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January 26th, 2006, 2:52 PM
Since the old one has been dead for some time I thought I may make a new one.

1.Stay on topic
2.No bashing other characters or shippings
3.No double posting
4.When you post pics, make sure to keep the "minimum of four words" rule
5.Discussing shippings are allowed!
6.You can start a topic of you're own and ask questions about any of the characters
7.Have fun!^^
8.Don't let this die ;__;

Rocky - Thats me Lol
Shampoo - My Sis (Co-Owner as well)
Jack Skellington - Likes the movie "Corpse bride'
Rai-Poo - My Triplet Sister
Nodroz - Mysterious beginner

Now then, let the craziness begin =3

January 26th, 2006, 3:02 PM
Darn it,you stole my "giggle" quote XD

I'll join.I LOVE Ranma 1/2.My fav character is Shampoo <3

January 26th, 2006, 3:09 PM
Yay, welcome Shamps. I shall add you as a Co-Owner as well =3

January 26th, 2006, 5:59 PM
Yippee <3 Another job to add to my "de ja la mode" list XD So who's your fav character?

January 26th, 2006, 6:12 PM
Can I join?? I love the Manga better than the Anime thouugh, and y fvaorite characters are Ranma, and Shampoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :3

January 26th, 2006, 6:31 PM
I like both truly XD The anime,makes Shampy with an adorable voice X3

January 26th, 2006, 6:35 PM
I am gonna join! I love Ranma 1/2 <3

January 26th, 2006, 7:43 PM
I'll join, too. Ranma 1/2 rocks. IMO, the manga's a lot better than the anime, though. BTW, my fave characters are Ryoga, Ranma, Tsubasa, Happosai, and Shampoo.

January 26th, 2006, 7:45 PM
Welcome, I shall add you three.

I've never read the manga, but the anime is awesome.

MAR Heaven
January 26th, 2006, 8:31 PM
Ill join guys! I like Ranma 1/2 My favorite Characters are Shampoo and Ranma!

January 27th, 2006, 6:39 PM
Shampoo and Ranma seem to be popular. XD I like Ukyo and Ryoga too,they're awesome! :3

January 28th, 2006, 1:44 PM
I like both Shampoo and Ramna ,but my fave character is mousse, why just look:

Your Mousse, a nearsighted Chinese martial artist whose speciality is hidden weapons, mousse has been Shampoo's suitor since childhood. He changes into a duck!

Take the quiz here: http://quizilla.com/users/2weird4urlife/quizzes/What%20Ramna%201%5C2%20characters%20are%20you%3F/

January 28th, 2006, 1:48 PM
I got who I wanted <3
your Shampoo A chinese martial artist from a village of amazons who is in love with Ranma and claims that he must marry her due to village law. she changes into the cat.

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January 28th, 2006, 1:53 PM
Yup, I knew Shamps was gonna get Shamps..LOL

February 5th, 2006, 6:44 PM
ranma 1/2 <3!!! *joins* yay!!!

February 9th, 2006, 2:18 PM
Welcome band Geek, I never knew you were a Ramna fan.

February 10th, 2006, 2:06 PM
i love ranma 1/2!!! my favorite charecter is ryoga... he is so lost and neglected!

February 10th, 2006, 2:26 PM
Ryouga is probably one of the most popular Ranma charcaters.
I myself find him awesome ^^

Miss kasumi is another one to bring up.I love her oblivious personality xD

February 10th, 2006, 2:32 PM
who do you think would be better with akane? ryoga or ranma? i pick ryoga!!!

February 10th, 2006, 2:51 PM
Ryoga <3 The realtionship is cuter and plus,Ryoga has strong feelings for her :3

February 22nd, 2006, 6:32 PM
Meh this club is dying, we need a title, how about "best Ramna 1/2 episode?"
Its to hard for me to say. Maybe the one where Mousse made that evil face.

February 22nd, 2006, 6:38 PM
OMG,I have alot of fav eppys.My fav was the arc where Akane had long hair.She looked quite cute with long hair =0

Also,the one with Mikado and Azusa..that one was LMFAO....Charlotte x3

February 23rd, 2006, 2:19 PM
Lol Leeza! I love Ryoga too <3 And Boy Ranma =)

I also like the eppy with Azusa. She is so funny <3 I love the way she gives everthing a name.

I do the same thing to all my belongings X3

February 23rd, 2006, 4:54 PM
Yea..I loved the name she gave the little ramen thingy. XD