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September 17th, 2006, 4:00 PM
OOC: Nooo! I'd cry if this RP died. ;_; Your RPs rock Alter, don't ever think anyone would want to let them die. ^^ I haven't been on PC in like forever!! Stupid database, and then I couldn't find where it had been re-directed to. >.> Then I got wiped out Fri/Sat/today from this cold my brother gave me (icky body aches and fever =/). Anyway, hopefully I can begin to post regularly again!

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"How quaint," Reina said with a raised eyebrow.

The door did seem slightly out of place, but you would think that a place to hold wanted guests would look more... homely? Truthfully, Reina had seen more dentist offices that were warmer than this. Well, perhaps that was an overstatement. Whatever the room was or wasn't, Reina didn't really care; she just wanted to get to the goods. Before she could act though, a familiar voice spoke up. She popped to the side of Chain to get a better look.

After Valen made his comment, Reina smirked, "Oh I'm sure Chain absolutely adores your waiting room, right Chain? What's not to love?"

However happy Reina was to see Valen back, the redhead was a bit confused that Rosairie and Kyoko were nowhere to be seen. They must have gone to compose themselves or whatever girls like them do. Why should she care anyway? Ugh... sometimes her brain disturbed her.

OOC: Yeah... it's short... but I'm feverish. XD

September 18th, 2006, 1:34 PM

OOC: Meep! It's been nearly a month since anyone posted here last.

Nooo! I'd cry if this RP died. ;_; Your RPs rock Alter, don't ever think anyone would want to let them die.

-nods head in agreement- It /has/ been a month because PC is mean

And I've gone through withdrawls. Stinkin literate rp withdrawls.

I found myself thinking yesterday when I was reading a storyline on a seperate forum; "Alter's plotlines are so much better.... And he spells better... and he's nicer.... T-T I miss Ancient Dynasty! -crysobwhimper-" (Doing so made my mom go o-O; but it was worth it. >> it made pc come back. -nodnod-)

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September 18th, 2006, 5:07 PM
[OOC: Lately, I have been rather busy with school. I thought I had four tests tomorrow, but fortunately one was postponed until Friday . . . At the moment, I seem to be living between homework assignments. ^-^;; Because of this, I am not sure how often I will be able to post.

Also, similarly to what Mika said, when I went to another RPing forum I realized how high my expectations had become because of these types of RPs.]

"'Should be' . . . That hardly seems comforting," Chain mentally remarked as he began to open the door, glancing back over his shoulder at Valen. If the room is tapped, as he said, then I suppose I can't discuss anything I do not wish to be heard. Not that I planned to in this environment . . . His emerald eyes lighting up with an odd expression--almost a smile--Chain finally pushed the door to one side to lock it open for the others and entered the room, adding after Reina's comment, "Things are better looking like what they are."

As he strode into the room, Chain's eyes automatically swept across the view before him, noting whatever they could before they turned back to study anything of interest. Still observing his surroundings, the trainer selected a portion of wall and placed his back against it, allowing his hands to slip into their usual positions in his pockets as he did so. Then, as though satisfied with what he had seen, Chain silently closed his eyes and tilted his face slightly downward--apparently deciding to begin ignoring his surroundings, though in actuality listening attentively for any abnormal or foreign sounds.

Alter Ego
September 19th, 2006, 9:04 AM
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September 20th, 2006, 6:45 AM
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Alter Ego
September 25th, 2006, 10:03 AM
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Valen nodded at Chain's comment about things being better of looking like what they really are, "True enough." he replied, "But how much sincerity can you expect from a city as superficial as this one?" he cast a sideward glance at the hallway, pristinely clean and unnaturally innocent-looking like the rest of Twilight City, before following chain into the waiting room.

"Well, at least this place has seats." he remarked, nodding towards the glass table which dominated the center of the room and the cluster of chairs surrounding it. Besides them and the carpet beneath the table there was very little to catch one's interest in the room, just a couple of potted plants standing innocently in the corners and a translucent water dispenser with a stack of carefully ordered white styrofoam cups on one side and a small trash can on the other. Indeed, were it not for these few additions and the furnisher's almost desperate attempts to make the somewhat small, windowless room look like a decent space to keep visitors waiting, it would probably have looked as much of a cell on the inside as it had on the outside. There was no sign of spying gear, although a slight humming sound indicated the presence of some kind of air conditioning device, but no doubt they had hidden the bloody things in the plants, or the chairs, or possibly wherever the air conditioner was hidden, Valen really didn't care too much about finding them, chosing instead to settle down in one of the chairs, leaning back a bit for more comfort. Slythe always liked to keep his guests waiting, so he figured he might as well make himself comfortable.

'Waiting...' the boy thought for himself, staring up into the ceiling, although not quite directly at the constant glare of the electric lamp, with one ear still attuned to the sounds around him in case someone wanted to strike up a conversation, '...what a drag.'

September 30th, 2006, 7:07 PM

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However... the other day I found my old notebook from last year that I was doing pre-char sheets in. o-o Kyoko's based off a human version of a Psyduck. I have no idea how I came up with that. -is afraid of her own writing- DX


...why can't I stop thinking about him? Son of a.... god... this is giving me a migraine... Rubbing her forehead, Kyoko managed to run into the blasted automated door twice before finding the stupid open button. Pressing it down, she managed to get in without much more trouble and took the seat in the cornor, one semi close to Valen but at this point, she really didn't care. Her head hurt the point the ridiculous amount of bright lights in the room was like shoving unsanitized knives into her scalp. To get her mind off it, she stared at the room, taking in her surroundings. She noticed those common things, like that elegent carpet on the wretched industrail standard issue grey tile, the pots and that humming sound, but she also noticed something else.

These chairs were the most uncomfortable things she'd ever sat on.

Her iritation level low due to the headache, she stood from her perch and crossed to a wall, leaning agianst it lightly before sliding down it, her butt on the floor, her head leaned back against the wall.

I wish I hadn't run out on Nee-chan... like that... I need to be more serious. I need to get my focus... as giddy as I wish I could be... that's not how I won my fight in that alley, that's not how I got here. Her lids blinking lightly to divert the sweat droplets from hitting her in the eyeball, she let out a soft sigh, drawing one knee to her chest. Turning her head towards Chain, she spoke so softly that one would probably have to make sure who it was coming to know that it was the little girl on the floor, "Chain-sempai...I hate waiting in dreary places like this... It sometimes means something bad is going to happen, doesn't it?"

Alter Ego
October 1st, 2006, 9:30 AM
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October 1st, 2006, 1:15 PM

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D: hope you don't mind I semi-stole your rule list Alter. I credited you an everything tho... It's... It's... It's just so perfect. o-o -drools on-

October 2nd, 2006, 5:16 PM
Chain's eyes slitted halfway open as his gaze traveled toward Kyoko who was now seated on the floor. Allowing his eyes to fall calmly shut, he replied in a tone louder than Kyoko's only by virtue of its deepness, "Sometimes. Even if that's true, though, there's not much to do about it now."

As he fell silent, the hacker again became distinctly aware of the humming that filled the room. Were normal conversation occuring, the subtle noise would likely have been unnoticeable. But, amidst the prevailing silence, it was the only sound to block out one's own breath and heartbeat. Having nothing to see and only the steady hum to listen to, Chain's thoughts began to project themselves forward. I would wonder how long the wait for the ceremony is, but before that comes the arrival of all the "winners" . . . As of yet, four of us are here. That leaves three to arrive. I wonder if they'll arrive before the ceremony begins.

October 9th, 2006, 12:32 PM
Rosairie stood int he doorway, the hair on the back of her neck on end. The walls were bone white and windowless, and hummed with a bleakness that made her skin crawl. There was nothing to break up this blankness, save a potted plant, and-
"Kyoko," she breathed quietly, without even meaning to speak, "Kyo, I-"
She broke off. The girl was huddled in a corner, her pink hair spilled across her shoulders and veiling her face. For a moment, Rosairie swore Kyoko was... frightened of her...
Rosairie felt a sudden rush of pity, and took a tenative step forward. "Kyo-" she tried again, but no words came.

Rosairie's thoguhts drifted back to Silence, and how she had first found him; so terrified, so frail, so hating. Seeing Kyoko like this, a nervous shell of her former self, was heartbreaking. Kyoko was normally so bright, so bubbly, so sharp. She was only a few steps away, but Rosairie felt the distance was unbreachable. The Kyoko she knew was so far away.

There it was again, that rush of love, and Rosairie started forward, dropping on to her knees a few feet away. She put out a hand, and pulled it back, sensing something from the girl she had never felt before.
"Kyoko, please, answer me~!" she begged, her voice quavering.

Alter Ego
October 20th, 2006, 8:54 AM
OOC: Nyah, I just posted in Showgan, so I thought I'd pop by here too since I seem to be in a writing mood. ^^ In irrelevant news, I just went to see the Miyazaki movie "My neighbor Totoro" today (Curse the finnish movie importers for being so slow), although anyone who recognized my new avatar probably realized that already. The way people looked at me, though...some were practically dying to scream "Don't you know that it's a kiddie movie?", priceless. xD Besides, anyone with common sense knows that you're never too old for a Miyazaki movie. These preconceptions can be so amusing, like our culture-enforced way of never saying what we think. Guess I'm lucky not to be a complete purebreed. ^^



"Oh for crying out loud..." Valen muttered at Rosairie's display of patheticness. Sure, Kyoko seemed a little quiet, but it was hardly a reason to start fretting like the tawny little thing had caught a lethal affliction or something. Girls could be so over-the-top on certain matters, especially when the matter concerned weak, puny little things that barely had the strength to stand up on their own.

"Someone wake me when the drama lesson is over." the boy remarked sarcastically, leaning back in his chair a bit more and folding his arms. It seemed like they had quite a bit of free time on their hands, and he for one was prepared to spend some of it on a good argument. That would certainly give the surveilance people some entertainment too.

October 20th, 2006, 5:20 PM


-watched it in Japanese Class- I HAD the main theme on my mp3 player before it went "BLARGH I HATE YOU -eats souls-" and now I can't do anything but charge it. TT stupid Sony...

totoro totoro~ -hums along and bounces with an umbrella-

This IC post is questionable I know. >>; I didn't know the answer to a question an I've delayed posting so meh. -posts it anyways- Feel free to say no to the part I've put in purple text if you don't like it Alter. It's what I was concerned about.


She smiled lightly, hugging Rosairie lightly and brushed the hair from her eyes and she stood up, "Nya, Nee-chan it's okie. Really." Turning lightly, she noted something was a-missing from her bag, something that normally hung from the pocket and it made her blood run cold. Her Pokegear... wasn't there. Her little eyes went wide, and she moved to the little door she'd entered through a short time ago. Jiggling the handle... she found it wouldn't open. Shaking somewhat badly, she turned and was halfway into Rosairie's arms when Valen just had to open his mouth.

"Someone wake me when the drama lesson is over."

When an animal is beaten down enough, it learns to fight back. So is the way with humans when they are constantly tormented over and over. Some crack and fall into submission with no added violence, but others take more... convincing. Kyoko was of the later catagory. However, one might have thought she'd taken the moment to strangle Valen's scrawny little neck into orange juice but she'd simply sat down, in Rosairie's lap, and giggled softly, "Valen, we'd have to come to you for drama lessons." Her voice held that innocent sugar aspect as she flashed him a cute little smile, "I mean, when you act as much as you do, you get good at it, wouldn't you say? Hiding your emotions, it's so tragic and..." her tone darkened, "...yet it's so obviously fake."

Alter Ego
October 21st, 2006, 1:19 AM
OOC: Nyah, don't fret about the door thing, Mika. Sure, it being locked is kind of odd, but we can just pass it off as the handle not working properly (Ergo, you've got to have the right method of turning it in order to make it open. (We actually had a door like that in my old school and it made me feel stupid many times over. <.<), it serves the same purpose, ne?


"Fake, you say?" Valen retorted to Kyoko's statement, "Do you mean fake like Rosairie's "I wan't to help people" speeches or fake like that sugary sweet persona of yours?" he turned into upright sitting position at the last statement, "Speaking of which..." he added, looking at the girl's overdone smile in a would-be appraising way, "...you certainly seem to have gone through quite the change for someone who was whimpering on the floor a moment ago. I find it almost funny that you should come accusing me of acting, you who have been faking every little thing from day one, including your name..." he smirked, "What is it with that name bussiness, anyway? Did you do something to put you on the GPs naughty list...or is daddy being oppressive? Well, there's no point asking, I suppose..." he concluded, leaning back again, "After all, I've yet to hear you give a single honest reply to anything and you probably aren't going to start doing that now, either."

'Just like Lori in miniature...' he thought for himself, 'Let's see if we can't get that sweet little facade to crack.'

October 22nd, 2006, 2:55 AM
{ooc| Has anyone seen the movie 'One Stormy Night'? Its a japanese animated thing, about a sheep and a wolf, and its looovely. The art is so lush and it's generally just cute. It's on Youtube in 11 parts, but I got the full-length thing on bittorrent. Do so!}

Rosairie stared back furiously, but somehow managed to keep her mouth shut. What he wanted was for her to retaliate, to come back with some sort of retort or self-defence. She wouldn't give him that pleasure! She had no reason to explain herself to him. "I rarely explain myself; my friends shouldn't need it, my enemies won't believe it" - an old trainer friend of hers had once said that. He had been a nice kid - stupidly shy, admittedly, but nice all the same. For soem reason, his words sprang to mind with sudden clarity. It was so true, tough; no matter what reason you gave your enemies for your actions, they'd never believe it was a valid reason.

"Poor, poor Valen," she muttered to herself, just loud enough for Kyoko to hear. "so clever but so...oblivious."
Kyoko's right, I've never seen him do anything but get angry. He's had it tough, I accept that, but we all have... he's the one with the facade; he's got an angry mask over all of his sadness.

At his request, Rosairie gave a sigh, and wrapped her arms around Kyoko, resting her chin on the younger girl's shoulder. Then she said, loud enough for Valen to hear;
"And neither has he. What happened to Silence? He knows - he was there. Why else would my jolteon loose it so badly? He's yet to tell me that, though." All the time she spoke, she refused to meet Valen's gaze. When she had finished she glanced up briefly, but found herself unable to look for long. She felt like a rabbit cornered by a dog, with Valen blocked the only door like he did.

October 23rd, 2006, 9:23 PM

o_o I love that movie Alter. -went and watched it 10 times over the weekend- I have the main theme ya know an now it plays in a clip when my comp starts up... Miyazaki films are the best.... >>

And we have a door like that here. DX In my house. It's sooo mean.


Breaking from the older girl's grip, she simply brushed her skirt off, wiggled out of her backpack and walked over to Valen, forcefully catching his gaze, still smiling sweetly "...You want me to break my little 'play'? Turn into a crying mess so you can think you're so much more amazing and better than me an Nee-chan? Yeah, I hide my name." she giggled lightly, that sweet innocence turning into almost a sadistic smirk, "So I hide things. Everybody does. You do. It's just a defence mechanism."

She turned to go back to Rosairie, but stopped, planting the ball of her foot and rotated back towards him, "Oh. I almost forgot." Raising her hand, she slapped him once across the face as hard as a child of her size could, "I can change my mood whenever the hell I want. You're nothing but an egotistical jerk and I'm absolutely sick of your holier than thou words. You think you've had it worse than everyone else but to be honest, you're only lying to yourself" Letting out a shrill little laugh, she returned to Rosairie's lap, snuggling into the older girl's embrace.

October 24th, 2006, 6:21 PM
[OOC: One Stormy Night? I am not sure if I have heard of that. I will try to watch it if I have time.

By the way, Mika, I believe I recognize your "Random Quote." Raven from Zoids? ]

Chain remained motionless--neither speaking nor opening his eyes as he listened to the rather hostile conversation that had ensued. After what happened earlier, I was hoping the strife might calm a little. I should have known not to expect so much . . . Though one might see it only by careful observation, the hacker gradually tensed as the dialogue continued, ending with a faint flicker in his expression at the sound of a sharp slap. Despite his calm temperament, Chain began to feel somewhat exasperated. And it seems everyone's just adding fuel to the fire. It makes me wonder if everyone will still be alive by the time the ceremony starts. Still, I would prefer not to get involved if possible. At this point, it might do more harm than good. So unless it's asking too much, someone please try to be mature in this situation.

Alter Ego
October 26th, 2006, 10:18 AM
OOC: Nyah, Kogenta, you totally stole my line about 'One Stormy Night'. xD Anyways, yeah, never heard of it. *Is a terribly uncivilized person* By the by, Chain's reaction just provided me with a way to drag Valen out of the fight without having him maul anyone. Yay for Kyoko not ending up back at the hospital. Oh, and Totoro too, because that movie still rules. =3


The brat's words were nothing, really. Valen was quite used to those by now and they did little to phase him, but what she did afterwards was a completely different matter.

'How dare she?' Valen pondered furiously, despite the fact that a little girl's slap, no matter how anger-powered, was hardly a lethal assault and had merely caused the spot it struck to redden a little, 'How dare that pathetic, snivelling little charlatan?!' I'll get her for this!

'Maim her!' another thought chimed in.

'Make her suffer!'

'Destroy her!'

Just as Valen was about to give into the ideas, however, something barley noticeable somehow caught his attention, an ever-so-slight shift in Chain's position, and although the hacker neither opened his eyes nor said anything, his message seemed perfectly clear.

'I'm being just as much of a brat as Kyoko is...' Valen realized, unable to resist glaring a bit in Chain's direction, '...that's what you're getting at, aren't you?'

'Worst thing is...' he concluded, his hands -which had already balled into fists at the moment the attack struck - reluctantly relaxing again, '...he's right.'

The boy cast a sideward glance at Kyoko, having to restrain the urge to fight back. Frustrating though it was, there was no victory to be had. If he made another snide remark, the brat would just reply in the same manner and the argument would go on forever, and if he reacted in a more physical manner...well, it didn't take a genius to figure out who would get the sympathy if a grown boy beat up a little girl. No, it would serve nothing, and he refused to give the disgusting little brat the satisfication of getting him into trouble.

"That was...rather refreshingly honest of you, Kyoko." Valen replied in his usual monotone, apparently adressing the door as he walked towards it, stopping briefly with his hand on the door handle, "And all well recorded, no less." he added in a low whisper, "Now doesn't it feel better to have that off your chest? And in the same spirit of honesty..." he added, casting a very brief glance at Rosairie, "I had nothing to do with what happened to that homicidal mutt of yours, but the way you constantly fuss over him would probably have been enough to drive anyone insane. Now if you'll excuse me, I think I need some fresh air."

Without leaving any time for further retorts, the boy kneed a spot on the door firmly to make the faulty lock mechanism klick into place again and then pressed the handle down and quickly exited, shutting the door behind him.

'Not the most polite of leaves, perhaps...' Valen contemplated, '...but it could have been worse. Still...' he added for himself, frowning slightly, 'How on earth could I tell what Chain was thinking? 'Maybe a drawback from the psychic connection?' he shook his head, 'No, that's nonsense. Of course I didn't know, I just happened to notice it, that's all.'

October 30th, 2006, 7:31 AM
Rosairie looked at Kyoko disapprovingly. "That was awfully rude, Kyo... Then again, the little sod deserved it." she glared daggers in the direction of the door, before turning back to her friend.
"So know what?" she asked, before adding gruffly: "and he still didn't answer my question."

She paused for a second, mulling over Valen's words. What he said about Silence couldn't possibly be true. Could it?

November 3rd, 2006, 3:56 PM

^^;; gomen, I was locked off my computer to study for a Japanese SAT test.


Kyoko sighed, "Yeah... that was... immature..." she giggled lightly and brought a hand to her face to muffle it, "...I haven't acted my age in awhile tho... it kinda felt nice." Leaning back lightly, she hugged Rose's arms softly, "We've got time before this meeting thingy and if I stay here, I'll probably get into a fight or something... Valen's just not going to be nice to me... and I think I'll just accept it." Sighing, she stood up and tugged the other girl up by the arm, "Come to think of it, I'm not going to even give you a choice in the matter. Let's go for a walk!"

Turning to Chain, she handed him a number, "That be my PokeGear number. If they start anything call me; I gotta go grab it but that shouldn't take but five minutes. Thankchuu berry much much~" And without waiting for a response of any sort, Rosairie was quite simply dragged out to find her puppy. Outside the room, she completely ignored Valen's existance, "Walking time! Um... where should we go Nee-chan??"

November 3rd, 2006, 10:30 PM
Despite the silent request that had sounded in his mind, surprise replaced exasperation as Chain's unspoken words received an unexpected response from Valen. After delivering a few phrases that were somehow less aggressive, yet no less direct than usual, Valen left the room. Within moments, Chain's initial surprise faded into relief tinged with gratefulness. And though he could not wholly approve of what Rosairie and Kyoko said afterwards, it was expected enough to prevent him from saying anything in reply.

Opening his eyes to accept the number Kyoko handed him, Chain nodded slightly and shifted his gaze from the pink-haired girl to the piece of paper in his hand. As he folded the paper in half, a thought caused him to return his attention to Kyoko and Rosairie. "Don't get into trouble," the hacker said quietly before the two other trainers left.

Random Plushie
November 6th, 2006, 8:48 PM

Um.. hello. *wave* Gosh, I feel so bad for not being caught up in this RP. o.o;;

I shall go back and read everything! Even if it takes a while! And I shall do my best to whip up a satisfactory IC as soon as possible! =3

Edit: Grr. I had read everything from page 37 up, and was halfway through this Edit when my laptop decided it would be a fine time to randomly shut down. D:

It turned out to be a problem with the charger.. apparently, it's getting old. When you use it for too long, it stops working, so even if it's connected to an electrical outlet, the laptop doesn't get charged. So, it was basically dying right in front of me, but it didn't display any warnings because it was connected to the charger. -_-;;

*is trying to get over it*

On a side note, 48 happens to be my absolute favorite number! =D


It wasn't until after Cona had stopped speaking that Avery noticed that people were staring at them. Of course, she probably would have turned and stared, too, if she saw a couple of girls hugging each other on the ground for no apparent reason. With new-found vigor, Avery struggled until she was finally out of Cona's grasp, quickly standing up and brushing imaginary dirt off of her clothes. She tried to avoid eye contact with the multitude of people nearby, who were already taking it upon themselves to hurry away from the awkward scene.

"Um, yes, Cona. We actually managed to get ourselves invited to a fancy celebration of some sort." Avery said. She found herself become worried when she remembered the situation with JJ, courtesy of Cona's questions. "Oh, but we're going to be late if JJ doesn't get back soon. He went back to his room to change, you see."

{Oi, Avery!}

Recognizing Fable's voice, Avery raised her eyebrows to turn toward him.. to find that he had somehow managed to climb up the wall to get near the television screen that JJ had mentioned earlier. Needless to say, said wall was now littered with small dents from the Sableye's claws. And Avery did not feel like paying for property damage, however small. Not with the pressing matter at hand, which was to get to the so-called ceremony.

"Fable, what are you doing to that wall!?" Avery exclaimed, rushing toward the T.V. screen. "Get down from there before one of the nurses sees you and your claw marks!"

Fable just tilted his head.

{Relax, little Avery. If anyone's headed this way, Fable will see them before they see Fable. Just look at what it says on this screen here.} He replied, removing one hand from the wall to point at the T.V. with one claw.

Frowning, Avery decided it was best to just do it. She raised her eyebrows--at the top of the screen was a bold title--Memorial Battle Tournament Results--Top Eight Contestants. Below it, the eight names were scrolling continuously, including hers, JJ's, and Cona's. But at the very bottom of the screen, there was more text that remained in one spot, just like the title. Tournament winners are requested to attend the celebration ceremony at Waiwai Inc. Headquarters, to take place at ten o'clock.

Avery frowned, again. Now she knew where and when the ceremony was taking place, but there wasn't a clock in sight. How was she supposed to know if they were late or not?

{Isn't it uncanny?} Fable said suddenly, grinning widely. Avery gave him a 'what?' look. The imp ignored her clueless expression, keeping his grin up. {You know, how we met all of the winners yesterday?}

Avery blinked. "What are you talking about? We did meet JJ and Cona yesterday while the tournament was going on, and stuck with them afterwards, but we didn't meet anybody on this list."

It was Fable's turn to blink.

{Are you saying that you entirely forgot two-thirds of what you did yesterday?}

Avery stared at the Dark-type. Sure, her memory was kind of fuzzy, but that was probably just because the day before had been entirely overwhelming. It wasn't like she had somehow gotten all of her memories erased. What were the chances of that happening?

Avery did not reply to Fable's ridiculous question. She had a lot more things to worry about, like what time the ceremony was and whether or not they would make it in time. She turned back toward Cona then, glancing back toward the direction JJ had headed off in before speaking to her.

"Well.. this screen that Fable showed me says that the ceremony is at Waiwai Inc. Ten o'clock. But I don't see a clock anywhere.. do you have the time?"

November 18th, 2006, 9:53 AM
Rosairie watched blankly as Kyoko busied herself, acting sweet and cute once more. She latched on to Rosairie's wrist and dragged her straight out of the room, past Valen, who Rosairie's eyes seemed to skirt right past.

"Where to go...?" she replied, not really believng at all what was happening, "I... I..." she didn't know. She wanted to shop. She wanted to spend money. She wanted to look in a mirror and seee herself in something beautiful and feel that everything was okay. They didn't have time for retail therapy, though. She waited until the were around the corner, away from the others, before she pulled Kyoko back and pressed her mouth to the other girl's ear. "Kyoko," she whispered, so quietly only her friend would hear, "I want to explore this place. I think... I think I might be able to find out what happened to Si if I look hard enough."

{ooc| Is this is okay, Alter? If not, no worries, I'll edit. Then Ro can go shopping... *loves shopping*}

Alter Ego
November 18th, 2006, 10:13 AM
OOC: Nyah, actually that works great, Charon. This way I can have a certain NPC speak his piece without Valen stealing the show like usual. Heh, it just seems a bit too implausible for him to run into all of the weirdos, no? Too bad about her shopping possibilities, though, eh? ^_~

That aside, nice to see you posting around here again, Plushie. Now if we could just pull Yibber over here, not to mention getting Melissa back (Say...where is she anyway? I haven't seen her around here for ages. o.O) we might actually start making some progress again. Since BB is probably still busy with other concerns, I'll just kind of shuttle JJ onward as discreetly as I can. There is a plan, my dear RPers, there is a plan. *Laughs manically* >D Now all I've got to do is check up on it again to make sure I get it right. xD


'Why don't you try out of the window or down the elevator shaft?' Valen thought resentfully at the sound of the piercing falsetto that was Kyoko's voice, not bothering to voice that particular opinion out loud as he proceeded to discreetly position himself as far from the annoying duo as possible as quickly as possible. This did not prevent him from overhearing Rosairie's comment, however.

'Oh, what an absolutely lovely idea...' he thought for himself, casting a sideward glance at the girl duo as a small smirk spread across his face, '...go out on a merry little exploration trip in the big bad corporation's headquarters. Tempt the wrath of foes you don't even know and rot in jail...' he shrugged indiferently, 'Just see if I care..'

He walked a bit further away, partially to avoid any possible comments from Rosairie and Kyoko and partly to clearly mark his distance from him and whatever trouble they were heading into.

November 19th, 2006, 10:39 AM


;-; Sorry sorry. I'm in a humungoly hard AP Lang and Comp class with a paper-happy teacher. She failed me because I wrote a paper about Roleplaying's Uses in the Classroom and I directed it at Video Game Geeks and RP Addictties and since she couldn't understand it, she failed me. D< Failed my six page paper because my "audience" did not include her.

So I had to rewrite it. xx; and pray to god I didn't fail the term.

=D! PLUSHIE Plushie PLUSHIE -pounce-

;; Mika missed your fishie. -nodnod-

Welcome back. <333


She tilted her head lightly, "You mean go look downstairs? But- Chain said- Chain said not to get into trouble!" She squeezed her hands together tightly, "Nee-chan... I'll do it if you promise I won't get in trouble. I, I wish I wasn't saying this, but, Valen made me see something. He made me see that I can't go back to the GP place. They already know I can escape so they'll make sure I can't and I do not want that to happen again; I can't let that happen again; I want to stay in the free world, not at home on my parent's display." She hissed lightly at the thought, "So if you can promise that that won't happen, I'll go with you."

Her body sagging at the effort required to do what she'd done, Kyoko grappled onto Rose's arm, "Sorry... I don't mean to be so weak. It... just happens I guess." Sighing lightly, she nuzzled the arm in her posession and pointed onward, "Let's go... but..." Tilting her head lightly, she looked up at Rosairie, "We need a way to get back really fast..."

Random Plushie
November 19th, 2006, 12:13 PM

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I really only posted just to say that. xD And also to say that I shall track down Yibber, so Alter dun have to worry about that. 'Cause she's a nice sister. Like, the sister I never had. And yeah, Melissa hasn't been around in a while (although not as embarassingly long as me xD).. still, I hope everything's okay with her. o.o;;

On a side note.. Mika, your avatar is the ABSOLUTE PWNAGE. =DDDDD

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Alter Ego
November 20th, 2006, 11:30 AM
OOC: Nyah, thanks Plushie. Guess that's one missing RPer I won't have to worry about at the moment. ^^ Oh, and that sucks about your failed paper, Mika. Hope your new one works well. ^^

Anyways, ominous foreshadowing time.



The somewhat thin and abnormally pale lips curled up slightly in contentment, long, nimble fingers moving in a complicated series of motions as they reorganized the the cards spread out across the table, their identical backs moving around in an almost eerily smooth manner with only the faintest of rustles giving away their motion. He knew that this process was pointless, that it wouldn't impact the end result in the least, but there were certain rules to this art which one had to follow.



The man's gaze shifted ever so slightly to identify the person who had entered while the hands continued their work as if nothing had happened.

"Yes, Vincent?" perhaps it was just the executive's imagination, but Slythe's voice sounded far more detached and serene than what was normal to him and the fact that there was but a single little lamp illuminating the room didn't exactly ease the sensation, casting peculiar shadows across the pale bussinesman's features as it did. Still, Vincent reminded himself, making people feel uneasy was what Slythe was all about, no doubt this was just some new technique that the Viper leader wanted to try out before meeting his guests.

"The time for the ceremony is now, but only five of our guests have arrived. Should we proceed without them?"

"No." Slythe replied airily, continuing to shuffle the cards as he did so, "Let them wait for a bit, I want everyone to be present."

Vincent nodded, "Understood." he replied, "I'll dispatch a few men to-"

"That won't be necessary." Slythe replied, briefly lifting up a hand to silence the executive, "They are on their way here as we speak. I can sense it."


The executive raised an eyebrow, "Sense it?" he echoed taking care not to make his scepticism too open, "With all due respect, sir-"

"Did I say sense?" Slythe replied, "I meant to say that I recieved an observer report on them. My apologies, I have a lot on my mind."

'My apologies?' Vincent had serious trouble masking his shock at this, when Slythe apologized to his employees about anything something was definitely wrong.

"Sir?" he asked, "Are you feeling quite allright?"

"Never better." the Viper executive replied, "Now if you'll excuse me, I have certain matters to attend to before the ceremony begins."

"But sir-" Vincent insisted, "I need to tell you about one of our contestants, Kyoko, she's-"

"I'm certain that you'll have covered that quite well in the report you sent me earlier." Slythe interrupted, "And when I asked you to excuse me, I meant to say that you are dismissed. Return to your duties."

"I-" Vincent began, but then thought the better of it, bowing curtly, "Yes, sir. I'll keep you informed."

"I'm sure you will..." Slythe replied, barely sparing a glance in Vincent's direction as the executive backed out of the room, closing the door behind him.

"Keep me informed..." the Viper executive laughed quietly for himself. It was a hollow, eerie laugh that spread across the room, lingering there barely noticeable, like the faint remnants of a lethal gas, as he spread out the cards across the table, carefully selecting eight of them and placing them in front of him.

The faint smile returned, "...I already know precisely what's going on..."

And sure enough, he could tell every card before he even flipped them face up, quietly naming them as he flipped them up in order, his smile growing slightly wider at each correct prediction.

"The Empress, the Strength, the Moon, the Star, the Hermit, the Fool, the Chariot and of course..." he was almost grinning from ear to ear at the last card, "...the Hanged Man. All the pieces are coming together, and soon..." he reached out his right hand complacently, selecting one more card from the pile and placing it in front of the others, "The wheel of fate turns..."

OOC: Ohh...ominous. ^^ Of course, those tarots all have significance (Like I would ever make a random pick xO). Basically, I went and did some quick research on tarots and their associations and paired each character with the tarot that matches them best:

The Empress - A symbol material wealth and beauty as well as maternality. This one I thought was a pretty obvious Rosairie, especially with the way she's looking out for Kyoko and Silence.

The Strength - This one I was a bit less sure about, but it did mention survival and moderation in attitude towards pain and danger (I.e. Neither trying to avoid it at all costs nor actively seeking it), as well as a gentle side, so I figured Reina.

The Moon - A symbol of - among many other things - inner conflict, deception and unrealistic ideas. I actually had two characters in mind for this one, but in the end I picked Kyoko, mainly because she was so hard to fit into any of the others. xP

The Star - I think this one was the most glaringly obvious choice, the star is a symbol of hope and optimism, so I immediately thought Avery. Besides, she's even got stars on her outfit. ^^

The Hermit - Nyah, not a hard connection to make when you know what the tarots are about here. The Hermit represents deep understanding and perceptiveness, but also silence and reclusiveness. For those who didn't guess it yet, that would be Chain.

The Fool - Ahh...I couldn't resist this one. The fool represents inexperience, adventure, spontaneity and lack of understanding concerning consequences so I immediately figured Cona, what with her spacing out and ranting about random things every five minutes or so. ^^

The Chariot - A symbol of courage, honor and striving for success and recognition, but also impulsivity and anxiety. For those who didn't figure it out, this one would be our JJ.

And last but not least...

The Hanged Man - Symbolizes indiference and lack of freedom, but can also be a change of perspective. Not perhaps quite as neat a fit as the Moon would have been, but I still think it's a pretty recognizable Valen.

The wheel of fate tarot should be pretty self-explanatory, but basically it means the coming of a significant event, be it good or bad. For those of you who read all of these: good on you; for those of you who didn't: I'll have you know that I'm deeply hurt by such indifference. Oh, and if you disagree with the tarot I handed your character, feel free to suggest a different one and I'll make the switch. ^^

November 23rd, 2006, 9:01 AM
{ooc| Great choices, Alter. Suits Rosairie down to a tee.
Whay, I'm off to look at my college tonight.}

Rosairie peered down the hallway, then turned back to Mika.
"I don't have any ideas for a quick escape route, but.... " she leant over and hugged her friend, "If those darned GPs come looking around I'll hide you. I'll even fight 'em off for you." She took a step back, clasping Kyoko's hands tightly in her own. "We probably haven't got long util that ceramony starts. Shall we have a look around?"

November 23rd, 2006, 8:28 PM


Sorries for mysteriously vanishing, school activities + studying + shoe polishing = No more Yibber, as I have explained to Plushie. Thankfully, the activity for today was suddenly canceled. Yey! =D

I'm free for a bit, hopefully. ^^;;

And, niah, the Fool describes Cona perfectly, nice choice Titan. X3

Have fun at teh college, Charon! ^^


"We got top placings..."Cona barely heard Avery's voice, she had blocked out most things. Still caught up with the new discoveries, along with the conspiracies that followed it. The girl took no notice to the looks people shot her and her friend. She was oblivious to them.

One thought claimed priority in her mind - Tell Kuner and Krystal

She briefly caught a few phrases from Avery, about JJ, a changing room and of nurses and their claw marks. Then, a short conversation between trainer and Sableye.

"-We did meet JJ and Cona yesterday while the tournament was going on, and stuck with them afterwards, but we didn't meet anybody on the list."

Cona raised an eyebrow, not bothering to ask who the winners were. Rather, just trying to remember who she was with yesterday. She met a red-haired girl actually, two other girls as well, one with wavy hair, the other was a tad short. Some guy with green and golden eyes, and... the last boy. Yes, he had something to do with a cheese conspiracy. She couldn't recall it well, it wasn't clear because of her previous headache. But she had met some awfully strange people. She knocked her head lightly with one hand before rubbing her temples. The only thing she could confirm was sticking close to JJ and Avery after the competition.

She supposed the names of the other five would return to her in a bit, the amnesia liquid aliens used never really was of good quality.

"-the ceremony is at Waiwai Inc. Ten o' clock. But I don't see a clock anywhere.. do you have the time?"

It took Cona a few moments to realize that Avery was talking to her. The girl immediately raised her left hand and stared at her empty, watch-less wrist.

"... Nope.. But, we're at the Pokemon Center, aren't we? There's bound to be a clock at the counter!"the trainer said, starting to reach for the girl's wrist with one hand. She stopped midway, as something struck her.

"I don't know which way's the counter though,"she admitted, the memory of wandering around before finding Avery replaying, she let her arm fall back to it's original position by her side.

She couldn't lead them any-which-way she wanted this time, they had to get Kuner, Krystal, JJ and reach the Waiwai Inc. building without getting caught by the aliens or agents sent by conspiracies. All before ten o' clock.

Yup, easy.


Apparently, the mouse likes it when it doesn't allow me to copy and paste the post, I spent 10 minutes trying to get the thing to copy then I accidentally logged out. DDDX

Random Plushie
November 25th, 2006, 11:17 AM

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And Titan's use of tarot cards has given this fine RP approximately 467 pwnage points! =D

As well as advertisements for tarot card readers along the top and bottom of the page. xD


Avery sweat-dropped slightly when she realized that none of them had a watch. Not only that, but neither she nor Cona knew which way the counter was. And on top of that, there was still no sign of JJ. Avery frowned, listening to the pitter-patter of Fable's claws against the marble floor as he caught up with them. It was then that Avery realized something..

Hey.. why is it that I have Fable, but Cona does not seem to have any of her Pokemon? Avery shook the thought away. I'll think about that later! Right now we have to get the Pokemon we don't have and make it to the ceremony on time. I'm not sure about JJ..

Lifting her hands up, Avery locked eyes with Cona. "Okay, don't panic." She said, even though Cona was clearly not panicking. "First, let's get to the counter. I don't think JJ is going to be coming any time soon. Although I don't know where to start looking for the counter."

Approximately two seconds passed. That's when Avery noticed that Fable had stopped listening to their conversation and had started scurrying away. She grimaced when it became clear that Fable was headed toward a particularly helpless-looking Pidgey, much un-like Kuner, near the feet of its Trainer, a young boy with brown hair.

{You there!} Fable suddenly shouted, eyeing the Pidgey. {Where is the counter of healing?} Instantly, the Pidgey's eyes popped out as if he had seen.. well, quite literally, a ghost. And soon afterwards, the eyes of its Trainer followed.


In unison, the Pidgey and brown-haired boy screamed, the Pidgey fluttering up into the Trainer's arms.

"Memories! They haunt me!"

And with that, the boy with his Pidgey ran off, attracting much attention from the already growing crowd in the hallway.

{Well, I tried.} Fable said, shrugging toward Avery, who had already slapped a hand to her forehead. {Does anybody have any better ideas?}

"Right. Come on, Cona! Fable!" Avery exclaimed, moving off in the direction that the Pidgey Trainer had fled. She figured that the poor boy had made a run for the exit, which was pretty much close to the counter where Nurse Joy would be.

Finally, we have a chance at making progress.

November 25th, 2006, 11:22 AM

D: -whineflail-

I apologize for my lack of postying. ;.; I dragged my poor father around town for a full like, two hours trying to find a libary with INTERNET ACCESS that I can use (Out of state makes it tricky. e-e) and we found one. <3

Yoohoo ^^

Aww Alter. ;-; if you need the Moon that much, I can switchyswitchy. -doesn't wanna make Alter sad- D:

Also, Alter, post in Drache please. D: if you're waiting for Kaiyo, dat's fine but I'm waiting on j00~


"..." She stayed silent for awhile, shaking her head firmly, "No. Chain... said not to get into trouble... and I don't want to give Valen any more reason to treat me like a billigerant child. If they don't shove us into some stupid stuffy confrence room and just accidentally lock us in, we can go after the ceremony." Scoffing lightly, she took her adoptive sister by the wrist, dragging her inward, pushed her lightly into a chair and claimed the one next to her, her head snuggling quickly into the girl's shoulder. She wasn't going to admit it but all she really wanted was a nap. A nice. Long. Nap. All of this critical thinking had given her one hell of a headache and it was quickly changing her mood, her personality along with it.

So what if she had more personalities than her index, pinkie and ring fingers combined? Why should that bother her? It's not like any one of them wasn't her. In some way, they all were. She'd been switching from cute to sarcastic to infantile to mature-beyond-her-years for so long now that, well, she'd forgotten which one she'd started with. But she couldn't tell anybody this, this was a secret. If anybody found out, it would most likely be her sister... but maybe not even then. She wasn't sure she even wanted to tell Rose.

November 25th, 2006, 10:03 PM

Wow, Mika. XD

The libraries here don't give us internet connection, or at least, access to any site other than their own and possibly a few other government sites... as far as I know. They don't like people going over and playing games on their computers. XD


Cona raised an eyebrow as Avery told her not to panic, as far as she knew, she wasn't giving off any signs of the sort. She nodded anyway, ducking behind the girl as Fable walked up to a boy and his Pidgey, clearly distinguishable from her own Kuner due to the absence of ruffled feathers and stern gaze.

As the two strangers shouted out in terror, Cona couldn't help but mumble to herself as she looked over Avery's shoulder, ".... Clearly, they are spies from an evil organisation that have been sent to spy on us for reasons unknown...". Why else would they be running off in the first place? It was unlikely(to her) that they really were terrified of a Sableye. She paid no heed to the stares the various people among the crowd shot her. Instead, the girl straightened her posture and joined Avery and her Sableye in their chase.

"Before we catch and pry the truth from the spies, I need to take my Marshtomp and Pidgey back from the nurse at the counter."she added as they ran after the fleeing boy and his Pokemon.

Alter Ego
November 26th, 2006, 10:40 AM
OOC: A moment of your time ladies and gentlemen, I have an announcement to make:

Ahem! *Clears throat*


I was one single friggen' turn away from beating that Evasion-loving, OHKO-using cheapie (I had his last pokémon on a well-developed Toxic) and then he got lucky with Horn Drill (His very last Horn Drill to be precise <<) and KOed my Snorlax! Urgh, it's at moments like these that I feel like strangling a game designer, preferably the one that came up with Double Team and OHKO moves. Now I have to go through those random evasion haxers all over again with my pokémon being all "incapable of using its power"...T___T

That aside, I did kick Tucker's powdered fairy buttock in the Battle Dome, so yey for that. ^^ And...I don't really have much to IC on at the moment, just needed to went my frustration somewhere, I guess. xD As for Drache...well, I was waiting for Chibi-chan to post, actually. (Since Sem would kind of prefer to her Kaiyo's opinion on everything before uttering his own) but since she's been a no-show I'll try to write up an IC for it now. ^^

Random Plushie
November 26th, 2006, 1:00 PM

..'tis okay, Alter. One day you're gonna rule the world anyway. x3

As for libraries, I only go to the one at school, and that's only when I have to, because practically every site that doesn't end in ".gov" is blocked by Websense. Very annoying. And they don't have any good Fantasy novels.

