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December 28th, 2005, 12:50 PM

Fifty years have past and the great tree has grown to its full height and now provides the world with as much mana as it can stand. It now stands taller than even the most grand of houses, and has by far surpassed the height of the tower of mana. The people have provided it with enough love and care that it proceeds to thrive on. The two merged worlds have grown much over the past years and now, even discrimination has reached a low. The city that once stood afloat in the sky has no descended upon Maxwells orders and half elves live along side both humans and elves in harmony; but of course, discrimination comes from the heart, so it has not totally been put to rest.

But one thing is amiss. The summon spirits sense something, something terrible. The Goddess Martel cries out to them, but they do not know what it is she screams for. They cannot leave their posts at the temples and so they are trapped, unable to do anything to aid the Goddess in her time of need. So, each sent a messenger to ten unknowing people in order to tell them of this new evil that threatened the goddess herself.

These messengers were creatures that bore crystals of their representing summons, thus possessing the ten elements that the summon spirits had mastered. The messangers were to accompany the chosen ones on their journey, aiding them in battle and guiding them through the many troublesome times that await them in this new merged world.

The evil that haunts the goddess is unknown to everyone at this moment in time, it has not yet revealed itself, but its hatred and evil is decreasing the flow of mana emitted from the great tree, Yggdrasill. The land is returning to its un flourished state and the great tree is beginning to wither, if nothing is done soon, the planet will die and all living beings along with it.

Derris Kharlan is being drawn towards the planet as it struggles for more mana, the summon spirits think that this is the great evils intentions, to starve the planet of mana so that the angelic planet of Derris Kharlan will collide with the planet and thus hastened the worlds destruction. It seems this evil is not one to wait for the world to suffer from lack of mana, instead it wants a quick destruction.

It is up to you and the messengers to once again seek out the aid of the summon spirits and free them from their temples so that they may aid you in your journey to restore peace to the world once again, and allow Derris Kharlan and the remaining Seraphim Kratos and Yuan to drift peacefully once again.


Description: (Pics accepted)
*Summon Spirit:


Human: The most common species. Humans can pretty much master anything from weapons to magic. They are by far the most flexible when it comes to positions in the world, though they aren’t the most knowledgeable about the earth’s history.

Elf: Quite a rare species, and do not normally live out in the open. Their keen eyes and lengthened ears make them excellent look outs and furthermore secretive beings. Most resign in deep forests or places cut off from any human contact (i.e., mountains or islands)

Half elf: Half Elven and half human, they were once discriminated against and still suffer from it even in this day and age, though it has lessened and many accept them to be normal citizens. Next to the elves, they are the most knowledgeable of the land and by far know the most about magi-technology.

Other: If you wish to be any other species, within reason, please PM me with the idea.

Summon Spirit:

Pick from the list below, but your messenger, techs and the crystal must represent the element. Once a summon spirit has been taken, no one else can have it.

Also keep in mind, that all summon spirits are equal in this RPG, none are stronger that one another.

Corrine- Physical/non elemental (Can use non elemental techs) *Taken by Marina99*
Efreet- Fire (Can use fire elemental techs) *Taken by Charade*
Undine- Water (Can use water elemental techs) *Takesn by Chibi-chan*
Sylph- Wind (Can use wind elemental techs) *Taken by Ookami*
Volt- Thunder (Can use lightning elemental techs) *Taken by Uzumaki Naruto*
Gnome- Earth (Can use earth elemental techs)
Luna- Light (Can use light elemental techs) *Taken by Kurosaki*
Shadow- Darkness (Can use dark elemental techs) *Taken by Shylocke*
Origin- Mana (Can use healing techs and also non elemental techs) *Takes by Shiny*
Maxwell- Time (Can use time techs, i.e status techs like barrier ext)


Your techs much suit your chosen summon spirit, for example if you choose Sylph, it will be:

Lv 1 tech: Wind blade
Lv 1 tech: Falcon feather

Perhaps two for each level tech, so two techs for level one, two for level two and to for level three at the least. Also provide a short description for each tech if it is made up.


Description: (Pics accepted)

Your messenger will aid you on your journey and also fight along side you, but there is no need for tech names, you can simply describe an attack unleashed by it. How it looks is up to you, but it must resemble the element your summon spirit holds.

December 28th, 2005, 12:54 PM
Name: David
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Weapon: Spells
Description: 5'11" with short red hair and deep blue eyes. David wears a navy blue shirt, with a small diagnol cross on the upper right. He always wears a pair of navy blue jeans, as well as black running shoes, and he wears a navy baseball cap, no symbols and such on it. He is medium built, and has a gold chain necklance on his neck, and a black watch on his left wrist.
Personality: David hates all half elves because of his lonely and grim past. Other than this one flaw, he is a very nice, caring individual. When it comes to his friends and companions, he is very loyal, and determined to protect them. He does, however, have moments when he acts very cold, generally mood swinging.
Summon Spirit: Luna
History: When he was a child, David's parents and little sister were killed by half elves when a group raided his village. This left the scar of hatred towards half elves upon David's mind, and he was left with only his sisters stuffed bear to remember his family by, which he carries with him. He is on a search for those half elves that killed his family, hoping to slay them someday.
Lv 1 tech: Photon (Has been downgraded a level for lack of Light Techs, XD)
Lv 1 tech: Flash (Temporarily blinds the opponent: Does not work on overly strong monsters)

Name: Tara
Gender: Female
Appearance: http://i13.photobucket.com/albums/a282/Shinn_SEEDmode/girl28.jpg
Personality: Well, in as few words as posible, she's immature, yet knowlegable, XD

December 28th, 2005, 1:29 PM

Name: Kali

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Weapon: Shuriken and throwing stars

Description: http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b282/SinfulDragon/Anime/Female/NinjaGirl.jpg

Personality: Kali is a determined and brave individual who would gladly put her life on the line to save her people and friends. Many say that she takes after the hero Sheena who saved the world from the wrath of Mithos many years ago, which was one of the reasons why Sheena personality took to training the little warrior. The downfall of Kali’s character is her incapability to take no for an answer, and keep her nose out of other peoples business; she feels that if an argument erupts in her presence it becomes her problem. Over all, she is a caring a loyal character, willing to go to the edge of the world and back to protect those she loves and cares for.

