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December 29th, 2005, 9:19 AM
Days after Deus's destruction---
The world is now safe from Deus' corruption and the power of his seraphs. People has start to rebuild their homes and and those who lived in the sky cities live on the surface of the earth now that the flying cities of Shevat and Solaris are destroyed. Mankind lives peacefully and Gears are fully inoperable.

5 years later---
Five years after the destruction of Deus, technology has dramatically enhanced. The production of new gears have been made and the older inoperable ones were thrown away. Many new gears are manufactured in many places. As production of gears increase, people start to enjoy the battling of gears against gears for fun. Many people enjoy this past time as they see who will be the victor. However, suddenly, there is an outbreak of new creatures that there origins are unknown.

Your role is to find the cause of this massive outbreak and put a stop it. Litte do you know that the space alien Deus has returned even more powerful than ever.

--For those who do not know, Gears are large combat units. They can be as high as a three story house or a one story house. They can be equiped with many weapons and three different types of armor.(In the game there are just armor ups not types.)
Sign-up form---

Age: (16-22)
Other: optional

Gear name:
Armor type: Choose from light,medium,and heavy armor types; Everyone will get the celestial armor when we battle Deus. (Light armor takes more damage from physical attacks but has great magical resisitance; Medium type takes equal damage from both physical and magical damage: Heavy armor reduces physical damage but increases damage done by maic.)
Description: (Make it less than your character's)
How did you get it?:

This is my second Rp I've made so far. I might need some help fixing some things so feel free to give an opinion. I'll post my character later.

December 30th, 2005, 2:52 AM
Name:Shylocke Viron
Gender: Male
Description: Shylocke has a white top and trousers. |He has black hair down to about his neck. He stands at about 5"2'.
Personality: Shylocke is a very outgoing person he always looks after his friends and makes sure noone gets hurt. He likes a bit of a fight but he wont go and cause one for the fun of it.
History: Shylockes family was killed by Deus the first time he came. HE wants revenge.
Other: N/A

Gear name:Destiny Bond
Armor type: Medium
Description: It is a white peice of equipment to match Shylocke.
How did you get it?: He received it from his family befor they were killed.
Weapon: Two pistols

(((Is that ok?)))

December 31st, 2005, 12:20 AM
Hm..... That seems good enough. You're in Shylocke. Accepted Oh. I forgot to put in the gear's weapon. I might need you to edit that too Shylocke.

December 31st, 2005, 2:28 AM
ok then ^_^ i'll do that now