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January 23rd, 2006, 10:30 AM
Ah, well, I thought I would revamp my old RP and post it up all shiny and new. It's nothing too extreme, a pretty simple plot, but still fun nonetheless. You do not have to have been in the original to be in this remake. I'd love to have new people and old people too. Anyway, before I start to ramble (which I do quite well), here it is:

=Elemental Knights=

Though there are many tales that are spoken of throughout the pokemon of the world, there are few that are universal among all pokemon. One such tale is a tale of courage, differences, and above all-- saving the world.

This tale is of the Elemental Knights. It took place a time long ago; before technology and pokemon leagues, before Pokemon Professors sent ten year olds out on journeys, and even before humans began to consider pokemon as much more than slaves and servants.

In this time the humans themselves were fighting amongst each other, and this was fairly common and usually involved slave pokemon of great power. The humans would use these pokemon to do the battling for them. No more people need die; the pokemon would be the only ones to suffer, and who cared about them? They were only stupid animals with powers for humans to use. Humans were on this planet to take and use resources as they saw fit, not using the pokemon would be a waste.

However, some humans did not believe this way. Others cared for their pokemon servants and pets. They didn't want pokemon to be innocently slaughtered because of a human conflict. The people who believed this way were in the minority though, and they couldn't do too much to sway the lords and kings that only saw power when they looked upon the poor creatures.

After a horrible war broke out among the humans, and powerful pokemon once again were used to do unspeakable things, something unexpected happened that would soon change the course of the human and pokemon relationship....

Ten of the most powerful and used pokemon of the warring leaders broke away: a Tyranitar, a Blastoise, a Salamence, a Houndoom, a Kangaskhan, a Charizard, a Snorlax, a Persian, a Nidoking, and a Latios. These ten pokemon were tired and fed up with the way they had been treated. They despised humans, and they wanted to be sure that nothing ever happened to their fellow pokemon again. They decided to rise up against their captors, and destroy them.

The pokemon populous was appalled though. They saw this terror against humans as an awful thing and not a noble cause. Together they refused to stand up for what the ten pokemon were doing, and as a result forced the ten who were protecting them to turn against them. The ten powerful pokemon then began to attack both human and pokemon.

The pokemon then began to refer to these ten pokemon as the "Terrible Ten", an unstoppable force with which no one seemed able to control or defeat. It was impossible, and all who tried to defeat them failed. Both humans and pokemon were killed in attempts to rid themselves of them.

Eleven years passed by with these pokemon rampaging and destroying all they could. There were times of destruction, and there were times of silence.

Then one night it was decided. Mew, the most mysterious and legendary of all pokemon, chose ten heroes-- ten heroes of both pokemon and human species, to save the world. To defeat the Terrible Ten, they would need to fight using ancient weapons of legend that were hidden in ten different locations.

Each of the 'knights' was of a different element: Fire, Water, Wind, Light, Ice, Dark, Earth, Poison, Psychic, and Grass. Together, they would have to destroy the ten pokemon that had plagued their world, and begin to heal the hostile relationship between pokemon and humankind.


You are a human or a pokemon in this world. This time is very much like medieval Europe, and there are kings and lords and peasants and all that. Your job is to seek out your secret weapon to use against the ten pokemon, and to destroy them.


1. Be nice. I thought I should include this because I have seen RPs where some are not respectful of others' feelings. If someone does something stupid, don't get all huffy about it. That is my job as the "gamemaster".

2. No using other people's characters. This is a rule that is very important and if I see anyone doing this, they will get a warning and if a second infraction is done, then it shall be out for you. And I don't wanna do that because then we only have 9 knights... -_-

3. Try your best! I want to have fun, so no two-line responses. Even if your character has died, I wanna see a post in the afterlife, okay?

4. This is an RP, as in a game, and you're supposed to have fun in a game.
So be sure and have fun. I do not want anyone getting mad at someone else and starting an argument or whatever. I don't think I'll have a problem with this, but eh, I wanted more than three rules. ^-^

5. If you choose to sign-up as a pokemon, you are allowed to sign-up as legendary pokemon, but they cannot be Mew or Ho-oh. I have plans for these two. Plus, if there are a lot of legendaries, then don't sign-up as one. That's tacky.

6. You cannot sign-up as a pokemon species that is the same as one of the Terrible Ten. Unless you are a Latias. That would be okay. Also, you can be a pre-evolution of one of them (ie. Houndour or Bagon).

7. Your elemental weapon/power should not be too over the top. Make it semi-believable. Make it have weaknesses. These weapons do NOT make you all-powerful, just enhance your natural energy and allow you to do a few extraordinary things. For example, if your element is Fire, do not make your power to be able to create a blaze covering all of your enemies and killing them instantly. That's lame. Instead, create fireballs, cause burns on people, or perhaps create a line of fire to buy your friends time to escape. Using these weapons puts a terrible mental and physical strain on these guys, so you can't just do a ton of stuff, you have to go slowly. If you're unsure about this, ask me. ^-^


Fire: Taken by ~Amethyst Callista Moon~.
Water: Taken by Wolf_Goddess.
Wind: Taken by Thorns.
Ice: Taken by Naoko-chan.
Dark: Taken by Charon-chan.
Earth (Ground/Rock): Taken by Alter Ego.
Poison: Taken by Baker's Bulbasaur.
Grass: Taken by Light_Azumarill.

Sign-Up Form:

Species: (Either human or a pokemon species.)
Age: (For pokemon, list the human equivalent.)
Element: (One from the list above. You can request a different one, and I shall edit the list, but there must only be ten.)
Place of Your Weapon: (Where is your elemental weapon hidden? You don't need to be really specific, just the general town/city/place it is will do.)
Weapon: (Your elemental weapon. It doesn't have to be a physical weapon, it can just be a power of some kind. For example, you could simply have the power to manipulate water on your own or you could obtain a staff that can manipulate water for you. Whichever suits your character. Also: see rule 7!)
Appearance: (You can supply a picture.)
Personality: (Try to make it nice and long.)
History: (This is not optional, but if your character is the mysterious type, and/or you don't want to reveal everything about them, then it can be a simple short one.)
Pokemon Owned: (If you are a human. This is optional as some humans might not own any pokemon.)
Feelings on Humans/Pokemon: (Your character's feelings on the human/pokemon relationship. It’s pretty straightforward. You can be a hero, and still think that pokemon are dumb animals.)
Other: (Anything else?)
RP Sample/Reference: (Please include an RP sample, or a link to an RP you've been in.)

My Sign-Up:

Name: Chiira

Species: Chikorita

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Element: Grass

Place of Your Weapon: In a human city named Lily Town.

Weapon: Chiira gains the power to manipulate plants. She can make them grow rapidly, make them grow where they weren't before, and can cause trees to bend in order to both block things and strike things. One drawback of this power is that Chiira now has a strong connection with the earth. When near places where the plantlife has been destroyed, she feels weak and painful.

Appearance: Chiira looks very much like a normal Chikorita, though she is a bit chubbier, and has a turquoise tint to her skin and leaves. Her eyes are a darker red than most Chikorita, which is probably a bit of her father's genes showing through. She has a headband that was worn by those who lived in the Sacred Tree, it is a thin twig from a wiry bush with almost no leaves, that has been wrapped around her head. It has one leaf on it that hangs down on the center of her forehead.

Personality: Chiira is a serious person. She rarely has fun, she doesn't smile a lot, and she is mostly concerned with serious matters. She needs to learn to lighten up, and there are times when she appears to be having a good time. She can be a bit too serious sometimes, and this pushes people away from her. She can also be a little overcritical about people's actions, especially if their actions could have affected someone in a negative way. On the other hand, Chiira cares about people and will do everything in her power to help someone in need. She really is a loving person, she just never had anyone to love. When someone does something to upset her, she looses her cool and will usually aim her vines at a rock to beat it up or storm off to be alone. She will then appear when she has cooled off and apologize for her actions.

History: Chiira's parents were once owned by a rich human family that lived in Lily Town. The family's son took care of them and loved them very much. The other pokemon of the estate were treated with love as well, and the family itself was one that got its riches from its connections to the nobles of the area. Her parents were a Chikorita and a Croconaw. An odd combination to say the least, but they loved each other, and their owner was happy to find an egg near his Chikorita one morning. Chiira was hatched after a short time, and she was a happy little baby. However, a few months went by, when suddenly one of the Terrible Ten got wind that a rich family was living in Lily City. They often would target rich humans, and so they destroyed the house and the family was left to flee for their lives. Things were so mixed up in the frenzy, that many of the estate were separated, and never saw each other again. Chiira and her parents were separated from the others, and sought refuge in a colony of Chikorita in a place known as the Sacred Tree. This place was a hidden grove of trees that only Chikorita and the evolutions knew about. It was here that Chiira was raised, and it is this place that she remembers living in. The Chikorita there did not approve of her father though, and they told him that he had to leave. He agreed, not wanting to take his family away from such a safe place, and so the Croconaw left when Chiira was very young. She has always wondered what became of her father, but has never had the courage to leave her safe home.

Chiira's mother died shortly after Chiira's father left, and so most of her time was spent alone. She grew into a very serious person that was almost afraid to have too much fun. The other Chikorita that she grew up with were mostly nice to her, but they didn't really become good friends with her. She just wasn't their type. They couldn't relate to her because they had no idea of what the outside world was like. Most of them had been born in the utopian hideaway, and had never known what the outside was like.

Feelings on Humans/Pokemon: Chiira is a little timid about humans, as she has never really interacted with one, but she likes them, and thinks they are more than the evil humans portrayed in pokemon stories.

Other: Chiira has a fondness for shiny things, and shiny pokemon too.

RP Sample: Ancient Dynasty; A Viper's Promise (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=58028)

January 23rd, 2006, 1:31 PM
{ooc| I'll add a bit more to this tomorrow, and I'll draw y'all a nice picture of her during school... Also, if there's anything that could do with altering I'll do that, just tell me what's wrong.}

Name: Fern
Species: Poochyena
Gender: female
Age: 14 - but she looks young for her age
Element: Dark

Place of Your Weapon: A crumble-down old mansion, deep in the Gypsy Woods.
Weapon: Fern’s power is to cloak herself – or any other allied pokemon – in shadows, making that pokemon invisible. It is a temporary, indelible shield, and hides any pokemon under it from view and from attacks. At the same time, a cloaked pokemon cannot use any physical attacks, and if any elemental attacks are used the cloak will be dispelled.

Appearance: {I’ll try and get a picture done tomorrow}
Fern is very fluffy, very small, and very nifty. She’s good at maneuvering in small spaces, and at the same time she’s relatively strong. Around her neck she wears a pink ribbon with two shiny silver bells on the front. It ties on her back in a big bow.
Her markings are also slightly irregular, and her tail ends in a strange black tip.

Personality: Fern is a relatively downtrodden pokemon, and as a result she’s thankful for even the smallest word of kindness. She's often seen as dumb, or simple, because she often stands around smiling vaguely and takes insults quite placidly. She’s shy and she’d rather run from a confrontation than answer back.
Once she knows you however, she's easy enough to get along with;once she gets over her shyness, she’ll follow you around quite contentedly like the puppy she is. She opens up to people easily once she knows them, and encourages others to think the same. She also likes to sprout pointless proverbs at random intervals.

History: Fern was part of a large poochyena family – and the smallest of the lot. Her peaceful, placid nature meant she was often the subject to her sibling’s bullying. Eventually, she fled, only to run into a sweet little human girl. This girl took her in and began to train her, and the pair became close friends. Fern grew confident, strong, and happy in the girl’s company, and they lived together quite happily in the little girl’s home. She was accepted into their family, and she sees humans as friends and allies – more so than her own kind, which had bullied and dogged her until she had fled. However, her happiness didn’t last long. Her girl’s father was one of those killed by the ‘terrible ten’ – as a result, Fern found herself back on the streets.

Feelings on Humans/Pokemon: Fern is relatively happy around humans – she’d quite happily bound over, tail wagging. She’s not so confident around other pokemon; when in a big group, she often slinks off to be by herself or falls silent. It takes her a long time for pokemon to gain her trust.

Other: Fern is pretty smart. Her time with her girl taught her many things about humans, and she knows how to rub them the right way – cute tricks!
While she’s scared of other pokemon, she’s also very scared of being on her own. It it came to a decision between following a group or staying alone, she'd definetly follow the group.

Roleplay Sample:
The room was lit by a single candle.
It's flickering light spawned sinister shadows that danced on the walls, casting light on the people that sat in the hewn wooden chairs. One was a young girl, maybe thirteen at the oldest. She had an intelligent face, the sort that makes one look wise beyond their years. She had an ageless calm about her; the way she sat, so poised in her primitive seat, made her look like almost mythical.

"I won't give her away! I refuse it!" she snapped, and turned to face a man in the chair beside her. He was ancient, his lined face creasing into oblivion. Her eyes pleaded with him. "Please, grandpa, do something!"

The man's wrinkle's seemed to deepen. "Laurel, you know there is nothing we can do." he replied, his voice stony and grainy. There was no doubt his life had been a hard one; it was written in the lines on his face.

The girl paused, and shook her head. She had expected this answer; after all, since her father's death, there was no one to take care of the peasants, no one to watch over their finances, no one fight the wars that paid the king for their land. Laurel's family faced ruin; with mother and father gone, she would soon find herself on the streets, or worse....warming the bed of some rich lord... She shuddered. At least they would get a little bit for Fern, well-trained as she was. At least in Fern's new home she would have food. Freedom. "I guess we'll have to sell her..." the girl sighed, and got to her feet.

Meanwhile, in the next room, the little poochyena was listening. Her ears pricked, her fur bristled, and she sprung from her bed under the table and onto the her nimble little paws. She was a small, fluffy thing, a far cry from the standard bristling poochyena that roamed the woods outside. Everything about her was soft - from the pink tip of her nose, to the very tip of her thick bushy tail. Around her neck, a pink ribbon was tied in a huge, flamboyant bow - the material was the finest satin, and caught the light when she moved. Tied to that were two bells - one was a soothe bell, sparkling silver. She blinked her bright eyes, and shook herself down. Her bells jingled cheerfully, but the Poochyena's expression was fearful. Her tail fell between her legs. Give me away...? she shuddered at the very thought, I'll never go~! I'll run away! she leapt towards the door, scrambling through the hole at the bottom where woodworm had worn away.
She broke into a trot, her bells ringing as she fled. Fern couldn't bring herself to kick them off; since she had joined Laurel's family their twinkling had become part of her. She glanced back at the huge, tumbledown house, and vanished.

January 23rd, 2006, 1:47 PM
OOC: I'll join under the fire type

Name: Flare

Species: Arcanine

Gender: Male

Age: 26

Element: Fire

Place of Your Weapon: The summit of a volcano

Weapon: Fire manipulation

Appearance: Flare has white fur that would be orange on a normal arcanine, and greyish colored fur where a normal arcanine would have tan fur. The stripes are still black. (The pic is my avvie)

Personality: ~working on it~

History: Flare is a wise young Arcanine that has once before seen the might of the terrible ten firsthand. The forest that he used to live in was destroyed and is now just a giant crater courtesy of the terrible ten.

Feelings on Humans/Pokemon: He believes that not all humans are bad
people, most of them are just misguided and corrupt. There are also those pokemon that are corrupt and misguided that think all humans deserve to die.

Other: ~pending~

Baker's Bulbasaur
January 23rd, 2006, 2:06 PM
AAAARGH!!! You took grass!!!!! you must be punished!!!
*throws pie*
even when i was reading it, i thought ''ill obviously pick grass, and have the ability to make plants grow etc'' and then i read down...and you had taken the same idea :|
it's like...one mind....:| *gives bulbasaur*


Name: Haze
Species: Crobat
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Element: Poison

Place of Your Weapon: It is fired from his mouth.

Weapon: Haze has the ability to release a magical gas from its mouth which will engulf the entire surroundings in darkness, giving him a very distinct advantage as bats are blind anyway and use supersonic waves to sence there way around. However, when using this ability, the Crobat becomes incredibly weakened from the energy put into it, and becomes an easy target, the time taken to regain it's energy can vary from a few minutes...to a few days....

Appearance: Crobat is generally the same appearence as any other of it's type. However a very disstinct difference is his right wing, which has a long scar across it, which appears quite nasty. Both his eyes are instead red also.

Personality: Crobat has come to learn that humans are scum and not to be trusted at all. They live only to try and cause trouble to pokemon and Haze dispises them. He is very brave, and loves the feeling of sinking his long teeth into somethings flesh, however he is very protective of fellow pokemon, whatever there species may be, when he senses they are in danger. Most the time though, he acts cold heartedly and uncaring to them for no particular reason. He is quick to judge and most usually a fantastic judge of character. He is the kind of pokemon that if they needed it, he would take away your lunch money. His love to hunt is aided by his love to fight. His brash and snappish attitude never gained him any friends, and many pokemon would talk badly about him, especially because of his love of misery, however his rebel type image did gain him some anominous admires.

History: When he was a young Zubat, he was happy, and looked after by his mother and father, unbeknown to the horrors and disgust of the ''real'' world, the family kept themselves to themselves and he never once crosseda human, nor had he even heard of one.
One day however, a few years later, when he had long since become his evolved form of a Golbat, he was awoken in the middle of the day to the sounds of screaming, crying, and general mayhem. Coming to see what the problem was, he was devistated to find out for the first time what the world was like, he beared witness to these strange creatures, humans, torturing and harming, other helpless pokemon, for hours he watched this, too shocked and scared to move, just preying for that familiar sound of his mother and father returning home to come, but it never did.....tears of weap soon turned into supreme rage, and he blindly launched himself from his place of hiding, trying to help pokemon, and more imporantly, stop these disgusting humans from causing harm, but his abilty was too short for the job, and a conclusion was formed in his mind. Haze closed his eyes and thought with all his might, of every single happy memory, thoughts of his family, and thoughts of all this chaos ending.
The opening of his eyes also brought the realisation of his evolution to a Crobat, and with a loud cry, he set off, away from his home, on a journey, a journey to find the family that he was sure were alive and well, a joureny to find revenge on those who had harmed the pokemon race.....and ruined his life.

Feelings on Humans/Pokemon: Deep down, Haze's thoughts for pokemon are those of deep love and caring, but he will never admit this, and will be very cruel to them to make sure his un-true feelings of careless'ness are understood. As far as humans go, it is really quite simple.....heis hate for them burns deeper then a Moltres's flame....

Other: Haze had on no terms agreed with things the terrible 10 had done, and he wasn;t exactly a fan, but he had always found there cause for standing up to humans quite honourable and understandable.

Keo Kirito
January 23rd, 2006, 2:14 PM
This looks really good! Could you save me the ICe spot??? I will post form later. I am really busy!

January 23rd, 2006, 2:20 PM
Name: Toby
Species: Pidgeot
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Element: Wind
Place of Your Weapon: Sky Pillar, hidden deep within...

Weapon: Toby has the ability to levitate things, some even slightly larger than herself. Like the wind itself, she can manipulate objects into making them float, lifting them up mentally and carrying them where she pleases. When she is flying she can fly with such grace and speed that she is not even visible to the eyes of onlookers. Her power also increases the power and magnitude of her wind-based attacks, such as Gust.

Appearance: http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/10891443/

Personality: Although untrusting, she is very energetic and loves to help where she can, though she refuses to let others help her. She believes this to be submission, being a completely independent character, and wants to handle her own affairs herself. She can sometimes be a bit bossy when she thinks she knows better, as she is not used to interaction with others and does not realize that they may have good suggestions to contribute. Deep down she cares about her fellow creatures, but she tries to hide it. She is secretive and mostly quiet despite her disguise as someone esctatic and outgoing, and keeps to herself when she can.

History: No one really knows, and she isn't telling. It appears, though, that she was betrayed badly by humans. She doesn't like to discuss people and avoids all contact with such figures as trainers. One can only wonder why...

Feelings on Humans/Pokemon: She doesn't trust either. She believes that every species has a negative impact on every other species and that people are 'disturbers of the peace'. Being the loner type, she can't see why everyone else can't be like her, free, completely separate and individual. She doesn't realize that it's because of these very traits that she's never known love....

RP Sample/Reference: *deep breath* I know it's kinda long, thank you for your patience....

"ARGH!!!" Startled, Harry fell over as the dog pounced on him, and the Death Eater boy he had seen earlier pulled off his cloak. He watched, confused, as the dog(SIRIUS??!?) attacked a wolf, without the slightest idea of what was going on.

"What the...?" he murmured, crawling to his feet and pulling out his wand, which luckily was now safely back in his pocket. If he was facing danger, and he knew he was, at least he'd face it ready....
Sss.... The silver snake surveyed the Death Eaters, its emerald eyes alight with mild amusement as it watched them quiver in fear. Zinnia had power in this form, power to terrify, power to hurt.... Flicking her forked tongue in and out of her mouth in a self-satisfied way, she slithered towards one of the robed figures. The others slunk away, cowering like the cowards they were. Foolishness.

She had only one prey in mind tonight.

Hissing raspishly, she advanced, silver coils glistening in the dim moonlight. She stopped in front of Snape and coiled herself up, her vertical pupils tracking his every movement. For a split second, he seemed to betray a flicker of fear. Then he sneered.

"Stupid girl," he said smugly. "I know you. You won't kill me. You don't have the nerve, you don't have the guts. You're a coward." Staring him straight in the eye unmoved, the snake made no reply for a moment. Then, seeming to concentrate hard, it replied telepathically, its mental tone sounding just as arrogant as he, The coward talks of cowardice. It does not take courage to murder someone. It takes a severe lack of moral fiber. This last comment sounded more bitter than anything. The snake shifted position ever so slightly, longing in every flick of its tongue. Snape's eyes widened.

This ends now.

The snake lunged.

...biting Snape's ebony wand cleanly in half. It clattered to the cobbles in two pieces, echoing loudly in the silent night. The snake landed unharmed not a foot away, almost gracefully.

I will kill you, it said calmly. One of these days, I will kill you. And you shall get your due. Traitors never prosper. Something almost like sadness shone somewhere in its fiery emerald eyes as it went on.

I would know.

Turning, it glided smoothly down the street and left him there; staring, frozen, after his would-be killer. It went back through the reformed ranks of the Death Eaters, scattering them again just for the hell of it. Then it slithered to where Harry still stood, watching the dog and the wolf fight with his wand raised.

Come, Potter, it told him mentally. Battling these cowards is but a waste of our time.

January 23rd, 2006, 2:58 PM
Name: Elka

Species: Vaporeon

Gender: Female

Age: 18

Element: Water

Place of Your Weapon: Deep Beneath the ocean

Weapon: Pwer to manipulate water to do her bidding, and help form pools of water, either in attempts to drown her enemies or etc.

Appearance: The average Vaporeon. However, there is a small, light yellow triangle on her forhead and the...wrists (?) of her paws are surrounded by a light yellow as well, almost like a bracelet.

Personality: A somewhat mysterious Vaporeon who usually keeps to herself. She is quiet and does not speak out often, and even when she does so her voice doesn't command attention. Usually one can find her large black eyes seemingly to wander into space, and other times one can find her staring deeply into you, as though she is trying to determine something. She usually enjoys to avoice fights, however will do so if needed. Elka usually has an everlasting temper, meaning she keeps her rather cool presence quite often, however, we all know things don't last forever...

