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Phoenix Boy
March 20th, 2004, 1:03 AM
Ok here is my first fan fic ever! please read and enjoy any comments will be helpful as i havent wrote chapter 2 yet ok here goes:

Chapter 1 Pokemon Elite!

In the land of Calypso many miles from Hoenn , tucked near a forest lies the small town named open rock town.
In the village there are five small thatched cottages with brick walls. In the middle of the village there is a laboratory and two small cottages.
In the smallest house lives a girl with her parents at the movement she is under her duvet:

Phoenix! Mrs Phillips shouted up the stairs to her daughter Get out of that bed!. Slowly phoenix emerged form here bedclothes. Phoenixs brown hair covered her pale white face. Still in a daze phoenix rose form her bed. She tripped over her sneakers and hit the ground. She rose bolt upright, she rubbed her hair and walked to the wardrobe. She grabbed her travel clothes: a mudkip bandanna, a skitty T-shirt & some jeans. Phoenix ran down the stairs to see a woman mid thirties washing up
Hey mom phoenix called, the woman spun round and ran to phoenix Morning love Mrs Philips said. Then a man aged around forty walks in Daddy! phoenix called as she ran to her dad. Are you ready then poppet? Mr Phillips questioned. Nearly phoenix shouted as she ran up the stairs to her bedroom. She grabbed her bag witch was already packed slipped on her sneakers and put on her delcaty jumper & ran down the stairs. Er Phoenix Mrs Philips said, phoenix turned round to see her mother crying in her glossy blue apron. Mom I will be fine phoenix reassured her .Phoenix walked out of the door and Mr & Mrs Philips sobbed loudly.

Phoenix was walking down the dusty path in the morning sunlight, when she saw the lab in front of her. PERFECT! she cheered as she walked in. Inside was a Young man with a pokemon Ok Maril think about being strong, phoenix started to giggle as two pushed her in a room. Inside was a T.V and three chairs, two trainers were already in the chairs when phoenix walked in. At the same time they both turned away from phoenix. Then the two men turned on the T.V. The programme was the three starters you could have : Squirtile, Chickorita & Torchic. They were all dancing around until one trainer got annoyed and took a pokeball and left. Hey Phoenix shouted. The other girl hissed her to shut up then a man appeared Good morning girls I am Professor Buttlesnuff he flashed his lab jacket and held out two pokeballs. Mine the girl shouted and ran off. Phoenix this is yours the pokeball was handed over to phoenix ,Come on out the ball opened up Chico chico it called out. Its body was green with a green leaf on its head Cool chicorita! phoenix called out . Here is your pokedex you can use it to look up pokemon profiles Professor buttlesnuff said. Phoenix took it form the professors hand and put it infront of chicorita
Chicorita the leaf pokemon. The flower on this pokemons head can check the temperature of the wind.
This pokemon evolves into bayleefCool phoenix said happily
And here is your pokeballs. Phoenix thanked the professor and left the laboratory and ran to the forest for her first adventure

Phoenix Boy
March 22nd, 2004, 1:07 PM
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heres chapter 2:
Chapter 2 A new friend & some enemies

Phoenix was walking through the forest witch connected Open rock town to Hi-Fi city.

As she walked through the forest phoenix noticed here old tree house. It was made of wood, was very unstable and sometimes wild Zigzagoon were found in it in the morning. Phoenix walked up the tree house and got in. She looked out of one window and saw the steep hill on one side of it then the tree house creaked. It tipped and started falling down the hill HELP phoenix shouted then a voice was heard in the distance. Treeco vine wip now! some vines appeared from a bush and lifted phoenix out of the tree house and into safety. The tree house continued down the hill until it crashed into a big oak tree. Thank you phoenix said as Treeco let go of he. She went over to the trainer and hugged him. He blushed and stood glowing for awhile. When he returned to earth phoenix was already five minuets ahead of him. Wait! he said. Phoenix turned round and looked at him, he was wearing a Treeco t-shirt and some jeans and you could only just see his sneakers as they were covered by his jeans. He ran over to her she stuck out her hand Hi Im phoenix the boy quickly replied I am jack Phoenix smiled and then walked through more of the forest.

When two men appeared they were wearing a sky blue out fits. Phoenix and jack laughed at there sky blue outfits. The two men got mad and threw out two pokemon Totodile! they called out together. Phoenix & jack both sent out there pokemon: Chicorita & Treeco Razor leaf! they both called out from both pokemon a flurry of leaves shot out and K.O ed the two Totodiles. We will be back! the both shouted out as they ran out of the forest. Both pokemon were returned to there pokeballs. By now the sky was dark and both children were hungry. They set out there sleeping bags and started to cook some dinner. Jack went to collect some fire wood as phoenix finished cooking there dinner. When they returned jack spoke Hey we never checked out Totodile on our pokedexs Then jack walked off.

Okay phoenix said and opened her pokedex

Totodile the big jaw pokemon. This pokemon is one of the starters from Jhoto. Totodile evolves to Croconaw

Meanwhile the sky blue people were leaving the forest You will pay kids they said as the left the forest