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December 25th, 2005, 11:50 PM
Okay, now I'm strict and angry. This is an RP that died a while ago, and I got really mad about it; so mad I want to revive it.
*Copies and pastes*
First of all, there are four new dimensions, no earth world really in here:

Leafiatopia: This world is filled with nature, so much that most of the land is crammed in a sort of cage that the trees have knotted up over the centuries, and there's a large tar pit at the very bottom..

Aquace: This water world is filled with on big ocean, called Kyogre Ocean, a few small islands are around, the biggest is Beachside island. Beachside island is where Lugia rests and Ho-oh roosts, it's famous for it's Aquacian river that if you dive deep enough in, you will find the portal to the third dimension.

Achaie: The fourth world has a sky made of water, COLD water. This world is icy, with peaceful pokemon, the whole nine yards.. ruled by Queen Walrien and Princess Spheal, the royal glacier palace holds mirror-like portals to all dimensions, including the fourth, and that's where the true story is..

Fireara: Hot, the main word here. It's water is lava, it's sea is lava, all over that great ball of fire is lava, save the islands that float above. The corrupt world has a palace of lava in the heart of it, where someone evil lives...

And those are the dimensions. The thing is, well, in Fireara someone strange has managed to manipulate pokemon and to make them rebel. They're imprisoning humans and fighting the once standing. Only the legendaries and Achiae aren't rebelling.

But that's where you come in. Find out who this FIEND is, and kick him/her out of the stage, and convince these rebel pokemon that humans are good. Don't worry, for the dark people they can stand up as rebellious pokemon, or good, innocent pokemon or yadda yadda..

Name:(FULL name, nickname, so on)
Age:(30 and under)
Is:(Human, pokemon)
Power:(Only for humans, examples: pokemorph, phychic, whatever you like)
Pokemon(also known as are you rebellious or innocent if you choose pokemon):
World: (Fireara, Leafiatopia, Aquace, Ichiae, Earth (not recommended, the last one)
Looks:(what you look like)
Description:(nature, feelings, so on)
Occupation:(remember, if you choose to serve a legendary only one servant is allowed, and Mew cannot be served.Oh yeah, during the RP Mew will be a pokemorph GIRL)
History: (Just a little unneccessary thingy that you can type as little as you want in)
Other: (Any side notes, people? They are meant here.)
RP Sample: (REQUIRED TO SEND IN TO BE ACCEPTED. If this is not sent in, you will not be accepted until your post is edited. No RP samples from posts you made in other forums; there's no way to prove that was really you.)

Sorry it has to be so looong..
Oh yes, here's my profile.
Mine is:

Name: Celeste, always known as Spirit Ninja though
Is:Human, ninja
Power:Gardevior pokemorph, phychic, she can read spirits occasionally so that is why she is called Spirit Ninja.
Pokemon:None, they all rebelled..
World: Aquace
Weapons:Ninja sword, poison darts
Looks:She looks more like an assasin than a ninja, with a black cape and black gloves.
Occupation: Servant of Lugia
Description:Usually dark and silent, she usually doesn't like the talkative, let alone talking much herself.
History: When she was very young, the pokemon rebels came and killled everyone in her village, but she survived and became a servant to Lugia.
Other: Nothing else.

1:No nonsense. If you start posting jargan while not knowing it, I'll tell you, but don't pretend to not know it and if you break that rule over seven times, I'll kick you out.
2:Romance, such as kissing, hugging, 'I love you' s, all the junk, well, that's allowed, ON THE MINUMUM.
3: Violence? Forget it. Alright, so okay, cut someone with a knife or shoot them with a gun, but don't explode in blood or something, okay?
4:Short posts are not recommended..
5:Post whenever you can, unless you got a heart attack or something, this RP needs someone LOYAL.
5:Made up pokemon are allowed.
6:After about forty posts, one who hasn't posted shall be kicked out automatically.
7:Try not to get the spelling and grammer wrong, no 'i's, 'u's, and so on, this is an Rp, for heaven's sake!
8: Colorful emotions, try to have a colorful emotion...
9: You must be over one month old before trying to sign up.
10: You must have over 40 posts before trying to sign up.

Well, this RP will need five RPers more. (o_O that typing killed me)
With the effort to type it, it better last..

Okay, five more Rpers needed to start!

December 26th, 2005, 12:38 AM
Hm. I think I remember I was in this Rp. Hm... Oh whatever. I'll post my character now. That is assuming I am acceptable to your requirements. :D (Wait. Assumption is the mother of all b******. I better not assume.)

Name: Bulbasaur
Nickname: Kamui
Age: 8(human years)
Is: Pokemon
Pokemon: Innocent
World: Leafiatopia
Weapons: Vines, spores, and maybe my big head!
Looks: Your normal bulbasaur except smaller.
Description: Kamui is calm and friendly. He is kind-hearted. He is helpful and caring. Some of the other pokemon teases him because he is a small bulbasaur. Kamui doesn't really care what they think of him and has his affairs to tend to. Many don't understand that size doesn't matter if you have a strong heart.
Occupation: N/A
History: Kamui knows the elder of his tribe well. The elder, a Venasaur, is very wise. (How's that for short though I could make it shorter.....)
Other: "Don't underestimate the power of Kamui!"
Rp Sample: (Now here comes the long part)
I took my daily stroll through the forest looking for non-poisonious mushrooms and herbal medicines. I gave a huge yawn with my large but small mouth and caught an unusual smell.
"My how uncontrollibly wonderful that feels." I said as I walk in a small trance towards the smell. It was another grass pokemon using the move Sweet Scent to lure someone. I walked in an uncontrollable trance and suddenly hit a large tree trunk.
"Owww." I said rubbing my forehead.
"Oh, a-are you ok?" came a smaller and more petite voice from behind me.
I turned and found that a female bulbasaur was standing just a few meters away from me. She was the first female I had encountered.
"Oh. don't mind me. I'm just walking by." I said still rubbing my forehead.
"It seems that I have injured you." She said and approached me. I wondered what might happen. The female bulbasaur had gathered some of the herbs from around the area and gave it to me.
"These will help a bit." She explained.
"Thanks. My name is Kamui. May I ask what is yours?" I asked her.
She suddenly became red on the face and sort of panicked.
"Ah.. Uh.. M-My name i-is Kiri." she spoke with hesitation.
"Oh. Ok, Kiri. It's nice to meet you. I guess I should be leaving. I have to gather some things." I said and left. Kiri stood there for a moment and slowly followed after me after I had left.
"W-What has gotten into me?" she wondered.

Hope That'll do. :D

December 26th, 2005, 1:32 PM
OOC:It died? I'm sorry...but I remember I was the last to post, and I'm not exactly going to double post...-_-; anyway, my apologies if I wasn't, I left for a number of months. That's extremely depressing. That was my very very first RP here! ;_; I may join latahz, but I'm extremely tierd right now and my brains not working on the right track.


December 26th, 2005, 8:03 PM
Okay, Naoko. I checked for myself. I somehow must have those stupid cookies jammed and I thought that you just didn't post. I hope though that this RP will not get as jammed with cookies as the last one. Anyways, you're a good Rper and you're welcome to join whenever you like again if you want to join at all.

Anyway, you are accepted, Uzumaki_Naruto. Have fun!

