February 24th, 2006, 9:04 AM
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Valen continued frowning for himself as Reina made an attempt at striking up a conversation with Rosairie. The boy found it rather odd, seeing as Reina seemed to dislike that pampered brat almost as much he did, and he couldn't help feeling a nagging suspicion that one of them was keeping something from him. Perhaps both of them? Or even Kyoko? Valen shook his head a bit, dismissing that thought. Nonsense... he told himself, he just couldn't picture Reina and Rosairie in any kind of conspiracy, no matter how small. That Cona girl must be getting to my head. the boy continued in his mind, Or maybe I'm just tired... he added as an afterthought. Come to think of it, he did feel a bit drowsy. Despite the first aid, the boy had still lost quite a bit of blood, and being knocked about like that sure took quite a bit of energy. He was feeling too stubborn to just let his body fall asleep like it wanted to, however, choosing to focus on the path in front of them instead, determined to stay awake until his wounds had been seen to, while all the time paying half-minded heed to the conversation starting up around him.


"Like I said; it's just down the lane, hun." Lori replied to JJ's question, growing ever more certain about the fact that a mental institution was the kind of hospital that this boy needed most, "In fact, it looks like we're here, lovehs." the woman continued, coming to a halt near the end of the street and nodding to her left where, sure enough, the pokémon center was located. Like most buildings in Overcity, it sported large glass windows on each side, as well as a large glass dome for a roof, nestled firmly on the white stone walls, but even this roof had the traditional red colour, albeit only on the support beams for the glass panels, and the large pokéball symbol over the entrance was a dead giveaway. The structure was also surrounded by a small park with a carefully trimmed lawn and a tiled trail leading around it, apparently so as to keep people off the grass, and a few benches situated here and there. Aside from the loop around the structure, the tiled path also led to a (At least in this case) far more important place; the actual pokémon center entrance, only a short walk up a flight of stairs and a pair of carefully cleaned sliding doors away.

"Well, I'm sure you can find you way from here, sweeties." Lori stated, "So if you'll excuse me, I'll just take my leave of you all now." she gave the assembled trainers one last smile and a wave before turning on her heels and walking off in a rather swift manner, although she still took care to move in her usual style.

Baker's Bulbasaur
February 24th, 2006, 9:42 AM
''Oh uuum, ok then, bye....'' JJ said with a questionably un-enthusiastic and fully confused wave, combined with a weak smile

She was defenitely eager to get away Jeffery began to think not that I wanted to be babied, but it seems strange that she was ordered to make sure we got here safely, and now she's laxly walking back to her boss.........I think too much
Jeffery chuckled and Grovyle who had been observing the young lady as she strutted away, quickly turned to face his master

{Summit funny?..} It asked, eager for any form of humor
''....huh?....oh, naaa it's ok''

The boy turned to face Cona and Avery, Cona's marshtomp was still hanging loosely from her neck, surely it had to be killing her by now......
And Avery's sableye was still a pokemon of great interest to JJ, but this wasn't the time nor the place. He looked up at the building they were standing outside of, it was fairly large for a pokemon centre, bigger then you're average one, then again this was a very high tech city. He watched as a woman waked trough the aurtomatic doors, holding the hand of a crring little girl, they began to walk up the perfectly made path, surrounded by beautifully cur grass.

''There ther sweetie, don't worry about Phanpy, she'll be just fine''
The woman said as they walked past JJ.

Jeffery ran a hand through his hair, out of habbit more then the need to wipe it out of his eyes, and he turned to the others

''WEll, I gues we'd better get checked in, here's hoping their not full, but with a building this huge, i'm pretty sure we'll be ok'' he laughed at this, not knowing that miles away, in the deepest darkest dephs of the unknown, all was not right.....

February 24th, 2006, 12:46 PM
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Charon, I've got plenty songs you need. X3 Like um Chance. But UVERworld. They did the second Bleach opening and I've fallen in love... T___T Also, get any songs by D-51. :3 Preppy HAWT japanese boy band.

And pretty much ANYTHING from Dance Dance Revolution is catchy, right Kogenta? xDD You seem like you play, if you do, what level do you normally do in DDR? Does anybody else play? -is a rabid DDR freak pershon- :3

My favorites songs atm are
I like to Move it
Rhythem and Police
If you were here
Exotic Ethnic (<3)

Sorry IC is so short, my finger's really bugging me and typing with one hand is hard. T__T


Her body twitched lightly at the movement before lying still for a little while longer before she promptly sat up for exactly seven seconds at which time she flopped back down, muttering lightly under her breath,"Lights... lights too bright..." She covered her left eye lightly, the world spinning around her like one of the those toy tops little children played with while they were young. This place was of paler pastel colors, bland and boring to the eye. The scent was disturbingly sterile; too sterile, like a home for the elderly would smell but more so and much stronger. Her surroundings were unfamiliar... and this place smelled very, very, familiar-almost like a-

"Where am I!?" She demanded, her voice suddenly drawing strength from places she couldn't have reached before, "I want to know where I am!"

Alter Ego
February 24th, 2006, 1:00 PM
The ends of Valen's mouth curled up ever so slightly at Kyoko's demanding question, although it was quite far from a genuinely well-meaning smile and came of more like a bizzare grimace of some kind. Normally, the boy would never have agreed to reply anything to such a tone of questioning, but hearing such resolution and firmness from one so frail amused him a little, and he decided to play along, if only to see the girl's reaction.

"Demand?" he echoed in a slow, drawling voice, raising his head slightly to get a better view of Kyoko and fixing his misty grey eyes to meet hers, "You don't seem to be in any position to demand anything..." he took a small pause before continuing.

"But if you simply must know, we are in the Twilight City hospital." he explained, shrugging, "And now that you're awake again, maybe you could answer the question that those two..." he nodded towards Rosairie and Reina, "...have been wondering about?"

"And like, give us some ID too." nurse Veronica cut in, briefly turning her attention away from the path ahead of them, "It's like, hospital policy and all, ya' know?"

February 24th, 2006, 4:29 PM
OOC: Eh, dun worry about it Kyoko. It's all good. ^^


"Yeah, what's with you anyway? Are you sick or something?" Reina said, ignoring Rosairie for the moment and concentrating on finding out what was going on with the little girl. She was curious and wanted to know if something was seriously wrong, or if the girl was simply overreacting.

It was probably the latter, and Reina was a little annoyed with the girl's demanding tone. She should be happy that anyone was gracious enough to drag her all the way up to Overcity's hospital. The first words out of her mouth should have been "thanks, I'm sorry I worried you."

February 24th, 2006, 5:39 PM
[OOC: Sorry. ^-^;; It seems my IC is rather late . . . And sadly short.

Though I do play DDR, I am, unfortunately, rather poor at it and usually play it via my PS2 at home. I believe the available levels on my version are simply "Easy", "Medium", and "Hard". As to which level I play, I use whatever level my sister decided to leave it on. Of the songs on the DDR version I have, "Look to the Sky" is my favorite.]

Gripping the metal bar at the end of Kyoko's wheeled bed, Chain started down the hall after Valerie. As the young girl suddenly sat upright, a faint annoyance seemed to cross the male trainer's face--though he said nothing. His expression returning to its customary, emotionless state, Chain listented silently to the short conversation that ensued between Kyoko and Valen. Glancing up, however, as the nurse mentioned ID, Chain recalled the girl's earlier request. Before she fell unconscious, Kyoko said that she didn't want her last name given at the hospital. Returning his gaze to Kyoko, a thoughtful note entered Chain's eyes. I wonder what she'll do now . . .

February 24th, 2006, 5:53 PM
ooc: o.o; Kyo-ko...? XD Oh I see, I forgot to mention I go by Mika. xp Kyoko's my OD (Don't... even... ask.... ) name and it stuck so I made it into an rp char. xDDD -dances-

And in the duration of my posting, Chain posts. xD This rp is just SO mean to me sometimes...


She nearly choked at the word hospital and completely ignored the question about ID... for certian unobvious purposes... and leaned back agianst the pillow blushing crimson. She'd certianlly been a bit of a brat there... But he, who ever he was, was correct. She was in no position to demand things of anybody and from the looks of it she'd worried Rosairie-nee-chan and Chain-sempai, well maybe not worry him but she'd at least inconvienenced him, and all she could think about was her own selfish wishes.

Great going self... she turned towards Rosairie softly. "N-e-e-chan I'm sorry... I really am.... I don't know if... if what happened... maybe that's causing this..." she sighed, rubbing her forehead in exasperation. She did not like all these people swarmed around her, she did not like in a hospital period and her head hurt like no other, "I um... I think maybe... Well you see... when I got... got off the train(ship?) this morning... I kinda um...." she blushed, lowering her volume to barely above a whisper, "Kinda... fell... down... the ramp.... and hit my head on somebody's Gollem... But.... I don't know... I... do get sick alot..." She paused, looking past Rosairie to Silence, a pleading look in her eyes for some comfort from the pokemon that she was quickly becoming somewhat attached to for no apparent reason at all what so ever, "My... brother always says I push myself too hard... maybe... that's what I did..." Turning towards Chain, she blushed brighter, "I-I'm really sorry Chain-sempai... for... making you carry me and all... Please... if you're mad at me I understand..." She managed a soft laugh, "I know I'm pathetic, don't even say it."

February 24th, 2006, 6:06 PM
"Good, then."Cona would have waved to Lori if she had a free hand, or if the lady didn't start walking off at such a fast pace.

"Looks like she's got somewhere to go..."she said in a suspicious tone, though replacing the frown on her face with a laugh as she nodded to Jeffery, looking at the Pokemon Center before giving the Marshtomp in her arms a hug.

"We're here already, Krys. Now you can get better and I won't have to carry you round' anymore."she grinned, the Pidgey on her shoulder starting to speak. He just needed to comment on something, lest he lost his new fond way of speaking. Tailow wouldn't have liked that.

{Like, dude, make sure, you ask him to cut off on the cheese. I say, its like, fattening him up.}Cona grimaced at Kuner. Her arms were hurting a tad bit, since they had been carrying Krystal for the last hour or so. The trainer hadn't bothered to keep track of time.

"Well, we'll just have to find out."she replied to JJ's remark, on the Pokemon Center being full or not. Without waiting for anyone else, the girl walked through the doors.

February 24th, 2006, 11:18 PM
[OOC: She refers to you as "Kyoko", and you refer to me as "Chain". Interesting. ^-^;;

At another forum, though, a number of people refer to me as "Yami" (my main roleplay character there).]

For a long moment, Chain remained silent as he stared at Kyoko, slowing his pace slightly while turning a corner in the hall. She did . . . what? Though his expression remained habitually quiet and impassive, he did not speak for some time. How does someone hit their head on a Golem? Usually the Golem hits them . . . Deliberately shifting his gaze from Kyoko, Chain waited for her to complete her words before replying to her apology.

"If I was angry, I wouldn't have brought you here," he answered simply, yet firmly--as though attempting to close discussion the subject. Then, resuming his customary pace, he fell silent.

February 25th, 2006, 5:01 AM
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I had my two best friends over last night for a sleepover/dance party - hence the request for hyper songs - and we watched Monty Python's Flying Circus (which, by the way, I am a huge fan of), danced around, chatted to our male friends on webcam and drank the peculiar german alcohol I found at the back of the cupboard. 'Apfelkorn', or something. I feel sick. Nnnrrrgh.
We tried to play Dance:UK last night, which is a crazy english dance mat game, but my PS2 is all... 'noIdon'tlikethatgaaaame!' and it kept freezing and shutting itself down. Blah. MY GAMECUBE ISN'T THAT DEFIANT. ¬¬;}

Rosairie ooked suddenly surprised, as Reina adressed her, but before she could conjure an answer Kyoko was stirring, frightened.
Rosairie smiled absently, and petted Kyoko's hand.
"You don't need to apologise," she told the girl warmly, "I understand. Si gets ill all the time - he gets overwhelmed by things. I'm quite used to this." she shot the younger girl a genuine smile.

Silence, meanwhile, trotted obediently at her feet. His ears pricked as his name was mentioned, but other than that he showed no sign of being aware of his surroundings. It was much easier to blot things out that to have to hear and smell all the bad things. He kept his eyes fixed on Rosairie's brown suede boots.
Henna followed the girl at a respectful pace. After all, this was a human hospital, and she really was pushing the rules by being out of her ball here. Still, Rosairie needed her; Reina and Valen seemed to want her to suffer, despite Rosairie's help. Henna grunted, and followed behind Silence.

{shortness.... I'mma aso gonna make a t-card at some point so you lot can see my new pokes.}

February 25th, 2006, 6:21 AM
OOC: Uh... whoops. Why'd I call you Kyoko, Mika? XD Oh well, I'll blame it on the fact that I was... eh... hungry? Um, yeah, that was it. Yeah, it wasn't me being stupid at all! -____-;;


"Well whatever, let's just get this hospital treatment going," Reina grumbled after Rosairie and Kyoko had cleared things up a bit. Kyoko was right, she did look pretty pathetic, but Reina wasn't about to start yelling at the girl for being stupid, so she chose to quiet that part of herself for the moment. Besides that, Reina had glanced at Valen before Kyoko had woken up, and he looked to be a bit suspicious about her sudden conversation with Rosairie. This was to be expected, but Reina figured that if she just dropped the conversation idea, then there wouldn't be anything to make the boy suspicious again. Rosairie would no doubt be busy with Kyoko, and so there wasn't really a need to distract her anymore.

Reina hated secrets, they were always so high-maintenence. She almost wished that Rosairie would have let her tell Valen about her role. It wasn't as if she did mouth to mouth or something, perish the thought, she just helped bandage him up a bit. But then she thought of how she would feel if she had been the one unconscious and bleeding, and it was Rosairie that had helped her. No, she wouldn't like that at all. She would get over it though. To find out that two people were keeping a secret like that from her would make her really mad, and while she couldn't say with total certainty how Valen would feel on the subject, she had a feeling he wouldn't be utterly pleased to know that secrets had been kept from him.

'This is so stupid!' she thought to herself, 'Look at what that stupid girl has gotten me involved in! I never should have agreed to something like this. This is another reason I hate people like her....' Reina waited for Kyoko to give her information to Veronica, or for them to get walking again, thinking to herself about how stupid this all was.

Alter Ego
February 25th, 2006, 10:03 AM
OOC: Just to clear up any possible confusion for you, BB, Plushie, and Yibber; I don't have anything specific in mind for the Twilight City pokémon center so you guys can improvise on that in any way you wish, just as long as you don't go completely surreal. xD


"Like, that's great and all but I'm still going to require some ID." nurse Veronica cut in, slightly huffed by the rude way in which Kyoko had chosen to ignore her remark, "Like, I'm afraid I can't take you a step further until that has been sorted out."

Valen groaned. Great... he thought for himself, Just great...here we are in the middle of a friggen' hospital and no-one's doing anything because little miss china-doll here won't do as much as show them a simple piece of plastic. he shot the girl a suspicious glare, what on earth could be so important about her identity that she needed to keep it hidden like that? Someone that dainty and weak could certainly not have anything as nasty in his background as Valen did, so why would she be so reluctant to let anyone find out? It was probably just a middle name she disliked or some other ridiculous matter that girls like that bothered to fuss about for all eternity. You sure are an idiot... Valen thought bitterly as he waited for Kyoko to do something about the problem, he didn't say it out loud, though. There was no enjoyment to be derived from beating down someone who was already beating down herself, verbally or otherwise, and he really didn't have the energy for it either.

"If I may interrupt once more?" Vincent asked in his usual polite tone, breaking the awkward silence which had ensued for the last few minutes, "I believe that this girl's personal information is stored in the tournament entry database like everyone else's." he turned to adressed Kyoko, "Would you be so kind as to just inform me of what name you wrote on that sign-up document so that we might move on?" he asked, maintaining his usual calm, level tone.

February 25th, 2006, 10:48 AM

-edits unhappily- Charon made me do it. ;o; yell at her, not meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


Her gaze dropped, her head stopping its pounding now that the stupid cart had stopped. She was pretty sure now she had a light concussion... but both her id and her registration had her last name and both would note that in any circumstance of injury, her family was to be called and that, to some extent, was what she didn't want, "Mrrph.... I... I'm Kyoko...." She blinked, "But I'm not telling you my last name and you're not getting my ID." Her hands were shaking and she seemingly wanted to be out of this place without all these freaking people staring at her, and she wanted out now, her face still flushed a deep crimson.

February 25th, 2006, 11:18 AM
{ooc| Nice one, Mika xD}

Rosairie's eyes flicked from Kyoko to Vincent - why is she refusing? Rosairie thought anxiously. Refusing to give over her ID card - or even give her second name - was bound to arouse suspicion. She must have a good reason... Rosairie thought to herself.

Rosairie turned to Vincent, flicking her head so her strawberry blonde hair fluttered around her shoulders. She turned to Vincent with a reproachfull look in her eyes. "Sir, Statue 38 of the Patient-Doctor Confidentiality states that if any minor refuses to give her name then she is quite in her rights to do so, unless it some how endangers her!" Rosairie explained, glancing down at the girl. "Kyoko is perfectly safe with Chain and I, so there is no need for her name." she then smiled respectfully at the man, and bobbed a little half-curtsey, just to be polite. Rosairie expected she was pushing her luck a bit here, but she was willing to for Kyoko - after all, she had let the girl get hurt.

{ooc| it's short 'cause I suck.

February 25th, 2006, 12:11 PM
"Nee-nee-chan..." Kyoko whimpered lightly, sinking back against the bed. There were too many people... too many people talking when all she wanted to do was sleep... sleep and hopefully when she woke up, only Chain and Rosairie would be around and Reina, Valen and the big scary guy in the suit would be gone and that maybe, if somehow this horrid topic was dropped, she might be able to get some pain killers for this horrid headache, a nap, a suitble dark room and hopefully only Rosairie and Chain if he wasn't mad at her, would be there. She didn't really have anything against the others but... she didn't like situations like this, she didn't like being forced into such a private conversation in front of the eyes of people she didn't know when she had no pathways of escape. Her body tremebled more so as she looked from side to side, quite like a mouse caught in a corner by a large cat, trying to avoid becoming somebody's dinner.

Random Plushie
February 26th, 2006, 12:03 AM
Avery hadn't made a contribution to the conversation, biting her lip and glancing at her Sableye every now and then to make sure he hadn't scurried off in his search for rocks. She most certainly did not want a replay of the New Mauville incident. JJ and Cona had already taken care of commenting on Lori's quick departure anyways. Now it seemed that Cona was taking the initiative on entering the Pokemon Center.

Avery immediately followed before the glass doors closed up again, once again glancing at Fable to confirm that he was still with the group. Funny, how she hadn't even worried when he had been scavenging earlier. She turned her thoughts away from the subject, casting her gaze across the lobby.

There was the usual counter where the local Nurse Joy worked, who in fact was busy returning Pokeballs to their owners in metal trays. It seemed like any other moderately busy day at any other Pokemon Center. Maybe it was because most Trainers from the tournament had already gotten their Pokemon healed, who knew?

Just as Avery was about to comment on this, she was cut off by the sudden appearance of a rather weird-looking Banette directly in front of her. The marionette simply materialized seemingly out of thin air, the Ghost-type wearing one of its trademark grins. Avery came to an abrupt halt, as did Fable, but that was mostly because he had been behind Avery, so he was forced to.

{Pardon me~!} The Banette exclaimed, a glint appearing in his eyes for some reason. He stared at Fable for a few moments, then faded away into the air without so much as a trace, as if the encounter had never happened.

Avery blinked, staying still for a few moments before she rushed to catch up to where Cona was. Fable took his time following, apparently angered by the fact that there were no rocks to be found in a Pokemon Center.

"Well.. that was weird." Avery said, addressing Cona as she caught up. "Don't know where the heck that Banette came from."

Alter Ego
February 26th, 2006, 12:23 AM
OOC: Grown, Mika, very grown...Veronica isn't a shemale, m'kay? Let's see that edited. <.<


Vincent gave a tired sigh at Kyoko's reply and Rosairie's consequent comment, shaking his head.

"Looks like she isn't going to cooperate." he commented, frowning, "You do realize that this is completely pointless, don't you?" he added to Kyoko, "Your first name is quite...distinct, it will be easy to track out from our database. And if it turns out that it isn't there..." the security chief took a small pause, "Then I am afraid that we shall have no choice but to take legal action." he fixed the girl with a stern glance, "We do not tolerate dishonesty in matters like these, and with all due respect..." he added to adress Rosairie's comment on the legislation, "Considering the current circumstances I believe that we are quite justified to screen the backgrounds of any and all suspicious individuals, and you must realize that refusing to give your surname is quite suspicious indeed." he took a small pause again, "But no, we can't force you to give us your name..." Vincent continued, "However, global police can, and we are under strict orders to provide them with a list of all suspicious individuals. So I would suggest..." he leant a bit closer to Kyoko, "...that you would think very carefully about who you would rather have deal with this matter." he turned back to Veronica, "If you would be so kind as to take this procession along?"

"Umm...right." replied the nurse, who seemed quite lost in the jumble of words she had overheard, "Like, you heard him." she added to the Chanseys, and soon, the whole procession had gotten into motion again.

Valen had only paid half-minded heed to the proceedings. He was tired, his head hurt, in fact, pretty much every part of his body did, and he really didn't have the patience to listen to his mentor's intriciate treaths, well played though they were, merely continuing to stare ahead and focusing his efforts onto staying awake.

February 26th, 2006, 1:51 AM
{Ga-Ghost!! Gahh!!!!}Krys, whose head was resting on his trainer's shoulder, was turned to her back, saw a Banette appear before the Avery girl and her pokemon which didn't seem to like cheese. The Marshtomp shut his eyes tight, not being the type who liked to see things appear out of thin air and vanish once more.

"Banette?!"Cona's eyes widdened at the mention of a Ghost Pokemon, glancing to Avery as the girl entered the Pokemon Center right after her. Why would a Banette appear in the public area with so many pokemon trainers? Had it a reason? A secret plot for world destruction? Or did it just come out to scare innocent people?

Okay, Avery..innocent?

"Bleh..L-Lets hope it was probably h-having fun."the trainer tried to keep her voice from shaking. If there was a spirit around, there would be no end to what horrors it could unleash upon the space of a building meant for pokemon and their trainers to heal and rest up.

"Why don't we leave to find the others who went to the hospital after this? Not like there's anything else we can do here."she decided to change the topic, joining the queue which had formed at the counter.

"Unless of course, both of you have other ideas...?"she quickly added on to her statement. It was strange, at any one time, either Avery or JJ would proceed to become silent. Was she the only sane person left?!

February 26th, 2006, 2:29 AM
{ooc| My team is;
Curry the Combusken; level 26, male
Snaps the Mightyena; level 20, female
Cotton the Skitty; level 20, female
Ryne the Kirlia, level 20, female.
Currently Cotton is my fave... I would post natures/movesets but I don't have my GBA to hand. Though the 'storyteller' in Mauville says I've saved 31 times - o_O;}

Rosairie gnawed at her bottom lip anxiously.
"Henna, what should I...?" she whispered, and shot a cautious look at her magmar. The fire type's lazy eyes narrowed and her tail wavered, a sure sign Henna was thinking.

{Don't worry about it for now,} the magmar began calmly, not bothering to lower her voice. After all, she was a 'trophy pokemon', much like Heracross - hardly anyone bothered to learn her language, save fire-type specialists, so none of the humans here could understand her. {I mean, Kyoko's getting treated, so we've got no problem for now. Let's just get her safe and then we'll ask her what she thinks.} The magmar crossed her arms. As per usual, she had been the voice of reason in Rosairie's skatty life. Rosairie wasn't stupid, far from it, but thinking on the spot wasn't her strong point. Flaunting her figure and tossing her hair was the thing she excelled at; using her looks to get her way, that was how Rosairie worked. In this town, however, the social spectrum seemed to work in quite a different way.

