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Lady Akita
January 25th, 2006, 10:03 PM
A short story describing only a moment. No chapters. Not a fan-fic. Real life.


Martha sat at the table in the fast food restaurant. Her eyes twitched, and she continuously scratched her neck. She felt restless. Looking around, she caught with her eye the happy chatters of teenage friends, pairs of lovers, senior citizens reading the paper, everything you could see in the ordinary country town. She let out a big yawn, and streched her arms out wide, which attracted the brief attention of a few people.
She pulled back her hair, and fixed her gaze at the young woman sitting nearby. She was talking to a friend, and her hands moved along with her lips, of which Martha followed carefully. But a second later the ladies moved away from their seats, to the garbage, and out the door.
Martha scanned the room for someone else to stare at. Amazingly, she found a man sitting along, at a corner, quietly nibbling at a hamburger. She made sure that mobody was sitting with him, and walked up to fill the empty seat facing the stranger.
He smiled, and she smiled back. They shook hands, and continued eating. The man pointed to his ears, and shook his head. Martha beileved that he was trying to say that he was deaf. She felt sorry for him. While so many of us are talking our hearing for granted, blasting the stereo on full volume, this man had never heard what a song even sounded like.
They ate in silence, one facing the other. Martha didn't know what to do. She had promised her boyfriend. Her almost-ex boyfriend-to meet here and talk. She wanted him to give her a second chance. Because she loved him. And she didn't want to break up.
Suddenly, Martha scrambled out of the seat, held out her second finger to the man to signal 'wait', and went back to her own table. He wasen't here. A sudden rush of relief flooded her. She could still have her chance.
To her surprise, there was a letter addressed to her on the table. She picked it up, and gently tore open the envelope. The letter inside was folded neatly, in expensive, formal letter paper. Unfolding it, she read out the words to herself.

'Why any more confessions. You'd know. I saw you with him. With the man. Now you'd have a good reason for breakup. But I just can't believe you. How could you be dating him..

My very own father?'