December 27th, 2005, 1:27 PM
"Rule #5: Made up Pokemon are allowed." --Really?!? Whew, all my thinking about a replacement for a harpy Pokemon was not necessary!
Name: Kelsey Fables
Age: 20
Is: Human
Power: Telepathy with her Pokemon. She has telekinesis but can't use it that well.
Kirlia: Her first Pokemon; has been abused by Team Shockwave (see bio) in the past and is too timid to evolve yet
Kanasama: (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v460/qingrila/pokems/kanasama.gif) Bellossom evo. She's the energetic and gossipy one of the party, but she's as serious as a ninja in battle.
Ravena: (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v460/qingrila/pokems/ravena.gif) Murkrow evo. She's shy and can't keep a straight face, but she loves to battle. She used to belong to a little girl who treated her like a doll.
Harmonique: (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v460/qingrila/pokems/harmonique.gif) Misdreavus evo and Kelsey's best Pokemon, which is strange given her dark and sadistic personality which Kelsey hates in Celia (see bio)
Dreemist: (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v460/qingrila/pokems/dreemist.gif) Hypno evo. She was once kidnapped by Team Shockwave (see bio) when she was still young and innocent--her evolution was a celebration of returning to Kelsey. She still has a childlike personality to this day.
Kinter: Looks like a white fox. Kelsey caught her recently but still loves her. However, when agitated or in battle, she turns into the wild Yukima, like an Ice-type Ninetales. As Yukima, she's almost completely out of control, almost like a rebel.
World: Earth, though she travels to Fireara and Achaie via a portal made by Harmonique
Weapons: none
Looks: 5'3", straight reddish black hair, glasses, aqua hat, flowy longsleeve lavender shirt, long deep blue skirt, black sandals
Description: One can say Kelsey is mentally strong but physically and emotionally weak. Though she is very smart, her emotions can fog her mind completely. She tends to be modest and quiet and gets depressed quite easily, and she also has very bad luck thanks to Celia (see history). When someone compliments her or says she can do something, she often doubts it. Yet on the plus side, she has a very strong connection to her Pokemon, except Yukima that is.
Occupation: none--she's not a servant
History: Due to some fierce family issues, Kelsey has lived her life under a curse from her great-grandmother Celia. She started her Pokemon journey with a Ralts, continuing it on against Celia's curse and the evil organization Team Shockwave. She was helped by her cousin David, who was also a trainer, but her attitude stayed the same throughout.
Other: She often thinks Team Shockwave initiated the rebellion with the way they treated Pokemon...
RP Sample:
Kelsey stood there in a trance while Daisy left the room. After the door closed, the other woman stepped up to the battlefield.
"Hello Kelsey. How about a battle? I've waited for this opportunity for quite a while--imagine battling with someone who beat my dear Daisy! How about it, huh? Five-on-five. OK?"
"Well, I guess..." Kelsey accepted. "By the way, who are you?"
"One of Daisy's assistants--Chloe."
"OK, Chloe--let's start, then."
"You don't seem that excited, but oh well, a battle's a battle. Go Misdreavus!"
"A Misdreavus?" Kelsey exclaimed, realizing she had a Misdreavus as well. "OK then... go Cleffa! And use Sing!"
Cleffa sang, but Misdreavus proudly covered his ears, if he had any. Then he giggled to himself.
"Misdreavus, use Psywave!" And a deep blue wave was fired and scattered throughout the room. Cleffa was hit, but not that badly.
"Just my luck..." Chloe muttered to herself. She knew that Psywave attacks could do a lot of damage, but then again they could do close to no damage at all--here it was in this case.
"OK, Cleffa," Kelsey suggested, "Normal-type attacks don't affect a ghost Pokemon, so... use Attract!"
Because Cleffa was a girl and Misdreavus was a boy, Cleffa had no problem enticing the cute little ghost. Misdreavus blushed quickly, a dreamy expression on his face.
"Now use Sweet Kiss!" And if that wasn't enough, Cleffa blew Misdreavus a kiss, making him feel quite giddy. Misdreavus floated around the room, apparently dancing because he felt so happy. But then it flew at the wall and passed right through it.
"Misdreavus, what..." Chloe stammered. "OK, Kelsey, don't get cocky. Return your Pokemon--this is a battle of rounds. You can pick first."
"Fine--go Oddish!"
Yeah, that sample was an excerpt from Kelsey's Pokemon journey... She does have a Cleffa, but it's not in her current party...

December 27th, 2005, 2:34 PM
Name:Adriana Sumono
Power:She can camoflauge herself with her surroundings. She doesn't go completely invisible, you can see a faint outline, but she's not 100% visible, and when she moves quickly, it sometimes blurs the scenery behind her. She also can control the movements of water, although the water has to be there first, as she hasn't yet mastered the art of using the water molecules in the air. She naturally can breathe underwater, since she serves a water legendary, and leaves the water only to send messages to other legendaries under Kyogre's orders.
Pokemon:Mantine, and
Pomono (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v243/Kaiyoseila/sprite.png)= Ice/Water dog pokemon, though Pomono isn't very good at swimming, so it sits on Adriana's shoulder. It has an organ in it's nose that seperates the watermolecules from the oxygen molecules, so it can breathe under water, and stores the water molecules for attacks like 'water gun', although it deals itself damage when using attacks other than ice attacks.
World: Aquace
Weapons:(In picture)
Looks:Picture of Adriana and her weapon (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v243/Kaiyoseila/protoman.png) She doesn't wear her boots underwater, and all her clothes are waterproof thanks to a spell of Kyogre's.
Description:Adriana has a calm attitude, but is least the pacifist she looks. Her favorite passtime is fighting in general, and will often fight until she can't even stand up. She's very violent and merciless on the battlefield, but otherwise she's calm, and doesn't start any fights at all. She merely watches, and sticks her opinion in rather inconpicuously every now and then.
Occupation:Kyogre's messenger
History: Adriana was with Kyogre the day after she was born, being cast out of Achaie by the Ice priests who predicted that she would someday betray 'The Lord of Ice'.
Other: She is Icilia's (see old RP) cousin, though neither know of it, Adriana does know her uncle was a traitor to the Ice Servents, though she sees nothing of it, as she doesn't concern herself with other nation's problems.
RP Sample: "Adrina." Kyogre said quietly, though from the other side of the underwater palace, Adrina heard him quite clearly "Come."
Biting her lip she looked around herself for a transport pad, a teleportation device used underwater, because Kyogre didn't like being kept waiting. But she was presently searching around in the abandoned part of the palace, the ruins, as the servents called it, and there were no teleport pads.
So, in a desperate attempt to get to a teleport pad, she pushed a current all the way to the nearest teleport pad. All pads led to Kyogre's inner chamber, in the very middle of the spacious castle, where all of Kyogre's followers, all pokemon, lived in protection.
Touching her right foot to the teleport pad, the water around her surged into a spinning whirlpool, though she didn't spin with it, and soon found herself before the great leviathan of the sea.
"You called sir?" Adrina said politely, curtsying as much as someone could curtsy floating in water.
"Get here, faster, next time." Kyogre said in his low rumbling voice.
"Yes sir." She bowed her head politely.
"Tell me...about yourself. It's been unusually quiet lately, and you are the one who will amuse me for the time being." Kyogre said.
"I don't know much about my family or past. Nothing except I've been underwater with you for as long as I can remember." She said, keeping her face passive.
"Nothing? Not anything?" Kyogre said egging her on.
"I do know my uncle betrayed Regice-"
"Regice." Kyogre spat.
"And went to Registeel." Adrina finished.
"Hm. An unwise decision. Regice may be disagreeable, but his gatekeeping exceeds the others by far." Kyogre said to himself "Very well, you may go, though I'll call on you sooner next time because you produced such a poor story."
Adrina bowed her head again and swam off, much faster than your average human.
She soon found herself back in the ruins, and looked around the moldy and dirty place.
Picking up a book she turned it over and over in her hands. Another one of the Oracle's prophecy records. They were all kept here, since most of them had already come true.
"Well, what's happened..." Adrina murmured to herself, sitting down delicately on a rotting trunk and turning the yellowing pages.
This was the very essence of Kyogre's power. None of these humanly items in which really only Adrina used got wet in the submerged palace.
"Po, po, po!" A dog like pokemon, who was flinging it's paws and hind legs as fast as it could in the 'ice cream scoop' way of swimming, called out to Adrina, who looked up.
She heard an exhasperated moan, Mantine's way of calling it's name, and it swept Pomono up on it's back and settled in front of Adrina.
"You'll send everything flying!" Adrina said pressing a finger to her lips "Besides, nobody's supposed to be back here except the Oracle's."
Pomono gave a sharp yap, and Adrina cringed.
"Shhhhh!!!" She urged.

December 27th, 2005, 6:43 PM
OOC: I am so sorry that I didn't reply in the last RP, and I feel sort of responsible. It's ok if you don't accept me into this RP.

Name: Nicholas Icewell

Age: 21

Is: Human

Power: The use of a legendary art that the modern day assassins use today, to kill there foes called Cornering, which he passed down to his brother, Jonathan Icewell. He also has up in his arsenal poison tipped daggers, used for deadly kills, but his katana is usually his favorite weapon.

World: Ichiae

Weapons: A katana known as the Masamune. Also, he uses a Greatbow named the Marduk Bow. A set of poisoned tipped knives/daggers.

Looks: He has Jet black hair and eyes, same as his brothers with a raven black bandana wrapped around his neck. Usually, he wears full black, he has a black long sleeve shirt and cool black, baggy cargo pants. Covering his feet are a pair of matching black boots. He also wears jet black fingerless gloves for protection of frostbite towards his hands. Sometimes, he sports a pair of cool black sunglasses. Attached to his back is a sword sheath where his Masamune rests.

Description: He is known as the almost complete opposite of his younger brother Jonathan. In the public, he is somewhat cocky and a bit overconfident. In other situations, he is Cool and collected, therefore he can overcome any obstacle in his path, and still look good. In engagements with the enemy, he quickly subdues the enemy and deals his finishing blow to end it. His cold and aggressive side of him is rarely seen, but he still worries about the disappearance of his brother.

Occupation: Articuno's new servant and Assassin.

RP Sample: Regice stood there quietly, not moving a single inch or speaking a single word. The harsh wind blew against it's slick, icy body, although it seemed that once in a while, it's dagger like fingers moved a few inches or two. Regice was known as the guardian of the portal between Achaie and Aquace. Usually, a few eager scientists would attempt to enter through the sacred portal, but Regice would always ask them for there "invitation"(Usually an emblem) to use the portal first.

"Please Regice! We must discover more information of the other worlds! So many discoveries are out there, waiting for someone to discover them! We have no invitation to show to you, but...,"

"I would get a invitation if I were ya'll. I wouldn't want to get Regice mad," A calm voice interrupted the desperate scientist. Nicholas appeared from behind. Regice noticed the Assassin when it slowly turned it's face to him.

