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December 29th, 2005, 9:42 AM
The King of Persia, Shalaman and his son the Prince left for Azad. It was to be a routine diplomatic visit, until the Prince unwittingly unleashed the Sands of Time upon the kingdom. Though he sealed them before the corruption spread, it marked his fate. He was not killed when he was supposed to be and the Dahaka was unleashed to make sure that fate was indeed met. The Prince narrowly avoided death then too, and began his return to his homeland.

You, of course, know nothing of this.

When the King left, he left a magistrate in charge. After three years, the magistrate declared himself the new ruler of Persia. Where Shalaman was wise and just, this magistrate was cruel, cold and tyrannical. Under his rule, the people were opressed, brutalized, murdered, raped, or whatever else the magistrate thought would amuse him that day. As his rule further ground the peoples of Persia into the dusk, a bruised and bleeding figure emerged from the Palace one night, out of a small side passage.

After recovering, this figure began making shadowy offers to those who had suffered the worst from the rule of the magistrate. Rebellion.


Previous occupation:
Current occupation:
Weapon of choice:

RP sample: (unless I know and can trust you)

December 29th, 2005, 10:01 AM
Name: Goes by the psuedonym "Ankyn"
Age: 36
Gender: Male

Appearance:Ankyn's hair is now more grey than the original brown, grown well past his shoulders and tied back with a simple leather cord to keep it out of his eyes. Though he grows older, he is still fit, about 5'9'' and athletic. Wears white pants tied with a red sash, black leather boots, and a white tunic with light leather armor over it. His eyes are a grey that matches his hair now.

Personality: Ankyn has always been a hard man, but after the events that removed him from the Palace, he has become cold steel. At the moment, he is singularly devoted to overthrowing the Magistrate, though whether this is for revenge ofr a hitherto unseen sense of justice, he keeps to himself.

Previous occupation: Palace weapons master
Current occupation: Rebel leader
Weapon of choice: Scimitar
Other: N/A

December 29th, 2005, 10:03 AM
Name: Domovi Kelvar, though he goes by the name of Silk, when it comes to important matters.

Age: 27

Gender: Male

Appearance: suprisingly small , both in height and frame, a passerby might mistake him for a large child at first. Until you get a good look at his face. With medium skin, and short, greasy black hair, his highly intelligent eyes, a shade of bright emerald deny any sign of childhood. He typically wears all black, be it form fitting clothes that won't get in his way, or some of the most lavish clothes for ceremony, all have black as the primary color.

Personality: Highly cheerful and charismatic, he'll chat jovially with his target as he smothers them in their own blankets, or be graceful and elequent in a court full of nobles.

Previous occupation: Aprrentice at "By the bolt" seamstress shop.

Current occupation: Though he owns the "by the bolt" shop now, it is run by his employees majorly as a front for contacting the assasin ring he formed, shortly after signs of the oppression became undeniable.

Weapon of choice: Several concealed stilleto's and daggers, as well as a small, slightly curved short sword of a special make that can be concealed easily.

Other: Pending.

OOC: Brain failure, I'll look this over and refine it, and add more later. @[email protected]

December 29th, 2005, 10:19 AM
Name:Jaspar McNam
Age: 21
Gender: Male.
Appearance: He stands a tall 5' 9". He has medium length, dirty broen hair that hangs down past his ears. His deep blue eyes are much more revealing of his character thatn he wishes they were. It is almost as though you can see directly into his soul through his eyes. He almost always wears a long black overcoat which hangs down almost to his knees. It shows the years of wear and tear. It may be worn, but it is also presentable. His pants most commonly are a simple pair of tan trousers. Nothing fancy. His young face shows his compassion and generosity. It also though seems like the face of a middle-aged man. It wouls seem to someone not observant that he was, because it showed the stains of years of work.
Personality: He is a caring and gentle man by nature. He has an explosive temper when pushed past his breaking point, but most usually can control himself. He is a poor man, but is always willing to help those, less fortunate, more fortune, or as fortunate as he. He does not care weither you are rich or poor, it is not his way to be judgemental.
Previous occupation: He was an odd-jobs man. He would do anything for any ammount of money, sometimes for no money at all. He was very helpfula nd very handy. In his spare time he enjoyed carving wooden sculptures and selling them for little to no money. He never really had "one job" title.
Current occupation: What are you asking for here Jake?
Weapon of choice: his prized posession. The only weapon he owns. He has a long, thick, yet graceful and balanced, broadsword. He is nearly an expert with it, although it is not his nature to kill.
Other: N/A

RP Sample: Jake, I hope I have proved myself to you through the many times we have RPed together... I am a great RPer. (Or so I like to think. Haha.)

