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January 26th, 2006, 7:12 PM
Yeah, the title is probably horrible, but I just can't seem to think of a good one.
This is based on an idea I had a while ago, which I thought would make a cool MMORPG or something. Yeah, like that's ever going to happen.
If any of you are familiar with Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, you may find the race/class system somewhat similiar to that. I originally came up with this concept while I was addicted to that game, but stuck with the concept...I attempted to make the outline of a TCG based off of it (which of course also went nowhere). I'm considering making a story based on the original characters from the original envisioning (or whatever the word is), but in the same world.

Storyline Information:
This RP is set in the world of Sevorg, an alternate dimension that was originally accessed by the thoughts of a high school nerd. The original concept of the RP (as mentioned above, what would be made into a story) was this...this is basically the opening scene, which for time's sake will be set in a non-RP format. When I get a little more time, I may convert it to RP format...but don't worry, this isn't how I intend to RP or write my story, I plan on using much more detail and stuff. So, here it is:
A boy is walking down the hallway, going from one class to another. It's just a typical schoolday. He's a social outcast, he has no idea why he was shunned from society 3 years ago. He's into fantasy and science fiction, and likes the Final Fantasy game series. He someday wishes to make his own video games, card games, whatever allows him to express his creativity. So anyways, he's walking down the hall and comes to an intersection of two hallways. This intersection is a very popular hangout for quite a lot of the African-American population of the school. As he nears the intersection, his mind is wandering, thinking about a concept for a game he has recently been imagining. As he enters the intersection, a bright light flashes, nearly blinding everyone. Once they open their eyes again, they see that they are all now wearing clothes like you would find in a fantasy game, and wielding weapons! Everyone has turned into Swordsmen, Thieves, Archers, Black Mages, White Mages, and Bards. Still rubbing his eyes, the kid, dressed as a Black Mage, bumps into a large african-american swordsman. Mad, the swordsman turns to him and draws his sword. To make it worse, he insults the kid's clothes for no apparent reason. The others at the intersection, this guy's friends, take an interest in the new variation of stuff the nerd in the locker. As the original swordsman draws near, the black mage flings his arms up, exclaiming "Fire!" Nothing happens. The swordsman is now even angrier that the kid startled him. The kid overhears someone saying they wanted an axe, and then the kid realizes it-the land has been transformed into that in his newest game design. He now knows that the level 1 mage spell is stone, and promptly casts it, damaging the swordsman. A fight ensues, and the black mage is quickly reduced to 1 HP. Just as the swordsman is about to strike the final blow, a teacher, who is now a Knight (upgraded swordsman) steps in. He says he is going to report the kids to the principal's office, but another teach, a Red Mage (upgraded black mage/white mage) tells him not to. She knows the black mage from her class, and can tell that he has something to do with this. Just as she approaches the group, Orcs (yes, orcs =P) break through the windows and snatch the black mage and red mage away. The black mage's friends arrive at the scene just in time to see this, but then report even worse news: They're not on earth anymore. They've been transported to some fantasy land, inhabited by monsters and other races.
Landscape of Sevorg
This is roughly what Sevorg looks like.


N=Sea of Narlace. Home to no race.
D=Mt. Dartar. Home to Dwarves.
V=Mt. Valsuut. Home to Gnomes.
B=Forests of Brandite. The top (light) half is home to the Elves, the bottom (dark) half is home to the Drow.
T=Plains of T'Nork. Home to the Orcs and now the Humans.
The Valkyries live in floating fortresses all over the land.
History of Sevorg
Long before the humans arrived, other races lived on Sevorg. Orcs, Valkyries, Gnomes, Dwarves, Elves, and Drow. These races lived in peace, relying on eachother for trade and other aid. The various races practiced different styles of fighting, just for entertainment, seeing as though there was really nothing to fight against. Then, one day, a portal opened in the center of the Plains of T'Nork. Out of the portal came monsters of all varieties, which spread to all corners of Sevorg. Noone knew how they got there or why they had come, but what they did know is that they were enemies. The monsters fought the intelligent races, who all banded together to fight-all except the Orcs, that is. The Orcs had gone missing in this time when people needed as much help as they could get. Without the Orcs, the plains of T'Nork fell under the rule of Sanlaism, a golem of sand and stone that commanded the earth element.
Soon thereafter, the Dwarven civilizations of Mt. Dartar fell to the monsters. Mt. Dartar fell under the control of Talthon, a golem of metal that commanded thunder and lightning.
Mt. Valsuut was next, and the gnomes fell to Marlak, the lava golem of fire.
After that, the forests of Brandite fell under attack. In the light side of the forest, the elves fell to Lefianna, a golem of leaves and wood that commanded the plants and trees.
On the dark side, however, instead of fighting, the Drow made a treaty with Chiasmus, the golem made of pure darkness. In exchange for Chiasmus's alliance and dark power, the Drow would exterminate the other races of Sevorg. Because of this, the Drow became more popularly known as Dark Elves, meaning not only their skin color but also their alignment.
The Valkyries thought they were safe in their floating fortresses, but the Drow had told Chiasmus of these kingdoms. Greesin, the wind golem, soon overtook the skies.
The sea of Narlace, protected by no race, was claimed by Floron, the water golem.
The Orcs now decided to show themselves. Archengar, the great Orc Warlock, had made the portal that let the monsters here, with one purpose: to destroy the other races and give the Orcs control of all of Sevorg!
The Golems, however, had other plans. Holineyh, the eigth and most powerful of the golems, sealed Archengar in a crystal and then ascended to a palace so high in the sky, above the Valkyrie fortresses, that only the other Golems could reach it. The Orcs were then attacked by the monsters just like the other races.
The Drow, a long time ally of the Orcs, had a word with Chiasmus. After a meeting of the Orc leader Granash, the Drow Queen Chyerenne, Chiasmus, and Sanlaism, the golems decided that the Orcs would help the Drow in the world conquest. It was only fair, seeing as that they had brought the monsters here.
All seemed lost for the other races. They were losing this war, and were totally outclassed, despite all their fight training. But then, one day, portals began opening on the Plains of T'Nork. Buildings appeared, of unfamiliar construction. From these buildings came Humans, a new race to Sevorg. The humans had little knowledge of magic and weaponry, but learned quickly, and became a valuable asset in the war.
The war still continues to this very day. The monsters, Orcs, and Drow on one side, the Elves, Dwarves, Gnomes, Valkyries, and Humans on the other. The golems do not fight, but rather watch from Holneyh's palace.
Now for the character information about the RP.
This RP will have the aspect of an standard RPG-as you get stronger and level up, you will be able to wield more powerful weapons and spells.
Levels will not be closely monitored with experience, however, you should be able to tell when you've leveled up, just by the amount of time.
While keeping to the aspects of the RPG, I want this to involve as much character interaction and standard Roleplaying as possible.

Now then, for the registration form:

Name: (The name of your character)
Age: (The Age of your character)
Gender: (The Sex of your character)
Race*: (Your character's race)
Class*: (Your character's class)
Description: (What your character looks like)
Personality: (How your characters acts alone and with others)
History: (A small History of your characters life. If youre a human, explain how you got to Sevorg, if youre one of the other races, explain where you were born and such)
Other: (Anything else you may wish to add)
RPG sample: (A sample of your RPGing skills)

*-Like I said, this will have the aspects of an RPG, including different races and classes. This is a rundown of the races, and what base classes they can be. If you have any knowledge of RPGs, you should understand what the classes do, if not, let me know and I'll explain.

Human Classes:
Black Mage
White Mage

Dwarf Classes:

White Mage
Naturalist-This class isn't a typical RPG class. They're a type of mage that uses herbs and natural things to make poisons and other alchemistic works.

Drow Classes:
Black Mage

Orc Classes:

Valkyrie Classes:
White Mage

Gnome Classes:
Black Mage
That should be all you need to know...I can't help feeling I'm forgetting something...
If anything at all seems unclear, just let me know and I'll try and clear it up.
I'll be posting my character's information when I get a chance...tomorrow afternoon, probably.

Oh, and there isn't a set number of participants. Feel free to join in at any time, assuming you post your character information. We don't need a set number of people to start, so, basically, you can start roleplaying as soon as you register-just show where you're starting out (probably going to be your race's home...if you start on the Plains of T'Nork, be sure to include roughly where-"near Mt. Dartar" or "Near the light side of Brandite Forest", or even "In the middle of nowhere"...=P). If you're the first to start out there, go ahead and do whatever your character would until someone else gets there. If you're not the first in an area, feel free to interact with the other people there. So you don't get lonely in the beginning, feel free to introduce your character's friends or family...the character can socialize with them for a while before starting his/her adventure out into the wilderness, or can start fighting monsters right away.
As for monsters, I don't have a set base of monsters-just be creative and come up with something that might live around where you start out.
Oh, and if anyone cares, my character is a human-he'll be starting out in the Plains of T'Nork. Just a heads up =P.
So yeah...in closing, have fun, be creative, and...I can't really think of a third thing that isn't redundant to the first two =P.

EDIT: As you may or may not have seen, I threw in a history and map of Sevorg.
Also, here's my character information.

Name: Jirae
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Class: Black Mage
Description: Red, orange, and yellow spikey hair, designed to resemble fire. He wears a black robe, with flame designs on it. He has a scar that seems to look oddly like a flame on his left leg, right around the knee.
Personality: Jirae is kind and loyal to his few close friends, and can be very hating of others.
History: In case you didn't guess it already, Jirae is the nerdy kid mentioned in the description of how humans first got to Sevorg. Jirae was 14 when the humans first got to Sevorg.

Sorry about the lack of detail on the character thing, Im not feeling especially creative right now, I'm a bit preocuupied, etc...I'll prolly update it later.

January 30th, 2006, 2:20 PM
Name: Serenia
Age: 64 (she looks 17)
Gender: Female
Race: Elves
Class: Archer
Description: Serenia is tall, standing at an even six feet in height. Her clothing consists of a dark brown tunic, dark green leggings and soft brown boots. Her hair is chocolate colored and falls to her waist, which prompts her to keep it in a braid. The exact braid,in question, is tightly made, and held together by a a circlet made od gold. Serenia's eyes are a bright blue hues, open pools of deep water. Upon her back is a quiver of leather that holds her arrows, as well as the bow.
Personality: Alone, she is calm and collected, contenplating many things. With others, she can be a bit reckless, as she is still learning the Do's and Don'ts of life.
History: Serenia was born into a family of high elven desent, well in archery. She has been fighting since the age of fifteen, and already knows more than her own family does. She's always been the loner, coming only to her family if severly needed.
Other: N/A
RPG sample:

This bit is from a fic I'm writing. It's it's bad in anyway and I need to replace it, I will..

What.what if were caught Zolo, Sanji managed to whisper, looking into his new loves eyes. Dont worry love; I know that we wont b- Sanji! Zolo! Where are you two?! The voice of the Captain called out, near the galley. Luffy didnt know where the two had gotten to, but he decided to look for them. Guys, where are you?! Zolo looked to Sanji and quickly set him up straight, just as Luffy appeared. Oh Luffy, we were talking, Sanji said in a slightly annoyed voice. Luffy nodded, rather confused. OhI seewell dinner better be ready soon, Im starved! The boy wearing the straw hat grinned, going back up to the surface.

After dinner, Sanji gathered up the plates, with help from Zolo. The rest of the crew seemed a bit suspicious as to what they were up to at the time. I think theyre trying to take over Luffy, Nami, a pretty young woman said as she stood, frowning. Well it does seem odd, but I dont really find anything wrong Luffy smiled, nodding. Dont worry Nami

January 30th, 2006, 2:25 PM
Hmm...I suppose that's fine.
Mr.Tumnus is accepted.

I think we're going to need a few more people before we can start, though. Invite some friends, or something =P.

January 30th, 2006, 4:23 PM
(OOC: I hope I will get accepted! ^^!)

Name: Luna Solaris

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Race*: Valkrie

Class*: Naturalist

Description: Luna is a very slender Valkrie, and has large rabbit ears, an unusual trait in a Valkrie. Her hair is a shiny silver, with a tint of green. She has caramel colored skin, which is balanced out by her wardrobe. She has a green robe, with signs of the Moon covering it all over, and a light green stripe going through the middle and at the sleeves. Her lower wardrobe,since it can't be seen will not be described, but she has olive-colored shoes.

Personality: Luna is usually a very quiet person, never talking that much. She is a very solitary person, never really having company. The only company she really gets is from her sister, Kuna, who often visits her, so she is not so lonely. She isn't really sure of her place in this world, and hopes to one day find true love.

History: Born in a fortress in the NorthWest corner of Sevorg, Luna has always loved to be airborne. Her parents, Sol the White Mage, and Garo the LanceMan were killed in a freak accident in the lab on the fortress when Luna was only 10 years old. Now, 6 years later, Luna has lived in the corner of the Fotress where noone lives, in lonely solitude. Her sister is the only one who visits her, keeping her from going insane. Luna then one day decided to do something, and to look for a way to possiblye bring them back, and searches the land of Sevorg, hoping to find one person who could help her.....

