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January 4th, 2006, 7:11 PM
Okay, I've had this I idea for something like this for a while and I have decided to turn it into an RPG. I think the reason, pokemon isn't so popular is because it targets younger auidences. What if there was a darker pokemon? A PG-13 story with not just problems about pokemon, but romance, not the cheesy kid kind, depression, and charcters more like today's teens. So here's my idea.

Three trainers the town of Pallet with their starter pokemon on their own adventure. This RPG isn't limited to just three people, Pallet isn't the only town. We just have to have three from Pallet to start. Instead of getting pokemon at age ten, this kids have to be thriteen or older. Team Rocket excists but instead of stealing pokemon they actually hurt people and pokemon alike. There more like their the mafia instead of pokemon theifs. Ash and Gary don't exsist. You tak their places. The trainers goals are to gather 8 badges and compete in the indigo league but when their faced with romance, angst, humor, tragedy, and action, their real goal becomes clear... Survive.

Don't post for others without their permission.
Don't post less then three paragraphs.
Keep RPG seprate from you with OOC:
Mild Lanugue is aloud, nothing horrirable
This is PG-13, so don't go into PG-16 situations.

Here's what you need.
Age: above 13
Starter Pokemon: doesn't have to be the normal three. you'll catch more pokemon later. Has to be from Kanto and in starter form. There all level 5.
Breif history:
Home town:
RPG sample:

Here's mine.
Name: Elizabeth, "Liz"
Age: 15
Gender: female
Starter Pokemon: meowth, Carmen
Personality: Definite tomboy, Liz is good at masking her emotions. She has a short temper but never shows if she's mad. Silent, loner type, she attracts lots of boys but ignores all of them. Rarely talks if not insulting, or talking to pokemon.
Apperance: If this doesn't help, or if the pic doesn't work, point it out in your post and I'll edit.
Breif history: Liz's father was a drunk and her mother was sick with cancer. When her mom died she was only 10 and had to live alone with her father. She ran away one night after he threw a empty beer bottle at her. She grew about living with Professor Oak, being best friends with his granddaugther May.
Home Town: Orginally from Cerulean, she counts as a trainer from Pallet.
RPG sample:
"Diglett Dig Diglett Dig trio trio Diglett Dig Diglett Dig..."
"Be quiet!" I yelled into my pillow and groaned. I would need to get a new alarm clock. Again. Hey, it wasn't my fault it decided to wake me up to that annoying tune. I sat up and brushed my hand through my short, yet extremly messy, burnt hair. Yes, I think my hair is burnt. It'san irregular shade of red brown and I thinkit smells horriable. I grabbed my clothes and quickly dressed. I looked back at my room before I shut the door. It was boring except for the smoking black peice of metal that use to be my alarm clock. "I'm so not missing this place.

Okay, now you can join! As either one of the two trainers from Pallet or from somewhere else and we can meet you along the way!

January 5th, 2006, 4:59 AM
Yes this char I am sorta using in another RP but I find he is just fun to play.

Name: Kale Dwyre (Its says Cain Owen on his trainer card so that's what people call him)

Age: 18

Gender: M

Starter Pokemon: Ponyta M(Andune)

Personality: He will go to great lengths to help someone in need, and treats everyone just the same. From the lowliest Caterpie to an Elite Four member he gives no one more, or less respect then they deserve. He doesn't feel the need to press points that people don't want to talk about; he only wants the same in return. He is very adept at reading people however, so if you press him, he will nail you right where you don't want to be nailed. He has no friends but people can tell he is very trustworthy. He speaks his mind, but is generally a quiet person. He can act rather oddly, just to get a laugh out of people (he firmly believes people should die laughing). He exudes a calming aura over anyone. Most people can find they can think more clearly when panicked, if they are around him.

Appearance: Around 5'10, with a slightly toned body. His skin is a little tanned from all the time he spends outdoors. His eyes are a bright blue and his hair is dark brown. It is about 3 inches long except at mid ear it is cut very short. He has a small ponytail coming off the base of his neck. His clothes are blue jeans, light brown t-shirt, and a darker brown vest overtop. I added a pic.

Brief history: He was born in Saffron City to rather nice parents. They lived quite happily together until he was about 5. Then Team Rocket came and killed his family. They kidnapped him because the Alakazam they used to help kill his parents said he had Psychic potential. He was taken into training with the Alakazam (among other Psychic Pokemon and kids) until he was about 12. Training is only the nice word for it, he was beaten often, and when he failed at something, they made sure he knew it. Then he was forced to help Team Rocket in their exploits. He did it out of fear until he was sixteen. Then he and some others escaped and he made his way to Pallet Town, to start a new life. He stole the Ponyta from Team Rocket and so he knows a wide variety of moves (only the ones possible by breeding, and some TM's nothin special). He doesn't talk about this to other people for obvious reasons.

Home town: Saffron but now Pallet Town Trainer

RPG sample: This is from an RP I was in on another board, an FFX one.

All this time Kiwi had been bouncing fearfully beneath me and I struggled to hold her as I looked at this crazy man, walking as if he had all the time in the world. I shot my head back up to the ball as it released four bight ovals of light. I let the reins fall and Kiwi whirled around but it was already too late. One oval streaked towards us and I could feel it heat on my body and the light all encompassing

I felt a lurch and instead of being incinerated Kiwi and I crashed to the ground; everything falling silent.

We lay still for what seemed like an eternity. Eventually I cracked an eye open and Kiwi must have overcome her shock at the exact same time because she scrambled to her feet and leaped clumsily backward. Just in time, to. A humongous broadsword crashed to the ground where we had lay moments before. Kiwi stumbled and I was halfway out of my seat before she finally regained her footing.

My gaze was on the sword. As I shifted back into place my sight travelled up the sword into grey eyes. I noticed we were in a giant hall of some sort. Water dripped and Pyreflies flew everywhere. I recognized it as the Zanarkand of now. The mans face, partly obscured by his coat, twisted into a sardonic smile. It was the same man from Zanarkand. I scrunched my face in confusion and opened my mouth to say something when a light grew between us.

It grew until it was the size of a small recording sphere. I was transfixed upon it and I made Kiwi bring me closer to both the Sphere and the man. So intent was my focus on the orb I almost didnt hear the man say, It is time to shape your story . . . Their fateis in your hands. I reached out and touched the Sphere, the light grew, fading all else from view . . .

January 5th, 2006, 7:21 AM
Your good... And most definitly excepted! WE need one more trainer from Pallet to start.

January 5th, 2006, 7:04 PM
This sounds good. I will give it a swing. I feel you Asayake. I do the same thing.
Also, if it is alright with you, I would like to combine my history and sample. If it doesn't work for you I will rewrite my sign-up.

Name: Shade Woods (Same name I use for most of my characters)
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Pokemon: Weedle

Physical Description: Shade is a short man standing at only 5 feet 6 inches. Do not let his short stature fool you though. He is a very strong individual and can hold his own when it is called for. Shades long, curly, black hair hangs low on his head, covering his ears and reaching his neck in the back. His eyes are a brilliant light green but are covered by his hair. Shade has multiple scars on his face, keepsakes of his childhood. He also has an unkempt goatee and a few earrings in his ears. Although he hates to admit it, Shade is not that bad looking a guy.

Shades lower body is muscular thanks to regular exercise and conditioning. The constant fighting he got into didnt hurt either. His skin is very tan and, unlike his face, free from scars. Shade likes to wear a white undershirt, a dark blue collared shirt, and dusty style jeans. In his pocket, Shade carries a locket that his little sister gave to him. It has a picture of her on one side and him on the other.

Mental Description: Shade is a guy who hates to see others picked on. He has spent most of his life defending those who were too weak or unable to fight for themselves. If he sees anyone abusing power or using others fight for him or her, Shade is very quick to do something about it, even if he is outnumbered and or out powered. While he always acts for good reasons, Shade can sometimes overreact to situations and cause himself a lot of trouble. Because of this Shade has gained many enemies.

Shade has very few friends. It is not because he is not a good guy. Shade just finds it more comfortable to separate himself from others. He feels that if people are around him, they put themselves in danger. For this, Shade travels mostly alone and only travels with others when it is absolutely necessary.

History: As a young boy, Shade lived with his mom, Debra, his dad, Keith, and his sister, Amanda is a small village called Roseleaf. Amanda was always very close to Shade. When he got out of a class at school, Amanda would be waiting for him. If he went to hang out with his friends, Amanda would beg to come along. When he did his chorus, Amanda would always try to help. While some would find this annoying, Shade liked the fact that his sister looked up to him.

When Shade was 10 however, everything changed. One day Shade was approached by one of his friends. He told Shade that one of their friends was in trouble. A bunch of thugs had threatened to beat him up. It was up to them to help him. They decided to meet that night to solve the problem. Shade was worried though. He had never been in a fight before and was afraid he could not handle it.

Knowing that Amanda would try to follow him, Shade went to bed early and snuck out the window when the time came. When he saw his friends, they were facing two other guys by the woods. Upon walking up, the two thugs started to laugh.

I see you brought some friends to take some of your beating. How thoughtful of you, The bigger of the two thugs laughed.

What is your problem? said Shade glaring at thugs. Just leave my friend alone. He didnt do anything to you.

I am going to beat him up because I can. You can join him for all I care. BOYS! Tear them up.

Just then, five more boys came out from hiding and charged at the three friends. Knowing they didnt have a chance, all three of them took off running. As he passed an ally, Shade caught a glimpse of his sisters face.

Amanda RUN! was all Shade could think of doing as he continued his pace. He could hear her behind him.

Get the girl too, shouted the thugs from behind. Shade picked up his pace as fear overwhelmed him. He heard something fall. His heart stopped, his mind stopped, and his everything in him wanted to stop, but his legs continued to run.

SHADE! PLEASE HELP! He heard the cries but could not stop. He continued to run until he forced his upper body to fall forward and hit the ground. Tears ran down his face. He had to go back. He could not leave her. Picking himself up, Shade ran back to where his sister fell. She was there, along with two of the thugs. They were kicking her. Enraged, Shade charged them and tackled them both to the ground.

Shade did not know how long he fought; he just knew that he won. As the two thugs ran off, Shade moved to his sister. She was beaten and bloody but still alive. As they locked eyes, Shade could tell more than just her body was hurt. As she passed out, the last thing she said was Why did you keep running? Shade took her home. She healed her wounds but not her trust.

Amanda stopped following Shade after that. In fact, she stopped talking to him as well. She would run when he came near her. This continued until Shade was 17. In that time, he had trained. He had he trained to be strong, strong enough to defend others. To defend other to the fullest, he needed to be a trainer. He left his home to do that. On the day he left. Shade took a picture of him and Amanda and put the in a locket. He should it to Amanda.

One day I will be worthy of wearing this locket. I will make up for what I did to you. When I have, I will return with this locket around my neck. I love you Amanda.

As he walked out the door, he heard a long lost once say, Be safe Brother.
With a smile and a wave, Shade left to fulfill his promise, to be strong and courageous enough to protect her.

January 5th, 2006, 7:09 PM
Sure its a fine RPG sample. You just forgot to mention the town you get your pokemon in. Your Hometwown.

January 5th, 2006, 7:51 PM
Oh, sorry about that. He was born in a town called Roseleaf, but since you need another leaving from Pallet, I will say he traveled to Pallet to start his journey.

January 6th, 2006, 8:55 AM
OOC::I guess we can start now! If you wanna join in, just post your profile and if I say yes, your free to drop in.

"May," I said nodding to the girl. I grabbed an apple of the counter and headed towards the door.
"Liz, wait!" I stopped and waited for her to catch up to me. "I'm gonna miss you." She hugged me tight and gave me a kiss on the forehead. "Your always welcome here if you need a break from your jourany. Your basicilly my sister in everything but blood!"
"Oh, stop the gushy stuff." She backed away. I opened the door and squinted at the strong light. "Later, and uh, May?" She smiled. "Thanks." I shut the door behind me and headed towards the old man's lab. It wasn't quite 10:00 so I had to wait ouut side. It was there I meet the other two trainers from Pallet.

January 6th, 2006, 2:53 PM
Shade Woods

That is what time Shade had arrived in the town of Pallet. It had been a long walk from his hometown a Roseleaf, and Shade had been exhausted. Once he reached the lab of Professor Oak, Shade feel the ground and immediately passed out.

The reason Shade had come to Pallet Town was to begin his journey as a trainer. His own hometown did not have a lab of its own so Shade was unable to start there. His mom knew some people that knew the Professor and was able to get Professor Oak to let Shade start at his lab. While Shade was ecstatic about starting his journey, he was disappointed to find that two other trainers would be traveling with him. He would deal with it though and maybe, if he is lucky, finally make some friends.

As the time they were to meet drew near, Shade was still asleep in front of the lab. His head was relaxed on his backpack and his mouth wide open. His face was dirty from traveling, and his shoes were off so his feet could breathe. For anyone around him, they could hear his very audible snore.

January 6th, 2006, 4:08 PM
Awesome RP

Name: Curtis Covington

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Starter Pokemon: Growlith(Blaze)
Personality:An up for any challenge kind of guy.He will do anything to ensure he gets a job done. You'd be surprized to know he is the loner type and tries to stay burried away in the hole of darkness he has dug for himself, though with presistince he just might crawl out.

Apperance:He stands tall at 6"2', as the sun shines down his dirty blonde hair and reflcts off his deep almost infinantly blue eyes.He wearsA Dark blue shirt, and old worn in Blue jeans.

Breif history:Ater the disaperance of his Mother and Father at the age of seven, Curtis has roamed the streets with Blaze,witch he got from his father fending for himself, and staying on the run from the Social Workers.

Home town:Pallet Town, but ran away after his parents dissaperances.

RPG sample:
"**** IT!" I slamed my fist into the nearest tree impactinatly. "We have no where to go Blaze. There gona find us." Blaze glared up at me, I knew from the look of his eyes that he was dissapointed in me for wanting to just give up. "Blaze... There gonna be here any miniute now." I shifted my eyes from his unable to bare to see them any longer. "What do you sugjest?" Blaze's eyes widened and a mischivious grin wiped across his face. With a slight roar, he took off running. I couldn't help but smile, and with a small chuckle I said to myself, "Thank you." and ran off chasing him.

January 6th, 2006, 4:33 PM
OOC: Accepted Zerro!

I got to the sight and sighed as I rested on the old mans mailbox. This strange sound filled my ears and I looked down to see a young man sleeping on the ground. He looked a little older then me, one or two years, and was not that bad on the eyes. As a tomboy, I was never really attracted to the boys who liked me, cause to me they were my best friends. The only girl I got along with on the best friendship level was May.

This boy, I couldn't stop myself from being attracted to. He looked strong and I could definitly see him as a protecter. A night in shining armor to the girls he trusted. 'No, don't think like that! You don't need a knight!' I quickly yelled at myself.

It was true, I thought of myself as a prince, not a princess. I didn't need protection, I was going to do the protecting. But if he wants to protect me... 'No! I don't need a boyfriend or a hero. I don't need anyone.'

