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Pokemon: Heroes in the Making
Book One: The Legacy of Hoenn
Chapter 1: The Rising Badge

It was an unusually beautiful day in Blackthorn City. A huge bright sun was in the sky, heating the air and bathing the blossoming flowers in light, its golden rays pouring through the white billowy clouds. The lake behind Blackthorn City was even looking more presentable: perfectly blue, reflecting all of the sun rays and looking as though a thousand flashlights were being shaken back and forth in the watery depths, with exceedingly joyous Magikarp breaking their previous records by jumping high out of the water and landing with a splash. It seemed as though nobody normal could wish that they had never waken up this day and be shivering at the same time, but then again this would not be the first time Ash Ketchum and his friends were showing signs of abnormality.

Ash, Misty, and Brock had just walked out of the cavern that connected Blackthorn City and Mahogany Town, the Ice Path, shivering, freezing, exhausted, but otherwise in perfect condition. Only one kind of person would be daring enough to attempt such a crazy feat: a Pokemon trainer who wanted his eighth Johto Gym Badge. Coincidentally, Blackthorn City held the Gym that gave out the eighth Jothto Gym Badge, the Rising Badge, to anybody who could beat the fierce, experienced Gym Leader.

"Where is the Gym, Brock? Can we go now?" asked Ash restlessly.

"Can't we rest for a little while?" uttered an exhausted Misty, who had collapsed to the soft ground immediately after exiting the Ice Path.

Ash opened his mouth to speak, planning in full to make a speech about how important getting this Gym badge was to him, but Brock cut across him, saying, "Misty is right Ash. Undoubtedly that trip tired out your Pokemon. And you'll need your strength if you're going to have a battle. I think staying at the Pokemon Center for a while will do good for all of us."

There was no point in arguing with this logic, so after Ash muttered his consent, and after managing to get Misty off the ground, the trio walked began to walk down the town's Pokemon Center. The walk seemed to help them more than it tired them out even more: the hot sun seemed to melt both their physical and mental stress away. Finally when they reached the Pokemon Center, they agreed that just sitting down while Ash's Pokemon were being healed would be rest enough.

They opened the door to find the familiar elevator music and Blissey's Aromatherapy fill their senses. Ash walked up to the desk while Brock and Misty went over to the waiting area.

"Hi, Nurse Joy," said Ash as he approached.

"Hi!" she replied. "How may I help you today?"

"Well, my Pokemon are pretty tired out from our long journey in the Ice Path. I just need them to be healed."

"Sure thing! If you'll just hand me your Pokeballs, I can get them healed right away."

Ash detached the six red-and-white balls from his belt and handed them to Nurse Joy. She placed each of them in a ball-shaped slot in a large rectangular machine and pressed a button whose letters spelled out "Heal." Each of the Pokeballs flashed with white light, and after ten seconds of this, the machine's humming died down and the balls stopped flashing. Nurse Joy took them all out and turned back to Ash with a smile. "Your Pokemon are fully charged, free of charge!"

"Thanks, Nurse Joy!" said Ash.

"Your welcome! Please come again!"

Ash reattched the Pokeballs to his belt and went over to meet Misty and Brock. "Can we please head over to the Gym now?"

"All right," said Brock. "According to the map, it's just a half mile north of here."

Ash, Misty, and Brock exited the Center and began to walk north, each step of the way Ash getting more heated up about the battle. It was only a few minutes until they were at the doorway. The second Ash opened the door, he immediately realized that he had better reasons to be heated up--there were two gigantic pools of red, bubbling lava. In the middle of these two rectangular pools was a strip of land on which Ash assumed the Pokemon would be battling, and at the end of this strip was the Gym leader Clair, sitting on a divine throne with markings and carvings that were the sign of an expert, with a head of a dragon of which Ash would never think would revolutionize his entire life on the top.

Swallowing all of his nervousness, Ash said in a steady voice, "Clair, my name is Ash Ketchum, and Im from Pallet Town, and I challenge you to an official Gym Battle for the eighth Johto Gym badge, the Rising Badge!"

Clair the Gym leader leapt out of her throne and landed perfectly on the strip of land. Ash, I accept your challenge! This will be a two-on-two battle. Between rounds there will be a field change! Ill choose my Pokemon firstDragonair, go!

Clair tossed a red-and-white capsule to the ground; on contact, it sprang open and in a flash of white light a blue, snake like Pokemon with a small white horn appeared.

Typhlosion, I choose you! cried Ash; a tall humanlike Pokemon with flames jetting from its neck appeared when its Pokeball hit the ground. Typhlosion, use Will-o-wisp!