Summon Spirit: Sylph

History: Kali was born and raised in Mizuho and trained by Sheena from a very early age to ensure that she mastered the basics of the Ninja art. Things had been rather quiet in the world up to this day, and so Kali wasn’t really required for any sort of missions other than the occasional monster attack on the village. When she turned twelve, her mother and father bestowed upon her a shuriken, but this one had a peculiar history behind it. It was said to have been used many years ago by a member of her family line to fight against an onslaught of monsters that was said to have been one of the worst disaster in the history of the village.

Other: N/A


Lv1 tech: Wind blade (Magic)
Lv1 tech: Falcon feather (Physical/magic) - Kali throws multiple throwing stars with the element of wind at the enemy.
Lv1 tech: Falcon thrust (Physical) - Kali spins multiple times, each time hitting the enemy with a powerful blow.

Lv2 tech: Air blade (Magic)
Lv2 tech: Eagle Spirit (Physical/magic) - A burst of powerful wind in the shape of an eagle is sent towards the enemy.
Lv2 tech: Eagle burst (Physical) – Like Falcon thrust but finishes off with a powerful blast of energy.

Lv3 tech: Cyclone (Magic)
Lv3 tech: Vulture surge (Physical/ magic) – Multiple bursts of wind erupt in the face of the enemy.
Lv3 tech: Vulture’s bane (Physical/ effect) – Kali jumps into the air and dives down upon the enemy, can cause Poison and defence/ attack down.

Special attack: Wrath of Horus (Magic) – Rays of light and wind strike down from the sky with mighty power.
Special attack: Lutalo’s Guidance (Physical)- Kali and Lutalo work together, unleashing multiple blows on the enemy.


Name: Lutalo

Gender: Male

Description: http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b282/SinfulDragon/88268_620_17.jpg

Personality: Wise and knowledgeable, Lutalo is there to look out for and protect Kali on her journey through Symphonia. Once a proud protector of the ancient temple after the rebirth of the giant tree, Yggdrasill., now he has given up his space as guardian and now aids the chosen on her journey.

December 29th, 2005, 9:25 AM
Name: Hircine

Age: 27, though he doesn't appear a day older than 18

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Weapon: Several concealed stilletos and small daggers, along with a slightly curved Tachi. Niot to mention his bare hands.

Description: Appeareng as a shaggy, brown-haired teenager, nothing seems really suspicious. Other than the fact that his eyes are an extremely pale shade of lavender, almost pink. His frame is slightly large for his apparent "age" but not enough to attract notice. He wears simple travellers clothes for the most part, a tunic, pants, and boots, but his cloak is what attracts notice. It is exceedingly heavy, and impossibly thick, the outside edge so very, very frayed that it looks more like the fur of a beast, then cloth. and the matted, dirty appearance of it doesn't do anyhting to lessen that illusion.

Personality: He doesn't have much of a personality, keeping to himself most of the time, though he does tend to make strange jokes that are rarely, if ever understood. Otherwise, he mostly keeps his emotions flatly blanketted.

Summon Spirit: Origin

History: He was left for dead at an extremely young age, meaning he's had to fend for himself most of his life. Despite this, he isn't hateful of human beings at all, he just doesn't identify with them very well.


Lv1 tech: Wrinkle (Magic) It can quickly, and instantly move him a short distance away, but it's impossible to control what direction he goes.

Lv2 tech: Fayde (Magic/physical) Using both the power of magic, combined with stealth tricks he learned in the wild, he can blend into nearly any surroundings, not as good against sight as invisibility, but also cloaks him to smell.

Lv3 tech: Hunter's instinct (Magic/Physical) Once again, blending magic to enhance his senses, as well as honed tracking skills, he is able to focus his attention on one, or a small number of targets, and track them through nearly any terrain.

Special attack: Feral Rage (effect) It's uncertain whether this is a magic skill, or something he was born with, but he can become temporarily unstable in the mind, and ignore (Not be immune, just ignor) pain, and use the full capacity of his muscles, since humans only use a small percentage of their strength and speed.


Name: Domovi

Gender: Male

Description: A large, great horned owl, silver with specks of black in the color of it's feathers, with bright yellow eyes, standing exactly two feet in height.

Personality: Similarly silent, like Hircine, but merely because he doesn't liketalking, he has very little tolerance for foolishness or stupidity, making it certain that fights will errupt between the two.

December 31st, 2005, 7:28 AM
Shiney spot saved, so far so good. I have edited my sign up, so you can tell what kind of sign up I'm looking for ^_^

December 31st, 2005, 8:00 AM
Name: Shylocke Viron
Age: 50
Gender: Male
*Species: Elf
Weapon: Two Daggers
Description: http://www.avikatz.net/sf/fantasy/families/family-of-elves.jpg (the man)
Personality: Shylocke is a kind hearted Elf who likes to look after everyone. He doesnt like to fight but does if need be. He is quite a shy person which prevents people from knowing him. He stands his ground when people oppose him and he alwasy tries his best to complete any task he has been given although he mostly fails them.
*Summon Spirit: Shadow
History: Shylockes family left him when he was very young. HE has always fended for himself He became an orphan at the age of five where he lived for ten years. He hated his family for this and wanted revenge.
Other: N/A

LV1 Tech:
Dark Life (magic) Heals Shylockes Allies.

Dark Blade (physical) Attacks opponents with the element of darkness

Dark Leech (magic) Sends a leech to absorb opponents life and give it to user.

LV2 Techs

Shadow Blade (physical) Attacks opponent with daggers causing darkness

Ghost Spirit (magic) summons a rage of ghosts to attack the enemies

LV3 Techs:

Dark Doom (magic) causes death instantly (is that ok?)

Zombies Rage (Magic/Physical) Summons Zombies to attack the enemy.

Special Attacks:

Magical Darkness (Magic) uses the effects of all magic skills learned

Sun Xeng's Wrath (physical) Sun Xeng unleashes a fury on the enemy.