"And what would a punk like you know about this?" The now angered scientist snapped.

"More than ya'll two. Move out of the way," He quickly shoved past the two until he was directly in front of Reigce. Regice stared down to Nicholas, displaying no signs of emotion. Deep inside, Nicholas was a bit creeped out. He dug around his pocket until he found a smooth, icy insignia. He then flashed it towards the silent guardian.

Regice then gave him a slow nod, and stepped a few paces to the right, allowing Nicholas entry to the portal. Nicholas then spun around to the scientist and chuckled, enjoying making them look stupid. Out of nowhere, a slender lion-like pokemon coated with snow white fur and purplish skin appeared from behind.

"Absol....," It grunted slowly as it walked towards it's respective trainer.

"Where were you? We have to carry out Articuno's orders as soon as possible! C'mon lets go," Nicholas spoke, slightly angered. Absol just gave him an annoyed glance and walked towards the ancient portal. Regice gave Nicholas a shove with his icy fingers, insisting him to hurry up.

"Ow...," He moaned in an annoyed tone as he walked into the portal.

December 27th, 2005, 6:52 PM
Name: Garreth Tanaka
Age: 18
Is: Human
Power: Invisibility, often used inappropriately. (xD)
Pokemon: Tropius and Breloom
World: Leafia Topia
Weapons: Spear http://www.nightmarefactory.com/DG14450.jpg
Looks: Messy black hair, brown eyes, a white long sleeved t-shirt with a green t-shirt over it, black cargo pants and adidas shell toes with green stripes.
Description: Rather loud and humorous. Everyone in Leafiatopia has at least fallen for his trick once.
Occupation: Servant of Celebi, but gives an impression that he serve Celebi much.
History: Garreth is actually a native from Earth but came to Leafiatopia when he volunteered in a science project[gone-wrong]
Other: None.
RP Sample: Drew shrugged.

"I guess I'm going first." Drew sighed and picked up his Pokball that contained Synthes the female Bulbasaur. Drew was in a pinch as he had no other Pokmon to take on Brock, but confident as he was he was determined he was going to win.

Drew took the lead, entering the Gym's entrance. Tape marks can be found on the door from last night's message as Drew pushed the door open. Inside, Drew was amazed. The gym was made of rock, the tiles were roughly smoothened rocks stuck onto concrete. Drew peered over to have a look at the stadium. It was a series of smooth shiny pebbles over the floor. Synthes, excited and stubborn as she was ran into the Stadium. She leapt up instantly. The floor must have tickled.

Drew sighed. "Oh great... If we can someone turn this into a double battle, then Pidgey can carry Synthes."

Just then a rope flew down from what seemed like a balcony, as the same guy the crew saw last night came in, swinging off the rope.

"Pervert." Drew muttered. He let out Pidgey, and decided to let out Weedle after much thought. The bug lay on his shoulder and Pidgey started to warm up by flapping its wings.

"I see you have 3 Pokmon, I'll be using 2, you'll still lose." Brock said confidently. He took out two Pokballs from the belt on his waist as a giant serpent constructed of rock came out. The second Pokmon was the size of one of the rocks used for the serpent. It had 2 arms coming out, and its body was its face.

Drew chuckled. "His Pokmon 'rocks'"

"Very punny." Brock yelled from over the stadium.

[OOC - This better not be the anime where Team Rocket comes in through the Gym Battle.]

A young boy came out, holding a microphone. "Battle between Brock and..."

"Drew." Drew said emotionlessly. He wanted to fight, he hasn't had one against a trainer for a while. 'I'm not going to let Ash have all the fun.' He thought to himself.

"Go Geodude!" Brock roared. His 'eyes' showed determination... If they ever opened.

"Pidgey!" Drew commanded. The small bird dived straight onto the field, looking at the hovering rock.

"Tackle!" Brock commanded. The rock Pokmon bounced up and down against the stadium floor, as it pushed off with its powerful arms straight against Pidgey.


Pidgey fell down with a thud into a sandpit.

"Pidgey, Use a Gust against the sand!" Drew called out.

Pidgey got up from its fall, using its talons to scratch off little bits of sand trapped in its feathers. It left the floor, as it started to flap its wings more violently by the second. Sand started spraying everywhere, as it started to look like smoke. A small tornado started to form as Pidgey gave a final flap and hurled it straight into Geodude.

Particles of Sand were caught into Geodude's eye as it squinted to see what was happening. A huge gust of wind hurled straight into its face as it fell back against a huge boulder. A dent was formed in its back as it pushed off the rock. It showed expressions of pain, but also determination.

"Not bad, Novice." Brock smiled at the comment as Geodude threw itself as it rammed straight into Pidgey. Its Tackle attack was getting stronger.

Drew was shocked. He ran around the arena, checking to see if Pidgey was alright. "Gust again!" Drew ordered. Determination ran strong through Drew. Only one thing mattered now... It was to win.

Pidgey did the same process as he did before, this one only half as strong as the Gust he manipulated a few minnutes earlier.

Geodude easily evaded this one, as it swerved around the tornado, throwing itself into the bird again. Pidgey was weakened.

Drew bit his lip. "Pidgey... The rest is up to you." Drew smiled.

Pidgey turned his head around and nodded. He flew up again and dived straight into Geodude, lifting Geodude up using Pidgey's talons. He continued to fly up as his wing muscles started to bulge. The flaps were getting stronger and stronger. Pidgey's skin was paler than before. He grew several pink feathers from its forehead... He was... Pidgeotto.

Drew smiled. "Go Pidgeotto! Drop him from the top!"

Pidgeotto was determined to win now. Geodude was struggling from underneath. Pidgeotto stopped rising as he positioned his talons so it faced the ground. His wings were raised up as it started to plummet down.

"Go Pidgeotto!" Drew screamed. A big crack was heard as the Pokmon clashed onto the floor. Pidgeotto flew up again, this time triumphant and its talons empty. A crack ran down Geodude's back as it slowly got up, only to faint again.

"Round 1! Victory to Drew!" Drew smiled as Pidgeotto flew over to Drew's shoulder. Weedle crawled back at the sight of the bird, Drew hugged the bird, now bigger than before closely.

The rock serpent behind Brock advanced to the stadium.

"Pidgeotto, can you handle this?" Drew asked his friend.

Pidgeotto nodded as it flew across to the new opponent.

"Let me know when you're tired." Drew finished. He wipe a sweat from his brow.

"Round 2! Drew's Pidgeotto versus Brock's Onix! Drew has 2 Pokmon in reserve, Brock has none." The referee called out.

"Battle Begin!"

Pidgeotto proceeded to Onix. The Rock Serpent gave a deep growl as he hurled his head into Pidgeotto. Pidgeotto had improved in speed and reflexes as it dived downwards, evading the tackle. Onix whipped his tail, catching Pidgeotto right in the stomach. Onix roared as he slammed Pidgeotto down. The bird gave a finally chirp as it fainted.

"Return Pidgeotto." Drew said. He held out his Pokball as the bird dematerialized into a transparent red light and into the Pokball.

"Synthes... All up to you." Drew turned his head, nodding at his Bulbasaur. Synthes ran forwards, she hesitated for a while as she took out two vines from her bulb, wrapping comfortably around Onix's neck. Synthes struck again, now that Onix couldn't move. It launched a seed from the top of the bulb as it hit directly into Onix's tail. The seed started to grow as the sprouts wrapped around the massive Pokmon. The seed glowed for a split second, as Synthes' bulb glowed in the same manner.

"Leech Seed." Drew said quietly.

Yami's Girl
December 28th, 2005, 10:26 AM
Can I still join?

Name: Emily Mueller
Age: 14
Is: Human
Power: Charizard morph, a very accurate eye that she uses for her assasination work, and invisibility.
Pokemon: Purple Charizard[Flare], Vaporeon[Hydro], Dragonite, Salamance, Tyranitar[Rage], Houndoom[Darkness]
World: Fireara
Weapons: A bow and poison-tipped arrows, a katana, and a dagger with a purple hilt.
Looks: Dark purple shirt, dark toned jeans, orange and white shoes, 5' 2", blonde hair pulled into a pony tail, and dark violet eyes
Description:She's really a friendly person, but she can be cold and ruthless. If you challende her to a fight she'll unleash her quickness on you. She's a quick one and if you can't find her, you probably never will.
Occupation: Mewtwo's servant and assasian
History: none
Other: A dark blue pendant
RP Sample:


A girl slid into the room. "Y-yes, Mewtwo, sir?"

"I need you to get rid of Jiru for me."

"Yes, sir." She ran out of the room. She picked up her weapons and darted out into the heat of Fireara. A Vaporeon appeared beside her.
"Well Hydro, I suppose you know where our target is?" The Vaporeon nodded. Hydro darted off. The girl, Emily, followed her, just as fast.

Soon they came to a crater with a Magmar laying in it, asleep.
"Perfect," Emily said. She turned on her invisible power. She snuck out into the open, quiet as anything. Emily unsheathed her dagger. Jiru, the Magma, rolled over, exposing his underbelly.

