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December 28th, 2005, 1:31 PM
An RP about a valley of umbrons. Ill try my best to make this sound interesting:

Long ago there was a pokemon who`s name was mew. Mew was a peaceful pokemon who loved to play and frolic through things. One day when mew was flying through a forest he found a whole bunch of umbreon. They were dieing from hunger and were alll hurt badley. Mew felt bad for these creatures so he took them to his coud for one day to feed and take care of their wounds the best he could. Those umbreons had specail care for a long time even though they were still in that forest.

Then on the third month mew was watcing them humans came into the forest burnign it down. Mew tried his best to make sure all of the umbreons were safe and managed to save half of the pack. Taking them to live in a peaceful valley where they are covered in a barrier which mew keeps them in. There are rivers full of magikarp and caves and lots of flowers and grass. But most of all, at night when its dark and they are all asleep, mew comes back to them and makes the barrier so the moon can shine in brightly making all of the umbreons feel happy again.The umbreons lived there for three years happily.

Then one day in Feburary, humans came. Apparently they had discovered the valley! Mew tried his best to make them leave but the humans shot him with a tranquiliser. The umbreons began to panic. They crawled to the back of their caves shivering. The humans used big machines to dig through the shield and started shoving any umbreon passing them in a cage! The touoghest umbreons were attacking and throwiing them off course the best they could but they got stuffed into cages too. Soon most of the umbreons were stuffed in. Only a few were safe.(Thats us) They had managed to squeeze through to the back of the oldest umbreons cave into his shelter spot and slipped through the hole to a small cave version of the valley. Those little umbreons then decided it was time to save their friends and thats how our story begins.

Im going to be my firey umbreon, Restren. Here is a form and my example:

Age( 6 months is lowest):
Specail ability(Optional):
Specail items:
Specail markings:

Name: Restren
Age: Three years
Colours: Orange and red. Red on his main body and orange for rings.
Specail ability: fire
Specail items: a red hankerchief around his neck given to him by his owner whom abandoned him long ago.
Specail markings: His rings I guess ^_^; They are kind of zig zaggish too. Kinda shaped like lightning bolts. Only on his ears and tail. (Ill see if I can make a pic. Im not very good at drawing on the computer yet.)
Gender: Male(this is a first for me. Im usually a girl but oh well.)
Thats it! Oh and if you`d like you can just give me a pic of your umbreon.
is a little better?)

December 29th, 2005, 5:05 AM
Hello there, I'm guessing you're new.
Anyway, your roleplay needs to be more detailed. It needs to gave more of a plot - okay, so umbreons live in this valley. Why? How? What happens in this valley? Right now your roleplay sounds dull, because there's no description at all. What's this valley like?
A good roleplay is like a story, because the rp master plans ahead what's going to happen later. How do the humans take over? Why? Give it more depth.
Try maybe editing this roleplay (click on the edit button on the bottom of your post) to include the things above, or you could join one of the already existing roleplays. Or both! It's your choice.
Hope that helped.

December 29th, 2005, 5:38 AM
You're thread is not interesting put some pics

December 29th, 2005, 6:12 AM
T$T, that was completely NOT helpfull. Pictures clutter up threads.

December 29th, 2005, 11:32 AM
Not to mention they take up more space on your computer with their ghost files and all -_- so try again. Edit or start this again with a lot more description.

December 30th, 2005, 7:02 AM
Okay thanks for the advice!*goes to edit*

December 30th, 2005, 7:35 AM
Well, you need a little more history on the Land of the Umbreons. Like...how did this land come to be, when was it created, etc. And when you say Retsren's special ability is fire, does that mean he can just use fire attacks like Ember or Blast Burn, or can he also up his attack like a fire type Pokemon?

*turns to Charon-chan* This kid knows how to accept constructive criticism. *turns to Danyelle* Have a cookie *hands choco chip cookie to Dany*

December 30th, 2005, 8:25 AM
Cookie! *glomps and goes back to editing*

December 30th, 2005, 8:44 AM
{ooc| Ywaaah, this lass has brains! Anyway, this roleplay's getting better, Danyelle. Ratiosu's right, you're a very nice person. I mean, not everyone you meet wants to listen to your ranting about what they're done wrong. xDDD
I'll join, because I'm a sucker for umbreons. And you most certainly deserve a cookie! Except I only give out english muffins, so... you can have one of those. *presents you with an english muffin*}

Name: Samba
Age: 4 years - so around 21 mentally
Colourings: She's completely black, with no markings or rings
Gender: (you forgot this) female
Ability: she can walk through walls and other solid objects, and she seems to disappear quite frequently by accident, but she has no offensive skills at all.
Markings: none

Hope that's okay =3

December 30th, 2005, 9:16 AM
Thats Perfect! ^_^ your in! *eats muffin* Yum

Edit: Oh and I did forget that. Sry.*puts it in first post while eating muffin*

Lets wait for about 3 or 4 more people before we start.

December 30th, 2005, 9:31 AM
Thats perfect, your in ^_^. I added gender. Sorry I forgot it I knew I had forgot something but no one can remember everything. Not even my mom O_O; She looked for my chocolate bar for weeks. Then she finally remembered it was in the freezer.

December 30th, 2005, 10:15 AM
OOC: - -;; theres an edit button you know. Its against the rules to double post.

Name: Runningpaw
Age( 6 months is lowest): 6 and a half months
Colours: Dark blue with light blue rings
Specail ability(Optional): Has the ability to run faster then any of the Umbreon
Specail items: A silver necklace with a cresent moon on it. It glows whenever there is a full moon.
Specail markings: Instead of having a ring on his forehead he has a star
Gender: male

Yami's Girl
December 30th, 2005, 11:44 AM
This looks intersting. ^^

Name: Eclipse
Age( 6 months is lowest): 1 year or 12 months if you perfer
Colours: Her coat is a very dark purple and her rings are slightly lighter.
Specail ability(Optional): She has the power to create multiple copies of herself and sometimes disappear.
Specail items: A bright orange ring on her right ear.
Specail markings: A scar across her left hind leg.
Gender: Female

December 30th, 2005, 12:39 PM
*speaks while having tea with Charon-chan* Yeah, she's good. Danny, you're good ^_^ I have a friend named Danielle and I always call her Danny. Anyway, good edit, now I can see it happening. Very amazing edit. I'll join now:

Name--> Vanyx
Age--> 6 months
Colors--> One of her paws is completely white, the others are normal.
Special Ability--> Vanyx...is strange. She has the ability to shapeshift into any being, except for the fact that she goes crazy when doing it. Like, if it's a human she loves eating, since Umbreon can't have people food. Her attacks diminish way lower when she's another Pokemon.
Special Items--> A small ten-pointed star on a chain around her neck that gives her the energy needed to shapeshift.
Special Markings--> The fact that her paw is completely white up to the knee, otherwise she is normal, making her seem like a normal Umbreon to other people. She can blend this white into her black coat, and then people mistake her for various Umbreon.
Gender--> Female

Just a little more description-->Vanyx is the youngest Umbreon and is often immature, but other than that she's nice. She acts like a little kid even though she's about 3 in Umbreon years, which translates to...what, 15? Anyway, she acts like a little kid though she's near young kid years. Since Pokemon's maturity level is different from humans, 15 would probably be around eight...and 21 would be around 14. Just so you guys know ^_^ So she's equivalent of an eight-year-old, and likes to play a lot.

Hope that's OK ^_^

EDIT-->Here's my suckish attempt at drawing Vanyx from a normal Umbreon: Vanyx (http://img515.imageshack.us/img515/2084/vanyx2sp.png)

December 31st, 2005, 3:37 PM
About the double pist. My first post didnt get through so I posted again and when it came on, the other one had come through. ^_^; thats why. Oh and everyone your all in. OK one more person and we can start.

January 2nd, 2006, 2:31 PM
Name: Silver
Age: 2 years old
Colours: Black and silver
Special ability: Wind
Special items: A blue feather from an old friend. It's placed behind her left ear.
Special markings: Just the silver rings on her body.

I hope it's good enough! :)

January 3rd, 2006, 10:33 AM
OK I think we can start now! ^_^ I`ll start:

Restren looked around.
"Okay, so what do we do now?" he asked looking around again. He walked over to a small pond with a few magicarp in it taking a drink then looking up again. He pawed at the ground slowly. He already missed his mom and dad.

January 4th, 2006, 7:42 AM
"Well we gotta find the others right?" Silver pointed out looking at the older umbreon. "Those humans used big machines, so what if we went back and followed the tracks? Wouldn't they lead us to the others?" She suggested. Silver laid on the ground and rolled over on her back, a little butterfly passed by her front paws and she tried to hit it. Though she tried her best not to show it, Silver was scared...very scared.

January 4th, 2006, 1:02 PM
RunningPaw gazed around the clearing where all the other Umbreons were, that is, the ones that were still there. He got rolled over on the ground from the laying position he was in and gazed up at the starry sky. 'So clear..' he thought, his left paw reaching out to the sky 'and so bright..not like when the barrier was up' RunningPaw loved gazing at the stars every night. True, he could see them even with the barrier, but they weren't as bright as they were that night. 'But then again..Not having the barrier up isn't always a good thing...' RunningPaw snapped out of his thoughts and turned toward the others. 'Guys we have to stay inside the caves y'know. In there its way safer..' RunningPaw gazed nervously from his left, then to his right. He was usually very brave, but this night he felt a new fear shivering up his spine. 'Mom..Dad...' RunningPaw turned toward the biggest and largest cave and pointed with his tail toward the entrance. 'We have to guy, now 'cmon.' He then trotted slowly into the dark cave, gazing one final time up at the glittering sky above..

