View Full Version : if i died

code zerro the deluge
December 23rd, 2005, 6:57 AM
what if i died tonight
never seeing my dreams
never played on the team
as I look through the white lights

I see my life
bad and in s stide
of tries that is the least i did
but why why me how could it be
that the place that i opened just shut down on me

God made me realize that you don't need these
jewlery,cars ,and money
people care more about you than air
than you thank you do
but it is true people will always love

love is like something out of this world
something for men and women,something for boys,and girls
it is a life massege of given
make shure you love when your liven

life is very percios and so small
do what you can for people and all
in a mist of a struggle
God will Rejoice and give a bundle
always and all times
this time is yours and mine