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Keo Kirito
January 26th, 2006, 6:14 PM
After mastering Kanto, you find yourself alittle out of shape. You haven't battled in a while and you could use a new challenge. No one in Kanto is worth battling anymore.You have beaten almost everyone. Then Professer Oak gives you a great idea. "Why dont you go to Jhoto? It has strong trainers and new gyms to battle at. It would test your skills and it would get you back into shape." You decided to take this challenge and head to Jhoto to see how you stand against some of the strongest trainers out there. You think your the best? You better think again. When you find out that you are about an average trainer when you get to Jhoto, you will have to train harder than ever before. Do you think your game enough? Well then, bring it on!

This RP is for those people who want an RP that moves smooth and doesn't cause so much drama! Its simple really, all we are doing is getting the badges of Jhoto and if were lucky to make it trough, go the Hoenn. I do want Rpers who can actually RP. I dont want any Newbs spamming the RP, so if you can RP join if not dont even think about posting.



name: (kinda of obvious)
age: (nothing to old but I want you to be above the age of 15 and below the age of 25)
gender: (gender swapping is allowed, just not during the RP)
description: (I would like a complete discription or a picture. Haha Naoko I spelt it right this time!)
personality: (Common sence people, its not that hard)
team: (dont just tell use your pokemon, tell us about them)
RP SAMPLE: (This goes for everyone)

Here is mine,

ame: Christain Backman
Age: 18
Gender: male
Appearance: Chris is a 5'10" tall 18 year old who normally looks relaxed. He wears a light brown pair of shorts and an short leave shirt. The shirt is a striped tee, with the POLO logo on the top right corner of the shirt. He wore a pair of Nike Shocks, which were blue and black. Chris' two favorite colors. His hair was brown, short, with blonde tips. His eyes were brown as well but most of the time you could see them because Chris always wore glasses.
Personality: Chris is a very laid back kind of guy. Sadly that is his best and worst quality. It gets him in to trouble with his elders but gets him in with the ladies. WHen he gets yelled at he normally sits with a grin and just laughs...In turn gets him in more trouble. He is very sly as well. He can get a way with alot of stuff, if his cool doesn't go to his head. On the down side, when he gets in trouble, its bad. So he has to use his ablities to duck out of them most of the time.
Umbreon: Umbreon is Chris' first pokemon and his favorite. He is fast strong and think quickly which makes him such a great pokemon.

Dragonair: Dragonair is Chris' fastest pokemon. His weakness though is how slow he thinks. THat could easily cost a battle.

Aipom: Aipom his Chris's second favorite pokemon and the one he has had the longest, besides Treeko. Aipom is very energetic and always loves to play.

Bayleef: Bayleef is Chris' last pokemon. Bayleef has a lot of patience with Chris about his evololution. Even though he wants to evolve so much.

Gyarados: (Gyro) Gyro is strong pokemon who loves battle. He was the strongest Magikarp anyone had ever seen and now he has become an even stronger Gyarados. His strongest attack, Hyper Beam

January 27th, 2006, 10:39 PM
name: Zane Silver
age: 16
gender: Male
description: hair:http://www.pokesho.com/img_hito_us/i_ryuuta.gif Zane also has light blue eyes. He is about 5.4 and a medium build. He wears a black, collard, short sleeved shirt, dark blue jeans, and gray shoes, with black bottoms.
Personality: In his early years, Zane was cold an quite, now he is still pretty quite, but he has warmed up to humans as much as he did pokemon. He is very serious, he doesn’t like to lose, for this insults his pokemon and his pride as a trainer. He is pretty cool headed, but seeing someone hurt, for no reason he can see, makes him burst into rage. With friends, he is one of the last to talk, but when a conversation starts, with close friends he opens up.
Sneasel: (Shade) (male) Shade was Zane’s first pokemon, he's fast, quick thinking, and sly. It was caught by Zane’s father, Found on the very borders of Kanto one night, it was believed to have washed away from Johto. He was given to Zane on the day he was going to leave for his journey. This pokemon is most dear to Zane.

Arcanine: (Burn Paw) (female) Was once Zane’s house hold pet, but He was getting very lazy so at the start of Zane’s first journey, he was taken along, to help Zane, and to get himself back in shape. Burn Paw was the first pokemon Zane ever met. Burn Paw is clam, and easygoing, he is loyal to his trainer to the very end. Burn Paw is a well-rounded pokemon, and If Zane needs to get somewhere fast Flair will always offer a ride.