January 4th, 2006, 8:13 PM
Silver knew that what RunningPaw was right, it was safer, but what about the ones that have been captured? "Don't you think we should save for the others, RunningPaw?" She asked trotting up beside the younger Umbreon. She wanted to agree with him turn around and head into the cave, but she knew that her mother and father were out there, somewhere and she wanted to save them.

January 4th, 2006, 9:14 PM
Hope I can still join. Can I? Tell me after you've read my character ok?

Name: Luna
Age: 11 months
Gender: male
Colors: He has a shade of dark blue and black in his black coloring. His rings emit a white aura in the moonlight.
Special Ability: He can call out the moon with a loud howl.
Special Items: Just above his legs and shoulders are white feathers that seem to have mutated from his original hairs. It makes him very light weighted and makes his appearance much different from all umbreons.
Special Markings: He has certain places where is coloring is a dark black and blue mixed. Some places are parts of his tail, his forelegs, and head. He has a cresent moon on his forehead which he can use to summon the moon during the night.

January 5th, 2006, 4:35 AM
RunningPaw slowed his trot and turned his crystal blue eyes onto Silver. He then said in a calm, quiet voice "I think saving the others is the best thing we can do, but we don't even have a plan yet." RunningPaw trotted up to the entrance to the cave and sat down, waiting for Silver. "If we don't even have a plan of attack then we are surly going to get captured like the others were. Whose going to save us then? Nobody. Thats why we have to think this out clearly and not just attack without a paln." Again, the starry sky caught RunningPaw's eyes. He turned his head up to look at them once more, while waiting for a reply from Silver.

January 5th, 2006, 9:19 AM
Vanyx raced around the cave, screeching and scared. She bumped into an older Umbreon, who didn't seem very nice. He scowled at her, and she ran back the other way toward a few Umbreon who seemed to be talking amongst themselves. She warilty looked up at the tall creatures, since she was a bit shorter, and tears started streaming out of her eyes.

"Um, someone...I lost my parents and all my friends, and there were these big awful monsters that came and..." Vanyx dropped off, and covered her face with her paws, scared to look out.


January 5th, 2006, 12:49 PM
Restren walked over to Vanyx.
"Are you OK? I mean it has been a shock to me too." Restren said looking at Vanyx`s white paw.

January 5th, 2006, 1:20 PM
Vanyx peeked her head out to look at a larger Umbreon. He seemed nice. He had red lightning bolts all over his body, and a red handkerchief around his neck. From the look of it, he was special like she. He looked like he could produce fire or something like that.

"Hi..." she managed to get out. "I'm Vanyx. I'm only eight. And..I'm scared." Vanyx collapsed against one of Restren's paws, crying. "And everyone teases me because I have a white paw..." she sobbed, acting like nothing was wrong. "And I can turn into anything I want to."

At this, Restren's face lit up a little.

OOC: Well, it was an interesting thing, that's why I bunnied you a little. I only godmod if necessary or allowed.

January 5th, 2006, 1:26 PM
"I feel so sorry for you.." He mumbled."My name is Restren. I`m four. My power is just breathing fire at stuff." Restren looked at a magicarp that had jumped out of the river and breathed a flamethrower at it.

January 5th, 2006, 1:38 PM
"Oh...all right. Do you want to see what kinds of special things I can do?" asked Vanyx. Retsren nodded, and Vanyx breathed out and sighed. Sparkles surrounded her, and she grew much taller. Wings shot out of her back, and BAM! she was Latios.

<See, I can shapeshift. But I still haven't mastered most legendaries.>

Vanyx stayed in the form for a while, as she liked the attack and flight. She decided to make friends with the other Umbreon as well (Umbreon plural is Umbreon...as with every other Pokemon).

January 5th, 2006, 2:32 PM
"Thats amazing!" Restren exclaimed and smiled. He had made a friend. This was only his second day in the valley so he knew no one except for Vanyx. He walked over to a pond and took a drink. He could feel his fire power lower for a while then come back.

January 5th, 2006, 2:36 PM
Vanyx, as Latios, smiled and followed Restren over to the lake. She dipped her head underwater, and her eyes opened as wide as Latios's did in Pokemon Heroes when they went after Latias (you'd have to pause to see it, it's just an alarmed kind of look). She pulled her head back out, and gasped. <Scary Pokemon in there,> she said. <I know I'm supposed to like all Pokemon, but...> she pointed it out to Restren, and he laughed.

<Isn't it scary?> she asked about the Whiscash she had seen.

January 5th, 2006, 2:42 PM
"Wishcash are a little scary but only to me because I`m part fire. He`s a threat to me. He could PULVARIZE me but trust me. He wouldn`t hurt you as that pokemon. You look like a half bird half water half psychic type!" Restren smiled as he dipped his paw into the water. The wishcase swam away quickly.

January 5th, 2006, 3:34 PM
RunningPaw watched calmly as the little Umbreon took the shape of a Latios. His gaze didn't even tweak as the morph and Restren trotted over toward the pound. 'Hmpf..fools. Let them do as they like' RunningPaw then turned and walked calmly into the cave, where all the other Umbreon were. As he walked, he spotted a group of younger Umbreon laughing about something. RunningPaw stopped at the other end of the dark cave and sat down, catching some parts of their convo.

"Yeah..thats right...stupid Umbreon!....white paw......" The sound then got drowned out by all the other Umbreon chatting. RunningPaw's ears twitched as he recognized who the Umbreon were.

'The ones who made fun of that morph...' RunningPaw got up from where he was sitting and walked calmly over to the group. Once he sat down the group got his attention and he said calmly, but loudly so he could get his point across "You think thats funny? Making fun of a younger Umbreon?! You guys are pathetic! Look, not everybdoy is the same, I could be making fun of you for your scarred ear after all!" RunningPaw said, turned his nose toward one of the Umbreons who had a scar across his left ear. "or you for your chipped tail" He spat as he turned his nose to one with a chipped tail. The whole group shuddered back into their corner and RunningPaw continued "Now actually think next time you make fun of someone, mindless brats!" As he finished his lasts words, RunningPaw turned swiftly around and stalked to the back of the deep, dark depths of the cave. Once he got there he sat down and let his bluish-black fur relax on his body. He layed down in his usual napping spot and sighed softly to himself. 'Good. Now that thats over..' RunningPaw turned over to the back wall of the cave and fell into a deep sleep..

January 5th, 2006, 6:17 PM
Hate to interrupt this but am I accepted? Please tell me because I am longing to post.
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January 6th, 2006, 6:39 AM
(OK you`re accepted ^_^ )

Restren looked back to the exit of the cave with water dripping down from his mouth. He then looked back at Vanyx.
"Are you scared of water pokemon?" He asked shivering. He was feeling chilly but it was just an effect of the water getting swallowed down through his throught.

January 6th, 2006, 7:10 AM
OOC: Aw, that was so nice Kakashi and Sasuke Lover ^_^ Best friends forever *huggles*


Unfortunately, Vanyx's ears were a bit too well in that morph. Hearing only half of what Restren said about how the Whiscash could pulverize him in battle and him asking if she was scared of water Pokemon, she said, <Yeah, OK. Hold on, I think I hear something.>

Vanyx floated over to the cave, and triggered something in her system. The feathers located all over her body hit the sunlight, and she turned invisible, and floated gently over to the other Umbreon, making sure not to bump into anyone, for though she was invisible, she was not intangible, so if she bumped into someone they would feel it and that would not be good for her. So she hovered outside, her two scruffy feet facing the ground as she twitched her ears, listening for the sound of...whatever.

"Yeah..that's right!...stupid Umbreon...white paw..." said the hurtful Umbreon. Vanyx felt tears come to her eyes, and turned un-invisible immediately, though no one looked her way to acknowledge she was there.

"You think thats funny?" yelled another Umbreon who didn't really seem to be one of the crowd making fun of Vanyx. His eyes blazed with a fury Vanyx had not ever seen, besides when her father yelled at her mother, but those were only temporary fights, and her parents had always assured her everything was going to be OK. Besides, her father's eyes burned not nearly as much as the other Umbreon's did.

"Making fun of a younger Umbreon?! You guys are pathetic! Look, not everybody is the same, I could be making fun of you for your scarred ear after all!" he yelled, turning to an Umbreon with a scarred ear. He snapped his head to the right, looking at one with a chipped tail. "...Or you for your chipped tail!" he yelled, and the chipped tail Umbreon backed down a little, clearly embarrased.

"Now actually think next time you make fun of someone, mindless brats!" screeched the Umbreon. Vanyx cowered a little, but she told herself this Umbreon was for her, not against her. Restren seemed to have heard it, for he snapped his head around and looked towards the cave.

The Umbreon who had yelled ran over near a wall of the cave, drifting off into sleep. He looked tortured, maybe yelling at other Umbreon wasn't in his nature. He seemed nice and quiet, for Vanyx hadn't heard him talk yet. But that was only because she had been spending so much time with Restren.

Vanyx made her presence known, and the other Umbreon looked at her with fury. "You know, just because you have a bodyguard doesn't mean that you get to be this super amazing morphing Umbreon," one with small outgrowths of wings said.

Vanyx said nothing, but instead floated over to the Umbreon who everyone else seemed to be calling, "RunningPaw." She curled up near him, changing back into Umbreon form, and fell asleep, dreaming of someday when every Umbreon accepted her, and RunningPaw was right there beside her....

OOC: Should it be Vanyx X RunningPaw, or Vanyx X Restren, etc.etc.? Cause even Pokemon have love ^_^ after all, both of her friends are male. And RunningPaw was all nice to her and all, and she dreams of him, etc.

January 6th, 2006, 8:29 AM
Yipes. A love triangle. Hope I don't get drag into it too. :P And if I'm correct, you guys are in a cave, right? Oh well..

I walked slowly in a hurtful state as my body trembled at its own weight.

"Huff. Huff. Weeze. N-Need a place to rest."