Other: Luna's weapon is not the traditionary weapon for a Naturalist, a Staff, instead she wields a Rod, a weapon traditionaly used by a Black Mage. She also has a hidden ability.(Will be revealed later in the RP if I get accepted)

RPG sample:

Luna walked toward Mt. Dartar, Land of the Dwarves, hoping of a way to learn Revival Magic, a Magic forbidden in her Race. She had the been confronted with a rather large tree, blocking her way. She mubmled some magic words, "Crimsonica Eraneous Fmalse!" which was Valkrien for Flame Arc Balls, a move that shoots minor flames toward a selected enemy. She cast the spell toward the large tree blocking her way. It bruned into ash, and she continued to make her way toward the Village of the Head Dwarves, a land where supposedly an old Dwarf knows a very powerful magic.....

(OOC: I hope that the Village, and the Race thing are ok with you BT.....)

January 30th, 2006, 4:33 PM
Jack, I found a few things wrong with the RP sample, but other then that it was good:
1. She's a valkyrie...she can fly ^^;
2. I don't know how exactly she was planning on learning magic from the dwarves, seeing as that they don't have a single spell casting race among them...Monks are fist fighters, not light magic users like fire emblem would lead you to believe.
But yeah, keep things like that in mind, but you're accepted.

January 30th, 2006, 4:43 PM
(OOC: YAY!! ^^! Erm, how many more people do we need to start?? >__>)

January 30th, 2006, 4:52 PM
(OOC: YAY!! ^^! Erm, how many more people do we need to start?? >__>)

Hmm...I think one or two more should be fine...

January 30th, 2006, 7:41 PM
You joined mine, I'll join yours. ^^

Name: Blue Genjineko

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Race*: Human

Class*: Theif

Description: Blue Genjineko (http://www.studio-ego.co.jp/034/bi/games/af_another/images/chr_cubg.jpg)

Blue's a tall, lanky, well built young human with broad shoulders and a broad chest, with long bluish whitish hair that extends to his neck. His usual apparel consists of faded black jeans, black lightweight shoes that move easy, and a small white jacket-like cloak with countless concealed pockets, perfect for theivery.

Personality: Blue is, deep down, a very deep individual, craving love and kindness... but this comes out on top as perversion. He's a massive romantic, and is always looking for some lady to hook up with. While he'd never admit it, he'd rather have a steady partner then a series of drunk girls he picks up at taverns around the country.
History: As a mere child of 13, Blue was yanked into the world of Sevorg. He was taken in by a band of theives, who raised him as one of their own. He eventually left the band, and became a freelance mercenary, all the while drinking and taking drunken girls "under the covers." All in all, he's lead a pretty dirty life.

Other: Blue has the lingual skills of a snake, and the charm of a swan. He always keeps himself neat and groomed, and is always on the lookout for new vixens to add to his resume.

RPG sample: I'm not sure you need a sample, but if you do, I've got one for you.

Let's Fighting Love
January 30th, 2006, 8:04 PM
Name: Mickey

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Class: White Mage

Description: http://www.pawspace.com/~grieving/colour/white_mage.jpg

Personality: A jokingly person who is not very secretive but can be under ceratain conditions. Very peculiar and is more of a Neutral kind of guy. Loves to tell stories. He also is very polite ( especially to women ). Never really cared much about other things than himself. Not only is he self centered he can be more stubborn than an old donkey. Yet, he can be as sneaky and persuasive as a cat.

History: He never met his real parents because they were killed by orcs (the orcs were a bit hungry). He was raised by friends of the family, and lost his ability to trust when his best friend knocked him out and mugged him.

Other: Doesn't own much other than the clothes on his back and the money he carries around in a little pouch.

Rp sample: The night was dark, silent, and all was calm. Rain started to fall on the stone causing a puttering noise. Then the lightning struck the ground causing a quick flash of light. This was every night in a little sleepy town called Orain.
Orain was a simple and classical place until, he came. A bard showed up talking about the strange ideas of freedom which were not known by everyone in Orain. For they had a king, actually more of a tyrant. We should get back to what matters though. As I was saying the things he talked of made the people start to fear, a feeling not well known in Orain.
So one day I decided to meet and consult this man of reformation. I asked him my first question, "What kind of idiot goes sputtering nonsense of a hopless rebellion."
His slick response was, "Me, the smartest of the wise."
"But why spread this to Orain? The people here will never listen they are to a custom to the king."
He said, " Maybe what I have just said can change that." He then stood up and walked out the doors. I followed him and asked my final question, "Who are you!?" He turned around and looked at me then in one small flash of light he was gone, and there weren't even any footprints of where he walked.
Many days later we organized anyone able to fight and marched on the kings castle. We won and dedicated our victory to a mysterious man who in fact was in a framed painting in the castle. He was as the painting said, " The angel of freedom".

January 31st, 2006, 5:08 AM
YoshiRuRu is accepted.

CloneTrooper47 is not accepted. The picture did not load, you didn't give a long enough personality, you didn't give a history, and I'd like you to post the RP Sample, not PM it. Also, if the owl was his pet on earth, it would have been transformed into something a little more fantasy-ish when it got to Sevorg.

Let's Fighting Love
January 31st, 2006, 7:10 PM
How about now? I changed almost everything.

January 31st, 2006, 7:35 PM
OOC: Save a spot for me? I'll type it up tomorrow after school

Juan Jr
February 1st, 2006, 3:06 AM
torchic i have a question isn't a valkarie a harpy?

February 1st, 2006, 12:41 PM
clonetrooper47 is barely accepted. You could definitely put in more detail, and I don't appreciate the lack of originality in character description (somehow I think you just googled for the image =/).

Naoko-chan: Sure, no problem.

Juan Jr: Uh...not really. Harpies are like bird people. The only similarity between valkyries and birds is that they have wings (which are often covered in armor anyways). Other then that, Valkyries are mainly human.

Everyone: The RP can now begin, we have enough people. I'll start once a few other people start.

February 1st, 2006, 3:14 PM
Name: Regina Clinea
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Race*: Human
Class*: Bard (Wouldn't that be singer?)
Description: Regina (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v654/KendoGurl/Blue%20Hair/waterangel.jpg)
Personality: Regina is much like your average light hearted girl. She's prone to tears, keeps quiet, and like's peaceful calm. She likes to be next to bodies of water, as she finds those are some of the most peaceful places. Regina has a soft voice, and after singing excessively, will lose the little voice she has. When this happens she becomes sullen and reclusive. Usually she is very tolerant though, has a calm air that has a touch of cheerfulness mixed in. She treats everyone just the same, and is acts much like a weak-hearted mother, who can't bear to scold her children no matter what.
History: ( Have humans only been around for a little while cause I was thinking she would have lived there all her life if so. If they've only been there a little bit, I'll change her history.) Regina was one of the few humans born in Sevorg, having lived in the Plains of T'Nork, right on the borderline between The Forest of Brandite, she became attatched to the forest, having passed the elves that stood gaurd for Orcs after they deducted she was indeed a human child. She played in the nearby lake and is often still found there. She hummed to herself as she let her feet dangle in the water, and often played with friendly animals, who grew used to her being around. One day, on their way to try and kill a few more Elves, they destroyed her home and killed her family while she played at the lake. She never found this out, as the elves took her away from the scene, and she's never left the Brandite Forest since.
Other: Regina can't travel long distances because of her light and delicate build. She's rather fragile, but she can hold her will.
RPG sample:Avis's cat ears twitched as the Wyvern's loud roar reached her ears. Looking up into the sky peirced by the tall canopy Avis sent a sharp mew to Criza and ShiShi, telling them to take care of themselves for awhile.
She placed her forefinger and thumb into her mouth and a loud and clear whistle emitted as she blew with all her might, some birds flying out of thier nests as she did so.
Soon enough an orange tiger was soon at her feet, baring it's white teeth at her, the teeth was tainted red, meaning he'd just finished his nap after his breakfast.
"Mind bringing me a long ways to Port Toha?" Avis asked crouching down and scratching the tiger's ears as it purred.
"I'll take that as a yes." Avis hopped onto the tiger, her almost non-existant weight not bothering the tiger in the least as it hopped from ledge to ledge, a sort of circlet of leather bound around it's neck loosely as Avis kept her grip tightly on it to keep herself from falling as the tiger decided to skip the last ledge and directly jump down.
It would be past one village to the outskirts of Port Taho. Avis held the leather between one hand as the tiger darted through the village market she spied a merchant selling daggers.
She held her hand out as the merchant held the handle of a dagger out to a customer and grabbed the handle with one swift swipe.
She examined the dagger as Gonnah, her friend tiger ran through the market as people screamed 'Gem', and merchants hid their wares away.
"Bleh." She mumbled as she realized it was a plain ol' dagger, not the sharpest of it's kind to boot. She tossed the dagger over her shoulder and looked behind her.
"Whoops. Sorry!" Avis called laughing as a man narrowly avoided the knife being tossed straight between his legs as it caught on the wooden crate behind him. The man promptly fainted.
Avis saw the bustling of the Daein soldiers against almost none. She squinted her eyes as her pupils narrowed, making her eyes more cat-like then ever.
Look at those gold bags swishing on those Daein Soldiers! Even if they were filled with fluff...wait...what if they were filled with useless stuff? Would she risk diving into the brawl? As she heard a coin click together, her orange cat ears twitched again and decided, OF COURSE!
Gonnah began to run toward the brawl, and as Avis leapt off of him, he turned tail and headed back to the mountain, his friend still running toward the brawl. She headed toward the ones that were most occupied on the very edge of the throng.
'How stupid, this idiot keeps his money bag in the back!' Avis thought as she carefully slipped it off...
Avis yelped as the soldier behind the man she was attempting to steal from took a good swing at her with his sword.
He missed, but managed to sliced the tip of her hair off, which fell to the ground, as Avis decided that now was not the time for sneaky attacks. She ripped the money bag off both men's waists and ran for it.
"Catch me if you can!" Avis laughed saluting the two men who were about ready to chase after her, but were decided whether their gold or the bout of Port Toha was more important "Oof!"
Avis had ran straight into a man about twice her size. Sweatdropping Avis flashed him a cheerful smile, his angry glare unfazed.
"Hi there!" She said waving and just as suddenly trying to dash out underneath his folded arms.
"Not so fast." He said in a stupid slur as he grabbed the back of my shirt.
"Let go you big ugly brute!!!" Avis yelled pounding on his hand which was at least twice her hand's size.
"Return the money bags, and maybe nobody will get hurt." He continued.
"No way!" She yelled, as she continued her futile attempts to escape the brute's vice-like grip "Let go you disgusting dirty and gross...thing!"

February 1st, 2006, 3:59 PM
Naoko Chan is accepted.
As for the history bit, Sevorg was first discovered by humans when Jirae was 14. That would be 3 years ago. So, unless your character is 3 years old or younger, there's no way a human could have been born in Sevorg.
That may account for an interesting plot twist.
In addition to the RP sample I have seen your RPing skills before, and believe that you'd definitely be able to skillfully pull off a plot twist of that nature. I am, of course, talking about the twist of Jirae's school NOT being the first human contact with Sevorg, that your village or whatever was there before. Or something like that. So it's fine.
And yes, a bard is like a singer whos songs can boost stats and stuff.

February 1st, 2006, 5:10 PM
OOC: No, I meant like, for a female, wouldn't that be a singer, but nvm.

IC:Regina let her feet dangle in the cool waters as she spread some bread across the smooth rocks, birds picking at the crumbs, unafraid of her slow paced fingers.
She sang as she relaxed, as she always did. It was the lullaby that she vaguely remembered. She'd been singing it for ages on end now, ever since she forgot almost her entire past. This tidbit seemed to warm her up. It had a soft medly, and there were no words, merely 'la's' that harmonized with her soft voice. The sound was gentle, but it definetly carried, so that most of the north eastern part of the Brandite Forest could hear even a faint sound. The blue birds that ate from her hands treated her like they treated the other Elves. Like any other animal whom they had nothing to fear from. They merely listened as she sang, sometimes sang along, so familiar with the melody were they now. Many animals in the Brandite forest lived much longer than any average animal. The others said that it was because there was something in the water they drank, in the grass, and berries they ate.
A small white footed field mouse ran up to the crumbs as the birds twittered for it to go away.
Cutting short of her singing Regina laughed as the birds bullied the young mouse away. Carefully picking up the mouse in her hand she set some crumbs on her flattened palm as the mouse began to chow down.
"Aren't you a cutie?" Regina asked the mouse as it's head shook up and down at the speed it nibbled on the crumbs "You definetly seem very sweet."
The mouse sniffed around on her palm for more crumbs, but instead hopped off her palm and licked the water that spread across the shore.
The mouse crawled back up the rock she sat on and up her arm, the wet whiskers brushing against her pale skin, earning a giggle from Regina's quiet lips.
"Would you like to stay with me for awhile?" She asked tapping the mous lightly on the nose "You're welcome in my home whenever you want. Just don't bring too many friends."
The mouse squeaked and began to groom itself, rubbing it's forehead and eyes off with it's delicate paws.
"Listen to this, Lady Mira taught it to me yesterday." Regina murmured sweetly to the mouse as it turned attentive to the blue haired girl.
Regina sang the song she learned from Lady Mira, the song most of the Elves seemed to hum to themselves as they worked sometimes. The essence of the song seemed to be everywhere in the peaceful forests. Well, almost peaceful. The Golems didn't help, but they seemed to leave her beloved area's alone for the most part.
As she sang she kicked her feet gently back and forth in the crystalline waters, the birds singing along with her, in between indignant twitters, that signaled they were fighting over the last bit of bread. They'd heard this song from the Elves as well, as they flew over and through the trees, the song could be heard nearly everywhere. It was like the very spirit of the forest materialized into the song.

