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January 15th, 2006, 2:35 AM
The Army of Death
PG-15 for Violence

Lorette, a kingdom of great beauty, once ruled by the great and kindly king, Sir Augustus Valentine, he had shown love to the common folk of his kingdom, allowing both men and women to live as equals. He saw all species of living folk as beautiful creatures in his eyes, from the magical elves of the Acroven forest to the horrid Vampires of the lunar land. These creatures were all at peace, even the carnivorous creatures such as Werewolves and Dragon’s, his land was truly a miracle.

The Vampires, though blood suckers, were granted permission to feed off of the animals who resigned on the outskirts of the lunar land, though they were forbidden to feed on that of humans, unless they wished themselves killed by holy silver. They agreed to these arrangements, they were even aloud to mingle with the likes of humans, but only if their promise was kept.

Werewolves lived along side the Vampires of the Lunar lands, and granted to same hunting permission, though in the past, there had been rumours of the Vampires and Werewolves having their territorial differences, but Humans and Elves were told not to meddle in their affairs unless they possessed a death wish.

All was running perfectly, until one fateful day…

“Look at it” The wise wizard stated, a hand placed on the shoulder of the young lad standing at his side “This is now yours, your father has passed away and now you own this great land before you and the peasants that live in it” he grasped the younger shoulder and watched as he scanned his newly acquired land.

Sir Augustus Valentine had passed away only two days ago due to a serious case of the flue, his will stated that the kingdom of Lorette be passed into the hands of his son, Sir Harry Valentine. But the young heir knew not of how to rule his own land and his stomach fluttered from the horror of the moment.

“But, I don’t know-” The young man was cut off with a harsh laugh from the aging wizard “Which is why I am going to help you, Harry. Do not worry I will teach you how to rule this land. Your father was a fool, he did not have the will power to teach these peasants the way to behave in his presence, but you will rule this country with power, I will help you, Harry”

~*Ten years later*~

The Kingdom of Lorette is under the control of the Iron Fisted, King Valentine who rules with power and fear. The land is not as it was ten years ago, no; now it stands as a waste land, crushed under the fury of the king and his most powerful army, the army of death.

Humans and demons alike run from the mere mention of his name, not wanting to fall victim to this unholy king and his cursed army. There stands no army in any other kingdom who can withstand his power, not with the Wizard stood at his side at least. Kings have fallen, Queens slaughtered and their army’s killed or taken for their own, many kingdoms have fallen to his might.

The Kings army is made up of many, from mere humans to powerful creatures such as the Undead and the cursed. They themselves seek power and bow to the king upon his word that they will get it. They have fallen under his control and now kill for pleasure.

The Forest of Acroven, home to the mythical Elven people and their steeds, is the only place left untouched by the king, as it is said to be protected by the fallen leaders of their kind. This holy sanctuary has become home to many rogue groups of humans as the Elven people have been kind enough to share their home for the time being, until the king has been defeated, for they believe that the king’s rain will not continue for much longer, and he will soon be over thrown.

The Lunar land has also been untouched, but only for the mere reason that the king offered them a prize that they could not refuse. If they were to join him in his rain over the land, he would allow them to feed off of the humans and creatures that refused to join him in battle. Eager to taste the sweet taste of human blood once again, most agreed eagerly to this and joined the king without though.

The Vampiric queen, Kali, pleaded that they not give in to such temptation, for she was a true follower of Augustus Valentine, and she knew that this was not his wish, she would not go back on her loyalty, no matter how tempting the offer…only few loyal Vampires stayed along side her in her decision.

Back at the castle, Princess Loretta, named after the mighty land itself could take no more of the selfishness of her brother, King Valentine and has fled from her home in search of Warriors who could help her take revenge on her brother and release the word from his wrath. Some say she is the descendant of Angels and possesses extraordinary powers, but if this is true, why has she not over thrown her brother and claimed rule over the throne…could it be her love that prevents her from brining harm upon her brother?

She now seeks all; Undead, cursed and humans for aid to overthrow her brother and his army of death and save the countless lives of those that suffer across the many lands her brother has claimed rule over.

Sum up:

Basically, you are one of the rogue creatures who have either fled to the forest of Acroven, or remain in hiding elsewhere in the Kingdom of Loretta (or another kingdom). You lead a rouge group of warriors who do not approve the rain of King Valentine and so pray for his downfall.

Soon, you will all gather in the forest of Acroven and prepare to make an Army worthy of Angels and Devils (Whatever path you follow) and try to overthrow the king and protect Kingdoms from the wrath of the Army of Death. The more Kingdoms you save, the more men you receive and the more powerful you get. Will you be able to overthrow the most powerful army in the land?

Sign ups:

Species: *
Steed: **
Description: (I would say this is set in the time of Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table)


Humans: There are many rouge groups of humans left in the land, and so this would be the most common choice. You carry little weaponry and armour, but this will soon be changed.

Vampires: The only known group of Vampires in the land are that of Kali's group who live in the Lunar lands. Vampires are known to be creatures of the night, though some have learnt to withstand the light, though they still dislike it. They drink blood for a living and so need to feed at least once in a night.

If you wish to be a Vampire then you either have to go under the rule of Kali or, you can be rouge who found yourself either thrown from the army of death, or you left. Though you will have to join up later on with Kali and join her group. So in other words you will either be apart of Kali's group from the very start or join up with her later on.

Elves: Loretten Elves live in the forest of Acroven, but there are other species of elves that live in the land, the Acroven elves cannot be controlled by anyone though, because they are all about peace and only give aid, they do not fight. If you wish to be an elf, then you will have to take control of a group that is from another kingdom.

Werewolves: Live along side the Vampires in the land of Lunar, but were too vicious and uncontrolled to be taken into the kings army if a full moon were to occur. Werewolves are a choice, but they will be quite hard to control during the RPG as the full moon brings about insanity, they will most probably attack their allies in these moment.

Other: If you have another recommendation for a species, ten you will have to PM me.

Werewolves will not be in possession of these.

Horse: The most common steed will probably be used by Humans and Vampires.

Dragon: A rare steed that will be used by Humans who were once in the services of the King. These beasts comes in many shapes and sizes, their appearance is up to you.

Unicorn: A steed found only in forests that are inhabited by elves and can only be handled by those of Elven kind.

Hellhounds: Found only in the lunar lands, these beasts are usually killed and devoured by Werewolves, but used as steeds by Vampires.

Controlling your group:

As you are the leader of a rouge group, you will have to take charge of all the members who form it. Though the leader will be the main character, you may have to give a status report on how your group holds off in battle; some characters may be used more than others though.