January 6th, 2006, 5:11 PM
So the old man needs us again? I thought to myself scrumageing the depths of my pockets for 23 more cents, in order to pay the the bill for pokefood for blaze."**** it..." I said looking up at the Viridian city PokeMart owner."I-uh..."Normaly I would just take what I needed and run off towards the next city. Unfortantly Oak needed me to stay and wait for some package. The least he couldve done was invite me over for dinner, but considering our past together I understand why he didn't. "I don't have enough..." He rolled his eyes stared down at blaze gobbling away at the pokefood and then back at me.
"Your 'Pet' dosn't seem to care about your money situation." I clenched my fist in anger, but quickly calmed myself down. "I'll tell ya' what. I'll let you go scottfree if ya..." His eyes peered down at my watch. "If ya' give me that watch there." I closed my eyes geting more pissed off by the second. I could get alot more for it, but now isn't the time to bargan.
"Here." I said in anger slaming the watch in front of him, as I turned around and walked out. Now wasn't the time, I had to stay in viridan till the package arrived.I stoped before I walked out and glanced back at him. "Trust me dude, it wasn't worth it..."

January 6th, 2006, 5:31 PM
I sat down on the grass by the boy and reached for my pokeball. Why the old man didn't give us our pokedexs and junk the day we picked out pokemon, who knows. I released Carmen and looked at him. he was a cat with a jewel on him. Why did I have to sleep in that day and get the last one. "Okay, Carmen, can you do anything?" He looked at me and blinked. 'Great, he's an idiot.' Suddenly he got up and went over to my bag. I watched boredly as he dug into it. My cellphone, wallet, weights and water bottle fell. Carmen got out of the bag and walked over to me. He had something in his mouth. He dropped it in my lap and I gasped. It was my only picture of my mother. I felt tears gather in my eyes. Carmen must have sensed how I was feeling because he jumped into my lap and started purring. I laughed, something I hadn't done in years. "I think I'm starting to like you."

January 6th, 2006, 5:57 PM
I chuckled for a moment as I walked out of the Mart. Blaze carried the bag of generic pokefood in his mouth. I walked along the road peering for any lose change I could find laying on the ground. My stomach was grumbling badily, today marked the third day scince I ran out of berries. I didn't care, I could still fend fr myself if needed, and as long as Blaze got his fill, I'd be fine. Just what is this 'package' Oak has for me. It better not be somthing patetic like the pokedex he gave me a few years back.

January 6th, 2006, 6:45 PM
OOC: Please remember if you talk to my character, he introduces himself as Cain Owen. I'll decide when he reveals his true name and past. ;) Thanks. I added a pic to my sign up sheet if it helps. Um lastly anything :written like this.: is when Kale is reading some bodies mind or using telepathy. ^^

Kale Dywre {Cain Owen}
Outskirts of Pallet Town

"Well Andune, ready to start a new life?" said Kale, looking down the hill at Pallet Town, the sun off to the left just cresting the ocean waves. He was astride Andune, patting his neck. Andune's fiery mane flickered around his fingers, making his hand feel pleasantly warm. Like the kind of heat you would feel when sitting in a hot tub. Heat also radiated through his fur, though not quite so warm, more like how a person feels curled up in blankets as they wake up on a cold day.

If nothing else Team Rocket knew how to breed strong Pokemon. Andune may have been young but he was strong and quite tall for a level five Ponyta (standing at roughly 12 hands [4 feet at top of shoulder]). Kale's ankles reached past Andune's belly but Andune had not complained about carrying Kale. Even so Kale had run beside him sometimes as they fled a secret Team Rocket base in the forested hills surrounding Saffron. When he was too tired to run, Andune carried him.

:As ready as any could be. Give our . . .histories.: He replied with a whicker. Kale couldn't understand the whicker, but his 'training' as he liked to put it let him read most minds if he so chose. Unless situations made it impossible he asked permission first. He had said to himself the second he escaped he would not be like Team Rocket. Needless to say, their psychics did not ask permission before they entered your mind.

"Indeed. Well let's get down to that lab and register."

Andune nodded and set off down the hill at a trot. With Andune's mane made of fire, Kale had made a necklace of vine to help keep himself on. He didn't need it now, his balance was perfectly fine for a jog, but when Andune had to make manoeuvres to avoid wild Pokemon attacks, well he needed something to hang on to.

Andune cocked his head and fixed Kale with one of his amber eyes. :I must admit, whoever it is that helped you and the others get out thought of everything. I would not know that ID to be a fake if you had not told me.:

Kale grimaced, "Yeah everything but where'd we go after he got us to Cerulean. Don't get me wrong I'm thankful, but I'm sure some people have been recaptured."

They started to pass some houses, most still dark with the early hour. :He said he could do no more. He also said to show your new identity to no one.:Andune paused in his whickers and snorts, thinking. :You weren't read were you?:

"No, no I would know it." he sighed, delving into memories he rather not. "I heard them many times say I was the most powerful of the lot. Evidently they were correct because I read their thoughts without meaning to."

:Well then, you have clothes, a story, some money and a new name. We know not to reveal what you can do without due cause. So let's begin this life anew eh?:

Kale laughed, 'True enough, and it looks as if were nearing our destination." Kale could see the Lab not far ahead of them.

Andune slowed to a walk and Kale switched to telepathy: :From here on I have to act like I don't understand you ok? Thanks for your help.:

Andune bowed his head. :You are most welcome, and thanks for getting me out of that hell hole.:

Kale smiled, :No prob.: He got off at the gate, the girl sitting there looking at him. He took off the vine and put it in his bag. He patted Andune shoulder before saying, "Return Andune."

Andune collapsed into red light and flowed into his Premium Ball. Kale attached it to a necklace around his neck and turned to the female trainer, smiling, "Hi I'm Cain, Cain Owen."

January 6th, 2006, 6:57 PM
I looked the new boy up and down before sighing. "I don't care who you are." I said and sighed. His starter pokemon looked so strong. All I had was a cat. I checked my watch. 10:05. "The old man is late." I muttered and stood up. Carmen meowed and went up to the new boy, Cain as decided I should refere to him as. Carmen sniffed him and, apparently liking him, rubbed up againest his leg.

"Carmen... Well, I guess my pokemon likes you so I'd better try to at least try to like you. I'm Liz." I picked up Carmen and petted him. "Nice ponyta." A rattata scammered by and Carmen jump out of my arms, knocking me over. I fell on top of Cain and knocked him to the ground. "D***," I muttered, rubbing my head.

January 6th, 2006, 7:37 PM
OOC: Um, I hope you don't consider this taking control of your char, I'm just trying to halve a conversation Oo''' Sorry if I does, I didn't mean too.

Kale Dywre {Cain}
Pallet Town

"Oof!" Kale cried out as he hit the ground, the girl, Liz as she called herself, on top of him, swearing.

"Energetic Meowth you got there." he said, laughter in his voice. She looked annoyed and got up quickly, chasing after what he believed she had called Carmen.

He shook his head and got to his feet, dusting himself off. He released Andune again he looked at him confused, Kale pointed at Liz, trying unsuccessfully to catch Carmen. "Go play herder would you?"

He nodded and cantered over to Carmen. It took a bit (and Kale also coming to help) but eventually Carmen trotted over to Liz, meowing and looking innocent. Kale laughed outright, "Typical cat."

Liz snorted, holding Carmen tightly in her arms, "Yeah right. She doesn't listen to what I say at all. At least your Ponyta does what you tell it too."

Kale shrugged, draping an arm across Andune's back, "Well we've been through a lot together." Kale didn't like lying so he tried half-truths instead.

She raised an eyebrow. The guy on the ground made waking noises and Kale turned to him, this time he raised an eyebrow, "And just who might you be?"

January 6th, 2006, 7:52 PM
"Nine'O'Clock, D*** it. He said the people delivering would be here at Nine'O'Clock." I said to my self shoving a few pennies I had found into my pocket. "It's just like him to make me wait..." I said as Blaze grunted. "No I'm not scared of going back." Blaze grunted again. "I'm not afraid of anything you know that Blaze." I glared as Blaze sprinted forward. "Hey... Blaze where the hell are you going." Blaze turned his head and went full speed toward Pallet Town. "D*** it Blaze..." I ran off after him. The brezze was calm and Blaze's red fur blew lightly as he jumped small ledges infront of me. The walk t Pallet town was short, but still very hard considering my history with the place. I had lived there, with my Mother and Father. My Father and Porfsser Oak were good friends. I spent most of my days playing in Oak's lab untill 'they' dissappeared... It was then that Oak chose to take me in, but I refused. I hadn't been back to Pallet scince. Oak and I had kept in toch, though it was very lightly. There it was. My home town... "Pallet." I whispered under my breath. "Blaze stay here watch for any signs of-uh." What the hell am I saying... "Just come with me." I said walking infront of him. There it was... Oak's lab... But... Who are they? I saw a trainer recalling his Ponyta, and another trainer with a Meowth... and another sleeping. What the hell. I barely had time to notice the changes, and rather ignored the fact that my old house had been bulldozed. I took in a deep breath and marched forward completly ignoring the Trainers as I walked by. With three bangs, I 'Knocked' on the door... Idiot... The old man's probroly out in the feilds... Now what?

January 6th, 2006, 8:08 PM
OOC:: It's okay, ad long as you don't make em out of charcter or have em do something really important.

I jumped as a boy ran past us and started banging on the old man's door. The kid was probably on of the mans perverted students. Yes, I thought Professor Oak was a pervert. Several times had he "accidently" walked in on me in the shower. "Professor Pervert isn't in there! boy!" I yelled at him. Getting an idea I grabbed my bag and pulled out my cellphone. I speed dialed May. "What's your grandpa's number? Thanks" I quickly dialed another number.
*Ring, Ring... Hello?*
"Professor Pervert! Your Late! get your a** over her right now!" I shut the phone. I turned toward the others "He'll be here in 3, 2, 1..."
"Sorry I'm late!"
"Told ya."

January 6th, 2006, 8:14 PM
Ah heck, I'm still on so why not?

Kale Dywre {Cain}
Pallet Town

:... Idiot... The old man's probably out in the fields... Now what?:

'Ah for--lock it down Kale!' Kale thought to himself. He had accidentally overheard the guys thoughts.' He wasn't exactly being quiet about it though . . .'

He frowned and returned Andune again. The guy had totally ignored the three of them. Well so be it, if he wished to be alone that's fine. Liz called the Prof (interesting name for him Kale thought, amused) He came running up and ushered them into the house.

The' sleepy man' as Kale called him was truly awake now, stretching. He had long curly black hair, light green eyes and a goatee. As he got to his feet, Kale could tell he was not one you messed with.

He looked over at Cain and he made an ironic wave, "Name's Cain sleepy dude."


Cain nodded, noticing that Liz was eyeing Shade in a peculiar way. 'Heh, I think Lizzy here has a little crush.' He smirked, the last to walk into the lab.

January 6th, 2006, 8:36 PM
Ignoreing the girls comment, I barged in behind the Prof. "Where the hell have you been? Do you relize how F****** far I had to walk to get here." My mind drifted back to my parents but quickly snaped back as I continued yelling. "Now what the hell was so immportant?"

January 6th, 2006, 8:43 PM
'He's got an attitude...' I thought as the boy yelled at the professor. I pushed him back and said, "When dealing with this pervert, this is how you do it." I grabbed Pro. Oak's collar. "Where the hell where you!!! You yelled at me for an hour last night about the importantance of not being late today! And while I'm at it... I saw the pictures you took! If you don't want the entire pokemon community to know that the great Professor Oak sleeps with a teddy bear, then I advise you... DO NOT TAKE PHOTOS OF ME IN THE SHOWER AGAIN!!!!!!" I let go of him and walk into the lab fully. I turned to the boy. Pointing at a shivering Professor I asked, "Learn anything today?"

January 6th, 2006, 8:48 PM
OCC: Sorry for not replying sooner. I was out most of today. That is why I had him asleep.

Shade Woods

Shade slowly opened his eyes as the noise around him caused him to wake up. The sunshine struck him in the eyes, causing Shade to be blinded for a short period of time. Crusts of sleep also surrounded his eyes making it even harder to see what is going on around him. Rubbing the sleep away for a few moments, Shade slowly started to regain his sight and looked upon his company. There was a nice looking girl, a tomboy by the looks of her, and a dark-haired boy with a ponytail. Shade was unable to tell much else about their appearance, as his eyesight was still blurry.

Good, both of them look like they can take care of themselves. Maybe they will not need me for long. The less time I stay with them, the less they are in danger.

There were also two pokemon gracing Shades presence. The first was a Meowth. It was a cute creature, formidable if trained well. It was the kind of pokemon that Amanda would like. Shade quickly looked away, shook the thought off, and turned to the next. It was a Ponyta. It looked very strong and had most likely seen some form of training already.

Picking himself off the ground, Shade gave the boy a once over. With a grunt, Shade decided to answer the boys question.

"Shade Woods."

Shade did not wait for a reply as the girl from before was now banging on the Professor's, calling him rude names, and demanding him to get outside immediately. Shade despised people like that. They were impatient and impolite. Maybe the Professor was in the middle of some important research. Nevertheless, as the girl predicted, Professor Oaks appeared before she could count to three. Soon after that, other child ran up to the Professor and started to yell at him. This was then followed by girl once again yelling at the Professor as well as grabbing his collar and threatening him. Disgusted, Shade walked past the rude girl and boy, and held a letter out to the Professor.

"Here is a letter my mother wanted to give you, Professor Oaks. It is a thank you letter for letting me start my journey here. It was most kind of you. Also, I hope we did not cause you to rush something important."

January 6th, 2006, 9:00 PM
I backed away from the pervert and obeserved Shade, as he said he was called. I hate to admit it, really hate, but he was cute. I soon relised I was the only girl there. I walked into the lab but paused calling back to the professor. "May wants you home by 6 for dinner pops." I strolled into the lab and flipped thourgh a article in the newspaper. *Dangerous criminal, Kevin Banks escaped from prison three days ago..* The article went on but I was lost in thought. 'Dad's free... he's coming back...' I quickly slid over to the professor who was talking to the boys and showed him the article. 'You'd better hurry this up. The sooner I'm out of here the sooner you and May will be safe."
"He won't come here."
"Yes he will and he'll get you two, cause the closes thing I have to family." He nodded. Our converstation had been whispered, but I think the others heard.

January 6th, 2006, 9:06 PM
Kale Dywre {Cain}
Pallet Town

'What in the world?' Kale was very confused. He didn't see any reason for all the yelling and swearing, and he frowned at the two of them. Shade to be of similar thought and looked angry at the two of them. Liz went up to the prof and appeared to discussing something with the Prof. When they were done he went over to her and pulled her aside for a second, along with the other guy.

"What in the world is the matter with you two? Get some control over yourselves ok? I'm sure Professor Oak had his reasons for being late."

Liz looked about to protest, the other guy looked none to happy either "No. Don't either of you say a word, unless it is an apology. One person being late isn't going to kill you, or ruin your day. Nor is acting smug about being able to scare the wits out of someone something to be proud of. Anyone can do it. Grow up."

Kale turned to the slightly more relaxed Prof. "And you, if what she says is true, you need to get some serious help. It's rude and inconsiderate. Get some control over yourself." He gulped and nodded.

Then the Prof started handing out our Pokedex's. Liz and the other guy were giving Kale death stares but he didn't care. He just nodded his thanks to the Prof.

January 6th, 2006, 9:15 PM
I got my pokedex and then pulled Kale aside. "I know the professor wants us to stay together cause of team rocket, but I have to go. The professor knows why. And I'm not apolging to the pervert." I went over to the door. "Later boys, I'm leaving. Professor, if "he" comes, I went Hoenn okay? And I suggest not being late for dinner tonight. May threatened to hit you with a pan if you were. Love ya."