;.; <---- sad Plushie

But this RP is much better than a fantasy novel anyway. By the by, did any of you Showgan folk catch that cameo? xD


Fable's ear twitched slightly. That Cona girl was talking under her breath again, and from what he could hear it was something about spies. Shrugging it off, the little Sableye quickly began scurrying along the floor again so as to keep up with Avery, who had already begun weaving through the crowd that the Pidgey Trainer had passed through.

Avery barely heard Cona's statement about picking up her Pokemon, on account of all the laughter and bits of conversation floating through the air, but nonetheless, she turned back and nodded to her to acknowledge that she understood. Turning forward again, her vision seemed to blur as she went forward into the crowd.

Voices, Pokemon, billboards, ceiling fans..

Everything was noisy and chaotic. Avery could only hope that Cona had not lost her. Or rather, that she had not lost track of Cona. And it was for a long while that she kept walking, listening to everything and anything and the familiar sound of Fable's footsteps behind her, until finally the crowd lessened and Avery found herself in the Pokemon Center's main lobby, the counter to the left, and the exit to the right.

And from far away, beyond the exit, came a scream of terror..

"The ghosts are everywhere~!"

November 26th, 2006, 5:41 PM

Oh my Feebas... I spent the half an hour typing a post out. And what do you know when I want to make the final adjustments- I press backspace and it goes back one freakin' page. GAH!! O_O

Now, to repeat every single thing I wrote--- ;.;

Plushie is right Titan. XD But it is good to vent frustrations sometimes. GAH.

And, I haven't played my Emerald recently, but I can never beat Tucker(gahh, Salamence pisses me off as much as ebil keyboard) and Brandon. I suck at the Battle Factory to boot. XD

And yes, the secret spy and his spy Pidgey did remind me of someone. XD


Cona could not comprehend the sudden horde of people blocking her view, the alarming number of trainers seemed to take her by surprise - Either that, or she couldn't notice the crowd that had gathered behind her and Avery. She struggled to keep up with her friend, side stepping people who obstructed her, managing a quick 'sorry' or two when she bumped into anyone. To keep track of Avery and her Sableye in such a crowd would have been a hard task. Would. Thankfully for Cona, her eyes were sharp enough to spot faint stars making turns and weaving through the crowd a few feet in front. The only trouble was maintaining them in her line of sight.

The girl held her hat into place as the people in the crowd decreased in number and allowed her to enter to lobby soon after Avery. She narrowed her eyes at the sound of the boy and his Pidgey's screams from beyond the door of the Center. ".... Darn, they got away."she sounded more disappointed than angry.

"Oh, wait here, I'll go and fetch my Pokemon,"she told the girl, spotting the counter to her left and approaching one nurse who didn't have anything to attend to.


"Um, I left my Pokemon here yesterday, a Pidgey and a Marshtomp. They.. should be fully healed by now, right?"Cona asked once the usual chirpy morning greeting had passed. How they trained the nurses to be peppy all the time, it seemed to puzzle the girl very much.

"Oh, yes! I remember..."she nodded her head once and tucked the lose strands of short blonde hair behind her ear, checking a small clipboard located on the desk beside her. "Please wait here while I go and fetch them,"the nurse held her hands neatly in front of her uniform, and walked into the back room.

Cona leaned against counter, thoughts of brain washing and cloning taking shape in her mind. Which, actually did seem possible. The fact that all Nurse Joys looked alike had always struck her as a mystery. Her eyes darted to either side of her, as if expecting something unexpected to happen.

A few more seconds passed before the nurse reappeared again, this time, holding a tray in her hands. On it, two pokeballs sat, though most could barely notice that they were rolling back and forth on the metal tray. She held the spheres out for Cona to receive,"They must really miss you, been restless all night."the girl replied with a small smile, saying 'thank you' before proceeding to return to Avery.

"Also, congrats on entering the top eight finalists! Though, I'm not too sure whether you'll be able to make it on time. I was sure.. I placed a clock somwhere around here..."it looked like the nurse had made an effort to remember the faces of the winners of the tournament. A thoughtful look replaced the smile she wore, before she decided to check the time on the computer placed next to her.


Once she was beside Avery again, Cona made no hesitation to release her Pokemon. Krystal appeared first, shaking his head and sniffing the air to adjust to his surrondings. The first thing he spotted was Fable, to whom he happily said, {Hi! I remember you! You asked something about... cuckoo clocks!}not expecting a reply, he quickly embraced his trainer's pant leg with much enthusiasm. {Cona, Cona, Cona! Hi, Cona!!}

After that, did a Pidgey materialise in a flash of red light, blinking a couple of times before flying up to his owner's shoulder, claiming his usual perch as a look of agitation crossed his face. He refused to admit being worried for Cona since the night before.

{Bah, I take care of you young'ins' and all I get in return is a night with the nurses.}he grumbled, ruffling his feathers and allowing himself to look dignified. His unusual speak pattern from yesterday was gone, reverting back to sounding very much like an old geezer.

"Okay, everything's set now. We only have JJ and the time to worry about."Cona spoke once the bird was done saying his piece.

"The nurse at the counter told me she put a clock up on the wall..."the girl glanced around for the time.

Random Plushie
November 30th, 2006, 10:03 PM

Psst! Yibber! You should show everyone the wonderful-y piccie you drew! Because you draw so nicely and it would certainly earn lots of smiles. :3

And I was hoping that I'd get the chance to write an accompanying IC, but unfortunately, my mother just demanded that I get off RIGHT NOW. >.<

I'll come back ASAP.

Alter Ego
December 2nd, 2006, 11:09 AM
OOC: Nyah, piccie? Did someone say piccie? *Foams at the mouth like a rabid junkie* Yes, please show whatever artwork you're hiding from us, Yibber. Your art always makes people happy. ^_^

But...you can't beat Brandon? Come now, where's your Swampert, girl? xO Hydro Pump (Or even Surf) handles Regirock, and Earthquake takes care of the other two regis. A Swampert is the perfect Regi pwner. I should know, I just beat that guy today, along with Greta, Annabel, and Noland. Nyuk, nyuk. Now if I could only get that stupid spirit symbol I'd have all the silver ones, which would mean a free, rare berry from Scott. ^^ I was so close to getting my gold match in the Battle Factory too, but then I ended up with a lethal combination of really sucky pokémon selection and shameless crithaxing which led to my (Narrow) loss two matches away from Noland. *Grumbles* It's not fair...<.<

That aside, I did catch your reference, Plushie...and I do believe that a certain ghost type would be glad to hear that her reputation lives on even in this distant RP. xD

Anywho...could you stop fussing about the klock and get your characters somewhere where I could cause an NPC-initiated scene? *Is itching to get an IC done* I can't type anything if no-one plays with me. ;__;

December 2nd, 2006, 2:49 PM
[OOC: Chain has not done anything for a while, so I will move him. It would be ironic if Chain found an unfavorable situation after telling Kyoko and Rosairie to stay out of trouble. ^-^;;

Also, the Hermit is quite fitting for Chain. ^-^ Though your post originally had The Prophet listed, I think . . . ]

Over the dim hum that filled the room like an unseen, audible mist, came a series of soft beeps--awkwardly clear against their blurred backdrop. Without a word, Chain drew his Pokenav out of his pocket and straightened. Using the side of one hand, Chain brushed his bangs away from his eyes as they opened. The hacker then glanced at Reina, stating briefly, "I need to take a call. I'll be back." Whatever devices are hidden in this room, I'd prefer they not see or hear this.

Pokenav still in hand, Chain made his way to the door and tested the latch, noting that it turned fully and easily. Whatever Valen did earlier seems to have left the lock open for the moment. Exiting the room with little further thought, Chain closed the door behind himself and started down the passage while looking for a side hall to enter. Only once he had arrived at the elevator did Chain find a sufficiently empty hall that apparently lacked surveillance equipment--though appearances could little be trusted in such a situation.

Leaning against one of the walls, as was his custom, Chain snapped his Pokenav open and looked at the caller ID displayed on the screen. What the trainer expected was an alert from Circuit, but what he saw was a name he had not seen or heard in months. After a moment of stillness, Chain pressed a button to indicate he would accept the call. Lifting the device to his ear, Chain waited in silence for the caller to speak the first word.


"So it really was you," Chain replied in his normal, calm tone, his voice only slightly more distant than usual.

"Not a very warm greeting for someone you haven't talked to in so long," came the voice, a note deeper than Chain's and at the moment carrying an aura of amusement.

"Why are you calling?"

"Does a father need a reason to call his son?"

"You've always had reasons for everything you do."

"That sounded almost like an accusation--but I'll let it slide. I mean, either way, it takes one to know one, right?"

Chain was silent.

"Still so cold, eh? I don't think we're quite as estranged as you seem to think of us being. Besides, you were the one who disappeared those years ago. And it's pretty hard to contact you when you don't want to be found."

"I acknowledge that. But I ask again, why are you calling?"

"Well, I would say I called to 'breach the gap', get to know you better, heal our 'father-and-son' relationship, or some such cheery lie, but you wouldn't believe me anyway. To be direct, I'm calling about your Porygon."

". . ."

Unperturbed by the lack of response, Chain's father continued, "If you'll recall, the last time we talked, you were asking me about a program you were working on for him. A program that would increase Circuit's learning capabilities, teach him to draw conclusions from previously-gathered facts, and allow him to process more quickly--maybe even allow him to act alone."


"I suggested you just evolve him into a Porygon 2 which, I might add, almost ended our conversation for reasons still unknown to me. Well anyway, I've been thinking about the ideas you told me, and fooling around with programs of my own."

". . . And?"

"And I came up with something. Tell me, have you added the program to Porygon yet?"

"I haven't completed a satisfactory final version, so I've only made lesser updates."

"I see . . . Well, if you're willing, I'll take a look at the program you have so far and see if I can fit it with the code I've been working on. Of course, you can make any changes to my changes that you want, or not use my program at all. How about it?"

"Why the offer?"

"Why the offer? Why the suspicion? Whatever our relationship may be, I haven't lost my interest in Pokemon research or the concept of digital Pokemon. And though I know you'd rather I not refer to your 'Circuit' this way, I'll admit that I find him to be an interesting specimen. Like I said before, once you see the code, you're perfectly welcome not to use it. So what've you got to lose?"

Everything. I've enough confidence in your programming skills to know you could create a virus that would initiate whether I would have the program activate or not. However . . . "Alright," Chain agreed, removing a data attachment from beneath his jacket and plugging it directly into a port on the side of his customized Pokenav. He began the file transfer. However, even if the timing seems too convenient, I need Circuit to be as good as he can be. Under normal circumstances, getting those files from WaiWai Inc. open would take days or maybe even weeks. I don't have that long. So I'll take what I can get.

As the file transfer completed, Chain's eyes turned downward like golden lights hiding their inherent gleam. The hacker hesitated a moment before speaking. "Thank you . . . And by the way, the incident that happened--I never blamed you for giving me--"

"I know. Though it would be better if you didn't blame yourself either. I'll call you back once I'm done, alright? Bye."



Random Plushie
December 2nd, 2006, 8:24 PM
Anywho...could you stop fussing about the clock and get your characters somewhere where I could cause an NPC-initiated scene? *Is itching to get an IC done* I can't type anything if no-one plays with me. ;__;


Actually, I was going to get them moving in my next IC, it's just that I didn't get the chance to post after my mom kicked me off, y'know? Don't worry, though, I would've said the same thing if I were you.


For a second, it seemed that Cona had vanished into the crowd. Avery glanced down at Fable for a second, just to make sure he was there. Of course, it was pretty much a given that he'd be there, near her feet--Fable was always quick enough to avoid getting stepped on, and what with his vision being so sharp, there was no way that he could have gotten lost among the throngs of people.

".... Darn, they got away."

At the sound of Cona's voice, Avery heaved a sigh of relief. She turned slowly toward the other girl, about to express the joy she felt in having finally found the exit, when Cona said something about retrieving her Pokemon, and ran off.

Well, hopefully it won't take too long.. Avery sighed again, smoothing her bangs away from her eyes. Hearing Fable's footsteps start up again, Avery glanced toward the imp and started following him with her eyes. Really, all she needed was for him to cause trouble.. but luckily, he came to a halt at a muddy footprint that someone had left on the floor. Needless to say, Fable instantly began picking through it in search of stray rocks that he could snack on.

Come to think of my Pokemon.. Avery looked away from Fable and at her belt, where her Pokeballs where clipped as they always were. The girl pursed her lips together as her pondering deepened. Okay, there's something wrong here. I could have sworn that I had also left my Pokemon with the nurse..

Avery froze.

Suddenly, nothing was making sense. All of her Pokemon with her, although she remembered leaving them with the nurse the day before. Fable was sure that she had met five people during the tournament, even though they were complete strangers to her.

Avery locked her gaze on the Pokeballs, narrowing her eyes.

Had she really forgotten two-thirds of what she had done on the day of the tournament? Breaking her gaze away from her Pokeballs, Avery looked toward Fable, remembering their earlier conversation near the T.V.

Something was wrong.

But she didn't even know.. if she was worrying over nothing.. right?

"The nurse at the counter told me she put a clock up on the wall..."

Avery snapped her head toward Cona, and became aware of their predicament once more. Looking toward the walls, Avery scanned them until she saw a clock, partially hidden behind the leaves of a tall plant. Tilting her head, Avery could barely make out the time..

10:18 AM.

"We're late!" Avery shrieked. Instantly, the worry she had felt just moments ago dissolved, and a whole new worry over the current time replaced it. All she could think about was making it to the ceremony, and as soon as possible. Looking back toward Cona, Avery tried to form her panic into words. "Cona, we have to get a move on right now. We can't keep anyone waiting!"

Frowning with frustration, Avery turned toward her Sableye. "Fable!"

At the sound of his name, Fable's ears seemed to perk up. Abandoning the muddy footprint, he crawled across the floor, rushing toward Avery, and sprang into her arms once he had come close enough.

"C'mon, let's go!" Avery exclaimed, nodding at Cona, and her Pokemon. She paused briefly, allowing Fable to crawl up to her shoulder. Then, hoping that Cona would see her point and follow, she did an about-face and hastily began darting toward the exit, maneuvering around anyone who was in her way.

Ugh.. all this time we were late, and all we've done is dilly-dally in the Pokemon Center..

December 2nd, 2006, 10:15 PM

Wah, they made us go back to the rifle range for more practice yesterday. It was 4 hours long and everyone only had abou' half an hour to shoot since half of the shooting lanes were booked and we only had eight lanes to divide among 40 people... yes..
Yibber's group was the first, yes, though I'm not very good at it. XP For the next 3 hours we went to bowl at the conveniantly placed bowling place one floor under the shooting range. e.e I kept getting gutter balls tho.XD Tis' the curse of the left handed people and the lane(or maybe it's because I'm not that good, but me and another lefthanded guy tied with equally low points. Then in the second game he managed two strikes... strange. XD). And now, I have no more money... XD

*posts a link (http://i33.photobucket.com/albums/d94/ybur_angel/My%20Sketchys/Scans187.jpg)* Avery and Cona with their main pokemon! Not the best, but I like Avery's shoes. =D

I'm planning to enter this month's Artstravaganza.. it being Christmas and all. Might post up my entry later. It's nearly done, though I shall be spending the coming weeks to color it. XD


Cona's eyes lingered over the clock behind the plant, squinting as she looked past the leaves and saw the time for herself. 10:18am. The girl frowned, finding it hard to accept that it was already that late. She scratched her head as Avery suddenly shrieked about being late, causing her to wince. The Pidgey on her shoulder flinched while the Marshtomp at her feet shot the girl confused look.

"Cona, we have to get a move on right now. We can't keep anyone waiting!"

The trainer nodded at Avery's words, after all, it was rather rude to keep someone waiting.

{Late? Late for what? Jus' cause I'ma old don't mean y'can keep secrets from me!}Kuner squawked loudly, demanding an explanation as Fable tore himself away from what looked like a footprint to return to Avery's side.

"We need to get to this meeting for all the winners of the tournament,"Cona told the complaining bird, causing him to quiet down as the news reached his hearing. The Pidgey opened his beak to say something, but nothing came out, he was far too stunned for words at the moment.

{Oh wow! That's the greatest, Cona! Did any of our friends win too?}Krystal plastered a wide smile across his face as Fable clambered onto Avery's shoulder.

"I'll tell you later."the girl directed the statement to her Marshtomp as her friend turned around and began running towards the exit. Cona started after them with her Pidgey clinging onto her shoulder. Behind her, Krys followed with ample speed as they passed the doors of the Pokemon Center, avoiding any collisions with strangers. Once again, Cona relied on Avery's vest to keep track of her.

Alter Ego
December 3rd, 2006, 10:35 AM
Also, the Hermit is quite fitting for Chain. ^-^ Though your post originally had The Prophet listed, I think . . .

Nyah, you'd be correct in that observation, but I discovered that the original (Official, if you like) name was hermit (Kind of like the Power was sometimes use instead of the Strength), and since the others were with the official names, I figured I'd keep it consistent. ^^ Besides, the prophet doesn't make much sense as a name, as prophets tend to be quite vocal with their insight.

Oh, and sorry for the last OOC remark. I was just getting kind of frustrated because I seem to be getting precisely nowhere in any of the RPs I'm in, which sucks since I've practically got this one worked out and don't want to forget my brilliant master plan before it gets into action. No offense meant. ^-^

Anyways, that's a very nice piccie, Yibber, and for some reason it made me realize that I don't recall many details of how most of the cast members look. *Must go back to check now* Curse my spotty memory...and me chosing to play a character who pretends not to care about appearances. xD

*Pops back* I can't believe that I even forgot part of my own character's appearance. Go me. -.- Oh well, it was mostly trivial details anyway. Good luck in the artstravaganza-thingie, Yibber. ^_^

Aaaand...after all that babbling I think I'll wait a bit more time before making the NPC move. Got to wait for the right moment...*Nods*

Random Plushie
December 3rd, 2006, 2:12 PM

Hmm.. it has just occured to me that I never gave a proper post on why Avery likes stars. o.O Well, I guess I'll have to do that some time. xD


Beyond the sliding glass doors of the Pokemon Center, Overcity seemed to be going through a completely normal morning. Citizens of all kinds were going about their business; waiting for the bus, walking their Poochyena, eating ice cream, and pretty much looking all too pleasant and on schedule.

A fair breeze blew through the area as Avery stopped running, ruffling her vest and getting leaves into her hair. Surveying the area, Avery brushed the leaves off of her and looked around for a second or two, before she spotted the Waiwai Inc. building in the distance. It was the tallest skyscraper for miles, so it was no wonder that Avery could instantly see it rising above all of the other buildings.

Waiting for a particularly large party of people to pass by, Avery took off in the direction of Waiwai Inc., while Fable looked back at Cona to make sure that both she and her Pokemon were keeping up. Waving back at the trio of sailor girl, Marshtomp, and Pidgey, Fable gave a wide grin before calling out to them.

{It won't be long now, yes?} Fable shouted, gripping Avery's shoulder tightly. {Avery here seems to be rather.. determined..} Pausing, Fable risked taking one paw off of Avery's shoulder, and reached forward to catch a leaf as it was blowing by on the wind, sniffing it once before continuing. {..to make it to the ceremony.}

Turning the leaf over once in his paw, Fable glanced at Avery for a moment before lettting it go. The single leaf fluttered downward and caught the next gust of wind, rising and falling with the breeze, all the way down the street.

December 3rd, 2006, 3:21 PM

click (http://i33.photobucket.com/albums/d94/ybur_angel/My%20Sketchys/Scans190.jpg)

Messy, isn't it? XD But I like it since I slaved over it for 3 days. I'm still trying to correct errors so point them out if you spot any... I like the ornaments on the tree. Especially five of them. =D

And, I have no idea who the girl is. XD

But I shall name her Rina. Yes. And I like her team of Pokemon.


Cona ran at a steady pace behind Avery and Fable, surveying her surrondings once in a while for anything out of the ordinary. But, it looked as if that this was going to be another normal day, excluding the awards ceremony of course. Yes, for some reason, the girl was very much hoping that something strange was about it happen.

As Avery came to a halt not too far in front, Cona did the same, bending down with her hands on her knees to catch her breath. The wind had picked up and was now blowing stray leaves around. The bird on her shoulder had taken it upon himself to pick some of the leaves out of his trainer's hair as she slowed her heart rate.

The Marshtomp on the pavement beside them was as energetic as he could ever be, chasing one particular leaf as Fable turned around to shout to them. The ghost type stopped in midsentence to catch a leaf in his paw, resulting in Krys waiting for the darkness pokemon's next statement before being able to fully understanding his question.

{Yes, yes friend! We are not far from wherever it is we're going! I can feel it!}the water type grinned as he tried to copy the Sableye, stretching a fin over his head to grab onto a passing leaf. The Marshtomp looked at it in his fins, blinking as Cona straightened her back and returned to her full height. She dusted off a few leaves from her shirt being taking note that Avery had started running again. She glanced at the tall building in the distance she supposed was Waiwai. Inc. "C'mon,"she told the mudfish next to her, before breaking into a run again, following after Avery.

Krystal nodded at his trainer's words, placing the single leaf down onto the ground gently, before dashing after her.

December 3rd, 2006, 9:36 PM

Oh my god. >< sorry about being braindead.

I've had a migraine for three days now and my meds aren't cutting it.

and being the IDIOT I am. I forgot to read the posts.

crap. xx;

-fixes post-


Growing bored with sitting, she gently dropped from the girl's lap, following silently out the door and peeked outside. Having missed Chain's comment that he had to leave for one reason or another, she was curious as to where the boy had gone to. Tipping softly around the corner, she spotted him... mid call. Blushing at her own stupidity, she retracted around the corner, waiting for him to finish up. Stupid stupid... you don't want to ever listen in on calls... it's rude... She bit down on her lip softly, shifting it back and forth across a couple of teeth until the classic "Bye" escaped Chain's lips.

Peeking back around the corner, she schooched a little towards him, "U-um... Chain...?" Her gaze went to the side, her toe shuffling lightly in the floor, "I'm sorry if I caused you any trouble. I won't do it again so please, um, forgive my foolishness." The words were weak and it was obvious they had a bit of force behind them yet the other, if he looked, would not find any reason to doubt the honest behind them, "Are-are you going back inside?"

Alter Ego
December 4th, 2006, 7:06 AM
OOC: Well, Yibber, I looked and looked (According to Shorties I've done so for almost an hour o.O) but I could find very little to critisize concerning your contest entry. Great job. I love the way you did the pokémon (The Poochyena with the little santa hat is particularly adorable) and the little christmas decorations. I wish I had a little Cradily-thingie I could hang in our christmas tree, and the Banette and Feebas ones too...and the Wigglytuff...and...aww, let's face it, they're all awesome. ^0^ The only thing I would comment on is that the table with the cookies and milk on looks a bit small in comparison to the rest, but that could just be my eyes playing tricks on me...or me missing some idea you had in mind when you drew that. Oh, and Ekans...there's something about the angle its turned in that looks a bit unnatural (By my tell that's almost a 90 degrees' turn, and those aren't very pleasant to make. o.O) so you might want to have the turning of its body start a bit earlier to make it a nicer curved turn. Erm...I hope that part made sense. At any rate, from the entries I've seen thus far, this is my favourite. It's cheerful and full of interesting details and has a very christmasy feel to it, so yes, once you're finished I will be very surprised if it doesn't do well in the contest. And incidentally, I like Rina's team too. It's not overly strong, but they look nice and personal. ^-^

Anyways, that sucks about your window, Mika. Hope it gets fixed soon. ^^

Just waiting a little longer...sheez, I'm starting to look like a regular OOC-clutterer person, don't I? I just need a bit of time to plan how I want this event to work out. Don't worry, I should be done with that soon.

Random Plushie
December 4th, 2006, 10:10 PM
"Oh! Excuse me! Sorry.. Sorry..!"

Avery bit her lip as she weaved in and out of the throngs of people on the sidewalk, bumping into several while she did so. The girl threw apologies left and right, trying not to think about how all of the people blocking her way had appeared exactly when she would have preferred them not to.

The wind was still blowing leaves through Overcity. Fable's crystaline eyes tracked some of them as they whizzed by, the imp taking note of the carefree way they rode the breeze, while at the same time his Trainer was frantically rushing to her pre-determined destination. The world had irony tucked into every nook and cranny.

From his position on Avery's shoulder, facing back toward Cona, Fable ducked as Avery almost crashed into several people taller than her, his eyes catching colorful flashes of clothing and hair. He clutched her vest tightly as he swayed back and forth with her dodging movements.

And Fable wasn't about to release his grip anytime soon.

Hope surged into Avery as, after several long minutes of running, she rounded a corner and spotted the Waiwai Inc. building a bit further along the street. It would take a while longer of running, but it was right there in plain sight.. the tallest building in the city. She still had a slim chance of being accepted into the ceremony.

Avery looked back for a second. She and Cona.

Taking a few deep breaths to recover from her running, Avery turned back toward the giant sentry of a skyscraper in the distance, and rushed to start running again, passing alleys and fancy restaurants and offices along the street while she ran.


Alter, should we hurry up and get in the building already, or should we wait for the NPC action to take place on the street, eh?

By the by, I also find your entry absolutely lovely, Yibber. =D

Everything about it is.. well, wonderful, basically. It certainly has a nice feel to it, and you drew that Christmas tree neatly, which is really hard to do. Well, for me, anyway. xD

Plushie admires your dedication.

December 4th, 2006, 11:18 PM

Thankies, Titan and Plushie! ^^
It's believable that Titan spent nearly an hour looking at teh picceh. I spent an hour and a half looking through it and editing it. There weren't any cute Pokemon ornaments or Staryu star in the beginning. And the Slugma was originally holding his stocking in his mouth and teh Ekans was chewing on Rina's left slipper. But, yes, I edited them. ^^;; ( And, the tree was especially hard, I spent most of my time on it.)

Gah, Mika, I hope your window gets fixed soon. Times like these, I like living in sun, sun and more sun. In a bit of a rush now, I'll post the edited version of my entry up tomorrow, need to get to this end of year class party early. >.>;;


Cona treasured every breath of air she drew, trying to keep up with Avery as she and her Sableye continued running up front. It was as if the girl had eaten a large breakfast and now wielded unlimited energy. At the thought, the trainer gripped her stomach as an unhappy frown crossed her face.

Behind her, Krys ran, looking like he was tiring as well, trying his best not to mistake a stranger's pant leg for his trainer's as the crowd of people increased. "A-Avery, slow down..."Cona called out breathlessly, though she doubted that her friend would be able to hear her voice through the vast crowd. Even through the large number of people, the girl could see that she was passing street after street, alleyways and shophouses, however tall and grand the Waiwai. Inc Building was, it was still quite a distance away.

The girl broke out of her thoughts and pushed on as she realised that the distance between her and the other girl was increasing. The trainer managed a soft 'sorry' whenever she bumped into anyone, not bothering to look at them directly as she continued her run.

After a few more minutes of tiresome running, Cona was relieved to see Avery resting not too far away, looking at the tallest skyscraper of the city. The girl slowed her pace and came to a stop as well, hands on her hips as she took huge gulps of air. Kuner's feathers were more unkempt then usual as his eyes darted to either side. {W-Wippersnappers need to learn t-to slow down..}it seemed that the run had made him dazed, coupled with the news of them coming in the top placings for the tournament, it was murder for the ol' Pidgey's heart.

The Marshtomp on the pavement had seated himself down for a quick rest, wipping his brow as he noticed that Avery and Fable had started off again without them.

"Gahh-!"Cona exclaimed, bolting after them as she caught her breath, her mudfish companion once again, forced to follow at her heels as they passed more alleys and shops.

Alter Ego
December 6th, 2006, 5:11 AM
OOC: Nyah, sorry for not posting yesterday. I kind of got carried away hunting fansubed Naruto episodes on Youtube and lost track of time. :embarrass

Anyways, about the NPC encounter...I'm thinking that the entrance would be a nice place, so if you could kind of have either Avery or Cona right in front of the doors, that would be great. ^^


Valen briefly interrupted his private session of inactivity as he noticed Chain exiting the waiting room as well, but soon resumed it as he noticed that the other boy had come to answer a phone call, a private one by the looks of it. Listening in to discussions of things that could make the difference between life and death for him, that was one thing, but eavesdropping on a completely personal conversation which didn't concern him in the slightest was a completely different one. That was the kind of thing that girls like Rosairie undoubtedly did on the rare occasions that they weren't crying, shopping, or gossiping, and Valen certainly didn't want to be caught doing anything Rosairieish.

With this thought in mind, the boy discretely took some more distance from Chain, not that he'd have heard much without actively trying, but still...it was always better to be sure...


Meanwhile, several floors below, a completely other character was doing his best to be anything but discreet, stalking down the hallways with what he hoped was a suitable degree of righteous indignation and making sure to mumble out sardonic remarks about Slythe and his way of treating guests every time someone who looked even slightly liable to eavesdrop came by. Much to his dismay, however, no-one commented. No-one payed heed. In fact, someone nearly mistook him for a coathanger when he stopped to take a quick breather (Ranting in a profane yet suitably sophisticated manner was not an easy feat to achieve when you had to demonstratively march down fourty-eight flights of stairs was no small feat).

"Why does it always have to be like this?" the man lamented for himself, twirling his thin, greying moustache with one hand while he absent-mindedly brushed through his neatly combed hair with the other, "Why does no-one respect me? Is it the outfit?" he cast a glance at the rather dirty and worn, brown travel cloak over his shoulders and then the regrattably plain, if slightly neater, earthen-toned suit he wore. But...it wasn't like he always dressed like this, only when the occasion called. "Could it be the moustache?" he thought out loud, "I've been at this for thirty years now and still no respect, it's still 'whatsyourname' and 'Arty-boy'. Why?!" he slashed his hand dramatically through the air, with the regrettable result of striking it rather hard against a wall and having to nurse it with his other one as a nasty bruise began forming, "You sure don't see anyone treating Slythe like-like some servant-boy, like-like air!"

{You'd think...} a voice from within the depths of his travelling cloak remarked, {...that you'd like being practically invisible, considering our profession.}

"Well..." the man hesitated, "...that's true, but...I'd appreciate some credit...I mean, once in a while..."

The voice gave a jaded sigh, its owner - a somewhat spindly-looking Gligar - briefly glided through the air before settling on another spot on the cloak, {You and your frail ego...} the scorpion pokémon remarked, {...since when did you stand more than five minutes in the spotlight without starting to tremble and stutter like a ninnie? If you were meant for fame and fortune you wouldn't be wearing these rags. That spot could use some new stitches, by the way.}

"Now-look here." the Gligar's trainer interjected, his face reddening, "I-I've proven myself under pressure several times. Such as-"

{Such as?} the ground type echoed in a would-be curious way.

"Well-there was that one time during the game corner incident when I-"

{Got freaked over a Spinarak and accidentally knocked a slot machine over that executive guy?}

"That was a plan!" the man fumed defensively, "And-and don't you forget the Arikawa case."

{How could I?} the Gligar retorted, {That was when you spent our hard-earned money on a 'rare' and 'mysterious' Oran Berry which - that kid promised - would help your lovelife. Face it, Arty-boy, you were born for this kind of stuff.}

"You...you mean covert operations?"

{No, I mean ranting in the middle of a hallway and coming off as a complete loon.} the Gligar grinned in a decidedly malicious way, {Aww...don't sulk, Arty-boy.} he added, {Look at the bright side: they aren't ignoring you any longer. Now shall we move or would you rather wait for the nice men in the white coats to come and give you a ride?}

"Sometimes I really hate you, Glide..." the one who was apparently called Arty muttered, his face now a deep crimson colour as he gathered what remained of his pride and continued stalking down the hallway.

{You'll get over it.}

December 6th, 2006, 11:43 AM

xx; I am so sorry... my IC was totally crappy... I was just out of it I guess

Anywho, it's edited. <<;;; Gomen ne.

Random Plushie
December 8th, 2006, 4:19 PM

After being nearly run over by a pair of on-the-run Dodrio (being pursued by two frantic Trainers), almost crashing into a magazine stand, and crushed by a rather large man who hadn't been watching where he was going, Avery had made it to the last stretch. All she had to do was cross the street, and then she would be at the entrance to Waiwai Inc.

Through the glass doors, Avery could see people milling about, minding their own business, probably unaware of her current predicament. It seemed like any other office-type place, surely packed with security cameras and other such devices in every nook and cranny. The people inside, behind the counters, certainly looked like they worked for a high-tech institute. Heck, even the potted plant looked expensive and top quality.

Looking it all the unfamiliar strangers, the sheer height of the foreign building, and all that expensive stuff, Avery couldn't quite remember why she had been so eager to get to the ceremony on time. What had she been expecting? A huge trophy, presented by some businessman she didn't even know?

Well, there's no point in running all this way if I'm going to turn back now. Avery clenched her teeth, and started running again, once she saw an opening in the foot traffic. She could feel Fable suddenly grip her shoulder tightly again. He had probably been snapped out of a daydream.

When Avery finally came to the doors, it hit her.

She had been running for a long time. A very long time. The sheer tiredness suddenly seemed to fall on her shoulders, and Avery bent down as it came, placing her hands on her knees. Deep breaths, deep breaths.. Jeezum, how did I get the energy to run that far? Avery thought to herself, unable to pause inbetween breaths to say anything to Fable.

She actually heard the Sableye snicker, but she didn't really care if he was aiming it at her. No, all she was going to do was catch her much-needed breath while she waited for Cona to catch up. Nevermind what Fable was doing.

Hmph.. Well, I guess it is kind of weird to just wait right in front of the doors..

December 8th, 2006, 5:46 PM
"H-How.. she.. so.. fast.."Cona was too tired to even complete her sentences between her breaths of air, looking on as Avery nearly ran into a magazine stand. She avoided the Dodrio as well as the large man, nearly slipping over as she somewhat slided from on side of the street to the other. Behind her, Krys ran without much hesitation despite looking so worn, he made an effort to keep up with his trainer no matter what. Besides, the building, it wasn't too far now..

Cona ran across the last street without bothering to look both ways as she saw Avery leaning over with her hands on her knees at the entrance of the tall skyscraper. The girl skidded to a halt just a few inches away from ramming into the sliding doors of the building, falling back and landing on her rear as she caught her breath. She was exhausted. Her Marshtomp fell onto the ground beside her, gasping for air as his skin looked as if it was drying out from the intense running.

"You must be.. an android of.. some sort.."Cona spoke between breaths, directing the statement to Avery as she reached into her pack to pull out a bottle of water. She took off the cap and poured some of the liquid onto her mudfish, hoping that it would cool him off. The girl then proceeded to take a few sips of the water as well. She wiped her mouth with one hand as she got onto her feet.

"Need some?"she pointed to the bottle, looking at Avery, wondering if she really was half robot or something. To run such a long distance, Cona certainly didn't want to try that again for quite some time. As she thought of this, she peered past the automatic doors to see something along the lines of an everyday office. Everything seemed so expensive and proper, down to the very last floortile.

"I'd.. better be getting.. something.. for this.."the girl was talking to herself again, trying to calm her fast beating heart with deep breaths of air as the Pidgey on her shoulder ruffled his feathers.


Edited version (http://i33.photobucket.com/albums/d94/ybur_angel/My%20Sketchys/Scans192.jpg) (Not much of a difference though XD)

Alter Ego
December 9th, 2006, 11:20 AM
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And I agree, Yibber, it's not much of a change, but I still think it's for the better. Can't find anything else to improve on, really, so good luck. ^^


"It's outrageous..." the cloaked man fumed, seizing on the attention he had got to make one last attempt at leaving in a spirit of righteous indignation, "Simply outrageous how Slythe treats his guests."

The man noted that his act was working slightly better than before, at least people were paying attention now, although it was mostly a 'What's the crazy person up to now?' kind of attention, but as the old saying goes: beggars can't be chosers, and if his aim was to cause a scene then any attention was welcome. Now if he could only come up with a suitable ending...

The man's eyes lit up at the sight of the large double doors that constituted the exit. Of course, nothing said 'righteous indgination' quite like slamming the door shut in a dramatic fashion, and he could hardly have asked for a better door to slam.

"I'll show them..." the man muttered smugly, briskly grabbing the handles of both doors and turning them wide open with all his might, so consumed was he with his brilliant exit that he didn't pay proper attention to what was outside of the doors, or rather...who was outside of the doors, at least not until he had knocked Avery hard on the back with all the mass of the uncomfortably heavy - if nice and fashionable - main door.

"I-" he managed to gasp as he noticed what he had done, quickly rushing over to help Avery up, "I'm terribly sorry miss." he apologized, inwardly cursing the ruin of his grand exit, "I really didn't see you there."

{Smooth talking, Arty-boy...} Glide remarked from within the darkness of the travelling cloak, {Especially with most of that door consisting of clear glass. Great explaining...real great...}

Random Plushie
December 9th, 2006, 12:00 PM

..ouch, that reminds me of a story from my mother's past. xD

You see, back in the day, my mom and her two brothers were at the convenience store to buy soda pop. So her younger brother buys the soda pop, hands them to my mom, and tells her to wait while he goes and buys something else with her other brother.

So there she is, holding the soda pop, and after her brother goes back in the store, the door slams on her toe. And she couldn't do anything about it because her hands were full. So she just waited there patiently, not saying a word, until her brothers came and saw the awful sight. xD


Out of the corner of her eye, Avery saw Cona arrive, Krys at her heels, along with Kuner, whose feathers seemed awfully ruffled. Managing a small nod to acknowledge the arrival, Avery went back to her deep breathing, too exhausted to open the door for the both of them. She heard something about an android, but Avery was too tired to properly register the comment. On her shoulder, she could feel Fable shifting, probably staring at something inside the building.

But none of that mattered when Cona took out her water bottle. None of it.

First, the other girl gave some to her Marshtomp, for obvious reasons, then took a few sips herself. Avery, her eyes widening at the beautiful sight of water, instantly began nodding vigorously when Cona offered some of it to her. She would have to stop herself from chugging down the whole thing, but as long as she got some of the water--

{Avery, look out~!}


At the sound of Fable's voice, Avery instinctively began to look behind her, but she never got the chance to complete the action. In that very moment, some sort of heavy object came slamming into her from behind, knocking the wind out of her while at the same time inflicting a good deal of pain on her back.

In a matter of seconds, Avery found herself on the ground, the shocking randomness of it all preventing her from doing or saying anything besides trying to shake off the pain and regain her breath. Fable was on the ground next to her, although he had not been injured in the slightest, having 'abandoned ship' before Avery had been struck by the door.

"I-I'm terribly sorry miss... I really didn't see you there."

Avery blinked a few times as the owner of the new voice helped her get to her feet, apparently apologizing for knocking her down. She groaned a bit as the pain in her back swelled--or so it seemed--but managed to take a look at the man who was, at the moment, right in front of her. She brought one hand up to her forehead, a bit dizzy from her lack of oxygen.

"That.. that was you..?" Avery said, finding nothing else to say at first, between her newly regained breath and her aching back. Looking at the rather poorly dressed man, he didn't really come across as one who could inflict so much damage in one move. "I.." Avery continued, pausing a bit. "It's okay.. you.. who are you?"

December 9th, 2006, 3:46 PM

Thankies Titan.^^; Oh, and I've had the same thing happening to me as Plushie's mum, yes. But it happens quite a lot, luckily I'm usually not holding anything. XD


Cona held the bottle out for Avery, but before any further action could take place, the Sableye on the girl's shoulder called out in a speech unknown to her. The sailor instinctively retreated back a few paces as her friend turned around, resulting in her back and the door's collision. It looked rather painful as Avery fell onto the ground.

Cona dropped the water bottle in surprise, the Marshtomp at her feet catching it before it touched the floor. She raced over to Avery's side, eyes fixed on the man and the Gligar who had just appeared. He was dressed in a worn looking cloak and suit, hard to believe he would try to hurt someone, or at least, have the strength to. Unless...

"Avery... you okay?"the girl asked still a tad breathless from running. She turned away from Avery and her Sableye as the man helped the trainer up and said something about not being able to see her.

An angry frown replaced Cona's worried frown, she regained her breath before speaking, "The door's made of glass." Thoughts of the secret organisation and it's spies bent on taking over the world flooding her mind. Though, she would have never thought that they would go to such extents like hurting someone.

{Strangers.. They look like meanies..}Krys commented from his spot behind Cona's pant leg, peeking over once in a while to observe the Gligar. He didn't like getting involved when his trainer was angry, though this happened rarely, it really was an intimidating sight. The Pidgey on his trainer's shoulder had the same idea, abandoning his post to perch on Krystal's head.

Cona didn't like seeing her friend hurt, but she had enough self control not to lunge at the stranger and his Gligar for interrogation. As Avery asked the man who he was, Cona folded her arms and resisted the urge, deciding to just stare daggers at the older man, for now.

She would have to wait for a little while longer.

Alter Ego
December 10th, 2006, 11:41 AM
OOC: Aaargh! Stupid written task took way longer than I thought because I had to write a stupid rationale for it...I hate written tasks. T_T Glad it's only one more week and a bunch of filler days of school before the holidays. ^^


The man shifted uncomfortably as Cona, much like Glide, pointed out the fact that the door had been made of glass. Not knowing how to explain, he decided to answer Avery's question instead. At least that girl wasn't shooting deathstares his way, which was odd enough, as - judging by the expressions of the two - the average bystander would surely have thought that Cona was the one who had just been mauled by an uncooperative door.

"I..." he straightened his pose a bit, "I'm Arteus Windemere, reknown sec-ow!" he flinched slightly as Glide gave him a warning scratch on the back, "Salesman of items." the man corrected himself, "Yes, that's right. Finest item quality this side of...erm, the place where you get very nice items." he grinned sheepishly, "...Arty will do, though...and I'd really appreciate it if you stopped glaring at me so, young lady." he added, addressing the last remark to Cona, "I really meant no harm." he took a brief pause, scrutinizing the two girls, "Now if you don't mind me asking..." he added thoughtfully, "Who are you two? With all due respect, you don't look like the kind of people who would have bussiness in a place like this."

Random Plushie
December 10th, 2006, 6:12 PM

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Only.. *counts* Nine school days left before break? Wow, I'd forgotten Christmas was so near. ^^


Avery briefly heard Cona ask if she was okay, but Avery was unable to do anything more than nod at the girl for reassurance. Her head was still spinning quite a bit--hopefully it would stop doing that by the time they got to that.. wherever they were going.

Fable, having made his way behind Avery's leg, watched as the man, the one who had started the whole mess, began showing signs of discomfort under Cona's intense glare. He resisted the urge to snicker at him, knowing full well that he would have done the same thing if Cona were staring at him like that. He said nothing, glancing at Krys for a second when the Marshtomp commented on the man's appearance.

In that instance, Fable forced himself not to make a comment, holding one paw up to his grinning mouth.

That was when, after much continuous pain on Avery's part, the man decided to ignore Cona's glare and introduce himself as Arteus Windemere. Avery, although she was still dizzy, found it awfully odd, the way he explained himself. She did admit, though, that she probably woudn't be able to explain her job much better if she were a salesperson.

She frowned slightly at his last comment. "With all due respect, you don't look like the kind of people who would have bussiness in a place like this."

What a hypocrite this "Arteus" was. Of course, she shouldn't be one to talk.. she was probably a hypocrite about something or other. But now wasn't the time to think about such things.

