View Full Version : KOS-MOS rotting in a dark alley...<=(

January 26th, 2006, 12:26 PM
HELLO! Its me, LVARO. again HU HU HU. It seems that I drew another KOS-MOS drawing, and once again she isnt using those OTAKU outfits of her (cough, armor and visor)... But this time I decided to make a DARK, SAD and kinda MELANCHOLIC drawing... : KOS-MOS in a dark alley, she seem like she used drugs, and she is rotting till the end of days in a dark alley. NOtice that there is a bottle besides her, and it is surrounded, kinda, by candles, like in those black magic, satanic stuff. Here, have the black and white version first:

Now enjoy the coloured version hu hu hu. Notice that I added some new and funny stuff in the coloured version XD.

January 26th, 2006, 12:36 PM
XD I like the detail of the background/wall, how you did the cracks.

Very nice! Keep it up! ^^

January 26th, 2006, 1:23 PM
hehe, nice but the photoshop grass brushes kinda spoiled it a bit. well done :)

January 26th, 2006, 1:26 PM
I love it, especially the colored version.

You draw exceptionaly well at hand. Better hand drawing in this forums I can only mention Phantom_Bugsy, because most drawings are uploaded already colored.

Nice job.

January 26th, 2006, 2:15 PM
This looks like the best art I ever seen! I love it! :) Keep it up!

January 26th, 2006, 2:21 PM
seen the b&w art, very good, but the color art is superb!, keep it up*faints*