History: As a wild Eevee, she never came in contact with humans whatsoever. The only time was when a foolish younger one decided it was best to toss a Waterstone away, and young Elka happened upon it. Sniffing at it, she was instantly transformed into a Vaporeon, and that was that. There was no harm done towards her, and she lives as a normal Vaporeon

Feelings on Humans/Pokemon: Feels rather indifferent towards them. It doesn't matter if they are kind or not, she won't react differently, and treat neither as though they were different. She could care less if they existed or not.

Other: Nothing out of the ordinary...

RP Example: ((From a Previous RP I participated in call Hogwarts Convention...It's long dead now but I feel as though I wish to use my opening post because I'm well...to lazy to come up with something at the moment...^.^ Its bolded because of that reason. Don't ask why, just because!))

"Well, here you are," her father said drearily. Ever since those eleven years after his wife's death, he was never the same. Mira flinches as he lets go of her scarred hand, and imediatly places in her pocket, so no one could guess what she was.

However, instead of his usual dullness in his eyes, they looked thoughtful. He was remembering his wonderful years as a Hogwarts student...he was in Slytherin. So were her brother and sister, and hopefully Mira. But she wasn't like them...more quiet and to herself, and quite booksmart. She did not have a cold, cruel demeanor as her family had.

She looks down at her feet after her father leaves her, without giving her a kiss...anything. She felt strange standing around in her tattered robes, and her eyes dart from wall to wall, ceiling to ground as she walked, unaware of mostly everything. Dark circles were noticable under her eyes, and her skin was dreadfully pale, in contrast to her deep black hair.

Something in her body quivers suddenly, and her head jerks up; she falters back, for she nearly bumped into a boy in muggle clothing, looking up towards the ceiling. Her nerves told her to run, but they froze up in utter shock.

January 23rd, 2006, 3:06 PM
Name:Ivory Blanke
Species: Human
Age: 15
Element: Ice
Place of Your Weapon: Silver Cave
Weapon: Two Daggers made of Ice. They can melt, and can be molded back together, but it takes time. When jammed into earth, Ice Stalagmites burst from the ground and grow taller as they go, though when the daggers are removed from the ground they melt and become harmless puddles.
Appearance: (It's so hard to find a full body picture of Rinoa!) Most of it... (http://aces.tabulas.com/eyes/thumbs/profile-ffviii-rinoa.jpg) Clothing shot... (http://akadotretail.com/shop/assets/thumbnails/4896c.jpg) Back shot (http://stupid-girl.net/graphika/rinoasunwp.JPG) Here's another... (http://www.square-enix-usa.com/games/ff8/rinoa.html) (I'm sorry about all the pictures, I couldn't find a full body shot. Ridiculous.)
Personality: Ivory is a lively and hyper young girl, who's often so blinded by her desire to win, she can be the most stubborn person you've ever met. She's honest to the point where she won't tell people lies about the way they look, instead she'll outright say 'I think it looks horrible', without thinking about what she's saying. She won't conceal any part of what she feels, as she thinks that people should express themselves. She has a strong faith in her beliefs, which mainly apply to the way others should act. Ivory is a cheerful girl, who helps someone whenever she can. Of course, she expects payment afterward, or some kind of favor in return, which is why she usually doesn't wait for someone to ask for help before helping them. She loves watching arguments, and cheers her pokemon on when they're arguing with someone else's pokemon, though amongst each other she'll snap at them to stop. She has as little patience as Jet, but she solves her problems by snapping at someone or giving them a good whack around the head. She has a rather childish demeanor, and will often do things older people tell her to do with a good grudge.
History: Ivory had nothing wrong with her past, as she was born and raised a normal girl. She loved to play in the snow, and would often ice skate, though she's not balanced enough to figure skate just yet, she concentrates on speed skating. She never caught colds, even when she ran outside in skirts and a tank top in snow, which puzzled the adults around her, though she usually just came in shivering, this was the most drastic that happened. She complained a lot about being hot, and so her family keeps their home much cooler than anybody elses. She took Gymnastic classes, to improve her balance, though she still falls off the balance beam a lot. This is probably the only thing she is extremely coordinated at, as she was once on the school gymnastics team.
Pokemon Owned: Kingdra (Male, Jet) Cloyster (M Shade) Glalie (M Black Ice, Black for short) Skarmory (M Skar)
Feelings on Humans/Pokemon: Ivory prefers not to intrude herself on this issue, but when someone asks and she can't resist but to blurt it aloud, she'll often say 'It's not good, it's terrible!' She has her own strong opinion of how pokemon shouldn't be mistreated (at least not her own) but this is one subject she'll restrain from treading on.
Other: Ivory likes gymnastics, and is quite flexible.
RP Sample: “Not again!” I groaned as I whacked the dusty dashboard of my plain black mo-ped.
“Stupid…stupid…stupid…” I said as I whacked it some more.
“Come on…” I muttered as I turned the key, my large amount of keychains clanking against each other as the motor started up and died away once again.
“My hands are so gross…” I said looking down at my black oil covered hands.
I glanced at my ice blue blouse but shook my head, brown braids whipping my face “I can’t wipe my hands on my shirt, it’s the second day of school, one of the most important days!”
I shook my head hopelessly and tried to start the motorcycle again. Thankfully I was on a private road, leading to the collage I would be now going to, and not very many cars passed.
Glaring at a car that honked at me and swerved past, speeding up just to annoy me, I turned the key angrily and more roughly this time.
“Yes!” I hissed as the motor didn’t die away.


“Crap…” I muttered.
I was only about ten feet away from where I originally was when the motor died again…I ignored the silver Cadillac that stopped next to me, in the opposite lane (the wrong direction I might add) after three cars had already took a detour around me.
The tinted window rolled down and a girl with bright blue hair tied into pigtails that splayed from behind her head to her chin and cheeks stared, bemused at me.
“Valerie.” She said in a disgusted tone, smirking, her ice blue eyes glinting maliciously.
I sighed and turned to glare at her after ignoring her for a full 40 seconds.
She sighed, and moved her purse off her lap, opened the silver door and stepped outside, pushing the car door closed very proudly.
She leaned again the now closed door, the window still open, and watched me whack the dashboard.
She clucked at me with her tounge and shook her head “Your hand’s are absolutely disgusting. No wonder you can’t get it started.”
I inwardly sighed again and turned to glare at her again.
She took no notice of course, but instead said “Here. Wipe your hands on this.” She said, bringing her hand across her tan, sleeveless cashmere turtleneck to reach into a fancy bag, that rested on her light brown, skirt. She was about two inches taller than me, with those deadly black heels on.
She held out a tissue holder, and I took it from her, staring skeptically as though it would spray me with water any instant.
She knew me, because she was in my all girls class. We all knew everyone…well, almost everyone. She turned and opened the car door again, but before she stepped back inside, she jumped and turned around.
“By the way,” She said, a bracelet clad hand covering her dark red lipstick “That’s a Gucci tissue holder. Remember to give it back.”
She got back into the shiny car and mumbled as she closed the window and motioned for the driver to go, “And all the kids at school take a car.”
I stared after the car with a feeling of disbelief at her nerve, and amusement at her attitude. Turning over the bag in my hand I scoffed and threw it over my shoulder onto the hard pavement. Trying for the last time of the day I finally turned on the stupid mo-ped, and sped off toward school.
Collage to be exact.


I parked my mo-ped in the janitor’s parking lot, because it was the only place used for motorcycles.
“My mom made you some dinner.” I said holding out a package for the old janitor.
“Why thank you!” He said happily.
“You may be the only student in the entire school who knows what a rice cooker looks like!” He said taking the package gratefully.
I laughed, because I knew it was most definetly true, besides my friend Lara, who lived in a poor enviorment just like me, compared to the rich students all around us.


A man in a drivers uniform hurried out of the black limo, and bustled to open the back passenger’s door.
A girl with red orange hair, swept to the side of her head, with bangs that swept the opposite direction, stepped out of the open door and tossed a yellow tote bag into the drivers hands.
“Hold it.” She said carelessly, brushing her black leather trench coat off with a dignified air, and smoothing out her hot magenta dress.
She used her hands to poof up her side ponytail slightly, and held out and expectant hand at the driver, surveying her surroundings with a superior stare.
The driver jumped and quickly handed her the tote bag.
“Next time, hand me both straps.” She scowled at him, grabbing the other strap and placing it securely in her hand.
He nodded and stammered “Y-yes Miss Misty.”
“That’s Ma’am to you.” She said snottily, walking up the stairs toward the classrooms making a very big scene compared to the other students around her.
“Oh…” Misty said with an air of faked dislike as she saw the girl in tan and pigtails walking about ten feet away from her.
“Ugh…” The other girl said the same.
They both looked around and as the students filtered away to get their books, the other girl, Krystal, smirked at Misty.
She swung her purse on her side twice by it’s plastic ‘chain’ like handle and landed it on her back the third.
She glanced at the purse before turning around, her head twisted to see Misty’s face, yet making sure Misty could see it very clearly.
“Ha! Prada purse. Look at my accessories!” Krystal said daintily.
Misty swung her head around to clear her face of her stray bangs and grabbed the edge of her trenchcoat.
Inside was plaid, and she flung it open on one side so Krystal could see the tag, though of course not be able to read it.
“Huh! Burberry’s Jacket. Top that!” Misty said smirking at Krystal.
Krystal glanced at the last few stragglers that hadn’t yet made it to their lockers and finger the necklace around her neck.
The square was all diamond and she leaned forward, though ten feet away all Misty saw was a glint on her neck in the sunlight, coming through the pillars of the open hallway.
“Millenium necklace.” Krystal said grinning at Misty “Limited. Edition.”
Misty looked at the last person outside uncomfortably and searched herself for a brandname.
“Oh…” Krystal said in mock sympathy “You don’t have anything? Looks like I win…too bad.”
Misty smirked a very amused smirk and then grinned “Nooot yet!” She said waggling her finger.
“Come closer.” Misty said still grinning.
Krystal skeptically swept around the empty halls with her eyes one last time before walking forward a little.
“Come on, I won’t bite.” Misty said, walking towards Krystal, the ten feet diminished now to one foot apart.
“Look very closely.” Misty said seriously, as she let Krystal examine her face at all angles.
Krystal gasped with sudden realization “JULIA ROBERTS’S NOSE!” She said pointing at Misty’s nose.
Misty let out a squeal of laughter.
“I can’t believe you what kind of friend are you?! You don’t even invite me to go get a nose job with you.” Krystal said in a huff.
“You didn’t invite me to go buy the necklace with you.” Misty said as the two began to walk towards their lockers.
“I tried, but I couldn’t find you!” Krystal said earnestly.
“Where’d you look for me?” Misty asked surprised.
“Paris…” Krystal said as though it was obvious.
“You’re ridiculous!” Misty squealed, pushing Krystal away playfully “We’re in Taiwan!”


“A 50,000 dollar nose?!” Lara exclaimed.
Lara had long black hair and beady black eyes, with pale chalk colored skin, and today she wore a light blue poncho and a lime green skirt the fell to her ankles. Her delicate hands were loaded with heavy books.
“I could live for a year on that nose.” I said putting away my notes.
“I could too!” Lara said, taking out her third textbook.
“Why do you have so many books?” I asked Lara.
“Well,” She said taking out another large textbook “It’s collage right? Shouldn’t there be a lot of textbooks?”
“But the list said you only needed this one…” I said knocking against the blue book in my hand.
“Yeah, but I thought that was ridiculous.” Lara said closing her locker.
“If you’re right then I’m doomed…” I muttered.
“Don’t worry about it, you know me, I always think too much.” She said as we both walked to class.
“I guess so…” I said closing my own locker “That usually is the case.”
Just a few lockers away from Valerie and Lara’s lockers, is an open locker…inside, is a red ribbon, with bold letters printed on it. ‘You’ll be dead’. F4 painted sloppily in gold on the ‘be’ in the middle.

OOC: I'll make it easier to read later but I have to do my math homework...now! XP

January 23rd, 2006, 4:20 PM
Okay everyone, I shall now say my piece on your sign-ups. *clears throat*

Charon-chan: Lovely sign-up. You are henceforth Accepted.

Kaishen: Hm... well, you're not finished, so I can't really accept you yet. Also, you need to be more specific about what sort of fire manipulation you can do. You're Almost Accepted.

BB: Good job. You are Accepted.

Aang: Erm... since Naoko-chan already signed up for it, could you pick another element to reserve?? ^-^;; I'd hate to make her change all of her hard work like that.

Thorns: I'll reserve Wind. But remember, post within 24 hours, or someone else can take it.

Wolf_Goddess: As of now, you are Accepted. Your sample is fine.

Naoko-chan: You're fine. And great RP sample! You have been Accepted.

Now, sorry to do this to all of you (even those that have been accpeted), but I'm going to have to include an RP Sample or reference on the sheet. Just edit your sheets when you get around to it. IF YOU DON'T, you will NOT be accepted. So, go edit away! ^-^

January 23rd, 2006, 8:41 PM
OOC: Thanks for reserving Wind for me. I have edited my post with my sign-up. Enjoy.

January 23rd, 2006, 8:54 PM
Name: Rika Hewe
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 15

Element: Psychic
Place of Your Weapon: Saffron City Gym(Back Room)
Weapon: Crystal Ball(It can allow the user to seee into the fuuuutuuure(LOL). It can also amplify the powers of someone who already had Psychic Powers. And, it gives the user the power to levitate, and turns the eyes of the user purple when held.

Appearance: Rika is 5'2 and is a very pale person. She is very short for her age, and has fiery red hair tied up in a bun at the center of her head, with two chopsticks holding it together, and she has teal colored eyes. She wears a necklace made up of a metal chain. She has a yellow tanktop shirt and wears a white skirt, which is very long and reaches down to her ankles. She wears converse shoes on her feet and has two gold, shining earrings her mother gave her when she was a baby.

Personality: Rika has always been a very nice, and a very hyper person. She is constantly in motion, whether it is shaking her legs when she is sitting down, to pacing around back and forth while waiting around for something. But, she can also be very depressing. When someone makes her sad, she goes into a deep state of anger, and depression, mostly deppression. She has also been always fascinated by the outdoors, so that makes her somewhat of a naturalist. She also is a hopeful person who almost never gives up on anything, and she is a perfectionist.

History: Rika's parents had struck gold, making her rich, with $300,000,000 worth of gold. Her parents then went on a trek to find more, but after a week, they were pronounced dead. Rika couldn't and wouldn't believe this, so she trains hard to one day be able to find her missing parents. She currently lives in a mansion in Saffron City.

Pokemon Owned:

Name: Violet
Species: Espeon
Gender: Female
LV: 33
Attacks: Confusion, Psyche Up, Reflect, and Light Screen.
History/Personality: Rika had first gotten Violet when she was only ten years old, and she was her first Pokemon, though she got her as an Eevee. She then trained with her so that she could become the ultimate Espeon. She hopes to one day find her on true love, and she is a romantic.

Name: Ebony
Species: Umbreon
Gender: Male
LV: 33
Attacks: Confuse Ray, Pursuit, Bite, and Snatch
History/Personality: Rika didn't actually "Catch" Ebony, she just sort of found him in a ditch outside of Saffron, while she was out training. He had suffered heavy blood loss, and was close to death. She used a Full Restore on him and then he decided to become her partner. And since then, Ebony has become Rika's own personal Pokemon "Bodyguard".

Feelings on Humans/Pokemon: Rika thinks that Pokemon should have the same rights as humans. She despises people who think they are to be used as tools for war, and fighting. She wants to one day liberate all Pokemon of the world back into the wild, so that they can live in peace and harmony like they used to.

Other: None

RP Sample/Reference:

Walking through the route to Celadon City at night, I heard a noise. "Grr." I turned around and a Growlithe was in an attack position, fangs bared. "Go, Ebony!" I yelled, a grin on my face. Ebony came out, and stretched his legs. He then realized what was going on. He got into his battle position, fangs also bared. I then commanded to Ebony, "Ebony! Use Confuse Ray!". A black energy surrounded the Umbreon's eyes, and it shot a confusing blast of dark energy. It hit the Growlithe with its full power. The enemy Growlithe then had a look on his face that looked like this: O_O. It tried to attack back with a Tackle, but hit himself against a tree. "Ebony," I began to say, "finish him off with a Pursuit attack!" Ebony's body had a malicious black aure surrounding it, and then he charged toward the Growlithe, energy streaming behind it.

Growlithe's body was sent flying as Ebony's glowing body crashed into it. The Growlithe let out one last howl before it passed out. "Oh dear! I should save this poor Pokemon!!" I said, "PokeBall go!" The PokeBall flew at it, and then absorbed the Growlithe into it with a white light. It dropped on the floor and wiggled.....Once......Twice......Captured! "Oh, I should go back home to the PokeCenter!" I yelled, as I turned back toward Saffron City. I could see the lights from the city, and I ran toward the City. I then walked toward the PokeCenter, and I exclaimed to Nurse Joy, "please! Heal my Pokemon! One of them is in critical condition!!" I gave Nurse Joy my PokeBalls, and waited on the blue bench near the entrance.

(OOC: I hope I can be accepted now)

January 23rd, 2006, 9:10 PM
Name: Aerene Minerva Moon (Charon)
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Element: Fire
Place of Your Weapon: Lilycove Contest Hall, inside the stage.
Weapon: Echo Fire Bow-with the Arrows magically appearing in her hand, Charon has the power to attack with fireballs, burns, and fire at full power.

Appearance: Charon looks like she's on a mission, in which she really is. She has long black hair that stands out with a lavender-colored clip in the shape of a diamond. Her skin is light, and she has crystaline-azure eyes with blue eyeshadow. Charon stands at 5' 6" and she wears no makeup except for the eyeshadow. When in doubt, Charon can look different at sometimes. Charon's top is covered with a silver tank top, with the two straps twisted, therefore surrounding her neck. For the bottom, Charon has black shorts with leg skirts at different lengths. The right one is shorter than the left one, and both are also black, too. Finishing that, Charon wears tall black boots that reach up right below her knees. If it's too dangerous to wear that, Charon just switches to a black shirt, sleeveless and strapless, and keeps the shorts and the boots the same.

Personality: You can think of Charon as one person, determined and sensitive. She is someone whom you can trust. When Charon hears the sound of an arrow coming, she's the first one to hear it, and in one moment, she tells everyone to evade it. Charon is at a person't will, she'll do anything to save that person. You might think that Charon is more of an experienced fighter, than she is a Trainer, but she balances them both, Pokemon-wise and weapon-wise. Charon might not be a good sport, but she has a place for that in her heart. She knows that when there's a mission that is very serious, she'll get determined and she won't make the exception. Charon knows that this is for her fate and destiny, not for the fun of it.

History: Charon was someone who knew the outcomes of her future. Nothing dangerous happened or killed her parents, or her younger sister, Trinine, thanks to Charon's impressive skills on her Echo Bow. One time, a dangerous fire occured at the Lilycove Contest Hall, due to a Trainer's Blaziken who used a Fire Blast. Charon was about to use one of her Pokemon, but instead she used her Echo Bow, and one of her arrows. With that, Charon was able to put out the fire with one of her arrows. Knowing about this, Charon's parents could trust her now, and she was able to go out into the world herself. Still, Charon became someone she couldn't resist knowing.

Pokemon Owned:

Name: Shadow
Species: Umbreon
Gender: Female
Personality: Shadow was Charon's next Pokemon after Flare, and the two have been working together when they were in Pokemon battles. Some even wonder how would Shadow negotiate with Flare if the two had disagreed often in double battles. But in this case they seldom do it now.

Name: Flare
Species: Quilava
Gender: Female
Personality: A bit on the other side, Flare will do anything to protect Charon at any cost. Whenever Charon uses the Echo Fire Bow, Flare already knows that she is not needed mostly because the enemy is far more dangerous that a Pokemon, which Flare can handle.

Feelings on Humans/Pokemon: From Charon's perspective, she thinks that the Pokemon have a right to be saved from the clutches of supernatural forces. She wonders how Pokemon would survive if the Trainers weren't around, and only then could Charon decide what to do.
Other: N/A
RP Sample/Reference: World of Ruin (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=59584)

Alter Ego
January 24th, 2006, 4:22 AM
OMG! I missed signing up in this RP last time...well, time to correct that now. ^-^ Here's my form, hope I didn't go overboard with the weapon;

Name: Loki

Species: Sandshrew

Gender: Male

Age: 14 (In human years, of course)

Element: Earth

Place of Your Weapon: In the bowels of an old fortress which got burried in a landslide long ago. (I've got quite a long backstory for that one, could PM it to you if you wish. ^^)

Weapon: Loki's weapon takes the form of a strong connection with the earth around him, allowing him to meld with sand and other softer substances and heightening his senses of underground direction and the noticing of even tiny motions on the ground, as well as the ability to call up a storm of dust and debris, provided that the terrain is suitable, and the power to create tremors in the earth, although this is little more than an enchancement of the powers that most grown ground types possess anyway.

Appearance: Loki is more or less an average looking Sandshrew with yellow skin, except for his belly and chin which are white, and has large, round, black eyes. He is a bit on the smallish side however, although he makes up for the slight loss of power that this causes by his unusual mobility and talent for slipping through tight spaces.

Personality: As Sandshrews go, Loki has always been something of an oddball. Where the fellow members of his tribe were content to sleep away the day in their warm burrows, or possibly dig an extension or do maintenance work on the original one, and only emerging at night to hunt for food, Loki was always energetic and curious about everything around him. He is possessed by a very strong wanderlust and curiosity, as well as a friendly and extroverted nature, which, combined with his far less powerfull sense of self-preservation, has often led him into trouble. Loki has been known to treat even complete strangers like old friends and always tries to find and point out the positive side of things. He seems basically incapable of percieveing anything as evil, or at least, pure evil, and not even his at times rather traumatic past has managed to persuade him to change this philosophy. Loki is also almost painfully naive and trusting of people, definitely not the brightest crayon in the box, making him rather vulnerable to manipulation by the less scrupulous. Like most denizens of the earth, he is also rather slow at making his judgements, even though his fellow Sandshrew often lament the very contrary, and even slower to change them, so he sometimes refuses to think bad of anyone, even if that person has already shown their true colours.

History: Born into a large, pacifist tribe of Sandshrew occupying a fairly wast wasteland territory on the outskirts of human areas, Loki's early childhood was a simple and slow-paced cycle of learning how to dig, sleeping, learning how to hunt, eating, and sleeping, and the energetic young ground type quickly began feeling stiffled by it. His parents simply continued indoctrinating him as usual, hoping that age would curb such tendencies from him, but alas, that was not to be; as Loki began coming of age and learning to become self-reliant he took up making increasingly long excursions to the surface world during his 'hunts', ranging further and further from his home with each time, until he finally came across a small human village. Thrilled by all the strange sights, smells, and sounds which this settlement exhuded, the young Sandshrew could simply not resist the temptation to take a closer look, although he was soon forced to return to the family burrow lest he draw the suspicions of their highly conservative elders, the unquestioned leaders of the tribe, to himself. After this discovery, Loki took up sneaking into the human village at a regular basis, first at nighttime and later, as he grew bolder, even in broad daylight. To the little Sandshrew, the town, small and sleepy by human standards though it was, was a place of excitement and adventure like no other, and he relished the sheer urgency that all human life seemed to contain the...meaning, quite frankly, the desire to accomplish something in life other than catch a lot of prey and sire a large family. Try as he might, the talkative Sandshrew could not conceal all of these new ideas he had gained, however, and the circle of elders quickly caught onto his nocturnal journies, finally catching him red-handed on one fatefull day. Outraged by Loki's behaviour, the elders knew of only one punishment they considered terrible enough, and so Loki, now a fairly grown Sandshrew and capable of taking care of himself, was exiled from the tribe, sent on his way into the large world and told that he could not return until they he realized how precious their ways were.