My sign up:

Name: Kali Lagura

Age: Looks to be around 18, is in fact 244

Gender: Female

Species: Vampire

Description: Kali has long flowing black hair which bares silver streaks and to strands of which fall down past blood red. Her skin is a pasty white colour and bares no scars only strange markings which wind themselves around the sleek curves of her body. She stands at around 5’7 and wears tattered clothing, which consist mainly of rangers clothing; a black tunic and leather trousers accompanied by heavy boots with metal clasps, many black belts wrap themselves securely around her lithe frame and strange markings can be seen etched into the pale skin just above the collar of her tunic, some wonder whether her whole body is covered by the satanic markings. Secured at her belt are two sword sheathes which bare mighty, silver bladed swords with grand handles, though this lithe form is covered by a large, long flowing cloak which is some times held closed by a golden chain at the collar. The fangs that penetrate her pink gums are normally seen piercing the sensitive skin of her lower lip, drawing blood in the process which is usually licked up by an abnormally large tongue.

Personality: Kali is anything but lady like and will not stand down at the hands of men when she is told to. Her sarcastic and witty nature normally deprives her of true friends, but she is looked up to by many of her species for having the strength to lead a clan of her own as well as her glorious rain. She is caring only for her people and will show no mercy to those, whom threaten her, any companions she makes on her many journeys are normally forgotten in a heartbeat (Bit of Irony there because Vampires hearts do not beat XP).

History: Kali was bitten at the tender age of 18 by a Vampire named Vladimir, he cared for her for many years and taught her how to defend herself when in trouble and told her the ways of the Vampire nature. At the age of 100 she had seen more than what the great kings of that era had and was already skilled in the ways of battle. She killed countless through bloodlust and for a short while remained alone, fighting her own battles and pillaging from villages. When she came to the age of 180 she met with others of her species, and slowly began to create a rule of her own. Many looked up to her and counted on her for their blood, they killed countless at her orders and still do to this vary day. Kali is the leader of a bunch of rogue Vampires who were cast aside by the ones they loved after being turned by those their families hate so much.

When the Augustus became king, he announced that they be treated as equals as long as they secede their killing of humans. Wanting the best for her race, she agreed to this, and declared peace between the Vampiric race and the Humans race, she has been loyal to the king ever since, even fighting in battles along side him, her loyalty still remains for him, even in his death, multiple times had she offered to turn him into one of her own, but he simply declined, he had stated that God had made his decision and that he would die a human.

Other: None.


If you have not been sent a PM, or do not see your name on the list below, then you cannot join the RPG sorry. I may have forgotten some people, so if they spring to mind then I will PM you or add you to the list. If you truly think I have forgotten you, then feel free to PM me:

Raichu Master
Wolf Goddess
Alter Ego
Kakashi and Sasuke Lover
Light Azumarill

Alter Ego
January 15th, 2006, 5:05 AM
Name: Tarleth (He used to have another name. See history)

Age: 23 (His body matures slower than a human's though, so he looks about 14)

Gender: Male

Species: Dragon kin (I.e. Human with dragon blood, species asked for and approved)

Steed: N/A

Description: At first glance, Tarleth seems like little more than an average, slightly lanky fourteen-year old, with his light frame and slightly child-like face. Although already here seems to be the slightly unusual feature that his skin seems quite heavily tanned, as if he had spent long hours working hard in the sunlight, despite the fact that his body seems more like that of a pampered child who has hardly seen a day of honest work. His hair is a slightly dirty blonde in colour, and is, much like that of other boys his age, fairly short but almost preternally ruffled, and his eyes are of a quite strikingly green colour. It is only upon closer inspection that his more outlandish features become apparent however, particularly the small pair of scaly, bat-like, bronze-coloured wings protounding from his back. These wings are hardly the strongest around however, and can't support him for more than short flights or glides along air currents so he usually keeps them concealed between his shirt, a simple one made of rough cloth which is a fairly light brown in colour, similar to his pants, and the hodded, reddish brown cloak, made of far smoother, and as such slightly conspicious, material, which also serves to cover his face from too close scrutiny. Another slightly conspicious article of clothing which might serve to make Tarleth stand out is the pair of wooden sandals which he wears instead of shoes, mostly because, according to his own words, shoes are too constraining for his feet.

Personality: A primarily friendly, and sometimes all too trusting, person by nature, Tarleth seems to be far more of a war opposer than an army leader by nature, often placing far more emphasis on causing as little pain and bloodshed in a battle as possible rather than achieveing victory, which has consequently granted him a less-than-brilliant reputation on the battlefield. Among strangers he always tries to be polite and hates to be a burden, often keeping to himself a bit too much, and always tries to think the best of everyone, not a particularly easy task considering the current state of the world. Personally, he hates being in the spotlight, but at the same time he doesn't want to let down the people who support him, and therefore does his best to be a good leader, despite his inherent distaste for killing and bloodshed. There are times, however, when Tarleth acts with courage, determination, and quite often viciousness, that is as disturbing to him as it is to those who follow him, and if faced with an overwhelming amount of cruelty, he has been known to punish the perpetrators in an uncharacteristically merciless fashion, which practically always results in death. After such episodes he always acts more resereved and withdrawn than usual, often retreating to a private room for hours of personal contemplation and rturning definitely teary-eyed. As a leader, Tarleth's greatest asset is perhaps his decieveingly young appearance, as he is in fact a good bit over 20 years of age already, and has always been a wise and thoughtfull child for his age, and many opponents have made the fatal mistake of underestimating him and his group in battle.

History: Found in a small basket outside the shrine of what was to be his hometown, Tarleth was, at first, deemed to be little more than an orphan among many others, as his wings were truly little more than indiscernable stubs on his back. The first few years of his life were spent with the other orphans at the shrine, where Ito, a local priest and the head of the shrine, raised him and the other children to become faithfull servants of the town's guardian deity; Medea, a great dragon of earth whose spirit had supposedly protected the village and its people since ancient times. It soon became apparent that Tarleth, although he was called Loki, or more usually just 'boy', was far from an ordinary child however, as he very quickly became articulate and, at times, showed surprising insight during lessons; knowing many of the old hymns by heart before they had even been taught to him, and indeed, sometimes even adding a misplaced verse here and there. This could not simply be marked down as impudence on the child's part however, as he was in all other respects a very well behaved and obedient one, although he frequently spoke of the peculiar dreams he had seen and was often caught staring intently into the distance as if he was observing something which the others couldn't percieve. The final proof came to Ito in a vision however, one which occured during the night of Tarleth's twelwth birthday. The priest could not seem to find the words to describe most of what he had seen, but one sentence was clear in his mind and came to be repeated numerous times as the story spread; "Care for my child as you would have me care for yours.". It didn't take long for Ito to deduce which child had been alluded to, as the youth had by now been complaining repeatedly about an ache around his shoulders and often spoke in a very serene manner of the things he had heard his mother tell him in his dreams.