Name: Sun Xeng
Gender: Male
Description: http://www.angelfire.com/scifi/magicalrealms/unicorn-800x600-039.jpg (purple)
Personality: Sun Xeng is a very strong beast of his type. He is very smart too, he always thinks of ways to kill his enemy before they get him. Although he cant talk he uses telepathy to talk to Shylocke.

RP Sample:
Shylocke sat atop of Sun Xeng. They trotted along a pathway leading from a dojo. Shylocke always trained there just incase he needed it one day soon.
"So Sun where do you want to go now?" He asked him.
Actually there is one place I would like to go. I would like to go to see my sister, Sun Li He said to Shylockes mind. Sun took off from the ground and started flying. Shylocek always had a feeling of joy inside him when him and Sun were flying together. As they were flying something else came charging at them.
INCOMING Sun shouted diving down to the ground. Shylocke pulled out his daggers.
"So you want to fight huh?" He asked the thing flipping off of Sun Xeng.
"I hate fighting but... If you insist." He said getting a footing off of Sun and stabbing the beast.
"DARK BLADE!" Shy shouted while slashing at the beast. He landed on the ground and waited for it to drop, DEAD!

OOC: Please say thats ok

December 31st, 2005, 8:03 AM
Your personality and history are too short. Alos I would like the messenger to be some sort of creature, not a human/ elf/ ect, Not your fault though, I should have said so before *goes to edit*

Umm, anyways, Ill give you a chance to edit, but I would also like an RPG sample from you because I have never RPGed with you before, m'kay?

Ill save you the spot of Shadow until you do post though.

December 31st, 2005, 8:20 AM
Is that any better? because i'm not very good at the form but when I get into rolplaying i start getting quite good (I think)

December 31st, 2005, 8:24 AM
Hmm...be careful with your punctuation (commas and full stops), but Ill accept you...because I'm not that nasty XP

Ill be keeping my eye on you though, m'kay?

December 31st, 2005, 8:25 AM
Sure i've just got to make sure on my spelling. Ok then ^_^ I've never impressed a mod before lol.

December 31st, 2005, 9:14 AM
Name: Sariff
Age: 13 (in appearance)
Gender: F
Race: Half Elf (but she looks like a human mostly and keeps it incognito)

Weapon: Her weapon of choice is a sword with a medium-sized turqouise blade. The hilt is red and is supposedly carved from coral far beneath the ocean.

Description:I'm gonna use her again! ^^ (http://www.h3.dion.ne.jp/~yoshihal/material/diary/20050927.jpg)

Personality: Sariff is one of those girls who isn't afraid to get down and dirty. She acts more like a boy than a girl and can be bossy at some times. She loves to do things the harder way, beleiving it will have more of a reward. Being at sea most of her life, Sariff is the kind that likes her time alone sometimes but can deal with a crowd.

Summon Spirit: Undine

History: She was found at sea by a great ship's captain and was raised with the crew. Nothing is really known about her parents, but because by her appearance she looks human but because of her strength at what seems to be an early age, it would seem she is a half elf. Because of what she's heard about how half-elves are treated, she dares not tell that she is one.

Other:In the capsule around her neck, she holds her most valuable posession;a fragment of the guardian symbol that was supossedly given to Mithos from Undine.

*Techs: (may tweak later ^^;)
Level 1
Auqa Edge- The spell crates 3 discs of water
that spiral away and fly at the targetTempest- A mid-air spinning attack (with one sword)
Cirrus Strike- An arial water slash

Level 2
Typhoon- A swirling attack that hits surrounding targets.
Hurricane Thrust- A powerful thrust the floats the enemy upon water.

Level 3
Spread- Unleashes compressed water upwards.
Nimbus Strike- A powerful water elemental thrust that lifts the target into the air and brings then down a couple feet away


Name: Sorren
Gender: M
Description: Exactly like one of Kikyo from Inuyasha's soul catchers; an almost ghostlike winged serpent
Personality: Serious and calm, Sorren isn't one to joke with

December 31st, 2005, 9:25 AM
Chibi- accepted! ^_^

Thanks for joining, will start soon now...

December 31st, 2005, 9:38 AM
yay! ^_^ I can't wait ^_^

December 31st, 2005, 5:21 PM
I updated with my Guardian, just so you all know, XD

December 31st, 2005, 7:49 PM
And I just finished my signup, is that okay?

December 31st, 2005, 9:58 PM
I really need to get the game. :D

Name: Ryo
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Race: Half-Elf (more human facial)
Weapon: His weapon of choice is light blades. He carries a special blade he calls Bolt. It has a blue handle and a silvery blade with carvings in them. The blade also emits a yellow aura which is infused wiith electrical properties.
Description: He has brown hair and blue eyes. His ears aren't as pointy as a normal half-elf which makes him ahve a more human look. He wears a brown shirt with a dark blue vest with blue shorts. He wears a navy blue cape and brown gauntlets.
Personality: He is calm and collected. He loves to be outdoors. He is tough and competitive. Ryo is also friendly despite his competitive nature.
Summon Spirit: Volt, if he is unpicked yet.
History: Ryo lives on the outskirts of a town for most of his life. He hunts and does many things while living on his own. He is unusually skilled in playing musical instruments. He is like the ranger of a forest where he lives helping travelers.
Other: He enjoys a nice cup of tea.
Lighting Blade- electrically magnify the magical properties of a blade
Volt Slash- the blade emits electricity from the blade that is able to slash through anything
Lvl. 2-
Thunder Blade- Ryo tosses his sword foward and electricity follows the blade in a line
Thunder Shield- Ryo enleashes electricity form his hands that form a large sphere around himself for protection
Lvl. 3-
Lighting Storm- the blade shoots out electrical bolts into the air and then around the enemy damaging them
Volt's Rage- Ryo and Storm become enveloped in electricity and baffles the foe with many quick combo attacks with exact precision

Name: Storm
Gender: male
Description: He is a small falcon with silver wings. He is extremely agile and clever.
Personality: Storm tends to be quiet most of the time. He is also calm and collected. He and Ryo almost seem to share the same personality most of the time.

