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January 10th, 2006, 4:20 PM
Main Plot:Team Sonic,Dark,Rose,and Chaotix were all fighting a giant monster together.All of them were almost wiped out but suddenly the monster uses an attack that knocked all the teams into 4 different parts of the world but the teams were mixed up.Espio,Rouge,and Knuckles were knocked together.Amy,Charmy,and Omega was knocked together.Shadow,Vector,and Tails were knocked together.Finally Sonic,Cream,and Big were knocked together.When all of them woke up they decided to team up since they were knocked together.So Espio,Rouge and Knuckels were formed into team Snake(i dont know what to name the teams???).Amy,Charmy,and Omega formed into team Fire.Shadow,Tails,and Vector formed into team buckers.Sonic,Cream,and Big formed into team Gigantic.2 years later all the characters forget about there old team and old friends.

Main thing to do:Defeat as many enemies/badguys you can find(ex:robbers)or
Do many good things like save people when they are in trouble or
explore many places.


thats all folks!

January 10th, 2006, 4:21 PM
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