I muttered and looked for a good hiding and resting place. My body was full of scratches and sores. My escape from yet another poacher had ended. My legs started to hurt even though my body felt light. Every footstep made pain surge throughout my body.

"Hgnnn. G-Gotta k-keep m0ving." I managed to say and continued foward.

I made my way to what seems like a small cave that had no inhabitants. "UmBree.... Cough!" I stopped mid-way of my technique. My white feathers had became gray and that showed my status has become quite critical. As I stood there for a few seconds, I saw and heard some umbreon from inside.

"Gah. There is aready some here. No. I-I've got to keep walking. Ugh...." I said and collapsed.

My legs had given out after the long run, and my body, so heavily wounded that it could not bear pain anymore, collapsed onto the ground right in front of the entrance. I stared into the cave and my world had started to shrink becoming even smaller and darker by the minute. "No. I m-must go on." I encouraged myself but I had become engulfed in darkness as I slept wth the fear of being caught again.

January 6th, 2006, 10:41 AM
Silver sighed lightly and sat down thinking about what RunningPaw had said. He was right, they did need a plan. Sighing yet again Silver observed her suroundings she had noticed that RunningPaw had stood up for an Umbreon that had a white paw, she smiled lightly. Above the group she noticed a slight blur. 'Hm? That's strange...I must be seeing things.' She though as she shook her head. Standing up she noticed an Umbreon with a dark blue and black coat. He had a crescent moon on his forehead, he seemed badly wounded. He collapsed on the ground. As quickly as her feet would take her Silver ran over to the injured Umbreon. "No. I m-must go on." She heard him mumble, but soon went limp. "Hey, are you ok?!" She nudged him. "Wake up! Please don't tell me you're dead!" She exclaimed terrified. "I need to help you!" She mumbled to herself. She picked him up and slid him on her back. She dragged the injured Umbreon to a small cave, and gently slid him off her back. "This is as much as I can do." She mumbled to herself and sat down beside him.

January 6th, 2006, 11:04 AM
My head had become engulf in pain and torture. I had started seeing things I've never seen before. My family and friends. Their cries of pain and suffering.
"I-I must help them." I said to myself in my unconcious state. Once again, darkness had begun to fall over me. I tried to run from it but soon the darkness had caught up with me and I was once again swallowed by darkness.

"No. G-Get away from me. Ah." I mumbled and noticed that I was talking to myself. I slowly opened my eyes and saw darkness again.
"Huh? Where am I?" I asked and looked around. I was in the cave from before and somehow I had gotten into it. As I looked around, I saw a female Umbreon sitting beside me.
"Ugh. A-Are you the one who helped me?" I asked as I stared at her. "Uhhh. My head."
I shook my head and tried to refocus the images I saw.

January 6th, 2006, 11:31 AM
"No. G-Get away from me. Ah." Silver looked over to the Umbreon and noticed that he was awake. The Umbreon lifted his head and looked around, and when he finally spotted Silver, he asked "Ugh. A-Are you the one who helped me?". Silver nodded slightly. "Yup, how do you feel?" She asked looking at him with concern in her eyes.

January 6th, 2006, 3:02 PM
lol *huggles back*

RunningPaw shifted a bit as Vanyx settled down beside him. His tail lightly twitched beside her as he dreamt...

RunningPaw was standing on a large rock with a flat surface in a lake. Right above him was a water fall, the water splashing down and almost reaching him on the rock. The area he was in was surrounded by trees, and an older Umbreon was standing before him. His fur was scruffy, and kinda a scarlet color to it. The scarlet Umbreon looked down upon RunningPaw.

"Huh. Sakaki? A child's name. You shall be known as RunningPaw now"

RunningPaw looked up at the older Umbreon curiosuly and repeated "RunningPaw"

RunningPaw shifted once more, this time lifting his head up, now awake. He blinked a few times and looked down, shocked to see a female Umbreon, slightly younger, sleeping beside him. 'Wait..Vanyx!' RunninngPaw remember when he had defended her in her honor from the group of Umbreons before. 'This is..' RunningPaw gazed down in awe at his CresentMoon necklace. Suddenly a sharp, painful memory came to RunningPaw's mind.

RunningPaw was standing in a grassy feild this time, hiding behind an Oran berry tree out in the open as he watched over his mentor, the scarlet Umbreon, and a female Umbreon, her fur also tinted a scarlet color. RunningPaw leaned in a bit as he caught the conversation they were having.

The female Umbreon licked the male Umbreon's cheek and whispered playfully "Hey Winder..I think we're being watched" She turned her head toward the Oran berry tree and RunningPaw shrunk back a bit, trying very hard not to laugh.

Winder also turned his head "Yeeaahhh I think we are...." he then laughed as he ran across the clearing and pounced on RunningPaw.

RunningPaw rolled over and playfully batted Winder on the head. He got up and looked at Winder and the female Umbreon in slight embarrasment.

Winder looked down and laughed "Don't worry RunningPaw, you'll get your someday too.." He said with a slight glint in his crystal blue eyes.

'Is this..what he was talking about?' RunningPaw blushed slightly as he looked down at vanyx curled up beside him. Then, almost imediatly, he was bombarded with questions. 'Is she the right one though? I mean, am I even ready??' His fur bristled for a moment, then it settled down again 'Wait..Winder said I would know so......' RunningPaw drifted off as he looked down at Vanyx again. 'S-she wouldn't k-know..' Cautiously, RunningPaw looked around his corner of the cave. Once he saw that all the other Umbreon were away he, slowly but gently, bent his head down and licked Vanyx on the top of the head twice. A yawn then escaped Runningpaw's mouth as he layed his head beside Vanyx's and drifted off to sleep..

January 7th, 2006, 5:49 AM
OOC: Wow is this getting deep. Ghehehehe....

"I...ah.. am f-fine. Thank you f-for helping me." I said, with some pain striking me, to the Umbreon and tried to smile a bit but was overcome with pain again. "I-I have not told you my name yet have I? Well....uh.. I-I'm Luna." I said and my face started to fill up with embarrassment for saying my name.
"I do believe my name is a female's but I have kept it because of my mother. It was my mother's wish. She knows I have great potential as the full moon." I explained and suddenly put my head down.
"Mom. I hope your fine and sister too. Be strong. I'll find you and sister." I had spoke in my mind.
"If you would be so kind as to tell me your name?" I asked the female umbreon who helped me.

January 7th, 2006, 6:59 AM
OOC: YAYNESS! Runningpaw X Vanyx 4Eva!


Vanyx smiled in her sleep as she felt someone lick her on top of her head twice. She was dreaming about almost the same thing as RunningPaw, though hers was a bit more complicated than his. She had never seen another male Umbreon she liked, except for...

"Vanyx," her father said. "I know you don't like that necklace setting you apart from all the other Umbreon, but you've got to wear it. Someday you'll understand that it's not a bad thing to be unique."

"But father, I've already endured so much, and I want to have it off. I don't want to morph, I want to play with the other Umbreon. They think that I'm just some strange mutant Umbreon, and I don't like that."

Vanyx's father's eyes slanted. "Vanyx, you must keep it on. Your mother has endured it, and I chose her for marriage, didn't I? And then she gave it to you, so you must carry it on as a family heirloom."

Vanyx nodded sadly and walked away swiftly. The other Umbreon gathered alongside her, and made fun of her. But then...something approached from behind! Faster than lightning, he came up and barked warnings at the other Umbreon that Vanyx didn't really understand but remembered as...

Vanyx gasped in her sleep. It couldn't have been that she had met him so early on...

"You think thats funny? Making fun of a younger Umbreon?! You guys are pathetic! Look, not everybdoy is the same, OK?!" asked the voice. Vanyx had turned and seen that her savior, from which the other Umbreon had quickly scattered, was small like her but still strong enough to drive them away. She walked up to him and asked what his name was.

"My...name?" he asked her. "Well, my name is Sakaki. But..I'm supposed to be called RunningPaw."

Vanyx woke with a start. She saw that RunningPaw had just awakened as well. "It was you?" she asked. "You saved me before, when all the other Umbreon were making fun of me? When...we were both very young...you saved me?"

OOC: Plot twister thinger ^_^

January 7th, 2006, 9:43 AM
OOC: Lol yeah! ^_^

Silver smiled at Luna. "I'm Silver. My brother insisted on calling me Silver, becuase of my oddly coloured rings." She replies with a giggle. "I like your name. I see that is suites you. I'm sure you've got great potential as full as the moon, too." She said smiling. "I hope I'm not being rude, but where is your mother?" Silver asks shyly.

January 7th, 2006, 11:36 AM
OOC: Hmm...good, good. The plot twist thing is kinda good, though it is considered godmodding on some extent. You'll get away with it this time, but please try not to do it again, ok?


RunningPaw yawned widely and stared down at Vanyx in shock and disbaleif "Save you?" He said, blushing slightly when he added in thought 'Oh god, I hope she didn't notice me lick her...' RunningPaw then froze as he remember what happened a couple of moons ago...

"Ok RunningPaw you..have to stay here now" Winder said with a sad tone to his voice. They were behind a tree just outside the land of the Umbreon.

RunningPaw gazed up at his mentor "But why?"

"Well.." Winder sighed 'its time for him to know the truth...' Winder turned toward RunningPaw and said in a low tone "I think me and Yuka are being followed" Winder pointed his muzzled toward the female Umbreon from before "And we don't want you hurt. Look, the safest place for you is here. Thye will all welcome you and you will be happy, we're sure of it." Winder bent down and gently licked RunningPaw between his ears. "Use your speed and courage well and you'll fit in fine" Winder stood up. "Now, we must be off" Mointioning towards Yuka, the two leapt off into the bushes and raced off together.