-I hope that's enough.-

December 31st, 2005, 11:51 PM
Can Mari join, Ragey-chan? 8D


Name: Mia
Age: Appears to be 13
Gender: Female
Species: Half-elf, she claims that she is human, though.
Weapon: Claws, or at least claw like weapons [meep, just look at Rikku's //FFX// weapons (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v75/3monica6/official6.jpg) X3]; she also uses kunai knives, but only for ranged combat.

Description: Clicky! :3 (http://i17.photobucket.com/albums/b93/sunrain645/girlsit.jpg) ~ignore the widdle neko thingie.

Personality: Exceedingly energetic and playful, no one would even imagine that Mia can fight or that she is actually thirteen years old, not ten. Being babied annoys her to no end, but frequently, it helps her escape the trouble she placed herself in; by merely acting all sweet and cute-like, she found out she could get away with some stuff.

Adding to her many many flaws, Mia's mouth never—and never is an understatement—closes. She always shares her opinion, oblivious that some may be hurt with her bluntness. Although she is honest to a fault, so many times her words are, offensive or not, acknowledged and appreciated. She may also comes across as cheeky to mostly everyone she meet…okay, to everyone she meets.

In simpler terms: Mia is a pest, one who, undoubtedly, can out pester any pest.

Summon Spirit: Corrine

History: When she merely four years old, she ran away from her family, believing that it was a brave thing to do; she managed to live by her own for nine years by stealing food and gald, she also had to fend for herself. See, after she was born, her human mother had departed, leaving her and her older siblings alone with her father. She presumed that he was unable to bear the burden of taking care of five children any longer, so Mia thought it was best to leave, so that her papa would have one less child—the most troublesome one, even—to mind.

Also, having been shunned by her peers, for being a half-elf she gained a hot temper and a sense of uneasiness; most often one would find her on top guard, senses keen. However, her temper only shows when someone discriminates half-elves…which is most likely the cause of the mess she began, if not her unsurpassed curiosity. True, the discriminations were far less infrequent than fifty years ago, but it was still in tact.

Other: Unlike most other half-elves, she really has no clue about magi-technology, not that she has any proper education to begin with.

Techs: [more will be added later on :D]
Level 01
Inu (Physical): Taking a stance like a dog's (she'll stand on all fours), she would attack an enemy multiple times.
Saru (Physical): Standing on her arms, she would exert great force to push herself from the ground and land on top of the enemy.
Raion (Pysical): A powerful blow that could cause confusion.

Name: Roxas
Gender: Male
Description: Kitsune~ (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v75/3monica6/love_you__by_chari.jpg)
Personality: His appearance and his personality are polar opposites, for one thing. Highly caustic, Roxas is extremely knowledgeable…and he isn't afraid to show it. He speaks plainly without regard to others' feelings and thinks lowly of knowledge-deficient, for a lack of a better and kinder word, beings. Although, once he gets attached, albeit he may refuse to admit so, he can be really overprotective.

January 1st, 2006, 4:11 AM
Does this mean we can start soon? I really can't wait

January 1st, 2006, 10:34 AM
Thanks for saving me a spot Stri, I appreciate it.



Name: Soma

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Weapon: Soma wields a chain whip, dubbed nebula, which he took the liberty of inheriting from his father after his death. It is around four and half feet in length and consists of several interlinking steel pieces of chain, many of which have runic symbols embedded in them. The handle of the whip is about 5 inches long and is wrapped in leather to help comfort the hand of the wielder. There is a seal located at the top of the handle, which consists of a single symbol that is in the shape of a triangle, which contains miniscule writing on it that has been deemed unreadable. About seven inches from the tip of the chain, it splits into three separate parts, each with a two and a half inch steel ball at the end. The whip seems to have a "mind of its own" as it occasionally slithers about Soma's arm as if it were alive. Soma was told stories of how it is said to have some sort of spirit embedded in it, but he just thinks that it is enchanted with some sort of magic.

Description: Soma stands around five feet and nine inches in height, and features a rather muscular build, whilst remaining slender. Soma possesses silky, dark brown hair, which is unusually wavy and tends to flip out at the sides. His bright, emerald-green eyes betray nothing, and have been the final sight for many a monster.

Personality: Bold and virtually fearless, Soma is more comfortable in battle than he is anywhere else. Blessed, though some would say cursed, with a sharp tongue and a wit as sharp as crack of his whip, Soma will often find himself speaking the words that others are too polite to say. Though Soma wont win renown for his social graces; his loyalty, fierceness, and abilities in combat could be considered second to none.

Although Soma makes sure keeps a calm head most of the time, he does have quite a temper that tends to emerge when he is unable to complete a task correctly, or when he is being harassed. Soma is also very stongwilled and stubborn, and will often find himself rushing into dangerous situations without properly thinking things through, which could land him in some pretty tight spots.

Summon Spirit: Efreet

History: Soma was born in a small village near Meltokio. Soma's father was the protector of this village, and had guarded the village from many bandits and creatures. His father started training Soma in various arts of combat when he was at a very young age, to make sure that he would be able to protect the village just as his father had. Soma mastered his swordsmanship and started practicing using his fathers whip, as it was soon to be handed down to him. His father passed on but 2 years ago when he fought against a small horde of monsters started to harass the people of the small village; he was stabbed through the heart by a monster that he had decided to let live as he had already slain most of the group and they had retreated for the most part. Soma had witnessed the slaying of his father and a great rage started to build up inside of him, and he charged at the monster and tore it to pieces with his bare hands in rage. The day after this incident he decided that it would be better if he left, so he gathered up some of his belongings and grabbed his father's whip and set out to travel the lands of Symphonia; since his newfound, almost, absolute hatred of monsters drove him to seek out villages and people in need and assist them.

Other: N/A

Techs:(hope these are alright, I might edit or add more since I was running low on creative juices)

Lv1 tech: Fire Flare (Magic)
Lv1 tech: Blazing Chain (Physical/magic) - Soma spins his chain whip as it ignites with the element of fire and can deliver several burning blows to his enemies while the attack also offers him protection.