That day, Loki's name (One which was deemed far too mundane, if not even insulting) was changed to Tarleth after a great hero of lore, and the boy was declared a prophet, a gift from their guardian. Tarleth, never a particularly social person to begin with, was obviously overwhelmed by this sudden change in attitude, people who had so readily told him to stop bothering them earlier now bowing low as they saw him and adressing him in revering tones, asking him to lead them with his wisdom. Despite his new station as a spiritual leader of his village, with the assitance of Ito, Tarleth still refused to give up on his simple clothes in favour of the heavy, constraining ceremonial attire that was offered, a choice which perhaps mostly reflected the need of his newly sprouted wings, which were very tender and reacted badly to touching, more than his modesty, although it was of course the latter which was hailed.

It didn't take long for tales of this oracle to spread to king Valentine's court however, and fearing that the child could bolster the morale of the various resistance movements and guerilla bands, he was quick to send his dreaded army to the task. Of course, a handfull of peasants and milita was now match for such a force, and the village was reduced to rubble in a matter of hours. Much to the marauders' dismay however, the child oracle (Although already a good 17 years at the time) and most of his followers were nowhere to be seen however. Apparently, Tarleth had recieved a vision of the town's destruction in advance, immediately ordering his people to move, and only the sceptical, the greedy, and those incapable of making such a journey had remained.

Outraged by the senseless violence and destruction, Tarleth woved to put an end to king Valentine's reign, and since then, he has done his best to mobilize what people he has under his command into a competent fighting force, and although their lack of truly competent warriors is plain to see, Tarleth's visions and the sheer devotion with which his band fights has kept them alive, even as the king's forces continue pursuing them through the lands.

Other: As mentioned above, Tarleth, while not much of a fighter, sometimes recieves visions in his dreams, although these are blurry and open to interpretation at best. At the times when he grows angry, he seems to exhibit strength that far exceeds his frail appearance, although this strength also comes with an almost blind desire to punish the perpetrator and dissapears just as suddenly as it has come. Also, being part-dragon, Tarleth has an intuitive understanding of dragon speech (Although his skill is far from perfect due to a lack of practice), and he also feels a deep kinship with them, sometimes even moreso than with humans.

January 15th, 2006, 7:12 AM
Name: Scourge

Age: 4 moons

Gender: male

Species: Werewolf

Description: Scourge stands at about two feet high, smaller then the average werewolf, and is covered in pitch black fur that tends to shine in the moonlight, but not sunlight. His size isn't a disability though, for he is also faster then the average werewolf, allowing himself to shred apart the enemy, using skills he taught himself, before it even has a chance to fight back. His other advantage, which makes the shredding part ever easier, is his razor sharp, four inch claws and six inch fangs, also very sharp.


History: Scourge grew up with his mom, a brownish werewolf, his dad, a pitch black werewolf like him, and his six siblings, all who were a brownish color, for he was the only black one.They grew up in the depths of the Lunar land, inside a cave on the side of a steep cliff. The area was surrounding by all sorts of vegetation, so nobody ever usually came by their territroy and bothered them.

They all lived alone in peace until that one fateful day when Harry ruled the lands. Forests burned down, and all the creatures of the Lunar either ran to join him and his evil army, or hid beneath the few forest areas that were left. Scourge and his family all had to migrate to another part of the forest area, since theirs was almost completly destroyed and burned to the ground. Scourge, tough about a moon ago, could still clearly remeber his father's reaction to it all. Cursing out loud with that look of anger and hatred on his face. But there was something else Scourge notied. A look of depression and saddess also etched on his father's features, as well as his mother's and half of his siblings. Scourge clearly always took notice of it, but never brought it up while they were around.

Scourge and family ended up finding a place to stay in a corner part of one of the forests there. However, the next morning Scourge woke up to find something devistating.

Both his parents and half of his siblings were gone.

Scourge searched almost everywhere in the forest, not bothering to wake up the siblings that were still in the temporary den, sleeping. Scourge went as far as to the edge of the Lunar land, which led to the land of the humans. There he smelt faint, but fresh, traces of his parents and the rest of his siblings. He had then come to the conclusion that they had all gone off to join Harry.

Devastated, Scourge trudged back to the den where his siblings were finally awake. One of the siblings, Boulder, walked up to Scourge and dropped something down at his front paws. 'It smells of father.' Boulder said as he took a step back and waited for Scourge to respond. Scourge's deep blue eyes windened slightly at the mention of his father. He looked down at his front paws to see what Boulder had dropped. It looked to be a necklace. It had a thin black strap and at the end of it was a light blue cresent moon, that seemed to have an eeire glow to it. Scourge said nothing. Instead, he picked it up with his teeth and swung it around on his neck. Almost instantly, he was knocked unconcious.

Scourge was currently standing on white tiled floor, facing the throne of Harry. He growled, bearing his teeth, but stopped imediatly after he saw who was standing before him. 'Mother..Fater..Siblings!' Scourge ran up to them, trying to get their attention. They never seemed to noticed his presence though. 'Father, why don't you ntoice me???' Scourge pleaded desperatly. In front of Scourge, his father walked up to the steps that led to the throne of Harry. He ended up walking right through Scourge. 'What???' Scourge staggered back out of his father's way, fur on end. 'W-whats going on...' Scourge saw his father walk up the steps a few paces and faced Harry.

'Harry...you know why I have come' Scourge' father said. Scourge saw Harry nod slightly and his father continued 'We shall join your army on one condition..Leave my pack alone!' Scourge's father growled out the last words.

Harry laughed and said quietly 'Don't worry. You pack will be safe..'

Scourge's eyes windened as he suddenly fell into darkness once more. He woke up to find Boulder and his other two siblings staring wide eyed at him. He got up shakily and shook out his pelt, which was covered in dust. The necklace was still hanging on his neck. 'Brother, what happened??' Boulder asked franticly, his fur on end.

Scourge looked at him calmy, yet sadly, and whispered 'I don't know Boulder, I really don't..But...' Scourge sighed and looked to the ground. 'Mom and Dad..and our siblings..they're gone...and........and they won't be coming back unless we save them..'

'But where our they????' One of Scourge's younger female siblings, Luna, asked. Her amber eyes showed traces of stress.

'They are with...Harry. They have agreed to join his army as long if..if Harry didn't harm us..'


And, for the next few weeks, Scourge and his three remaining siblings gathered as many werewolves that were stranded like them as they could find. Their misssion; to create an army of werewolves and stop Harry for good.

Other: Scourge doesn't really know what powers the glowing blue cresent moon has yet, but he does know it has some sort of special power.

January 15th, 2006, 10:44 AM
OOC: *cracks knuckles and prepares to type a lot* Phwee! I'll give a non-pokemon RP a try then. I've actually only ever done a non-pokemon/digimon RP twice. ^^; Should be fun though. I was thinking that perhaps I'd be an Elf, but you know what? I'd rather be a little ol' human. ^-^

*waves to Alter and Kakashi* Hi!