February 1st, 2006, 5:40 PM
(OOC: SO this will be a solo-RP RP?? If so, then....)


Walking towards light comng from a village in the moonlight, Luna slightly panted. She had been walking for 5 days since burning down that tree. She decided to take off her robe, showing her underbody, which had a small white undershirt with two holes in it for her wings. Her wings glowed a pale blue in the moonlight. She flew high into the air, and landed right in front of the village, panting. She entered the village and immediatly looked for an Inn where she could rest. SHe found one called the "Swashling Buckler Inn", which looked more like a pub than an inn, so she walked toward it warily. As she entered, it was full of drunk Dwarves having a grand time. She then saw a female Dwarf who looked like the owner of the place.

"Erm, are you the Owner of this Inn?" asked Luna.

"Why, yes! My name is Fiona. This is my inn, would you like a room? Don't worry, the rooms are upstairs, so none of these drunks will harm you, or bother you, so, how about it?" she replied, a look of hope upon her face.

"Of course, please hand me a key. How much is it a night?" asked Saphira, hoping it wouldn't take too much money to stay in the backwater pub.

"20 gold coins per night. How many nights would you like to stay?" the short woman replied.

"Ok then, I would like to stay for 5 days, equaling 100 gold coins," she said, as she handed a sack-full of gold coins.

"Ok, your room is the first one on the left. I hope you enjoy your stay!" she happily replied, pointing in the direction of the room.

Luna quickly put her robe back on and walked up the wooden stairs. As she walked, she opened a mahogany door and entered. Inside was a blue bed, a night table, and a door which led to a bathroom. She literally collapsed on top of the rather small bed, and had a very nice sleep....

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February 1st, 2006, 6:09 PM
OOC: Well, bard and singer are pretty much the same thing, but bard is a more medieval term...so I think it could be used for either gender.
Anyways, I think I'll roleplay a little bit of the original concept as it would fit into a story, at least until I meet up with other people. Starting from the Orc's Camp, which if you recall from the backstory, the black mage (Jirae) and the Red Mage Teacher were kidnapped and taken to. That is of course a flashback, though.

"Fresh Meat!" An orc exclaimed in delight as the band of Orc Thieves brought the two humans into camp.
"Yes, we will feast tonight, brothers!" The leader of the band of thieves shouted in response.
"Agh...let me go, you filthy thing!" The female Red Mage exclaimed, kicking and struggling to get out of her magical bindings.
"Now, which do we eat first?" Asked one of the Orc thieves.
"This one!" Another suggested, sticking a knife up to Jirae's throat.
"H-hold on there!" Jirae said, inching his neck back away from the knife. "Surely there's another option to this?"
"We hungry." A rather dim-witted Orc warrior said.
"Oh, I'm sure you are," Jirae agreed, "but, are you not also lacking entertainment?"
"What you mean?" The warrior asked.
"You know, we could cast spells, for you to watch!" Jirae suggested.
"Show us." The leader of the thief band, who seemed to be the leader of the entire encampment, said, untying the rope around Jirae's hands.
"Sure...like, this!" Jirae said, waving his hand upwards. A rock flew out of the ground, about 5 feet in the air, and burst, throwing a blast of shrapnel around. Luckily, noone was in the immediate area.
"More." The warrior commanded, amused. The thief untied the woman's bindings, allowing her to join in on the entertainment.
"Ok, how about this?" The red mage asked, waving her hand. A white light surrounded herself and Jirae. The Orcs watched in amazement as bruises and cuts dissapeared from the humans' arms and legs.
"Interesting..." The Orc leader said to himself, pondering. He was sure something was wrong, but couldn't seem to figure out what.
"Hmmm...how about this?" Jirae asked, making a circular motion in front of him with his hands. A small ball of greenish wind appeared, rotating rapidly.
"Does it move?" A young Orc asked, reaching his finger out towards the sphere. The red mage nodded her head and winked at Jirae.
"Of course it does!" Jirae exclaimed, a slightly sinister tone appearing in his voice. The ball of wind sped forward, ramming the young Orc in the face and knocking it back a few feet.
"I knew it!" The leader shouted. "Seize the prisoners! Bind them with rope! Kill them!" Warriors, Thieves, and Archers alike began closing in on the two mages.
"Now you see me..." The red mage began, waving her hands and dissapearing. "Now you don't."
"Where did she go?" The Orc that was about to seize her asked, looking around, suddenly, he fell to the ground, a wound resembling a sword in his back.
"Showtime." Jirae smirked, flinging his arms around in a rapid sequence. Fireballs began shooting out of his hands, hitting Orcs all around him. Clothes began burning, and the unintelligent Orcs ran around screaming, not knowing what to do.
Meanwhile, one by one they fell, sword wounds being slashed fiercly at them from nowhere.
"Show yourself..." The leader muttered, blowing some powder from his hand. The Red Mage became visible again, right in the center of a circle of Orcs.
"A little help?" She asked over the Orcs, directing her question at Jirae.
"No problem." Jirae responded. Stones began bombarding the Orcs from below as wind struck them from above. The red mage also began casting spells, water spraying from her sword and knocking the orcs down as lightning struck them from above, conducting the water and killing them. In a matter of time, the only orc left standing was the leader.
"It's over, Z'Gruut." Jirae said, his fingers aimed at the assassin, as if they were ready to launch a missle.
"It's only over for your people." The Orc said, spitting at the ground. "Slowly but surely, the allied nations fall. The Golems will be victorious, and the Orcs and Drow will rule the land of Sevorg!"
"You honestly believe that pack of lies?" Jirae rhetorically questioned. "You don't deserve to live." A blast of power shot from his finger, speeding towards the Orc at the speed of light. Faster then you could blink, the Orc dissapeared in a puff of smoke, and the blast hit a rock behind where he had stood instead.
"We'll get you..." Jirae muttered, turning from the smoke and heading the other direction. His teacher stood there, silent, not knowing what to say.


"It's over, Z'Gruut." Jirae, now a young man of 17, said, his finger aimed at the aging Orc assassin.
"You said that three years ago." Z'Gruut responded slyly. "And I'm still here, am I not?"
"I've taken precautions this time." Jirae said, a grin on his face. A lance was thrusted in front of Z'Gruut. He looked behind him to see a female Valkyrie, about Jirae's age, holding him down with her Lance. Human archers on either side of the Orc aimed their bows, ready to shoot.
"Tch...it won't end like this." Z'Gruut claimed. "In the name of Sanlaism, let me go!" His eyes glowed red, and he extended his arms. The sand beneath their feet began swirling, rising and engulfing Z'Gruut. The sand fell back down and he was gone.
"The Golems..." Jirae stuttered angrily. "The rumor is true. The Golems really did lend the Orcs and Drows some of their magic..."
"It would be the only possible explanation." The valkyrie said, placing her lance back in its resting position in the sheath on her back. "Orcs should not be capable of magic. They don't possess a high enough intelligence."
"I agree" said one of the archers, stowing his bow and walking up beside the Valkyrie. "They must have planned it like this. The golems are all-seeing."
"You believe that orc lie?!" Jirae yelled in frustration, extending his arm towards the ground. "They just say that to scare you!" He was very upset, after three years of tracking down the orc assassin just to let him slip away.
"It does not matter that we could not capture Z'Gruut." The other archer said solemnly. "If that pendant works like the elves said it does, we've already got our link to the golems." He pointed to the swirling black charm on the necklace Jirae was wearing.
"The pendant of Ekim..." Jirae responded, holding it in his hand. "There's only one way to find out, hmm? We've just got to keep searching..."
"Yeah. But for now, we should rest." The valkyrie suggested.
"Great idea, except for one little problem." Jirae replied. "There's nowhere to stay! We're in the middle of nowhere!"
"Really?" The valkyrie asked rhetorically. "I beg to differ." She flapped her wings with a mighty gust, blowing away a wall of swirling sand nearby. Past the small dune, a rather short but long building was visible.
"It...can't be!" Jirae exclaimed. "The school! It's still standing!"
EDIT: OOC: Well, jack, it'll be solo until we meet up with eachother, which depending on individual character goals and locations may be quite while.

February 1st, 2006, 6:52 PM
Regina's singing was cut short, as thundering rumbles came from...the ground?
She scrambled out of the waters, and to the edge of the forest.
A huge band of Orcs and Drows alike were marching down the Plain's of T'nork.
The mouse began to squeak madly and Regina quickly quieted it, silently, but quickly running from the thundering feet and back to the forested home of the north eastern Elves.

"Lady Mira, I see Dark Elves, and Orcs heading south by way of the Plains of T'nork." Regina said earnestly as she skidded to stop before a very powerful and wise looking elf, though many thousand years old, she still possessed the Elven youth.

"I have seen this. There was no need to alert me." The elf said in a low alto drawl, her eyes closed as her palm hovered over a blue orb set in the roots of the tree behind her. The roots crawled upwards until she could hold her arm out slightly bent downward her palms inched from the surface of the orb "You of all people should know this well."

"Yes, but, there are so many that I-I seem to have overreacted, forgive me." Regina bowed deeply to the elf who opened her deep green eyes.

"There is no need to apologize, as you did not overreact. Such a collaboration of the two species means something is being planned. The Dark Elves do not always like to associate themselves with Orcs, being as Orcs are rather low compared to them. Drow or not, they're still elves." The woman said as she rearranged the long robes at her feet.

"But Lady Mira, what could they be planning?" Regina asked "Surely one or two Drow could easily complete the mission."

"They might be planning a revenge. An attack. A defense." Lady Mira said "The future can always be changed. History is not set in stone, and neither is the future. It is ever changing. The Drow know this, and they are most likely trying to change history to their advantage. Not much can be done though, by present people. Only small changes, and even those can drain even my power."

Regina stared in awe. Lady Mira was a very powerful elf. One of the leaders of the NorthEastern Elves, and her power was tremendous.

"Go, but do not return to the lake. The lake is too close to the forest borders, and judging by the armies march they've still many men to go before they past our forest completely."

"Why do they not attack us?" Regina asked "We are so easily targeted."

"The Drow know better than to attack the forest. The Brandite trees are old, and destroying them would bring terrible fortune upon them. They will wait to lure us out, not attack us head on. The Orcs may be a different story, but this is certain for the Dark Elves. They are just as intelligent as any being in Sevorg." Lady Mira said, in a tone that meant the conversation was over.

Regina pursed her lips as she left the particular room Lady Mira was inside. Certainly though Drow were very intelligent, greed and power would blind them? Evil and Unjust came with these traits did they not? This was what she was brought up to believe.

The mouse still on Regina's shoulder squeaked, and Regina brought it back to her 'home'. It was merely a hidey hole in the shelter of the tree's roots, but it was a beautiful place to live.
"You can stay here." She said letting the mouse onto the hay strewn ground.

February 1st, 2006, 6:56 PM
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February 1st, 2006, 6:57 PM
OOC: I think I'm gonna back out....This is kind of intimidating...

OOC: Alright, no problem...it's really just average roleplaying, don't let the RPG statistic-like feel scare you =P.
Either way, I have to thank you for being the first to sign up-that probably helped encourage other people to sign up.

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February 1st, 2006, 6:59 PM
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February 1st, 2006, 8:13 PM
(OOC: Ok then, I will make another IC then!! ^^!)


Waking up in the early morn, Luna yawned and stretched out her wings. She put on her robe and then walked over to the washroom to wash her face. When she felt truly awake, she stepped out of her room, and walked down the wooden stairs. She looked around and saw Fiona cooking some sausages and eggs.

"Good! You're awake! What'll a have, lassie?" she asked, whistling afterwards.

"Er, sure I will have some vegetables with eggs," Luna replied in a dull tone.

"Ok then! Here ya go!" the short woman replied, as she handed Luna a small plate, laden with a portion of golden yellow eggs, and some chunks of broccoli, carrots, green beans, and corn.

Luna quickly ate the food and as she tried to exit, Fiona stopped her. "No, stay here and relax," she said, an evil look in her eye.

"Erm, no, I really have to go get something, I will be back by nightfall though," replied Luna, a bit creeped out.

Luna exited out the swinging redwood doors, and stepped out into the cobblestone sidewalk. She pulled her cloak over her head, so she wouldn't be easily noticed. She walked around, asking strangers if they knew a wizard, or someone who had magic spells. Someone finally answered her inquiry, a small boy of about 8 years old of age.

"Yeah, his name is Rii. He was said to have had a magic stone that allowed people to utilize very strange magic," he said, smiling. He was obviously attracted by the mysterious allure that the Valkrie gave off. "He lives on the outskirts of town, in a small hut there."

"Thank you for the information young man," she replied, as she hurried to the outskirts of the town, where she saw a small hut with smoke coming out of it.