December 31st, 2005, 8:06 AM
Name: Shylocke Viron
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Appearance: http://www.360updates.com/DynastyWarriors5_2D091505_2D1.jpg
Personality: Shylocke is very outgoing in all he does. He is very wise for his age as well as excelling in strength. He looks after all of his friends but if anyone gets him angry he'll kill them.
Previous occupation: Student???
Current occupation: He is a fighter for the prince and king.
Weapon of choice: Spear

RP sample:
Shylocke saw The king and prince walk out. He stood straight with his spear standing up trying to impress them. He looked around the air was clean and the hot summers sun was rising.
"So this is what it feels like to be protecting the royal family" He said to himself smiling and feeling very proud. He saw them walk off and just walked over to a cliff to watch the sea.

January 1st, 2006, 9:32 AM
Sorry to be a bother, I suppose I am just excited to start this RP, it looks great. So, I must ask, how many people are you looking for before you start this one Jake? J/W.

.-'Infernal Hylian'-.
January 1st, 2006, 9:39 AM
Name: Siru
Age: 26
Gender: male
Appearance: long brown hair with white streaks
Personality: quick to anger quiet and cautious
Previous occupation: guard for the sands of time was brung to by a warrior from south plains.
Current occupation: Land wanderer
Weapon of choice: Dagger

Rp sample:
As they watched the tower crumble into its fate ten miles away Tidus and yuna looked into each others eyes, it was a magical moment. Tidus had the urge to back out but yuna was one step ahead of him in the other direction. They kissed there destinys entwined the power of time love and reality fused as one and love, finally found by the two destined humans had finnally begun.

January 1st, 2006, 12:53 PM
So far, everyone's accepted aside from Link2005. I need to see an RP sample from him.

.-'Infernal Hylian'-.
January 2nd, 2006, 3:09 AM
There you go. my Rp sample is quite good methinks.

January 2nd, 2006, 2:18 PM
Link2005, just a pointer, you should try to use punctuation, as well as watch spelling errors. I am simply trying to help out a fellow Role Player.

January 2nd, 2006, 3:10 PM
Yeah. At the moment, you don't measure up to the standard I want for this RP, Link. Sorry.

January 6th, 2006, 9:47 AM
*crawls through a desert, moaning* Good RP... Need... *chokes, sputtering* Good RP.... *sees this one* W00t, I'm saved! =D

Name: Llewellyn
Age: 18
Gender: Female

Appearance: Tall, pale, and slender, with long, waist-length brown hair that she just lets run wild, to heck with how it looks. Her eyes are slanted and green, almost serphentine, and she wears her flowing black magicians's robes patterned with silver moons and stars 24/7. Around her neck, she wears a sky-blue necklace with a teardrop-shaped sapphire on it.

Personality: Quiet around people, she never usually says a word...except to her snakes, of course. She doesn't trust other humans, for it seems all they can do is let her down. She keeps to herself, but having once been a sly thief can be crafty for a cause when she needs be.

Previous occupation: Before she discovered her talents as a magician and her ability to communicate with snakes(aka forever ago), she was a thief, but only to get enough bread to survive the day(think Aladdin).
Current occupation: Now she is, and has been for quite a long time, a serphent charmer, though she still steals when it's absolutely necessary.
Weapon of choice: A long knife, which she previously used only for...practical purposes.
Other: Pending...

RP sample: (unless I know and can trust you) You know me, but...can you trust me? *looks thoughtful*

Um...a snake charmer. O.o; Don't ask where this character came from or what her place would be in this RP, 'cause I honestly have no idea. n_n' Hope she meets your standards, though, Oni-sama.

