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January 15th, 2006, 5:02 PM
Ok guys. this is probably the best fic i've ever written soo i guess i'm just posting it. The following contains real actual people that i kno. most are in my class. i do not own them though i wish i did but they own themsleves. So...read..and enjoy i guess.

Chapter one:

A Journey Begins! Four Heroes Rise!

Sunlight crept across a lime-green and pink room. A girl was seen in a bed with her brunette colored hair covering her face. But the whole scene was interrupted by a loud beeping noise.


"Alright! I'm up! Jeeze!" A young 11-year old girl named Rachel Saldutti moaned, punching the annoying alarm clock. She crawled out of bed and staggered a bit from just waking up. Her chocolate brown eyes were now fully open but still filled with tired-ness. She trudged tiredly down the stairs and took a glimpse at the calendar. Saturday July 22nd, 2006. Wait, the 22nd? Yep it was circled 'Day Rachel gets her Pokemon'

"Oh man, I forgot!" She dashed back upstairs and threw on her clothes frantically. She sprinted out the door wearing a cadet green shirt entitled "Born to shop" with dark denim jeans and pink Nike shox. She ran as fast as she could through her small suburban neighborhood as the wind brushed against her face.

Meanwhile at the local Pokemon Center, three other kids were lined up choosing Pokemon. They had a choice between 3 Pokemon. Those were Torchic, Squirtle, and Chikorita. One had short brown hair and dark brown eyes. His white shirt looked really big on him and his baggy jeans looked like they were worn out.
"Hmmmm... I'll take...this one." The boy said after much thought. "Okay, here you go, Jon." Nurse Joy handed him a red and white sphere that had a small water drop on it.

"Your turn, Victoria." A girl with black hair stepped up to the desk. She had a black shirt on with a white butterfly on it and some torn jeans. The eyes behind her black glasses were dark, dark brown and peered closely at the two Pokeballs. One had a leaf on it and the other had a flame on it.

"I'll be taking this." She stated quietly, picking up the ball with a leaf engraved in it.
"Then I guess that leaves me with this one!" another boy said with a smile on his face as he picked up the sphere with the flame on it. His hair was a light brownish-red, a sort-of mahogany color, and had blue-green eyes. He was wearing a red and black shirt saying: Vote for Pedro and had some black pants on. “Okay here Robert. Hope you enjoy.” Before Nurse Joy could say anything else, Rachel burst through the double doors and yelled out: "Wait! I still need one!" Everyone looked toward her.

"Oh, hello, Rachel. All of the Pokemon have been taken..." Nurse Joy's voice trailed off. "Oh you've gotta be kidding me!" Rachel said in disbelief.

"I wasn't done! I was about to say that we have a saved one. A Pokemon that was donated from a trainer not to long ago." Nurse Joy explained. She went back through a door and brought back with her a Pokeball. Rachel grinned. "Thanks a lot Nurse Joy."

"Hey Victoria, My Pokemon looks stronger than yours! Let's check 'em out!" Jon taunted.
"Well...sure…okay." Victoria looked down shyly. Jon threw the red and white sphere and out popped a small turtle type Pokemon. "Squirtle!" It had beady brown eyes and smooth turquoise skin.

"...well okay...Pokemon...go." Victoria said quietly. And what came out? Well a small, cream colored Pokemon. "Chika!" It cried. Its ruby eyes gleamed in the sunlight as a small leaf upon its head swished back and forth. Green buds rested on its neck, like a choker.

"Alright! A Squirtle! Heh heh time for you to get your butt kicked, Vic. Go Squirtle, use tackle!" Without any hesitation, Squirtle launched toward the Chikorita. "Oh no what do I do what do I do??" Victoria started to panic. 'OK Victoria think .If I were Chikorita, what would I do?' She thought. She got it.

"Chikorita, dodge it!" Chikorita swiftly jumped out of the way before Squirtle could reach her. "Chika!" Chikorita cried a cry of joy and triumph. 'Wow, that was actually sort of… fun!' Victoria thought smiling. 'Keep this up and I'm a winner for sure.' "Dang. Squirtle, use tackle again!" Jon commanded persistently. Chikorita was so busy basking herself in triumph that she didn’t even know Squirtle was coming...and Squirtle slammed into Chikorita with his hard skull.

"Umm...what just happened?" Victoria asked herself. Chikorita forced herself up, grunting. "Alright...let's fight back Chikorita. Use tackle to counter." Victoria shouted. Squirtle and Chikorita collided as a big cloud of dust rose. The two Pokemon were knocked back to their battle sides and pushed themselves up. Being the slow turtle Squirtle was, he was panting and huffing and puffing. Chikorita was staggering because she had been hit and had collided with a hard skull. “Okay Chikorita, one last tackle!” “Squirtle, go!” Both Pokemon leaped from their places and clashed into each other head-on. Both Pokemon had fainted….

“Oh man! Squirtle are you okay?” Jon urged to the fainted blue turtle. “Chikorita…I hope you’re okay.” Victoria returned the small Pokemon. “Good battle, Vic.” Jon congratulated. He extended a hand. Victoria took it and said: Thanks….For a good battle.”

Meanwhile Rachel was seen talking to Robert about their Pokemon. “Y’know, I haven’t even seen my Pokemon yet.” Rachel said. She released the Pokeball from her hand and out came a fox like Pokemon. It was brown with a tawny, fluffy neck mane and a huge tail with the same tawny colored tip. “Uive!” It cried with joy as it saw Rachel. “Cool, an Eevee. Time to check mine out.” Robert hurled the ball and out came a small red-orange chick. “Torchic!” it chirped cutely. Its teal eyes had a gentle look in and its yellow feathers ruffled. Robert smiled gently and stroked its soft feathers.

“Hey guys, are we ready to split?” Jon inquired holding his fully healed Squirtle in his arms. “Well, I thought it might be fun to kind of…you know…travel together?” Victoria suggested, returning to her normal shy self. “I’d like to do that. That’d be fun! Don’t you think, Eevee?” Rachel giggled. “Eviu!” Eevee agreed. “Normally I like to do things on my own, but yeah I’m up for it.” Robert accepted. “Aww man. I guess I can’t win. Oh well, let’s.” Jon allowed. ‘I hope I can overcome my shyness, traveling with these guys and all.’ Victoria thought. “Chika…?” that probably meant something like “Victoria? What’s up?” “What? Oh nothing, Chikorita.” Victoria said bashfully. “Come on guys let’s get a head start!” Rachel exclaimed. “Uivee!” Eevee cried and wagged its tail cutely. “Squirtle, Squirt!” Squirtle called.

All looked up at the gleaming sun, in hopes of becoming the best.

And just like that, four heroes had risen.

H-Man #89995
January 15th, 2006, 6:18 PM
NOW I can see it.

Kinda poor, if you ask me. Sounded too much like a typical Suefest. A good way to improve is to remake the whole thing, but that's just my opinion, yanno?

January 15th, 2006, 6:26 PM
Put spaces inbetween the lines

like this and I might read it o.o; Solid blocks of text aren't good for me >O

January 16th, 2006, 9:40 AM
That was good whitewolf. i like it. what will the eevee evolve into latter on in da story?

January 16th, 2006, 11:55 AM
That was great very long and very good. keep righting.

January 16th, 2006, 12:30 PM
~Lil Totodile: Yeah thanx Lil T! iono if its gonna evolve..i gotta ask rachel....the real one lol.

~Catwomen77789: thanx. im gonna post more once im done.