Name: Heather Reed

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Steed: Dragon ('Cause they're cute =3)


Heather: With hair that is a deep blue, and eyes of light blue, it seems that blue is Heather's color. She does like it, and her clothing and armor is usually either gray or blue in color. She wears a deep purple cloak that goes down to about her knees. No matter what she wears, she is always wearing this. Her skintone is fairly medium, she has spent time outdoors, but her mother's pales complexion made it hard to obtain a good tan. She wears black boots that go halfway up her shins, and a pair of small, rounded, gold earrings. Her hair is quite long, and the bangs are short and fluffy. She prefers to fight with her brother's sword, and has a small dagger of her own as well. She is also skilled with a bow, but doesn't like it as much as the sword.

Leif (Heather's dragon): Leif is an icy blue dragon that is quite slim in stature. He has a smooth back that is perfect for riding on, but has a few horns on his head. He has two long ears that come off of his head as well. He has bright yellow eyes, and a rather long snout. His wings are quite skinny and have three bony portrusions on each where a claw should be. He has four legs, and small blades accenting his elbows on his front legs. He also has a long tail with retractable blades at the end. He can fight a bit himself, but is better suited as a steed. Not to mention he likes it better not being into the fighting as well.


Heather's the kind of girl that would be considered kind, yet strong-willed. She has had to be, to prove herself to others and to distance herself from her father's reputation. She can be a bit quiet sometimes when faced with the destruction that has been made in the king's wake though, and prefers to be left alone in these instances. Other than those times though, she is polite and curt, and appreciates others' ideas. She has a fondness of beasts, particularly dragons and unicorns. These are her two favorite creatures, and she acts quite happy and respectful in their presence. When things get serious though, she springs into action without hesitation. Her style of fighting is that of the king's higher ranking officials, and has an almost flowery style to it. She may be kind and polite, but to those she does not deem worthy of living or speaking to she can be quite rude. She has a prejudice against anyone from the Lunar region; especially the werewolves. She is aware of this flaw in her personality, and she is aware of the need to get along with such creatures, but it's a predjudice that is rooted deep in her and will take a long time to go.


Heather grew up in a large town near the King's castle. Her father was a high-ranking warrior in service to the king, and he was extremely proud of it. Heather's mother was a quiet and reserved woman that was quite pretty and loved her husband very much. They had a son, Heather's brother, who was three years older than Heather. Heather simply adored her brother, and wished to be exactly like him. She would follow him everywhere, and was so proud and happy for him when he was old enough to begin training for becoming a fighter. Unfortunately, his training was cut short when he was out on a trip with their father near the border of the Lunar lands. A rogue werewolf that had wanted a taste of human blood had wandered toward the training grounds, and attacked Heather's brother. Heather's father came back saying that he had been killed, and that it was the werewolf's fault. Thus the reason that Heather despises any creature from those lands of blood-thirsty creatures. She vowed to take her brother's place and continue his training, even though her father was against it at first.

In the beginning of her service to the king, she thought of nothing but her father's praise and attention, but years of training and experience saw a change in her. Her father thought that this training would toughen her up and make her a ruthless fighter, but it had just the opposite effect. Heather saw the destruction, the killing of innocents, and the atrocities that happened during wartime; and she felt that things were not right. She started to question her service to the king, and her reasons for fighting.

This led to her leaving her home. Leaving her family and everything she knew in order to help put a stop to the terrible reign of King Valentine. She remembered the way things had been when she was very young, how happy everyone was, how peaceful things were, and she saw only death and evil down the path the king was heading. So she left the king's service secretly, and knew that her father would hate her for it, but she felt that he himself had changed over time too, into someone cold and ruthless. She left for her friends, for the good of the many, for a time that would be better.

On a side note... Leif is the name of Heather's dragon steed. He was her brother's dragon steed, and was given to her after his death. His history is a mystery, as he cannot communicate with humans; though he does have one. All that Heather knows is that he was found injured by her father, and he thought that the dragon would be a nice gift for his son.

Other: Heather has a deep sense of awe for anything mystical and magical. Magic to her is incredible, and so she both fears and admires it. She sometimes can sense when danger is coming near her, and this sense scares her, but she always finds a way to dismiss it as something else.

Meh, hopefully that all made sense. >.> Fuu... wanted to post in other RPs, but I've gotta go play with my bunny. He needs to eat! You know, I feel like drawing Leif, I think perhaps I shall sometime.

January 15th, 2006, 3:05 PM
Name: Caemron fal'Naerith
Age: 37
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Steed: Dragon, by the name of Amrys

Description: Caemron's age is beginning to show as he approaches him middle years. Though strands of black can still be seen in his grizzled, shoulder-length hair it is now predominately grey. So too, his face is becoming weathered and lined, though this has as much to do with the stress and living conditions he has to deal with as with his age. Again, because of living conditions, Caemron is rarely without a collection of dirt, stubble, and minor cuts on his face. Despite this, his ice-blue eyes remain aytypically vibrant, if forced into coldness by years of skirmishing. He stands at about average height for a human, with their somewhat rougher features, though he retains the lean musclestructure of a warrior. When he has the rare chance, he wears the white tunic, black leggings and boots, and green silk vest of the Royal Guard he once served in. More often, though, he wears a grimy white shirt and brown leggings under leather armor and grungy black boots. No matter where he may be, his two sowrds stay strapped onto his back and waist. The latter is a well-made (if simple) rapier, the latter, a wickedly crafted scimitar that has been with him since he joined the King's Army. When fighting mounted, he uses a battered lance.

Personality: There's not a whole lot to be said. After the betrayal of the King's son, the flight of the Princess, and the slow, grinding death of the land he serves, after years of constant battle (losing, most of the time), and seeing those he is closest to die on swordpoint, he has given up the greater majority of his humanity into the brutality of battle. What is left is cold and hard, devoted solely to the defeat of the new King and the preservation of those few he trusts, the members of his own group, mainly salvaged from the old Army and Guard. It is with him that there are the very, very rare flashes of the boyish and dryly funny teen who first joind the Army, 19 years ago.

History: It was at the age of 18 that Lorette first began to notice Caemron when he joined the Army. He quickly displayed a proficiency for bladed weapons, though as an archer, he was almost hopeless. Well-liked amongst his peers, it eliminated almost all hope of becoming a standing officer in the Army, as releations between officers and troops should be cordial, not as friendly as he constantly was. It was decided, though, that his talent was too great to waste entirely, though, and at the age of 22, he was inducted into Lorette's Royal Guard.

There, he found his true element, it allowed himfreer use of his time which he spent studying tactics, having since decided that he would devote his life to the military. After foiling an assassination attempt upon the Princess, he always bore a soft spot for her.

When Harry Valentine began to sieze control and the Princess fled, his fondness for her made the hurt all the deeper. The men he had worked alongside for years began slowly being executed, not formally, but by exile to remote outposts or being sent on death missions for their loyalties to the old ruler. Seeing what was happening, Caemron took whom he could convince and fled the capitol with them.

As the decade wore on, some were killed, others straggled in and in general, life continued much as difficultly as expected for a fringe rebel group.

