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January 3rd, 2006, 1:13 AM
Before us, there were a lot of more pokemon. Not nescesarily more species, but a lot more actual pokemon. The reason for their dissapearence?

The meteor.

Created by the "One Above", it sped towards the world, and hit it. Over half the world was wiped out and pokemon were taken for dead. However they survived, and new evidence has shown that once-extinct species have been found alive and well. In this modern day and age, we're all happy.

Unfortunatly, you shouldn't be.

Another meteor, possiby created by the one above, has been located near our planet. It is almost certain to hit, with a 1/2845 chance it won't. That is, without any human changes. Or rather, pokemon changes.

If you want to go beyond the Edge of the Sky itself, best get yourself down to Fable Island.


No godmoding/powerplaying. I'm sick and tired of people doing this, it get's to me.
No character control. You can't control someone else's character(s). Say my character is G and your's is F.
G looked at F. F punched G. This is wrong. I am not allowed to control F.


The form-

Name(full name is prefered. No stupid stuff like I'm Edward Elric!')-

Age(Be sensible here. It's unlikely that you'll be able to do anything if you're 13 or under. I suggest 15/16.)-





Pokemon (CRUCIAL. Fully evolved pokemon ie Blaziken are dissalowed. You can evolve later. AND NO LEGENDARIES! Some actually might appear. Maximum amount of 4 Pokemon to start with.)-


RP Sample (a must. It basically defines if you're in or not.)-

And here is my form.

Name-Leo Adams



Personality- Leo is upbeat and optimistic. He's not the kindest person, and sometimes he'll get irate, but most of the time, he's a nice guy. He dosen't make a fuss about the smallest thing. Luckily he's also careful and thinks twice about most things, though not always.

Description-Around 5'7, Leo has long brown hair, almost black, which match his eyes. His hair is straight and reaches the top of his shoulder blades. Most of time he wears some form of T-Shirt with a sweatshirt tied round his waist, and jeans. For his feet, trainers all the way, but when he's playing football, astro boots do the trick.

History-Leo's been on the move. His dad died when he was young, and his mom is pretty much silent 24/7. He decided he couldn't take the life there, so he ran away from home a year ago. That's when he met some pokemon.


Fuse (Male Quilava)-Leo found Fuse as an egg in a rubbish skip. After Leo carried it around for a while, it hatched and they became best friends. Leo can now understand Fuse's speech, after all they've been together for ten months.

Nuage (Female Swablu)-Nuage was the pet pokemon of a very wealthy kid. One day she accidentally broke an ornament as she had been locked in a cage for a while, so she needed exercise. The boy then threw her out of the house. Leo found her a week later, and nursed her back to health at a pokemon centre. She has been with him since.

Gusto (Male Elekid)-Leo captured Gusto during a storm. Gusto hadn't caused it, but had been drawn towards it. Leo fought him using Fuse. Gusto currently enjoys Pokefood and sparring with Fuse the most. Gets along with Leo quite well, but they have spurts.

RP Sample-Hello? I'm making this? If you want one, read my posts from Barrel City Stories(INVITATIONAL).

We'll start soon!

January 3rd, 2006, 9:37 AM
*kills all people who haven't joined*


Name--Sola Lane (or just "Sol" for short)
Personality--Brainy. Is usually drowned in books. When battling, she never speaks, but she barely speaks at all even outside battle. She always wears a school uniform, even if she's on break. She had devoted herself to Pokemon in order to seek friendship.
Description--Pic~ (http://img313.imageshack.us/img313/7153/cute0fd.png)
History--There's not much vital history behind her. Her parents are separated and don't give her much encouragement, even though her grades in school are top-notch.
Splotch the Giraffarig (Male) - Splotch was discovered neck deep in a pond of icy water at a young age. Sola, not wanting to seem heartless who had observed this high up in a tree, rescued the Giraffarig herself. Since then, Splotch has been her best and most loyal companion.
Bounce the Grumpig (Male) - Bounce was once owned by a frail old woman when he was a Spoink, but after many months, the Spoink mysteriously evolved. The woman didn't want her anymore and gave it to Sola, free of charge.
Whiskers the Barboach (Female) - Her father caught it while she was visiting one day. He didn't want to fry it since it was as hard as a rock. Instead, Sola insisted on keeping it for herself.
Murtle the Shuckle (Female) - Before taking her in, the obnoxious Shuckle would moan outside of Sola's window in the dead of night, pleading for attention. She eventually opened the window to throw a wad of newspaper in her face, but was surprised once the Pokemon jumped right into her room and fell into silence.