She quickly ran to it, and ran in. There was a fire caused by the fireplace, and an old Dwarf was knocked out on the floor. She picked him up with ease, and took him outside for some fresh air. She then ran to a nearby well and filled up the bucket inside, and then put out the fire which would have burned down the small hut, if she had not put it out. She sighed, and waited for the old Dwarf to wake up. She slapped him a couple of times, which finally awoke him.

"Heh? What? Who the hell are you?" he said, blinking rapidly.

"My name is Luna, I am your savior," she said, a bit annoyed.

"Oh, I apologise. My name is Rii," he replied, with an apologetic face.

Luna helped him up, and then walked him back inside. She then sat him down on his bed, and she sat down on a chair.

"I hear you have a Magic Stone of sorts," she asked, hoping that the strange Dwarf would reply with a straight answer.

"Oh...........You mean the Amethyst of Honor." He took on a more serious tone now, "this stone is a very powerful stone created by an evil Orc and Human, who worked together. The Orc had smelted it to take the shape of a Pentagon, and the Human infused it with the life force of both the Orc and the Human. Now, they were very powerful seperatly, but when they were put together, they had become a very powerful force not to be reckoned with. The Orc's name was Toren, and the Human's name was Hannah. A vigilantic Elf had decided that no one should possess so much power, so he sent it somewhere on Mt. Dartar many years ago, and I had the opportunity to have stumbled upon the stone, and I thought I had the ultimate power over the world. But, the same Elf who banished it destroyed it, sending shards all over our world. So, I have only one small shard. I wouldn't give it up so easily, but I will give it to you, IF you can defeat me in a fight."

"A......Fight, with.....You?" Luna asked, a bit confused.

"This old man's still got a bit o' fight inim'!" Rii said, as he picked up his staff, and stepped outside.......

February 1st, 2006, 8:30 PM
OOC: Sorry I'm late, dewds.

IC:Blue leaned against the tree, and closed his eyes. The medicine was working. He tenderly pulled the arrow out of the wound, not even wincing a bit, or opening his eyes. The fleeting sunlight played upon his blood, making it sparkle in the heavily forested area.

He tossed the bloody spearhead upon the ground, and watched the herb do it's work. It was really magnificent, watching the medicinal herbs of today work. The gash slowly began to close itself up, the skin carefully repairing itself like so many stitches.

"D*mn elves.." the boy muttered, his wound almost fully healed. He slowly slid down the trunk of the tree until his butt hit the floor. One of the unfortunate side effects of this particular herb was a ton of drowsiness, and something that he couldn't afford to do in battle was sleep. He winced, as he slowly was forced into sleep.

"I'm going to get a cut in pay for this.." He grumbled, and slowly fell into a deep slumber, clutching his longsword still freshly coated with blood in his left hand, and the remainder of the healing herb in his right. When he awoke, he found that he was not in the forest anymore, but on a bed. A wooden bed. In the trees.

"Uh-oh.. I must be-" His self-thought was cut off by the clank of a blade, and before he knew it, he was engaged in battle. An elf man stood before him, a falchion clutched in both of his pale, perfect hands. He roared, and leaped forward. Blue unsheathed his blade and barely parried the crushing blow. He stood readily, but a blinding pain in his shoulder brought him to his knees. The elf took this opportunity to give him a play slice across the face to remember him by. He laughed mercilessly.

"You fool. You know that Navaarian healing plants and other magical herbs have no effect in this region! The natural prescence of the forest prevents other magic from being invoked. You should know that, theif!" Blue growled, and lunged for the elf, but he easily sidestepped him and dealt him another crushing blow to the back. Give up, Blue Genjineko. It is over.

Suddenly.. a flash, a scream, and... darkness. Blue sat up in bed, a cold sweat rolling down the side of his head. He felt his hair tenderly.. it was drenched with sweat. He shook his head.

"Bad dream.."

... never mind. Just kinda.. sexually oriented. He looked at the drunken wench beside him in bed, covered in alcohol and bruises. Not from him, of course. He was always kind to his... "friends." He stood up, clothed himself, and looked outside. ^^^ Haha.. had to add that.

"It must not even be 3 in the morning yet." He thought to himself, and he left the room, without even a second glance at the sleeping young woman in the bed behind him. He left a small amount of silver on the table, not nearly enough for what he had spent there, but it would have to do - it was all he could afford. He stepped outside, and took a deep breath of cold morning air. The chilling breeze woke him up completely, and he shook his head, and walked down the main square of the sleeping town that he was about to leave behind, much like many others before it.

OOC: I found a pretty b*itchin' picture of what I thought my character should look like, or something close to it, so I put a link to it in my sign-up.

February 2nd, 2006, 6:22 AM
OOC: Clone, they're standard RP sized posts. I believe the minimum is like 4 lines or something. If you cant write that much, why would you RP at all?
"The school...I can't believe it's still here!" Jirae exclaimed in disbelief, running through the sand towards the old building.
"And if you thought that was a miracle..." The Valkyrie began, smiling as she followed him. The two archers followed behind her, smiling as well.
"Adren?!" Jirae exclaimed in disbelief. In font of him, a female white mage about his age stood.
"Hello, Jirae." She said in a french accent, a warm, welcoming smile on her face.
"You mean to tell me...you've been living here? For three years?" He asked in disbelief.
"Not just me." She replied. Behind her, a large band of kids who seemed to range from age 17 to about 21 stood.
"The entire school?!" Jirae was amazed.
"No, not the entire school." Adren replied. "Only about 400 of us. The other 1000 were either killed, taken prisoner by the Orcs, or left of their own will. It has been 3 years, you know."
"That's true..." Jirae replied, still shocked that the school was standing. "Shina, you knew about this?" He turned to the Valkyrie behind him.
"Of course I did. I stay up later then you at night, remember? Where exactly do you think I go?" The valkyrie replied.
"I kinda assumed you stayed around camp and fell asleep later." Jirae said.
"You know me better then that." Shina said. She and Jirae had been friends for over 6 years now.
"I suppose I do." He replied, smiling. "Nich, Piras, you knew about this as well?"
"Of course." One of the archers replied, nudging his glasses back up to his eyes as they fell down.
"I'm surprised you had the mental capacity to, Piras." Jirae joked.
"Haha, very funny." The archer with the glasses replied, walking towards the school.
"Let's go inside, shall we?" The other archer suggested.

"Wow." Jirae said in amazement. Though a little worn down on the outside, the school remained in decent condition on the inside. "How did you keep enough food to survive all this time?"
"Well, they might be extremely stupid, but the warriors are good for one thing-killing stuff." Adren replied. "We've been eating the meat of the local monsters, and getting fruits from the edge of Brandite Forest. The elves are happy to share with us."
"That's odd." Jirae replied. "We met a fair share of elves over our travels, and they didn't seem like they were extremely inclined to share with humans."
"W-Well, you obviously didn't meet our suppliers, then!" Adren replied, a slight tone of cover-up story in her voice.
"I suppose." Jirae replied.
"Heey! Ji-raeeee!" A loud male voice came from around a hallway corner.
"You're kidding me, right?" Jirae sighed. He knew who it was. A male white mage came around the corner, hand up for a Hi-five.
"How's my main man?" He asked, slapping Jirae's hand in midair.
"You're still the class clown, after all these years, eh, Charlos?" Jirae said, Hi-fiving the mage's hand.
"Hey hey!" Charlos said, "That's no way to talk to me after all these years!"
"You can cut the crap, Charlos." Jirae rolled his eyes. "You know, if you hadn't been healing those warriors 3 years ago, I could have won."
"You keep thinkin' that." Charlos replied, smiling a rather fake smile.
"Hey! That punk is back!" A rather large African American warrior shouted, walking up behind Charlos.
"Hey now, we don't want any trouble!" Charlos said, reaching his arm in front of the warrior.
"Nice to see you all again, too." Jirae replied, looking to the window. "You never repaired it?"
"Do you honestly think we had glass around here?" A rather old female voice came from around the corner.
"Va...Vatigh?" Jirae said in disbelief as the Red Mage came around the corner. It was the same one who had fought Z'Gruut with him three years ago.
"Yep." She replied. "I managed to find my way back here...thanks to Adren and the other french students. If they hadn't found me, I'd probably be dead now."
"It was no trouble, really." Adren said politely.
"Wow...I just...I still can't believe the school's still standing." Jirae said in amazement, taking it all in.
"Well, over time, everyone's been training and improving their skills to fight off attackers." Vatigh said. "The teachers aren't getting younger, so our help has been pretty minimal, but still."
"Yeah." Jirae replied, staring off into space. Suddenly, he heard a loud rumbling sound under his feet.
"What was that?" He exclaimed.
"Drow! Orcs! Lots of them!" A voice came from outside the window. A male thief, about 1 year older then Jirae, jumped down from the roof and in through the window.
"What? What is the meaning of this?!" Shina exclaimed, flying out the window to get a look. "He's right! An army of them, headed from Brandite's direction!"
"What are they doing?!" Vatigh exclaimed. "We already paid the tribute this month!"
"I don't know what they're doing." Shina replied, flying in through the window, "But we best prepare to fight."
OOC: What are the Drow and Orcs doing, and why? What is Adren scheming? What happened in the past three years? Find out next time, on Fantasy Dimension! =P
As a side note, the orcs/drows marching towards the school are the ones Naoko-chan talked about.
As an interesting tidbit, all characters in the school actually ARE based off real people. Though you probably could have guessed that.

February 2nd, 2006, 3:28 PM
The mouse squeaked, as it ran around the pillow and settled itself in the dip, going to sleep after a nice meal.

Regina smiled lightly and climbed out of the hole, pushing the tree's roots aside gently. That home was not where she lived, merely where she liked to stay when she wanted to be alone. She walked lightly through the glittering grass, as she walked through the arch into her true home. Garth, her sort of surrogate father, would never approve of bringing a mouse into their home. He wasn't your usual soft-spoken and delicate elf, in fact, he was rather aggressive, and had a tendency to start fights. He was a good citizen though, his brute strength was very helpful when it came to building and repairing buildings by hand, or foraging weapons and sharpening arrow tips.

"Hello Miandra, why is Nadine here?" Regina asked as she referred to the elf natrualist that was tending to Garth's deep gash.

"She healing Garth's cut, the sword he was sharpening didn't quite appreciate the way it was being sharpened and decided to inform him of it. He'll try a different method once the wound is healed." Miandra said, her short light brown hair swaying as she moved around the house to help Nadine finish up with Garth.

Nadine didn't particularly like Garth, as he was constantly getting injured, and she worked without pay, as elves never really paid each other for services here in the Northeatern Brandite.

"Hello Regina, have a nice day at the lake?" Nadine asked without looking up as she pressed some sweet smelling herbs roughly against Garth's wound.

"Yes, Orcs and Drow's passed by the outskirts of the forest, but it was nothing drastic." Regina said.

Miandra dropped the bowl she was holding and instantly scolded me "Why did you not come home immediatly?"

"Because I wanted to inform Lady Mira mother, but she'd already forseen the march southward, and sent me off." Regina explained as she picked up an empty basket "I'm going to go gather some berries, I'm running out of them and the birds seem to like them best."

Without another word Regina slipped out of the earthen home and back to the outskirts of the town. Silently she found a berry bush and gathered the ripened ones, popping one in her mouth as she continued her search. The sweet taste was delicious as she kept herself hidden in the trees, the Orc and Drow march had completely diminished and the only thing that remained in their wake was some misplaced trinkets and footprints.

She slipped out of the trees and wondered where they were going. Where and why were they going south? Were they going to a different hideout, or were they headed to the Drow's forest?

Far away there was a thin line of smoke rising, that was probably a human settlement. Nothing too drastic, and from the looks of her human eyes it was quite far away. Had her eyes been an elve's then it would look as though it was right up close, as though she could reach out and touch the nearest building, but she was really only a mortal with a good voice.

February 2nd, 2006, 4:01 PM
OOC: Naoko, elves can be white mages, you know. While naturalists do possess a small amount of healing magic, white mages are best at healing. Just letting you know.
"There's way too many of them." Shina reported as the entire school body stood outside, watching the army move closer and closer.
"You're being too negative." Jirae said in response, a stern look on his face.
"The smoke signals aren't working." Piras reported as he walked up by Jirae's side. "We were hoping some Elves would see them from the forest and come to our aid, but none so far."
"I think we can take them." Nich said, pretending to count them by pointing at them.
"No, we can't." Shina replied, unable to tell whether he was joking or not. Nich had a very dry sense of humor, so this was often the case. "There's near a thousand of them, and only four hundred of us."
"Quality of Quantity." A french voice came from behind them. "Sorry if I'm interrupting anything." Adren smiled, walking between Jirae and Shina.
"Not at all." Jirae smiled back. He had liked Adren three years ago, before he left, and she was finally noticing him.
"So, what's the situation?" Adren asked, facing Shina.
"We're vastly outnumbered. I don't think we can do it." Shina replied.
"Not with that attitude, we can't." Piras said. "Oh, and don't let any of the swordsmen hear you say that." He glanced back at them.
"Who's gonna win?!" Charlos shouted.
"WE ARE!" The large band of warriors shouted back. Out of the 400 people left, at least 200 of them were swordsmen. By no coincidence, they had all been the jocks before the school was transported to Sevorg.
"I think they're drawing close." Nich reported. Out of all the human classes, the archers had the best eyesight, though it was nothing compared to that of the Elves or the Drow.
"Everyone, prepare to fight!" Jirae yelled to the crowd.
"YEAAHHH!" The large band of swordsmen responded. The archers steadied their bows as the mages prepared to cast spells and the thieves polished their daggers.