"B-But wait!" RunningPaw called franticly "Will I ever see you again??" He started to run foward, but stopped when he hear a mighty bark in the background.

"You will see us when the time is right, RunningPaw. Now go, go and make yourself fit in!!"

RunningPaw stopped and looked on until Winder and Yuka vanished. He sighed softly to himself and slowly walked into the Umbreon land. There he looked around at all the other Umbreon. 'Wow..they're all so...' He drifted off as he saw a group in a clearing. They looked to be picking on a smaller Umbreon, just about younger then he. RunningPaw growled and leapt foward. "Hey!!"

'That...' He looked down at Vanyx, his ears tweaking down and up nervously. "I...think I rmember that" He said softly to her, his voice shaky a bit.

January 7th, 2006, 1:22 PM
OOC: OK, won't happen again ^_^

Vanyx looked up like a little kid happily. Well, she WAS a little kid. And she was happy. "Thank you so much; that's twice now you've saved me from those jerk chickens." She looked around and smiled. "Well, not everyone's a jerk I see," Vanyx got up and stretched, her two front paws sliding out in front and her face in a happy, pleasured smile like a cat. She did the same to her back paws, and then ran around in a short circle.

"Who would've thought that so many moons ago, we would have met each other again? And for the same reason, too?" she asked, looking up at the setting sun. It was a little more than halfway in the sky, so Vanyx defined that as setting. She ran off, leaving RunningPaw a bit confused.

"I'll be back soon, I just need to run a little," she said happily as she ran around the cave part of the valley. Since it was so widespread there were many tunnels leading to other parts of the Land of the Umbreons. She lifted an eyebrow when she saw that light was coming in through a small sliver. She sighed, inhaled deeply, making her mouth a perfect cirlce, and then exhaled, blowing out. The necklace began to glow, and she shifted into a different form.

The small Growlithe scampered out through the traingular opening, and emerged into the Valley of the Umbreons. It was lovely; Vanyx had never seen such a thing! Her family had been limited to one side of the valley near the cave, so only her father and mother had gone out and seen the rest. Waterfalls were splashing through the clouds that bordered the valley, and they fell for what seemed like forever. The sun was much bigger than she had seen through the cave window.

Vanyx looked around even more, seeing huge palm trees and small Rattata that had escaped and were now scampering around. That's when she saw something death-defying. A small pink cat was lying on the ground, breathing in and out slowly and looking as if it would die any second. Vanyx ran over to it, and asked, "What's wrong?"

The cat barely was able to asnwer her. <The humans...they have mortally wounded me...> she said, not knowing that a tranquilizer was only a temporary stunning weapon. <I need help...I am Mew, the savior of your species. I helped you escape by distracting the humans..and now I in turn need help.>

Vanyx nodded, and morphed into Latias. She slid the Mew onto her back, and entered another opening her super-sensitive eyes detected. Her red dragon form made the other Umbreon start smirking and stuff but when they saw she brought company they gasped. Vanyx turned back to Umbreon, and panted, falling with all four legs out onto the floor of the cave.

"She says her name's Mew, and she helped save us," Vanyx explained. "She distracted the humans...we need to help her get better."

OOC: Meh, what was Mew gonna do anyway? She was "dying" as she says (cause of course Mew doesn;t know about tranquilizers) and no one was helping her =P

January 7th, 2006, 1:55 PM
'Huh?' RunningPaw's ears twitched as he heard a cry of help from outside the cave. Scampering up from his resting postition, RunningPaw dashed out of the cave and ran up to the cave next to the lake that led to the Umbreon valley. There stood Vanyx in Latias form and.. 'What?? Myuu?' RunningPaw trotted hastily up to them and sniffed Myuu cautiosusly. She currently had her eyes closed and was not moving 'Not dead..good.' He thought as he lifted his head up and noticed the tranqualizer dart in her left shoulder. Carefully, RunningPaw bit the top of the tranqualizer handle and pulled it out slowly. Once it was out he turned to Vanyx. "What happened here? And why is Myuu here??"

January 7th, 2006, 7:23 PM
"No. You aren't being rude at all. My mother..... was captured by poachers. They took her away and I could do nothing to stop them even if I had the potential of the full moon." I said and tears had started to appear form my eyes. I wiped them away and lifted my head up.
"But I promise to help her and anyone else who is captured even if I get caught. I'll probably die trying but if I can help them, I'll be happy." I said as a burning flame of strength had started in my eyes. "I know I can do it."

January 7th, 2006, 8:19 PM
Silver felt bad for asking, such a question. Silver smiled sadly. "My parents and big brother were captured too. I want to save them, badly...but...I'm scared. I'm afraid I might die and never see them again." She said. She looked to the ground, and shut her eyes, memories of her parents and brother rushing through her head. "I'm such a coward." She whispered.

January 7th, 2006, 8:23 PM
"No. It's not that we are cowards. It's that we are not strong enough yet." I said and also tried to comfort her. "I will also help you in your search. I can't bare to see others hurt. I will help you." I said to Silver hoping to ease her from her suffering as well. I tried to stand up but it seems that my strength had not yet been recovered.
"Huff huff. I think I'm pushing myself too much." I said to myself.

January 7th, 2006, 8:33 PM
Silver smiled at what Luna had told her. "Thank you. We can look for both of our families together." She suggested and smiled at him. "I think you should rest up. You're still injured." Silver pointed out. "Go to sleep we can talk later." She smiled warmly at him.

January 7th, 2006, 8:37 PM
"Alright. I'll do as you say. I am getting quite tired too." I wearily said as I began to drift into a deep sleep.
"You should also go to sleep." I said back to Silver while giving a smile to her. I curled in a cresent shape and closed my eyes as I drifted into a warm and gentle eternal sleep.

January 7th, 2006, 10:47 PM
Name: Midnight
Age( 6 months is lowest): 3 (18 human years.)
Colours: black with dark blue rings
Specail ability(Optional): I can use the shadows to disappear.
Specail items: um a black scarf around my neck.
Specail markings: black rings and a special blue circle on my head which represents a glowing blue moon.(instead of a ring its a filled in circle.)
Gender: male
is this ok? *nervous*

January 8th, 2006, 9:42 AM
Silver nodded and let out a small yawn. She curled up in a tight ball and thought of her parents and her big brother. "Hang on. I'll come and rescue you." She mumbled before falling into a deep sleep.

A younger Silver trotted around her older brother, Akira. "Hey Silv, will ya stop that?" Akira asked in an annoyed tone. "what if I don't want to, Aki?" Silver giggled as she kept on trotting around him. "Well if you don't want to, I'll just have to make you stop!" Akira pounced on his younger sister in a playful manner. "Ah! Aki get off!" She screamed trying to escape her brother's clutches. Akira pulled out the feather from behind Silver's ear and trotted away. "Aki! Give that back!" She yelled trying to run after him. "what if I don't want to?" He asked playfully narrowing his eyes. "Aww... please?" She asked scrunching up her face, making her look really cute. "Hm...how about....no?" He laughed as Silver's face dropped to a frown.

everything went black, but soon the scenery changed...

An older Silver was running behind her brother with a frightened expression. "Aki! What's wrong? Where's mom and dad?" She asked with fear in every word. "Just keep running Silver." He yelled back with a determined expression on his face. "But..I...I can't!" She yelled tears streaming down her face. Akira stopped running, and turned to look at his younger sister. "Big brother?" She questioned. "silv, keep on running, get as far away as you can. I'll hold those humans off." He said. "No! Aki I need you! You can't go!" She yelled at him. "I'll be fine, now go." He said softly and nudged Silver on. He smiled softly at her and ran in the opposite direction...

"Aki...no...don't leave me." She mumbled in her sleep. "Please..."

January 8th, 2006, 1:26 PM
OOC: Midnight Shadow, I'm not sure you can join...it's been a while since the RP started, but if Danyelle says yes, than ^_^


Vanyx panted and lay down on the ground of the cave, her claws in front of her and resting her head on them. <She was in the middle of the valley. I was just running outside for a sec and then I found her. She says she's mortally wounded, but I don't think that the humans would do that to a legendary Pokemon.> She watched as Runningpaw pulled out a dart-like object.

Vanyx hovered in midair as all the Umbreon gathered around Myuu. They were all whispering what to do with her and what the weapon was. Vanyx hovered overtop of the circle and watched as all the Umbreon conversed. <RunningPaw, what is that weapon?> she asked as he examined the dart-like object. <And is Myuu really mortally wounded?>

January 8th, 2006, 1:58 PM
RunningPaw gazed at the dart like object he had just taken out of Myuu and placed on the grass. It had a tube attached to another tube with a handle like object on it. 'This is..'

"Now RunningPaw, today is the day I am going to teach you about humans and the objects they posses."

"Cool cool!!" RunningPaw bounced up and down and pounded the ground eagerly with his front paws.

Winder laughed "Yes, yes. We just have to make sure we are very careful" Thye both were currently in a clearing just outside of Viridian City. RunningPaw was peaking out of the bushes eagerly while Winder sniffed the area around them. "Ok RunningPaw, now follow me" Winder slipped silently along the dark alley ways while RunningPaw followed, his paws thumping almost silently against the hard stone ground. After a while of trotting silently along, they reached a huge white builder. It was almost of oval shape and had a huge white and red ball ontop of it. "Ok RunningPaw, this is the first place to know. This is where the sick or injured Pokemon go to get better."

"Oooo" RunningPaw gzed up in awe at the huge building.

"Now follow me" Winder said quietly while he and RunningPaw trotted to the side of the white building. Another building was next to it, making a medium sized alley way from them to walk through. Winder stopped shortly in the middle of the alley and sniffed the air. "Over here" Winder whispered as he motioned toward a cardboard box that was on its side and opened. RunningPaw eagerly ran over to where Winder was and stopped beside him.

