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Drak Assassin
January 17th, 2006, 1:21 PM
Hello. This is another one of my attempts at writing a story, and I hope I don't quit it again. It is PG-13 in my book, although most of it is PG. Now, many people beleive starting a story without a written outline is very bad. I don't. But I wrote one anyways.

Story Outline:
Chapter 1: Let the Journey Begin!
Chapter 2: Petalburg Forest, Bug Catching Contest!
Chapter 3: Rustboro City, Booming Industries!
Chapter 4: Roxanne Anne, Rock Tomb!
Chapter 5: The Teams Strike Again!
Chapter 6: Dewford Town! Let the Training Begin!
Chapter 7: Brawly Brawl, Bulk Up!
Chapter 8: Slateport Tournament!
Chapter 9: Begin! Qualifying Round!
Chapter 10: Battle! Semi-Finals!
Chapter 11: Finals!
Chapter 12: The Trick Master.
Chapter 13: The Phantom Underground City!
Chapter 14: Wattson Watts, Shock Wave!
Chapter 15: There and Back again!
Chapter 16: Evolution Revolution!
Chapter 17: Flannery Erry, Overheat!
Chapter 18: Growing Feelings, pt. One
Chapter 19: Growing Feelings, pt. Two
Chapter 20: Abandoned Weather Tower, Confessions.
Chapter 21: The Smuggling Union, Fortree City!
Chapter 22: Winona, Aerial Ace!
Chapter ???: Christmas Special
Chapter 23: Mt. Pyre Mission!
Chapter 24: Search-and-Beg-Them Mission!
Chapter 25: Mossdeep City, The Space Station!
Chapter 26: Liz and Tate Tiz, Calm Mind!
Chapter 27: Race for Time!
Chapter 28: Sootopolis City, Cave of Origin!
Chapter 29: Juan Uan, Water Pulse!
Chapter 30: Return to Mainland!
Chapter 31: The Training
Chapter 32: Dark Secrets Arise
Chapter 33: Lone Time The Last Gym Leader, Faade.
Chapter 34: Father and Son pt. 1, Courage!
Chapter 35: Father and Son pt. 2, Strength!
Chapter 36: Father and Son pt. 3, Sacrifice!
Chapter 37: The Resurrection!
Chapter 38: Legendary Battle pt. 1
Chapter 39: Legendary Battle pt.2
Chapter 40: Legendary Battle pt. 3
Chapter 41: Legendary Battle pt. 4
Chapter 42: Dealing with Loss!
Chapter 43: The Evergrande.
Chapter 44: Victory Road!
Chapter 45: The Hoenn League!
Chapter 46: Sid Gadden, Punk Rocker!
Chapter 47: Pheobe Grorner, Hula-Dancer!
Chapter 48: Glacia Glade, Perfect Lady!
Chapter 49: Drake Gon, Captain of Dragons!
Chapter 50: Wallace Grim, Elegant Champion!
Chapter 51: The Reunion

Anyways, this fic has many thanks to go out to. Thank you dreamland for giving me the dream, thank you xXSaberXx, thank you Breezy and thank you my mind. My writing style is a tad bit not good (bad grammar), but I try to at least let you understand it. I have also written a soundtrack (not MY songs, but a soundtrack) for this fic. Anyone who wants to read it may.

1. Helena-(My Chemical Romance; Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge)
2. The Ghost of You-(My Chemical Romance; Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge)
3. I'm Not Okay (I Promise)-(My Chemical Romance; Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge)
4. The Anthem-(Good Charlotte; Young and Hopeless)
5. Young and Hopeless-(Good Charlotte; Young and Hopeless)
6. Emotionless-(Good Charlotte; Young and Hopeless)
7. Predictable-(Good Charlotte; Chronicles of Life and Death)
8. Perfect World-(Simple Plan; Still Not Getting Any)
9. One-(Simple Plan; Still Not Getting)
10. To The End-(Linkin Park)
11. Numb-(Linkin Park)

So, I guess I'll start. And it begins...

There have been more and more sightings of Team Magma and Team Aqua these past three weeks, the female news reporter reported. It appears that they have gone back to their evil ways. But if their last attempt failed, and their ingenious leaders under the protection and watch of the PF, what can they do. To other news....

Aaaww. What do those evil people have to do now? an old woman said, glaring at her TV. She was dressed in worn out clothing; a dark pink t-shirt and light brown Capri.

Grandma, you really think theyre gonna just let their plans wait till the Hoenn Region is recovered completely? a young boy said. He had messy, chest-nut brown hair, and was wearing a dirty, wrinkled t-shirt and blue jeans with mud at the knees.

His deep brown eyes shown brightly as he grinned. Youd have to be outta your mind.

Well, still. They should have. I mean, they wouldnt like it if we took their Teams down while they were weak! the old lady countered.

We stole their leaders while they were recovering from their defeats and threw em in jail. Now, before you go make something up, Ive got sufficient proof, and Im not waiting her to hear it. Ive gotta finish milking the Miltanks, the boy answered back, before turning around and walking out the door.

The boy walked into his room, dirt all over him from his rumble with the Miltank. I guess kicking them when theyre not gonna listen was a bad idea. He thought.

His name was Chase Okea, and he was Fifteen.

CHASE! TAKE A SHOWER NOW!!! his grandmother cried from the bottom floor.

Yes, oh Grand Mistress of this Household! Chase answered back. He was going to regret that.


The sun rose over the horizon, waking the young boy from his slumber. Another miserable day it was going to be. He was fifteen, had no parents, and was being raised by his farmer grandmother who was too old to do the work, although she had enough money for the rest of both their lives. So he worked. All day.

He finished Pokemon School three years ago, so he had nothing to do for the rest of his life but farm. He was sick of this life. Really sick. He needed to do something, but he didnt know what. So, off to work.

He got up, and changed from his green pajamas to his regular black t-shirt and blue jeans.

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house-an old man with graying hair was saying to his brown and off-white zig-zagged Pokemon before he was cut off by Chase.

Its not Christmas yet you crazy buffoon!



Okay. Twas the night before Christmas

Chase sighed, as he walked on to the market place in Oldale Town.

Why cant Littleroot have a PokMart? Chase thought ruefully. Why cant my grandma go?

He walked on. He was staring at the wild life when he saw a trainer battling a pink worm Pokmon with spikes from its tail to the top of its head.

Suddenly, Chase had an idea. He was going to become a trainer. Now, all he had to do was get a Pokemon. But how?

More questions rang in Chases head as he walked to Oldale Town.

So, how do you like the prologue? Chapter One will be up soon, so hang tight.

January 25th, 2006, 7:40 PM
Haha, hey! I think this is pretty good! And... I'm another one of those not believers. :)

I want to see chapter one. This looks pretty good. Better'n my *cough* 'stories'.