January 6th, 2006, 10:39 AM
<OOC>We begin.<OOC>

"Should we pursue?" the guardsman asked, looking at the trail of blood left by the limp body of a battered warrior. The magistrate shook his head no, saying, "No one could survive long with his wounds. He'll be dead by morning." The guardsman looked at him doubtfully but did not question further. Not after...

Steel clashed through the throne room as I twisted my body out of the way of a sword strike. A twitch of my blade and the assailants jugular was severed. I grabbed the dagger from his belt and flicked it at another of the Guard, another man I had trained. It blossomed out of his forehead and he collapsed. I would have to make apologies later to his widow. Kicking up the sword of the first guard, I grabbed it and exploded into a whirlwind, spinning. Every strike came in at a different angle, from a different height, direction. Only two knew the counter, two whom my target had usurped. Three more dead, I danced lightly away The usurper called, "And when did you become a traitor!"

I shouted back, "Since traitorous actions became the norm!" Unfortunately, I could not hold long against the Guard now flooding the chamber. Running up the wall, I scrambled up a ledge as crossbow bolts thudded around me. Several found their mark as I ran for one of the secret escapes.

Now, dawn was creeping over the horizon as I wandered the marketplace, bandages wrapped around my chest and abdomen. bloodied bandages, and none too clean, either. I had managed to remove the quarrels, but without a proper cleaning and stitching I would be in no better condition, indeed, my death would be all the worse for it. People were beginning to stir, many shopkeepers and entertainers preparing for the day's business. Most gave me wide berth as I staggered through them.

January 6th, 2006, 11:52 AM
Okay, Grappa, time to practice. A hooded figure sat, back to the wall of one of the adobe buildings of the marketplace, watching the fiery sunrise. No one paid her much attention, as she had chosen this corner specifically for that purpose. It was out of the hustle and bustle of the crowd, secluded by the barrels stacked there by a merchant daily. Absolutely perfect. A snake lay, coiled, in front of the girl, emerald eyes watching her, yellow scales glimmering. Waiting.

Shaking back the hood of her black robes to reveal a relatively young girl of about eighteen, Llewellyn's green pupils locked onto the snake's for a moment. The snake's eyes closed. I'm ready, it informed her patiently in mental-speak. Nodding, the girl's hand slipped into one of her robe pockets, withdrawing an ivory flute. Raising it to her lips while still maintaining eye contact with her serphent companion, she closed her eyes.

She played.

Serene, soothing, calming music, as sharp as fangs but as gentle as birdsong, drifted into the air, each note a song within itself, each piece of tune telling a story. Music as old as the earth, as boundless as the sky, as ancient as the dunes, floated upon the desert wind, making time itself seem to stop. The snake raised its head, slithered, and danced, winding to the flute. It could not hear the music, nor see the player, but it could feel the positive vibrations it gave off, the calming sensation it produced within the very soil. And all, snake and girl, flute and song, were part of each other, unaware of any of the other distractions going on around them. They were connected. They just were.

Suddenly, the snake's eyes snapped open, the calmness and serenity evaporating with the one action. The enchanting music faded like the ring of a bell, disappearing but seeming to continue, as one note, on and on into eternity. The snake's pupils snapped onto the girl's.

Someone approaches, said Grappa, his telepathic voice fraught with warning and urgency. He is injured badly. Knowing Grappa's gift for intuition, Llewellyn peered over the barrels, seeing that, to her horror, the snake was right. A man staggered through the crowd, wrapped in bloody bandages. To her utmost fury, no one seemed to be paying him any mind. Typical human race. Forgetting all her hatred for 'her own kind' in the concern for a wounded being, she got up from where she sat, maneuvered expertly around the barracade of barrels, and rushed through the various market-goers to the injured man, Grappa slithering cautiously at her heels. "Sir, sir, what's happened to you???" she cried frantically, too aghast to know what else to do.

OOC: I hope all those little details about the setting are right... *accuracy nut* XD

January 6th, 2006, 12:11 PM
Shylocke was walking after the guardsman and the king and prince. He held his spear in his right hand. He looked around as he was walking and walked into another soldier.
"Watch it! jeez" The soldier growled and turned back to start walking again. Shylocke decided to just look straight in front of him as he did not want to bump into anyone again.