Rosairie turned to Vincent, as a sudden thought struck her. "She's in a state right now, sir," she to the WaiWai man, so only he could hear, "Let me talk to her a bit later, once she calmed down. She's had a few panic attacks...and..." Rosairie smiled shyly, hoping desperately Vincent wouldn't see through her frail lie, "...I guess she's just gone into 'ultra-wary' mode or something. Once she's settled and thinking strate, she'll give you her name....quite happily." she batted her eyelashes timidly. Just in case.

February 26th, 2006, 2:38 AM

..Isn't Ryne the name of Jena's currently unevolved Ralts?XDDD

Ryne thanks you for having superb taste in the naming department, Charon.^^


"Righ', who's next, yeah?"the Nurse Joy beckoned the next trainer to step up to the counter. Cona immediately set Krystal down onto the counter, rubbing one shoulder as she proceeded to take out one pokeball from the pocket of her white pants.

"Kuner, get into the ball for a healing, would you?"she said as the bird pokemon on her shoulder gave a small nod, disappearing in a flash of red light into his pokeball.Cona withdrew the Marshtomp who still had his eyes closed into his assigned pokeball. Before setting both spheres onto the counter. "Could you heal them for me, please? Especially the Marshtomp."

'Righ' hun. Be righ back, jus' you wait here hun."without any other comment, the nurse took both pokeballs.

Baker's Bulbasaur
February 26th, 2006, 4:16 AM
JJ's eyes had popped open at the sight of the ghost pokemon, he loved them so much, infact he loved any rare and exciting pokemon but ghosts had always been a close 2nd favourite type for him, being lead by grass.
''whoa, where did that come from?'' he said to no one in particular as he heard Cona let out a scream and jump back, although Avery seemed to be showing the same sort of interest in the pokemon as him.....perhaps she knew it, but he wouldn't ask, and instead turned to the sound of Nurse Joy asking for the next customer to step up. Cona done so and handed over her pokemon, plumping Krystal and Kuner on the table, she with a flued and quick motion returned both pokemon to their pokeballs and handed them to Nurse Joy.

''Yes sweety can I help you?...''

''Huh?...'' Jeffery said at the sound, and he turned his head to see another nurse, quite a bit older then the one who had been serving Cona, but with a defenitely look of one being identical to all nurse joy's.

''Oh...'' JJ said suprised ''Yes, thankyou'' he smiled and stepped up to the counter next to Cona

''Yes my dear, how can i help you?''

''Just by healing my pokemon please'' Jeffery replied cheerfully ''But could you take an extra special look at my Corsola, i'm a little worried about her...''

''Why of course'' the nurse said ''Nice to know that trainers even as young as yourself are taking the pride, respect, and showing the love towards pokemon that they should be'' she wore a lovely smile and winked at him, Jeffery grinned
''Thankyou mam, that means a lot.''
He brushed a hand through his blonde hair before reaching into his inside pocket, reaching for his pokeballs

{I take it you would like me to return to my ball then?''
Grovyle suddenly said

''Oh, uum yes please Grovyle, it won't be for long''

{Very well...}

JJ picked up the appropriate ball and held it towards his pokemon, a bea of light was fired from it instantly and engulfed the grass type, withdrawing it into the safty of the ball. JJ put it down on the table along with the others

''That one is Corsola...'' He said, indicating the correct ball. Burse Joy nodded and began picking the balls up and placing them on a small tray

''Oh wait, not that one, he's fine, hasn't battled for days, and i prefer to keep that one with me...'' JJ splured out fast, very eager to make this information clear. Nurse Joy raised an eyebrow but asked no questions, she picked the ball off the tray again and handed it to him.
''Right well just leave them with my my dear...''

Thankyou very much'' JJ said gratefully ''about how long would you say until i can pick them up?''

Nurse Joy turned to look at the clock on the wall behind her ''oh, they could be ready in as little as half an hour, perhaps an hour, we're rather busy b ut have a lot of staff working today so someone should get to you'rs very soon''

''That's brilliant'' JJ said with relief, he didn't like being without all his pokemon for too long ''I'll be back soon then''
and with a final smile he turned around and walked back towards Avery

''Well my pokemon are going to be about half an hour, so i dunno what you two wanna do until then, but perhaps we should stick together, we can split up if you want though and meet back here, but you still need to check you're pokemon in don't you?'' JJ said matter of factly, whilst returning the pokeball he had kept to his inside pocket. He turned his head to see how long Cona would be.

Random Plushie
February 26th, 2006, 11:30 AM
Avery tilted her head at Cona's first comment. Let's hope it was just having fun? Well, what other reason would it have? Was Cona getting back into her 'evil spirits' mode or what? Avery simply shrugged at the other things the girl had to say, about the hospital and all. Sure, maybe it wouldn't be a bad idea to catch up with those other guys.

After Cona had left to give her Pokemon to the Nurse, Avery turned towards her Sableye, who was currently sitting on the ground beside her, arms folded.

"Okay, Fable. I'll get you food after you're healed, then. You have to get in your Pokeball, though." Avery said, wearing a smile for extra effect, or so she hoped. The Sableye sighed softly, nodding his head once in response. At this point, Avery unclipped his Pokeball and returned him to it in moments, just as JJ had gotten back from giving his Pokemon to the Nurse.

"Half an hour? I don't know, but I wouldn't recommend leaving the building after all that's happened today, without our Pokemon and all." Avery replied, shrugging. "Yeah, I'm gonna give my Pokemon to a Nurse right now."

And with that, Avery strolled over to the counter, heading for the nearest open Nurse Joy. She was lucky there happened to be one with no line waiting for service.

"I take it you'd like to heal your Pokemon?" The Nurse said, as cheerfully as most Nurse Joys do. And just like usual, this one looked almost exactly like every other Nurse Joy.

In response, Avery nodded enthusiastically, already unclipping the four Pokeballs at her belt. In moments, she simply handed them over to the Nurse, who instantly began placing them in a metal tray.

"Okay, since there is a lot of Pokemon being healed at once, as well as a lot waiting to be healed in the back, the wait may be a little longer than usual. The least you'll have to wait is half an hour or so. Is that okay?" Nurse Joy exclaimed, again very cheerfully. Did business make them happier or something?

"Yes, that's fine. Thank you." Avery replied, heading back towards the others when the Nurse took the metal tray and walked away.

February 26th, 2006, 7:02 PM
ooc: I'd like to point out in my defense that CHARON TOLD ME -points at accusingly- that teh Veronica was a shemale. SHE TOLD ME. I was abused. y.y

And just cuz she did...

I'm like, posting my current emerald party... CUZ IT'S BETTER.

btw~ ZOMB is my new phrase. :3 It means "oh my bob."

Touya teh Trapinch, level 24
Kuro teh Azumarill level 30
Shie teh Minun level 20
Itatchi (DON'T ASK. >_>) teh Swablu level 15
Yenna teh Mightyena level 23
Ten-Ten teh Combusken level 27

Badges: 4
Pokedex: 15

-waves and trots off to bed-



Her hands instinctively moved to her poke balls, to call out something, anything, to hide behind. She was scared now, very scared. The very mention of the Global Police sent cruel shivers down her spine, shaking her more than her concussion probably had. Gently winding her hands around the poke ball tightly fastened to her necklace, she muttered something into it, releasing her Shuppet which she tightly wound her arms around, burying her face in its bubbly ness.

/Mmm? Kyo-chan, You’re not okie t’ll! Lemme fix it. Sokay, Imma here now…./ the bubbly ghost tried to soothe her quickly panicking trainer with soft little hummings and light smiles but nothing seemed to work until Kyoko muttered something along the lines of, “Hitori da” which would roughly translate to ‘I’m alone…’ The pokemon stopped its movements at this point and simply remained motionless in her arms, giving her all the clingy she needed, knowing that Kyoko was thinking… and thinking very quickly.

I’m going to have to leave… I don’t care if I’m chased after, I’m used to that… but I can’t get caught; not now. I’ve actually gotten past the opening ceremonies here… Even if I’m eliminated from the competition because of this… I… I won’t go home… I have nothing at home… but here… maybe I have a chance… and if HE gets involved… I’ll lose everything. She nodded lightly, not noting that she’d nodded in time with Rosairie’s comment about talking to Kyoko when she'd had a bit of a rest, completely oblivious to it due to her thinking state Yes… Yes… I’ll pay… in cash maybe… and then disappear… Shuppy-chan can use Imprison or Shadow Ball if I run into problems… I cannot and will not tell them my name and I won’t deal with the Global Police again… That....that's something I don't want to describe to myself....

/Careful Kyo-chan…/ The Shuppet's tone was warning, /You know if you get caught again-/

She sighed, muttering aloud, “Yeah I know… I won’t get any luxuries…” She stayed sitting up in “Indian Style” with her Shuppet in her lap, hoping that that big scary man would go ‘way as she obviously didn’t like him. The nasty little glares of doom that were really only dirty eye shots of the "You're a total and complete meanie butt" he was now getting were evidence of that. Very clear evidence of that though she remained silent, not saying anything after her small muttered comment

Alter Ego
February 27th, 2006, 8:07 AM
OOC: Like yeah, whatever you need to tell yourself, Mika. xD

Anyways, since we're on the topic of ingame team gloating, mine is;

Nordom the Wailmer (Male) - Level 31 (Currently still under intensive training, hence the low level. Raised the little sweetheart from level 5 I did, cos' I love my Earthquakers.)
Dadaluma the Claydol (Genderless) - Level 48
Baku the Camerupt (Male) - Level 47
Chichiro the Altaria (Female) - Level 47
Bubu the Swampert (Male) - Level 53
Goro the Hariyama (Male) - Level 47 (Also possesses a Master rank in Cute contests and a Hyper rank in Cool contests)

Also, outside the current team;

Koshi the Bellossom (Male o.O) - Level 40
Inara the shiny Dustox (Female) - Level 31
Seto the Mightyena (Male) - Level 28 (Also raised from level 5 and knows Yawn.)
Lini the Skitty (Female) - Level 28
Kiniko the Breloom (Female) - Level 24
Tazu the non-shiny Dustox (Male) - Level 14

Badges: 7
Pokédex: 92

Nyuk, nyuk. I pwn you both. =P

Oh, and as another note;

Shuppy-chan can use Hypnosis

No she can't, the only ghosts that can learn that move are in the Ghastly evolution line. Therefore I have now also pwned you in pokémon knowledge. =P

Say no to hacked movepools.


"Ahh...her cooperativeness must be what prompts her to glare at me so." Vincent replied to Rosairie's explanation, nodding towards Kyoko who was indeed taking every opportunity available to throw small deathstares at him. The security chief kept his voice completely even and neutral as he stated this, leaving it completely open wether his statement had been sarcastic or something else, "In all honesty I have very litte interest in whatever dirty little secrets she's hiding." he added in a slightly more raised voice which made it quite easy for Kyoko to overhear, "But rules are rules, and if I do not enforce them then others will, far less cooperatively minded others. I would suggest that you make sure that your little friend here keeps this in mind, global police do not have a reputation for being overly gentle with terrorism suspects." he fell silent again, increasing the pace of his stride just a little.

Meanwhile, Valen was finding it increasingly difficult to keep his eyes open, now and again catching himself just as he was about to nod off into sleep, and by the time that their little procession had finally made it to whatever doctor was meant to look after them, the boy barely heard Veronica's "Like, here we are then." as the world proceeded to slowly fade to black in his eyes, his eyelids drooping and soon falling shut altogether, the boy leaning back a bit and drifting off to sleep.

OOC: Yeah, whoever posts next for these people is free to improvise the doctor (Within the bounds of reason, this person is actually supposed to do his/her job. Just as a reminder in case certain individuals get too many ideas. =P), Valen is kind of going to be out cold here for a while.

February 27th, 2006, 8:25 AM
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Anyway! Posting time! I'll be a doctor! ^-^


"Ugh...," Reina grunted in a slightly disgusted voice. She had been watching Rosairie's conversation with Vincent and decided never to do such a thing again after seeing her little eyelashes bat in mock innocence. That sort of thing was so... girly. 'She's probably one of those girls that feign dropping a pencil to make a guy pick it up for her too,' she thought to herself, 'I could never understand why guys like that sort of thing. It's so pathetic.'

Reina then noticed that Kyoko had let out a Shuppet. Normally Reina would be happy to see a Shuppet, as they were interesting pokemon, but right now she was a bit shocked. This was a hospital, and no doubt they had rules against letting pokemon roam around with patients in their beds. The little girl was starting to get on her nerves too. After all, hospitals usually didn't care about people's pasts, their job is to heal and send you back on your way, not pry into you past and point and laugh or tell you you've been a bad person. Reina doubted the girl had anything criminal in her background anyway. She probably ran away from home or something.

Though Reina was glad to be getting to the doctor at last. Valen had been waiting for quite some time to get some real treatment, and it had been frustrating to Reina that he had to wait so long. He seemed to be sleeping again, and Reina figured it was probably more comfortable to be sleeping in no pain than to be awake and in pain, having to stare around at Rosairie and Kyoko.

The doctor looked to be somewhere in his 20's or 30's, pretty young for a doctor really. They probably let him do the easier treatments like theirs, and let the older doctors focus on the more severe cases. His dark brown hair was cut fairly short, and he sported the same clothing that all of the doctors in the hospital were wearing; the usual white overcoat with a nametag. Apparently his name was Dr. Kipling.

"Thank you Veronica, I can take it from here," he said, smiling graciously at her, though you could tell that he was a bit tired and had probably looked over more patients that he usually did. He then looked over all of the people in the room.

"I see we have these two," he said, glancing at Valen and Kyoko, "And anyone else?"

Reina raised her hand, "Me too."

"Ah, right then, I'll have to attend to him first," he indicated Valen, "Then you young lady," he indicated Kyoko, "And finally you." It seemed right, Valen was the worse off, Kyoko was still awake, and Reina just needed her hand looked at. He went up to Valen and began to take off the bandages that were covering up the worst of the lacerations. Reina shot a quick glance to Rosairie, glad that Valen was out of it so that if she happened to burst out something stupid, he wouldn't hear it.

February 27th, 2006, 4:11 PM
ooc- >.> Fine. Be mean like that =P no cherry pie for you. Would you let me have Imprison then? Ish an eggy move. AND STOP BEING ALL DESCRIMINATING. D=< I wasn't even gunna play the doctor and you're all, "Certian individuals" and yuh.

-copies Yuffie and flails at Alter- Descrimination! DESCRIMINATION!

Yeah. I won't share my cherry pie if you can't be nice.

Also, beware the wrath of Kyoko's chibi fury. xD

Sensei = Teacher, doctor, etc


Muttering something lightly under her breath, she skidded off the gurny and over to a wall, leaning against it, "He-he needs it more than me Sensei... Let him use it..." She smiled lightly, "And um, let Reina-sempai go first, her hand probably really hurts and she's had to wait a pretty long while for help. I'm okay with waiting."

Her shuppet floated to rest on her head before it silently stared at Vincent with a look that could actually score points on teh scary scale. /You leave her alone, you hear me? She may not be able to do a thing but I can and I'm not afraid to do so./

"Shuppy shush.... I'm fine..." she mumbled lightly, eyes flickering nervously around. She was starting to hate being in this crowd more and more and more. Moving slightly towards Rosairie, she tugged the girl's arm lightly, raising to her tip-toes to whisper into the other girl's ear, "Can-.., You please make some of these people, specially that big guy, go away...? I really hate crowds..."

February 27th, 2006, 6:26 PM
Having moved silently with the procession through the halls--observing the rather tense conversation and consciously avoiding too much direct involvement with it, Chain cast his glance warily about the hospital room as they arrived at their destination. Releasing his hold of Kyoko's wheeled bed, the trainer stepped back--shifting his gaze briefly toward the girl as she lowered herself from her bed and moved toward one of the walls.

Then, turning his attention toward his Pokemon as Kyoko addressed her Shuppet and Rosairie, Chain unlatched the Psychic type from his shoulder and held it with one arm. Removing a Pokeball from his belt with his other hand, the trainer opened the containment orb, stating, "Return, Abra." The Pokemon vanished in a flare of scarlet.

February 28th, 2006, 1:12 AM
"Yeah, hun. What the other Nurses'es said. Since there's so many people, you'll only get your Pokemon back in half an hour."the nurse who held the girl's pokemon in her hands nodded to the two Nurse Joys attending to JJ and Avery. The trainer saw this coming, giving the nurse a nod, walking to where Avery and Jeffery stood.

"I vote we don't go out of the Pokemon center and say we did. With no Pokemon for protection, we're real vunerable."

"Ah...such frail creatures we humans are..relying on others to help us.."the girl proceeded to look down and start mumbling to herself. Well, it was true! There was no telling what kind of people had taken to wandering the streets now, when they knew that most of the trainer's pokemon were healing in the Pokemon Center.

"Or! We could get something to eat!"she stopped mumbling and thinking, a smile on her face as she tried the suggestion with JJ and Avery.

The world was going to end.

She had to make the best of it and keep happy for the last few hours she and the rest had.

February 28th, 2006, 8:19 AM
{ooc| quick post between revision/plotting my friend's boyfriend's demise. ¬¬; He is gonna get SUCH a kicking for playing one of MY friends. *snarls*
Mika, I want pie! *whines* Also, did you like the ghost I sent ye?}

Rosairie blinked in concern, as Kyoko reahced out to her. "Big guy... you mean Vincent?" she pointed to the WaiWai corperation representative, feeling the colour drawn from her face. She could hardly ask him to leave... He was, like, in charge. Rosairie pulled a face. "Kyoko, he's...the big boss. You can't tell him to leave." she whispered, before leaning closer.
"kyoko..." she began, talking so low only the other girl could hear her, "why won't you give your surname?" she whispered anxiously. After all, the gilr was digging herself into a deeper and deeper hole.

Rosairie glanced at Chain, who was returning his own pokemon. His abra wasn't even in the way; Henna's long tail was in danger of knocking over a passing trolley any second now.
"Henna, you better..."
{I know, I know,} the fire pokemon cut in, {just keep Silence out, okay? For safety? I don't trust these guys...} she muttered.
"You know I will, 'snot like he can go away anyway." she muttered, as she pulled a pokeball from her pack. "Return, Henna." she ordered, and pressed the release catch on her pokemon's ball. In less than a second, the fire pokemon had vanished completely.
Without his fellow pokemon, Silence seemed to shrink back further behind Rosairie.
"Henna, I think you should go away as well."

February 28th, 2006, 9:56 AM
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You go Charon! Get that guy! Boys must forever fear the friends of the one they date!! Anyway....


Doctor Kipling gave a confused look to Kyoko, he had noticed them coming down the hall and heard the girl demand that she know where she was and what was going on. Obvoiusly she had been unconscious, so she was therefore worse off than the Reina with the injured hand.

"You don't seem to understand," Kipling said to Kyoko in a kindly voice, "I am the doctor, therefore, it is not up to you whom I see first. Thank you for your concern, but I hope you trust that I know how to do my job."

Reina almost felt sorry for the girl. She was an annoying little thing that was pretty pathetic in appearance, but Reina could understand being a little fearful in a hospital with strange people around you. Her hand was throbbing, but she wasn't about to admit that she needed to come before a person that had recently been unconscious. She had too much pride for that.

Doctor Kipling hadn't heard Rosairie's comment to the girl about her surname, so he couldn't comment on that. Instead, he turned his attention back to Valen's arm and head, and began to examine them. A few minutes passed by, and the doctor had come to a conclusion.

He turned to Vincent, as he seemed to be the one responsible for all of these children. "It doesn't seem like anything is severely injured on him," he said, sporting a friendly smile, "Just some nasty lacerations and bruises on his arm and a few other spots. His head looks like it's been knocked around a bit, but I'd say it's only a minor concussion. From the looks of him, he has lost quite a bit of blood though, so I would recommend that he stay here for a short time to get a good deal of fluids in him and some quiet rest. In addition, we should take a few X-rays of his arm and his head to make sure there were no hairline fractures sustained." He scribbled some things down on a sheet of paper and called for a nurse.

"Nurse!" he called, and when one arrived, he spoke quickly to her, "Take this patient right here down to X-rays and follow my instructions on the sheet. He's also going to need some IV fluids so be sure to set up a room for him." He said a few other things to her about the specifics regarding Valen's care, and then the nurse quickly went up to Valen's bed and began to roll him away.

Reina watched as the nurse wheeled him out of the room, and found herself feeling a bit nervous. She was now in a room with Rosairie, Kyoko, some doctor, Vincent, and Chain. Chain she didn't know too well, but Vincent seemed okay; however, the others made her nervous and she couldn't help but feel outnumbered here.

Doctor Kipling turned to Vincent, "You can go with him if you would like, but it shouldn't take too long. I'll let you know what room he is in once they find a suitable one for him. So... it's your turn now." He had turned to face Kyoko, ready to ask questions of her condition.

Baker's Bulbasaur
February 28th, 2006, 10:01 AM
JJ watched as Avery ran up to the counter to hand over her pokemon, and suddenly found that Cona had reapeared at his side, he jumped at the sound of her voice.

''EH!......oh, haha, sorry, you startled me, half an hour too eh, well I guess we could go for some food, i'm wirh you two in not straying out of the pokemon centre''

Jeffery ran a hand through his blonde hair and turned his head around, his eyes darting around looking for any sign of a restaraunt, suddenly they fell upon a billboard. He took a few steps forward to get a better view, and saw that it was advertising a well known fas food shop called ''Hot Dog King'' He licked his lips hngrily as he looked upon the picture of a nice juicy hot dog with chips and a soda.

''How about this place?'' he said turning back to face Cona
''It's on the 2nd floor, we can take the stairs.

Alter Ego
February 28th, 2006, 11:04 AM
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February 28th, 2006, 12:21 PM
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And Charon can have pie if she responds once more and yush I like ghosty. >:3


"Hn. I don't really care if he finds out to be honest..." she mumbled back, keeping the low volume to prevent unwanted ears from hearing the conversation, "By the time he would be to look at the little note under my name, I'd have blended back into the crowds..." She paused lightly, "It's the rest of these people... I don't know them... and tho I barely know you, you've told me enough about you for me to know you're no threat to me.... You... would have no use for my little secret." Sighing lightly, she turned to Vincent, leaning towards him to again speak to no ears but his "As for you... can... we please talk later...?" She blushed lightly, "I hate crowds..." Smiling lightly, she returned like a baby chick to Rosairie's side, waving goodbye at Valen when he was pushed away

She dropped to her knees for two reasons, the first being that she wanted to coddle the frightened Silence and the second being that she simply couldn't stay standing anymore and to avoid a spectical she used Silence as a very reasonable excuse, petting the poor puppy-like pokemon softly before looking up at the doctor, "No, look 'er first. I just need some food and a nap anyways probably so look after her first kay?"

February 28th, 2006, 6:46 PM
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Observing the scene in silence, Chain's gaze briefly followed Valen as he was taken from the room. Though appearing detached and calm, Chain's mind raced as he sought for a solution to the dilemma that weighed heavily upon him. Even if he doesn't know that I hacked WaiWai Inc.'s systems, I can't say I'm too comfortable around this guy--"Vincent", as it were--especially being that he's the head of security at WaiWai Inc. Standing a few paces away from a WaiWai Inc. staff member while having "liberated" information from their system in my pocket . . . It doesn't sit too well with me.

Closing his eyes with a somewhat forced tranquility, Chain leaned against one of the room's walls as he continued to muse silently. Still, if I leave now, it'll be all the more suspicious. And, I could hardly afford to search for a place to leave the information I took. His green-gold eyes opened slightly. That being the case, I suppose I'll have to simply endure the current situation.

March 1st, 2006, 8:43 AM
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"I'm looking at you first," the doctor said to Kyoko in a rather stern voice, his kindly smile all but gone from his face, "I it's a bit scary in this place, but I need to do my job, okay? It won't hurt, and it won't take long. So... you passed out, correct? Hm... I think you may be right about the food and water, but I also think that we should keep you here overnight to observe you. Would you object to that? If you don't want to do that though, I suppose we could let you go with a promise to take it easy and relax. You need to sleep, and you need to listen to the things your body is trying to tell you. So... what is it you want to do?" He appeared to be a frustrated with the girl, but he really didn't see anything wrong with her, so there was really no reason to keep her there.

