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January 5th, 2006, 11:36 AM
OK, well...here it is. SI (Self Insertion), going through the movies WITHOUT Misty or Brock, since they only seem to get in the way LOL...so here's basically what my OC looks like. I didn't draw her, but one of my BFFs did as an idea for a Final Fantasy OC, so...basically it's just based off of the pic, right here (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=59329), if you click on the first link in the first post. Isn't she a good drawer ^_^ except my SI doesn't have the whip, just the spear. Well, I thought it would be a neat idea so I'll stop blabbering and get to work (course I wanted to do Pokemon Heroes first, but I have to go through all the other ones first -_-)

Pokemon 1: Mewtwo vs. Mew

Chapter 1

"Hmm?" I asked, unaware of what my sister had said. Currently I was fooling around at the dining room table with my long spear. It was pointed in five different ways; one pointing up, two pointing diagonal, and two pointing to the side. It had intricate designs on both sides, and was supported by a long wooden pole. I brushed my short hair out of my face, and looked up. The two upraising parts of my hair swayed to the side a bit as I looked at my sister, a short kid who was only in third grade. She had even shorter hair that bushed up around her neck. It parted two ways as did mine, but my sister didn't have the two large upraises that I did. She was wearing casual clothes, a red shirt with a pink outline of a butterfly on it and light blue jeans with flowers on the top left. Her deep brown eyes searched the my face.

"I asked whether you are going to stop playing with that spear and help me plan what Pokemon I'm getting, or if you're just going to play with it all day," she asked. I smiled, thinking of a rude comeback as I went back to fooling with my weapon. "I'm going to just sit here and play around with it," I replied, looking down. Besides, I wasn't really dressed to go into a clean lab and pick out all kinds of Pokemon to inspect. Right now I was wearing a white vest with several pockets in it, and a black long-sleeved shirt beneath it that looped down on my wrists, making it seem like my arms weren't big enough but they were. My pants were designed the same way as my vest; white with pockets all down them. I wore white sneakers, and my hair was normally straight except for the large bangs that raised above my forehead in two parts, and the hair that hung out over my neck and combed forward.

"You're so immature!" my sister yelled, stomping away to go cross out more selections of Pokemon that she wanted. I watched her stomp through the white tiled section that branched the living room to the dining room slash kitchen where the brown wood table was, and where the counters lined the kitchen part. I got up and strode toward the sun room, where several chairs were scattered around and the glass table was set in the middle of the room. Streaks of light rushed in through the glass windows, and I walked over to one of the windows to look outside. Brown leaves were blowing across the ground in a gust, and the green trees dotted randomly across the front lawn were blowing in the breeze.

"Vanyx! Are you going outside?" my mother asked. I turned to face where I was guessing my mom was, and yelled, "I GUESS, MOM, ONE CAN NEVER REALLY TELL WHAT I'M GOING TO DO!!" I opened the screen door and walked out into the breeze, running out to the main street. Several other houses were lined up alongside mine, and a huge meadow of grass was out past the main street, with dirt paths and such lining along the city of Pallet Town.

"Well, since I have nothing better to do, I guess I'll just walk around..." I mumbled, putting my hands behind my back and holding the spear sideways behind my back. The pole faced the left side, and the spear faced right. I looked up to the sky, which was...starting to cloud over. Odd, I thought, it shouldn't be changing like this when it was just perfectly sunny.

Not looking ahead of me, I slammed into something. The impact sent me crashing down into the dirt road, and I shook my head to clear out the dust, then opened my eyes. I immediately grabbed my spear, and went into a defensive maneuver, with the spear almost jabbing through the thing that had hit me. The dust cleared on his side and I inspected him. He had short black hair, which seemed to spike out in all directions, and wore a blue jeans jacket with a white T-shirt underneath of it. He had jeans and sneakers as well, and blue eyes.

He held his hands up defensively. "Sorry, I didn't see you there. I was just rushing to get my first Pokemon," he said, sounding scared peeless.

I took my spear away and held it behind my back once more, poking out each side of my body. "Isn't that the story everyone's saying," I muttered. "My sister's getting one and now so are you. Well, bye."

"Wait!" the kid called. "I don't even know your name yet."

"I'm Vanyx. Who are you?" I asked, walking back to the kid.

"My name is Ashton Ketchum, but everyone calls me Ash. I'm ten years old, and I want a Bulbasaur for my starter Pokemon. Do you wanna come with me? I'm...lonely by myself," Ash shuddered to make this visible. I rolled my eyes.

"I suppose," I answered. "But only if you don't ever do that again."

Ash nodded. "Won't happen again. Now hurry, or we'll never reach the lab!"

We both started running like maniacs towards the large white building in front of us. It was dome-shaped, and a windmill rotated in the front. "You know I don't really want a Pokemon, right?" I asked.

Ash stopped in his tracks. "I...think I'm feeling faint..." and he dropped into the dust, half-expecting me to catch him but of course I didn't. I just half-hovered over him, staring at him like he was a demented idiot. Which he was.

A couple minutes later, he stood up and took me by the shoulders. "How can you not want a Pokemon? They're like the best things in the world! Like your own personal bodyguard!"

"I don't need a bodyguard, I have this," I said, holding up my spear.

"Oh yeah," he replied.

"So I don't need one."

"Aw, come on! We can get Pokemon together and then we can train them together and it'll be fun!" he pleaded.

"Stop saying 'together' like you're my boyfriend or something," I said, looking to the lab. "Hey, some kid with tons of girls is at the lab now. He looks egocentric."

Ash stopped shaking my shoulders and looked, putting one hand to his eyes so he could see better. "That's Gary!" he yelled, running up to the lab as fast as he could. I shrugged and followed him, running as fast as I possibly could, which was at least faster than Ash.

Soon enough, Ash came up behind me. He walked up to Gary. "What are you doing here, big shot?" he asked, face in a furious expression.

"I came to get my Pokemon just like you, Ashy-boy," Gary said. He had bushy red hair, and a long blue T-shirt, as well as deep blue pants and yellow boots. He smiled and closed his eyes in pleasure. "And here it is." He held out a red and white sphere, which I interpreted as a PokeBall.

"What is it?" I asked, curious. I didn't know too much about Pokemon, so I wanted to see what kind it was.

Gary tossed the Pokeball, and in a blinding white light came out a blue turtle. It stood upright, and had a brown shell on its back. Its tail curled around like a chameleon's, and its big blue eyes searched around for its new trainer. It spotted me, and jumped up to get in my arms. I backed away from it, and Gary grabbed it.

"It thinks your its trainer. Let's not let it think that it could be the Pokemon of such a foolish newbie," Gary said, holding the Pokemon away from me. My face grew red, and I held up a fist.

"You wanna bet?!" I asked, but Gary had already started on his little journey.

"Gee, you don't know much about Pokemon, do you?" Ash asked me.

"Of course not, I know this spear better than any Pokemon," I replied.

"OK...so let's go get my Pokemon! Oh, and yours, if you want one," Ash said, and we walked towards the lab.


How do you guys think? I wasn't sure of a name, so I just picked Vanyx. Review please! Yeah, it sounds like it's just the first episode, but it's not. I mean, he gets a Pokemon and all but it's not just the first episode, it's the movie.

January 6th, 2006, 9:57 AM
This has already been done. See Pokemon: The first movie.

January 6th, 2006, 10:34 AM
I couldn't find anything called that, besides it is my original idea, so I don't really think I'd have to stop writing this if there was one. I'm sure there's already been a fanfic about the fall of Arcanine, but mine still got Fanfiction of the Month (January). So...yeah. I'll be making chapter 2 today...hopefully.

