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Mail Jeevas
January 12th, 2006, 9:41 PM
Hi, this is MulteonDX with a new Rp for you. It's about the Anime Saint Seiya (Knight of the Zodiac in USA).

After the battle against Poseidon (God of the seas) the Zodiac knights were back in their homes, waiting for the time to pass.
And talking about time, In the ancient days, a battle against Hades and Athena was held in Earth. It lasted for 100 days, and only two survivors were left: Shion, Aries Knight and Dohko, Libra Knight. They received a gift from Athena. Shion received the honor of being the sanctuary's pope, And Dohko received a special power.

Now, 250 years have passed since the last holy battle, and Hades is regrouping his knights and sending them to slay all the Athena Saints.
Hades needs to kill athena to revive, so for this task, he ordered 6 saints to go to the sanctuary and bring him Athena's head.

This RP will follow the story from Saint Seiya Hades Chapter, but not strictly, if for any chances you are killed by an enemy, you can choose another Saint, but you'll have to start from the beggining (Aries House, but you won't have to fight the battles all over again, but at least one battle you will have to fight...).

Here are the Knights that you can choose:

Pegasus Knight
Skills: Pegasus Ryu Sei Ken(Pegasus meteors)
Sends a wave of blows that hit the enemy in various spots
Pegasus Sui Sei Ken(Pegasus Comet)
Sends a powerful blow that hits the enemy very hard
Pegasus Rolling Crash(-)
Takes the enemy from behind and jumps, then it crashes him/her down to the ground

Cygnus Knight
Skills: Aurora Thunder Attack
Sends an icy air current that lifts the enemie and stomps it against a wall, floor or Ceiling.
Diamond Dust
Sends a wave of crystal shards that slightly freezes the enemy
Aurora Execution
Sends a ray of cold that freezes the enemy and afterwards kills him.

Dragon Knight
Skills: Rozan Sho Ryu Ha (Dragon fist)
Delivers a deathly blow that damages the enemy.
Lushan Ascending Dragon
Grabs the enemy by the back and flies away to the outer space.

Phoenix Knight
Skills: Phoenix Gen Maken (Phoenix Phantom Fist)
Creates an ilusion inside the enemy's head, that makes him think that he dies, and eventually he does.
Houyokou Tensho (Phoenix Wings)
Hits the enemy with a fire fist.

Andromeda Saint
Skills: Thunder wave
Attacks the enemy with the Square chain from the ground
Nebula chain
Attacks the enemy with the Square chain frontally
Rolling defence
Creates a barrier with the circular chain.
Nebula Storm
Creates a powerful wind that crushes the enemy

The golden saints will be posted tomorrow, so please choose a character from here. You can also create a character of your own, but please be imaginative and think of an animal when planning your saint's armor