Farfetch’d: (Katana) (female) early in Zane’s Kanto journey He found Katana fighting a Scyther, though Katana was good the Scyther was more skilled, after becoming badly injured, Zane chased the bug pokemon of with Burn Paw, and healed him at the closeted center. Katana in his debt challenged him, with Frost as his pokemon, he won the close match, and caught him. Katana is a stubborn, fighter at heart, He won’t give up until he has been knocked out.

Tentacruel: (Kal) (male) A few weeks after catching Katana (and many other pokemon that were sent to Oak) Zane came across a Tentacool, that was hurting the other water pokemon, for dominants, so Zane sent Katana to stop it and after the battle he caught it. After some training Kal started to respect Zane. Kal is a cold pokemon, that doesn’t warm up to new people quickly. Kal is Zane’s means of getting over water.

Ditto: (Dupe) (none) m After many months on his journey Zane was on a dirt road to the nearest GYM, when he saw a group of trainers throwing pokeballs at what looked to be a Mew. the Mew seemed hurt from a fight, so Zane ordered them to stop, saying that it badly hurt, he then challenged the trainer, and beat them with easy, he then walk up to the mew and pet it, it then transformed. It seems it was a Ditto that had encountered a Mew, the trainer then ran In the diction they found the Ditto hoping to catch up with the Mew it saw. The Ditto happily joined Zane’s team with no battle or fuss, and he kept true on his path. For a Ditto, Dupe is quite strong, he is very carefree and loves his trainer, and anyone who doesn’t pose a threat to him. Dupe is Zane’s wild card, He uses him whenever needed.

Zane walks down a short dirt road, he is heading toward a small town called Wayferd town. It’s a sunny day, not a cloud in the sky, not to far from the road, Zane could see young wild pokemon at play. Zane is heading to the town for a place to stay for the night. As he kept going he saw a young girl, seven maybe eight years old with brown hair a yellow dress with a white bow, and some yellow shoes. A Rattata was chasing her, It looked weak, but the girl obviously had no pokemon, the town was still too far away to yell for help. Shade Zane’s Sneasel was already on his shoulder, and looked concerned. “Well Shade, It looks like were needed.” Zane said looking at Shade. Shade nodded. Zane ran over to the girl that had her back to the tree, and was sobbing very loudly. "Shade icy wind!” Zane yelled as Sneasel used the attack knocking the Rattata over. It was now very hurt, Zane could of finished it off but instead grabbed a pokeball, and threw it at the rat pokemon. The middle part turned red and the pokemon was caught.

“Here little girl He should be more behaved now, he’s yours.” Zane said throwing the ball to the little girl. “um….. Thank you mister…. Um what’s your name?” The young girl said staring at Zane. “My name Is Zane Silver, and this is Shade, my first pokemon. And what’s your name young lady, and what do you plan to call your new friend there?” Zane said smiling at the young girl. “Um…. my name is Mary, Mary Rose, and I think I’ll call this Rattata Chewy.” The Little girl said with a giggling. “ Ok, hey do you live in that town over there?” Zane said pointing at Wayferd town. “Um yah with my parents, but I may be in trouble I’m not aloud to go out this far.” Mary said. “Well tell you what I’ll talk to your parents and I’ll see what I can do.” Zane said walking the girl down the road. “Ok and if they get mad at least I have a pokemon now.” Mary said happily. As they walked for a while and entered the town.

The town is small and has a mart, a small pokecenter, and about 5 houses. All the house were two story cottage like house made from logs. As we got close to won of the house Mary spoke and said” Ok this is it, we live here.” Mary opened the door and said “Hey Mom, Dad I brought home a guest, He caught me a pokemon!” She said loudly threw the house. The house was in the in side as you would think, wooden walls, and floors and upstairs, and a kitchen, and living room on the first floor.

“Huh? Mary are you home, a man said as he looked at Zane. He had short brown hair, round glasses, a white collared shirt, and dark green pants. “Oh did he, what he catch you dear.” A middle age woman, with short black hair, a pink sweater, and a black skirt, and a white apron. “A Rattata Mommy, I name him Chewy.” Mary said smiling. “Well that’s nice would you like to stay for dinner….” Mister Rose said waiting for an answer. “Um Zane, sir and sure I was going to stay the night at the local Center anyway. “Oh well you can just stay with use Zane, We have a guestroom.” Miss Rose said smiling. “Um…. Sure that sounds nice. Zane said heading for the kitchen. So Zane ate a home cooked meal, and slept in a nice warm bed, Mary’s parents never thought She wandered farther then she was aloud, she had a pokemon, and was now a friend of the Rose family. He headed away from Wayferd town heading for his next destination.