"Heh, but I'm not aiming there..." The Emily darted over to the Carter. Jiru heard the sound and opened a sleepy eye. He didn't see anything, but being a rebellious pokemon, he knew an assasian was out there somewhere. The Magmar sat up, and Hydro jumped on him. The Vaporeon bit into both his legs and Emily took her chance.

Emily took her dagger and slashed at his arms. Hydro and Emily eventually pinned Jiru to the ground. Emily appeared not an inch away from the Magmar's throat, her dagger poised.

"It's time to get this over with." Jiru thrashed wildly, but Hydro held him pinned. "Good-bye, Jiru." Emily swipped her dagger over his throat. The Magmar stopped thrashing. She motioned for Hydro. "Let's go." And they disappeared.

December 30th, 2005, 6:52 PM
Oh, I'm SO sorry for making you guys wait! I'm on a yacht in the middle of nowhere in Thailand and I had to fight to get the privelige of having such slow internet. Anyway, all of you are accepted but I hope you follow the rules. Oh yes, and Naoko-chan and Metaforte, I take the responsibility of the RP dying, even though I was fevered and at camp. ^^'

Okay... Rp, start!

December 30th, 2005, 8:03 PM
'Della's so lucky...she's got a boyfriend, best friends everywhere she turns, and even a great and respected family.'I thought as Della herself searched through the small pond.
Looking around the old cave next to the beach, I was getting extremely irritated, as the water that was dripping down from the endless ceiling kept landing on my head. As though it was following me...
"Po!" Came a sharp yap at her feet.
"What?" I said, snapping out of her daydreaming.
Della laughed "Look!"
"Yeah?" I leaned over to look inside the pond.
"Down there! Doesn't it look ridiculous?!" She squealed pointing at a...creature with two long ear's, and x's for eyes. It didn't seem very alive.
"What is it?" I asked, getting a long stick and dipping it into the water.
"Is it dead?"
"Why is it such a lurid pink??"
I poked the creature, and squealed, dropping the stick into the water "It's soft!"
"It's a stuffed animal dweebs." Goliath said from the other side of the cave.
Goliath had been a surface dweller once. He knew a lot of things we didn't, about the world above. Me and Della had always been curious about it, but with the wars raging above, nobody exactly let us in the first place.
"Well I'm sorry Mr. I-don't-know-what-a-Heath-Potion-is." Della said sticking out her tounge.
"Look." Goliath said reaching into the pond and picking the thing up "It's got cotton inside of it. It's an inanimate object."
"Do you hear a voice Adrina? I hear a rather loud wind BLOWING SPIT ON ME." Della said getting up and daintily walking back to my Mantine, Goliath's Sharpedo, and her Milotic.
"Come on. We'll come back when it gets darker, that way people won't ask where we've been." I said looking up at the big hole in the dark ceiling that revealed a sky that was slowly getting brighter.
I dove into the water where our pokemon waited as Pomono grabbed onto me for dear life, hearing the splashes of Della and Goliath behind me.
"Let's man our station!" Della said saluting.
We watched Cassius, the Gyrados that gaurded the beach, talk to strangers and travelers who wanted to speak with Kyogre. Kyogre only left when someone really important came, and we began to name them, seeing as we were always too far away to hear them. Goliath thought the sport was stupid, but me and Della found it a lot of fun.
I was stationed behind a fallen mast of an Earth ship, while Della hid behind the rocks to the entrance to the cave.
Goliath was the most landloving creature in the sea, so he sat nice and dry in the crow's nest, although he never watched for strangers, or watched the dying village in the beach's wake, he usually just read or something like that.
Cassius was sun bathing on the shore, his fierce appearance usually kept the villagers out of the 'holy waters' as they called it.
Out of the corner of his eye he watched as Della settled herself under the boulders in the water, and I behind the drooping moss that hung from the rotting wood.
Even though Goliath and I were great friends with Della, Della was different, she was more marine creature than either of us.
"Hey!" Della hissed, outraged as a pair of kids took a long stick and poked Cassius "That's not nice at all!"
But, they got their penance when Cassius roared in irritation and anger at the kids who screamed, yelped, and all that good stuff before running away, crying to their mothers who were hanging linens in the sea breeze. This was always the calm before the pokemon came and attacked the humans. Kyogre's soldiers sometimes even joined the ranks, but otherwise they were free and wild pokemon that couldn't stand the humans.
Though, since me and Goliath had lived in the underwater palace since forever, the water pokemon didn't mind us, but one time a traveler with a water breathing amulet came, and all the pokemon chased him out. He would've been safer if he'd just used a Heath Potion anyway. I fingered the bottle of the breathing potion around my neck in a sphere of crystal. Everyone had one, except for the elders, who hated humans in general. It made seeing Kyogre in council sort of hard, when they were glaring you down. I was Kyogre's messenger, while Goliath, his assassin, and Della...well...she just kept him entertained on bad days.

December 31st, 2005, 12:37 AM
I walked along the forest's path on my way to gathered the needed ingredients for a powerful tonic that the elder was going to create.
"Okay. Elder said I needed 3 Paras mushrooms, two long fine tree roots, five clear mineral pebbles, and a large flower bulb." I recited the list. "I guess the caves will work in finding Paras mushrooms." I said and trotted towards a medium sized cave with Zubats and Paras as its inhabitants.
"Okay. Here I go." I said. I walked deep into the cave and encountered some Zubats that attacked and then fled.
"Agh. Darn Zubats." I said and suddenly came across three fresh looking mushrooms.
"Ooo. These will do I hope." I made my way to the mushrooms when two Paras came out of nowhere.
"May I please have those mushroom?" I asked.
"No! Never!" They both shouted and shot stun spore at me.
"Ah." I jumped out of the way and unleashed my vines in an attempt to take the mushrooms and not attack the Paras. I grabbed two but a Paras had slashed my vines. I had became angry.
"You want to play? Well here I come." I said ad shot large Razor-Leafs at them. Fearing that they may be chopped up, they fled in fear. "That wasn;t too hard I said and grabbed the last mushroom. I walked out of the cave and enjoyed the sunlight. "Ah. finally." I said. "Now. Where can I find two large fine tree roots?" I wondered.

December 31st, 2005, 9:53 PM
"Spheal! Spheal!" A crowd of Spheal across the icy sea were talking, clapping, and playing around on an iceberg. Kelsey and her Pokemon sat on the shore, watching them as the sun rose higher in the morning sky. Early spring in Achaie meant light breezes and temperatures not too cold. Kelsey, Dreemist, Kirlia, and Kanasama were taking advantage of the warm sunlight and sitting right at the edge of the water, and Ravena watched from the canopy of a tree not too far away. Harmonique stayed hidden between a pile of tall rocks, pouting because she hated sunny weather and Achaie in general. Kinter sat next to these rocks, looking rather sad.

"Here we are," Kelsey said into the light breeze yet indirectly to her Pokemon, "in the peaceful world of Achaie... I think we picked a rather good resting place, after all the struggles we went through for the past few days." She glanced sideways at Kinter, then smiled at Kanasama and Dreemist.
"You two did wonderful yesterday, by the way." The two Pokemon nodded and shifted to their right, away from Kinter. Ravena left the tree she was in and flew over them, landing on a rock near Harmonique. She too glanced at Kinter, snickered, and then turned her attention back to the Spheal. At this, Kinter ran around the rocks and hid in the shade behind them. There she lay, curled up in worry.

In the silence that followed, everyone contemplated the events mentioned. In the past few days, the group had traveled through an icy world back on Earth. In the last violent remains of winter, they wandered right through a snowstorm which was so bad that Kelsey had to return all her Pokemon to their Pokeballs except Kinter. For the next few hours, the two of them went onward until they came to a cave in the middle of nowhere. But when they barely got to the entrance, a creature jumped out of it without warning. This creature was a Pokemon, a giant snow fox with seven tails that appeared monstrous and cold. It was Yukima! Yukima challenged Kelsey and Kinter to a battle, and it refused to let them run away. So Kelsey had no choice to accept. Of course, Yukima being so powerful, Kinter was easily defeated. Not only that, she also went unconscious. Luckily, though, Yukima disappeared after that. Kelsey then entered the cave herself and was instantly teleported back to her hometown of Saffron City. In the first instant, she thought this whole thing was a dream, but Kinter was still in her poor condition. Kelsey took her to a Pokemon Center, and Kinter came back to normal--well almost. Joy said that Kinter still had some strange disease in her that can never be cured. Kelsey did not know what this was until she used Kinter in a battle the next day while all her other Pokemon were watching. There, Kinter morphed into Yukima the second she entered battle--she had never done that before. As Yukima, she was ruthless and out of control. Even Kelsey's attempts to connect to her mind failed. Though fortunately this condition was cured when the battle was over, it had Kelsey (and her Pokemon) in shock.
**The next few days, Kelsey heard about other worlds and how some Pokemon rebelled against humans there. Kelsey was interested in the SOS, so with the help of Harmonique (who was the least bit in shock from Kinter's "disease"), Kelsey traveled to Achaie, to the present.