January 6th, 2006, 10:36 AM
I couldn't find anything called that, besides it is my original idea, so I don't really think I'd have to stop writing this if there was one. I'm sure there's already been a fanfic about the fall of Arcanine, but mine still got Fanfiction of the Month (January). So...yeah. I'll be making chapter 2 today...hopefully.

It's the main plotline of the first official Pokemon movie, stupid.

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Hey...that wasn't nice. Of course it's the first movie, just with many twists and me SI'd in it *reports -BetterThanYou-*

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I'm sorry :( I'm just insecure about my rubix cubing. :'(

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-_- And how does Rubix Cubing tie into calling me stupid and saying I copied off of something? I had to report you, and I don't like to do that...you coulda just said that you thought maybe it was a ripoff or something, but you had to yell at me T-T and I got Fanfic of the Month (YAYNESS!!)...

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-_- And how does Rubix Cubing tie into calling me stupid and saying I copied off of something? I had to report you, and I don't like to do that...you coulda just said that you thought maybe it was a ripoff or something, but you had to yell at me T-T and I got Fanfic of the Month (YAYNESS!!)...

I didn't yell, silly ^_^ And because I can't rubix cube well so I take out my frustration on innocent bystanders :(

But it is a ripoff

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First of all, if you need to take your anger out on someone, take it out on your sibs =P or one of those little squishy balls. Or go to your room and punch a hole through the wall ^_^ I should know how to calm it cause I have asperger (a mental disease that makes you react much differently from other people, not knowing when to tell someone you've got a problem with a bully, etc. and you get angry quicker than most people. You also love the computer more than people, and have a hard time socializing yet you get into big groups on the computer). Anyway, it's not a ripoff, because I know it's the movie and all but it's got a whole bunch of twists. Click on the link in my first post, and read the story. That's what YOU consider a "ripoff" of Pokemon Heroes. Basically, Sumnor and I both SelfInserted ourselves into movies. Except I'll be going through all movies and Sumnor will not.

January 6th, 2006, 12:37 PM
First of all, if you need to take your anger out on someone, take it out on your sibs =P or one of those little squishy balls. Or go to your room and punch a hole through the wall ^_^ I should know how to calm it cause I have asperger (a mental disease that makes you react much differently from other people, not knowing when to tell someone you've got a problem with a bully, etc. and you get angry quicker than most people. You also love the computer more than people, and have a hard time socializing yet you get into big groups on the computer). Anyway, it's not a ripoff, because I know it's the movie and all but it's got a whole bunch of twists. Click on the link in my first post, and read the story. That's what YOU consider a "ripoff" of Pokemon Heroes. Basically, Sumnor and I both SelfInserted ourselves into movies. Except I'll be going through all movies and Sumnor will not.

Oh, please don't get me stared on asperger's syndrome. Couldn't you write more like that other one you did about Arcanine? THAT was good.

January 6th, 2006, 1:37 PM
Because it was a one-shot. It was full of feeling and in-depth stuff. Stories with chapters are hard to put a lot of feeling into. I'm really trying to make this good, if you hate it so much list why, don't just tell me it was a ripoff and could be more like Darkness In My Heart.

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Unbelievable <<;
(Not you Ratiosu)

Great description and interesting that Mew and Mewtwo have been included in the start of Ash's journey. Liked how other chararcters were added. It was interesting all together ^^

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Thank you, SOA. ^_^ Yeah, that kid's being annoyin'. (Just look at his username). Anyway, the next chapter will be up shortly, as I'm busy making my forum, my site, etc.

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*cannot wait for next part.*

Its funny and greatly perfect in all of my eyeball spaces.

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Thank you ^_^ as soon as I come up with what Vanyx is going to do with Ash in the next chapter I'll post it ^_^ *gets out her flamethrower marked Jimmy* DIE! DIE, ASH! Nah, I actually kinda like him. But sometimes he just gets on my nerves with his ignorance to use EFFECTIVE moves on his opponents.

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Lol *grabs flamethrower marked BillyBobJoe* I can help you with the killing. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH :bandit:

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*grabs secondary flamethrower named Billie Joe Armstrong* FEEL THE POWER OF GREEN DAY, ASH!!I did this next chapter on MS Word, so it's a bit longer.

Chapter 2

Ash ran like a maniac towards the lab door, and when he opened it he started waving his arms around like an idiot, going up to each aide and asking them when he would get his Pokemon. I rolled my eyes. Youre just so immature; do I really have to baby-sit you? I asked, but he was too busy asking all the aides where his Pokemon was. I walked in as well, and saw that the lab wasvery white. All the floor, wall, and ceiling tiles were sparkling white, and lots of big lab equipment was spread around. Several aides were working at machines, and Ash interrupted their work by waving his arms around and bumping into most of them. They turned around angrily, each one having a long white lab coat.

Ash, you idiot! Stop it before we get kicked out. Then we wont have ANY Pokemon, I said. He immediately stopped, and walked calmly up to a small circular table with two red and white PokeBalls. I ran my fingers over the one with the small red flame mark. This one I muttered. looks good.

Ash came up next to me, and picked out a PokeBall with a small leaf indent on it. I want this one, he said, and an older man came up to us. He had sandy brown hair, which kinda spiked up a little, and a long white lab coat. He looked at us happily.

So, Ash, you werent late after all, he said. Good, I saved two PokeBalls for you. I like to see people who are right on time.

Its only because Vanyx helped me, he said, gesturing to me. If she hadnt have gotten rid of Gary and reminded me that I was going to get a Pokemon today I wouldnt be here. Stupid Voltorb alarm clock he muttered.

Well, now you guys get to pick your first Pokemon, he said. Vanyx, Ill have to register you as a new trainer, but otherwise pick your Pokemon.

I nodded, and lifted up the PokeBall with the flame imprint. Ash took the leaf-printed one, and we both clicked the small circle in the center. In two white flashes of light, the Pokemon came out and smiled at us. Ashs looked like a kind of small toad or dinosaur. It had green skin and a huge bulb on its back, and dark green spots dotted its body. Its large blue eyes looked up at Ash happily.

Mine was a small orange lizard. It stood on two legs, and had a soft yellow stomach. It had a long red tail with a small flame burning on it, and looked up at me happily too. Charmander! it yelled, and jumped up at me. I caught it in my arms, dropping my spear, and laughed as it rubbed against my face, making a noise that sounded a lot like purring.

Ash opened a small red computer, and it said, Bulbasaur, the Seed Pokemon, this Pokemon can be seen napping in bright sunlight. There is a seed on its back. By soaking up the suns rays, the seed grows progressively larger.

He turned it to my Pokemon. Charmander, the Lizard Pokemon, the flame that burns at the tip of its tail is an indication of its emotions. The flame wavers when Charmander is enjoying itself. If the Pokemon is enraged, the flame burns fiercely.

Wow, Charmanders really cool! I said happily. Maybe I do want a Pokemon after all.

Charmander squealed with glee, obviously overjoyed to have a trainer. Charmander! it screeched, and I hugged it.

You two better get going if youre going to defeat the first gym leader, Professor Oak (as his name tag indicated) said. Hes up in Pewter City.

OK, well go, I said, talking for Ash who seemed to be too overjoyed at getting a Pokemon. Ash, are you coming or do I have to put you in a high chair and walk that around?

Im coming! Ash called. Bulbasaur, come on.

We toddled out of the lab with Charmander at my side and Bulbasaur right alongside Charmander. I had my spear behind me again, and looked left and right when we came to the road. Which way? I asked. Ash took out the red computer again, and pointed it to the left and then to the right.