January 6th, 2006, 9:16 PM
"Wow..." I said impressed to the girl. "I know this idiot better than anyone though , so If you guys don't mind I need to 'disscuss' some 'issues' with the Prof." The boy whom was asleep walked in front of me arogantly."Who the Hell do you think you are?" Who the hell are these people, and where the hell is my 'ever so important' package...Maybe it is... No... It can't be... Why else would he call me out here? Because he's an As*hole thats why... It can't be about Joeltelleion.The guy with the ponyta pulled me and the girl aside. "I'm not apolgizing to no one, because it's kinda hard to grow up when the man that force you to is standing right in your face. You don't know anything about Oak and I, so Shut your mouth." Ignoreing the tried guy who barged in front of me, I steped closer to Oak backing him into the lab. "Is this whole... Package thing about... Joel?" My voice toned down at the last part, as the girl who seemed to have issues with the Prof. warned him of somthing. If anything did happen I would put an end to it right away. You don't live your life on the streets and not get into a fight, or two thosand.Even when the odds where put against me, the strange thing Joeltelleion did to me allowed me to feel no physical pain.

January 6th, 2006, 9:26 PM
I smiled at them and walked out of the lab. The smile fell. It ha been fake all along. I was walking downn when suddenly a Rocket agent appeared. Not surprising they were everywhere now. "Give me your pokemon and I won't hurt you... alot."
"Uh, no and you won't hurt be at all."
"Wrong answer sweety." He jumped at me. I quickly jump out of the way and grbbed his ankle as he flew past. I spun him around and threw him the dirt. he got up and grabbed his gun. BANG. Ouch, right in the rib. Luckily it was a really loud gun. I quickly ran forward and grabbed his gun hand, twisting it behind his. I put to fingers on his neck. I winked and pushd them forward, hitting pressure points and killing him. Unfornatly my fast moving had damaged my already life threating wound. And to make it worse, it was a poisen bullet. I fell to the ground and lost consious. 'D***m...'

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January 6th, 2006, 9:40 PM
BANG "What the hell." I ran outside to see the girl laying on the floor, and a Rocket agent not to far away. I ran, with Blaze at side. He started attacking the oncomming rockets. This has to be because of my package, and now the this girl could die... Because of me, Thats why he wanted me in Viridian. I droped to my knees in front of the girl. I can take it from her...I stared back to the lab and spoted the package, I ran in for it and then back to her. "Girl... You're gonna be fine." I placed my hands on her woud, and the same aura light I saw that night, came uppon her. The wound had been fully transferred from her to me, I comfirmed this with a hole of gushing blood in my ribcage. I grabed the package wobbling and ran off with Blaze, the Rocket's followed.

January 6th, 2006, 9:49 PM
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Shade Woods

After recieving his pokedex, Shade thanks the Professor again and turns to the boy named Cain.

"Don't worry about those two. People like that care more about themselves than the feelings of others. It was good of you to stand up to them though. I am glad there are more people like me in the world. Well enough with all that mushy junk. I have what I came for and I am ready to begin my journey. First, however, I need to finish some things in town. I pray you have a safe journey Cain and if our travels lead us in the same direction, I pray for you twice as hard."

Reaching out and shaking Cain's hand, Shade turns to the Professor and again thanks him for his help. Shade then heads out the door and into town to gather the supplies he will need for the journey ahead.

January 7th, 2006, 5:40 AM
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January 7th, 2006, 7:38 AM
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Kale Dwyre {Cain Owen}
Pallet Town

Shade shook Kale’s hand and then he left. Apparently he didn’t want to travel with Kale or anyone else. ‘Well he must have his reasons.’I bowed my head a little to him. He left and Kale guessed to get supplies. The guy who had freed him had given everything he needed so he just walked out into the bright sunshine.

Kale let Andune out again and reattached the vine. He hopped up onto his back, since everyone seemed to want to go their own way he decided he’d make better time on Andune. He hadn’t gone far out of Pallet when he heard a commotion up ahead. He urged Andune into a gallop and he obliged. They came upon Rocket’s fleeing the scene, along with the other guy who he still didn’t know the name of. They appeared to be following the guy.

Andune skid to a stop beside the girl. Kale checked her, and she appeared to be fine, just unconscious. By this time the guy had disappeared into the trees. Kale eyed the girl on the ground, ‘Well since no one will notice . . .’ He raised his hands before flinging them out sideways, creating an invisible wall in front of the forest.. About half of the Rockets were not inside the woods and they slammed hard into the wall. A few were knocked unconscious. Those left turn to Kale, no few bloody noses in front of them.

“Your going to pay for that kid.”

“I—don’t think so.”

They all raised Pokeballs but Kale narrowed his eyes and flicked his hand once, they fell to the ground, unconscious. Kale sagged a little and Andune immediately came up to his side. Kale leaned on him.

“I don’t think I’m going to be able to do that again for a while. How about we get out of here.”

:Indeed, but—what about the girl? And the other guy:

“We take her with us. Then we follow him.”

Andune snorted his approval. Kale lifted the girl up (she was surprisingly light) and put her on Andune back. He hopped on behind her, holding her unconscious form steady with an arm around her waist. He used the other to grab the vine.

“Ok go.”

Andune jumped up into a gallop, running into the woods.

“If you see a Rocket, toast him.” Said Kale and Andune snickered evilly.

:My pleasure:

January 7th, 2006, 8:57 AM
I continued running on in to the wood's with all my strength. I did not feel the pain of the wound, but I sure as hell felt the effects. I was dizzy and drained, yet I continued to stumble along unaware of how far the Rockets were. I couldn't let someone die... But what I did... All my weight came crashing toward the ground. My head shifted towards Blaze's nudge. "H...hey... Don't let. em get... the package..." I didn't even know what it was. Just that I had to protect it. Espeialy if it was anything to do with Joeltelleion, the king of all Pokemon. It had saved my life once before, and had given me the gift to march on no matter what physical pain I was in, and also the gift to be able to releave pain. The winds suddenly shifted and an aura began to hover in the trees.
"You are not done." A soft innocent, yet demanding voice boomed. My head shifted up with all the energy I had. It was him. The light shot done into my wound, healing it and then dissapered. Blaze had been in a submitance position the whole time the Aura was there. I had been knocked out, and scared. But the wound was no longer open, and the posin was gone.

January 7th, 2006, 9:33 AM
Kale Dwyre {Cain Owen}
Route 1

Andune and Kale had been zipping around trees, burning various Rockets they came across with Andune's Flamethrower or Hypnosis when they turned. It wasn't pretty, but they wouldn't be bothering them for a while.

Andune suddenly slid to a stop, Liz woke up and Kale was about to ask what was up when a golden glow appeared in front of them. Andune bowed to the light and Kale was very confused. So was Liz, as she had not said anything yet.

It stopped and Andune rose from his bow and walked into the clearing. In front of them was the guy from the Lab. Kale slid from Andune's back. Liz had a look of confusion on her face and didn't move.

" What the **** is going on?" she asked, grabbing the vine as Andune shifted.

"I found you unconscious on the road. I wasn't just going to leave you there. " Kale answered distracted. He knelt down next to the guy. His blond hair was very messy and there was a bloodstain on his shirt. He checked, but there was no wound.

"That's weird, it's still wet," he mumbled to himself.

Liz slid of Andune and stomped over and shoved Kale back until he met her eyes. "EXPLAIN."

Kale raised an eyebrow at her attitude. He found himself once again lifting an unconscious form, though this one much heavier. He struggled to get him on Andune's back, when Liz finally stepped in and helped. The guys Growlithe wasn't looking to pleased, with some sort of package in its mouth. Kale knelt down next to it. "We just need to get him to a Pokemon Centre ok?" The pup nodded, dropping the package in Kale hands. Kale forwned but put it in the guys backpack.

"Andune, think you can carry three? At least until we get to the Viridian Pokemon Centre?"

Andune nodded his assent.

"Thanks." Kale hopped unto his back, looking down at Liz. She looked doubtful of the whole idea, and confusion was still in her eyes. "Look," Kale said, "I don't bite and we need to get to Viridian before some other Rockets decide to have a bit of fun with us ok? Hope on."


"NO ONE can take on that many Rockets at once with just one Pokemon. It's better we stick together for now."

She nodded reluctantly, but was grumbling as she hopped on behind Kale, grabbing his vest to stay on. "Ok Andune." Andune snorted and started pacing towards Viridian. It didn't take long and as they crested a hill, Viridian was in front of them. Andune paced down the hill, soon entering the city.

January 7th, 2006, 9:58 AM
My eyes began to flicker open, right before I fell off head first from a ponyta I bounced back up feeling no pain. THE PACKAGE!"WHERE IS IT!" I demaned as Blaze began to nibble on my backpack. They mustve picked me up in the forest. I looked around noticing we were in Viridian. **** it, not here again. The girl was ine just as I intended. If I had just stayed in Viridian like I was told, she wouldve never goten shot in the first place."Thanks and all, for picking me up, but I really didn't ask for sympathy." I said angered, not at them but at myself. I wanted so bad to have friend's. But the way I live, its impossible. "Come on Blaze, we got a shopkeeper to see." I said with a mischivious grin.

January 7th, 2006, 10:26 AM
Shade Woods

Finding his away around town had not been as hard as Shade thought it would be. He found the Mart quite quickly after leaving the lab of the Professor. There were a few people in the store at the time. Two older gentlemen were standing in one of the corners, talking about the good old days when kids worked harder and were more respectful. There were a few kids along with their parents doing some shopping. The kids, a little girl and her older brother, were looking at candy and constantly asking if they could have some.

Haha, I remember when Amanda and me use to do that. Our mom would get so irritated at our constant pestering that she would buy the candy and eat it herself. Little did we know, she always bought extra and gave it to use after she believed we had learned our lesson. Haha....

Thinking of his family was hard for Shade. He had not been away from them for that long, but every moment he was away, Shade was convinced that something bad was going to happen to them.

Shaking off the thought, Shade turned back to his shopping. He bought food and water to replace what he used on the way to Pallet plus some basic medical items for injuries. After buying the rest of his necessities, Shade went over the pokemon food. This slowed him down. He had no idea what to get. He was about to ask the man at the front when he had a better idea. Taking out the pokeball from his pocket, Shade let loose his own pokemon, a Weedle that he name Calloway.

"All right Calloway, I could use a little help I deciding what food to get you."

Calloway looked at the different kind of food that lined the shelves. After a few seconds, Calloway crawled up and sat on his choice.

This will do.

Shade gave a strange and confused look to Calloway.

"We have two problems buddy. First, you don't eat meat. Second, that cost more that I have with me. Maybe you could make another choice."

Calloway looked down at the bag and laughed. Oh, my mistake, how about this one?

The next one was made of a bunch of stuff that Shade had never heard of before, but the bag said it was good for all bug-type pokemon. Not to mention, the price was very acceptable. Taking the bag and placing Calloway on his shoulder, Shade paid for his items and left the store. He had not walked far when he heard a group of people talking very loudly and could not help but overhear what they were saying.

"Did you hear what happened? Team Rocket attacked a group of new trainers as they were leaving Professor Oak's lab. There was a blood trail leading into the forest. Also, one of the Team Rocket members was found dead and a bunch more knocked out. I really dont know what else happened but someone told me that they saw a boy on a ponyta riding off into the wood with an unconscious girl."

Shade didn't need to hear anymore. He didn't leave them that long ago and they are already in trouble. This was all his fault.

"I should not have left them. Now they are in trouble and I have to find them. Come on Calloway."

Shade turned to leave but a high, whining voice stopped him.

"Well if it isn't Shade Woods. Long time no see 'friend.'"

Shade grimaced as he recognized the voice. This was something he did not have time to deal with. Shade slowly turned around to see a face from his past.

January 7th, 2006, 11:13 AM
Walking away from the two others I made my way to the Pokemart I was in early today. "Hello again." I said smirking to the Shopkeep who was now wearing my watch. The ShopKeeper had striking simle on his face as I walked up to the counter. Swiftly I grabed the arm the watch was on and squized it tight. "I belive I owe you 23 cents?" I said as I reached for the change I found earilier. I slamed 3 nickles and some pennies on the counter. Now if you don't mind I'll be taking my watch back. I sliped it off his hand and slamed his head into the change I had left. Blaze followed as I walked out, slipig the watch back on my hand. I sopose we could sleep in the forest tonight. Theres no way we can make it to Pewter. I took a glance back at the two still in the same spot as when I walked away, and then back at my watch. My father gave it to me. But... Its all I got... I took it off with a few tears in my eyes and gave it to Blaze. "Go on, let them know there thanked. You'll know where to fine me." Blaze took it into his mouth and ran off, I walked the other way.

January 7th, 2006, 11:48 AM
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"Okay, were here, now I'm leaving." I hopped of the horse and went into the pokemon center. "You got a bathroom?"
"To your left." I smiled at the nurse and quickly went in. Two minutes later three men came flying out of the womens bathroom. I stormed at after them and if this was a cheesy western cartoon, steam would be coming out of my ears. I Grabbed the two of them and throw them across the room. They skidded to a halt into front of Cain. I grabbed the thrid and lifted him by his collar.
"Hey, we just wanna to meet some chicks... You don't see girls as bi... beautiful as you in cerulean. I slapped him across the check with the powerful Super Pissed of Female Slap. K.O.

January 7th, 2006, 12:00 PM
I walked on into the Viridian forest with tear filled eyes. I just gave one of the two things my father left me before he dissapperared. I don't care though, what do I need it for. There gonna think I'm cheap, they saved my life and I repay them with a crappy watch. I looked down towards my feet and slupmed next to a tree with my head in my arms, waiting for Blaze to return.

January 7th, 2006, 12:11 PM
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Kale Dwyre {Cain Owen}
Viridian City

Kale whole response to his two hitchhikers was to raise an eyebrow. The guy ran off after falling on Andune. He and Andune didnt even get to make an apology. Then Liz slid off and took off into the Pokemon Centre. Kale just shook his head. Right, was I ever that young?

:I believe so. Never can be sure about it with you.: Andune whickered, amused.

Kale snorted and was about to walk into the centre when a Growlithe ran up to him with a watch in his mouth. Kale recognized him and said, Um, dont give that to me just yet, wait a sec. The pup cocked his head but nodded, sitting down to wait. Kale got out a note pad and scribbled a note on it saying, If the watch is to thanks us, theres no need. Good Luck to you. Cain

He handed the note to the Growlithe and told him to keep the watch and take this note to him as well. The pup snatched the note and ran off. Kale turned and entered the Pokemon Centre only to have two guys land at his feet. He looked over and saw Liz in the midst off slapping another guy. Kale rolled his eyes and returned Andune before handing his Premium Ball to the nurse. He needs to be refreshed please.

She nodded and put him in a machine, the ball glowed for a second and then she handed him back to Kale. Here you go.

Kale nodded his thanks before asking, You got any rooms free for the night? Pokemon Centre charged only a very small fee for room and food.

She nodded, "yes two doubles are free."

Kale thought for a second before calling over to Liz, Oy Liz! Stop beating the Magikarp outta that guy for a second and come here!

She gave Kale a death glare again but he just raised and eyebrow. She sighed, punched the guy one more time and walked over. What? she asked very annoyed.

Theres two doubles free, wanna room or share one and spilt the fee?