The silence was broken when Harmonique passed through the rock separating her from Kinter and spoke to her.
<"That was pretty cool back there in Saffron,"> Harmonique commented. Kinter perked her head up but still appeared fearful.
<"You're quite amazing as Yukima!"> Harmonique continued. <"Once you learn to control yourself a bit, I think I'll have some competition!"> Then she giggled to herself. However, this comment hurt Kinter even more. Kinter started to cry.
<"But I can't!!"> she complained. <"It's like I don't remember a thing about what happened, except it was terrible! I don't know what to do...">
<"You can commit suicide,"> Harmonique joked. <"Just kidding.">
<"Oh, but I wish there was another way!"> Kinter bawled. She could never stand Harmonique's attitude. But Harmonique, clever as she was, thought of exactly what to say.
<"You say you do terrible things,"> she said testily. <"You know what? I saw that battle back there, and you're still a white fox except a little hyper and that's all. I'm MUCH more dangerous than you, and even I don't do all the terrible things you talk about."> Except when I really want to...
<"But people will think I'm a rebel!"> Kinter replied, but in a slightly calmer tone.
<"Please. A cute little fox that plays in the snow all day, a rebel? In the rebel world, you're such a wimp that you'd be kicked out instantly!"> At this Kinter smiled, though awkwardly, edging away from Harmonique.
<"We get the message,"> Harmonique concluded. With a snap of her fingers, she swirled into a spiral then vanished away into the shadows, if there were any.

Kelsey, who had been listening to the whole conversation, went over to Kinter and patted her on the head.
"You know what? I think she's right. But don't worry about her--just relax for a bit. After all, we're in the peaceful world of Achaie, where all is sunny and perfect!"
Kinter smiled, not awkwardly, but brightly. Part of this was due to confidence, but then again part of it was because she knew Harmonique would hate that last comment. Kanasama cheered behind them, narrowly avoiding Dreemist's head with her sword. Kirlia continued her relaxing bask in the sun but felt better not that the stress was relieved. All celebrated for the rest of the morning except Ravena, who kept watching the Spheal, and Harmonique, who went back to the space inbetween the rocks. It was her turn to feel left out.

OOC: The brackets around the dialogue just signify that they're translated from Pokemon talk...

January 1st, 2006, 12:31 AM
The breeze and the sun of Aquace made it a perfect day, one which even the ones with terrible feelings could feel content for at least a few minutes. But today, the Spirit ninja waws definitely not content. She sighed as she looked over the big wide beach on Seaside Isle at the blue sea. Something about watching the children play on the beach below that cliff she was standing on was unbearable. There was a village nearby, and Spirit didn't know why she always kept an eye on it like a guard. Parents always said that the Spirit ninja was really a monster who would cast away children that she would watch from that cliff, but that wasn't true. Just because the village was only nine years old and the inhabitants didn't really know Spirit didn't mean that she was any type of monster. They didn't know how much she hated the spot they picked to start a village. The closest she could get to the village would be in morph, if she dared to come there as a human, she'd be either tossed out or attacked. She tried to go to the village once, but people scowled at her and some even fired arrows at her. Even the children were raised to dislike her, like throwing stones at the ninja. The thing the people never noticed was that Spirit never fought back.
She finally just left the cliff and sighed. Spirit had finished her chores for her master, there wasn't really anything to do. She began to stroll into the jungle, over to her favorite place in all of Aquace. It was a waterfall and a stream, but that was not the most important thing about it. She made a comfortable bed of moss there, and there was a portal somewhere around that clearing, you could feel it. Also, this place was the best place to concentrate and practice psychic powers. Spirit smiled and sat down on a rock, ready to start practicing her powers.

January 1st, 2006, 1:19 PM
"AUUGH!" A shrill scream sounded from the boulders hiding the entrance to the cave.
"Della!" Goliath hissed to me and I nodded.
When we finally reached the stones, Della had climbed all the way to the top to avoid a water pokemon she absolutely despised.
An Octillery.
I sweatdropped as Goliath hissed angrily at her "It's just an Octillery now the entire village'll know there's a legendaries palace in the water!!!"
Della seemed to disgusted to speak though and Goliath scowled as he brushed the octopus pokemon aside.
"Get down from there!" Goliath hissed exhasperatedly.
Della gave a small 'hmph' and slowly climb her way down.
"Yipes!" She squeaked as she slipped on the slime of the Octillery and fell into the water, right on top of me.
"Jeez Della you really are uncoordinated on land." I said as I pushed her off of me in the waters.
"I don't see how those dry land dwellers can walk so well!" Della said frowning in contemplation.
"Whatever, don't scream again." I said as I swam back to my post, closely followed by Goliath.
"Weak that one." Goliath said rolling his eyes.
"Sheltered her entire life what do you expect?" I asked knowing we'd be in for it when we got home.

Yami's Girl
January 1st, 2006, 1:28 PM
"It's time to train!" I shouted. I released all my pokemon. The heat of Fireara was unbareable for most, but I had gotten used to it. A training field was laid out before us.

"Today, we gonna practice aiming. I want you all to hide somewhere, anywhere at all. The choose a target and fire a spear at it." I handed out spears to my pokemon. "Now go ahead and conceal yourselves!"

The pokemon took off, to the sky and bushes. Then the spears rained down. Most were off target. The pokemon trained almost all day.

"Today, Mewtwo is out," I said after training was over. "We have to guard the castle. Flare, Dragonite and Salamance, take to the skies. Hydro, Darkness, Rage and I will take the ground."

::Major RP block here.::

January 1st, 2006, 10:46 PM
An unfamiliar figure was seen dashing down the alleyways of Ichaie. Rolled up under a dirty rag, was the Blizzard Pendant, Aritcuno and his Associate's pass to the portals. His face was coated with sweat, even for the cold weather going on. Nicholas was on pursuit of the common thief, chasing him from the rooftops. Although, the fear of getting caught wasn't why the thief was sprinting so fast. It was Nicholas' Absol, who was only a few feet away from him.

Finally, the man reached the exit of the dense alleyway, the Absol out of sight. Unaware of Nicholas' presence, he finally sat down near an oak bench to take a breather.

"Yes! This item will cost millions at the black market! That Absol was just too slow for me! Now, it's time to beat it before...," He then became quiet as he felt the warm grip of a gloved and grasp on his wrist. He was then slammed painfully to a nearby wall, dropping the pendant. Nicholas then snatched up the thief by the collar and threw him at the oak bench.

Absol, who just came out of the alleyway, was panting, exhausted from the run he just had. Nicholas turned to him and gave him a wild grin.

"Too late! I got him first. We'll work on your speed later," He replied in his usual cocky attitude. Absol just gave out a short grunt, and turned away. He's very competitive on what's he's doing.

"Now, I need to meet up with the 'client" and carry out Articuno's orders. This was just a tiny set back. Stupid thief doesn't know what kind of power he's dealing with,"

January 3rd, 2006, 3:30 PM
After I had perched myself back behind the mast I realized that Cassius had abandoned his post, of gaurding the beaches, and the children were rejoicing by having the time of their lives in the shallow water.
"Where'd Cassius go? He's supposed to never leave his post..." I mumbled to myself.
<I'm still technically at my post.> a growling voice said behind me.
I turned my head slowly as Goliath slapped his forehead in disbelief that we'd been caught.
"Cassius!" I said cheerfully.
<"Spying on me again?"> He said in his loud rumble of a voice.
"No, we're watching for the ugly man." I said innocently.
<"And who is that?">
"Regirock's servant from what I've deducted."
Cassius almost choked in surprise, his blue scales starting to dry off from the short swim, giving him a very strange appearance <"He is a very respected member of the servents council!">
"By the size of his nose I'd say he prys pretty good. Better scare off those kids by the way." I said pointing into the deeper waters.
The two had apparently dared each other to see how far the other could go, and they were getting very close to hot waters.
<"We'll let the Sharpedo have their breakfast."> Cassius said smoothly swimming between the main shores and the the two kids.
"Your Cruel!" I shouted to him, he merely flapped his tail fin on the water, a sign of thumbs up for most handless water pokemon.
"Do you know how much trouble we'd have been in if Cassius wasn't the cool guy he is!?" Goliath asked as he swam to me.
"My boyfriend would dump me in a heartbeat!" Della said nervously.
"No he wouldn't it wouldn't do anything to your reputation, because I'd take the blame, I'm the one who dragged you guys here in the first place.
"Well you better take the blame." Goliath said swimming back to his post.
Della made a rather ugly face at his back then gave me a wink and swam back to the cave entrance.
The two kids were now screaming and yelling for their mothers as a hoarde of Sharpedo's began to swim around them, the villagers watching in their own horror as Cassius watched with amusement, for the unusually large gyrados was something to fear.
But, a rather brave villager stepped up with sword and broom in hand, and Cassius look down at the man in pity.
"Call off the Sharpedo good sir!" He called up to Cassius who sweatdropped as the man brandished his sword.
Cassius roared in reply, but I suppose only the water dwellers understood Cassius as the man seemed to lose all confidence, but I hissed to him to let them go or else Kyogre wouldn't be very happy if the villagers declared a war against him.
He roared back that they wouldn't be able to get past him in the first place, but called off the Sharpedo anyway.
The two children swam quickly as they could, crying all the way back to their weeping mothers. A sight I found incredibly amusing, seeing as those two kids wouldn't live another hour had it not been for me. Cassius seemed slightly put out, as he had been hoping for a slaughter and would now have to find recompence for the Sharpedo.
And so I waited for the ugly man to come. If anybody would come after that scene.
The stupid man was now a hero, and Cassius found the man rather annoying as he came back to make a demand that he leave the beaches, while the result was that Cassius seriously considered throwing the man out to sea for the Sharpedo's recompence.
But in the end, the ignorant man was blown back into the village with a powerful hydropump.