"I think they're actually going to try and fight us, Z'Gruut." A slender Drow assassin informed his Orc parter as they led the army forward.
"What's your point, Dentaro?" Z'Gruut responded. "There's like what, 50 of them?
"From the looks of it, about 400." The Drow replied.
"That's still no match for us." Z'Gruut noted. "Especially with...it."
"We shouldn't need to use it." Dentaro pointed out, a stern look on his face. "I'd rather we not lose that many lives. And in a straight out fight, we shouldn't have to."
"I suppose." Z'Gruut sighed. "How did you find the human encampment, anyways?"
"I had a little inside help..." Dentaro replied with a smirk.
"You're kidding me." Z'Gruut said. "You don't mean..."
"Yep." The Drow said quickly.
"Hipocrite." The Orc said, ending the conversation. "We're almost there."
"Drow, prepare yourself!" Dentaro yelled backward to the band of Drow. "Today is the day we get revenge for three years ago!"
"YEAAHH!" Came a battle cry from the energized group.
"What he said!" Z'Gruut added.
"WOOHOO! FLESH!" The Orcs shouted.

"And so it begins." Jirae said as the swordsmen and thieves charged forward, blades ready.
OOC: I'm not going to reveal anything much, but I'm willing to bet that whatever you THINK is the inside help actually isn't. Harharhar.

February 2nd, 2006, 4:07 PM
OOC: Can I be two people?

February 2nd, 2006, 4:14 PM
OOC: Can I be two people?

OOC: Depends how you mean. I mean, I'm controlling a whole school of people, but only one of them is my main character. You can have virtually limitless side characters, but only one main character.

February 2nd, 2006, 4:21 PM
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February 2nd, 2006, 4:23 PM
OOC: Oh I meant two main characters. > >;; oh well. Not much to IC then.

OOC: You could come investigate what the drow and orcs are doing. If it were me, that's probably what I would do =P.

February 2nd, 2006, 5:04 PM
OOC: Sike=The guy (http://clarence.supereva.com/ragnarok/img/pag/Character_Archer.jpg)

IC: A twig snapped behind Regina, as the tension in the air flew to the fortresses of the Valkyries.
With no weapon being a bard, Regina spun around, finding a Sike who was frozen to the bone.
"Eh, sorry about that." He said glaring down at the broken branch "Anyway, Miandra wants me to keep an eye on you." He said scratching the back of his short blonde hair, his quiver slipping lower off his elbow.
"I wonder where those Orcs and Drow were going..." Regina said turning back around, knowing her best friend was no one to fear.
Sike squinched his eyes at the distant smoke tower "Well seems they're attacking some human settlement. Not too drastic. Seems they're mostly all humans and Valkyries."

Regina gasped "They can't possibly fight all those Dark Elves, they're slaughter them!" She purposely left out 'Orcs' because there wasn't much but brute force to be afraid of them.

"So?" Sike shrugged "They're human's, let alone humans who steal our food." He lazily put his hands behind his head and tipped onto the balls of his feet "Not like you could do much anyway, you'd probably just get yourself killed."

Regina glared at Sike before saying "That's exactly why you're going to go help them!" She whistled for two elven horses, who were much faster then any other human horse.

Sike groaned "Come on, you do this everyday! We're like heroes to the human's now!"

Regina ignored him as she climb side strattle onto her white horse, and said "Suit yourself. It's your fault if I die you know that right?"

Sike growled and climbed onto the brown horse provided for him. The horse didn't seem so pleased that such a young elf was permitted to ride him, but grudgingly trotted at a quick pace after his companion.

An eagle soon swooped overhead, landed on Sike's outstretched arm as it attatched the letter in Sike's hand onto it's leg.
"Bring this to Uncle Laune. He'll get an elven army together if Lady Mira hasn't already. I honestly don't know why we help these crazy humans." He muttered to the eagle as it stretched it's wings and soared off his arm.

The wind battered Regina's long hair around as she reached the cliff that they'd have to bypass to reach the building. She watched as the army closed in on the group of people from the cliff, the silver horse snorting and nervously pacing back and forth as Regina hummed absentmindedly to calm the animal. It certainly was larger than she'd thought it was, the army of Drow and Orc.

February 2nd, 2006, 6:39 PM
OOC: Shina's the only Valkyrie at the school, just FYI. Everyone else is human.
"They're tough, eh?" Jirae asked Nich as the two of them fired magic spells and arrows from the back lines.
"Nah, not so much." Nich said calmly. "For so many of them, if they were any real threat, they probably would have made it through more warriors by now."
"Don't talk like that. We're still losing people here." Shina said as she charged past the lines of archers and mages, lance in hand, ready to join the front lines.
"She's seeming rather reckless today." Jirae noted.
"Well of course." Adren answered, casting healing spells on the swordsmen that appeared to be hurt. "She's upset. Can't you tell?"
"Not really." Jirae replied. "What's she upset about?"
"Idiot." Nich interrupted, as he knew what Adren was talking about.
"What? What is it that I'm not understanding?!" Jirae questioned.
"Nevermind. Just keep fighting." Nich said, continuing to bombard the enemies with arrows. Many frontline warriors were being lost on both ends, as archers and mages from either side continued to aid in their fight without being harmed.

"Die!" Shina exclaimed, slashing at Orcs with her lance. This wasn't her normal battle style, her normal battle style was much more refined and much less reckless. She was obviously mad about something.
"Watch your back!" A voice came from behind her. Before she could turn around a knife stabbed her inbetween the wings, and she fell to the ground. "Stupid, reckless human."
"I'm not a-" She began.
"Don't lie." Dentaro smirked, standing on the knife and driving it into Shina's back further.
"AGH!" She yelled in pain.
"Shina!" Jirae exclaimed, hearing her cry. "Heal her!" He said to Adren.
"No." Adren firmly answered.
"What?! WHY NOT?!" Jirae demanded.
"You don't see it, do you?" Adren replied. "Just look at her."
"What are you talking about?" Jirae asked, looking at Shina as arrows bombarded Dentaro.
"Ah! Her stupid friends..." Dentaro muttered, backing away from Shina as feathers scattered on the ground.
"...die..." Shina said in an almost trancelike state. Feathers and blood alike continued to fall from her body as she got up and prepared her lance. Orcs and Drow like attempted to attack her, only to be driven off by arrows or swords.
"S-stay back!" Dentaro said, weaponless, backing away from the Valkyrie.
"Valkior Wenthion Clesniak!" Shina exclaimed. Her wings grew larger then their original size, larger then her body even, and began glowing.
"N-no! Not that!" Dentaro exclaimed, stumbling onto his feet as orcs and drow alike fled from the area. The wings grew larger and shined brighter, and then exploded. When the smoke cleared, Dentaro was a pile of ashes, and Shina was lying on the ground, bleeding severely-with no wings.
"Shina!" Jirae exclaimed, running up to her. "Adren, heal her, now!"
"Y-yes, of course." Adren replied after shaking her head. It was almost as if she had been possessed earlier, when she refused to heal Shina.
"J-Jirae?" Shina asked, sitting up as her wounds began to heal.
"Shina, where are your wings?" Jirae asked.
"Gone...temporarily, at least." Shina replied. "You see, I'm only a half-valkyrie. I can't maintain wings all the time."
"A half-valkyrie? I thought it was weird enough that you were a Valkyrie to begin with. I mean, you were a human in the real world!" Jirae responded.
"Yes, I know." Shina chuckled a bit. "I think it's because I wasn't supposed to be transported here. Only your school was."
"That's right...you were only there for one class! You don't go to our school!" Jirae replied.
"Precisely." Adren interrupted, walking up next to Shina and Jirae.
"Forget I'm still here?" A deep Orc voice said.
"Not at all." Jirae smirked, turning to face Z'Gruut. His eyes almost glowed as he outstretched his arm and launched a fireball from it. All around Jirae, Shina, Adren, and Z'Gruut, fights continued, but ignored the four of them. It was almost as if they were on a seperate plane of existance from everyone else.
"The pendant of Ekim." Z'Gruut concluded. "It activated, didn't it?"
"It must have." Jirae replied, holding the small necklace in his hand. "And you know what that means. Noone can help you now." An evil glare appeared in his eye as he stood up, his hands ablaze with fire.
"I'll take that bet." Z'Gruut answered, his daggers ready.

"Where did Jirae and Shina go?!" Piras asked Nich as they continued to shoot arrows. "The enemy forces are gaining on us! Almost all the swordsmen and thieves are dead!"
"I know..." Nich repied, grimacing. "We can't hold them off much longer..."
OOC: The plot may seem pretty confusing, but it should get less confusing later. Maybe. =P

February 2nd, 2006, 7:26 PM
"Maybe I can hit a Drow from up here." Sike said as though it was a game, sliding a broadhead from his quiver and setting it in it's place on the wooden bow he carried around with him.

"As long as you don't hit someone in the process." Regina said letting her horse slide down the cliff of the canyon, bypassing the bridge that led down to the sort of valley rift.

"Hey you're gonna kill youself!" Sike yelled as his horse recklessly jumped down as well. As he steadied himself he shot the arrow as he slid down the cliff, hitting one of the Orc's nearest the building square through the neck,

"That's gross." Regina said pulling out a pendant that would keep her voice strong for a longer amount of time "I'll give you some more speed, and accuracy, how's that?"

"Sounds good to me." Sike said still shooting a good amount of arrows "But I'm running out of arrows."

"Alright then, I'll sing a lullaby instead. Should put some Orc's to sleep, but it'll attrack Drow attention.

"Go on m'lady, do your job." Dienth a swordsman elf said as his stallion rushed past so quickly Regina and Sike only had so much time to hear what he said. Regina began a slow soft melody, that affected Orcs only. She was taught different methods, songs that affected Drows, or Elves only, or Orcs, and Gnomes only.

'The pipes the pipes are ca--lling, from Glen to Glen, and down the mountain si-de, the summer's go-ne, and all the roses fa-a-lling...' Regina began, her voice was melodious, but almost all the Orc's and Drows could hear it well. Some Orcs began to get drowsy, swinging their swords and axes randomly around, as outraged Drows spun around.

"20 elves." Sike said counting the number of elves Elder Laune had sent. Almost all were swordsmen except for a few Archers who sent well aimed arrows dashing through the Drow's hearts. The Archers would aim for the Drows, as it would be too evenly matched as a hand-to-hand battle.

Regina dearly wanted to say 'ONLY?' as there were hundreds of warriors in her home, but then she remembered that many of them despised humans, and regretted ever inviting them into the war. But she carried on with the lullaby, the song she'd learned from Miandra, who used to sing this song to put her to sleep. It was effective on anybody after a period of time, but Orcs were most prone to sleep while the song was in effect.

Many Drow fell and some retreated, knowing many of the Elves in the battle and knowing what they were capable of. Some naive stayed, and were slaughtered by the elven warriors. She recognized one of the swordsmen who'd gallantly hopped off his horse as it charged into the grounded soldiers. He was one of the biggest human supporters, and he was also one of the most powerful elves in the forest. Regina also saw that many of the Elves fighting were this particular elf's friends and comrades in battle. Naturally, she thought.

February 2nd, 2006, 9:28 PM
(OOC: Wow, missed some posts. >__>. Anyways, I am going to add some spells to Luna's vocabulary ^^!)

The old Dwarf walked outside, in a battle-ready position. He motioned his staff towards Luna and then yelled, "Fight!".

He swung his staff, and it hit Luna, full force. She gasped for air as it hit her hard in the stomach, but she was fine. She then cast the magic spell for Ice Shards, mumbling, "Frosticua Ninavut Bicantiosa!". The spell caused a small blizzard to form in front of Luna, and then a giant block of ice formed. The ice shattered into many pieces and shot toward Rii. It hit him full force, but he used a Healing Herb, restoring some of his health. He slammed his staff hard on the ground, creating a powerful earthquake, knocking Luna down on her feet. She quickly brushed herself off as she stood up, and used a Smoke Herb. This herb, when flung into the air, creates a smokescreen of poison gas, choking the enemy. Luna flew high into the air, and awaited to see what the old Dwarf would to next. Suddenly, he started spinning his staff extremely fast, blowing the noxious gasses toward the sky in Luna's direction. She choked for air, and fell down on the ground, when suddenly, the air was blown away.

"I've seen enough. You are worthy of this shard," said Rii. He then walked into his house to get something, and came out with a obsidian-colored shard. It shined with a black aura as he handed it toward her.

"Thank you Rii, it is much appreciated." replied Luna in a dull tone.

She began to walk away, back towards the Inn, when Rii grabbed her shoulder, saying, "wait! Before you leave, I need to tell you, I heard rumours that another shard was found in the southern coast of the mountains, guarded by an Ice Dragon. Be carefull lassie, as ye going in dar."