Other: N/A

January 15th, 2006, 5:32 PM
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January 17th, 2006, 7:15 PM
((I shall reply soon enough! (its too late to read long things...)))

January 19th, 2006, 9:14 AM
It's nice to see some long and detailed sign ups:

So far all of you are accepted, I love all of your sign ups and its great to see a veriety of characters with different apperances and personality's, this is what makes an RPG a good one ^_^

Miyu and Wolf_Goddess, Ill hold your spots and I hope to see your sign up's soon =D

Well, I was thinking of starting this on the weekend if a few more people have signed up, I could start it tomorrow, but I won't just incase I have school. (Pipe burst in school, we may have a free day)

Anyways, thank you all for joining!

January 19th, 2006, 6:24 PM
Name: Aora

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Species: Animak (Made up creature from my lil' deranged mind. You'll see her description soon enough...)

Steed: Dragon

Description: First for her species Description.
These species of creatures resemble a strange sort of elf, though they would most definately loath you for eternity if you compare them to, or mistakenly call them, an elf (Reasons found in the Other section). They possess the finely-pointed ears as their rivals do, and have aquired the haunting and bewitching beauty that stuns members of the opposite gender (usually humans, being they have the weakest minds for such...temptation. But it affects other creatures as well, mildly). Their eyes are large and feline-like, dialating and contracting as one would see a cat do. However, their pupils are strange, for unlike the "normal" black colour, they usually range from a firey red to a deep orange. Animak's skin range from a deep, brown tan to a golden colour, and very rarely are a pale colour. Their canines are dangerously sharp, resembling a Vampire's, though the species does not consume blood nor meat, sticking to a strict vegetable, fruit, and fish diet. Height-wise, the female range from a tall 6 feet and above, and the males 7 feet and above, another reason they dislike being compared to the short Elfen creatures they so loathe an detest. Around their neck in a choker sort of neckalce is usually the precious stone, opal...however, very rarely it is a ruby. The stone contains their soul, and if destroyed causes them to vanish into thin air without a trace. Thus is how all Animaks die, and can live for eternity if it is not crushed. They possess the unhuman-like quality to climb trees at fast rates, and leap great distances, giving them a rather lithe appearance as well.

An average, female Animak. She is a petite six foot, and her long brown hair is kept neatly into a braid. She wears a long, elegant green silk dress with a slit for easy movement and riding privleges upon her dragon, Mnessa. Her eyes are a deep green, and the pupils are a deep orange colour. Her opal is a light green-blue, and seems to possess a swirling vortex within it, indeed it is her soul. Her skin is a golden tan colour, the lighter of her species colouring, and is thin and lithe as a feline huntress. She is well-built, and she carries around a sword with an emerald handle. It rests in a leather strap across her back, and is easy to get. Same with all Animaks, she possesses great beauty that stuns even the strongest of all male creatures, however, gets annoyed at this fact.

Personality: Being a young Animak, Aora is head-strong and wouldn't mind picking a fight. However, Animaks are the sort of creatures who respect all sorts of nature, and she is not unlike that. She finds it soothing to be in a forest rather then live in a closely compacted town, and gets a little jittery when forced to. However, she has a kind heart with a gentle disposition, but can get rather hotheaded at some moments and fly off the handle. Stay on her good side, and you shall be perfectly fine. And just don't compare her to an Elf, that's the worse thing you can do to her...

History: Her parents were killed when she was thirteen years old, not uncommon for it to happen, it was just how sudden it had happened. Apparently, a group of elves happened across the Animak couple, and murdered them brutally by smashing their heads against the rocks, causing the opals to break. Thus added more fire to her hatred towards the easilly disliked species. The only thing left of her parents were the dead bodies of their dragons lying on the ground, and their blood tainting the ground to a crimson red. Once their master's died, due to the fact these special dragons only found to the Animak species are connected by birth, the dragons' hearts wittle away into nothing, either wandering the earth as a near-dead corpse, rotting forever, or die instantly. Thankfully, that is what happened to her parents' dragons.

Animaks usually live alone, so she adapted quite well to the loss, however still longed for their wisdom when tough times came ahead. She lived in a tree and only went out at night upon the back of her dragon to search for food. Apparently, there was a small village of Animak nearby, and when Aora happened upon, the measely ten remaining of the village, mainly strong men who could fend for themselves (it just so happened that one of King Valentine's traveling groups murdered or captured most of the females, killed the children and elders. The male Animak fended off the village as best as they could, but quickly retreated. Only ten remained of the specific tribe, and was apparently her mother and father's original tribe, though when Aora was born they were nomads) cheered with utter joy that the Warrior Female had come to them. They told her in a dire time of need for their tribe, the daughter of two late warriors shall come and lead a rebellion of the Animak alongside others. Utterly confused, she did not say a word until the next day. But it was already decided, she would help the dying Animak race succeed under Valentine's rule.

Other: Animaks are a dying race, apparently there had been many a war between the Animaks and the Elves, with the elves overpowering them and murdering the Animak until only a few thousand survived. With their decreasing habitat and their reluctance to live in towns among humans, soon the thousand wittled down to a few hundred, whom are now spread out across the countryside. It is very rare that one would find a large group of Animak in an area.

The Elves are distant cousins, and it appears as though the Animak are distantly related to Vampires and Werewolves with the enlarged canines and their knack to communicate with animals, and their love of wolves mainly. It isn't rare to find a wolf on its travels with an Animak as a guide and a friend, and they usually help out their friends in a time of need.

Another reason of dislike towards the elves is the fact that they believe the creatures "flaunt their beauty." Animaks never take their bewitching beauty for granted, and rarely wish for it to put a charm on their enemies, wanting a real fight. Also it is common for Elves to raid the few villages and help tell prejudiced humans about where the rare species live, and even lead attacks upon their hated relative.

There was also a long ago legend about two Qeens who had ruled together over a distant land. One belonged to the Elven race, while the other belonged to the Animak. Though the two races had gotten along under their rule, and the Queens declared themselves "sisters," some sort of havoc broke loose throughout both the Animak and the Elves, thus starting their war. However, it depends from whch side it was told. From the Animak side, they say that Queen Vika (the Animak Queen) had wedded a young man that Queen El (the Elfen Queen) so lusted for. Furious at her "sister's" choice of man, she snapped and ripped the ruby that was at her throat while the Queen was in a deep slumber after eating drugged food. She threatened Vika that she would crush the precious jewel with her bare hands if Vika did not give up her King and her throne, thus brought havoc among the races. When an Elf tells this story, they say that Vika had purposely stolen away El's husband at the altar before they were anounced wedded, and threatened her sister with a sword to the throat that she shall kill both her husband and El if the throne was not given soley to her. Either way, both come to a negative end and thus brought on the many wars that lay ahead. Basically, it's just similiar to a sibling rivalry, yet has turned deadly over the years.

