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January 13th, 2006, 10:13 PM
The Year
Is 206 SDX, the year twelve years after the first Lunar war. The Lunar war was a war between Planets that was due to Pokemon trainers of different planets using different Pokemon in the Single greatest Tournement for Pokemon in the universe...The Pokemon Intergallactic Grand Tornement. The war ended and now a people have started to go to other planets again daily, no longer for war, but for pokemon training or something of the sort.

The Pokemon Intergallactic Grand Tornement
The Pokemon Intergallactic Grand Tornement is the single greastest event every year. Every Year 3,000 trainers participate and get to win the title Grand Universal Regent. To particiapte one must go around either collecting badges or catch as many pokemon troughout the palnets as possible. Each planet has one single badge now, so trainers need ships and crews to pilolet them.

One day, you decide to leave on a journey throughout the planets to claim all badges and different pokemon. The reason is not a normal trainer's, but you along with five other people had a dream about a woman, calling to you saying she is trapped and she needs your help. The woman said she is in the stadium Eureka...where the tournement is held. This is completely crazy, you think to yourself, but you decide to drop everything in your life and journey to capture new exotic pokemon and save theis mysterious woman from another planet.You must collect all of the badges and find the others you think may have the same dream and the same ideas to save this person. Now come trainers, to join, here is the sign up.

Age: (The trainers in The Pokemon Intergallactic Grand Tornement, must be from 16-30)
Appearence: ( A description or a picture will suffice)
Pokemon: (You may start out with three pokemon. One may be a second evolution I.E. Croconaw or Pidegeotto).
Personality: (Make it atleast four sentences, be descriptive about yourself)
History: (Make it atleast a paragraph meaning 5-6 sentences)

Name: Ichigo Hiwatori Langly (Sometimes called Ian by his friends)
Age: 17
Name: Gary
Personality: Rude

Name: Kozue
Personality: Quiet

Name: Kaze
Personality: Funny

Personality: Ichigo is a smart anf funny person. He ussually has a problem with losing. He will sometimes go insane when he loses and becomes overly competative person when it comes to battle. However, Ichigo is still a good person that will do anything for his friends and will not give up will the end.

History: Ichigo, was born on a Ranch in on Planet Nermuron, a planet almost exactly like Earth. He was from a pretty well off family and was always happy. He is at the top of his class and has the ability to understand what pokemon are thinking based on a power he gained when he was five during the Lunar war. Until the one night on a Full moon he decided to go on a journey based a dream he had about a beautiful woman. His friends all thought he was insane and quickly abandonned him until he comes back. Ichigo, decided to go and find other, and a way to save this woman that has been haunting his mind.

January 13th, 2006, 10:39 PM
Name: Zephyr
Age: 22

Appearance: Long black freely flowing hair that reaches over face, and wears a white visor that has a Diamond sign on it. Wears a green T-Shirt with a white vest over it. Has a black sweater hanging from his waist. He wears white jeans and wears two gray gloves(Like the kind Ash wears), and wears a black one-strapped bookbag with six PokeBall holders and a pouch with a Potion inside.


Name: none
Personality: Modest

Name: Amethyst
Personality: Calm

Name: Shadow
Personality: Modest

Personality: Zephyr is very modest, and can never take no as an answer. He is a natural romantic with a preferrence for brunettes. He is also very competitive and loves to win but hates to lose. Also, he can become super-strong when he is extremely enraged,

History: Born on the planet of Rakuhoru, Zephyr has always had a love for Eevee, and its evolutions, but his favorites are Espeon and Umbreon. After hearing that strange woman's voice, he decided to join other trainers who heard the same thing and train his Pokemon along the way. Also wants to become a master on breeding Espeon and Umbreon.

January 14th, 2006, 10:34 AM
I said you could only have one second evolution and it can't be a final evolution.

January 14th, 2006, 5:10 PM
^To clarify what was just said, "second evolutions" are evolved Pokemon but can still evolve. Marill, Kadabra, Golbat, and Vibrava are examples. However, if that second-stage Pokemon can't evolve, it's not allowed. Examples are Espeon, Raticate, Wobbuffet, and Gyarados.