Glad though Loki was to get to see the world, he was still saddened to be parted from his family, and this sentiment was even stronger on the other side, his parents giving their goodbyes with teary eyes, not expecting their son to ever survive such a journey. Ironically, Loki was actually the only one of the tribe who did survive, as the terrible ten soon decided that, despite their neutralist stance, Loki's tribe was far too large and well organized to be left unchecked, and they soon organized a raid, killing all who resisted and hauling the rest in for 'indoctrination' into their own ranks.

Blissfully unaware of this, Loki has continued his journey in the world, ranging further and further into populated territory and experiencing sights and events both beautiful and terrible, but never once loosing faith in his original philosophy.

Feelings on Humans/Pokemon: Loki has more or less the same sunshine attitude towards both humans and pokmon, thinking that there's some good in everyone even if it's hard to see at first, although it should be noted that he is distinctly more fascinated by humans and rarer species of pokmon.

Other: N/A

RP Sample/Reference: I'll write up a fresh one for you, but in the mean time, I shall simply refer to Ancient Dynasty (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=58028)

January 24th, 2006, 4:34 AM
This is the first time that I'm playing a strong person, something which goes against my own nature.

My Form

Name: Eliadon Shyndow

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Age: 15

Element: Earth

Place of your Weapon: Hidden, on top of a tall mountain, with rugged mountain trails, and a looming feeling of death.

Weapon: The Tectonic Crystal; the Tectonic Crystal is a small crystal, whcih looks like any other jewelry piece. But within it, it contains immense power. If it comes into contact with Eliadon, it can allow him to have control over the very earth. He can raise up a wall of dirt and sand as a defense, or even cause the ground to crack in half, sending his enemies down into their doom. he only drawback is that he cannot split the earth more than once every twelve hourse, or else he coud seriously hurt himself.

Appearance: Eliadon is one determined boy. You can see that etched in every line on his face. Whenever he concentrates on something, you can see the strain that he puts in. Standing 6'0", he's rather tall, although no one would call him lanky. Across his chest are rippling muscles, which are partly due to his heavy endurance training that he undertakes. His skin is well tanned, because he is exposed to the sun daily. On his right arm, he sports a large wound, one that he got from his training, and one that reminds him of his life. He normally clads himself in a red tank top, that reveal his arms. He then couples that with a pair of baggy black track pants. The only shoes that Eliadon will ever wear are sneakers. What else do you think a fighter would wear? Slung around his neck is a silver chain, without a pendant. He plans of getting the Tectonic Crystal, and using that as a pendant.

Personality: Eliadon is not smart. He would not be called dumb, but he is not one of those overly intellectual people, who know the answer to a question before it is evn answered. he is smart enough for whateer he needs to do. Fortunately for him, that does not involve counting. He could never get past thirt-three when he was small, and he still can't. But ask him anything to do with the proper techniques of being a martial artists, and he'll score top marks. Eliadon is very loyal, and also very trusting. he can be easily manipulated by an intelligent person, and be made to do his or her bidding. that is one thing that he needs to work on.

History: Eliadon has a very fuzzy past. He never reveals his true past to anyone, seeing as his mother died giving birth to him, and his father died when he was fighting for the king in his kingdom. Since then, Eliadon has learnt how to live the hard way, gathernig scraps to eat from rich merchants and travellers. But one day, a trained martial artist came along, and took Eliadon home with him. He began to train Eliadon, and soon, Eliadon was a black-belt martial artist, specializing Kung-Fu.

Pokmon Team:

Pokmon Species: Graveller
Gender: Male
Personality: Graeller was Eliadon's first ever Pokmon, and seems to take on the sma epersonality as his master. He is very trusting and loyal, and is one tough cookie. But once angered, he can often go inot uncontrollable frenzies, and only when Eliadon wrestles him down, will he listen.

Pokmon Species: Pikachu
Gender: Female
Personality: Pikachu is a very lively part of Eliadon's team, but is smarter than bother her master, and Graveller. She is often the one thinking up battle strategies for her master to help him win any battles hie gets into. Normally, Eliadon would go all out offensive, but Pikachu puts a stop to that.

Feelings on Humans/Pokmon: Eliadon belives that Pokmon should not be treated as slaves, for the simple reason that they came here first. they were the one's who came and lived on the planet first, before humans evolved. Therefore, if anyone should be slaves, it should be the humans.

RP Sample: http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showthread.php?t=12224

EDIT: Da*n you, Alter Ego. You posted while I was typing...may the best RPer win (That means you...XP)

January 24th, 2006, 5:03 AM
May I join?

Name: Mike Anone
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Element: Light
Place of Your Weapon: Metor Falls
Weapon: Staff of Light. Can create small lgith barriars and waves.
Appearance: Look at my banner. I the guy with the green coat.
Personality: Mike is nice and smart. He doesn't like to see his friends angry or mad. He try his best best to help his friend and will try to clam them down too. He will do anything to help anybody with there problems. Mike is a belifer of good and rightousness. If he see something bad he will try and fix it. He will make sure that it will be done. He has the determaination to make sure that something is done.
History: Mike comes from a small and loving family. They rasied him to be nice and in good things. He was given his first pokemon by his parents and he rised it to be the best.
Pokemon Owned:
Pokmon Species: Charmelon (Char)
Personality: Char is a very nice charmelon. She is clam and very protective of Mike. That doesn't mean she doesn't try to battle. When in battle she a different pokemon. She gets angry and fight her hardest which is pretty good. She trys her best to please Mike and make him happy.
Pokmon Species: Abra
Gender: Male
Personality: Abra is a very clam pokemon and not so active. It tends to sleep most of the time but in battle it will fight. It just scares Mike because Abra waits for the last minute to do something. It more relaxed and clam due because it just sleeps.
Feelings on Humans/Pokemon: MIek thinks that pokemon and humans should get along. Becasue of his relationship with pokemon he know it is possible. Pokemon and humans can become friends and when that happens the world will be able to advance so much by this teamwork.
Other: N/A
RP Sample/Reference: EDIT: Mike walked through Petalburg Woods wondering what the worst taht could happen. He was told by an old lady that there was somebody who was wanting to meet him here. He was a bit unsure of the idea of going into Petalburg Woods to begin with but at night. He took the idea as being sudicidal. Then the old lady then metioning a rewarded. This motivated him a bit more.

Now it was getting darker. He was thinking about turning around and go back but he could see teh huge tree now that the old lady metion. He began to run even faster towards it hoping that there will be somebody waiting from him. He finally gotten there but with little breath left. He looked up and saw the same old lady that invited him into the forest.

"What are you doing here?" asked Mike. "You told me that somebody was going to meet me here."

The short old lady then said, "I am that person that is meeting you here."

Mike was a little confuse. How can a old lady beat him here in such short time he thought. "But how? YOu just an old lady."

"I not some old lady. I am." Then in a flash the old lady turned into a tall women. "I am here to rob you blind."

Mike was surprise but caught himself. He went down to hist belt and pulled out a pokeball. "Go Char."

A charmelon appeared from the pokeball. He let out a huge roar.

The lady then sented out a geodude. "Use Rock Throw."

Char was hitted by the attack but he recovered from it. "Use Metal Claw."

"Protect." said the lady.

The Geodude then made a barriar from getting hit.

"Use Rock Throw again." said the old lady.

Mike thought fast and commanded, "Use Smokescreen."

Char then shot some smoke out to hide in and it seems it didn't hit him.

The Geodude then looked around for Char. The lady then looked too.

"Use Metal Claw again." said Mike.

Char then appeared out of the smoke and slamed a shinly looking claw at the Geodude making it faint.

"You not human. You suppost to treat a lady with more respect." The girl then ran off.

Mike shugged. He would chase after her but it was getting dark and he was getting hungry. He and Char then started make their way out of the woods.

Alter Ego
January 24th, 2006, 5:58 AM
EDIT: Da*n you, Alter Ego. You posted while I was typing...may the best RPer win (That means you...XP)

*Waggs finger* Language...language...but anyway, sorry about the whole screaming, ranting, and generally biting of your head bussiness in Ancient Dynasty. It's just that I still remember a very similar incident happening in another RP, one I had been assigned to look after, and that one ended with three of the characters dying and a good bit of the city they were in being blown to smithereens. So yeah, I kind of freaked out because I didn't want anything similar to happen again. Sorry...

January 24th, 2006, 6:33 AM
((This is not the full app, this is something I rushed out the door, so later on today I'll come back and add more to it.))
Name: Slash
Species: Sandshrew
Gender: Male
Age: 14
Place of Your Weapon: I'm sure it's hudden in some kind of desert palace type structure.
Weapon: Slash has the power to manipulate the earth. He can make most anything, platforms, fissures, weapons, you name it. However, oddly enough, he has to be completely dry for it to work, if he (or the surrounding terrain) is the least bit moist, all his creations will be mud, and will fall apart.
Appearance: http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/emespr/emespr027.png
Personality: Slash is a real easy-going Pokemon. He is very bright, and is very philosophical about life. He loves research - he's learned to read and write effectively, and is always excited to share some new piece of information.You could also call him a bit of a hippie, if you want. He loves italian food.
History: Slash left home about a year ago, leaving to travel the world, and has probed the Johto world, and begun to evaluate Kanto when he was approached by the mysterious crystal. (Go mysterious!)
Pokemon Owned: n/a
Feelings on Humans/Pokemon: Slash loves humans. He thinks their funny, insteresting, and oddly primative at times. He tries to make as much contact as he can with them, so he can study them.
Other: Slash is sqeamish around water, and a weak battler.
RP Sample/Reference: http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=59584

January 24th, 2006, 7:23 AM
{ooc| *struts* YEAH, my sign up was LOVELY, take that y'all!
Anyway, I didn't draw a picture because I was lazy... I also have real trouble getting poochyena's right, they look too much like mightyena's... xP
I'm also not happy about Fern's name, it'll probably change to something cuter.}

Baker's Bulbasaur
January 24th, 2006, 10:04 AM
((This is not the full app, this is something I rushed out the door, so later on today I'll come back and add more to it.))
Name: Slash
Species: Sandshrew
Gender: Male
Age: 14

Titan took Sandshrew, and that element.
actually thinking of that titan, i was originally going to take the same pokemon lol, i've been desprate to use a sandshrew for ages, but decided to try a type more like me :) guess ill wait for another rp lol.

Lighty I will write you up a new RP sample and put it in a little later ;)

oh btw titan, just for the sake of tradition, anything wrong with my character? too perfect? to goody too shoes? lol
u know I keed XD *special novelty titan pie*

January 24th, 2006, 10:23 AM
Huh... well, this is annoying... I typed out my ENTIRE response to you guys, and I accidently hit the link of my name. XD I went back to see if perhaps my message was still there and no. Of course not! I swear.... The Internet wants me to die.

Anyway, as I had already typed... Wow! I feel so loved! People want to join my wittle RP. ^-^ Now, let's see if we can't sort all this messiness out.

Charon: Yes, your sign-up was lovely. You may continue strutting. XD By the way, you still need to include a nice RP reference, though if by some chance you don't, then I won't really kick you out or anything. I think I have a pretty good measure of your RPing skills from past experiences. ^-^

Thorns: Dun worry, your sample wasn't too long. That was actually a nice size. XD Whatever the case, you are most certainly Accepted. And yay for Harry Potter!!

Jack_Skellington: Oh good, a human! XD I was a bit worried that everyone was going to sign up as pokemon, and thus would ruin a plot piece I had planned for later on. *evil smile* Not to mention some nice parts of tension that would be throughout. Your sign-up is alright, however, your reference RP is one that hasn't really gone anywhere yet. You've only posted like 2 or so ICs, and I'm afraid that's just not a good enough sample of your talents. Show me another RP you're in, or write a fresh sample, and then I will accept you. However, as of this particular second in time, you are Almost Accepted.

~Amethyst_Callista_Moon~: Yay! More humans! And your nickname is Charon... that's gonna be... weird. I'll have to be sure that I specify whether I'm talking to Charon the RP character, or Charon the girl from England up there. ^-^;; Whatever the case, you are most certainly Accepted.

Alter Ego: Hi Alter! *waves* Why is it that Earth is always the last-picked element? Actually, wait... Light beat it out this time!! Wha?!! Light is almost always one of the first-picked ones... that's... odd. Hm well, everything seems to be in your usual tip-top shape, so I'm going to have no choice but to file you away in my RP as Accepted.

Deathspector: Aww... I'm sorry about Alter posting before you Deathspector. That happens to me sometimes too... and it's quite annoying. Unfortunately for you, I have really no choice but to render you as Not Accepted. I'm sorry... if someone drops out, you'll be the first one I call!

charizard_maa: Erm... I think you meant to type your name as "Mike" and not "Mime". ^^;; Anyway, I'm gonna be a bit picky here (forgive me), and ask you to change your RP sample. The posts in your reference are kinda on the short side... so, perhaps you should make a nice new one? Or you could find a different RP with longer replies from you. That would be fine as well. Whatever the case, as of this moment, you are Almost Accepted.

YoshiRiRu: Uh... sorry to tell you this, but someone already took the Earth element before you. Actually, two people signed up for it, and of course only one of them got it. Anyway, I have no choice but to dub you as Not Accepted.

Now, as a side note, the elements of Psychic and Light are still open. Even though their applicants are Almost Accepted, this does not mean that they cannot be outdone. If someone signs up for Light or Psychic, and their sheet is more well-done than the two that are pending, then they will be accpeted. That's just the way it is, so charizard_maa, and Jack_Skellington, get your samples re-done quick, okies?

We will start when the last two elements are decided upon. Until then, relax, and have a cup of hot cocoa. *hands out mugs*

January 24th, 2006, 12:53 PM
could you hol a place for me? for the phsychic power? please?

Trainer Ash
January 24th, 2006, 1:42 PM
This is cool. But its also left me clueless. how do I sign up? Do I just type my profile in a rply or something like that?

Trainer Ash
January 24th, 2006, 1:44 PM
That was embarasing. I just used my old signature that I thought I DELETED.

Trainer Ash
January 24th, 2006, 1:46 PM
anyway. ANSWER ME!!!! SOMEBODY,ANWER ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

January 24th, 2006, 2:00 PM
you must be new. you should read the rules. your only allowed one post at a time.
any way, Light Azumarill, here is my sign up. i hope you dont mind me doing this. and it would be cool if you commented on my journal. there a button that says comment at th bottom of each entry, just so you know.
i hope its ok. can you pm me if there are thing you dont like?

January 24th, 2006, 2:11 PM
OOC: well since someone took fire can i join as a regular pokemon?

January 24th, 2006, 4:34 PM
Hmm, everything looks good. Sorry charizard_maa, but I'm gonna try to beat you for the light element ^^;;;

Name: Toren Akio

Species: Human (Yay, another human! =D)

Gender: Male

Age: 15

Element: Light

Place of Your Weapon: Fortree City

Weapon: He wears a necklace around his neck that supplies him with the power, but the necklace is so ordinary looking that no one can tell. Whenever he uses his powers, it faintly shines a golden color, but barely enough that you can tell. Something that he main uses to escape dangerous situations is that he can make a bright, gold flash appear that temporarily blind people. (He also uses this as a sort of flashlight) Some of the other things he can do is manipulate light into looking like objects like a figurine or a toy, but they are a yellow color so you can tell that they are not real. Lastly, he can turn the light into tiny spheres(Any size, but not larger than a pool ball), and shoot them at anything(If these are too many powers, please tell me and I'll take something off)

Appearance: http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y251/WingedShadow/TorenAkio.jpg Heres mostly his face and hair. Ignore the text and the clothes, because I want to describe what he really wears. For his shirt, he wears one that is dark blue and has a fold out collar. He normally wears regular blue jeans, but sometimes has on khaki pants with a dark brown belt(With both pants) He wears regular, white socks, and his shoes are black with faint, silver streak on them.

Personality: Toren is usually very timid and quiet, shy in other words. He would rather smile and nod then talk a lot. However, he will speak out to voice his opinion or help someone in need. He is loyal to his friends and is very honest and truthful. He can be helpful in tough situations, and will try to do his best at everything he attempts. He looks at the world as just one large library, of sorts. When he's not drawing or playing with his pokemon, he usually dives into some sort of book, whether it be one about fantasy or a biography. Most of the people he knew thought he knew everything there was to know about any subject, but he realizes that he is far from it. There are so many things he wants to learn and knoew, yet not enough time. If only there was some kind of machine that would let you download facts and information into your brain, yet he knows that technology like that is probably far off from his lifetime.

History: Toren never really seemed to think that he had a very good life, even though his childhood was pretty good. He grew up in Fortree City, always loving it. His parents treated him with as much as respect as he treated them. They were always kind, showering him with care and love. He thought he had been the luckiest kid in the world to have such wonderful parents. When he was young, he thought the idea of living in a tree was the coolest things ever. It was like hanging out in a treehouse every single day. Some times he would swing around on the rope that he begged his father to tie onto the tree. His father had many Pokemon and Toren was friends with every single one of them. Even when his human friends wouldnt hang out with him, he knew that he could go home and play with his dads pokemon.

However, his parents attitudes about life soon changed one day. Toren had no idea what had happened, but his father sold all of his Pokemon and stopped working at the Gym, where he had spent most of life working. They started to stop talking to Toren, ignoring him as if he was invisible. Toren had no idea what was wrong, but he began to think that they didnt love him anymore. He was also mad that his Pokemon friends were gone, so one day, when he felt that he was old enough, he ran away, taking not much but enough to get by with. He found some of his old Pokemon friends, and now he spends his time training and trying to get by

Pokemon Owned: Pidgeotto(Female), Quilava(Male), Manectric(Male), Nidorino(Male) Nidorina(Female)

Feelings on Humans/Pokemon: Toren always thought that Pokemon and humans were meant to work together and become friends. He had always loved his fathers Pokemon when he was a child, and still does, and wishes that everyone could just learn to commune together and treat each other as equals. He knows how much Pokemon are mistreated, and hopes that someday he can put a stop to all of it.

Other: Toren sometimes draws in his spare time. He has been doing it most of his life, but he is still not that great at it, or thats what he seems to think. Sometimes he will draw Pokemon, but he will also occasionally draw nature scenes that he think looks good.

RP Sample/Reference: (Taken from Pokemon Reintegrating Project)

Soren shivered as a gust of chilly wind ravaged through the alley he was laying in. He was becoming tired of living in the streets, never having a warm night where he could snuggle with a blanket or some type of warm object. He wanted it badly, but not enough to be "taken care of" by some random person who treated him like a prize instead of a living, breathing Pokemon.

His ears perked up as the sounds of battling Pokemon sounded a couple blocks away. Soren ad very sensitive ears, so he could hear many things, including the sounds of different Pokemon. This helped a lot in situations where he needed to escape when someone was coming to capture him, but he hadnt really had much use for it lately for he had an excellent hiding spot, despite he had to sleep in a box.

Hmm, sounds like a.....urgh, who are those Pokemon? I hope it's not one of those stupid trainers battling what they call us, "streetghosts."

Soren felt offended by that horrid name. It's as if all the humans thought were that we were rebelling and leaving our masters to go have some fun. What they didn't realize was that it was themselves that caused us to leave.

Soren shrugged it off, not caring what happened between a couple of petty humans. He felt as if he was very important, which was the exact opposite of what all the humans thought. He wished that everything could go back to the way it had been before, but he realized that after everything that had happened, it would be almost impossible to do.

OOC: If there's anything wrong with it(there probably is), and I'll fix it if I can ^^;;

January 24th, 2006, 5:26 PM
I edited my sign up sheet and did a RP sample. I hope you find it to you liking.

January 24th, 2006, 5:48 PM
OOC: Oh, holy crap..! I didn't even see those. My bad. :\
I just read the description, saw the Earth spot open, and just posted before someone else got it.. I didn't take the time to read the actual applications. Sorry about that.

January 25th, 2006, 8:28 AM
Aww gee... I have to make hard decisions now... ;_; Now, try to understand that I can only accept 9 people (not including myself), so I'm gonna dissapoint some of you. Know that you all are great people, but I've gotta think like a businesswoman right now.

Okay, in order of posts...

Trainer Ash: Gah! Triple-post...! My eyes!!! X_X Anyway, um, it seems your question got answered, so... thank you for your exhuberant interest in my RP. ^-^;;

Midnight Shadow: Ooh... this is a hard one. Um... well, after I read both the applicants for psychic, I came to the conclusion that I just think feel that Jack's is a bit more detailed. I like your RP sample a bit more, but I'm afraid I prefer his over yours. So, forgive me, but I will have to call yours as Not Accepted. *please read the bottom of this post too! ^^*

Kaishen: Um... sorry Kaishen, but you can't join as just a regular pokemon. Sorry!

Tyson: Great Tyson... make me do another hard decision! j/k Okay... well, your sign-up sheet looks great! I'm sorry to say it... but I think yours is a bit more detailed then charizard's... and since you posted it before charizard_maa edited their's too... you are henceforth Accepted.

Jack Skellington: Alright, your RP Sample is now up to speed. Make sure you post nice, big juicy ones like that in my RP! ^-^ You are now Accepted. Oh! I forgot to mention... um there's just one problem I have with your sign-up. There is no lottery in the time we're in. It's, you know, a long time ago, like medieval times? Horses? All that. So, just change your history when you start posting. It's alright.

charizard_maa, Midnight Shadow, Kaishen, and YoshiRiRu: Sorry I couldn't accept you guys, I know you're nice RPers, and I hope to be in an RP with you soon sometime. Thank you for showing an interest in my RP! If you ever want me to draw you a pokemon or something, just gimme a PM, okay? ^-^

Okay now, so we have as the final list of people in the RP:

Fire: ~Amethyst Callista Moon~.
Water: Wolf_Goddess.
Wind: Thorns.
Light: Tyson.
Ice: Naoko-chan.
Dark: Charon-chan.
Earth (Ground/Rock): Alter Ego.
Poison: Baker's Bulbasaur.
Psychic: Jack Skellington.
Grass: Taken by Light_Azumarill.

And I shall start this in approximately an hour and a half. I want to spend a good deal of time typing up my starting post, so I want to wait after my Public Speaking class which starts in about 15 minutes. Scratch that, I am now back, and so... without further ado..:

We begin! >=)


... Raindrops were something so soothing to listen to. She had heard them often in her life, and for some reason they always made her feel so relaxed. Perhaps it was because she was part plant. Or perhaps it was because of some hidden memory within her that had to do with rain and something soothing. Whatever the case, raindrops falling on leaves, on her leaf, was a sound she was quite fond of. All she had to do was close her eyes.

This made her recall events from a long while back, when she had been very little, her leaf barely half the size of any grown-up's.

