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January 16th, 2006, 5:27 AM
Scat Cat Band's Discography

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Scat Cat Band, formed by Scat Cat, were formed in Paris, France in 1946, and the genre they played were jazz.
Their first album were released in the start of 1950, and it won the American music prize called The Golden Feline for best jazz album, named after Feline from Bambi.
Scat Cat from New Orleans played horn, the cat from Andorra with the glasses played guitar, the cat with the hat from Bercy played accordion, as the siamese cat from Bulgaria played drums and percussion.
They started their concerts in the Montparnasse quarter in Paris, and after touring in Europe for some years, were they going to perform their first concert in USA, and they had concerts in New York City, New Orleans, San Fransisco, Los Angeles and Florida.
In the 1960's, and up to the end of the 1970's were the band splitted up, and the guitarist and the drummer made their own rock duo, as a tribute album with various American and European artists and bands were released in 1973, and the rooster from Robin Hood were one of the stars.
Finally were Scat Cat gathering again in the middle of the 1980's.
The band began to blend Eastern European folk music with jazz, as they got their new studio in Bulgaria.
The band had a lot of guest stars through the years, and some of them were Duchess on harp, Frou Frou as a singer, and Gwendolyn the cat from the German cartoon The Fearless Four performed with lute and vocal.
In 2004 were the band winning the Furryvision Song Contest with a folk song, as they performed for Andorra, and they sang in the Catalan language.
The music video were located in the highlands of Andorra and Bulgaria, and later that summer were the band playing under the American TV show Dancing With The Furs.