"Thank you for the warning old man," was Luna's dull reply. She walked back toward the Pub/Inn, and sughed eeply, desperatly needing rest.....

February 3rd, 2006, 1:53 PM
"Let's get out of here!" Charlos yelled as he ran past Piras and Nich.
"What were you doing all the way up there, you idiot?!" Piras asked, firing an arrow straight inbetween the eyes of an orc that had been chasing after Charlos.
"It doesn't matter." Nich answered for him. "But what does matter is that we're out of meatshields." He looked at the oncoming rush of Orcs and Drow. Less then 20 swordsmen and thieves were left, and the few that were left were greatly weakened, attempting to flee their enemies.
"Ah, crap." Piras muttered as he turned around and ran.
"What? Get...Get back here, you idiot!" Nich shouted as he continued to fire arrows, steadily walking backwards. "Ah!" Not looking where he was going, he tripped on a rock, falling to the ground. A large Orc approached him, a bloody sword in hand, preparing to strike. Nich nervously tried to bring his bow to firing position, but it was cut in half by the iron blade.
"It...it can't end like this..." Nich muttered under his breath, quivering in fear.
"And it won't." Came Piras's voice as an arrow struck the Orc inbetween the eyes. A white aura surrounded Nick and his wounds healed, allowing him to stand up.
"Get back here, now!" A girl exclaimed, casting a faint floating shield behind Nich's back. He turned and ran towards them as arrows bounced off the magic shield. He recognized the girl to be one of Adren's friends, but couldn't recall her name.
"Everyone, into the school!" Charlos shouted, rounding the mages, archers, and few warriors left into the school. The doors were locked, and everyone ran to the other end of the school, trying to give themselves enough time to formulate a plan.
"Where are Shina and Jirae?!" Piras asked nick furiously.
"And you expect me to know?" Nich asked in response.

"Die!" Jirae exclaimed, flinging a fireball that was easily dodged by the experienced assassin.
"The only one doing the dying around here will be you." Z'Gruut said in response, running towards Jirae quickly.
"He can't kill me like that..." Jirae noted. His eyes grew large as he realized Z'Gruut's plan. "Shina, get out of the way!"
Too late. A dagger pierced through the front of Shina's armor as she began to cough up blood.
"Hehehe..." Z'Gruut laughed, pulling his weapon out of the bleeding body. "Now things should get interesting, shouldn't they?"
"Adren...heal her..." Jirae said with almost no force at all. His hands were quivering; for some reason he was now afraid.
"No." Adren replied. She calmly walked past Z'Gruut and turned to face Jirae.
"What? What's going on?!" Jirae demanded, much more strongly now, and very confused.
"She's possessed, boy." Z'Gruut replied.
"By who?! Certainly not by you!" Jirae exclaimed.
"No." Z'Gruut said, beginning to laugh. "By you." The pendant on Jirae's necklace began shining with a bright black light, covering the small area that the four people were seperated from everyone else in. When the light dimmed down, a Drow stood next to Jirae that seemed to be almost an exact copy of him, except for the skin, ears, and other racial features.
"Good to see you, Ekim." Z'Gruut greeted the Drow.
"Likewise." The sly Drow replied, an evil smile on his face. "I hunger..."
"Then eat away. Your target's right next to you." Z'Gruut noted.
"No..." Ekim replied. "I hunger...for Orc." He zoomed at Z'Gruut so fast that he was almost unseeable.
"N-No! Orak'nar, help me!" Z'Gruut shouted as the Drow sank its teeth into his shoulder.
"Your blood tastes horrible." Ekim decided, spitting it out. "I think I'll wash out the horrible taste with your flesh and bones." He began gnawing at the Orc, who was helpless in fear.
"What...what is that monster?" Jirae asked, getting no reply. Shina was dying on the ground near him, and Adren could not hear him, as she was possessed by Ekim.
"Don't worry." Ekim responded, continuing to devour the Orc. "You're next."

"They're breaking in!" Charlos shouted as banging could be heard on the doors.
"We must fight them!" Nich exclaimed. "It's our only hope!"
"Indeed it is." A voice came from behind them. "You're surrounded." They turned to see the back door of the school being slammed to the ground by a powerful Orc kick. Orcs poured in the back door as Drow managed to unlock and come in through the front. The school's students and staff frantically opened the doors to the many courtyards in the school, and running in.
"What's the point of that? You're boxing yourselves in." A Drow asked as he walked in the courtyard Nich and Piras had gone into.
"Not exactly." Nich smirked, firing an arrow at the Drow's heart, causing it to fall to the ground. In response, other Drow began entering the courtyard-one at a time. This was the plan. By shifting the battlegrounds to the courtyards, the humans could not be surrounded, and their enemies could not outnumber them as fast. This severely weighted fight had just become fair.
OOC: Hope the Ekim scene wasn't too graphic for anyone...heh. Should I put some tags around it or something?

February 3rd, 2006, 3:22 PM
OOC: I thought it was fine.

IC: "We've done enough. There's almost none left anyway." Sike said as an arrow soared through the breastplate of a Drow "Besides, they're totally ignoring us! They've probably got strict orders to attack the humans only!"

Regina coughed as her singing faltered, many Orcs were still deep in sleep, but some stirred, and trudged sleepily toward the buildings.

Ryxam, the hero elf called something loudly in elven to the 10 archers, who each collected their bloody arrows from Drow and Orc bodies, placed them back in their quivers and began the shower of arrows once more. Not as many fell, only the ones that hadn't managed to scramble inside, which were few to none.

Ryxam held up one delicately tanned hand, long spindly fingers loosely held together, showing that he knew he needn't be forceful with his loyal men. Muttering something in old elvish, a language long forgotten by the traitors of Drow, he picked up his sword in one hand, handed an Orc sword to the small gnome following him around, and picked up a Dark Elf sword.

"To study." He said to the other elves, who watched in confusion. They all nodded in understanding, as the Dark Elves were bound to have brought their weaponry ideas to the Orcs. The other elves began to pick up Orc and Dark Elf arrows as well, and Regina slid off her horse, and walked up to the line of elves outside the human settlement, keeping the Orc's and remaining Drow's within.

"Regina!" Sike called, annoyed that she was his responsibility "You have as much maturity as a 10 year old elf!" He clumsily climbed off the brown horse, but caught his foot in the bridle, and managed to fall torso first right onto the dirt. He shook the mud from his face and mouth as he mumbled in a mockingly high pitched voice, "Let's go save the human's Sike!"

Regina glared at him, but continued to examine the human settlement. From the looks of the inside, it was what she remembered as a learning facility. A school. She fingered the broken glass and wondered if it was from an Orc raid, or something like that.

The battle field was nearly picked clean, and Regina overheard an elf Archer mumble to Ryxam in human, "These arrows contain deadly poison, made of unripe white woodland berries. We confirmed this with Ai, who brought it back speedily to home." Rxyam nodded to the Archer, who immediately left.

Ai was the eagle Sike had called on earlier, a good friend of the Northeastern elves, along with a few other Eagles.

"Why do you not go in and assist the fighting humans?" Regina asked Ryxam who's blaring red eye rested on her for a mere few seconds. He was a hero, but he was known to be rather...dark at times, including the way he fashioned his robes, where it conceal the lower half of his face.

"The human's must deal with human problems. Elves can only interfer so much until we're branded as their slaves." Ryxam replied in a low growl. Sike pulled on Regina's arm and muttered "Let's get out of here."

"Not until I know the human's are okay." Regina said stubbornly, staring into the broken windows.

"Miss, I'd advise you to leave. Once the Orc's are done here they'll target us for killing so many of their soldiers." An Elven swordsman said, as he stood gaurd at the double doors.

"I can defend myself just fine, I may not be very physically powerful, but I'll poison anyone that comes near me." Regina said folding her arms in protest "I'm a girl, but I'm not totally defenseless you know."

"Been stealing poisons?" Ryxam said more of statement then a question "Not very appealing in a girl your age. As a human, isn't this the main time when you mate?"

"I'm not a animal! I don't mate I get married!" Regina said, flushing at the Elf's conceited nature "It's not like Elves 'mate' either, they get joined!"

"Merely a statement." Ryxam said trudging to the elf Archer that had informed his of the posion earlier. The elf said something to him again and pointed at the long sword the gnome carried.

"Well some hero." Sike muttered to Regina, earning a whack from the Swordsman behind him.

February 3rd, 2006, 4:29 PM
"I think it's working!" Piras shouted as they continued to shoot arrows at the drow streaming in through the small courtyard door.
"Just keep shooting." Nich said as he just barely dodged an incoming drow arrow.
"This isn't good." A black mage in the same courtyard observed. She was another of Adren's friends, in fact, it seemed like the only people in that coutyard were Nich, Piras, and all of Adren's friends.
"What do you mean?" Piras asked, reaching for another arrow.
"What do you think?" The black mage responded as Piras's hand grabbed air.
"I'm out of arrows?!" He thought aloud.
"I'm running low, too." Nich said. "And, we're slowly being backed into a corner.
"This isn't good..." Piras said, looking through the window, across the hallway, and into the next courtyard. The final swordsman in the yard fell, and Charlos was left alone, defenseless against the onslaught of Orcs.
"It may not have looked like it at the start, but there's too many of them. We're going to lose this battle." The white mage who had saved Nich outside the building said. "We mages are all running low on magic power, too."
"Jirae...Shina...hurry..." Nich said, backing away from the enemies, grabbing one of his last arrows.

"There. All done." Ekim said in a malevolent voice, wiping his mouth as he stood up, the rotting carcas of the Orc beneath his feet. "Now...I think I'll eat the Valkyrie next, to put her out of her misery...or rather, cause more of it."
"No!" Jirae exclaimed.
"No? Then would you rather I eat this one?" He asked cunningly, turning to Adren.
"No!" Jirae exclaimed.
"Rather indecisive, aren't we?" Ekim questioned.
"No..." Jirae replied, "Just a bit pissed off." Large balls of flame appeared in his hands as wind blew his hair over his face.
"That's it." Ekim smirked. "Get angry. Angry like you've never been before."
"Die!" Jirae exclaimed, flinging the fireballs, which Ekim easily dodged.
"It will only make me stronger." He said quietly. Flames appeared in his hands as well, except these were white-hot. He charged at Jirae, launching the fireballs with the added impact of the movement.
"Ahh!" Jirae exclaimed, putting his arms in front of his face, as that was really the only defense a black mage was capable of.
"Jirae!" Adren exclaimed, snapping out of the trance. The fireballs exploded, causing the area to fill with smoke.
"What?! How could he...?" Ekim questioned, astonished. Jirae was unharmed.
"You." Adren said, putting her staff to the back of Ekim's head.
"Wh-what? The white mage? But how could she have?" Ekim wondered.
"Holy Flame!" Adren exclaimed, a burst of glowing energy exploding from the tip of her staff, right on Ekim's head.
"We did it..." Jirae said, breathing a sigh of relief. The faint forcefield generated by the pendant cleared, and Ekim's decapitated body disintegrated into the ground. Adren healed Shina, and Jirae looked to the school, not noticing a faint glow return to his pendant for a brief moment.
"Elves?" Shina asked as she got to her feet.
"Why are there elves at the entrance to the school? Where did everyone go?!" Jirae asked nobody in particular.
"Let's go find out." Adren suggested, and the three of them ran toward the school.
OOC: Yeah, the "inside help" Dentaro mentioned was Ekim...if you didn't guess that already =P
Anyways, Naoko, just as a lead for your RPing, you could greet Jirae, Shina, and Adren as one option, or, there are probably some Drow and Orcs coming out of the building now, as the majority of the people in the school have been killed.

February 3rd, 2006, 5:11 PM
OOC: Thanks.

IC: Ryxam turned quickly as the remaining Drow and Orcs marched out of the school with incredible speed.

"Tuor Taurnil Celebrindal Tasartir!" Ryxam shouted as the elves frantically collected themselves and began the battle anew. The archers didn't fare so well, having Orc and Drow arrows in their quivers and untrained with the style, they fumbled for their elven arrows and managed to fell few, but not many Drow's and Orcs. The Swordsmen easily worked their way through the hoarde, and dodged the few Orc/Drow Archer's arrows.

"Told you we should've left." Sike whispered as he crouched in the shadows of the school, one hand pressed firmly against her mouth to keep her from saying anything.

"Mmmph, mmph, phh, mph!" Regina mumbled. She would've dearly loved to bite him right then, but his hand was clamped over it too hard. And so she sat in the shadows with him until the last of the Orcs and Dark Elves had diminished from the school and began the fight with the other elves.

"Okay, now be quiet, and we'll slip away." Sike said crouching into the school building quietly "We'll go through the back of this building. I can see a doorway in the back." His green eyes easily saw through the human's artificial walls, and he walked slowly through the halls. Many humans, dead, groaning in misery, and tending to others littered the halls. They paid no attention to the two, as they had their hands extremely full, and saw them as two regular people helping out. Sike's ears weren't exactly as sharp as a full-grown elf's ears, but they were merely more pointed then human ears. He would soon have the ears that jutted out, but that would have to wait another 4 years, when he became a teenager in elven status.