January 7th, 2006, 12:23 PM
Blaze came running back with the watch and a note. I quickly read it. Who the hell do they think they are. To good for my watch are they. Jerks... Who am I kidding not even a bum would take this peice of crap, it dosn't even work... I threw the watch in my bag ontop of the package. I was still unaware of why I didn't open it... Guess it's just not the right time. I laid my head on a pile of leave's. It was dark now and I was tired. I called Blaze over and he cuddled next to me. With tear filled eyes I wispered "Goodnight buddy."

January 7th, 2006, 12:29 PM
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"As long as you promise your aren't as pervert as the rest of the male population. Fine." I took out Carmen. "Uh, I think I should leave Carmen with you." The nurse smiled at me and took the pokeball.
"I'll take good care of him. And uh, miss..?"
"Miss Liz, thank you for taking care of those men. They keep sneaking in here and spying on girls."
"No problem." I reached into my bag and pulled out my weights. "Gotta pool, I need to work out?"
"To your right."

January 7th, 2006, 12:42 PM
Blaze fell asleep quickly, but I did not. I laied stareing at the stars. It was cold, but I did not want to wake Blaze and ask him to satrt a fire. It had been so long scince I slept in a warm bed. Who need's bed's anyway. There for the people that can't stand to even think about sleeping outside. But... It would be nice. Oh well... Restlessly I got up and began wandering the forest, untill I got to it's edge. I was on a hill over looking Viridian City entirly. I crossed my arm's and stared.

January 7th, 2006, 2:27 PM
Shade Woods

Shade turned to see the face of Jonathan Anders. He was a boy from Shade's hometown. He was 6'3" and the same age as Shade. He had short brown hair that he spiked up with gel, making it shine. Johnathan wore a black leather jacket with a simple white t-shirt under it and dark blue jeans. He also had on polished, black dress shoes. It was clear that he always tried to make a good first impression, and Shade knew it from experience. Jonathan had, at one time, gone out with Shade's sister, Amanda. Shade like the kid at the time and thought nothing of it. It was not till later that Shade found out that Jonathan was one of the members of the gang that beat Amanda up. They got into many fights after that and Jonathan has always had it out for Shade. It was not a big surprise to Shade when he heard that Jonathan, along with most of the other kids in the gang, joined Team Rocket.

"To what do I own the displeasure of seeing your face again Jonathan?

"Ouch, Shade, that one hurt. It seems you still have not learned any manners since we last met. By the way, how is you sister, Amanda, doing? It has been a long time since I last saw her pretty... eyes."

"DON'T YOU EVER SPEAK HER NAME!" A fire rose into Shade's eyes as he glared at the smug figure of Jonathan.

Jonathan, however, just smiled.

"Eww, it seems I have hit a nerve. To answer your question, Roseleaf was too boring for my tastes. It was not tough enough. The boys of the town did not give me much of a challenge, always running away you see." Jonathan smirk grew as he continued. "The reason I stayed was for you sister, but once you found out about me and separated us, I had no real reason to stay. That is when I turned to Team Rocket. They gave me the excitement I wanted."

Shade's face continued to grow redder. Calloway had gone into an attack position on his shoulder. It took all Shade had not to punch the kid in his face.

"It was you then," Shade said three clenched teeth. "You were the one that attack those other trainers today. You have sunk to a new low Jonathan. Joining a group like Team Rocket, that is pathetic. I guess you were too afraid to hit the world alone. I am not surprised though. You go from beating up kids half your age to attacking trainer that have hardly any experience. By the way, how many of you did it take to loose. Considering they had you to slow them down, I would guess around 20 more than usual."

It was Shade that hit a nerve this time. Though it was only for a second, Jonathans face lost it composure.

"It was not my fault those idiots cant beat a few brats! Jonathan yelled, his face growing just as red as Shades. He quickly regained from his outburst, however, and continued. I did not personally attack the other trainers. You are the reason I am here. You see, when the leader told us about this mission, he also gave the names of the trainers we would be attacking. I was quite pleased to see your name on the list and made sure I was sent with the group. Now is my chance to prove how weak you really are Shade. I will make you pay for all those times in Roseleaf."

Pulling out a pokeball of his own, Jonathan released a powerful looking Machop onto the field.

"And what if I refuse to fight you"

"That would be most unfortunate for you. Not only would my Machop tear you apart, but I might also accidentally call some friends and have them visit your family for you."

That was the last straw. Picking Calloway off his shoulder, Shade looked into the eyes of the small Weedle.

"He might have more strength that you, but you have more of a reason to fight. Let's show this punk what he is worth."

He might be strong, but I am a lot smarter. I will take him out with ease. Just make sure you have some that food ready when I am down. The Weedle was filled with an intense excitment.

"Sure thing, let's just focus on the battle right now."

Backing up, Shade and Jonathan stared each other down. Both waited for the other to make the first move. Their pokemon sat anxiously waiting for their orders. Each prepared to unleash whatever attack they were commanded. Silence filled the empty street for what seemed like forever. It was finally broken by the hate filled voice of Jonathan.

"Machop, tear it apart. Have no mercy on the weaklings. Split it in half with a karate chop"

"Calloway, that Machop is much faster than you. Hit it with a string shot to slow it down."

The Weedle launched a string of web at the oncoming Machop. The Machop, running toward the Weedle so quickly, was unable to dodge the attack. The web struck the Machop straight on and it was soon covered in web.

"Nice shot Calloway. Now you can..."

Shade froze as he saw, to his dismay, the Machop break the web with ease and continue its path towards Calloway. As got close enough, the Machop jumped in the air, preparing to bring a battle-ending karate chop down on the Weedle.

"Calloway, get out of there!" Shade yelled at his pokemon. The message was receive just in time as the Weedle rolled to the left as the Machop slammed the ground right beside it. The impacted, however, was so great; Calloway was sent flying through the air and hit the dirt a couple yards away. The damage was thankfully minimal, and Calloway quickly got up.

This guy is stronger than he looks, and he looked pretty dang strong to begin with.

"Come, come now Shade. Do you really think that pathetic Weedle even has a chance against my Machop? You will need to do a lot better it you intend to beat me."

Shade knew Jonathan spoke some truth. Calloway, while having a lot of heart and determination, was not physically strong enough to fight the Machop. He would have to find another way to beat him. If not, his journey would end before it even began.

"Come on Calloway, we can't let him beat us. I have a promise to keep and there is no way he will make me break it. The first round went to him. Let's win the rest."

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January 7th, 2006, 3:38 PM
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I sat on the hill observeing the nightlife of Viridian. The Pokemon center's pool had a few people in and around it, and the gym was closed for the night. The shopkeeper I had 'Liberated' my watch from was being escorted by cops, most likly looking for me. Though the city life filled my eyes, in my heart I thought of nothing but my family. My mom was a Pokemon breeder. In fact she was world famous, Tana Covington... The most beatiufull name in the world. Blaze was a prodouct of my mother's and fathers Adicanine. My Father was a world Famous Trainer, Jeith Covington. Songest man I knew. He was even a gym leader at one point, but resigned to start a family and became a Prof. and worked closly with Oak. His faviorite pokemon was his Sneasal, Shadow. I remember his stories of the Dragonite he beat with it. He always said one day Shadow would be mine. I smiled at the thought, and then rembered the sad truth. Hey you." I herd a some what feridly tone from ahead. Who the hell? It was possibly one of the trainers from before but I was'nt sure.

January 7th, 2006, 3:53 PM
I quickly changed in the locker for fear there were more perverts then straped on my weights. Two 45 pounders on my arms and two 50s on my legs. I walked out and slowly slid into the pool. I was about to start my laps when some guys swam up to me.
"Hey, baby." I slapped him. I was to tired to even insult the guys so I pushed of the edge and started swimming away.
"Hey! Were in Team Rocket! How dare you!" I heard to pops and gulped as two tentacruels began chasing me. I jumped out of the pool on the other end and quickly threw on my jacket and sandels and ran out of the locker room. I skided into the lobby.
"CAIN!!! Rockets!"

January 7th, 2006, 4:09 PM
As the person got closer I relized it wasn't wasn't one of the people I met from before. From the look of him he was. "Rocket..." I said with a dead stare as I got up.
"You have no idea how hard you are to track down kid." He said with a chuckle.
"The hell I do." I continued with my dead stare and clenched my fists.
"Now, now Curtis. Or should I say Zerro." I was confused. "Hand over the package your dad sent for you.
"WHAT THE HELL!" My heart raced with adrenaline. "What do you mean my Dad?"
"You didn't know?" He laughed. "Just hand it over, and no one gets hurt."
"You'd be surprized just how hard it is to hurt me."
"I never said you moron. I know all about you...Gift."
"What? How... Who do you mean the?" I sturtered confused.
"Your friends from earlier." I had no other choise. They did nothing worng. I have to do it.
"Take me to them first." He agreed, and I walked back for my bag and Blaze, very angered by the ordeal. He walked me to the Pokemon Center very casualy, and we entered.

January 7th, 2006, 4:21 PM
I quickly grabbed Cains wrist and dragged him into our shared room. He looked surprised and confused. "There are Rockets here. Lots.We should stay here till its safe." I walked to the window and observed the pool. No Rockets. I felt Cain's eyes on me. 'D***, I'm still in my bathing suit!' And my bathing suit just so happened to be a bikini. I blushed bright crimson and ran into the bathroom.

January 7th, 2006, 4:37 PM
Its a trap. I thought to myself seeing the place full of Rockets. With a turn of my hips and the swing of my fists I knocked out my 'escort'. The Rockets called the Pokemon and pandimoniem broke out in the center. Blaze began to bite and shoot fire balls on everything that posed a threat, as I began punching the S*it out of the oncoming Rockets. One Rocket got me in the nose before he was kneed in the balls. Another swong a bat bashing me in the head. I quickly got up grabed the bat from him and hit him back. Blaze was busy with Ratatta's and Koffing's. The last standing Rocket struck me in the ribcage opening my wound. Blood began gushing out again, I doubt this time Joeltelleion would save me this time. I struck the Rocket in the throat and looked up in exaushion and triumpth. But just my luck the officer that was escourting the shopkeeper walked in. "There he is!" The ShopKeep yelled. I turned toward the stairs and ran up them with Blaze at side. I ran into the first room I came to and slamed the door behind me. Resting my back upon it and and opening my eyes with blood still pouring out of me. To my surprize it was the trainer from before, two seconds later the girl from before walked out of the bathroom, most likly because of the loud slam. "Hi guys." I joked trying to get my mind off things and them not notice what happened to me. before they had to to give a reacton the officer banged on the door. I looked at both of them. and then at the open window. They might hand me in... The window might be my only chance.

January 7th, 2006, 4:53 PM
I quickly threw on a blue jeans and a blak tanktop. I was slipping on my black wristbands when the door slammed. 'S*it! Rockets!' I quickly walked out of the bathroom. It was that boy trainer from before. He was bleed in the rib cage. "D***, what'd you do?"

I grabbed his wrist and pulled him onto my bed. I grabbed med tape from my bag and ripped of his shrit. I started wrapping the taape around his torso, pressing my hand on the wound for force so it'd stop bleeding.

"Your luckly, you broke a rib point it didn't stab your lung. I don't think you live through that." I pushed him down on the bed. 'Stay there, Cain, watch him." I walked to the door. "These rockets apperently aren't using pokemon. I can handle em."

January 7th, 2006, 5:02 PM
I quickly replied before she steped out. "They are gone... There is no bother going down there. And please, there is an officer looking for me. She is in the hall. Don't open the door." I stared at my backpack and reached for the package. "They are after this."

January 7th, 2006, 5:11 PM
"Why?" I asked and sat next to him. Was that a hard question? No, well, to every brain but mine. (Teleport into Liz'z head)
Happy Liz: Yeah, the rockets are gone!
Sad Liz: But the bad lady is outside.
Lustful Liz: Who cares! There are to hot guys inside!
Innocent Liz: What do you mean? Their are friends.
Mean Liz: No, their perverted, idiotic, stupid, annoying, bastards!
Normal Liz: SHUT UP!!!

January 7th, 2006, 5:24 PM
"It's from my father, whatever it is I know it's important..." I got upfrom the bed feeling uncomfortable talking to other people. NO TEARS **** IT. I walked by the window. "I should leave. I'm sorry for interupting your evening." I peered down out of the window.

January 7th, 2006, 5:42 PM
OOC: Haha, I think my post are getting longer each time.

Shade Woods

"Come on Calloway, we can't let him beat us. I have a promise to keep and there is no way he will make me break it. The first round went to him. Let's win the rest."

Determined not to let Shade make a battle strategy, Jonathan was already on the move.

"Machop, hit him with another karate chop"

The Machop kicked off the ground and flew at Calloway once again. Its speed had increase since the last attack and if Shade did not do something quick, Calloway would be a goner.

"Calloway, hit him with another string shot, but this time only hit his feet. If we concentrate on his feet, it will be harder for him to break"

No problem.

The Weedle sprayed forth its web once again, but this time, aiming lower so to only capture the Machop's feet. The shot would have been true if the Machop was not so quick to react. Anticipating the attack, the Machop jumped over the web and brought down an even more powerful karate chop on the Weedle. Once again Calloway was able to dodge the main force of the attack. However, same as before, the power of the strike sent the Weedle flying, this time into a wall.

"Calloway! Are you ok!"

Shade was starting to get worried. Calloway was tough in his own rights, but against the Machop it was not much. If the battle continued like this, there wouldn't be anything left of Calloway to take to a Center.

I think that Machop is getting stronger the longer we fight, Shade. I can't keep this up much longer.

It finally came to Shade. He knew how to beat the pokemon.

"That is it Calloway. He is getting stronger. We will just have to reverse the effect.

I don't follow.

"Just trust me."

The pokemon were now in the same place they had started, in front of their trainers. The Machop looked as if it had just come back of a refreshing spring walk. Calloway on the other hand looked as if spring had just walked on him. Jonathan yawned and once again smirked at Shade.

"This battle is becoming rather boring Shade. I expected better from you. I guess it was a waste of time to come up here after all."

Shade laughed and smirked back.

"Sorry, but I am not the one that keeps on hitting nothing but the ground. I guess you trained him didn't you. You must have because that is all you did when we fought at Roseleaf. I would hit you, and you would hit the ground."

That had done it. All the smugness from Jonathans face was gone. The insult had hit harder than any of the Machops attacks. The battle was about to hit its climax.

"You will pay for that insult, Shade. Machop, destroy his Weedle, leave nothing left of it!"

The Machop mimicked its owner's anger and launch at Calloway at a blinding speeding.

Was that really the best move to make?

"Just do as I say and you will be fine."

Once again the Machop launched itself into the air in order to bring down a devastating karate chop on Calloway, and once again, Calloway rolled to the side to avoid the attack. This time however, Jonathan had changed his strategy.

"This battle is over! Machop, forget about using a karate chop! Once you hit the ground, hit that insect with a low kick!

Shade smiled. His plan had worked.

"Calloway, use your poison sting when the Machop kicks you."

The Machop was quick to attack. It hit the ground and in an instance unleashed its kick upon Calloway. The Weedle, however, was also quick. It met the Machop's kick with the stinger on its head. Both pokemon took the hit hard. The stinger from Calloway sunk deep into the Machop's foot allowing a large amount of poison to enter into the pokemon leg. Calloway took a direct hit from the Machop's kick and once again went flying backward into a wall. Both pokemon hit the ground at the same time. Fear hit Shade as he saw Calloway hit the ground, and he sprinted to his pokemons side.

"Calloway! Are you alright!"

Jonathan, on the other hand, was more worried about loosing the battle than the condition of his Machop.