"If you choose to go, you must promise also to come back here right away if you start feeling bad again. If it is something serious, then we'll find out if it happens again," he added, waiting for her response.

Reina simply watched the doctor talk to Kyoko, wishing that the girl would decide to leave. If Kyoko left, then Rosairie would go with her, and then they would be done with each other. Reina was sure that she would be released after this too, but she knew that she would not be caught walking with those two back to the Pokemon Center, or wherever they were to go.

Alter Ego
March 1st, 2006, 11:39 AM
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As doctor Kipling proceeded to inspect Valen's injuries, Vincent remained silent, taking a step back and allowing the doctor to do his work, although the security chief still followed the proceedings intently while at the same time trying to maintain a general view of the people in the room. That boy who had been carrying this...Kyoko, certainly seemed a bit tense, even though he was concealing it remarkably well and there were only tell-tale signs to go by, a slight tension in the pose, certain patterns which the focus of his eyes were following. Still, to Vincent's knowledge, the boy in question had done nothing suspicious so at the moment, there were simply more pressing concerns.

"I shall remain here a while longer, unless I'm in the way." Vincent replied in his usual polite tone as doctor Kipling offered him the chance to follow after Valen, "It would hardly help the procedure to have me accompanying him."

The securit chief took a small pause, continuing to watch intently as his adoptive son was transported out of the room and not turning his gaze away until the wheeled bed had dissapeared out of view, at which point he turned back to respond to Kyoko's comment, keeping his voice low much like the girl had.

"As you wish." he replied simply, "I am in no great hurry to learn anyhow."

March 1st, 2006, 11:49 AM
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We like... know like... more. o.O Maybe. Curious... do you know about "to omoimasu" yet? :o


She blinked lightly, "Now you answer me this. If I stay will you come back to me later already? And stop talking to me like I'm two and help Reina-nee-chan; I can deal with this for another five minutes while her hand probably hurts like heck but as she's seemingly alot like my brother, she's too headstrong to say anything about it." She pet Silence lightly, "She's been waiting for awhile... I'm absoutely positivily not that bad off but her hand is and you should go to her first, not like I'm going anywher-Owww" She winced lightly, rubbing her forehead. Being all stern and angry like this wasn't helping her "I'm not in that bad of shape" point as it was quickly reagrivating her headache which was also making her look like the fool she was trying quite hard not to be. Reflushing the bright crimson shade she'd been awhile ago, she dropped her argument but said nothing towards being treated next nor anything about Reina's hand, she just leaned back against the wall, her hand lazily scritching Silence's ear.

March 1st, 2006, 12:33 PM
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March 1st, 2006, 1:22 PM
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Rosairie watched as Valen was wheeled away. Despite herself, she found herself hoping for the best; she had treated Valen, after all, and even if she didn't like the boy, from a medical point of view she was interested in finding out whether her methods had been sucessfull.
Of course, that's all, she told herself.
Having somone dislike her really was throwing her, and having two people... now that was just plain crazy. Sure, people at home had disliked her, but that was more in a... 'We're jeaous of you!' way. Reina and Valen loathed her.

Rosairie turned her attention to Reina. "Just accept the treatment, Kyoko's way too polite to let anyone get treated before her." she jested, before turning bakc to the little girl.

"Kyoko, I..." she trailed off, watching the girl scratch her pokemon. It was a strange sight, to see Silence being affectionate to anyone but her. He nuzzled Kyoko's hand, his ears upright. Normally he would be hissing, spitting, doing anything to get away from a strange human being. "Kyoko, I think you should get back onto the bed."

March 1st, 2006, 9:11 PM
Fully opening his eyes to view the scene, a slight annoyance briefly crossed Chain's features as he listened to the dialogue. Well, someone needs to accept some treatment sometime--preferrably before the end of the year. The trainer's expression then faded to its customary calm as he stifled a sigh. I suppose this is their issue, though. And, while they're busy with this, I have my chance to be alone for a few moments.

Slowly straightening, Chain glanced at the others as he stated, "You guys can sort this out, but I'm going to get a drink from one of the machines." Stepping toward the door, Chain placed a hand against the jamb as he turned his gaze back over his shoulder. "Anyone want anything?"

March 2nd, 2006, 11:02 AM
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When Chain asked if anyone wanted anything, Reina looked at him and shook her head silently. She wasn't really in the mood to eat and drink, and she just wanted to get on with this.

"You don't seem to understand," the doctor replied to Kyoko's comment, "I've already done what I can with you. It's up to you what I do now. If you're going to stay here, then you should get back on that bed and wait for a nurse to come take you to an available room. If you choose to leave, that is your affair, and you may do so at your own discretion." He glanced over to Reina for a moment, and then looked back at Kyoko, saying one last thing, "By the way, if you want people to stop treating you like a two-year-old, then you need to stop acting like one." He decided to end it there, scribbling a few things down on another sheet of paper, and sticking it on the counter, among a pile of what appeared to be patient's files. He walked up to Reina.

"Now, what is wrong with you?" he said, his kindly tone all but gone, and his expression looking like he seriously needed some sort of coffee break. Reina felt like kicking herself for being too proud to accept help, now she was stuck with a grumpy doctor.

She tried to seem easygoing, "My hand... I punched a, erm, man's jaw and it's just a bit sore. All I wanted was some pain medica-- OW!" As she had been explaining to the doctor, he had started to look over her hand, grabbing at a spot that Reina had avoided touching.

"HEY!" she shouted, taking her hand back as it was now throbbing quite painfully.

"Hm...," he said, frowning a bit, "I think you have either a hairline fracture or a bruised bone in that spot. These things happen more often than you think and quite easily actually. You'll need an X-ray or two of the spot and that should confirm it."

Reina felt her cheeks blush a little. Great... in front of Rosairie and the others she had just been told that by merely punching a guy, she broke something. How pathetic was that?! Valen had taken on a massive pokemon and ended up with little scratches and a bump on the head, but she had taken on something much smaller, and human at that, and ended up with a broken hand! Feeling sorry for herself, and too embarrassed to look over in the direction of the others, she continued to stare at an odd spot on the smooth floor.

"Why don't you go down to the X-ray room and give them this," Dr. Kipling said, handing her a patient's report, "The nurse there will help you, and then direct you on what you should do then. It's just down that hallway, and is the room at the very end."

Reina nodded akwardly, and then quickly left the room, holding the patient's report in the hand that wasn't protesting painfully.

Random Plushie
March 2nd, 2006, 9:10 PM

Dolphins? Dolphins are so cuddly. :3


"Food, eh?" Avery piped up, once she had made her way back to JJ and Cona. "That'll make me feel very guilty over not feeding Fable, yes it will. Maybe.. we should wait until we get our Pokemon back, and then we can eat there? Although I have no idea what we would do until then.." She trailed off, biting her lip.

At this point, the girl stuffed her hands into the pockets of her vest, looking back at the hot dog place that JJ had pointed out. Very tempting.. but Fable would never let her live it down if he found out. And even if he didn't, then her conscience would probably do her in. But where to go if not to there?

"Maybe we should just check out what's on all the other floors. How many floors are there in here?" Avery asked, hoping that someone would make a suggestion other than just getting food after all.

March 3rd, 2006, 7:49 AM
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Oh great.

She'd gone and done it again.

She'd gone and made an idiot out of herself when she was just trying to be more than a push-over weak little pathetic child that she knew everybody thought she was and she'd done nothing but prove their point. Again. She struggled to her feet, almost slipping twice before she turned towards the doctor and bowed deeply towards him, "S-sensei I... please forgive me for my rudeness." Silencing herself she sat up on the bed, face a-flamed and her confidence ruined wanting nothing more than to be pushed into a nice quiet room by herself where she could burry her face in her hands until the shameful feeling left her. Oh why oh why had she tried to be pushy like that? What had gotten into her? Why couldn't she just keep her idiotic mouth shut and let everybody around her call the shots? Her eyes clouded over with tear-like wetness and she very pitifully reached out towards Silence, wanting him not on the ground if he could very much manage to get up next to her. This day was just horrible... Absolutely horrible.

Baker's Bulbasaur
March 3rd, 2006, 8:31 AM
JJ's heart sand slightly, he was feeling very hunry and would have preferred to go and get some food, but he could tell Avery proberly wanted to wait for her pokemon so she could feed them aswell, and he could understand that.

''Well...'' The blode male said turning his head back to the sign,
''We're on the ground floor now, of course theres the basement below, but that's staff only, uuum 2nd floor has pokemon mart, and Hot Dog King, 3rd floor is electronics and repairs....although why they have that in a pokemon centre is beyond me, floor above that is a beauty salon, and above them are rooms...''

jeffery ran a hand through his blonde hair and turned bac to the girls
''well i need to get my phone repaired...'' he said, suddenly remembering breaking the object earlier
''And we should proberly get ourselves a room, so how about we get our rooms, and then split up to whereveer we want for half an hour, meet back here then, pick up our pokemon, and go to get something to eat, sound good?''

He finished with a raises eyebrow, showing a face of wondering....

March 3rd, 2006, 9:52 AM
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Rosairie glanced up as Chain turned to leave. "Oh, I'd like a slim latte please, make sure they..." she paused, as it dawned on her that the machines would probably only offer the most basic of drinks. She wasn't in Cafe Monde anymore - in fact, she hadn't seen a single good coffee shop since she arrived. Rosairie smiled sheepishly. "I'll have whatever's strongest, Thank You."

She watched as Reina, too, turned to leave. Rosairie would have offered to help, but Reina was through the door as quick as a blink. The girl probably couldn't stand being with Rosairie and Kyoko any longer...

Turning to Kyoko, Rosairie couldn't help but smile. She bent down and picked up her Jolteon - much to his suprise - and dumped him on Kyoko's bed. Silence mewed and tip-toed over to Kyko's chest, where he promptly sat, purring contentedly.

March 3rd, 2006, 6:37 PM
Moving to one side to allow Reina to hurry past him, Chain nodded in reponse to Rosairie's request. Then, turning, the trainer stepped into the hallway and began to make his way down the passage--his steps echoing and reverberating against the tiles. Pausing at the crossing of two hallways, Chain allowed several nurses to walk past him before resuming his course.

Finally arriving at his desired destination, Chain stood before a series a vending machines--one for cold beverages, one for hot, and another for a variety of cheap snacks. Removing a few coins from his pocket, Chain glanced over the available options. Rosairie mentioned wanting a coffee, but I've no idea whether she wanted it hot or cold. Shrugging slightly, he slipped the money into a machine, selected a drink, then repeated the process. At this point, however, the male paused.

Staring directly toward the machine's smooth, plastic surface, Chain noted the reflection it bore of the hallway behind him. Waiting until no one was present, Chain removed the Premier Ball that hung from his necklace. And, replacing with an empty one, he then drew a few objects from the bag hidden beneath the coat tied about his waist. Plugging one object into the other, he swiftly released his Porygon into his miniature computer. "Circuit, download all files into your emergency data storage, lock them, and delete the originals. Use the dowload accelerator."

Within seconds the transfer had been completed. Returning Porygon to its Pokeball, Chain then slipped the orb into a hidden compartment located beneath one of the spikes on his wristband. Then, replacing his computer and data storage device in his hidden pouch, Chain knelt and removed two slim cans from the vending machine slot.

Returning noncholantly to the hospital room, Chain tossed a can of cold coffee to Rosairie, simply stating, "Sorry I took a bit. Wasn't sure what to get you."

March 4th, 2006, 7:40 AM
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"Yes well, think nothing of it," Dr. Kipling replied to Kyoko, "Believe me I've dealt with worse patients than you... much worse. Now let's get you to a room to spend the night in, and then we can all get some rest. Nurse?" He had leaned out the doorway to the room and summoned up another nurse. These girls always seemed extremely busy doing about ten other things, and the particular nurse that Dr. Kipling had spoken to was eyeing him as if his request was not welcome.

However, she did as he requested, and quickly grabbed onto Kyoko's bed. "Come on then chickie," she said in a tired voice, "Let's find a room." She then noticed Silence on the girl's chest, and shrugged with the distinct impression that even if it were a frothing mad Gengar, she would have been too tired to care.

Another nurse popped in at this point, handed Dr. Kipling a folder, and then left as quickly as she came. He glanced in it for a moment, and then turned to Vincent, Chain, and Rosairie, "Well, Valen's being taken to room 109, and Kyoko's being taken to room... 110. I guess the nurses thought you would like rooms by each other. At least you didn't have to share, I thought you might have had to it's been so busy today. Well, I have to go look at X-Rays, so I will meet you in the respective rooms in a few minutes. Good day." With that, Dr. Kipling swept out of the room, groaning a little as he saw some more injured people coming in through the entrance.


"X-Ray Room," Reina mumbled, reading the sign next to the door she was standing in front of. She pushed it open and strode in, just in time to see the nurse who had taken Valen away wheeling the boy in his bed up to the door.

"Ah! Watch out, you almost hit us," she warned in a slightly annoyed tone.

Reina looked curiously at Valen, "So were any of his bones broken?"

The nurse gave her a thoughtful look and then shrugged, "That's for the doctor to decide. I didn't see anything, but I'm not a doctor, am I? Now if you'll excuse me." She made to leave the room again, and Reina stepped out of her way quickly, wondering where exactly she should go. A man's voice spoke to her from behind.

"Can I help you?" he asked. He looked to be somewhere around Reina's age, perhaps a little older, and wore an outfit like the doctor's, but instead it was a different style. His short, black hair was combed back neatly.

Reina whirled around, a little startled, and looked a bit ruffled by his sudden appearance. "Yeah, I, uh, need whatever it says on the paper thingy," she said to him, holding out the forms. He grabbed them and went over them for a second.

"This way please," he said in a bored voice, directing her to a strange-looking machine. Reina noticed that his nametag said "nurse" on it. She looked up at him.

"You're a nurse?" she asked curiously.

He gave her a look that didn't look too pleased about her question, "I am. There are male nurses you know."

"Whatever," Reina replied, placing her hand where the nurse was now indicating in the machine. A few seconds passed by, and Reina was told to move her hand in a different direction. She did so, and then was told to move it a third time. After that, the nurse stood up, and told Reina that she could go back to Dr. Kipling. Reina did so, and quite gladly, for she was starting to get nervous around all of the strange machinery and radiation warning signs.

March 4th, 2006, 12:03 PM
Rosairie blinked in confusion. She had enver had cold coffee before. She was about to complain, but it was hardly Chain's fault - she had been the vague one. She smiled. "Don't worry, when it comes to caffine I'm not fussy." she reassured him, and opened the can. Tipping it towards her mouth, Rosairie hesitated. Just drink it... she told herself sternly, and she took a gulp. It wasn't half bad. She took another, and another, and turned her attention back to the Doctor.
"Room 109, got it..." she muttered. "C'mon, Si-" she paused mid-word. Silence had gone with Kyko, hadn't he? Rosairie's face fell. Silence was a pain, what with his constant fearfullness and unstable nature, but without him skittering at her heels it was strangely - well, silent. Rosairie couldn't even let Henna out; the magmar was far too big.

March 4th, 2006, 5:21 PM
Though noting Rosairie's momentary hesitation before drinking her coffee, Chain said nothing regarding it and appeared not to notice it at all. Rather, he simply snapped open his can of orange juice as he listened to the doctor speak. Downing his juice in one drink, the trainer then crushed the can in one hand and tossed it casually into the nearest garbage receptacle before turning his gaze toward the others still present. Watching Kyoko and Rosairie as they left the room, Chain felt himself hesitate.

I can't say that I want to be stuck tagging along with these people forever. But . . . Seeing as how I have nothing else to do at the moment, I might as well. Without a word, Chain followed the others, consciously preventing himself from glancing toward Vincent as he left. Besides, these trainers had more contact with the abnormally acting Pokemon than I did. If I can get alone with them for a moment, I might be able to find a few more answers.

Alter Ego
March 5th, 2006, 3:02 AM
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Vincent nodded at doctor Kipling's words, "Understood." he replied simply, giving the doctor another curt nod as a 'goodbye' and waiting silently as the younger and more enthusiastic people vacated the room before leaving at his own, leisurly pace. That person certainly seemed to be eager to leave, he mused as he walked down the hallways, But no more than the rest of them, maybe it's nothing but... he took a pause, I didn't achieve my position with maybes. the securit chief nodded for himself, making a mental note of checking the tournament entry records as soon as he got the chance. He needed to do so because of Kyoko anyway, so he might as well get these suspicions out of his system. After all, that boy's face had been quite easy to memorize, all it would take would be a little patience on his part to match it with his picture in the database. These people were definitely hiding something, and he would find out what.


As he was brought through his inspections, Valen remained in a groggy half-state between dreaming and consciousnes, vaguely aware of bright lights in front of him, a meaningless bustle of sounds assailing his ears, distant, just on the edge of his comprehension...like so many other things in his life. He briefly caught a glimpse of a face in front of him, a foreign face...or a familiar one? Was it Vincent? Or Slythe? Someone he didn't know? He made an effort to squint, only for the face to become even vaguer before slipping out of view altogether, the bright lights returning as he floated forward...or was it upward? Yes, it made sense...floating upwards...to the lights. But the lights didn't get closer, he tried to reach but they always seemed to be just a little bit further, just out of reach...calling to him, tempting him, taunting him with their brightness. Soon there were more noises, someone calling out in agitation, a question...another face in front of him, just out of reach...like the lights. But this one looked...female somehow...Valen's initial reaction was revulsion. Female, as in the people he hated...the giggling girls from the reception...the twit who had led Kachiko astray...Rosairie...Lori...but...he took a slight pause, also Reina...the only person who had suffered the same as him...the only one who could understand...

"No-one can understand you."

Valen spun around, at least in his mind, as his physical body merely twitched a little. The world around him had now grown fuzzier than before, unimportant somehow...dimmed out and frozen in time, the once alluring lights now little more than the faintest change of shade in the darkness around him. With this dimming however, something else had snapped into clear focus, something which Valen instinctively found important without even knowing why, the person who was adressing him...he turned his gaze in the direction of the voice and saw...Vincent, standing there in his usual calm, collected manner and eyeing him with that same old penetrating, analytic look as he had worn when the two first met, the kind which gave Valen the uncomfortable feeling that he was reading his mind directly.

"Vincent?" the boy managed at last, "What are you doing here? What's going on?"

"What am I doing here?" the man echoed in a tone which suggested that it should have been perfectly obvious, "Why I'm simply doing what I have always done, Valen." he continued, "Teaching you, guiding you, helping to rid you of this confusion in your mind...I've always been here, Valen, don't you remember that?"

"Of course I remember..." the boy replied, his confusion growing, "But I mean, how did you get here? And in fact, where is here?" he peered around the seemingly shapeless darkness around them, suddenly aware of that he was standing and that the hospital bed was nowhere to be seen.

"You tell me." Vincent replied, shrugging nonchalantly, "It was you who called me here, even if you consciously did not intend to do so. And this place...it is a place between places, grazing infinitely close to every place you know but not truly touching any of them, an everyplace, one might say, but just as certainly a noplace." he smiled lightly, "Do not be afraid Valen..." he added, "You are safe here...as long as you behave. And you shall learn a thing or two."

"Just a minute!" Valen growled, his suspicions beginning to override his confusion, "You aren't Vincent! He's never spoken about any of this nonsense! Who are you?!"

"I'm you." the man replied simply, "Or rather...a part of you, a certain aspect amplified. Do not blame me if I have took the shape of your mentor." he added, raising an eyebrow, "That was your choice, even if you did not consciously make it. And at any rate...it is altogether fitting." the 'Vincent' took up a slightly more relaxed pose, "I'm here to advise you, Valen..." he continued, "Just as I have always done."

The boy opened his mouth to protest at this, but the appartition in front of him cut him off.

"I am not lying." he added, shaking his head, "I am what has kept you alive for all these years, the part of you who knows the answers even when your mind does not. You should thank me..." the fake Vincent added, "Although truly it would matter little, I am, after all, little more than a part of you."

"I-" Valen began, finding himself assaulted by the same feeling as he had had when conversing with the robed man in the alley, a lack of words...a lack of will to fight, and this feeling certainly didn't make him any more pleased, "I don't...understand..." he said at last, surprised by his own words.

"I know." the appartition remarked calmly, walking over to the boy and placing a hand on his shoulder ever so slightly, "It is perfectly understandable." he added, "After all...you are only a child yet." he smirked at the flash of rage on Valen's face, "A poor and confused little child." the 'Vincent' continued, seemingly ignoring the boy's temper, "But do not worry, I shall rid you of all that..." he smiled reassuringly, "And do not glare at me so..." the appartition added, "There are no hidden conditions for my help, why should there be? I am you, remember? Your gain is mine." his grip of Valen's shoulder tightened just a bit, "All I ask..." the dream Vincent continued in a low voice, "Is your trust. And I ask...that you trust me when I say this; those people won't understand you."

Once again Valen opened his mouth to protest and once again he was cut short.

"No, not even Reina." he added, giving the boy a knowing smile, "She might tolerate you right now...but do you think she'll give you another glance once she discovers the truth? Do you think she - no, any human - would ever trust one with your background?" he shook his head, "I'm afraid not, Valen." he continued in a slightly melancholy voice, "And do you know why?"

"That's rather hypocritical of you, isn't it?" Valen remarked, finally managing to get words out again.

The dream Vincent chuckled slightly, "Not entirely," the appartition replied, taking a brief pause, "You do know the answer, even if you can't bring it up. The reason people hate you, Valen, is because they fear you." he locked his eye's with the boy's, "Now what do humans fear most of all?"

A myriad of possible answers ran through Valen's mind at this point; war....solitude...disease...loss of loved one...change...death...but one answer in particular distinguished itself from the crowd, making its way out of the boy's mouth before he could even realize why;

"Power." he said simply, recieveing an approving nod from the dream Vincent.

"Precisely." the appartition replied, "Certainly people fear a great deal of things, but all of these fears stem from a common source; the fact that humans can not control them. Man fears everything which has power greater than their own. What man fears man hates. And what man hates, man seeks to destroy." he took a brief pause, "You are already stronger than this rabble, Valen." the dream Vincent continued, "And they know this, even if their consciousness refuses to admit it, but what's more...they know that you can become even stronger."

"Even stronger?" Valen echoed, now sounding slightly intrigued.

"Yes..." the appartition replied, smiling gently at him again, "You have already felt it, have you not? The power you hold over creatures of venom, taming the fiercest of snakes in a matter of hours. Have you never stopped to ponder this gift?" he continued, "Have you never stopped to ponder...what if? What if I told you that you could expand upon it? What if I told you that you could gain dominion over not only all pokémon but also all people? What if I told you...Valen, that you could become a god?"

"I-" Valen began, aiming to say something along the lines of 'I'd tell you to go back to your asylum' but somehow failing to do so, his instincts telling him that this man was correct while his mind was stubbornly doubting, resulting in the fact that he did not manage to say much one way or the other.

"Yes, it is a lot to take in, is it not?" the dream Vincent continued calmly, "But you know I'm right. I am within you, Valen, and I know what's best." he gave the boy another smile, "Abandon this ridiculous struggle for acceptance." he continued, "Why grovel and adapt for those fools when commanding them is your birthright? You need to become what you were meant to be, Valen...trust me." he leant a bit closer, "I am within you, and I know what's best."

The appartition took a brief pause, "We shall meet again soon." he added, "Until then, contemplate on what you have learned here today. After all...knowledge is power..." the dream Vincent nodded to Valen one last time before suddenly advancing at him at an alarming rate, the boy experiencing a sudden chill in his body as the appartition dissapeared into him, the boy feeling increasingly nauseous and dizzy and shutting his eyes from the darkness around him, intent not to open them again until the sensation had passed.

March 5th, 2006, 9:03 PM

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He smirked some, "i'll assume that means you want to battle little girl, very well if it'll teach you little kids a thing or two, then consider me signed up for this little battle, because you kids will know discipline after this."

