View Full Version : *Flashie*

January 4th, 2006, 6:19 PM
Check out this flash show.


it will amaze and stun you!! ^_^ all I have to ask is... how long where you sitting there for? lolz


January 4th, 2006, 6:24 PM
Not very long... it was obvious to me how long it was. I let it play awhile though ;_; Good thing they weren't timing it, otherwise I'd be called dumb.

I'm suprised I got that quickly though.

January 4th, 2006, 6:34 PM
heh.. I didn't realised.. until like... 1/2 an hour later. X_x;; I was caught up doing other stuff, so i never really read the title and then I noticed.. which just goes to show... how gullible i am.. lolz..


Supreme Edgeboy Max
January 5th, 2006, 1:35 AM
Wow.. that took a long time to load. Meh.. I yawned at it after two minutes. ^o^

January 5th, 2006, 12:07 PM
Tch, 8 seconds tops. I didn't wait much.

January 6th, 2006, 3:42 PM
...'The Everloading Story' and an 'exit' pretty much give it away.

Dawg 2005
January 8th, 2006, 5:39 AM
I still have it up, I like the music. XD I'm gonna show this to my friend. XD