Darn, its not a map! he yelled, pounding his fist into it. Whatever effect it was supposed to have was ruined by Ash waving his hand around in pain. Darn, its not a pillow either!

I raised my hands upward. Why me, Lord? Why me?

Charmander mimicked me completely, and I laughed. Charmander, youre so cute. Anyway, lets get to the next town before I turn sixty! I started running down the path on the left, and Ash followed me, though he gave up about halfway and then started running again.

The clouds started turning gray, and rain shot down from them. I sighed. Great. Its raining, and I didnt bring a coat or whatever. Ah well, this should keep me warm, I said, meaning my outfit of course. Ash was looking upward. What are you staring at, moron? I asked.

Ash didnt respond. I looked up as well, and saw the faintest trace of a blue tail and sparkles surrounding it. Then it disappeared behind the clouds. At the same time, I heard in my head, <Comehe is growing stronger and I have no powerI need you to help fight him>

Diddid you hear that? I asked Ash.

No, I just saw something behind that cloud.

I nodded. OK. Never mind then, lets get going.

20 Minutes Later

I fell onto the ground, exhausted. Putting my head back on the grass that surrounded us, I put my hands towards the sky. Pleasepleaseget me away from here and to somewhere civilized, I moaned. Ash was laying on the grass besides me, and Charmander was holding the flaming part of his tail in his hands, trying to keep it from going out. Bulbasaur was just doing random things.

Vanyx, do you think well EVER reach the next town? Ash asked.

I dont know, moron. This way well never reach it.

I dont want to get up, Vanyx. Im exhausted.

I nodded my agreement. Yeah, I know.

A sudden crashing interrupted our complaining, and I jerked upright. Wow, maybe Im not that exhausted after all, I said. I stood up and looked around. In front of me was a huge yellow and orange dragon! It had two small bat-like wings, and a long orange tail that swung out behind it. On its round head were two small yellow antennae, and its stomach was a shade of tan.

Dragonite, the Dragon Pokemon, Dragonite is capable of circling the globe in just sixteen hours. It is a kindhearted Pokemon that leads lost and foundering ships in a storm to the safety of land, came the reply from Ashs Pokedex, as he called it.

Wow, a Dragonite! Never thought Id see one of those up close, Ash said. The Dragonite reached into a black bag slung across its shoulder and took out a small black box and an envelope. It waited patiently as Ash pressed the green button on the box. A hologram of a woman appeared, and she started talking. She had a circular brown hat, and a long brown cloak, so we couldnt see much of her.

Hello trainers, I am here to ask if you would like to accept an invitation to a tournament on New Island. If interested, please check Yes on the invitation and give it back to Dragonite. I sincerely hope that you will make it safely. Goodbye. The hologram shut down and I picked up the envelope, which held a Yes/No questionnaire.

Ash, do you think we should go? We just recently became Pokemon trainers, I asked.

Well, the tournament is probably pretty easy, and Bulbasaur and I can win anything! he yelled.

Gee, egocentric today, arent we? I asked, and Ash nodded.

I turned to Dragonite. The answer is yes, Dragonite. He reached into the pouch and pulled out a pen, then gave it to me. I checked off Yes, and gave everything back to him. Thanks! Well see you at the tournament!

Dragonite nodded, and flapped his wings, lifting off.

Wellwe better get to this New Island. Lets get to the next towns Pokemon Center, I said, and we started off.

Well, Vanyx and Ash are in quite a predicamentthey just got their Pokemon and now they have to compete in the so-called tournament on New Island. Geez Louise, how will they ever make it? Tune in next chapter!

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Another great chapter ^^
Looking foward to the other one =3

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I feel like laughing out loud. Although things got REAL sped up.

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^_^ Shadow of Ash, thankies!

ThatReallyLongNameThatICan'tRead--Yes, things got real sped up but that's the only way I can make it to New Island before chapter 50 or so LOL...there's gonna be lots of plot twists and stuff. I'm writing chapter 3 now, and WHEE! I'm getting interviewed by Timid Kyogre at SPPf for my "amazing" fanfictions.

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Just use the first five letters to talk about me. It's not my fault there are eighty-nine thousand, nine hundred and ninety-five other H-Mans before.

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Oh OK ^_^ Next chapter almost up.

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*growls* BetterThenYou (who didn't even use the right 'then' in his name, by the way -.-) insulted my fanfic as well when I made one, waaay back when I was a bigger n00b than now. Sapped my confidence entirely. Just ignore him. He does that...

Anyway, great fic, quite interesting. Can't wait to see more! ;)

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*Shoots random people with flamethrower* Mwahahahahaha. *stares at others* Ahem what I was trying to say was *points at Ratiosu* YOUR AWESOME

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Thank you ^_^

Chapter 3

Around twenty minutes later, Ash started whining like the moron he was. Vanyx, are we there yet? he asked, nearly falling on me in exhaustion. I pushed him off, where he fell onto the grass.

Look, were almost there. Youre also getting way too close for my comfort.

Ash moaned. He looked around and then stood up. Look, theres a cave! he yelled.

Then weve gone too far, I said, holding up a map. Thatsoh wait, thats Diglett Cave! That means the next town is right ahead! I stashed the map in one of my pockets and ran over towards the city which rapidly came into my view. The various buildings were gray and dreary, though most of that effect was from the rain. All the houses seemed to be just regular one-story houses, and there was a gigantic building in the distance. As Ash had told me before (about a million and one times), that was a Pokemon Gym.

Come on, moron, the next town is right here! I yelled, then turned around and found that Ash was still lying in the grass. His eyes were closed and Bulbasaur was worriedly licking his face. I walked over, sighing, and shook him.

Ash! Hello! Arent we going to the Pewter City Pokemon Center or something? I shook him even more, and then stuck out my tongue as I realized what I had to do.

Bulbasaur, Charmander, tell me you wont tell anyone about this, I said. They nodded, and crept closer to watch me.

Ash, arent we going to Pewter City I paused and closed my eyes. together?

Ash immediately woke up and smiled. Yeah, were going together he rested his head on my shoulder and I pushed him off.

Remember, no physical contact. So, get your butt off the ground and lets go.

Ash nodded and followed me towards the long hill that led to Pewter City. We practically rolled over ourselves going down it, and then arrived at the Pokemon Center. Ash ran around like a maniac trying to find a boat so we could get to New Island, and I slapped him across the face.

We dont even know where New Island is, and even if its in the ocean. I walked up to the pink-haired lady behind the counter and smiled. Hi, were looking for the place known as New Island. Do you know where it might be? I asked happily.

Yes, New Island is out in the middle of the ocean. To get there youve got to leave Cinnabar City and arrive near the Seafoam Islands. Her voice was flat, almost like a robots, and her eyes seemed far off; distant.

Um, okay. Thanks, I said and started out again. Ash followed me and I unexpectedly tripped into the mud in front of the Pokemon Center. It splashed all over my white outfit and I sighed. Great, just perfect. How could this day get any worse?

Dont say that; it always does get worse if you say that, Ash said, and I sighed. Charmander helped pull me out of the mud and I thanked him. Charmander, you need to go back into your PokeBall. If you stay out too long you might have your tail flame blown out.

I took out the PokeBall and a red flash took him back inside. Bulbasaur just smiled and played around in the water. I took my spear in my left hand and jabbed it into the ground in the shade of the Pokemon Center. I leaned against the wall and waited for the rain to stop.

I dont think its logically possible for the rain to just stop while youre sitting there, Ash said.

I dont think its logically possible for you to shut up, I shot back.

Yeah, I guess thats true.