{Do you ever wonder about the outside? Do you think it is as dangerous as they say it is?} a nervous and almost excited whisper came. It was from a Chikorita that looked very young, her pale green skin had a light yellow tint to it, and her eyes large and bright pink. She was very pretty even at such a young age, and there was no doubt that she would have a fine mate someday.

{Shh! The outside is not something to speak about! The older ones don't like it! It's bad!} one other Chikorita hissed, her ruby red eyes darting around as if to see one of their parents around.

Lastly, another voice spoke, this one serious and calm, but with a strangely excited feeling, {I think about the outside lots. I don't think it's bad. I came from there, and so did my mother and father.} This came from a third Chikorita, one who had darker red eyes that held a stern gaze when you looked at them, whose skin was not tinted a fair yellow, but instead a less-favorable turquoise. She was smart; the others gave her that, and at times very clever, but in the looks department, she would probably not be getting a mate that was too good. The other Chikorita her age didn't really talk with her too much, and they were a bit afraid when she got angry. Her father was, after all, a pokemon that was most mysterious to them; a Croconaw. He had left a while back, but the others knew that a part of him was always living there in the form of his daughter.

{Y-Your father was a Croconaw!} the pale yellow Chikorita shouted, ignoring the scared looks from two other Chikorita that were standing nearby, in addition to the nervous one that had answered before, {He... he probably was bad!}

{You take that back!} Chiira shouted with a hint of anger and hurt audible in her voice, {He was not!} She leapt at the other Chikorita, knocking her over and back about three feet. Her expression then slacked; she knew what was coming next for her....

{Chiira... why do you do these things?} an older, deeper voice said with a slow, sad tone, {Your Father left here so that we could be safe from the outside world. He left so that the Terrible Ten couldn't destroy the one thing we had managed to salvage from before... our lives. Do you understand?} Her mother was a regular colored Chikorita, not tinted anything, but she was still prettier than Chiira.

{Yes Mother,} came Chiira's voice, quiet and guilty.

Her mother paced around her, shaking her leaf back and forth like she always did when she was worried. Chiira had known better. She knew that by saying things about anything outisde of the Sacred Tree, then she was jeapordizing their chances of staying here. She didn't mean to, but she was so curious about the outside; she barely remembered it from when she was a tiny baby, and she missed her father's deep and smooth voice. She missed his fun games and tough attitude. She wondered if he was even alive still.

{Now I want you to go to your room and think about what you have done,} her mother chimed, pointing with a dark green vine to a small notch in the bark-like wall that was indeed Chiira's room. Chiira went in without question, only to find that she still didn't truly feel sorry for what she had done. Was she never going to be allowed to stand up for her father? If only she could leave... get away from this place and its stifling atmosphere. Then she might be able to find her father and get to see this place of danger and destruction with her own eyes.

Chiira rolled over on her leafy bed. The rain was slowing up now, she only heard the drops once in a while. That childish dream of getting away from this place was still a dream she had now, even though she was old enough to begin the process of finding a mate. In fact, leaving seemed like the only thing to do anyway; who would want her as their mate? Also, would she want any of the boys here? They were annoying at best, and at worst... really annoying. She needed to get out and see the world, and learn about what happened to her father. Perhaps even see the most elusive and mysterious of all to her... humans.

As she thought this though, she suddenly felt sleepy... very sleepy. In fact, she was a bit confused as she never got sleepy at this time of day. It wasn't nighttime... why was she about to fall asleep? This was very strange. As she drifted off, she thought she could hear a voice calling to her... something small and sweet, but barely a whisper.


((Ah! Good, they are almost ready!)) sqeaked a tiny, yet somehow quite powerful sounding voice. It came from an ancient pokemon that was as tiny as the voice it posessed: Mew. It was floating in the middle of a completely white room, the only objects in it Mew itself, a small globe below it, and another pokemon down next to the globe.

{How are they getting here O' Great One?} another voice spoke, this one a gritty and almost nervous voice. It came from a white, cat-like pokemon; a Meowth.

((Dom, you do make me laugh! They'll be coming by teleportation of course, how else would I prefer to do it? I am the only pokemon in the world capable of such long-range teleporting, I might as well use it, don't you think? To them, they will just get drowsy, fall asleep, and wake up in a new place. Now, get to the welcoming room post-haste, we must welcome them as they approach,)) the psychic voice of Mew projected, earning a speedy nod from the cat pokemon.

Dom sped out of the room, through a small tear in the pitch-whiteness that had been surrounding them both. He leapt into a corridor that looked like a large hallway suspended above a crystal blue lake, the columns and roof that went with the hallway-bridge were decorated in tapestries and painted with all sorts of legendary pokemon and non-legendary ones. The stories of them were known only to Mew and Dom; none of the populace remembered them, for it had been so long since they had taken place, and some of the people who remembered them had died long ago. Dom reached the end of the corridor, and came to a slow walk as she entered another room, this one with stone walls and torches in each corner. There was a large circular platform that was about a foot off the ground, its circular shape dancing in the light of the flickering torches. Dom sat down patiently, and waited for he and Mew's guests to arrive.

OOC: Okay people, good luck making those nice first posts! ^-^ You can choose to end falling asleep like I did, getting to the room, or whatever.

Oh yes, and pokespeak in {}, psychic-speak in (()), and of course, human speech in "".

Alter Ego
January 25th, 2006, 11:28 AM
Rain...the soft pattering of the droplets against the thick canopy above, the thin veil which formed by the edge of the trees' protection where the rain was once again free to take whatever course it pleased, the way in which the whole of nature seemed to pause and hold its breath, the rustle in the leaves and undergrowth...all the scents of the plants, amplified by the moisture, yes...it was truly quite a marvelous thing to behold, or at least that was what the little Sandshrew thought as he sat huddled under a sizeable tree, well away from the water, watching the rain in utter fascination. Although this might have seemed like a rather odd thing to do for most, one had to keep in mind that for a creature who has spent the majority of his life burried deep within the warm darkness of the earth it was quite an unusual sight, not to mention that this particular Sandshrew had been known to gasp in surprise at the sight of an unusally coloured larva or a particularly pretty rock discovered during tunneling. Oh, he could still hear his mother's words resounding in his head, a picture of his old home burrow already forming in his mind.

{Oh Loki, what is to become of you?} his mother had fretted, pacing back and forth in an agitated manner while the young Sandshrew lay on his back, studying the rock in his paws intently. It sure was a strange one, an unusally dark hue of yellow in colour and shaped almost like a crown of some sort...should he put it on? Nah...it was a bit on the smallish side for that, even by the standards of an unusually small Sandshrew like himself.

{LOKI!} his mother said sharply, stamping her foot right by the other Sandshrew's ear and causing him to leap up in surprise, {Pay attention, young man.} his mother said, frowning at her son, {Now where was I...oh yes, have you thought about what we discussed last time?}

{Mum...} Loki groaned, blushing slightly, {These things take time...I-I don't see why I'd need to decide on a mate already!}

{Oh Gaea preserve!} her mother exclaimed, running one of her paws over her face in what Loki thought was a bit of an over-dramatic manner, {This is precisely the right time! If you wait forever and ever all the good ones will have found themselves someone else. Now come, why don't you ask...say...Duun, for instance? She's a nice girl, isn't she? Although she is a bit young...} the older Sandshrew continued in argument with herself, pacing back and forth as she continued, {I...think you need an older mate, Loki, one who would take care of you...I think that's what's best, wouldn't you agree?...You know Loki...come to think of it...}

His mother's words were all a blurr to the young Sandshrew, passing in from one ear and out through the other, he knew that she meant well, wanted her son to be successfull, but she didn't understand...he wasn't like the others, he wasn't content with living his whole life in the same old burrows, eating, digging, mating, and hunting the days away. That wasn't him...he wanted to travel, he wanted adventure...excitement...he wanted...

Well, whatever it was he wanted was hard for Loki to tell anymore as he had become surprisingly drowsy while processing these thoughts, slumping down onto the forest floor and leaning against the sturdy trunk of the tree behind him with a contented yawn. Why was he so sleepy anyway? Normally Loki was one to stay utterly hyper from dawn to dusk, much to the annoyance of his fellow Sandshrew, and it was barely midday yet...maybe it was the rain...it sounded so soothing...like distant whispers just on the edge of his hearing. He felt that if he could only find a way to get a little closer to these whispers, hear them a bit clearer, he could make sense of what they were....what the words meant...

As these thoughts swirled through his head, Loki grew drowsier by the minute, his eyelids growing heavier and heavier until at last, he closed them alltogether, lying down on the ground and snoring softly, sound asleep.

OOC: There ya' go, one first post. Now I'm afraid my computer time is up for the day (Darn thing keeps switching >.<), be back tommorow.

January 25th, 2006, 12:03 PM
{ooc| Argh, my sister is such a pain... she's been on the computer almost constantly since she got home from school... Luckily I thought this up while at school.
First post good enough for y'all?}

Remember that old nursery rhyme, the wives tale?
'Rain rain, go away - come again another day.'
In cases like this, the rhyme would have been nice to chant, if the poochyena in question could speak an ounce of england - which, of course, she couldn't. The water hurled itself from the heavens in thick sheets. She, too, threw herself along without a thought - the rain was her freedom, her brief saviour. She vanished into the shrubs.
Rain, another way for nature to cleanse the Earth of its sorrows, another chance for the pokemon that tread its roads to cast their miseries aside. To those burdened with horrors, it was a brief relief; soon the downsour would loosen it's grip on the forest, and reality would feel far less surreal.

The canopy of the forest was sagging.
Evverything was engulfed in water. Every path had been churned into mud, every stream into a crashing river, every slope into an avalanche of liquidized dirt. The rain drummed against the window pane, showing no sign of stopping it's relentless assault.
Then, like a silenced radio, the rain vanished. A few, lonely drops fell to the leaves above; everything else was hushed.

Emerging from her lowly hiding place, the little poochyena shook herself down. Certainly, the downpour had slowed, but it was far from stopping. She shivered bodily, her fur rippling like a wave of grey. She was a cute looking thing; her coat was not a tangle of bracken-like fur, like your usual poochyena, but plush and rich. With her ears twitching and her muzzle sniffing the air, she looked positively priceless; that was, until she stole off back into the shadows with a violent snap of her jaws.
Around her neck, was a luxurious satin ribbon. It was of the sweetest, peachiest pink, and seemed to shimmer in the fresh morning light. It was tied at the scruff of her neck in a big, flamboyant bow; at the front, dangled two silver bells, that twinkled and chimed when she turned her head.

Watching from her iding place amongst the rockery, Fern the Poochyena blinked her wide blue eyes. For a split second, she was picture-perfect, before she curled her lip in that typical poochyena snarl, and readied herself to flee. She had heard movement in the leaves.
A long time ago, even a stray breath on the wind would have got Fern fleeing. Now, burdened with her bells, she had to stay still. Watch. Listen.
"Shrimp! Prissy! Wimp!" the words of her siblings still echoed in her mind. Still fresh, were the memories of their teeth at her neck, their claws on her face. She had come a long way since then, but still, the memory was there. "Gerrout of 'ere! You baby! You en't a poochyena, you're just a skitty in disguise! You better get a-running, an never come back!"
Fern shuddered. She could still remember their flashing amber eyes, the cruelness of their teeth. How she feared the others of her kind... how she longed for the ware reassurance her human had offered...
The little pokemon smiled to herself. All this recollection... it was making her sleepy. She dropped to her belly, despite herself, and lay her head on her paws. She would jsut rest her head, just for a bit...
what harm could it do?
The next thing Fern knew, she was well and truly asleep.

January 25th, 2006, 2:02 PM
OOC: When he's thinking(I make my character's think a lot, I'll put it in ~'s

~I can't believe this...what a pain~

The rain cascaded down in think sheets, drenching the boy and causing him to continually have to shake violently from the sheer iciness(sp?) of the liquid. It normally didn't rain this hard around the outskirts of Fortree, but a lot of strange things seemed to be happening that day. It's as someone decided that they wanted to ruin his day. Earlier, he had gotten a nasty cut from Slash who had decided that he would run around, not watching where he was going, and swing his arms around. The rain combined with a cut wrapped together to form a miserable day for Toren Akio.

~Well, I guess it's not so bad. I suppose that when you think about, rain can be relaxing, but not when it's like this! A slight drizzle would be nice, but this is a downpour!~

He pulled the hood of his jacket over his head to protect his head from the rain, although that really didn't do to much for the rest if his body. His body was so soaked that he felt as if he had jumped in a shower and stood there for ten minutes....with his clothes on.

"Come on Manectric, let's go to that clump of trees. Probably won't help much, but it has to do something."

He patted the electric Pokemon that was walking slowly beside him and they both began to run forward, their destination being the trees that he had mentioned that was a couple yards away. They rose high up and fanned out, so the tons of branches should have given him a bit of protection.

Once reaching the large cluster,, he wiped his face clear of all the excess water and sat down on the ground, leaning back against the base of the tree and staring off deeply into the sky. It was very bleak and colored a light shade of gray, the normal color of a rainy sky. The pitter-patter of rain on the ground and the slight rustling of Manectric came together and relaxed Toren as he slowly drifted off to sleep.....

OOC: Hmmm, darn it, most everyone else is better than I am ;_; Guess I'll have to try and improve so I can keep up! ^^;

January 25th, 2006, 3:37 PM
OOC: Room? Did I miss something?

IC: Ivory stared out at the blurred streets. The downpour was her absolute favorite. It made things about ten times colder in her home.
She sat in her icy blue window seat, her sparkly white diary sat open in her lap, as she chewed idly on the blue eraser of her mechanical pencil.
After scribbling down a few pleased thoughts onto the blue lined paper, she signed her name with an impressive swipe, and snapped the book shut.
She'd taken off her baby blue sleeveless over coat, draped it across her black bedsheets so she could feel the dry icy air against her pale skin as she clipped her stringy black hair back with blue bobby pins, her black hiking boots soaked as they sat next to the front door.
Her room was plain enough, for her at least. The entire room was made nearly all of Stainless steel and glass, white, blue, and black as the color scheme, making the room feel colder than it really was. Just the way Ivory liked it.
As some extremely irritating rock music wafted through the house she stood from her place at the window seat, diary falling off her lap to the floor, tossing her legs over the edge as she kicked the wall opposite. As she did so, the glass pokemon sculptures on her steel dresser moved delicately from their stations, leaving a clean place where they'd protected the dresser from settling dust.
"What?!" The annoying voice of her older brother asked as he was interuppted in his head banging.
"Shut up!" Ivory yelled "Your music sucks!"
"What?!" He replied, turning the volume on his stereo down.
Ivory made a face at the wall, as her brothers room was unfortunately right next to hers.
"Stupid sister." She heard him mumble from his open door.
"Mleh!" She muttered as she stuck her tounge out at the wall.
Ivory plopped herself down onto the plush white carpet. She was very particular about any stains on this carpet, even more so than her mother, who freaked at every stain, and usually broke down. There was a reason everything in the house was nearly made of glass and stainless steel. The only room in the house that looked non-glassy/metal was her brothers room.
Because in his crazy guitar playing where he hopped around on the furniture, it would be very unfortunate if he missed his target. His music could shatter the glass anyway.
Skar ruffled his feathers as he replaced his head in his wing. It was a gloomy day for most of her pokemon, but to Ivory, it was merely mellow, uneventful. Events were bad. Change was bad. Her pokemon were scattered around her room. She took this moment to notice that none of them were small, none she could cuddle and play with...unless she was desperate and wanted to play with Kingdra...that'd be awkward...
But regardless, she smiled. Who needed cute pokemon when she had these kick-butt pokemon? Besides, if anyone thought of trying to kill them, they could defend themselves, without making a puddle of tears over it.
Ivory sighed as she picked up the diary, and placed it in the secret compartment drawer on the inside of her desk, and she placed the white pencil with the blue eraser into the glass pencil cup.
Sitting down in front of her vanity she examined her reflection. Warily she picked up the silver brush and dragged it through her hair, making it thinner then it looked before, as she grimaced, she stuck her tounge out at the reflection.
'I look like I just got out of bed!' Ivory thought to herself.
{Crazy peoplez...} Skar snorted into his wing, twitching and scratching Black Ice, making Ivory jump out of her skin as she turned around with a start, Black grunting loudly in surprise.
"Stupid bird." Ivory shook her head with a chuckle, as Glalie shot an intense glare toward his companion as he resettled against Cloyster to go back to sleep. Ivory smiled as she watched her pokemon nap, all piled in a clump, Kingdra draped across the top of them, his head resting on the back of Skar as he also was annoyingly awoken, but he, being as patient as he was, simply mumbled his name before falling back asleep.
Ivory took one last glance at her reflection, before settling back into the window seat, watching the traffic pass by her home. She could name each and every passing car, who's home they belonged to, and usually, she could even name who was in it, but today, the windows already blurred as they were, she could only make out the outline and color of the passing vehicle.
'That's Mr. Johnson, followed by Ms. Mendez...and Mrs. Graham coming back from the nursery........and........ She thought as her eyelids drooped over her vivid blue eyes.

January 25th, 2006, 3:58 PM
OOC: Yes, we can start, oh yeah, I might be putting "I"'s everywhere, and please note that that "I" is really me, A_C_M.

IC: The drops of water had fallen from the sky, and only then, could a girl hope to survive in the rain. When running, she also had an Umbreon next to her, and this paritcular Umbreon was named Shadow. To the girl, her name was Aerene, but she had always called herself Charon, ever since she was born. The girl had paced through the forest, desperate to find shelter. But this was no typical rain, it was falling down rapidly, like a monsoon. Charon could only find hope in surviving the rain, Shadow, too. I wish I knew how she felt, but this storm was so severe compared to the ones I've seen. When in doubt, I must leave the area...

"{It's no use. We'll never survive this.}" Shadow declared.

"No, we can't. If we don't, we'll die. This rain, it's just like a person's tears. But there are more tears, as if the world is crying. It seems like...something has happened, and only the world can mourn for it. Some ever wish for a miracle." Charon explained, with the rain falling on her face, and tears on her face as well. Shadow looked at the girl, and without any warning, the Umbreon had fallen asleep. Charon had fallen asleep, too...

Baker's Bulbasaur
January 25th, 2006, 4:00 PM
Haze was never an uncommen thing to see during hard weathers like this. The hard rain, screaming as it falls from the sky, rikashaying off of all physical objects, rocks, grass, pokemon, humans, trees......
Oh yes, Haze, Fog, thick cloud, all very common elements around these parts, although none more common then the pokemon that put a whole new meaning into the name of Haze.
The Swift bat pokemon, darting left and right through the deepest, darkest part of the forest, which forest exactly? who knows, the Crobat travelled so much and ventured into places like this so much that even with a tracking devise it would be hard to allocate an answer to that question.

Rain firing onto the thick body of the pokemon like bullets as he continued to advance even further into this tree filled area, the natrual look of determination on his face while his eyes continued to dart left and right, up and down, all which way but loose, looking desprately for any signs of abnormal which may be the first step towards finding what he had dedicated his life to......
The pokemon, going by the appropriate name of Haze suddeny and very arumptly stopped in mid flight, it's wings still flattering 8 times a second, making a sound like young birds feeding on a tasty treat brought to them like their mother.

{The night is still young}
The blind bat said to himself, deciding to perch himself on the bracn of a nearby tree, which defenitely looked like it had seen better days and would only be of any use now, chopped up as firewood.
The absence of sound was normal, but still rather disturbing to the Crobat, yes ok he wasn;t expecting anything strange to happen, but that event happening would no doubt make him a little bit happier, which would be more happy then he had been for the past 4 years thats for sure.
The red gleaming ovals, which were the eyes of the pokemon were suddenlt switched off and were replaced by the sound of a deep sniff of the air. 2 fangs widened into a slight smile, followed by a sharp fork tounge, like that of a snakes slid through the smile and slowly slirped in a fluent round motion round that same smile

Perhaps it is time my energy was restored. Haze thought to himself, making sure not to turn his head and frighten the wurmple sliding across the moshy grass he has sensed.


The smile instantly vanished and the red lights were returned as the Crobat done what he had trained himself to do so well, and followed the sudden sound he had just heard, soaring upwards up the tree as fast as his wings would grant him, would this be it?! Finally, had he found the opening to the maze which would lead him to his destiny??

.....alas. The Crobat reached the top of the tree and hovered above the very top branch, staring upwards at the cause of the crash......
And there it was again, just another bolt of lightning, a sound fairly rare but not unknown to the bat.
As light of the thunder dimmed back down, returning the night to it's normal darkness, the rain suddenly began to soften. How very strange....for rain to dim so quick.... Haze though to himself, although he wasn't about to go getting himself excited again without justifacation...

The moon was bright tonight....
Yes the night was still young, and engulfed with the lack of light that a bat felt so familiar and comfortable with, yet the soothing rays of the nights one angel, traveling millions of miles through space were somewhat soothing to the young Crobat.
Yees......yes.....restore energy perhaps.....
The red glow disapeared and reapeared in a blink
Mayb....maybe time to....
Another blink, turning the lights out for a moment longer this time
Time....time to....to sleep.
The Red orb like eyes, so deadly yet bearing the secet of so much pain, closed once again, and did not open.

January 25th, 2006, 6:45 PM
Her paws made indents upon the water-soaked earth as the feline-like Pokemon wandered about the woods of which she called her home. She belonged here, nowhere else. To some, being wet for the shortest amount of time would be madening, almost as though it was a form of Chinese Torture the blunt drip drip[i] of rain soaking them to the core. But no, not for Elka. Being a Vaporeon, she was eternally wet, and found no such problem in being so.

However, there was something different in the air as the rain made all the smells stronger and more detectable. The grass smelled fresh, and as well as all the vegetation that surrounded the Vaporeon. But...she knew rain, this was abnormal to her senses. But maybe, maybe it was not the rain itself. Oh no, something, something else.

"But what?" murmured the Vaporeon as she shook a yawn from her muzzle and tossed her head. "Why do I tire so early at this moment?" Pausing, her ears prick up as her eyes cast downward to a small [i]splash she had made. Apparently she had just trespassed upon the lake she usually relaxes in on warm summer days and nights, letting herself melt away into a liquid state. It was no puddle, and was quite large for a man-made lake.

Already the dripping upon her head agitated the sense out of her, so being underwater meant that the rain would not reach her down in its depths...


Swimming past Magikarp and other aquamarine life implanted eteranlly in the murky depths, she makes her way about the lake soothingly, shutting her eyes in a utterly relaxed position. Alas, they did not open for she pummeled down to the bottom of its depths for a deep slumber even she did not know the reason of.

January 25th, 2006, 7:15 PM
It rained.

The rain poured and poured, pounding and pounding violently upon the trees, shaking the earth with the soft yet strong pattering of droplets upon the leaves, droplets upon the grass. The other Pokemon that lived in these woods, the sensible Pokemon, were probably safely tucked in bed right now. Toby sat, perched, alone, shivering as her feathers became drenched in the ferocity of the downpour. She had no home, she had no shelter, she had no family, so here she was.

The lone Pidgeot watched the rain as it flooded down to the earth, her life flashing before her eyes. It hadn't been much, really. Abuse by the humans, and then endless, perpetual wandering, wandering alone without shelter, love, or comfort. Hiding. Fearing being hurt again. More wandering.