RP Sample -
From MisteryDratini's failed RP, Knights of the Skies
"Liliana!" Solluna, the head of team air told her most honored member. The malicious trainer was standing near her Skarmory who pecked confindently at her ear.
"Quit slouching! This is a union, not a club!"
Yes Ma'am! Sorry Ma'am! It wont happpen again Ma'am! I salluted Solluna,and retured my Charizard (Vulcan) back to it's pokeball.
"That's more like it..."
I followed Solluna inside the Team Air base
"Liliana, do you know the plan that I will create?"
Ma'am were going to take evenge on all OTHER POKEMON Ma'am
"Exactly. Do you know why?"
Yes Ma'am,it is the other pokemon - Ma'am - that Stand in our way of taking over,Ma'am.
Yes Ma'am
"Oh, and Liliana." Liliana turns around nervously. "Don't call me ma'am...call me Master."

All of the red, tiny-fonted things were Liliana, or ClappySeel for that matter. Just showing you a taste of my dramatic RPing skills =D (although this was long before. I assure you I am five times better. I haven't RPed in months.)

January 3rd, 2006, 1:11 PM
An RP sample?

It's basically a demonstration of if you can RP. RPing along these lines is kinda like a big fat Multiplayer Fan-fic, so I'll demonstrate one which will get you accepted.

NOTE-This sample is based around an old RP of mine, Barrel City Stories.


He waited outside, in the cold, with the rain pouring down. Ring stared up at him from his feet.
{John, are you sure that Neco won't attack us?} she asked quiveringly.
John nodded. Neco wouldn't be round here, not after joining Axle. Neco would currently have to suffer intense training to evolve, which seemed likely. He wasn't nice at all. Ring seemed satisfied and cheered once. John smiled at his Ralts and peered into the distance. He could see the shopping center now, with the Team Gear members outside. It wasn't that far off. What was inside....was a different matter.

Something like that would definately get you accepted. And you're the cliffhanger master, the butter and popcorn war thread creator, RP samples should be right up your alley.

Apart from that, all the other details seem fine. I'll let Grumpig stand even though it's fully evolved, I guess a Grumpig couldn't take over the world.

January 3rd, 2006, 1:20 PM
An RP sample?

It's basically a demonstration of if you can RP. RPing along these lines is kinda like a big fat Multiplayer Fan-fic, so I'll demonstrate one which will get you accepted.

NOTE-This sample is based around an old RP of mine, Barrel City Stories.


He waited outside, in the cold, with the rain pouring down. Ring stared up at him from his feet.
{John, are you sure that Neco won't attack us?} she asked quiveringly.
John nodded. Neco wouldn't be round here, not after joining Axle. Neco would currently have to suffer intense training to evolve, which seemed likely. He wasn't nice at all. Ring seemed satisfied and cheered once. John smiled at his Ralts and peered into the distance. He could see the shopping center now, with the Team Gear members outside. It wasn't that far off. What was inside....was a different matter.

Something like that would definately get you accepted. And you're the cliffhanger master, the butter and popcorn war thread creator, RP samples should be right up your alley.

Apart from that, all the other details seem fine. I'll let Grumpig stand even though it's fully evolved, I guess a Grumpig couldn't take over the world.By final evolve forms, I thought you meant like the third evolve form. O.o I never considered 2-step evolutions really powerful.

It's all clear to me now...*goes back to edit form*

January 3rd, 2006, 2:47 PM
Spoon, you're accepted. You've kinda followed all the RP rules, and your sample is quite good. If you need more advice, take some time out and read Alter Ego's RPs. It's like reading a fan-fic. He is one of the best RPers I know, and his RPs inspire me to do better. Plus on top of all that, I want to pummel him with a baseball bat. For reasons buried deep in the past...

Oh and completely off topic-WaterWing is the best.

January 4th, 2006, 6:43 PM
Huh, long while since I posted here.