Clair cried out Dragonair, use Safeguard!

A veil the same color as the Will-o-wisp rose up and covered Dragonair; when the flames hit the shield, they instantly vanished.

Now Dragonair, use a Hydro Cannon against Typhlosion!

Dragonair opened its mouth wide and a gigantic blast of water jetted out. Typhlosion, dodge, fast! Typhlosion leapt into the air; unfortunately a part of the water still managed to hit it and it fell back to the ground, hurt. Typhlosion, are you okay? Typhlosion shakily got back to its feet and nodded with a grunt. Good job! Now I want you to use your Focus Punch!

Typhlosions arm glowed with a white light, and it quickly ran towards the recharging Dragonair and punched it high into the air, making it land in a tangled heap. Now it was Clairs turn to be worried. Dragonair, can you still battle?

DraDragonair! uttered the Dragonair, its cry getting stronger. Good, now I want you to use a Surf on Typhlosion!

Dragonairs horn glowed with a shiny blue light; the next second, a gigantic magnificent blue wave rose from the ground and crashed down on Typhlosion. The last thing Ash heard was Typhlosions desperate cry before it was swept away by the wave.

Typhlosion! Ash yelled. Are you okay? Can you sti Ash was cut off. Something gorgeous was happening with Typhlosion. The wave had forced Typhlosion into the pool of lava. But instead of sinking, the lava had rose up in a huge pillar, Typhlosion on top, glowing with a fiery red light, the flames on its neck enlarging furiously.

Ash, called Brock from the sidelines, Typhlosion is using its Blaze! It can still fight!

Excellent! said Ash as the flow of moved over to the strip of land, splattering everything with tiny pieces of magma, Typhlosion still on top. Typhlosion, finish this off with an Overheat!

Typhlosion opened its mouth wide, the lava expanding dangerously close to Ash, and after a few seconds of charging it let out a huge blast of white fire whose heat Ash could feel even through the wall of lava. As it passed, the magma that was still in the two pools rose up and down, and the Overheat finally hit Dragonair back, missing Clair by an inch and blasting into the wall, making it crack, obviously in a condition that could not allow it to continue battling.

Dragonair, return! shouted Clair, aiming the Pokeball at Dragonair. In a beam of red light, Dragonair was gone. Good job, said Clair to herself, kissing the ball and reattaching it to her belt. Field change!

Ash looked around, half-expecting to see a person press a large purple field change button on the ground, but Clair simply snapped her fingers, and a flow of water replaced the lava, immediately cooling the gym down. The water overflowed so it covered most of the strip of land. There was only enough land left for Ash and Clair to stand; their Pokemon would be forced into the water.

Clair had now chosen a new Pokeball. Kindgra, come on out! she cried, and a sea horse-like Pokemon appeared in the water.

Lapras, I choose you! exclaimed Taylor, and a second after a blue Pokemon that resembled a turtle with a long neck appeared.

Lapras, use a Rain Dance!

Lapras let out a high-pitched cry aimed for the heavens. A downpour of rain started, without any clouds.

Kingdra, use your Hydro Pump! said Clair.

An enormous blast of water exploded from Kingdras mouth, headed straight for Lapras.

Lapras, use your Dive!

Lapras dove underwater just in time; the Hydro Pump dissipated into the water, causing a temporary current.

Submerge! shouted Taylor, and Lapras jumped out of the water and tackled Kingdra, dealing a small amount of damage.

Now Kingdra, I want you to use your Hyper Beam!

Kingdra opened its moth wide again, making a sound as though it was sucking in water. Taylor, knowing what was coming, shielded his eyes, and a few seconds later, he saw a huge white flash of light rush past his eyelids. He opened his eyes tentatively to find Lapras in a horrible condition. It had scuff marks all over its body, and its long head lay in the water, its eyes closed. Lapras, we can win in just two moves! Can you do it?

Lapras painfully opened its eyes and nodded at Taylor. Great! I want you to use your Sing Attack!

Lapras opened its mouth, but instead of a colored jet of a specific element coming out, a beautiful song filled the air. In a matter of seconds, Kingdra had dozed off, snoring peacefully, sucking in water.

Good, now I want you to use Perish Song!

Lapras started to sing again. It started off just as beautiful as Sing, but it suddenly turned very unpleasant, ugly, and into a minor key. Kingdra shifted in its sleep, its face screwed up. The Rain Dance subsided.

Good job, Lapras! Now return!

As Lapras disappeared in a flash of red light, Ashs Typhlosion appeared in white light. Ash hastened to make room on his one piece of land. Typhlosion, skip your turn, he said as the tall Fire Pokemon jumped next to Ash.