January 3rd, 2006, 5:17 PM
I had dug my way down beneath the soil in my search for items.
"Urmp. Ugh. Soil. Gah." I said as mouths full of soil started going in my mouth. I came to large roots under the large redwood tree I had searched.
"Puff. These will do. Hrmp." I said almost gaging. I quickly pulled them and made my way back to the surface.
"That was a bit hard." I said and walked towards a nearby stream. I washed my face twice to get the dirt off my face. As I washed my face, I kept lookout for the five clear mineral pebbles. I waded throught the water. I saw a shining object shine and then disappeared. I dived into the water and found a clear pebble that shined with the sun light.
"Ah. These must be it." I said and found three more. As I searched for the last one, a large creature came up the stream. I looked at it for a few minutes and then knew what it was.
"No! A Gyrados? Here? What the?" I said and rushed myself. With great speed, I swam under the water frantically searching for the last required pebble. A small rock had hit my eye.
"Dammit. What?" I stopped and found the last pebble needed. I grabbed it and jumped out of the lake. The Gyrados had shot multiple Hydropump shots around the stream. As I got up from the swim trying to escape, the Gyrados saw me and shot at me for fun. I dodged two shots but was thrown 20 meters from the third shot.
"Ugh. Shoot. Did I lose anything?" I searched around my satchel. "Okay. Nothing is gone. I should continue on." I said and walked off to find a large flower bulb.

January 3rd, 2006, 5:49 PM
{...Are you talking about Cassius?}

January 4th, 2006, 6:47 PM
All went steadily quieter as the sun began to set. The only disturbances came when Ravena flew past, carrying a struggling Remoraid in her claws. She was slightly wet because the Remoraid kept firing Water Guns at her in self-defense, but this didn't impair her flight too badly. However, a few seconds later, an angry Spheal surfaced from the water below and shot an Ice Beam at Ravena. Apparently it was mad because Ravena stole its fish. However, this beam only hit the Remoraid. Ravena laughed and tauntingly thanked the Spheal for keeping her Remoraid still.

Back on the shore, Kinter and Kelsey sat on the edge of the water watching Ravena and the sunset. Behind them were Kirlia and Kanasama, finishing up their celebration of the day with a quiet dance.
<"Oh it's terrible how Ravena's torturing that Remoraid before its... time..." Kinter said softly, <"If a bigger beast exists, it might be more terrible...">
"Kinter, you really haven't been yourself ever since that incident..." Kelsey commented. "There must be some way to cure this transformation..."
<"I will never battle again!"> Kinter wept.
"It's all right, Kinter. But you can't stop battling forever--maybe the only way to cure this is if you battle against Yukima again and win!"
<"But that's impossible! Yukima's so strong... much too strong for me to handle.">
This last thought brought Kelsey into her usual state of contemplation. She started to glance around to see how the other Pokemon were doing. She noticed that Dreemist was gone...
Probably dream-hunting. I could have a good sleep tonight... Whenever Dreemist ate a new dream, Kelsey often shared it with her the next time she slept.

Kelsey glanced around again. Kirlia had stopped dancing and was watching Ravena. Kanasama was still dancing, mostly with her katana. To her left was a new sight for the day--Harmonique arose from the rocks, glad that nighttime had finally come. Al was quite peaceful...

Suddenly, Ravena sounded a warning screech not too far from the shore. Almost everyone jumped--Ravena was darting right at them, and following her was the same Spheal from before, except in this case it leapt out of the water and tackled Kelsey, still angry.
"What do you want from me? Ravena's the one who stole your dinner!"
Spheal growled and bit Kelsey's arm.
"Whoa, this Spheal's mad! Get... off... me..." Kelsey shook her arm to free it from the Spheal. Next thing she knew, the Spheal was thrown back, hitting a tree as if it was a magnet peing pulled into it. Several feet away, Kelsey sighed with relief.
"Whew, my mind saved me again. I didn't even have time to call a Pokemon attack! Anyways, what's gotten into that Spheal? Maybe it's one of those rebels I heard about... but what's it doing in Achaie? I thought most of them were in Fierara!"

Nearby, Harmonique smiled at Kelsey--she thought it pretty cool when Kelsey used telekinesis correctly, which is usually very rare. But Kelsey wasn't smiling--she knew one of her Pokemon would have to battle the mad Spheal after it got up.

Just as she thought that, Ravena flew over her head and landed between her and Spheal. A perfect opponent, thought there was an obvious type disadvantage involved.

January 14th, 2006, 9:06 PM
I felt like giggling when I made a large purple bubble with my phychic and bounced it around, creating all sort of figures in it. I kept the girly giggles inside and tapped the purple bubble, making it explode into a five-second sparkling purple rain of light. It was gorgeous, but it took up a lot of my energy.

Soon I heard a quick rumbling and sighed. Is the rebel navy out practicing so early? Cool, time to play... I thought, climbing into a tree and watching as a group of water pokemon marched in. They were all ametuers, but the leader was a tough-looking Spheal whose hat was way too big for his puffy body. You could almost call this guy cute.

I sneered as I crouched on the tree branches and deliberately shook them until they were weak. I then lunged down I did a flip in the air before landing between the ametuer forces and the training leiutenant.

"Boo ya!" I unleashed an electric ray that I pretended to use not too much power with and fried the forces. It was more fun than you think, watching the leiutenant run away screaming.

"That was more easy than usual," I murmured.

OOC: I am SO sorry for not posting in so long.

January 16th, 2006, 8:16 PM
Rash decisions are often rewarded in a nasty way. For as Ravena prepared for battle, the mad Spheal suddenly got up and shot an Ice Beam at that rash harpy. Before the beam hit, Kelsey sent a warning signal to Ravena, but Ravena's reflexes were not half as quick as Kelsey's were--therefore she was frozen by the Ice Beam. Kelsey looked down and shook her head as Ravena fell behind her with a clunk.

"Go Dreemist! Finish what Ravena started!" Dreemist, who was absentmindedly watching from the edge of the water, jumped at the command and flew over Kelsey's head just as Ravena had done, but much more gracefully.
The Spheal took the first hit--or at least it tried to. Thinking Ice Beam was its strongest attack, it used it again on Dreemist.
Too predictable, Kelsey thought. Dreemist took the hint, psychically deflecting the beam and redirecting it into the sky where it would find no target.
Then the Spheal fired another Ice Beam--not at Dreemist but at the ground, making a line of ice on top of the dirt leading from it to Dreemist's feet. Then it ran for a while and hopped on the ice, upon which it began to slide. Its eyes were focused intently on its target.
Bingo, Kelsey thought. You know what this means.
Dreemist received the message. While Spheal was still in the midst of a Take Down attack, Dreemist knelt down and stared back at Spheal, directly into its eyes. She then started to wave her hands gently about, backing this movement with her own psychic energies. These energies took the best of Spheal, whose eyes began to close. Spheal continued to slide along the ice, though more slowly. At the end, Dreemist caught it like a ball. Then she picked it up and held it in front of her. Further mental exploration needed to commence.

<Be a good Spheal now.> Dreemist first prodded the little Spheal's mind with this thought. <You are a peaceful Spheal in this happy, peaceful world of Achaie. You are joyful, relaxed, happy, kind, loving.>
Controlling the Spheal didn't seem to go badly. <Be free from all the evil that has poisoned your mind. Let yourself heal, Spheal, and may the for...>
At that moment, something in that mental plane prevented Dreemist from going any further. Something suddenly pricked inside of her, like a headache. This wasn't the only thing, though--that prick started something much more drastic, just like a domino or a bomb. Dreemist fell on her back, entranced yet nervous.

"Dreemist?" Kelsey wandered over to Dreemist, wondering what the problem was. But when she tried to contact her telepathically, all she got was a vision from the past...