Lv2 tech: Blazing blade (Magic)
Lv2 tech: Blazing Leo Spirit (Magic/physical?) - A burst of powerful fire energy taking the form of a lion is sent flying towards the foe.
Lv2 tech: Flaming Chain burst (Physical) Soma's chain whip unleashes several spontaneous flaming blows at the enemy and finishes off with a powerful burst of fire energy.

Lv3 tech: WildFire Whirlwind (Magic)
Lv3 tech: Lion Blaze Blast (Physical/Magic) Several balls of fire are thrown into the countenance of the foe.
Lv3 tech: Charge of the Beast King (Physical) Soma charges at his foe at a high speed whilst seemingly becoming ablaze and deals heavy damage and can lower the enemy's defense.

Special attack: Muking's Rage (Physical)- Muking and Soma combine their attacks, unleashing several flaming blows on the enemy.
Special attack: Charon's Wrath (Magic) Large amounts of fire energy and lava erupt from the ground, causing massive damage to the foe.

Name: Muking

Gender: Male

Description: Muking is very large lion, standing about 7 feet in height. His fur and mane are covered in flames that constantly flicker and flip around, and are quite beautiful to watch. Muking is a spirit of sorts, and is not always visible by all, but he always appears when Soma is in need of his assistance.

Personality: Muking is known for his fierceness. He can be quite intimidating, though he is actually very kind. He is viewed as being very wise, knowing many tales and secrets of the vast land of Symphonia. He was once a protector of an ancient temple, but left his role of guarding it after the "rebirth" , as he grew tired and bored of it since there was little action involved.

January 1st, 2006, 2:36 PM
OOC-Dai: I take it your messenger is somewhat of a chibi like creature, because I was kinda hoping for creatures now humans, but it looks small, so I will alow it.

All are accepted, okay, now we can finally get started. there are two palces left, that of Gnome and Maxwell.

First post will be your meating with your messenger.


“I never did get why Kuchinawa turned on Sheena like that, it wasn’t her fault that Volt went out of control the way he did, if anything I would say she is one of the bravest souls to have ever existed on the face of this planet.”

Kali sat upon the fence wall that surrounded their hidden village, gazing out towards the Horizon, where the sun was just setting over the calm sea. Her best friend Ohashi sat just besides her, gazing in the same direction with a bored look upon his face. He had heard Kali’s point of view on the whole Volt matter many a times and was slowly getting bored.

Kali seemed to sense this and sighed. “Sorry, I go on, I know.”

She hopped from the fence and landed gracefully on the floor, she looked back up at Ohashi and gave him a wide smile. “Come on, it’s getting late. Ill see you tomorrow, okay?”

Ohashi mimicked her movements and nodded. “Yeah, how about we go swimming tomorrow? My mom is always preaching for me to enjoy myself more other than concentrating utterly on my studies.”

Kali agreed to this suggestion, and after bidding Ohashi a good buy, she headed back to get some well deserved rest. The last few days had been quite stressing on the young ninja. She had been having abnormal feelings, her dreams were filled with screams of agony and she had spent restless nights trying to think of why these dreams were occurring.

She had asked Sheena about it, and even she had been confused about the dreams she had been having over the past few days. So she had had to endure them, but it was starting to meddle with her training. So many nights of restlessness did not do well when you were expected to protect the village that you took residence in.

After arriving home, she sat down to diner with her mother and father, and after bid them an early night and dropped off to sleep. But the same problem occurred once again, as she awoke in cold sweat after hearing the haunting screams of the woman in her dreams.

Breathing heavily, she swiped the sticky hair from her face and threw the blankets from her body. Stepping out into the cool night air, she took a deep intake of breath, before releasing it back into the cool atmosphere.

“What are these dreams? Those screams are haunting; every night…it is a wonder that I have not lost my mind.”

Looking up towards the stars, she spotted a silhouette, only small, but visible under the moons harsh rays. She squinted to try and get a better view of the creature that was suddenly flying at full speed in her direction. Her heart leapt into her throat and she instinctively took a step back, only to find herself stopped by the wooden wall of the small hut.

The creature gave a loud cry and descended, hooking onto the wooden fence of her home and staring at her through emerald green eyes. It ruffled its feathers and swooped down into a bow before her.

“Chosen one, I am Lutalo. I will be your guide through the land of Symphonia, on our quest to rescue the great goddess, Martel”

January 1st, 2006, 3:07 PM
"Altamira is in sight, be laddies! Prepare to anchor!"

I was rather upset to know we were already there. I leaned over the edge of the ship, the Rayven the side away from land. I embraced the cold yet so familiar sea spray as the waves slowly rocked the ship. The Rayven began to slow and I heard the casting of the anchor splash into the sea. Well, nothing lasts forever. Hopefully we would dock out soon.

I began to unload the Mizuho potion crates into an old warehouse while others unloaded the other crates into stores. I had tied my favorite sword, the Zeph, to my back, hoping that maybe I would be able to practice my sword skills when no one was looking. At about my fifth crate, I decided to untie Zeph and start to practice. I had sparred with some other crewmates, but I wanted to get better by myself, I'd show them when we were at sea again!

About an hour or two had passed while I was in the warehouse alone. Sweat dripped across my brow as I began to grow tired. "Maybe I should take a little rest," I said to myself. Tying the sword to back, I opened the warehouse door and started on my way back to the ship. It was then that I saw what I thought to be a thin, fast moving cloud...but it was nothing like that. It moved through the sky like a snake; seeming to be coming my way! Startled, I reached to untie the Zeph.

"I'm not going to hurt you..." The serpent thing chimed, "I'm here to guide you on your quest to save Martel, Chosen One."