January 6th, 2006, 2:29 PM
<OOC>Err... Shylocke, read the setting... The Prince and his father have been gone for years...<OOC>

I smiled grimly, saying, "Loyalty happened to me, girl. Loyalty to a dead man and his son." I laughed, a bitter, barking sound that rapidly turned into a hacking cough. I pulled my hand away from my mouth afterwards, revealing thick, viscous blood covering the skin. I smiled again and said, "Looks like I'm in worse condition than I thought. Do you know of any healers, girl?"

January 6th, 2006, 2:35 PM
OOC: Sorry I'm not really with it today so I just posted quickly... will edit it now

January 7th, 2006, 8:39 AM
OOC: Jake any Ideas on how I could start? My mind is in a state of lame right now... I am really sorry to keep posting OOC...

January 7th, 2006, 5:17 PM
At this, Grappa slid forward. I can help, he hissed to Llewellyn mentally. Let me... Looking nervously at Grappa for a moment, Llewellyn turned back to the sick man, watching in horror as he coughed up blood. "I know of a way to help you," she said, voice shaking, "but I need to ask you something. Are-are you afraid of snakes?" She felt stupid; this man was in such a condition that any means of healing would be welcoming. But if it didn't work, the last thing he would see would be the eyes of a snake boring into his... No, mustn't think of that, Llewellyn thought, fearfully watching the man.

January 7th, 2006, 5:49 PM
I laughed again, then smiled and said, "Girl, I've seen many things in this world. Many more things than one liftime should hold. I'd wager that I could tell tales to make your blood freeze. Snakes, I can handle. What do I need to do?" Gingerly, I crouched down beside her begin whatever process this was. Just in case, I reached for a sword belted to my side, a sword that was no longer there.

<OOC>Anywhere you see fit, Jared. Right now, my character and amy's are in the marketplace.<OOC>

January 7th, 2006, 6:50 PM
is it too late for me to join?

Name: not known as I am an orphan. I call my self midnight. As it is my favorite hour.
Age: 18
Gender: male
Appearance: 6 foot tall. Dark blue eyes. Very fit. Messy black hair. Black tunic and black pants. My clothes are torn badly and extremely dirty as they are all I have. I have scars in various places from small fights with guards.
Personality: he doesn't trust anyone.he talks only when it's necessary, and keeps to himself and his own thoughts. Deep down, he cares about people, but he tries to hide it behind a cold, hard shell. he loves animals to make up for his hatred towards everyone else.
Previous occupation: a street rat/thief.
Current occupation: same as above but I now go around saving random people that get attacked. I lash out from the shadows. i do not kill any one except each night in the hour of midnight. The guards fear me. And they call me something. (I don’t know what. can some one help me?)
Weapon of choice: a bo and arrows, a double edged steel knife. ( he he. Athame!) and a metal bo staff. (is that ok?)
Other: I do not remember my past but I have a sense that it was bad.

EDIT: right you are amy-chan!!!i knew i forgot something. gee , i havent joined a new roleplay for ages...

RP sample:

I sit quietly and listen to the sounds around me, in the dorm, outside and in the hall. I take deep breathes and before I know it has happened, Amy Clare is back and I sense a pair of sunglasses by my paws. Once again, I concentrate on my human form and turn back into a boy in black clothes. I pick up the sunglasses and put the over my eyes. I open my eyes and look, once again, at Amy and the new girl. “I’m sorry for my behavior. I hope you will forgive me. You’re psychic right? If you want to you can look at my memories and see my life. I warn you though. It’s not pleasant.” I stand up and walk over to the window. I kneel down and brush dirt away from the floor by the window. I walk over to the raven, khaah, it tries to get away but I grab it roughly but then handle it gently. I close my eyes and turn into a baby Hawke. The raven also turns into one and its wing is healed. I put my beak on it and transform back. When I do, khaah turns into an unwounded raven. I look at the new girl and smile. “You haven’t told use your name. Mine is Ken. Her name is Amy. If you want to know her last name. You will have to ask her. You missed power placement. We can show you where it is if you want. And I would like to see what you become”

January 7th, 2006, 7:04 PM
OOC: Midnight-kun, I think you will need an RP sample.