Now for my signup:
Name: Suneora
Age: 20
Appearance: Suneora is a couple inches short of five feet tall. Her eyes are a deep shade of emerald, and her hair is a much darker green and falls down between her shoulders and her waist. She wears a white shirt with elbow-length sleeves that match the color of her eyes, plus dark indigo pants that are so light and baggy that they almost look like a skirt, and blue sandals underneath them. Finishing all that is a necklace with an amethyst charm in the shape of a crescent moon, topped with three ruby stars and with a tiny black raven hanging from it.
Personality: Suneora often seems eccentric because she comes from such a faraway planet. She often feels lonely and depressed, probably due to homesickness. Moreso, she often feels like she doesn't really belong anywhere--one flaw takes her out of place. However, she does like Pokemon battles because there she feels connected to her Pokemon and with the magic that would have made her fit in her homeplace (see History). She is emotionally fragile in general--being teased greatly hurts her, and being complimented flatters her. But the good thing is that Suneora follows her heart, trusts and loves her Pokemon, doesn't take losing too badly (it gets her depressed rather than upset or angry).
History: Suneora's name means "magical elf". The elf part makes sense because her parents mistook her for one when she was born, but the magic part is a different story. She was born on Orenya, a planet where everything is magic and pretty much everyone had some sort of magical power. This was true with Suneora's parents, but when they found that Suneora herself seemed to have no magical powers, they got suspicious, and Suneora really felt out of place on that planet. She lived most of her early life in stress and fear, until she had a dream about a woman that needed to be saved. When she told her parents about this dream and about Pokemon, they said that she could go. However, Orenya was very far away from any other civilized planets. But luckily, on her twentieth birthday, her parents gave her the necklace from the Appearance section--it was meant to contain some sort of magical property. Suneora was overjoyed at this, but that night after she got it, she disappeared and found herself on a planet called Hakushiari--a place where a few people but many Pokemon lived. There she started her career as a trainer, but it depressed her that just when she got the faintest sign of fitting into her homeplace, her earlier wishes to leave that planet were granted...
*The second Suneora arrived on Hakushiari, she found an Unown next to her who agreed to go with her. Suneora accepted the Unown as her first Pokemon and named it Su-Kanaori because she felt it had some mysterious hidden abilities... Su-Kanaori is currently Suneora's best Pokemon, quite strangely.


Name: Runaito
Species: Meowth
Personality: Malevolent

Name: Munedriva
Species: Lunatone
Personality: Bashful

Name: Su-Kanaori
Species: Unown (S)
Personality: Mysterious
Yes, I know the names sound weird... They come from the language spoken on Orenya. Runaito means "ruby cat" (referring to Persian), Munedriva means "hypnotic moon", and Su-Kanaori means "hidden power of the letter S".

January 14th, 2006, 5:37 PM
Thanks and you are accepted. Lets wait, for three more people then we will begin.

Ebil Slowpoke
January 15th, 2006, 12:05 PM
Name:Eric Silver
Pokemon:Haunter,Shuppet and Misdreavious
Appearance:Has Spiked, jet-black hair and Usually wears a Black T-Shirt and black jeans. he has unnaturally pale skin witch makes him stick out from a crowd with his black clothes and hair, he has Bluish-green eyes completing his appearance

Personality:He is a loner and has no friends because of his odd appearance and distant attitude, he has a softspot only for his pokemon and he is a trustworty person but many think otherwise. He always has had a hatred for people who treat pokemon badly and he will most always avenge the cruelty done to the pokemon

History:He was born on a planet known as Shiirak into a commoner family, his father being a merchant and her mother taking care of the children (him and his little brother, micheal) His planet had an abundance of gost pokemon and when he was ten he caught a ghastly and after 3 years of training it evolved into a huanter. 2 weeks after his fourteenth birthday he started having dreams of a woman calling for help so one day he Got enough money to get a ride to the stadium eureka.

Ebil Slowpoke
January 15th, 2006, 7:29 PM
on second thought im not gonna join.

January 15th, 2006, 7:44 PM
First off, never double post in my thread. Secondly, you are rejected for a poor sign up.

January 15th, 2006, 8:25 PM
Erm, let me change my sign-up, then PM me to let me know if i'm in....

January 17th, 2006, 10:24 PM
^(No wonder he has Slowpoke in his username...)

Jack, your Pokemon should be OK, but let Akio verify that...

I sure wish this RPG would start! *prays that more people will sign up*

January 18th, 2006, 9:12 AM
Yes and Jack, your pokemon are now fine.