"Whats inside?? Whats inside??" RunningPaw asked with curiousity. Winder flicked his tail once to silence him and then he stuck his head into the box. A few moments later, Winder's head came out of the box. In between his teeth was a tube like object. "Oo! What is it??" RunningPaw asked, thumping his front paws on the ground in anticipation.

"This..is a syringe" Winder said while still holding the syringe in between his teeth. "It an do as much as save a Pokemon's life with the right kinda junk in it, or whatever the humans use..But...." Winder placed the syringe down at his paws and held his head up, his seriosu gaze locking onto RunningPaw's curious one. "If used in the wrong way...it can be deadly"

RunningPaw continued to gaze in shock at the Myuu. "I-I don't know..." RunningPaw stuttered to Vanyx. "B-but I.....I think we have to.....arrRRG!!" RunningPaw yolwed out in frustration. He really had a hard time doing this, let along going through with such a dangerous mission with Myuu, the legendary, and his crush, if she even accepted. RunningPaw crouched down on his stomach and put his front paws over his face. His tail and ears drooped. "I-I think we have to...have to go to....the human land in order to save her Vanyx.."

January 8th, 2006, 5:47 PM
sighs. sorry to bother you.*depressed* i quit this rp. my hearts not in it....

January 9th, 2006, 8:55 AM
OOC: Aw, Shadow Midnight, I didn't mean it like that...


Vanyx's eyes widened. <All...all right. I shall volunteer to go. Who else?> Vanyx asked, seeing the other Umbreon being displeased at going with someone like her. However, she felt that those two Umbreon showing affection for each other at the far end of the cave, and Restren, would go with her. And definitely RunningPaw.

I wonder if I like him, Vanyx wondered. He did lick me, and that is a great symbol of affection in the Umbreon way. So...I would gladly accept if he wants.

Vanyx shook her head to clear out her pondering, and turned to RunningPaw. <But we'd need a big mode of transportation to get us there, and something that's powerful enough to distract the humans if they get at us.>

Then Vanyx smiled. <Oh yeah, I can shapeshift! Not that I can do much else...but anyway, let me think...big Pokemon.> Vanyx went through some of the large Pokemon she had seen when she was a young Umbreon. <No rare Pokemon, for the humans will hunt them down. Maybe...>

Vanyx shapeshifted into a Tyranitar. Since Tyranitar was big enough to carry at least five Umbreon on its back spikes, Vanyx had chosen right. <All right everybody, get on!> she roared.

January 9th, 2006, 9:56 PM
As I slightly rested, I had regained some of my strength. I suddenly heard some muttering. It came from Silver.
'Aki...no...don't leave me. Please...' she had mumbled. I got up, went over towards her, ad looked down at her.
"She also worries about her family, too." I said to myself looking at her as she slept. I lowered myself and curled around her.
"Don't worry. I'll protect you, too." I said and fell asleep beside her.

January 10th, 2006, 1:08 PM
Awww I was gone for two days and I missed so much.... I wanted Restren to be in love with Vanyx.... oh well. He can like her anyways. Have a crush and that but RunningPaw and her will get Busay! lol

Restren woke up in shock. His ears twitched slightly. He had been asleep. But It was scary because at first he was dreaming but then the dream had ended in blackness...

Restren jumped as a magicarp came up from the pond jumping and falling onto the ground. he used a flamethrower on it and placed his left paw on it ready to cut it up. Then he looked over to see Vanyx and RunningPaw had been canoodling. He frowned.

I knew I would have no chance at a girl. I should have listened to my Dad and sister... Ginger, I miss her so much... he thought about his sister. He saw her clearly in his mind. An eevee about half the size of him. She was three point five minutes older than him. She had theyre mothers deep eyes and theyre fathers firey abilities just as he had. Ginger was red with an orange tail tip, orange streaming up the sides of her legs and even a bit of orange down the edge of her left ear. Then he remembered her magic amulet. It made her into a horrible creature every time she was angered. This was bad because of her temper.(Kind of like the hulk only a big scraggly scruffy eevee version of the hulk with firey colours)

Restren opened his eyes from imaginning his sister abd began to strkie his paw at the roasted fish pokemon. He slashed at it for a few moments thinking again.

My sister had a boyfriend. I remember him well. He was black with orange and red all over him shaped like flame blasts. He was firey like me too..... Vanyx and RunningPaw must deserve each other.... I guess I dont deserve anyone.... He thought until the magicarp was slashed enough to eat it. Suddenly he remembered hearing the voice of Vanyx in his dream. He had dreamt about saving mew but....

"I guess I should see if they are really going to save mew...." He turned around and walked over to Vanyx.

"I was asleep.... What happened while I was asleep? Anything specail?"

January 10th, 2006, 2:11 PM
Lol, sorry, but RunningPaw is with her now ^^"

RunningPaw frowned as he looked up at the giant Tyranitar. "Well um.." He hesitated, thinking of the right words to say. "I think it would be better..if we go as just ourselves. I mean, with such a big Pokemon we will be too noticable..My plan was just to keep one Umbreon on the lookout at all times when we are running to Viridian. That way if the lookout spots something, then we will be able to hide imediatly."

RunningPaw turned his head as he saw Restren run toward Vanyx. His fur prickled with unease, but he tried not to show it. He trotted up next to Vanyx. "Why don't you change back so you can tell him?" He asked gently.

January 10th, 2006, 2:39 PM
Restren looked at RunningPaw.
"Sorry if I startled you... Im Restren. IM one of Vanyx`s..... friends..." he said slowly. Then he looked at Vanyx in her big tyranitar form.
"Whos this?' he asked Vanyx.
"Sorry I ask a lot of questions but I was asleep for at least a few houors dont you think?"

January 10th, 2006, 3:04 PM
Silver kept on running, as and as far as her legs would take her.She dared not to look back. 'I musn't!' She kept on telling herself.
She couldn't take it anymore, she feared her brother's safety. Looking back she saw smoke, not noticing where she was going she tripped over a rock, and landed clumsily on the soft grass. Hearing a loud sound and followed by a cry of pain, Silver shouted. "Akira!"

Jumping to her feet she looked around wildly. "Aki?! Aki?!" She called out. Noticing Luna beside her she sat back down and sighed. "It was only a dream...Aki, mom, dad. Where are you? I miss you." She muttered softly. Lying back down she placed her head on her paws, and sighed heavily. "I have to find them..."She whispered to herself burrowing her head in her paws.

January 10th, 2006, 3:39 PM
(Everyone else is finding someone except Restren!!! But hes so so hot! lol get it fire powers)

Restren felt a bit light headed all of a sudden. He fell over not knowing what was happening.

"My, my powers draining..." he said as he looked out of the cave. He saw the sun raised high. He could see the sheild weakening even more and he was just as weak. His last words before he fainted were:
"I will be fine.... Leave without me. Go save the others..."

January 11th, 2006, 8:34 AM
Vanyx nodded, and shifted back into Umbreon form. "Sorry, Sakaki..."

RunningPaw looked sharply at her. "What?"

"I...I mean RunningPaw! Yeah. Sorry about that. Anyway, this is my friend Restren, and Restren, this is...my...boyfriend...RunningPaw..." Vanyx had to almost whisper out the last few words. "Yeah...he's my boyfriend. Anyway, good idea, Runningpaw, I guess we kinda would be a little more noticeable when I'm a Tyranitar." Vanyx paced around the cave. "Any have any ideas?"

One Umbreon nodded. "Yes, we go stealthily and quietly so no one can see us. And you..." he pointed a paw at Vanyx. "Stay here. You are too young to go on this mission."

Vanyx's eyes widened.

"Vanyx, you can't come with us. You are too young to go on this mission."

"But Papa, I can keep up! And you did say I was older now and could control my shape shifting powers."

"Vanyx! I told you to stay home!"

Vanyx's eyes started filling up with tears at that memory, and she boldly faced the other Umbreon. "Ya know what? So I'm eight. Big whoop-did-ee-doodle-doo! I'm twice as mature as any of you others, and I can shapeshift! Can any of you guys shapeshift? No, I don't think so! So get off my case, I'm going to save Myuu and that's final!" Vanyx smiled, happy she was able to stand up for herself.

"My...my power's draining..." Restren said, staggering and gasping. "I will be fine...leave without me...go save the others..." Then he fell onto the cave floor and Vanyx screeched.

"Restren, are you all right?" she asked, putting a paw beneath his stomach and seeing if he was breathing. He was, but just barely. "Come on, RunningPaw, we've got to save Myuu as well! Maybe the humans will have something we can use to cure both of them, Restren and Myuu!" Vanyx dashed out of the cave.

OOC: YAYNESS! TWO BOYS FIGHTING OVER ME! (Ya, Danyelle, I know you're female =3) Additionally, I only godmodded RunningPaw for that one word, so that should be OK, right?

January 11th, 2006, 1:12 PM
(You can use Restren a little bit. Its okay with me. Just as long as yor not doing whole paragraphs for other characters. ^_^;)

Restren suddenly stopped breathing completley. His body stood as still as a popsicle. He could just barley hear the words of the other umbreon.

Im dieing... I know I am... I ... I never should have... His last movement before all paralyzation and faintivness took over was a movement of his paw on the bottom of the cave. It shaped half a heart broken.

January 11th, 2006, 6:20 PM
OOC: Um..I'm female too -.-;;; Oh, and well..*sighs* I just *really* don't like other people controlling my character, but I guess I’ll allow YOU to.


RunningPaw's eyes widened as he ran up to Restren's side in the cave. "Hey..Hey! Umm...Uhh.." RunningPaw leaned over Restren and sniffed him franticly. 'He’s not dead..but....but.....' RunningPaw snapped his head up to Vanyx "We've got to hurry!! I know where to go, follow me!!" RunningPaw carefully took a hold of Restren's pelt on his back in his teeth and trotted out to the open, waiting for Vanyx. She nodded and carefully picked up Myuu.