Animak Dragon
These dragons are not found to any other race besides the Animak. They are built just as horses are, with long elegant legs and muzzles, and are ridden on in a similiar way. However, they possess large wings and their appearance besides the fact of an equine would match that of a European Dragon, though very, very rarely do the resemble an Oriental without any wings. They are just a bit larger than normal horses, and are usually the same gender as their Birth Master, sharing the certain colour of the opal. And since no opal is the same, no dragon is the same colour or appearence.

Like most dragons, they breath fire but very, very rarely. And though they are small for a dragon, they are quite the fighters and can move twice as fast as the average dragon, and even faster with training. Their eyes possess no pupils, and usually range from a deep crimson to a firey orange. Since their scales are exactly alike as the opals, they are usually a dark turquois green are a deep dark blue-purple. However, if their rider possesses a ruby instead of an opal, then they are a red. However, since the Animak species is dying out quite rapidly, so are the dragons. And because if a dragon is killed the Animak dies as well, it is quite well for frequent fighters to ride their dragons. Usually they just settle with a horse. No other being could understand the complex language of the dragons, but since the Animak are connected to them with such a bond, only they share the language.

((Yes, I recieved permission to RP this character...))

January 20th, 2006, 8:30 AM
Name: Dakado

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Species: Reborn

Steed: A partially trained warhorse with a rich brown coat, with the name of Memnon, after Dakado's mentor.

Description: Due to the flaws in re-creating an individual, Dakado's hair is a bright crimson, and he tends to suffer from temporary bouts of severe headpain, and possibly a temporary madness where he becomes simply murderous. Aside from that, he is tall, and his skin is very taned, as though he spent all of his youth somewhere like an arid desert, the tone deep and rich. His eyes are a deep brown, not matching his coloring of hair and skin at all. His frame is moderately tall, but slim, making a wry, acrobat's build.

Personality: Dakado is witty, clever, and sometimes wise, unless his attack near. And of course then, he is snappish, grumpy, and mean during these, not only due to the pain, but also because of the fact that venting his anger helps keep it from causing him to temporarily lose his mind completely. On another note, dakado isn't *completely* sane at any time, though it's nearly impossible to notice.

History: He had a mostly simple life, treating the old, decrepit weaver that created him as a father figure, until his death when dakado was extremely young. Not feeling any sorrow at all, dakado managed to make his way to the small town at an age when other children would still be on apron strings, and was quickly taken into the embrace of a family. It was there that he lived a normal life, until such a time as his attacks began to surface around the age of twelve. After one incident, where he systematically murdered everyone on the sparring field, he knew it was time to go.

He has no love of the king for authorizing to create Abominations like him, but no true direct hate either. His goal was a simple one. Get the answer for why the king allowed dakado to be created, and then after he has the answer, to murder the king fo creating him.

Other: Reborn is the term typically used to describe a human re-created with magic from the corpse of another human. (Think clone made with magic) These Reborns are rare, as the process requires an intense ammount of skill. Meaning, that it reborn are made from people who exhibit extraordinary talent, and in the case where the remains are found, famous villans and heroes out of fables. However, the process isn't exact. The reborn gets nothing but occasional visions of the original's past, and is always physically, or mentally flawed in some manner.

OOC: Sorry for the very compact sign up, it's vewwy, vewwy early. @[email protected]

January 21st, 2006, 4:16 PM
Name: Kalannar Shobalar
Age: 367
Gender: Male
Species: Drow
Steed: Spider

Kalannar has silver hair, and purple eyes, which are a result of surface-elven blood in his ancestral bloodline. He stands at 5’5” which is a very unusual height for a male Drow.
Kalannar has a scar below his right eye, as a result of a past battle against a Lolth follower, which he slaughtered. On his back, Kalannar has two sheaths for his weapons; these enable him to quickly draw his weapons should an enemy emerge.
Kalannar wears a large black cloak that covers him completely, so that he can conceal himself, preferring anything but heavy garment, such as plate, Kalannar wears leather garment underneath which makes him able to fight with an incredible amount of agility.

Being a follower of Eilistraee, Kalannar is a kind hearted Drow; he belives the teachings of Eilistraee will free his kin from the grasp of Lolth and will help them earn back the trust of the other races.
His family is the most important thing to him, and if forced to he will sacrifice his life so that they may live in peace.
Once he engages in combat, he fights to the death. He will not stop until he himself has been killed, or his opponent dead.

Kalannar was the first born into a noble family of the Lolthian society, due to his gender nothing was ever expected of him. He was overshadowed by his younger sister Dhaunae.
Due to this, his only friend was a baby Arachnid that he had befriended while he was playing in the city that he grew up in. He tamed it as it became bigger, fiercer and more vicious.
Being a natural warrior, Kalannar attended the martial academy that was located in the city. There he studied the way of Draa Velve, he was among one of the only Drow that had the natural ability to master the Draa Velve.

At the age of 128 Kalannar was involved in an incident with a spider-priestess which resulted in the brutal slaughter of the priestess. As Kalannar was waiting to be executed for this insolence, he managed to escape with his life.
During his escape Kalannar was followed by the baby Arachnid that he had befriended as a child, this spider was his only friend.
Pursued by the spider-priestesses, Kalannar was forced to leave all the he had ever known behind. This was not much of a problem for him, as he had always resented the way he treated as dirt. Kalannar hated the teachings of the Lolth.
Kalannar was forced on the run for several years from Lolth’s spider-priestesses.

For more than 50 years, Kalannar would travel through the vast Underdark on the run from the spider-priestesses, not staying for long in the various Drow settlements that he visited, in case that the spider-priestesses would track him.
He trained constantly; he honed his skills in the way of Draa Velve.

One fateful day, Kalannar ended in the world above; here he stumbled upon a settlement devoted to the Eilistraee, The Dark Maiden.
He had heard of Eilistraee, followers of Lolth scorned her and her followers. Here he found his escape from the malevolence of Lolth and her priestesses. He became of follower of Eilistraee and lived among others like him for many years.
Kalannar started to feel emotions, a thing that he had never known. He fell in love with Elerra, a beautiful Eilistraee cleric and together they had several children.
But because he was still being chased by Lolth, Kalannar knew he would have to leave his family behind at some point. Eventually he left, entrusting his son Zeerith to protect the family.
It was during this period that the Tyrannical King Valentine ruled with an iron fist, to protect his family, Kalannar swore that he would put an end to King Valentine.

He had heard of the Princess Loretta’s pledge for help and decided to join the ranks in hopes of defeating the King once and for all.

Draa Velve, or commonly referred to as “Two Swords” in human tongue, is a fighting style that requires an amazingly large amount of balance of control between both hands.
As a master of Draa Velve, Kalannar is more than capable of fighting with two weapons.
Unlike most Drow of the Draa Velve, Kalannar fights using two Falchions.

January 22nd, 2006, 12:04 PM
Thanks a lot for the invite. It's a real shame this died last time.