It was when Kelsey was a little younger, when Dreemist was still a Drowzee. Kelsey was sound asleep in bed, Drowzee sleeping next to her. A thud sounded outside, waking Drowzee--but not Kelsey--up. When Drowzee looked out the window, she saw a woman approaching her--it was so dark that she was unrecognizable.
"Come, my friend," the mystery woman beckoned to Drowzee. Drowzee just stared at her, still dozy from just waking up. Meanwhile, the woman slowly walked towards Drowzee, careful not to wake Kelsey up. When she reached Drowzee, she placed her hands on the Pokemon's head. Drowzee could feel strange metal objects on the woman's palms. But seconds later, Drowzee began to feel drowsy, eventually surrendering to subconsciousness.
Hear me, friend. The woman's thoughts penetrated Drowzee's mind. You are very lucky--you are about to gain great power. You would like to do that, yes? I hold this power for you--it will make you invincible, able to control the world! You will rebel against trainer and Pokemon alike. You will prove to the world that we, Team Shockwave, are boss! Team Shockwave is good for you--it is the only one that can grant you this power. Resistance is futile. You are a wimp to refuse such greatness. Just serve Team Shockwave and you will be all-powerful! We shall succeed and rule the world!
Drowzee was still young then. Her innocence meant that she still lacked the judgement to refuse the woman's commands. Drowzee smiled sinisterly and followed the woman out of the room, leaving Kelsey and her whole past life--however short--behind.

So this is how Drowzee was controlled by Team Shockwave! Kelsey thought. She took a few seconds to contemplate this--she remembered how much effort it took to get her Drowzee back--a long time, after she evolved into Hypno and became Shockwave's most powerful Pokemon. After Hypno did come back, she was stripped of her "evil" powers, but at least she was in good hands again.

Sometimes it is an unwise idea to keep your head in the clouds. When Kelsey finally returned her focus to the present, she noticed that Dreemist was gone.
"Dreemist!" Kelsey called. She looked around some more. Even the Spheal was gone. "Dreemist?" Kelsey's panic rose as she began to search around more frantically. "Dreemist!"

<Kelsey!> The sudden impulse of an external thought was so trong that it caught Kelsey off balance, giving her a similar "headache" to Dreemist's. As Kelsey calmed down, she looked to her left--Harmonique was right next to her.
"Where did Dreemist go?" Kelsey asked. "Did you see her?"
<"Yes,"> Harmonique answered. <"It seems like since she was once a rebel--or something similar--Dreemist got a blast from the past when she discovered the same rebellious property in Spheal.">
<"She went that way!"> Kanasama blurted, pointing towards a set of footprints that looked like Dreemist's. <"Let's follow her!">
<"Wait!"> Kirlia interrupted as she grabbed Kanasama's arm as she was about to run off towards Dreemist. <"It might be too dangerous...">
<"Yeah,"> said Kinter, <"and I don't want to be a rebel either!"> She knew that she might become a rebel completely if she tried to intervene--all that would have to happen is Kinter permanently transforming into Yukima.

<"And in that case,"> Harmonique added, <"Kelsey and I can't go either."> She remembered a time when Shockwave did control her, though only for a moment. In that moment, though, she extracted Kelsey's entire soul. Kelsey, left selfless, was subdued by Team Shockwave. It took a while for Harmonique to realize what she did, but the truth greatly depressed her, and it took many painful moments to release Kelsey's soul and bring her back.
<"However strong our minds may be,"> Harmonique continued--and Kelsey felt flattered--<" both of us could be in danger should we try to bring Dreemist back to her old self.">

"Yeah," Kelsey commented, looking at Kanasama, "so that means there are only two of you left--Kirlia is at risk too given that she was once kidnapped by Team Shockwave--controlled is certainly a possibility as well. Therefore, we have two options: either Kanasama and Ravena face the rebels alone, or we find some... other... way..."

Kelsey contemplated what this other way was, and some of the other Pokemon began to do the same--even Ravena, who was still frozen.

January 17th, 2006, 3:23 PM
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January 18th, 2006, 12:31 AM
OOC: I'm sorry. I've been paying two american cents a minute for my internet, and I only get one hour. Let's just say that you hear a strange buzzing sound from Lugia's Lair (my master lives in that cave) and we all meet there?

January 18th, 2006, 2:40 PM
OOC:0_0 so many problems after you start an RP Amaya. > >;; anyway, sure, but give me some time to think of a way to get there... (where is lugia's lair?)

January 18th, 2006, 4:49 PM
OOC: I imagine the lair is in Fierara... which is good because I was just thinking about going there. Sorry for the short post, but I just want to get to Fierara now...
Kelsey and her Pokemon remained in contemplation--well, most of her Pokemon... Ravena broke the silence with an impatient peep--she was starting to get uncomfortable (an not to mention cold) from being enclosed in ice. This got everyone else's attention as well.
"Oh, sorry Ravena..." Kelsey apologized. "We'll find--some way--to unfreeze you...."
<"Why not go to Fierara?"> Harmonique suggested.
"I was thinking that," Kelsey replied, "but I heard that most of the rebels dwell there... Hey wait, that's it! Maybe that Spheal took Dreemist to Fierara!"
<"What would a Spheal be doing in a place like that?"> Kanasama interrupted. Kelsey, knowing that was a rhetorical question, continued.
"I know Fierara can be dangerous, but maybe if we keep out of the rebels' minds, we'll be okay. Besides, Ravena must be cured somehow."
<"Should we go then?"> Kirlia suggested. Most of the group nodded and started towards the portal that Harmonique made to Fierara. Ravena couldn't do that because she was still frozen (and had to be carried by Kirlia's telekinesis), but she wasn't the only one hesitant to go...

"Kinter, are you coming?" Kelsey inquired.
<"I don't know..."> Kinter replied. <"First of all, I don't like Fierara because of the heat, and second, I don't want to face those rebels again...">
"You just don't want to become Yukima again," Kelsey clarified, kneeling down to pet Kinter. "But, you only become Yukima if you fight. As long as you don't do that, you're OK." With that, Kelsey slowly got up and followed the other Pokemon, and Kinter trailed behind.
"You know what?" Kelsey reassured Kinter further as they walked, "When you first became Yukima in that battle back in Saffron, I was surprised because I didn't know you coud do that. I bet you were too. All we have to do is be more careful next time. We won't let Yukima's spirit take over you again, I promise. All you have to do is open up like you did in the past--that's what keeps our bond strong enough to prevent that. They say good triumphs over evil--well, maybe this is just an example. Love, in this case, triumphs over stuff like your transformation." As soon as Kelsey finished talking, the group started to pass through the portal to Fierara. Kinter leaped into Kelsey's arms, fearing the hot ground would burn her paws.

The group walked across a rocky bridge above a pool of lava, steam and smoke fogging the air. It was so hot that within a couple of minutes, Ravena thawed out completely. This was a big relief to Kirlia--she was beginning to grow tired of holding Ravena up with her powers. Kinter kept herself cool by using mini-Icy Wind attacks on herself. The whole group was headed towards a volcano surrounded by tall rocks, further and further into the heart of the rebels' home.

January 23rd, 2006, 2:36 AM
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And by the way, Lugia's Lair is in Leafiatopia. I'm SOOOO sorry for not being the best RP master, but I have to do over eleven things in one hour where I am online. *Sob*

Please try and get over to Lugia's Lair. I've severely got to get my butt out of here.

January 23rd, 2006, 10:42 PM
OOC: Gee, I have to get to Leafiatopia when I'm all the way in Fierara? Hmmm...

As Kelsey and her Pokemon neared the volcano, they came to a zigzagging path that snaked around huge rocks jutting out from the burning ground. Occasional lava pools popped out from the hard stone floor.
"Kirlia, do you see where Spheal went?" Kelsey asked. She knew that Kirlia had a wonderful sense of direction that was enhanced by her intuitive powers. Anyways, when Kelsey asked this, Kirlia stopped walking and stared at a pile of rocks straight ahead as if seeing through them. She looked this way and that for what seemed like minutes.
<"You know..."> Kirlia muttered as she began to give up, <"I don't think I sensed Spheal here at all since we arrived...">
"So it's not in Fierara," Kelsey concluded with a defeated sigh. A few of the Pokemon sighed too, but with relief. No reason did they now have to search for hours in a place where they risk dying from heat exhaustion.
<"And it's not in Achaie,"> Kinter added. <"I would have smelled it--that Spheal smells fishy.">
<"The situation smells fishy,"> Kanasama noted with a snicker.
"Ha, good one!" Kelsey commented on Kanasama's joke. Ravena started to laugh behind her.
<"Well?"> Kinter blurted after a moment's silence. <"How do we get out of here?">
<"We have to know where we're going first,"> Harmonique suggested, talking mainly to Kirlia. <"Kirlia, you say that you couldn't sense where Spheal could be--at least not in Fierara. Suppose that Spheal's in another world...">
<"Which world?"> Kirlia asked.
<"I don't know,"> Harmonique replied, <"but perhaps we know."> She put on a sinister smile.
<"What do you mean, 'we'?"> Kirlia inquired.
<"Have you ever heard of scrying?"> Harmonique answered as she beckoned Kirlia to come closer. <"I can make portals between worlds. You can see things that normal eyes will not."> While Kirlia still wore a confounded expression, Harmonique summoned what seemed to be a Shadow Ball but was flat and had a mirrorlike surface. Indeed it did look like a dark mirror.
<"Gaze deeply into the portal of revelation,"> Harmonique commanded. <"Keep that Spheal in mind--good--now do it.">

As if in a trance, Kirlia did the same thing with the "mirror" as she did with the rocks. Pretty soon an image formed on the portal's surface. Though the image was only to be seen by Kirlia, it definitely featured the mad Spheal. Spheal had flowers in its mouth as if to eat them, and it had a mischievous look on its face. In the background was a banana tree and a small group of Mankey playing in it.