They both ran at full speed out of the valley of Umbreon, with Restren safely in RunningPaw's jaws. A few other Umbreon followed too, some from the group that were making fun of Vanyx before ran at the back of the group. RunningPaw sighed heavily and rolled his eyes back to them "What're you guys doing here>??" He asked through a mouthful.

The Umbreon with the chipped ear looked guiltily to his bottom left then turned back to face RunningPaw "We......We wanted to help you guys out...for..for what we did earlier on"

"Yeah" The Umbreon with the chipped tail aggred quietly, dipping his head in respect for RunningPaw.

RunningPaw smiled and looked back in front of him. He sped up just a bit, but not to much as to go to far ahead of everyone. He especially kept close to Vanyx. "Just keep watch for any humans, ok?" RunningPaw yelled back to the group of Umbreon behind him. "Just follow me, I know where it is!!"

OOC: Hope you don't mind me bunnying Vanyx a bit ^^

January 11th, 2006, 10:39 PM
As I opened my eyes lazily, I saw that it was morning. I walked over towards Silver and softly and slowly shook her.
"Silver? Silver. Wake up. We have to go." I said gently in her ear as to not alarm her. I waited for her to awake and told those who waited behind for us to go on ahead without us. I sat on a rock nearby the opening of the cave to keep lookout until she woke up while constantly looking at her and out of the cave.

January 12th, 2006, 8:47 AM
OOC: *slaps self* I feel like such an idiot. I was trying to say Restren+RunningPaw were fighting over me ^_^ anyway, I'll stop with the talking of other people and stuff LOL...you can bunny Vanyx, Kakashi and Sasuke Lover, since I bunnied you a little.


Vanyx rushed out of the cave, following RunningPaw, and searched for the exit to the valley. Her supreme Umbreon sight (that every other Umbreon had ^^) picked up the small entrance that no one really seemed to notice. It just looked like a dark spot, but when Vanyx walked through it, an aura came around her and she was transported to the human world while walking.

"RunningPaw, this way!" Vanyx said in a hushed whisper. Trees greeted her as she walked out of the forest surrounding the valley, and the Umbreon followed her. The one with the chipped tail leaped in front quickly, winking to Vanyx. He tilted his ears and picked up the sound of human laughter. A pink aurora went around him and the group, and the human who walked into the forest entrance to...smell flowers, or something, walked right on by.

"Wow, you can make people invisible?" Vanyx asked in disbelief. He nodded.

"Yeppers. Now, quick, this won't last long."

Vanyx nodded, and shifted into Latias quickly, just to be able to carry Myuu better and to turn invisible when a human walked by and the force field wasn't on. She crept through the shadows, feeling quite at home.

<RunningPaw, do you know anything about the human world or what its medicines are?> Vanyx asked, worried.

OOC: ChipTail needed a power ^_^

January 12th, 2006, 1:47 PM
OOC: Hmm....ChipTail. I got it! His new name is ChippedTail! XD and the other is ChippedEar


While they were running in the forest now, RunningPaw saw ChippedTail bound over to him.

ChippedTail gave a small laugh and said to RunningPaw "I can make us invisible"

RunningPaw smiled at ChippedTail and replied "Thats good. Thanks. We needed that" RunningPaw ran strait ahead of the group and looked around. The area was spotted with trees that they kept dodging. Humans were nowhere to be seen. 'Hmm...' RunningPaw sniffed the air, then turned back to the group "This way!!" He shouted, changing his path and turning sharply left. After going through a mass of pine trees, the group appeared in a large meadow. 'Good. Now we don't have to dodge anything. And now that we're invisible we don't have to worry about being out in the open anymore..' RunningPaw turned to Vanyx and said in a carefree tone "Yeah, you don't have to worry. I know much about the humans and their medicines." He gave her one last reassuring smile and bounded foward again.

January 12th, 2006, 2:44 PM
OCC: How long do you guys think I should have Restren uncontious? Maybe until they reach a place where they make a rest stop or something. Oh well back to the RP!

January 12th, 2006, 2:45 PM
OOC: I think Restren should wake up when RunningPaw and the rest of the group are at the Pokemon Center where Winder first showed RunningPaw.

January 12th, 2006, 3:09 PM
OOC: *has decided to agree. Kayoko is the word for agreements in the goverment I think ^_^;

January 12th, 2006, 4:18 PM
Silver opened her eyes after someone whispered in her ear. "I must of dozed off." She murmurs as she lets out a yawn. Looking up she saw Luna sitting on a rock near the entrance of the cave. "Oh Luna? Did I sleep in!" She asks a little embarrassed noticing the morning sun rising above the tree tops.

January 12th, 2006, 5:23 PM
"A bit but it isn't too bad." I said to her.
I raised my head and sniffed the air.
"Hm. The rest aren't to far ahead. We should follow them now before I lose their scent." I said to Silver, while walking over to her.
"They seem to be heading towards the dierection of..... the human's land."

January 12th, 2006, 5:31 PM
"The human's land..." She repeated slowly. 'I hope I find mom, dad and Aki soon.' Shaking her head slightly she though. 'No! gotta stop thinking about them like this! I'm acting like a whinny, selfish brat! I gotta stop that!' "Ok then, we better get moving!" She forced a smiled and trotted along side Luna towards the human's land.

January 12th, 2006, 5:50 PM
Vanyx smiled very widely, like Latias does when she's having fun, and let out a short shrill, which humans were too stupid to identify as a legendary Pokemon. <It IS fun!> Vanyx screeched, and flew at over fifty miles an hour. She twirled and flew through the air, screeching happily. <Oh, but we've got to remember Myuu!> she remembered, and stopped, turning toward where the city just started.

<RunningPaw, this way!> she cried, and flew through the city streets. Many buildings greeted her, and she looked up, amazed. <Wow, I've never been here before! It's so beautiful out here!> she gasped happily. <Not like the meadow's beauty, but it's pretty because...I don't know!>

January 12th, 2006, 5:53 PM
OOC: Hold up..how the heck does Vanyx know the city?? - -;;

Sorry, got anger problems *twitches slightly*

January 13th, 2006, 2:04 PM
OOC: I mean when Vanyx says 'follow me'. Does she even know where shes going?

January 14th, 2006, 7:10 AM
OOC: She can fly up and see the city from far away ^_^; I mean she is Latios form isnt she?

January 14th, 2006, 7:38 AM
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January 14th, 2006, 7:51 AM
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January 14th, 2006, 6:02 PM
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January 14th, 2006, 6:48 PM
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RunningPaw ran down the field and looked around every other moment or so. 'Hm..we're getting close to the human land now...I hope the others will be ok' The fur on his back bristled as he sped ahead of the group, but not too far as to lose them. He ran down a slope that led to a few more pine trees and bounded into the with a giant leap. He landed swiftly to the ground and, as soon as he hit, kept running. Pretty soon, the pine trees lessened, and were replaced with oaks and bushes. RunningPaw slowed down to a trot and turned around to the group and half whispered 'We're getting pretty close guys. Just keep close to me and don't make a sound' He slowed down yet again, to a walk this time, and sniffed the air around him. It smelt of smoke and the stench of human beings. RunningPaw stopped dead in his tracks and stiffened slightly. He had never done this without the aid of Winder before, and that fact made him a little nervous. RunningPaw gently placed Restren to the ground and signaled with his tail for the rest of the group to stop too. Once they got near him and did so, RunningPaw crouched down and creaped through a large bush. He poked his head out on the other side and put his ears down, so they wouldn't be noticed. One the other side of the bush was a large sidewalk, with a couple of humans here and they walking along it. Across from that, separated by a street, was another sidewalk with large buildings lining the side of it. None of them was the white building though.

RunningPaw shifted back and drew his head back, now fully on the forest side. "We have to do a bit of traveling to get to the white building. I do know that this forest encircles the entire city, for the most part at least, so we can go strait for now and, hopefully, it should lead to the same place..." RunningPaw turned to the left and carefully picked up Restren again. 'The same place...that Winder took me..' He turned back to the group "We've got to hurry though, before its day time. That’s when the humans are most active" After saying that, RunningPaw trotted along the bushes, careful to keep down and silent, so that the humans wouldn't notice him.

January 14th, 2006, 8:17 PM
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I took off after the others followed closely by Silver.
"We might have to pick up our pace, otherwise, we'll get left behind." I said to Silver and ran a bit faster and faster.
My nose had not lost the smell of the other umbreons. Not wanting to lose their tracks, I increased our pace a bit more. We were zooming past many trees heading towards the human land.
"Mother. Little sis. I'm coming. Be strong."

January 15th, 2006, 8:43 AM
Silver nodded slightly. "Right! Let's get a move on!" She exclaimed increasing her pace. Zooming past the trees Silver noticed that the landscape was changing. "I think we're approaching the Human's land." She said thoughfully. "We should be more careful from now on." she suggested sticking closer to Luna.

January 15th, 2006, 12:36 PM
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Vanyx came back next to RunningPaw, and sighed. <I just wish humans didn't want to capture us so that we could run around and have fun,> she said, and looked over near one of the buildings which had a large PokeBall on it. <Maybe over there!> she said, and flew up to it, motioning for the other Umbreon to come.

Vanyx entered the Center, and looked towards a woman with pink hair. She was healing another person's Bulbasaur! It went into one room hurt and sad, and came out feeling refreshed and happy! Vanyx smiled, and motioned to RunningPaw to bring Restren in. She couldn't forget about Myuu as well!