;-; he wun listen to me. >_> And I don't want it to make Genta-sempai look bad. -shakes head firmly- Maybe Alter could pwease go eat them? Mika will give him Cradily shaped coookies. :3 With FROSTING that's CHOCOLATE.

And btw Alter...


:3 Seriously, it was fun to read. Charon and I were all, 'ZOMB IT'S MAXIE AND MIKA MERGED' which made me giggle. Then my friend, who was reading over my shoulder, said the ebil Vincent sounds like a cross between Sephiroth and Ansem which made me squee. (And I like to squee. :3) Also, Melissa. :3 I like... ACED MY JAPANESE FINAL. :O AND I THINK YOU'RE THE REASON.

Don't ask why. o_o It's just been stuck in my mind
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To be honest she had absolutely no idea as to what she was doing, had done and was going to do. She had almost instantly regretting telling Vincent to come later. Big shots like him took their horribly over payed jobs very seriously-almost too seriously. He'd be in here within minutes if she didn't fall asleep, leave or do something like that to get him to suposedly come back later but with her stress levels as high as they were at this current moment, even tho they were self-afflicted, she knew she wasn't going to be doing any sleeping any time soon.

Fustrated, she flopped back down on the pillow, one hand behind her head, the other petting Silence Where do I go from here? How did my ideas disappear on me? It's hard to see with my eyes now... These times, these lies that my brothers told me about... have I been hypnotized...? No... that would be silly Turning on her side, she stared out the window, her hair finally slipping out of their ponytail holders and falling limply against her back.

Kyou-chan... You must be careful to avoid the GP. They have connections you wouldn't even believe existed... Trust me little one... The GP.... They're hard to the core. They won't give you sympathy, empathy... they won't even pity you. Just go home... Don't follow my path, it's not worth it.....Once you go down it... you can never turn back.

Those bloody words had continually rung through her head since she'd woken up in the hospital. As much as she respected the person behind them... she couldn't agree with them. There was nothing back home. Nothing at all. All she wanted was a name somewhere, for some sort of title that would make her stand out; so no one could say she was a waste of time; so when she did return home, her parents would no longer ignore her existance. But going against the GP... was a serious offence. She knew exaclty how bad it would make her look, her sempai had made sure to tell her that much, but was it worth it? She'd already met some nice people, very nice people like Chain and Rosairie and of course there was Silence would could seemingly sense feelings like she could.

Aggrivated more by her own thoughts, she rolled back onto her back, staring up at the cieling. Her gut was telling her to run and to run as fast as she possibly could without looking back but her head was telling her to get somebody's else's opinion. Maybe... Rosairie? She seemed to have a level head on her shoulders... then again... maybe Valen. Of everybody she'd seen, he seemed to have a brain, which sadly couldn't be said about most of the others. Chain... seemed to have something on his mind and Reina... she spat lightly at the mere thought of the girl's name I wouldn't ask that girl for advice if my life depended on it... she's a meanie...

Sitting up, she leaned down, nuzzling Silence softly, "Your trainer must miss you... Si... I know... you can't speak but... what should... what should I do? I don't know... I really don't know..."

March 6th, 2006, 8:28 AM
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Silence cocked his head and mewed, as Kyoko fretted. Silence's short life had been so full of misery and worrying before Rosairie, fear was an emotion he couldn't stand in others. It made him scared, which made him angry.
And Silence hated to be angry.
It meant loss of control.
It being locked in a dark cage in a dank cellar with nothing but the scent of damp to pass the time.
The jolteon twitched, trying to shake off the bad vibes. He could feel Kyoko's uncertainty, hanging around her like a shadow. Could none of the humans see it? He doubted it. He had passed several humans now, humans whose pain and upset was so prominent he swore he might have been able to touch it, if it had been a solid thing.

He turned his sad eyes to Kyoko, and stood up. He took a few steps forward, so he was sitting directly above the girl's heart. He opened his mouth, as if to mew, but no sound came out.
Follow your heart, not your gut.

March 6th, 2006, 8:51 AM
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I tried to make rhino shortbread once, they turned into Narwhales...;;

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Walking briskly down the hallway and away from the stuffy and strange X-Ray room she had just been in, Reina suddenly ran into Dr. Kipling. He looked to be on his way to the very room Reina was coming from, and as he made his way to go past her, she stopped him.

"Hey doctor!" she said to him, "Where am I supposed to go anyway?" It was bad enough that she was in a hospital, but to be confused about where to go was worse. She didn't want to accidenly end up in the morgue or someplace even creepier than the room she was just in.

Dr. Kipling whipped around and glanced thoughtfully at her, "Oh, um... the waiting rooms are all taken up now... so...." He put his hand up to his chin in deep thought.

"I'll just go wait with Valen," Reina said irritably, wanting to get going already, "Besides, I want to see how he's doing."

The doctor nodded, it sounded like the best plan, "Right, he's in room 109. That's up this hallway and--."

"Whatever, I'll find it on my own," Reina replied quickly, cutting off the doctor and racing off down the hall. She was already getting enough help from him, and she was quite sure she could figure out the hospital's room numbers herself considering they were posted next to and on each door. She wasn't stupid.

Reina found that the numbering system of the hopital was quite strange at times, placing some rooms inbetween others and not numbering a few of them. The disorganization was making her crazy, but she eventually found her way to Valen's room, with Kyoko's only a room away; she wasn't aware of this yet. She grabbed onto the door's handle and walked into the room, hoping she wasn't interrupting anything; after all, Vincent must have been there already.

Alter Ego
March 6th, 2006, 11:12 AM
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Incidentally, would the Ryko RPers who feel guilty about hearing this please post around here? It's not nice to just abandon Plushie's first RP like that, no it's not.


After what seemed like an eternity of dizziness, nausea, and vague noises, Valen finally found himself aware of the fact that the world had stopped rotating around him and that there was something fairly soft underneath him as well. Pausing briefly before opening his eyes, the boy relaxed a bit as he noticed that the vague noises had been replaced by clear, easily identified sounds as well. The slight rustle of the curtains in the breeze - the window of his room had apparently been left open -, the distant chirping of Tailows in a nearby park, and the constant and strangely comoforting beeps of some peculiar device or the other.

Groaning a bit as he attempted to shake off the memories of his recent nightmare, Valen slowly rose up into a sitting position in the bed, opening his eyes and surveying the room he was in; it was a fairly spartan one, the walls painted in the same headache white as everything else around the building and the furniture, with the exception of his bed, consisting of only a small, slightly brighter white, nightstand located next to him, and a number of unpainted metal devices stacked about the room, some of them going beep for reasons unknown. Right above the door, which was located opposite of his bed, a simple, unadorned clock with a black frame had been hung up, the arms currently indicating that the time was a bit past 6 PM. There was no-one else in the room at the moment, Valen very quickly noted, but before he could contemplate further on what to do next, he noticed the handle turning down, instinctively tensing just a bit as someone proceeded to open the door from the other side.

March 6th, 2006, 12:34 PM
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Reina peered into the room at first, seeing if things were okay to come in, and upon seeing nothing going on in the room aside from Valen sitting up, walked in. She thought the boy looked a little shaken, but who wouldn't be in this place? Everything was so... white. She stopped at the side of his bed, looking at him with a small smile, totally unaware of the strange 'dream' that he had just been through.

"At least we're away from Rosairie and her little... friend," she said, "Oh and that doctor guy said he was coming here soon to go over our x-rays. I don't know why, but he annoys me. Then again, there are quite a few people that annoy me I guess." She could think of several from her hometown right off the top of her head. Oh how she would have loved to have won the contest and stick the winnings in their faces. Not that they would care though, all those girls ever cared about were looks and boys.

Reina suddenly realized that Vincent wasn't really around. She didn't think too much on it though, Vincent probably had other things to deal with, there was still a crisis with those robed men that was going on.

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March 6th, 2006, 5:13 PM
[OOC: :: sweatdrop :: Sorry for allowing my RP to become somewhat "out-of-control". I was absent for a time . . . ]

As they approached the hospital rooms that housed Valen and Kyoko, Chain fell back a few paces from Rosairie. After hesitantly resting his gaze on Room 110 for several seconds, he finally made a decision. "I'll be back in a moment," he stated shortly.

Giving no further explanation, the trainer turned toward Room 109. Placing his hand on the door, he paused--listening for any indication of what would await him inside. Then, quietly pushing the door open, he cast his eyes swiftly over the room and its inhabitants. No sign of Vincent . . . That's good. Giving a slight nod to Valen and Reina, he asked, "May I come in?"

March 6th, 2006, 8:38 PM

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"Si... Si I want to..." she whimpered, burrying her face in his fur while wrapping her arms tightly around his neck, "But I can't go home... I can't go home... And if that guy... if he reads the flag on my name..." She trailed off lightly, still clinging as tightly as she could to the pokemon in her lap without hurting it, sitting there as she tried quite valiently not to cry. She was much too young to be forcing this nonsense on herself but, in her mind, she trully had no other choice and the simple thought of that was making her anxious. Silence's gentle snuggle was helping quite a bit... but was also causing a small patch of guilt to form in her mind. She'd just wandered off with Rosairie's pokemon... that certianlly wasn't the nicest thing to do.

Her shuppet however, had taken a liking to Rosairie's head and Kyoko seemingly hadn't noticed which had made the floaty ghost's movement to Rosairie's head/shoulder that much easier. This girl was warm... Warm and caring... Shuppy-chan liked warm and caring... mostly warm but who was really counting?

Baker's Bulbasaur
March 7th, 2006, 3:54 AM
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March 7th, 2006, 7:23 AM
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Rosairie twitched, as the shuppet landed on her head and shoulders. For a moment she barely noticing the swirling, bobbing pokemon on her shoulder - until se caught sight of her reflection in the mirror, and spotted Shuppy's etheral form floating just above her.
"Nyaah!" she yelped in surprise, and side-stepped away from the ghsot type. For a moment she stared at it in fright, expecting assassination, or kidnapping, or worse, but eventually her mind clicked. This was Kyoko's Shuppet.
"Oh, why hello!" she began, before stopping and cocking her head. "Can you help me find your trainer? I think she's got my jolteon..."

Silence didn't move. He was quite sued to being cuddled, but he was relatively surprised kyoko hadn't let go yet. After all, his spikes were paticularily lethal.

Alter Ego
March 7th, 2006, 11:07 AM
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Valen relaxed again as he noticed that it was Reina out of all people who had chosen to enter his room, but still, he couldn't help repeating the dream appartition's words in his mind; "She might tolerate you right now...but do you think she'll give you another glance once she discovers the truth?" Although he did his best to conceal these thoughts behind his usual neutral expression, the boy was still considerably troubled by them. They held merit, a point. A very good point, actually. Granted, there seemed to be some similarities between his and Reina's backgrounds, but there was also one crucial difference; he had joined Team Viper, she hadn't, he was a thief, she wasn't. And this difference alone was enough to turn the tables on him. But what am I supposed to do then?, he wondered as he listened to the girl's words, Hide the truth from her? Lie? he knew he would have hated to find out that Reina had been doing such had their positions been reversed. She had finished speaking now, Valen noted, he'd have to speak up soon or it would be altogether too suspicious. With that, he pushed aside the dilemma, deciding that he'd just shift subjects if it did come up and turning his full attention to formulating a reply instead;

"Yeah, I guess we are." he replied to the comment concerning Rosairie, managing a slight softening of his expression which was practically his version of a smile, "As for the whitecoat..." he shrugged, "I think it's part of their job description to be annoying, although I can't really say one thing or the other about this one for obvious reasons." he was about to continue when he suddenly heard the door creak slightly once again, turning his gaze towards it just in time to spot the boy from before entering the room and asking if he could come in. Valen's manner instinctively became a bit more defensive again; this boy was a stranger, and even though he had done nothing to make Valen hate him just yet, it didn't mean that he was about to trust or like him now, was it?

"What for?" he asked, giving the boy a closer look.

March 7th, 2006, 11:35 AM
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The girl nodded to Valen's response, she had forgotten that he was out of it for a good deal of the time. Doctors were always the same though; pompous, annoying, and ignorant of what people need aside from medicine, they never seemed able to understand anyone's feelings. Reina hadn't had good experiences with them, some of which she would have shared, but suddenly there was someone at the door.

It was Chain, and he was wondering if he could come in. Well, at least he had the sense to ask, considering this was Valen's room, and the two didn't know each other at all as far as Reina knew.

As Valen responded to the boy, Reina felt guilty again about keeping Rosairie's secret. It wasn't that big of a deal, was it? She hadn't really done much, right? Reina kept trying to tell herself this; she really did hate keeping secrets, and she felt like such a hypocrite for agreeing to it. She should have just told him right off. Things would have been out in the open, and this nagging conscience would have never been eating away at her. What on earth possessed her to agree with Rosairie in the first place?! She could have kicked herself for doing that.

Why did it matter to her though? Why was it so important to keep Valen's trust? She hadn't known him that long; he wasn't some old friend. She wouldn't have cared if he were Chain, or Rosairie, or any of those kids back home, she would have just come out with it already. Was it because she really didn't have any friends? Well, the boys back home were alright... but they weren't friends with her, they didn't pay attention to her unless she made them. There were her pokemon, but they were different, they weren't humans. Needing a friend was a plausable reason for feeling so bad about keeping the secret. But was she really so desparate for a friend?

She wished that Chain would hurry up and speak already, too much thinking made Reina nervous and she really wasn't too good at covering things up. Luckily Valen's attention was on Chain right now and not her, otherwise she would have only made matters worse.

March 7th, 2006, 4:59 PM
[OOC: ^-^;; Technically, the tournament has not started . . . However, I will begin the elimination rounds soon.]

Though Valen and Reina both appeared rather uncomfortable, Chain's manner remained calm and steady as he quietly replied, "It's about the incidents earlier. I . . . " He paused. How much information should I give them? I don't know how trustworthy these two--or anyone around here--are. Still, though . . . If I want to get any information, I should probably give a little, too.

Finally resuming his statement, Chain continued, ". . . I found out something interesting. But, I'm still not completely sure of the relationship between my discovery and the incidents. I was hoping I could ask you two a few questions." After casting a brief, wary glance over his shoulder into the hall, he then returned his gaze to the inhabitants of the room, adding, "If not, it's alright."

March 7th, 2006, 6:58 PM

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Shuppy giggle lightly, <She's just o'er thar. And your head is warm. n_n> She giggled again, settling down on Rosairie's shoulder while letting her transparent fabric-like air settle around the girl's neck like a shawl, the ghost becoming quite comfortable where she was and seemling was having second thoughts about eventually moving. Her eyes flickered lightly towards the child's room door, <She's in their... Um... Onee-san? Can you please talk her outta runnin? I know my trainer... she won't stay here if her name's gunna get checked out... and the poor thing... honestly, she can't keep running, she hasn't got the body for it. Travelling to gyms is one thing but the stress of being on the run... she doens't know how ta handle it, you know?>

She sighed, withdrawing lightly, "Si... Arigato.... Domo.... Arigato gozaimasu... I really... really needed that." She blushed lightly, tucking her legs polietly underneathe her bum, "You can... go back to your trainer." She rubbed the back of her neck softly, "I shouldn't of asked you to come with me." Rumbling around in her pack which was still quite attached to her side, she pulled out a small notebook that was obviously not new and began to write something into a spare page about halfway through the book, "But feel... free to stay if you want. I just don't want you to get in trouble because of me."

March 8th, 2006, 2:28 AM

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"What?! We can't split up. The evil corporations will slowly pick us off, one by one until we're all gone. We've got to stick together just incase anything bad happens. Besides, I'd rather get something to eat right now...Or follow you to get your...whatever fixed! Yeah!"Cona nodded at the end of her sentence, she hated being left alone. Usually she had her Pokemon. But now...

"Anyway, how do you know that we'll manage to get a room with so many trainers. Not to mention the fact that we might not be staying here since we'll all be probably somewhere else by tonight. Which isn't very far away mind both of you."she added franticly, taking the white sailor hat off her head and starting to hug it. There wasn't any other thing she could do now till' both replied.

Alter Ego
March 8th, 2006, 9:06 AM
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And yeah, poor Valen, I'd really hate to be in his shoes. xD


"Questions?" Valen echoed, his eyes narrowing ever so slightly in suspicion. He might not have known who this person was or what he was about, but in the boy's experience, anyone who 'just wanted to ask some questions' knew far more than they were letting on, and Valen hated being kept in the dark. But at the same time, the boy came to think of something else; What if... he thought for himself, What if this thing he is onto concerns the team? What...if ti concerns me? That probably wasn't the case, but all the same, Valen found the prospect of knowing something his precious employers didn't intriguing.

"Allright then." he replied at last, nodding to Chain, "You can ask your questions, but I'll only reply if I feel like it. No promises." he fell silent again, waiting for the boy's response.

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March 8th, 2006, 10:22 AM
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I got an A on it too! My teacher said I took an interesting approach to it. I quite frankly couldn't imagine me doing it another way. I basically went in this order: What are manatees? Why are they endangered? What is being done to help them? *shrug* I guess it was different? Oh well, who cares; I got an A man! The other two presenters today had topics of: Autism in children, and the gap in men and women's pay. I thought manatees were much more exciting. But I also think that turkeys and snails are cute.

Anyway!! IC time!


Reina wasn't really sure what to say to Chain, Valen had already summed it up pretty much. While she wasn't as critical of the boy as Valen was, she was a bit suspicious about these questions he wanted to ask. They probably had to do with what happened earlier that day, but why did he want to know anything? He must've known something himself, something that didn't make sense and so to put the puzzle together he needed to gain more information.

"Hey," Reina said, noticing some slightly cushiony gray chairs a few feet away from the bed, "There's some chairs if you want to sit down. And I'd make your questions quick, the doctor's supposed to be coming back soon, and from the looks of things I doubt you want him to hear all of this."

Even though it was her suggestion, Reina remained standing by the side of Valen's bed; she didn't feel like sitting down even though she was quite tired.

March 8th, 2006, 12:25 PM
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Rosairie petted Shuppy. She could almost see why Kyoko liked him; he might be dead and creepy, but he was also very cuddly. "Don't worry," Rosairie told him shakily, "I'll make her stick around."
Rosairie glanced at the door, and tugged at her skirt self-conciously. It felt slightly too short to be wearing in a hospital. She pushed open the door, and stepped into Valen's room.
She blinked, expecting to see Kyoko in the bed, only to see her dreaded foe there instead. She laughed to herself. "Wrong room, sorry." she said, and bobbed a half-curtsey in apology. She slipped out of the room, before Reina or Valen could see how shaken she was. After all, Kyoko had practically died and Silence... Silence had left her side. It had left her feeling almost...weak.
She padded next door.

Silence leapt off Kyoko and trotted to the doorway. Here he stood, ears twitching, listening to the familar sound of Rosairie's boot son the hard floor. As she opened the door, he gave a slight smile. The jolteon rubbed his head against his trainer's leg, before jumping on the bedside table. He watched Kyoko with his big empty eyes, as Rosairie sat down in the chair opposite.
"Hello." she whispered.

March 8th, 2006, 3:48 PM
[OOC: ::sweatdrop:: Everyone needs to start their roleplaying from somewhere . . . I will give a reminder to those in Mutation Wave, though.]

Cautiously entering, Chain gently closed the door behind him, though his eyes remained on Valen and Reina. "Alright," he agreed, in reply to Valen's statement. Then, stepping forward, he glanced at Reina, adding, "I'm afraid I must decline the seat. I'll only be here for a moment."

Suddenly falling silent as Rosairie entered, Chain almost bit his lip in an effort to prevent himself from speaking. For the moment, I'm not ready to tell her or Kyoko anything . . . not yet. As Rosairie hurriedly exited, the trainer felt himself relax slightly--though not visibly.

After a pause and a slight breath, Chain spoke. Though his manner seemed entirely collected and calm, his mind raced through the information it had gained while calculating how much it would release and in what manner it would be given. "I'll start by telling you what I know. But, I also ask that you tell me if any of this somehow seems familiar. You two saw and experienced more of this incident than I did. From what I did see, though . . . Well, somehow, it brought to mind a rumor I once heard while working with my father in his laboratory. *He was Pokemon scientist, and several of his aides mentioned a project funded by WaiWai Inc. known as "Project Omicron." I don't know the details. But, I do know that WaiWai Inc. cut the funding due to a lack of profitable output."

Here, Chain's voice dropped a level. "Also, apparently there were a number of injuries involved with Omicron--and not everyone believed the events surrounding these injuries were accidental." A strange light entered Chain's green-gold eyes as he turned his gaze toward the window that substituted a large part of one of the room's walls. "You see, Project Omicron was intended to 'determine the specific capabilities of sonic waves in manipulating certain electromagnetic impulses'. In other words, they used sound to control their test subjects' behavior by altering the electricity in their nervous systems--namely, their brains."

Suddenly snapping his gaze toward Valen and Reina, Chain continued--his voice level and unbroken, "When you were fighting the wild Pokemon, did you hear anything unusual?"

[OOC: * - Chain's father actually was a Pokemon scientist. It is from his father that Chain received his Porygon.]

March 8th, 2006, 8:31 PM

She blinked, looking up lightly from her scribblings to see Rosairie walk in. Quickly, she reached for her pack, scrambling to put the notebook in the only pocket of her pack that was actually locked and spin the dial on the stupid thing before Rosairie noticed anything. She managed to barely complete this task as Silence's innocent distraction at the door had caused the older girl to look down for a few more seconds that she originally would have. Sitting forward as if she'd simply been sitting the entire time, she smiled softly, tilting her head as she did so in a very polite mannor, "Hello." Rubbing the back of her neck lightly, she lowered her gaze from Rosairie's, "You.... want answers... don't you?"

Shuppy yawned, switching from Rosairie's head to Kyoko's, nuzzling into the girl's long hair like it was a blanket, <Kyo-chan, you should skip the formalities... That WaiWai Wacko'll be here soon, those fatso money grubbers can't stay away from something that might make them rich for very long.> She yawned lightly and settled down for good, blinking lightly at Rosairie.

Kyoko blushed embarassedly, "I-I-I know...!" She gently bonked her pokemon on the head, "And you don't know who could be listening! Don't SAY things like that!"

<I'll say what I wanna say.>



She sighed, turning back to Rosairie with her face a flame, "W-w-well... To... start things off... I'm not...well... I'm... not a stupid brat... okay?" She blinked lightly, batting away the obnoxious tears that were beginning to reform in the corners of her eyes, "...I... ran away from my home... because I couldn't take it anymore... I couldn't take being... like that anymore..."

<Word of wisdom Kyoko, she has no idea what you're talking about.>

"I know that!" She spat lightly at her pokemon, her face reddening further, "I... ran away... because I was... tired of getting picked on. Tried of being told I wasn't going to be good at anything because my idiot Nii-san was so darn great. I was tired... of getting hit in town and then when I told my parents, he told me that because I didn't fight back I deserved it... I was tired of it... So I left." She swallowed hard. Very. hard. "But I told my mom. She said she'd give me as much of a head start as she could... but... she told me not to expect much. My running away... was bad for the Gym. People in the city were saying that since I'd run away, my dad wasn't fit to lead the Gym because he didn't care about his family.... so... he put a flag on my name. With a reward." Her eyes flashed lightly, "If I tell that WaiWai Guy my last name, he'll find the flag and it states that he's REQUIRED to report it to the Global Police because I'm from Johto... and this isn't really Johto now is it?" She sighed heavily, her body trembling like a twig about to snap off a tree due to a wind gust, "GP.... they're so scary... And... all I want... is to stay here... And compete. But... if I don't high-tail it out of here... I'll get sent back..." Her fingers clenched into a fist, "Nee-chan... I... can't go back home."

March 9th, 2006, 9:46 AM
OOC: Yeah!! Manatee lovers unite!!! >=)

Yeah, Kogenta's got a point, everyone has to start out and make mistakes. Unfortunately, the problem arises when newcomers don't listen to your advice. When I was a newbie to roleplaying, and message boards in general, and I made a mistake, I was happy to take advice and follow the rules. Some people just can't do it... and it's annoying.

Anyway, onto the IC!