"Well.." Avery began, taking her hand away from her head, "..since you asked so nicely, I may as well tell you, as long as you promise to watch where you're going next time, Mr. Arty." Of course, Avery didn't bother waiting for him to make that promise. "I'm Avery Williams, and this is.." Avery paused slightly, noticing Cona's angry stare for the first time. "..my friend, Cona. Cona Brindge, I think. We're a part of the eight tournament winners."

Realization dawned on Avery as she remembered the ceremony. She briefly wondered if it had been a good idea to tell
Mr. Arty that she and Cona were a part of the winners. Well, it was too late to take it back now.

December 11th, 2006, 2:41 AM
Cona didn't let down her glare as the man introduced himself. Choosing to whip her head to the side as Arty directed a statement to her. As much as she wanted to ignore his words, the girl closed her eyes, inhaling and exhaling slowly to calm herself. Krys raised an eyebrow at Fable's reaction to his earlier comment, deciding not to question the Sableye as his trainer told the stranger who they were.

"Yes, but it's actually Jacona,"Cona opened one eye as she corrected Avery,"--not that you'd care, seeing as how you just brutally assaulted my friend."she hissed quietly under her breath. The girl was never really fond of her proper name, but she didn't want some spy calling her 'Cona', she didn't know the exact reason. It was just some small voice at the back of her head telling her to do so. In fact, she had to use all the restraint she had over her mind and mouth not to burst out rambling about her suspicions of Arty being an agent for a secret society. The girl couldn't help but shoot Avery a look when she added on that they were part of the tournament winners. "Telling the enemy classified information, great,"Cona mumbled, green eyes darting left and right, expecting ninjas to jump out from behind the potted plants that had been placed at the entrance.

"- Speaking of the tournament, we're already as late as it is. We'd better get going,"she spoke as soon as the words entered her mind, grabbing Avery's wrist just as she finished. The girl was already preparing to run off, just as soon as her friend gave the okay. It wasn't just because she wanted to get away from Arty (well.. maybe.) but they did spend the last few minutes racing over just for the ceremony. Cona just didn't want all that effort to go to waste, that was all.

December 11th, 2006, 5:53 PM
For a moment Chain said nothing, his expression neither condemning nor friendly, but as usual, indifferent. The older trainer studied the younger's expression in silence while his mental state shifted away from the confused mix of memories, hesitantly apologetic regret, and hostile curiousity it had experienced during the phone call. Then, after several seconds, Chain's expression softened, and a rare warmth that was almost a smile entered his features. The difficulty Kyoko had in saying what she did was openly evident, and she did not need a response that might be interpreted as disapproving or harsh. Placing one hand atop Kyoko's head, Chain leaned forward until he reached Kyoko's eye level.

"You're forgiven. I won't lie and say the situation was nothing, but the best thing to do with the past is learn from it and move on." Here Chain straightened and tousled the girl's pink hair slightly before lowering his hand to his side. If only it was so easy for me to do that. I still can't forget everyone's expressions from that day--the audience, the police, the doctors, the trainer's family . . . I don't know if I'll ever receive forgiveness, but at least I can grant her that.

Lightly snapping his Pokenav shut, Chain returned the item to his pocket as he started back toward the main hall. "And to answer your question," he added casually, "I'm going back in. I'm not sure when the ceremony will start, but I'd rather not miss it when it does."

December 13th, 2006, 10:05 AM
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Alter Ego
December 14th, 2006, 7:29 AM
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Incidentally, I'm planning a new RP for the time school ends for me (22nd of December), so if any of you are feel like commenting and whatnot, you can find the current draft in the Discussion Thread (http://www.pkmncommunity.com/showthread.php?t=77082&page=3). All feedback is appreciated, although Plushie has already done her part, so the one in the thread is actually already an improved version. ^^



Although he was mostly preoccupied with Cona's continuously hostile glare during the introductions, 'Arty-boy''s eyes widened slightly as he realized that the two girls were tournament champions.

"Wait!" he called after them as Cona began dragging her friend into the Waiwai Inc. Building, "There's something you need to know about Slythe."

He raised a hand towards them in a rather futile manner, hoping that Avery, at least, would be reasonable enough to listen.

{Smooth appeal} Glide remarked nonchalantly, {But I'm afraid you're about a minus three on the old manliness scale.}

Random Plushie
December 14th, 2006, 9:43 PM

Phwee, I end school on the 19th, a whole three days before Alter. =P Although I guess it's more like two and a half days, since you're thirteen hours ahead of me and all. xD

Anyway, props on the excellent plot, Alter. (again) =D Can't wait for it to get started. ^^


Avery winced when Cona mentioned their.. lateness. The dizziness in her head was clearing up now--although the pain her back was still proving to be a constant reminder of the power of glass doors--and she was starting to remember the seriousness of the situation. If she and Cona took any longer in getting in the building, Avery highly doubted that it would look very good on their part. What's more, first impressions in this sort of establishment was probably very important, to say the least.

She turned her head back toward Mr. Arty and briefly pondered over whether or not to tell him goodbye, when he shouted for them to wait. "There's something you need to know about Slythe," he said.

Blinking, Avery quickly glanced back toward Cona. Now that her head wasn't hurting, she could clearly see the point in hurrying on to the ceremony. And besides, she didn't exactly know how much of Mr. Arty's information was trustworthy, what with having just met the guy. And on top of that, he had practically bowled her over with a door..

{Oh! Fable wants to know! Fable wants to know muchly~!}

Avery glanced down at her Sableye. Apparently, he had been ready to follow them into Waiwai Inc., but he had paused to stop and listen intently to Mr. Arty with a curious glint in his eye. Avery frowned and bit her lip, frustrated.

"..Okay, Mr. Windemere, but do hurry." Avery said, hoping that Cona would approve. "We're way behind schedule."

December 14th, 2006, 11:27 PM

Read through the plot and it's great Titan. Been itching to RP Rina ever since I drew her. XD Though I'll change a few members of her team, it'll more or less consist of the same types of Pokemon. ^^;

Random fact - I only just realised that Jena, Cona and Rina rhyme. Weiiird.. Because it wasn't intentional. XD


Cona highly doubted that Arty's information about that Slythe guy would be true, after all she didn't want to let the thought of him being a spy rest in her mind . Still, Avery and her Sableye didn't seem to mind hearing him out. And well, the girl never really thought wasting a few more minutes for some possibly useful words would cause any more trouble than there already was. She just hoped Arty knew what was coming to him if he actually dared to lie.

"Yeah, make it quick, no telling whether they've already started without us."she spoke after Avery, stopping her advance into the building. There was no harm in gathering information that could potentially be used against an enemy later on. The girl glanced at the Marshtomp next to her and the Pidgey sitting atop his head, giving them a reassuring nod before returning her stern gaze to Arty. She was going to watch his every move, make sure he didn't try any funny stuff.

Alter Ego
December 15th, 2006, 10:45 AM
OOC: Nyah, thankies Yibber and Plushie. Now if I could pull this one planned character of mine out of her fashion emergency (Yes, I'm planning to use a female character because it's been quite a while since the last time I did it. xD), I'd have it all figured out. Darn me and clothes. >.<

Incidentally, Yibber, Glide is kind of hiding beneath Arty's cloak, so how come Cona can see him? That just struck me when I read your last post. o.O


"R-right, of course." the man replied in a relieved tone, hastily nodding, "Well, you see..." his eyes darted nervously around his surroundings for a moment, as if the possibility of unwanted listeners had just occured to him, but finally concluded that it was safe enough, "...it's a...rather delicate matter, so please don't spread this around or tell anyone where you heard it, but-" he moved a bit closer, dropping his voice to a conspiratory whisper, "Slythe isn't himself." the utterly convinced - almost aggressive - way in which he said this stood in stark contrast to his previous fidgety manner, "I...don't claim to know how it has happened exactly, but he's changed ever since that blasted trip to Ivalice." the man took a brief pause, calming down a bit, "I mean, he used to be a greedy, self-serving bastard before, but at least his motives were fairly predictable, but now he doesn't care about profits anymore. I mean, just the money he spent on this ceremony sponsorship thing, and he's practically burning it on something else without any return. It's..." he traced circles in the air with one hand, searching for the right words, "...it's just not his style. If I didn't know better I'd say that it's someone else posing as him. Be careful in anything you do with him, that's all I can say." he concluded, shaking his head and turning around to leave, but he soon turned around again, rushing back and searching for somehting in the pockets of his scruffy outfit.

"Oh yes, I almost forgot." he added, pulling out his hand from one of the pockets with two small cards grasped firmly between his fingers, "Take these." he shoved the two cards at Avery, not wanting to risk Cona's reaction, "If you find out anything worthwhile about Slythe...anything at all, please call that number. Trust me, it's as much for your own good as mine. Now I need to be off and you need to get to your ceremony, so uh...farewell." he bowed rather clumsily to both of them and then began walking off hastily.

Random Plushie
December 15th, 2006, 10:01 PM
Avery raised an eyebrow when Mr. Arty looked as if he were having second thoughts on actually telling them anything. The curiousity suddenly seemed to swell inside of her, until at last Mr. Arty revealed.. that the 'Slythe' person he kept referring to wasn't quite right in the head. Avery blinked, not sure why Mr. Arty would bother telling them such a thing if they probably weren't going to spend much time around this 'Slythe' anyway.

By the time Mr. Arty had handed her the cards with his number on them, Avery found herself as confused as she had been when her head had been swirling. If Mr. Arty was so keen on getting information about Slythe (who was, apparently, a wee bit insane at the moment), then there had to be something fishy going on that she--and countless others--did not know about..

Avery glanced back, through the glass doors of the Waiwai Inc. building.

..beyond those doors.

Avery turned her gaze forward again in time to catch Mr. Arty's farewell. She blinked again, hesitating. "Uh, later, Mr. Arty." Avery finally exclaimed, taking one more look at the cards he had handed her before putting one in her vest pocket, and holding the other one out for Cona to take.

"Well, that was an interesting experience," Avery said, "I.. really don't want to relive that pain. Ever." She paused, rubbing at her sore back with her free hand. "So.. um.. I guess we'd better get inside now."

December 15th, 2006, 10:57 PM

Cause' Cona secretly has x-ray vision.XD Meh, seriously though, I just forgot about that part, *quickly edits post* ^^;


Cona couldn't help but lean in closer as Arty seemed to scan the surroundings for any other people before whispering to them about Slythe changing after returning from a trip to Ivalice. The girl knew that she couldn't just trust the guy and believe his words, even though she had the nagging feeling that something odd was indeed taking place. The fact that all the other people she had met yesterday were also the winners wasn't just coincidental, Cona could just feel it in her gut. Something like intuition.

Arty finished speaking, passing two cards to Avery before taking his leave. "Why would he want us to do that. Unless.. there is a secret motive for him as well."Cona was referring to the man wanting them to call him if they found out anything special about Slythe. She took the card from Avery, and absentmindedly stuffed it into the front pocket of her pants, wondering what 'worthwhile' meant.

Cona nodded as her friend started talking again, though the girl wasn't paying full attention to her words as she continued pondering on Slythe's true intentions and real reason why she was actually there. Standing at the entrance of Waiwai. Inc. "Yeah, let's hurry."Cona agreed with the trainer's last statement, looking over her shoulder once before walking into the building. Krys maintaining his position behind her, carrying the water bottle with his two fins.

"So, do we take the lift or.. what?"the girl stopped as the thought struck her, turning around to face Avery. She realised that she hadn't the faintest idea where they were headed.

Random Plushie
December 16th, 2006, 2:03 PM
Avery followed Cona into the building, hesitating a little bit at the glass doors. Once inside, though, she welcomed the feel of the air conditioning on her skin. She was still quite tired from the running she had done earlier, but she couldn't stop now. Fable walked in behind her, scurrying over to where Krys was, unconsciously surrounding himself with familiar people.

"So, do we take the lift or.. what?"

Avery tilted her head at Cona's question, then looked around. The place still had the 'high-tech office' sort of feel to it, what with people walking around with much paperwork in hands, with a few security guards thrown in. On one side of the room was a stairwell and public restrooms, and on the other were all the secretary-type people behind the reception counter and a few innocent-looking potted plants near the elevators.

Without a word, Avery began walking toward the reception counter, while Fable remained near Cona and Krys. Several dark-haired men and women were sitting behind the counter, continuosly clicking pens while they viewed security footage and paperwork.

"Um, excuse me.. How would one go about getting to the ceremony? For the tournament winners?" Avery asked the nearest lady, arriving at the edge of the counter. The woman glanced her way, the sighed, although Avery wasn't sure if she was sighing at the question, or at her. The secretary clicked her pen off, then turned to face Avery completely.

"The ceremony, huh? I.D., please." The woman said, flipping her dark hair once. Avery blinked, then reached into her black bag for the requested card. It took a while of rummaging, but eventually she found the wallet that contained her I.D., listening to the secretary click her pen on and off the whole time. Silently, Avery handed the card over to the woman, who took it and, in barely a few moments, ran it through some sort of thing on her computer (which was, of course, right next to the security T.V. everyone was watching).

"Okay, you'll want to take the lift to the 48th floor." The woman said, nodding toward the elevator. She flipped her hair again before continuing. "Then go to the conference room on the left, and pray hard." A lump formed in Avery's throat as she took her I.D. back from the secretary, placing it in her wallet, which was thrown back into her bag.

"Th-Thank you." Hastily, Avery did an about-face and ran back toward Cona, stopping only to pick up Fable with both hands. "You're right, we'll need to take the lift to 48th floor. Our destination is the conference room." Avery said, while Fable attached himself to her shoulder.

{Ooh, this building really is as tall as it looks. My, my, forty-eight floors and more, hmm..} Fable commented, licking his lips.

December 16th, 2006, 11:13 PM
Cona stood with her hands behind her back as Avery approached the counter for help. It seemed that all the people working here had a habit of clicking pens. The girl glanced at her friend's Sableye, who had chosen to stay behind, noticing that her Marshtomp had caught her bottle and given himself the duty of taking care of it. She squatted down and held out a hand for Krys to return the bottle. {Rights, Cona!}the mudfish saluted his trainer for no apparent reason, releasing his grasp on the object and allowing it to fall into the the girl’s hands.

Cona looked up just as the lady pointed out the elevators on one side of the room with her head. Slowly returning to her proper height as Avery rushed over, the girl saying that she was indeed correct about taking the lift. {Oh wow, 48 floors is high, isn’t it?}Krys nodded at Fable’s words, exchanging a small grin with the Pidgey on his head. The Marshtomp had never been in such a tall skyscraper before, it was hard, trying to conceal the excitement building within him.

“Conference room, got it.”Cona replied quickly, striding over to one of the elevators, pushing the button which had an arrow that pointed up printed on it. The girl tossed the bottle up and down with her right hand before directing her gaze to Avery. “Oh right!"she remembered the trainer's previous action before Arty had arrived. "Do you still want some?”she asked, pointing to the water bottle once again, the other girl had been knocked down by a door the last time she tried to drink some water. Cona instinctively looked around for any other doors she had yet to take note of.

Random Plushie
December 17th, 2006, 12:18 PM
Avery raised her eyebrows at Cona's offer. It was tempting, but the last time she'd tried to take it, she'd gone through a less-than-pleasant experience. She shook her head, holding up her hands. "Nah, that's okay, Cona, I'll live without it for now." As if responding to the statement, the numbness in her back turned into pain again. It was amazing that she was still able to walk..

It was in that moment that a loud chime was heard, and the 'up-button' that Cona had pushed lit up, briefly. The doors of the lift in front of them slid open, revealing.. nothing? Huh.. Avery thought. In such a busy place like this, I wouldn't have been surprised if we had to wait for twenty people to get off the lift. I guess we were lucky.

"Okay, well, that was fast!" Avery exclaimed. She nodded at Cona, then walked into the elevator without saying anything more. Thankfully, there seemed to be no elevator music to listen to. Putting her hand in front of the doors so that they wouldn't close until Cona got inside, Avery shivered, suddenly getting a cold feeling inside of her. The Sableye on her shoulder didn't seem to notice. He was too busy leaning forward to press the button on the wall that read '48'.

{Now, which floor is most likely to have a vending machine?} Fable said, his claws lingering over the many other buttons covering the wall. {I can't wait for 48 floors without a candy bar, no I can't.}

"Just wait, Fable.." Avery sighed, still shivering. At first she thought it was the A.C. making her shiver, but now she was hoping that it was the A.C. and not the feeling she was getting from the elevator..

December 17th, 2006, 4:11 PM
"Okay.."Cona was unsure of the girl's decision, though she couldn't blame her for it, starting to put the bottle back into her bag just the doors of the lift opened. The trainer backed up into the elevator, hands busying themselves with the contents of the bag as she heard Fable asking Avery something, her friend replying with a "Just wait, Fable..". The girl finally raised her head just as the doors slid to a shut, zipping up her bag as she noticed that Avery was shivering. And that the other trainer's shivering made her want to shiver as well. Was there something wrong with the elevator?

Come to think of it, why did it seem like there were so little people in the building? The girl had never been to a high-tech office before, but she had heard that the lifts were usually packed with people who were hurrying to meetings or printing documents. Something like the crowd in the Lilycove Department store perhaps. Except that the purpose for a person there was to hunt for bargains and discounts rather than to file papers or look for photocopying machines.

The girl hugged herself with her arms as the Marshtomp at her feet had taken to performing short hops in the air, the strange feeling one got when the elevator ascended amazed him, it was like he was almost possessing the ability for flight. The Pidgey who was now standing on the shiny floor of the lift for safety reasons, shook his head in disbelief, rubbing his feathery temple with one wing. If Krys were to ever grow wings, he'd be out of a job for 'faithful companion who sits on girl's shoulder'.

"Is it.. cold here or is it just me..?"Cona asked the other girl, noticing that it was a bit redundant, Avery was the one who had started shivering in the first place. The air conditioner in these places..

December 17th, 2006, 11:20 PM

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I'm sorry for poofing for a week. Midterms suck... and then there was the band lockin. It's fun when you all but destroy your classmates with a pichu in PokeColliseum. And a Victrybell. (can't spell, almost 1am) And then you eliminate all competition in Super Smash Bros Meelee with Pikachu, Mr. Game and Watch and the Ice Climbers.... I hate the Ice Climbers.

:o And by the way, the Poke christmas picture pwns. -is so totally late on this compliment- D:


There really wasn't anything that could describe how happy the little girl was when the male placed his hand on her head, ruffled her already ruffled hair and then, against all her little thoughts, seemingly forgave her. The smile she'd had an hour or so before, a genuinely true smile, quickly spread from cornor to cornor and without really thinking, she slipped her hand into his and dragged him back towards the room, "N-nii-san let's go back in!" Giggling lightly, she attempted, and probably failed, to move him on her own. She was a little girl after all. It wasn't like she could move somebody as big as Chain, no weight joke implied.

After awhile, she gave up, scowling at him lightly, in a kidish sort of way, "Well you hafta help walk, you know? I can't really pull you, I'd probably get hurt."

Random Plushie
December 20th, 2006, 12:19 AM

*unbridled joy*

The last day of school for the year has finally passed~! =D

..but Mika was forced to go through Midterms? D: That is not awesome. Here, you may have a hug. ^^ *huggle*

Also; Chain, Kyoko, and Valen are the only ones in the hallway, correct? Lemme know if I need to edit this in any way. :3

*and Rosairie!!


Avery shifted in place uncomfortably, almost wishing that there was some form of music in the elevator to keep her mind off of the weird feeling in the lift. The silence that had followed her response to Fable was almost unbearable, imposing on her and making her think the walls were closer together than they really were. Rubbing her arm absentmindedly, Avery glanced at the glowing green number above the lift doors, indicating what floor the lift was on. 23.. 24..

Avery frowned. Only halfway there. Maybe Fable had been right--waiting for a lift to go up forty-eight floors without anything to do was torture on one's attention span.

"Is it.. cold here or is it just me..?"

Avery looked back toward Cona, glad for a distraction from the weird vibes. Well, sort of. "Yeah.. I'm getting a cold feeling in here, too." Avery said, folding her arms to make her shivering less obvious. "Although.. it.. it must be the A.C. and nothing more, right?" She turned her gaze forward again, unwilling to admit that she had only said it to reassure herself. "Man, how can the employees stand to be in this kind of A.C. all day?"

Avery shifted in place again, starting to tap her foot to get rid of her slight anxiety. After this, she'd never go in an elevator again, especially if silent ones gave off such weird vibes. Unless of course the destination was high up, like.. the 48th floor.

A sudden chime cut through the air, causing Avery to snap back to attention. 48.

{Augh, finally here!} Fable exclaimed, sighing dramatically. He draped himself across Avery's shoulder as if he had just traveled through a desert, causing quite a bit of irritation on Avery's part. {That is all.}

The doors slid open, and Avery bolted out when she saw that no one was waiting for the lift. After exiting the lift, she found herself in rather lonesome hallway. She didn't bother complaining about the anti-climatic sight--it was better than a tiny, weird elevator. Avery wasted no time in getting away from said lift, her sneakers making a squish-ing sound on the squeaky-clean floors as she hurried away. Hoping that the corridor on the left was the correct way to go, Avery glanced back every once in a while to keep an eye out for other people in the hallway, including Cona.

{How unsettling..} Fable whispered after a short while of walking, huddling close to Avery's ear. Before she could ask what he meant, he spoke again. {Way.. too.. clean..} It was Fable's turn to shiver as she rounded the corner, finding a rather unattractive wooden door down the way, and a total of four people gathered in the hallway before it. Strangely, they all looked hauntingly familiar. A boy with unusual purple hair stood closest to her, keeping his distance from the other three--a little pink-haired girl and an older boy. Another girl with blonde hair was with them, too.

Avery stopped in her tracks, unsure of her location. Had she gone down the wrong corridor? Should she turn back? But there were so many familiar people here.. and hadn't the secretary told her to go left?

I hope I don't look too out of place... where's the directory around here?

December 20th, 2006, 4:38 AM

Yeah, I think it's just the three of them, Rosairie and Reina are the only others left.

Thankies Mika! ^^ But, gah, Midterms or exams of any sort are bad. DX *gives you a Feebas as well as healthy Steven (http://i33.photobucket.com/albums/d94/ybur_angel/Manga%20Scans/Scans205.jpg) scan*


".. Maybe they're secretly Walrein or Sealeo in disguise, waiting for the right chance to take over the industry,"Cona answered Avery's comment on the weird air conditioning, she did it absentmindedly however, letting her thoughts wander about as her eyes rested on the numbers flashing by at the top of the doors of the elevator. The girl had never travelled such a high amount of floors before, it was unnerving, with nothing to do. It seemed that her friend was experiencing the same feeling, starting to tap her foot on the floor. The action made Cona aware to the fact that there was no annoying elevator music playing, making it awfully eerie and silent.

{32, 33..}Krys mumbled discreetly, his two fins fidgeting with one another, he had gotten tired of hopping up and down. Every other entertaining thing that could be done in the particular elevator seemed too boring for him at the moment.

The Marshtomp's trainer released a quiet sigh, no interesting topic for a conversation with Avery coming to mind. That wasn't needed any longer however, as a sudden 'ding' sound was heard, signalling that they had finally reached the 48th floor. Cona was taken by surprise as Avery ran out on her own accord, Fable draping himself on the girl's shoulders.

"Running for ten minutes and all she can do right now is hurry some more,"the fourteen year old didn't have time to scratch her head in confusion, Avery had a head start once again. She held her arms out for Krys, the Marshtomp responding quickly, leaping into her arms, the girl staggered for a moment at the new addition of weight, before starting to jog down the hallway after her friend. She didn't want to over exert herself just to catch up with the walking girl, while the forgotten Pidgey flying behind her needed the exercise.

She shortened the distance between her and the trainer, slowing to a walk as they rounded a corner to see three people standing outside a wooden door, probably leading to the conference room. Cona recognised the gathered people straight away, identifying them by the unusual shades of hair colour. The girl noticed that Avery was somewhat hesitating at their arrival, she beginning to feel uncertain as well.

".. Are we supposed we say 'Hi' or just..?"she drifted off, continuing to search for a word to complete her sentence as she allowed her Marshtomp slide down her leg and onto the floor. An old Pidgey appearing behind the girl and settling himself on his trainer's shoulder.

Alter Ego
December 20th, 2006, 6:24 AM
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Oh, and I do believe that Rosairie is still in the hallway too, unless I missed something. o.O


Valen shifted his position for what felt like the hundredth time this day, still lacking any better entertainment than leaning against the wall and waiting for something to happen. Years of training had taught him to be alert for extended periods of waiting, but that didn't mean that he found them any less boring.

'I know that he likes stalling tactics...' he thought for himself, glancing at a clock on a nearby wall which indicated that the ceremony should have started a good while ago, '...but this is getting ridiculous. Either he's really trying to psyche us all out or then there's something wrong...'

The boy paused in his ponderings as the elevator suddenly let out a cheerful little 'ping', the doors sliding open to reveal two people who looked vaguely familiar. One of them Valen recognized straight away: it was that conspiracy nut who was convinced that he was an evil agent out to conquer the cheese market, and the other...now that he looked at her a bit cloer, hadn't she been asking him for directions the other day? Yes, that Sableye did look familiar, and the ghost pokémon's trainer certainly looked rushed.

'Well, well...' Valen thought for himself, tilting his chin a bit lower to conceal the slight smile that was creeping up his lips, '...it looks like the comic relief has arrived, although how those two could win at anything is beyond me. But then again...' he added in his mind, '...a lot of the things going on seem to be.'

At Cona's awkward question, the boy slowly pushed himself away from the wall with one foot, rising back into a proper standing position.

"If it helps in killing some time." he replied, "Because I have a feeling we'll be having a whole lot of that on our hands in the near future. Cona, right?" he cast a sideward glance at the sailor girl, unable to resist a rather impish grin as he whispered, in a voice just barely audible to anyone further away than Cona, "Keep a close eye on your cheese." he fell silent again, returning his face to its usual passive expression as he wondered what kind of intricate conspiracy the peculiar little girl would cook up from those words. That was the good point about that loon, talking with her rarely got boring, which was more than could be said for most people.

December 20th, 2006, 3:10 PM
[OOC: Your new RP appears to be quite interesting, Alter Ego. I have already begun to develop a character for it. ^-^;;

By the way, in your plot, are the Christmas traditions referred to the bonfire lighting or snow-related activities?]

With a slight nod, Chain silently complied with Kyoko, allowing himself to be drawn back toward the waiting room only a step behind the pink-haired girl. As he followed her, the male trainer considered her response to his words. "Nii-san" . . . That means "older brother", right? If that's the case, it seems my younger sister has begun to smile again. After all she's been through lately, that's a good sign. A few moments after Kyoko and Chain had entered the final hall, the elevator the two had recently passed sounded a bell and opened its doors. Chain slowed his pace before drawing himself and the girl beside him gently to a halt.

Still wordless, the older hacker turned to note the new arrivals. I remember seeing those two yesterday, though I cannot recall their names at the moment . . . Are they also here for the ceremony? His green-gold eyes eerily alert and penetrating, Chain quietly observed Avery and Cona as Valen straightened and addressed one of them. From his position, Chain scarcely caught the sound of Valen's voice and was unable to decipher what was being said. From the same position, however, Chain could also see the edge of Valen's expression and doubted that the content of the boy's comment had been particularly serious.

Assuming these two are also tournament winners, that makes seven of us. Only one more to go.

December 20th, 2006, 10:39 PM

Yeah, I checked, Rosairie followed Kyoko out she did, *goes to edit post*

And, official 'Yay!' for Plushie and Titan's last day of school. Gah, which reminds me that the new school term's starting in about a week or so for me. XD


"Yeah,"was all Cona could say as Valen addressed her, recalling the older boy's name and her suspicion of him being an agent for an evil organisation not too far back. In fact, it was just yesterday, wasn't it? The girl didn't want to act all chummy now, folding her arms as Valen whispered something to her so quietly, it seemed that even Chain didn't manage to catch it. "Chain and.."the girl remembered the other boy's name at the thought, trying to recall the name of the pink haired girl beside him as well as the other one with wavy hair before turning her attention back to Valen.

"Oh yes, of course, especially with you around,"she answered with an equally hushed voice, her tone nothing less then serious.

"You don't need to worry, my mother's taking care of all the cheese we have, and I tell you, she's a great cheese caretaker."Cona didn't bother lowering her voice for this statement, she couldn't help but boast about her mother's unknown skills. Not that another one woud have cared, though.

"And don't think I'm not catching on to you,"the trainer warned him, the look on her face showing that she wasn't at all kidding or joking around. "-whatever it is you're doing, other than reporting to your leader I mean... I haven't figured that part out yet,"she admitted, adjusting her gaze so that she was now facing Avery.

"Seems like everyone was waiting for us,"Cona couldn't help but feel a tad uneasy at her words.

Random Plushie
December 22nd, 2006, 10:00 AM

Phwee, that means I'll have to go back and edit my post, too. :3


No sooner than Cona had caught up, Avery found herself in the midst of a conversation about cheese, and guarding it, too, apparently. But the subject itself was not the only strange thing. What Avery found really strange was the fact that the purple-haired boy that had addressed Cona remembered them from somewhere. And apparently, Cona knew him, too. Avery was the only one who did not remember!

Oh great, now I'm talking in third person, Avery thought, shifting uncomfortably as Cona began talking about her mother's abilities. ..but that doesn't explain why I can't remember this person. Suddenly, just as Avery finished that thought, realization dawned on her.

"Oh, wait!" Avery exclaimed, almost startling Fable into falling off her shoulder. "I remember you now! I met you yesterday! Only.. I can't really remember meeting you.. know what I mean?" Her inspiration left her all too soon, and by her last sentence, Avery had lost all of her vigor, trailing off at the end.

No, he doesn't know what you mean, stupid.

Avery was seriously wishing she could crawl under a rock and disappear. But sadly, she was a human being. Turning toward Cona, Avery mustered up all of the will she possibly could to bring herself to smile, nodding at the girl vigorously.

"Uh, yeah, everybody was waiting for us, so we should probably head to the waiting room. Yup, and I'm not sounding very smooth right now, am I?" Save yourself, idiot!! "So, uh, are we all going where we're supposed to or not?" Avery said, risking an embarassing glance at Valen. Yeah.. that was a nice save..

Alter Ego
December 22nd, 2006, 10:13 AM
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Oh, and concerning your question, Kogenta. The bonfire is the big thing, but over time the Esekans have adapted most of the conventional christmas things into their repertoire too, so some snow-related bussiness could have snuck in from there. ^^

Incidentally, I already made the thread for the RP yesterday, but apparently our dear moderator is going through an episode of holiday laziness and hasn't come around yet. Impatient? Nope, never been impatient in my life. xD


Valen was about to make another comment in Cona's direction - and hopefully drive the girl even deeper into the world of intricate conspiracies involving cheese - when the other girl suddenly spoke up - exclaimed, to be precise - that she remembered him, but, in another way, didn't, elaborating her original statement by a complex series of explanations, each of which made even less sense than its predecessor. Avery finally seemed to have realized this too, proceeding to state that they should head over to the waiting room, looking utterly embarassed.

"No need to rush." the boy replied calmly, deciding not to turn the knife in the wound for once - Avery was likeable enough as random fools went and hadn't done anything to warrant any extra spite, after all - "Even with you two around, we're still one champion short." he scowled as his thoughts touched on JJ, "Apparently his blondeness can't be bothered to attend, and it looks like Slythe is going to stall this for as long as possible."

EDITNESS OOC: Dang, can't believe I typed Plushie instead of Yibber. Apparently my mind isn't at its sharpest atm. o.O

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December 22nd, 2006, 10:22 AM

I do believe Yibber was the one with the short holiday. Yibber needs a huggle! ;o;

*hugs Yibber*

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And.. I was totally prepared to write an IC, but sadly, it is too soon and I have too little material to work off of. xD

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December 22nd, 2006, 10:23 AM
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December 22nd, 2006, 4:15 PM

Titan knows better than to mix up my name with Plushie's. XO

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But, I don't have summer break(probably cause' we don't got no summer over here. XD), you guys running around for 3 months while I struggle to finish the huge amount of homework I'm assigned to within 3 weeks(and have fun at the same time, tis' quite the hard task). XD Dang, 3 months and 3 weeks sounds as different as 2 months and 2 weeks. Like, yeah..


Cona raised an eyebrow as Avery explained that she had remembered meeting Valen from yesterday, and at the same time, forgotten about meeting. The girl proceeded with a slow nod, trying to understand her friend, but before she could comprehend the first one, the other girl then jumped to the topic of her previous question. Asking whether she was giving off the impression of being un-smooth.

"Ehh,"Cona waved her palm perpendicular to the ground,".. Medium-ish,"she answered, not really wondering whether it was just a rhetorical question. The girl's Marshtomp had taken to sniffing the floor for to particular reason, it was most likely that he was just doing it for kicks.

"Oh right, JJ,"the girl recalled the boy and his fainting act from before, as Valen told them that there was still one person missing. "Weren't you the last person with him?"Cona returned to Avery once again, trying not to sound accusing, the girl was her friend after all. And yet, a friend and an android at the same time.. perhaps.

Random Plushie
December 22nd, 2006, 7:50 PM

2 months and 2 weeks? o.O No more huggles for you, lil' missy. I'm gonna save them for people who actually need 'em. xP Actually, everybody could use a huggle every now and then, so that actually means you're still entitled to get one. *huggle*

And speaking of huge amounts of homework, I wish I could work and have fun at the same time with my current homework. o_o

90-minute Algebra Test = Pain + Death + Burning + Ressurection + Pain + Death and so on and so forth


Thankfulness.. how does one express utter thankfulness, while at the same time keeping to themselves? Avery was feeling very thankful herself. Cona and Valen had graciously decided to be merciful and ignore her little outburst, smoothly moving the conversation onto the new subject of.. JJ. Apparently, the only one left holding up the show was him. JJ, who had never returned from his room. Avery suddenly became painfully aware of the A.C. again, as she had in the elevator. As the chills ran through her, Avery began rubbing her arms with both hands to get rid of her goosebumps.

What a weird building.. Thankfully, she wasn't getting the urge to shiver.

"Weren't you the last person with him?"

Avery looked up, noticing that Cona had turned to her. Avery frowned slightly, no longer paying attention to the cold air. Her gaze flicked from Cona, to the distracting sight of Krys sniffing the floor, and back to Cona again. Geez, she sounds like she's accusing me of something. Like I have anything against JJ.. Suddenly realizing something, Avery did a double-take, staring at Krys for a second. ..the hell's he doing?

While Avery blinked several times, Fable crawled forward on Avery's shoulder, until he had a good view of the ground in front of his Trainer. More specifically, Krys. {Lemme know if you find any rocks down there.} Fable , pausing to lick his lips. {The stuff falls off people's shoes all the time.} He stopped speaking when Avery began shaking her head, apparently to get her mind off of Krys and his.. habit of sniffing the floor.

"Yes. Yes, I was the last person with JJ." Avery replied, finally gathering her thoughts so she could answer Cona's question. "But I didn't do anything. He went back to his room to change clothes, and then you came by. You saw me waiting, right?" Avery paused a bit, a lump forming in her throat. "But he took so long, we had to leave before he got back."

Fable suddenly started giggling, holding a paw up to his mouth to surpress his laughter. {Heh, I remember seeing that JJ-boy not too long ago. He was so funny, yes he was.} Fable commented, once he had stopped giggling, although he didn't bother saying exactly what he found funny.

December 22nd, 2006, 11:59 PM

I hear ya' Plushie, for both the huggles and the evil Algebra tests. *gives you a hug*

Actually, Algebra + Physics work/tests of whatever sort = Just plain wrong, cause, I'm not too good with either of them. DX Thankfully, RPing with you guys has brought up my english grade quite considerably. =D And, I'm okayish with Geography and History, the latter being the only subject where I manage an A+. Yes, I'm not very bright, but being too smart may result in a health risk for people like me, *nods*


{Aye aye!}Krys saluted the Sableye, even though his eyes were still fixed at the floor, it seemed that the scent of the carpet and the air conditioning was a great combination of smell to the Marshtomp. The mudfish was known to perform amusing and strange acts now and again, this was only just a small example, Cona and her Pidgey were more or less used to it.

"Don't mind him, he does that sometimes, but usually, he tries other stunts,"the girl hastened to say when she saw Avery's expression, the last few words of her statement referring to the earlier series of hops in the lift. Kuner shuddered at the thought of the last time Krys came into contact with an umbrella. It wasn't a pretty sight, seeing a Marshtomp sashaying around in public with that particular object over his head. Actually, the Pidgey remembered it as being more of a messy, clumsy trot than a sashay.

{Bah, doubt you'll be able ta' find those pebbles o' yours here.. This place's too clean..}the bird decided to come out of silence to comment on the Sableye's words.

"Yeah, you were alone,"Cona answered Avery, remembering the relief she felt upon spotting Avery in the hallway. It seemed that the boy had left just a few moments before she arrived so she didn't have a chance to catch him,"Wonder if anything bad happened to him?"the girl suggested, knowing JJ, he wouldn't purposely arrive late, would he?

Krys looked away from the fine carpet when he heard Fable's laughter,{Oh yes, JJ friend, yes, I found his Tailow funny.}the Marshtomp took this time to smile at everyone in the hallway before quickly returning to closely examining the floor on all fours.

December 26th, 2006, 10:17 PM

yber, I hear you... except you're way smarter than Mika. ;3; I'm in the stupid person's Geometry Class and in the Elective Science class for stupid people (Weather Class. :3~) but in the Advanced Placement Writing and Compisition(sp) Class and Japanese 3. o_o; it's rather confusing.

Anywho! I apologize for being absent, if you can forgive me, you'll see more active posts. -got her mp3 player to work finally-


Emiko had ducked back behind Chain the moment she heard Valen's voice, as faint as it was to her ears anyways, and didn't even really look out to see if the other was even there. She wasn't going to admit it... but their last little encounter had really shaken her up a bit. Tighting her grip on Chain's hand unknowingly, she looked over at the doorway, silently counting people, Seven people now...Is that all of us? I wonder... Letting out a light sigh, she impatiently tapped her toe against the floor, wiggling it from side to side.

"Nii-san? How many people 'won' the tournament? Isn't just one person supossed to win that sort of thing? I don't really understand." Her head tilted in a childish mannor, she looked up at him curiously, "Why are there so many..? I-If you don't mind my asking that is."

December 27th, 2006, 1:45 PM
Though not expecting Kyoko to hide behind him, Chain seemed as undisturbed by this as the girl's tightening grip on his hand. Not looking back at the pink-haired trainer, Chain continued to watch the new arrivals and Valen as he answered quietly, "This tournament had eight winners. I suppose most tournaments would usually only have one winner, but this one took the top eight competitors . . . " "Supposedly," the hacker added mentally, the golden light of his eyes glimmering amidst the liquid jade. Then, lifting his voice to a slightly more normal level, he continued, "Why this tournament is being held with that policy, I don't know. But I'm sure they have their reasons." The last word received a subtle emphasis, indicating considerable thought had been placed behind it. While each of Chain's words was chosen carefully, the extra weight on this one was faint enough to cause one to wonder whether the emphasis was intentional or not--if the differing note could be detected at all.

Turning toward Kyoko, Chain finished calmly, "After all, everyone has reasons for what they do, whether they're aware of them or not. Perhaps more will be explained once the ceremony begins."

Alter Ego
January 5th, 2007, 5:23 AM
OOC: Gah! This is actually down on the second page?! That can never be allowed! xO

Anyways, it looks like whatever is holding up Melissa and BB isn't going to let up, so I'm moving this plot on now. Anyone feeling like they can do a decent Reina? I can handle JJ since there is still...the plan. >D Besides, I've come up with a suitable way to explain away his current absence. ^^


"And what if he just got stuck in front of a mirror?" Valen remarked dismissively at the speculation concerning JJ, "Judging by how he spent most of yesterday fiddling with his hair I wouldn't be surprised if he spent half an hour each morning just fawning over it." he leaned back, "Either that or he just got lost. Blondie-boy didn't exactly get the brightest halo in the bunch."

"Or maybe he just had a more pressing appointment, loveh."

The voice alone was - to Valen - like the scraping of sharp nails across the blackboard of his soul, and noting that the owner of said voice, Lori, was indeed right behind him didn't make it exactly better.

"Oh, I'm soooo glad you're all getting along." Lori cooed in her usual overly sweet voice, "And I notice that everyone is accounted for...except for you girlfriend, Valen." her smile widened slightly, seemingly in open defiance to human physiology, "What ever happened? Did you two have an argument?"

"Reina is not my girlfriend." the boy retorted coldly, his voice seemingly devoid of emotion even as his eyes narrowed considerably, "And last I saw she was back at the waiting room. Now do you have an actual reason to pollute the air with your presence?"

"Now that's rather rude of you, loveh." Lori retorted in a would-be hurt voice, "I took the trouble to come all the way back here just to fetch you and this is the thanks I get?" she tutted dissaprovingly before turning her glance to the rest of them, "Well, ignoring this bore and his emasculated outburst..." the woman continued, "I have come to inform you that the ceremony will be held momentarily." the woman's smile widened even further as she raised up a hand, as if to silence a question, "Now I know that you all, especially Valen, are worried about your mutual friend, Mr.Baker." she took a dramatic pause, probably just to let the statement sink in, but Valen managed to keep further objections to himself, "But I'm afraid that he was called to run an urgent family errand, so arrangements have been made to see to his reward. As for the rest of you...follow me." the woman made a small gesture with her hand, prompting the group to follow her as she began making her way down the corridor, "We'll stop by to pick up miss Rookford and then we'll be on our merry little way as I'm sure you're all simply dying to meet our esteemed CEO."

January 6th, 2007, 9:44 AM

Sorry I've been missing for a week or so, I'm scrounging around to finish up a bunch of essays for my "scholarship" application that I have to send in by Tuesday (Three hundred words is really really hard to work with) to get my $500 six week trip to Japan over the summer and that, to my parents at least, preceeds the need for me to get online and check my posts. :3

Soooo posty I do. :3

Alter, you made me giggle. XD


Lifting a hand to brush a lock of disobedient hair from its place obstructing her view, she nodded, smiling lightly, "O-okay!"

"We'll stop by to pick up miss Rookford and then we'll be on our merry little way as I'm sure you're all simply dying to meet our esteemed CEO."

The expression on the child's face snapped the moment that woman decided to speak in her seemingly normal flameboyant holier than thou tone to a look of absolute hatred and to an obsessive need to kill the guilty party within seconds to releave decades of bloodlust. Hissing out lightly, probably only in Chain's hearing, she couldn't retain all of her pent up fury, "...Just like my brother, that woman is exactly like my brother... If Valen weren't standing right there I swear I'd punch her. I can't stand people with voices like that I can't stand them at all...Her only purpose is to be annoying... an annoying being that doesn't deserve the right to speak, ever!" Forcing herself to breathe deeply, she attached further to Chain's arm, "Let's go please? I don't want to smack her but I don't think I can resist if she doesn't stop speaking." Coughing lightly, she returned to the bubbly exterior, "So let's go~ Ikuzo Ikuzo~"

Random Plushie
January 7th, 2007, 10:51 PM

..why, the both of you made me laugh as well. xD


Avery had practically worked up the nerve to respond to Valen's ponderings over JJ, when the sudden appearance of Lori basically threw her off balance for a moment. This, of course, left the girl to wobble back and forth several times before she was able to save herself from tripping entirely. Fable dug his claws into Avery's vest to keep from falling, muttering to himself the whole time. {Why is it that everytime Fable climbs up to Avery's shoulder.. she suddenly loses her balance, or gets hit by some random object!} the Sableye hissed, flattening himself against his Trainer's shoulder and back area.