Name: Kale Dywre (he tells people his name is Cain)

Age: 18

Gender: M

Personality (optional): Generally he's a very friendly guy. Willing to help anyone in need, and treats everyone just the same. From the lowliest Caterpie to an Elite Four member he gives no one more, or less respect then they deserve. He doesn't feel the need to press points that people don't want to talk about; he only wants the same in return. He is very adept at reading people however, so if you press him, he will nail you right where you don't want to be nailed. He has no friends but people can tell he is very trustworthy. He speaks his mind, so will tell you if you are being overly dumb. He can act rather oddly, just to get a laugh out of people (he firmly believes people should die laughing). He exudes a calming aura over anyone. Most people can find they can think more clearly when panicked, if they are around him. Many people find him wiser then his years . . .

Description-Around 5'10, with a slightly toned body. His skin is a little tanned from all the time he spends outdoors. His eyes are a bright blue and his hair is dark brown. It is about 3 inches long except at mid ear it is cut very short. He has a small ponytail coming off the base of his neck. His clothes are blue jeans, light brown t-shirt, and a darker brown vest overtop. Added a pic.

History: What he tells people is that he is an orphan and when he was 10 he ran away from the Orphanage. His home town was near a wide open plain so he found a Rapidash/Ponyta herd and lived with them. He decided to move on when he was 14. He took a Ponyta with him, but only with the permission of his parents, and himself (called Andune). He is usually riding him, as he is very tall for a Ponyta. He explored for a while, only catching 1 Pokemon, a shiny female Aron (Kirei). He also found amber and raced Andune to gain money to get the Pokemon out of it, a (now) extremely large female Aerodactyl (Lakany). A run away Eevee also decided to join his crew (Jake). This is only what he says though.


Ponyta M(Andune): Andune was born in a wild herd but agreed to go with Kale in his travels. He loves to run, and can leap almost anything. Loves to travel, and see new places. Very outgoing and spirited.

Larrion F(Kirei): As an Aron she was made fun of for her colouring, especially since she still retains the normal blue eyes of an Aron. She is still timid, and joined Kale’s team to get away from her cruel family group.

Aerodactyl F(Lakany): For and Aero, she is quite caring of her fellow team mates. She looks out for their well being and her trainer’s. She gets weird flashes sometimes of long ago memories.

Eevee M(Jake): Neither he or Kale will really say how he came to join their crew, but it is obvious he was abused before coming to Kale. He is quite heavily scarred. He only trusts Kale and his team mates and fights extremely viciously.

Other: Nope

RP Sample: This is taken from another RPG I was in on another board, Kiwi is a Chocobo (basically a giant yellow chicken that is much more cute looking, that you can ride)-

All this time Kiwi had been bouncing fearfully beneath me and I struggled to hold her as I looked at this crazy man, walking as if he had all the time in the world. I shot my head back up to the ball as it released four bight ovals of light. I let the reins fall and Kiwi whirled around but it was already too late. One oval streaked towards us and I could feel it heat on my body and the light all encompassing

I felt a lurch and instead of being incinerated Kiwi and I crashed to the ground; everything falling silent.

We lay still for what seemed like an eternity. Eventually I cracked an eye open and Kiwi must have overcome her shock at the exact same time because she scrambled to her feet and leaped clumsily backward. Just in time, to. A humongous broadsword crashed to the ground where we had lay moments before. Kiwi stumbled and I was halfway out of my seat before she finally regained her footing.

My gaze was on the sword. As I shifted back into place my sight travelled up the sword into grey eyes. I noticed we were in a giant hall of some sort. Water dripped and Pyreflies flew everywhere. I recognized it as the Zanarkand of now. The man’s face, partly obscured by his coat, twisted into a sardonic smile. It was the same man from Zanarkand. I scrunched my face in confusion and opened my mouth to say something when a light grew between us.

It grew until it was the size of a small recording sphere. I was transfixed upon it and I made Kiwi bring me closer to both the Sphere and the man. So intent was my focus on the orb I almost didn’t hear the man say, “It is time to shape your story . . . Their fate…is in your hands.” I reached out and touched the Sphere, the light grew, fading all else from view . . .

January 4th, 2006, 11:51 PM
Asayake is accepted. Good RP sample, taken from the FFX world, I believe?
And I added up some basic rules.