January 28th, 2006, 2:23 AM
Name: Senalia Lowla

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Description: Senalia is rather short, and not proud of it. She's only barely five feet, and she's already in ninth grade. She has beautiful red hair, that seems to be on fire whenever she gets angry. Her hair falls down until half-way down her back, and she honestly hates keeeping it loose. She sometimes ties it in a bun, but mostly it is a ponytail. Her eyes are a bright blue, that twinkle even in the presence of complete nightfall. Her skin has a perfect tan, although her back is a bit sunburned. She wears a canary yellow strap top, coupled with a pair of black low-waist jeans. For shoes, she prefers to just wear sneakers. Around her neck is a silver chain with a dolphin pendant, and on her middle finger, she wears a ring, heavily studded with a ruby.

Personality: Senalia is like fire. Her moods bend so frequently, that one minute she might be peaceful and tranquil, friendly to everyone around her, but if someone says one wrong word, she will suddenly start yelling at everyone. This character will often put people off, but for people who know her well, se is probably the best of friends. She does not like anyone making a jibe at her height. That is the sort of thing that will start her off on her yelling spree. Extremely loyal and trusting, she is often manipulated by other people, who take her to be some dumb girl.

Pokmon Team


Species: Venosaur
Nickname: Vine-Trap
Gender: Female
History: Vine-Trap was Senalia's first ever Pokmon, and definitely most loyal. Vine-Trap and Senalia have been through more than anyone could imagine, and are now a part of each other. Without Vine-Trap, Senalia is sunk, and same goes for Vine-Trap. Vine-Trap was given to Senalia as a present when she turned eleven, and has been with her for three years. Longer than many Pokmon Trainers can take any credit for.


Species: Lapras
Nickname: Wave-Rider
Gender: Female
History: Wave-Rider is Senalia's guide through any tough times. Wave-Rider, being an intelligent Pokmon is always there for Senalia, to help her in any way she can do. She has been Senalia's strategist since Senalia became a Pokmon trainer. It was only a year after Senalia had got her Vine-Trap that she had been allowed to go on her Pokmon journey, and as a present from her brother, she got this Lapras.


Species: Arcanine
Nickname: Flare-Tamer
Gender: Male
History: Flare-Tamer is probably Senalia's most commonly used Pokmon in battle. Flare-Tamer is the strongest of all her Pokmon and the best fighter. Because of his courage, he came across Seanlia while she had been wandering around Mount Moon. There, she had used Wave-Rider, and easily captured the Growlither, giving him his name, and his new home.


Species: Jolteon
Nickname: Lightning-Wager
Gender: Male
History: Lightning-Wager had been found by Senalia when he was still a little Eevee. Senalia had been heading over to challenge Lt. Surge, when she saw the wounded Pokmon lying down near a mother Vaporeon. The Vaporeon was ver weak, as was the Eevee, and Senalia took both of them to the nearest Pokmon Centre to heal both of them. the Vaporeon thanked Senalia by presenting her with her child. The Nurse ave Senalia a Thunder Stone, and Eevee evolved.

RPG Sample:

As soon as I looked into those eyes of that Tyrogue, I knew it was ready. I knew that it could take whatever was coming for it, and would stand strong, never faltering. It was the true sign of power and endurance. But there was nothing enduring about those eyes. they pierced into mine like a dagger, sending spasms of mental pain through my body. But I couldn't give up. Not after seeing such determination is Tyrogue's eyes.


My voice sounded hoarse, and fearful. It was true, I was scared of my own Pokmon's power. I knew that with such power in one's eyes, there was no way that one could lose in a fight, especially against a puny human. I trusted my Pokmon not to hurt me too much, after all, I only wanted to train up for the Elite Four.

Yes, it sounds wierd that I should be training up, when it should really be my Pokmon, but I read somewhere that a Pokmon's physical status, reflects that of its master. I have seen many articles written against those very words, but I agreed with them. After all, if I was strong, then my Pokmon would be influenced by it, and become strong, himself.

