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Mail Jeevas
December 27th, 2005, 11:58 PM
Hey this is MulteonDX and I'm making this Fan-fic, but it's not about any anime, it's based on the summer vacation I'm having right now, but wth altered things and names...

please, any suggestion/critic is accepted (but no swears please)


Age: 16
Hair style & color: Brown and crispy
Personality: Very shy and lonely, but when he gets to know someone, it will be funny, joking and caring. He tends to care about the others more than for himself. He also do a lot of favors without expecting anything from anyone. He plays the guitar and the piano (It's not irrelevant in the story)

Age: 14
Hair style & color: Black and shoulder lenght, but she tends to use a pony tail
Personality: She's very shy too but it's more sociable than Matt. He knew him in her friend's house (Who is Matt's cousin). She likes to walk, and to go out. She will trust someone if she thinks he deserves it.

Age 14
Hair style & color: Brownish and curly (shoulder lenghted)
Personality: She has a bad experience with the boys she likes, but she is a very good matchmaker. She knows her cousin is in love with Rina, but she doesn't know if Rina feels the same. She only trust people after a long time of knowing them.

Age 14
Hair style & color: Golden and curly (like golden-locks but a tad bit longer)
Personality: She's not shy, she's cute and very sociable, but she speaks a lot. She is one of the best friend of Marian and knows about Matt's dirty little secret (lol). She can make friends in matter of seconds.

Age 16
Hair style & color: Black and long(Waist lenghted)
Personality: She's Matt's other cousin (there are 3 of 'em). She's very sweet when she wants something, but when she can get anything from you will treat you "normally". She changes moods very fast.

Age 18
Hair style & color: Black and medium lenghted
Personality: She's Matt's third cousin. She always ask advice to Matt, whether she takes it or not. Matt believes she's the only one that loves him really (As a cousin can love another cousin, obviusly, like platonically), but she says that Sam and Marian have different ways to show their feelings.

Chapter 1 - The day of the arrival:

Matt traveled from his city (In Buenos Aires, Argentina) to a city near the beach called "Mar del Plata". This is where his cousin's house is. Matt arrieved at the evening, hoping that someone would help him with the things he had brought. Unfortunatly for him, no one was there waiting, instead he had to take a cab to get to his cousin's house. When he arrieved, Marian helped him with a handbag while Matt was carrying a Bag, a suitcase, his guitar and his coat (Poor Matt...). After he set everything in his room, Matt went off to talk to Marian.

"Hey Marian, how long has been?" He asked "1 year? That's too much waiting to come back to see my favourite cousins!" he said as Marian laughed "Stop liying!" she said joking. "So... how's... you know..." Said Matt with a semi-whispering voice.
"You mean how's Rina?" She replied "Oh, she's inside the studio using the computer" She said
"WHAT?!" Matt said scared. He didn't want Rina to find out that he felt something very strong for her. "Why you didn't told me?" Asked Matt
"You never asked!" Said Marian while going towards the studio "Hey Rina, looks who's here" she said to Rina, who was using the computer and didn't even heard what Matt said.
"Oh!" Said Rina while getting on her feets "Hi Matt!" She said as she aproached to Matt "It's been a while" Matt said. She tried to kiss him but Matt was very distracted and was looking towards the computer, so he "accidently" kissed Rina on her lips.

"Oh sorry!" Said Matt "It was not on purpose"
"It's alright" said Rina. She was blushed, same as Matt

After saying hi to everyone in the house, Matt went upstairs to make arrenge some final things. When he was done with that, he went to the music room to play the guitar a bit.

He was then alone, playing a song by Green Day (give me novacaine).
While he was playing he heard some noises. It was Caroline. "You sing very well, Matt" She said. "Well thanks!" Said Matt with a giant smile on his face. "Do you happen to know who likes that song too?" She asked. "I dunno" He said.
"Rina loves that song" Answered Caroline
"Really?" Said Matt "So then I'll have to play it more often..." he said.

after a few hours playing with the videogames, Matt, Rina and his cousins were absolutely tired. They all went to sleep each on in his one bed and Caroline in her room.

When asleep, Matt had a strange feeling, like if he had something on his lips, when he oponed his eyes, he saw Rina kissing him. She continued kissing him even knowing that he was awake. When she finished, Matt asked her: "Why?" and she didn't not response...

end of chapter 1

Mail Jeevas
December 28th, 2005, 5:26 AM
Matt woke up early in the morning, because he couldn't sleep anymore, his head was fixed on something else... well someone else...

"Gosh... I don't understand!" Said Matt to himself "If she feels something for me why didn't she answered my question?"
This kind of questions keep popping up in Matt's head. When he was having breakfast, Caroline came down. "Good morning *YAWN*" Said Caroline. Matt replied the same way. When Caroline sat down on the table to eat her breakfast, Matt told her about the kiss that Rina gave him.
"I can't believe it!" Said Caroline after MAtt finished to tell her the story. "Yeah, neither do I" said Matt. He thinks that it was only a dream, but it's was way too real to be one, but he wasn't 100% sure.

Later in the morning Rina woke up. The first thing she saw was Matt sitting in a chair next to her bed.
"Hi" Said Matt, his face had a strange expression between Joy and Pain.
Rina rose from the bed and said:
"Please, don't take me wrong, you should never have known that I've kissed you" said Rina while trying to hold her tears. "It's ok, don't worry about it..." Said Matt, now his face only showed pain. Little did he knew that Rina and Marian were going out to the city that night, and that Marian had planned all of that only to turn Matt & Rina into a couple.