January 5th, 2006, 4:30 AM
Yep it was sorta an FFX RP (some same characters but flung into the future), unfortunately people stopped posting and it died. Fun while it lasted though.

January 5th, 2006, 11:35 AM
Uh-huh. If one more person joins I'm starting. If they don't I'm starting tomorrow.
People can still join, but there will be a cut off point, probably the second page. If anyone else wants to join, then they'll have to PM me. Standard form applies.

January 5th, 2006, 4:48 PM
I've been looking for a good RP like this.

Name- Curtis Covington

Age- 15

Gender- Male

Personality- An up for any challenge kind of guy.He will do anything to ensure he gets a job done. You'd be surprized to know he is the loner type and tries to stay burried away in the hole of darkness he has dug for himself, though with presistince he just might crawl out.

Description- He stands tall at 6"2', as the sun shines down his dirty blonde hair and reflcts off his deep almost infinantly blue eyes.He wearsA Dark blue shirt, and old worn in Blue jeans.

History- Ater the disaperance of his Mother and Father at the age of seven, Curtis has roamed the streets with his Sneasal fending for himself, and staying on the run from the Social Workers.

Pokemon- Sneasal (Very close to his trainer, with similar personalities. Curtis' only friend.)

Other- Has trained himself to read peoples personalities.

RP Sample- The room was cold. Dark and cold, as I sat up in bed... Waiting... And watching. My heart slowly thumped away in my bare chest. My teary eyes rolled down to the gun beside me. Whats the point... No one cares about me... No... They just use me... They don't even know me... Yet I still help them. Wind blew the curtain in the window allowing the moolight to escape through casting a shoadow on a figure in the corner of the room. "They need you." A soft voice came from the figure. I looked up at it.
"I know..." I paused. "But do I really need them?"
"That is up to you to decide."
"It's over Jotell, I am sure there are others like me." I tightly griped the gun. "I can't take it any more, find yourself a new trainer." I pulled the gun to my head as tears raced down my face.
"You are needed." The figure steped back.
"I don't care." I pulled the triger shooting myself in the head dieing on impact.
"Yes... you were."

(Please excuse spelling, I will fix it.)

January 6th, 2006, 2:05 PM
Zerro...you are accepted. Fairly decent RP sample, and you've given me a basic idea of your character. That said let's get started!

IC: The sun glazed down on Fable Island. Deep in the oceans it was perfect for cosmology to take place there. Perfect weather all around the year. One day, a few scientists were checking out the latest readings and such, when suddenly something spiked their attention.
"Err, Mr. Donovan, I think you should take a look at this."
The man called Donovan walked over to the monitor, saw what was on the screen and uttered one word.

The streets of Mauville were dirty as usual. Leo strode along them, eyes down, with Fuse by his side.
"Don't worry, we'll be there soon," muttered Leo to his companion. Fuse snorted and the flames on his back grew larger.
{Don't count on it} he said. He nodded and Leo saw the commotion up ahead.
"Oh god, the press. What are they doing here?"
{Don't ask me.}
Leo sighed and plodded along.

He reached the press and overheard their conversation.

"Is your team ready?" said a female reporter, maybe Gabby.
"Yes it is, although we are looking for some trainers..." replied the target, a middle aged scientist with a far eastern look.
Leo flinched at the 'trainers' part. He swirled around.
"So you're lookng for a trainer. What's this all about?"
{You're just looking for trouble} said Fuse, but he was unheard.

"A meteor? Are you joking?" Leo almost choked.
"No, young man, we are not. The reason we are looking for trainers..."
His voice dropped a bit.
"The reason we are looking for trainers," he murmered, "Is so we can check what's on the meteor, before we send our crew in."
Leo pondered over this in his head. The scientist seemed truthful, but was he telling the whole truth?
"I'm in."

Nuage had always been happy at her previous owner's home. It was peaceful, a massive mansion overlooking Lilycove. She had been treated well, there was lots of space to play in, and she had company with the three other pets her owner had, and the household pokemon. The pet pokemon were Nuck the Tyrogue, who her owner wanted to evolve into a Hitmonlee, but he wanted to be a Hitmontop, Nina the Vulpix, quiet and secluded, and the strongest, Fado the Zangoose, a strong and loud creature, and the oldest of her owner's pets.