Tyrogue and I launched a each other with such force, that had we collided, I would surely have fallen to the ground, but I fell to the ground without touching Tyrogue. A hard and solid piece of rock hit me in the stomach from no where, and sent me tumbling down to the ground, missing a large boulder by inches. My poor Pokmon found himself soaring right over me, an landing in a patch of grass, head first.

I sat up, looking at the piece of rock that had hit me in the stomach. I very soon learnt that it was no ordinary piece of rock, but a small broken piece of some jewel. Perhaps diamond, for it was translucent, almost transparent. But it seemed to have been broken so perfectly that I almost believed that it was meant that way.

Tyrogue came to my side, and immediately began to scan the vicinity for any idea ofwho or what had thrown the jewel at me. But what he found was something totally differernt.

This was from a RPG from PE2K called "Broken Crystals, and War Breaks Out". I have done the smae RPG here, but it has not begun here, while it has there. What the heck, here's the hyperlink:


January 28th, 2006, 6:24 AM
name: Taiki Niwa (Tai)
age: 17
gender: female
description: Short. A blue striped Hollister polo, and black jeans. She likes to tie her blonde hair back in order to keep it out of her eyes. She dosnt like to be told that she is short. She has a key-chain with a transmutation circle on it, that she hangs on her belt loop. She has a black, fingerless glove on her right hand, to hide the tatoo on her knuckle of the Transmutation circle.
personality: Hot-headed. Likes to be a part in almost everything, but its usualy not her fault when she gets into trouble. A good thing is, that she is actualy smarter than she looks. She knows how to solve everything, and will help out anyone.

Name: Vulpix/Ember
nature: Almost exactly like Taiki, but a bit more laid back. She is very curious about everything, and likes to play with the little collar that Taiki has givin her. Flare is also Taiki's favorite pokemon. She barely ever goes into battle, but when she does, she wins.

name: charizard/Keo
nature: Very protective, being the largest, and strongest in the group. He is also the only boy there, so he needs to act manly in a bad situation. Keo is basicly Taiki's body-guard. He won't let anything happen to her-at all EVER.

name: Dragonair/Appocalipse
nature: Very quiet, and close to Taiki. Like Keo, Appocalipse(Cali for short) will not let anything happen to Taiki, but not as strict about it. Cali is Taiki's best friend, and likes to listen to her talk. Cali, being so calm and smart, will listen to her.

name: plusle/Eon
nature: Hyper, and entergetic. Is only happy when Taiki plays with her. Dispite her hyper-active nature, she is Taiki's 3rd best pokemon. She enjoys running-alot, and playing with her ball-alot. This turns into a problem, because sometimes, she would rather play than battle.

"Ha! Not one bit! You were always a scraggly fighter, Derta." Kasanai smirked. "Oh well, Al long as your here, I have time to try my new routine. Mind being the puppet?" She said sarcasticly. Then she turned to Sun Xeng. "Im sorry, Ill take this little whelp if you dont mind."

She pulled out an oddly shaped bead, and suddenyl, red lightning shot out from it. "you see? Im not your 'Lady Tsumi' anymore." She walked toward him. "You know what this is? Its an alchemist bead." she puched it into his face. "It'll do more than your sorry little swords will ever do."

I know its on the short side, but its the best I can do...^^'

Keo Kirito
January 28th, 2006, 9:24 AM
*~Silver~* You need to have a RP Sample or you are ACCEPTED!

Deathspector you are ACCEPTED!

Baby, of course you are ACCEPTED!

Naoko, you are ACCEPTED!

Keo Kirito
January 28th, 2006, 10:22 AM
YoshiRiRu welcome to the RP, ACCEPTED!

January 29th, 2006, 1:14 AM
Aang, I have a small question for you. I would like to know when we start, and how many people are you going to let join. I need these, so that I can post the best ever openeing post...

Flip! That sounded corny...XP

Keo Kirito
January 29th, 2006, 7:42 PM
We can start any time but I am heading off to bed so start if you want but dont go over a page.

February 1st, 2006, 3:28 PM
occ: I guess I'll start! ^^

ic: I shot up at the sound of the alarm. "Oh my--Im late!" I yelled, jumping out of bed. I pulled my nightshirt off, and rushed my clothes on. I grabbed my cell phone, and my backpack from my dresser, and ran out my door.

"Bye mom!" I yelled, halfway out the door. I didnt hear her answer. I opened my cell phone, and dialed speed 6. "Christian! Where are you!?" I said when he answered.

