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December 27th, 2005, 8:50 PM
*This is my first Zerro Doubt guide, I will make more as I get more good idea for topic's.
*If this is in the worng place feel free to move it.

What to expect from Zerro Doubt Guide to 'Pokemon'

The Zerro Doubt Guide to 'Pokemon' will feature usefull well reseached information on pokemon, as well as fun facts all brought out in a humorus way.

In the world of Pokemon, as I hope we all know many mystries exist. I have played the game and watched the show from generation one, which in case you didn't know is the red/blue/yellow games, and shows to match. I don't consider myself a pokemon expert, but in any case I know alot. The games stimulated my mind, and shows gave me a peak into another world. It was that very world that I decided to look into. Truthfuly, I had nothing better to do. There are three fundemental elements that make 'Pokemon', in every sence, well 'Pokemon'. I will be refreing to these 'Elements' throughout the guide. First we have creatures. Anmials, from some alien planet called Pokemon. Now since this is just Fundementals, we can't call them pokemon, nor anmials, hence the reason why I stated creatures.
Second, intelligent beings. They are the people in Pokemon.
Third, there is a system. A form of goverment, or religion that exist. We see this in many ways, such as the gyms and elite four, right down to the legends of Mew.
With out these three 'Elements' the world of pokemon can not exist. After looking at these three 'Elements' you can see that the Pokemon world, and ours are the exact same thing. With that in mind you can discover many things...


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