January 7th, 2006, 7:37 PM
Neee! I'm late! I'm late! I'm really, really late! *turns into rabbit*

Ahem. Back on topic. Sorry for being late, Aniki......

Name: Hessa (though no one knows it. She is called 'Alimah' by everyone.)
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Appearance: Alimah (http://i32.photobucket.com/albums/d23/_Fuzzy_Llama_/8d02e9f4.jpg)
Personality: Alimah was always a quiet girl. She's been pushed around most of her life, making her withdrawn and introverted. She feels beaten, worth nothing at the Palace, which is what she's treated like. But, Alimah does have a rebellious side, one that has yet to show itself.
Previous occupation: Thief
Current occupation: Dancer, singer, entertainer at the Palace
Weapon of choice: Twin blades
Hessa was born and raised by herself on the streets, stealing to live. After she was finally capture by gaurds the years ago, she was brought to the Palace. The magistrate asked her to sing and dance, a rather pointless question for someone who was soon to die. Clearly impressed, the magistrate allowed Hessa to live, working at the Palace as a servant. He was also the one who gave her the name 'Alimah', after seeing her preformance.

January 8th, 2006, 2:59 PM
I sit in my chair knife in hand. It's dull edge widling away at a soft piece of wood. It helps to pass the time. My eyes stare out the window, blank and sad. The eyes show the thought taking place. The grief and sorrow show themselves just as much. I sigh and snap myself back to reality. The single tear that begin's to fall is wiped away before it can be seen, not that there is anyone to see it. I was thinking about her, I am always thinking about her, I can't get anything done anymore without getting lost in the memory of her. Her... She was everything. What he did to her... I'll kill him... I'll kill him... I know that I could never, never kill, it isn't my nature, but it helps to tell myself this.

I understand that I am writing in a strange form, but I hope you can all understand what I am saying. It is sort of an expiriment I am trying.

January 8th, 2006, 3:43 PM
ozy? are saphi and i in? (stupid message limit!)

January 8th, 2006, 3:48 PM
Firstly, try not to post "Out of Character" posts without labeling them as such. Secondly, try not to annoy the hell out of the creator of the RP to reply to questions such as "When can we start?" or "Am I accepted?" Roleplayers hate that. I know I am often guilty of just this, but I am just trying to help you be a better member. Thirdly, the message limit is there to make sure you cannot post things too short. If your message is too short than add more information, or be more specific, because cheating the message limit is against the rules. Just trying to help.

January 8th, 2006, 4:02 PM
<OOC>I hate doing this without attaching a post, but here we go... You're both in, though Midnight, I would like to see you improve your writing skill, particularly capitilization, word choice, and punctuation. Secondly, for continuity, I would appreciate it if everyone wrote in first-person past-tense. End transmission.<OOC>

January 8th, 2006, 5:27 PM
Here, trapped in the palace as I was, I waited. I was nothing more than a servant, an entertainer, as I had been for the last three years. It was a harsh life, with this new magistrate ruling--no, dominating--our empire. All the servants were at his mercy,and he could do with us as her pleased. And he seemed to favour hearing me sing and dance. I hated to, at least for him. On my own, though, it was much more enjoyable. I inhaled, closing my eyes.

Ana fi intizarak
Khalat nari fi dolouice
Wi hattaat edee 'alla haddee wi 'adaat A
Bil saniah ghabak wella gait

Ya reit - Ya reitnee omree ma habeit
Aizah 'araf la tikoun
Ghadbaan ow shahghil albak insaam
Hal liktnee min yah'see aoul
Il ghbah teegheeb allatoul
Wi a fakar eih illee ganaytoh
Min zambee ghayrak mah la eit

My song reached a new crescendo, taking on a life of it's own. It echoed through the empty courtyard, spiraling upward into the heavens. I swayed in motion to the mealoncholy song, dancing along.

Ya reit - Yareitnee omree ma habeit.
At 'alim alla gambre il nar
Wi att sharad wayak il afkar
Il nismah ah sibha khotak
Wil hamsa ah sibha khotak
Alla kida ahshahat weam seit
Wisha founee wi allou it ganait

Ya reit - Yareitnee omree ma habeit
Tiou adnee bisneen wi ayam
Wit geenee bi haggag wi kalaam
Dah kalaam
Wit salim wi mor
Ou tikulif wit ooul naseen--

They were watching. I stopped abruptly as my dark eyes flew open. Looking over my shoulder I could see two Guards, watching me.