She could almost remember better times if she strained her memory, like faded photographs from someone else's album. But then violent nightmares of the humans would return to haunt her, and the possibility that any of these fantasies had been from her life seemed so impossible. How, after all her miserable experiences, could she possibly have once been a hyper Pidgey, happy and alive, flapping and flying and diving and swooping and flirting with the clouds like she hadn't a care in the world? It wasn't practical. But then the memory of the gentle caress of wind returned, confusing her mind even further...

The Pidgeot blinked, shaking her feathers to try to rid herself of the thoughts. It didn't work. It never did. The rain pouring on all sides continued, persistent, seeming to be attempting to drown her in her own despair. The gray skies echoed her gloomy, shattered heart, seeming to be a representative of the skies hanging over her entire life. And suddenly, it became very clear to Toby what she should do. What she should have done years ago. Trembling slightly from the cold and the anticipation of what she was about to do, she looked up at the downpour, tilting her neck upward.

{Suicide in the rain,} she said with a sad smile. {A miserable end to a miserable life.}

She opened her beak.

And, before she could know what was happening, her beak shut on itself automatically, her eyelids closed, and she had blacked out into a violently abrupt sleep.

January 25th, 2006, 9:15 PM
(OOC: MY GOD!! Finally! Oh, and Violet and Ebony will have seperate dialouge inside their PokeBalls. Violet shall be Purple, Growlithe shall be Brown, Ebony shall be Gray oh, and Rika shall be Red. Oh, and Nurse Joy will be Pink. And I will change from posting in the first person, and switch to the third person. )


Forming an image of what her last battle had been like, Rika sighed, "well, I needed another Pokemon anyways." She then turned to Nurse Joy and said, "can I please spend the night?" "Of course," she replied with a smile, " would you like a regular room, or would you like a suite? We just upgraded tday, but it will cost $150." "A regular room will be fine," Rika replied. Nurse Joy gave her a key with the words, {Room 112 Key} printed on it, next to a bar code. Nusre Joy led her to a room with the number 112 on it. As she left, Rika walked to the blue bed, and lay there. Her eyes grew heavy, and she drifted into a deep sleep.

"Well, her Pokemon are done healing, so I will let them out," said Nurse Joy as she picked up the three PokeBalls from the tray. She let out, Violet, Ebony, and the newly caught Growlithe. "Go outside and play while your trainer rests," Nurse Joy said.

{Ebony, let's learn more about our new ally} said Violet, her gorgeous eyes glittering in the sun.

{Yes, of course, please, follow us} said Ebony. He then motioned for the new Growlithe to follow.

{Hi? Anyways, I battled you because I wanted to have a trainer capture me. I needed one too, my mother said so.} said the Growlithe, his eyes filled with excitement.

{Interesting. Erm, would you like to spar for a while Ebony? You probably would win, but I need the Experience Points} said Violet to Ebony, her eyes filled with hope.

{Sure, I would love to spar for a bit. But, let's not hurt each other okay? We were JUST healed.} was Ebony's blatant response.

{I wonder who will win} were the young Growlithe's only thoughts.

Violet and Ebony bared their teeth, and they clashed! They were crashing into each other, Violet, smiling the entire time, and Ebony having a serious face. Violet then told them to stop, and thta she was tired. She then walked over to a shady area to rest. Ebony continued to talk with the Growlithe.

Meanwhile, back in Rika's room.....

Rika awoke, and she looked around. She walked over to the door, but it wouldn't open. Now, she was scared. She tried to get out as best she could, but in vain. She then yelled, "WHAT THE HECK IS HAPPENING!!" She turned around and saw a vision of her parents. "No, No, NOOOO!!" she yelled, trying to brush away the image.

She awoke, her face, sweat-covered, her palms drenched with sweat. She gasped heavily for a couple of seconds before she realized that it was all a dream. She then felt a strange force overcome her, and she drifted off into a deep sleep again.....

This time, she awoke in a room........

(OOC: I hope this was a good starting post.)

January 26th, 2006, 10:06 AM
OOC: >.> Erm... Naoko-chan, there really aren't any stereos, rock music, or cars or anything. This is from ancient times. I thought I had made that clear in my first post.... You should probably edit your post. ^-^;; I mean, if it were nowadays, we would have just wiped out the Terrible Ten with tanks and nuclear missles and stuff. -_-

And Jack Skellington, change your history please. For the reasons why, see my above comment to Naoko-chan. This is the second time I've asked this.... My apologies if I didn't make the time period of the RP clear enough. *feels a bit guilty* On a side-note, it's funny you put different people in different colors, a guy in the first Elemental Knights did the same thing. ^^

Other than those two minor problems, your guys' posts were fine! We shall continue then...


Her leg stirred a bit, and suddenly Chiira found herself waking up in the same postion she had fallen asleep in. She opened her eyes slowly to a stone-walled room, dimly lit by several torches. She looked around, trying to understand how she came to be in this strange place. She was enjoying the rain... thinking of her mother and her semi-friends... she was still in the Sacred Tree wasn't she? She got up abruptly, her eyes locking onto several different things in succession.

There were others with her, some strange-looking beings that could only have been... humans?! Some other pokemon... Chiira had little idea of what kind they were, she had only ever seen her father and other Chikorita, Bayleef, and Meganium. Why was she here with them? Who were they? And not to mention, how did she get here?

That's when she noticed that there was a smiling pokemon that was sitting below them, off of the platform. He looked as if he were waiting for them; sitting politely and patiently near a large wooden door across from the platform.

{Who are you?! Where am I?! Speak up pokemon; I want to know what's happening to me!} Chiira yelled, feeling angry that all of this had been done without her permission. She was normally quite calm and smooth, but when caught off guard like this....

The Meowth merely continued smiling and got up off his haunches lightly, meandering up to the platform, his misty blue eyes oddly hypnotizing, as if they were calling to you. {Ah, I see our first knight to arrive has woken up first as well. I was mistaken then! I thought perhaps the Poochyena would.... However, I am here to welcome you to this resting place of the Great One!} he spoke nervously, with his strange and gritty voice.

Chiira shook her head a little, {I don't understand... Great One? Who is... wait... you can't mean... Mew?} The Chikorita had heard of the legendary Mew, a pokemon that was said to be almost god-like in power. It had always been a mystery as to what the being actually looked like. It was said that Mew had the power to transform into anything, and so no one had ever seen its true form. It was also not known whether the thing was a male or female. This was something that males and females usually argued about when bringing up Mew; the men argued that such force could not possibly be entrusted to a woman for they were never weilders of great force, and the women argued that such power could not be controlled so well in a man's hands without him turning corrupt.

{Yes, is that what you mortals call the Great One?} the Meowth frowned, looking a bit confused, {It has been a long time then.... Still, we should wait for the others to wake up, I think, before I begin to talk more of what is to be done.} He then proceeded to sit back down on his bottom, and stared vacantly at the others, still asleep for the time being.

Chiira didn't know what to make of this, she was now away from home... something she had always wanted. Strangely enough though, she was fearful, and confused; not excited and happy. Was this how it was going to be from now on? She then noticed the humans again. She looked at the smiling cat pokemon before her.

{Are- Are those... humans?} she asked, looking almost nervous about it. She knew that not all humans were nice, but she was sure that the awesome Mew would not bring them here if they were evil.

The Meowth nodded silently, his misty eyes bobbing a bit.

Chiira stared at the humans silently, awed by being in their presence.

OOC: Now, again, the time period of this RP is before planes, trains, and automobiles; bombs, Nintendo, and people might even still think that the Earth is flat. So... yeah. ^-^;;

Baker's Bulbasaur
January 26th, 2006, 10:56 AM
The Wild bat moaned, a familiar sound to those that had witnessed any human or pokemon alike when rising from it's slumber.
Haze did not open his eyes, he was still feeling very relaxed and knew he would need his energy for the continuation of his mission which would never end until it's completion.

{I don't even remember falling asleep....that moon was so bright though, strangely bright compared to what i have known it to be in over 4 years of staring at it at least once per day......so soothing, so inviting.....so.....why am i lying on a stone hard floor?}
The Crobat suddenly realised in mid thought. He forced his eyes open and executed the instinctful use of his supersonic sense waves, he was shocked to find that he was indeed lying on a stone, cold floor.

Jumping to his feet in panic, he began to observe the surroundings, it was quite like a tunnel....everything looked pokemon, or perhaps man made.
{What is this place!?} He shouted in a demmanding rage to no one inparticular, but just then, his attention was hooked onto that of motionless figures also lying on the floor, all around him, they were all other pokemon, ones Haze recognised immediately, as he had spent a great deal of time observing them from far away. They all seemed to be asleep....yes, they were defenitely breathing, carrying on there peaceful slumbers. But would they be just as happy and peaceful when they awoke and found out where they were? Or were they just as unbeknwon to bat himself of exactly where they were, and how they came to be there.

Haze was deeply confused, deeply angry, but selfconsciecly excited. FINALLY, something out of the pityful longful ordinary had occured, FINALLY he hadn't woken from his meaningless sleep to find just another day to continue a search which surely someone did not want him to complete.
His eyes suddenly met those of a nearby pokemon that was indeed awake, a grass type going by the name of Chikorita, who seemed to be just as confused as he was. Haze opened his mouth as if about to say something when he all of a sudden he also noticed another pokemon...the cat type, Meowth, who seemed to be perfectly relaxed and calm

{Who are you?! both of you, and why am i here? answer me!!}
His rage suddenly dropped and was changed to a look of complete concentration....there was something else in the area....something...something the Crobat despised.........HUMANS!!

The bat type jumped round to face them and instinctfully assumed a battle position

{DEMON HUMANS!!!} he cried with all his might.

Alter Ego
January 26th, 2006, 11:26 AM
{Aaack! I'm awake!} Loki cried out, bouncing up to his feet in a reflex-like manner at Haze's last exclamation, {I wasn't slacking, master Pomako! I wasn't! Honest! I was just resting my-!}

The Sandshrew paused in mid-sentence, his visual contact finally catching up with his mind and reigning the rampaging thing before it could go any further, his thoughts sulkily interrupting their gallop and trotting back a bit to process his surroundings, a few simple facts of the world around him soon entering the ground type's consciousness...he wasn't in the burrows, no, definitely not, the room he was in was far too large and hard, not to mention far colder and more well-lit than anything the Sandshrew of his tribe could have built, so logically master Pomako could not be here, and hence it would have been quite hard for him to come shouting in his ear. Besides, the grouchy old Sandslash really didn't have any right to order him about seeing as Loki was still in exile, so even if he had, for some inexplicible reason, been there, he would not have shouted. But then...who had? The Sandshrew scratched his head at this dilemma, finally allowing his gaze to travel across his surroundings and actually take note of the others there...and such a varied company it was. The Sandshrew rubbed his eyes, blinking a few times in disbelief as if expecting to wake up after all and find that it was just another one of his crazy dreams, but it soon turned out that it wasn't. There was a strange, four-legged green creature with a leaf sticking out of its head, Loki had never seen anyone like that and he was quite positive that she, for Loki still possessed what is sometimes refered to as the male instinct and got the distinct impression that this creature was female, was one of the most interesting creatures he had seen this far, but before he could start to formulate anything useful to say he had already found another equally fascinating creature; one slightly reminiscent of the Zubats he had sometimes seen flying from their cave homes in large droves to hunt, only this one seemed to have gained an additional pair of wings, quite handy for moving about faster, Loki thought, after all, four wings gave you more speed than two, right? But still...how come he hadn't seen any creature with six wings yet? Or eight? But of course, the Sandshrew rationalized, such creatures would probably be moving too fast for anyone to see. Next, his attention was diverted to yet another peculiar creature, this one covered by grey and black furr, also sound asleep, and in possession of a peculiar appendage, pink in colour (Quite the contrast to the black and grey), the use of which Loki could not even begin to comprehend. He made a mental note to ask about it later as he spotted something even more exciting; humans! There was a couple of them lying on the floor, asleep like most, and all of them looked so...different. Still, the fact remained that, much to the Sandshrew's dissapointment, they were indeed asleep and he was too well mannered to bother them, well, he could ask them later. As he pondered this, Loki absent-mindedly began trotting across the room, nearly running into the one creature in the room he hadn't spotted yet, this one standing on two legs, almost like a human, Loki thought with excitement, and looking quite...well, old, in comparison to the others. And wise too, he surmised, for in Loki's experience old creatures were always wise, that was what he had been taught, so the Sandshrew figured that this one might have been a worthwhile person to start questioning.

{Umm...hi.} he began, waving at the Meowth and giving him a friendly smile, {Could you maybe tell me where I am, who you are, what kind of creatures you all are, and why it is that humans like to change part of their skin from day-to-day and get all fussy when it gets dirty or wet?} although he did his best to restrain the flow, Loki was, by now, so excited about his surroundings that the questions came out of him in bursts. The Sandshrew himself seemed oblivious to this, however, merely peering at the old cat pokmon with all the excitement of a small child who believed that he was in for a really big treat.

January 26th, 2006, 11:30 AM
{ooc| *giggles* I love crobats =3}

Fern opened one eye.
She was lying on cold, hard ground. It seemed like less than a second had passed since she had closed her eyes, and her fur was still damp, and she still had that really irritating itch in her left nostril she had before she had...dozed off? Fern supposed that must have happened, because her eyes had been closed for an instant, and now she was...lost! Removed!
She snapped her eyes shut and furrowed her brow. Have I been kidnapped? Even in her own mind, it was a preposterous idea, but what else could have happened? She clutched her head with her paws, and whined softly. Maybe it's a dream... a hallucination.. Bad things always seemed to happen to her, and now this! She had another quick peep out of the corner of her eye, but she couldn't see...anything. Stone walls. That was all, aside from the flickering light from the torches. Fern whined again. No, No, no!
"Laurel..." she whimpered again, and tucked her tail up to her hind feet.

Behind her, she could hear movement, but Fern couldn't bear to look. She was desperately afraid; here, she was out in the open, and she had no idea where she was. Where had her familiar woods, with it's handy hiding places and nooks? Nowhere! Fern was lost, probably farther away from her home than she had ever been... She was so afraid, her body quivered. She was so afraid, she couldn't even bring herself to look round.
Then she heard voices.
A female's voice, full of anger, rose up out of nowhere. {Where am I?!} her question made Fern's ears prick. After all, she had been wondering that too. She strained her ears to listen, but the female had lowered her voice, and whoever was replying was similiarly quiet and calm. The little poochyena considored her options, but there was nothing for it; she would have to sit up.
Fern lifted her head ever so slightly, and peered around the room. In the semi-darkness she couldn't see much. Only a meowth, on a raised platform, and a weird green pokemon she had never seen before. Fern watched curiously, but she still couldn't hear. A sandshrew had appeared from no where, too, and he seemed to be talking to the meowth quite confidently - maybe they weren't so bad? She began to creep forward, her tail wagging-
{DEMON HUMANS!!!} from behind her, a voice had shrieked, shrill and furious. Fern froze, and pressed hr belly against the ground. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw movement; a crobat, readying himself for battle. Fern yelped, and leapt to her feet. She darted off in the opposite direction in a burst of jangling and jingling. To her horror, to was charging in the direction of the Chikorita - Fern froze on the spot, her fur on end.

January 26th, 2006, 1:02 PM
"Ahhhh, oh wait, I'm up."

He sighed and stood up quietly, his eyes darting in every diection to familiarize himself with his surroundings. Suddenly, it hit him. He had been running through the rain with Manectric beside him and he had laid down against a tree and fallen asleep. Manectric was still lying against the base of the tree. It had rustled when Toren yelled as he woke up, but calmed down and continued to rest peacefully.

"Wait, where was I going? oh yeah, I was heading to Fortree."

He sighed and kneeled down beside of the base of the tree, sticking his hand out and gently shaking Manectric's body to wake him up. Manectric squealed and yawned as he gently stood up and stared off into space. Toren asked him if he wanted to walk or travel in his Pokeball, but he nodded his head after Toren mentioned the word "walk."

"Alright Manectric, let's go then."

He motioned for the Pokemon to follow his as he took his first steps out in to the drizzling rain. It was almost pouring as hard as it had when he went to sleep, to Toren's dismay. His body was still frigid from being soaked before, so getting a fresh layer of the liquid was very unwelcomed.

January 26th, 2006, 2:20 PM
The drowsiness seeping away from her eyes, Rika awoke. She realized about five seconds after waking up that she was on a stone floor. She stood up and looked around. A crobat screeched something she couldn't understand, and she was scared. "What the heck?! Where am I?" she asked, her body shivering. She was suddenly cold. Her Pokemon were not at her side, so she crouched into a fetal position. "This is all a dream, this is all a dream," she repeated over and over again in her mind. She saw a Chikorita staring at her, and Rika walked over to it. "H-Hello there," she said, with a bit of fear in her voice.

As she awaited a response, she saw a Poochyena and a Meowth. "Wow, I really AM dreaming," she thought.......

(OOC: I didn't know what esle to put, so I hope this is Ok)

January 26th, 2006, 3:10 PM
OOC: Oh, whoops. Sorry bout that! ^_^;; Just ignore the first post then...She could always be from the future...that'd be cliched.

IC: Ivory was woken by a sharp jolt up the side of her neck.
"Ouch!" She mumbled rubbing the crick in her neck from sleeping in a strange position.
"Stupid stupid stu-huh?" Ivory looked down at the hard stone floor "Okay, who moved me into the cellar?"
But instead she saw unfamiliar faces, few of them were human, and they were all mainly pokemon.
Kingdra grunted, a sort of snort in his sleep before Ivory gave him a weak kick to wake him up.
Kingdra sneezed as he woke up but blearily looked around anyway. He didn't seem to care that he was in a brand new enviroment, that looked like a dungeon, but Skar certainly did, as he woke up, he started to squawk in a confused tone as he looked around. He seemed the only one of the party who really cared, as Cloyster and Glalie observed each other's outer shells, and the sharpness of their horns.
"Where am I?" Ivory asked no-one in particular as she stood up, brushing herself off "And-hey... Why is my jacket on?"

OOC: If this is ancient times, then Ivory's outfit really doesn't match, so I guess we will say she's from the future and woke up in the past...

Baker's Bulbasaur
January 26th, 2006, 3:59 PM
OOC: If this is ancient times, then Ivory's outfit really doesn't match, so I guess we will say she's from the future and woke up in the past...

OOC - Yesh...ya know, like ya do.....
Blimey i've heard of being in deep sleeps and waking up days to years afterwards but before?! XD
I keed I keed ;)

aaanyway i would post an IC but i'm not sure what sort of angle you want to take now ppl are awake Lighty my dear, so i'll just sit and wait patiently.....
*pulls out pie*

......I ca seen you all looking at me....but you can't have any! this is mine!!

January 26th, 2006, 4:36 PM
Charon woke up, the way she would if she had a terrible nightmare. Holding her head up a little low, Charon tried to regain conciousness. Usually, someone can just wake up after having a nightmare and start to feel relieved that it was just a dream. Most of you, when you were young, have probably experienced this. To Charon, it was the beginning for her, and only then, could I sense the danger lurking around...

"Where are we? Why are we even here?" Charon asked.

"{I have no clue. It looks like something bad to me.}" Shadow remarked.

"Flare, come on out." Charon commanded as the Quilava had approached Shadow and Charon.

OOC: So basically, I have no idea what's going on.

January 26th, 2006, 5:39 PM
"Gnn..." murmurs the Vaporeon, squirming irritally in her sleep. She felt oddly cold, and dry as well, which peeved the sneses out of her. She recalled falling asleep in her lake, but now she was...dry. Opening her eyes, she lets out a pathetic squeak as she sits upright a little to quickly, becoming rather dizzy in the head.

"Oy..." moans she, regaining her center, "Where the heck am I..." Groaning, she stands, shaking her head and begins to lick her scales wet with her petite pink tongue. As she does so, she realizes that there were others, however said nothing in particular to them. She merely continued to clean herself until all her scales were comfortabley moist.

January 27th, 2006, 8:36 AM
OOC: I probably would have posted again yesterday, but it was my Botany class day, and it's a 4-hour block class from 12-4 PM. o.o I shall post more today and this weekend though, rest assured! ^-^

Naoko-chan: Ah... well, I suppose you could be someone from the future. ^^; It doesn't matter to me. You shall add some strangeness to the group.

Jack: Thanks for editing your sign-up! ^-^ It looks to be in tip-top shape.

A'kay, here we go...


Frowning at the Crobat that had just freaked out from the humans, Chiira spoke up before the Meowth in the room had a chance to speak up. {Hey! Don't hurt them; they haven't done anything yet!} she yelled, about to race over to stop the bat when suddenly an odd pokemon that Chiira recognized as a Sandshrew appeared at the Meowth's side and began asking questions.

Dom blinked calmly at the young Sandshrew with his misty eyes and, ignoring the Crobat's obvious distaste of humans, proceeded to answer the Sandshrew. {I will answer all of your questions in good time. Er, let me just get everyone's attention. Oh Great One... I never knew that they would be so... hostile,} he said, the tail end more to himself than anyone in particular. The Meowth then strode off toward the others, slowly and calmly, leaving the Sandshrew where he stood.

Chiira saw the others all wake up. The strange pokemon with a ribbon around her; she must have been with humans before, had come rushing up at her, almost running right into the Chikorita. Chiira was about to whip out her vines to smack the thing before she ran into her, but the furry creature had stopped herself, and so there was no need.

The Meowth that the most of the others had noticed already had finally gotten to the spot he had intended upon reaching, a spot where he could see everyone, and he stopped walking. He closed his eyes for a moment, and then opened them again, however this time the misty calmness was gone from them, and they had the hard concentration of someone trying to do an extremely hard psychic attack.

Chiira felt her body stiffen up, and she suddenly realized that she couldn't move anymore. The Meowth had done some sort of advance disable attack. She tried to struggle, and felt her heart-rate rise, but then the Meowth spoke, in his strangely gritty and slightly flighty voice.

{Ah there we go. My apologies for having to freeze you like this, but it was the only way to make sure none of you became injured in the beginning. It was the Great One's plan all along. It is time for me to introduce myself. My name is Dom, I am the servant of the Great One: Mew,} he paused, looking around at them all, {You are here as the Great One's guests; all of you.} He looked at one of the human girls with restrained curiousity, {I was not aware that the Great One would need help from another time...,} he trailed off, his gaze dropping to the ground as if listening to something, {Ah... that is it. Yes, your skills will be needed later on. The Great One is always right.} He then looked at them all again, {Now, I am going to release you from my control right now. I know that some of you might not approve of humans, but the Great One will not tolerate fighting in this place. If any of you tries to harm another, he or she will be frozen again, before you can finish the attack. The Great One will know.} Chiira felt the mental restraints on her body melt away, and she frowned at the cat pokemon before her. She didn't like this strange place, it was all too weird to her. She was happy though, because she would get to meet humans.

Dom began to walk toward the large, wooden door, {Follow me, I will take you to the Great One. There you will recieve further instructions on why you are here. Also, the Great One made it possible for all of you to understand each other. There is no language barrier in this place. Oh,} he paused and turned his head to the Sandshrew, {And humans change their 'skin' because it is not skin. It is a covering for their skin that they make. They like it to stay clean, so they take it off and clean it, then they put it back on. If you wish to know more, you might think about asking them.} He turned his head back and continued walking, the large door opening as he stepped up to it as if someone invisible had magically yanked on it.