Reina's thoughts on the secret she had been keeping resurfaced again as Rosairie popped her head through the door. For one wild moment Reina thought the girl was going to come in to 'check up' on her 'patient', but she left quickly, making a hasty apology.

'Ugh... she should be apologizing for asking me to keep her lame secret,' Reina thought bitterly. She pushed her thoughts aside though, for Chain was about to speak, and she needed to give her undivided attention to him. He began by talking about his father, how he had been a scientist on some project funded by Wai Wai. Reina listened silently, keeping her mind ready for a part that related to her in some way. Chain went on, talking about the project and how it was designed to control some sort of electric something or other. When he clarified what he had said as being basically sound-induced mind manipulation, Reina found herself picturing those robed men chanting, and the pokemon going crazy.

She didn't say anything though, she remained perfectly neutral in appearance, trying not to show that she knew anything. It was a bit difficult, as she wanted to know more about these guys that spouted out garbage about that Typhoeus person and such, but she managed it alright.

Plus, she was waiting for Valen to answer. He was more experienced, at least he seemed that way, at knowing how much to tell people and how much to reveal. She didn't know Chain that well, for all she knew he could be an ally of the robed people trying to find out how much they knew to tell the enemy.

She glanced at Valen with a look that plainly said, 'say what you want to, I trust you know what to do in this matter.'

Alter Ego
March 9th, 2006, 10:20 AM
Everyone needs to start their roleplaying from somewhere

I don't know how this is in the rest of the world, but in Finland, if you can't write four lines of coherent English then the 'somewhere' you should be starting out in is called primary school. -.- But yeah, it's like Melissa says; my problem isn't beginners who post short because they don't know better, it's people like this 'Kakashi' who have been told these things repeatedly but who think they're such bloody great RPers that they don't have anything left to learn. <.< Not remarking on the shortness for people like that is basically like saying 'it's okay to post crap and you don't need to improve.' and I don't think that's the message you're trying to get across.

Oh, and manatees rule! ^0^ *Sigh* I wish some RPers were more like manatees...


An irritable expression flashed across Valen's face as Rosairie suddenly popped in through the door, but before the boy had the time to say as much as a single snappish remark, Rosairie had dissapeared with a hasty apology.

Valen scowled in irritation, Good riddance... he thought bitterly, turning his attention back to Chain as the boy began speaking. What was with that ingrate of a female running into him wherever he went, anyway?

The boy's expression turned suspicious as Chain ventured onward, beginning to speak of a WaiWai Inc. project for controlling pokémon with the aid of sound waves, claiming that it was a rumor. Rumor my arse... Valen thought for himself, unable to completely conceal this in his expression. I work for the bloody company and I've never even heard of that project.

Noting that Chain was still looking out of the window, Valen decided to take his chance, leaning a bit closer to Reina and quickly whispering a quick message over to her, hoping that Chain wouldn't catch on to it;

"He's lying." the boy stated simply, in a voice as low as he could manage, "I'm not sure how much, but there's definitely more to that than a rumor."

Quickly turning back to his position, Valen proceeded to adress Chain in a fully audible voice so as to keep him from getting suspicious.

"That's...quite a rumor you heard." he said, contemplating whether he should tell this person anything, and if so, how much. Still, the chanting had been all over the square, anyone who had been even close would surely be glad to blurt out their account of it all, and if they did, the Chain would recieve the very same information but they would not recieve anything more in return.

"But yes..." Valen said at last, "We did hear something which you could call unusual. It was a chanting of sorts, came out of the loudspeakers." this was all perfectly true, even though Valen decided to leave out the part about the robed men. If Chain wished to tell them half-truths then half-truths were what he was going to recieve in return. Valen had never been one to give more than he got, unless of course it was a matter of punishment.

March 9th, 2006, 10:52 AM
OOC: Meep! Last post before I begin to try and write my Botany lab abstract. -.- Yeah, it was about looking for heterocysts on a plant called Azolla. Bleh... if only the plant had been named "Azumarill" and I was looking for money then I would have been more excited. Especially considering one of my lab partners and I get along almost as poorly as Reina and Rosairie. XD Seriously, that girl makes me so angry sometimes! She has this issue with commanding you to do things and they have to be done "her way". You don't tell Melissa what she's supposed to be doing in a biological science class. She just knows. One of these days she's going to go too far, and I'm going to go too far, and we're going to have it out with plants all around us. ^^;;

Okay I rambled on about that enough... o.o


Listening to Valen's message, Reina nodded slightly, almost frowning in an attempt to understand why Chain would be concealing something from them. If he knew it why didn't he come out and say it already? Did Valen really look like the type to be easily fooled by half-truths?

This was a tough situation though, both parties didn't really know how much they could trust the other one. Who would be the first to come out with it all? Reina listened intently as Valen stated a little of what he knew. She noticed how he left the robed men out of the explanation, and figured that if she didn't respond, Chain would think something was up with her.

"Yeah, that's right... and the pokemon were all crazy of course. But some were, and some weren't. For example, my Heracross never attacked me, but I saw a girl with a Diglett that was having a lot of trouble," she added, figuring that it should have been fairly obvious to anyone who paid attention that there were only certain pokemon effected. She looked on at Chain, waiting for his response to this.

Baker's Bulbasaur
March 9th, 2006, 3:54 PM
JJ...who had been staring at Cona in a sort of disbelief for about 10 seconds, suddenly realised this, and tried to cover it up by raising a hand to his mouth and coughing.

''...oh...umm scuse me, well, staying somewhere else? like where dya mean? i think we'd be best set to stay here the night, i mean we know where we are, we're close to a pokemon centre and placed to get food and stock up and what have you....''

Jeffery brushed a hand through his blonde hair and closed his eyes....his head was spinning again, what the heck was that? one minute he's fine, and then all of a sudden.....
The male opened his eyes, to find he was seeing everything blurry, there were 500 girls hugging 500 sailor hats, roughly 10,000,000 people all running, walking around a room which should only have been able to contain about 40, and.....and.......

Silence became the greates sound of interest, suddenly the pain had stopped, nothing was blurry anymore, it was....dark.....it was....familiar. The blonde boy was out before he hit the floor....

OOC - for what seems like the 100th time, i am to be making apologies for my far from constant, and far from top notch RP'ing, i have explained to Titan in a PM what this is down to, and he understands, but i think it's only fair i share this with the rest of you, besides, i think a lot of the reason it has been hurting so much is because i've been keeping it all locked up.

For the past month, a relationshp with my now X girlfriend which ahd been going on for just over a year has been up and down, all sorts of problems which i won't actually go into, but now it has ended and we have seperated, and not on the best terms either, i have no embarassment in saing that I loved this girl....
My grandfather has been given from 2-6 months to live, he has cancer, and amnesia which comes and goes all the time, i was very very close wit my grandad, and to talk to him, with him having no idea who i am has been very painful.
on christmas day there was quite a bad accident where i for a reason which doctors have put down to stress, fainted, and ended up falling very aqwardly, smacking my back on a burning hot over, burning it. also an old wrestling knee injury has come back from a bad tackle whilst playing football/soccer. and to top it all off, me and my mum may be forced to move out of our house, which i have lived in since i was 1 and a half.

it's just been one big thing after another, all snowballing, and has left me depressed, angry, and basically taken a big impact in my social life. anyway i have no thoughts of leaving this rp, and i'm going to try my best to be more active in it, but well....these are my reasons for it.
once again, my apologies.

March 9th, 2006, 5:01 PM
[OOC: In view of that which has occured, Baker's Bulbasaur, this may seem rather hollow to say . . . But, I truly do hope that life improves for you and that somehow everything will work out.

As to the roleplaying issue, you do have a point, Alter Ego. :: sigh :: At the moment, I am merely hoping that the roleplaying quality will increase . . . ]

Though noticing Valen's movement at the edge of his vision, Chain did not hear his whispered words. Further, any suspicion on Valen's part would not been unexpected. Focusing his vision calmly on the mirror-like surface of the window, Chain silently listened to Valen's response to his inquiry. Shortly after this, Reina added her input--elaborating on certain points.

"The loudspeakers . . . " Chain echoed quietly. If the speakers are still in tact, I can have Circuit trace the source of the chanting. Falling silent, Chain's eyes narrowed slightly. Still, though . . . If this event was, in fact, some form of attack on the tournament, why did it stop? Was this merely a type of test or were the attackers thwarted? Shifting his glance to Valen, Chain silently studied his features. As much as I can't trust these two, neither can they trust me. Valen, especially, seems to be one more versed in the art of deceit and general street knowledge, though Reina's probably had her share of experience in this world, too. And, anyway, from what I gather, there is little doubt Reina would choose to support Valen in most any decision he made.

Temporarily moving his gaze between Valen and Reina, Chain quietly responded, "I see. That seems interesting . . . " After a pause, he asked casually, "So, I take it the destruction of the speakers was the cause for ending the attack?"

March 9th, 2006, 6:09 PM
OOC: Aww! BB, I'm so sorry for you! I can't even imagine how you must feel right now. I do know that bad things always seem to happen in packs; it was the same way with my friend. Her father was diagnosed with some heart problem, they gave him the wrong medication and it made him go a little... insane... temporarily. All this other stuff happened around the same time, her grandmother dying, I think her sister had some issue with a guy stalking her or something like that, among other things. She would just randomly collapse in a puddle of tears. I agree with Kogenta, I hope things get better for you soon. I admire your dedication to us all, and I'm glad you found us worthy enough of being told what's going on. ^-^ You're a nice person BB, I shall give all of my luck to you! *gives luck*

A quick IC:


Chain seemed rather preoccupied with the window as he spoke, and Reina found herself thinking of the thing they were all talking about. 'What is up with those guys? Those robed men... I wonder if they have something to do with Valen? No... he and Vincent and Lori seemed to be against them, or at least wary of them and confused about what they were doing. What was it that Valen said that they probably wanted? World domination? What kind of people want to rule the world anyway?' Reina could never figure that out, to her, ruling the world was something much like the concept of world peace, an idea, something that could never actually become a reality. To rule the world you would need to be more than just a few men in some robes with the power to control certain pokemon. What you would need to be, Reina didn't know. Suddenly, a voice popped up in Reina's head.

{Reina?} a voice said. It was Phoebe's. Reina wasn't startled by it, she had been wondering about her pokemon.

'Uh... yes?' she thought to the Ninetails. It was really weird to think to a pokemon.

{Is everything okay? It has been a long while since the battle. Who are you with right now?} the Ninetails asked as if she were Reina's guardian.

'Valen... and Chain. You know Valen, right? Chain I don't think you've seen,' she thought, trying to picture them in case the pokemon could see what she was picturing.

{Yes, I don't know Chain. Valen was that boy that took on the Aggron, correct? Hm... be careful,} the Ninetails said in a serious tone. Reina frowned a little.

'You sound like Tabansi. I know what I'm doing,' Reina thought back, 'Now... Chain's asking something, I need to pay attention.'

{I don't think you do realize what you've gotten yourself into Reina, but we will talk about this later,} Pheobe concluded, leaving Reina a little confused and frustrated. They all acted as if Valen was a dangerous person that could lash out at any moment. Sure Reina hadn't really seen him mad yet, but everyone was so quick to condemn him that it made her mad. It was no wonder that he hated everyone....

After Chain asked them his next question, Reina was a bit unsure of how to reply. She looked over to Valen again. "Hm... I don't really know about that... Valen?" she said, trying to make it look like she wasn't involved with stopping the chanting, even though she was in a very big way.

Alter Ego
March 10th, 2006, 6:09 AM
OOC: Actually...I only knew part of the bad things that happened to you, BB. o.o Honestly, I can't say I've ever been in a situation as bad as the one you're going through at the moment and I agree with what has been said, you're a great person and certainly the most dedicated RPer I've ever seen to not only spare the time to actually post here with all of that going on but to also tell us about it. Giving you my luck and best wishes is the least I can do, even though I'm not sure if that amounts to much. I've said this before and I'll say it again; you have nothing to apologize for and I really hope that life starts treating you better again as soon as possible, because to my best knowledge you don't deserve having to go through all that. I just noticed that I made the first post on this page, so I shall hereby dedicate it to you, BB, and the hope that you'll reach better times soon.

On a brighter note, your new Banner/Avvie combination rules, Melissa. Very prettyful, and Lyn does rule. Not as much as Lute, though. Haxxy little Mage/Sage. xD


Valen took a brief pause to formulate his answer, noting that Chain still seemed intent on playing his little game. For a moment longer, he continued to simply watch this stranger who apparently though that his little deception had gone right through. Despite the growing urge to throttle this arrogant stranger until he confessed everything, Valen was, at the very least, confident in the knowledge that the boy hadn't heard his message to Reina and maintained a calm and collected manner. They all knew what game was being played, but he certainly wasn't going to be the first to break it. If Chain wanted proper information, Valen had decided, then he would have to start by explaining his questions properly.

"I'm afraid I can't answer that..." he replied at last, shaking his head, "I was quite preoccupied with fending off a particularly vicious Aggron when the chanting ended..." he brought up his wounded arm as additional evidence of the matter, "...so I wasn't exactly in the best position to observe the incident, as I'm sure you can understand."

This was all pefectly true, Valen hadn't been there to observe Reina's battle with the robed men and the whole thing had been over by the time he had returned with Cespenar in tow. The boy fell silent again, awaiting the next move, as it were, of his opponent in the old deception game.

March 10th, 2006, 8:09 AM
OOC: Thanks for the comments Alter! Yep, Lyn does rule. She is my favorite Fire Emblem character! Lute is awesome too! I love Lute, she was really great in my Sacred Stones game. I remember one chapter she was able to pick off all of these Berserkers and Snipers across from a wall while they were focusing on trying to attack my other guys. Heh heh, go Lute!

Coincidently, I have the Demon King's music stuck in my head right now. o.o

And yay for dedicating the page to BB!


So now it was up to Chain again to decide where this conversation was going. The atmosphere was so intense that Reina hadn't even moved her body for a good deal of time now. Chain wanted them to reveal the fact that the robed men were where the chant came from. He must've known that Reina and Valen knew where it came from and what stopped it, otherwise he would'nt have asked the question.

Reina's hazel eyes took a moment to glance at the door as she heard footsteps go by. When was that doctor guy coming back? They didn't have all day to be having a discussion about who could last the longest without revealing something. Luckily the hospital was busy.

The pain in her hand was coming back again, a strong and slow ache that was not enjoyable in the least. Why didn't that doctor give her anything?! She tried moving it and it complied, but it still hurt and even moreso when she tried to touch a certain spot. This was the spot that had made contact with the robed man's jaw. Perhaps it was a good thing that she had missed the leader; that surely would have broken something. Wait... she hadn't missed, he was just... lucky. Yes, that was it.

Reina focused again on Chain, wondering what tactic he would use now.

March 10th, 2006, 4:48 PM
Looks like they won't be giving up their information that easily. Calmly brushing a dark strand of hair behind one ear, Chain smiled slightly. "Of course it's understandable--on both your parts," he replied noncholantly to Valen and Reina. Moving his gaze slowly from trainer to trainer, Chain consciously measured the rate of each breath as the pace of his thoughts continued to increase. The information I've already gathered is definately useful. But, I'm certain there's more. The problem is, I don't know how much time I have left to question these two--or if I'll ever get this chance again.

Returning his eyes to the familiar view of the window, the light of Chain's eyes intensified. Maybe I could get Rosairie or Kyoko to fill in the information these two are leaving out. But, there's still the risk of Valen and Reina knowing information the others don't . . . Is the risk worth it? After a long moment, Chain shifted his glance toward the inhabitants of the room, finally breaking the silence. "By the way, there's a question that I should ask you--it being common courtesy. Before I question you further, are there any questions you have for me regarding my information?"

There. If you really are on to me, here's your chance to prove it.

Baker's Bulbasaur
March 10th, 2006, 5:09 PM
OOC - means more then you can know, thankyou.....

IC -

The young males gold hair soared like an elegant bird, trying with all it's might to get away, but standing no chance....
The males head was spinning like a rotating coin, yet he felt focused, prepared, ready....but, what was it he was ready for? what was it he was prepared for?.....and why was he so excited, yet terrified about it?....

The thick yet elegantly thin clouds seemed to be getting higher, or, was it him getting lower...and....why was he in the air?!
Jeffery opened his eyes
and found himself standing, perfectly still, perfectly safe....
Slowly and cautiously he began to crane his neck to the right, and then to the left, observing his surroundings.
What was going on? How did he get here? Why was he here? was he dreaming? was he dullusional?.......
Jeffery turned around, his feet shuffleing on what appeared to be perfectly cut, fresh green grass, there was so much space, yet he dared not move his feet around too much, or too fast, somehow JJ felt that doing just that may cause him to fall from a great height.....

Staring straight ahead, all there seemed to be was grass, perfect grass, a meadow perhaps, it was beautiful, but the eyes were offering no other attraction as yet....but....wait, what was that?
From a distance, a small, extremely small black shape, had appeared but, wait.....it was getting closer...and bigger....
JJ brought his fists to his eyes and began to rub them, something very starnge was happening, but his lace of thought seemed not to be able to come up with anything logical....

Moving his hands and opening his eyes not only brought back sight, but great shock and panic, the black shape had gotten much, MUCH closer, but now it was very evident that it was a

''Rhyhorn!'' a gruff voice bellowed ''Take Down Now!''
The rock pokemon bellowed and sent it's huge physique flying forward, aiming itself at an extremely small green thing, which darted out of the way with a split second to spare. JJ who had ducked and dived out of the way, was now sitting on his rear, in what was 3 seconds ago a clear meadow, but his jaw dropped when he found himself to now be in.....a pokemon stadium

''And a dodge whch great speed and reflexes there from the red trainers Treecko! Who may have been unable to come back if it had taken that awsome'ly powered move by the blue trainers Rhyhorn!''
A voice sounded, as if being spoke on a mic.

JJ was in total aw, where the heck had all this come from.....
I must have hit my head pretty hard.... he thought to himself making an exceptionally long blink, before reopening his eyes, just to have tjem widen in greater shock, and have his heart skip a beat. Upon opening, they had locked onto the image of a figure, not far away, standing in a raised booth platform, wearing a pair of dark blue jeans, and a baggy red jacket, with a large hood. Dropping down from his head is a bunch of beautiful blonde hair, tied up in a ponytail. JJ sat on the grass in disbelief towards the fact that he is staring at none other, then himself.....

The darting Treecko, which had dodged the rampaging attack of the rhyhorn just in time, was now standing, battle poised, and ready for anotehr command, it's eyes locked onto it's rock opponent, and a leech in it's mouth.

Jeffery was suddely forced to swing his hands to his forehead, and grasp it, as a shot of total agony was sent through his head like a bolt of lightning, for what felt like minutes he sat there silently screaming, thinking his head was about to burst open......
this was the scene from when he was in the pokemon leage, the match that he lost while in the top 16......a painful memory.

The pain was increasing, growing more and more unbearable, Just die... he thought to himself Just let me die, and stop this agony....

For a moment, Jeffery James thought that his wish had come true. The Pain had gone, and thoughts were still flooding his brain like an unblockable leak.....but the pain was at least gone.
Slowly opening his eyes....JJ found that nothing was blurry, but very clear. He was standing in a garden....not well groomed, but certaintly with the hint of much effort having been put into it. JJ's attention was immediately snapped to a small group of people, not that far away. They were all standing side by side, 4 of them, standing close together, and looking straight forward.

Unable to control curiousity, JJ began to creep closer, trying not to make much noise, not that it mattered, for as soon as he was close enough, he spoke
''Uuuum, i'm really sorry, but, can anyone tell me where I am please? I know this will sound crazy but, I have no idea how I got here....''
After a moment of waiting for a response, during which none was to be obtained, heck, none of the 4 had even moved, or responded in any way shape or form to the sound of a strange blonde male having just uninvitedally entered their garden.
''Uuuum, hello?'' JJ said again, alas, to still no response. Jeffery ran a hand through his blonde hair, and shurgged before taking another few steps forward, he could now see the faces of these people, but perhaps it would have been better had he not.

''Young Jeffery isn't going to get over this easily....'' said a woman, the eldest of the females.

''well of course not, but he wil....given time...'' said a male this time, oncee again the eldest man.

Jeffery's jaw dropped, once again threatening to fall off, as he found himself, looking into the faces, of his very family....his mother, father, grandfather, and grandmother.
Looking down, out of nothing but instinct, JJ was even more shocked to see that we was looking at a very small but well made tombstone, buried into the soil, in a part of the garden. On it was a picture of a bird pokemon....a pidgey, and writing, which read

''Here lies Pudgey the Pidgey, may he fly with angels evermore...''

Jeffery looked up from the stone and began to remember....
Pudgey....that was my pet pidgey when i was barely 7, i loved her so much.....

Why he done it, he didn;t know, but the blonde male suddenly found himself standing, and walking back around the 4 figures, observing the garden more carefully, he thought back, and began to remember it being his once.....before the family moved to the hoenn region. JJ walked straight over to the house, and quickly located wht he was looking for, although why he was looking for it was unbeknown to him.....
An open glass window.
Walking up to it, a tear began to drop from his eye as he saw what was through it, lying on a small bed, was a very young, very hansome, boy with short blonde hair, crying his eyes out.
As if it had never stopped....Jeffery found the previous pain rushing through his head again. He began to spin, the entire worls was turning, and the scene of his former home had disapeared, everything had turned dark, yet his eyes were wide open. Spinning round and round, faster and faster, one hand either side of his head, he began to hear noises, many many noises, voices, crashes, echoes, all horrible ones, horrible horrible ones from his past. Next began pictures, there were screaming and shouting heads everywhere, all screaming at him, offending him, ordering him around, pressuring him....

''MAKE IT STOP! MAAAAAKE IIIIIT STOOOOOOP!!'' Jeffery found himself screaming at the top of his lungs, he closes his eyes and dropped to his knees....and the pain was gone.....
the voices had all stopped, as had the noises. Immediately JJ opened his eyes, and found himself to be standing face to face with a dark figure.....
A dark, hooded figure, wearing a long black robe, with a red stripe all across the rims.

''Who....who are you?!'' JJ demmanded, but with an obvious shake in his voice.

The fugure stood in silence for a minute. Completely still, JJ couldn't believe his own patience, but eventually the figure raises both arms, which were completely concealed by the baggy robe, and grabbed hold of his hood, pulling it down. This revealed what JJ assumed to be a man, but whoever it was, was wearing half a mask, a skull white, plain old mask, but only one side of it, the missing side revealed fresh, clean flesh. Also noticeable was fairly long, coal black hair.
The man returned his arms to his side and took a long deep breath beforre uttering words in a calm, voice, but one which gave a feeling of great pain

''I am.....you're destiny, and you cannoy deny....you're destiny....''

JJ sttod in shock to these words, he looked the fugure up and down, and tried and failed twice to speak. Eventually he took a dep breath, swalloed and said in a low voice

''What does that mean?.....''

The figure considered this quetion for a moment before showing a slight curl of his top lip, which was proberly an attempt at a smile, yet there was something about the change on the mans visible face, wwhich suggested a smile was something it had long forgotten how to do.

''I don't work with when, how, and why, i work with what, so all i can say is...it means.........alllll you're darker most inner passions, are allll about to come true....well....given time, but as i said, I don;t deal with when, so the time it will take will be up to a differen't part....''

without pausing JJ instantly replied
''differen't part? Different part of what?''

''Why...of you'' the figure said simply. Suddenly the eyehole of the mask, and the right eye of the man began to glow, a dark, blood red.

''AAAAAAARGH!!!'' JJ found himself screaming, the whole world was once again spinning, spinning as if someone had put a giant handle on the globe and began to turn it the wrong way.....

Miles away, in a consciece land.....a young blonde male, lying on the floor, began to open his eyes.