January 1st, 2006, 10:02 PM
I took my usual trot through the woods looking for herbal medicine. I walked towards the middle of the woods because that's where most of the rare things are. I hummed a low lulluby to myself. It was one of the lullubies my mom used to sing before she passed away. I came about 10 meters from a hidden spring i knew of when an alarming screech came from the spring. I dashed quickly to find what was happening there. I came to a complete stop. I stared around the spring. There was no one.
"What the...?" I said to myself. As I wondered who was the one who had screeched, I walked beside the spring looking for my needed items. There is a stone altar in the middle of the spring that is connected to a small wooden bridge. The bridge was rusty and old. I walked towards the altar and with every footstep, the bridge creaked and rumbled.
"Seems to be intact." I said. When I reached the middle of the bridge, there was a loud snap and rumbling. The bridge was starting to collapse.
"Agh. Not now." I said running towards the altar. I held onto Bolt and gave a mad dash. The bridge collasped with great speed as I ran towards the stone altar.
"Ah. I have to jump."
I jumped right before my footing gave out. I was in the air when a large thunderbolt broke the stone altar. As the dust settled, a small falcon with silver wings was glowing and levitating just above the ruins. It opened it's eyes and saw me. Swiftly, it grabbed the back of my shirt and helped push me towards the small island. I grabbed onto the stoney edge and pulled myself up while trying to resist the now raging spring. I sat on the hard surface and looked at the falcon who sat in front of me.
"And who are you?" I asked.
"I'm Storm. Chosen One of the Great Ten, I'm here to guide you through your quest to save the mistress Martel." He said.

January 3rd, 2006, 5:18 AM
Shylocke was walking by the sea as he usually did before returning home in the evenings. He had had a hard day and needed the clean sea air. Someone came up behind him. He ignored it for now and just carried on walking but the person tried to steal his wallet. He ducked under him and kicked him in the back. He pulled out two small daggers and held them to his neck.
"Give me back my wallet, RIGHT NOW!" He shouted. The person gave him the wallet back and ran away.
"What is wrong with this town?" He asked himself heading home.

A purple haze was just ahead of him.
"Whats is this?" He asked himself putting his hand through it. He was confused, he had never seen anything like this in the town before. Ten minutes later a head of a unicorn had begun to appear.
"What the..." He gasped looking at it. He grabbed his daggers ready for a fight.

"I'd put that away If I were you" It said. The purple like unicorn had jumped out of the haze.
"Who or what are you!?" He asked. It didn't reply, well at least not by opening it's mouth.
"I am Sun Xeng. You are the one chosen for me to guide through the land of Symphonia." It appeared that he was talking through telekenesis. Shylocke sat down on a nearby bench.

"So let me get this straight. You were chosen to guide one chosen person through the world?" He asked rubbing his head to make sure he wasn't hallucinating.
"Thats is correct" He said tapping his feet on the ground.

January 3rd, 2006, 1:51 PM
Travelling from Palmacosta to the Thoda Geyser in a single trip without bringing any food or water... How stupid was I? I was realizing just how stupid as I sat on a rock in the middle of a large meadow, on route to the Thoda Docks. Perhaps they'd have some food there! However, I was only halfway through the trip, and I had been travelling the entire night without sleep!

I let out a sigh as I tipped my empty canteen upsidedown, nothing coming out, not even a drop. My head tingled as a breeze blew across my hair, the sensation making me laugh a little bit... before a small object smoked me in the side of the head, knocking me off the rock and into a nearby pond.

"Oh noes, Tara did it again, she really needs to learn how to stop herself, yes she does!" I heard a very childish and girlie voice say as I removed my body from the water, now completely drenched. I looked up only to see what looked like a small girl with a weird helmet with wings, and a bow. The wings on the helmet were flapping, apparently keeping her suspended.

"What the heck are you? A monster of some sort?" I muttered, ticked off at this thing... whatever it was, for knocking me over. I had a spell ready just incase she answered the question with yes.

"Noes, Tara is a sprite, and your guide!" The sprite... apparently named Tara said in reply.

"My guide?"

"Yes, Martel needs help!"

"The Goddess?"

"Yup yup!"

"Riiiight... I think you're crazy...

January 3rd, 2006, 2:25 PM
I was dashing through the forest at the night, deep in thought as I stalked a running doe. The dreams just wouldn't leave me alone... That's why I had started hunting at night, and sleeping in the day. It helped a little, but not much... As my thick cloak billowed behind me with a large leap, I twisted, landing on the back of the doe, both hands pressing a ripping dagger into it's side, my teeth closing on the back of it's neck, bringing it down. I moved away, and began dragging wood, and soon had a warm fire going. Just because I could subsist on raw meat didn't mean I LIKED to...

My mealtime consisted of cutting chunks from the haunch, and slowly roasting them on my stilleto over the fire, before wolfing them down. However, I was interupted by a cultured voice remarking "How gruesome..." I looked around, and saw a great, silver owl perched in the tree. Amazingly, it fluttered down to the ground next to me, but rather than showing suprise, I muttered "It's a good thing I'm eating, owl isn't a taboo meat for me, talking or no." the owl ruffled it's feathers, and said, still diginified "Be that as it may, we have work to do, you and I..."

January 3rd, 2006, 3:27 PM
Shylocke carried on walking along. Sun Xeng followed close behind. It seemed as though they were friends now.
"So where do we go first?" He asked
"Well to be precise we need to go through the forest" Sun said to him.
"But first I need to go home to get some stuff." Shylocke said to him.

They arrived at his house and he went inside. He grabbed a bag and put water and food in it.
"Where is my cape?" He growled looking through all of this stuff. He found it and ran outside. to Sun Xeng.
"hop on" Sun said. Shylocke jumped on and the charged into the forest.

January 6th, 2006, 8:40 AM
Lutalo had taken up a space on Kalis shoulder, he had taken to cleaning his feathers and now had his head tucked under his wing, pinking at some of the emerald green feathers that took residence there. Kali on the other hand was sitting atop the fence she had been passing time on earlier, looking out towards the waning moon, thinking of what she had just been told.

It appeared that the Goddess was in some sort of trouble, but the only problem was that the summon spirits could not leave their temples without having being summoned by someone who had the power. So the messengers had been sent to get those who they knew possessed summoning arts, how they knew was a mystery to Kali, but she knew that the Goddess needed her and she was one of the only ones that could do something about it.