"Why'd you stop, slave?" one sneered, moving towards me.

"I.... I didn't notice that you.... that you were watching...." I stuttered, backing up. I knew the damage they could do. Many scars criss-crossed across my back as a result of their boredom. If any servant failed to complete a task as quickly as they liked, they were beaten. If we tried to speak out against their cruel ways, we were beaten. If they felt like watching a person withe in agony, we were beaten.

I didn't know if it was always like this. Some of the older slaves spoke of a time when they were treated much better, like humans, instead of dogs. But I never knew a time like that. Nor would I, if this kept up. I had already lost the will to fight against the Guards. Internally, I prayed.

Please... Somebody get me out of here... A distraction. Anything. Somebody help....

January 8th, 2006, 5:33 PM
OOC: I'm sorry, my fault you had to do that Aniki... >_> *cheapy-fast reply* n_n;

IC: "It's really rather simple," I said, relieved he wasn't afraid of snakes. People who were were idiots who had never seen any real dangers. Shaking my head to dismiss all thoughts, I went on, "Just close your eyes." Grappa made to slither towards the man, but I stopped him with a single mental word, No. Seeing that the human wasn't ready, he nodded slightly. I will wait, he complied, watching the injured stranger cautiously.

January 8th, 2006, 5:42 PM
ooc: midnight shadow to the rescue!!

IC: I run along the flat roof tops of houses, looking for any one that needs help. I listen to some one singing in the palace court yard as I jump onto another roof. the song suddenly stops and I look towards the palace, sensing danger. “Good I love danger. I wonder who’s in trouble.” I start jumping across roof tops heading towards the palace, putting an arrow into my bow as I run. In the middle of town the great bell chimes seven times. I frown to my self at the seventh chime and as I do so I skid to a stop, stopping at the edge of the roof of the house nearest the palace wall. Below me, I saw a sewer grate and a large sewer that went under the palace. I sigh. "The things I do to help people." I jump down and put the bow across my chest and under my arms. I put the arrow in a quiver on my back and I lift the grate and put it aside. I jump into the sewer and start running into the palace, though under ground.

Ooc: a bit of help. Saphi? Could you help me?

January 8th, 2006, 5:59 PM
<OOC>Erm, Midnight-kun, it's midmorning... That, and the palace is far from that easy to access...<OOC>

"Whenever you are ready. Sooner rather than later, actually. There are matters I must attend to at the Palace," I replied. Ideas were beginning to form in my head, people I could use. Last night had made things painfully clear to me. My individual resistance would get nowhere. I needed contacts in the Palace, people in the city willing to assisst me. I needed a a true rebellion. Perhaps the Palace slaves could help, they certainly bore none there love. The problem being, that almost certainly included me.

January 8th, 2006, 6:15 PM
One guard grabbed my arm, twisting it behind me. What was I to do now? I had learned long ago there were too many to fight off. Tears started gathering on my lashes, as I was held captive.

"Your Master wishes to see you," He growled in my ear, enjoying the sight of me in pain. "You'd better not be late for him." He held me in place for a moment, before directing me towards the entrance to the building, the other gurad following.

I knew why he was taking his time, getting me to the magistrate as slowly as he dared. He wanted me to get beat. My anger would have flared at that point, if there was any of it left. I lowered my head, biting my bottom lip. There was no way out now. I was broken, shattered. The most I could do was bear through the magistrate's 'fun', hoping to die.

January 8th, 2006, 6:28 PM
<OOC>I mentioned it in the first post. Furthermore, I would appreciate no more Out of Character chatter without a post attached. I do mean no more. A post rectifying the situation would be appreciated.<OOC>

January 8th, 2006, 6:48 PM
I am really enjoying my "present tence" RolePlaying... If it is required, I will edit this post, but I would like to continue RolePlaying in my fashion if you don't mind Jake...