<Look, RunningPaw, there's a lady who can heal Pokemon! ChippedTail, do you think we should turn ourselves visible so she can help us?>

January 15th, 2006, 5:57 PM
{Idiot!! Arrg...} RunningPaw mentally cursed as he drew back behind a large Oak tree and imediatly motioned for the others to stay put. {Vanyx what the hells do you think you're doing?! People will see you and Myuu and try to take you dammit!!} RunningPaw put Restren down on the ground and raced into the PokemonCenter. He grabbed Vanyx swiftly in his jaws and raced out again, dragging them along. He motioned for the others to follow and, as ChippedTail grabbed Restren, they all raced back a few meters. Once they were far away from the lights of the city, RunningPaw let go of Vanyx and sighed, his ears and tail drooping. {Vanyx..don't you understand? We can't just walk into the PokemonCenter and wait for us to be healed. There are bad people out there...bad people with devices that can see through are invisibility. Thats why we run on the outskirts of Viridina, not in the center of attention! W-what if someone bumped into us and became frantic? Then what??} RunningPaw's eyes watered. He was not ready for the risk that was to come.

Then his ears perked as he remembered something. {Thats it!} The syringe from the past..

RunningPaw slightly flinched as he looked away from Vanyx. {Um..sorry 'bout that..} He mumbled. {but..but I think I have a way to pull this off but..} He turned and gazed sadly at Vanyx. He thought it was a good plan, as well as the only possible one, but he didn't want to endanger her in any way.. {Um..Vanyx I know you can transform into Pokemon but..can you possibly transform into...humans?} Gasps of shock arose from the group a RunningPaw brought that up. {If so then..I think I got a plan...} Everybody leaned in closer as RunningPaw began to explain {Vanyx..if you can transform into a human and take ChippedTail with you then...Then I think you can heal Restren and buy something for Myuu...} 'Since its to much of a risk brining her out to the city..' He added in silently.

RunningPaw stretched out a single claw from his left paw and began scribling a drawing on the dirt ground {Here. This is it} He said and lifted up his claw from the dirt. {It's called hyper potion. Winder once took me to the place where you can get it from. It looks like a blue and white building that says 'PokeMart' on it. I've never been inside it though so you've got to be careful...} RunningPaw looked up sadly at Vanyx {I don't want you getting hurt} He said simply, feelings too emotional for words. He then turned to ChippedTail {If anyone suspects anything then imediatly make yourselves invisible and get the heck outta there} He said.{So are you ready?} RunningPaw asked, turning to Vanyx once more...

January 16th, 2006, 4:38 PM
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January 17th, 2006, 9:14 AM
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Vanyx gasped as well when RunningPaw mentioned if she could turn into a human. Her deep amber eyes searched Myuu and Restren waringly, and she sighed. <Yes, I can do that. I already have an idea of what human I want to morph into. I was imagining it when I was little and Mommy told me that was the right thing to do. So...yes, I can.>

RunningPaw explained what the thing she needed was, and she nodded, making a mental image of it. <OK, Hyper Potion. Yeah, got it.>

ChippedTail stepped away from the other Umbreon to go with Vanyx, and sighed. (I hope you all are going to be safe. The force field won't last long, possibly not even until we get back. So...goodbye, and good luck!)

Vanyx sighed as sparkles surrounded her and she immediately became a five foot tall teenage girl. She had long black hair, and though no one could actually see it her ears were pointed like an Umbreon's. Parts of her ebony hair had yellow streaks in them, and she wore a black hoodie with silver jewels on the front. She had long blue jeans and white cheerleader sneakers. "All right, I'm ready," she said, testing out her new mouth. It was quite odd to speak the human language.

The eight or so Umbreon below her seemed like small dogs, and she must have seemed like a tower to them. She leaned down and squatted, then said to RunningPaw, "I'll miss you." Then she leaned down to his face and kissed him, and then shot back up, waved, and raced to the PokeMart that RunningPaw had mentioned.

ChippedTail raced alongside her, keeping up very easily. (Do you really think humans sell that item that RunningPaw mentioned?) he asked. Even though it sounded like "Umbre, umbreon, umbre!" to other people (and to Vanyx as well) she could decipher the syllables and such and understand him.

"Yeah, probably. We've got to hurry though, or Myuu and Restren will die. Now, where's that PokeMart he was talking about..." Vanyx shielded her eyes with her hand and looked around for the PokeMart. She spotted it right near the Pokemon Center, and smiled. "There it is, ChippedTail! Let's go!" She immediately raced off, and entered the door.

Many humans were inside of the shop, and they were picking out items and stuff. Vanyx gasped, than remembered she'd fit right in and walked to one of the glass-covered aisle things. ChippedTail strode right along beside her. "OK, Hyper Potion, Hyper Potion..." she looked through all of the bottles, but one problem...

...Vanyx had no idea how to read human writing!

ChippedTail looked up at Vanyx. (What?) he asked. (Can't you find it?)

"I...don't...know...how...to...read...human...writing..." Vanyx whispered out.

(Oh crap,) said ChippedTail. (OK, remember the picture that RunningPaw gave you. I'll try to put it in your mind.) ChippedTail closed his eyes and the picture popped into Vanyx's mind. "Thanks!" she said, and moved over to the Hyper Potions. She grabbed one and then looked over near something that was labeled, "REVIVE." Of course Vanyx couldn't read it, she made it out as "virevi" or something, but she tried rearranging it, then grabbed it. She raced over to the counter and smiled, proud of herself.

ChippedTail rolled his eyes. (I have to babysit someone who's younger than me but four feet taller.)

Vanyx moved up in line and said, "I'd like to buy these please," and placed the items on the counter. "OK, that'll be 1000 PokeYen," the clerk said, and Vanyx blushed. She blurted out a couple "umbre, umbre!"s to ChippedTail and he understood. (You're saying you have no money?! Well, check your pockets!)

Vanyx checked her pockets, and found nothing. "Um...I don't have any money..." she said, and the clerk gave her a fisheye. "Then get out. You can't buy anything with no money!"

Vanyx waited for about a minute, then took the items and ran for her life back towards the Umbreon group. "CHIPPEDTAIL LET'S RUNNNN!" she screamed, and sped up, avoiding the clerk who was bumping into people as he chased after her. "You better give me my money!" he yelled.

Vanyx ducked into the alleyway that the other Umbreon had been in and changed back, clutching the items in her mouth. She hid in the shadows as the clerk passed by, and set the items on the ground, panting. (Barely...got...away...) she collapsed onto the ground, exhausted. (Geez, I didn't know you needed money.)


January 17th, 2006, 4:28 PM
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A noticible blush spread across RunningPaw's face as Vanyx bent down in her human form and kissed his forehead. She dashed away with ChippedTail. "Heh, nice nice. So you two going out or what?" RunningPaw turned his head to come face to face with a scruffy looking Umbreon. He looked older in age, and his fur was matted down and sticking up in some places. His mouth was curled up in a smile, revealing yellow, chipped teeth.

"Umm...Kinda" RunningPaw turned away from the dirty looking Pokemon and focused his eyes on the city lights. 'Huh, rat..'

RunningPaw looked up from his thoughts a little while later "Oh shoot!" He mentally cursed to himself 'I forgot to remind her to bring Restren. She forgot to bring him!' RunningPaw looked around in a panic. 'Oh man..I hope she brought more then one HyperPotion..'

He looked up again as he saw Vanyx and ChippedTail running to them with a human following behind. RunningPaw spat, his fur rising 'Human!'. However, the human semmed to have lost sight of the two as they ran next to RunningPaw. "Heh, thanks ChippedTail" RunningPaw said as he noticed that the group was invisible again. "Ok so you got..one HyperPotion and One revive..Good.....Good" RunningPaw said quietly as Vanyx placed the items down in front of RunningPaw and changed back into her regular form. "So..Fill me in ChippedTail"

ChippedTail sat up straight "Right. Well um, we went to the Pokemart like you said..but uhm...Vanyx couldn't read the human language. So I showed her what each item was and she picked out these two." ChippedTaol said, pawing at the HyperPotion and Revive.

"Hmm..Ok. Thats good"

"And then we hadn't any money and..."

"Aah!" runningPaw slapped his head with his left paw "Thats what I was forgetting! Arg, I'm sorry I put you through that Vanyx..." RunningPaw looked up at her, rmembering the time Winder taught him about human currency and buying items with it. 'Man I shoul've listened to him that day' RunningPaw thought, mentally sweatdropping. He looked up at ChippedTail again "Go on" he said in a calm tone of voice.

"So then um..we ran out of the store with the items" ChippedTail let out a small laugh and scratched the back of his head.

RunningPaw laughed too "Ah, I should have known..Well, ok lets not worry about that now" RunningPaw looked upon Restren and Myuu. There was a long moment of silence before RunningPaw got up and said "Ok. I will use the Revive on Restren, and you use the HyperPotion on Myuu" RunningPaw finally spoke up, looking at Vanyx. He picked up the Revive bottle in his teeth and set it in front of Restren, face up. 'Arg, man I wish I had that syringe...' RunningPaw thought bitterly, but he managed to get a few good sprays out of the bottles on Restren. A couple of more sprays later, the bottle was empty. 'Aw man, I sure hope this works...'

January 18th, 2006, 8:38 AM
OOC: Me likey part where me say 'geez, I didn't know you needed money'. Was funny. Me laugh lots. Spleen burst out of body. Lay on ground. :D


Vanyx smiled as RunningPaw was told the entire story. "Yeah...I messed up. But it was fun. I got lots of excercise." Vanyx watched as RunningPaw tried to squeeze some Revive onto Restren and barely succeeded. Vanyx rolled her eyes. "Ya know...there's an easier way than that." Vanyx shapeshifted into a little Larvitar and pushed down the little thinger on the Hyper Potion, which went onto Myuu.

(See? Like that.) Vanyx said, then shapeshifted into her old Umbreon form.

OOC: Meh...short post. But nothing to actually write about. Restren is alive, yay! Now Danyelle's back in!

