View Full Version : Isometric Tower!

Alex The Great Master
December 30th, 2005, 3:43 PM
I got this idea from Newgrounds (www.newgrounds.com). We make isometric cubes, then we pile them to make a tower. What's an isometric cube? It's a cube with equal measures, usually pixel artists use them in order to make a 3D art with zero perspective. Which means the size of something is the same in every part of the image. You can make buildings or something else out of an isometric cube, then I'll pile them up in a tower and the final product will be done in Flash, or in a .jpg file.
Here's the template:
You can use any image editor to make your isometric cube, in GIF, JPG and PNG. This tutorial can help you. (http://www.pixelfreak.com/tutorial/index.html)

Note: If this doesn't go here, then I'm sorry.

EDIT: I'll post my cube as an example, this will be at the top of the tower when finished. A tribute to my country...