Keo Kirito
February 1st, 2006, 3:46 PM
Wating amist in Professer Elm's lab, Christain's phone started buzzing in his pocket. He opened it, waited and replied, "Standing in Prof. Elms lab, where are you? I have been waiting for over an hour! Whats taking you?!?" Christain shouted into the phone. "You said we would meet at 8:00, its 9:25!" Knowing that he shouldn't have yelled, Christain spoke again, "baby, where are you at right now? I can meet you at my house, its alot closer than Elm's lab. Is that ok with you?" Christain said as he tapped his foot against the ground. He pacing back and forth through Elm's lab waiting for her reply.

February 1st, 2006, 3:52 PM
I was speinting dwon the road, and thought of what to say back. "Uh...Yeah, yeah. I'll see you there then." I said, hanging up. I hit myself in the head for not coming up with something better. "Dangit Tai, learn to make that alarm work!" I muttered to myself, squeezing my eyelids together, and shaking my head.

About 4 seconds later, I ran into a fat lady, holding her groceries. It was my fault because I wasn't paying any attenion"Ah! Im sorry!Here, let me help you!" I said, grabbing her broccoli, and throwing it at her face. "You'll need that one!" I yelled as I continued down the street.

I finnaly got to Christian's house about 2 minuted later. "S...sorry..." I panted.

Keo Kirito
February 1st, 2006, 4:03 PM
"Its ok, We leave today dont we? I can't believe it, We get to battle through Jhoto together! Cna you believe its been two years since we started dating and 2 1/2 since we start battling. We have become the best trainers through out Kanto! Just imagine how we will be in Jhoto, their not gonna know wha hit em'!"
Christain said as he hugged Tai. "Are you ok baby, your face is red like you ran into something." Christain spoke whiping dirt from from her shoulder. Come on and we will go to Professers Elm's lab.

February 1st, 2006, 4:07 PM
"Haha, I threw broccoli in that one fat person's face." I said, smiling. "Thats who I ran into, and technicaly, I was right. She DOES need the extra vegtables." I said.

"Anyway. Yeah, it has been a while since we have battled hasn't it?" I said. I wonder what I'll get this time? I thought.

Keo Kirito
February 1st, 2006, 6:25 PM
"Thats not very nice!" Christain said laughing, "Let me geuss, sprinting with your eyes closed? When will you learn that you can get hurt doing that? When you get hurt? I dont want to risk that. Now to Elm's lab." Christain spoke as he started walking south toward the lab.

"Ahh, Welcome back Christian, this must be Tai. I am Professer Elm. This is my lab. Where at from Kanto did you come?"

"Well," Christian cut in, "I come from Celedon City."

"And the girl?"

February 2nd, 2006, 6:29 AM

Senalia looked down at the four dirty and scratched pok-balls, positioned on regular intervals across her pok-belt. All four of the Pokmon within those pok-balls had been with Senalia from the begining, ever since she had begun her journey as a Pokmon Trainer, in Kanto. She missed Kanto. She missed her mother and father, her annoying little brother, and most of all, her best friend, William.

But she knew that if she were to fulfil her goal, she would have to leave behind all of the pleasures in life, and move on. Johot would be a new challenge for her, and she was rady for anything that was coming her way.

The path that she was walking on slowly came to an end, and spread out into New Bark Town. The town was rather small in comparison to her home in Viridian, but she liked the homely feel of it. She decided to make a move, and head over to the big building with the sign that said:


February 2nd, 2006, 11:23 AM
Near the coast of New Bark town, Zane is surfing on Kal His Tentacruel. Shade his Sneasel, and Katana his Farfetch’d were on Kal's head with Zane. Katana was napping, while Shade was looking, running from one edged of Kal to the other. Zane looked oddly at Shade and then remembered the day they met. "That’s right, Johto is your home.... You've been a away for a long time..." Zane said with a blank look on his face. Shade just smiled and kept looking at the forests of Johto.

After a few minutes of sailing they reached land, Shade jumped to Zane’s side and Katana jumped to the other, Zane pulled out Kal's pokeball and said "Sorry big guy, got to go in your ball now." Zane said with a smile. I then walked up to the big building on the small town, assuming it was the lab. There were three people a guy maybe a bit older then Zane with brown hair with blond tips, a pair of brown shorts and a polo shirt, a girl with plain blond hair, black jeans, and a blue polo shirt, and a man with a lab coat, glasses, and brown hair with part of it sticking upwards. There was also a younger girl heading the to the lab. "Hey I'm Zane from Vermillion nice to meet you all." He said making himself known then, leaning against the building waiting for someone to address him.