"Whoa.. didn't even notice you there.." Avery mumbled, even though Lori was clearly speaking to Valen at that point. Something about JJ having to attend a family emergency. Well, that was all fine and dandy.. but he hadn't even told anyone that he had other business to attend to. All that standing in the hallway.. but, whatever. If someone in his family is in trouble, then it can't be helped.

Avery blinked once, her thoughts clearing when Lori announced that they were about to meet the CEO. Dying to meet him? Avery thought to herself, as she began walking after the scary lady. She really had to say it that way? I would much rather associate 'dying' with how I felt after Mr. Arty hit me with that.. door.. Avery winced as the memory surged through her mind.. along with a brief flash of pain in her back.

Alter Ego
January 9th, 2007, 11:10 AM
OOC: Mirth is contagious. Now you both made me laugh too. xD Cheers for that. ^^

Incidentally, I think Lori is about the first matter that Kyoko and Valen can agree on completely. xD


Valen couldn't resist a faint trace of a smile as he noticed Kyoko's reaction to Lori. Sure, he couldn't make out the little parasite's words, but her expression conveyed the general idea quite well. For that brief moment, the little girl looked more like an affronted Skitty than anything else, a picture which Valen found comical more than anything else, although Kyoko - unfortunately - soon reverted to her insufferably cheerful self again, the weirdo...Valen had to admit being slightly surprised though, with the way Kyoko had been clinging to Rosairie he had half-expected the little pipsqueak to dub Lori 'nee-chan' the moment she saw her. The boy didn't mind this reaction, though, in fact, he prefered it.

Wandering after their annoying guide, Valen was idly musing on the prospect of Kyoko and Lori dropping the air of diplomacy and just having a Skitty fight of epic proportions when his attention was suddenly distracted by the Sableye girl's wincing. Come to think of it, her stance had been kind of awkward to begin with, but next to Cona it hadn't been very obvious. Not really understanding his own actions, Valen slowed his pace down a bit until he was walking in step with the girl, and - under the same peculiar urge - actually opened his mouth.

"Something the matter?" he asked simply, "If you're going to faint, lose your balance or something random like that then at least give me a fair warning so I can move out of the way." his expression was the usual passive mask, but the tone of his voice betrayed - much to his annoyance - a hint of amusement and...concern? He felt like hitting himself. Since when did he give a hoot about frail girls who couldn't stay on their feet? Something akin to memory briefly flashed in front of his mind, but before he could even properly recognize it the sensation was already gone, leaving him there with his usual blank expression as he waited for a response.

Random Plushie
January 10th, 2007, 10:51 PM

Gawd, now I'm laughing again. xDDD


Ugh.. this stupid pain from that door is probably going to stick with me all day. Avery thought to herself, suppressing the urge to let out a groan along with her thoughts. She shrugged her shoulders in an attempt to get Fable to move his weight off of her back, but to no avail. She tried not to complain about it--after all, they were several feet away from the conference room already. And then, hopefully, she would encounter less creepy air conditioners.

"Hmm?" Avery turned her head as the purple-haired boy suddenly decided to address her, squinting a bit as he spoke to her. ‘Is something the matter?’ Avery repeated, to herself. He can tell that I’m hurt? Nyah, I was hoping it wouldn’t be so obvious. Don’t wanna have a fuss about it now, though, when we’re about to meet the CEO of a huge company..

“Uh, sure. That works for me.” Avery replied, completely oblivious to the boy’s suggested sarcasm, more concerned with masking her back pain. “Oh, and thanks for asking, because, y’know, I hadn’t thought about it that way. Random things have been happening all day--just ask Cona.” She threw a backward glance at the sailor girl for emphasis, flashing a brief grin as her back pain began to fade. All she had to do was stop paying attention to it, and hopefully the afternoon would be as enjoyable as she had hoped it would be.

{That works for Avery?} Fable asked, although he didn’t really seem to be talking to anyone in particular. {What about Fable? If you suddenly faint, that’s it! Fable is going down! And it works for you! Hmph!} The Sableye pursed his lips together, pretending to be disgusted for a few moments before realizing that Avery wasn’t going to respond.

January 13th, 2007, 12:48 PM

I hate D and D night at school... I always get twisted ideas. @-@ TWISTED

Like... THIS ONE


She probably would've done more if she hadn't seen that little shiny ball of lint and paper in the hallway they were walking down. That woman had done nothing but talk almost nonstop, her topics ranging from the amazing wonderful powerful guy running the whole shebang to how a stupid contestant, a loser of course, broke her nail with his stupid Treeko's bullet seed. All of this was frequently interrupted by that shrill laughter and it quickly became too much for the child to bear.

She'd grasped onto an empty pokeball to chuck at that woman's ever-bobbing head when the paper had come into sight. With the look of an incessant need to maim something clearly defined across her features, she pulled her leg back hard and with a light "heh", sent it back with somewhat amazing, for a child her size any ways, force. The ball then started to spiral in the general direction of the woman's head and the child couldn't help pulling her arms close to her chin, a slight look of hopeful impalement by paper wad shimmering through her eyes. Come on come on! HIT HER ALREADY

She was also fully prepared to snap back into the innocent child who's little game had simply gotten out of hand (Maybe she'd add a cute little Kyuu or two to the end to make it more believable.)

January 13th, 2007, 1:24 PM
Halfway through a contemplation of Lori's sudden appearance and her particular emphasis on the word "dying", Chain glanced down as he heard Kyoko hiss her hatred for the woman before them. "Another reference to her family," the trainer observed silently. ". . . And a negative one, as well. Why does she bear such distaste toward her kin?" Seeing Kyoko's cheerful facade once again raised, Chain merely nodded at her as he started after Lori, mentally noting while retaining his continually calm, indifferent expression, "Her grip tightened again; Kyoko is stronger than she looks. At least I haven't lost circulation in my arm . . . "

For a time, Chain walked in silence, watching the interaction between Valen and Avery while only partially listening to Lori speak. Few people possessed the ability to annoy him, but neither did he have any strong favorable inclinations toward the female who now led the group. Then, Chain noticed Kyoko move. Since the entire group was walking, movement would be expected, and a lack of movement would likely have been more noticeable. But, this action was clearly different in nature and intent. With a quick, sweeping glance, Chain deciphered the situation. Even Kyoko wouldn't-- Rotating half his body slightly forward, Chain swiftly raised his free hand and caught the paper missile before enclosing it in his fist and lowering his hand to his side. All this was accomplished in one movement as subtly as possible, yet more noticeably than Chain desired.

"You shouldn't act on temper alone," the male chided gently, his voice low enough for likely only Kyoko to hear. "For now, endure it."

January 15th, 2007, 1:50 PM
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Good luck for the future. You guys are all AWESOME, amazing, incredible people - I'm so glad I've met you. Maybe this won't be forever - hell, knowing me I'll come crawling bakc like a smacked puppy once my exams are over, looking for a place to hide - and maybe I'll talk to you again, but just in case... Good bye!
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Alter Ego
January 18th, 2007, 8:44 AM
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Yeah, I got a bit melodramatic too, but considering the occassion I think that's quite understandable.


"I would..." Valen replied to Avery's comment on randomness, "But knowing Cona she'd probably suspect me of trying to pry confidential information out of her. Still..." he added, "...I'd imagine that her account would be related to conspiracies, Exeggutors, and Cheese in no particular order and fascinating as it would no doubt be, there is probably enough ranting going on here as it is." he cast a rather foul glance towards Lori at this statement. Fortunately, years of exposure had taught him to zone out from the annoying woman's chatter almost completely, recognizing it only as a vague but constant buzzing grating on the edges of his consciousness...and his nerves. Kyoko wasn't so lucky, however, he noted as the girl reached down to pick something up from the floor with an expression of pure murder on her face.

'No...' Valen thought for himself, watching in fascination as the child pulled back for the shot, 'She doesn't have the guts to-' just then, Kyoko proved the opposite, sending her chosen projectile in a well-aimed arc towards Lori's head...only to have it intercepted by Chain. The boy had to admit being slightly dissapointed by this development, even though it probably was for the best...at least if you saw things from Chain's annoyingly calm and rational point of view. Still, the kind of indignation that stunt would have evoked from Lori...Valen would really have gone to quite large lengths to see that, severe consequences or no. As it was, the peroxide-soaked incarnation of annoyingness in front of them had missed the whole thing, letting out another pain-inducing laugh as she recounted a tale about this - supposedly - female trainer who thought she was all that even though she had an absolutely horrendous fashion sense and...

In an attempt to preserve his sanity, Valen tore his attention away from Lori. Hopefully, this journey wouldn't take too long. After all, the elevator was just down the hall, simple reasoning told him that a trip that short couldn't be utterly unbearable. Simple reasoning was such a poor liar...

OOC: Nyah, let's just pretend that Reina joined into the group on the way. Someone has really, really got to control her (And Rosairie) soon, though, so...please? I doubt that I could manage either. xP

January 20th, 2007, 10:36 AM

I could probably play Reina... but is a bit of failure expected? ;.; -self conscious-

Oh I love my Oba-san - Obaa-san joke in this post. X3 anybody that gets it is my hero and gets a cookie.


Annoyed that her toy had been taken away (among other things), she turned back towards Lori and a hint of a spat was just barely evident in her tone, "Excuse me, Obaa-san? How much farther til the confrence room?" It had that cute little innocent ring to it but she'd just smashed the woman more cruelly than she would have had her projectile hit its mark and she seriously doubted the woman realized it. Smiling innocently, she re-grappled onto Chian's hand, letting out a sweet little giggle as she was again lost in her semi-bubbly-world.

January 20th, 2007, 12:17 PM
Obaa-san? Chain looked down at Kyoko as she again took ahold of his hand. My Japanese isn't perfect, but . . . The trainer lifted his gaze toward Lori who, by all appearances, had not understood the meaning of what Kyoko had said. She doesn't seem particularly old to me. Then again, I doubt Kyoko cares. Doubtless she spoke to Lori simply for sake of that slight. Chain stifled a sigh and continued to walk, realizing that, for the sake of everyone and their sanity, giving no indication of the insult would be better. As the group walked on, Chain cast only a brief glance toward the pink-haired girl at his side who now seemed thoroughly pleased with herself. Kyoko really should be more careful . . . I realize she's young, but the situation is worth being wary about.

Chain slipped his free hand into his pocket and deposited the paper-and-dust ball at the bottom. Still, it could have been worse.

Alter Ego
January 21st, 2007, 10:26 AM
OOC: Nyah, I'm not 100% sure about what Obaa-san means, but I assume that it's an old person (Possibly even 'grandma'-class old? xD), but Oba-san is aunt or just generally middle-aged woman, ne? Yish, I think I see what you're playing at. Lori obviously won't, though, as it wouldn't suit her personality at all. ^-^

Anyway, yeah. It's not like I'm going to rend your mortal soul apart for a single error, I'll just point out something if it strikes me as very blatantly not Reina, but you're most likely good enough not to require that either. Besides, it's not like I have that much room to complain seeing as how I shoveled the responsibility of the ladies over to others. xD Speaking of which...anyone feeling up for doing a Rosairie?


"Oh, it's just around the corner, loveh." Lori trilled in response to Kyoko's question, apparently completely oblivious to the vicious little double entendre the girl had so carefully inserted. Valen didn't fail to notice the nasty little edge in that seemingly innocent tone, though - after all the time he had spent on indulging in such things himself, it would have been odd for him to do so - and even though the specifics of this play on words was lost on him, he was still quite certain that Lori had just been utterly insulted without even realizing it. This was a thought that Valen found quite amusing, actually causing him to indulge a little in an activity he hadn't bothered with for a long time...chuckling.

Yes, even though it was horribly out of practice and almost sounded like the boy was choking on something, Valen had still produced a small chuckle which, insignificantly short though it was, had caught Lori's attention.

"My, my..." she commented, now beginning to look slightly suspicious, "Someone certainly became chipper all of a sudden. Why this sudden change, loveh?"

"Oh, nothing in particular..." he replied in a mock-innocent voice, "...it's just my natural mirth taking over, obaa-san."

He left a small smirk on his face at the last remark, enjoying the look of irritation on Lori's face as she was trying to figure out whether or not she had just been viciously insulted or not. For once, it seemed, Kyoko had actually decided to give something to her surroundings.

January 24th, 2007, 12:54 PM
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Erm... yes, well, I suppose since I've caught up with this (Showgan in a short time), I'll post. Wow, first RP post since I've been back!!


As soon as Valen left the waiting room, Reina gave a glare in Kyoko and Rosairie's direction. Must they always cause such trouble? Would it kill them to leave them all alone for a while? Her guess was that the two just couldn't handle the silence. Silence... what had happened to that thing? Reina could ask as Valen had tried to, but she had a feeling that Rosairie would give her somewhat the same answer.

After a few moments, it seemed the others had saw fit to leave as well, and Reina wasn't going to sit around alone in this room. She wouldn't be too thrilled to be the only one here when Slythe made his appearance.

"I'm outta here then," she said stiffly, getting up and wandering out of the waiting room. Down the large corridors of the building she walked, going really nowhere in particular. It didn't really matter to her anyway, she hadn't really gotten some good drama-free exploring in yet.

The streets were sporting the unknowing public that Reina had seen earlier. The girl turned her hazel eyes on the various places around her, taking note of several cafés and stores with pokemon supplies. She spotted a little boy with ruffled, light brown hair who was having a time carrying a rather large, minty green egg. Reina suspected that it held a Chikorita.

She considered bringing Tabansi out, but as she looked at her wristwatch, she realized time was running out and that it would be silly to bring him out for only a few seconds.

"Guess I'd better head back," she sighed, feeling a bit bored with the day at moment, "Hopefully this time we can make some progress." Reina had said the last part with a forced indifference, for her mind had floated to Rosairie and Kyoko. She also hoped that Valen wasn't in too bad of a mood; but if they were going to be seeing Slythe, she was sure he would have no problem masking his emotions. It was no doubt more important to keep your cool around Slythe than around Kyoko.

As she began to make her way through the Waiwai building, Reina suddenly recognized a few voices ahead of a corner in the corridor she had yet to turn. She quickened her pace. Oh yes, they were definitely people she knew; as evidenced by the, "Excuse me, Obaa-san? How much farther til the confrence room?" and the, "Oh, it's just around the corner, loveh," and... was that Valen chuckling? Reina felt her eyes widen a little; what had they done to him?

But to her relief, as she turned corner, the small group of people walking down the corridor ahead of her were seemingly unharmed. Valen, Rosairie, Kyoko, that girl Avery, that crazy girl Cona, Chain all being led by Lori. Reina rolled her eyes as Lori would no doubt be making plenty of remarks about her. She was a bit confused as to why everyone was calling Lori "Obaa-san", but figured it must have been some sort of joke considering despite Lori's odd taste in fashion, she was no old woman. 'Well,' Reina thought to herself, 'I'd better go and get settled in with my usual slightly sarcastic tone.'

"Oh good," she said regarding Valen's comment, as she approached the back of the group, "For a moment I had thought that Valen was actually enjoying himself."

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January 25th, 2007, 1:28 AM

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Cona had fallen into a daze, spacing out as short conversations drifted about the hallway. Mostly faint, barely audible whispers to her among the various thoughts floating in her mind. JJ's disappearence, followed by Arty's sudden appearance, these just a small part of the many buzzing thoughts plagueing the trainer's mind.

The young girl snapped out of her previous trance as she heard her name being mentioned by both Valen and Avery. It seemed that they were discussing something along the lines of random things and about how she would accuse Valen of attempting to pry information out of her. "Which's quite very true,"she answered, though not as loud as she normally would have, what with Lori suddenly appearing out of nowhere. The older female guiding them to the anxious CEO, it seemed. Perhaps Cona didn't notice the woman's arrival since she was lost for a moment back there. However, the girl couldn't help back scratch her head as Kyoko proceeded to call Lori.. Obaa-san. What did it mean? An insult, or maybe an unknown alien language. Come to think of it, the girl with pink hair did strike to her as someone deeply strange.

"No.. not alien-strange.. but, could she have made contact with them before? Resulting in her subconsciously registering their vast dialect into her brain? Maybe that Chain person was in on it as well.."she mumbled to herself, taking care not to let many people overhear her as she glanced forward to see a familiar redhead girl walked towards them, commenting on how she was relieved to realise that Valen was not happy. Failing to detect the sarcasm, more weird ideas took shape in Cona's mind, the girl falling back into a state of silence. Beside her, a short Marshtomp did stroll, he had given up on examining the floor, now trying to whistle, though it was quite unlikely since the mudfish didn't even have lips to begin with.

Alter Ego
January 25th, 2007, 8:02 AM
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"Enjoying myself?" Valen echoed at Reina's statement, making use of the same lightly sarcastic tone, "Come now, you should know me better than that."

"Oh, how lovely." Lori remarked at the girl's sudden appearance, clapping her hands together, "Your girl-oh, sorry, boyfriend" she "corrected" herself in response to the glare she recieved, "Is here, Valen. Isn't that a lovely surprise?" she beamed at the group with her usual Sharpedo's smile plastered over her face. Recieving no comment, she pressed on, "That means our merry little fellowship is now together again, so we won't have to stop by the waiting room after all."

With that, the woman suddenly changed direction, striding down a different hallway which ended by a pair of large elevator doors and carefully snatching out an ID card of some sort which she ran through a slot by the call button, the doors immediately opening with a small 'ping'.

"Now then..." Lori continued, stepping inside and turning back to face the group, "...whenever you're ready, lovehs..."

January 25th, 2007, 2:17 PM
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Well Cona had noticed Reina's return, and obviously not gotten her sarcasm. Such was to be expected from a girl of her... mindset. Thankfully Valen was not of that sort of mindset, so he actually responded in a normal way. Well, normal for Valen. At any rate, Reina was glad to be in the company of at least one friend.

Then there was Lori, who responded in a very Lori-ish way. 'How clever,' thought Reina, 'She called me a boy AND managed another 'Valen and me' joke. Too bad I don't really give a dead Pidgey about what she thinks or says.' Her face fully reflected her thoughts, but then she wasn't trying to hide them anyway, so it didn't matter.

As Lori led them to the elevators, Reina found herself wondering again exactly what they were here for. Valen had made it clear that something else was most likely at work in this situation. And while Reina didn't usually poke her nose into such things, this actually involved her personally. She had been there when those men were chanting, had tried her best to break the spell or whatever it was.

Lori stepped into the elevator, beckoning everyone else, and so Reina strode forward. "What's there to be ready for?" she said coolly, placing herself away from Lori, "It's just an awards ceremony." She figured it best in this situation to feign mild annoyance.

Alter Ego
January 26th, 2007, 9:28 AM
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"Well, loveh..." Lori replied to Reina's question in her usual sap-oozing tone, "...some of us actually like to make a few preparations before we meet important people. You know, try to make a good first impression? But of course..." she continued, "...you aren't really the type to care about those things, are you?" she cast a dismissive glance at Reina's clothes - all of which were definitely on the current fashion blacklist - "It's a shame, loveh, a real shame, pretending to be a boy at your age..."

'Oh, for crying out loud...' Valen thought for himself, having already taken care to choose a spot as far from Lori as mortally possible, '...is she really going to keep at it all the way to the office?' Well, he certainly wasn't going to give her any additional enjoyment in that little game, as he strongly suspected that the annoying woman was practically daring him to intervene so that she could drag in a 'knight in shining armor' analogy too. With this in mind, the boy leant back against the wall, folding his arms and staring passively at the ceiling and hoping that the rest would have the common sense to move the procession along quickly.

January 26th, 2007, 5:47 PM
[OOC: A pleasure to have you RPing with us again, Light_Azumarill. ^-^]

Chain turned slightly as he heard Reina approach. Looks like she caught up with us after all. Catching the red-haired trainer's comment, Chain's expression softened with what might have been amusement before again losing emotion as he heard Lori speak. The male hacker gazed casually at the still-talking woman, following her as she walked while silently wondering at her ability to smile so widely and so incessantly. Both Valen and Reina seemed irritated by Lori's jibe, as would be natural, though Reina's displeasure was considerably more evident.

Upon arrival at the elevator, Chain quietly watched Lori slide an ID card through a slot to one side and memorized the object's appearance before casting his usual glance about the elevator interior and stepping in--consciously placing himself between Kyoko and Lori, though whether this was more to protect Kyoko or Lori was unclear. As Lori proceeded to make another less-than-favorable remark regarding Reina, Chain's dragonlike, green-gold eyes slid halfway toward the woman before lowering patiently toward the elevator floor.

After a calculatedly brief, yet sufficiently long, amount of time, the dark-haired trainer commented indifferently, "Speaking of boys, you never did finish the story you were telling earlier. I suppose it doesn't matter, though." I doubt anyone here wants to hear Lori say anything, but in theory this will be an improvement. Chain's eyes closed calmly. In theory.

January 27th, 2007, 7:34 PM

Welcome back Melissa. ^^

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January 29th, 2007, 10:43 AM
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That woman was pushing her luck, she was. Reina's patience only lasted for so long, and Lori was just so insufferable. Valen had kept quiet about the comment, but he was far better at hiding his feelings and anger towards Lori than Reina was. She knew that getting angry was just what Lori was hoping she would do, but how could she just stand there and let the woman verbally abuse her?! She opened her mouth after a moment to say her piece, but Chain spoke instead.

After his comment, Reina nodded. "Oh yes, do go on Lori," she said in a forced, calm voice, "Because your opinions matter so much, don't they? Besides, I'm sure you must be getting tired of trying your best to insult children." She was pathetic really, trying to make some girl mad. Granted, Reina didn't think of herself as qualifying under the category of 'children', but in this case she was willing to make an exception.

OOC: Yes, 'tis short... but such is the way of conversational posts.

January 29th, 2007, 6:34 PM

I'm sorry this post is so cruel and evil....

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Well, this was definitely a first.

Kyoko and Reina, seemingly teaming up? Who thought it could happen or rather, that it would ever in a million possible moon cycles even begin to happen? Strange as it may seem, this was exactly what Kyoko was now intending to do. That sly little innocent smile had once again crossed her face when Lori got into a fight with Reina (who had much cooler clothing than Kyo-chan herself) about clothing and the sheer moment Reina mentioned Lori’s child-aimed torment, she couldn’t resist any longer. She wouldn't admit she had any sort of respect for the older girl, she wouldn't admit that she wasn't going to let someone blatently insult the only person aside from Rosairie who didn't think she was a complete waste of time...and this elevator was hot and stuffy and it was making her cranky. Yeah, that's my reason. I've had enough nyuuhuhu~ It's time to put this old hag into her place nyuhuhuhuhuuu~

Adorning a cutesy pouty facial expression, she tugged on Valen’s sleeve lightly, him being easier to reach than Chain due to the fact the male, in his surprisingly pre-knowledge of this unavoidable argument, had shoved her into a corner away from physical contact with that wretched beast unfit for anything, much less breeding. He was simply leaning against the wall, right to her left. When the first tug or two didn't work, she yanked hard enough that he'd have to acknowledge her or fall over which would result in a Houndour Pile that would be funny but would cause the girl much pain grief and suffering later. Now, as long as she played like it was simply a conversation, tho it was probably going to be one-sided, that Lori wasn't involved in, she could simply acuse the woman of eavesdropping. Perfect plan~

Settling her hands on her hips once she had his attention, (whether he wanted it was another matter that she really didn't give a HootHoot about), she stuck her tounge out lightly, “Booooooo! Valen-sempai, aren’t there any pretty young tour guides around here that aren’t so old and boring? This one just keeps droning on and on and it’s driving me crazy!” Rolling her eyes, she threw her hands up lightly, lowering her voice a little, her eyes glancing to the left in a shifty sort of manor, “It's either that or she’s so old she doesn’t realize she’s got absolutely no idea what real people wear and is trying to impose her old-woman fashions on the rest of us. Tch, who do you think she's kidding with all that gaudy obviously fake makeup? It's true you can't hide old-people faces blemishes and wrinkles, right Valen-sempai?” Giving the boy a wink she knew he’d be the only one to see, she turned towards the lady, waggling a tsking finger, “Excuse me, ma'am? Could you please stop talking so loudly til we get up there? I've got such a horrid headache and I really don't want to have it when I meet the ceremony guy. Thanks much~!”

Settling back into her corner, she couldn't help but let her cutesy smirk return to cross her pale little face, a strand of pink hair trickling into her eyes. She was such a little monster and nothing felt better than being a monster and getting away with it.

Alter Ego
January 30th, 2007, 8:47 AM
OOC: That's okay, I like cruel and evil...at least when it's directed at someone else than Valen for a change. xD

And yeah, art takes practice. No argument there. That's why I'm so bad at it. Too undisciplined to put in the needed effort. Oh well, I'll just try to do it step by step, maybe I'll get there eventually...like, some time during the next five years. xD


At first, Valen didn't know what the heck Kyoko was hoping to achieve by bugging him, but the moment he actually turned his eyes in the right direction to look the little brat in the eye - which happened to be right after the last yank, which had felt more like a vicious attempt to dislodge his wrist than a simple bid for attention - he caught on immediately, and even though co-operating with Kyoko was probably near the top of his never-to-do list, he - oddly enough - found himself willing to make an exception in this case. After all, it was simply a case of siding with the lesser evil to defeat the greater, no?

"Too true." he concured on the remark about hiding age, savouring the increasing tension in the smile of Lori - ever the seasoned eavesdropper - "Old people are like that, I'm afraid. You'll just have to endure their last-century views so they don't get offended." was that creak he just heard caused by the elevator or the grinding of teeth? Valen decided not to spoil the act by looking, once again turning his attention completely elsewhere as Kyoko made her loud bid for silence on Lori's part on the pretense of having a headache.

"Certainly, loveh..." Lori hissed out from between gritted teeth, a murderous gleam in her eyes and her smile now so strained that it looked like she was preparing to bite Kyoko's head clear off her shoulders. 'I might not be able to get at you now...' that glare seemed to say, 'But I swear you'll not get away with this.'

And with that, Lori did something most exceptional: she actually fell silent, settling down by the control pannel and pulling out a small file with which she begun to trim her fingernails with such malice that the whole process seemed more like she was sharpening a knife...or a sword.

January 30th, 2007, 9:10 AM
OOC: I almost feel sorry for Lori. Almost. ^-^


For one wild moment, Reina thought that Kyoko was going to get it from Valen. Surely he wouldn't side with the pathetic excuse for a little girl, right? Surprisingly though, he did, and Reina certainly thought it was a testament to how much he loathed Lori. She knew what Kyoko had done in the past, but Lori? What had she done to Valen in the past, Reina wondered. But she shouldn't be thinking about other people's business, should she? It shouldn't be a big deal to her what Lori had ever done to Valen or anyone else for that matter. Pushing the thought from her mind, she noticed with great interest that it was suddenly very quiet.

"Have we just entered the 'opposite dimension'?" she said, casting an amused glance from Lori to Kyoko to Valen.

'Yeah,' she thought to herself, 'If this means that I'll be wanting to wear dresses all of a sudden, then I'll be getting my award mailed to me, thank you very much.'

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February 1st, 2007, 1:26 AM
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"It seems so..." Valen - never one to resist tormenting Lori a little - remarked at the opposite dimension comment, "When the noise pollution-" he cast a meaningful glance at Lori at this point, "-suddenly just outright disappeared, I thought I had simply gone deaf, but apparently that's not the case." the boy seized on the opportunity to smirk a little. Granted, Lori would be exacting bloody vengeance at every viable opportunity because of this, but since he had already more than crossed the line with his previous remark he might as well make the most of it.

Still dead silence from Lori. The elevator's machinery continued to hum quietly, although judging by the tone it was already slowing down. They would probably arrive at their destination any moment. In the mean time, Valen seized on the opportunity to enjoy something that was very rare in Lori's company...silence. Sweet silence...

"This would be your stop." Lori remarked, her expression and tone still sour as the elevator came to a halt, the doors opening with a discreet 'ping'. Her expression gained a certain triumphant edge to it, however, as she observed the corridor opening up on the other side and leading to the office door on the other side, strategically plain and narrow...the last path before the point of no return.

"Now then, off you go on your merry little ceremony." she added, her usual annoying tone returning as she hastily ushered the group into the hallway, "I'm sure you will find it most...memorable." and with those last words, the elevator doors shut again, the machinery once again setting into motion and carrying Lori dwonwards again, leaving Valen and the others with virtually no options, no destination but the ominous, dark oak doors with the almost exorbiantly well-polished nameplate on them: Slythe D'Argent, CEO

February 1st, 2007, 8:05 AM
OOC: I love it when stuff like that happens! I once had a Spanish teacher that always talked about us needing to get into college, and told stories of her trips to Mexico for so long on test days that half the time they were postponed. It got to the point where the class knew that's what would happen, so they would egg her on and ask plenty of good questions. XD Then I had an English teacher that was always getting forgotten by the copy machine people in the school, and so our tests were always late. ^^

BTW, what are we doing about Rosairie? Is there someone who's going to control her? Just curious. ^^


Smirking back at Valen's comments, Reina leaned back against the wall of the elevator. It was amazing how one could change their attitude so quickly. Just a moment ago she was about to boil over because of Lori's snide little remarks, but now she was quite happy. The strangest thing of all was that her elated attitude wouldn't have been possible without Kyoko's help. Well, Reina supposed, she couldn't be completely witless and pathetic. At least this time Kyoko's little scheme actually worked, rather than just succeeding to make she or Valen angry like the other times.

The elevator began to slow down, and as it stopped, Lori seemed to regain her usual composure. Reina didn't give her a second look though, and just got off the elevator with a mildly annoyed expression on. Like she had said to Valen before; she had nothing to hide from Slythe. She couldn't help but wonder though... what had Lori meant by 'memorable'? It sounded as if they were tiny fish getting tricked into seeing the 'memorable' inside of an alligator's mouth.

'I can speculate for years and never get anywhere,' Reina told herself, 'Or I can just go in there, keep a level head, and know that if anything funny happens, I am perfectly capable of getting out of it.'

There was no doubt though that the large, wooden doors to Slythe's office was quite ominous. Reina glanced at Valen, wondering if he had been up here enough times to get used to it. She was sure that he had never come to Slythe's office in quite this way before; in a suspect awards ceremony, surrounded by Rosairie and Kyoko, Avery and Cona, Chain and her.

"Cozy little place, isn't it? Makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside," Reina said in her usual sarcastic tone. Her stomach was a bit nervous, but she made sure her voice sounded confident.

Reina briefly wondered how well Kyoko would fare in Slythe's office. She seemed to be the kind of whiny little thing that did poorly in places where it needed to be serious and quiet. Hopefully she didn't decide to clutch onto anyone's arm. Rosairie, despite being an annoying rich girl, could probably hold her own; at least she had some sense. Avery and Cona were more normal than the other two girls, so they would probably have no problems. Chain and his confusing words and polite manner would probably find this a breeze.

Reina stepped up to the doors, and suddenly thought of something. "Erm... do we knock?" she said turning to Valen, raising an eyebrow.

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February 1st, 2007, 8:44 AM
OOC: Nyah, no, we don't have anyone doing Rosairie yet. Any takers? I'd rather avoid controlling characters I don't have a grasp of and...well, Rosairie is one of those. So, someone...please? *Puppy dog eyes*

Anyway, yeah, teachers like that are awesome. ^-^ One of my English teachers is like that, he loves his subject so much that all it takes to get a small presentation is to ask about some complex literary term. Ask about Jane Austen and there goes the double lesson. xD


"Somehow, I don't think that will be necessary." Valen replied, slowly striding over to the door as well. He wouldn't admit being afraid of Slythe, far from it, but in this case he had...other duties as well, his gaze drifted absent-mindedly from the door to Reina at the thought. He knew all the dirty tricks that Slythe could throw at him like the back of his hand, but Reina...brave though she was, she just didn't know the rules of the game being played. In fact, it was questionable whether she was even fully aware of the game being played, and to tell her-well, suffice to say that the awkward personal confession that that would entail was something Valen didn't want to go through, not when he needed his senses to be at their sharpest. The boy shook his head, as if to dislodge the thoughts again and focused once more on the door, unceremoniously pushing it open to reveal...darkness.

Yes, except for the narrow beam of light that the gap between door and doorframe cast across the office floor there was no visible light in the office, and for a few awkward moments, Valen found himself simply standing there and staring into the darkness in an attempt to discern the vague dark shapes within.

"Ahh..." a voice in the darkness spoke up, breaking the silence, even though the eerie tone did little to break the unsettling atmosphere. Why was it - Valen wondered - that Slythe always found away to sound more disturbing than the last time? "The tournament victors, yes?" the voice continued, "I've been expecting you. Pray enter-" like usual, he somehow managed to make the word sound like 'prey', "-I do apologize for the conditions, I was hoping for the circuitry to have been fixed by now, but alas-" there was a slight shifting somewhere in the darkness, perhaps signifying an apologetic gesture of some kind, "But, no matter. We shall make do with what we have. A moment, if you please." there was a brief flicker of a match in the darkness, and soon a total of ten small lights appeared - one at a time - illuminating their surroundings, although 'illuminate', in this instance, basically meant separating the monotonous darkness into various shades, splitting the treathening mass into an ominous flicker of varying shades. Nonetheless, visibility had improved somewhat, enough to reveal a set of eight, rather comfortable-looking chairs with black leatherning and a solid desk, apparently made out of the same material as the door, with a pair of elegant chandeliers set upon it. Between these two flickering beacons of light stood the most disturbing part of the interior: Slythe's face, with it's pale, listless skin and piercing red eyes, one of them almost completely covered by the dark purple hair. The face was - it seemed - currently offering them an inviting smile, but the flickering light of the candles was distorting it in a decidedly disturbing manner. To Valen's eyes, this seemed like a meeting well prepared.

"Do sit down." Slythe continued softly, his voice betraying nothing but open friendliness, "I apologize for the poor lighting, but I did not wish to delay the ceremony further for such a...trivial matter. Don't worry, I've been assured that the regular lights will be back momentarily. Oh, and do close the door behind you..." he added, "Our talk is for our ears alone, is it not? I would not wish for any information to leak out to...undesired parties."

February 1st, 2007, 10:37 AM
OOC: Well... it would probably be best if Mika did Rosairie, considering how good of friends she is with Charon and how good of friends Kyoko and Rosairie are. ^^; However, if Mika doesn't want to... *sighs* I guess I'll do it. XD I actually wouldn't mind, but I expect everyone else to point out if I make any mistakes. The last thing I wanna do is ruin an awesome character like Rosairie.

Anywhoo... methinks this RP is a playground for the creepy part of Alter's mind. ^^;;;


"Oh," Reina said stupidly as Valen moved to push open the door. She watched curiously as the oak door swung open to reveal a darkened room with pretty much nothing visible in it. Reina frowned a little, thinking for one wild moment that perhaps they had come to the wrong place. However, her mind quickly dismissed that thought for another more plausible one; Slythe's a weirdo who likes to scare people. Or at least shake them up enough to make sure they were vulnerable.

Then came a voice, though it by no means was a calming one, that made it clear that they were indeed in the right place and in the right company. Reina felt a chill go up her spine despite her constant inner reassurance that she would be okay. He offered an explanation about the lack of light, which Reina raised an eyebrow at. What kind of a person sits alone in the dark of their own office? Even so, wouldn't the whole floor's power be out? Or at least someone else's? Then again, the only thing that seemed to be here was his office. It didn't matter though; to Reina, it just seemed like a ploy to scare them.

As Slythe lit some candles for light, his form became clearer, though not by much. For a second, in the low lighting, Reina thought she was looking at Valen; the dark purple hair, covering a little of one side of his face coupled with quite pale skin. But no, Valen was not across the room, he was standing as they all were, in the entrance to Slythe's office. Reina blinked and focused her attention back to Slythe, who was a little more visible now that he had managed to light more candles. Reina hadn't gotten a good look at him during the opening ceremony, nor would she have known who he was then anyway, so this was really the first time she had seen him. His hair did still resemble Valen's, but the rest of him was something quite creepier. As he began to tell them to sit down, Reina pushed her thoughts from her mind and began looking for a chair.

She spotted the closest one and slowly sat in it, wondering exactly what was coming next. His friendly tone of voice may have fooled others, but Reina had taken Valen's advice seriously and so she felt no more comfortable than a tiny Rattata surrounded by the coils of a hungry Seviper.

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February 7th, 2007, 11:00 AM
OOC: Well, my soundtrack of randomly chosen songs was going through Evanescance's 'Haunted' when I wrote that (Don't particularly care for the lyrics, but I love the eerie intro) so yish, the music kind of inspired me. xD But yes, most of my creepier stuff goes here. What can I say? It's such a lovely opportunity...besides, it's fully appropriate for Slythe. ^-^

Anyway, I was really REALLY trying to be sensitive and wait for other people to post, but by golly...some folks just don't take a hint. >.< So yish, now it's official: post ye' lurkers. xO *Pokes you people with the pointy finger of guilt*

And yes, I agree that Mika would be the logical choice for controlling Rosairie, what with the whole nee-chan thing and all. ^-^


Slythe's smile seemed to widen slightly as Reina stepped forward, "Ahh...miss Rookford, I presume? Oh, but where are my manners?" he rose up, reaching out one of his thin, pale-skinned hands and shaking Reina's, "Truly a pleasure to have you with us. I would introduce myself, but considering the circumstances I assume that that won't be necessary." he chuckled slightly, causing Valen to shiver in an almost indistinguishable manner. Only Slythe knew how to make a chuckle sound eerie. Not feeling like letting Reina suffer the brunt of his discussion techniques alone, the boy stepped into the small circle of light as well, deciding on the center spot, a maneuver which Slythe surely couldn't 'fail to notice'.

"Valen." the CEO remarked calmly, nodding in the boy's direction, "Lori informed me of your performrance. Quite remarkable, I should say, although of course..." he added, "I should know your abilities well enough not to be surprised anymore, shouldn't I?"

"Sir." Valen replied neutrally, offering a very curt nod and dismissing any possibility of a handshake with his gaze. Fortunately, Slythe assented, settling for a similar nod, and the boy sat down on Reina's right-hand side.

'What's with his darkness obsession?' Valen though for himself, feeling slightly annoyed already as he peered into the shadows. He knew that Slythe liked to keep his pet Seviper - Nigina - out and moving in his office, and the boy had had enough unpleasant experiences with the serpent to realize that he didn't want it to sneak up on him in the dark. 'Then again...' he pondered, casting a discreet glance in Slythe's direction only to note a carefully mimcked one reflected at him, 'He's probably counting on that, trying to psyche me out. Urgh...why can't the rest of them just get over here so we can get it over with?' he cast an annoyed glance over his shoulder, trying to see if the rest of the group was anywhere near getting seated. After all, how hard could taking a darn seat be?

February 7th, 2007, 5:45 PM
[OOC: Sorry. I was waiting for Mika to post. ^-^;;]

Chain tilted his head gently forward, allowing his dark hair to shadow his face and mask any expression that might enter his features. Valen and Kyoko's "teamwork" against Lori was, if nothing else, unexpected--though perhaps not wholly. At least now I know they can work toward a common goal if they must . . . Or at least, if they both hate someone enough. I just hope the consequences of their actions aren't too severe. The male hacker's gaze slid to one side, viewing both Kyoko and Valen, both the subjects evincing some form of satisfaction. Nothing I can do about it now, I suppose. Chain again lowered his eyes and fell still, mentally preparing himself for the challenge he knew lay ahead.

As the elevator doors slid open, Chain's glance flickered upward, focusing deliberately on the path that led to the location of the long-awaited ceremony. "Fittingly oppressive," the trainer observed wordlessly as he viewed the narrow hall. He stepped out of the elevator, finally lifting his head as he brushed his unkempt bangs away from his eyes. Though a few strands naturally fell back in front of his face, the deep light of the trainer's eyes was now better revealed--their green and gold hues mingling flawlessly and almost appearing to shift, like twin pools of oil ready to ignite, given only a spark.

Acting according to his custom, Chain remained near the back of the group as they made what might have been a type of death march toward the wooden doors at the hall's end. Seeing Valen raise a hand to open the door, Chain was scarcely able to prevent his eyes from narrowing. And the game begins.

The door swung open.

Although the door had been opened, for a moment nothing could be seen beyond the doorway except a rectangle of light that had spilled into the otherwise-black room. Chain entered warily, but with as calm an aura as could be maintained, his irises dilating in an attempt to track Slythe's shadowed form while the CEO lit a series of candles. At Slythe's request, Chain turned and gently closed the door. The dull thud of wood against wood reminded Chain of the closing of a coffin lid.

Moving a few paces further into the room, Chain turned his gaze toward the chairs that had apparently been placed for the tournament "winners" to occupy. Eight chairs . . . Makes sense. Still, I almost expected seven. After JJ disappeared so abruptly earlier, and his own companions only discovered his depature via a tournament official, it seemed suspicious. But, even if something was done to JJ, not having a chair for him would be too obvious for someone like this man to do. Chain watched Slythe carefully, though not too closely, attempting to maintain an awareness of even the darker corners of the room as his eyes slowly adjusted to the gloom. No . . . This 'Slythe' definately wouldn't do anything like that. Knowing anything aside from what information he allows us to know will surely be difficult. Inversely, I wonder how much he knows about us . . . If he can set up a scene for us as elaborate as this, then he's not the type to let someone move around his computer network without being informed of the culprit. Does he know it was me? And if he does, why hasn't he acted on it yet . . . ? Only long practice--or, possibly, habit--allowed the hacker to maintain his expression of unconcerned indifference as he watched and heard Slythe greet first Reina, then Valen.

With a CEO like this, I wonder what type of company WaiWai Inc. really is. And it makes me wonder about Valen, too. Chain halted himself before his eyes shifted toward the dark-haired boy who had by now seated himself. Sorry, Valen. I don't mean to mistrust you. But . . .

After what felt to be a long moment--though it was likely only a few seconds--Chain stepped forward and offered his hand to Slythe, nodding politely as he introduced himself. "You probably know already, but my name is Chain. An honor to meet you."

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She'd been quiet for the remainder of the ride to the top floor, completely tunning out the battle of wits ensuing between the three after her little outburst, settling against Chain's arm lightly. The higher up they got, the more the Butterfrees in her stomache were growing. Something about this wasn't settling right at all with the girl and as much as she hated it, she couldn't really put her finger on the exact reason why until they stood up by those big wooden doors.

The whimper was swallowed. Not even a hint of the pathetic child-sound left her vocal chords or anything attached remotely to them but it was obvious to anybody that wasn't staring at the wooden gates to hell that the girl was bothered by it, considerably bothered by it. She'd wanted to turn and bolt but Valen... Valen was watching. Shaking timidly, she silently slipped a pokeball off her belt, clicking the center button to release the purple blob that was then tightly clutched like a stuffed toy, a lovey if you would, against her chest by both her arms. Burrying her face in the semi transparent fluff for a split second, she forced her body to at least appear relaxed if not confident as she scurried after Chain, desperate to be close to someone and because she kept her head focused on the ground beneathe her, she didn't notice the light from the hallway fading until it was gone, the thundering click of the doors as they slid into their closed position signaling the end of any light but that which stemmed from the candles.