Suddenly a huge bird came down from the sky. It had large wings; each about a couple feet across. On its head was a long strand of red, yellow, and brown hair. It had all the regular features of birds like talons and a beak, but was several feet taller than me.

Pidgeot! it yelled.

Ash took out his Pokedex. Pidgeot, the Bird Pokemon, it spreads its gorgeous wings wide to intimidate the enemies. It races through the sky at Mach-2 speed.

Ash gasped. Mach-2 speed? Thats better than he stopped to count on his fingers. Mach-1 speed!

I rolled my eyes once more. Well, Pidgeot, can you carry us to New Island? I asked it, and Pidgeot smiled and nodded. It leaned down, and I swung my leg over its side and sat on it. Ash did as well (after a few failed attempts). Pidgeot spread out its wings and lifted off, speeding towards the sea.

This is so awesome! I yelled over the wind. Waves splashed below us, and the clouds poured down more rain than ever. I stroked Pidgeots head and looked ahead. Waves were lapping against a large gray tower-like structure. The highest part of it had a large propeller on it, which was rotating slowly.

Weve got to get there, Pidgeot, I told it, and it flapped even harder to catch up to the various Pokemon which were swimming towards the island. They all looked very determined. Seems like someone was trying to hold them back from going to New Island or something, I observed.

Pidgeot nodded, as if to say seems that way.

Bulbasaur tapped my back. I was so alarmed I almost fell off. Ash, I thought you returned your toad thing! I yelled. It almost gave me a heart attack!

Ash shrugged. Sorry.

I turned back to New Island and peered ahead. It looks like people are already arriving there. Pidgeot, youve got to come with us. We cant stand our own in there. Were just beginner trainers.

Pidgeot nodded again.


Around ten minutes later, we arrived at New Island. Pidgeot landed softly, one talon at a time, and both Ash and I got down. Other trainers were being greeted by the same woman we had seen on the hologram.

Pidgeot followed us inside the large brass door and into a large room which looked a lot like a banquet hall. Trainers were sitting at tables with their Pokemon, and talking about how they had gotten to New Island and their strategies to win against their rivals.

I seated myself at an empty table, and looked around. There were Pokemon like Venusaur, which looked like a giant Bulbasaur with a flower on its back. There were also basic Pokemon like Krabby, which was a small red crab.

Hello? Is there anyone who knows what were doing here? I asked. As in response to my call, a light shone and down from it came a large purple cat-like creature. It was mostly whitish-purple, but at some spots it turned into deep purple. The creature had small flap-like ears, and a regular human face but with a longer snout. Its neck was connected to its back by a small C-shape piece of skin. Down near its chest it became very muscular and both of its hands had three spheres on them, which I assumed were its fingers. Its bottom half was a large purple tail, which curled like a cats. It also had two large and powerful feet with another three spheres on them.

<Hello, humans,> it said in telepathy. <I have invited you all here. I am the one who challenged you to a Pokemon battle.>

Oh my, here comes the tournament master! Whatever will Ash and Vanyx do against such a huge Pokemon? Tune in next time to find out!

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Wow, mysterious! And either Ash is getting it or something weird is going on in that part when Vanyx notices the cave. Don't get it though.

And now it's straight to the action!

January 17th, 2006, 8:33 AM
It's Diglett Cave...*ish confused* It's right near Pewter City.

H-Man #89995
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No, I mean, I don't get why what she said was so important to him.

January 17th, 2006, 11:43 AM
Oh, the together thing? Because he's got a childhood crush on her =P I didn't think it was possible for him to go through without having a crush to urge him along. Read the spoiler below if you want to know a secret *SPOIL SPOIL*

Hopefully it worked...

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... uh... man... which spoiler?

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MewTwo uses Telepathy O_O; *is stupid* I knew that anyways. Danyelles Ratings(which I use on most good because a lot of people I know have goooood Fics)

Chapter ONe: GOOD
Chapter two: GOOD
Chapter three: GOOD

Ash likes Vanyx? *Laughs out loud*

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Chapter 4

“You can’t challenge us to a Pokemon battle! You are a Pokemon!” Ash yelled. As if to prove this he took out his Pokedex. “Mewtwo, the Genetic Pokemon, no further information is available.” The screen was blurred with static and Mewtwo smirked, the ugly expression making even Pidgeot cower in fear. I walked up to it.

“Look, my friend here says you’re not allowed to challenge us to a Pokemon battle since you are one. Now I may be new at Pokemon, but I’m sure that’s the rule. Now, what exactly are you trying to AAH!” I was cut off in mid-sentence by the Mewtwo’s hand waving through the air. A blue light surrounded it, and the same light surrounded me. As if by some invisible force, I was slammed back into the wall.

Everything blurred for a moment, like I had just woken up. Mewtwo laughed in my head. <Foolish human. You should know better than to talk back to me. I am the embodiment of perfectness, the one and only, the true Mewtwo! Now stop your foolish ranting, and let me show you where we are going to battle.>

Ash rushed over to me and held up my head, as I had slumped back against the wall. He put his hand under my head and his other hand under my back, and tried to help lift me up. Pidgeot grabbed my leg with its talons and flapped heavily, trying to get me to stand upright. After a few tries I stood up, and leaned against the wall for support.

I put my hand behind my head, feeling a liquid there. Blood. It was slowly seeping down my neck, but I didn’t mind that. I just looked through my blurred vision at Mewtwo. “You…you’re just…” I didn’t finish my sentence. My voice wasn’t working; maybe that bump had injured more than I thought. I looked back; there was a small dent in the wall. The other humans were too surprised to care.

“Vanyx…you’re gonna be OK, right?” asked Ash. I smiled; maybe he really did care.

“Yeah, I’ll be OK. Don’t worry your little head.”

Mewtwo turned around psychically, but looked at me in the corner of his eye. I saw a glint there…one of care? Or was it hope? Hope…that I was OK? I managed to start walking, and caught up to Mewtwo. The other trainers followed, not exactly caring if he was a Pokemon. They just wanted their prize after the tournament.

“M….Mewtwo…” I choked out. “Mewtwo…when you looked at me…” I let him read the rest of my sentence from my mind. Did you really care?

<I…> Mewtwo started. Then he turned back to where he was going and continued floating.

Hmm, I thought. Maybe…maybe he’s good after all.

Mewtwo lifted his hand again, and the two large steel doors in front of us slid open slowly. Ahead of us lay a large brown battlefield, covered with dirt. Above the field were tons of stars…but…it was just daytime five minutes ago…wasn’t it? Or had Mewtwo psychically manipulated the rotation of the earth?

Around the battlefield were tons of bleachers, though no one seemed to be sitting in them. Mewtwo levitated to the other side of the field, and smirked again. <Now; who wants to be first in battling me?> asked Mewtwo.

One kid with bushy brown hair and a red headband on his head, wearing a brown shirt and red shorts stepped up. “I will. Go, Shellshocker!” A huge turtle stepped up next to him. On its back were two steel cannons, and it had a large brown shell below the cannons. The five-foot tall turtle smiled, and looked at Mewtwo thinking it would win.

“Shellshocker, use your Hydro Pump!” yelled the kid. Two blasts of water shot out of the cannon and rushed at Mewtwo. Mewtwo lifted his hand, and the same blue aura surrounded it. The blue aura surrounded the Hydro Pump and turned it back at the Pokemon, hitting it right in the face. It seemed unphased, however, and continued shooting water at Mewtwo, each attack coming back at it with even greater force than it had when it had been shot.

I plopped down on the side of the battlefield, and crossed my legs. A Pokemon like that…its psychic power is amazing. I’ve got to research him farther.