Horror fleeted across Clairs face, as well as realization. UhKingdrawake up? she asked the sleeping Pokemon quietly, but it was no good.

Suddenly, the Perish Song filled the air again, as unpleasant as ever. Kingdra immediately woke up, let out one last cry, fainted, just as the song died out. Kingdra, return! Clair cried. She looked at Ash. NoI dont accept defeat! You are not ready for the Elite Four! If you want to get the Rising Badge, you must obtain the Dragon Fang from the depths of Dragons Den! Then and only then will you get the badge!

Ash opened his mouth again to complain, but Clair snapped her fingers again and she was gone.


A few minutes later the trio was in the Pokemon Center again.

You just beat Clair, didnt you, said Nurse Joy as Ash explained his situation, this same thing happens all the time. The Dragons Den is directly behind the gym across the Blue Lake. It would be a ten minute swim if you rode on your Lapras. Which Item did she tell you to fetch?

The Dragon Fang.

Thats the hardest one to find, you must have beaten her good. That would be past the one story house you will see and across the Three Whirlpools. You probably want to take a look in the house as well.

Thanks Nurse Joy! said Ash, glad she was able to tell him such information But, Lapras passed out during the battle. Ill have to leave it here until we get back. He handed her Laprass Pokeball.

With a bow, she said, Please come again.


Charizard, I choose you! cried Ash. It let out a echoing roar, its flame lit tail engorging dangerously. They had traveled behind the Gym like Nurse Joy had told them to. Distantly, a flat rock formation with a small, lightless hole on the front was visible.

Ash hopped on the giant dragon-like Pokemon, Pikachu on his shoulder, a very white-faced Misty next, Brock third, looking as though this was nothing compared to riding on his Onix.

Fly to that cave right over there! Ash shouted, and kicking its sides like a horse, Charizard ran forward and sprang up into the air, leaving a cloud of dust behind.

But ten seconds into the trip, it was obvious that this journey would have been safer on the back of Lapras. Charizard, what are you doing? said Ash, alarmed. Charizard was slowly diving down into the water, though its wings were flapping wildly. Ash knew that they would all probably die if they sank into the deep water.

Mistys hands dug painfully into Ashs sides as they all screamed, Charizard just inches away from the waterAsh could see a blindingly powerful white lightbut suddenly, the light disappeared and Charizard skimmed the water, going level now, and a few seconds later, landed on the grassy ground opposite of the Gym smoothly.

Whatwasthat? cried Misty in a combination of rage, shock, and fear, pale as ever.

But Ash was on the verge of laughter. Cmon Misty, it was just messing with us, why would Charizard ever stop flying and dive into a lake?

Brock and Misty exchanged glances while Ash turned their back on them and returned Charizard.

I guess we should go in now, said Ash, turning to the entrance of the cave, which was the shape of a giant keyhole.

Each of them crouching down as to not hit the top of the low cavern, they walked in the lightless hole, ominous feelings tingling up their spines. Because of the pitch-blackness pressing against their eyes, they had no trouble hearing a slither of a snake-like creature quietly splashing into a body of water in the distance. Finally they managed to blindly feel their way into the main part of the cavern, twenty feet high, two hundred yards long, just light enough for them to see. Ash felt Pikachu shift slightly on his shoulder as they stared into the immense body of water. One strip of land bordered the sides of the cave, and in the middle of the lake was a one-story house on a square of land just big enough for one person to walk around the house. There was a path that led from it, back to the one strip of land. In the distance Ash thought he could hear the water swirling hard enough to form a whirlpool, but in the banks nearest him there was only the tiniest tide, though he thought he could hear underwater movements, and once or twice he saw flashes of black, snake-like things swim past him, not making a sound or affecting the current at all.
For some reason, Ash was whispering when he said, Nurse Joy said we should go inside the house when he got here, so lets go there first.

Misty and Brock nodded and they made their way to the middle of the back of the cave. By the time they got there, they were able to hear and see the whirlpools clearly. They made their way across the path that led from the strip of land to the house and without thinking to knock, they opened the door and went in.

It was very hot, but still pleasant, and it was heavily scented with a smell that was simultaneously familiar and unfamiliar. Their footsteps made no noise as they made their way, as though hypnotized, to the rather old man in blue robes at the opposite of the room.

In a wheezy, oddly distant voice, he stage whispered, HaveyoucometotaketheTestofEnemiesandAllies?

Coming back to Earth at last, Ash just stood there, having no idea about what the man was talking about, but Misty poked him in his back, pushing him forward a couple of inches and he nodded.

YouseeapowerfulPokemon. Doyouhelpstealitordoyouhelpsaveit? he said in the same wheezy, distant whisper.