"Wow, looks like these human's are pretty weak after all huh?" Sike asked Regina, earning a slap across the head "And it looks like I'm still forgetting you're human not elven, for the millionth time."

"Finduilas Calmcacil." Regina breathed as she caught sight of a rather bloody hall covered in human, Orc, and Drow blood alike "Orodreth Melwasl."

"No it's not, it's just human orc and drow. Nothing too important, no elves at least. Ryxam's band would be the last to die in this battle." Sike said, haughty of the heroes and their elven heritage. They sneaked through to a corner and Sike took a deep breath "I hate human settlements. I hate Dark Elves, dead or not, and I really don't want to be here."

"Maglor Melwasl, Galdor Telperin." Regina hissed as she pulled long blue hair from her face, blue ribbons hanging off her arms as she did so. She sorely wished that her shoes at least had leather bottoms, instead of mere cloth.

OOC: Finduilas Calmcacil Orodreth Melwasl= Good god, this is terrible
Maglor Melwasl, Galdor Telperin.=Too bad, speak elvish
Tuor Taurnil Celebrindal Tasartir=Approaching Orcs and Drow

February 3rd, 2006, 5:40 PM
"Good thinking, Piras." Nich said as they climbed out a freshly broken window on the other side of the courtyard. "Woah...I must not be feeling alright. I actually said Piras had a good idea." Nich said to himself as they helped the other people from the courtyard out.
"Where did all the Orc and Drow go?" The white mage asked.
"They probably figured they were done here. I think the ones we were fighting are the only ones still in the building." Nich guessed.
"Uh...speaking of which..." The black mage said, pointing across the hallway.
"Get them!" An orc yelled as the band of swordsmen, lacking projectiles, ran towards the remaining humans.
"I suggest we run." The white mage said matter-of-factly. They turned tail and ran down the hallway. The school could be quite a maze to those that didn't know it, and they were planning to use that to their advantage. Many dead bodies, human, orc, and drow, were scattered across the floors, blood staining everything.
"I think it's working." Piras said, looking back to see no pursuers.
"Think again." A drow said triumphantly, jumping down in front of Piras.
"Ah!" Piras exclaimed, backing up.
"I've found them! Follow my voice!" The Drow yelled loudly so it carried through a good portion of the school.
"Wait...I know this hallway." Nich said to himself. He slowly backed away from the drow, hoping it would keep its attention on Piras. Quite frankly, he didn't have much to worry about, as this particular drow seemed to be unarmed.
"What are you doing, human?!" The Drow demanded.
"Oh, nothing..." Nich lied, reaching his hand back and turning a locker dial. The locker swung open and several quivers of arrows fell out.
"Nice." Was all Piras could say as he ran to the locker, grabbing one of the quivers and strapping it to his back.
"Hey! Y-you...stop that!" The Drow said nervously.
"What are you going to do about it?" The black mage asked, opening a locker of her own to reveal some magic potions.
"Hehe...you've fallen into our trap." The Drow said, attempting a bluff.
"Indeed they have." Another Drow voice came from behind a line of lockers, as an archer stepped out, arrow aimed.
"Wait...you mean they actually DID fall into our trap?" The unarmed drow questioned in amazement.
"No." Nich answered. "You fell into our trap." Mechanical devices sprung up from the top of the lockers, loaded with arrows, ready to pelt the enemies standing in their range.
"Courtesy of the robotics club." Piras stated, shooting an arrow at one of the Drow's feet.
"You missed." The drow responded.
"Wasn't tryin' to hit you." Piras replied back, as sensors went off on the mechanical devices, firing a rain of arrows upon the attackers. They let out screams of pain as they fell to the ground, joining the other dead bodies that littered the halls.

"You there! Elf!" Jirae shouted to an elf near the back of the elf army's squad. "What's going on here?! Are you with the Drow and Orcs? Are you helping us? What happened in there?!"
OOC: So..yeah. In addition to the obvious option of engaging the elves and Jirae/Shina/Adren in conversation, there's also the option of Regina and Sike finding Piras, Nich, and Adren's friends, seeing as that they're all basically the only ones left in the school.

February 3rd, 2006, 6:02 PM
OOC: So I guess you're talkin' to me?

IC: Ryxam easily ignored the rude and arrogant human. Who was he to command an Elf who preformed assassinations of Drow and Orc representitives? Who was he to command an answer from the elf who sympathized the pathetic beings the most?

"What do you think conceited human?!" Beren the Archer who'd told Ryxam the information about the arrows "We've killed half these Orcs and Drow you dare ask us that question? Who's side do you THINK we're on?!"

"El." Ryxam said holding up a hand to silence his friend "The human can ask his questions. It doesn't mean he'll get an answer."

"We should at least show the Arafinw what place he's in! He's surrounded by our warriors!" Beren said incredulously.

"Fine. Suit yourself." Ryxam said folding his arms as his blood red eye traveled over the elves collecting arrows and swords again.

"Alrighty then human, we're not with the Drow and Orcs, if you noticed, WE'RE elves! Elves are much smarter than those lowly beings, and I'd have to say that we're smarter than you lot by a long shot, so naturally, we'd have the common sense not to be apart of them. Secondly, we don't know what's happened, in or out here, that's YOUR issue, we're merely assissting you!" Beren said indignantly "Now I'd watch your manners HUMAN before you're Gwindor Celebrindal get's you Amrased!"

"Glorfindel Anwarnya!" Another elf said, female, "He's been through a lot Beren give him a break! He's barely even a child!"

"He's a human, in human standards he's a teenager!" Beren called back moodily to the woman, he had a short fuse, and was presently on the offensive.

"Wow, but he looks like he's 16..." The lady said "Humans are so weird aren't they?" She asked in a very girlish voice.

"Idiots." Ryxam muttered "Where's Sike and Regina?!" He roared across the field, and all the elves looked up from their collecting and look around "D*mn he spat, they're in my responsibility. Children are absolutely ridiculous." 500 years of life made you rather wise, and now, he was dealing with a bunch of 5 year olds. Or at least the equivelant of it.

"Find them." He murmured darkly, and 5 elves immediatly dropped their things and quickly strode into the school house, not running as Ryxam would describe it as childish.

"Now, human, you're going to have a grand time helping us get rid of these orcs. A simple fire spell should do the trick." Ryxam said "And I'd do what I request, as it's a small request compared to wiping out most of this army."

"Men are so insensitive." The woman said shaking her head "we can always do it ourselves! Ai can make a second trip, or we could even grab Aoi."

"Quiet Gallandra!" Beren snapped and began to kick Drow and Orc bodies into a pile, refusing to touch them with even his gloved hands.

"Fine. Tell him
OOC: Arafinw=Ingrates
Glorfindel Anwarnya=Shut up
Gwindor Celebrindal =Snotty attitude

February 3rd, 2006, 6:12 PM
OOC: Uh...hold on. Jirae is outside, and he's who asked the band of elves out there what's going on. To my undestanding, Ryxam is also outside, leading the fight against the remaining Drow and Orcs.
Also to my understanding, Regina and Sike are inside, so they'd be talking to Piras, Nich, and Adren's friends, who don't even know they're there.
I may have missed something, I may just be confused, or maybe you're confused. I really have no idea. I'll edit this post with an IC post once I get confirmation on what's going on with your characters...if it turns out that you did make a mistake, just PM me when you've edited it...

February 3rd, 2006, 9:27 PM
Blue walked.. and walked... and walked. For days it seemed. Leaving the elven regions of the Forest of Brandite, he ventured through Mt. Vasuut, meeting some very fine dwarfish folk, who were more than happy to sing a few songs and drink a few drinks with the weary human.

It was very rare that a human would get far enough into the mountains to be able to reach a dwarfish settlement, and whenever they did, it was cause for celebration. Most dwarves find humans fascinating, so it was no trouble at all making merry with the short people. After being treated to food, drink, and even some world renowned dwarfish refinery skills, Blue left Mt. Valsuut a great deal happier. But as he continued south, the blank, boring Plains of T'Nork brought him back to his normal, moody self. Each day was much like the last.. walk, eat, walk, eat, sleep, walk. His interest in seeing the world began to dwindle, and his blade hand itched for some real combat. Sure, the occasional monster made it's appearance, but not in a long time,had he felt the rush of true fear, the pressure of an honest dangerous fight..

He stopped for a night in Braax, a mostly human settlement, but it was a popular traveller's lodge, being roughly in the middle of the entire country. Blue yawned, as he stepped into the sleepy city. It wasn't big, but it wasn't small, either. Since it was a traveller's town, Inns were abundant, and taverns alike. Very few residential areas; it was a lot like a gambling town. In fact, there WERE several casinos; a human hobby that was brought here when they first began to settle in this land.

The local tavern was busy as always, live music playing in the back corner of the dusty old place. The host of the band spoke as they finished their last song.

"*grunt* Well, thanks, everyone, for come to our show. We Graan'dun and Little Orcs. Here all week." The drunk orc forced out. It wasn't very good english, but it got the point across, plus the music was good too. Blue sat down next to a large orc, and a small elf woman, whom he managed to get a quick look up and down before she stomped out of the bar in a huff. He turned back to the bartender, a sheepish grin on his face. With a wink at a human girl walking past, he ordered his favorite drink, Navaarian ale, and sat back, waiting.

Before long, two drunken orcs began to bicker. Within a minute, it had become an argument, and without warning, the bigger orc smashed it's large fist directly between the littler one's eyes, sending it reeling. The smaller beast struck back, and a fight broke out. Blue got up from his chair, and rushed over to the two bickering idiots.

"Gentleorcs, please!" He calmly pleaded.

"Ge'rrof Much!" the large orc cried, and reared his fist back to strike at the newcomer as well. Lightning quick, Blue dodged out of the way, and with a godly fast back-kick, sent the huge beast toppling to the floor. The other orc, too drunk one whiskey to know what was going on, lumbered towards the nimble theif. With a smirk, the young man leaped over the orc, and delivered a stunning kick to it's neck, nearly snapping it in two. The two rampaging morons lay in a heap on the floor. Kicking one of them lightly, he walked over to the bartender, and motioned for the man to come closer. The terrified man obliged, wishing to not share the battling orc's fate. Blue whispered.

"Yeah.. clean that up for me." He left money on the bar, and left without another word. He didn't want to stay in this ratty town anymore. He headed east, back towards the Forest of Brandite; the dark half this time.

February 3rd, 2006, 9:49 PM
OOC: Well, I think Naoko's post might be edited now, though it looks like it *might* still be cut off. But maybe not. I'll just go off of what it's at.
And I figure instead of editing the other post I'll just make this new post, in case Yoshiruru wants to post again, or something. I dunno.
"Excuse me?!" Jirae exclaimed, appauled at the elf's attitude. "We didn't exactly call for help! We could have managed this on our own!"
"Jirae." Adren said, putting her hand on his shoulder. "Calm down. Truth be told, we probably couldn't have won this without their help."
"What?! Who's side are you on?!" Jirae shouted, turning to Adren.
"What's your problem, Jirae?!" Shina asked, confused by this unwarranted bad mood of Jirae's.
"The pendant." Nich said, walking out the doors of the schoolbuilding, followed by Piras and Adren's friends. "I got a chance to do some research in the library. The pendant of Ekim is probably a Sumitios Emitios, better known as a pendant of Emotional Summoning. Under the right conditions, it can summon the individual who puts some of their life force into it, and exerts a huge emotional stress on the one wearing the pendant at the time. Ekim was summoned during that fight, wasn't he?"
"Y-yes..." Adren replied, recalling the bloodthirsty beast of a Drow.
"Yeah. I guessed that that was probably where you had dissapeared to." Nich confirmed.
"So...where is everyone else?" Jirae asked. The few people standing there looked to the ground in shame. "Oh no...you don't mean?"
"Yes." Nich replied. "They were all killed in battle. Only we remain."
"Even the faculty were killed?!" Shina asked in amazement.
"Yeah. Everyone but us." Piras answered.
"Hey, hey! Don't forget me!" A familiar voice came from atop the school's roof.
"Charlos?" Piras asked, looking up, shielding his eyes from the sun.
"Yeaah!" He replied, jumping from the roof and landing safely on the ground before.
"How did you survive?" Nich asked. "We saw you get cornered in the courtyard next to ours!"
"Well, I don't mean to brag, but, uh," Charlos said in his full-of-himself tone, "I'm just so good lookin' that the ladies are attracted to me."
"What are you talking about, moron?" Piras asked.
"Some elf chic came and rescued me. Score!" Charlos said making a "Yessss" or "woohoo" motion with his arm.
"Some people never change." Jirae sighed, rolling his eyes. "But there's still the matter of the elves. What exactly do you expect us to do?" Jirae asked, turning to Ryxam. "Like I said, it's not like we asked for your help. You can't honestly expect us to agree to be endebted to you."
OOC: Naoko, hope its ok that I had Charlos get rescued by Regina and Sike. LMK if its not.

February 3rd, 2006, 10:00 PM
OOC: It's alright, and you did call for help. The smoke signal? I can't post an IC now, I have to go to bed, but I'll see ya'll in the morn.