After many blasts, the creature named Shellshocker seemed exhausted. The expression on its face was one of exhaustion, and it slammed down onto the field. Mewtwo smiled evilly. It lifted Shellshocker psychically, and slammed it onto the ground.

“You can’t do that!” yelled the kid. “My Blastoise can’t take that much! It’s already fainted!”

Mewtwo’s eyes hardened. <I can do whatever I want with your Pokemon, fool.>

“No! Shellshocker!”

One black PokeBall with a peculiar symbol on it flew through the air. It hit the Blastoise, and immediately a black light sucked him inside. <Your Pokemon…are mine.>

I gasped. “I might not know that much about Pokemon, but I know that it’s not fair to capture other trainer’s Pokemon!” I yelled.

Mewtwo started to lift his hand, but then dropped it at his side. <You do not understand,> he said sadly. I could hear a faint sadness in his voice. <You…you shall see why I am doing this very soon. Stay calm, Vanyx, I would not capture your Pokemon.>

He…he does care about me! I thought. He…it can’t be that he has a crush on me, can it?

The kid, whom some other kid called Andrew, continued protesting until finally, Mewtwo lifted him up with psychic abilities, and threw him to the bleachers. Andrew sat there, unconscious.

<Who’s next?> asked the psychic Pokemon.

“I am,” said another kid. She had long green hair and fingerless gloves on, and wore an orange and black jumpsuit. “Go, FruitFruit!” From behind her rose a huge dinosaur Pokemon. It looked meanly at Mewtwo and started its attack. White particles from the air started drawing to its large pink flower, located on the Pokemon’s back. “Now, Solarbeam!” the trainer yelled, and a huge white light erupted from the flower. It headed towards Mewtwo, and he smiled once more as the familiar blue aura surrounded the attack and turned it against FruitFruit, hitting him in the face.

“Oh no, Venusaur!” the trainer yelled, and ran over to Venusaur. He collapsed and his four legs spread out under him. The trainer stroked Venusaur sadly, but she was also thrown against the bleachers as another black Pokeball sucked Venusaur into it. The PokeBall disappeared, and Ash started to protest.

“No, Ash, your Pokemon will just be captured again,” I said, putting my hand on his arm. He sighed and nodded.

“Yeah, I guess you’re right; and if that Pokemon was the fully evolved form of my little Bulbasaur, I won’t stand a chance,” Ash said, holding out his Pokedex and then putting it into his pocket. “Plus, Charmander’s the same stage as Bulbasaur, so that wouldn’t be good either.”

Pidgeot flew over, and screeched at me. I nodded. “But…what if you get caught?” I asked.

Pidgeot lowered its eyes, as if to say That’s a risk I’m willing to take.

I nodded. “OK.”

Mewtwo’s eyes searched the remaining trainers. <Anyone else?> he asked.

“Yes. I want to challenge you, Mewtwo.” Ash stepped up and pointed outwards. “Pidgeot, use your Wing Attack!”

Pidgeot flew towards Mewtwo with its wings spread wide. Mewtwo lifted his hand once more and psychically lifted Pidgeot higher. Pidgeot twirled around and then smashed into the ground headfirst.

“Pidgeot!” Ash yelled, running to it. “Are you OK?”

Pidgeot weakly nodded. However it was too late; the black PokeBalls were already filtering out. They levitated to each Pokemon which was standing near the battlefield. The black lights started sucking them in one by one.

“No!” arose the cry from several trainers. “You can’t take our Pokemon from us!”

<Oh yes I can,> said Mewtwo happily. That was it. I had had it.

“You can’t do this, Mewtwo!” I yelled.

Mewtwo looked at me long and hard. I stared at him as well. Five minutes had passed and we were still looking at each other. Mewtwo dropped his hand, and sighed. <Vanyx…I am sorry.> the blue aura formed around me and his hand, and I smashed back into the wall. <I really would have liked to have had you in my wonderful home. But…I now see I cannot.>

A wonderful pink aura burst from the clouds and reached down towards the battlefield. Out of it traveled a small pink cat. She was only as big as one of Mewtwo’s hands but her tail was as long as she was. The pink light stopped when she reached the ground, and she rose up into the air to look Mewtwo in the eye. Her eyes showed a frightfully mad, yet careless emotion.

<Mewtwo…> she said in a wonderfully sweet voice that seemed to come from everywhere and nowhere at once. <This is insanity.>

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Chapter 5

Mewtwo stared at the pink cat for a while. She stared at him, looking as though she was his mother or sister. <MewtwoI cannot believe you would do something as foolish as this. When I trusted you with this position, I assumed you would use it for good, not capture everyones Pokemon like this.>

Mewtwo tossed his head aside. <Mew, I was never happy to be in this position. I was told that humans use me as their slave. I once thought I could work with a human and harness my powers, but I realized soon after that I was wrong. Humans can never work with Pokemon.>

Thats wrong, Mewtwo, I said, getting up slowly. Even more blood was pouring down my back, making my white shirt a deep red. I slowly walked up to him and stared up into his icy blue eyes. Pokemon are considered equal to humans by many. They help us and we help them. Thats just how it is.

Mew flew over to me, and placed one hand on my head. The blood stopped seeping down my shirt, and immediately I felt better. I checked my shirt and no red was visible anywhere. Thanks Mew, I said happily.

<You deserved it. One of such high courage as youmaybe together we could stop Mewtwo.>

I nodded. Mewtwo, you need to stop this. You cant go around capturing peoples Pokemon; its not right and its unfair to them and to you.

Mewtwo turned his head to watch me carefully. He didnt want to hurt me, I could tell. But I couldnt love him, not after what he had put me through. I had never even loved him in the first place.

Mewtwo watched Mew then, staring hardly. I took this opportunity and grabbed Ashs arm, then ran out of the battlefield. I looked around wildly inside the large castle. Theres got to be something in here that can stop Mewtwo! I whined. Ash leaned against the wall.

Like what? he asked.

LikeI dont know, something that will weaken him or something like that.

Yeah, OK, Mewtwo just keeps all the things that can weaken him in his own house, where he invited hundreds of trainers to battle him. I believe that.

Well hes got to have some weakness.

You, duh; didnt you see how he stopped when you were talking to him?


OK, OK! Ash said, holding his hands up. I get it. Gee, yell in my ear why dont ya?

I can.

I was being rhetorical.

I wasnt.

Ash backed away a little. I could tell he knew I was about to punch him. By accident, he bumped into some machinery or whatever. It looked like one of those little treadmills, only the conveyor belt on the treadmill was moving like an actual conveyor belt. The black PokeBalls were filtering from the conveyor belt into the wall, or at least a hole in the wall. I turned around and saw that the PokeBalls were coming out from another hole in the wall, and above the door was a huge silhouette of each Pokemon on a greenish screen.

Oh, oh! I know that one! Thats a Sycther! Ash yelled like a maniac. I slapped him across the face, leaving a red mark.

Pull yourself together, man! I yelled. Mewtwo could come after us any minute!

Ash sighed. OK. Ill stop my insane guessing game.

I nodded. I would appreciate that. I walked over to the black PokeBalls and picked it up, feeling the leathery texture in my hands. I pressed the small silver button in the middle which split the PokeBall into two hemispheres. In the same blinding flash of black, Blastoise appeared. Blast! it yelled.

Hiya, Shellshocker! I said happily. OK, lets see what else we got.

I picked another PokeBall up off of the conveyor belt and released the Pokemon inside. This one was the same large dinosaur Pokemon I had seen earlier. It was the Venusaur named FruitFruit.

Vena! it yelled, slamming down its foot.