It was obvious that Kirlia's vision ended when her expression turned from concentration to surprise. She seemed too confounded to speak. In the silence that followed, Harmonique got rid of the "mirror", carefully palming the energy made from that and absorbing it into the single red sphere near her neck. The rest of the Pokemon watched Kirlia or Harmonique with blank looks. Kelsey, however, had her eyes closed, and her expression seemed to shift from satisfaction to despair.

"It's in Leafiatopia," Kelsey finally broke the ice. These sudden words startled nearly everyone, even Kirlia, but except for Harmonique and Kanasama. Kanasama liked Leafiatopia because of its environment, but Harmonique had a different, mysterius reason for not being surprised...
<"But how do we get to Leafiatopia?"> Kinter asked. <"Harmonique's portals go only between Fierara and Achaie.">
<"That's true..."> Kirlia agreed, <"but I thought I spotted another portal somewhere near that volcano... I'm not sure if it is...">
<"Show us the way!"> Ravena interrupted. <"I can't see anything through all this ash even if I fly above the rocks...">
Again Kirlia focused her attention on "seeing through the rocks" and seemed to find a direction to go.

After the group followed Kirlia for a while, a small cave in the side of the volcano came into view.
<"In here,"> Kirlia pointed out with a rare flash of confidence. Upon entering the cave, the group noticed that it got completely dark rather quickly...
<"Uh-oh,"> Kirlia said to herself, <"maybe I'm wrong, I don't even see anything... aren't portals supposed to glow or something?">
<"It's over there,"> Harmonique pointed out.
"Oh yes, I see... erm, sense it," Kelsey agreed. She walked a few paces forward, reached out her hand, and touched a leaf.
"This way!"
Getting the mental signal that Kelsey did find a sign of Leafiatopia, the Pokemon followed. And sure enough, a few paces later, they were in Leafiatopia.

Behind the group stood a huge redwood tree whose trunk seemed to be split lengthwise. They were standing before a clearing in a sort of forest. All seemed quite peaceful until...
<"I have a weird feeling about this..."> Kirlia said in an uneasy tone.
"What is it?" Kelsey inquired, also seeming worried.
<"I just checked to see if I sensed Spheal, and I did... but then I also sense something else... not a rebel as I know, but something near and something really big and powerful...">
"What is it?" Kelsey repeated, but more slowly and more into the air than to Kirlia. All that came was an ominous feeling: I don't know.

January 24th, 2006, 1:09 AM
Spirit leaped from the trees branch and totally lost control of where she was. She ran smack into the beach sand, about fifty meters from the seemingly upset village which dispised her. The place was unusually wet and there was some commotion going on that she decided not to take part in. Unfortunately, the alert and upset village children noticed the sand-covered ninja straight away. As the Spirit ninja wiped the sand off her wrinkled cape and sheath, she huffed with what one would think a disappointed sigh. Some of the younger village children who began to approach thought that she didnt know they were approaching.

Kids, where are you?! a concerned mothers voice yelled through the huts, and found out that her children were approaching the strange ninja. She let out an instant uncontrollable shriek and pulled her children back. By now, Spirits prying eyes had already been fixed on the mother and her four young children.

You expect me to hurt them? the ninja giggled niftily. They arent worth it. After all, I just assaulted some rebels. Better not waste my energy!

Yes, a man, probably the father, said. Better that you dont waste it.

HEY! Spirit yelped when the mad threw a sword that pinned her cape to a tree. I wasnt gonna do anything to your kids! Why are you throwing swords at me?

I know you work for the rebel forces! the man yelled.

Spirits face expression changed from insincerity to wrath. The green tint of her eyes turned purple in phychic anger. Suddenly the sword that pinned her cape to the tree as pulled out by an invisible force and was wedged into a rock in from of her. Maybe... She echoed, her eyes coming to become an eerie white glow, ... I should use some power anyway...

Her anger was evident, and now even the man was freaked out. Spirit rose one foot from the ground and the air around her seemed unstable from purple telekinetic power. A wave of energy blasted through the village, and the ninjas eyes were now all white and glowing. Her freak phychic ability absorbed the energy of the fires, the plants, and even the humans. Soon Spirit was brimming with power.

She landed on the ground and her eyes were restored to normal. The waves of freak phychic disappeared the village was restored to the way it was. If you say that Im from the rebel forces again... She whispered as she leaned over the shaking man, ... Ill absorb so much power that this little piece of scum called a village will disappear from Seaside Isles map. Got it? on her last few words, her eyes flashed white one more time. After that, she suddenly giggled confidently, and turned away to leave.

OOC: I hope you guys can find a way for us to meet up NOW.

January 25th, 2006, 10:24 PM
OOC: Originally posted by Amaya
Let's just say that you hear a strange buzzing sound from Lugia's Lair (my master lives in that cave) and we all meet there?

OK, will do. But remember, you have to get to Leafiatopia too... let's see... you're still in Aquace now? As far as I can see, the only one in Leafiatopia besides me now is Uzumaki_Naruto (Kamui the Bulbasaur).

Kelsey and her Pokemon walked along through the trees in the forest, eyes open for any sign of the Spheal and minds open for any sign of that other presence they felt before. As they walked, the signal seemed to grow stronger... and more and more Pokemon began to feel that presence.
<"I'm scared,"> Kinter stammered as she began to feel it too. <"It feels like I might become Yukima again..."> Harmonique patted her on the back, but Kelsey saw this as a rhetorical question or one she did not have to answer again.

As the group walked further, they came to a river and began to follow its bank. Across the river, a Bulbasaur walked around a large rock, apparently looking for something. When Kanasama saw him, she got excited and headed over to a tree ahead of the group. Once she did that, she kicked off the tree and started running towards the river, taking out her sword at the same time. Just before reaching the river, she vaulted her sword and started to jump over the river.
"Wait, Kanasama!" Kelsey demanded. Following her instincts, she tried to use telekinesis to stop Kanasama mid-jump. Kanasama glowed blue, wobbled, and rose a foot higher, but then fell into the river. Even though Kanasama's Light-type characteristic made her weak against psychic attacks, Kelsey's powers still had a low chance of success.

Cursing to herself, Kanasama flailed in the river for a bit, but then used her sword as an anchor by sticking it in the floor of the relatively shallow river. After holding there for a second, it was Kirlia's powers that lifted Kanasama out of the river.
"Sorry about that, Kanasama..." Kelsey apologized.
<"Whew, I needed that... I was drying up back there in Fierara..."> Kanasama said as she sighed with satisfaction. <"Well anyways, I just was curious to see what the Bulbasaur was up to.">
<"I hope it's not a rebel..."> Kinter muttered to herself.
<"I don't think so,"> Harmonique reassured.

After a while, a squawk was heard from above the group's heads--Ravena had been searching from the sky.
<"Over there, I found it, it's a cave of some sort!"> she exclaimed.
<"Yes,"> Kirlia said quietly, <"I think that presence came from where she's pointing to...">
<"But..."> Ravena continued, <"I hear a strange buzzing when I go near there... and I can even hear it here. You can too if you keep quieter.">

At that point the group stopped and stood still--except for Kanasama, who told the Bulbasaur on the other side of river to listen as well. Within seconds, everyone could hear that low buzzing, coming from the direction Ravena mentioned. After a moment's near silence, the group headed towards the source of the buzzing. Nobody--not even Kanasama--looked any other direction, not even back at the Bulbasaur to see that he was following.
OOC: There, I'm there--or close to it. The Bulbasaur mentioned in my post is of course Kamui. Now I just have to wait for everyone else...

January 29th, 2006, 11:23 PM
A mysterious buzzing sound filled Spirit's ears as she strolled away from the shocked village, brimming with power. It was, indeed, a buzz. But to Spirit, it was also a message from her master, Lugia. The buzz was only a low hum, but what it meant was angry. If you used phychic power, you could actually decode what it meant. Spirit's head whirled in thoughts as it decoded what it meant.

"I have heard a sound from the village and your magic stinks of it. Have you been abusing your power, Spirit?" the buzz meant, somewhat irriatating Spirit ninja.

"I was angry, master. Pleas forgive me, but my power abused me. I'm sorry for not trying to control it." I hissed telekinetically, and it came out as a buzz.

"Well, get over here before the pokemon army decodes our messages!" Lugia's voice boomed in her head.

"Yes, master." She closed her eyes and leaped from the ground to a tree, and did a flip in the air before landing and crouching in front of her master's lair. To her surprise, some umfamiliar pokemon a human girl were outside. Instictively, Spirit turned invisible. Somehow, though, she felt a small presence of magic around them. She hoped they didn't know she was there.

OOC: Referring to you, Ninetales.