Chiira didn't know what to make of all of this. She did believe that Mew was a good pokemon though, and so she looked back at the others, and shrugged, {Well I'm going. It can't be any stranger than waking up in here.} With that, she looked momentarily and the strange fuzzy pokemon that had run up to her, and again at the humans, and then dashed off toward Dom.

OOC: Feel free to talk to one another of course. ^-^ And remember, humans and pokemon can understand each other in this place, so you can also talk to pokemon that you may not have been able to before.

Alter Ego
January 27th, 2006, 8:41 AM
OOC: Erm...I'll make my IC soon, but I was just wondering. Tyson, weren't the characters all supposed to wake up in the strange dungeon-like place after they fell asleep? Toren seems kinda lost to me, running about in the rain and all...o.O

January 27th, 2006, 10:11 AM
OOC: Erm, yes, I noticed that as well, though, I'm assuming that Toren's going to fall asleep again sometime? Perhaps he wants to make a late entrance or something? Whatever the case, you should probably get going with that Tyson. I shall make a note of it in my IC post.


Chiira followed behind the Meowth that had greeted them all. She was a bit nervous; who wouldn't be when they knew they were going to be meeting the incredibly powerful Mew? This was all so confusing... where exactly were they? What was it they had been summoned to do? Surely the great Mew didn't need any help with performing any task, did it?

They were walking down the long corridor-bridge that Dom had dashed down moments before they had arrived, its painted and decorated walls and ceiling displaying tales and stories from all sorts of humans and pokemon. It was no doubt that they would recognize some of them. The crystal blue lake below the bridge they were on was viewable through the columns suspending the bridge from the roof, and there were strange creatures, possibly pokemon, Chiira couldn't quite tell, swimming around in it.

Dom paused in his step for a moment. {We should wait here. The Great One still has one person to bring to this place. He should be here shortly. Feel free to talk amongst yourselves and ask questions for the time being,} Dom said in his gritty voice, sitting down comfortably.

Baker's Bulbasaur
January 27th, 2006, 10:32 AM
OOC - He's sleep-running :P

IC -

''No fighting?! No fighting?!'' The crobat screamed, flapping it's wings hard and fast, desprately trying to fly towards those foul, scum people....humans, he would tear them limb from tiny limb, and he would enjoy it, besides, it was no more then they deserved
''You stupid meowth, release me at once, i demmand you to release me! why do you care of their fait? humans are not to be trusted!!''

Haze was in a deeper fit of rage then he had been for years, yet there was no doubt whatsoever in hid mind that the pesky humans would deserve what was coming to them.....but the disable attack of the meowth had immobilized him in mid flight, and try as the poison type might he could not move.
Instead, he closed his eyes and began to breath deeply, just being anywhere near a human being made him feel good and bad, good because it was a chance to make sure there were that many less human scum in the world, but bad because of the way they made him feel, he was completely and utterly disgusted and sick to his stomouch with the meer thought of them, yet he was being made to co-operate with them?! Not in this lifetime

''What is this place!'' he demmanded, his cold glance piercing the meowth ''and why have we been brought here?''

Alter Ego
January 27th, 2006, 11:02 AM
For a good while, Loki simply stood rooted to his spot, more or less making the peculiar show of power that the old Meowth brought forth an unnecessary procedure on his part. All of the things he had heard and seen in the past few minutes were...well, probably more than most Sandshrew got to experience in their entire lifetimes, and it was all quite overwhelming for his mind. So, they had all been brought here by...the great one? The Sandshrew's brow furrowed in concentration, he vaguely remembered the elders of his tribe speaking of a strange and mysterious creature who held the power to do wondorous things, as he recalled they had spoken of it with fear...speculating on the havoc that its 'rash' and 'careless' actions could bring upon the tribe, although they had immediately silenced themselves when they noticed Loki's presence, hastily shooing the young Sandshrew away before gathering together in a grouping and whispering conspiratorily amongst each other while occasionally shooting suspicious glances at Loki to make sure that he couldn't hear them anymore. Quite frankly, the ground type didn't know what the big deal was with this 'Great One' but he had always figured that if the elders didn't agree with this creature then he probably would, seeing as how the elders were always disagreeing with him as well. And then there was what the wise old creature had said...that...one of these humans was from the future? The Sandshrew's eyes widened with excitement, several of them had begun stirring too, so now he could ask them...but who to ask first? Yes, this was quite the dilemma indeed...and as if that wasn't enough, the old creature had even decided to answer his last question, informing Loki that humans...made skin to put on their real skin? Why would anyone do that? the young Sandshrew found himself wondering, I've always been comfortable with my own...but then again... he came to think as he cast a glance at the humans, immediately noting how pale and soft their standard skin was...It's no wonder that someone would see the need to get another layer when the first one was as flimsy as that, he came to think, Ohh...I just hope that they don't want my skin too...I would probably feel very cold without it...

As the creature who looked vaguely like a Zubat spoke up again, demanding answers, Loki suddenly came to realize that the wise old grey creature and the green creature with the leaf on her head had left.

{Ohh! Wait for me!} Loki cried out after them, getting up on his feet and darting down the corridor as well. Although his initial instinct would have been to strike up a conversation with the humans, he somehow felt like the old creature was, if possible, even more fascinating than them. And besides, maybe he could even teach Loki that neat freezing trick if he asked nice.

January 27th, 2006, 11:21 AM
Trying to make sense of what had just happened, the talking Meowth, her body being frozen, and the strange Pokemon around her, Rika just walked along with the Meowth, just now realizing that her skin had become many times softer, and that she could understand Pokemon in this place.

"Hmm.....I wonder how Violet, Ebony, and Growlithe are doing...." she pondered in her mind, worrying about the safety of her Pokemon.

She then stared at the Crobat, who seemed to despise human, or very afraid of them. She then tried to talk to the Sandshrew and the Chikorita.

"Hello there," she said to the Chikorita, "erm......How are you? Say, do you want a treat?" She reached into her pocket and pulled out a brown, cone-shaped treat resembling a chocolate, and handed to the Chikorita. "How about you?" she said, looking at the Sandshrew. She then got another chocolate and handed it toward the Sandshrew.

(OOC: One question, when is The Great One going to show up??)

January 27th, 2006, 11:34 AM
OOC: When all of us are actually together. *coughTysoncough* XD Plus, we have to go down the corridor, then we get to the room that was in my first post; the completely white one? Yeah, that's where Mew is.

Ah, suppose I could do another IC:


Chiira blinked in surprise as a human girl approached her and actually began to speak to her! What was even more surprising was that the girl had offered her something too! In return for nothing as well! How strange... Chiira did not know that humans were so generous. She eyed the girl for a moment... something of her training at the Sacred Tree was coming back to her...

{Humans will sometimes look as if they are kind and helpful, but that is a trick young ones,} an old Meganium said sternly, pacing back and forth in an odd room carved out of of what appeared to be bark and wood, {They are only appearing kind so that you will trust them. Humans then use this trust to force you into doing their bidding.}

However, Chiira remembered that her mother and father had told her that some humans could be trusted... even trusted with your life. Chiira had never felt that way about anyone-- pokemon or human-- aside from her mother and father. She stared at the piece of funny-smelling food the human had offered, and decided to take it with a vine. The long, green-blue shaded vine extended out to the chocolate, and gingerly grasped it out of the girl's hand. Chiira brought it back to her but didn't eat it at first. She looked seriously at the human.

{Hello. My name is Chiira. I am from a Chikorita clan that lives in secret. I've never met a human before; that I can remember anyway,} she said, smelling the chocolate again. She wasn't sure about eating it.

Alter Ego
January 27th, 2006, 11:58 AM
As one of the human's proceeded over to him and offered him something to eat, Loki stopped his running and turned around, eyes wide {Is that...for me?} he asked, a wide grin spreading across his face, {Thank you, thank you, thank you!} the Sandshrew quickly snatched the chocolate from the human in front of him and put a good chunk of it in his mouth, chewing eagerly while at the same time wearing a blissfull smile on his face. As Chiira introduced herself, the ground type slowed his chewing for a moment and quickly proceeded to speak up, always eager to make new friends.

{Ohh...introductions!} he called out enthusiastically, although his words were slightly distorted by the chocolate and small fragments of it flew out as he was so eager to get his words said, {I'm Loki, I'm from a huffy old Sandshrew tribe...although I'm exiled and all because they didn't want me to go see the world and things. Nice to meet you Chiira and nice human who gives tasty things, yes?} he turned his attention more to Rika for a moment, {What is the tasty thing?} he inquired, his voice echoing his curiosity and his eyes remaining wide and obviously interested, {It tastes good, yes, never had anything like it, no, elders wouldn't let us eat any even if we have, for sure they wouldn't, bet they would just keep it all to themselves. Oh, and how do you make the skin that you put on your other skin? And uh...you don't want my skin, do you? I would be very cold without it, I think.}

January 27th, 2006, 12:07 PM
Rika smiled at the two Pokemon as they ate the chocolate. "Chiira, was it? Well, very nice to meet you. You too, Loki, oh, and my name is Rika! If you want another chocolate, I can give you a bigger piece!" Rika said, smiling. She reached into her pocket and got a bigger piece. She the split it in two and handed the two pieces toward Chiira and Loki. "Hmm.......Why do you think the Crobat over there despised humans so much, I am human, but I am not a demon? Am I?? Oh well, I should probably give you a little something to wahs that chocolate down with," Rika said as she pulled out a bowl and some water from a jug, which she then poured into the bowl. She pushed the bowl toward the smiling Chikorita and the grinning Sandshrew.

(OOC: This is getting fun now!! ^_^!)

January 27th, 2006, 12:19 PM
OOC: Good... it's supposed to be fun. ^^;


Chiira ate the chocolate, and was a bit surprised at the outgoing nature of the Sandshrew next to her. The Sandshrew that Chiira had seen near the Sacred Tree were all very secretive and anti-social. Perhaps the other Snadshrew that Loki spoke of were that way? After all... to be exiled from one's clan... he must have done more than just want to see the world, right? Chiira thought about it for a moment. Her clan was never happy with her desire to find her father, and she could certainly relate to the need to get out of your clan's home. But would her clan exile her if she had showed even more interest in it? She thought for a moment of her father, how he had been forced to leave and never return... was that like Loki? Would that have happened to her too? No, her father was different, he was never a part of the Sacred Tree. She puzzled over this as she chewed the strange-tasting chocolate. It was different tasting, but it was quite good.

When the human introduced herself as Rika, Chiira looked up and listened thoughtfully to her questions. {I don't know everything, nor can I speak for another's actions,} Chiira responded, taking another piece of chocolate from Rika, {But there are many pokemon that don't like humans. Probably because many humans use pokemon to do horrible things with.}

Dom the Meowth sat calmly watching them all. He was waiting for the final member to arrive, but if he didn't wake up in time, then he would have to take the others to see the Great One without him. The human would catch up, and the Great One was not picky about tardy humans; no doubt the pink pokemon would find it all quite amusing as it always did.

January 27th, 2006, 12:38 PM
"Manectric, hurry up. You're lagging behind."

He motioned for the electric Pokemon to speed up and he reluctantly did. He gave Toren a small jolt of electrcity as he ran by and Toren smiled, starting to run forward and chase after his friend. He knew that Manectric was just kidding around, and so was Toren, he just liked to play around with his pokemon. It sort of let them knew that everything was fine.

"Ahh, get back here you!"

He started to laugh as they both went along through the pouring rain and the mud that had been generated from the falling liquid. Toren almost slipped in a large pile of mud that he narrowly missed, but was able to avoid it. On the other hand, Manectric dashed through the area with ease, never missing a beat or step. The Pokemon knew that it could easily outrun Toren, but just wanted to stay back a bit to make him think that he had a chance. By now Toren had really stopped chasing Manectric, and they were pretty much just running towards Fortree as quickly as possible, which if you were a smart-thinking person, would know is a very silly thing to do. They both didn't really seem to care though, they were having a good time.

January 27th, 2006, 12:48 PM
"Chiira? Have you ever tasted chocolate before? In my opinion, it's the best treat in the world!" Rika said, as she ate a chocolate herself. She then drank some water from the jug. After being refreshed by the fresh crispness of the spring water, she said to Chiira, " Oh, dear, I am so very sorry! I hope they do not exile you, why, I do not see why they would? You are such a nice Chikorita." Awaiting a response, Rika smiled and sighed....

January 27th, 2006, 1:21 PM
"Ah!" purrs the Vaporeon, gazing down at the crystaline water beneath her. She acted as though nothing fazed her as ood, and was quite quiet until this very moment. "A lake, so Mew has a good taste in decorating. If only the lake back at home was as clear as this...well, it was made by man, so no doubt it would be any clearer than it is..." Pausing from her self-talking (for she was used to talking to herself, she was always alone) she sits down upon her haunches to watch the others around her.

Blank eyes shoed no expression while she watched about her. She did not give the appearance as though she did not wish to be spoken to, nor did she give the appearance that she wanted to be spoken to. Tilting her head, she lifts up one paw to give it a casual lick of sheer bore, "I wonder..." murmurs she, "Whatever the Great One wants of us..."

January 27th, 2006, 3:09 PM
Ivory watched the Crobat flap around in indignity, angered at the fact that he was grouped with humans apparently.
{Shut up!} Skar squawked at the Crobat, recovering from his momentary pang of confusion, and flying up to eye level with the bat pokemon.
Black and Shade were now comparing the power of their tackles, as they liked to compete against each other, though Kingdra was interested in the other pokemon, as he'd never seen any like them.
He said nothing though simply observed as the pokemon and the other human conversed.
"Hey, what's going on?" Ivory asked the girl "Where are we, and why are we surrounded by pokemon?"
Ivory sat down next to Kingdra, who was a good 4 feet away from the group.
{Hey, hey!} Shade complained to Black {Cheater!}
{That wasn't cheating cheater!} Black replied furiously.
{Did you just call me a cheater cheater?}
{Yeah cheater!}
{Wanna say that to my face cheater?!}
{IIIIIII just did!} Black's permenant glare seemed to intensify as Cloyster's usual smirk vanished and was replaced with a frown.
"Stop it already you two!" Ivory snapped at the two who simply glanced at her and continued their arguement in a more hushed tone.
{Cheater.} Shade mumbled sticking out his shellder's tounge {I wasn't the one who shot an ice beam at the other while we were tackling!}
{I wasn't the one who shot a hydro pump!}
{I think the human can hear us!}
{Why do we listen to the human?}
{Because the human feeds us, now hush!}

January 27th, 2006, 5:36 PM

Grinning at all the Pokemon, Rika said, "here! There's enough chocolate in my pocket for everyone!" She then handed each one of them a piece, throwing one at the Pokemon in mid-air. "Frankly," Rika began, "I basically no idea why we were all sent here." She then walked over to the Meowth and said, "erm, who else are we waiting for?? I grow impatient..."

she awaited a response and pooped a piece of chocolate in her mouth........

January 27th, 2006, 8:43 PM
Shade caught the peice of food in his mouth and he chewed thoughtfully {Hm...this ain't bad. That human feeds us too.}
{Yeah, but I bet you that human doesn't like cheaters.} Black replied.
{Then I guess it won't like you!} Shade retorted.
"Drop it!" Ivory snapped giving both of them a good flick on the shell "I'm wondering why were here as well. Have any of these pokemon said anything about it yet?"
{Not this guy.} Skar said sardonically, referring to the Crobat.
"Oh right," Ivory said ignoring Skar "I'm Ivory."
Kingdra nudged the peice of chocolate and got a bright idea, picking it up he tossed it over to Shade and Black who immediately glared at each other.
{Cheater's don't get treats.} Shade said
{I'd have to agree. Thanks for the treat.} Black glared.
{No problem.} Shade said sliding the treat toward himself.
{Indeed.} Black replied sliding the treat away from Shade.
"Thank you." Ivory said frustratedly, tossing the treat upward toward Skar, who caught it in his beak and downed it immediately "Return you two crazy pokemon."
The two pokemon whom were now glaring at Skar disappeared in a beam of red light.

January 28th, 2006, 1:14 AM
Fern watched the goings-on with confusion. Her tail had fallen between her legs, her big blue eyes watching the others with concern. She didn't dare move. As the others began to introduce themselves, Fern's expression grew more and more worried. Luckily, she had been momentarily forgotton, so she took a faltering step backward. As if on cue, her bells jangled loudly, and Fern froze on the spot. Her fur bristled.
{I'm F-fern.} she stuttered, {Fern of the gypsy woods.}
she told everyone, and then bowed deeply, just to be polite. Of course, it could have been seen as submissive. She glanced up at everyone, to the sandshrew wo called himself Loki, to the green thing that called herself Chiira, to the humans - humans! Her tail began to wag, but only for a second. Her nose quickly reminded her of the crobat behind.

January 28th, 2006, 7:10 AM
OOC: Oh...we were supposed to wake up in the dungeon? Whoops, didn't catch that ^^;; Forget that part about waking up and walking to Fortree ^^ I'll just change it here....Sorry. By the way, am I corrwect in the thinking that a couple pokemon are still in the room? I realize that some have left and gone down the corridor, but I don't think everyone has....correct me if I'm wrong ^^;

Toren's eyes fluttered, and he slowly opened his eyes. He had fallen asleep, but something felt...different. He was no longer sitting on soft grass, but a cold, stone floor. Also, his back was not resting against a tree. It was a wall, in some sort of dank-looking dungeon.

"W-where am I?"

He muttered, pulling himself to his feet and looking around. Several Pokemon were in the room, along with two female humans. This all had seemed very strange to Toren, he had gone to sleep in a forest and woken up in some sort of torch-lit room. Suddenly, it hit him that Manectric was no longer beside of him. This frightened him beyond belief.

Mancetric! What if he's all by himself back at Fortree? Oh wait...there he is...

Toren rolled his eyes when he noticed that all Manectric as doing was standing behind him, looking around at everyone in the room. The Pokemon wasn't nearly as curious about being whisked off somewhere else, but merely fascinated with everything that was happening.

Toren, who was very freaked out, slowly took a couple steps backwards until he bumped into the wall behind him, which gave him a nice conk on the head. He took one step forward, rubbing the back of his head with his hand. Normally he would have run up to someone, anyone, and asked them what was happening, but this really wasn't one of those times.

January 28th, 2006, 7:25 AM
OOC: Ah, well, better late than never I always say. ^-^

Oh! I just realized that Dom totally ignored Haze's question. XD


{Be patient, the Great One will explain your reasons for being here. It is a good one and a bad one at the same time though, so brace yourselves,} Dom the Meowth said to the Crobat before him, his misty eyes glowing momentarily, {Ah. Our final guest has arrived.} The Meowth got up from sitting, and walked back into the dungeon-like room. He observed who was left in the room and beckoned them to follow.

{Come come this way, we must get to the Great One, Mew,} Dom said to those in the room, and then turned tail and began walking back down the corridor, once again taking up leading the group onward through the long bridge-like hallway.

Chiira had thanked Rika for the chocolate, and then begun to follow the Meowth again. She was curious as to what he meant by a good and bad reason for being here. Were they to sacrfice themselves for the greater good or something? This was getting a little frightening. Mew had such power, and it was surely an honor to be summoned to see him, but history was not filled with stories about people who had been summoned to see Mew so that they could have a picnic. Chiira would do it though, whatever it was they were here to do.

OOC: We'll get to Mew shortly. ^^

January 28th, 2006, 7:37 AM
Ivory stood up, questions hanging around her head, but shaking them off, she decided to follow the meowth...as much as she disliked them.
"Come on." Ivory beckoned to Skar who swooped down and landed neatly beside Jet, a slight thud as he landed.
Jet was shaking with such anticipation at the words the Meowth had just uttered.
{T-the great one?!} He spluttered.
Ivory sighed "Come on already." She returned the Kingdra who was unable to move, rooted to the spot and pocketed his pokeball. She quickly followed the Chikorita and the Meowth, uttering a "Let's go." To the girl "We'll do introductions again later, now that we're all apparently here."
Skar waddled after Ivory, not very coordinated on land, but he managed to keep up anyway.

January 28th, 2006, 7:45 AM
Toren was almost rooted to his spot, but when Meowth mentioned something abuot "The Great One", "good and bad things', and following him. He almost wanted to just stay behind, but it was like some kind of power forced his legs tp start moving. Mancetric reluctantly followed, wishing he could have stayed behind and watched the going-ons.

~What IS going on here? I mean, who is "The Great One?" This is all so confusing...

He thought, following the girl, who was following a Chikorita, who in turn was following a Meowth. He wondered where they were going, along with many other things, but he decided to just go along. It seemed that something important was about to happen, and he didn't want to miss any of it.

Alter Ego
January 28th, 2006, 8:02 AM
Loki's eyes widened even more as Rika offered him a larger piece, quickly taking up on that offer, accompanying his motion with a quick thank you, before stuffing even more of the chocolate in his mouth. Oh...what a nice new friends this one was, although they had known each other for so short a time that he couldn't quite bring himself to make a definite judgement on how nice, but still, the girl was definitely nice, and a friend...well okay, practically every person the young Sandshrew had met had earned the title of 'friend' in his eyes, but still...

As even more pokmon and humans entered the scene, Loki was so overwhelmed by the sentences building up in his mind that he had a hard time of expressing any of them, and the chocolate in his mouth wasn't helping, causing his sentences to come out as incomprehensible drivle, making it impossible for anyone to tell what he was saying and to whom, and finally he came to realize that himself, reluctantly shutting himself up and concentrating on chewing the chocolate. By the time that the last morcel in his mouth was coming to an end, Dom suddenly announced that the last visitor had arrived and that they would get to meat the Great One shortly, before leaving the corridor, only to return a moment later with a human and some other peculiar creature behind him. Loki decided to fall in line too, taking up stride with Chiira.

January 28th, 2006, 8:35 AM
Slowly following Chiira and Loki, Rika drank some more water, and admired the scenery around her. She looked toward the small Poochyena, a Pokemon she had never seen before. "Hello there Fern, my name is Rika. How are you?" she said. She then walked closer to Fern, admiring the very cute Pokemon. She then gave Fern the very last piece of chocolate she had in her pocket. After that, she offered her some water....

January 28th, 2006, 9:46 AM
Fern wagged her tail cheerfully.
{Thank you very much!} she chirruped. She gulped down the chocolate piece, and lapped contentedly at the water. This was the sort of treatment she was used to; being fed by hand by a pretty girl. Of course, Rika wasn't Laurel, but Fern decided she would do until she got back to her forest.

The poochyena felt a good deal better now. If one person was kind to her, maybe others would be too? She shook herself down, and padded over towards the other pokemon. They all seemed to be lining up, but Fern wasn't sure why. {What's going on?} she asked Chiira and Loki. The chikorita certainly seemed to know what she was doing.