This is fun, I giggled, and sent out one more. It was a large butterfly, around three feet. It flapped its enormous white wings and flew around yelling, Free! Free! I smiled happily. Well if that isnt the cutest thing Ive ever seen.

Ash was practically falling over laughing. What?! I asked. Im allowed to like butterflies, arent I?

Ash shook his head.

Shut up, moron.

Butterfree alit on the conveyor belt and smiled, although it had no mouth. Its eyes showed that it was very delighted. Free, free! it yelled again, and I put one finger to my lips to quiet it down. I held out my spear, almost forgetting that I had it. If any of you are loud youll have to answer to this, I said. The Pokemon immediately quieted down and I smiled. Good, you understand. All right, lets get to work. I ran over to the other hole in the wall.

Wow; come over here Ash, you wont believe this! I said. Ash ran over, and his eyes filled with the same scary kind of fear that mine had upon seeing them. Lined up across the wall were hundreds of tubes, each one filled with a copy of a Pokemon inside of it. Strange markings dotted the life forms and they appeared to be asleep as orange bubbles filled the tube.

What are they? Ash asked.

Pokemon, you dufus! Or at least copies of Pokemon Then it hit me. Mewtwo. Aclone?

AshMewtwos a clone of Mew. And hes trying to take over the world or something with all the clones from the Pokemon he captured. It is insanity! Hes trying to take over the world with a ton of cloned Pokemon! I yelled. Unfortunately, just then Blastoise, Venusaur, and Butterfree started yelling because I had, and ran around like total maniacs.

Stop it, you guys! I said in a hushed whisper. We have to go fight Mewtwo again.

They all quieted down, and I walked by the tubes, touching each one. He probably has all the Pokemon in the world here, I muttered. Then I spotted something even more interesting. In three separate tubes were a large icy blue bird, which had an amazingly long tail, a thunder yellow bird with wings that seemed to be filled with sharp edges, and a red fiery bird that had its wings on fire. They were sleeping, but they seemed to be better than the other Pokemon from their looks.

Ashcome here, I said quietly. He obeyed. Take out your Pokedex, I commanded, and he did so. Now analyze these three Pokemon.

Ash held out his Pokedex, and it clicked on. First was the ice bird. Articuno, the Freeze Pokemon, Articuno is a legendary bird Pokemon that can control ice. The flapping of its wings chills the air. As a result, it is said that when this Pokemon flies, snow will fall.

Now the thunder one.

Zapdos, the Electric Pokemon, Zapdos is a legendary bird Pokemon that has the ability to control electricity. It usually lives in thunderclouds. The Pokemon gains power if it is stricken by lightning bolts.

The fire one.

Moltres, the Flame Pokemon, Moltres is a legendary bird Pokemon that has the ability to control fire. If this Pokemon is injured, it is said to dip its body in the molten magma of a volcano to burn and heal itself.

Interesting, I said. Legendary bird Pokemon would probably be strong enough to stop Mewtwo. Should we find the originals? I asked. Ash nodded.

But how do we know which ones are the legendary birds PokeBalls?

I dont know, just pick them up and release them.

Ash nodded once more, and threw a PokeBall from the conveyor belt onto the floor. By amazing luck, the PokeBall burst open to reveal Moltres. It started screeching wildly, flying around the castle and making a riot.

Moltres, calm down! I yelled. Its OK; were here to help you. Can you help us defeat Mewtwo? Hes the one that captured you. Hes evil.

Moltres calmed down for a little while, landed on the floor, and tossed its head which had flames growing out of it. From the way it looked Moltres had nodded to me. It must have been observing human behavior from where it rested in the clouds.

I picked another PokeBall, and threw it. Man, this was my lucky day. Zapdos appeared, and electricity sparkled from one wing to the other. I told him the same exact thing, and he nodded as well.

Ash threw the last one, and it opened to reveal Articuno, the legendary ice Pokemon. The same exact thing happened, and I went up to Articuno. By far it was the most beautiful, and its ice blue feathers reflected in the light. Articunodo you think I could ride you? I asked. Articuno seemed to be thinking, and then nodded.

I smiled (REALLY wide, mind you), and Articuno leaned down. I swung my leg over her back, and mounted in between her wings. She unfurled her wings and flapped into the air, then fired an icy beam at the door, freezing it. She nodded to Moltres, and she opened her mouth. From the back of her throat came a huge spiral of flames; this hit the door and melted the ice, breaking the fragile door as well into a million pieces.

Ash boarded Moltres and she rose into the air as well, flapping her enormous fire-covered wings towards the battlefield.

Mewtwo was enveloped in a blue ball of light, and Mew was enveloped in a pink one. They were hitting each other with the spheres, neither seeming to be winning. Articuno turned her head to look at me. <This is the one?> she asked in telepathy.

You can talk? I asked.

<Yes. I do not talk to humans who are not worthy though. Since you released me from that wretched thing,> Articuno stretched her wings as if to prove how truly terrible the PokeBall was. <I am forever in your debt. Nowthe one in the blue light; is he the one?>

Yep. We need to defeat him; hes gone crazy with creating clones.

Articuno nodded. Moltres and Zapdos rose into the air, and the trainers still below watched the legendary birds fly through the air, in awe of being in the presence of such rare Pokemon.

<Mewtwo! This must stop!> Articuno yelled.

Mewtwo turned to Articuno. <So Vanyx, you managed to release the original Pokemon. No matter.>

Mewtwos psychic powers lifted Articuno high into the air, and then slammed her down onto the battlefield. I clutched her feathers as to not be completely shattered by the blow. Articuno, are you all right? I asked.

<No,> she choked out.

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Chapter 6

“Articuno, are you all right?” I asked.

<No,> she choked out. <I’m very weak. I do not think I can battle…but I will try. For the fate of the world!> she yelled in her melodious voice. She tried flapping her wings, and barely managed to lift into the air once more. <Zapdos…take him from the left!> she barked out to the electric legendary. Zapdos nodded. His wings started crackling with electricity, and he glided with effortless ease over to Mewtwo’s left.

<Moltres…take him from the right!> Moltres nodded, and rose to slide over to Mewtwo’s right. Articuno glided over to where Mew was positioned, and gasped. She couldn’t take much more of this fighting. I stroked her head sadly.

“I’m sorry you have to go through this,” I said to her. She smiled.

<It’s not your fault, Vanyx,> she said.

“Wait, how did you know my name?” I asked.

<I can’t very well ignore the kid on Moltres, can I?> she asked. I turned my attention to Ash.

“Vanyx Vanyx Vanyx Vanyx Vanyx Vanyx Vanyx Vanyx,” he was repeating over and over. I rolled my eyes.

“OK Articuno, do you have the strength for a strong ice attack like you did with the door?” I asked. She nodded. <I can manage to freeze him for a little while, but not long.>

“All right, I think I have an idea. Tell Moltres that she has to envelop the entire sphere in flames.”

Articuno relayed my message telepathically to Moltres. Mewtwo was still clashing with Mew’s sphere, and was paying no mind to us. Moltres released flames from her mouth, and they covered the blue sphere.

“Now quick, use your Blizzard attack, Articuno!” I yelled. Articuno flapped her enormous wings and ice covered the sphere. It cracked and shattered, and Mew took this opportunity to slam into Mewtwo with mind-bending power.

Mewtwo screamed. He screamed and screamed and screamed. The sound echoed throughout everyone’s mind, and nearly made me explode in pain. I was holding my ears, even though I knew that wouldn’t keep out the sound.