Alter Ego
March 11th, 2006, 12:32 AM
OOC: Yes...PH33R Lute. Remember that one Sacred Stones mission where you were supposed to just hold out for long enough? The one where you fight Tiger Eye's old war buddy? I just sent Lute (Sage) straight into the fray with Elfire equiped while Natasha (Bishop) took care of the southern side of their fortifications with Shine. Seriously, Lute just sat there and thwacked opponent after opponent, when my second turn came there were about 5 enemies left, and those had survived because they couldn't get close enough to attack any of my characters. Lol, I cleared that 'survival' mission in three turns. xD

And BB...your post...*Wipes away tear of joy* It's beautiful....yes, it shall work excellently for *BlankityBlankBlank*. >D


Whaaat? You didn't expect me to give away perfectly good spoiler material, did you? The rest of you will just have to wait and see. ^.~


Well, well, well...looks like he does know when it's time to give up... Valen noted as Chain finally decided to allow them some questions, a clear sign that he knew that they knew that he knew more than he was letting on. Tiresome mindgames indeed...

"As a matter of fact, I do have one question..." Valen replied, deciding to take the chance seeing as how the doctor could be barging inside any minute, "How did you really get your hands on information from a top secret project?" he gave the boy in front of him an inquisitive look, although his voice sounded more curious than condemning, "And if you were thinking of retreating back to the 'lab aides told me' story then don't bother. Vincent is quite good at noticing potential squealers and would certainly not let them be assigned to anything important."

March 11th, 2006, 12:55 AM
Rosairie's face was completely unreadable as she listened to Kyoko's story. When the younger girl was finished, Rosairie couldn't help herself; she leant forward and wrapped her arms around Kyoko, burying her in a tight embrace.
"Sweetie, sweetie..." she whispered, before pulling away, "It's okay. I'd protect you, if those GP retards ever come knocking. Me, and Henna, and Silence - and hell, that Jolteon can pack a punch when he wants to!"
Rosairie let go, and sat down on the end of Rosairie's bed. For a moment, the girl just smiled sadly. "They only pick on you because they want you to do better. Because they love you. My Dad...well, my Dad barely notices me, except for when he's chucking money in the direction of my credit card."
There it was again, her happy persona faltering - only for a split second - as her thoughts turned to her family.
Dad's never home. Mum's never even BEEN home. She doesn't care. And he's... he's too busy running around after girls My age...
Rosairie rubbed her eyes with a fingertip, before turning back to Kyoko, a bright smile on her face. "Don't worry, Kyo! I'll sort it out, I swear!"
This is one promise I won't break...

Silence, meanwhile, had reverted back to his usual motionless self. His ears twitched as he listening to the reassuring bubble of the two-girl's voices. Rosairie would try her best, but he doubted she would be able to banish Kyoko's problems the way she had done for him. Humans are a lot more complicated than a few metal bars that needed melting.

March 11th, 2006, 6:25 AM
OOC: It's official... Valen and JJ both have serious mental problems. XD Thank goodness the only things people that appear in my dreams talk about is something either totally off the wall, or something pertaining to the situation in my dream. But yes, good piece of writing there, BB, I'd daresay one of you best! ^-^

And you gotta love it when Fire Emblem characters do that. In one I'm playing now (it's a ROM shhhh! I downloaded it and it's in Japanese shhhh! ^^;) I have a sage, Lou, and he totally took care of a huge group of guys that kept trying to creep up on me. I love my magic people too much, they usually end up my strongest allies. Then I got Lilina (mage @ level 1) and was leveling her up nice and slowly when all of a sudden these pirate guys just pop up out of nowhere! And in this Fire Emblem, the bad guys move right after they pop up, there's no waiting until the next turn! So poor Lilina (then at level 7 and them at level 12) had to face them and she surprisingly totally kicked butt! Luckily she has great dodging, and those pirate guys had a really poor hit. At the end of that level she was at level 13. ^^ Heh heh. Stupid pirate guys.

I think Dr. Kipling should come back soon... the hospital isn't THAT busy. ^^


Reina watched the two boys intently, had it not been about something so horribly serious, it would have been good entertainment. However, it seemed that Chain had realized that the two of them were not about to reveal information to someone they barely knew, so he had instead offered them a chance to ask some questions. Reina thought for a moment about what she could want to ask, but she really didn't know how much Chain knew, so she couldn't go asking about the robed men considering they didn't mention them. She merely remained silent, not able to think of a good question to ask. It was probably for the best, she wouldn't want to accidentally give away information in her question.

Valen then asked the boy how he got his information, which Reina didn't think Chain would be willing to answer. The boy certainly hadn't asked Vincent anything, and had seemed to have waited until they were alone to ask them these questions, so she doubted he wanted it known as to how he got it.

However, right after Valen had asked the question, the door suddenly flung open to reveal a hurried Dr. Kipling, coming in the room with a nurse in tow. She was attempting to shove some papers into his face, and he took them quickly and she rushed off. He looked over at the three teens, a bit puzzled as to what Chain was doing in Valen's room.

"Ah well, whatever. Sorry for the long wait, we've just been so busy with injuries like yours, minor lacerations, concussions, the usual," he paused, looking at the papers in his hand for a moment, and then back up at them, "Well it seemes the two of you are quite lucky, and that nothing serious is wrong. However, you Reina have a couple bruised bones in your second knuckle and finger, so we need to put some sort of splint on your first two fingers to keep them from moving, it's nothing too serious. You'll only have to wear it for a week or so, the bruising wasn't too bad. You must have punched something pretty hard."

Reina's face looked unhappy, she did not like the prospect of having to wear something that shouted out that she was injured. She figured there was no point in arguing though, she would just have to live with it.

"As for you Valen, you should stay here the rest of the night. You got your head knocked around quite a bit, and as I said you lost quite a bit of blood. Luckily you didn't break anything, just some bruises and lacerations. Nothing a little ointment and time won't cure. You can go in the morning, and be on your, er, merry way," Kipling said to Valen, who looked as if he had never been on a merry way before in his life.

The doctor then turned as if her were about to leave, when he suddenly looked back at Reina and Chain, "You two will have to leave soon, visiting hours end in a short time, and Valen needs some rest. Reina, you stay here and a nurse will come in a few minutes to put a splint on. I hope you two have a safe night. Farewell then." With that he exited the door and the three of them were alone again.

"Ugh... I hate doctors...," Reina mumbled, looking down at her hand and wondering if there was some way to get out of having to wear a splint. She then looked up at the other two, wondering if the conversation was over, or if it would continue. After all, Valen's question had still been left unanswered.


As Dr. Kipling opened up the door to the next room over, Kyoko's room, he told himself to keep his temper and not get so angry with the girl. He was not a 5 year old, and he was not about to argue with her again. Hopefully she would be in a better mood.

He walked in to see Kyoko and Rosairie. "Ah, hello there. Are you feeling better Kyoko? Look I'll be honest with you... we really need more room in this hospital, so if you think you're feeling better and that you don't need to be here, then you can go. I'm sorry if I seemed a bit rude back there, but I take my patients seriously and it looked like you needed some help. I was in such a rush I didn't want to overlook anything. However, I can't find anything wrong with you, and so if you truly think that you're okay, then you can leave. Just make sure to sign out and tell a nurse before you go so that its all on paper," he said, nodding to them, "And a for you," he looked at Rosairie, "Visiting hours are almost up, you'll need to leave soon. With that ladies, I must leave and see to my other patients. Good luck." He turned around quickly and left, racing off down the hallway to the next room and entering as quickly as he had exited Kyoko's.

March 11th, 2006, 6:40 AM
ooc: o.O I gotta go to a pancake breakfast thing this morning but I'll type up my post on the way and post it at my gma's. (Yay for dial up. xx) -nodnod-

o.o -is obsessed with Fire Emblem- I'm... er... working... on... a new FE themed banner/avie (With original art o course. ~.~ My art smells) with my precious RESYON from the newest FE game... I love winged men in a sexy outfit with a sexily long hairdo (That flows like Sephy's o course. <3) and I also love it when they're flippin insane.

So yuh. IC coming.... After I watch ep 57 o bleach



Ninjas. o.o

March 11th, 2006, 9:22 AM
Listening to Valen's inquiry, a thin smile entered Chain's features. Then you are as clever as I had hoped. Closing his eyes calmly as the doctor entered, Chain remained silent--though the strange smile never left his features. I wonder how much I should tell Valen and Reina . . . Honestly, I can find as many reasons to tell the truth now as I might find to lie again. But . . . Hearing the doctor mention that he would be required to leave soon, Chain's eyes opened as he nodded agreeably, before turning his attention elsewhere.

Waiting until the doctor and nurse had departed, Chain then turned to Valen. "After some thought, I've decided that it's worth sharing my little secret." Shifting his gaze to Reina before returning it to Valen, Chain added, his smile fading, "I want both of you to understand, though, that I'm holding you in particularly high confidence as I tell you this." The trainer paused, taking a slight breath as though preparing himself for an arduous task. Then, after composing himself for a moment, he began, "Though I am primarily a Pokemon trainer, I also have a number of other occupations--some less honorable than others. To be direct . . . I'm a computer hacker." Touching the Premier Ball that hung from his neck--empty, though it remained--he continued, "Assisted by my Porygon, I've actually become quite accomplished in that regard. Accomplished enough to be able to enter most any system, overcome most any firewall, and crack most any lock. WaiWai Inc. has been no exception."

The smile returned to Chain's features. "Of course, it's actually been quite a while since I've hacked any system of that nature. But, nonetheless, I was able to liberate certain information. It's from a file I 'borrowed' that I discovered Project Omicron." Closing his green-gold eyes, Chain finished, "So, hopefully you can understand why I would not wish to share this information with you so easily?"

March 11th, 2006, 11:07 AM

xD Nya~ typing in a car is fun.

>.> I was like, dead serious about the whole character theme song thing. See, Im a big music junkie and when Im writing up a character sheet, Im also browsing through my music files for a good song because some times it can describe a character to a T. Or to an A or to an I or you get the idea xP

And it would be flippin sweet if we had like, an Ancient Dynasty playlist xD We could shove it in peoples faces and be all, >D Look what we got! so meebee think bout eet? :o I have over 3000 music files plus Bear Share. n.n I can seriously find any song. nodnod- So at least think bout eet?

:o the perscription mentioned in my below post is a perscription for an iron supplement. xp Kyoko's slightly anemic.


She couldnt honestly describe her emotions when Rosairie hugged her. That warm feeling people often described receiving didnt apply to her, it never really had, but this time around, the hug felt different. It wasnt threatening, it wasnt forced and most importantly, it wasnt to shut her up, Nee-nee-chan? I... Why'd you... I don't...? The child was very startled and couldnt even begin to comment as it was at that moment that the door to her small abode opened.

Kipling. She couldnt stop her eyes from narrowing slightly. The fact that this mans name rhymed with kindling was no accident, he was a true annoyance and Kyoko truly wanted nothing more than his professional opinion which was beginning to look colored by his apparent dislike of her. Closing her eyes softly, before he'd get a chance to see that evil glare, she regained her sweet natured composer and greeted the man with a smile and sat quietly as he spoke to her.

When he had apparently finished, Kyoko fished a bottle out of her bag and chucked it at it softly, Just get that refilled then and you wont have to see me ever again, Sensei. Its because I ran out of those that I passed out in the first place you see. I ran out yesterday, thus why I fainted first and hit my head on a pole and then fainted again at a later time. If you read the label, not only will it give you my last name for any clarification you might need plus it reads quite clearly that I still have three refills on it.

She finished her soft toned speech and kept her hands in her lap in a very polite mannor, Is that alright Sensei?

~ * ~

Her Shuppet however, had left her head the moment the doctor had rumbled the doorknob, lifting off her shoulders as silently as a ghost could. Slipping into the vent above Kyokos bed, the ghost pokemon kept to a vapor like form as she drifted through the vents to the next room over hoping to quietly observe the other three.

The fact that theyd been away from Rosairie and Kyoko, the obvious idiots of the group, for this long bothered Shuppy whod been in both the spirit and living world long enough to know that when a group breaks apart like they had, separating the fools from the people with working brain cells, something is causing the split and that something isnt a small something and most of the time its not a good something.

But if she did find out information, not saying that she would, she had no intention of informing Kyoko or Rosairie. There was defiantly a reason they were left out and if they suddenly found out something nobody told them suspicions would be aroused as to how they came about the classified information. Shuppy, however, was not a pokemon that liked to be unaware of things and she doubted that the nanny like pokemon that followed Rosairie along, her magmar, probably wouldn't like to find out about something important later on when it might be important now.

So she floated silently, almost invisibly above Valen's bed, listening carefully to any words being said.

Alter Ego
March 11th, 2006, 12:12 PM
OOC: Heh, amen to that, Melissa. There's nothing like sticking a single character in your opponent's face and then watch as he/she decimates your opponent's entire side. >D Kind of like I did with Tana one time...

Tana (Level 5 Falcoknight armed with a Javelin); *Charges forward at a group consisting of one Paladin, three Cavaliers, five myrmidons, three Archers, 4 Shamans, and a bunch of mages.*

First turn; *Tana twhacks Paladin twice for a bit over half its full HP*

*Paladin charges forward with Steel Lance*

Tana; *Dodges and twhacks Paladin again* *Critical hit, paladin dies*

*Cavalier charges with Steel Lance*

Tana; *Dodge and twhack* *Cavlier dies*

*Cavalier two charges*

Tana; *See previous*

*Cavalier three charges*

Tana; *See previous*

*Myrmidons charge* (You know what happens. ^.~)

*Smart-arse Shaman uses Eclipse from a longer range*

Tana; *Dodge*

*Second smart-arse Shaman uses Eclipse from a longer range*

Tana; *Dodge*

*Third smart-arse Shaman uses Eclipse from a longer range*

Tana; *0 Damage*

*Fourth not-so-smart Shaman tries to attack with Noseferatu* (Damage potential: 0-2, Hit chance: 0%)

Tana; *Dodges and twhacks* *Shaman dies*

*Archers attack*

First archer; *Hits; 18 damage* *Counter-twhacked and killed*

Second archer; *Critical hit; 37 damage* *Counter-twhacked and killed*

Me; *Glares muredrously at third archer* "I swear...if you kill her now I'll-"

Third Archer; *Misses* *Counter-twhacked with critical hit and dies but Tana's Javelin breaks*

Rest of the battle consists of Mages trying to strike through Tana's L33T magic resistance with Elfire and Thunder, no damage obviously. Nyah, I hate it when my opponent's archers get lucky...~_~

Anyways, on the theme-song thingie....well, truth to be told I can't come up with anything that would suit Valen. But I'm certainly open for suggestions because it's fun to stick things under peoples noses. xD

Bleah, I've just been informed that I need to get off the computer and I reeeeaaally, don't want to rush this IC, so I'll add it tommorow instead. Sorry for any inconvenience.

March 11th, 2006, 6:04 PM
OOC: Yes, Tana rocks! I used her so much, and with a Javelin she was awesome! She always did critical hits with her Javelin in my game. ^-^

About the theme song thing... er, I'll think about it! We'll see. ^^

I'll wait for Alter to post again before I do Reina's part, this will just be with Dr. Kipling.

"Why didn't you show this to me before?" the doctor said with a confused look. Dr. Kipling had really had it with this girl, and after he tried to apologize and everything. Whatever, he couldn't let that bother him; after all, he was trying to be a professional about this.

"I'll get it filled," he said shortly, "And then you can leave." It was best anyway, he was almost glad to get the girl out of his hair. As he walked briskly down the hallway he ran into a hurried nurse. "Here," he said gruffly, shoving the bottle into her hand.

"Eh? What's this? Dr. Kipling?" she said, looking a bit confused.

He gave her a helpless smile, "Come on Mary, could you get me that refill quick?" Mary gave him a frown, her black hair coming undone from her bun and hanging into her face.

"You're kidding me, right? Do you know how many old people I have to sponge bathe right now?!" she said with a crack in her voice. She didn't sound too happy about her duties.

"Marrry...!" the doctor pleaded, "I'll take you out later! Whatever you want it's on me!" He looked much younger all of a sudden, his professional air gone.

She shook her head in a defeated and disgruntled look, "Fine fine! Just get out of my way!" She pushed past him and on to fill up Kyoko's bottle.

Alter Ego
March 12th, 2006, 2:53 AM
OOC: Yeah, Tana pwneth, and she's even better with a Short Spear apparently. I can't believe that I missed that secret store the first time around. >.<

Anyways, in the interest of not holding this scene up any longer...


Stay for the night?! a furious expression briefly flashed across Valen's features - despite the fact that he had expected no less - but he quickly managed to conceal it again, restraining the urge to yell that he had no wish to lay about like an invalid if he had the strength to stand as he had the nagging suspicion that he might not have that kind of strength and didn't want to suffer the embarassment of others realizing it. The boy had always hated looking weak, and that was even more true when someone he cared about was there to see, not that there were many people who fitted into that category.

"That makes two of us, then." he replied to Reina's comment, glaring slightly at the doorway where the doctor had dissapeared into before shifting his expression back to neutral as he turned his attention back to Chain.

Valen's expression didn't shift in the least as the boy came clean about his secret, although his thoughts immediately sprang into action; this boy had infiltrated the Waiwai Inc. Networks, what if...what if he had figured out the connection? Or worse yet; what if he had discovered Valen's personal file? This wasn't a pleasant thought for the boy as the file in question contained every last bit of information concerning him, including a detailed list of his exploits over the years, some of which the boy would rather not remember...or be reminded of. At any rate, this person was obviously a security hazard, and technically it fell under Valen's duties to expose him immediately, but the boy found himself reluctant to do so. He knew that his employers were hiding things about his past which he had every right to know, so he felt no great loyalty towards them, and this person could very well prove to be his ticket to them. Yes...that could work, although Valen certainly didn't relish the idea of someone else getting a hold of his personal secrets. At any rate, it was too tempting a chance to just throw away straight off.

"I see..." he replied at last, nodding, "That would explain a thing or two. Don't worry, I for one am not about to rat you out..." At least not unless there's considerable benefit in it for me... the boy added in his mind. He was just about to continue when he suddenly felt something, a slight tingling of his senses. The boy's eyes narrowed in suspicion as he quickly scanned the room without uttering a word. Growing up in a facility where ghosts were standard fare, the boy, much like all other Team Viper operatives, had developed a certain sense for spectral beings, learned to red the tell-tale signs of their presence. He had never been particularly good at it though, save ghosts from the Ghastly evolution line for which he felt a peculiar affinity, so he couldn't know for sure. For a moment, the boy considered asking the other in the room about it but then thought the better of it, neither of these two seemed like they had had much experience with ghosts.

March 12th, 2006, 6:40 AM
OOC: Yeah first time around in Sacred Stones I gave Ephraim the Short Spear. Eh... I think I ended up giving it to someone else though, but I can't remember who.

BTW Mika, I forgot to comment on your FE comment. ^^ Herons rock! I'm kinda in the middle of playing that game, but I'm not too obsessed with playing it because I watched my brother play it first so I kinda know how it ends and all. What I don't like about this particular Fire Emblem is that there's no character endings like the others have. That really ticked me off because it just sort of... ends. You never get to find out what happens to them all! Oh well though.... Heh, my brother is currently obsessed with the pairing of Ike and Lethe. ^-^;;


Shrugging, Reina spoke up to, "Well looks like you don't have either of us to worry about, because I've no loyalty to Waiwai." She wasn't quite sure what to make of all of this, these things were so new to her and she wasn't used to thinking about Waiwai and secret projects and strange robed men. It was a lot to take in for one day.

Suddenly Reina found herself shivering for a moment, it had become oddly cold around them, and she frowned. Didn't they have heating in this hospital? And wasn't it bad to have drafts near patients or something? Reina rubbed her arms a little to warm up.

Of course Reina didn't realize it, but the cold air was coming from the ghost type above them. Ghost types, like many instances of other worldly apparitions, made the surrounding area a few degrees cooler when they became invisible. However, Reina had only been around a ghost type pokemon once or twice in her life, and though she had experienced and read about this situation, her mind was on too many other things at the moment.

She ignored the cold, and instead looked over at Chain to see what he would say next, or if he had anything to say at all. Valen and Reina hadn't exactly been truthful to him, and so the boy really had no reason to reveal his information.

March 12th, 2006, 12:48 PM

Heh, my brother is currently obsessed with the pairing of Ike and Lethe. ^-^;;

-pulls out Peacekeeper and charges it- Your brother must die a horrible death. D:< That... paring.... so... yucky..... I mean... D: EWW -squeaks- She's so interested in Mordecai. >.> -nodnod- Cuz Mordecai's a hunk. -gigglesnort-

xD And the soundtrack was just an idea. I've been a little mp3 happy lately. xp But that was yesterday. Before I watched 5 hours of Bleach. Yeah. That wasn't too smart. o.o


Shuppy couldn't help a sneering smile. She'd put the children below her into stitches and she couldn't be happier. Most people had thought that the Ghastly Evolution chain were the only ghosts that took delight in frightening people but more often than not, the human spirits that people often saw in a temple or a supossed haunted house were Bannette or Shuppets because they had a bit more of a femine appeal.

But this was just as enjoyable. Valen, the child in the bed, was obviously suspicious of the erie feeling that Shuppy had involuntarily brought with her into the room but he could not place a finger on what it was exactly that was causing the feeling and the fact that he could not do so gave Shuppy herself a prideful feeling of accomplishment. Smiling once more, she mentally filed the mention of this project, Project Omicron, away and remained in her undisclosed location. She had a gut feeling that Kyoko was the only trainer in this little band of misfits that would be able to sense her presence and she wouldn't give away her Pokemon's position as it might incriminate her but she would be pleasently amused if one of these brainiacs went and asked Kyoko about it. That would make her giggle.

~ * ~

Kyoko sighed heavily, slipping off the bed and quickly making sure she had everything she needed before pulling back out her little notebook and sat on the chair oppisite Rosairie, "Hmm.... Do you think that Vincent is a Sensei, Sempai or Sama?" She tilted her head lightly, "Cuz we're probably leaving before he comes back an all... unless..." she blushed lightly, her head lowering, "You don't wanna go with me. And I'll understand if you don't... but... maybe I could... follow you..? You don't hafta follow me...."

Changing the subject, she hurried at her writing, "I'll just give this to Valen-sempai. An he'll give to Vincent, don't you think? Those two... know each other. I could tell by their looks, ya know?" She seemed completely obvilious to the fact her Shuppet had left her, it was that or she just didn't care.

March 13th, 2006, 8:08 AM
OOC: ^______^ Heh, calm down Mika, you're forgetting the beauty of Fire Emblem! The beauty is that you can pair up whomever your little heart desires in your own game! I for one prefer Lethe to be paired with Ranulf (I always thought her and Mordecai were better as friends). We all have different tastes in pairings (evidenced by certain people in the Pokemon Anime section here... o.o), like I can't stand Ike and Elincia together for some reason, (even though their pairing is practically spoon-fed to you in the game XP) don't ask why I don't like them though because I don't really know myself. ^^;

Anyway... um... I guess I could post as the doctor again. ^^ Kogenta didn't ever post yesterday, so Alter and I can't really say much.

"Dr. Kipling! Ted? Ted will you wake up?!" a shrill voice shouted loudly. Dr. Kipling, who had been working non-stop for quite some time, popped his head up from sleeping on a pile of patient's files. He was in a patient's room and while the patient was sleeping too, this was not exactly what the doctor was supposed to be doing.

"Eh...?" he answered groggily, his eyes slowly adjusting to the light, "M... Mary?"

Nurse Mary's hands were on her hips, Kyoko's bottle in her right hand, "Sleeping on the job?! Ted don't make me report that!"

Dr. Kipling shook his head and bit and got up, looking a bit more awake. He put out his hand for Mary to give him the medicine, "Sorry... this is the first time I've had to work so long without breaks."

"Well get it into gear mister! If any of the high-level staff catches you sleeping like I just did it will be your head!" she snapped, practically throwing the bottle into his hand, and turning on her heel to leave. Dr. Kipling followed her with his eyes for a moment, mentally kicking himself for falling asleep like that. "By the way," Mary added as she walked, "I want to go to Shorella's for dinner. Don't fall asleep while we eat!"

"No ma'am!" the doctor said, feeling a good deal happier, and he hummed to himself as he strode up to Kyoko's room. He opened the door, and then walked up to the two girls.