The Machop, although drained from the poison in its body, obeyed its trainer and pushed itself up off the ground. It was forced to stand on its right leg because the pain in its left was too great to bare. While still strong enough to do some damage, its initial strength was gone, and its remaining strength was fading fast. This was helped very little by the anger of Jonathan

"You had better not loose this battle! You know what happens to those who fail!"

To Shade, it seemed as if he was saying this more about himself than the Machop. Shade did not have time to think about that though. He had to see if Calloway was all right. The hit to the head by the Machop, while allowing the Weedle to finally do some damage, took a great toll on Calloway. His body was beaten and dirty, his strength was almost gone, and he seemed to barely be able to keep conscious.

"Calloway. Can you hear me buddy."

The small insect moved slightly.

Yeah. I feel like something hit me with four hammers at once. Please tell me that blasted Machop in down.

Shade shook his head. "Not quite, though I doubt he will be standing for much longer. Do you have anything left to give?"

Maybe a string shot but that is about it.

Shade smile and patted the Weedle on the back of it head. "That is all it will take."

Setting Calloway back on the ground, Shade turned and face Jonathan again.

"Nice attack Jonathan. Worthy of a child if I do say so myself."

Jonathan had lost all composure now. His face was blistered red and his eyes looked as if any moment they would pop out.

"You will eat those words Shade. Machop, finish this off now. You had better not loose to a weakly Weedle like that."

The Machop made its final rush at Calloway. Its speed was all but gone as it limped in desperation towards the Weedle. While its strength had decreased greatly, it still had the power to take out Calloway if it got close enough.

"Alright Calloway, let's end this battle. Use you string shot to stop the Machop from attacking.

Using what was left of his strength, Calloway fired its web at the charging Machop. The Machop, to weak to even attempt evading, took the hit dead on. The web slowly covered its body as the Machop tried, with what strength it had left, to escaped. The poison, however, had sealed the battle. The Machop finally gave up from weakness and Calloway gained its first victory in battle.

"Machop return!" Jonathan trembled with anger as he spoke. "You may have won this battle but I swear you will not win the next."

The defeated trainer took off before Shade could say a word. Turing back to Calloway, Shade bent down and picked him up.

"Good job Calloway, you showed him who the best fighter was. Let's see if anyone else will dare to call you weak. Come on buddy, let's get you to the Center to heal. We don't want you to die after a victory like that."

Calloway stayed silent, to tired to talk, most of the trip. As they drew closer to the center, Calloway finally decided to say something.

Where is my food you promised me?

Shade just laughed and continued to walk towards the center.

January 7th, 2006, 6:27 PM
OOC:Another Impressive battle scene, great job.


I looked back up at them. Now was the chance for me to make real freinds... But... They don't even like me. I'm just a nusance, to them and everyone else. Beside's if I've already endangered them enough, they probrobly just want to be left alone. I walked over to get my back, when all of a sudden, a striking pain came from my ribcage. It had been so long scince I had felt pain, so why was I feeling it now. I grabed the wound and fell to my knees with my cramed shut.

January 7th, 2006, 6:41 PM
"D***! You shouldn't move!" I quickly ran to him and knelt down. The wound was bleedly freely. If it wasn't stopped, he was gonna die. I grabbed his shoulders and an indea came to me. I pulled him into a hug, that way is wound rest near my heart. I softly rubbed his back and sang the lullaby May sang to me when she first found me after I left my dad. Just like the long wound from my neck to shoulder did, the wound on his side began to heal. He pasted out but I could tell the wound was gone and he was safe. I continued to hold him and sing. The song? "Joeltelleion's Gift."

January 7th, 2006, 6:58 PM
"T-that song..." I looked down at her, and for the first time in a very long time i felt emotinaly connected with someone. My mom always told me that the first person who sings the song to you, will be the love of your life. I blushed red before passing out. I did not want to belive it, I am a loner... a loser... A paethtic soul that had to be rescued yet again... I had to leave, before sh-they... Got hurt.

January 7th, 2006, 7:17 PM
Kale Dwyre {Cain Owen}
Viridian City

Kale was very confused. He had been calmly walking up to Liz and his room when Liz had grabbed him from behind and shoved him into the room, shouting something about Rockets. Then the other guy came into their room, bleeding from his rib cage again.

Liz had promptly got the med kit and patched him up a little, but he had moved, causing further injury to himself. Kale was confused and was seriously worried he might have to reveal something to get them all safe. While he was straightening this all out in his head, Liz had grabbed the guy and held him in her arms singing; Amazingly enough the wound began to heal, soon closing itself over, leaving the mystery dude perfectly fine (although Kale was starting to wonder how much trouble could happen in one day).

Huh, neat trick. He mumbled to himself. He snuck a look at Liz and seeing her back was to the door he walked over and placed a finger on it, concentrating. The next second, well most people wouldnt be able to get through the door; at least from the outside in.

Right I dont mean to be rude but Im thinking we need to figure out who this guy is. Said Kale and he reached into the guys bag, getting out his wallet and seeing his ID, Well mystery dude finally has a name, Curtis. Kale looked over at Liz and she had that particular look on her face again. Well so long as she attracted to the other two and not me I dont care. I dont need that kind of thing right now.

January 7th, 2006, 7:20 PM
"Name's are nice, but he needs rest."
I picked him up and carried him into my bed. "I sleep in the looby. I'm sure nurse Joy will understand." I said to Cain before leaving the room. As I shut the door behind me I had to lean on it to stay standing. 'That... boy...' My heart was pounding so hard i thought I was gonna burst. "What's this feeling?" I quickly walked into the lobby and told the nurse what had happened. She amazing was not the least bit fazed about having Rockets invaded her home.
"You can stay on the couch sweety."

January 7th, 2006, 7:29 PM
Kale Dwyre {Cain Owen}
Viridian City

The second Liz left Kale snorted in amusement, he wasnt trying to be mean. He just found it amusing how evident it was that she liked this Curtis character. He walked up to the door and touched it again, so them three could come back in. He looked at the windows a second before doing the same. He then went over to his bed and thought for a second. Well I might as well ask, it cant hurt.

He locked the windows so the only way out for Curtis was out the front door and out the only exit, the Pokemon Centre front door. He trotted down the stairs and found Liz on the couch.

Hey Liz, I dont need the bed and out of all of us I am the only one who hasnt been knocked unconscious he paused, smiling ironically yet. Yeah never know. Anyway do you want the bed? No need risking further injure to yourself.

January 7th, 2006, 7:36 PM
I felt Joeltelleion's power come back into my body, waking me up. I looked at the clock. 3:36 AM it read. The guy wasnt on the other bed, and the girl was no where in sight. Now's my chance.I returned Blaze then I picked up my bag, and retrived the note and watch. I quickly scribled on the note "Please except this gift as a token of thanks. It is the only thing I can do." I droped the watch on the note and placed it on the bed. It was sure nice laying in a bed for once. But I didn't want them to be hurt, and hate me more than they already do... I punched open the window and jumped out. I looked back into the Poke Center, and saw her agian, awake talking to that guy in the dark lobby. As the winds shifted again i silently wispered to myself, "Goodbye." and ran off into the moonlight.

January 7th, 2006, 7:46 PM
"No, you keep it. I'm not sleeping with a male horn-dog." He went back to the room and I layed down. The centers doors open and a young mand walked in. He walked to nurse joy and looked like he was crying.
"Um... Nurse Joy? I'm moving and the new apartment doesn't allow pokemon. Will you take care of my skitty. He likes girls but he doesn't like long hair. He grew up with a meowth so I'm sure he'll get along with other pokemon."
"Sure..." I got up and walked over to the boy.
"Hi, I'm Liz. I have a meowth and if ya want, I can take care of your skitty."
"Really? Thank you! His names Domino."
"Domino..." the pink cat at the boys feet meowed. "...welcome to the family."

Some hours later, I heard the doors open again an watched, half asleep, as some left the building.
"Goodbye..." he muttered.
"Goodbye, Curtis."

January 7th, 2006, 8:10 PM
I ran off into the moon light and up the hill, I had a stong feeling all the Rockets had fled town. I had lost all feeling of physical pain again, which was a good sign but on the inside I hurt badily... As always. I couldn't stop thinking of her. I was such an idiot for even considering her liking me. I scolded myself for thinking such a thing but I just couldn't help it. She was beatifull...and I am trash. Just a lousy runway punk. My mind shot back to my dad and what the Rocket said about him as I laied my head on the hills grass. I sopose I was to scared of what I might find to opn the package... Who knows.

January 7th, 2006, 8:12 PM
OOC: Going to bed, please control Liz if you guys continue tonight.

January 8th, 2006, 9:49 AM
I watched the sun rise in the morning, I had been awake the rest of the night thinking of everything. Could it be my father was still alive, and if so what the hell is he sending me thats so important. And why the hell did that Rocket call me Zerro? But even through all of that 'She' kept poping up in my mind. I don't even know her name, nor dose she know mine... Like she would even care. I figured I needed to find a spring, or river, maybe even sneak a shower... That would be nice... Whatever I did I needed to clean myself up before moving to Pewter. The cloulds covered the rising sun giving me a temperary release from squinting my eyes as I laid on the hill.

January 8th, 2006, 10:10 AM
I woke up as the sun began to rise. Feeling restless I decided to go train outside. I went to the Nurse and she gave me two pokeballs. Two? Oh yeah, Domino. I went out side and looked around for a good place to train. I saw a nice hill and went down to it's edge in a small valley. I pulled out Domino and released him. "Hey buddy, were gonna train now, okay?"
"Skii!" I laughed and thought back to how Pro. Oak would train the feild pokemon.
"Okay, Domino, I want you to practice your speed and endurance. Catch me!" I quickly started running from him. He used agility we began a game of tag.

January 8th, 2006, 10:26 AM
I peered down hill at a small amount of nosie. It's her... I quickly got up, and called out Blaze, "Come on we have to leave now, bud." I quietly wispered to him in hope's to get into the forest with out being spoted, yet my efforts were in vain, as Blaze howled in sleeplyness.

January 8th, 2006, 1:11 PM
I heard the howl and looked up. It was him! "Hey! I ran up the hill and Domino followed. "Hey, what are you doing out here?" I asked and scooped up Domino. He was trying to bite the boy's pokemon's tail. "Bad Domino! You know, in all the time I helped you, I never learned your name." I put outmy hand. "Lets start properly. I'm Liz."

January 8th, 2006, 1:18 PM
**** it, she spoted me. I thought as she ran up the hill with a skitty. I peered down at her hand then back at her. "My name's not important, sorry again for disturbing you two last night." I was complely unaware of how to handle the situation. "I'll be on my way now, gota cover alot of land if I want to make it to pewter before night fall ya' know." I couldn't help stareing into eyes. "I wish you the best..."

January 8th, 2006, 1:28 PM
I stared at him. Blink. "WHAT!? I'm sorry but your going to answer my qeustion!" I said and glared at him. Suddenly Domino jumped out of my arms and knocked me over. Right ontop of Curtis. 'Why does this keep happening?' I asked myself. Our faces were so close I could feel his breath. I just wanted to lean down and... No! Don't go there! I quickly got of him, my face bright crimson ad I blushed all the way to my ears.

January 8th, 2006, 1:31 PM
I came crashing to the floor with her ontop of me. My heart was racing, now she is going to hate me. Thoughts began to roll through my headShould I invite her?...No... She probroly isn't even going there... Besides she wouldn't go with a complete stranger... Would she? Hesitant, i quickly said. "My name's Curtis," I reached for her hand and got up. "Pleasue to meet you..."

January 8th, 2006, 1:45 PM
"Uh, pleasure to meet you to!" I said quickly and let go of his hand. It was so strong, and it sent this tingling feeling up my spine. We stood in silence. The uncortable kind. I just wanted to hold his hand again but I knew I couldn't have a relationship with anyone, no matter how much I wanted it. If I did, he'd get them.

January 8th, 2006, 1:48 PM
Name:Barak Josephs
Age: 20
Starter Pokemon:Shiny Vulpix
Personality: Scared to talk to most girls because they remind him of his mother. Also if he spots someone in red, he sicks vulpix on them. Alhe trusts is Joltellion and Vulpix.
Apperance: Green eyes with dark brown hair. Wears a blue Jersey and worn sweat pants.
Breif history:When he was born his mother died as soon as he was conceived. Then when he was 2, Team Magma kidnapped him and his father but he was able to escape. Now his main motive is to free his father.
Home town: Born in Petalburg City but later moved to Viridian City.
RPG Sample: "What is this? Why can't I talk to girls? " "Aw little Barak can't even talk to girls. What's wrong punk?" "You wanna talk junk and wear red in front off me. Oh your *** is ground. Terry get ready."
"Fine lets see if your vulpix can defeat my Poliwhirl. Poliwhirl use bubblebeam. The bubbles were swift but not enough. "Terry evade the bubbles with dig." "VUlp VUlp" "She fell right into the trap, Poliwhirl use stomp on that *****. Terry plummeted right back through the hole. "Now Poliwhirl..... I mean Poliwrath use hydro pump." "NO you can't do this." "But by the time Barak uttered these words the hydro pump was unleashed, not upon Terry but upon Barak." JUst then Terry arose surrounded with flames. Terry used a tackle on Poliwrath sending him through the hole. Then she rushed through the whole with dig sending a jolt through Poliwrath's body. "Then Barak got the strength to say "flamethrower." " **** where did you get that strength. Poliwrath, stay away from me dirtbag." To be continued

January 8th, 2006, 1:53 PM
OOC: No offence, but you need to work on your RPing D-Jo

D**N IT! JUST ASK! "Are you heading to go to Pewter..." But why would she go with me? "If so I can escourt you, it would be best not to go alone when there's Rocket's around, and it's the least I could do after what you did for me." Wait... That guy...He would probrobly take her... GOD D**N IT I"M SO STUPID! "... Never mind you can probrobly take care of yourself, and I wouldn't want to set you off track..."

January 8th, 2006, 1:55 PM
OOC: Not my best work, but I was in a hurry.

Shade Woods

It had not taken Shade long to get Calloway back in fighting condition. The nurse was a little concerned about the fact that the damage had been caused by a Team Rocket member, but Shade convinced here the man who did it was gone along with all the others that attack attacked that night. After spending the night in Pallet, Shade began his trip to Viridian City.

While most of the trip along Route 1 had been uneventful, a constant motif worried Shade. Burn marks. Burn marks were all along the route.

"It looks like the others got at least this far. By the looks of it, they put up a fight along the way.

Calloway, however, was not convinced.

Those could have come from any fire-type pokemon.

"True, but why there by this many and why would they continue all down the route. It would also explain why no pokemon are in view."

Calloway's silence assured Shade he was right. The question was now: How far did they make it? It was during this period of thinking, the predator that had been stalking them since they left Pallet decided to attack. Its target was not Shade, but instead, the small Weedle on his shoulder. The Pidgey had been getting quite hungry and really needed some breakfast.

Shade had only a moment to react. Lucky for him, the Pidgey had attacked from the front and not behind. Grabbing Calloway off his shoulder, Shade dove to the right in order to avoid the attack. He was not quick enough however. While Calloway was safe from harm, Shades shoulder was not. Just at Shade pulled Calloway off his shoulder, the Pidgeys claws scrapped across. Both Shade and Calloway both hit the ground. The Pidgey lifted into the air and prepared to dive again.

Great, looks like we are at a disadvantage again. Calloway, are you alright.