After nearly three minutes, Mewtwo stopped screaming and started panting. Mew circled him, letting her sphere down. She looked like she wanted him to be all right…

<Mew…why must you do this to me?> he asked in pure agony.

<Because you are doing the wrong thing,> she answered. <You can’t just clone Pokemon and have them take over the world. You do have a purpose, Mewtwo; you just have to figure it out. But this is not the answer.>

Mewtwo looked like he would subside. His icy blue eyes showed softness, like he cared about what Mew said. He floated to the ground, and his feet gently touched the ground. Mew did the same, and looked up at her clone. <So…will you do it? Will you stop this madness for the good of everyone?>

Mewtwo considered.

<No.> He launched a black sphere with electricity sparkling around it towards Mew. It collided with her pink fur, and she screeched. Her eyes were closed, and her mouth was open, as she was yelling with sound and not telepathically.

“Mew!” I yelled.

<We can’t help her now!> Articuno said. <She has regenerative powers; she can heal herself. Right now we have to defeat Mewtwo.>

Zapdos fired repetitive bursts of electricity at Mewtwo. They ran up and down his body, looking like electric spirals. He shook it off, however, and looked at Zapdos evilly. <You shall pay for your insolent foolishness,> Mewtwo said darkly, and threw yet another black sphere at Zapdos. It had the same effect on Zapdos as it did on Mew, and he fell to the ground. A couple trainers ran over to Zapdos and stroked it, trying to encourage him to get up.

<Zapdos!> Articuno yelled. <Oh…no matter, we must defeat this tyrant!> She fired a couple of beams of ice at Mewtwo, but he simply burst them into flames. Articuno jerked her head visibly, and sighed. <I do not believe we are strong enough. We need something of mass destruction.>

“Should we go back to that room I released you at?” I asked.

<Yes…maybe there is a strong Pokemon in there,> Articuno said. She lowered herself to the ground. <I am not strong enough…I shall rest here…> Articuno closed her eyes and lay on the ground.

I nodded, and dismounted, running towards the broken door. I hopped over several pieces of door and scrambled to the PokeBalls, which were still filtering in like crazy. I grabbed one and threw it, and in the black light appeared a huge red dragon Pokemon. It had two large blue wings, and a swishing tail with a flame at the end of it. It roared, and I shushed it.

“OK, I need you to help me defeat the Pokemon that captured you,” I told it. It nodded, and flew out to the battlefield to start attacking Mewtwo. Moltres had fallen next to Articuno, and Zapdos was barely holding up. Ash ran next to me and panted. “What…Pokemon…did…you…choose?” he asked. I pointed to the dragon and he held out his Pokedex. I rolled my eyes.

“Charizard, the Flame Pokemon, Charizard flies around the sky in search of powerful opponents. It breathes fire of such great heat that it melts anything. However, it never turns its fiery breath on any opponent weaker than itself.”

“Well that’s dumb,” I said. “I would melt anything.”

“Well, Charizard doesn’t,” Ash protested.

“Charizard, go get Mewtwo!” I yelled. Charizard nodded and flew after the psychic Pokemon. However, Charizard fell like the others: easily.

“What can stop this thing?” I asked.

Mewtwo and Mew lowered themselves to the ground. Mew clashed into Mewtwo and Mewtwo clashed into Mew. Mewtwo smiled. <Now, let me introduce yourselves to my little friends,> he said, and out of thin air appeared the clones we had seen in the tubes.

<I…I can’t fight them all…> Mew whined. <There are too many! I’ll never be able to defeat them all!>

“We’ve got to try!” I yelled. “We can’t give up! Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Charizard, Venusaur, Blastoise, go get him!” I yelled. Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres barely gathered the strength to rise into the air, but no more. They looked truly exhausted.

The clone Pokemon rushed at the exhausted original Pokemon, and started slapping them silly and hurting them. Ash clung to me. “Get off me, moron,” I said. Even in the face of nearly two hundred Pokemon I still hated him getting on me like a baby.

“Bulbasaur, go!” Ash yelled, throwing his PokeBall.

“Like that’ll help,” I retorted.

“We’ve got to try, remember?” he asked.

“Oh yeah; now that’s what I’m talking about.” I threw the PokeBall containing Charmander. He popped out in a flash of light, and squealed.

“Tackle, Bulbasaur!”

“Ember, Charmander!”

The two Pokemon rushed at Mewtwo. Bulbasaur threw its tiny body at the psychic Pokemon, and Charmander released small flames from its mouth. Neither scratched Mewtwo.

“How…is it possible…we can’t beat him!” I subsided.

“Our attacks aren’t doing a thing!” Ash concluded.

“Mew…you’ve got to help somehow,” I whined. I don’t normally like whining, but this wasn’t the time to mess around.

<I…I cannot…> Mew’s large blue eyes were filled with tears. <I have no way to defeat my clone…>

Mewtwo smirked. <Yes; you cannot defeat me!> he yelled. <I am the almighty Pokemon! I AM MEWTWO!>

I grabbed my spear, which had been hooked in my belt. I slid it out, and rushed at Mewtwo with it. The spear’s sharp point was aimed towards Mewtwo. Of course, like I had predicted, he lifted me psychically and slammed me back against the wall. I continued doing this for a great many times, until my head felt like it would fall off.

I collapsed against the wall.

“Vanyx!” I heard Ash yell. He ran over and put his hand under my head and his other one under my back like he had last time. Mewtwo lifted me into the air, and slammed me against the middle of the battlefield. Mew rushed over to me with Ash following.

<She’s...very close to unconsciousness,> I heard Mew say before I passed out.

(Remember, Vanyx is dead so I’ll be writing normal POV)

Ash’s eyes filled with tears. “She’s not unconscious. She’s…she’s…” He hung his head and started crying. Mew sighed, and circled around Vanyx.

<There is nothing I can do. I have power over life, but death…that belongs to…> Mew didn’t finish.

<What have you done?> she asked Mewtwo. <Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres…and Vanyx…you’ve killed them all.>

Mewtwo showed no signs of sorrow or regret. He simply turned his head, and watched his clones defeat the original Pokemon. <I do not mind. They are not close to me.>

<How…can…you…say…that?> Mew asked, a scary tone in her voice.

<Because they are not any of my concern.>

<Then maybe…I am.> Mew picked up Vanyx’s spear, and held it close to her heart. She closed her eyes. <For the life of Vanyx, I will give myself. Maybe you shall reconsider after my body lay on the ground, tattered and broken and covered with blood.>

Mewtwo turned his head sharply. <No, wait Mew!>

Mew dropped the spear. <Shall you reconsider?>

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Chapter 7

<Then maybe…I am. For the life of Vanyx, I will give myself. Maybe you shall reconsider after my body lay on the ground, tattered and broken and covered with blood.>

<No, wait Mew!>

<Shall you reconsider?>

Mewtwo looked at Mew with ice cold eyes. They seemed to be reflecting the love he had for her…was there something that Vanyx hadn’t been able to see before? Was there a love that went beyond what humans could see? Was the love that he had shown for Vanyx been for Mew instead, and he had substituted her for Mew?

The silence grew unbearable. The heavy breathing of the cloned Pokemon was the only sound, except for the low trilling of the legendary birds as they slept. Mewtwo had killed them, but the legendaries had an expanded lifespan, and could come back to life provided the circumstances were right.

Mew’s heavy blue eyes searched Mewtwo’s icy blue ones. She could see a faint hint of hope and love, and knew she had won. He had no way out of it. Mew picked up the spear once more to speed up the process, and pressed it against her heart until there was a small trickle of blood coming out.