He held out the bottle, and looked at Kyoko, "Here you go. It's been a pleasure." After handing her the bottle, he nodded to them both and strode out, his mind on things other than Kyoko, bottles, or broken bones.

OOC: Oh I forgot!! Yay to Charon for entering the art contest with her Torchic piccy! I think it's very good! I wish her picture luck in the contest.

March 13th, 2006, 5:30 PM
"Thank you," Chain replied quietly to Valen and Reina, though soft pulses of suspicion continued to work through his mind. It was then that he noticed the odd behavior of the two other trainers. The actions were subtle and relatively innocent, but nonetheless abnormal. Standing a short distance away from the others, the edge of Chain's eye briefly caught some form of movement above Valen's bed. Chain's gaze instantly darted toward the suspect area, only to be greeted by empty space.

With us discussing this type of information, I'd rather not risk the intrusion of another being, even if isn't certain . . . Reaching for a Pokeball at his side, Chain paused before shaking his head slightly. No, having Sneasel send out random attacks wouldn't be helpful either--especially knowing her. Deliberately lowering his hand, Chain slowly turned his gaze from the apparently unoccupied area toward the other trainers within the room, continuing his dialogue in an apparently undisturbed tone.

"In any case, being that I've shared the truth of my information with you, I was hoping that you might be inclined to do the same." After a brief moment, Chain asked, a slight sincerity entering his voice, "What really happened?"

March 15th, 2006, 7:27 AM

Can't post Kyoko til Charon's exams are done being evil. -spats at them madly- But as the board is like... dead... ( which makes Mika sad. ;.; ) Mika is posting Shuppy. :3

I also got off my lazy bum and finished Kyoko's full char sheet (Never finished it. xD) so I'll edit that later. -is a lazy bum- o-o

I've also decided to distinquish my pokemon's speech (And in this case, seperate paragraphs) in different colored fonts so that I don't make my head hurt. ^^;;;;;; Sorry for the inconvienience.

Finally, so there is no chance of me having to repeat myself, the Vincent Fan Club I'm referring to in my sig is not, I repeat, not, a fan club to the WaiWai Vincent. I'm referring to Vinny-poo from Final Fantasy 7. n.n


Shuppy giggled quietly, inaudible to the naked ear. She was enjoying this entirely too much. Watching Chain squirm lightly with his inability to locate her invisible position was more enjoyable than, to her, winning a tournament would be. All three of the children seemed to sense her but couldn't see her and as they discussed their various situations, there was an uneasy feeling about them that they either couldn't explain or they couldn't locate the source of that feeling. But this is getting interesting. The boy on the bed, Valen I think.... He's very bothered by that other boy.... and that girl... She's the one who insulted Kyo-chan earlier as well as that twit Rosairie... If it wouldn't blow my cover, I'd shoot a nice big Shadow Ball towards her eye.... yes that would be enjoyable... Smirking a bit broader, she continued to watch the conversation unfold, forcefully adding more tension to the room then was already there.

Random Plushie
March 15th, 2006, 10:12 PM

Whoa, I need to post here more often. o.o;;

Like, my badness.


Avery rolled her eyes as Cona began rambling about evil corporations; just like old times. Well, if you counted a few hours ago old times. Avery then proceeded to fold her arms as Cona continued, stating she would also like to eat something at the moment. Of course, she also said that she wouldn't mind going with JJ to get his phone fixed. That certainly saved Avery from a moral dilema, or whatever those things were called.

"Yeah.. we could all just go to that electronics shop and get JJ's phone fixed. By the time it's done, our Pokemon will be healed and we can get something to eat then. Is that okay with.." Avery trailed off as she was about to address JJ, because she had just turned to the boy and realized that he had.. fainted. And fallen to the floor. While she had been talking. And she hadn't noticed at all. In fact, she had missed the blonde's episode entirely, and it seemed that he was waking up from whatever had happened to him.. while she wasn't paying attention.

"JJ! Dude, are you okay!? If you're pulling some kind of joke, then it isn't funny!" Avery snapped, although the worry in her voice was plain. Duh, it's hard not to get worried when someone just spontaneously faints like that. Overall, though, she hoped this wasn't going to attract a huge crowd.. she could already feel eyes laying on the three of them.

March 15th, 2006, 10:36 PM

No worries Plushie, I feel the same way too.^^;;


"Jeffery!! Gah!"as if arguing where to go and not splitting up was enough. Cona turned around and gasped as JJ fainted on the floor, the girl suppressed the urge to scream, deciding that it was better to approach the boy to check if he was....still alive.

"See! Like I said!! I knew something like this was bound to happen!!"she turned to Avery with a frantic expression on her face, if not for the current predicament, she would have said it in a 'I told you so' tone. Proceeding to face Jeffery again, Cona bit her lip whilst placing her hat back onto her head wondering how was she supposed to check if some guy who just fainted because of evil spirits was okay. The numerous stares directed towards them weren't helping one bit. If one would have even considered to call a nurse...

Slowly sitting down beside the blonde trainer the girl's hand couldn't help but shake as she placed it on his forehead."If you're still breathing, just move or something. If you're dead, please, please don't move."she mumbled ready to jump back if anything were to happen.

March 17th, 2006, 1:54 PM
{ooc| Page 30, dedicated to all things green!

Yay, my exams are nearly over. All I've got left is History... (darn you, Weimar Republic!) and IT, which can honestly be bluffed it's way through. Like.... 'what does the page down button do?' ¬¬;}

Rosairie's thoughts had been on Reina and Valen, for some reason. She didn't like either of them. She didn't trsut either of them. Yet... she trused those crazy chanting monks even less, and if those two were against them, she was on their side. That still didn't mean they were-
She glanced up, as Kyoko began to mumble in japanese.
"Sweetie, I don't..." Rosairie began, but Kyoko was already muttering again.
"Kyoko!" Rosairie snapped, slightly harsher than she usually would. "I'm not running a way, and I won't let you run away either!"

The girl clenched her teeth and exhaled loudly, while Silence leapt off the chair to hide. He didn't like it when Rosairie ot angry. "I'm not running away. I used to run awya all the time. Or...like... use money to get out of a bad situation. I wanna... I don't know, I want to fight, I guess. Does that make sense?" she paused, and glanced at Silence. He quivered as her gaze felll on him, and Rosairie's expression softened.
"I'm sory, I didn't mean to snap.. I was just... frustrated...." se muttered, half to her jolteon, half to her friend. "Especially at that darned Valen! And his silly little girlfriend too!"

She bent down and scooped up Silence, cradelling him against her chest. He purred softly.

March 17th, 2006, 2:22 PM
She blinked lightly, tilting her head, "So... you'd stop me from leaving?" Scoffing softly, she shook her head, "This is bothersome...but you got a point. Anyways, I'm gunna go give this to Valen-sempai." She folded the note five times horizontally before folding it once in half. Taking her pen once more, she scribbled the WaiWai logo on the front, "Ugh... I can't draw worth crap... He'll probably think some three year old drew it...." Shaking her head, she looked up towards Rosairie as she retied her shoes, "He's next door, right?" She slipped off the side of the bed, shaking lightly but eventually straightened herself out, "Mmm? Nee-chan, aren't you coming?" She blinked again, smiling sweetly, "It's okay Nee-chan, I get... yelled at alot so I'm used to it." Giggling sweetly, she tugged at the girl's arm lightly, "Come on come on! We can go throw a water balloon or something at Valen-sempai and that meanie Reina!"

March 18th, 2006, 12:45 AM
For a moment, Rosairie looked like she would say no. She didn't like any of the people that habited next door. Still, what had she just said? That she wouldn't run away again? Well, avoiding those stuck-up pigs with bad fashion sense counted as fleeing, so she would just have to accompany Kyoko!
Rosairie smiled. "'Course I'll come with."
She put Silence back on the floor, and the little jolteon stared up at her with his blank eyes. "C'mon, me darling, it won't take long." she assured him, and Silence trotted along almost amiaby.
Rosairie grinned, despite herself. "Or even better, custard balloons!"
Rosairie giggled to herself, and strolled out the room.

March 18th, 2006, 8:23 AM
"Custard balloons with whipped cream on the side!" She echoed the older trainer, scampering out the door towards the other and after she knocked once, quite quietly and waited only two seconds before raising her foot and sharply but smoothly (And most importanntly, accurately) kicked the door right open with a bang. The little scowl she'd set on her face for the duration of the kick faded into her sweet, almost sickenly sweet even though the smile wasn't forced or faked at all, little grin as she raised a hand in greeting... and began to flap it almost wildly

"Hallo!" Crossing over Chain, she poked him lightly, "Hoooooooooooow are you? Thanks muchly for saving me earlier." She bowed hyperactively, "I really appreciated it!" Turning towards Reina, she darted over to the girl, clasping her hands behind her back as she swayed lightly from side to side, "Reina-nee-chan! Is your hand any better? Did a meanie doctor hurt it?" Nodding, and obviously without waiting for any response, she tottered over to Valen but before she said anything, she pounced to the ground and peered under the bed, pranced over to the closet and looked in there then finally peered inside the bathroom before returning to Valen's beside, schooching up onto the edge of it, "Well, I looked, you know? And Vinny-sama isn't here so here!" She handed him the heart covered letter, "If you promise to give that to him I'll see if I can't smuggle you in a milk shake of some sort. Also..." She reached forward, gently patting his head, "Is your head okie? You looked like it really hurt." she nodded, her face saddening lightly, "And because I was an idiot and all, you hadta wait... I'm sorry." Slipping back to the floor, she pattered back over to Rosairie, happily giggling towards the other girl, "O-k-ie! I'm done here so unless you three need anything from me..." She trailed off, looking back towards them expenctently.

March 18th, 2006, 8:54 AM
As Kyoko's Shuppet increased its aura, Chain felt himself stiffen. There's definately another presence in the room . . . And, I'm beginning to tire of tolerating it. Palming a Pokeball, Chain prepared to release Scyther, musing silently, "If there's anything here, maybe Scyther will be able to find it with Detect. It isn't certain . . . but, at least it's better than doing nothing."

It was then that the door burst open, revealing Rosairie and an unnaturally cheerful Kyoko. Though he automatically flinched slightly as the pink-haired took it upon herself to poke him, Chain--somewhat stunned by Kyoko's oddly positive demeanor--could find nothing to say in reply. Thus, closing his hand about Scyther's Pokeball, he simply continued to observe Kyoko's antics, slight apprehension crossing his features. I doubt this will go over well . . . The tension was bad enough earlier. I wonder how Reina and Valen with respond to this . . . ?

Alter Ego
March 18th, 2006, 9:51 AM
Chain was not the only one to react to the change in the Shuppet's aura, nor the only one to reach for a pokéball. When the emanations strengthened, all doubt about their phantom eavesdropper was blown away, now he was positive that there was one in the room, in fact, he felt like he could more or less pin-point it on his own, and a Stun Spore from Smaelaugh would certainly have given him the upper hand, but before he had the time to unleash his Venonat, the door was opened once more, making way for an appartition that quite easily left the ghost pokémon as a second priority;

Calm down...don't do anything violent...Valen told himself, forcefully maintaining his calm expression even as he was experiencing an increasing loathing towards this pathetic little upstart who had barged into the room and was now rushing about in the sickeingly hyper kind of manner that always gave Valen a strong urge to kick something small and fluffy-looking as hard as he could. And had the room not been so crowded and Valen not been feeling so strangely benevolent, the pat on the head and the heart-covered letter that Kyoko proceeded to shove onto the boy would surely had been like begging for a death sentence as far as the girl was concerned. She was like all of Kachiko's bad sides rolled up into one and then amplified ten-fold, and the thought of Kyoko being Rosairie's sister began to seem all the more plausible for Valen.

"Actually...I do." the boy said in a would-be friendly voice, a vicious urge from the back of his mind readily springing into action, "Two things, in fact. First off..." he hurled the envelope straight back to Kyoko in a fairly hard manner, "Go hand that letter over yourself. I am not the errand boy of anyone concerned, least of all you. And secondly..." he pulled out Smaelaugh's pokéball from beneath his covers and whispered a hurried command to the pokémon inside before dropping the object on the floor, the Venonat immediately springing into action and releasing a cloud of Stun Spores over the invisible Shuppet.

"I was just wondering if that belonged to you." the boy finished in a completely innocent voice, nodding towards the silhouette of the ghost pokémon which had become visible as an empty space in the thick spore cloud and leaning back a bit, wondering how the girl was going to react to this. If the little brat wanted to play with the big boys, Valen decided for himself, then she had better have more in store than a ridiculously over-sweet demeanor and heart-covered envelopes. Valen had never tolerated being patronized or made a fool of, and annoying little girls doing both were certainly not an exception to that rule.

Baker's Bulbasaur
March 18th, 2006, 3:20 PM
The fully wide and open eyes of the blonde male were staring straight at the ceiling. Hundreds of tiles all making it up, and all extremely bright...like...like as if the sun was there, in that very room.
JJ closed his eyes for an exceptionally long blink, before opening them, in an attempt to be certain of completely vivid vision, and nothing blurry or multiplying. The bright light seemed to have been the light attatched to the ceiling to provide neccecary sight in that room.
He shuddered for a moment as he felt something warm move along his forehead, moving his eyes around, he saw the fugure of a young person....who appeared to be female, wearing some sort of chefs hat on her head.

''Uuuuuhhhhhh....'' He moaned while raising one of his own hands up and resting it on the side of his head, he has suddenly gained a terrible headache.

''Wha....what happened?'' JJ said questioningly. He mind began to race, why was he on the floor, what floor was he even on, where was he, how had this headache come on so suddenly, or...was it always there......and why did he have the distinct instinct
to run away from this place...
run away and never come back?

March 18th, 2006, 7:49 PM

As Reina noticed both Valen and Chain reach for their pokeballs, she repressed the urge to reach for her own. None of her pokemon were in any condition to battle after that fight with the robed men, and would most likely just get in the way. Plus, she was fairly confident that Chain and Valen could handle whatever was floating above them.

However, to Reina's discomfort, there popped in Kyoko, followed by Rosairie, and the way in which they came in was so... annoying. Reina couldn't help but throw out a look of anger and surprise. What were they doing here? Couldn't they just go on their way? Why must they perpetuate the agony of everyone involved? Some people just went looking for trouble.

Reina just watched in silence as Kyoko tossed an odd, heart covered message to Valen and proceed to pat him on the head. The look on Valen's face, the letter with the little hearts, and the patting would have looked quite humorous had it not been for the fact that Reina disliked Kyoko and pretty much everything about how she acted. Not to mention she was practically making fun of Valen, who wasn't doing anything really to the girl, and so he didn't deserve any of it.

As Reina suspected he would, Valen retorted Kyoko's attempt at stunning him by throwing the letter back, and sending a Stun Spore up to the ghost pokemon above them.

It was then that Reina remembered the Shuppet, and then wondered how much it had heard. It didn't matter though, Kyoko and Rosairie probably weren't that interested in that stuff, they probably wanted to go have some shopping time at a mall or something.

Reina was then giving the two girls a look that clearly said: Well? What are you going to say to that?

However, before Reina had the chance to hear what was about to be said, a nurse pushed her way past the girls and over to the redhead. "Excuse me! My goodness... why are there so many people in here? Visiting hours are practically up, you lot should clear out," she said in a shrill voice. She looked around 40 or so in age, her hair was wrapped up tightly in a bun, and she was slightly overweight. She also noticed Shuppy.

"My stars! What on Earth is this all about?! Whoever's pokemon that is, return it now! And you," she turned to Valen, "Return your Venonat! This is not a battle room, this is a resting room! Where is Reina?"

Reina stepped forward, "Uh, that's me."

"Well, I am to place a splint on your hand, come here!" she barked to Reina, grabbing the girl's forearm and yanking her over to her. She had a side pack with supplies and a special aluminum finger splint that she strapped effectively onto Reina's hand. Reina proceeded to frown and sigh as the woman fussed over her, and was glad to see that she was done quite fast. At least some staff here didn't look as inexperienced as Dr. Kipling.

When she was finished, she turned around briskly, and waddled out, with a final word to all of them, "Visiting hours. Over. Everyone out so that the boy can get some sleep!" She shut the door behind her.

Reina glared a little as the woman left. She hoped that Kyoko, Rosairie, and Chain would hurry up so that she could have a minute alone with Valen. She had to thank him for something he had done earlier that day.

March 19th, 2006, 12:58 AM
{ooc| LMAO! Mel! Shopping time at a mall... priceless.... I which we had Malls in England, we've got to traipse up and down high streets if we want new clothes. xP}

Rosairie pursed her lips, as Valen threw Kyoko's letter straight back at the girl. She hated him so much. She wasn't sure where Kyoko's brightness had suddenly sprung from, but it was definetly better than seeing her fainting and feeble, like she was an hour or so ago.
Then that 'Smelly' pokemon appeared, out of nowhere, and cast a stun spore, revealing Kyoko's Shuppy - it all happened so fast. Rosairie was faintly aware of Silence growling beside her, but her eyes were fixed on the humans. For a moment, the atmosphere in there could have been cut with a knife.
Rosairie grabbed Kyoko's arm out of fear for the girl; all Rosairie could do was stare at Valen with an increasing hatred, while Silence snarled at her feet. The little jolteon wasn't stupid, or disturbed, or any of those other things strangers constantly claimed he was. He knew a threatening situation when he saw one, and-

Then, suddenly, a nurse bustled in, busied herself with Reina for a bit, and exited - which, Rosairie had to admit, did sort of ruin the situation.
She was about to apologise and drag Kyoko away, but Silence had watched enough.
He could sense that terrible, malicious aura radiating from Valen and Reina. His expression was calm, but Silence could feel his hatred - it was like a horrible, nasty stench, that hung in the air like a warning. Could Rosairie and Kyoko not msell it? Of course not. If they could they would have....fled by now....
Silence stepped away from his trainer, the snarl that thrummed in his throat getting gradually louder. His lip pulled back, revealing white pointed teeth. His eyes narrowed, his fur bristled and his back arched, sparks of electricity dancing on his coat. He padded forward.

Rosairie watched her pokemon caiously. "Silence, leave it." she snapped.

March 19th, 2006, 8:40 AM
Mel, I second Charon's lol. xD That was hillarious.


Kyoko's first reaction was to just quite simply backhand Valen across the face for being so rude and obnoxious. This she would've done had he not called out that horrid bug pokemon and cast stun spore on the vent. Thankfully, Shuppy had avoided it but the green dust had left a sillouette that was much too clear to be missed where she'd been. Tightening her fist, she quickly swallowed her anger before looking up at the vent with a sweet little smile, "Shuppy. Can you please please PLEASE come down here?"

The Shuppet sneezed about five times before complying and floating to Kyoko's arm, tilting its head at her shyly. Why wasn't Kyoko screaming bloody murder at her? Here, she'd just gone off, might she add, again, without her trainer's premission and she was getting... a smile? <Nya? What's going on Kyoko? Why aren't you killing me-> She was cut off by a sharp bonk to the head that barely smarted but the message behind it was clear. That bonk hadn't been a punishment, more of a reprimand. "Shuppy-CHAN you need to stay ON my head mmkays? Otherwise you'll get me into trouble and then you gotta go deal with Daddy's Gengar... If you have a good reason, just run it by me first kay?"

<Ah... Um... Good point.> She nodded her figmentive head repeatedly, quickly catching onto Kyoko's hints, <Running off to learn information that others won't share with you bad... I should just stay on my trainer's head like a good little Shuppet.>

Kyoko nodded, returning the pokemon to its ball, "I'll deal with you more later." However, the moment she looked towards Valen, even smiling as she was, her eyes told him a completely different story as she once more crossed back over to him, breaking Rosairie's grip on her arm without so much as a second thought. Pattering across the floor, she handed the letter back to him, "No. You're his son at least in some sort of way. You know where he is, you know what he does and I don't have time to go running around looking for him, ya see? I got stuff I need to do, gotta talk a bit with Nee-chan, but you, you're stuck here in this bed at least overnight and I doubt your father would leave you here alone. So please, give it to him, mmkay?" Leaving it in his unwilling hands, she turned towards the door and leaned down to gently stroke Silence's head, "Si... let's go kay? Just let it go like Nee-chan said too." Standing back up, she took Rosairie's elbow and dragged her out of the room, "Neeeeee-chan! We should go to the Pokemon Center, shouldn't we?"

She couldn't help but smirk as she pattered down the hallway. She knew very well that Valen was no idiot. If his brain was functioning, he would've understood that though her tone had been pleasent, her words were nothing near it. Hopefully she'd pushed as many buttons as she could, as she'd tried to insult every inch that she could... and hopefully it had worked.

Alter Ego
March 19th, 2006, 11:16 AM
OOC: Like, woah...Kyoko is really bent on pushing Valen down the evil path, isn't she? o.o This should be interesting...


If looks could have killed, Kyoko would surely had been dead thrice over by now with the way Valen was looking at her, and were it not for the nurse's interference, the boy would probably done something violent, even by his own standards. Despite having obviously aimed to provoke Valen, Kyoko had probably not expected a reaction of such proportions as the one which was raging within Valen's mind; not his usual passive dislike for the world in general, not even the active loathing he reserved for people like Rosairie. No, it went deeper than that, a far darker, far more primeval urge from deep within his mind, and it took all of Valen's willpower to keep him from obeying the urges it gave him. Granted, there weren't very many useful objects in his environment, but the bed seemed to have a few adjustment features, yes, those hinges could surely be used to crush her detestable little fingers, the door had potential for such too. That nightstand was too unveildy, but perhaps a drawer could be dislodged for use as a blunt weapon? The window certainly had its uses as well, provided that he could break it. Yes, that repulsively pretend-sweet little face was definitely begging for a sharp glass shard or three...for a moment, all Valen found himself knowing for sure was that he wanted to hurt Kyoko, not just psychically by words and behaviour, but physically, to harm and maim this obnoxious squirt of a girl in front of him until she was ready to plead for death to put an end to it, to completely strip her of that false sense of security and worth, make her understand just how little her pathetic concerns and life really meant to him. At first, the boy found these urges both frightening and strangely appealing at the same, truly indescisive about which path to follow, but when that overweight old nurse with her strict authoritan manner barged in and began hurling command right and left, Valen finally snapped out of it, once again finding himself slightly frightened by what thoughts he was capable of having, and so relieved that he had been sidetracked from them that he didn't bother to phrase a snappish remark for the nurse.

"Return, Smaelaugh." he said simply, pointing the pokéball at his Venonat and returning the bug pokémon to his original place before clipping the object back onto his belt, "And what are you still staring at?" he snapped at Rosairie who had not been quite quick enough at vacating the room, "Shouldn't you be out clinging to that little adoptive sister of yours or shopping or whatever it is that girls with lots of money and no brains do to pass the time?" Valen's words were of course nothing more than the usual insult, but his eyes seemed to tell a completely different story; Get away... he said in his mind, his hand clenching into a fist around the envelope and quickly crumpling it, Get away before I do something we'll both regret...

March 19th, 2006, 11:54 AM
{ooc| Also, there is a reason why Silence can 'sense' strong negative emotions - he was badly neglected as a kit, locked up in the dark where he couldn't see or hear anything. He developed... alternative senses. It does happen! *was watching animal planet* Dogs can be specially trained to detect the tiny chemical imbalences in a human's brain which lead to fits/strokes/etc, and most dogs can 'detect' moodswing sin their owner before they happen. Yay.}

Rosairie's forehead creased in fear, as Kyoko bounded out the room. She wanted to folow, but Silence was fixed to the spot, his teeth still bared.
"Si?" Rosairie repeated, almost anxiously.
The jolteon turned, slowly. He stared at her for a moment, before padding in the direction of the door.