Yeah, I am fine, but how is your shoulder?

It is just a scratch. Dont worry about it. Lets focus on how to take this thing out.

Shade was lying of course. His shoulder was bleeding badly and the pain was excruciating. The Pidgey dove at Calloway again. Shade grabbed the Weedle and pulled him out of the way again. He was just in time as the Pidgeys claws catch the ground right where Calloway was moments ago.

See if you can hit it with a string shot. That should bring the Pidgey out of the sky.

Calloway launched his string of web at the Pidgey, but just as it was about to strike, the Pidgey pulled up and avoided the attack. Then, not missing a beat, launched its own attack. Flapping its powerful wings, the Pidgey sent a strong gust of wind at the Weedle.

Calloway, watch out!

The Weedle tried to move but the wind hit him hard and sent him flying backwards into a nearby tree, with the Pidgey following close behind.

This is going bad. If we dont do something, I am going to loose my only pokemon.

January 8th, 2006, 1:57 PM
"No! I mean, uh, sure you can take me. Safety in numbers right?" I laughed nervously and hoped he didn't catch my fluke. "I should prbably tell Cain, but he probably wouldn't care. I only stayed in his hotel room cause it was free." I smiled at.

January 8th, 2006, 2:04 PM
"Ok then." I smiled... Wow... It had been so long scince I had similed like that... It felt good. "Well if were gonna go, we better leave soon." I said waiting for her to reply. "I'll be ready when you are." Don't screw this up... wait... She will be in danger... I will protect her... Just like I'm protecting Joeltelleion... My head was in a scramble waiting for her to break the scilence.

January 8th, 2006, 3:19 PM
Kale Dwyre
Viridian City

Kale had peeked one eye open when Curtis had made his escape and opened the latched so the guy could get out. Otherwise he would have had a very tough time of it. Kale hadnt bothered to get up though, (as it was 3 something AM) and went back to sleep. He woke up at 8amish to find the girl already gone. He sighed and paid the nurse for the room.

He had gotten his breakfast and made a quick stop in the PokeMart to pick up some needed supplies. He had then gone out of town and trained Andune for a bit against some wild Pokemon. He had seen the other but left them to their devices, figuring if they had both left without telling him they rather travel alone together.

It was around noon when he heard a scuffle not far ahead of him. He was back down Route 1 and saw the other trainer from earlier, Shade. He saw the Pidgey blast his Weedle into a tree and Shade looked very worried saying something about loosing his only Pokemon.

Andune was still out of his Pokeball and just as the Pidgey was coming in to tackle the Weedle (which unfortunately looked rather out of sorts), he ordered Andune to attack, Andune, use Flamethrower. Careful not to hit the Weedle.

Andune nodded and launched a very concentrated Flamethrower, it had the desired effect of driving the Pidgey off his attack. Instead it squawked angrily at Andune. Kale turned to Shade, you want it?

Shade was looking rather pale but at the same time weirdly relieved to see Kale. He waved one hand dismissively; the other was clutching his left shoulder. Blood was seeping through his fingers, No it attacked Calloway. Just get rid of it.

Kale nodded, turning back to the battle, just to see the Pidgey dive at Andune, and Andune dancing out of the way. Ok Andune, lets see if we cant catch him. Use Hypsosis!

Andune complied and as the Pidgey dived at Andune again he locked eyes with him. He began to feel drowse and he missed Andune completely as he fell asleep, skidding onto the ground.

PokeBall go! cried Kale and the Pidgey was sucked into the ball. It rocked a little but then made the ding sound of a successful capture.

Kale ran up and grabbed the ball just as Shade collapsed to the ground. Calloway crawled over, making concerned noises. Kale ran over to him and Shade was clearly not coherent as he was saying weird things like sister, failed, sorry.

**** and double ****. Why is everyone always collapsing around me?

No one answered and Calloway looked at him desperately, :Please help him!:

I will little guy no worry. Calloway looked shocked for a second but quickly took it in stride. Shade on the other hand looked at Kale very confused.

What? You . . . understand?

Yes. Now close your eyes for a second.

Shade stared at him before complying. Then Kale put his hand on his shoulder and began knitting the flesh back together. Shade cried as it was rather painful. Andune held him from moving by lying partway across him. Kale fixed it up enough that it wouldnt bleed anymore, but it was still rather raw. Andune and he got up, Kale offering a hand to him, Come on, looks like Im giving a ride again. We should get a proper nurse to look at that.

January 8th, 2006, 3:46 PM
"I'm ready to go." I said with a smile. I don't know why I agreed to this. My dad was chasing me, he was in danger. No matter, I'll protect him. I am, after all, a prince, not a princess. I picked up my bag and slipped it on my back. It was heavier then normal. Suddenly a pink head head popped. Domino had fallen alsleep in my bag.
"You stay their Domy, don't worry, I'm fine with the weight."

January 8th, 2006, 5:04 PM
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The two of us walked into the forest side by side with Blade not far behind. We walked a short distance in scilence before I became uncomfortable. I walked a short distance in front of her before asking. "So...Whats your story?"

January 8th, 2006, 6:01 PM
"mine, uh..." Could I trust him with my real story? Should I make something up? He'd probably leave if he new about me. He'd be disgusted and scared. I didn't want to lose the only person other then May I considered to be more then a friend. She was like my sister and he... I don't know what he is to me but I don't want to lose him! "If I tell you the truth, do you swear to tell me your story? The truth."

January 8th, 2006, 6:12 PM
I stoped. Can I trust her... No... I can't trust anyone... Maybe... I turned to look at her. "Of course..." After all, she never said my whole story.

January 8th, 2006, 6:14 PM
OCC: All right, Asayake, you took way to much control over my character. I don't mind you making a few comments with him and even a few actions, but if you do, make sure it is in character. Shade would have been really, really, ticked by the fact of you stepping in on his battle. I know I do not post very often, and if it necessary of my character to act for yours to then by all mean act for me. Just make sure it is how my character would act. Sorry for the outburst by the way, nothing against you.

Shade Woods

"No, I thank you for your aid but it was not asked for or deserved. If I need the help of another to fight then I will never be ready. I wish you luck on your own journey. Come on Calloway, we need to be on our way."

Shade, not waiting for his protest and farewell, turned on the boy and left. His face filled with a mixture of anger and depression.

"How dare he do that. It was our fight. He could have been hurt. All because I am to weak to finish a battle."

He was just trying to help. We were not doing so well if you had not noticed.

"We weren't doing so well our first fight either, but we didn't need someone to protected us then either."

Calloway shook its head. You know, you can't do everything by yourself. You will need some help at times.

"I if need help to do what I am trying to do then training to be a strong trainer is pointless."

Don't say that, everyone needs help at....

The rest of Calloways thoughts were lost in the red energy that surrounded and pulled him into his pokeball.

"I am not everyone."

Shade continued to walk, the pain in his shoulder still strong, aimlessly down the road.

January 8th, 2006, 6:49 PM
I sighed, "Okay. My mother had cancer. Se died when i was ten. My father, well, he wasn't the nicest man around. Okay, forget the politeness, my otou-san was a baka, kisama who didn't give a kuso about anyone and called me a shimatta maka!" I shouted switching to japeness without noticing. "And worse of all he was an ecchi like the rest of the male population! He abused me and hit me. He threw bottles at me and made advances on me. Yappari, so I ran away to Professor Oak. He went to jail." I sighed, fearing the last part. "And he just broke out."

OOC: Here's a guide for what she said.
otou-san= father
baka=i diot
kisama= B****rd
Kuso= s***
shimatta= d***
maka= b***h
ecchi= pervert
Yappari= "I knew it would happen."
Going to bed so I'll be off for awhile. Control her.

January 8th, 2006, 7:09 PM
"Wow... I'm sorry..." I tilted my head and stared at the ground. "And ya'... I understood... My life... Well." I looked back up at her. "My Mom and Dad disappeared when I was seven... My dad was one of Oak's closest friend's and... I am his God son... I ran away when I saw Oak claim my Dad's work as his own. I've been wandering ever scice. Going from town to town with Blaze takeing what I could find. I've been on the run from cops scince I was 12... I've goten into countless fights... And... That song... My mother always sang it to me... But thats not important... I met the pokemon from that song when I was eight..."I couldn't belive what I just told her. "I saved it from Rocket's... And in return it granted me the abilty to not feel physcal pain.. and the abilty to heal... At a price..." I turned around and continued walking as she leaned closeer to me. "The Rocket's from yesterday were after my package... Which might of been from my... MY Dad..." We continued walking along in the forest. "And after I drop you off in Pewter, I'll be back to my usal, pettie crime to survive and city hopping."

January 9th, 2006, 3:13 AM
"Oh no, if you have rockets after you someone's gonna have to stay and protect you." I said with a smirk. "And if your oaks godson... Did you know he was a ecchi?" I asked, trying to lighten the mood.

January 9th, 2006, 4:27 AM
I laughed, and smiled again at the question. "I knew he was alot of things, but thankfully I never knew his as that." There was a long scilence. "Ya' know your the first person I ever travled with." She smiled lightly. "Pewter's a great city, I know it inside and out, I'll take ya' to a great little place I know of and we can have dinner there... That is if you want to of course?

January 9th, 2006, 3:46 PM
"I love too. The only thing I'm worried about in Pewterm is the rumors about their gymleader. I pervert, I've heard." I smiled and paused at a calm looking river. "Hey, you mind if we stop here? I haven't bathed since I left Pallet, and I feel disgusting." I said a blush on my cheeks.

January 9th, 2006, 4:56 PM
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"Actualy the leader Trina is really nice. She got me out of a big mess once." She stoped in front of a river, and she asked if we could stop. "Er... I don't see why not but if we do were gonna have to set up a camp." I stared back at her waiting for a resopnce. "I'll tell ya' what, I will go find us a good spot and set it all up. That is if it is alright with you?"

January 9th, 2006, 5:32 PM
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Shade Woods

Shade was feeling quite horrible as he walk through Route 1. He really wasn't sure where he was anymore. He had stopped paying attention awhile back. A thick depression was hanging on him to add to it. He had not just been beaten. He had been beaten badly. So bad that another had to step in and protect him. So bad that he passed out afterwards and that same person had to save him again.

How am I supposed to defend those I love if I can't even fight to save myself?

Shade's injured shoulder was becoming irritated. Soon it would begin to swell, and if not treated, become infected. Shade had already started to gain a fever from it. This had two effects on him. First, it made it harder for him to walk. Shade was beginning to stumble through the woods.

Hehe, maybe I should have accepted that trainers offer, heheehe.

The fever was also having an effect on Shade's mind. He was starting to see images. Some of them were flashes from his past while others were just apart of his imagination. Shade stumbled in his own mind as he tried to find his way. That is when he heard voice beside him.

"Aww, poor Shade, to weak to fight. Don't worry. I will save you. It is just a weak pidgey anyways. I won't even break a sweat." The boy from before sat a few feet away. "You had better been glad I wasn't with that gang that night. Your sister would have never seen the light of day."

Shade, anger in his eyes, attempted to tackle the boy but went right through him and hit the ground.

"And neither would have you." The voice was now coming from behind him. Shade turned, but instead of seeing the boy, Shade saw his sister. Her face was pointed towards the ground and her straight black hair covered her features from Shade's view.


She lifted her face and her eyes penetrated into Shade's. They were as black as night with no soul in them.

"Don't speak my name, Shade. You have not earned the right to yet." Amanda's voice was cold as she spoke. "You left me Shade. You left me to die. You have much to do before you are cleared from what you did."

Shade was stunned by his sisters words, but she was right. He was not worthy yet.

"I will never give up until you forgive me, Amanda. Nothing will stop me. Nothing can stop me..."

"...Except a pidgey. Do you really think you will ever be good enough Shade?" Amanda was gone and in her place stood an image of himself. "You have much work to do, and a long way to go."

Shade's hand moved to his pocket and felt the locket Amanda had given him. "I will do the work and walk the miles, and anything that gets in my way will wish it never heard the name of Shade Woods."

The image smiled," Then get off the ground and let's get to work."

Shade opened his eyes to find himself leaning against a tree. A fresh bandage had been place on his shoulder and the pain that existed before was gone. Shade did not question what had happened. Instead, he felt the chain in his pocket again and said a short prayer for his family. Then, he pulled out Calloway's pokeball and unleashed him.

Have you finally come to your senses Shade?

"Yes, for once I think I have. Come on Calloway, we have work to do."

Taking a look around, Shade figured out where they were.

"The city should be just over this hill. Once we get there, we can really start our journey."

That sounds good to me Shade.

With that, the two of them continued to walk towards Viridian City.

January 9th, 2006, 6:35 PM
"You do that. I am taking a bath." I said and watched him walk away. When I was sure he wasn't there I through of my clothes and jumped into the refreshing water. It felt so good! I rinsed my short hair and started to simply relax. Then I saw him. A rocket hidding in the trees. Lookung right at me. "AHHHHHH! Ecchi!"

January 9th, 2006, 6:38 PM
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She agreed and proceded to the river, I stared at her as she walked away in a flirtious fashion. Her head began to turn to look back and I turned and walked away. **** she is beatifull... I walked through the wood's looking for a clearing, leaveing Blaze behind to keep an eye on her. I found a perfect clearing, a few yards from the river. I drop my bag and began to pick up some stick's then it hit me... DAM* IT!!! I'm such an idiot... She's to perfect to sleep in such ruin like this... There has t be somthing I could do... I quickly rummanged through my bag and pulled out my Cotton jacket. It had been a gift from my mother. I had alwaysed used it when I got scared or worried, it was my most prized posetion. I kissed it then laid it on a pile of leaves I raked into a bed. I then took off my shirt, leaving on just my old somewhat ripped white tee shirt. I took my blue shirt and walked to the river's edge. And there she was emursed in the water. I quickly snaped out of it by shaking my head and I dipped the shirt in and ringed it out, cleaning it. I dried it out well, and packed it full of leave's, tied it and placed it on the bed I had made. There it was a bed not quite fit for someone of her statue, but it was the best I could do none the less.

January 9th, 2006, 6:58 PM
"Grrr..." I couldn't reach my pokeballs on the bank and the rocket was apporoaching with a smug look on his face. I swam under water and looked around. I couldn't swim againest the current fast enough to get away. And if memory served me right, swimming with it was suicide. I'd get caught in the water fall. I then say a sharp rock on the ground. I grabbed it and held it at the ready. The rocket jump in the water. I hopped above and threw it. It hit his chest. He fell unconsious in the water. I pulled out the rock and nodded at it's sharpness. "I think I'll keep this."
I hopped out of the water and quickly change into my orginal outfit. I used some string from my bag and strung the rock on it to make a necklace. "ouch!" I cut me on the palm. I wrapped a bandage on my hand and tied on my new necklace. I walked towards Curtis.

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January 9th, 2006, 7:05 PM
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I laid down in a mess of leaves I racked up in a hurry, holding the package above my head. What could it be... I sit really from dad? I doubt it but still... Why didn't I open it. These thoughts plagued my mind while I was waiting for Liz to return. I could't belive I was going to let someone else use my mothers coat. I tossed the package up and down continusly. I heard her coming and sat up. She walked wit such grace just as beatifull as ever.