His face is in my head, it won't go away. The magistrate. The wretched, evil, putrid being. I cannot get his face out my my mind. He just continues sneering at me. His evil little smile, the horrible little smile he uses much too often, usually when a beating is taking place, or when someone shrieks with pain. He loves this. I hate him. I hate him! My dear Carin, I remember the day he made me watch her. He made me watch her die. The memory flashes through my mind, as clear as if it is yesterday.

I strugle, I fight, but it gets me nowhere. An average poor weak man, fairs very badly against three of the finest guards in the palace. I fight anyway. I waste my energy, and I know it, but I will kill myself to save her. I will.

He steps out, onto his golden platform. He smiles his gross little smile and looks at her. All she ever did was speak up to him. She told him that his treatment was unfair towards out land. I remember this day clear as day. She spoke for all of us. Now, she pays for us as well.

January 9th, 2006, 4:14 PM
Jake is one of the best known, and best RPers on this site. He has high standards because he knows what it takes to make a quality RP run. Listewn to what he has to say, and to what I have to say, and you will become a better member, as well as a better respected member. Continue the way you seem to be going, and you will simply breed discontent among the well known users, and quality members who visit "Other Roleplay." Jake already specified not to post any more OOC posts without an IC post, so you are obviously breaking his rules.You don't have to quit, I assume he would have booted you from this RP anyway. Thank you, good night, and goodbye...

I watch her scream as he grabs her around the neck, and lifts her off her Nick. He tightens his hand around her frail neck, and I watch her face go blank. He eyes roll back in her head, and her head falls, as if she cannot give it effort any longer. I yell, scream, and struggle against the guards again, a new-found fight found in myself. I finally break free, and run over to her. I look into her lifeless eyes, and a tear falls onto her shirt.

January 10th, 2006, 8:57 AM
I lay upon the open roof of my shop, languishing as I stared up at the sky, rested comfortably on a soft rug, having propped myself up with pillows as I sipped at a fine glass of wine. Even though business from my shop was bad, things were starting to become fairly profitable for my other trade. I grinned slightly at the irony. Allready, word was beginning to spread through the shadier streets about the "Seamstress Assasins." I let out a wry chuckle, and bent one knee, resint my other leg upon it as I drained the goblet. Who would have thought I could be doing so well, especially at a time like this?

That's when one of my lower shop assistants popped his head from the hatch leading downstairs. "Silk, sir, Ske'ret told me to come to you, there's a new report downstairs, Miss Velvet is already waiting." I sighed. Even if life was profitable, you still never got more than a little peace now and then. I walked past him without a word, down into my shop, and slipping down further through a concealed trap door in front of the entrance, the last place guards would think to search for a concealed room. As I walked down the tunnels, I began rumbling to myself. It had to be nothing more than a simple report on activities in the palace, my eyes and ears never caught anything useful, but Velvet insisted on having them...

January 10th, 2006, 9:22 AM
OOC: this is a good roleplay its too bad it had to be made by some one snbby with high standards!
*growls* Midnight, don't take this personally, but say that one more time about Aniki. And burn. *sighs* Just stop fighting, all of you. It's grinding my last nerve.


He had closed his eyes now. Truthfully, though it may seem a bit foolish to an outsider, I only told him to do so so that he wouldn't see what took place. For, no matter how urgent the situation, I stuck by the classic code: A magician(and/or their familiar) never reveals his or her secrets. Grappa entwined around the man as gently as possible, and stared into his shut eyelids. Slowly, the bandages fell away, the blood stopping its flow immediately upon contact with the snake. Grappa, now stained slightly crimson, slithered off him, his job done. "You may open your eyes," I said cautiously, as Grappa began coiling himself around my arm.

January 10th, 2006, 1:57 PM
"Thank you," I replied. Though I sounded rather grim, I was, in truth, very grateful for her assisstance. I was simply dreading the prospect of sneaking back into a Palace populated by men I had trained. Men who now wanted me dead. Once that was managed, finding a suitable contact amongst the slaves would be more difficult still. They hated Palace high society unequivocally. After that... By now, the city itself was probably too dangerous for me, but it was the city where the corruption of the current rule was felt most keenly. I sighed, then asked, "I have a job to attend to at the Palace. Your company until it's walls would be appreciated."