January 18th, 2006, 12:44 PM

RunningPaw sighed mentally "I know, I know!! Look, I don't always have to rely on you, y'know. No offence, but I like me just to way I am." With that said he placed the revive down on the ground and sighed outloud. "Besides, I already got it done, thank you very much." As he finished his statement, RunningPaw walked away. His mind was racing with different thoughts now that they had completed their mission.

"Hey, RunningPaw!" Called a voice in the background. RunningPaw turned to see ChippedTail racing up beside him. "Whats wrong?" He asked when he caught up.

"Nothing, I just don't like being corrected, especially by someone younger than me!"

"Aw, chill man. C'mon, you know she didn't know"

RunningPaw sighed again as they continued to walk. "I know, whatever. I'm just like, really stressed out now, man.."

ChippedTail nudged his side "Well we all are. Look, just keep it cool, k?" They both sat down, facing away from the group. "It'll get better, just wait."

January 18th, 2006, 3:20 PM
Restren`s foot twitched ever so slightly as he began to come back. Then after a few minutes his eyes opened. He moved his tail from side to side slowly. He tried to talk but only managed to squeak. He was halfway regenerized and feeling a little better. He got up very slowly and once up staggered a bit. He looked around at everyone emotionless. The he saw Vanyx and uttered a smile.
"Hi Vaanyx, I`m okay." He just managed to say. His mouth only just opening as he spoke.

January 19th, 2006, 7:41 AM
"Sorry Runningpaw," Vanyx said sadly. "I guess I just like my powers a bit too much...sorry."

Restren started to revive and said, "Hiya Vaanyx...I'm OK." Vanyx squealed and leaped towards Restren, forgetting for a minute Restren was not even fully healed. She tackled him and then backed away a little bit and said "Sorry."

January 20th, 2006, 1:02 PM
Restren fell over in exaustion and by the blow. He wasnt really injured. Maybe a few little bits of health but it was fine. He could just barley walk and that was what mattered. He got up with another little stagger and stood straight.Noddinganokay to Vanyx. He was just as happy for him to be healed as Vanyx was. He shook some sleepiness out of his eyes and began to paw at each as to get the dust out. He looked at Myuu for a second. He felt his power urge for a second then it went away.
Maybe Myuu is giving me power or something. I am pretty weak and she does protect all of us... Restren thought.

January 21st, 2006, 7:03 AM
Myuu smiled. <Than...thank you...Umbreon. You are truly amazing...how did you heal me? I thought I was shot with a human gun...>

Vanyx almost exploded at the sight of Myuu arising. "I got a healing potion for you, Myuu, and we almosy got caught by the humans! We've got to get back to the valley, or ChippedTail's force field will wear off."

January 21st, 2006, 7:29 AM
"She's Right. We have to hurry" RunningPaw said as he ran over to the group with a exhausted looking ChippedTail.

"He's right I can't hold onto this forecefield much longer" ChippedTail said, panting.

"Restren, you're ok to run, right?" RunningPaw asked. He saw Restren stand up and nod to Vanyx. His fur bristled for a moment, until ChippedTail came up next to him. "O-ok then. Lets go!" He let his fur relax on his body and began trotting swiftly foward, making sure to keep the others close behind. "I'll only trot for now, so you all can keep up with me"

January 21st, 2006, 5:24 PM
Vanyx nodded, and started trotting alongside ChippedTail and RunningPaw. She smiled. "I may be only eight, but I had to learn how to run at an early age. There's nothing like a good Rattata now and then." Vanyx licked her paws, thinking of the juicy rats. Myuu flew alongside her weakly, but still building up strength and speed.

ChippedTail gasped. "My force field...is wearing off! Run, everyone!" All the Umbreon started running, however the field flickered off and humans started pointing at them! Vanyx ran as fast as she could, however a few of the other Umbreon were trapped by police officers in big cages. She was among them, and quickly yowled out to Myuu, "Get to the valley! I can handle it!"

OOC: :D I always have to be the damsel in distress. Of course, Vanyx can handle it herself with some of the other Umbreon's help. I even have the entire thing worked out in my mind.

January 21st, 2006, 7:19 PM
OOC: Ooo battle scene time XD Y'know I thought we were in the forest though. Oh well, read my posts better next time, k?

ChippedTail's force field suddenly vanished. RunningPaw heard him yelp out in pain and fall to the ground, skidding a bit.

"ChippedTail!" RunningPaw ran up to ChippedTail. He was still breathing, but he looked unconscious. 'Shoot' RunningPaw thought franticly as humans began poniting at them.

"Yo what're doin', man?!" RunningPaw turned his head swiftly to meet the eyes of the rough looking Umbreon he had talked to before. He was a couple of feet away, surrounded by cops. "Yo, RunningPaw!" He called, struggling against the cops. "Get'cha girl outta here before she get caught!!" That was the last he said before he was hit in the back of the head with a baseball bat shaped object and thrown into a steel cage. More steel cages were nearby too. '**** no!' RunningPaw looked franticly around at all the other Umbreon. They too, were busy fighting off the police. He turned to his left and saw Vanyx trapped in one of the steel cages.

Quickly, RunningPaw ran up to the cage and rammed into it, only to be thrown back again. He staggered up and rammed into it again, only to get thrown back again. 'An electric forcefiled?!' RunningPaw got up once more, blood dripping from the corner of his mouth. He picked up his left front paw and it began to glow with a heavy black aura. RunningPaw let out a battle cry and leapt at the cage once more, paw extended. The black ball connected with the cage, causing a mass explosion.

RunningPaw was thrown back a few feet, but he got up quickly. The thick smoke cleared and the cage was still not affected. RunningPaw growled. 'Da..mmit' He staggered a couple of feet and fell to the ground. His head turned to see the battle between the humans and the Umbreon still going on. They had been too far away now to be phased that much by the explosion. The regular humans had all fled though. 'Wha..what are we gonn...a..' RunningPaw stopped short as he looked up into the edge of the forest. Someone..or something was standing there. His eyes widened as he noticed what it was. 'An..Umbreon?!'

So it was. The sleek, black figure that was standing on a tree branch a mili second ago, now leaped off and landed ontop of a nearby human fighting an Umbreon, crashing him to the ground. In a matter of moments, the Umbreon sped off of the human that he was on and slammed against the rest, one by one. And one by one the humans fell, all either knocked unconscious, or dead. RunningPaw staggered and cough, more blood coming out of his mouth. When he looked back up again the Umbreon was standing strongly in front of him, glaring down at him with amber eyes.

"Be careful next time, kid"

"W..wow..." Was all RunningPaw could say. He gazed up shakily at the Umbreon. The Umbreon looked to be an adult. His body was thin, yet muscular, and his fur was a sleek black with glowing red rings.

The Umbreon's amber eyes fell upon Vanyx's cage as he swiftly turned his head toward her direction. In a moment's time, the Umbreon race foward and rammed swifltly into the cage, opening the door to it, yet only pushing it a little bit from it's position where it sat before. The electric didn't seem to phase him, even though RunningPaw clearly saw it connecting with his sleek body. Vanyx staggered out and also gazed up at the Umbreon, which had trotted quickly over to RunningPaw again. The Umbreon tilted his head toward the city. "Be careful now kid. Get out of here now if ya know what's good for ya." He then lowered his head down the meet RunningPaw's eyes and winked at him "Wouldn't want Winder ta worry 'bout ya, right?" And with that, he turned his paws and leaped off into the forest.

RunningPaw's eyes widened. 'Winder?!!' He ran up to the edge of the forest. "Wait!! How do you know Winder??!" He called out, but no answer ever came..

January 22nd, 2006, 8:19 AM
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Vanyx dizzily got out and fell right near Myuu. RunningPaw had run off after the Umbreon that had saved them all. Myuu touched her head with one paw and sighed. <Vanyx...I see you are in love with this RunningPaw. He is only going off to find a childhood hero...someone he cares about...he shall come back for you very soon. He doesn't want you to get hurt.>

"Yeah...right..." Vanyx managed to gasp out.

Myuu sighed. There wasn't anything she could say to convince Vanyx. This stubborn Umbreon was imposible to get through.

January 22nd, 2006, 9:22 AM
Name: Caitlin
Age: 1 year
Specail ability: Has mysterious ice powers.
Specail items:none
Specail markings: has blue rings.(shiney)
Gender: Female

January 22nd, 2006, 10:01 AM
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January 22nd, 2006, 12:11 PM
OOC: Is it turning into mayhem yet? Anywho, Im posting what Restren did throughout that part while I was gone. Im not on a whole lot so umm yeah O_O;

IC: Restren gasped as the sheild faded and all the umbreon were attacking the officers who were trying to stuff them into cages. He was about to run then decided to stay brave. He was about to leap at a near officer when the larger umbreon killed her. The officer fell right at Restren`s feet blood pouring out of her onto the grass. He looked at the umbreon as it disapeared his jaw down as far as it could go. Then he caught up to the other umbroen who had escaped and walked beside Vanyx.

January 23rd, 2006, 8:27 AM
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Vanyx sighed. "That....was...scary," she gasped out as Restren walked beside her. "RunningPaw went off to look for some guy named Winder. Now all we have is my shapeshifting power, and Myuu. And of course your fire. But humans are gonna start looking for us. We hafta get back to the valley."

January 23rd, 2006, 12:28 PM
"RunningPaw went off to look for some guy named Winder.

RunningPaw didn't run after him, he only stopped at the edge of the forest

- -;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

Y'know it probably would be better off if we just start this whole thing over again anyways..cause if I quit then it'd just be you and Restren, since Silver hasn't post in a while.

January 23rd, 2006, 12:46 PM
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January 24th, 2006, 3:50 PM
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January 24th, 2006, 3:56 PM
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