January 9th, 2006, 7:12 PM
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January 9th, 2006, 7:17 PM
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January 10th, 2006, 4:48 PM
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January 10th, 2006, 8:10 PM
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January 10th, 2006, 8:20 PM
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January 10th, 2006, 9:18 PM
Shade Woods

They were almost to Viridian City. Determination flowed through Shade as he and Calloway drew nearer to their destination. Since his encounter with his inner demons, Shade was more focused than ever. He had already gone over his workout plan for him and Calloway. Despite Shades excitement, Calloway did not enjoy the idea so much.

A 2-mile jog for warm-up, accuracy training for 1 hour, staggered sit-ups for 30 minutes, and staggered push-ups for 30 minutes. That is a bit ridiculous, dont you think?

Shade gave Calloway a confused look. Of course not, what makes you say that?

I can get the first three. I will give you those, but push-ups. If you had not noticed, I do not have arms.

Good point. Dont worry, I will figure out something else for you to do during that time.

The two walked a little more is silence before the small Weedle spoke up. So what are you going to do when you complete your quest?

What do you mean?

Well, I know you are training to you can protect those you love, but is that all you will do. Are you going to go back to the same town and do nothing but make sure they are safe? What about you Shade?

Shades face grew stern. I have seen what happens when I do things for myself. It is time I do things for others. Lets just drop the subject for now, Calloway. We have more important things to.

That is when Shade heard the sound again. This time, however, he was the quicker one. Grabbing Calloway, Shade dove to the side and avoided the diving Pidgeys attack easily.

Not again my friend, this time it is you who will loose. Calloway, I got a plan this time. Just follow my lead.

What do you mean this time? Are you telling me that last time you didnt?

That is not important. By this time the Pidgey had once again dove at the two of them. Calloway, hit it with a string shot! A web shot out from Calloway and straight for the Pidgey, but just like the first one, this Pidgey also pulled up over the web and prepared to hit the Weedle with a gust of wind.

Alright Calloway, shoot your web at the ground and hold up.

What! That is your plan?

Just do it! The Weedle complied and hit the ground with his web. The flying pokemon unleashed its gust of wind upon Calloway, but as Shade plan, the web rope kept Calloway from flying backwards. Good job, Calloway, now get ready for his second dive.

The Pidgey, angered that his first attacked fail, dove at Calloway again with its claws ready to grab the small Weedle. The Pidgey got closer and closer.

Any time now you can reveal your plan buddy. The Weedle was getting nervous.

Still nothing left the mouth of Shade.It looked as if he wasnt going to do anything. Just as Calloway started preparing for the hit, Shade yelled his plan.

Dive to the left and hit it with a string shot.

Calloway dove out of the way just in time and turned to face the other pokemon. Getting it in his view, the Weedle launched its web at the Pidgey and hit it on the leg.

Good job Calloway, now that you have it caught, pull the string with all you got and slam that Pidgey on the ground.
Obeying his orders, Calloway yanked the web as hard has he could to the ground. Although the Pidgey tried its best to escape, the force was too much for it to fight and it was pulled to the ground. The bird hit the ground hard and was unable to return to the air immediately.

Good Job, now hit it will poison sting. That should finish this battle off. Calloway rushed up to the Pidgey and stabbed it with its stringer. It was indeed the final blow. The Pidgey gave a defeated cry and lay helpless on the ground.

It is all yours Shade. Calloway backed up and gave Shade a clear shot.

Taking one of his empty pokeballs, Shade threw it at the fallen Pidgey. The ball only shook a few times before laying motionless on the ground. Walking over to pick it up, Shade was unable to suppress a smile. Picking up the pokeball, Shade looked a Calloway and laughed.

Good job, Calloway, now I have to make a whole new training schedule," Shade joked as he gave the Weedle another smile.

Shut up and lets go. I am tired and want a rest. Calloway tried to be serious but Shade could tell the excitement in his voice.

Shade returned him to his pokeball and cover the last distance to Viridian City, smiling the whole way.

January 11th, 2006, 10:56 AM
"Wow..."She said with a semi impressed tone. "But where are you going to sleep." She joked. I flufed my pile of leave's.
"Right here."
"Thank you..." There was a long silence, as she stared at me in a way she hadn't before.
"Ya' know," I pulled up my package. "I have no clue why I haven't opened this thing yet." She squated down very close to me.
"Then..." I began to slowly tear away at the brown wraping, revealing an elagant black box, that look as though it were glass.I stared at it then slowly fliped open the top to the tune of Joeltelleion's Gift. Could this really be from him... Inside the box was a prachment, and a pitchblack pokeball, that I reconized right away was my father's. I grabed for the parchment and read it to myself.
I'm sending this to you on behalf of your 16th birthday...
I know it's a day early but, hey...

I'm sorry...
I truly am...
I could write all day, but... You don't need to know.
We love you Curtis...
Treat him with care...



"Oh my god..." Are they still alive... I grabed for the pokeball and called it out quickly wiping tear's from my eye's hoping Liz wouldn't see. "SHADOW!" My heart raced with excitement... "It's you." He bowed before me and smiled, then quiclky jumped up and huged me.

January 11th, 2006, 6:31 PM
"You know, I don't care if you cry, right?" I said and patted him on the back. I looked at my bed. "This jackwt is really nice. Are you sure you really want ot use something like this? I mean, I'm used to sleeping in the trees." I said and picked it up. I wrapped it on his shoulders. Plus, I have a feeling its important to you. I don't want it to be harmed." I smiled and hopped up into a tree quickly. "NIght, Curt-chan."

January 12th, 2006, 4:17 AM
I"What do you mean?" I looked up at her hoping into the trees. "I'm not the type to cry..." I took off my mother's coat. "And this old thing mean's nothing to me... Matter of fact you can keep it.." I trew it up to her. "Ima go for a walk if that's ok with you?"

January 12th, 2006, 8:05 PM
Shade Woods

Shade walked into Viridian City in a high spirit. In the short trip from Pallet to here, he had not only won his first trainer battle, but he had also captured a second pokemon. Even the fact that he had to be rescued from a bad battle didn't seem to bring him down. In fact, it pushed him even harder. He did, however, feel bad about the way had treated the other trainer.

I guess Calloway was right. All the boy was trying to do was help, and I got mad at him for it. If I see him again, I will have to apologize. First, however, I need to get my friends a bit of a rest.

Shade found the Center with little trouble, but when he entered, he was a bit surprised. The inside looked to be the aftermath of a battle zone. There were burn marks on the walls, the floor, and the ceiling. A few chairs, which had apparently been broken, were lying in a pile in the corner. The most troubling thing to Shade was a bloodstain on the floor. While a maintenance crew was working to clean up the mess, they still had a lot to do. Walking quickly pass the cleanup crew, Shade made his way to the nurse's station.

"If you don't mind me asking, what happened here?"

"Well, it all started when two trainers came here to rest. Soon after they arrived, Team Rocket showed up with another with them. The first two trainers were able to run upstairs and get to their room. The other trainer, seeing the first two trainers, started fighting off the Team Rocket members. He was holding his own and actually winning, but as he attempted to take out the last Rocket, he was injured. He ran up stairs and escaped out a window I guess. When we went to find him, he was gone. The other two trainers swore to us that he was ok though and that it would be unnecessary to look for him. We took their word for it and let it be. They left the next morning. Oh, I am sorry, would you like me to heal your pokemon?"

Shade, so caught up in the story, took awhile to realize she asked him a question. "Um.... Of course, yes please." Shade handed her the pokeballs. "These trainers, was one of them a tomboyish girl with an attitude and another a quick to anger boy with a growlith?"

"Why, yes, yes, I believe that fits two of them. Why do you ask?"

"Friends of mine. Is there a room I can rest in while my pokemon heal?"

"Yes dear, up the stairs and to the left, it will be the first door. You can pick up your pokemon when you are ready."

Shade smiled and said thank you before heading up for a much needed rest.

Good, all the others made it this far. Guess I should have not worried about them after all. Nonetheless, I will rest much easier knowing they are safe.

Shade walked into the room and laid down in the bed. He was asleep before he could take his clothes off.

January 14th, 2006, 5:55 PM
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January 14th, 2006, 9:06 PM
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January 15th, 2006, 2:02 PM
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Shade Woods

Shade awoke the next morning with a refreshed body and mind. He had not realized how tired he really was. It was logical though, seeing that the last time he had rested was at Professor Oaks lab. That is a long time for anyone. Shaking the sleep from his eyes, Shade quickly got out of bed and changed his clothes. The ones he had on were getting a little to dirty for his taste.

Once Shade got ready, he quickly headed down stairs and made his way to the nurse's station to pick up his pokemon. The nurse smiled at him and asked if he sleep good and if anything was wrong with his room. It was the normal happy talk she probably said to everyone. After he told her everything was fine, Shade was given his pokemon and ready to continue his journey.

Shade took some time to wander around town and restock on food and water before he was ready to continue on his way. Soon, Shade was once again on his way. Route 2 was not the most exciting place in the world, so Shade was soon lost in his own mind.

Dash, no that is a stupid name. Gust, that is just taking something she does and making it her name. Flap..... no. How did I come up with Calloway's name so easy and have so much trouble with this.... "Uff!"

Shade had been paying so little attention to where he was going that he did not notice the girl lying by the side of the road and tripped over her. The next few moments happened quickly and badly for Shade. The girl woke up with a scream. Her eyes caught the figure of Shade and she quickly scrambled to her feet. She was, the best that Shade could say, beautiful. Her shinny red hair flowed down and rested perfectly just below her shoulders. Even in the scramble to get up, only a few strands where in her face. Her brilliant blue eyes flickered with a dangerous fire as she glare at Shade with uncertainly. The girl's skin was fair and unscathed from any injury. She worn a dark brown jacket over a white t-shirt and a dark green dress that had seen the trials of traveling. It was torn and dirty at it bottom but the girl's beauty overshadowed it.

As Shade attempted to apologize and remember his name, another bad thing happened to Shade. Where he was once looking at the girl in front of him, Shade soon found that he was staring into the air with what felt like a bone on his throat. Needless to say, it was not very comfortable. Soon, Shade saw the face of the girl looking down on him.

"So, would you mind explaining to me what you were doing?" She waited for Shade's answer for a moment before realizing he could not talk. "Borab, please allow him to speak."

The cubone removed the bone from Shade's throat and got off of his chest. Standing up and catching his breath, Shade began to explain.

"I apologize for tripping over you. I was lost in my mind and not paying attention to where I was going. I did not attend to scare you and I am sorry for doing so." Shade paused for a moment and then reached out his hand. "My name is Shade by the way."

The girl looked at his hand and then back at Shade's face. "Charmed. I accept your apology and bid you good luck on your own journey. Come, Borab. We have place to be." With that, the girl and her cubone starting down the path in the same direction Shade was going in.

Shade stood still for a moment before taking off after the girl. "Can you at least tell me your name?" As Shade got close the Cubone turned and faced him menacingly.

"My name you ask. That is something I don't give away to strangers. I will tell you what. If you want to know my name so much then let's battle for it. If I win, you let me be, if you win, I will tell you my name. Do you accept."

Shade smiled at the girl request. "I would not have it any other way."

With that the one face off against each other. Shade pulled out his pokeball and called out his newly gained pidgey. The pidgey flapped its wings a few times and then stared at Shade.

You must be my trainer. My name is Breeze.

"Nice to meet you Breeze. My name is Shade and I hope you are ready to battle." Breeze flapped her wings again and turn to face the cubone. "I will take that as a yes."

"Good it looks like your ready. Borab, hit it with your bonemerang." The cubone nodded in agreement and launched its bone club at Breeze. The pidgey was quick and easily dodged the attack.

If that is all he has, this fight is already over.

"What are you doing? It is a bonemerang attack! It comes back!" The pidgey had already made the mistake though. The bone club, returning to the cubone, slammed into the back of the pidgey and sent her straight to the ground. While the attack did some good damage, it was not enough to take Breeze out.

Dang, I was not expecting that. This will be harder than I thought.

"Shade, you will have to do better than that if you want to know my name." The girl was smiling with confidence, as her cubone prepared for another attack.

"Don't worry about that one Breeze. I have a plan."

Breeze was back in the air and the girl was back on the attack. "Hit it with another bonemerang attack." Once again, the bone club came flying at Breeze.

"Breeze, hit the club with a gust and send it back at that cubone." The pidgey complied and flapped its wings with such speed that the club not only stopped but then changed direction and flew back at the cubone. The cubone, however, did not move. Instead, when the club was about to hit, he reached out his hand and caught it.

"That was quite impressive, Shade. This will not be boring after all."

Shade gave the girl a grin. "Just be ready to tell me your name once I win."

January 19th, 2006, 7:32 PM
OOC: Ahh! I'm sorry, I was busy! Finals, then new dormsa and a bunch of stuff! I will save this RPG!

I looked out at the stars and began making pictures in the stars. My mother used to do this with me, before she got cancer. I remember it so well.

I grabbed my moms and hand as I waited to hear from the docter. I was only 7, but I knew it was bad. Cancer, the word struck fear into my heart. I burst out crying and hugged my mom. "Shhh, Lizzy, it's okay. You don't need to be sad." "But, your sick! I'm scared for you!
"You don't have to be scared. I'll always be with you. If not on her, up in the stars watching down on you and smiling as you grow up into a beautiful women." She began to rub circles on my back and hummed a song. I slowly fell asleep.
I missed my mom so much. When I was young, I looked up into the stars and tried to find my mom, but I never saw her. I always saw my dad's face glaring down on me instead.
"Ouch!" I whimpered as my dad slapped me in the face.
"You deserve it. You worthless and weak. You should just die."
"Fine with me! Then I'll be with mom!" He slapped me and picked me up by the neck. I gasped for breath and my face began to go purplish.
"I hate you." I kicked him where it hurt most and ran towards the door. He threw his empty beer bottle at me. It shattered at the back of my neck, nearly killing me, but I keep running.
I shuddered at the memory and felt the scar. It had never healed.

January 19th, 2006, 8:08 PM
((Still accepting new applicants..?))

January 19th, 2006, 9:44 PM
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January 20th, 2006, 2:08 PM
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((Still accepting new applicants..?))

January 20th, 2006, 2:40 PM
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January 20th, 2006, 2:42 PM
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January 21st, 2006, 5:55 PM
OOC: A little rough around the edges. Sorry it took so look.

Shade Woods

This trainer was good and her Cubone was powerful. Breeze was inexperienced in battle and getting tired. This battle would be a loss if it kept going the way it was.

"How are you holding out Breeze?" Shade knew she would say she was fine, but he felt as if he still needed to ask.

I am fine Shade. He may be strong but all I am doing in dodging attacks. It doesn't take that much out of me.

She was lying and Shade knew it. She was getting slower. The bonemerang attacks were getting closer and she had almost been hit a multitude of times.

“I thought you were better than this Shade. If I knew all I would be doing it trying to hit a moving target, I would have never challenged you. Do something or forfeit the battle.” The female trainer had irritation in her voice. Shade could not blame her either. He was not doing anything. It was not from lack of a strategy however. He had been hoping to make the Cubone tired and then go in for an attack. It was not working.

She’s right. I have to do something, but nothing seems to be working.

Shade had tried a few different attacks. All of them failed just the same. Even though it wasn’t looking good. Shade still had a few tricks left.

“Alright Breeze, let’s try something different. He had been able to stop all of your attacks because of his club. Let’s attack when he doesn’t have it. Dodge his next bonemerang and then go in for the hit.”

Sound like a suicide dive to me.

“Do you have a better plan?” The pidgey said nothing and continued to watch the Cubone.