Name: Elmira Taji
Age: She appears to be around 18 but she's actually 217
Gender: Female
Species: Elf
Steed: A black unicorn by the name of Aznak.
Description: Elmira looks much like other elves. Her features are elegant and strong. Her ears are longer than those of a human and pointed. Her calm eyes are a rich golden color and her long hair is dark blue with a silver hue. She dresses in traveling clothes that are undoubtedly made by elves. A dark blue tunic with a gold lining and a gold symbol on the back. Similar pants that lack the symbol and sturdy brown boots. A simple but refined belt holds two beautiful sheaths that hold equally beautiful weapons. One holds a shining sword with a deep blue blade and a golden hilt with a sapphire embedded in it. The shorter holds a dagger that is identical to the sword. An elegant quiver and bow are strapped to her back. A dark cloak completes her outfit. It too has the golden symbol on the back but does not have a gold lining.
Personality: She is calm and kind but she also has a fiery temper. Though she is not quick to anger, once she is, it’s wise to move away. She’s a fierce warrior and a strong leader who always thinks of what is best for her people rather than what is best for herself. She is loyal to her friends and allies and never backs away from a fight. She is very intelligent and a skilled strategist. This makes her all the more dangerous in combat. Her calm nature makes many think she has a rather bland personality but this is far from the truth. She has a good sense of humor and is quite a friendly elf. But she also has a mysterious air about her that is not unusual for an elf.
History: Elmira was the only child of Sheila and Burdock. They were the rulers of a small group of elves who lived in a forest known as Sartinel that existed on the borders Lorette. Her mother and father were killed in a battle that was fought to protect the land they ruled long ago. Elmira was only 54(that is quite young by elf standards) but she was the heir so she had to take leadership.

As a young girl, she had been trained to fight and her lessons continued through the years of her leadership. Like most elves, she could use magic. She was trained to control it even before she was trained as a warrior. She has a great dislike for King Valentine because she had been very fond of the peace King Augustus brought to his kingdom. As his rule continued the Sartinel elves had to work very hard to keep their presence hidden from the king. She hadn’t minded too much about others knowing of her people’s existence but she did now. Her people were strong but their numbers were tiny compared to that of the Acroven elves. They could not defeat the army that was being assembled in Lorette.

Fortunately, not many people knew their actual location so keeping it hidden was not very difficult. Because humans have short memories, Elmira knew that it would not be long until they were forgotten. Once King Valentine’s rule is over, they can emerge from hiding. However, this hiding is not what the Sartinel elves were trained for. If offered the chance to fight they will take it.
Other: N/A

January 22nd, 2006, 12:54 PM
Name: Sarlec Rosin
Age: 21 (actually around 350)
Gender: F
Species: Advoco Silex Elf
Steed: Black Unicorn

Description: must...resist...pic..urge..
Sarlec could be defined as a vixen, and doesn't like to hide that fact either. She has long scarlet hair tied in the back by a green ribbon and piercing emerald eyes. Behind her left ear is a large brown feather also. Her face is unwrinkled and smooth while her skin is fair. She stands at about 5'7 and isn't flat chested either XP She wears a strapless long olive colored dress under her dark brown coat that seems to be lined with fur at the ends. On her right arm is a dark brown bracelet extending from her wrist to the middle of her arm. On that bracelet is a metal circle with a triangle on it. At the edges of each point of the triangle are three yellow sphere gems. Around her neck is necklace that holds a small leather pouch. On her feet are plain leather shoes.

Personality: Sarlec is a very sassy person, but she also likes to have fun when no one is looking. She’s very determined and doesn’t easily give her trust. She’s not very loyal and can easily be called a turncoat. She has a moderate temper, and doesn’t usually take things calmly. She can at many times be an elitist, but her wit can sometimes help her through difficulties. She’s rarely childish or sympathetic, but she can be at times. Though she secretly longs for peace, she fights because she’s good at it and it earns her respect. The only opinions that matter to her are those of her kingdom.

History: Sarlec was born in the Silex kingdom, a kingdom on a plateau that’s along a vast plain. She was born into a special rank among the Silex elves. This rank was called the ‘Advoco Silex’ or roughly ‘Rock Summoner’. Rock Summoners used special jewels only found in the plateau they lived on to unlock the elemental force hidden within the jewels. Only the Silex elves knew how to unlock the jewels’ powers and only used them for agricultural (fire elemental to clear the land, water for growing crops) and peaceful aspects. At an 100, Sarlec acquired her Jewel Bracelet and an Earth elemental gem. Through much training, she was able to successfully use the jewel for tilling hard soil for agriculture.
For the next 240 years, she moved up to successfully being able to use the Water, Fire, and Earth elemental jewels. It was then that her kingdom was attacked by the King’s army for not complying with certain actions the King had commanded them to do. Though they had never fought with the jewels before, the Advoco Silexes fought against the army. Maybe because of fate, Sarlec was not present during the battle, and was the only Advoco Silex not slaughtered in the kingdom. Feeling like she had betrayed her fellow elves, Salec decided to lead an army of elves from the kingdom against King Valentine.

Other: Ok. More on the Jewel Bracelet if you don’t get it. This is used by inserting a jewel into the bracelet and telling it to 'Load' and a 'Command'. The elementals only have a limited power and have to recharge after time. She only has three jewels she can use. These jewels are earth, fire, and water. The fire and water spirits are in the shape of a large serpent while the earth spirit is more of an underground pressure that can cause fissures. Oh, btw, the Silex elves have a thing for Latin :3

January 26th, 2006, 5:42 PM
((Heh, if this is considered annoying, then please alert me but...when shall we begin to roleplay? I sure hope this RP doesn't die before we even started! ^.^))

January 26th, 2006, 6:39 PM
((Same here @[email protected] don't forget us~ ;o; ))

January 28th, 2006, 11:13 AM
I'm really sorry for the hold up, but only today I have been on for more than five minutes. My luck has been bad as of late.

Food poisoning, Viral Infection and muscle pain ;-; Someone hates me...anyways, all are accepted thus far and this will start tomorrow most probably. Anyone else who wishes to join or post their sign up sheets, please let me know.

February 6th, 2006, 12:36 PM
(OOC- Sorry for the really long delay, but I have been having problems. Still am, but I need to start this: )

The land was quiet as nightfall came and villages dimmed their candles as the lunar orb appeared from over the tops of mountains and hills. The flow of the river continued and the light splashes of the water flowing over the stones were calming to the wanderers of the night.

A lone warrior of the army of death accompanied by none but a horse rode back after what seemed to be a hard day’s work at the castle, over the countless hilltops and off towards the quiet village of Ambroth. His eyes dropped slightly and the spear he carried flopped lightly in his grasp, the jerk of the horse was the only thing that kept him awake.

From the shadows of a great, rotting Oak tree, a pair of lustful blood red eyes loomed, watching the soldiers every move, whether is be the droop of his eyes or the movement of his artery as he was jerked awake. The eyes narrowed at his every movement, lusting over the blood that would soon be theirs.

