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January 8th, 2006, 5:18 AM
Plot:It Was A Nice Summers Day In Pallet Ash Has Finally Became A Pokemon Master He Also Goes To School It Was Sunday The Day After High School Graduation And His Freinds And Family Are Throwing A Party For Him
Right You Can Be A Nintendo Charachter Or A Fancharachter But They Have To Know Eachother
Leo:Yo Ash
Ash:Hey Leo

Leo:Yo Ash
Ash:Who Are You And How Do You Know My Name???


Age: (16 To 19)




History: (Make It Long)

Other: (If Possible)

RPG Sample: (Show Me How Good You Really Are At This Sorta Thing)



Description:He Has Black Spiky Hair He Wears A Red Hat With A Design Simillar To A Pokeball On It He Wears A Black T-Shirt Green Fingerless Gloves Blue Jeans And Black Trainers On

Personality:Impatient,Over Confident,Silly,Brave And Loyal

History:Since He Was Born His Had A Dream To Be A Pokemon Master At The Age Of 11 He Started His Journey He Travelled Along With Many People Such As Brock,Misty,Tracey,Max And May After A While Even Though He Wouldn't Admit It He Loved Misty There Was Never A Day They Would Fight Though He And His First Pokemon Pikachu Have Always Been The Best Of Freinds By The Time Ash Was 18 Pikachu Still Haden't Evolved Even After Ash Became A Pokemon Master And Quit Being A Trainer He And Pikachu Are Still Freinds To This Day
Ash Walked Around Pallet Looking For His House He Saw His Mum Deliah In A New House He Knocked On The Door He Walked Inside After The Door Mysteriously Opened The Lights Were Off He Turned Them On
OOC:Now You Must Say "Surprise" Otherwise It's Not Much Of A Party Is It? Join Please

Alter Ego
January 8th, 2006, 5:41 AM

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Just read the rules (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=48899) before you post. First of, this "plot" is way too short;

Three main things are needed in a plot:

Originality: Which will draw members to the RPG, the last thing you want to do is a have a plot about a bunch of trainers going on a journey as you would see in the Pokemon Anime, no, you want a good story with a few plot twists. We are not stopping you from starting a Trainer RP, but it would be an idea to add a few plot twists and some adventure, this is what draws members to your RPG.

Detail: Description, History and emotions all come into the detail of a Plot; with out detail the plot will have no feel and therefore not attract members. Were not saying it has to be a 14 page essay, but make it more than 4 lines and add some description into it to allow members to have the idea of what the plot is about.

Interest: Originality and Detail all come into the interest of the plot. You want to draw members to the RPG so make it interesting by adding a few plot twists and furthermore, just making up your own story.

This one is only one line. <.< I'm sorry, but there's no way a plot that weak will ever get anywhere.

Leo:Yo Ash
Ash:Hey Leo

Leo:Yo Ash
Ash:Who Are You And How Do You Know My Name???

Actually, both of them are wrong ways. That notation is forbidden;

NO2: You should know by now that a members post is similar to a Fan fiction post, therefore it has to include good description of what your character is doing and such, one thing that is not aloud is Script posting, in which an example can be seen below:

Me: I know you!
You: Really!
Me *Nods* yeah!

XP….that’s not really RPing if you didn’t already know…that’s a script that you use for Drama ^_^; If you want to use such things, I suggest you join a Drama club at your local theatre.
Also, we will have no: ‘U’ and ‘2’ to substitute proper words. You will use proper language whilst RPGing, not substituting it to make it easier for yourself.

Sooo...in short, I'm going to have to report this. *Reports*

January 8th, 2006, 5:47 AM
Didn't I close this just a second ago?

Do it again and I will report you...