<Mew, stop! I shall reconsider!>

Mew smiled. <I knew you would,> she said in what sounded like relief. She dropped the spear, and moved forward slowly until Mew and Mewtwo’s mouths were near each other. She placed her tiny paws on his broad shoulders, and leaned forward, their lips meeting in a passionate kiss.

“Ew! I’m right down here you know!” Ash said, but knowing at the same time that he and Vanyx might share the same feelings for each other someday.

The cloned Pokemon backed away a bit, like they knew Ash was a moron. Which he was.

The two Pokemon pulled away, and Mew sighed. <I cannot revive Vanyx; it is beyond my power. Only you, Mewtwo, have the power over your own causes.>

Mewtwo nodded. His six-foot frame towered over Vanyx as he knelt down, and touched her forehead lightly. <Vanyx…wake up,> he said simply, and Vanyx immediately rose.


“What’d I miss?” I asked. I looked up at Mewtwo and screeched. “What’s he still doing alive?” I looked around for my spear and grabbed it. “Die, clone!”

Mew laughed, and psychically lifted me next to her. <Vanyx, he revived you. Please do not attempt to kill him.>

Ash ran over to where I was floating. Of course, I wasn’t floating fifteen feet in the air; I was almost right above the ground. “Vanyx, they kissed in front of me!” he yelled. Mew released her grip and I landed on the ground.

“They did, did they?” I asked. He nodded frantically.

“Yep, they peeled the grape!”

“Do you even know what that means?” I asked.

“Nope,” he said gleefully.

“So…they kissed in front of you?”

Ash nodded again. I smiled and blushed. Then I took his shoulders and pulled him close, wrapping my arms around his neck and kissing him.

“Now do you think it’s gross?” I asked him. He looked unconscious. I released my grip and let him fall to the ground, stiff as a pole. I could almost hear the clank as he fell.

<Gee…this kissing is gross!> Zapdos yelled. He had risen, supposedly by Mew while I was kissing Ash. <Get me outta here!> the electric Pokemon rose into the sky and flew off. <Articuno, Moltres, you guys coming?>

Articuno smiled. <You two are perfect for each other,> she said simply before rising into the sky with Zapdos. Moltres didn’t say anything, but just flapped off, her red flaming wings making the sky seem as bright as day.

Mewtwo sighed. <But they cannot remember…they shall not remember. I will erase their memories.>

<No! Mewtwo, they deserve to know of these things.>

<They shall tell everybody!>

<No, the trainers who took no part in this will. So, perhaps it is best…that you erase everyone else’s memory and let Ash and Vanyx keep theirs.>

Mewtwo resolved to this. A white light filled the sky, enveloping anything it came across. Ash, who was currently unconscious, and I, who was just sitting and smiling, were the only ones who would remember anything.


The waves crashed against the shore, and I sighed, looking out at the rain. We were standing right on some kind of port bridge, one of those long walkways that you can fall off if you get too close to the edge. I turned to Ash.

“We just did something really important, didn’t we?” I asked him.

“You…you kissed me!” he yelled annoyingly. “Why would you kiss me?”

“Because Mewtwo and Mew kissed each other, remember? And I might have been dead, but I could still tell you were going to cry and be all sad over that.”

“Because you are my best friend!” he yelled.

“Whatever,” I said dismissively.

We looked up at the clouds, which were gray and heavy, and I thought for a minute that I saw a small pink cat dive through the clouds and rise back up. I took Ash’s hand, and pointed upwards.

“Mew,” I said almost silently.


“So…wanna go for some pizza or something?”


AN/ Kinda crappy ending…nyah. But I thought it was funny =P Two and a half pages on MS Word.

January 27th, 2006, 1:49 PM
Lol Ash is funny. I loved that Ratiosu. Zapdos is my fave legendary bird there. I would have done that too unless...*pulls out a picture of a boy* MWAHAHHAHAHHA MINE! *grabs real boy and locks him up* Thinger interuppted
Ummmmm okay, that was weird....... Anyways AWESOME IN CAPITALS, wow Im hyper today ^_^;

January 27th, 2006, 6:02 PM
I'm a horrible reviewer; keep that in mind.

Chapter 1

The beginning is nicely done, but the way you included that...description-block paragraph threw me off a bit. I'm sure it's a foolish personal dislike, but I believe introducing your characters right off the start is a bit overdone. Nevertheless, your descriptions were light and simple. They could have been worded better, but I don't suppose it's a major problem.

Careful what words you choose for dialogues:

"I asked whether you are going to stop playing with that spear and help me plan what Pokemon I'm getting, or if you're just going to play with it all day," she asked.

She's not asking; she's telling him that she asked before. Just these small things. Also, start a new paragraph when a new person speaks. It lessens the confusion and it's also one of the (stupid) dialogue rules (blame them)~ I nitpick- sorry.

Again, as with your descriptions, the characterization is loose, yet oddly enjoyable, especially the little sister, so I have no problem with that. Make sure not to overuse the capslock, when the mom was screaming, since it's not really necessary. I think putting in italics would be better emphasis, but whatever suits your boat~ As you're writing, just keep these weird things in mind.

Now, your plot was starting off original and good. I don't see why, however, there's a painfully similar resemblance between Ash Ketchum and Ashton Ketchum. XD; I never really read a SI story before. I'm curious to see how you're going to go along with this; it should be interesting, to say the least.

Ah, well. I'll try to go on the second chapter later. XP Overall, I'm ecstatic it's starting out..not bad. I was about to say it was the exact same as the anime, but I'm not sure about the SI part..either way, I'll keep reading and see what happens. Oooh~ the suspense~

Nice job, Ratiosu. ^_^

January 27th, 2006, 8:14 PM
It ain't spammin' Danyelle, I asked to see it ^^ I am working on the next chapter so it should be up pretty soon. Thanx for the comment, Crazy 4 Pokemon.
Haha, thanks.
PS: n00bs are everywhere these days. Ignore em.

January 28th, 2006, 11:03 AM
LilyPichu-->Him? LOL...Vanyx is female. Yes, I know...I hate that problem with the introducing at the start, I've got to remember that next time. However I'll edit that and then you can see if it's better. *huggles*

Crazy 4 Pokemon-->Yeah, I guess^_^ but you gotta love 'em...they're so cute and *pokes newbies*

January 28th, 2006, 11:06 AM
I knew she was female, but for some reason, she appealed as a male to me...I apologize for the confusion. XD It wasn't intentional.

January 29th, 2006, 4:56 PM
LilyPichu-->Him? LOL...Vanyx is female. Yes, I know...I hate that problem with the introducing at the start, I've got to remember that next time. However I'll edit that and then you can see if it's better. *huggles*

Crazy 4 Pokemon-->Yeah, I guess^_^ but you gotta love 'em...they're so cute and *pokes newbies*
Um....I said that?
PS: Remeber the underscores. I hate it when ppl forget the underscores....*goes red*
EDIT: I do like poking things. I inherit it from my brother ^_^. Yay. I'm nine and I said 'inherit'

January 29th, 2006, 6:04 PM
I like this fanfiction its cool!

January 30th, 2006, 3:07 PM
Yes, this was very good. You should write another. :)

February 4th, 2006, 7:00 AM
LilyPichu-->'Tis OK! Vanyx is more of a tomboy ^_^

Crazy_4_Pokemon-->Yeah, you said ignore newbs and I said you gotta love em though.

.:Melissa:.-->Why thank you ^_^ I thought so too. It came out a little better than what I planned.

JADEN133-->I will very soon. I'm going straight through the movies, so next would be *checks movie list* Pokemon 2000: Revelation Lugia! That'll be the title so ya'll know. But not for a while....I'm grounded -_-;;