View Full Version : Beyond coasts

March 13th, 2004, 9:37 AM
A huge cliff, raging to the sky. Slippery, as you try to climb up it. You push yourself to the top, you want to reach the top so badly. Finally, you stand on the broad cliff, on top of it, sweaty but happy. You look out at the sea... How the waves drift, and hits cliffs, how sea pokemon have fun.. You sighs, suddenly feeling a hand on your shoulder.
"Ask me, dear, why are you coming here?" a warm voice asks. You turns around, and look into some sea blue eyes. A girl with neat blonde hair, seablue eyes and the wearer of a seacolored bikini, smiles at you. "Do not look that terrified! I am.. The Aqua Pokemon Princess... You can call me Nethelia.. And this, is my dearest cliff. And the pokemon playing in the sea, are my pokemon. You see the cave behind you?" the girl says, as you spots a nice hole in the cliff. "I use to come here... To train my skills.. I travel here, each summer.. Come in, you must be hungry.. Tired aswell, I see.. Come with me..." Nethelia smiles, and you walk with her into the neat cave.....

March 15th, 2004, 11:19 AM
nice words but are you meaning for this to be a story that your writing or an rp were people sighn up and go on a quest?

sorry if Ive offended you