Alter Ego
January 28th, 2006, 11:39 AM
{Umm...we're waiting, I think.} Loki replied to Fern's question, turning to adress the Poochyena and smiling at her in his usual friendly manner, {Because...the wise old grey person said that we'd get to meet the Great One and the great one is this strange person whom all of the elders of my tribe dislike so I think I might like the Great One because the elders were always disagreeing with me too, and...how did you get a part of your furr to grow such a pretty colour?} he added, nodding towards Fern's ribbon, {Oh, and I'm Loki, nice to meet you, yes?} he added, {You are...Fern, right? That's a very nice name I think, wonder why none of the Sandshrew of my tribe were ever called Fern? I bet it was the elders' fault, they were probably all jealous because they only had long, dull names like Pomako. Hmm...maybe they would have grown up to be nicer people if they had nicer names?} he speculated, scratching his chin thoughtfully as he began to build on this new hypothesis.

Baker's Bulbasaur
January 28th, 2006, 11:44 AM
Haze was furious, none of these stupid pokemon were taking him seriously. How?...how could they so blindly be in trusting of these humans, or heck even better...stand to be in the same room as them....without thoughts of attack going round there minds. He had to do something, these humans were acting nice now sure, but it was obviously just part of some sort of conspiracy against the pokemon....yes...yes that's it, they are merely trying to win the trust of others, and then BAM! they would attack!
Well this was one Crobat that isn't going to be letting that happen any time soon, oh no.

Haze began to fly in a smal circle in the corner, seperating himself from others, lurking in the shadows, but making sure his eyes gaze was never leaving that of any area where the humans were positioned, 3 times the bat pokemon had had thoughts of just flying towards them, and sinking his cold hungry fangs into there warm tasty blood.....but every time this thoughts ran across his mind and he tried to execute the action, he found that his body had become frozen again.
That foolish Meowth! He has done something to me, what right has he? how dare he....and does he really expect anyone to believe that he is the servant of this great one, this Mew, as if the all powerful god of Mew would associate himself with scum like this, let alone send for humans! humans of all things, the grea pokemon god, he must clearly know that humans are scum, and this meowth said he sent for them?....no, no that prooved it, it can't be Mew, but why would he say that? seems a very dead end lie to me....perhaps he is trying to trick us into entering a false sence of security, well it wont work on me, oh no....we shall see who the weak one is
Haze finished his in mind rant with a small smile, he blinked his ruby red eyes and settled down on the cold floor, but not getting too comfortable, for he knew that before long his fighting abilities would be required to help these other pokemon, the humans could rott though for all he cares, he'd even stay for the show if he could.

After a few minutes, a final guest appeared, another human, Crobat cringed and bared his fangs, and was greatly angered once againt by his inability to cause them pain beyond belief. Soon after, the meowth requested for the group to follow him, and pokemon and human alike began to file out.....
''Fine....'' Haze muttered unde his breath, still lurking in the dark shadows which concealed him
''I shall follow......but with my company comes my threats...'' he smiled at his own words and began to fly after them, making sure to stay long enough behind, and in the dark shadows at the sides of the stone walls to keep out of sight....

Baker's Bulbasaur
January 28th, 2006, 1:08 PM
OOC - Nako chan, the first time u done that u were telling a stressed angry Crobat to shut up, and now after i made it perfectly clear that my character is hiding in the shadows, away from prying eyes, and is also no longer squatting, you make your character come up to him and start offending him. ESPECIALLY being a human who i think would either be scared, or too smart to bother messing with an arrogant pokemon that clearly wants nothing to do with humans, I also see no way in which the human could possibly know that haze is still unable to atack her. Your making your character seem all high and mighty. Im sure i made it clear i wanted to be out of sight until i chose to come back into it, just seeing him out of the corner of your eye would have been fine, yet you choose to fully confront Haze. Also, i'm not on any lines trying to make my character seem like he is better then others or all powerful, but i dont think that another character would say ''shut up'' to one or ''im going to cook you alive''
im having trouble putting this across to you here...im pretty sure titan would do a better job at it lol.
anyway in short, could you please stop taking the effect away from my character, im trying to get across an image matching to his personality here, and your making a mockery of it. would you please edit your post.

Im calm so dont say ''chill'' and im not having a go so dont snap back at me please. thankyou.

January 28th, 2006, 1:59 PM
Fern blinked in confusion. "My fur...?" Fern glanced down at herself. Her fur was dull, and grey, like all poochyena's. There wasn't a splash of colour to be seen on her urban coat. Then she realised; the sandshrew thought her ribbon was a part of her coat~! "Oh, you mean my ribbon!" she shook herself ever so slightly, so the bells jingled. "This was a gift from my trainer. My human." she jerked her head in the direction of the other girls. "One of those... she gave it to me."

As the crobat took to the air, Fern shrank back. She watched him warily, her body tense. She had seen his teeth flashing dangerously in the half-light; the giant, double winged bat was a fiercesome creature, worse than any mightyena. Everything about him was lethal, and Fern found herself ducking behind Loki and Chiira. She could hear the crobat, but not hear him; he was just out of sight, hiding in the shadows.

January 29th, 2006, 12:51 AM
occ: Hey Azu, sorry that i couldnt post, i was busy... But i see that psychic and light are not chosen. Is there a way to join?

Alter Ego
January 29th, 2006, 1:44 AM
OOC: Erm...sorry Nigma, but those two are taken by Tyson and Jack Skellington, actually, I think Melissa just forgot to edit the list on the first page. :\ Here's the finished list from her first IC;

Okay now, so we have as the final list of people in the RP:

Fire: ~Amethyst Callista Moon~.
Water: Wolf_Goddess.
Wind: Thorns.
Light: Tyson.
Ice: Naoko-chan.
Dark: Charon-chan.
Earth (Ground/Rock): Alter Ego.
Poison: Baker's Bulbasaur.
Psychic: Jack Skellington.
Grass: Taken by Light_Azumarill.


{Ribbon?} Loki echoed, taking a moment to process this strange new word, {Oh, it's some of that skin that humans put on their other skin, right?} the Sandshrew added after a while, thinking that he had managed to grasp this new concept, {Well, I think the rest of your fur is really pretty too.} he added in an honest voice, {And that human who gave you the skin to put on your skin must have been really nice too, ohh...it seems like lots of humans are nice if you get them to notice you, this other human just gave me...um...what was it called? Shock-late? Yes, she gave me shock-late, and some water too and it tasted really good.} the Sandshrew smiled broadly, completely oblivious to the Crobat flapping in the shadows just a bit behind him. Now most Sandshrew possessed a natural talent for noticing even the faintest underground vibrations and would surely have noticed the additional draft caused by the poison type's wingbeats, but alas, Loki had never quite grasped the concept of that particular skill, {Humans are really nice, yes?}

January 29th, 2006, 6:57 AM
OOC: Okay w/e, I just didn't read your post clear enough Baker's Bulbasaur. And I don't think you got the tone I was trying to get across, but too late now, I'm not going to waste time trying to get it across to you.

January 29th, 2006, 10:47 AM
(OOC: I missed quite a bit....T__T)


Rika sighed, and felt kind of bored, since she had been waiting for so long. She then fantasized about how it ould feel to take a nice dip into that crisp pool. She then wondered how her Pokemon at the PokeCenter were doing....

Meanwhile, back at the PokeCenter....

Violet frowned, as she wondered where her master was. She decided to take a nap when the Growlithe walked toward her....

"You name is Violet, right? Erm, I was wondering.....Does our trainer usually take this long?" asked the worried Growlithe......

(OOC: I will post more later....)

January 29th, 2006, 11:24 AM
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o.o I never editted my first post!! The embarrassment!!! XD But, yes, sorry about that Nigma. Maybe next time I'll make an invitational RP and invite you. ^^

Naoko-chan & BB: Erm... I'm not quite sure what happened with you two, but I hope you have it settled now. If Ivory ever did force Haze into attacking out of anger, Dom would stop them with another disabling thingy, so you don't have to worry about that aspect. However, I'm afraid I'd have to agree with BB on this, just leave the Crobat be... it obvious he wants his character to be alone. Now, let's just move on and forget about it, shall we? ^-^


{Hm... I agree, Fern seems like a name that suits you,} Chiira said to the furry pokemon near her, {My name is Chiira, as you may have heard a few moments ago. Don't ask me what's going on though, because I truly don't know. I'm just putting my faith in Mew-- er, I mean the Great One.} She wasn't usually one to be so trusting to a stranger, but how could she refuse Mew?

Dom continued walking, remaining silent as he thought to himself. 'Ah... these are the ones who will liberate the land? I have never questioned my Master's judgement, but this group... is not much of a group yet. They are too different I'm afraid... I asked the Great One why he wanted to bring humans and pokemon together like this... but I was merely laughed at. The Great One thinks it's necessary, and who am I to argue, but I can't help but feel... fearful about this decision.'

Finally though, the Meowth had reached the end of the hallway, and the group now faced another large door. The Meowth stood in front of the door, and his eyes began to glow again. The door suddenly swung open to reveal the pitch-white room that he had been in a short time ago. Chiira's eyes had to squint when she saw the blinding whiteness coming from it. She sensed that the Meowth was moving forward, and so she moved forward too.

There in the middle of the room, was the strange orb that had been there before, and floating above it was a small, light pink cat-like creature. Dom bowed his head as he approached, and Mew nodded his head in return.

((Welcome my guests,)) Mew said aloud psychically in a high-pitched voice that sounded neither feminine or male, beaming at them, ((I'm glad you are all here. Now, I'm sure you have a million questions at least, so please, would everyone gather around this orb, and I will explain what you are all doing here.))

Chiira couldn't help but feel nervous and awed at the fact that she was now standing in the same room as a living god. She was surprised about how happy and cheery the little pokemon looked. Wasn't a god supposed to be fearsome? Commanding? Mew was so... happy-go-lucky in appearance, and it even did tiny flips in the air as it moved around. She stepped forward though, walking up to the strange orb that was now glowing a light blue. 'I wonder what Mew is going to show us?' she thought to herself, feeling anxious now too.

January 29th, 2006, 11:34 AM
((This RP has been moving too fast for me...so I'm afraid to say that I must drop out. School work comes first...and this RP is just too fast-moving for me to handle. Sorry.))

January 29th, 2006, 11:44 AM
Rika followed in after Chiira and saw the very cute pink cat-like Pokemon. She "awwed", and decided to just wait patiently as the Orb glowed a light blue color. Then, she stared into it, as she awaited for the Mew to explain just WHAT they were doing in this strange place. Rika then picked up a pebble and started to play with it.......................................

January 29th, 2006, 11:55 AM
OOC:I've already deleted the post and respected Baker's Bulbasaur's wish and deleted my post. I did not know that his character wanted to be left alone. I'm sorry for my lack of insight. B|

IC: Skar nudged the pokeball at my waist as he returned himself into his pokeball as Ivory walked after the girl and the pokemon.
The pink cat-like pokemon that floated above the orb was cute beyond comprehension, but the thickness of the tension kept her quiet.
She stared at the depths of the light blue orb. It's contents seemed never ending.
Why was she freaking out over a pokemon not even half her size? Maybe it was because everyone was being so respectful to the puny pokemon...She'd never seen or heard of this certain kind of pokemon before, and wondered why her pokemon all were quivering in their pokeballs.
It's voice was awfully high, making it sound like a child, but somehow you could feel that this being was more than just old.

January 29th, 2006, 12:35 PM
Toren was a little anxious to find out what was going on. Manectric was walking along quietly by his side. They were both wondering as to what exactly was going on, but remained relatively silent until they came to a large door. The Meowth they had been following before swung open the door with even touching it, seemingly.

Both Toren and Manectric had trouble seeing after the door was opened. They were ushered into a comlpletely white room, that when looking directely at it made you think you were almost blind. This was just abuot how the two felt.

Once they stepped into the room however, it only took a couple moments to adjust to the scenery. Floating in the air was some sort of pink-looking cat, that Toren only assumed to be a Pokemon. A light-blue orb was floating relatively near the ground, and the company was told to gather around it. Not wanting to upset anyone, Toren complied and took a closer look. He was glad that everything he had been yearning to know would finally be answered. he was curious as to what was happening, and why he had been brought here.

Alter Ego
January 30th, 2006, 7:07 AM
Bored of waiting from a reply from Fern who was obviously hesitating with her reply, Loki was about to start up a conversation with Chiira instead when the old grey creature person suddenly opened up a door in front of the group. Being who he was, Loki immediately turned his gaze towards the newly revealed room...which turned out to be a rather painfull mistake as his unadjusted eyes were struck head on with the sheer, blinding, mind-boggling whiteness of the room and he was forced to shut them tight, hobbling onward into the room like a blind man and hitting various legs, arms, and other appendages he couldn't recognize, these belonging to the other pokmon present, taking care to apologise profoundly each time.

As the psychic voice entered his mind, Loki slowly opened up his eyes again, blinking repeatedly as they ajusted to the bright interior of the room. Mew certainly was a pretty creature, such a nice colour...like Fern's ribbon, Loki thought. Although he was still puzzled about wether the creature was male or female. Under normal circumstances, the young Sandshrew would immediately have spoken up and asked about this, but there was something in the whole atmosphere of their little group that just seemed to scream 'don't do it!' through every one of his senses, and the ground type decided to obey, for once simply shutting up and doing as he was told as he made his way over to the orb, taking a place close to the people he knew best before peering into the pretty, blue surface of the orb, his mind seeming to drift into an unusually peaceful and calm state as he awaited the promised answers to what the great one's gender was, why Sandshrew never grew pink skin, and why humans hadn't developed better skin than they had...oh, and also what they were supposed to do, of course, although that wasn't exactly the first thing on Loki's mind at the moment.

January 30th, 2006, 7:42 AM
OOC: >.> Aw, alright Wolf_Goddess, if you must then you must. School comes before RPing always, after all, it is your future. ^^; We'll miss you! *waves*

Anyway... we shall be moving onward then.


As Chiira watched the glowing orb, she suddenly thought of her mother, and what the older Chikorita was thinking... was she missing her right now? Surely she hadn't been gone long enough for her mother to start worrying, had she?

Mew hovered above them all, and absent-mindedly swished its tail around, gathering its thoughts and then finally speaking. ((This is the world as you know it, correct? Well, as most of you know it. Ivory, I will explain your role in this in a moment.)) The orb suddenly began to glow brighter, and it showed various pictures of places around the areas they lived. There were human cities that were in shambles, pokemon villages and clans that looked abandoned and more like ruins than anything, and then pictures of others living in sub-standard conditions. Chiira knew from being taught by older ones in her clan that beyond her home many lived in fear and poverty from the reign of horrible pokemon. These were the same pokemon that had destroyed her parents' human's home....

((Are you all aware of the danger our people, pokemon and humans, are in?)) Mew asked, looking at them all with a knowing look. He wanted to hear what they thought of their own world, or if they were even aware of what was going on. They would know it sooner or later.

January 30th, 2006, 7:43 AM
{ooc| If WG has left, Nigma can join~!}

Fern gave Loki a timid smile. Humans, to her, were the most wonderfull creatures on earth. Most pokemon, of course, found her reliance and love for the two legged kind hilarious. Would Loki? The sandshrew seemed nice enough, but Fern didn't want to to take any chances.
Luckily for her, the door swung open, saving her from answering. Fern wrinkled her nose at the light, and lifted her front paw over her eye.
{Bright...} she whimpered, as Loki stumbled around.

As her eyes adjusted to the light, Fern took her first, tenative glance at Mew. Everything about her was pretty and sleek, and Fern found herself shying away. She ducked behind Loki - who, at least, was safe - and watched the pyscic type in awe. She (it was obviously a girl) was so...so mythical.... Fern had to tear her eyes away.
As she began to speak, telepathically, Fern too saw images of destruction. The little poochyena nodded, despite herself, and rose up infront of Mew.
{My girl's father was murdered!} she shouted, her fur bristling. After all, wasn't this the creature of legends? All powerfull? All knowing? Mew could do something!

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Also, Melissa, I'm loving your new banner.}

January 30th, 2006, 7:48 AM
"No, I don't think I am aware," Rika replied, her face looking something like the expression of a person about to be killed in a horror movie. She then looked around to see what the other's faces looked like, she hoped she was not the only one who was unaware. Rika sighed, and blinked again, and again, and again, because the room was so very bright, it made her eyes hurt. She looked around, constantly blinking, and then drank some more water, as she waited for everyone else to give a response.....

(OOC: L_A. congrats on your almost 1,000 post! Oh, and congrats to Charon-Chan for her 800th post! Oh, and thanks for the info AE)

Alter Ego
January 30th, 2006, 7:55 AM
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Loki blinked, snapping out of his trance at Mew's question, utterly disturbed by the images presented to him, not to mention Fern's statement.

{Danger?} he echoed, his voice completely nonplused, {The elders always said that the whole world was dangerous but they also said that eating Pecha roots makes you fat but I've been eating them and they are always telling me that I'm too skinny so they were wrong then and I thought they were wrong that other time too and-} the young Sandshrew took a breathing pause, {And what is the danger?} he concluded, trying to cast an encouraging smile at Fern while waiting for a reply, {Don't worry...} he whispered to her, feeling like it was the right thing to do, {We'll make those bad people stop, yes? We and Mew and all...they won't hurt anyone no more.} Loki's voice had an unusually serious edge to it as he pronounced these words, suggesting a sincerity and seriousness that was far from his average carefree self.

January 30th, 2006, 1:37 PM
"Y-yes, I am, somewhat aware, I suppose..."

Toren muttered, recalling the thoughts of a couple months ago, almost a year, when his father began to sell off his Pokemon and quit his job. Toren had never understood why this happened, but then the tales of olden times came flooding back that his mother had told him as a child, at night. She would whisper them quietly while he lied in his bed, almost like a lullaby. Back then, Pokemon and humans had never gotten along well, and a lot of people still didn't, and Toren thought it had all disappeared, but after witnessing what is father had done, he wasn't very sure anymore...

In any case, Toren remained in his same position. He had recalled Manectric into is Pokeball when he had been approaching his orb, and now wished that all of his Pokemon were to witness this special event with him. Several emotions were building up inside of him, fear of the pokemon beside of him, anger about the memories of his father, happy that he had been chosen to do something special, excitement about what would soon happen, and he was still curious about everything....(Whew, long sentence >.>;; )

January 30th, 2006, 3:54 PM
Ivory raised an eyebrow as she peered into the orb, which showed villages, cities resembling places like Saffron, Goldenrod, and Rustboro, just in shambles.
"Um, I don't know what's going on...what do you mean not my world?" Skar shifted uncomfortably in his pokeball, having felt the different air in the cave when they'd first appeared.
"Am I, in a different dimension or something like that?" Ivory asked examining someplace that looked incredibly similar to her hometown, Cinnabar "And, is my role somehow different then the others? Is that why you have to explain it to me, or is it just the way you said it?"
Ivory glanced up at the floating pokemon, according to the sandshrew, named 'Mew'.
Her blue eyes were filled with utter confusion, and a pinch of the unsure, and fearfulness of change. And it felt as though this was one big change.
'My role...is it the same as the others? Is di somehow different? If it is, why? Why is it different? Why wasn't the other girl picked, or the guy, or or, the pokemon?!' Ivory put and hand to her head and shook all the thoughts away 'This isn't making sense...'

January 30th, 2006, 8:26 PM
OOC: I'm sorry, but I think I'll have to quit also. Like Wolf Goddess, I am finding it hard to fit this fast-paced thread into my schedule now that schoolwork has gotten in the way. My apologies. This has been a great RP and it is with deep sorrow that I withdraw. Thank you all for giving me such a wonderful RPing experience, and farewell.

Baker's Bulbasaur
January 31st, 2006, 10:06 AM
''Yes'' Haze said very simply yet scornfully ''Yes, i do indeed know what is going on with the world, what has always! Been the situation shall we say, in our universal habbitat''
The Crobat had been hiding just outside the door to the bright room, hiding in the shadows, upon first glance into the room his eyes had become deeply injured, never had he known such light, he had enough trouble with daylight, although he would often hunt in it nevertheless.This light however was absolutely unreal.......but what was even more unreal, the sight of the great legend, a pokemon said to be myth, some thought of it as not even a pokemon but merely some sort of alien, the all powerful great one, Mew.

Ignoring the pain of the light, the poisone type which would never willingly show signs of caring for another without the reason of severeness, flew into the room and perched himself onto the floor, he spread out his wings and bowed his head, Mew after all, was worth the respect, Haze has always believed in him, always his entire life. When he was barely an egg, he could remember his mother talking to him, telling himstories, great stories of the pokemon god known as Mew, and his mother had never and would never, ever tell a lie.

''My lord, I am your humble servant, and I mean you no disrespect, but I must ask you now, for i sense if i hold it in any longer it will destroy me, great Mew......why must we pokemon have humans in our presents? surely, surely you know that they are not to be trusted....surely.....surely you know as i do......that they are the reason that most pokemon have been brought up in the unknown, kept to themselves as to shield them from the scars that have been made by humans.......''

Haze spoke every word to the floor with his head down, but with the words clearly directing themselvs at Mew. Perhaps in any other circumstances he would have thought of a less direct way of explaining this to the other pokemon, most of which were still young, midunderstanding, influenced. But he had been in the same room as a human long enough and couldn't stand it any longer, besides, it was about time these poor pokemon knew the truth.

OOC - Are we having the humans understand the pokemon language?......
If it's our own choice i'de rather not be understood by them unless a tim comes where my character learns to trust these particular ones.

Alter Ego
January 31st, 2006, 10:10 AM
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January 31st, 2006, 10:34 AM
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And yes, pokemon and humans can understand one another in Mew's humble abode. ^^

Oh and thanks for the nice comment on my banner Charon! ^-^ It's an Oekaki I recently did.


Mew looked upon them all, some were still confused and so it would have to explain things from the beginning. This would take a bit of time, but it was essential that they all understand why they were here. Little did Loki realize it, but he actually had figured out the reason they were here. Mew then turned its bright, crystal blue eyes upon Haze, and smiled.

((Thank you for your concern my friend, but I will explain why the humans are here. Believe it or not, they are a key element to my plan,)) the pink pokemon said lightly before it went back to the orb, ((Now... let us begin in the beginning, shall we? In the beginning, you may recall, our world was equal. Humans and pokemon lived together as family, and no pokemon was ever asked to do a human's bidding or kept in a device. I know some of you might not believe that, but they did. I should know, I was there. I actually had a human friend that I considered closer than a brother. He died after a while though, and I lived on.)) Mew's eyes got a bit glossier at this point, but it blinked a few times and went back to talking.

((These times gave away to worse times though, as humans began to get greedy and attempt to conquer their own neighbors. They began to use pokemon to do their 'dirty work' as it is called, and pokemon turned into little more than slaves. This is how it was before the very dark times of today. You may not realize it, but this is going to be remembered as one of the worse times in history. Ivory might remember what I speak of, if she has learned her history well enough,)) the pokemon cast a thoughtful glance at the human girl, ((To rise up against the humans, there were ten pokemon.))

As Mew spoke of them, their images lit up on the orb in the middle of the group. ((They are now known as the Terrible Ten by all of you. Perhaps some of you might not know what they look like or what exactly they have done, but it must be clear to you that they continue to terrorize and kill innocent people-- pokemon and humans. So, they must be stopped. That is where you all come in.)) The creature paused to look at each of them.

Chiira felt her mind reeling a bit. That was a lot of information to take in. Stop the horrible creatures that no one else had ever been able to stop?! That was suicide! How would they ever have enough strength to defeat them? Chiira glanced around. None of them were even the same size as half of them! There was no way....

