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January 22nd, 2006, 7:04 PM
The Plot
In the year 2019, the world is stricken with war. The shadow's are growing in number's and are prepareing a mayjor attack, to take control of the earth. In these trying time's, can people still find time to do what they want, or is the constant threat to overwhelming for anything.

The Acadame
The Acadame is the central intelagence of the worlds. They have been sworn enime's with the Shadow world for as long as anyone could remember. It was there fude that broke out the Shadow War, in 2003. It was kept sceret until the Shadow's raided Earth in 2007. Scince then earth, for the most part, allined with the Acadame, and a new age of technology was stricken into Earth. Now in the year 2019, The Academe strugle's to maintain the lead in the war, by maintaining most of the realm's, and continuing to fight back against the oncoming attacks from the shadows.
Other Info
Home Realm - The Acadame
War Group - Speical Forces, Commanders
Technology Level - Well rounded for defence and attacking.
Allined with - Earth, Janka.
Under Seige - Yes

The Shadow's
The Shadow realm was once traped and tourtured by the acadame. Though one day, an error was made and the shadow creature's escaped, and fought back. They quickly took control of their homelands, and allined with Realm Hopper's after their treaty with Earth was broken. They flowed into the Pokemon, making them angy and evil. With the rebel forces of Earth they continued thier onslught.
Home Realm - The Shadow Realm
War Group - Shadow Creatures
Technology Level - Rebels use stolen technogy of all levels.
Allined with - Realm Hopper's, Rebel's of Earth.
Under Seige - No

After the discovery of the new realm's Earth was quickly caught inbetween a mayjor war. The shadow's offered power, and athority. While the Academe offered hope, and a new tomorrow. For the most part Earth allined with The Acadame, but thier were a few to join the Shadows, they became know as the Rebels. The rebels used pokemon powered by the shadows to fight in the war, and eventualy took Kanto, as the Shadows home base on Earth.
Home Realm - Earth
Rebel Capital - Kanto
Acadame Embasy - Hoen
War Group - Trainer's, Speical Forces Trainer's
Technology Level - Uses pokemon for the most part, but had adopted the new realms technology.
Under Seige - Yes

You may have up to four chars, no more than 2 per Realm.
No Power Playing
You can unravel a side plot as much as you want as long as it dosn't add to the future of the main plot.

Home Realm:(Shadow Realm, The Acadame, or Earth.)
War Group: (From your Home Realm)
If From Earth
RP SAMPLE: (This will be considered your first post in the RP.)

I will be playing the leader's of all three leaders of each main realm. I will post there fourms momentarily.

January 29th, 2006, 9:04 AM
I have one question, must we be human or is being a Pokemon acceptable?

January 29th, 2006, 12:50 PM
I guess you could be a pokemon, IF you make another char.

January 29th, 2006, 2:19 PM
Name: Serenia
Age: 18
Home Realm: Earth
War Group: Trainers
If From Earth

Pokemon Species: Ivysaur (Vine)
Gender: Female
Level: 30

Pokemon Species: Combusken (Char)
Gender: Male
Level: 35

Pokemon Species: Croconaw (Splash)
Gender: Male
Level: 32

Pokemon Species: Pikachu (Peach)
Gender: Female
Level: 43

Pokemon Species: Swellow (Supersonic)
Gender: Female
Level: 39

Pokemon Species: Tauros
Gender: Female
Level: 20

Personality: Calm cool and collected, Serenia seems like the perfect trainer, but is deeply troubled.
Appearance: At 5'3, Serenia is the shortest in her family. She makes up for that in looks and grace. The young woman is usually seen wearing a grey tanktop, black jeans that fit her form well, along with white tennis shoes. Her long, dark brown hair is pulled back into a high ponytail, a few bangs covering her dark blue eyes.
History: Serenia was the last born in her family, third sister in a group of eight. At ten, she recieved her Pokemon License and first Pokemon, Bulbasaur. Affectionally named Vine, the pair traveled together until she Peach. One can probably tell that the adventure went on...
Other: N/A

"Ugh, why in the world are you always waking me up Vine," The young woman mumbled as she sat up, looking to her Ivysaur. Vine was very dare to Serenia, because she was the young woman's first Pokemon. "Saur...Ivysaur..." The grass dinosaur said softly, nuzzling it's loving trainer. "I know I know, I could never stay mad at you Vine..." Serenia smiled, patting her Pokefriend upon the head. Vine growled softly, enjoying the attention. It was obvious she was 'top dog' for the 'Poke team'. Serenia slowly got up and stretched, yawning. Another day, another long walk....

Pokemon Species: Deoxys
Gender: N/A
Level: 77

If that's not good, and you need me to add more for the Pokemon, let me know!

January 29th, 2006, 3:05 PM
You can't have deoxys on your team, but you can roleplay him( I guess sorta like a Mewtwo Char.) Other than that you are ACEPTED! We need at least one person in each of the three worlds to begin.

January 29th, 2006, 3:06 PM
You can't have deoxys on your team, but you can roleplay him( I guess sorta like a Mewtwo Char.) Other than that you are ACEPTED! We need at least one person in each of the three worlds to begin.

Alright, I'll change that bit ^^