January 10th, 2006, 5:54 PM
Soon I snap back to reality, but continue my blank stare at the wall. I often do this for hours at a time. It helps to make the memories subside for a time usually. Today it does not though they continue coming, pulling me in and out of reality, not knowing what is right and wrong, left and right, up and down.

A plot resurfaces in my mind, the same one that often played, but was often dismissed as ludacris. But today it isn't ludacris, today it is logical, logical and right. The plot is to take him down, take him out of power, out of power for good, to take his life for good is my plan. I have desired this ever since I watched the merciless killer that day, watched him kill Carin.

For the first time of many, many hours I step up from my chair, and crack my neck, it is stiff from staring at one thing without movement for that long. He will fall... I repeat to myself repeatedly, now pacing the wooden floor of my rustic home.

January 10th, 2006, 6:58 PM

this is a good roleplay its too bad it had to be made by some one snbby with high standards!lighten up ozy. the best roleplays are then ones with normal standards. im quitting!!!!!!!!


every one knowss this. im not stupid. this post was just a waste of space and annoyed me.

*clenches fists* Midnight, that was a total waste of space. Firstly, OnEaNdOnLy was simply trying to help. And he is my pair. Secondly, Jake is one of the best known RPers, and knows how to run an RP. He is not "snobby", or whatever. In fact, I can't tell you how many times he's helped me. Third, you've insulted some people who are held in the highest position in my heart.

I have to agree with Amy on this one. Refrain yourself from saying anything like that to them again, or burn in the deepest, darkest pits of the Unholy Abyss. I have nothing more to say.


I struggled as much as I could, which was pretty weak compared to the fight I used to put up. Nothing seemed to work against these guys. Who trained them, anyways? Because whoever they were, they deserved to die, in my oppinion. Teaching people how to opress the weaker, shatter their hopes, harm them...

I hand to get out of here, now. This wasn't the life I wanted; I'd rather kill myself than continue working here at the palace. I would--

"Settle down, slave, if you'd like to be spared the pain." I felt a knife being pressed to my neck, lightly, but firm enough to inflict pain. Crimson blood seeped out of my fresh wound. I was used to treatment like this by now, but still hated it. The blade dug deeper into my flesh. I knew that if I moved I'd be punished, but I couldn't stand like this forever...

January 11th, 2006, 2:10 PM
<OOC>I'm really sorry Amy-chan, but I need to move this forward. This is the first planned installment, and it kinda needs to move fast.<OOC>

Taking her silence as a negative answer, I slipped off into the shadows between buildings. First, I needed a weapon. Creeping, in the toe-to-heel manner of a thief or assassin, I entered a seemingly deserted house. In the kitchen, I found a heavy produce knife. The blade was of poor quality, but it would do. I only needed to kill one man with it. Slipping it into the red sash I wore, I crept back out into the alley, then jumped up, placing a hand and foot on each wall. By jumping upwards, I was able to quickly reach the rooftops.

From there, I ran, jumping lightly from building to building. It was somewhat more visible, but patrols were light at this time of morning, and by now, the city's people were broken to the point that they were no more than prefunctory gestures. At several points, I had to drop and shimmy upwards again, as the homes grew richer the closer to the Palace walls I came. Finally, I reached what I was looking for.

A guardhouse was built off of one of the turrets in the wall. I ducked behind a small ledge to avoid the archers on the turret itself, then dropped to the ground. The guardhouse itself was small, built for one man to keep watch out of the line-of-sight of the archers. Sneaking around him, I silently scrambled onto the roof of the structure, then used my knife to cut a small hole in the women mat covering the stone structure. Catching it before it fell, I set it aside, and using my feet to hold myself up, I lowered myself inside, reaching around the guard and quietly slitting his throat.

I held him until I was fully inside, then slowly lowered him to the ground, taking his sword. Again, an inferior blade to the one I had once wielded, but it would suffice if I needed to defend myself. I checked the lock on the door leading into the grounds. Locked. The guard carried no key, that would be held by the archers. I smiled, thinking So I'm somewhat a threat. I used the knife to jimmy the lock, then crept into the base of the turret, then through to one of the outer gardens of the Palace.