{I... don't understand, how?} Chiira said, thinking hard.

January 31st, 2006, 10:51 AM
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Fern's own mind was buzzing with questions. Like many of the pokemon in the room, she was only first stage, and Fern's own experience of battling involved frightening away the spearows that harried her girl's crops. That wasn't battling, just barking! With style!

Dropping back onto her haunches, Fern closed her eyes. Chiira had already asked the question in - or Fern thought - was in everyone's mind. How could they stop the terrible ten? There was but eight of them!

January 31st, 2006, 12:25 PM
Toren listened to Mew talk slowly, the tales of the time before them slowly drifting into his mind. It sounded like the perfect world, Pokemon and humans living together in perfect harmony. But then, these "Terrible Ten" appeared once the humans started treating all the little creatures like slaves. Then, it seemed like everything went down the drain. These powerful pokemon were causing mass destruction, killing everyone, whether it be humans or Pokemon.

This is unreal...How are we, just simple humans and Pokemon, able to stop these Pokemon that Mew described to be practically unstoppable? It seems like they're invincible...

He thought to himself, not saying it out loud because he realized that the other humans and even the Pokemon beside of him were able to understand.

"Yes, I what to now the same thing as this,erm.. Chikorita. How exactly are we supposed to do all this?"....

He said gently, gazing up at the pink Pokemon before him. His eyes then difted to the orb before them. Images of the Terrible Ten appeared slowly, driving Toren's mind almost into fear, but not quite.

January 31st, 2006, 3:17 PM
(OOC: I wonder how many pages this RP will last?? Hmm........*daydreams*......*finger snaps*......Huh? What? Oh, i'm sorry, I need to post! ^^!)\


Taking in what she had just heard, Rika gasped.

"Wow, there are so many of them.....They look so powerful...." Rika thought as the Terrible Ten appeared in the Orb.....

She then asked the Mew, "erm, how can we defeat TEN super-powerful Pokemon, if there are but eight of us Pokemon and humans?!" Her voice then got a bit scared, but, she sounded mand when she was scared. She began to tremble at the creepy news, recalling the childish-like voice of the Great One telling the story over and over again in her mind. She then quickly glanced at everyone in the room, looking at their expressions.........

January 31st, 2006, 4:19 PM
OOC: 100th post!

IC: Ivory flushed as she scanned her mind for this tidbit of information, wishing that she'd paid more attention in class.
"Terrible Ten. Yeah something about ten other warriors defeating them or something." Ivory mumbled.
'And the fact that it seemed to change everyother day, one time saying it was the Terrible Ten who'd been defeated, then saying the Terrible Ten defeated the warriors the next day. As though the text had changed, or history changed. Nobody seemed to notice except me...' Ivory thought to herself.
"History isn't set in stone is it?" Ivory asked Mew, starting to wonder how much homework would pile up for her when she got back as obviously she wasn't going anywhere anytime soon.

Baker's Bulbasaur
February 1st, 2006, 8:08 AM
Haze remained still, staring at the strange orb with the images of the terrible 10 running through it. He had heard of these beings before, and although he never completely agreed with them, there cause of trying to make the world a better place with the demolition of humans was defenitely one that the Crobat could not disagree with.

''My Lord'' he said in a low but clear voice ''If it is the destruction of the terrible 10 that you wish for then I am your humble servant and will be more then exstatic to aid you in this mission, but prey i must ask.......what is so bad about them that gives cause enough for even the planning of bringing them down to failure in their quest? Granted they have done some terrible things, but so have many pokemon, and they wern't all struck down by the gods, so i feel that the only thing which seperates them from the rest is their obsession with wiping out the human scum, and i must ask, what is so bad about that?''

He spoke extremely blatantly without hesitation, what did he care of what humans thought of him?.......and he was doing the other pokemon a favour by allerting them of this, this ruth that humans were demon scum not to be trusted......

February 1st, 2006, 11:16 AM

Mew nodded at each of their questions, its expression looking at them as if it had known what they were all about to say. The little pink pokemon smiled at them.

((Your questions are all quite valid. I shall address Haze's question first. The Terrible Ten, as you call them, may seem like they pose little danger to the pokemon community as a whole, but they are quickly changing their minds. They have begun to target whole clans of pokemon that they do not approve of, and wipe them out. This is why they must be stopped. They will destroy everything in their path eventually. It no longer matters if you ally yourself with them either, they have recently destroyed a large group of Arbok and Seviper living in the Old Wood. Those pokemon were some of their most loyal servants, but the Ten killed them all because they thought the snakes were getting too cocky. They lied. They merely killed them because the snakes had begun to get more powerful than the Ten had expected. Their power was being challenged, and they didn't like it,)) the pink cat pokemon paused here, thinking silently, allowing the others to take in what it was saying.

It swayed in the air, the long, pink tail twisting about absentmindedly. ((Now for the next question... how you are going to defeat these beings. There are secrets that have been guarded since long ago. These secret items and powers were created long ago for such a time. Perhaps I should begin with the beginning, eh?)) the pink pokemon chuckled to itself, ((When I was young, there was a wise, old pokemon that was respected by all. This was Xatu. Today, Xatu are rarely seen, but are not considered legendary, as they were in my time on Earth. Xatu possessed the power to see into the future. He told us that this battle would take place. The battle that is raging right now with the Terrible Ten. He told us to make weapons to help the chosen ones of the future. So a few companions and I made weapons for the chosen heroes. We infused them with a good deal of ancient elemental magic; something you cannot find anymore. In order to defeat the Terrible Ten, you must find these ancient weapons and use them against the beasts. They will fall with them, and thus bring peace once again to the land for pokemon and humans alike.))

The pokemon turned to Ivory. ((You are correct though Ivory, history can change. Seeing the future is tricky business, and though Xatu was a wise bird, there is always the slight possibility that he may have been wrong. Even gods do not know everything. If any of you want to back out of this, now would be the time to do so. It will not be easy, and it will not be fun. I have faith that you can defeat them; they are only pokemon, you have the help of an ancient magic. However, nothing is for certain except for the fact that if you do not try, then they will surely destroy this world.))

Chiira was still a little confused by all of this. Why were they the chosen few? There must have been some process by which Mew had chosen them? She was unsure about this... it seemed like suicide... but if this Xatu was right, then they would win. This was a hard choice. Chiira knew that Mew was right though, the world couldn't take much more of this treatment, and so she put her foot down hard.

{I'll do it. I don't want to see our world destroyed,} she said, looking determined. It may have seemed like suicide, but so did doing nothing.

February 1st, 2006, 1:56 PM
"Yes, I agree with this Chikorita over here. if we don't do something, we'll all be wiped out anyway. I'd rather die trying to save the world then die just sitting around doing nothing."

He muttered, admiring the courage of the little, green Pokemon beside of him. it was a small Pokemon, but it was probably one of the bravest there. In times such as these, bravery and courage are probably hard to find, and a little Chikorita with these qualities must be very special.

"Great Mew, I understand everything that we need to do, but I have another question, if it's not too much trouble of course. Where exactly are we supposed to find these ancient weapons? The world is so vast that they could be practically anywhere..."

February 1st, 2006, 2:51 PM
OOC: Tyson, who's the Cyndaquil? Or did you mean Chikorita? (or am I totally missing something?)

Ivory thought for a moment, and after many logical thoughts she said "Yeah, I'll help seeing as I'll never exist if we don't get rid of them. And we can even tell when we're losing, because I'll start to disappear right?"
The thought was sad, but the mood was cheery. It's not like anything would go extremely wrong. That was what she hoped at least, or else she'd have to back out of the mission without a choice. Literally.
Shade wriggled in his pokeball. He knew exactly what was on Ivory's mind, and he knew that it applied to all of them. All of them from the future and everything. He knew that time was already dwindling, the more they lingered here, according to Ivory's fingers that were already starting to look paler than before. Soon they would be entirely see through!
"And, after we find the items, how will we usethem? will it just fall into place? And..." Ivory started
"Why me? I'm from the future, it's so much hassle to bring me here."
The fact she was in the past obviously hadn't really sunk in just yet. Ivory was having trouble believing this, as the only proof around her at the moment were pokemon who looked like any of your daily pokemon, and the two other human's certainly didn't look ancient either.

February 1st, 2006, 3:16 PM
OOC: Oh, sorry, I did mean Chikorita. I have a Cyndaquil in one of my other role-plays and I'm just stuck in "Cyndaquil mode" =D Sorry.

Alter Ego
February 2nd, 2006, 10:13 AM
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Aaaanyhow, yes, I do have to agree that this one is progressing a bit slower than some that I've been in. Just goes to show you, speed is indeed relative. xD

But enough of my drivel, it's IC time!


Loki had once again been forced to fall silent simply because there was too much information trying to enter his mind at the same time again, which of course led to a great bustling in his head before each of the impulses had, grouchily and with plenty of protest, allowed themselves to be ushered into a neat line to wait for their turn. So...these 'Terrible Ten' were...bad people? Were they the ones who had hurt the nice and pretty Fern's nice human friend who had given her the pretty ribbon? The Sandshrew's face contorted into the closest thing to anger that it was capable of expressing, which wasn't really all that much, as he thought of such terrible bad people...ohh...they'd have to catch them. Yes, they'd have to catch them and-and...give them all a big spanking. Yes, that ought to teach them. A big spanking to keep them from sitting on their buttocks. And...Mew mentioned something about things that would help them in administering the spanking?

"Ohh! So we must search for shiny things?" Loki inquired enthusiastically, "Ohh! I'm very good at that! I find all of these funny-shaped rocks, and small shiny things, and tasty roots and stuff, I can find bugs too but that's boring, what are we looking after? I mean, are they nice, pretty rock-things, or tasty root-things or-" he paused, his glance having absent-mindedly fallen on Ivory and his eyes quickly noticing that there seemed to be something different about the girl.

"Umm...are you okay?" he asked, walking a bit closer to the girl and peering curiously at her, "You are looking kind of pale. Ohh...should I find a tasty root thing to make you feel better?" he offered, "Master Pomako once told me that there was this one root that makes you feel like you've rested even though you haven't and helps when you're pale and not well and stuff, he's stuffy and all but he knows roots. Should I find a root for you, human person from the other place?"

February 2nd, 2006, 2:56 PM
Ivory sweatdropped "No, that's okay, I'm fine, I suppose it's just because of the stress, besides, I'm naturally a pretty pale person."
She laughed as she shoved her hands into her jacket's pocket, and said "But thank you for your offer."

What a cutie! Certainly cuter than the Sandshrews in her time. Those just crawled up from the ground and scratched your face off. So friendly as well! She certainly wouldn't mind staying in this time period.
But then, she didn't know much about this time period anyway. There wasn't much to say about it, as she'd only seen this cave, which is certainly not where she'd want to live. It would also suck not having showers. She almost shuddered at the thought of no bathing besides a nearby lake, but, maybe he was being a stereotype...

There was so much to take in. It seemed to sink in, then leave her completely. She remembered the Terrible Ten, as she'd done a project on it, although she'd recieved a fair C- on it. She somehow couldn't remember the part of her project which discussed the Terrible Ten's weaknesses...but, maybe she hadn't even added that part.

February 3rd, 2006, 8:37 AM
OOC: Heh, I'm finally replying! XD

Oh PS, I went and read some of that the other day. ^-^ It's fun to re-read parts of RPs you've been in that you liked.

Anyway, onto the show!


Mew sighed, knowing how hard it must have been for them all to try and accept their fates of becoming great heroes and heroines. There were some things that even the Great One couldn't tell them though... trying times that they would have to endure on their own. Yes, it thought to itself, they would have to figure out how to get past those ones on their own because the Great One itself did not even know if they could get past them.

The Mew addressed Toren's question first, ((Ah where the weapons are? That is an easy answer. I have something to give you. Dom, would you please bring it? Until then, I will explain why I brought you here Ivory.))

Chiira watched as Dom the Meowth bowed his head to the Great One, and then turned and walked straight through the pitch-white wall. She started, a little freaked out that a pokemon could walk through a wall, but then figured that she didn't know everything about this place, and that perhaps it was a hidden wall or something.

((Ivory, I brought you here because your knowledge of the future will be needed at some point. You may not realize it, but you are an incredible resource. I cannot tell you when you will be needed, or what you will be required to do, just know that you have an important role,)) the pink pokemon paused for a moment, ((And yes, if you do not defeat the Ten, then you will be erased from existance. So it literally is your life you will be fighting for, and the life of your pokemon and your friends.))

Suddenly Dom reappeared near Chiira, and she was utterly puzzled about how he ever left or where he went in the first place. She shrugged it off though, and instead got a glimpse at what the Meowth had in his mouth. It appeared to be an old piece of cloth? Something rolled up like a paper though, however Chiira wasn't sure as she had only vague memories of what paper even looked like.

((Oh Dom... must you place things in your mouth when you carry them?)) the Mew asked, chuckling a bit.

{My apologies! I... It is an old habit Great One,} the Meowth answered nervously.

Mew's tail dipped a little, ((No harm done Dom. Just try not to get my items so... wet. Now,)) the pokemon returned its attention to the others, ((This is a map made a long, long time ago. It is on cloth it is so old. On it you will find each of your weapons marked in their respective places. This is as far as I can help you with it though. When you get to where it's hidden, you must use your own minds to find them. Lucky for you--)) the Mew was looking at Loki, ((--most of them are shiny. Ask others of the towns, and surrounding areas; they might help you. However, you must exercise caution with whom you talk with, because some people wouldn't mind telling the Terrible Ten your location. After I send you out of here, they will know what you are trying to do, and they will no doubt try to hunt you down. You must be careful.))

February 3rd, 2006, 9:20 AM
Toren nodded slightly, listening contently to everything that Mew was saying. He was happy that the Great One would be able to help them, even if only a little. Toren cocked his head and felt very strange when he saw Dom, the Meowth that they had been following before, walk off and suddenly disappear into the white wall. It startled him, and he almost jumped in surprise, but tried to remain relatively quiet and so stayed quietly in his spot.

When Dom returned with some sort of old cloth in his mouth, Mew asked it a question and laughed quietly to himself. Toren also did, but mostly inside his head because he thought it would be disrespectful to Mew to have such a behavior in front of him.

"Oh, t-thank you, Great One. This map will make the journey so much easier. And.."

He said, pausing to smile at Loki, the Sandshrew.

"The objects being shiny will make everything even easier then before. Oh, I'm sorry, I'm talking too much aren't I? I really must be more respectful..."

He said sadly, drooping his head and staring down at the floor. Here he had been, trying to be the utmost of respect towards the legendary Mew, and he hadn't even realized how talkative he had been! Such foolishness, Toren was ashamed of himself.

February 3rd, 2006, 9:25 AM
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I used to be deathly afraid of water when I was younger... ;;}

The poochyena listened intently, her ears pricked. Her fear had departed - there was something about the mystical, hovering creature that made Fern feel at ease, despite the prescence of a huge crobat in the room and several strange trainers. Her fur bristled.
"Each of... our weapons?" she asked quietly, scared to speak to loudly, "Does that mean... we'll all be fighting?" she dropped onto her haunches and curled her tail around her feet, shaking her head woefully. Me? Battling? Back at home her parents and siblings had constantly told her how weak she was; even when she lived with the girl, Fern did little more than bark at stray spearows.

February 3rd, 2006, 2:55 PM
IC: "Hey, if anyone's talking too much it's me." Ivory said to the boy, and then she glanced at the map in the Meowth's...mouth... mentally she cringed and screamed that she'd never touch it, but she later thought better of actually saying and doing it.

"So, what happens if my pokemon start to disappear? Then I'll have nothing to defend myself with right? And, what if I disappear completely? Will someone else be chosen for my weapon? Or if we change our tactic to something better that will work, will I come back, or am I gone for good? I'm so confused." Ivory mumbled and Jet said from his pokeball,

{Hear Hear.} He replied moodily as he watched his tail become transparent.

It seemed as though every step closer to the Terrible Ten was making her more visible, and every step farther from them made her disappear more. When the Meowth arrived with the map in it's mouth, her hand seemed to reliquish the pale tones, and return to it's regular, still chalk colored, but normal looking skin.

"If part of me disappears completely, will it be gone forever also?" Ivory asked, hoping dearly this wouldn't happen to her hair, face, hands, feet, or really any part of her. That would be disastrous. And embarrassing to explain if she made it back to the future. This adventure could spell death for her and her pokemon. And yet, she didn't have the reaction she thought she'd have. She wasn't freaking out or crying or anything, she was calm, and serene...to a short extent.

Baker's Bulbasaur
February 3rd, 2006, 4:02 PM
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I'm deply sorry my RP'ing has been delayed lately, i have had my show of ''sweet charity'' from wednesday onwards, and have our last show tomorrow, im posting now having just gotten off stage from odays about 15 minutes ago, and im about to go to bed, i also have a yugioh tournament tomorrow to prepare for.....*groan*
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cya soon guys, g'night.

February 3rd, 2006, 8:38 PM
Rika slightly bobbed her head, the bun on her head slightly moving out of balance. It loosened up by accident, allowing her blood-red hair freely flowing down her back. Her huge teal eyes blinked as she slightly blushed, embarassed at the fact that almost no one had ever seen her with her hair down, only one, her mom and dad. And at this thought, small tears welled up in Rika's eyes, making her teal eyes shine like illuminent pools of light. She rubbed her eyes, making the tears go away, and asked the Mew,

"Where exactly are each of are weapons located? Are we each going to get individual maps? And, are we going to become more powerful as we equip each weapon??"

Alter Ego
February 4th, 2006, 7:06 AM
{ooc| Aaaalter, you're meant to say: '*gasp* don't be silly, Charon, you're not an attention whore at all, you're a fine and respectable member of society!'

*Gaspen* Wasn't that what I said? You must learn to read between the lines, Charon. xD

But yeah, reading old RPs can be fun...although certain less-than-glorious performrances of mine kind of scare me and have me going 'what the heck was I thinking?'. Speaking of old RPs...dang, now the Alhpimega ghost has come back to haunt me again...;__; *Throws a chair at Tsukasa* Bloody plotstealer! Is' all your fault! XO We were well over 70 pages dangit!


{Oh...okies.} Loki replied as Ivory stated that she didn't need a root at the moment, {But tell me if you change your mind, yes, new friend from the other here?} the Sandshrew cast a quick smile at the girl in front of him before turning around, just in time to see Dom returning with a peculiar object in his mouth...

{Map?} Loki inquired curiously, scratching his head before making his way over to the strange object and peering at it with great interest. After all, Sandshrew knew the lay of the land through intuition and experience, maps were something quite new to the ground type. During his short visits to human towns, Loki had managed a peek or two at one of these peculiar objects which the humans seemed to hold in such high regard, and while some of them certainly were pretty and decorative with the nice, curved writing on them and all, he had never quite understood how humans could find their way in the world with such things. Afer all, even Loki realized that the world was a lot larger than that, the thought that you could hold a picture of it in your hands was a rather confusing one, and besides, the Sandshrew was also quite confident that it wasn't flat, unlike what the maps seemed to suggest, and it was a lot more colorfull too.

{Ohh! this is one of the things that humans find other things with, yes?!} he thought out loud, {Maybe someone could explain how it works, yes?} the Sandshrew peered up at the humans surrounding him, just as Toren decided to finally pay attention to him.

{Oh, that's okay, other human person.} the ground type replied cheerfully, {I talk lots too, yak, yak, yak, and never listen the elders used to say. I don't mind, just tell me how you use this thing, yes?} Loki nodded towards the map, {How can people fit something soooo big as the world onto something this small?}

February 4th, 2006, 11:30 AM
OOC: 'Tis alright BB. Haze is the kind of aloof pokemon that can be silent for a little while and still be in character. ^^;;

Ah yes... Alphimega... I felt sorry for you guys! All that hard work and they made a big stink about it! I know it's wrong to steal another plot, but none of you were at fault. It's just stupid. -.- Eh, well, it shall live in our hearts Alter.


Mew pondered all of the questions as they came to it. ((I cannot answer every question you have. There is only the one map though, so take care of it or you will loose the only thing you have to help you. When you recieve a weapon, your own elemental power will increase but only yours. The others must find their own weapons. As for you disappearing Ivory... I'm afraid I do not know the details of that. Celebi, Xatu, or some other time-traveling being might know more.)) The ancient pokemon closed its eyes for a moment. It suddenly looked quite tired and even more ancient somehow, the youthful appearance of its pink face replaced by an almost wrinkly one.

((My power can only last so long... in a short time, I will transport you all to a starting place. Dom... Dom will help you,)) the Great One said, indicating the Meowth. Dom looked up at his master with concern.

{What?! B- But Master... I should not leave you,} the cat pokemon said nervously. He was afraid of showing disrespect, and yet he wanted to scream in protest.

Chiira frowned. Mew... low on power? How could that have happened, unless there was some large drain on it. It couldn't have been from transporting them, they were only small beings. Dom looked concerned too, and Chiira was wondering if he wasn't worried about something they were not aware of yet.

Chiira nodded. {I'm ready. Let's go,} she said, looking serious as usual.

February 4th, 2006, 1:09 PM
Toren squinted his eyes when he looked at the face of Mew. Before, when they had entered, the Pokemon's face had looked lively and absolutely full of youth, but now, as he spoke about limited power, his face seemed to grow older mysteriously, as if his ancient prowess was now being revealed. It seemed like a strange transformation, but he guessed that the Great One would be full of surprises.

Toren nodded in agreement and prepared to think about the coming trials. Their mission, for now at least, was to find these ancient weapons that would increase their....elemental powers? Toren was a little confused about this but he supposed that everything would be revealed as time passed. he had man questions to ask, but didn't think that it would be respectful to just start blurting them out.

"Yes, I'm ready as well."

February 5th, 2006, 1:17 AM
*Gaspen* Wasn't that what I said? You must learn to read between the lines, Charon. xD
*isn't clever enough to do that* x_x; ho hum, I'm dumb. I can't catch on to internet sarcasm. And I come from England, home of sarcastic people! Despicable.. *tuts*
I've just realised, I also want to continue doing German at college.... too many choices!}

Fern shrank back. If the Great One... If her power was running out, was that why she was recruiting the help of mere motals? She whined softly, and darted behind the boy called Toren. He looked quite brave, and he was a good deal bigger than Loki and Chiira. She peered out from behind his legs.
"I... I don't know about this..." she stammered, but to her surprise everyone seemed determined. Happy to help. Toren, too, declared he was ready, and Fern felt her cheeks burn red beneath her silken coat.
"Well... Maybe I'll.... come with....just for a bit..." she whispered, and took a step away from Toren. After all, he probably didn't want a skinny little runt like her hanging around him.

{EDIT: I drew Fern~! She doesn't look very small/cute in this picture... just take my word for it, she is ^^;

February 5th, 2006, 1:33 AM
Saddened at the Great One losing it's power, Rika sighed, and also said that she was ready for whatever they would throw at her. She blinked her big eyes, smiling, but with a serious expression on her face. She wondered what her starting place would be.....

"Could it be in a dungeon of sorts? Or maybe, it could be in a meadow, I have always loved grass Pokemon." she pondered, now with an intelligent look on her face.....