She hoped that she would find out more when she spoke to Sylph, the summon spirit of wind, who just happened to be the summon spirit who shared a sort of bond with her. Lutalo had told her that she would learn more when she met up with the others, but how she was going to meat up with them was beyond her.

She turned to look at Lutalo who instantly cessed cleaning his feathers to look into her emerald green eyes. He spoke, You are wondering how you will be meeting with the others, am I correct?

Kali nodded, not bothering to ask how he knew what she was thinking.

The answer is simple. I carry with me, an emerald which will transport you instantly to the first temple we are to visit. There you will find a little more about the journey that lies ahead.

Suddenly there was a green light and an emerald appeared before her eyes, sparkling green.

When you are ready, take hold and prepare for a shocking journey

Kali looked to Latalo and then back at the crystal before reaching out a hand and grabbing hold of the sparkling stone.

She was shocked to find herself jerked inwards and suddenly she found herself shooting down an emerald vortex and blinding speed. Lutalo followed at her side, seemingly calm, whereas she was on the verge of screaming.

Suddenly, she hit solid ground and looking around; found herself out side of the Isalian Temple.

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January 6th, 2006, 10:08 AM
Shylocke ran downstairs.
I wonder why Sun Xeng is here. It seems like someone needs help, but who? He thought to himself. Sun Xeng walked up to him.
"We are actually going to save our Goddess. We were all sent to guide the person with the power to summon a beast. The monsters can't be summoned without a certain person to call upon them. I have an emerald in my fur that will teleport us to where our journey will begin." Sun Xeng finally finished explaining.

Shylocke sat and thought for a minute about whether to use the emerald or whether to just leave it. At last he stood up and nodded.
"I have always wanted to go on a journey like on my video games, I didnt think they were real though. Lets do this thing." He said smiling and grabbing hold of the emerald. He jumped onto Sun and they started travelling at the speed of bolt lighting through an emerald passage. They landed with a thump on the ground.
"OW!" Shylocke screamed rubbing his head. He looked around and saw someone standing there.
"Hi there my names Shylocke." He said getting up.

January 6th, 2006, 10:30 AM
This sprite thing... Tara, as she called herself, had to be crazy. Martel was only a name that showed up in stories and legends around where I had lived. I believed in no Goddess, she didn't exist, it was all a lie. The last I heard of the Goddess had been the Tale about the uniting of the two continents, and I had been taught that this tale was all fake. Apparently, the Goddess was in some sort of mortal danger now, and it was up to I and a bunch of others who could summon the Summon Spirits to help. I couldn't really Summon though, I had only read a book on how to summon...

Tara continued to explain that she was Luna, the Summon Spirit of Light's, messenger, and that I was to embark on some sort of quest. When she finished, I could tell she had forgotten pieces by the look on her face.

"Off to Iselia Temple!" Tara said as a yellow gem appeared in my hands, and a bright light consumed me. Hey! I haven't agreed to anything yet!

As the light cleared, I found myself nearly strangling Tara for pulling that cheap move on me. I released my grip, and she fell to the ground in a daze. That's the point at which I found something binding my hands and feet together.

"Human, what are you doing to that sprite?" a female voice said from behind me. I turned my head to the side, and found myself face to face with a half elf. Half elves... I despised them, they murdered my village... my family.

"Why should I answer to scum like you?" I replied, my voice taking a smug tone. The half looked taken back, as not many people discriminated against half-elves anymore. "Photon!" I had managed to break my hands free enough to cast a spell, binding the half elf with light for a moment, while also damaging her. This gave me the opportunity to break free of the binding, and make a defensive stand.

"And here I thought you humans would have wisened up after the case 50 years ago." The half elf laughed maniacally as her hand began to glow a shade of silver. Apparently, I had gotten myself in over my head. I made an attempt to cast another spell, but I simply didn't have enough energy, since I hadn't eaten in a while. I felt my hands and feet bind again, and the elf approached, then put her hand on my face. "This will teach you." She muttered, before everything turned black.

January 6th, 2006, 10:40 AM
Shylocke saw someone else fall into the temple.
These people must be the other warriors. He thought to himself. He saw the elf doing to thing to the person.
"Hey back off whats happening!?" He shouted grabbing his daggers. He looked down to the person on the floor and looked at the elf or half elf. He kept tense just incase he needed to grab his daggers for a fight.

January 6th, 2006, 10:53 AM
Looking at this falcon, many questions began popping into my head.
"Why was I chosen? What do I have that will help Martel?" I wondered constantly.
"For me to answer those I cannot." Storm said. "All you must do is add your powers with the others and save Martel."
"How do you know what I am thinking?" I asked with confusion.
"I AM your personal messenger and let's say I can read yours and you can mine." He said back. "So. Try reading my mind."
I wondered about that for a moment. Clenching both fists =, I had tried to read this falcon's mind. Though seemingly easy, it is actually harder than expected.
"Argh. I can't do it."
"Just give it some time. You be able to do it but for now, I must take you to meet with the others." Storm said.
Storm opened his wings and let out a small shrill. A blinding yellow light came from his body and a yellow gem came forth into my hands.
"What's is this?" I asked waving it around.
"THAT is for traveling purposes. Do well not to lose it. Now hold it and let us be on our way." he explained.
I clenched the stone in my hands and my body started to separate.
"Oh yes. You might want to hold on tight." Storm also explained.
My body was suddenly thrown into high speed and after what seemed like an eternity in traveling in the void, we came to a stop. As a gate opened and we went through, I was thrown a few feet away where I was suppose to land at. I slowly picked myself up and rushed off the dust.
"Thanks for the late reminder." I said to Storm and saw a large temple.
"We are here. We are at the Isalian Temple. This is where it begins." Storm said.

January 6th, 2006, 2:43 PM
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Soma yawned. He had gotten little rest in the past few days for he had been busy helping liberate a small village from a gang of bandits. It wasnt that it was hard work, it was just tiring; and Soma didnt exactly receive much in terms of payment for his deeds, albeit it was self-rewarding knowing that he was able to help. Ive resting long enough thought Soma to himself as he started to force himself up from the lovely tree that he had been sitting against. Id best be on my way. said Soma. He was headed to the city of Palmacoasta; there wasnt really any reason for his journey there, he had just felt like it, and he almost always went with his gut.