Knowing she'd get yelled at if she forgot, she quickly gave a bit of a curtsy to the purple-haired man and after mumbling her name at a semi-audible level, schooched as close to the nearest person as she could. With a light squeak of unhappiness at the raised height of the chairs, made for tall people, she struggled up into the massive chair that was much too big for her little stature without really using her otherwise preoccupied hands and settled her chin on Shuppy's head, shaking lightly but not really visibly.

/Kyo-chan, if you squeeze me much tighter I'll explode. I know this room is setting off something inside you but you must push it aside. This could be a test put out by this Slythe Character to test your nerves or something ridiculous like that. I'm right here, you needn't worry./

/It's like Daddy's room Shuppy... It's just like Daddy's room. I can't stand these candles. If he just got rid of the candles.../

/Kyo-chan. Push it out of your head and act like a winner. I'm here to protect you and you know that./

/...Mmm... Yeah okay... S-sorry.../

/Now, greet your host with the respect he deserves./

Somehow gathering her courage, she managed to look up at the man and after a bit of self-motivating thought pep talks, stared directly into his eyes, "Sorry, I had my head facing the ground. I'm Kyoko." Finding inward strength, she managed to give him a cutesy smile only she was capable of, she broke the eye contact and settled back down against Shuppy's body.

February 8th, 2007, 8:06 AM
OOC: Oh, Evanescence. That explains it. XD I love their music! Though, don't get me wrong, I'm not some depressed "emo" person (but you probably already knew that); I'm really always very happy. ^^; I just love the sound of their music. But yeah, I could see why you wouldn't want to claim a love for the lyrics of "Haunted". XD

Yay! Mika's still with us! ^^ And she's doing Rosairie! That means I don't have to! ^^; BTW, I want to sign up for your RP Mika! It'll just take me a day or so to come up with a character.



As soon as Reina took the seat she had chosen, Slythe proceeded to take her hand up in a handshake. In the split second before he actually reached her, her mind warned her not to flinch or look away no matter how creepy and gross he was. Gross? Who was she, Rosairie?! She manged to keep her eyes away from the ground and onto the man's face, but she couldn't repress a small shiver.

A part of her wished that Tabansi was here to see all of this. He understood so much more of things than she did. He couldn't be here though, so she just had to push that particularly weak thought away and concentrate.

Reina had nothing to say to Slythe's comments on introduction, so she remained silent, watching as Valen and Slythe exchanged nods and the boy took the seat to her right. Part of Reina felt that this was a move that said he didn't think she could handle this on her own, but the other part was quite grateful for any kind of support. It was perhaps the eerie situation, but the latter part of Reina won out and she began to feel a little better knowing that a friend was there next to her.

Chain then took it upon himself to be introduced, and did so in his usual, polite manner. Reina briefly wondered what it must be like to have to be polite to absolutely everyone. If she was forced to be courteous to Rosairie, she wouldn't be too happy.

Kyoko seemed to be badly shaken by the whole thing. The little girl wasn't her annoyingly cutesy self at all, and she had been so helpful in the elevator. Reina felt a stab of concern for the girl as she struggled to take her seat. At first she felt guilty about feeling concerned for the girl, but as with Lori, they were really on the same side, right? When Kyoko finally mustered up the courage to introduce herself properly, Reina didn't think twice about somehow gaining a kernel of respect for the girl. It took some guts to do that.

Alter Ego
February 8th, 2007, 9:17 AM
OOC: Nyah, actually Mika, Rosairie was right with the group when Charon disappeared, so let's just assume that she's been very quiet (For whatever reason, trying to keep a brave face or something, maybe?) and followed the others, just take control whenever and thanks for volunteering. ^.^

Oh, and Melissa, seconded about the music. I just recently discovered that Evanescence is a perfect source of inspiration for coming up with creepy and angsty bits. As for Haunted...well, I count myself as lucky that I couldn't even make out the lyrics properly, but what I did catch was...disturbing to say the least. So yeah, 'don't particularly care for' was maybe a bit of an understatement. xP Anyway, don't worry, Melissa: I don't think anyone who knows you could ever mistake you for an emo. xD

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"Well mannered as I've been told." Slythe replied to Chain's introduction, maintaining his smile which - in contrast to Lori's - could easily have passed for a genuine one to anyone who didn't know better, his hand smoothly moving forward to shake Chain's, "And yes, mr.Quaixer, I do indeed know of your name. My trusted security chief mentioned you." the CEO didn't let as much as a muscle in his friendly expression as he said this and his tone didn't betray any change either, "He was quite impressed with your...skills." he continued conversationally, "It's not often one gets such praise from a man like him. Especially in troubling times like these..." he paused, casting a mournful glance across the darkened room, "First that malicious hacking attempt and now this..." he tutted, "It's shameful, people might think I'm keeping them in the dark..." for a moment, Valen thought he caught sight of a grin on the CEO's face, but after the strain forced him to blink the moment was gone, Slythe speaking up again "Funny, isn't it, how a single misfortune - a malicious virus, so to speak - can cause such changes to one's life, is it not?" even though his expression didn't shift, his eyes locked directly with Chain's at the statement, remaining there for a very brief but rather awkward moment, "Oh, but I am rambling now, aren't I?" he added, letting out another one of his disturbing chuckles and reverting back to his amiable persona, "My apologies. It must be age getting to me. Just imagine when I get really old...I'll probably never know when to shut up." he chuckled a bit again, "Nonetheless, I am infinitely pleased to have you with us." he nodded, pausing briefly before turning his gaze on Kyoko.

"And I notice that the other trainer my dear security chief mentioned has joined us as well. Kyoko, I believe he called you? I do apologize if Vincent's tactless behaviour caused you distress..." the CEO offered her his warmest smile, "He is a good man, but a bit over-pedantic and careless with his words at times. No taste for mystery, I'm afraid. A pity, that..." he bowed his head mournfully for a moment, "Nonetheless, you have certainly proven yourself to be the black horse of this tournament, Miss Kyoko, standing your ground when others much older and larger than you fled in terror and fighting your way up the ranks. Impressive...very impressive indeed. That only goes to show them that you can't judge a book by its cover, does it not? My congratulations on your eighth placing and welcome. I'll be watching your progress with great interest." with that, he leaned back in his chair again, like a viper reeling back to strike again, as he waited for the others to step closer.

Valen, meanwhile, was watching Kyoko's internal struggle with a mixture of feelings. Part of him wanted nothing more than to watch the pesky little girl squirm, but the rest...Valen wasn't ready to accept it consciously, but something inside him had begun thinking of them as a sort of team (Largely due to Kyoko's intervention in the elevator, probably) and as the girl approached what looked like a complete breakdown he felt an uncharacteristic urge to step in and help, but then again - his subconscious reasoned - this was completely natural. A chain was only as strong as its weakest link, after all, and links didn't get much weaker than Kyoko. If she broke down she would probably drag Rosairie over the brink with her, those two would probably pull along Chain and that would be more than enough revealed weakness for Slythe to pull the whole lot of them apart. Fortunately, Kyoko had remained in control for now, but with the way things seemed to be going it was probably only a matter of time until he had to step in, himself.

February 8th, 2007, 12:24 PM

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If I fail with Rose, don't, please don't, maul me completely mmkays? I'll post it right after club gets out, I'm going to get dragged away without even posting this much if I don't hurry it up.


Slythe's tone actually scared her more than his actual words. Sweetness mixed with a tart underlying sour that hinted at many different things, all of which were too confusing to really take part aside from one little proven truth; she'd really put a thorn in Vincent's side and if Slythe knew, who was to say other people didn't? Her mind reeled at the thoughts now spiraling around this newfound information and in addition to the light headache that still lingered from her almost sleepless ordeal the previous night, it soon magnified into something that would've made her swoon had she not been sitting down already. Her first thought was to look for her Onee-san... but Rose was too deeply involved in problems of her own to notice And I'd just... I'd just get in the way. Looking instead to Reina, a thought crossed her mind and Kyoko did something then she'd never really done before and would probably regret later when she recieved an ear full from either Valen or Reina, depending on who got to her first.

Loosening her grip to just a single arm around the shadow pokemon, she scooted her chair a little closer to Reina's own chair and hesitantly leaned her head against the newfound shoulder. The soothing warmth did wonders for her still pounding head and after a few minutes, the worst of it passed. Little pink eyes peered up lightly at the older girl, a light nervous blush on her cheeks. Mumbling at a level only Reina's ears would most likely pick up, she managed to get out a sentance without stuttering, "Please let me stay here for a little bit...? I won't ever bother you again if you let me."

She knew that when the introductions were finished, she'd have to sit up and act professional but until then, prehaps she could stay here...?

February 8th, 2007, 4:38 PM
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Reina listened to Slythe ramble on about things she really didn't think concerned her personally. She supposed that he had prepared for each person their own little greeting. Chain would no doubt take it well, he always did. Kyoko though... why was it that Reina kept worrying about her?! She was a stupid, pathetic little girl that was whiny, useless and-- coming her way?

Reina blinked, thinking that perhaps she had seen wrong, but no, suddenly she felt the soft plop of a small person's head on her shoulder. Her shoulder! Her first thought was to hurl the little girl off of her in shock and disgust; but her second thought was, unfortunately, the one that stuck. The painful thought of what Tabansi would have to say.

'She's not one of the girls from back home. One chance is all she deserves, but you need to give it to her.'

'GREAT!' Reina thought to herself, 'This is JUST how I wanted to look in front of Slythe!' Here she was, at a time when she could have made Kyoko really hurt and suffer from the annoying crap she had been doing all yesterday and today, and she was backing down like a soft-hearted fool. Kyoko whispered in a low voice to her and Reina didn't reply. She wasn't about to let herself become another clingy-toy of Kyoko's by acting all-too-happy about this. It was enough that she wasn't tossing the girl aside like a rag doll.

So she sat there silently, turning her head to look at Valen with a pained expression that clearly said, 'Why me?'

February 8th, 2007, 6:17 PM

For a full minute, Chain found himself at the edge of almost, struggling inwardly not to allow himself to make the ever-near, ever-easy step off the brink that would drop himself from the already-perilous 'almost' to reality. Almost flinching, almost stepping away, almost faltering . . . A growl of suppressed defensiveness almost gripped the hacker's throat, fading before it evinced itself in a similar manner to the change in expression that had almost crossed his face.

Sensitive to even the slightest movement, the candle flames about the room flickered, sending violent shadows stretching and twisting about the room's occupants, shadows like demons straining to escape from some dark dimension. For a brief moment, the fire illuminated Chain's eyes, giving a definite light to their mingling colours and trying to reveal the mixed emotions scarcely held back by his soul's twin windows. Chain was silent longer than he wanted to be, but knew he should not speak until he had more fully regained control of himself.

"I'm not worthy of the compliment," Chain replied, meeting Slythe's eyes despite every urge not to, and choosing his words with painful care. "But I appreciate it nonetheless. Still, it really is a shame the world is coming to what it is."

Chain turned and made his way toward the closest unoccupied chair. Now facing away from Slythe, the trainer finally allowed a momentary, still held, flash of emotion to pass across his features. Currently, Chain's mind was unsteady, unclear, and somehow felt unable to comprehend any notion except one: He needed to regain his composure. This was when Chain needed to be at his peak, and yet he was more shaken than he had been since the tournament's start. As he seated himself, Chain cast an expressionless glance toward the others before returning his gaze to Slythe.

Alright, just put together what you know . . . Think calmly. If I didn't know it before, at least now it's been rather certainly confirmed that Slythe knows about the hacking incident earlier. Evidently he also knows my history and is aware of the events surrounding 'that' time. If someone had gone through that experience, anyone could guess that memories of it might be a type of Achilles' heel for the person--especially someone as perceptive as Slythe. At the moment, none of the tournament participants seem to be fully alright, though--another reason I cannot allow myself back down. So even if my movements are limited, right now, I'll at least remain calm and take in what I can.

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February 9th, 2007, 10:56 AM
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'Come on, people...' Valen thought impatiently as the situation seemed to be shifting rapidly in Slythe's favour, casting another annoyed glance over his shoulder, 'Walk up to the stupid desk, accept your bloody welcoming speeches, and sit down in your goddamn chairs!' he absent-mindedly tapped the armrest in agitation. Whatever barb Slythe had concealed in his words had certainly hit its mark. Despite the calm facade, Chain had been a finger's push away from plunging over the edge after the statement, and yet Slythe had left him there. Just his style, come to think of it, he liked to toy with people. 'Come on, Chain...' the boy thought for himself, casting a discreet glance at the hacker, 'I'm counting on you to be strong here, don't go Kyoko on me...'

Yes, Kyoko...Valen shifted his glance back towards the whimpering girl child only to find that she was...clinging to Reina's arm? What the-? When did that happen? At first, the boy felt a strong urge to yank the pesky little parasite straight of his friend's arm, but he constrained himself - even though this took some effort. First off, Kyoko was already disbalanced, and with the situation being what it was, he could hardly be handing Slythe any additional weapons by detoriating it further. And besides, he reasoned, Reina was a tough girl - funny, a few days back he would have considered that expression an oxymoron - she would be able to stand up for herself against Kyoko. Still, it didn't change the fact that that suffering expression on her face was...almost painful to watch. 'Why me?' the question was written all over her face, but Valen had no real answer for it.

"Because she hates me?" he suggested, mouthing his response as quietly as he could. If Slythe had overheard - which Valen assumed he had - he certainly gave no indication of it, leaning back comfortably in his chair and smiling like he would have wanted nothing more than to embrace the whole world, a serpent masquerading as a benefactor.

February 9th, 2007, 3:18 PM

Well... here goes nothing. @-@ drumroll please~

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VALEN THOUGHT A BAD WORD! -stuffs soap in his brain-


So, it all came down to this.

A set of doors seperated the girl from the champion. A set of doors seperated her from the spoiled child she didn't want to be anymore and there was no way on this green earth she was going to stop now. She'd stayed in the back, letting everyone else sit down after making their own introductions before she, the only one unnerved as of yet, stepped forward. She would've shook his had she not been utterly repulsed by the yick of it. She had aboslutely no idea where that hand had been and was unable to completely hide all of her disgust. Had it really been up to her, she wouldn't have shaken it but with Valen, with that self-centered ungrateful annoyance staring almost directly into her skull, she swallowed what bit of her pride she could and shook his hand briefly. "I'm Rosairie." Not waiting for a response, she walked to nearest empty chair, unfortunately putting her next to Chain and Valen and gracefully sat down in it, crossing her legs like a good little lady.

She was going to show everyone up by keeping cool like mature grown-ups did and then maybe they would think twice before insulting her again

Reina didn't need to worry. The moment she'd tensed up, Kyoko had moved right back to where she had been previously, flinching at the obvious dislike Reina had displayed. Withering back into her own chair as though she'd been slapped, she shook her head once before stuffing it into the warmth of her Shuppet who was ready to create some havoc if something didn't prevent it. For the time being, she forced a most-likely unwanted thought into both Reina and Valen's heads, the tone of it almost too calm.

You stupid stupid children. You can't act your age for more than two seconds, can you? She wasn't hurting a bloody thing by leaning against you Reina, other that your over inflated pride and Valen, I don't remember her saying she hated you. Both of you, stop adding to this situation or I swear I'll float over there and knock some sense into both of your skulls. Scowling once more at the two of them, Reina more specificially, she closed her eyes and went back to being a squishy pillow capable of making all one's worries go away.

When on earth was this thing going to start?

February 9th, 2007, 7:42 PM
Cona, frankly, had no idea what had taken place in the elevator. Some sort of teaming up between Kyoko and Valen to irritate Lori was all the girl could get out of it. She folded her arms, listening on as the boy and girl began to babble on about old people and things of the sort. The trainer managed a small smile at their words, deciding not to question their actions for once, as she dusted her shirt and pants, readying herself for the approaching ceremony. The Marshtomp beside her fell silent as well, disliking the cramped space in the elevator, he latching himself next to his trainer, breathing a sigh of relief when Lori announced that they had arrived.

While the others proceeded to introduce themselves in the dark room, Cona took off her hat and brushed her hand over it like she had done with her attire, 'We're finally here, Dad. Finally.' the voice in her head gave the girl a new strength, filling her with confidence and encouragement as she plopped the white hat back onto her head. She realised that most of the group were done with introductions, and that they were probably impatiently waiting for her to get over with hers as well, glancing at the shivering Marshtomp who apparently thought that candles were never the best source of light. Cona grabbed Kry's pokeball out of her pocket, showing him the device before silently withdrawing him into the sphere.

She tucked the Marshtomp's pokeball back into her pocket, before walking up to Slythe and greeting him in the most polite fashion she could think of. "Um. Hello, Sir. The name's Cona."She took off her hat for a moment, surveying the CEO's features, for a split second, mistaking him for Valen. Thoughts of what evil a man of his position, and looks, could reek upon the world clawed at her mind, but she strained a smile despite that, turning around and shuffling to one of the remaining three seats located next to Reina. She sat down wordlessly, deciding not to make so much as a peep until the whole ceremony had passed, observing Slythe and the rest as she narrowed her brightly coloured eyes in suspicion.

February 10th, 2007, 7:07 AM
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'That ungrateful little brat!' Reina scathingly thought as Kyoko decided to go back to her seat. Once again, Reina was forced to wonder what the girl had expected. A pat on the head? Complete acceptance? A hug?! She knew that Reina didn't like her, and yet she chose to do it still. Hadn't Reina been quiet? Hadn't she let the little, pathetic girl stay with her? Apparently though, this wasn't good enough, as Reina would have had to smile and coo to keep her from leaving.

Kyoko's Shuppet then made her thoughts on the matter clear, much to Reina's frustration. 'Excuse me?!' she thought back, unaware of whether or not the reply would actually be heard by the pokemon, 'Did I throw her off of me in disgust? No! I was willing to let her stay with me because I was actually, believe it or not, worried about her. But no, because I didn't act like her best friend, it's not good enough for her! I don't know why she didn't just go clutch to Rosairie anyway, they're the "best friends".'

Reina tried to breathe evenly in an attempt to calm herself. This was not what she should be focusing on right now. Kyoko's issues were unimportant compared to Slythe. At least the only one left to sit was Avery. That's when she realized that JJ was not there. She frowned a little in slight confusion, wondering what had happened to him. Perhaps he had decided to get out of this place? Whatever the case, Reina couldn't help feeling a little sorry that he couldn't be here.

She looked to Slythe now, her face still frowning from her inner feelings.

Alter Ego
February 10th, 2007, 7:52 AM
OOC: Nyah, actually, that looks like a Rosairie to me. 'cept she might have curtsied to Slythe to be all prim and proper instead of shaking his hand. That's just nitpickiness, though. :3


'Is that so? Valen though back coldly, as a member of Team Viper he had been specially trained to handle ghost pokémon and so the presence in his mind did little more but annoy him. He wasn't afraid in the least, and he had a bone to pick with this particular Shuppet, 'It's not like either of us pushed her away, you know. All that brat has done since we ran into her is trying to annoy the heck out of both of us. What did she expect? A hug and a pat on the head? If getting to do her leaning isn't good enough for her then that's her problem, not ours. I don't have the time or patience to bother with that spoiled brat right now, and neither do I want to waste any more effort on conversing with a semi-sentinent wiping cloth, so why don't you just get back to snuggling with her before I lose what's left of my patience and finish what I started back at the hospital, eh? It's not like I'm her precious nee-chan or whatever she calls her clingtoys. Oh, and one more thing...' he added, 'When a person goes out her way to make my life miserable I tend to think of it as hate, sometimes you don't need to say things to show them.'

Slythe, meanwhile, was paying attention to an alltogether different conversation, "A pleasure to meet you, miss Beaumont." he replied, smoothly shaking the offered hand, allowing his grip to linger a bit longer than necessary, "I think I know your father, by the way..." he added in his usual conversational way, "A talented businessman, yes, talented indeed. Oh, and how is his wife...Zelda, was it?" his smile became slightly friendlier at this point, "It's always so lovely to see your little family idyl, really makes me think of what I had to give up to become what I am..."

He then turned his attention to Cona, "And this would be miss Brindge?" the CEO continued smoothly, "It's...infinitely pleasing to have you here as well. Do make yourself comfortable. After all..." his smiled widened slightly, "...what is there to be afraid of? Secret cameras? Alien Abductors?" he laughed in his trademark manner, as if to indicate that the notion was utterly silly, "I assure you, there is no need to be tense." he turned his gaze towards the door at the end of the statement, pausing for a moment.

"Whenever you're ready, miss Williams." he remarked casually, staring straight into the darkness where Avery stood, "I'm sure that everyone is anxious for this ceremony to start, so if you would be so kind..." he leant back a bit again, allowing the sentence to float unfinished in the air.

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February 10th, 2007, 8:36 PM

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Needless to say, the second elevator gave off the same feeling as the first one. The walls were just a little too close together, and so of course, it didn't help that there were so many people inside. Avery resorted to deep breaths, closing her eyes to block out the constant 'bickering' between the other humans, particularly the remarks from Lori. Ugh, there is a total lack of harmony in this joint.. Avery thought to herself, struggling to prevent a few 'comments' from escaping her. What I need to do is sing a song. Yeah, that's what I'll do. Forget about everything.

Absentmindedly, Avery walked out of the elevator, along with everyone else, once it had reached its destination. Strangely, though, she didn't even seem to notice that she was no longer in need of singing a song. What should I sing? A song about stars? Poverty? Binoculars? How about a sad song?

"Don't make it bad.. Take a sad song, and make it better." Avery mumbled the words under her breath, and then shifted her attention to a particularly shiny plaque on the door in front of her. Slythe? Avery thought, tilting her head and pursing her lips. ..Who in their right mind would name their kid Slythe? Eventually, after a few minutes passed--with Avery doing nothing of interest beside staring at the nameplate--she thought to herself, again. Must've been a legal name-change.

"Whenever you're ready, miss Williams." A sudden, new voice startled Avery, snapping her out of her thoughts. "I'm sure that everyone is anxious for this ceremony to start, so if you would be so kind..." Turning her head, she nearly jumped again, seeing nothing but darkness ahead of her. Well, not really.

From where she stood, the light from several candles within the room illuminated what appeared to be a pale face, half-covered in purple hair, and a set of eight chairs (fancy-looking ones at that); six of them already occupied. It was apparent that everyone was waiting for her to go and greet Slythe.. who was probably the guy with the pale face.

Jeezum.. we may as well have met in a cave. After a half-hearted gulp, Avery shakily unclipped Fable's Pokeball from her belt, allowing the Sableye to return to its relative safety in a cascade of red light. For a second, the new light spilled into the room, briefly revealing a fraction of its contents like a lightning bolt would during a storm. Avery tensed, almost shouting.. she was sure that she had seen a snake somewhere in the room.. and the glimmer of its scales against the light.

Stop acting like an idiot! Everyone is waiting! Moving forward, Avery uneasily approached Slythe's desk, instantly feeling the absolute darkness impose its ghostly chill upon her skin. The absense of Fable's presence on her shoulder left Avery with an 'exposed' feeling, giving her an urge to shiver as she had done before. She gulped again, completely drained of all thoughts.. even more so when she actually reached Slythe, forced to look in his general direction for a greeting.

"S-Sorry.. um.. It's an honor to meet you." Avery said, shifting in place uncertainly before finally thinking to offer him a handshake, staring at a place in the darkness beyond his head so that she wouldn't have to look directly at his visible eye. As soon as she could, Avery broke away and made a beeline for the next available seat.. and almost tripped over an unseen obstacle in the carpeting before she finally made it to the 'safety' of a leather chair.

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February 11th, 2007, 8:35 AM
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"Oh, it's quite allright." Slythe replied silkily, shaking Avery's offered hand with as much enthusiaism as he had the others, "And it's an honor well-deserved, I say. To reach third place in a competition of this scale is no small feat, especially for someone largely unknown on the competitive circuit like you. Quite extaordinary, young lady, quite extaordinary indeed. Welcome."

"Now then..." the CEO continued, turning his gaze to all of the seven trainers in front of him and beaming at them in the way only he could, "Now that we are all gathered here - except for Mr.Baker, who quite graciously informed me of his absence - allow me to congratulate you once more for your outstanding performrance during the tournament. You are all...extaordinary trainers, strong both in battle and resolve, a rare and precious quality in these times..."

'Yadda, yadda, yadda...' Valen thought for himself, zoning out from Slythe's speech, 'I know that that's just your snare, so why don't you just start tightening it like I know you will?'

"Let me assure you, arrangements have been made for your prizes. They should be brought in momentarily-ah, here they are."

He turned his gaze sidewards, a new beam of light spilling into the room as a generic - although decidedly fit-looking - Waiwai grunt walked in from a small side-room. His countenance was calm, but behind the black shades he practically stank of fear as he scuttled over to Slythe and whispered something in his ear.

"As I recall..." Slythe whispered back, although the tone seemed to have been left loud enough to be heard intentionally, "You said that you would have them here in no time."

"I-I know sir." the grunt replied, "But there have been slight complications, they should be here soon-"

"Well then..." Slythe whispered back sweetly, "I shall be expecting to see the prizes here in less than no time. I am the CEO of a multi-million company and I will not have my guests inconvenienced any further. Do I make myself clear?"

"Ye-yes sir!" the grunt replied.

"Good." the CEO said in his kind voice, "Off you go then."

Dismissing the grunt with a wave of his hand before turning back to face the tournament winners.

"I'm terribly sorry..." he said with smooth sincerity, "But due to a mix-up on my subordinates' part, your prizes have been sent to the wrong end of the building." the man frowned, "I do apologize, but not to worry, they should be here shortly."

"While we're waiting, however..." the CEO added, Valen immediately growing more alert as he sensed the point coming, "There is a matter I would like to discuss with you all...a most delicate matter." the CEO paused, allowing a grave silence to fall over the room for a moment, "It is...related to the tragedy that occured during this tournament. However, because of the delicate nature of this matter, I'm afraid that I can not just divulge the information before you promise something." he paused again, eyeing them all seriously, "I need you to promise that the information I am about divulge will not be spread to anyone. I can not stress how disasterous it would be if the villains responsible for the destruction caught wind of what I have discovered. If you do not wish to partake in this discussion - and I will not hold it against you if you won't - may leave the room now and I will make arrangements for your rewards to be sent to you. But to those of you who have the courage and will to stand up to these evildoers. To the real heroes, as it were..." there was a glint of challenge in his eyes, "I ask that you stay and here me out. This, my dear tournament victors, is the time for your decision."

'Clever...' Valen thought for himself, 'Very clever. Accept the prize and a pat on your head and leave with your tail between your legs or sign up for the suicide mission and be a hero...well, my decision has already been made for me, hasn't it? But the others...' he cast a glance at the other six youths, 'This would be your easy way out.'

February 11th, 2007, 9:42 AM
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Decision time for Reina! Gee, what'll you think she'll pick? XD


'Finally' Reina thought to herself, watching as Avery went forward to shake Slythe's hand, 'Being cooped up in this dark hole of an office is getting past uncomfortable.'

She had calmed considerably since Kyoko's move, and had effectively pushed the negative thoughts in which Kyoko really had been thrown to the ground by her to the back of her mind. Surely things would get more interesting once everyone was seated and listening; and they did. First off, there were the prizes, and Reina couldn't for the life of her guess what they could be. TMs? No, that didn't seem special enough, and if Slythe had a hand in picking them out then... Reina needed Tabansi. He was much better at guessing these things. She really did need to get better at this sort of thing; she didn't like relying on her pokemon to help her with this.

Reina's gaze shifted to the grunt that had come in to explain where the prizes were. He was sincere sounding, but Reina couldn't help but be suspicious. It was, after all, Slythe, and Valen was clear about the way the man operated. There was just something off about it all. After the man left, Slythe continued to talk, beginning to speak of something far more interesting to Reina-- the chanting monk-people from the tournament.

She leaned forward a little, listening more alertly. He made it clear that he was going to say nothing until they promised not to tell anyone. Well, that was simple enough. The only ones who Reina would confide in were her brothers, who were away with their own families, her father, who would dismiss it as some kind of governmental conspiracy-- Reina suddenly thought of Cona-- her pokemon, who were probably not included in this, and Valen, who was sitting in this room with them. He spoke of courage and heroes... this confused Reina a little. Were they really heroes? What did they know about standing up to evil? Reina did try and take out that monk guy, but he rode away impressively on a huge Steelix, while Reina was doubled over from a punch in the stomach. That hadn't seemed very heroic to her.

One thing was for sure though; if there was a challenge to be had, and someone thought Reina up to the challenge, she would most definitely agree to it. An opportunity like this didn't come along every day. Besides, all he seemed to want was to talk about it... right? Somewhere, in the back of Reina's mind, there was a skeptical voice that doubted Slythe was just expecting a rousing discussion. But even with suspicions, Reina was not one to back down out of fear.

"I promse," she said confidently. 'I am not afraid,' she thought sternly to herself.

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February 11th, 2007, 7:58 PM

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Gosh.. Avery gulped a third time since stepping into the office, glancing to her left every few seconds. Why did this seat have to be next to the.. snake? Her eyes darted back to Slythe, seeing that he was busy talking to some sort of employee. Once she had confirmed she wasn't missing anything important, Avery looked back into the empty darkness. No.. just some decoration shaped like a snake. Dang, this lighting is creeping me out. Avery suddenly had the urge to fidget and adjust her seat, slowly becoming even more uncomfortable with Slythe's tone as he got to talking about prizes and.. delicate matters.

"It is...related to the tragedy that occured during this tournament."

Immediately, Avery reached for the armrest on her right side, gripping it tightly with both hands. The word 'tragedy' was suddenly triggering a desire to remember something..about the tournament? Tragedy.. Meanwhile, Slythe kept speaking, although Avery was still focusing on her memory, absentmindedly fingering the Pokeballs on her belt. Wait..

Avery's hand lingered over Diamond's Pokeball for a second, and suddenly, in her mind's eye she could clearly see the Lairon charging at her from behind, roaring with an uncharacterisitic insanity. The memory came back all too swiftly, filling Avery with an unbridled concern over Diamond's well-being. That's right.. I was fighting in the tournament. I released D. and she just.. went crazy. And now I still don't know what was wrong with her!

Meanwhile, Slythe continued, although Avery was disoriented at this point and only picked up parts of his speech. "..villains responsible for the destruction caught wind of what I have discovered...have the courage and will to stand up to these evildoers..."

Villians? Evildoers? Avery thought, narrowing her eyes. So it was people who made Diamond that way!? Yeah, because there were other Pokemon acting like that, too..! Her grip on the armrest tightened, even more so than it already was. Someone.. manipulated her! Ugh, why didn't I realize this sooner..well, duh, I couldn't remember anything, but still..! Avery's concern was suddenly mixed with anger, sending unrest throughout her body. Her memories weren't so hazy anymore, and finally, the events that took place before Diamond's manipulation--the journey to Twilight City by train, the start of the tournament--were slowly coming back into focus, instead of being one big blur. ..Ugh! Why can't I remember anything else clearly!

"I promise."

That was the older, redheaded girl (Isn't her name Reina?), who was responding to Slythe's last sentence. She was going to stick around and hear information about the "evildoers." And.. I want to know, too. I have to find a way to get back at these guys for what they did to Diamond.

"Yeah. I-I promise, too." Avery said, quite stiffly.

February 12th, 2007, 2:32 AM
Cona blinked as light flooded into the room, shifting her head to the left to see a Waiwai grunt entering from a side room, it seemed that the prizes that had been arranged for them had been.. delayed. “Odd..”Cona did not let down her gaze as the grunt departed, and Slythe proceeded to speak once more. She sat back, stiffening as the CEO began to speak of a 'tragedy' that had occured during the tournament. Almost immediately, all the girl's thoughts came to her halt as she gave full concentration to the man's words.

She listened intently as he told them that first, they had to promise that the information was to be kept strictly within this tight circle. Cona couldn't help but glance over her shoulder to the door when Slythe mentioned that they had a choice to withdraw themselves from the matter. “No way.”the trainer drilled the words into her head as she turned back to the front, replaying the end of his sentence in her head once more.

“But those of you who have the courage and will stand up to these evildoers. To the real heroes, as it were...”

“Heroes?”Cona cocked an eyebrow as she tried to understand the simple word. Why were they suddenly being referred to as heroes? “But we just.. topped the tournament..”the words whispered themselves in her mind, as she sank into her chair, hands gripping onto the bag on her lap. The girl was hesitant to admit that she felt rather.. fearful. Then again, this was probably a once in a lifetime chance. To foil the plot of a secret organisation and bring glory to the Brindge name. While, on the other hand, it could possibly be Slythe who was the root of all of this, and he was merely leading them into a vile trap.

And, the part about the destruction caused by the villains, true, Cona wasn't there to witness it first hand, but.. Did they perhaps have something to do with the sudden change in behaviour of the certain Pokemon, that including Krystal? The girl frowned at the thought. If anything, she wanted to teach the people responsible for controlling her Marhstomp a lesson, something along the lines of revenge. Whether or not this was just another malicious plan created by Slythe himself, Cona couldn't afford to pass up on the offer. She waited for Reina and Avery to declare that they would keep their word before opening her mouth.

“Can't say I'm backing down now,”she softly assured herself before adjusting her voice, “Me three. Promise.”she spoke, failing at the attempt to sound brave, though she managed not to stutter.

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February 12th, 2007, 10:28 AM
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'Well, I should have expected that...' Valen concluded as Reina announced that she wouldn't back down, '...which pretty much seals it for me too.' the boy paused, allowing Cona and Avery to speak up first. Surprisingly, both agreed as well. Sure, it was half-expected from a nut like Cona, but Avery too? He cast a quizzical glance in the girl's direction. She certainly seemed...scared, so whatever reason had compelled her must have been pretty pressing to make her agree to this.

"I'm in as well." Valen replied, his voice betraying nothing but slight boredom, much unlike the others.

"Excellent..." Slythe remarked, beaming at the acceptants and clasping his hands together, "Simply excellent. It is truly refreshing to see such resolve in times like these. Now then..." he added, allowing his gaze to move over the remaining three, "Shall any of you be leaving?"

'Kyoko and Rosairie might as well...' Valen thought scathingly. No, not just thought, he hoped for it. Regardless of what decision he would make about his...assignment, the boy was positive that having those two screaming and fainting all over the place wouldn't help matters, 'Come on...' he thought, slightly annoyed, '...just say 'no'.'

February 18th, 2007, 12:36 PM

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Fingernails aren't really supossed to break the skin of the palm and they are unable to do so unless a considerable amount of force is added. The pink haired child seemingly applied the required pressure as, invisible to those around the table, a small trail of blood was now trickling down the back side of her arm, pooling lightly around her elbow.

The condenscending stares. The haughty expressions from disapproving people who saw her as nothing more than a road block on the pathway to prosperity. Those disgusted sighs that were accompanied by the shifting of matter in the squeaky high end chairs. She couldn't take another second of it. How dare these people, these insignificant little pestilances, treat her as though she was nothing more than a vaccum sucking up the breathing air in the room? How dare they? Who did they possibly think they were? I've had more... Than I can take of all of this. They've simply pushed me too far this time, don't you agree Shuppy? Her thought ended before the ghost could protest this new change of mood in her young charge and with a light smile on the child's features, Kyoko opened her eyes and ithout making even the most minut of noises, she gently released the ghost in her arms and let the purple pokemon return to its slumber in its pokeball.

Kyoko very slowly and oh so silently, sat upright in such a posture that was not really natural for a child to use. Turning towards Valen with a slight tilt of her head, she simply gave him some sort of look that included her eyes glowing several different shades of suffering that had been induced by hour upon hour of brutal torture that would then leave the victim quite simply writhing in a state that wasn't too far off from a psychotic break. After a moment or two of this haunting litte ordeal, her eyes flickered back to her normal neutrality as she turned towards Slythe as a very soft voice, much unlike what the rest of the group was used to, escaped the back of her throat.

"I apologize for my nervousness. With no insult directed at your personal taste, I have an unexplainable dislike for theses sorts of candles. As for the other matter, I graceously accept your proposal. Evil has no place in any world and I fear," 'No, I know...' "that whatever this tragedy might be, would inevidably repeat itself." Throwing her hair lightly to the side, she slipped back into her normal mood, her voice also returning to its sickening flowery sweetness, "Tragedies aren't good at all, ne? So we have to stop them from happening again, ne?" Giggling, she shook her head like a child would, a child who's making a serious statement but cannot be serious because of their size, "I doubt that Slythe-taichou would like Mamas crying because their ickle little ones aren't ever coming home 'gain, ne?"

February 18th, 2007, 3:40 PM
OOC: Wouldn't Rosairie go along with this to prove she wasn't some kind of pathetic rich girl? I should think at the very least she'd promise just to help/protect Kyoko. :3 I think.

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Reina watched closely as Avery stepped forward and promised Slythe too. The girl seemed pretty scared, so Reina was pleasantly surprised to see that she was agreeing to this. Then again, Avery had seemed to be an okay person when Reina had spoken to her right after they had registered. She was perhaps a bit too cheerful for her taste, but Reina herself went through small bouts of cheerfulness.

When Cona agreed too, Reina wasn't too sure what to think. Cona was an odd person; who knew what strange things she would think up regarding the monk people. But it didn't bother her that the girl had joined in.

Kyoko though; she was another matter. Reina had been feeling better about her in the elevator, but after that little stunt a few minutes ago, the redhead sincerely hated the idea of having spend more time with her. Reina watched as the girl gave a rather odd look to Valen-- whatever that was about, Reina could never fully understand what Valen did that was so wrong-- and then began to speak quite smartly to Slythe.

Reina glanced at Valen as the girl talked, thinking, 'I do believe Slythe's insanity is rubbing off on her.'

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February 19th, 2007, 3:50 AM
OOC: I concur, I'm pretty sure that she'd do it just to spite Valen and Reina. Besides, the contest was supposed to be Rosairie's big claim to fame and now that it's ruined I think she'd be pretty tempted to seize on a new opportunity to become a famous hero and prove that she's not just a helpless daddy's girl. ^.~ And of course, there's also the whole sisterly protecting Kyoko aspect of the thing. So yeah, pick a reason, any reason. Anyway, would you mind finish the sentence that begins "With no insult directed at your personal taste, I have an"? It kind of stops at the middle so it's difficult for me to write Slythe's reaction. So yish, IC to come when I get to know what she said. :3

February 23rd, 2007, 8:38 PM

Well, if Kyoko, Valen, Reina and Reina's little groupies were going to do it, then so was she. Maybe this tragedy had something to do with a diplomatic situation (Which in truth was something Rosairie actually knew quite a deal about from her father-experiecnes) or maybe a town in danger! Rosairie's imagination quickly wandered along several different paths and without really understanding what she was doing, she abruptly sat up, slamming her hands into the table, "Count me in!"

Immediately embarassed, she straightened out her skirt and sat back down, coughing lightly to clear her throat, "I mean, I'll take part in it. A dignified woman of class never turns her face away from any sort of tragedy." And if Reina's going along on this, they definately need me. She added inwardly, stiffling a giggle in the process, That witch is anything but dignified and I'll be able to show that wretched little boy how he was wrong to challange me and my Daddy. So what if I've got more money than he'll see in all of his years; it's not just about the money, it's about how you spend the money, that's what Daddy always says. Giggling lightly, she stole a glace at Valen and nearly lost control of herself, They'd be lost without me and they know it. In a way, it's simply adorable.

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As Kyoko turned to look Valen into the eye, something within the boy snapped. Something in that gaze, that utter reflection of suffering and torment had struck a chord within him, and needless to say it wasn't a chord he appreciated people touching. 'No, she's not the same and will never be.' Valen told himself, trying with all his might to banish the burning stare and the memories it evoked from his mind as he purposefully turned his gaze elsewhere, 'Kyoko is nothing but a malicious, manipulative little witch. I refuse to equate her with-'

"Ah...that is...most unfortunate about the candles, Miss Kyoko." Slythe replied to the girl's response in a diplomatic tone, mercifully cutting Valen's internal monologue short, "But I am most pleased by your decision. Then again, I would have expected no less from our famous underdog contenstant." he nodded, brushing off the last remark in his usual smooth manner, "And your...enthusiaism is much appreciated, Miss Beaumont." the CEO added in Rosairie's direction, pretending not to notice Valen's frustrated groan at the two acceptances, "As for you, Mr.Quaixer." he added in the continuously silent Chain's direction, "I shall treat your silence as that of consent. If that is not the case, you are quite free to use the door behind you any moment you wish."

After a few moments of symbolic waiting, Slythe brought his fingertips together and beamed at them once more, "I think that is a sufficient response." the CEO remarked, "Ah, and how convenient-" he added as the electric lighting suddenly flicked back on, banishing the shadows to reveal nothing more than your average office, complete with a number of important-looking binders and files stacked onto bookcases on the sides and even an innocent little potted plant in the corner, "It seems like the wiring has finally been fixed. Most fortitious, no?" he turned to the others for confirmation, although this was more of a rhetorical gesture than anything, "A pity that we shall have to turn the lights off for what follows next. Valen, if you could push that switch on the left-hand wall I'd be much obliged."

Resisting to urge to scoff at the blatantly arranged feel of it all, the boy did as he was told, darkness once again falling over the room as he made his way back to the chair.

"Now then..." Slythe continued, blowing out the candles and begining to operate something in the dark, "I just have to adjust a few things and-ah...here we are." he smiled as a compartment in the desk slid open with a quiet whir, some kind of electronic device flickering into life and projecting a blue square of light into the air above it, once again granting a measure of illumination which didn't fail to play its eerie games across his face, although the effect wasn't quite as otherwordly as that of the candles.

"Now as you presumably know." Slythe's voice remarked from somewhere within the haze that was slowly falling over Valen's mind - a combination of the lack of fresh air and constant darkness, he assumed - "The miscreants responsible for this horrible atrocity were no ordinary terrorists..." at this point, he tapped a number of commands onto a keyboard beneath the desk, the image of a brown-robed individual of indeterminable features appearing over the blue square, "This..." Slythe continued, gesturing at the hologram, "...is as close an estimation of their uniforms as we could put together based on witness descriptions and what little video fotage we managed to capture. Of course, we can not make many conclusions based solely on clothes, but certain witnesses..." he cast a brief glance in Reina's and Valen's direction, "...also attest to having heard them chanting. They also mentioned a name...Typhoeus. Thus, I am inclined to believe that we are dealing with a cult, and judging by the ease with which they bypassed our security measures and the destruction they managed to cause it also seems clear that these people are not to be taken lightly." he let his gaze travel across all of them as he continued, "This attack was obviously nothing but a test of our defenses. They made it quite clear that they will strike again, and the next time they do so they won't hold back. And that..." he added, "Brings us back to what I wished to discuss with you. You see, a businessman of my calibre can not allow such destructive conflicts. They are terrible for both society and business. I've had some research done into the nature of this Typhoeus, and the results are disturbing to say the least..." he tapped a few commands into the keyboard again, the image of the hooded man vanishing and that of a withered old stone tablet - its surface filled with cryptic runes - appearing in its place.