One day however, her owner shut her away in a cage for a week on end, and she grew achy. After a week her owner let her out, and in her brief burst of crazyness of being let out, she broke her owner's favourite ornament, and injured him in it. Her owner, furious with her, threw her out of the house. She had tried to survive outside, but her pampered lifestyle meant that she coudn't do anything for herself. She spent a week being teased by others, by girls younger than herself, even babies. Once she challenged one, a feisty Rattata, but she was promptly defeated. Then Leo found her, and she found a home. He was kind to her, and she settled down with him.

Nuage thought about that now, as the plane flew over the oceans. Leo was snoring in the seat next to her. Although it was a private plane, Leo didn't like it. He had been on plane flights before, and he hated them. Fuse didn't to seem to like them either, and was snoozing on a sofa. Gusto, the final member of Leo's team was busy checking out every corner of the plane.
{Calm down, Gusto, you'll wake Leo and Fuse!} she whispered in a 'tone'.
{No!} retorted Gusto, the Elekid was stubborn, {I don't care!}
Nuage puffed up her wings and fluttered over to Gusto. She stared him in the eye. Gusto, seeing this as a challenge, began to create electricity. Nuage cried out and fluttered back again. She hated electricity. It seemed to hurt more than anything else.

January 6th, 2006, 3:15 PM
As I walked down the path to Mauville with Sneasal at side, my mind drifted away thinking of the dark road's I had walked. My head shifted toward Sneasal, "You sure Mauville will be looking for a trainer?" Sneasal replied with a grunting noise. "I'm just saying it's not to late to turn back, that guy back there offered us a free place to stay, and a warm meal for once." again Sneasal grunted. "Fine..." It wasn't the first time I had pasted up a bed and food. Though it was tempting I always managed to 'sacvange' berries from local marts. Besides, staying in one place to long just wasn't my style. We continued to walk the rest of the night, untill finaly the rising sun shone light upon a city in the distance.

January 6th, 2006, 7:45 PM
OOC: Please remember if you talk to my character, he introduces himself as Cain. I'll decide when he reveals his true name and past. ;) Thanks. I added a pic to my sign up sheet if it helps.

Kale Dywre {Cain}
Slums of Mauville

"Andune use Hypnosis!" Shouted Kale. Andune looked deep into the Jynx's eyes and lulled her to sleep with his mind. The Jynx slowly slumped to the ground, fast asleep.

"No!" shouted the street rat. "Fine here! Take it! Just don't hurt my Jynx, she's all the protection I got!" He tossed the packet of potions he had taken from the Pokemart.

"Thank you, now your not half decent trainer, go try for the League instead of stealing stuff eh?" kale tossed an Awakening at the kid. He caught it, returned his Jynx and ran. He looked back over his shoulder once, looking confused.

Kale sighed and walked up to his Ponyta, Andune. "Well better get these back to the Mart." Andune nodded. Kale hopped onto his back, and they took off at a gallop for the store. They returned them to a very grateful storeowner, who let them keep a couple.

He was starting to head for the PokeCentre when he overheard a conversation of a scientist with a trainer. He appeared to be recruiting trainers for some kind of mission. Kale moved closer, getting off Andune,

"A meteor? Are you joking?" The trainer he appeared to be talking too looked shocked, choking. He had long, very dark brown hair, and the same colour for his eyes. He was of average height and wearing a t-shirt and jeans. A sweatshirt around his waist.
"No, young man, we are not. The reason we are looking for trainers..."
His voice dropped and Kale moved in to catch what he said,
"The reason we are looking for trainers," he murmured, "Is so we can check what's on the meteor, before we send our crew in."

'Well isn't that interesting.' thought Kale. The trainer immediately gave his assent, and Kale followed them.

"Hey sounds like you need more then one trainer. Want some more help?" he asked. The scientist and the trainer looked back to him. The scientist brightened and said, "Of course! We need all the help we can get! Come, come! We need to take an airplane to get to Fable Island.

Kale nodded, returning Andune. They walked to the airport; Kale joined the other trainer in getting on the airplane. He released his Poke's before promptly falling asleep. Kale smiled in amusement. He let out Andune and Jake. Only they were small enough for the plane. Andune went over and seemed to introducing themselves to the others (or making peace), Jake hopped into his lap, also deciding to take a nap. Kale just patted him, lost in thought.