January 18th, 2006, 3:48 PM
*raises hand* I'll join! ^-^

Name: Kura Helmast

Age: 21 (My actual age for once! XD)

Appearance: Kura has short brown hair with a distinct curl at the end of it. She wears a knee-length black skirt with a light blue ribbon around the hem of it. She has a gray-colored shirt on, that is also accented with blue around the edges. Her eyes are a dusty gray, and she likes to wear long, black boots. Her skin is quite pale.


Name: Peep
Personality: Peep is a bright and happy bird. He is serious and calm at times he wants to be, but mostly he is quite cheery.

Name: Serene
Personality: Serene is the kind of pokemon that is aloof, reserved, and thinks in philosophy and reason. She is never taken by surprise, and never seems to get emotional about anything. She goes with the flow, and quite fluidly at that.

Personality: Kura is a rather shy and silent person. She doesn't like to speak to people a lot, mostly unless she has to, or if she really likes a person. She mostly relies on the help of her two psychic pokemon to help her communicate with others. When she does talk, it is polite and curt, and very innocent. She hasn't really ever done anything in her life, or seen any places, so she can also be extremely naive, and guilible. She also believes that everyone is truthful, and that what a person says is always true. This proves to be a bit difficult to deal with around people who are not very nice.

History: Growing up on a planet Yimyu is no fun for most, but for Kura it was the only thing she knew. Yimyu is a planet that is mostly for recreation. People don't really live there, they just come to stay and get away from their lives on other planets. Kura was born into a family of servants on the planet. These servants aren't slaves, they get paid, but they are pretty much bound to serve because of the financial strain on moving away. They can't move; they would lose everything, and not to mention, they would have nothing to do. Most have little skills aside from cleaning and repairing. However, some of the younger people can apply to go on a pokemon journey. This way they can have an opportunity to get away for at least a little while. Some get married during their journies, or even get the oppurtunity to set up a job away from Yimyu.

Kura was a young maid for a large manor on the planet, and was separate from her family because they had no work available at the house they worked at. So she was alone for most of the time. She learned obedience and to never question her orders. Then she began to have dreams... with a woman in them. She wanted to help this woman, but it was so hard for her to muster up the courage to go out on a journey. What would her employers say? Her pokemon helped her though, and so she began her journey.

There we go! Hope it's good enough. ^-^

January 18th, 2006, 5:24 PM
I'll give it a shot.

Name:Ryan Spectre.

Age: 19

Appearence: A tall boy (About 6 feet) with a lanky, if not muscular complexion. His hair is blonde and wavy with stunning blue eyes to match; much like a surfer boy except with less tan and more brains. His usual apparel is khaki shorts, and a black body/white sleeves long sleeved shirt. He carries a metallic key around his neck.


Sandshrew - Name: Slash. Ryan found Slash in a ditch after a heavy snowstorm. The sand pokemon couldn't take the cold and was about to die, but was saved in his dying breath by Ryan. This mouse has lived with him ever since. It is friendly and good natured. However, when put up to a challenge, this pokemon won't stop until it has won.

Smoochum - Name: Zynx. Zynx is the second member of Ryan's team. He took the opportunity to capture it while it was sleeping during the Cold season. It is maternal and compassionate, and loves to dance. It is also a born singer, and has learned to imitate human speech. While not perfect, it is understandable.

Personality: Ryan is pretty antisocial when it comes to new people. He has big ideas about the galaxy, and is convinced that once someone has crossed the path to evil, they can never return. He has a sarcastic screak a mile long, but get ready for some laughs if you can get on his good side. At his best, he is a loyal and cunning friend, and at his worst, he is a coward, who covers up his insecurity with malice.

History: Ryan lives on Lucrecia, which is a very temperate planet, complete with deserts, oceans, lakes, snowcaps, and plenty of grassy plain. It is actually much like Earth. However, Lucrecia's axial tilt is about 10 percent higher than Earths, making temperatures extreme at times. During the Hot and Cold seasons, all cities put up a temperature regulating dome so that crops and population doesn't die. Ryan lives in a bustling city with his mother, and his kid brother of 17. Ryan was just finishing his last year of high school, when the voices started. The screaming woman, torturing his dreams for weeks. When he
learned how to get these voices to stop, he was almost TOO happy to get on the ship headed for Eureka.

January 18th, 2006, 5:27 PM
Light Azumarril: Accepted
YoshiRiRu: No Final evolutions, change Jynx and you are in.