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January 13th, 2006, 12:03 PM
Sign up sheets are just as important as RPG posts and plots, without a good sign up sheet other members do not have a clear image of how your character acts, looks and feels, in order to know this, your sign up must meet good standards, this means plenty of description so that members know how to act around your character.

We dont ask much, just around four or five lines with proper grammar and good description. Now dont get me wrong, I am not putting the entire blame on the members who sign up, some of the blame also goes to the game master who accepts such sigh ups, so it works both ways really:

We ask that the member who signs up, give a proper sign up, not four words long for each section, as an example I have prepared the below sheets so that it is easier for some of you to understandcompare this:

Example one

Name: rachel
Age: 16
Gender: female
Description: tall. long hair and wears black.
Personality: cold. nasty and angry
History: parents died when she was ten
Other: none

To this:

Example two

Name: Rachel

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Description: Rachel stands at around 51 and has a slim frame, which appears toned and slightly tanned, but not overly so. She has emerald green eyes which are normally obscured by many strands of chocolate coloured hair, seeing would be hard to her if a pair of black sun glasses were not lain atop her head to keep the unruly strands at bay. She wears a long sleeved, black crop top, accompanied by a pair of baggy black trousers, which tuck themselves into large boots at her feet; most of her frame is covered by a large trench coat which reaches just past her ankles. Around her neck is a silver pendant, which takes the form of a Dragon.

Personality: Rachel is serious in her battles and a hard nut to crack, she does not fool around when it means there is a battle to be won, instead she concentrates fully on the battle at hand, determined to win and bring her enemies to their knees, but of course, she is a good sport, and a loss is a loss, she can only learn from her mistakes. A good friend and powerful ally, she is a member worth having on any team, but her friendship is hard to gain, and her trust harder still.

History: Rachel has lived along side her parents for as long as she can remember, like any other normal teenager, she attended school, sat exams and had to endure the nightmare known as homework. When a letter arrived for her mentioning the beginning of a Pokemon journey, she could not help but take up the offer and make her way to pallet town after bidding her mother and father a goodbye and informing her college that she would be taking a year out to complete her journey.

Other: Rachel dealt with an unfortunate event when she was younger, which included water. Out at sea in a boat with her brother, they were attacked by a Gyarados and the boar was pulled under to deep depths. She made it out alive thanks to the help of her brothers Seal, but her brother met an unfortunate end. Rachel has been terrified of water ever since, but keeps her brothers Seal close by.

Now not only does (fairly good) grammar make it look nicer and makes it easier to understand, but cant you make out a lot more about my character through the second example than you can from the first? Four lines and good description is all it takes, please try your best.

Now, as for the game masters, we cannot stop you from accepting these sign ups, but it would much benefit your RPG if you ask them to add more and even complete a RPG sample. RPG samples may take a while, but they also show the members capability in RPGs, if they do not meat standards in the sample, then it is more than likely that they will not meat standards in the actual RPG either.

But of course, whether you accept is up to you, but it would make the RPG forums a tidier place if you kept to the four line rule, even in sign ups.

Okay, that ends my preach to you all, I would just like to add that all mods feel strongly about this, and we are kinda tired of seeing short sign ups, it gives members next to no information about your character if you present us with one line sign ups.

Anyways, think about it, eh?