The warrior, unaware of his surroundings, drew near to the forest in which the great Oak lay and unexpectedly, the horse gave a great snort and arched backwards, neighing in what seemed fright, he was comforted by the soft grooming of his owners hand and soon landed with a comfortable thud.

The warrior took a look downwards, trying to find the source of what had caused the hours to react in such a way. He found nothing but the scuffed surface of the ground. Sighing the Warrior raised his head and came face to face with a grinning pale face, pearl fangs tipped with rotting blood and breath stale with the metallic sent.

The Warrior gave a great yelp and fell from atop the horse onto the floor. The Vampire gave a great shout of laughter and balanced on the branch of the tree, turning herself right way up and crossing her legs, using the branch as if it were a comfy seat. “Humans are of great entertainment” She chuckled evilly, eyes droopy with the lust for blood, which had doubled since the Warriors great yelp.

The Warrior had managed to force himself into a kneeling position and had his spear in alignment with the Vampires heart “Back spawn of Satan! I am not afraid to use this!”

This only caused the Vampires laughter to double “Spawn of Satan? I have been called many things, but I have never heard that escape a human’s mouth” She sighed, disappearing from view momentarily and re-appearing just at the tip of the spear so that it pierced her clothing only slightly “Then use it” She stated without emotion “Pierce my heart and send me back to my maker”

She was taunting him and the Warrior knew. He took a deep breath and withdrew the weapon. Vampires were immortal, not entirely, but the metallic tip of the spear would do no great damage. Silver and Sunlight were the only things that could truly harm a vampire, though a select few were also immune to sunlight.

The Demon chuckled sadistically “Wise choice, my friend”

“Call me a cutthroat a Dog, but do not call me friend!” The young warrior yelled forcefully, glaring daggers at the fallen angel before him “I will die before I am called friend by the likes of you, Scum”

Kali sighed and knelt at his side, earning herself a gasp from the valiant knight, her eyes fell upon his neck and she licked her fangs in want. She drew back the hazel hair from the boy’s neck, fingers tracing light patters for a while before she spoke again “It will be quick…but only for you” She smirked and bit into the artery as swift as a viper. Blood gushed from the open wound but was quickly licked up by an abnormally large tongue, wasting such pure blood was not on Kali’s to do list this evening, and rarely ever was. Every drop of blood was like a sacred pearl to her.

The young warrior’s eyes drew closed and light noises, perhaps muffled screams passed through his lips as Kali gently lowered him to the floor. Several minutes passed before Kali drew her head back, licking the brim of her mouth for any stray droplets. She looked down upon the pale figure and smirked “Foolish mortal, why would one travel alone on such a wondrous night?” She tucked the hazel hair behind the young lad’s ears and stood from her kneeling position. From this angle the young form looked almost angelic and Kali gave a cruel smile “May god accept you with open arms, young warrior” Before darkness consumed her and she left the young corps alone in the darkness. Kali had made the death as quick and painless as she could muster.

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February 12th, 2006, 8:41 AM
An arrow whizzed through the air and hit a small target with a satisfying thunk. A moment later a second arrow hit directly beside the first. The soft pounding of hooves echoed through the forest. A black unicorn with an elf on it’s back trotted towards the tree with the target. The elf examined the two arrows then swiftly removed them. She nodded to the tree then whispered something to the unicorn and moved on.
They traveled for several minutes through the dense forest without a word. Soon a shape appeared in the distance. It grew larger and larger until the outline of a city was clearly visible.

The elf placed a hand on the unicorn's neck and whispered something. The unicorn gave a soft nicker and moved on at a faster pace. It wasn't long until they had entered the city. The elf smiled and patted her steed's neck then dismounted. "I will call for you later, Aznak." The unicorn lowered his head then turned and trotted off.

Elmira smiled and turned back to the city. Her eyes darted from building to building as she made her way through the city. Many elves smiled and greeted her as she passed. She returned them all with similar gestures. She was nearly at her destination when an elven child darted up to her.

"Elmira Taji," he said, bowing, "I am in need of your assistance."

"What is it that you need, Coro?"

"My unicorn has disappeared. I call and call but he will not come. My father and mother say not to worry but I can not help it."

Elmira nodded thoughtfully and asked, "When did you last see him?"

"Three days ago. I let him out near the western entrance." Coro gave her a pleading look. "Please, Elmira Taji. I do not want to lose him."

"Do not worry, Coro. It sounds as if he wondered too far out of the forest. It is possible he has gotten lost. It isn't an incredibly rare occurrence. Young unicorns who have never been outside of the forest sometimes wonder off and can't find they're way back." She let out a small sigh and turned to face west. "I will go out and search for him. I am sure Aznak can locate your unicorn quite easily and working together we might be able to find him before sun rise tomorrow."

"Thank you, Elmira Taji!" Coro paused then added, "Do you really think you can find him?"

"Yes. His name is Onor, correct?"


"And he is white with a silver horn."


"Then I should have no trouble finding him. You should head home now. I will send Onor to you once I have found him."

"Thank you again, Elmira Taji." Coro bowed then bounded off.

Elmira sighed softly then strode towards the western entrance. She didn't think it would be difficult to find Onor and she hoped she could keep her word and return before sun rise. Once she was outside the city she let out a soft whistle that sounded rather like the call of a bird. Her black unicorn soon emerged through the trees and nickered. "We must go out again Aznak. It should not be a long journey. We will return home soon." She mounted the unicorn and vanished into the trees.

OOC: Not the best I could have come up with but I really don't want this to die before it starts.

February 13th, 2006, 8:29 AM
I walked calmly through the night, just off of a well-travelled road. At the speed the caravan was moving, we could walk...

There were no signs of disturbance, the trader's gossiping in their wagons, the hired guards eyes trying to pierce the night.I drew a tiny throwing dagger from my pouch, and threw it into a tree. The screech of an owl in pain. That was the signal. We rushed from the night, a small band, but all of us had at least some armor in good condition, and very fine weapons. We looked ragged, fgor the most part, but we were deadly... I took the path of the swan, unsheathing both of the slightly curvbed swords I had found on a rich caravan in the past, and taking the path of the swan, elliminated the four front guards, incapacitating two with crippling blows below the arm, decapitating the other two. I also killed the horses with more merciful strokes, to block the rest of the caravan. The sounds of screams, both of rage, and pain came from the rear of the caravan, this wouldn't take long.

Soon, we were all loaded up with supplies, my small band of criminals, and those who had nowhere else to turn were ready. We took no horses, killing them all, and most of the traders, all of the guards. If we couldn't cover distance as good as mounted men, those who lost their horse would be left behind. Part of the reason that this was a small band. "Let's go." I said, the first word I had spoken in hours, and off we trodded into the night, perfectly calm from another night's survival.

OOC: Quite the same, I don't want the first reborn character of mine to be in a dead RP. X3