"This is what my research team came up with. This stone tablet is a relic nearly two millenia old. Those of you familiar with the history of our event will no doubt have realized the significance of this already, but to those who don't..." he took a dramatic pause, "Roughly two thousand years ago, the world was - or so the legend go - ruled by a powerful quintet of tyrants. No-one knows how, but these remarkable individuals were so in-tune with the natural world that they could make any pokemon do their bidding. Needless to say, these rulers were worshiped like gods but also feared like devils, and to further entrench their power they set up a sizeable priesthood led by their most fanatical followers with which to lord over their people. Those were dark days..." his voice sounded somewhat distant at the point, but soon regained its usual tone as he finished, "Of these five mentioned in the tablet, the one with the greatest power and the one worshiped above all others was a man named Tyfeeis. Or..." he added, dragging out the last bit to build the tension, "...as the modern scribes spell it, Typhoeus."

March 13th, 2007, 4:17 PM
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Chain was silent for a long moment, listening to the others give their assent as he mentally reviewed Slythe's words. By this time, the hacker had regained most of his composure and was processing each phrase and tone with his usual level-headed reason. Forcing us to agree to play on his terms--making it seem like we have a choice. Not an entirely original technique, but it apparently has not lost its effectiveness. As Kyoko spoke, Chain turned toward her, his calm expression not revealing the faint surprise he felt in response to the change in the girl. Himself appearing to grow increasingly distant, the green-eyed male studied her posture, expression, and inflection without appearing to consider her at all. Looks like she's been pushed to her breaking point. Don't do anything you'll regret . . . Chain's eyes flickered to one side. "Same goes for you, Rosairie," he added mentally as she boldly stated her agreement. As for himself, Chain had both too many reasons to comply and too many reasons not to, to yet voice his decision.

As Slythe voiced an assumption that Chain's silence represented agreement, the trainer did not argue. He wanted to finished what he started, and he wanted answers. That much the hacker knew. Pale blue light now shedding a glassy gleam over his eyes instead of the yellowy gold candlelight he had previously grown accustomed to, Chain viewed Slythe's carefully-prepared presentation with an attentive wariness. How much of what he was being told was true, he did not know. But, true or false, better to know it than not. Hearing Reina respond to Slythe caused Chain to glance toward the girl, though only for the briefest moment. Even as the words continued to fall from Reina's lips, Chain's gaze had returned to Slythe to read what he could on the CEO's expression. Chanting, he said . . . Sound. I wonder if it's related to that project I read about. I'd like to do a little research later myself, if I get the chance. But for the moment, I'll see what becomes of the situation here.

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It was official; Kyoko and Rosairie were both insane. There was just no other explanation for their odd behavior. Would it kill those two to act normal for a change? Reina had to suppress the urge to smack them both and shake them back to reality like fainting women from a movie. It was surprising, and unfortunate, that they had both agreed to Slythe's terms; maybe there was some sense of normalcy within them.

Reina ignored them though, for there were much more interesting things going on here. Slythe was beginning to speak to them again and had assumed that Chain's answer was the same as the rest of them. Reina nodded slightly, agreeing with the man. Chain was not the type that would be satisfied with taking his little prize and leaving; that much Reina knew about him.

She had to stop herself from rolling her eyes about the lights having to go back off again. 'Oh please,' she thought to herself, 'Just get on with it already... I hate it when people can't just get down to business.' It didn't occur to her though, that Slythe's business may have included things she didn't consider important.

As Reina listened to Slythe's information, she found herself a bit disturbed. She was not so gullible that she would believe a story like that without some kind of proof, but the chanting had made those pokemon go crazy. She had to stop and think like Tabansi would-- there must have been a scientific explanation. Magic and folklore was just a bunch of interesting stories with lessons to learn, and nothing more. The lesson in this story was simple enough, and these cult members were just using the story to their advantage, right? Then... why was she feeling so strange about it all? Why was her stomach aching again in the spot that the monk guy had punched her as if it were a reminder that they were very real and certainly not a stupid story. This strange and rather annoying feeling Slythe's information was conjuring up made Reina impatient and suddenly quite bothered. Not to mention that being shut up in a dark room with Rosairie and Kyoko was not helping. She folded her arms in frustration.

"What's the point of telling us this? What is it you want us to do exactly? Fight them or something?" she said impatiently, not being careful to keep her tone of voice polite. She was tired of this manipulation and these tricks he was up to; she just wanted something reasonable. She knew it was probably not a good idea to let herself get so bothered, but Reina was never one to be careful.

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March 17th, 2007, 10:47 AM
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Valen flinched ever so slightly at Reina's outburst. He probably should have seen it coming, but this was no doubt precisely the kind of reaction Slythe had been fishing for. After all, the girl had even brought up the notion of fighting on her own accord - albeit unintentionally - so now the CEO had been granted a smooth transition to the subject, and it wasn't even one of his own making.

Sure enough, Slythe seized on the opportunity as he spoke up again.

"Oh, I do apologize, miss Rookford." he replied with his usual smooth courtesy, "My aim was to put this event in the proper context so that you may understand its rammifications properly. I did not realize that I had slipped into rambling." he smiled apologetically, "As for your question...yes and no. Talented though you are, it would be too reckless of me to send you against a foe we know so little of. What I wish to ask of you, all of you..." he surveyed the gathered youths, "...is to strike at their target, beat them to the goal, so to speak." he paused, once again absent-mindedly typing commands into the computer, "Now let me assure, I do not for one moment believe that this Typhoeus is the same as the tyrant of old." 'Liar...' Valen thought for himself, his scowl deepening a bit, 'You sure seemed convinced of it at the last meeting...', "This man, I believe, is merely a talented impostor, capitalizing on the legend to keep his followers in line and spread terror among the populace. We do not yet know how they controlled the pokémon like they did, but..." the CEO drew out his sentence just a bit, "...certain research conducted by my company suggested that pokémon showed strong reactions to certain frequencies of sound. We layed down the project out of humanitarian reasons, of course, but it may be that whoever is behind this cult has perfected what we didn't."

Slythe paused for a moment again, giving his words some time to sink in before he continued, "If this is the case, I would prefer to avoid direct confrontation as far as possible. To do so, I wish to disprove this fraud's claim to godhood, and I believe that my researchers have unveiled just the way to do that." he tapped in a final command, the hologram shifting to depict the same tropical island he had shown during Valen's briefing, complete with the mountain and the cleared out area with its structure.

"This..." the CEO continued, gesturing towards the hologram, "Is a depiction of the place I would have you visit. Kawaku's Rest, a quaint little equatorial island with some rather unique history. It's not a leisure trip, of course." he added, gesturing towards the cleared out area in the jungle, "The structure you see there is an excavation site, one of the many I fund out of my...interest in history. And this one, my research team tells me, is most likely the ultimate goal of our assailants. Carbon dating places the remnants roughly in the era of the god kings, and if we have deciphered the runes correctly, this is where the surviving resistance fighters burried what is refered to as 'a relic of the hated god'. We are not fully clear what this object is, but..." he paused, "...whatever it is, it must be posses strong symbolic value, as it is supposedly fundamental for the 'god's power. As such, it seems to me that it would be prudent to obtain this artifact for ourselves. Unfortunately..." the man continued, "We lack the resources to do so. The excavation site has been under regular attacks by wild pokémon ever since yesterday, and fending these assults off takes up too much resources for us to organize a respectable search party." he shook his head in distaste before looking up at the others again, his expression brightening, "This is where what I wish of you comes in. I would like you to head to this tomb and - with my full permission - seek out this object and return it to me. That should weaken the faith of our common adversary's legions and, at the very least, grant us something to bargain with."

Slythe took a small pause again before continuing, "I don't expect you to do this for me out of purely alturistic reasons, of course." he added, "I would see it as a considerable favor to me if you agreed, and would be prepared to repay it in kind..." he smiled at them, "I have both money and influence. I could simply pay you in money, of course, but more importantly I can offer you information...of certain...unclear issues concerning loved ones..." he cast the briefest glance at Reina and Rosairie, "...certain pieces of information that just aren't readily available..." he shifted his smile to Valen, "...and of course I have gained the blessings of the Global Police in this matter, so I am sure that they would not be beyond appreciating this as favor worthy of providing...amnesty for any unfortunate incidents in your background. Not that I'd suggest that any of you have such acts to conceal, of course." he added smoothly, his smile nonchalantly directed at Kyoko and Chain, "Overall, there is much I am willing to give for a resolution for this conflict. You may each ask me of a favor and if it is within my power to accomodate it I shall seek to do make it reality. The choice is yours..." he spread his arms out magnanimously, "...both whether you choose to accept this and what reward you wish for the task. Not to mention the fame of having thwarted a major catastrophy should you succeed. The trip will be payed, of course, and I shall hire a guide to assist you, a local familiar with the tales surrounding the tomb and capable of deciphering any runes you might come across. So, my dear tournament victors..." he gave them all one of his friendliest smiles, "What say you?"

OOC: Oh, and just as an FYI. His remark at Rosairie is hinting at Silence and the same at Reina is trying to stir up the notion that there was something fishy with her mother's death. He left it open to Avery and Cona because I couldn't for the life of me think what he could offer them. xD Well, maybe fame for Cona, but...meh, you decide. ^-^

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She wasn't going to stand for this.

No, Rosairie was not going to stand for this. How dare this little worm try and guilt the one and only Rosairie into doing something she'd planned on doing anyways so that he had some sort of power over her? Did this man not trully know who she was? Did he not know who her father was? Not to mention the problems he'd been having with Valen and his little 'escapades' and things along those lines. She didn't know much about Chain's escapade but she knew enough to know it took this Slythe too long to put a stop to it.

And yet he stood there, spouting confidence and fairytales with one breath and letting lose promises with more strings than a puppet attached to the seams.

No, Rosairie was not going to stand for it.

Rolling her eyes she looked directly at Slythe, "Issues?" She let out a soft little laugh, "Mr. Slythe, you seem to have enough issues to deal; you needn't worry about adding one of mine." She stopped, calming her giggles before she continued, "But it does seem a wee bit strange that a company of such high standings, your beloved WaiWai, would have to resort to using children to do something that sounds so dangeorus from your description because a team of mature responsible adults failed at it. Isn't that... well, a little off Mr. Slythe?" But she giggled in her overtly preppy manor, her hand daintily covering mouth as her eyes twinkled in delight, "But, if you are willing to trust this group of mere children with such a momentous little problem, I'll go along for support. After all, I am still a child though I tend to believe I don't look it."


Above the table, Kyoko's body was displaying her normal, at least for the majority of the people around the table normal, body language. However, out of Slythe's direct vision, a storm was brewing in the depths of the unlight darkness. Kyoko had torn through her gloves and was now currently digging her nails into the smooth skin of her palm. It was taking all of the energy the girl had left and then some to prevent these side effects from becoming visible. It was quickly becoming harder and harder for the girl to keep her mask on straight and on tightly (Although, at this point it was still very possible) as the more Slythe talked and let lose more propoganda about his beloved project, the more enraged the girl was becoming. To keep herself from outwardly reaching across the table and ringing Slythe's neck like a wet towel, she internalized absolutely everything negative, keeping on that adorable innocent somewhat stupid smile, nodding when a nod was due and letting out an oo, aah or a gasp when Slythe put up something shiney.

'Tsch. How stupid does this man think we really are? I bet you money, Valen, that your dear Slythie-wythie over there is lying through his teeth with this ridiculous flowered up talk of unreasonable attacks by wild pokemon on his poor innocent somewhat defenseless researchers that's prohibiting him from "saving the human race" from "uptmost certian doom" and therefore, we, the unlikely hereos must venture out into the wilderness to retrieve something a bunch of adults couldn't seem to achieve thus making it sound as though by doing so, we become better than the 'hated' adults. It sounds like a bad movie that barely made it out of the editing room. Well, I'm almost positive that he knows, in that twisted, self-centered, egotistical, self-absorbed mind of his, that his actions at the ruin are causing the pokemon to become upset, even angry because whatever he's trying to get and is now sending us to get, is not meant for human hands to touch.

Outwardly, Kyoko was letting off no indication that she was thinking such un-idiotic thoughts, that is, until Slythe hinted very strongly that he knew quiet frankly absolutely everything about absolutely everyone in the room. For the moment, she displayed a slightly startled expression and flinched lightly, playing into his twisted fantisies of omipressence for a while anyways. A moment or two after doing however and she quickly regretted it, a light paniced expression crossing her face for a split second before it was gone and replaced with a nervous little half smile.

Crap! Did I just blow my cover? Maybe flinching there wasn't what he was expecting or maybe- Bloody hell! This is what he's trying to do, isn't it? Force us into paranoid thoughts so we have to work for him to get answers or at least to push our panicy thoughts into submission. For some, he's offering answers to unsolved questions, for others, he's offering amnesty from crimes we've supossedly commited that he probably doens't even know we've commited to make us... Ugh, I'm just going in circles!

Taking a few moments to breathe, and settle the headache that was quickly peaking into a painful migraine, Kyoko listened intently to what Rosairie said in her little incredably witty (For her) little comeback and quickly tried to come up with something of her own to say; the Kyoko she'd been portraying since she arrived at this stupid thing always opened her mouth to say something to quell arguements. Now, to come up with that something. Aside from maybe Valen, all of us are buying into this idealistic nonsense as though we're still stupid little children who get into the car with the stranger holding pokeblocks and a new born eevee... Wouldn't need the WaiWai's version of the Secret Police on me, now would I? Vincent would surely like a break after what I, and mostly likely Chain to some extent, did to that poor old man' Lifting her head up, she smiled at Slythe, fingering the fabric on her skirt softly, "If you don't think I'd get in the way, I want to.. I want to help!" '...in more ways than you know.'

March 20th, 2007, 11:27 AM

'What did he just say?' Reina thought to herself. Her eyes had gone wider, her expression now slack, as if someone had wiped clean her mind and left her to sort everything out. Her mother; he was talking about her mother! She had been relieved to see that Slythe was indeed getting to the point after her question, but now she didn't know what to feel.

As quick as this feeling of shock had come on, it went away to be replaced by something of a mixture of desperation and anger. She stood up from her chair quite suddenly, though she stopped herself from going farther than that. Her eyes were no longer wide, but contracted into a glare of sheer hatred. Her hands were clenched into fists so tightly that she was now rivaling Kyoko, though her right hand couldn't complete the ensemble with the small finger splint on it. That man... he was keeping this from her so that she would help fetch his precious relic. She had never wanted to hurt someone as much as she did right now; but she had to control herself, now he was the one holding all of the cards, and he knew it. She couldn't afford to ruin her chance at this because... as much as her father always told her not to blame herself, she had.

She had to find out what he knew, she just had to. It was making her sick to her stomach thinking about how pathetic she was sounding in her own head right now, but if she wasn't the reason her mother died, then who was? If there was foul play involved, then those who were responsible needed to pay. Nothing else really seemed to matter to her now, not any of this mystic, ancient lore, just the task that needed to be completed so that she would get the information she needed.

'Damn you Slythe, is this how you get everyone to work for you?' Reina cursed him mentally. She took a breath, then spoke slowly, "Fine. I'll do what you want to get what I want, but don't expect me to smile all the way." She tried to keep her voice from shaking with anger, but there were a few points where it showed through. She didn't care what Slythe thought of this; it was already obvious that his plan had worked, but it was a little embarrassing in front of Rosairie and Kyoko, not to mention Valen.

March 20th, 2007, 4:58 PM
Well, isn't this interesting. A soundless, humorless laugh drifted through Chain's mind as Slythe mentioned the halting of what seemed to be a reference to Project Omicron for "humanitarian" reasons. This laughter was only renewed as Slythe indicated that the attackers were able to "perfect what the company did not." Pokemon going on a senseless rampage . . . Both incidents seem pretty similar to me. His expression patient and dead, Chain continued to listen to the CEO's performance, his mind constantly processing what he heard and attempting to decipher Slythe's motives. He's using us. That much is obvious. And while I'd be tempted to say that he considers us expendable, that's where I run into problems. Surely he considers enough of his own workers as insignificant enough to use them the way he is using us--and with much greater ease. So why us? Why is he going to all this trouble . . . Is it the legend? He said he didn't believe it, but that could as easily be a lie as could the entire story itself.

At the mention of his past, Chain said nothing. Though he again felt the inward stab--keen and painful, Slythe's words lacked the full impact of what had been said before. Rather, Chain waited patiently until Slythe, Rosairie, and Kyoko had all said their piece. As he found a pause, however, Chain's attention was drawn to Reina. The female trainer had risen from her seat and was clearly struggling to control her rising anger. Seems Slythe has as much a hold on all of us as he does on me. For a moment, the hacker mentally reviewed Slythe's carefully-chosen words as well as the path the man's eyes had taken as he had spoken. I wonder . . . More research for me to do later, I suppose. But for now, it's time to test the waters.

"Sir." Chain's gaze locked directly with Slythe's, the full gleam of his irises eradicating the foreign blue light cast onto them.

"Forgive me if I seem too eager to speak of the prizes. But when you assure us that you will grant us anything within your power, is that promise absolute?" A faint smile played about the trainer's lips and danced through his eyes as he spoke--imperceptible physically and known only by the sixth sense possessed uniquely by the living. "You see, this may surprise you, but I also have somewhat of an interest in history, and your tale has kindled my curiosity." He paused. "Of course, as much as you don't believe this Typhoeus is the real one, neither do I believe in the legend. But for the sake of my interest in history . . . What would you say if I were to request this 'relic of the hated god' as my prize?"

Chain watched Slythe carefully as he spoke, viewing as well as he could out of the corner of his eye the only other person he thought might know more about the situation than what was being said--Valen.

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"Oh, do bear with me, miss Beaumont." Slythe replied calmly to Rosairie's remark, which - Valen reluctantly had to admit - had been quite smarter than the ones she usually spewed out, "I fully understand your position, and to be fully honest with you...", Valen felt like laughing mockingly at this expression, "...yes, I could have a 'mature responsible adult', as you say, perform this task, but..." he paused, his smile widening, "You have to admit, it would not make quite the same impression as three young trainers accomplishing the same. The people - the common men on the street, so to speak - are insecure, miss Beaumont, they are frightened, and what better way to quell the panic than to have a group of young heroes emerge triumphant when things seem to be at their darkest?" the CEO paused, "I'm a businessman, my dear tournament victors, and I know from experience that appearances are just as important for a successful product as the function. This mission should be relatively harmless, as there have thus far only been wild pokémon - the likes of which I am sure you can handle, and the ruin itself..." his smile widened a bit more, "Surely you don't believe that security devices over two millenia old would still be functional?" the CEO chuckled in his usual eerie way, "There is no doubt in my mind that you all will be more than capable of performing this task. This being the case, your consent is most appreciated." he smiled at Rosairie and Kyoko, "And yours too, miss Rookford." he added, seemingly paying no heed to the way Reina was practically trembling with rage, "Although really, I see no reason why you shouldn't smile." his own smile widened ever so slightly, as if to demonstrate how easy it was, "After all, you're going to get a trip to warmer lands, fame, and a - if I do say so myself - rather generous award, all for retrieving one artifact, not to mention that you are already one of the top contestants in a prestigeous tournament. Why is nothing of this worth smiling over?"

At this point, Valen suddenly found himself on his feet, even though he had no clear recollection of having gotten up. The CEO's words had struck a nerve, not the ones directed at Rosairie or Kyoko - he couldn't have cared less about those - not the vague promise made to him - he was used to dealing with those, they never paid off - no, what had definitely gotten to him was Reina's last reaction. There were so many things he felt like doing when he saw her crumbe like that. To say something, to do something, something, support her somehow...anything to make that pained expression go away, but another urge had crossed through his mind with even greater intensity: the desire to harm the person responsible, to wipe that smug smile of Slythe's arrogant face, to grab the nearest sharp object and flay his skin bit by bit until he had gone through all the torment he had caused, to rip out that vicious tongue of his so it could never repeat what had just been said. Reina was obviously contemplating something similar - if, perhaps, less sadistic - but she wouldn't do that, she couldn't. She was too good for that...to good to soil herself with the likes of Slythe. 'But...', Valen's mind concluded, his eyes narrowing to two narrow slits, disturbingly similar to a snake's eyes with his pupils now bearing a tiny but intense spark within the usual misty grey, 'I don't have restraints like that. Reina may be too kind to kill you, Slythe, but I'm not. In fact, you even trained me to do this...' his left hand instinctively pulled back, concealed by the sleeve say for the tell-tale signs of motion beneath, discreetly searching until it found what it was looking for, a pin - small enough to be easily concealed even behind a finger but suitably large and sharp to be a very unpleasant thing to have in one's throat or artery - which it then carefully palmed before sliding back out. It seemed so easy...just one stab, one single little prick into that bastard's neck would solve so many problems. Reina's discomfort...the psychological torment of everyone in the room...his own captivity within the organization...the mission he simply couldn't peform...it would all be over in one single action. His last selfish deed...

"Are you quite allright, Valen?" Slythe inquired calmly, his eyes carefully examining the boy with a mixture of careful observation and - Valen noted to his frustration - amusement. One of his hands was right there on the table, but the other...there was no telling what it was doing beneath that desk, and he had obviously seen. Even if it had somehow eluded the others, Slythe had seen. Valen swore inwardly, briefly clinging to that lovably easy and final conlcusion, but he couldn't bring it back. For all his dislike, for all his hate, both for the man in front of him and himself, Valen couldn't bring himself to go through with it, the mad spark extinguishing and giving way to his usual indifferent gaze as the calculating and rational part of his mind took over, the one that told him that he didn't want to go through with it, that questions would be asked which he didn't want to answer, that this course of action would - if possible - harm Reina even more and that - above all - getting caught with a potential murder weapon in hand wasn't desirable.

"Nothing...sir..." Valen replied at last, discreetly slipping the pin back into its hiding spot, "All this talk just made me anxious to get on with the assignment. That is all." with that, he then satt down again, if rather stiffly.

"Of course." Slythe replied smoothly, his usual smile - the smile of a man who was completely in control and aware of it - returned, "And your enthusiaism is much appreciated, to be sure. Well, now that that has been clarified, I believe you inquired about the rewards, Mr.Quaixer?" he turned back to Chain, "To answer your question I will, as I said, strive to fullfill whatever wish is presented. And concerning your interest in the relic..." Valen blinked at the CEO's hesitation. Slythe was masking it well, but there seemed to a slight increase in the tension of his facial muscles, as if they were struggling against the expression they were currently forced to maintain, "You may have the relic, if you so wish." he concluded at last, "However, you must understand that - in this case - your reward can not be handed to you before the cult has been successfully disbanded. Also, certain matters concerning the artifact must be examined more carefully. It is a relic, after all, and depending on local legislation it may be declared a national treasure, in which case it would, of course, be unacceptable for me to give it to you as it would belong to the locals by legal right. I do hope you understand..." his smile widened slightly, "Suffice to say that your interest is noted, and if no complications arise you may have the relic...once it has served its purpose." he paused, leaning back in his chair a bit as his face relaxed completely again, "Now then, while miss Brindge and miss Williams ponder this matter, I would be quite willing to answer any further questions concerning the task ahead of you or related matters."

March 21st, 2007, 8:41 PM

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Kyoko's eyes narrowed dangerously for a fraction of a second before they reverted to nothingness. She'd noticed hints of Valen's little mental dilema but simply brushed it off. He was digging his own grave. Blinking, she settled back into the chair with a little squeak, closing her eyes in the darkness of the room, her head pounding methodically and painfully. After the longest while, she managed to speak, her eyes staying shut as her voice drooped back into fluid motions, "...You have thought that the pokemon disturbances could possibly be caused by your little escapade, yes?" She licked her lips slowly, "...or could you possibly be messing around with spirits of deceased humans and pokemon that would like to stay resting?" Her priestess heritage was shining throught he darkness in a brilliant blaze of intelect, "...And would you allow us to have a day off to rest? I really don't think it would be intelligent for us to run into this mission; we won't admit it but we're all throughouly exausted."

And she had a headache

A really bad headache

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April 7th, 2007, 9:56 AM
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Valen, having calmed only slightly from his previous rush of anger, couldn't help giving Kyoko a quizzical stare as the girl spoke up again. Restless spirits? Had the brat gone as nutty as Slythe? 'No...', he told himself sternly as the adrenaline began building up again, 'Don't think about Slythe, don't think about Slythe. Don't think at all, just breathe...breathe...' Fortunately, Kyoko had apparently had enough of being weird after her little proclamation, putting forth the quite reasonable plea of getting a day of recupation. Not wanting to risk losing control by focusing much on Slythe, the boy settled for merely stating in the man's general direction.

"I...would agree with that." he remarked, having to strain his voice to keep it sort of level, "A lot of people are still pretty worn from yesterday's incident."

Slythe, meanwhile, merely continued to smile, "Oh, but of course." he replied merrily, "One day's rest sounds quite acceptable. Even though I would of course prefer it if this matter was dealt with as fast as possible, it wouldn't do to run you all ragged. As for your worry, miss Kyoko..." he paused, maintaining his usual expression but now seeming to scrutinise the girl far more carefully than before, the positioning of his eyes giving the disturbing feeling that he was attempting to pinpoint something just a couple of inches beneath her skin and that the child-like face was getting in the way, "Surely you have grown out of believing in such fanciful things as spirits?" he said at last, "There are ghost pokémon, yes, but they are tiny gelatinous beings surrounded by gas or gas-like substances. Extaordinary, perhaps, but by no means supernatural. I assure you..." he reached out, seemingly ignoring Valen's hateful glare towards the outstreched hand as he patted Kyoko on the head in a distinctly patronizing way, "The dead are quite content to lie where they are."

April 10th, 2007, 7:58 AM
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Reina was still standing as Slythe addressed her, her fists still clenched tightly. She had an urge to let out a bout of mirthless laughter at his comment. She, Reina Rookford, interested in fame? That was a laugh. She wasn't there for the fame or the money or the popularity; the only she reason she had joined the competition was to train up her pokemon and see where she stood with other trainers. She could have commented to him about her feelings, but then it would have been a lot harder to control the thoughts of hurting him that seemed to flooding her mind at the moment, so she remained silent.

It was then that she noticed that Valen had gotten to his feet as well. She briefly glanced at him with a curious expression. 'Why is he...?' she thought to herself, 'He almost looks angrier than me.'

She failed to notice Valen's silent attempt at murder, her thoughts were too focused on Slythe and his promises of information at the moment. What she did notice was that the boy was obviously angry on her part, and it made her anger die down a bit to know that he was concerned for her. When Slythe took notice of the boy though, she turned her glare back to him, anger flaring up in her again for quashing her only support with his words.

It took all of her might, but she forced herself back into the chair a moment after Valen sat down. The chair had somehow gotten even more uncomfortable than when she had previously been sitting in it, and she watched on in a very bad mood.

Kyoko then voiced some nonsense about disturbing spirits, and Reina almost rolled her eyes. 'Oh right,' she thought bitterly, 'Like Slythe would worry about ghosts and pokemon? That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard.' She was sure that Kyoko just wanted to see the man slip up, to hit on something that he hadn't thought of, to humiliate him in his moment of perfected manipulation; but Slythe would sooner hug a Zangoose than let himself be outdone by a little girl.

She did like the idea of some rest. Her hand still ached and now her head did from all of this anger and emotion. When Valen spoke up, she turned her head toward him, hoping to catch his gaze for a moment to let him know she wasn't about to fall apart. 'I'm sorry I let him get to me,' was what she wanted to say to him, but there was no way to do that at the moment. She was still angry though, and wanted more than anything to find out the truth of the matter, to see to it that whoever really did kill her mother was done away with in the most painful way possible.

"Fine by me," she said shortly, regarding Kyoko's suggestion. She wanted to get out of this gloomy office already.

April 14th, 2007, 4:50 AM

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Oh she wanted to slap him. Or possibly maim him. Maybe, maybe she'd just dislocate that arm of his no more than two inches from her face just to hear the shady president scream like a small child. Another violent thought was telling her to aim the anger much lower but that, along with any other physical method, was quickly shoved under the table. Even though her mind, brain and twitching hand was telling her to give the bleepin' jerk what he really had coming for him, she'd most definately be forced to deal with Vincent again and fatty was not on her friendlist nor was he ever going to be. Quelling her anger as best she could, she inhaled deeply and exhaled twice as deeply as silently as one could before she opened her eyes and unwillingly stared into his. The pat, that patronizing, 'what a stupid little child' pat, had caused the feelings of rage but she hadn't had a look into his eyes until now. What little color could be seen in this bleak and disgusting room was now gone and, unable to express the sheer fear that this man had just shoved into her heart in words, she couldn't hold back a small feble whimper, followed by a light, child-like brush of his hand off her head. Once it was gone (And mentally hissed at) the girl stood up, shaking visibly to anybody who saw her in the candlelight, "I-is that all then? Because if it is, I have a really nasty headache and I want to go lie down." 'before I pass out...'

She looked about ready to faint. Something, something about this guy was screaming into the deepest parts of her soul and it wans't shutting up. Something was wrong very very wrong. Slythe was lying, she'd seen that very clearly in his little mind tormenting stare but, as he'd just said oh-so patronizingly, she was nothing but a foolish child who needed to grow up. The underlying message was simple: Nobody, and by nobody that meant anybody, was going to believe her. He was both confirming her suspiciouns and setting up the perfect defense to combat them.

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Valen honestly didn't know what the heck was going on between Slythe and Kyoko, and quite frankly he didn't care to find out at the moment. It seemed obvious to him that the CEO was excercising some kind of psychological torment on the brat - and the shaking more than confirmed it to be efficient - but Valen just didn't have the strength - or, to be honest, very much motivation - to step in and try to put a stop to it, chosing instead to sit quietly where he was. Reina seemed to have calmed down a little, at least, and he decided to simply take comfort in that fact - trying to supress the feeling of failure over not having accomplished anything more as he waited for the tiresome dance of words to come to a close.

Slythe, meanwhile, was smiling like never before, apparently quite content with himself for reasons Valen didn't even want to begin deciphering. As Kyoko made her feeble request, the Viper leader simply smiled in return for a moment - probably relishing the subtle victory he had earned - before finally speaking up:

"Oh, I suppose that it is." he replied at last, apparently content with his little game of cat and mouse, "I have spoken my part and certainly wouldn't wish to delay you from your much-needed recupation any longer. Do feel free to stop by at the company infirmary if your headache persists." he offered in his most inviting tone, "For those of you who feel inclined to go through with the task I offered: I shall expect to see you all at the airport by 12 AM, the day after tomorrow. For those of you who have not given their consent..." he cast a sideward glance at Chain, Avery, and Cona, "...you have until then to come to a decision. I shall arrange for your prizes to be gathered at the reception, so you may inquire for them there. Now if you will excuse me, then..." he added, rising up from his chair and giving them all his friendliest smile, "I have preparations to make. I thank you all for your delightful company and wish you a good day." he nodded, indicating that they had all been dismissed, before turning around and walking towards the door at the back of the office, nonchalantly flicking the light switch back on as he left the room.

April 14th, 2007, 11:26 AM
Just one. For one moment, one crack in Slythe's mask, once--and a falter so imperceptible, Chain found himself checking Valen's expression to confirm its existence. But, faint as it had been, that error had occurred, and that had given Chain what he wanted. Still, the hacker remained wary and alert as he answered, "Don't worry. I believe I understand. These situations can be rather complicated." He leaned back a little in his chair, as though withdrawing himself from the main flow of the conversation and moving himself into a position of observation.

At Kyoko's suggestion of a day of rest, Chain did not voice support, but neither did he argue against it. And when Slythe agreed to the terms, the dark-haired trainer felt considerable thankfulness--not enough for him to lower his guard, but enough for him to be fully aware of it. Chain's gold-tinged eyes turned toward Kyoko as Slythe lay a condescending hand on her head, his apparently indifferent expression masking his mental flinch as physical contact was made. Stay calm, Kyoko . . . We've all come too far and have too far to go to let him get to us now.

Though Kyoko did not respond with the violent notions her initial reaction had given her, by the time the event was over, her expression was reminiscent of one who had recently been hit by an Ice Punch. As Kyoko stood, trembling as she asked if she was free to leave, Chain watched in silence, knowing the invisible boundaries and unspoken rules that bound him while he remained in the room, preventing him from reacting. After a moment of savoring the situation, Slythe spoke, causing Chain to return his gaze to the CEO. Following a final set of instructions, Slythe dismissed those present and left the room, shattering the aura of tension as he flicked the lights on.

Chain remained silent for a long moment, merely watching the closed door Slythe had moved beyond seconds before. Finally the trainer stood, slipped his hands into his pockets, and strode toward the doors the group had entered the office through--removing one hand from a pocket only to open a door and allow him to step into the hall. "Let's go."

April 15th, 2007, 5:59 AM
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Kyoko seemed to be having a rough time with Slythe. Reina felt a small bit of sympathy, but it being Kyoko, and Reina still being in a bad mood, she declined to care. The redhead had so many things going through her mind at the moment, she just couldn't allow anymore. She wanted to get out of this place, and see the light of day again. She wanted to talk to Tabansi about all of the things that had happened and get his opinion on everything. She also wanted to eat something, because her stomach was beginning to growl, and it was just a little embarrassing.

Chain seemed to be observing everything silently, as usual. Reina briefly wondered if he ever wanted to scream at someone or just let his emotions fly out unaltered. After a moment of watching him though, Slythe began to speak up again and Reina turned her attention back to his ugly, smiling face.

He proceeded to do the thing that Reina had been waiting for-- dismiss them from his creepy office. At first Reina didn't move, wondering if perhaps it was some kind of joke or cheap trick, but when he had turned the lights on and left the room, it became apparent that this was indeed real.

Chain was the first to react, and as soon as he said his 'let's go', Reina rose up from her chair. She took a last glance at Slythe's empty desk, and noticed the innocent potted plant in the corner. The little plant seemed to be mocking her anger with its innocent look, and she had half a mind to kick the stupid pot over. She didn't do it, but instead glanced at Kyoko and Valen.

"Well that was a pleasant experience, what a wonderful person," she said dryly, "I agree with Chain, let's get out of here."

Alter Ego
April 15th, 2007, 6:29 AM
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"Yes, Slythe sure is...something else." Valen remarked, slowly falling into his usual manner much like Reina had, the peculiar spell of the darkened room with the flickering lights now broken, revealing nothing more than the average loathably dull office. Wholeheartedly agreeing with the notion of getting out of the place, he simply gave a silent nod and rose up from the chair once more, stretching his tired limbs to get rid of the stiffness that the tense sitting had inflicted on them.

"I agree." he remarked to no-one in particular as he walked over to the door, "The sooner we get out of here the better." then, acting on some vague notion of group unity, he added a remark over his shoulder at Kyoko and Rosairie, "Coming, skirt division? I seem to recall someone wanting to take a lie-down, and I don't think this is a particularly nice place for that."

Okay, so maybe he thought of them as a group of sorts, that didn't mean he had to adress them all nice and polite, did it? Valen certainly didn't think so as he stepped out into the hallway, "Anyone who hasn't come across the hallway in the next five minutes is going to have to wait for the next elevator!" he announced over his shoulder, nonchalantly walking over to the afforementioned device, pressing the call button and leaning against the wall as he waited for the elevator to arrive from whatever floor it was currently lagging at.

April 18th, 2007, 7:10 PM

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Thank the heavens for the built in navigation system in her poke-gear. Somehow she’d managed to get a map of this blasted city and, after locating what she was apparently looking for, she stood up and pushed through the crowd, taking the stairs in exception to the elevator. Biting down on her lip, she paused at the little pokemon box on the first street-level floor she came across and deposited all her pokemon aside from her Espeon and her Shuppet and with a rub to her forehead, skittered out (Headache in tow) to the location she was searching for which just happened to be the only bloody shrine in the city. It wasn’t massive but it had the traditional gate and a separate building for prayer and what not. Spying the shrine’s adjacent holy tree, she slipped underneath it (after paying the penance and ringing the Chimeco-sounding bell) and tucked her legs up snug against the strong rough bark of the tree. With her bag beside her, she fished out her shuppet’s poke ball and released it with a soft sigh. Smiling softly, she settled down for a light nap, unable to prevent a few tears from slipping from her eyes. ‘Onii-chan… I don’t know what to do…’

The caretaker just smiled and went back to his sweeping. It wasn’t often that such young people came to these shrines anymore. They flocked to places like WaiWai, turning to technology and advancements and forgetting all of the old ways unless those old ways did something for them that increased their political or physical power. Such a child like Kyoko… was seemingly unheard of nowadays. He would watch her from a distance and perhaps, when she woke up, she would fancy a conversation with such an old man.

Perhaps she would return to wherever she came from.


“Please… don’t tell anyone where I’m going okay? I… don’t want to be made fun of anymore. It’s okay, really. They can think I’m a stupid child or an ignorant fool or whatever they want to think… I just want to get out for awhile…kay? And… and please give this to Valen without any trouble? If he rips it up or something like that, it‘s okay… just ask him to read it?”

She’d never seen Kyoko like this. She’d known the girl for little under a week and this calm-tempered almost unbearably lonely looking girl was not the girl she’d met and somewhat adopted. She’d clasped both of Rosairie’s cold hands into her own, shaking them lightly as she pleaded her little case, pressing a piece of folded paper into them. She’d winked as best she could and without another word, half staggered half walked out of the room and before Ro could reach out and touch the fading wisps of pink hair, they were halfway down the hallway.

Valen…. Something he’d said or done must’ve caused this, must’ve caused the girl’s sudden behavioral change and she’d had just about enough of it. Closing her fist around the small parchment, she gathered herself together and almost haughtily stormed out of the confrence room and, once they were in the safety of the hallway, prodded Valen’s shoulder til the boy turned and before he could issue any sort of complaint against her actions, slapped him as hard as a ‘Daddy’s Princess’ could slap a male. Her hands lowering to her side, she stared directly into his eyes, “I don’t know what that child sees in you. I don’t understand it nor do I really like it but I do know one thing. She looks up to you, she looks up to you to the point I want to puke. What do you do? You beat her around with your words and actions like she’s nothing more than a pup and you don’t think it means a bloody thing. Tsch.” She shoved the semi-crumpled letter into his hands and with an audble humph, she turned to head towards the elevator, “You don’t care who you hurt, do you? As long as you win, you don’t care who you hurt.”

April 19th, 2007, 3:16 PM
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The redhead had to stifle a giggle when Valen had called the other two girls the 'skirt division'. She had exited the room as soon as Valen had made his way down the hallway, following behind him in a way that surely someone like Rosairie would have made fun of. Had Reina actually liked skirts, then it would have seemed like a cute name, but she didn't, and she knew Valen was poking fun at them. However, this moment of mental satisfaction was stopped short by Kyoko running out of the room looking quite unlike her usual, annoying self.

Reina almost rolled her eyes. Was every girl a pathetic weakling? Would they all just stand around weeping and worrying while something went terribly wrong instead of getting angry, or getting back? It was something Reina found repulsing, and yet she couldn't help but feel sorry for the pink-haired child. No one deserved to be that badly shaken by Slythe not even--

Slap! Reina's thoughts were suddenly interrupted by the sound of a slapping hand. The girl turned around to see that Rosairie had, once again, slapped Valen.

"Hey back off Rosairie!" she said angrily as she took a few quick steps toward the two of them. She paused to hear what the pink-clad girl had to say, and then shook her head with a frown.

Before she could stop herself, before she could think it through, she found herself butting into the situation. "What are you talking about? Win? Win what?" she snapped at the girl, folding her arms. She couldn't believe this, that Rosairie couldn't just leave the boy alone. Hadn't they all had enough for one day?

April 19th, 2007, 7:23 PM

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April 23rd, 2007, 8:36 AM
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Anyway, care to elaborate on the Alarayne powerplay? I don't recall doing anything like that. o.O At least, I haven't done anything in the class of 'turn around, push against the wall and throttle without any chance of reaction'. *Cough*Mika*Cough*



If there was one thing Valen didn't have the patience for right now it was a slap, even one so weak and futile that it was barely even felt. Very close to slaps on Valen's list of things he didn't wish to experience at the moment were hysterical females and moral lectures, and Rosairie just so happened to have provided all three in one go while at the same time managing to stuff in the most absurd statement of the day. Kyoko looking up to him? The boy felt like repeating this in his most sarcastic tone, accompanied by a loud, sceptical snort. Yes, that hospital incident certainly proved precisely how much the brat looked up to him and as far as Valen was concerned the feeling was mutual.

And so what if Kyoko - against all evidence and common sense - did look up to him? Valen had never maintained any pretense of being a role model and certainly had no interest in competing with Rosairie for the title of 'nee-chan' like the clueless bimbo of a girl seemed to be thinking. As if he, Valen, would ever want some frail little mewling of a girl to trail after him like a lost puppy in some misguided bid for acceptance. Why the very thought was- Valen suddenly flinched without any apparent reason, as if suffering some kind of late reaction to the slap. It was not Rosairie's frail little assault on him that had caused it, though; no, it was the thoughts that had been stirred somewhere at the back of Valen's unexplored and probably quite unhealthy mind; that same flash of indefinite memory that had struck him several times before on that day - not so much a memory as a sensation of familiarity, of having experienced something very similar before, and just like before, his little moment of déja vu ended almost as soon as it began.

Fortunately - at least from Valen's point of view - Reina had interfered shortly after Rosairie's little show, accompanied by enough decibels to draw most of the unwanted attention from the somewhat disoriented boy. To Valen, this was a new feeling...to actually have someone else standing up for him. In fact, he couldn't recall that happening since...well, Seirini, and there was something alltogether new - although definitely pleasant - about recieveing such help from another human being, particularly Reina, that Valen actually noticed his anger subsiding a bit. Instilled with this strange semi-calm, he took a moment to formulate his response before speaking up.

"Probably whatever peculiar 'nee-chan' contest she think we're in." the boy remarked sarcastically in response to Reina's question, casting a dismissive glance in Rosairie's direction, "What I'd like to know is what you expect me to do with this." he held out the crumpled note that had been forced on him, his passive glance shifting towards a glare again, "I already told you; I'm not playing delivery boy for that brat."

April 30th, 2007, 5:49 AM

Hmph. >> Well if you didn't make Valen such a pain in the rear end I wouldn't need to bring about such amazing turn arounds. v_v

And honestly, I misunderstood your post. o.O; I thought Valen was in a much different position than he turned out to be. Bloooonde moment ftw! If you want me to fix it, I can just have her walk over and slap him. XD; Up to you.

I'll also get up an Eska post later today Alter. :3 -finally has free time-


She wanted to slap him again but then again, he might hit back. The more she was around him, the more she began to doubt he was the type of guy who found hitting women repulsive. Prehaps even, Valen wouldn't have to think twice to smack a baby that accidently crossed his path. He was the worst type of individual the world could imagine and she knew that he didn't deserve Kyoko's attention (Not that she'd change her mind; that girl was more stubborn than a Stantler when it came to such things) to the slightest of any extent. While she didn't like it... she'd made a promise to Kyoko and there was nothing on this earth that was going to prevent that from coming true.

