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January 25th, 2006, 4:44 PM
**Content advisory for most of these**
Ages 13 and up please ^^"

Anyways, below is some poems of mine. I decided I'm really bored, so I'll actually share them. Usually I just save them and don't look at them again. And sometimes I use chunks of them in my signature. But now ... you lucky people get to see them <<"


-> Eclipse

Here comes another eclipse;
Blocking out my sun again.
And I stumble around for a bit,
Before I realize that I'm at a standstill.

The sun finally removes its mask;
Just in time for night-time,
But I've already seen the moon,
Much more than I ever wanted to.

What happend to the ocean's waves
Reflecting the sun that lighted me.
It's all gone, and I'm stuck in a black.
A black. A dark. A night. Another.

Morning's nothing to look forward to;
It's just the waking point in a constant night.
There's nothing to look forward;
And I've learned this monotony.

Stars used to dot my dreams,
Lighting my dreams that used to exist.
They've both disappeared,
And I'm left to wonder if I still live.

This darkness is looking so familiar;
Like the coffin I just got out of.
Am I at the mausolem again;
Waiting to be identified?

Or maybe it's past that now...
And I'm six feet under with no way
To ever see the sun again;
And it wasn't even my choice.

One day I just wake up in what I assumed...
Maybe I just thought it was an eclipse.
Now I realize that I sent my funeral notices out.
My body's trapped; and my mind's free to ramble.


-> Turned Your Back

How come when you
Open your wallet
All you pay is

When we wanted
Your sympathy
You gave no

And maybe you were
Just trying to
Look the

Or possibly ignoring
The problem that
You created
but it sure

So maybe next time
I'll just turn my
Back so you
Know how
it felt.


-> I'm Going to Japan Without You Sweetheart

I'm going to Japan sweetheart,
And I've decided to leave you behind.
Oh, it's nothing personal love.
You think I hate you,
But that's just not the truth.

Sometimes I need to follow my
Quickly beating heart
As it leads me onto another place;
Another time;
Another country.

I've gotten so weak here,
It's sapped all my strength.
And I need a place to just
Try a spice and soak in something
Different and new.

So don't shed tears for me;
I'll come round next year.
With new stories and friends.
Ready to tackle the monotony
That plagued me.


-> Smiles Were for Yesterday

The party's packed tonight; so many people.
So please explain why I feel so alone tonight.
And tell me why the room's just gone silent.
Or maybe it's just that I'm deaf.

Time's flown since the last time I smiled;
And now it's so foriegn to my face.
I've pursed my lips and frowned.
Being happy just doesn't fit me anymore.

Let's party and toast to unfufillment,
Let's drink to failing at perfection,
Let's cry to wrecking our lives.

Sometime later we'll all laugh,
And think of how stupid we used to be.
But now I'm afraid it won't last that long.
Life's flying, and I'm not smiling.

The sun's darkened over,
And drugs can't fix it like they used to.
The fog's rolling in.
And the alcohol can't fix my vision.

So what happens when I'm standing still;
But think I'm going ninety nine miles an hour.
So what comes next when I'm dying;
But think that I've just begun to live?


So yeah...I might post some more if I feel the need o.o; So that's my junk~ ^^" Comment on one, all, whatever.

P l e a s e ?

Lady Akita
January 25th, 2006, 9:27 PM
I will, since I know how it feel like to have your poems totally ignored. @@ In this case, you'd probably ignor eme. Well, I might not be worthy enough to read your poems, but I will be if I compliment you enough, right? XP
They're so sad. And I could really relate to all three of them, especially the first one. The third one I must admit didn't appeal to me as much, but the others gave a strong sense of emotion. Great job.