Keo Kirito
February 2nd, 2006, 12:03 PM
Even though he was intterupted, Professer Elm walked over and streched out his hand to the stranger. "I am Professer Elm, I work here in this lab. This is Tai," pointing to the girl standing by me. "And this is Christain," he spoke as he shifted his hand over to me. "So, are you one of those here to recieve a pokemon?" Professer Elm asked the boy.

Walking over to Zane, Christain shook his hand and spoke, "the name is Christain but you can call me Chris. So he said looking at his head, "What pokemon is that?" I spoke looking at the black pokemon.

February 2nd, 2006, 12:23 PM
Zane looked at Elm "Um not sure.... I came here to test my skills in Johto, I'm guessing I'm with these two, if the deal includes a free pokemon, then yah." Zane said with a smirk turning to Chris. "This is Shade, my first pokemon, and he's a Sneasel, I pokemon native to Johto, my dad found him on the borders of Kanto, he must of got caught in a tide or something like that." Zane said pausing. "And anyway, it's nice to meet you Chris, I've always been a loner but having some people to train with sounds nice." Zane said smiling, as Sneasel walked up to Chris and shook his hand in an intelligent manner.

February 2nd, 2006, 2:29 PM
"Hi." I said to prof. Elm. "Im from Cinnibar Island, but I moved here when my grampa told me to." I said laughing. "I have a vul-" I stopped short. "CRAP!!" I yelled, looking at my side. "Ember! I never woke her up!" I began to walk back to the door, and felt my face getting red. "I uh...Ill be right back..." I said, grabing at the door knob.

ooc: Ill finish it later I guess...*waits for another post*

Keo Kirito
February 2nd, 2006, 6:34 PM
"Wait up baby! Professer, we'll be back in about 10 minutes." Christain said walking out the door. "Tai, wait up baby! Tai, your forgetfull today, are you ok? Your normally not like this." Chris spoke softly as he reached for her hand. "Come on, lets go get Ember.

"Well, there are a few teens coming over from Kanto who beat the Pokemon League. Have you beat the Pokemon League?" Professer Elm asked the boy standing in front of him. "So, how old is that Sneasel anyway? I have been watching him and his coat is a darker shade of black than most others. Most others are more of a slate color but yours is pitch black. Its very intresting.

February 3rd, 2006, 6:32 AM
Zane watched Chris head out the door of the lab, and turned to the professor. "Yes, yes I have, and Shade hear should be about four or five, he was pretty young when we found him, and the coat may be dew to the fact he has lived in Kanto most of his life..... But I can't be sure." Zane said as Katana jumped out of the shadows of the Lab. <Hey! Why doesnt anyone want to know about me!!!> She yelled as Shade looked at her. <Because I'm native to Johto, and for some reason I guess I have an odd coat of fur, just clam down Katana.> Shade said coolly.

"Oh maybe should let Dupe out, He's small enough o fit in this lab." Zane said pulling a pokeball from his belt, and letting a ditto out. "Hey Dupe transform into Shade and help me figure something out." I said as the pokemon transformed. Dupe was now a Sneasel with a slate shaded coat. "I guess you were right, you see some ditto's have different abilities, mine transforms into the pokemon species but not the same pokemon, he dose know the pokemon's attacks but thats it." Zane said sharing a nice chat with Elm.

February 4th, 2006, 4:47 AM

Senalia picked up the pace, and found herself outside Professor Elm's laboratory, behind a young man, who had just knocked on the door, waiting for Professor Elms to open it. She decided to strike up conversation, to bide my time.

"So, you've come here too? Did you come from Kanto, or are you from Johto?" I asked politely.

Before the boy could answer, the door opened, and a rather harrassed looking man, with glasses and brown hair appeared at the door.

"Hello, there..."

February 4th, 2006, 7:10 AM
"Ah, I dont know what it is." I said. "I guess it dosnt matter though. Ember was never one to move around as much as I do anyway." I sooved my free hand into my pocket, and pulled out Ember's pokeball. "I remember when she bit me because she didnt want to go into her pokeball."

Keo Kirito
February 6th, 2006, 3:07 PM
OCC: People, I didn't want this to be one of those RP's were you can "talk" to your pokemon. So please lets not start. And Death Spector, I control Professer Elm.