Sure, the two had had their run ins but, at least from what Rosairie's mind could gather, Valen bared a striking resemblance to someone Kyoko thought the world of. Maybe, maybe that's why she tried so hard to get his attention. She was, after all, the only person in this little group he showed any real one-sided aggression towards. True, he and Rosairie didn't get along but it was a mutal hatred of sorts. Kyoko really didn't bare any harsh feelings towards the boy, her outburst before was just frustration. Nobody, not a soul in the universe, likes to be left out of things because people believe it's 'over their head', especially when the topic of discussion is something intriquing.

Then, then Reina had to speak. The world had already lost a good deal of kittens due to the tounge of that wench and now it had just lost another. Rosairie, who normally didn't have a temper, was now quickly losing her cool and if reina didn't watch it, she'd have a mark on that pretty little face of hers. However, for the moment at least, she turned on her designer heels and faced the two of them. "Back off?" her arms crossed her chest in a defiant stance, "So you can torment someone half your size with no consequences? Puh-lease"

"No Valen, you don't understand and while that's probably a first for you, try and pick your ego up off the floor." she rolled her eyes dramatically, "That letter isn't for Vincent, it's addressed to you. However, since you're too good for a letter of apology and a request for forgiveness, I can take it back." She reached out her hand and, as her volume levels plummeted, her eyes narrowed sternly, "If you want to stoop so low as to reject the heartfelt apology that, in my opinion you really don't deserve, well, that's your choice." But, it would be good to note that if he did give the note back, she'd probably smack him again. Her eyes were that furious, "It wouldn't take that long you know and although you want your stupid beauty sleep, which, by the look of your face and those bags under your eyes, you desperately need, but I think you could take a few moments to read it; it's not going to kill you nor is it going to take several hours to dechiper."

Rosairie couldn't waste much time here regardless; Kyoko had gone off without her pokegear so there was no way to find her easily which meant a royal trek around the city. If only she could slap Slythe.... then maybe she'd finally snap out of this horrible mood she was in. (Then again, she liked not having a crimminal record)

Alter Ego
May 1st, 2007, 9:55 AM
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May 2nd, 2007, 6:10 AM
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"Torment?" Reina echoed to Rosairie, feeling her temper rising quickly, "The only torment's in her own head! I didn't do anything to precious, little Kyoko. I was even willing to let her stay on me in Slythe's stupid office. Oh yeah, loads of torment there! I won't say I've been perfect, but there's no way it's as bad as you make it out to be." The girl was really out of her girly little mind. She thought this was torment? Puh-lease herself! Reina had experienced much worse in her short lifetime than Kyoko and Rosairie combined. That much she was sure of.

There was a nagging thought in the back of her head that said she was just being stubborn again; that she had no idea what those two girls had gone through and that she could be dead wrong about them both.

As this thought gave her a small sting of guilt, Reina glanced at Valen, wondering if they would be better off just leaving. Maybe she'd wait for the next lift so that she wouldn't have to be stuck in a tiny space with Rosairie. She really just wanted to get away from Slythe's creepy office... which suddenly struck her with another thought that was voiced without hesitation.

"The real torment was in there you know," she said in a quieter voice, pointing at Slythe's office, "I don't know about you, but I'd rather be directing my anger at someone else right now." This was true, as she really was in a very bad mood, much like Rosairie, because of Slythe. Though, she was handling it well until she heard the girl's hand connect with Valen's face. Hitting her only friend was probably not the best thing to do for her mood.

'Yeah Rosairie,' she thought to herself, 'It is possible that I hate someone else more than you or Kyoko. You two skirts don't make up the whole world.'

Alter Ego
May 2nd, 2007, 10:11 AM
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Oh, and I do agree that Rosairie is being funny...if in a slightly hysteric way. xD


As Rosairie spoke on - ascending even further on her moral high horse while simultaneously making even less sense than before - Valen grew increasingly more annoyed with her. What the heck had gotten into the skirt-clad dimwit? She seemed to have gone from uncharacteristically quiet to annoyingly rash to raving holier-than-thou moralist all in the course of what could surely not have been more than a couple of hours. Had he been more of a good samaritan, the boy might have understood that Rosairie was a bit rattled at the moment, but Valen had never been known for being particularly considerate, and to top if off he was still in one hell of a bad mood and certainly had no patience for hysteric females, especially ones with attitude problems. The truth about the note had done little to improve his mood either, especially since it was accompanied by the blonde's pitiful attempt at being witty. To him? Valen simply had no idea of how to react to this. Part of him just wanted to take that wretched little note and tear it to shreds, preferably in front of the dim brat who had written it, in the hopes that Kyoko would finally get the message and leave him alone. But the other...Valen groaned inwardly, of all the times to develop a loud and annoying conscience...

"No." the boy replied bluntly, his fingers slowly closing around the note and tucking it away - for he would certainly not reveal its contents with Rosairie peeking over his shoulder, "That's called a 'straight answer', by the way." he added, "You could try giving one sometime, it saves a lot of needless hassle. Now if you're quite done with your little display of self-righteous indignation, might I suggest that you keep your mouth shut on the way down?" he nodded towards the elevator, which had just announced its arrival with a cheerful 'ping', "Maybe have some of that beauty sleep you mentioned. Seeing as how you see a need to hide your face behind a constant mask of makeup, you probably need it a lot more than me."

Okay, Valen concluded for himself as he stepped into the elevator, that last comment had been a bit out of line, but by the boy's standards that had actually been a fairly civil response. Well, at least it had been non-violent, which - considering his mood, which had probably been quite well reflected in his glare - was the best that could be hoped for under the current circumstances. Hopefully the daft blonde would discover whatever sorry excuse for intelligence she posessed and keep quiet. Reina was right, there were others far more deserving of his hate than that pampered little rich girl and her clingy complement.

May 12th, 2007, 3:40 PM
Had he not been so drained by the meeting with Slythe or preoccupied with thoughts of how to unlock the folder Circuit--who had yet to be returned to him--had retrieved, Chain might have considered intervening sooner. Whether due to Slythe-induced discomfort, or merely as an escalation of their previous hostilities, Rosairie was currently involved in a rather spiteful argument with Valen and Reina that included her once slapping Valen across the face. Valen's reaction to this was, Chain noted, somewhat peculiar and interestingly non-violent. Such a physical attack would not have been the cause of Valen's momentary flinch, though simple physical contact with Rosairie could have provided an suitable substitute for strength. Still, some aspect of Valen's reaction seemed somehow odd. As the verbal battle resumed, however, Chain was given no further opportunity to consider this, finding new information to process.

Looking slowly from person to person, Chain finally stepped into the elevator without a word, the only part of his features remaining fully undimmed and unquieted his eyes. A week would be more suited to my tastes, but one day to unlock the folder is better than nothing. Then there's everyone else . . . Right now, I'm not even sure where Kyoko's run off to, but her absence has hardly made the others more agreeable toward one another. If I'm fortunate, maybe they won't kill each other until we reach the ground floor. Chain leaned against the back of the elevator, silently sorting through his thoughts and taking in a gentle breath. Maybe I'm starting to get too involved in this, but it's too late to back out now--completely, anyway. Besides, if things work out . . . His eyes closed. I need time alone. I will not have much, but hopefully it will be enough. For now, however, I have the situation here to deal with. I don't want to start another fight with this one beginning to calm a little, but they'll probably start an argument later anyway, and this needs to be dealt with.

Waiting until the elevator doors had closed and trapped its occupants inside, Chain straightened, lifted his gaze, and spoke. "We need to talk."

May 16th, 2007, 9:02 AM
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My final exam is on the 15th June! How exciting! I do miss this place terribly. It's been so weird, almost like a phone line's been cut or something. I stopped roleplaying everywhere so it's been veeeery odd. I'm gonna try and come back once I'm done with education for this summer.
I hope you guys are all doing good too. The world's a pretty amazing place; I hope it's treating you wonderful people suitably!


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At any rate, I hope to see you back here sometime, then. Good luck with school and all those exams. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, no? n_n


As he walked into the elevator, Valen had been amazed by the absence of the annoyingly well-reasoned, level-headed, and ominous statements which Chain was so fond of giving. Yes, Chain...it was something of a testament to Slythe's skills to have rattled even that wandering enigma, but whatever he had said was apparently losing its effect, as attested by the fact that the hacker now spoke up in his usual way, the way that told you precisely too little of what you wanted to know. Valen could practically smell a deep, philosophical statement about the need to get along or whatever coming his way, adjusting his leaning position against the wall to be slightly more comfortable and pressing the button for the ground floor before acknowledging the remark in any way.

"Sounds more like you need to talk." Valen remarked flatly, "At us rather than with us, I presume, but go ahead; not like anyone's stopping you."

June 30th, 2007, 12:24 PM
"At or with, that depends on how much you want to respond," Chain replied, unperturbed, to Valen's comment. After waiting in silence for a moment and receiving no opposition, Chain spoke--careful not to raise his voice, or perhaps too tired to, but in a tone that revealed no hesitation. "I'll be direct. Reina and Valen, Rosairie, you don't like each other. Perhaps you even hate one another." He paused. I don't know what devices could be hidden in the walls of this elevator, or what this might tell any listeners, but it's now or never. "And I won't ask you to change that," Chain continued. "I don't have that right. But I will ask you to consider the situation. It's as Reina said. Slythe is holding something over all of us, and none of us like it. And I don't think any of us is a match for him alone; if we were, we would have done something back there. The way Slythe has this set up, he's the sure winner, and even in our 'victory' we lose. Are you willing to live with that?"

The hacker fell silent, allowing the others time to think. When he resumed, his voice had lowered a notch, and his eyes had lowered to a point halfway down the elevator door. His expression was unreadable. "Whether you like it or not, the people around you may be your only chance to get what you're after. Don't destroy that chance."

July 2nd, 2007, 1:36 PM

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Hopefully this isn't too long. T~T I've been working on it for a couple weeks now.... Because I don't wanna appear like ahm powerplaying. <<;;

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>>; I think we've just hit our first year anniversary...

And Alter, that NPC I was referring to was the Head Priest. <<; if this post is okay and everything.

Edit: July 3rd I added in Rose, I didn't realize it cut it out when I posted. Gomen.


She didn't sleep long. She couldn't. Since she'd gotten to this stupid place, she'd been unable to sleep for extended periods of time. Voices. Echoing. Small, young. Haunting, old. The closer she got to this entire situation, the harder it became to function. Somebody was going to find out soon, if she didn't figure out how to handle all of this and if that somebody was Valen or Reina... well, it wouldn't be handled well at all. People who hear voices, even pokemon voices, are crazy. Crazy, crazy, crazy. It wasn't even her fault, she'd been born like this, born with the ability to hear suffering, to feel suffering of pokemon, cries the 'normal' people didn't hear nor did they care about. Extreme emotions, be them sad, happy or painful, that was all she could hear. She heard cries that made it hard for her to sleep, eat or function in places where they were especially strong or especially prevelant. Especially strong like in Slythe's office. Like during the catastrophe that most of the contestents didn't believe occured. Like the trigger that had set Silence off, the trigger that even now, had the Jolteon on edge.

Nobody saw it besides herself, nobody that is but Slythe. Just the thought of his smile, the atmosphere of his office (or doom chamber, take and chose) had Kyoko clenching her fists, burrying her nails deep within her palms. That monster, that man knew what he was doing. He knew exactly what he was doing, he knew she could sense it and she had a pretty good idea of what was really going on and he knew, he knew nobody would listen to her. She was nothing but an obnoxious child, someone who got to this position by sheer luck. A stepping stone to greater power. A tool, if even that. He knew they wouldn't listen to her, they would belittle anything she said, they would tear apart the ideas or concerns until nothing remained of them. She was only a child, an annoying one at that. What could she possibly know?

Shuppy had tried to talk her out of that notion, all but screaming that Chain would listen and Valen, for all his stubbornness, had some warmth hidden in the depths of his heart and a hatred for Slythe. A common enemy, a common threat. It was a stretch and they both knew it, but that was the only reason she'd given Valen the letter. It had instructions, plainly written, to bring Chain to this temple. Kyoko just wanted to talk. She'd force him to at least hear what she had to say and then, if he didn't want to believe her or listen, he could have his turn. She wouldn't bare any ill feelings. She wouldn't. She just wanted someone, someone with a thinking processor locked between the ears, to listen. Maybe offer advice. Maybe offer a solution. Maybe, if she was lucky, they would offer belief. Acceptance. Maybe it was too big a stretch. She wouldn't know, not until the sun went down.

Kyoko rubbed the hot moisture threatening to burst from her eyes in irritance, pushing the last of the wetness away before she forced herself into a standing position and walked towards the temple, slipping off her shoes before stepping into the inner sanctum. She'd been hoping the head priest was around but, unfortunately, he was probably attending to the grounds behind the temple itself. Sighing, she settled by the central shrine, staring into what would be considered the temple's sacred flame with a lost look on her face, her shoulders drooped in utter exhaustion. For the longest time, she sat there, staring into the flame, but after a while, her courage rouse up once more and in a tiny, barely audible voice, the girl began to hum softly an old temple song of sorts recognizable to anyone who learned the song as a youngling. It was flowery, like her high, innocent sounding voice. Her father had once told her it was used for a sort of asking for a blessing of sorts on a festival and, seeing as there was probably going to be a festival of some sort after this little ordeal was all over, the song fumbled into her head. She didn't realize her voice growing stronger, to audible levels that wouldn't be missed unless one was deaf.

Rose was mad. Piping mad. In any other instance, it probably would've been smarter to keep her mouth shut, clamped shut for fear of further damage, but with Chain's words came another slap to her ego and another provocation to her already provoked temper. Standing back up, she managed to calm enough to sound deadly serious, "Fine. It's true. It's absolutely true. We need to work... together. All of us." She was trying to imply that, becuase they were missing a party member, they couldn't say they were as unified as they'd like to believe. Shoving a hand forward in Valen's general direction, "I apologize for slapping you. Regardless of personal problems I have with you... Chain's right. It's about time we stopped fighting. So, I propose you and I shake on a temporary truce of sorts. No more insults, no more fist fights til this whole mess is over. All of us should." Was that enough of a hint? She hoped so. She really hoped so.

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July 7th, 2007, 4:27 AM
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Valen merely scowled a bit as Chain shrugged off his little instigation attempt without any apparent effort, and his expression certainly didn't turn any sunnier as the hacker proceeded to speak his piece. He had a point, there was a damn point to everything he said and that was precisely what ticked Valen off. When an average person came around to tell the boy that what he was doing was as bad for his own interests as anyone else's he could always shrug it off by picking on the flaws of the argument, the unfair generalizations and faulty conclusions, but here...the boy felt like growling. It was true, Slythe had certainly rigged this game to always play out in his favor and pitting his victims against their own weaknesses - not to mention each other - was precisely the kind of thing Slythe loved to do. He still wasn't ready to believe that Rosairie had anything at all that could be of any use to him; he would never accept that, but his CEO was no doubt counting on him to detest the insufferable little daddy's girl, so if Valen wanted to pick apart his little game then his best shot was definitely to play against it as far as possible. Yes, this was just an arrangement of mutual spite, siding with the lesser of two evils. He would never have to like or respect Rosairie in the least; just try to tolerate her obnoxious presence.

Rosairie, it seemed, was thinking something much along the same lines, speaking up in a tone that sounded about as pleased as Valen felt and offering a truce of sorts, accompanied by an extended hand. For a moment, the boy simply watched, obviously torn between whether to accept this handshake and the way it had been offered - which reminded him somewhat of the way new Team Viper grunts reached towards their first Ekans or Seviper - before finally coming to a decision.

"Fine." the boy replied at last and - with reluctance easily rivaling Rosairie's - reached out his hand as well, the long, pale fingers with their uneven nails briefly creating a contrast with her carefully tended ones as he proceeded with the briefest of contacts between two hands which could possibly be considered a handshake, after which he quickly retracted his hand again and spoke up in a voice so low it was barely audible, "We're in this together until we've gotten rid of Slythe, but after that I'll be glad never to see you again. Don't bother apologizing when you clearly don't mean it, though; I have no need for false sentiments like that."

With that, Valen turned back to ignoring Rosairie, absent-mindedly grasping the hand he had used for the handshake with his other one. Even that brief contact...it was something he would rather have avoided. Valen had never liked other people touching him, no matter how briefly, especially not people he hated as much as Rosairie. It was difficult to explain, but somehow Valen had always felt that in making contact with another being like that you ended up giving away a tiny part of yourself (even if it was little more than a few tiny skin cells) and - more essentially - you got an equally tiny part of the other person in exchange; a sense of warmth, a temporary mark on your skin, a scent - he wanted none of that, especially from someone like Rosairie, but now...he sighed inwardly, now he would probably walk around the rest of the day with his hand smelling just a tiny bit like Rosairie's. Normal people didn't pay attention to such things, but Valen did and it annoyed him to no end. In an attempt to shift his attention from this fact, the boy turned his gaze towards the little slide of numbers over the elevator door, wishing that they would arrive already.


"For the last time, no!" the old, gnarled fist banged down on the negotiation table in frustration, it's owner's normally serene and friendly grandpa face - complete with a thin layer of silvery gray hair on top - contorted into a fierce scowl, the deep-set faded-blue eyes glaring at the far younger man on the other side of the table.

"Mr.Ambrose..." the Waiwai representative remarked, his features carefully masked beneath the sleek uniform and the cap that went with it as he shook his head, "Look at this rationally. Mr.D'Argent could easily have relied on the city advancement act to obtain a government permit for the confiscation of this...quaint establishment, yet he has offered to compensate your losses with a sum, which - considering that you technically do not own this land to begin with - is more than generous. Why do you insist on hampering progress?"

"There can be no progress without justice." the old man retorted coldly, "And as long as I'm alive and breathing I will never allow the vile serpent you call CEO to desecrate this holy ground." it was hardly an original sentiment, but it came from the heart and the representative seemed to realize the futility of arguing, shaking his head as he stood up.

"Very well, then." he replied, "I suppose we shall just have to return to this matter when that is no longer the case. Something..." he added with an arrogant little smirk as he passed the head priest on his way to the door, "...which may occur sooner than you expect. Good day, Mr.Ambrose."

"Quite." Ambrose replied evenly, following the Waiwai representative out of the room and into the main building of the shrine, not so much out of courtesy as out of a need to ensure that he didn't do anything improper. Fortunately, the representative seemed content with casting a disdainful glance at the shrine before exiting. The head priest shook his head in distaste as he watched the insolent intruder leave, the baggy white ceremonial robe he was still wearing shaking slightly. Just then, however, a familiar tune caught his attention: it had been so faint at first that he hadn't paid attention to it, but was now rapidly growing in volume: it was a chant, one which - judging by the voice - was far older than the chanter. Surprised, he quickly turned around to face the source of the melody, soon identifying the source as the young girl huddled up in front of the flame sustained in the middle of the sanctum...a very sad girl, by the looks of it. Moved as much by the girl's sadness as her respect for the old customs, the head priest couldn't help but interfere.

"Excuse me, child." he said in his kindest voice, gently tapping her on the shoulder, "I couldn't help noticing that you seem a bit...upset. Might I be of assistance?"

July 29th, 2007, 5:53 AM

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With a loud harumph and a flick of her hair, Rosairie said nothing more on the duration of the elevator ride that lasted minutes beyond what it should have and the moment the doors swung open, she attempted to kindly move Valen and Chain out of her way but it pretty much turned into her shoving her way thru, her eyes just gleaming with evil intent in the process as she did so. It wasn't until she got halfway down the hallway however, that a specific pokeball on her waist decided it didn't want to be in a pokeball no more and emerged, padding back to the rest of the group. Rosairie tilted her head in confusion at the Jolteon's actions but when she saw what Si was so worried about (Which was obvious from the way he was whimpering at Valen or more specifically Valen's pocket) that she threw up her arms in defeat and after a 'Well just don't come whining to me if he punts you across a parking lot' remark of sorts, stormed into her assigned room and locked herself in the bathroom. At times like this... she needed to give herself a semi-makeover.


She had finally begun to quell her nerves when, what seemed to be the head priest of this tiny temple, placed a worried hand on her shoulder. Squeaking in suprise, she turned towards him, a blush very evident on her face for being caught, "I-I-I'm sorry... I know that the hours are technically over but... but I needed a place I could come think at... Where WaiWai has...no influence..." She sighed, her shoulders slumping forward, "...Ever since I was little, I've been able to speak to and communicate with the spirits of Departed Pokemon, including ghost types and...well... I am one of the seven contest winners in the WaiWai Tournament and, to earn our prize persay, we must complete this little mission of sorts." She swallowed, hard. "But I don't... I don't want to. Something about where he, the one they call Slythe, is sending us does not sit well with the departed pokemon in this area. H-he's doing something there that's causing great suffering... but nobody in my group will listen to me because I'm a frail little child." Her lower lip trembling, she pressed a finger to it, closing her eyes to prevent an onslew of tears from trickling out, "He's a monster... and... and I don't know what to do. The only person I thought might... side with me and believe in me has the intelligence of a baby slowpoke and doesn't even begin to understand what's going on. I don't have anyone to turn to for help... but I... I can't just sit back and let Pokemon suffer, you understand Ojii-sama?"

[Ojii-sama = Respectful term for a grandpa like figure]

July 29th, 2007, 11:01 AM
Name: Dan
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Appearance: Medium height, spiky black hair, tanned, acne-free skin
Personality: Is very cautious, but get cocky in Battles. Loves women and flirts with almost every girl he meets. He also has a love for music and the arts, and uses his pokemon to help him with that. Also very cunning, intelegent and sneaky
Pokémon: Munchlax, Larvitar, Grovyle, Houndour, Pidgey (I know it said max 4, but I wanna have all those. He can catch one later, just not pidgey, Munchlax or Grovyle)
History (Optional): He came from the Kanto Region in the islands. His starter was Munchlax, who he has decided never to evolve. After leaving home at the age of 11, he found himself strugling to stay alive and went to theivery to be able to eat. He was eventually caught, but used his Pidgey and Grovyle to break out of Jail. Now he runs around the world, trying to stay on the right side of the law and become a musician
Other (Optional): He was trained in Martial Arts and the way of the sword, and he always carries a blade with him.
RP Sample: Dan stirred in his sleep. It was dead black out. He realized what had happened. He had been sitting on a corner and must've fallen asleep.
Dan got up slowly. He heard a strange rustling behind him and was quick to bring out his Katana sword. To his relief it was simply a few young Rattata. Dan sheathed his sharp blade and decided to find something to eat.
After walking a few minutes, Dan was sure hge heard footsteps, and he could tell that this was more than a Rattata. He huddled into a corner, quickly followed by his pokemon, then he listened tmo the murmuring:
" Hey, Vern" Said a man with a gruff voice
"What's up Gil" replied a higher, somewhat timid voice that must've been Vern
"You hear, there's a notorious rebel theif on the loose in this city. Big bucks for his capture I bet"
"Yeah, but come on, we couldn't catch a COLD, much less a convict, I mean this guy must be HUGE!!!"
Dan snickered somewhat loudly at that. What a mistake
"Hey you!" Vern yelled " Come out here or I will use lethal force"
"KADABRA!" Said a pokemon
"CRAP!" Dan yelled, and ran off, but bumped inot a large bubble of Psychic energy. He realized he needed to battle his way out. He turned to see two followers of the beast gods and a Kadabra, Mr.Mime and 2 Grumpigs.
"Lookin fer a battle, eh?" Dan said in a strong voice "Bring it! GO MUNCHLAX!" The small teddy bear-like pokemon stepped forward, followed by a roar of laughter from Vern and Gil
"You think you can beat our Psychic pokemon with THAT?"
Dan looked at them sharply
"Let's find out!"

July 29th, 2007, 2:35 PM
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"Good riddance." Valen muttered under his breath as Rosairie stormed off, although he at least had the sense to keep it to himself until the rich little daddy's girl was out of earshot. Still wearing a slight scowl on his face, he briefly turned as if preparing to say something to the others but then apparently reconsidered, simply turning and exiting the elevator instead. It was better if no-one else knew, Valen concluded as he slowly palmed the crumpled note in his pocket. Regardless of what nonsense Kyoko had scribbled on that paper, the boy didn't want anyone reading it over his shoulder, least of all a Waiwai security camera. With this in mind, the boy walked through the entrance hall wearing his usual impassive expression until he reached a system blindspot - located just beneath one of the oh-so-cleverly disguised cameras - leaning against the wall as he straightened out the paper and read its contents, carefully disguising any emotions it might have awakened as he read it. Come to the temple, huh? Who did the brat think she was, trying to order him around? Valen had half a mind to scrap the damn note and just drop the whole matter, but something at the back of his mind told him that this was important, something far more than Kyoko's usual absurd little games. After all, she had asked for Chain too...that seemed a bit excessive for something pulled completely out of the blue. Still...the thought of taking another order from someone who still owed him...

Constraining his anger best he could, Valen tore up the note in what seemed to be a completely random fashion, tossing the useless scraps into a nearby trash can. Unseen to most, however, was the fact that he had conserved the part containing the directions in his palm.

"Cespenar." the boy remarked, nonchalantly releasing the Cubone and handing the remnants of the note to him, "Give that to the guy with the earrings, but discreetly, then return to me. If I'm right, he'll be heading the right way once he reads it."

Not even bothering to wait for a reply, Valen strode out of his little safe spot as if nothing had happened, exiting the Waiwai building and heading back out into the street at a purposefully slow pace. Just because he was going along with this didn't mean that he had to be in a big hurry about it.


The head priest listened in sympathetic silence as Kyoko made her case, not wanting to interrupt what was obviously a flow of pent-up feelings and emotions. As the girl finished, however, the old man spoke up again, his expression far more serious than before.

"I understand." he replied, nodding, "I believe you have made the right choice and I thank you for confiding. Truth to be told, you've confirmed something which I've been suspecting for a long time. Still..." his gaze grew distant, "I had hoped that it wouldn't have occurred so soon..." he looked as if he was about to continue for himself, but then he seemed to remember Kyoko's presence, "Ahh...my apologies, child, I'm getting ahead of myself. If you're going through with this, I've got something which you would benefit from seeing." he continued, "I haven't spoken a word about it to anyone out of fear that I would be declared senile and lose control of this shrine to that viper of a CEO, but you seem different than the most, so...would you care to indulge in an old man's ramblings of prophecy?" he sighed, "I'm afraid that there's little else I can offer in the way of assistance."

July 30th, 2007, 9:23 AM

^^ 'xactly. Thus why I alertyed Jyukai of the situation. And we prevented Alter from going on a rampage on every illiterate roleplay in site from having to deal with something that we members of his rp should be able to handle. :3 Sorry for the shortness.


She rubbed the remnants of her tears away, smiling weakly as she did so. He believed her. He didn't doubt her gift nor did he doubt the strange feelings she'd been having about WaiWai. He didn't call her a stupid child nor did he shoo her out of his temple. He listened and when he was done listening, asked for premission to tel her, this stuipd girl who couldn't do anything right, some very privillaged information. Tilting her head softly, her eyes never leaving the wrinkles on his forehead for the longest time, she nodded, a hand brushing the har from her face, "If... If you really think I'm worth your time." She rubbed at the back of her neck nervously, her face blushing lightly, "My friends, they tell me I'm annoying and useless and never tell me anything. It's...not really all that nice you know but at least they let me kinda hang around them, you know?" Realizing suddenly that she'd gone horribly off topic, she gave the elder a nose-to-the-floor bow, flailing about lightly, "Eeep! I-I-I'm sorry... I didn't mean to go off topic. ...I'll be quiet now, I promise... Please tell me your story Ojii-sama?"

She loved these sorts of tales. Her own Ojii-chan back home had taken her into his lap when she was small and told her all sorts of tales of mystic battles and things yet to come and when she fell asleep, as small children normally do, he would let her nap in the temple, close to the spirits that held her heart so blissfully captive. This man, while he wasn't a blood relation, kept his temple in almost the exact same mannor. It was clean. Not many people traversed its polished floor boards, the offertory bin was nearly empty, but some people had still obviously come to offer prayers and what not and thus, he kept it was tho millions of people stopped each day. Smiling warmly as she looked around the temple, she couldn't help a content sigh as she turned back towards the elderly man, tucking her legs underneath herself respectfully, waiting for the story to begin.

July 30th, 2007, 3:02 PM
Chain caught himself on the elevator doorway as Rosairie pushed past him, turning to watch in silence until the girl disappeared from sight. Waiting until the others exited the elevator, Chain stepped out into the hall, hearing the doors slide shut behind him as the corner of his vision caught the approach of a Jolteon. The timid, depressed air about the Pokemon left little doubt in the hacker as to the electric type's identity. Seeing Silence make his way toward Valen, Chain stopped to watch for a moment--reluctant to leave the Jolteon with someone who held such strong distaste for the Pokemon's owner. Replaying the events of the elevator in his mind, Chain slowly turned away. Things went more smoothly back there than I expected. Now it's time to see if their words hold.

As he left the WaiWai Inc. building, Chain glanced down and discovered that, at some point, he had slipped Abra's Pokeball into the palm of his left hand. Apparently there's somewhere I'd like to go. But where? I need to find a place in this city where I can work quickly and easily without disturbance or the chance of surveillance. And with only a couple days to crack the lock on something I would usually need a week to work on . . .

Still holding Abra's Pokeball, Chain unfolded the map he had deposited in his pocket before the tournament began. Something like this only tells me so much. I really should have downloaded a map earlier. He began to walk down the street, not entirely sure where he was going, but not content to remain where he was either. Less than a minute later, however, Chain casually navigated himself into the nearest alley and stopped halfway down the passage. "Since you've followed me here, I guess that means you want something with me," he stated calmly.

When he turned to face the presence he had sensed discreetly following him, Chain did not expect to find himself looking at a Cubone that was itself carefully studying him and apparently making particular note of his earrings. Kneeling a little apprehensively in front of the ground type, the trainer accepted and studied the now-proffered scrap of paper as well as the words written on it. This paper and handwriting look like Kyoko's. She wants me to go this place? Chain's gaze shifted a little. I wonder if that means this Cubone belongs to her. Although . . . A memory flickered through the dark-haired boy's mind. Giving someone a note made from paper torn out of the middle of a sheet would be a little odd, especially since there seems to be other parts to the original message. This is probably a part of the letter she gave Valen earlier.

"Thank you," Chain quietly told the Cubone, allowing it to take back the paper if it so desired. "Tell your trainer I'm on my way." With a slight nod, Chain stood and strode out the other end of the alley.

Though he could have easily teleported directly to the temple Kyoko had indicated in her note, Chain chose instead to walk, using the time to plan and work out ideas in his head. Lost in thought, the trainer scarcely heard the Pokenav in his pocket ringing. Chain snapped the electronic device open, glanced at the caller ID, and answered before the next ring. "Hey."

"You'll be happy to know the program is complete."


"Don't sound so surprised. I know Porygon's systems better than almost anyone. Don't forget that I designed him." Finding no response given, the voice on the other line continued after an awkward silence, "Anyway, I've added a number of features you'll probably like, plus increased processing speed and data capacity. This program should meld with Porygon's already-present data, rather than remaining as something separate that could weigh him down."

"Thank you."

"Maybe you'll stay in touch a little more now. Sending Porygon to me for a minor update or tune-up every now and then couldn't hurt."

"Is that why you did this?"

"Hey, don't sound so suspicious. Besides, why shouldn't we talk more often?"

"I'll send you the list later."

A heavy, though not entirely ill-natured sigh came through the Pokenav's earpiece, followed by a regretful laugh. "I guess I can't blame you for feeling the way you do. But in any case, I'm sending the program over now. Prepare to receive the transfer."



Chain stood at the entrance to the temple, gazing wordlessly inside as the green-gold iridescence of his eyes swirled and rippled like twin pools of oil. This should be the place.

Alter Ego
August 2nd, 2007, 10:28 AM
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Ambrose chuckled softly - though by no means malevolently - at Kyoko's uncertainty, "Don't worry, child." he replied, "Judging by what I've heard thus far, you - if anyone - are worthy of knowing this. We all have our own purposes in life, don't doubt your worth so easily. Now, to begin with..." he paused, settling down on the floor in preparation of the story, "Are you aware of the tyrants of old, the ones who called themselves God Kings?" he paused, "Well, to put it simply: the power they so presumptuously labeled divine was an ancient art, now long lost to all but a precious few; the art of not merely communicating with but directly manipulating the behavior of pokémon. It was originally granted to their ancestors as the ultimate sign of harmony between human and pokémon, passed down only to those deemed worthy. However..." he paused, his gaze growing slightly harder - although the anger seemed to be directed at someone in an altogether different place or time, "Well...you are, I assume, aware of what those miscreants chose to do with it? They abandoned the old ways, defiled everything people and pokémon had worked so hard for...all in the name of their pathetic greed." he shook his head in disgust, "Their fate was sealed on the moment they first embarked on their mad quest. However, not all of them were oblivious to the risk they undertook." the old man paused for a moment, "Lore has it that one of them, Tyfeeis, was an accomplished psychic and soothsayer. I...am a bit hesitant to say this, but I have no doubt that he peered into the future that night, no doubt divining the punishment for their wicked acts, but arrogant as any...he sought not to better his ways but to avoid the consequences of their crime."

The head priest paused for a moment before turning his gaze back to Kyoko, "Now you no doubt understand why many would not take this tale seriously. However, there is one more part that needs to be recounted." he paused in his speech, slowly rising to his feet, "Come, child, there's something you should see."

With that, the old man proceeded to escort Kyoko to the same back room where he had met the Viper representative, striding past the negotiation table to a small pair of worn drapes at the back of the room. Pulling them aside, he revealed what he had apparently referred to earlier: it was a sizeable stone slab located in an indent in the wall, sandy brown in color and inscribed from top to bottom with faded runes.

"This..." he announced solemnly, "Is the stone of prophecy; it's a sacred relic that has resided in this shrine ever since its construction, its secrets passed down from head priest to head priest. Well..." he added as an afterthought, "...some of its secrets, that is. This object was originally crafted by the survivors of the great revolt, and possesses some truly unique qualities. Observe." he smiled, reaching out his gnarled hand towards the bottom layer of runes. As soon as his fingers came close, however, the tablet seemed to come alive, the runes squirming and wriggling out of the way as if frightened by his presence.

"This happens with all but the inscription on top." the head priest explained, pointing at a few lines by the topmost edge, "Needless to say, translation has been difficult at best, but if our runelore is correct, this is what it says." he procured a carefully conserved parchment, handing it to Kyoko. Inscribed on the paper were what seemed to be part of an epic:

Dead were the rulers, mistakenly prideful.
Dead were their betrayers, forever faithful.

Death left life for others to live.
Death left a path for others to follow.
Death left its children to end the cycle.
Death left the key to the serpent's defeat.

The end of the cycle is the end of his crimes.
The end of the cycle is the end of our duty.
The end of the cycle leads to rest well deserved.
The end of the cycle lies clear to their eyes."

"That is the last chapter of the Godslayer epic." the head priest remarked, "I wouldn't be surprised if you hadn't heard of it; few pay attention to such things these days. However, if we are correct...its presence here is proof that this is none other than the key of prophecy, and if that is the case then this unknown part of the prophecy should be legible only to those chosen to fulfill it." he paused, silently examining Kyoko for a few more moments before finally speaking up, "Child, please reach for this stone."

August 2nd, 2007, 8:35 PM

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She just blushed, hiding her downcast face for the moment by staring at her hands. There wasn't anything she could do about it. She'd been told, since she had told her father she wanted to leave the comforting prison of the gym, that she was worthless, pathetic and couldn't do anything on her own that she needed someone or something to depend on because she couldn't stand on her own two feet. Some gave her a night away from her comfy bed, some gave her a week. A few gave her a month. It had been almost a year now and she had no ideas of going home, not even for a visit. She wasn't going to give them a chance to bind her to the town again. Not ever again.

Snapping out of her own thoughts, she listened to his story, immediatly reconizing it but her memory of it was foggy. How long had it been since her father had actually pulled her onto his lap and told her one of these fables, these stories that made the worst of her days turn into brilliant ones? She couldn't remember and just the thought was giving her a slight headache. Rubbing at the side of her head, she followed along after the old man, tilting her head in light curiosity as to where she was being dragged off to. When he revealed the stone however, her headache magnified for a short while before it died completely and the girl, who'd had moisture drip softly from her eyes during the highest point of the pain, rubbed her eyes once or twice before nodding and showing more than just timid intrest in the rune with light and color returning to her face when the rune came to life and danced softly across the stone slab. Her eyes caught the formed runes and, without meaning to, tried to stumble through them when the man handed her the parchment and explained this was nothing short of a semi-direct translation. Sitting back, grateful for something in slightly larger print, she mumbled the words out softly, shivering when she finished, "Ojii-sama, do you- Oh, o-o-okay."

Swallowing hard, she pressed her hand towards the slab, the tips of her tiny fingers hovering just centimeters above it.

Alter Ego
August 14th, 2007, 6:57 AM
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The moment Kyoko reached for the slab, the runes sprung to life once more, but unlike before they didn't seem to be escaping this time, choosing to huddle together instead twisting in and out of formation for a few moments until they finally settled into a solid shape; not as obscure symbols but as fully legible, modern letters:

"Successor of the eighth, you are both blessed and cursed to have been born to this age, when beginning and end shall be restored. Know that the serpent was born with not one head but two: the face of a friend and the mask of a foe. Light and dark. Beginning and end. In his greed for life he turned one against the other, and they devoured each other as serpents do. And therein lies the serpent's crime: for he sought to die but still exist, descending into twilight. Neither light nor dark, neither lit nor extinguished. Without a beginning there could be no end. But his greed was not satiated, for he could not live any more than die. He had become a specter; neither part of this world or another. Thus, know that the serpent shall once again seek to return to this world, and that therein lies the key to his defeat. For though he knows it not, to invite life is to invite death. And therein lies your task, you who see what others can not: When the time comes he shall seek to tap into your power and you must permit it, for a life must be begun before it can end. Lead him into the light, successor of the eighth, so the darkness can claim him. Such is the duty we entrust to you."

"Ah...my apologies, child." Ambrose muttered, seemingly oblivious to the change in the tablet, "I thought that the message may have been decipherable, but it appears as mysterious as ever...if stationary. I-hold, did you hear that, child?"

Sure enough, as soon as the head priest had fallen into silence, the sound of footsteps - specifically, the footsteps of someone either in possession of a formidable mass or a pair of heavy boots - became audible from the other side of the door.


"That's about it." Valen muttered, glancing at the interior of the shrine in a rather irritated manner. Shrines had never been his thing, especially late in the evening when he could imagine a dozen of places he'd rather be at and things he'd rather be doing...such as investigating the contents of the disc. Kyoko's little diversion had already eaten up quite a bit of his time and Valen wasn't in the mood to waste anymore in poking about the area. Besides, there was just something about the place that made him uneasy, a disturbing feeling of being watched which he didn't relish in the least. He raised his voice, speaking up again, "Alright, brat, if this is your idea of a joke I'll have you know that I'm not laughing right now. You've got precisely five minutes to come out and explain yourself, otherwise I'm out of here!"


A slightly disapproving look appeared on the head priest's face, his glance traveling to Kyoko, "Is that person one of these friends you mentioned, child?" he inquired, "If he is then kindly ask him to show some respect. This is, after all, a sacred shrine and his clamping about is not appreciated."

August 19th, 2007, 7:42 AM

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"Duty...? We entrust...?" She mumbled quietly, her head all but exploding from this newest little tidbit of information, "Chosen...? Me...?" She turned towards the priest, her eyes blurred from the impact of whatever it was she'd just witnessed. Apparently, as he didn't have the same glazed over feeling she did, he hadn't seen any of it. Perfect. Another person to doubt her. Turning back to the tablet, she ran her hand over it again, quickly memorizing the tablet's contents. She'd ask Valen about it, not that he'd answer her questions, but she'd try. She had to at least try. In the memorizing process, she looked a little deeper at the words and nearly lost what little color she had left when she read the final part of the tablet's words. Her body erupted into tremors. When the time comes he shall seek to tap into your power and you must permit it, for a life must be begun before it can end. Lead him into the light, successor of the eighth, so the darkness can claim him This evil, she had to befriend it? And lead it somewhere? Let it use her? This was all so confusing that she was almost completely lost in her own thoughts when the priest stood and a younger, familiar, voice barked through the halls of the temple.

Shaking visibly, she stood, almost falling once but managed to stay upright long enough to make sure she didn't look like a total wreck, "I... I wish I could call him my friend. I think all I am to him is a burden." she laughed weakly, "I'll go ask him to be quiet, he doesn't know... temple rules nor does he really care to learn." Coughing once, she ignored the light red stain it left on her palm and managed to make her feet move one infront of another, out into the main room, "V-valen please." Please don't hate me waving the non-bloodied hand infornt of her face, she pressed a finger to her lips, "S-shhh... It's not polite, not in a temple. I was ju-just asked to go talk to the Head Priest, I didn't mean to leave for that long, kay?" I'm not a burden... Motioning to a coushin, she sat on one opposite the one she'd just indicated, "I'm... I'm just asking for fifteen minutes. May I please request fifteen minutes of your time, Onii-er, Valen?" Biting down on her lip and lowering, she gathered her courage. This wasn't hard. She could talk to him. He would listen, or so she hoped. He might call her a burden, a pathetic excuse for a human being and a waste of his precious airspace but if he would just listen, for once, that would be enough, that would be enough. Breathing deeply a couple of times to try and still her coughing, which was trying its hardest to emerge at this very very bad time, she lifted her eyes back to his, meeting them with a fierocity she'd never shown him before, "I... um... Well, to start things off my given name is not Kyoko. I took that name when I left my home, at the Ecruteak Gym, so it would be harder for my father, Morty, to track me down. There's a definate flag on my real name in the GP Database, you could say my father wants his mistake back in his control." There was a bit of venom in the way that last sentance was stated and once she realized it, she shook it off, "Anyways, ever since I was little, I've been able to communicate with Ghost Pokemon and the Ghosts OF Pokemon since departed... and..." There it was again, that blasted physical tremor she couldn't contorl, "...since I've gotten to this place, I haven't stopped hearing cries from the depths of the Slythe building... That day you got hurt Valen, I passed out. You want to know why? Probably not but I'm telling you anyways. I was helping Rose look for Si, he'd run off, and I was suddenly overwhelmed by a massive wave length of pokemon litterally crying out in anguish. Try to imagine your head exploding. Then magnify that by two. And... and I've heard faint cries, from the direction of these ruins we're supossed to go to and.. and..." She was struggling to supress her coughing, which was starting to become harder to do, and the overwhelming urge she had to burst out crying, "...And I think something's wrong Valen. I think Slythe is... I think he's messing with something you're not supossed to mess with and I'm... I'm..." Scared? no, she couldn't come out and admit it. But it was written all over her face, "If you don't want to believe me, about my abilities, you don't have to. But the priest here believes me... and I'm pretty sure Slythe did to." Her eyes darkened, "So is that enough proof for you?"

Blinking, her eyes widened softly, "D-did you see Chain on your way in? I... I hope he didn't get lost."

