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January 19th, 2006, 5:23 PM
The title says it all. Most of the poems I wrote are actually songs. Some of those songs have a chorus, some do not. But none of them are easy-listening because they... umm... don't have easy lyrics!! *thinks of a better reason but finds nothing*
*BTW some of these songs are on my website (and there you might find the music that goes with them), but that site hasn't been updated in a long time and most of them had lyric changes since then.
The White Pony

Voice inside
When you hear it calling
Take the time to look within
Away from the world
Turn from the noisy
Bleak black silence, dive right in

Suddenly you see
The stars of distant glee
Something wondrous calls out to thee
Towards it you are bound
The soothing sight and sound
You found a white pony

But it's fake
It's just a vision
Still, in your heart it's so real
It's your goal
Sweet inspiration
To live your life from white appeal

But in your real life
You're overwhelmed with strife
The absence of the pony is a sharp knife
But if you start to fall
Chaos you can forestall
Recall the white pony
Recall the white pony

A closed mind
In the night would have not seen the pony
But you've won
Now you pray
That your mind gets a ride
And you'll find it

Lest you strive
And you remember
Once you're through life's pain and fun
There it is
Galloping to you
Here's your ride, your quest is done

As you shine, it brings
Life's melody, it sings
Guides you through on rainbow, silken, fine wings
Then when you shall die
A star bright in the sky
Goodbye, the white pony
And thank you, dear white pony

Ratings accepted. I've revised this song three times and the past versions were quite unclear in meaning... but hopefully the new version gets the message across better...

I'll post another song too:
Night Vision

Looking up at the stars at night
Not a street light I will find
Sky is clear right here
And in turn, it clears my mind

For the stars hold a presence of divine

When the lights of reality extinguish in the sea
Of the vast span of messengers that sing a sign to me
In the peace of the desert night, Mother Nature's spirit rides
'Twill show me the sign, lost treasure in the skies

There's a prize that I'm searching for
In the crystal ball of sky
And it's clear enough
That I see the gem up high

All the stars and the wind sing a guiding song
(repeat chorus)

Psychic visions take place tonight
But what about the morning?
It's too hot here when the sun shines bright
The city I will go
Where there's community and light

But keep in mind last night's vision, see it through

Now the sight of the treasure chest, shining ruby far away
Brings a key to my spirit that will summon a new day
And then when the morning comes, I can finally praise the sun
Until dusk, after all is said and done
(repeat chorus)

Look ahead to tomorrow night
When I journey here again
Where I fly up high
To that place my dreams went by

Clearer sky gives these visions of the night
And a vision of new light when the sun can rise
OK, that's all for now, though there's more to come...

Lady Akita
January 20th, 2006, 5:28 PM
I really liked the last one. Yeah. Creative, interesting, no mechanical errors. I'd like to say, great job. I wonder why nobody's posted in here yet..but anyhow, the words you use are very effiective, and especially a few descriptions. I could almost see vivid pictures flashing in my mind.
Look forward to more.

January 22nd, 2006, 8:24 PM
Why, thank you for the comments! Yeah, those two are some of my favorites, especially the first one thanks to the tune I added to it... But oh well, here's two more: Wow, one happy song, one sad song...

Harmony in Heaven

In tranquil forest
Every tree is beautiful
In heaven’s meadow
Every flower’s wonderful
Here, no one is a weed
No one here shall need
Jealousy and greed

In a clear fountain
Every drop of water sings
Gives off an aura
Which the joy of living brings
Here there’s no speck of mud
Which would cause a flood
River’s not a dud

This is where souls can live and persevere, be free
To all, a kiss divine, a peace bequeathed on thee
Let the stars ‘cross the sky
Shower life, be the wish in your true eye

No one is dominant
Be not dogs that live for one
Be not the shadow
That can block eternal sun
Be leaves in swirling air
Colors everywhere
For the world to share

Colors of difference
Make the world a better place
Make it exciting
So unique is each one’s grace
These shift and shape with time
Changing on a dime
Flowing, endless rhyme

And yet there is no contest for the fairest bloom
Because who can win as a thread that twines the loom?
Every string makes it whole
All existence, for all are beautiful

Every bird
Has ability to fly
Cannot handicap
The soul that soars so high
Strive to fly
To the castle in the sky
To the dream in your true eye

In tranquil forest
Oaks and elms and willows sway
In heaven’s meadow
Roses, daisies, all at play
Lakes, streams, and rivers wide
Have no muck to hide
Clearness they confide

Hold hands and gather
Look upon the stars tonight
Oh, in this heaven
Wish for all, come true they might
All join in harmony
It’s our destiny
That we long to see
The way the world should be

Joyful heaven
Harmony in heaven
Flight and song and light divine
And the second one... What's strange about the above song is that the tune sounds kind of similar to the Christmas song "What child is this?"...
I Remember

I remember the time
We had to say goodbye
And the time we used to be best friends
I remember the day
You blew our love away
Forever and ever

It was back in our old days
When I first met you, I smiled
You seemed to cherish too
Our bond which surpassed a while

You were so helpful and funny, that too
There were some things I could have not done without you
(repeat chorus)

‘Twas before I possessed the sight
I was happy and alive
Though I did so bad in school
‘Twas you who helped me survive

Caught up and gullible, I couldn’t see
The wave of chaos that washed over me
(repeat chorus)

That dreadful day of honesty
It was fated to be
It turned out you hated me
Your words just killed me like a shot
I never have forgot
Evident, virulent surprises

Now our bond is shattered glass
Fallacies don’t last
You built up trust then broke my heart
A bond so strong was torn apart
(repeat chorus)

Now I’m sitting here in bed
The sheets are wet with tears
And I’m still thinking about
Our early, happy years
Can’t believe that I was tricked
By the master of disguise
I guess love and trust and glee
Can blind even psychic eyes

You will be punished for your act of pain
But as I move on, the sadness will remain
I’ll remember…
^Yes, the above was based on a true story... my true story...

I accept both kinds of criticism, as long as it's (fairly) constructive.