IC: "Well, she's justl ike you, doesn't do anyhting she doesn't want to do!" Chris laughed as they arrived at Tai's door. "Well, go on, get Ember." Chris said as he waited the door.

"Very intresting!" Professer Elm spoke as there was a knock on the door.
"Hello their, who might you be?" Professer Elm asked to the children out the door.

February 6th, 2006, 3:14 PM
"Yeah.." I said, opening the door. "Ember!!" I yelled. "Tai, is that you? Why are you back?" I heard my mom say. I just smiled, ans pointed to the sleeping Ember. She 'ooooed' and nodded.

I walked up to Ember, and shook her a little. "Wake up, Ember. Youre taking forever." I said sarcasticly.

February 6th, 2006, 3:33 PM
OOC: No talketh?! Oh wellz, I'm gonna have to go anyway. Missed too much, and nobody answered my question, and well the posts are getting kinda short. Bye! -I will delete my posts don't worry-

February 6th, 2006, 4:12 PM
OOC: Yeah, I think I might have to drop out too. Being able to talk to my pokemon adds a lot of flavor to my posts, so they don't get repetetive. I'm sure you'll do fine without me.

So, uh. Bye.

Keo Kirito
February 6th, 2006, 5:25 PM
OCC: Sorry, I hate it when people do that. You dont see Ash and pikachu chattin it up...Som people might have the abilt to read minds but no talking.

February 6th, 2006, 5:37 PM
OOC: Well the humans don't HEAR the pokemon, but other pokemon do, it gives them more personality.

February 6th, 2006, 5:47 PM
OOC: They don't talk, per se, they just talk Pokemon talk and either a) the trainer's bond with the pokemon allows a sort of mental connection that allows them to understand them, or [the way I do it] b) Pokemon talk in a sort of a morse code type system, and the trainer has developed his ability to understand the way they speak. I just type what they say in quotes because I'm too lazy to type < and > at the end of each of my sentences with my Pokemon.

Keo Kirito
February 6th, 2006, 5:58 PM
OCC: Well, giving them personality doesn't bother me. I wouldn't put it into a quote. I would use Italics. Thats fine. But dont make them talk.

February 9th, 2006, 5:15 PM
ooc: now that big chat times over...

ic: Ember got up slowley. She stretched, and yawned. Then fell back down. I croutched down. "...Youre useless..." I mumbled. I grabbed her, and stood up. "you ready?" I asked Chris.

Keo Kirito
February 9th, 2006, 5:21 PM
"You betcha! Lets get a move on! See ya ma!" Chris always called his friends moms ma because he was just a goofball like that. "So, have you decided where you want to go first?" Chris asked as Ember finally started walking. "The closest gym is Violet City's gym. I believe he uses birds." Chris said as he detached as pokeball. "Dragonair will do well with his thunder." Chris spoke smiling.

February 9th, 2006, 5:28 PM
"Yeah. Falkner is his name, right?" I asked, setting Ember down. She played happily at my feet. "Think about it: Tai actualy did her homework!" I said, the followed up with "...for once...But! Your right, Dragonair would be best." I said, taking a pokeball into my hand. "the bad thing is, is she can't do it yet." I said, reffering to my Dragonair.

"Oh well!" I said, putting it back into my pocket. "I guess we have to go back to professor Elm's lab first though."

Keo Kirito
February 9th, 2006, 5:34 PM
"Thats it, Faulkner! I knew it started with an F! Yeah we should head back shouldn't we!" Chris said as he grabbed her hand. "So, I heard there was a fancy hotel and restaraunt in Violet. How bout it. A little alone time will do us some good." Chris winked at Tai and grinned. Last time we got to spend some quality time by ourselves was god knows how long ago. I think we deserve it. Dont you?"

February 9th, 2006, 5:41 PM
"Yeah, well..." I said. "Hotel. That means something..." I said, smiling. I scooted closer until we were shoulder to shoulder. Ember looked up, and ignored it.

Keo Kirito
February 9th, 2006, 5:47 PM
"Well, I didn't say it didn't mean something." He said as he kissed her forehead. "I love you baby." He whispered in her ear. Arriving back at Professer Elm's lab, Chris knocked slightly.

"Chris and Tai must be back." Prof. Elm spoke walking toward the door. "Welcome back." He spoke as he moved aside to let us in.