"Ok, it's set" Said Marian to Rina. "If you ever see that he does a strange thing with his eyes, just let me know" she then added. Marian, as she was very close to Matt's feelings and problems, knew that Matt had a strange problem that made him have bizarre day dreams which could make him die if he's not awaken. Even one time, Sam saved Matt from colliding with a glass door, if he had pass thru it, he would have been seriously damage, or worse...

When Rina and Marian came down to the main hall, Matt was playing a song in the piano (Can you feel the love tonight - Elton John).
Rina entered to the music room overjoyed. She loved that song, and Matt, who loved her, knew how to play it... and sing it. As he started to sing, Rina sat down in one of the couchs in the music room, she wanted to hear Matt's song. When he finished, she clapped. Matt was startled, he didn't knew she was there. "Do I look so ugly?" Asked Rina "No, not a chance" Managed to reply Matt "Let's go" Said Rina while extending her hand to reach Matt's arm. Thwy both left the music room and went out, where Marian was. "What took you so long?" Asked Marian to Rina "Well, y' know. I had something to do" As she winked at her (Obviusly, not letting Matt see the wink). Then the 3 went walking towards the city.

When they arrived, they met with 2 other friend, Vicky and Felip. "Hey what's up?" Asked Felip to Matt "Hi" replied Matt, with a tone of timidity.
"Hey Matt! How are you boy?" Said Vicky while hugging Matt "I'm fine, Vicky, I apreciate your concern" answered Matt. They both said hi to Marian and Rina too (They are their friends, not Matt's). After they finished doing whatever they had to do they went walking towards the beach (yeah, in the night). After a few blocks they arrieved. Matt was behind with Rina by his side, they weren't talking, but they knew what the other thought.

"Hey guys, we are going to buy some drinks, you wanna come?" Asked Marian to Matt and Rina. "I'm fine... I'd rather stay" Replied Matt while sitting down in a bench. "Neither do I wanna go" Said Rina. "As you wish, but I'll bring you Soda pop anyways" Said Marian while running to catch up the other two.

Marian, Felip and Vicky had a plan, they already went to buy the drinks, but they wanted to help Matt and Rina, so they left them alone.

"So..." Said Rina while coming closer to Matt "Are you ok?" she asked "So far, so good" answered Matt while laughing. "Do you have anything to tell me?" Asked Rina, she knew that Matt wasn't so fine as he said
"Well, to tell the truth Y have something to say... I'm not ok, I think you should know what I feel for y..." said Matt, but he was interrupted by Rina's finger. "Don't speak..." She said quietly. She was getting closer to Matt, while closing her eyes, he couldn't believe it...
She took out the finger from Matt's lips, and kissed him. They were like this for a while, now that they knew that they loved each other, there was nothing that could tore them apart... Or at least they thought that way...

When Marian saw them, she came back with the sodas. She gave one each one and said:
"Come on, it's getting late" as she started to walk towards the city.

The group was getting closer to the city, Vicky, Marian and Felip where ahead from Matt and Rina, they were walking in a strange way...(Rina was "hanging" from Matt's arm). Rina said to Matt:
"I can't believe we are so shy that the only way..." Matt ceased to hear. Another of his Day dreams had started. He was dreaming of a world of demons in where he was the only living thing that was left. Those kind of dreams that traumatize a normal person, were frecuent to Matt. He started to walk, seeing lot's of corpses and blood all scattered around the floor. He saw his cousin's corpse and Rina's was lying in the middle of the street (The infernal town was an "infernal" mode of the exact place where Matt was). "Rina... Please talk to me..." said Matt triying to make her conscious again. "M..Ma..Matt..." gasped Rina "I... L..Lo..ve..you" managed to say Rina, before she died.
"Why are this day dreams so cruel..." Said Matt while crying. He then felt a powerful hit in his body.

After a few hours in the hospital, the doctor said:
"Luckilly he didn't broke anything... he only had a minor bruise in his head... He's very lucky, if a car runs over a guy of his age at the speed that this one runned over him, becomes crippled or worse..."
"But when will he be able to go back to his home?" Asked Rina worried about Matt's health "Don't worry young lady... When he awakes you can take him home..." said the doctor, but he had a strange look in his face. He was aproaching to Rina... "What do you want?" Asked Rina in panic "Oh nothing, I just need to do an examination to you... he he he" Said the doctor while grabing Rina by her arm. "Let me go, you freak!" Said Rina, but it was useless, the doctor was too strong for her. After a few seconds the bad intended doctor was going to do something horrible to a poor little girl. "Oh my god... please help me..." That was the only phrase she could think about in that time, as she repeated that phrase mentally with her eyes closed. After a second the doctor fell to the ground. She opened her eyes to see what had happened, it was Matt that hit him with a chair. "Matt! Thank god!" said Rina while hugging Matt. She was crying desperatly. "It's okay..." Said Matt while he hugged her. After the whole mess was cleared up, they both went home and the doctor to the big house for trying to abuse of a teenager.

When they arrieved home, Marian was waiting at the entrance, she saw Rina carrying Matt by his shoulder, so she went to help. "What happened to my cousin?!" Asked Marian shocked. "I'm okay... don't you worry about" managed to say Matt while similing gallantly

End of chapter 2