Just as Rosairie was turning to leave, Valen spoke up again. And his words. They hurt. She clenched her eyes shut, as if trying to block out his words.
"Don't say that," she pleaded, "Don't say that when you don't even know me!" she struggled to meet Valen's hatefull, murderous gaze - but she did, somehow. "I don't want money. All I ever wanted was to make people feel better. To be nice to people!" For a moment, Rosairie's eyes flashed to Silence. "You, Valen, are a spitefull, selfish, vicious man. And I. Saved. Your. Life." She glared straight back at him, despite the feebleness of her words, before scooping up Silence and exiting the room. She smiled to herself as she lefted. That'll really hurt his ego... she thought, with an unpleasant sort of satisfaction.

The second she was outside, Rosairie slumped against the wall. She opened her arms and let her Jolteon jump to the floor. He skidded to a halt, and turned to stare cautiously up at his trainer.
The girl groaned loudly.

March 19th, 2006, 4:47 PM
OOC: Yeah, I don't think Kyoko realizes how dangerous Valen is (actually, I don't think anybody really does... perhaps not even Valen). ^-^; By the way, your post creeped me out Alter. Just thought you should know that. XD

And Rosaire!! She let out her own secret!! Reina's not going to be happy about that... o.o

And yay for cool doggies that can sense stuff! Though, it's not cool if they can do it for reasons like Silence. ;_;


She thought her jaw would drop. How could she?! How could she tell Valen that right now?! Surely he would make the connection between the time he was out cold and what Rosairie was saying.... Rosairie sure was doing a poor job at being nice when she did things like that. Granted, Reina wasn't all that nice to her, but to say something like that to someone who has already gotten so angry... hadn't they done enough? Reina saw the way Valen had been staring at Kyoko, and it was a look that was nowhere near furious; it was much angrier. She wondered why such weak people like Kyoko and Rosairie could still act so brave in front of it. Though, just because they acted brave didn't mean that they felt that way.

What did they think? That by acting as if Valen was some messenger boy that they would somehow make things right? No... the way Kyoko had acted was more one of teasing revenge or something like that. Oh who cared what it was?! It was stupid, and were it not for the two girls' rapid departure after their comments, Reina would have laid a punch or two on them, regardless of the fact that her punching hand was bandaged. She'd break a bone or two to prove a point.

Reina suddenly wondered to herself... would Valen think that she had purposely kept Rosairie's secret from him? Would he know of the promise she had made to her? She would have to explain her role in this, and she wouldn't lie about any of it. She was an honest person by default, and she regretted ever having kept it this long. She found herself looking at Chain suddenly.

"Thanks for the info earlier Chain, but... I think perhaps you should go," she said to the boy gruffly, though she was sure the boy would have the sense to hightail it out of the room by now.

She looked over to Valen, her expression quite serious, and wondering what to say she found herself saying nothing. She then tried to gather her thoughts and took a deep breath, "This has just not been your day... has it? I... I'm sorry. I have to apologize for two things. The first is for letting Rosairie help me bandage you up, and the second is for not telling you that she helped me before she blurted it out like an idiot. I never wanted to keep it from you, if that's what you were thinking, I was planning on telling you about it after Chain and those annoying twits left. She acts like she was the only one to help you, like you would have died if not for her. I was the one that got there first, she just came rushing over and butt in. I was dizzy, hurting and sick to my stomach, and concerned about your arm... so I didn't care who it was that helped me. I should have turned her away, I should have just gotten someone else to help me. Then she got all serious and told me not to tell you, because she didn't want you to think you owed her anything. I just wanted her to go away, so I said I wouldn't say anything. I knew you'd find out somehow, considering Cespenar and Kachiko both saw her help, so it wasn't a big concern. Once we got here though, and I came to my senses, I realized that I had no alliegance to Rosairie, and so I decided that once you were awake, I'd get it over with and tell you. I don't like keeping secrets, and I certainly don't like keeping secrets from a friend."

Was the word 'friend' too strong? She suddenly felt a bit nervous. She had really liked the prospect of her and Valen being friends... but if he didn't trust her after this then she would respect his wishes.

OOC: Hm... that was really long. .___.

Alter Ego
March 20th, 2006, 8:32 AM
By the way, your post creeped me out Alter. Just thought you should know that. XD

Heh, looks like I succeeded, then. xD But yeah, I've actually been told that I write downright scary stuff sometimes. Like that phony newspaper column about why the cane should still be used as a disciplinary method in schools. Apparently (And this is what the people who read it told me) the only stylistic difference I had from a grouchy old headmaster was the sloppiness of my pargraphing. There's a really nasty person somewhere inside me, yes there is. o.o But yeah, Valen doesn't quite realize his own evil side, at least...not yet. >D Now what did I mean by that? Not telling of course, that would be a spoiler. Nyuk, nyuk, I love saying that. xD

Incidentally, I've finally got some trades done! W00T! ^0^ I now have a Charmander, a Treecko, a Poliwag, and a whole bunch of Eevees. I'd have an Elekid too, but Arty went and got the eggs mixed up so I got my own Spheal egg back instead. <.< Oh well, at least it has Rock Slide and Earthquake for all the good it will do it. xD



Look who's talking... Valen thought angrily at Rosairie's remark, that doe-eyed hypocrite wasn't really in any position to demand such treatment considering the way she had stamped him the very moment they met. And what was with her falling back onto pleading and looking sad again?! Why couldn't she rage and fight even once in her pathetic life?! Why was she so bent on deprieving him of even that tiny satisfication?! Being nice to people, as if, had she not just barged in with her little miniature clone to make fun of him during one of his few weak moments? How dare that insolent brat stand there and make such bald-faced lies?! The boy would surely have exploded into a fierce stream of counter-arguments had it not been for Rosairie's final words.

Saved? he echoed in his mind, feeling very much like someone had just dumped a bucket of ice cold water over him, saved by...Rosairie? She had never-no, she couldn't possibly have...not her of all people...the boy turned his attention to Reina, fiercely maintaining a faint hope of hearing her say that nothing like that had ever happened and that Rosairie was just making things up, but no, Valen had never been good at optimism, and the expression on Reina's face had already explained the essential truth before her words did.

'This has just not been your day...has it?' those were surely the truest words he had heard on the whole day. Not only had he been forced back into sociality by circumstances, made to endure the presence of so many people who repulsed him, faced treaths from some hooded freak, beatings from an Aggron, and harassment from these nightmare 'visions' in his sleep, but now this; he was...indebted to one of the people on this earth that he loathed most, and not only that, but the only one of these people whom he trusted and respected turned out to have been involved in hiding things from him. It was all just...so much. For a moment, the boy just stared at the covers of his bed with a slight tinge of pain breaching through the mask of indeference he always wore as an expression, unable to come to terms with how he should deal with this situation. Namely, what should he think about Reina? On one hand, he felt betrayed and dissapointed by how much her decision resembled those of the people he hated so much; Slythe and Lori in particular and the Team Viper administration in general. But on the other hand, Reina's motives for hiding these things seemed different from the others', she wasn't doing it because she wanted to control or decieve him, but becase she was afraid of his reaction. Wasn't that...kind of how he felt about speaking of his Viper background? If he condemned Reina for what she had done, wouldn't that be like condemning himself? Then again, didn't he deserve to be condemned? It was all very confusing and hard to handle at once, and the boy found himself wishing that he at least had Seirini to speak with, the Arbok was the only one to truly know his background and personality, both for better and for worse, and she was the only one whom he could truly act as he wished around. But there was no way to get the serpent pokémon out for speaking with without running the risk of some nosey hospital worker jumping on him, and he certainly couldn't just duck out of answering to have an emergency conference in the bathroom or something as stupid as that. No, he'd have to deal with this himself, and there was something in Reina's words which had struck a chord in Valen's mind...friend, she had called him...friend. Valen couldn't even remember the last time someone had used that term for him in anything but the sarcastic sense.

"I see..." he replied at last, nodding slowly as he finally lifted his gaze away from the covers just a bit, "And...even though I can't say that I enjoy being lied to, I think I can understand why you did it."

It was Rosairie's fault. he concluded fiercely in his mind. It was all her idea, all her urging, and Reina had just been experiencing a weak moment and fallen for it, she couldn't be blamed. After all, everything falls sooner or later...everything falls...

"I forgive you." he concluded simply, "Just...don't make a habit of it."

March 20th, 2006, 8:54 AM
OOC: Well, they'd be right. You sir, are a very good writer. ^^ I can't write evil stuff very good, though I am getting better at it.

Yayness! I've discovered that they play Monty Python stuffers on the BBC America channel at a time when there's nothing on the TV and I'm bored! Oh yeah! Heh heh, I saw a really funny skit about Deja-Vu the other night on it. Cracked me up. British humor = teh best!! ^-^


"Really? You do?" Reina replied, her face brightening for a moment, though as she continued to talk, it seeped back into its previous serious look, "I wouldn't have blamed you if you had told me to get lost. Like I told you before, girls at school used to pretend to be my friends... then they would spread rumors about the things I told them, keep secrets from me, all that loveliness... and then I'd find out and they would deny that they ever had those intentions just to see me fight with myself about whether or not to believe them."

She looked at him with a frown, "I hate those people; I've certainly no plans of making lying and deception a habit. I wish... I wish I could show you how I think and feel so that I could prove to you that I'm being truthful. I'm afraid words is as good as I can do though."

Wearing a nervous grin, she trailed off into silence, not really sure what else to say. It was ironic, that she had hated those girls so much and ended up making a mistake to cause herself to look just like they did to her. It was so... embarrassing. She hadn't even noticed if Chain had left or not, nor did she really care if he saw what she was saying.

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March 20th, 2006, 9:39 AM

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No, that's not the real reason Kyoko did what she did. xp Part of it, yes but not all of it. Also, I've got a bad cold/slight influenza. -nodnod- I'm typing from my laptop on the nice fluffeh couch. (Wireless internet is teh bomb at times like this) But I may not be around after mah post. :o Cuz I /really/ need to get better as Spring Break is next week and I dun wanna do HOMEWORK all break. >.> That would seirously suck.

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Teh Quotes from my real life friends:

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March 20th, 2006, 10:00 AM
And he goes POOF and turns into a big bootiful puffball. :3 That's hissing and spatting an stuff. Kinda like somebody's cat that got run through the dryer like... six times.

Erm... more like a fluffy kitty person that turns into a vicious lion that has been possessed by a young Voldemort. x____x

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BTW Mika, your friends made me laugh. ^^

March 20th, 2006, 10:15 AM
[OOC: ::has been poked:: I feel rather far behind . . . o_O I apologize regarding my absence.

As to Alter Ego's infamous post of violence, would it be considered strange if I had thoughts of such things under normal circumstances (i.e. injuring someone behind me by lowering the back of my carseat, accidently stabbing myself in the stomach as I walk down the stairs with a mechanical pencil . . . )? ::cough:: In any case, I found your post rather enjoyable, Alter Ego. Thank you.]

Even as the nurse entered the room, Chain turned toward the door--preparing to leave before his departure was again demanded. However, as the tension in the room continued to escalate, he felt himself pause. Being the only neutral party in the room, excluding the nurse, he somehow felt it his responsibility to remain long enough to assure that no deaths would occur. Finally, as the nurse left--later followed by Kyoko, Rosairie, and Silence who left their own forms of spiteful comments--Chain again began to prepare to leave.

It was by no clear reasoning that Chain acted next as he did. Facing away from Valen and Reina, the trainer removed a mini-disc from his pocket. Raising his wrist before him, he murmured, "Circuit, burn the information regarding Omicron onto the disc." From the angle of the others, it would appear that Circuit's presence was being projected from the Premier Ball hanging from Chain's neck, and that he was raising his hand merely to activate the object.

The task was done within seconds. Turning as Reina addressed him, Chain nodded before tossing the mini-disc toward her. "If you two want to know more about Omicron, that disc might help. Just don't get caught with it."

Without another word, Chain opened the door to the room and slipped outside into the hall. Closing the door gently behind him, his gaze tilted toward Rosairie and Silence--both now at an equal height relative to the ground. Suddenly, offering no context to define the nature of his question, Chain quietly asked, "Do you regret it?"

March 20th, 2006, 11:26 AM
{ooc| *bites Mika* I was slaving away defeating the pokemon league, and you don't even wait for me to come online! *wipes away a tear*

*snuggles Melissa* YES! Thank you! I've been saying that Monty Python is the best for years but no one seems to notice me. And.... does the BBC broadcast over there? OMG. You lot, if a drama called 'life on mars' ever comes on, watch it, it is BRILLIANT. *gets squashed by a giant foot*}

Rosairie glanced up at Chain's words. She licked her lips, biding her time. She knew what he meant. After her display in there, how could she not? Rosairie banged her fist against the floor irritably. Silence skittered away in shock, and went to crouch behind Chain.
"'Course I do. 'Course I bloody well do..." she pulled her skirt down a bit more, rearranged her jumper and ran a hand through her hair; these vain actions seemed to calm her, because when she looked back to Chain she could actually meet the boy's eyes. "I mean, I'm glad I helped him. That Reina... I mean, she's nice and all but she was in a state. He probably would have bled to death, or at least got anemia.... I regret telling him, though. He's probably gonna think he's tainted now or something."
Rosairie sighed heavily, and hugged her egs to her chest. Despite her boots, she was beginning to fel cold out of the sunshine.

March 20th, 2006, 7:19 PM

Fine. ~.~ Bite me when I just needed some sleep. ;; And pointless OOCs are GOOD some times. ;.;

:3 I love Monty Python. The History of the F Word, The Holy Grail's Black Knight and the Holy Grail's Monks AND the Knights of Ni.... Ah... the wonders of Monty Python.... -squees- It's such an amazingly awesome. :333

Anyways yeah. My IC post stinks butt but I feel like crap. T_T So it's an IC and it's not as bad as a Kakashi post. xp


Kyoko giggled, padding over to Rosairie and Chain without really noting the situation immediatly, "I betcha he's really ticked. I sure showed him." The smirk on her face was anything but innocent, "That outta teach him to be a jerk." Giggling almost satanicly once more, she stopped mid sentance, her color draining, "Oh... no..... He didn't...." the look on Rosairie's face answered her unended question, "....I'm... I'm..." Stepping backwards, she shook her head several times before hanging it in shame. "I-I-I....I didn't mean to... Please don't... don't hate me...."

Her body took over. Dropping to her knees, she rocked back onto her heels, head kept in a very submissive position, "I'm sorry for my foolish childish actions." Lowering herself further, her forehead very ungraciously touched the floor as her hands rested just above her now prostrate figure, her hair flowing over her head, "Please forgive my actions... I was irresponsible and caused you pain... and for that I'm... sorry. If... you can't forgive me, I'll completely understand. I... don't deserve it"

Alter Ego
March 21st, 2006, 10:15 AM
OOC: "It made me want to go beat up Sam with a bed post. A SHARP bedpost. With a CareBear on it!"

Now that is a weapon of mass destruction. o.o And of course nightstands can kill, I mean, rocks can fly as long as you get em' on a catapult first, right? Well nightstands can kill if you just get them into the hands of Valen first, and besides, if a ballpoint pen can become a popular murder weapon (Widely favoured by proffessional assassins actually, one stabb in the eye kills by blood poisoning alone.) and coconuts kill more people a year than sharks, then why couldn't nightstands be lethal weapons too? And yes, I'm weird, and nothing you say can change that. xD

And pointless thought it is, your OOC made me laugh, Mika. xD Not in the literal rolling on the floor sense, mind you, but still. ^^

Oh, and Monty Python does rule, although I think I've already said that before. Holy Grail and Life of Brian are my favourites, and I've got them both on DVD too, yay! ^^


Noticing Reina's reaction, Valen couldn't help feeling glad about his decision, strange though that feeling was for him, and his expression brightened just a little as he listened to her words, especially the last part. Actions over words, yes, that was the way he prefered to judge people too, but what if she knew about his actions? His past? He had been betrayed and hurt repeatedly, yes, but he had also hurt, and in a certain sense also betrayed, others, and that was what concerned the boy most. At the moment, Reina probably felt that it was she who had been the most dishonest party in this, but wasn that really anything compared to the sheer magnitude of what he, Valen, was hiding from her? A member of Team Viper, a thief, a criminal...he had never been concerned by dragging any of these titles onto himself before because those he cared about all knew of them and accepted them, but would Reina? They had been through a lot, but at the same time...they had only known each other for about a day...no, no-one could trust that fast, learn that fast...no-one could learn so much at once and still remember what Valen himself was like, not the proffessional pokémon snagger Valen, but the real him...he couldn't help brooding over the prospect, although he did his best not to show it. Humans fear what they can't control... he repeated in his mind, Does that mean that I'm afraid of my own feelings? the boy would probably have grimaced had he not been aware of the fact that he had company, being afraid of your own feelings was just one of those corny old phrases that amateur psychologists and sappy novel writers liked to use, it wasn't like he feared himself, or any part of himself, after all, except...the thought of his rage struck him once again, but he decided to push it away for the moment, concentrating on answering Reina's words instead.

"I think...I know what you're talking about." he replied, nodding, "I guess you understood what you had gotten yourself into but thought that things would get even worse if you told me afterwards, right? I know that's the way I feel about-" he cut himself off in mid-sentence, unable to continue, "No, never mind that last bit." he concluded, shaking his head and quickly busying himself with ripping up the crumpled letter in his hand before scanning his environment for something to toss the shreds in, "Where's a trash can when you need one, anyway?"

It was a terribly weak and cowardly switch, this the boy knew, and he felt angry at himself. Partially for bringing the subject up himself and partly for not having the guts to go through with it. Reina was no idiot, she would surely catch on to the fact that there was something important behind his outburst, but without specifcation, she could get it wrong, horribly wrong, and the result would be all the worse. Not wanting to end up having to choose between different bad alternatives he chose to try avoiding the subject altogether, busying himself all the more with his search for a trash can.

March 21st, 2006, 11:29 AM
OOC: Oh Carebears... what indignities they must suffer in Alter's cruel, cruel mind. ;____; They just wanna hug you and love you, you know! Don't you know that they're the butt of everyone's jokes? Don't you know that people write fanfiction about them? Don't you know they LOVE YOU! XD

Okay yeah... I think I'm done with the sarcasm. ^-^ Yeah, Alter, I perfectly understand your negative feelings towards the Carebears. As said before, I only like them because I grew up watching them when I was little. :3 *has Tenderheart, Cheer Bear, Beadtime Bear, Good Luck Bear, Wish Bear, and Grumpy Bear plushies at home* *and figurines* *and old coloring books* *and an old video of the cartoon* *and ... maybe I should stop so Alter doesn't take me off his friends list XD* Yeah whatever, so I get a little obsessed about things. >___>

Anyway... cheers to Monty Python! ^-^ And I dunno about what else is on the BBC channel we get... I shall look into it Charon!!


Reina was glad to see that Valen's expression was considerably better than it had been a short time ago, for it made her a little less nervous. At least he had forgiven her and she could learn from it and move on. She wouldn't forget her mistake though-- it was one that she truly despised. As Valen then began to comment on Reina's motives, she nodded slightly. He was right about that.

When he ended his speaking mid-sentence though, Reina blinked. What was that about? What was it that he felt that way about...? Reina stopped herself from wondering though; it was none of her business. She never pressed people to convey their inner fears or history to her, that was something personal. Besides, unless it had some direct bearing on the present, what was the point in knowing? Times change, and even though Reina was sure that some people never changed a good deal of them did over time. To forget about thinking on someone's past was usually very easy for Reina. However, since she had met Valen this seemed to become harder and harder to do. Such is the case when you care for someone and want to know them, but Reina had never had a friend before aside from her brothers whose pasts she knew of already. She forced herself to ignore Valen's slip-up for the moment; he had been through enough today, he didn't need her getting curious about his past. It didn't seem like something he wanted to talk about anyway.

She nodded again, "Yeah... that was how I felt. It was a stupid mistake. I think a trash can's on the other side of the room by the way." She paused, thinking for a moment.

"Oh! I almost forgot. There was so much drama going on that it was practically wiped from my mind," she paused again, beginning to feel a bit akward, "I, er, wanted to thank you for what you did earlier. You know... the making me duck to get away from that Aggron's tail? Yeah, Tabansi said that I should thank you, but then I told him that I could have done it without your help, but... then I realized that I probably couldn't have. I was too stunned to react so fast. So, uh, thanks." She shook her head to herself, "Aw listen to me! I sound so... mushy. Oh well, maybe in the morning I'll be back to my usual self." She smiled, thinking of what she must look like, all nervous and sentimental. Her father would have had a good laugh right about now.

A feminine voice on the intercom for the hospital suddenly sounded. "Visiting hours are now over. All visitors must now leave for the night if you please."

"Hm... guess that's my cue," Reina said, glad that she at least got a chance to sort this Rosairie junk out.

OOC: Figured it was about time for the visiting hours to be up. ^^

March 21st, 2006, 2:02 PM
{ooc| I always hated carebears. I was very much a 'Ninja Turtles/Biker Mice from Mars/Super Mario Show/Thomas the tank engine' child. What a wonderful mix of cultures!}

Rosairie lunged forward suddenly and wrapped her arms around Kyoko. "Don't be silly, Kyo!" she gasped, almost shocked at so happy to blame herself Kyoko was. Rosairie was used to her friends lying, trying to pass the buck, doing anything to avoid blame. Here was Kyoko, apologising for something she hadn't even done!

"Look, he didn't hurt me or anything, it's just his gross attitude towards us! He acts like we're stupid blonde bimbos, or something!"
She paused, waiting for Henna's motherly reprimand - 'but you are a blonde bimbo, my darling, just a very sweet one' or soemthing along those lines, but nothing came. Rosairie felt very feeble, without her muscle-bound magmar by her side. Very vunerable.

She paused, as the intercom pitched in. Rosairie pursed her lips at the message.
"Brilliant, Valen's little lapdog Reina will come trotting out any second now..." she muttered bitterly.

March 21st, 2006, 5:21 PM
[OOC: My family once had a tape of the Carebears movie . . . Then, we taped over it with something else.]

Chain said nothing, merely slipping his hands into his pockets as he listened to the rather emotional dialogue that passed between Rosairie and Kyoko. Then, tilting his head upward slightly as he heard an announcement, the trainer removed a hand from one of his pockets to run it through his dark bangs. Seemingly ignoring Rosairie's most recent comment as he turned toward her and Kyoko, he gave slight nod. "We should go," he stated simply.

Without waiting for a response, Chain returned his hand to its pocket and started away before suddenly pausing, as though remembering something. Glancing back over his shoulder, he commented in a rather detached, indifferent manner, "Judging others comes easily. If only forgiveness were as simple."

Having spoken his thoughts, Chain allowed a brief, odd--almost regretful--smile to flit across his features before resuming his course down the hallway. Moving past the elevator, he instead selected the door that bore the sign "Stairs", opened it, and stepped through.

March 22nd, 2006, 7:29 AM

I hate Carebears... >>; They haunt my dreams.

X3 I'm glad my psyco friends amused you Alter. -giggles- Anyways, yeah. xp Kyoko's a werido. xP






"I... I should... apologize..." She looked towards Valen's door with a slight blush before shaking her head and standing up, her hand tightly attached to Rosairie's wrist, "Let's go... kay?" She smiled her sweet little smile once again and headed after Chain, waving her free arm at him almost madly, "Hey wait for us please! Please, just a sec, we're cooooooooooooming!" Turning back to Rosairie, she nodded as reassuringly as she could before the child began to pull the older girl along towards the stairs, "Heeeey Chain-sempai! How far down do we gotta go?"

She couldn't go back and apologize. It wouldn't make any difference. She'd set him off... and part of her didn't regret it. The sheer second Shuppy let it drop that she and Rosairie had been left out, her emotions took hold of her. It wasn't much of an excuse; it wasn't one at all. Stupid stupid... I keep letting them get the best of me... I can't control myself when I get angry... I can't get angry, I can't get sad, I have to be happy. Always happy. If I'm always happy... nobody can find my faults. She rubbed her forehead softly, I can't let them see me. I can't open the lid on my memories, my emotions... I can't open it ever. If I do... She paused once or twice to giggle at something random, like a pink piece of ducktape on the stairwell, so as not to give her thinking away and were as before, her change in emotions had been visible, she wasn't showing it so easily now, "Can we goooooo?"