“Borab, hit it again.” The girls voice was slow and dull. The Cubone also looked bored as he flung his club at the Pidgey again. Once again, Breeze dodged the attack, but this time, after the club had past, the Pidgey dove towards the Cubone at full speed.

The female trainer smiled, “It is about time.” As the Pidgey drew closer to her mark, the Cubone did nothing. Breeze was only a few feet away when the female trainer finally gave her orders. “Borab, use your leer attack.”

“Breeze, don’t look at it.” This was shouted too late however. The Pidgey had already locked eyes and was frozen in place only a few feet away from her target. To make matters worse, the Cubone’s bone club was now on its way back to its owner.

“Breeze, snap out of it.” The bone club was getting closer and the Pidgey made no attempt to move. “Breeze, you can do it. Break out of its glare.” Breeze was starting to shake but stayed stuck in her place. The bone club was only a few moments away from striking. “BREEZE!” The Pidgey snapped out of her trance and pulled up just in time to avoid the attack. The Cubone, surprised that the Pidgey broke out of its gaze, barely had time to dodge out of the way of its own club.

“Borab, be careful! Remember what happened last time.” The Cubone nodded and quickly retrieved its club. Other than her small response, the female trainer thought little of the attack. Shade, however, was now positive that the battle was his.

“I am sorry to tell you this, but you have lost this battle.” At first, the female trainer looked shocked, this was followed by a look of amusement.

“Funny trainer but you are a long way from winning. Cubone, hit it with another bonemerang.” The words had barely left her mouth when the Cubone launched his club once again. A grin crossed Shade’s face as it happened.

“This battle is over.” Breeze evaded the attack. “Breeze, use your sand attack.”

Nice plan Shade.

The Pidgey quickly blew sand at the Cubone, striking it in the eyes and blinding it for a time. The bone club started to return to the Cubone.

“Borab, watch out!” The Cubone could not hear her because it was to focus on the sand in its eyes. The bone stuck its owner on the head and sent it reeling backwards.

“Breeze, finish it off with a gust attack!” The Pidgey flapped its poweful wings, and the gust sent the Cubone flying backwards into a nearby tree. The Cubone made not attempted to get back up.

The trainer, shocked at her loss, pulled out a pokeball and returned the Cubone. After looking at the pokeball for a moment, she turned her eyes to Shade, walked up to him, and reached out her hand. “My name is Sky. It is nice to meet you.”

January 21st, 2006, 6:33 PM
Name: Julian Skynine
Age: 14
Gender: Yes please Male
Starter Pokemon: Sandshrew, "Slash"
Personality: Julian is a comedian. He loves to tell jokes, and make people laugh. He is a glorious optomist, and pretty much sees the glass half full about most of his life. However, he has a romantic side, and will do anything to protect the people that he loves. At times, he can be a real womanizer, and some people mistake that for perversion. Alas, you can't win 'em all.
Apperance: Julian has a thin, average complexion. He is not very muscular, but he isn't fat, either. He has blonde average length hair usually covering his left eye. Both eyes are a deep forest green color. His usual apparel is light brown khaki's and a white t-shirt.
Breif history: Julian's brother Isaac set out to be a pokemon trainer 3 years ago. He was wildly successful, and gathered all 8 gym badges of Kanto. After returning, he was challenged by a powerful trainer from a distant land, and was defeated viciously. Isaac then left Saffron, and hasn't been seen since. A year later, Julian recieves a letter. Immediately, he sets out to collect the 8 gym badges of Kanto.
Home town: Saffron.
RPG sample:*Bump Bump Bump* The thud of the tires hitting dirt road jarred Clyde. It was a long ride to Blackthorne City, especially by truck. The black truck was pretty cramped for 5 Rocket grunts, and it was very uncomfortable sitting on wooden benches. After 20 minutes of silence, one of the grunts spoke. It was Ryan; a younger Rocket who had just joined the Team.
"This is taking too long!" He whined, banging his fist on the wall of the truck. He had been complaining ever since we had left. Finally, the driver got sick of it. He nodded back to Rufus, a heavy-set black man. He nodded back, and released his Espeon.
"Hypnosis." He yawned, and so did Ryan. He fell asleep almost instantly. Rufus didn't bother to return Espeon to its ball.
"He's driving me nuts, that kid." Clyde angrily exclaimed.
"He isn't experienced enough to go through with this mission." Releasing his Pidgeotto, Clyde opened the back door of the truck and sent it off to scout the area. Within a minute, Pidgeotto roared back towards the truck, screaming wildly. Clyde stood again, and leaned out of the truck, looking onwards - the wind violently whipping his face. From what he could see, there were 4 or 5 trainers standing in a line, blocking the road. The Rocket van pulled over, and Clyde got a look at the trainers. In the middle of them, he recognized Claire, the gym leader. He looked back into the truck at the other grunts and mumbled.
"This could get ugly."

January 22nd, 2006, 6:53 AM
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January 22nd, 2006, 2:34 PM
I began to walk in the moonlight, as my mind wandered off into the unknown. Shadow jumped to my shoulder as Blaze stayed at side. I can't belive my Father could. My thoughts were interupted by a golden glow, the beamed into the forest. Shadow jumped to the ground and both pokemon kelt before the glow. "Joel..." I spoke t the light.
"I told you, that you wern't done." The glow spoke with power. "Now is the perfect time... You have my vessel... From your father... It is time to see him."
"How?" I quickly questioned.
"This will be your last job..."
"Huh..." This can't be my last...
"Once you finish you will be done forever..." I looked toward the ground, then back in the direction of the camp. I was finaly starting a life... She might even like me... No... She could never like me... Never...
"Then walk into the light." I turned to my pokemon.
"I love you guys, ya' know that right." I said wipeing the tear's from my eyes.
"Watch after her for me k'." I turned toward the light. "Goodbye." I walked into the glow, and it and I vanished.

January 22nd, 2006, 7:07 PM
OOC: Welcome to the party! And about finals, I got best grade in my class. Really, what else is their to do on planes when your moving other then study? I'm in 9th grade, when I'm suppoesd to be in 7th. Spelling though...

I woke up to a strange melody. 'The lullaby!' It was the same on from my dream. I looked over and so the boy and his pokemon. Suddenly a bright light appereared. He was walking towards it. "Sto..!" I was cut off as a pair of strong arms wrapped around my waste and a cloth covered my mouth. I slowly drifted into blackness. "Curtis... lov... Cur... love yo..."

I woke up to a dark room. And a empty room. All their was for furniture was a bed, which I was on, a small table, a chair and a bucket. I looked over and saw a door. I walked over to it and tugged the handle. Locked. I looked around. There was a barred window above the bed. I jumped onto the bed and looked out. The type of trees seemed like the trees right out of Saffron. I pulled on the bars.
"What the h*** do you think your doing?" I turned and saw a large man right inside the door. He had a five o'clock shadow and was dress in ragged clothes, but I still reconised him.

January 22nd, 2006, 7:23 PM
I was teleported into a brightly light room. Everything seemed to be reflecting light. "My son." I turned to see my father. His entire budy seemed t be a blur in my eyes, as did the rest of the room. I wanted to grab and hug him, but I couldn't even speak. "You came sooner then we expected." His voice seemed to echco. "Now son. Place the box on the scaner." He pointed toward the table. Somthing was not right. I remeber somthing like this before, I just couldn't put my finger on it. And yet I noded against my will, as if I wasn't in control of myself. I REMBER! It was all Joeltellion. It was his world. His limitless immagaination. He had tooken me here before, to do somthing. But I forgot... How could I forget... Nonetheless I did as I was told and placed the box on the scaner. "Thank you my son. But you must go now. Goodbye my soon. You have done well." There was a flash and I woke up, in a house in Saffron.
"W-what happened..." I did not rember a thing. All of a sudden my pupils dialated and my memory was reprogramed. I shook my head. "Better take my pills."

January 22nd, 2006, 8:19 PM
OOC: Shade needs to find his daddy.

January 25th, 2006, 1:24 PM
"Scream girl." I bit my lip as the whip connected again. The ropes binding my hands together had already burned the flesh from my wrist. The marks on my back stung as he cracked the whip again. "Cry, beg me for mercy." I turned my head a looked him right in his dark blue eyes.
"No way in h***!" I spit him in the eye and he roared.
"You little b****!" The whip crack againest my flesh three more times, harder then the other. I couldn't help it. I whimpered. My cheeks became salty as the the tears I had been holding in slid down. The landed on the floor and amazingly didn't disapper. That's right, I could cry crystal. When I was 5 May and I had been playing in her grampa's lab and I had spilled a strange pokemon potion on me. Ever since, whenever I cried, the tears hardened into pure crystals peices. The reason my father beated me was for those crystals. I hated it.

January 28th, 2006, 8:35 AM
I picked myself up, with a severe headacke. I pressed onward to the kitchen. Why is everything diferernt? All, of a sudden I herd a man yell. It was coming from behind the door. I slowly opened it, to find a deck of stairs. The man yelled again, and I ran down the stairs. My eyes began to glow a bright gold, and I was no longer in control of my body. I saw a man. My Fists rose and struck him in the back, knocking him out. There was a girl. I felt bad for her but I could say is run. Light emerged out of my eyes healing her wonds, and miraculosly transfered them to me. I jumped at the window, and broke through it, then fell to the ground. My eyes returned to thier normal color, and my memories were replaced again.

January 28th, 2006, 10:54 AM
I shivered and winced. Wait, were'd all the pain go? I opened my eyes and saw my dad laying unconuois on the ground. The wounds on my back were gone. "Curtis!" He was the only person I knew who could erase all signs of injury. But then he got those injurys. I jumped up, but paused and went over to my dad. In his hands were my tear crystals. I put them in my pocket and jumped out the window. Right into someone. I looked down and saw I was sitting on a boy with back wounds. "CURTIS!" I quickly got off and took off his shirt, looking at the scars. "Stay still." I ran back into the house and grabbed my bag and pokeballs. I came back out and began to take care of him.

January 28th, 2006, 11:30 AM
I forced myself up away from the strange girl. "I'm sorry, you must be mistaking me for someone else." The girl seemed confused and heart broken, but suurprizingly I didn't care. Why did she rip off my shirt? I shook my head from a headacke, and turned to walk away.

January 28th, 2006, 11:41 AM
"Curtis? Wha..." I ran after him and swung him around. "Don't you joke like that! You just saved my live for the second time, your hurt, and your making a joke?" I yelled at him and slapped him in the face. "Duh, I'm Liz, your Curtis. We meet at Pervert Oak's lab." I said and glared into his eyes. Suddenly it hit me. His weird powers, what if he was hiding under a fake indenity. "Or did you lie me? Your names not really Curtis, is it?" I reached into my bag and pulled out his mom's jacket. "See, I do know you. You gave this to me."

January 28th, 2006, 11:45 AM
"NO I DID NOT!" I backed away from her infuriated due to the fact I was just slaped. "I have never seen you or your stupid jacket in my entire life, and No my name's not Curtis." What was my name? Suddenly my name hit me. "It's Sam. Now if you would just stop being a crazy Bitc*, I would like to go home now.

January 28th, 2006, 11:48 AM
I stared at him and felt my eyes become wet the second time that day. Weird, so many in one day and and less in three years. 'He has aminesia!' I got an idea. "Okay, well if you don't know me, let's have a pokemon battle!" I said and held out Carmen's pokeball. 'If he doesn't remember me, maybe is pokemon will!'

January 28th, 2006, 11:54 AM
"Fine," I spoke then wondered if I had pokemon? Again it hit, that I did. I reached down and pulled one of my balls from my pocket. "Dragonair go!" It came out ready for it's oppents pokemon.

January 31st, 2006, 7:47 PM
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February 11th, 2006, 9:07 PM
Can I still join?
Name: Scottura (Likes to be called Scott) and Sarina
Age: 16
Scott's Gender: Male
Serina's Gender: Female
Scott's Starter Pokemon: A, black, male Pikachu
Sarina's Starter Pokemon: A female Jigglypuff
Scott's Personality: He is the quite type, though he talks rarely to people he has met. The only person he ever really speaks to is his twin sister. He doesn't question people about their lives and their history; as long as people don't question him. He is very adept at reading books on anything, so he knows alot about pokemon and other stuff like their behavours. He has no friends except for his sister and his Pikachu. He speaks his mind, but considering he is a quite person, it's a bit hard to here him. When he does make friends with people, they can find he is very trustworthy, yet he does seem to infuriate them alot. He never picks a fight with anyone, it's usually someone else picking a fight with him. Most people find that when they're around him, if he's angry, that they sense a dark aura coming from him.
Sarina's Personality: Her personality is the same as her brothers, except that she is more social and talks alot. When she talks to people she doesn't infuriate them alot, just irratate them. People find that if they're around her when she's annoyed, sense that a cold and scary aura comes from her.

Scott's Appearance: Around 6'5, with a bit of a toned body. His skin is slightly tanned from all the time he spends traveling. His eyes are a light brownish-red and his hair is the darkest black. His hair is a bit spiky but really messy. Around his neck is a gunmetal silver necklace or pendant in the shape of a crown. He has a scar coming from his right shoulder blade to his left rib on his back. His clothes are dark gray cargo-pants, black long-sleeve shirt with a dragon inprint on the back, dark brown traveling cloak, and black and red sneakers. On his hands are some black fingerless gloves.
Sarina's Appearance: She is the same height as her brother and her skin is a bit more tanned than her brother's. Her eyes are a light brownish-purple and her hair is the same as her brother's except hers is straight, long and neat. She has the same necklace or pendant around her neck as her brother's, except hers is silver and more elegant. Her clothes are a white and lavender purple tank-top, a lavender purple skirt with a dark purple belt and white, purple and lavender purle sneakers. On her right wrist she has two braclets, a yellow and a black one. And on her left wrist she has a yellow wrist band and on her upper arm she has a dark purple sweat band.

Brief history: They were born in Lavender Town, as twins, as well as their brothers, to parents they never knew. They all lived quite happily together until Scott and Serina were about 2. Then their parents disapeared and all of their brothers went on there own journies and never came back, so they were left out in front of some strange building to be raised and looked after by the people who were there. When they were 4 they went into some dark cave, and when they came back out Scott was puzzled to find a cut mark across his back. When they were 7, they started playing on route 12, as they were coming back Scott heard a pokemon cry for help, so they ran off in the direction it was coming from. When they got there they saw where the noise was coming from, it was a strange coloured pikachu, and it was being attacked by a group of people with an 'R' on each of their uniforms. Scott was so angry at the people picking on the pokemon that he started throwing rocks at them, the strange pikachu took the chance and ran into the forest. The people in uniform were angry at Scott and Sarina, mainly at Scott because he was the one throwing the stones, one of the uniformed people had enough and went after them. They were too fast for the uniformed person and they outran him a mile. When they were just about to enter Lavender Town, the same pikachu confronted them, even though they couldn't understand it they knew it was saying 'thanks'. The pikachu stayed with them after that. When they were 15 they left Lavender Town, with the strange pikachu, and made there way to Pallet Town, to start finding their parents and maybe their brothers. While they were on the road, Scott had to steal food or stuff to sell to feed his sister, the strange pikachu and himself. Once, a strange old women came up to them and said that they both had great power and they needed to travel to Saffron City to seek a certain psychic person who would tell them what the power was.

Home town: Lavender Town

February 12th, 2006, 3:37 PM
OOC: I hope so. I think we need more people so this can be active.

February 16th, 2006, 9:17 PM
Ok I'll help da best I can!