January 7th, 2006, 3:44 PM
[ OOC ] - Pete and Asayake; can you please mention the type of pokemon? I don't like looking back at profiles to check ^^;

It was Sola's first time on a plane, and she never intended on going on one. She was afraid of heights. Her older brother and his rambunctious friends had nudged her onto a kitty coaster at the carnival once. She wasn't too thrilled.

She quickly fastened her belt, making sure it was as tight as it could get. Making sure it was also unable to loosen. Making sure that she would survive if the plane were to suddenly perform a barrellroll. She folded her hands politely on her bare legs and straightened her spectacles, trying to drown her fear by seeming proffesional to others.

But her fear wasn't depleting like she thought. Her fear was also towards her pokemon. She denied them going into any pet carriers, for she had know idea how many times the cages were used and reused. She also didn't want to let any of them out, afraid she would be told to put them back in their pokeballs. Not just that, but how would should buckle them up?

The airplace began to move forward. "Oh God..." She thought. "Why did I accept this offer?"

The whole reason she was on the plane was because her eyes caught sight of a sign on the school's bulletin board.

"TRAINER WANTED: Please call 1-800-223-769 for more information"

She thought it was a pretty vaguely explained, but the fact that it was a chance to prove her long, hard days of training really paid off...There was no chance to lose.

But a meteor? Wasn't that work for astronauts? She must've gone crazy.

A meteor...

January 8th, 2006, 12:09 PM
OOC: Fuse is fire type. Nuage is Normal/Flying and Gusto is Electric.

IC: Leo was jolted awake by a sudden burst of turbulence. Fuse had fallen off the sofa. Nuage and Gusto were tucked away near him, not shaken. Leo saw that there were other trainers on the plane.
"Uhh," he said, remebering the horrid airplane food. This was a private plane yet they still had cruddy food? He sighed.
"I'm Leo," he said to the nearest trainer, who had two pokemon with him: A Ponyta and an Eevee. Fuse had wandered over to the Ponyta.
{Hey, are you going to some 'Meteor' place too? Because if you are, then you'll need to know my name. I'm Fuse} he said, {By the way, after this plane ride is done, do you want to battle?}

Nuage woke up from her position in the seat pocket. It was cosy in there, and the elastic made a nice hammock. Even though she was used to perches. Gusto snored on. A little spark jumped from his head, but nobody noticed.

January 8th, 2006, 12:32 PM
[ OOC ] - What I meant was the species XD *has already looked*

Sol had become quite comfortable once the plane was in flight. She dared herself to look out the window, finding that the experience of flying wasn't as terrifying as she had imagined. The clouds beneath them were thick enough to where she couldn't see how far she would fall--IF she fell out. In fact, the clouds seemed to be some sort of ground.

She pulled up her backpack she was holding between her legs. She shoveled through the side pocket and pulled out a round, red and white ball. It instantly enlarged. Without speaking, a ray of light was released and a stout, violet pokemon with a snoat had emerged. The Grumpig shook his head, his tiny ears slapping against his bald head. He looked up at his trainer questioningly.

"Your a nice size to be sitting next to me on a plane, eh, Bounce?" The girl smiled and ruffled the pig's ears. He snorted. "Just don't get too active, okay? Stay calm."

Bounce smiled and nodded. He sat back obediently. Sola pulled a book from her pack titled "Pokemon Battles* and commenced reading, scanning the pages so fast, her eyes blurred.

Bounce, knowing his trainer would not be communicating for a while, looked around curiously. He had never been on a plane either. His former owner (who wasn't actually a trainer) wouldn't even let him out of the house.

He heard a conversation coming from behind him. He couldn't help but listen in.

{Hey are you going to some meteor place, too? Because if you are, I need to know your name. I'm Fuse.} Bounce quickly turned around and looked over the seat, disregarding the elderly people giving him funny looks in the seat behind him. {By the way, after this plane ride is done, do you want to battle?

Bounce jumped from his seat and ran down the aisle, quickly coming to the side of a young, male Quilava. The fire-maker looked at him strangely.

{My trainer and I are going to a meteor, too.} He said, glancing at the Ponyta standing above him. {Mind if I join in on the convo?}