Soma picked up his whip and started to head to the east. As he trekked across the barely visible road, he thought about his future. Will I be doing this forever? he said out loud to himself. He thought about this for a bit and finally came to the conclusion that he would grow bored of it eventually. Soma wished for something to happen, something that would bring excitement and adventure to his life; which had started to slowly become boring and repetitive in his eyes.

He continued walking, dreaming about various things that could happen to change his life for the better; when suddenly he got a weird feeling in the pit of his stomach, and a tingling sensation slowly rushed down his back, starting at the top of his neck.

Soma stopped walking and stood still; something was about to happen, he could just sense it, he didnt know why, but he just could. He turned around and pulled out his whip, taking an offensive stance, readying himself to strike if need be. Soma knew he was being followed; yet he was unable to see his pursuer.

Suddenly an enormous figure appeared right in front of him, seemingly out of thin air. Soma, very surprised by this, jumped back and took a defensive stance. Soma took a second to study the giant lion-like figure; its mane and fur pertained a crimson glow and appeared to be engulfed in flames. The beast had bright crimson eyes as well, and several sharp teeth peeked out of its mouth.

It truly was a beautiful creature, but Soma feared it nonetheless. Wha- Wha- Why are you fu- following me said Soma, in awe of the beast.

Do not fear me, child, bellowed the creature. I am Muking, and I shall guide you on our quest to rescue the great goddess, Martel, and lead you through the great land of Symphonia.

January 7th, 2006, 9:22 AM
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ic: "There she is! Over there, hurry up and get her!"

Eeep, run, run, run, ruuuuun~~!

Mia sneaked a brief glance at the crowd running after, running as quick as her feet would allow. Normally she would have just fought head on, but there were way too many of them chasing her. And to think, it all began simply because she stole a little ring from that prissy girly girl! How was she supposed to know that that annoying prissy girl had lots of stupid boy friends, anyway?!

Ah! As a looming building came into sight, Mia stuck out her tongue at the dorkies, as she had fondly dubbed them, and hurriedly took a turn through the armory. Luckily, she lost the crowd momentarily and so seized the second to throw herself into a bush. She kept silent for a few minutes, making sure that the coast was clear, before she gasped for air.

She cast her eyes at the stolen item she clutched, wondering why the heck she even bothered pilfering it in the first place. "Gaaah, I'm so stupid! All that trouble for this puny Attack Ring thingie!" She yelped, risking shouting out loud. She glared at the ring a second more before stuffing the jewelry inside her pocket. "Pah, I s'ppose what's done is done. I'll only get caught if I just stand here pouting."

"Hn? And here I thought you don't use your brain."

"Eh?" Mia jumped at the sudden noise and stumbled to the ground. Was it the dorkies? But I was sure… Her eyes warily darted all over the place and her ears perked up in caution. "Come out…!" She slipped on her gauntlets, her 'claws', and assumed a defensive stance. "Who's there?"

"Kiddo, down here."

Her eyes fell downwards, and she found herself staring at cute little fox. She raised a brow in confusion before playfully poking it. "Erm…you?" She asked hesitantly.

The fox's eyes seem to twitch as he "spoke". "Stop the poking." The fox paused for a moment, clearing his throat, "My name is Roxas. I am here to guide you on your quest to save the Goddess, Martel."

Mia crouched down beside the little fox. "Psst," she whispered on his ear, "who's Martel?"

Roxas resisted the urge to roll his eyes, assuming that the girl was merely joking. Everyone knew Martel, it was impossible for one not to! But, by the confused and utterly lost look on her face, he almost instantly believed that she was an exception to ‘everyone’.

January 11th, 2006, 10:40 AM
Kali looked upon the temple that stood in front of her, gazed upon the high peeks of the grand building and admired its well built structure. It was amazing that such a thing could exist in this world, she had never seen a temple before, having none near her village meant that there were many wonders she had never encountered before.

As she stared mouth agape at the grand building, Lutalo was busy pecking at the unconscious form of a girl on the floor. His wide eyes scanned her form for any injury. There appeared to be no harm done to her, and Lutalo flapped his wings and glided over to where Kali still stood admiring the view.

He landed on her shoulder and whispered into her ear, “perhaps paying more attention to the people around you is needed?”

In her amazement, she had not noticed the arrival of others in the area and so gasped upon coming across a limp form on the ground. Gracefully to glided over the fallen body of the girl and lay a gloved hand on her head With the other hand, she lowered her mask to reveal more pale flesh and rosy cheeks.

“She seems to be alright. Her breathing is normal and her temperature seems to be at average.”

She began to shake the shoulders of her fallen comrade, speaking softly as not to startle her upon her awakening.

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January 13th, 2006, 11:15 PM
"Ugh. I feel a bit dizzy." I said while walking with unstable feet.
"Some of the side-effects of a first travel through those gates. You'll be fine." Storm explained while flying a few feet ahead of me.
We reached what seemed to be the entrance of the temple. It was quite remarkable, the structure and shape.
"This is by far the most amazing..." I stopped and looked ahead of me. There was a girl laying on the floor and another girl standing, crouching to be exact, checking the unconcious one.
"Here are two of the others." Storm said still flying beside me. I ran foward towards both girls.
"Is she alright?" I asked the girl crouching need to the one laying on the floor.
"She is fine. She is not in any danger." Storm answered looking at the girl on the ground.
"I hope you're right."

January 14th, 2006, 6:16 AM
Shylocke opened the door to the temple and looked outside. He saw a girl lying unconscious on the floor, a girl crouching and a boy crouching next to them both. He ran over to the group.
"Is everything ok?" He asked crouching down. He looked up at Sun
She is fine. He said to Shylocke's mind. Shylocke nodded and stood up.
"Lets get her inside" he said looking at the rest. A group of people jumped off of the roof and surrounded them. Shylocke looked around and grabbed his daggers.
"Bring it on fools" he growled and gave a slight grin.