I would save it, said Ash, thinking from that point that the test would not be hard at all.

YouneedhelpwithsavingthePokemon. Doyouattemptitonyourown, ordoyouforgivethosewhomyounormallydonttrust?

After a few seconds, Ash said, I would forgive them.

IfitwereaquestionofthePokemonslifeordeath, wouldyoucatchit, thereforesavingit, orwouldyounotcatchit, lettingtheenemystealit?

It took a long time before Ash replied, I would catch it.

Mydearboy, youhavepassedthetestwhichevenMasterClairhasbeenunableto. Youwillreceivethisgift, said the old man. He snapped his fingers and a rectangular, lidded box appeared in midair. He snapped his fingers again, and Ash found himself just beyond the door of the house with Misty and Brock, holding the box in his hands.

Well, open it! said Brock, speaking at last.

Ash opened the lid, and without warning, his Pokedex activated. He took it out of his pocket and flipped it open to hear what it had to say.

Dragon Fang. This object came from the mouth of a legendary Pokemon, but can be used on any Dragon Pokemon, increasing its power.

Ash held up the long fang-like object. It was perfectly white, round, and pointed. There was also a Pokeball in the box. Ash took it out and tossed it against the ground, and a blue, snake-like Pokemon, a little bit wider and shorter than Clairs Dragonair, materialized. The Pokedex activated again.

Dratini, the Dragon Pokemon. The unevolved form of Dragonair. When it is about to evolve, it rapidly develops the power to change the weather, also becoming sensitive to even the smallest temperature change, but thousands of years ago during a brutal storm, it lost its ability to fly. It regains the ability once it evolves.

Its so cute! said Misty shrilly, sounding happy for the first time that day. As she stroked Dratinis head, it cried out content, high-pitched squeaks of delight.

Return! said Ash, pointing the ball at Dratini, and Misty fell to the ground in surprise.

Thats not funny! she yelled once Ash and Brock roared with laughter, though a smile had spread across her face.

Once he stopped, Brock said, Ash, Dratini is a powerful Pokemon. I cant believe you actually got one, theyre super rare. And yet suddenly the movements in the water all came to Ashs sense.

What was with that guy in there anyway? said Ash. I wonder what that Test of Enemies and Aipoms or whatever it was was about.

Brock was just about to open his mouth when Clair materialized in thin air right in front of them. Ash remembered that he had gotten the Dragon Fang.

Heres the Dragon Fang Clair, he said, showing it to her. Can I please have my badge now?

Clair sighed as she reached into her pocket for a square-shaped cushin with a black, pointy badge sitting in the middle. As Ash took it, she said, I guess I really am forced to believe that youre ready for the Elite Four. To get there, Surf to the right of New Bark Town and enter the cave. Climb up the first waterfall and down the second, and then just follow the trail across the lake and the field, and youll eventually come to a building, where you can be registered. After that you must find your way through Victory Road, and finally you will have come to the Elite Four. You can keep the Dragon Fang, she added as she saw that Ash was still holding it out to her. Im sure your new Dratini could use it.

And with that, she snapped her fingers once again, and Ashs last view of the Dragons Den was the house from which he had just gotten the Fang before he found himself right outside the Pokemon Center, Clair nowhere in sight.

H-Man #89995
January 15th, 2006, 6:16 PM
Well... that was an interesting happening. However, what happened to the tournament before the Elite 4? Also, there were missing commas. Finally... Clair was a bit OOC when she got nervous after losing. And where did Lapras come from?

See, when you write about the anim, you should try to think events prior to when you want the story to happen. But this story was very nicely done. You could have made Brock try a flirt and fail, but that's unneeded.

If you actually want suggestions, I don't mind giving, but you probably won't want them. Oh well.

January 15th, 2006, 6:24 PM
No, I do actually. One of the main reasons I chose to post this here, and not just PFU where nobody has yet to reply.

Btw, could a mod change the title of the thread to "The Legacy of Hoenn?" I wasn't thinking when I was making the thread.

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January 15th, 2006, 6:29 PM
Oh, yeah, question: why was Ash called Taylor several times in the fic? And where's Pikachu? Is he a Raichu?

In fact, is this Legacy gonna appear soon?

January 15th, 2006, 6:41 PM
Q#1: Originally I was going to use a guy named Taylor, the sprite you use in G/S/C, but then I decided on Ash again, so when I was writing this I probably just screwed up and called him Taylor.

Q#2: I mentioned a couple times that Pikachu was on his shoulder, but I don't plan on the fat mouse (sorry Pikachu) to have a huge of a role as it does in the anime.