Alter Ego
August 20th, 2007, 10:23 AM
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Valen was about to remark that the brat had already taken up ten of the requested minutes - and tell her quite clearly that he didn't give a damn about the temple rules - but something held him back. He couldn't put his finger on why, but something about her skittish manner was holding back the countless crude phrases his mind was formulating. Perhaps it was the annoyingly loud voice at the back of his mind that he just couldn't seem to shake these days, perhaps it was something else, but no matter what the case the teenager simply didn't enjoy seeing someone - not even someone he wanted to loathe as much as Kyoko - squirm in such a way. Driving her completely over the edge seemed like something weak and cowardly to do, like something...something Slythe would have decided on without a second thought. Yes, that was it. That had to be it. He wasn't sympathizing with this wandering waste of space; he just didn't want to sink to the level of someone he despised even more. This was an arrangement of spite; nothing more.

"...alright." Valen remarked in his usual impassive voice, taking a seat on the indicated cushion, "But this had better be good."

Well, the first bit was far-fetched enough...a gym leader's daughter? And apparently she had little voices in her head, too. Valen would have scoffed and walked out right there and then were it not for the string of bizarre incidents that he himself had been through recently. He had to admit that part of it made sense: obviously someone in Morty's position would not have wanted someone as weak, frail, and - apparently - delusional as Kyoko wandering about unchecked if he could in any way be compromised by or held accountable for what she did, and if people were indeed on the lookout for her it would explain the need for a cover-up name. But the rest...spirits calling out in anguish? Ancient evils and other nonsense? Apparently Kyoko had gone as batty as Slythe and his new associate, thanks - no doubt - to the encouragement of a senile old man and this derelict hole in the ground he saw fit to call 'shrine'. Unlike Slythe, Kyoko seemed largely incapable of keeping a lid on her fantasies, however. By the looks of it she was dead frightened - it was written all over her face - and the girl seemed about ready to burst into tears. And for what? Some ancient fairy tales and an overactive imagination. As the girl finished, Valen felt torn by an uncharacteristic desire to comfort the sniveling wreck in front of her and a wish to smack her over the face and tell her to pull her head down from the clouds, stop worrying about imaginary horrors and assorted bogeymen and instead start focusing on real issues, like that damn assassination order on her head. Finally, he settled on a compromise of sorts.

"No, I didn't." Valen replied to the inquiry about Chain, "This being the case I'm sure he's around. Now let me see if I got this straight...you expect me to believe that our trip to those ruins is all part of an insidious plan to destroy the world as we know it, concocted by Slythe no less, because the little voices in your head told you so and a senile old coot - who is certain that we're all being watched and judged by an invisible sky fairy who'll come to reward the good people at some indeterminable point in the future - agrees with you?" he shook his head, "Honestly, listen to yourself. I don't know how old you are and I don't really care, but don't you think it's about time you grew out of fairy tales and started paying attention to the real world? So assume that I'd believe it - which I don't - what makes you think I won't rat you out to Slythe? I work for him, remember? And last I checked we weren't exactly the best of friends either, so why bother telling me any of this?" he wasn't just asking this for rhetoric, the boy honestly didn't know what Kyoko was playing at here, "Slythe is a conniving, self-serving bastard, certainly, but I could have told you as much without consulting any of your cadaver pals, so if you've got some actual information - beyond what I could read in any second-rate occult novel - then spit it out. I've got enough real problems to deal with without having to chase your bogeymen as well."

August 20th, 2007, 2:52 PM
After several minutes of standing in silence, allowing his mind to work through the current situation a few times, Chain finally made his way past the gate of the shrine. A sudden, unidentifiable feeling flooded about him, as though he were stepping into a different world. The true nature of this feeling, however, lay beyond the hacker's grasp, and lingered in a frustratingly half-existent manner as he strode quietly about the outside of the shrine--studying the structure's surroundings before entering the building itself. The piece of note he had seen did not specify where in the shrine he was meant to go, and his cautious personality made him wary of unwanted observation. Once he was sufficiently satisfied, Chain walked into the shrine, moving in his usual casual, yet subtle and unobtrusive manner. Two familiar voices reached the trainer's ears as he walked, leading him toward the shrine's main room.

So, the note she gave him earlier must have been related to this meeting. I wonder what her intent is. Choosing to linger in the shadows as Valen and Kyoko spoke, Chain caught the latter half of Kyoko's narrative and the entirety of Valen's. After Valen finished speaking, Chain--finding he had nothing to say--remained where he was, but no longer made an effort to hide his presence. Though he was relatively certain that at least Valen, if not Kyoko, would notice him, Chain's current purpose was closer to courtesy than secrecy. Also, he deemed it prudent to wait until he had more fully assessed the situation before joining the conversation.

August 26th, 2007, 9:47 AM

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"I...." Her voice caught in her throat and it seemed that she would once again lose herself when somehow, somehow she managed to pull herself together. "Morty is my father, don't you dare question that. For all the times he tells me I'm a useless child, there are still times he tells me I'm worth something and... and that alone means you don't have the right... the right to say those things!" There was nothing she could do to prevent herself from rising to protect him, it was just something every child, no matter how battered, could find the strength and energy to do. Ignoring tears that were most likely streaming down her face, Kyoko dug deeper than she thought she could and pulled more strength out of who knows where to keep her cool, as much as she could while crying, and not completely sucumb to the feeling that was overflowing in her chest, "I'm not lost in any stupid childish fairy tales! I didn't think you'd believe me but I thought I'd give it a shot, I thought maybe, maybe somewhere in that stupid thick head of yours that maybe you would see that, regardless of what it is, there's something wrong with that man and there's something wrong with this mission. All of it, it's so messed up." She was rambling, she knew it, but she couldn't stop, "And don't you dare insult the old man working here, don't you dare or I swear I'll make you regret it." Yes yes, threats from someone her size with her history weren't all THAT frightening but it was the thought that counts, right? Standing, she couldn't help but stamp her foot once, grinding it into the floor, "And as for you, Valen, don't you dare try and tell me you're on friendly terms with Slythe. Call me a stupid ignorant immature child all you want but I know, without a doubt in my mind, that you were just as terrified of that man as the rest of us were." Low blow. Hopefully that wouldn't come back to bite her. "And if you want to rat me out to the GP, go ahead. I've gotten away from them before and I'll do it again after, with or without your help mind you, I find out what Slythe's doing and, though I don't know how yet, shut his bloody operation down. I can't, I won't sit here anymore and blink off these things. I won't. If you want to help me, fine. If you don't, fine. Just stay, stay the h-hell out of my way." Taking a big breath of air, she managed to squeeze out the last little bit of her rant, "But I did find out, from the Old Man who watches the shrine day in and day out, something about this ruin we're going to, it's a pro-"

She couldn't continue and without further ado, she collapsed, falling to her knees in a coughing fit which rippled through her body like violent waves. Unable to breathe or really do anything beyond coughing and staying above the black waters of unconsciousness, she could do nothing but wait for it to finish, ignoring the specks of blood that once again appeared in the palm of her hand. When all was said and done, she wiped her mouth clean before looking up at Valen, her face white as a sheet. It was around this time that she finally noticed Chain and beckoned towards him, "I-I asked the both of you to come because... I found out a prophecy... and I don't understand it. I... simply want your help analyzing it, the others wouldn't understand this at all."

August 27th, 2007, 12:21 PM
Chain slowly entered the room, making his way toward Kyoko as he studied her expression. The things he had heard were strange, even considering current situation, and the skeptic in him was not ready to allow him to believe Kyoko's story so easily. And yet . . . Seeing Kyoko crumpled to her knees brought back memories of a time when he would have bled his very veins dry just for someone--for anyone to believe him.

Even before the day the virus infected Circuit, some had disagreed with Chain's Pokemon battle methods, finding them too cold and harsh. To Chain they had merely been efficient, and he found no reason to change his ways. But after that time, everyone seemed eager to blame him for something he knew he had not done. When even his own father had refused to support him, rather allowing himself to be used by the police in an attempt to make his son confess the uncommitted crime, Chain had realized that he was alone, with only an unemotional data Pokemon by his side. But still, even after he had tracked down and isolated the virus that had caused him to lose control of Circuit--even after he proved the virus's existence to the police and had his Pokemon trainer's license returned to him--there remained a wrong that he knew he did commit. Although the program that brought the end of a trainer and Pokemon was not one of his own making, his neglect had allowed that event to occur nonetheless. And one regret was already too much to bear for a lifetime. He would not allow another regret to be added to the list.

Leaning down, Chain offered Kyoko a hand. "I see," he stated simply. Though his face did not turn, for a moment, Chain's eyes briefly looked toward Valen before returning to the pink-haired girl before him. "Tell me what you know."

Alter Ego
August 28th, 2007, 9:36 AM
Valen's eyes narrowed as Kyoko proceeded further and further into her manic little rant. Apparently, he had been a lot closer to the mark in thinking of her as a Slythe-in-the-making than he had really expected to be. She was seriously losing it, more and more with each passing minute. Thick-headed, was he? Well, at least he wasn't a raving, delusional lunatic. As the rant neared its end, the boy rose up with all intention in the world to leave the brat to spout her nonsense at the surrounding walls, but just then Kyoko ground to a sudden halt, collapsing onto the floor in a violent coughing fit.

Part of the girl's earlier behavior might have caused vague resonance in his memory, but this-this was nothing short of a full flashback. At the sight, Valen froze, the emotions welling up inside of him. In an instant, the shrine had all but faded from his senses, and he found himself back at that cliff he had hoped never to see again, practically feeling the imaginary raindrops splash against his skin from the rumbling tempest above, the low drone of waves crashing against the rocks below drumming in his ears. And there...hunched over by the edge, she was. Not the pink-haired little pest, but the other she, her frail body quivering violently in an attempt to remain in the world of the conscious, the hands clutched over her chest as a thin trickle of red escaped from between them and the pale lips moving silently, desperately trying to form some kind of message, over and over again.

Valen's eyes glazed over, his hand extending towards the frail figure, slowly, mechanically, the subconscious action of a sleepwalker. The emotions he thought he had rid himself of so long ago were going overboard: compassion, caring, pity, but above all: guilt. This-this was his fault, he didn't know how but it was. He had to put it right, he had to. The boy tried to will his body to move, but it remained frustratingly stationary. Only his mouth seemed to be getting things done, uttering the sounds it instinctively saw as right:


"I see."

With those simple words, the frail vision was broken, the stormy night scene disappearing and revealing the shrine to him once more. Valen blinked, his mind eventually registering the fact that Chain had come out of hiding and joined in, currently offering a hand to Kyoko. And speaking of hands...what the heck was he doing holding his one out? The boy quickly pulled the offending appendage back, folding his arms and taking a step back from the scene, his head now dampened with cold sweat. He had no idea what the strange sensation just now had been, but he really hoped that neither of the others had paid it any heed. Unlike his previous visions, however, this one had left him with something: a name.

'Kiri?' he repeated in his mind, his eyes shifting back to the girl, 'So that's the one...Kyoko reminds me of?'. This made no sense, no sense at all, but the nagging little voice at the back of his head had left him with very clear instructions about what was to be done. It was madness, absolute madness, but still...

Valen remained silent for a moment, turning his back to the two others until eventually speaking - his back still turned.

"You're serious about this, aren't you?" Valen slowly turned to face Kyoko, looking the pale child in the eye, "Even though you can barely stand and don't have a clue about the true scope of this operation you're opposing, you really think you can tear it down all on your own?" he held his stare - and silence - for a while more, before suddenly bursting into a fit of mirthless laughter, "You really are as crazy as Slythe, however..." he broke the eye contact, once again focusing on anything but the other two people in the room. This was going to be his life's biggest and most foolhardy gamble, and now was the last moment to pull out. The ends of the boy's lips curved up ever so slightly, "I'm in a rather crazy mood myself at the moment, and I do think I know a thing or two that can help. But before we get to that, there's something about me that you need to know." he turned to face the others again, the slight phantom of a grin now replaced by an expression of complete and utter seriousness, "However, if you let it spread to anyone, I will have no choice but to kill you. That goes for you too, old man!" he added in a louder voice to make sure that the head priest didn't miss it, his demeanor still completely serious, "You've got five minutes to decide whether you're willing to take that risk or not."

With that, he took a bit of distance from the fire, wandering in a leisurely, slightly aimless manner in the direction of the building's exit. 'You've got plenty of big words, both of you, let's see if you've got the will to back them up...'

September 18th, 2007, 7:40 PM

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She took Chain's hand, not even noticing Valen had offered one til he jerked it back. Tilting her head, she managed to stay standing, a bit of dried blood on the edge of her mouth as she steadied her weary body against the strength and unusual warmth of Chain's arm. She looked up at the boy after Valen's normal staring sequence grew a little on the obnoxious side and was about to start speaking when Valen's voice, softer than normal, (or at least for a short while) echoed in her ear. Snapping her head towards it, she was immediatly overcome with a wave of nausea and, after a moment of her head in her hands, was able to look him in the eye. Yes, yes she was serious. She'd been serious from the get-go but she'd been too scared, too scared that nobody would find this true, hidden side of this outwardly hyper and timid child appealing. She couldn't be scared anymore. So what, so what if she was just one person? So what if the odds were against her? Hand't they been against her so many times before?

His laughing, however, sent Kyoko into a paler state (If one could believe it possible) and as she watched him, she couldn't help shaking her head lightly, her face drained of all emotion but fear and worry. This wasn't like him. Sure, he laughed, but never like this. Stepping towards him, her hands left the safety of Chain's arm, one tucking just below her chin as she watched him, her worry increasing with each of his words. Kill? Kill them? He, couldn't be serious could he? Whatever he had to say, it couldn't be that bad... could it? Biting down on her lip, she stepped towards him, her hands touching as close to his wrists as she could with what was visible and peered up into his eyes, staring intently for what seemed like an eternity, searching for signs of doubt, of disbelief, of lies. The more she looked, the more firm her opinion of the situation became and, at long last (Even though only three minutes or so had passed in real time) she pulled back, nodding slowly, her own face becoming as serious as Valen's, "...I believe you." She took a deep breath, her hands clasping tightly together, her hands twisting at the skin of their opposite palms, "...b-but I want to say something." Sighing, she looked from Chain to Valen and back, "...I won't, I won't say I'm not afraid. I am. But I'm not going to back down. I can't, I can't go back to being like that. So... So please. When you tell us... tell us as an us? Not an equal and a... lesser? I promise... I won't waste your time." Sighing, she slipped to her knees more gracefully than before, "Could..could we please sit down?" She didn't want to explain her physical condition right now, it would make Valen stop talking right here and now and she didn't that, not after this.

Maybe, maybe she'd finally be his equal. Or at least closer than she was right now.

Alter Ego
October 17th, 2007, 6:56 AM
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Valen paused, observing in silence as Kyoko peered into his eyes and for once not turning away at such a gesture. He was being dead serious about this one, but much to his surprise the same seemed to go for the brat too. There wasn't a hint of doubt in her little announcement of 'believing' him, though some of it returned at her later requests. Chain, as usual, was saying nothing, but neither was he departing; Valen supposed that that was the closest thing to an answer he could expect from the hacker.

"Fine." the boy replied at last, leaving the question of whether he had responded to both or only one of the requests open as he seated himself opposite to Kyoko, pausing for a moment to gather his thoughts, "Chain, this is your last warning. Either you leave now or you're in on this whether you like it or not." he took a deep breath, allowing his eyes to travel to both of the other occupants in the room before he spoke up again, "Now I could go into an elaborate explanation here, but I think we'll try this the simple way." with that, he reached out his right hand and brushed the long bangs hanging in front of his face aside, leaving the black 'V' with the snake coiled around it that was printed on his forehead exposed, "Does this mark ring any bells with either of you?" not pausing long enough for either to answer, he pressed on, "No, on second thought we don't have the time to waste on childish guessing games. This is the symbol of Team Viper, a global crime syndicate currently integrated into three of the big four and a number of smaller regions, including this one. We do pretty much the same as most organizations; pokémon abduction, theft, extortion, smuggling, illegal experiments, assassinations, the works. You already met our leader today, and I believe you're both bright enough to realize who I'm talking about." his voice grew completely monotonous as he spoke the next phrase, like schoolboy reciting a particularly boring mantra he had been given for homework, "'Complete domination in all spheres of life should always be the primary objective.'" the teen gave a mirthless chuckle, shaking his head, "Waiwai's control of this place is just the tip of the iceberg. Oh, and you might be interested to know that you've both got an assassination order hanging over your heads, just like the rest of the tournament victors, due to be executed the moment your mission is finished. I should know...I'm the one meant to carry it out." he refused to meet either's gaze at the last statement, his expression even more grave than usual, the misty gray eyes staring vacantly towards the ceiling, "Now do you see why I was so reluctant to talk about this?"

October 20th, 2007, 9:46 AM
Sensing Valen's movement, Chain turned toward him once he had helped Kyoko up, though by this point the purple-haired boy's arms were already folded across his chest. The hacker silently studied Valen's face as he spoke, not changing expression even at Valen's bout of humorless laughter. I wonder what that was . . . There's no sign of it left in his expression, but for a moment he seemed almost troubled--hesitant. Hearing Valen's ultimatum only served to deepen Chain's curiosity and cause him to wonder even more. A moment later, however, the hacker glanced down as he felt Kyoko's weight leave his arm, watching her as she stepped toward Valen. Somehow, her manner reminded him of a Pichu approaching a Feraligator. Despite whatever emotions were running through her, Kyoko managed to speak, stating her position openly, though not easily. At the pink-haired girl's suggestion that the group sit down, Chain waited until Valen sat before allowing his eyes to travel between the room's two other occupants. The situation, naturally, made him uneasy, and he was not ready to agree to something that he did not know the consequences of. Still, he had trusted Valen before, and he found no reason not to do so again.

Without a word, Chain seated himself on the floor at an equal distance from each of the two others, forming a roughly equilateral triangle. As Valen spoke, Chain listened to him quietly despite the thoughts that were rushing through his mind, confirming his vague suspicions in a far more detailed manner than he could have hoped for. After the other boy finished, Chain took a moment to finish processing what had been said before turning his emerald-gold eyes steadily toward Valen--who was, understandably, avoiding eye contact.

Though he had many questions to ask, Chain finally selected and voiced the one he found most pressing. "So why tell us?" I know you're not impulsive enough to risk this much without having a considerable amount to gain.

November 3rd, 2007, 3:20 AM
Kyoko simply listened, her facial expression remaining the same throughout the duration of Valen's speech. She shruddered at the mark on his forehead but strangely, the child moved naught when he proclaimed the death sentance over the both of theirs, Chain and Kyoko's, heads. When he was seemingly done and his eyes reclaimed that distant grave look about them, she again stepped a little towards Valen, her head tilting curiously as she simply peered up at him.

"So why tell us?" Chain's voice broke through the smothering silence like a bell in the middle of the summer night, clear and smooth in a muggy tense atmosphere. There was more to his question, as there is with almost all questions, than he was saying and it was obvious he was expecting an answer. Biting down on her lip, she pattered slowly around Valen, trying to find an angle to match his eyes for just a moment. Something deep within her was nearly screaming to soothe him. Kyoko wasn't quite sure how she was to do this but it wasn't something she could simply ignore. After once around Valen with no success, she swallowed hard and reached out, patting his arm lightly. "This, this may mean nothing Valen but... But everything will be alright, okay? Or, or at least we can try and, and make everything alright." Was he, was Valen just as afraid of Slythe as everyone else? Maybe, just maybe, that was why Valen was inwardly rejecting the Viper Morals. Maybe, just maybe, he didn't want to be a part of it anymore. It wasn't in her place to suggest such an idea but she tucked it away in a place she could find in her mind, just incase, before she pattered back to her little spot on the triangle and sat down, patiently waiting for Valen's next mini speech, if there was to be one. It really wasn't the time but she couldn't help smiling a little inside. Valen, he was talking to them, he was really talking to them.

Alter Ego
November 3rd, 2007, 10:05 AM
Quite frankly, Valen didn't know how to respond to Chain's question. Speaking, once he had gotten past his initial restraints, had been easier than he thought, but only because it had drowned the question he had now been posed. What was it that compelled him? Hatred for Slythe? The obnoxious visions that didn't give him a moment's peace? A phantom promise to a girl of whom she remembered nothing but a name and a tuft of dark green hair? Temporary insanity? At this point, they all seemed equally plausible to him, but above all one reason kept bobbing up from the depths of his mind: 'Because I could never look Reina in the eye if I didn't.'

It was then that Valen was snapped out of his thoughts by the light but unmistakable pressure of a foreign hand on his arm. Looking up in surprise, the boy needed a few moments to properly register that Kyoko was on the other end of the hand, which gave her enough time to finish the gesture and start out her little speech.

Valen just didn't know how to respond to this unexpected gesture, nor what to make of the girl's childishly sincere offer of trying to make it all better. Was she mocking him again? The would-be assassin peered intently at his would-be target for a moment, failing to notice any signs of such. So she was just being childish, then? Valen was not naive enough to believe that any outcome, even one involving the team's downfall, would turn out 'alright' from his point of view. He was neck-deep in Team Viper's assorted misdeeds, and no force on this earth could change that; that left either years in prison or years on the run from assorted authorities, there was nothing 'alright' about either. And yet...yet something told him that the girl's words were spoken in an attempt to help, a completely misguided attempt, of course, but an attempt nonetheless.

I don't need your sympathy.

Those were the words that Valen would have wanted to speak, but he couldn't bring himself to do it, finally replying to Chain's question instead.

"Suffice to say that I and Slythe aren't exactly on good terms." he said in his usual monotone, "I've been running my own agenda under his ghostly pale nose for several years now, and I'm sure he's onto me; be it through paranoia or evidence. It has always been a matter of time until one stabbed the other in the back, and I want to be the one holding the knife. Beyond that..." he gazed of into space, "...it's my personal business. I've already divulged things that would get an executive executed; I'm not going to spill my heart out for you too. Let's just say that I don't feel like doing this particular mission and leave it at that." Valen finally turned his gaze to meet Chain's again, confident that the hacker was already formulating his own idea of what these 'personal reasons' were and considering all the things he had witnessed, Chain's assumptions may even have been correct, "Anything else you feel like asking?"

December 1st, 2007, 5:58 PM
December 22nd, 2005, 02:41 PM < -- Original post date! :O

We're almost to the two year mark!


As her head hadn’t come up at all during the entire ordeal, she’d never caught his eyes other than that moment when she had, and while she knew that logically, this wasn’t the case, she hoped, even the itsy bitsy tiniest bit, that her words had soothed, helped, something-ed Valen. He was always so alone, it was his own choice yes but still, he was always alone. Him and his pokemon, taking on the world. That sounded like the most lonely thing on the whole wide earth, not to mention in this whole wide pokemon region, and regardless of what he said, she was pretty sure, no, she was absolutely sure, he was lonely. Maybe he didn’t hear the voice wishing he had people around him amongst the others, probably the others that maybe told him friends would be taken care of. Kinda like how they were? Maybe. Maybe she, Chain and Valen were friends. Maybe they weren’t. Regardless, Valen had made it clear (She couldn’t help a small little smile when he said he didn’t want to go through with the mission to murder them in the night) he wanted this, whatever it was, to work for the time being. Maybe it would last beyond, maybe it wouldn’t. However, once she’d found herself on this theoretical road of hers, she couldn’t help but ponder, did he ever lose someone close to him? A friend? Because of an order? Blinking, she stared down at her hands, turning them over to look at her palms, the palms and fingertips that had just seconds ago touched his clothing and arm. Mumbling lightly, she couldn’t help but wonder, “Why did he feel like he was… suffering…?” She sighed, pulling her hands to her chest in a tight clasp, My hands feel so warm…Maybe I’ll ask him later, if there was a reason I’d felt that feeling.

It had been an odd feeling. The moment she’d touched him, she’d gotten the strangest idea that perhaps, perhaps Valen wasn’t all he was cracked up to be. The way his arm clenched, but not immediately, when she touched him, had somewhat made her believe he’d somewhat wanted it. Foolish, that’s what she was being. A stupid little fool. He couldn’t stand her, stand the way she dressed, acted, any of it. The way she was just…bothered him. It was frustrating, frustrating because now, now that she’d felt this feeling, she wanted more than ever to befriend the unbefriendable boy even though she knew, she wasn’t going to admit it but she knew it, he probably would never accept her friendship. He’d be her friend, even if she wasn’t his. Prehaps maybe, like her brother had said once, that would make her his friend in the end. Yes, that would work. If she just tried, if she just put forth the effort. Maybe that, no, no maybes. That would win him over eventually. It would, she had to believe. However, if she was going to be breaking the law anyways with this mission, there was one little thing she needed.

“Valen…? Do you have a Pokemon Storage Unit around? If we’re going to be breaking the law anyways, I think I can get Sy out without any problems. Eeek! I didn't do that right!” Smacking herself in the forehead lightly, she shook her head a couple of times and after a silent deep breath, started again. She peered up at him respectfully, no smile at all on her face so as not to annoy him. The serious look she’d put on instead was humorous, it was obviously faked in an attempt to prove sincerity and looked more like a Munchlax’s face than anything serious. It was, however, blatently obvious as to what she was doing. He'd told her time after time that she annoyed him, she was putting forward more than her two good feet to prove she wasn't constantly annoying. “May I… uh… sir? Um... Please um... use the Pokemon Storage Unit assign, yeah I think that's the right world sir, assigned to you...please sir?” Yes, sir was what they always said around G-Men and Police bases. Sir was a good word! …right?

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December 11th, 2007, 4:03 PM
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Valen blinked.

The way in which Kyoko had just addressed him was nothing short of absurd. She had been her usual self at first, but the next thing the boy knew, she had been dropping more protective 'sir's than a bottom-of-the-pile grunt in dialogue with Slythe, and though the teenager disliked being associated with his boss in any way, he just couldn't help noticing how utterly humorous the situation was.

Valen would have laughed if he had remembered how, but as it was the only thing that happened was that his expression lightened slightly as he procured the device from his pocket and tossed it over to the girl.

"Knock yourself out." he remarked with a shrug, "But keep in mind that Slythe's got that under surveillance. Any transfer you make is registered in the database."

Pausing for a moment, the teenager cast a glance at the scenery outside, "It's getting late." he said at last, "If this is all for today, we should split up. If there's no sign of us anywhere it will raise suspicions."

Valen slowly rose to his feet, brushing the dust off his jeans, procuring a scrap of paper from his pocket and quickly jotting down two lines of writing before tearing it in half, handing one piece to each of the others, "That's the number to my personal cell. It's a protected line so it's as safe as we can hope for. If something comes up, you can reach me through that. You should leave at different times and in different directions. The last thing we want is for anyone to catch onto us working together."

Without another word or even an additional glance, the teenager strode out of the shrine and into the darkening streets outside.

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December 28th, 2007, 10:29 AM
So he does have his own reasons, though the most important ones are doubtless the ones he decided not to mention. Chain thought back on the short time he had known Valen and considered what he knew. After a moment of thought, the hacker turned his glance toward Kyoko in recognition of that fact that she was speaking. But, her words being addressed to Valen, Chain did not move many of his mental processes from the topic they were already attempting to decipher.

Valen clearly dislikes Slythe. So why is he listening to him in the first place? And what is it about this particular mission that is causing him to finally make a move against Slythe? Is it coincidence? Does he simply believe he's been waiting too long? No, I don't believe in coincidences. And Valen's not impatient enough to take a risk so life-changing without good reason. Something happened . . . Maybe it was during the tournament, maybe before, or maybe this issue only arose when he was given his most recent orders. He did say that he did not want to do "this mission." It troubles him.

Chain silently reviewed every fact he had learned about Valen--every experience he knew the boy had undergone, every word, every expression, and his responses to everyone he had come into contact with. I can't count on Valen to give me a straight answer. Not right now, at least. And the only person familiar enough with him who I can talk to is Reina, but . . . He paused. Reina. Memories of the hospital room incidents flickered across Chain's mind, yet seemed unable to produce anything that would properly coagulate. This in itself began to bother Chain, but he moved on. In any case, any other source of information that could help me understand Valen I have, though without its key.

After a moment, Valen's voice broke through Chain's thoughts, causing the latter to raise his eyes. The hacker quietly accepted the piece of paper, memorizing the number with the intent of destroying the evidence when the next opportunity arose. Just before Valen left, a thought occurred to Chain. He told us this much. I should probably tell him.

"Valen. I took another fishing expedition and caught something new: employee records. And from the security, I'm guessing the employees aren't the legal kind. Any idea how to get the fish's mouth open?"

January 1st, 2008, 10:13 PM

Now I don’t know if Slythe’s tapping cells or not so I’ll post the brother’s convo. :3 Just ‘n case.


The moment the device was in her hand, she'd given Valen a bit of a salute and skittered back into the depths of the shrine. Smiling at the kind Ojii-sama, she set the little device on the little table and turned towards him, "Ojii-sama, would you like a meal, for your help? I may not, no, I'm nothing close to it, be the greatest cook in the world but I can cook yummy food, if that means anything." She clasped her hands together behind her back, swaying back and forth just a little, "If that's okay I mean." Her eyes were drawn lightly to the tablet, she still couldn't shake its words, not in the least. Tiny trembles turned into visible ones as she tried to shake off the nasty vibes drifting through her body but as quickly as it had come, it left her. Once again the perky child, she turned, poking the device til it opened. Scanning through her box, she scowled and pulled out her cell, scrolling through several numbers before finding one and, placing the phone against her ear, skittered back out of the main chamber and to the outside of the temple, settling under a tree for the moment.

“…Onii-san? Um… Long time no see?”
“Emi..? Is that you? Where the heck are you? Everyone‘s absolutely worried sick!”
“eh…? Emi what are you-”
“Kyoko is what I go by. Don’t call me that old name. Please.”
“Don‘t be ridiculous, that‘s not your given name. I won‘t call you that, neither will anyone else”
“Onii-san! Ple-please, I don’t have much time. I need you to send me Sync.”
“Not until you tell me where you are.”
“I can’t, not now.”
“Then I can’t help you.
“I’m…on an island. In a Pokemon Contest. I’m one… of the winners.”
“Wait, contest? Island…? …Is that the WaiWai corp contest?”
“…you got into that contest?”
“…Woah. That‘s… unexpected. You're not as weak as we-”
“I held up my end of the bargain, send me Sync.”
“You know Dad put a Global out on you, right?”
“Yeah… I just, I need a little more time. I can’t come home, not yet.”
“…are you alone?”
“No, I have people with me. They’re really nice, you’d really like them!"
"Really now. What makes you think that, hmm? I don't just let anyone be around my sis."
"Onii-san! Guwah! Valen, he’s the strongest of us and Chain’s really smart and Reina, she’s nicer than she tells people and-”
“heh heh… I get it Emi. You‘re not alone”
“So you’ll send him? And not tell Dad?”
“Emiko, you‘re not in any trouble, right?”
“Nope! None at all!”
“…alright. I‘ll send him. And I won‘t tell Dad. But you start calling me, alright? I worry about my only little sister you know”
“I know I know! Oniiii-san, you’re making me all embarrassed and stuff!”
“Ha! Serves you right you little monster.”
“…alright it‘s been done. Be careful, kay squirt?”
“Don’t call me squirt!”
“Only if I can call you Emi.”
“…fine. But just you!”
“I‘ll talk to you later?”
“Mhm, baibai.”

Clicking the phone shut, she wandered back inside, pressing buttons on the device, she never was any good with these stupid things, til it gave her the display she wanted. Ordering the thing to give her what she wanted, she had soon exchanged one poke ball on her belt for another and, waiting nearly impossibly long, replaced it with an ultra ball of sorts that was painted a dark black and purple color. Nuzzling it kittenishly [Take THAT English Teacher Alter. An -ish AND a -ly. I WIN] she enlarged the ball and mumbled, “Sync, come out please…” A dark shadow fell over the room as the pokemon that emerged took the best physical form it could muster. A calmer than one would normally see Gengar emerged, fingers forming from shadow particals as the pokemon shrunk its size and settled in Kyoko’s arms, smiling up at her sheepishly. ”Been awhile, hasn’t it.”

“Too long, to be honest.” Smiling, she hugged the gengar as best one could hug a ghost pokemon and then, happy her little reunion had occurred, she turned back towards the old man, “Now, did you want that meal? We’re leaving in weird intervals so I’ll leave last, thus, I can make you a meal if you’d like. Or we could just chat a bit more? Tis up to you.”

Alter Ego
January 27th, 2008, 8:25 AM
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Oh, and Slythe would probably be tapping into anything and everything he can, though it remains to be seen whether he'll make anything in particular out of this.



At Chain's words, Valen paused, his back still turned to the others as he stood in the doorway, but after a moment's contemplation he finally turned his head towards the hacker.

"Master access." he replied, "The file security looks big and tough, but if you crack the master access you can bypass everything else. I wouldn't suggest trying to get your hands on it outright since the passwords for them are changed at random intervals, but if you can somehow find and hack your way through it, you're in. If not..." he shrugged, "...well, then you'll just have to gut your fish the old fashioned way."

With that, he strode out of the shrine and into the darkening streets outside, forcing himself not to look back for even a split second. Normally, Valen wouldn't have dreamed of dismissing a chance to learn more about his own past that lightly, but right now...he kept his glare nailed to the street in front of him, his right hand instinctively clenching into a fist once more as he casually detoured from the path to his sleeping quarters and instead headed towards the pokémon center.

Right now, he had a more important issue to settle.


Ambrose, quite frankly, was speechless. The threat to his security had been one thing, but the conversation that followed was even more unsettling, unsettling enough to detain him from answering the rather simple question he had been posed. Once Kyoko had finished here phone call, however, the old man had finally found his voice again.

"Oh, you needn't exert yourself like that on my account, child." he replied softly, "Good though your cooking no doubt is, I'm afraid that I'm terribly low on materials at the moment, and to be honest you already seem to have a great deal to handle without me adding to it." his expression grew more concerned, "Child, I do not wish to offend you, but these...people you are associating yourself with, are you sure you can trust them?"

February 20th, 2008, 7:36 PM

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She'd been making him some tea, it was better than nothing, when he used that blasted "t" word. She sat upright like a twig and the glass slipped from her hand, shattering on the ground around her. Blushing, she flailed her arms, darting down the hallway after motioning for the old man to stay put, to fetch a broom, rag and bucket from the labeled utility closet and bolted back. Motioning that under absolutely no circumstances was the man to move, she swept up the pieces of her broken brown teacup into a pan and, after setting that to the side, smoothed her skirt out [1] and, after pushing her sleeves up, went to work cleaning it up, "S-sorry... I'm... I'm a klutz..." she scrubbed at the wooden floors softly, squeezing the rag harder than normal for a moment before she continued, speaking quietly as she did so, "...I shouldn't trust them. But I don't, I don't really have a choice you see." Exhaling from the depths of her diaphram, she squeezed the rag out in the bucket and continued, "...when you're me, when you're a runaway..."

She squeezed the rag out again, running a hand through her hair softly before she just went to work scrubbing softly, to keep herself talking "I'm the daughter of Morty Ecruteak. When I was three, it was found out I had medium...abilities. From that day, until a year ago on the day I got on this island, I was trained to be a medium, to carry on for my father. I...I just wanted to be a breeder. I love pokemon, I always have. My brothers, they went out on their journies...and then? When I turned 8, i wanted to start training seriously, so when I could leave, I could have a bit of a head start. My dad, he told me I could never leave the village, that I had to take his place someday, that I'd run the temple and my brother would run the gym. I, I left two years later." She laughed lightly, wringing the rag out one more time before she hung it on the side of the bucket, "So no.. I don't think I should trust them." Her eyes flashed with a fire as she connected, for the first time since they'd gotten into this room, with his, "...but you see, I don't have a choice. I know, to some extent, I'm being used. But that's okay. I don't mind...to some extent."



She folds her skirt in a Japanese mannor. She smoothed tucked the skirt around her right knee/thigh and lowers, first onto her feet, then her knees, then rocked back onto her heels.

March 24th, 2008, 11:12 PM
Hands in pockets, eyes down, dark hair hanging about his face, Chain moved slowly down the sidewalk. The hacker had waited a few minutes after the end of the conversation to leave the shrine. And by now the information he had received had been processed several times and was ready to be utilized. Master access . . . Cracking one code will be easier than cracking ten, twenty, or fifty. At least, in theory. The programmers aren't likely to have made master access easy to obtain. I wonder what type of lock they used. Chain lifted his head, simultaneously raised a hand to brush back his bangs. Though plans of how he could dissect and puzzle through the computer program remained ever at the back of his mind, recent events had made his mood more cautious than usual--if that was possible. Whatever the case, for the moment the trainer preferred to retain awareness of his surroundings.

Upon arriving at the hotel he had stayed at the previous night, Chain realized he had returned his hand to his pocket and had been fingering his Pokenav. So much for being aware . . . He walked up to the front desk. "One more night," he stated quietly and took out his wallet.

The man at the front desk was same one who had checked Chain and Kyoko in about twenty hours ago. Chain wondered how often he had the night shift. Seeing the question in the clerk's expression, Chain replied, "She's not here at the moment." The man nodded, half his question still unanswered, and typed a few things into the computer.

"Would you like the same room as last time?" came the polite inquiry.

Chain considered. "No thank you. Different floor."

"Is room 429 acceptable?"

He nodded.

"Very well. Your cost comes to . . ."


Once Chain had finished paying, he put his wallet away, took his room key, and started for the elevator. A few steps later he turned back toward the counter and spoke. "If the girl asks, tell her what room I switched to." He moved a few yards closer to the elevator, then decided to take the stairs instead.

The journey to the fourth floor was slower than it would have been had the male taken the elevator. At the moment, though, Chain felt that such a mindless activity could help align him, and the extra time would allow him to steady himself. As he opened the door that led into the fourth floor hallway, Chain paused to glance about. Looks about the same as the third floor . . . no surprise. He closed the door quietly behind himself. Taking out his room key, he made his way past several rooms until he found 429. Then, slipping the card through the electronic lock, he twisted the handle as the red light light switched to green. He stepped into the room, switched on the lights, and closed the door.

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April 13th, 2008, 10:06 AM
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Just another job.

Valen's trademark frown dominated his face as he walked through the emptying nighttime streets, their occupants long since retired to the comfort or their beds, save for the occasional stragglers sitting at an all-night-open café, lamenting the horrible restrictiveness of the security measures over cooling cappuccinos. There was only one way for a place of residence to remain as squeaky clean as Overcity was, and that was to determinedly brush every even remotely seedy establishment and person under the proverbial carpet. Undercity, in this case. The boy felt a tinge of glee at the gloomy faces he passed, glee over seeming to have been completely right about the nature of these supposedly 'good' citizens, but what little pleasure there would have been to gain from this revelation was hopelessly extinguished by the prospect of what lay before him.

Just another job. That was what he kept telling himself, this was just another job among many others, stepping over the bones of others for profit. He was no stranger to betrayal, or even murder for that matter, yet at the same time he knew that this case was different, and not just because the people who would usually serve as backup if something went wrong were now the ones who'd be going after him. No, what really made it different this time was that he wasn't alone. This time he was forced to work with people who hadn't been conditioned to the sort of thing that would ensue like he and his pokémon had been. Sure, Chain seemed competent enough, and certainly had the brains for it, and Kyoko - if her story was to believe - had influential allies of her own to call on should things get ugly, but what about the others? Avery was level-headed enough, but she was certainly nothing that spectacular and the mere thought of Cona taking on Team Viper on any serious terms was simply too absurd to even contemplate. And then there was Reina...

Valen's right hand clenched into a fist as he stopped outside of the pokémon center, staring into its brightly lit interior. Yes, Reina, the first true friend he had made in years. She had the guts, to be sure, and she was headstrong as any, but ironically that was the problem too; she was too headstrong to realize when it was more beneficial to back down, too brave to heed warranted fear, but most importantly: she was too important to him, and therein lay the root of the problem. Even if nothing went wrong, even if the redhead made it out of all of this unscathed, Valen still wouldn't be able to function at full capacity because something somewhere at the back of his mind would always be nagging with worry over her, and with stakes as high as these, he couldn't afford distractions like that. No, he concluded, there was only one way to resolve this, only one way to silence the worry, and he would have to take it, even if it meant that Reina would grow to hate him for it. He could tell himself that he was doing this for Reina's good, for her safety, but in truth he knew better than that.

It wasn't her she was protecting; it was himself, himself and his own foolish, misplaced feelings. Valen still did nothing for anyone but himself.

Without another thought, the boy slipped a long, thin injection needle into the holster concealed beneath his jacket sleeve and, with a last sigh, pushed open the doors of the pokémon center, stepping into the light.


The moment he witnessed the child's virtual collapse, Ambrose regretted ever having opened his mouth. This child...though he wasn't sure how much of her story he should believe, the old priest could tell that the anguish was very much genuine.

"Such a terrible duty to visit upon a child..." he thought out loud, before catching himself, "I apologize." he said softly, "I did not mean to judge when it is not truly my place to do so. I'm...afraid that there's little I can do to ease your troubles, though I wish I could, but..." he hesitated, "You may spend the night here at the temple if you wish. The accommodations aren't as good as you'd probably get from one of the hotels here, but what little I have to offer is at your disposal. That..." he sighed, offering her an apologetic smile, "...is about all I can offer, I'm afraid."

May 11th, 2008, 6:54 PM
Door locked. Curtains closed. Equipment ready. Chain sat on his hotel bed, his shoes lying on the floor nearby, and his jacket lying at his side next to the bag usually hidden beneath the coat. The trainer lightly tapped the Premier Ball that hung from his necklace. A scarlet flash of light shot from the open sphere, connecting briefly with a dark panel on the miniature computer that rested in Chain's right hand. As the light faded, the male leaned back, pressing a key on his computer before speaking. "Circuit, show me a list of your updates."

He was silent as he scrolled down the list, occasionally hitting a few keys to read an extended description. Chain's gaze flickered momentarily at the last item. That's interesting . . . Might take some time to grow accustomed to. But if the system works, it should prove rather useful. Slipping the computer into his pocket, Chain stood and walked to the bathroom where he picked up a bar of soap and made his way to the room's door. Removing a marble-sized piece of white soap, the youth softened and molded it between his index finger and thumb. He then pressed the soap into the door's peephole, pressing it in to be sure it thoroughly covered the glass and would not fall out. After returning the soap and rinsing his hands, Chain resumed his place on the bed and flicked another Pokeball into the air. By the time the object fell back into his palm, an Abra sat on Chain's sweater jacket.

"If you sense a foreign psychic presence, tell me," the hacker directed his Pokemon. He lightly brushed his hand over the psychic type's head in what was probably a gesture of affection or appreciation. Then, removing his computer from his pocket, he commanded, "Circuit, activate P.R.I.S.M."

A glow emanated from the digital device's port, focusing itself into a beam before building up a shape that gradually gained depth and colour. Finally, a Porygon stood before Chain. The trainer brushed back a strand of hair. "Make a scan of the room for electronic devices." Blue sparks danced about Circuit's form, occasionally drawing themselves in one direction or another before suddenly being absorbed back into their owner. Seeing the electricity fade, Chain knew that the scan had completed. For a moment he paused, drawing in a quiet breath in preparation for the task that lay ahead of him. Let's see if your program works, Father. He straightened a little. "Circuit, open a holo-window and report your findings." A cyan panel of light appeared before Chain, revealing a short list with brief explanations. The hacker glanced across the text, the azure light reflecting against the green-gold of his eyes. "Close window, and open another showing recently-downloaded files." The blue rectangle folded shut before being replaced by a second hologram. Without a word, Chain raised a hand and touched one file-name, sliding his finger to one side. A new window opened. I suppose I should admit this, at least. You know how to program.