February 3rd, 2006, 10:22 PM
(OOC: Again, I missed some possts. Anyways, more types of Herbs! ^^!! Hope it's ok with you BT!! ^^!)


As she neared the Inn, Fiona walked towards her, an evil glint in her eyes.

"Helo dere, lassie!" she exclaimed, "why don't ye come back to me Inn? I have some pot roast for ye of ye want it."

"Erm, no thanks, I think I will be leaving early, I need to go get my things," replied Luna, with the same dull tone.

"No, I INSIST YOU STAy!" said the Dwarf, now having an evil tone in her voice. She grew fangs, here eyes glowed a bloody red, and she started growing hair wildly. Luna had just noticed that there was a full moon on that night.

"A she-wolf. Hm, I could fancy a bit of a challenge," said Luna, a bit excited.

"GRR! DIE!!" yelled the now she-wolf, baring her fangs.

Luna threw an Intoxicating Herb, a herb that when smashed against the ground, renders a smokescreen, much like the Smoke Herb, except that this one cannot be blown away. The smokecreen of green smoke rendered the she-wolf temporarily blind, enraging her.

"GRAGH! CURSE YOU VILE VIXEN!! I WILL KILL YOU!" she yelled, clawing away at literally, nothing.

Luna merely scoffed, as she could see perfectly through the smokescreen, as she was the one who created it in the first place. She made a crooked smle, and picked up a clump of dirt from the ground, she shook it, revealing a small shard of silver. She cast another spell, commonly used by many Naturalists to perform an alchemy of sorts. She mumbled the words, "Silvirio Cantirtaio Lunar!" the spell to transform silver into a blade. It was a small blade, not much bigger than her leg, but it would have to do. She raised it, and just as she did just that, the smokescreen cleared up. The she-wolf ran at her, full speed, but Luna just raisde the sword to
waist-level. She chuckled as she knew what would become the fate of the she-wolf before it even happened.

The she-wolf howled in pain as she was sliced in half at the waist, her upper bodt sliding off the lower half, blood gushing out in squirts.....

"My job here is done, now, I am off to the Mountan Side Cave, where the next shard of the Amethyst is located," were the last words Luna said, before going into the Inn to collect her things.....

(OOC: Sorry if the last part is so gory.....>__>)

February 4th, 2006, 2:34 AM
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Race*: Valkarye
Class*: White Mage
Description: Starky wears a sea blue blue outfit consistin of a bandana, a top and a pair of trousers. He has golden brown cropped hair and emerald green eyes.
Personality: Starky doesn't like being on his own most of the time. He likes to be with other friends when he is fighting. He is a very friendly valkarye and loves to make new friends, although he is very kind and soft he shouldn't be messed with in battle for he can use all the magic he knows effectivly.
History: Starky was born into a long line of white magicians. The only two lancemen in his family were his brother and his father. His family were all killed during a great battle and the only survivors were him and his brother. No ten years later he has prepared himself for the fight to save the world.
Other: Starky wields different rods and staffs to assit him in the fight for greater good. He is a skilled white magician and has almost mastered every spell in the books.
RPG sample: This is from Mr.Tumnus' Narnia RP

Meiga was watching Serenia fight off the wolf. He saw her fall to the ground after the wolves had disapeared. He grabbed Mr.Tumnus and ran over to her. He grabbed his daggers out that he kept in a pocket of his boots just incase of another attack. He looked at Mr.Tumnus.
"Where is your house sir?" He asked picking her up. He looked at the other boy and signalled for him to come with them.

"Follow me my house is over here. Keep you're guard up because they could come back anytime they like." Mr.Tumnus said. He turned back every now and again to see that the people were still there.
Wow, Serenia did very well there. He thought to himself. They arrived at the house and opened the door.
"Please put Serenia on the chair." He said pointing over to it.

Meiga ran over to the chair and layed Serenia out on it.
"I'll stay outside just incase they came back. Don't worry about me I was trained in Ninjutsu when I was 12." He said putting the daggers back in the puches on the boots and walked to the door.

"Wait at least rest for a little while, Have a drink" He said handing him a cup. He sat down in one of the chairs.
"You may sit down you know" He said pointing to the other chairs.

Hope this is ok.

February 4th, 2006, 6:56 AM
OOC: Naoko, While you are right about the smoke signal, and I am aware of that, Jirae is pretty confused due to the emotional stress put on him by using the Pendant of Ekim. He's forgetting that he called for help. So, that pretty much gives you another excuse to call him a stupid human, but whatever =P.

Shylocke, you are accepted, but just barely.
First off, you should probably spell Valkyrie right.
Secondly, White Mages don't use herbs and poisons, that's what Naturalists do. White Mages cast healing spells from their staves.
And lastly, and probably most importantly, from the looks of that signup and the roleplay sample, it looks like you have a tendency to Godmod a little bit. In case you dont know, godmodding is when you make youur character too powerful. Please, try not to do that here.

February 4th, 2006, 10:22 AM
OOC: Indeed I was done with my post, sorry for the abrupt cut off, I was busy with my Contestshippy side and I was busy preparing for the Wynaut Epi today. ^^;;

IC: "Elf..." Ryxam muttered to himself "Sikes!!" He yelled into the building.

Sike cringed and muttered a feeble "Yes?" from far inside the school. Have elf ears they both heard each other clear as day, while Regina wondered why he said that.

"Regina is with you?" Ryxam called into the school, as he glared at Beren, who wouldn't let the subject of the arrogant human drop.

"What?! Then what was that smoke signal for?! So you could see if you could set yourself on fire?!" Beren asked angrily, "Ryxam I wonder how you can sympathize these beings! They're arrogant! They're rude! And they know it!"

"Eol Beren!" Ryxam snapped, looking meaningfully at the female elf who promptly flicked Beren on the head "I don't want to hear about the human right now if those two children kill themselves it'll be my fault and I don't think Lady Mira OR Elder Laurne will be extremely happy with me."

"Yes sir." Beren grumbled as he glared at the female elf who didn't seem to notice as she picked up arrows.

"What did Ryxam say?" Regina asked Sike who was grumbling to himself as he dragged her back through the hallways, back to the entrance.

"Mr. Hero says that he's got to save the damsel in distress if he's going to save the day." Sike muttered darkly "No, he wants to know if you're with me, considering that human you insisted on saving went and blabbed it to Ryxam. Called you an elf as well."

"What?!" Regina asked "I'm not an elf!"

"Well you're hair sorta hides your ears and it doesn't help that I'm with you either as most elves in our part of the forest rather hate elves." Sike said as he maneuvered through dead bodies of almost all species except for elves, dwarfs, and gnomes.

"Loss of one warrior sir." Beren muttered to Ryxam "Eos to be certain, either that or he's been taken by the fleeing Drow. Orcs would be too stupid to capture him. He'll be in the Drow woods soon enough."

"Right." Ryxam said bitterly "We'll send some after him later on, he's smart enough to hold his own before then, but we need to recouperate."

"Human!" Ryxam turned to face the boy "Why do you wear that pendant? It's possessing everyone including yourself. Surely you have the common sense to take it off? Or does it have other effects?"

"Looks like a regular pendant to me." Beren said not even glancing at the pendant.

"You don't look with your eyes when it comes to magical items Beren! You use you're senses!" The female elf said flicking him again.

"Ow! Ellandra Ryxam didn't say you could do that!" Beren said swatting away the delicately carved hand.

Ryxam pulled the collar of his robes further up his face as Sike and Regina came through the doorway of the human settlement "What took you so long?"

"Hey, there's more bodies in there than you think." Sike said frustradely kicking an orc belt off his foot "You get caught on their gear and everything, trust me only you the great one could get through there quickly."

"I see Regina comes out unscathed and not bearing gear though." Ryxam said turning around and facing the human "You will help us return Eos human, in return for our services, is that understood? He has been taken to Drow forest lands, Beren, Ellandra, the other elves and I can feel it."

"Pretty Please?" Regina asked grinning, she was laughing inside but she felt if she laughed around Ryxam she would be severed in half before she could even stop laughing.

February 4th, 2006, 5:28 PM
OOC: Single sentence of charater control, if that's ok with you, Naoko.
"Smoke signal?! What smoke signal?! We sent no smoke signal!" Jirae exclaimed, enraged. "And we do not owe you anything! We need not pay you in any way, shape, or form, for anything!"
"Jirae, CALM DOWN!" Shina and Adren both exclaimed, trying to hold him down as he struggled to try and punch Ryxam.
"I apologize for his behavior." Said Nich, who was probably the smartest of the remaining humans from the school. "As for the pendant, we're not sure why he wears it. We've tried to take it from him countless times, in his sleep, even a few times when he was unconscious. But every time someone other then he tried to touch it, it would burn with a searing light, causing them to withdraw their hand."
"We also tried getting him to take it off himself." Piras added, "But he always refused. We assume there's some benefit to it, but he hasn't said anything about its effects."
"Tch...let me go!" Jirae exclaimed, still struggling to get free of the two girls. "I'm warning you, elf...we owe you nothing. Try something, and you can kiss your head goodbye." As he said this sentence, his voice grew increasingly evil with each word.
"Jirae, don't talk like that. We will aid the elves, it's the least we can do." Adren said to both Ryxam and Jirae.
"You may aid them yourself." Jirae replied. "I refuse to do anything for those pointy-eared freaks who think they're better then everyone else."
"Watch your tounge, Arafinw human!" Ryxam responded.
"Make me." Jirae replied. "Your entire race would be extinct now if it weren't for the humans, and you know it. You won't admit it, but you need us. We saved you in your war against the golems, and as thanks you treat us as nothing. I'm sick and tired of it." He turned and began walking towards the school building. "If you need me, I'll be in the Japanese room." He said over his back, the comment obviously directed at the humans only.

February 5th, 2006, 6:12 AM
OOC: yes i do know what godmodding is and I don't normally do it but I was a bit upset because my grandad died yesterday so I just posted. Sorry about that.

EDIT: Oh and you said i was godmodding in my RP sample i did that because I was playing both characters. You can ask Mr.Tumnus about that but I do not god mod.

February 5th, 2006, 8:07 AM
OOC: Shylocke, at this rate, your entire family is going to die at the fifth RP later. I also personally wouldn't be RPing if my grandfather just died, but that's just me and my logic. And, you don't godmod, but you do powerplay, *cough* take my example as of when you BLEW up Tyson's wyvern, and managed to get to the port within 2 sentences when we were far from it. Well, that last part was more of, 'unrealistic roleplaying' to a good extent, but that's technically not powerplaying, but the first one is. Trust me.

In return BT, I'll be using one line of you're character control. It might be a bit large, tell me if it's not okay.

IC: "Hey!" Regina called to the boy "Aren't you even going to say thank you?! And I'm not an ELF I'm a HUMAN!" She resolved to never help other humans after this incident.

"Then why can you stand these elves insulting you're race?!" Jirae called back as he disappeared within the building.

"Because we treat her like an equal because she is one!" Beren shouted after him, flexing his fingers into a fist that dearly wanted to collide with the human boy's nose.

"Greeeaaat come-back Beren. She can take it because she's smarter than any regular human that she might as well be an elf. She just likes to drag herself into things." Ellandra laughed.

"Right." Beren grumbled turning to the other humans "I hope you'll talk some sense," He jerked his head toward the school door "Into you little friend, before half our forest has got to come DRAG him out."

"No Beren, that will not be neccessary. Though I fear nothing of the mage, as his skills are rather undeveloped and new to him, I don't need that human's help in our matters. Next time though, we will not assisst humans in the battle, but we will assisst the Orcs and Drow. He won't be smiling when we're not on his side anymore. That is, if he doesn't repay his debt to us." Ryxam said and he turned to face the other two humans "As for you, if you return YOUR debt to us, but your conceited friend doesn't, then we will still help the Drow and Orcs, but I will make certain no elf touches a hair on you're head. But be warned, I will make sure that any elf who can slaughters your friend. This is but a small portion of my band, and since the battalion we've just slaughtered is a little part of the entire army, you'd better watch you're friends back." Ryxam swiftly and gracefully climbed back onto his jet black stallion, and yelled to the remaining elves "Aerandir Oronr!"

Ellandra hopped up onto her own horse, and winked at the other two humans "Protect your friend, and we'll kill you anyway though!" She quickly let her horse gallop up next to Ryxam's.

"Or at least I will." Beren growled pulling himself up onto the horse, which immediatly sped off after the other two, twenty or so horses racing after the three holding all the other elves.

"And you're not going to stop them." Sike said putting his foot onto the foot brace, and hopping up onto the horse who was once again angry at having such an incompetent rider.

"Oh no you don't! We saved the Arafinwe, and now we're going to see if he's okay!" Regina said pulling him down off the horse.

"Yeow!" Sike yelled as he fell face first off the horse who snorted and trotted away from the stupid boy.

"I'm sure that's okay with you guys right?" Regina asked "I'll have Sike stay out here so his elven blood doesn't rile up your friend. Besides, he seems like a nice enough person, Ryxam just brings out the bad in people. Like Beren."

"There's no good in that human while he's wearing that ugly trinket, and there's no good in him period." Sike said pulling himself up off the ground and scratching dirt out of his hair "Told you we should've left these humans to die."

Regina slapped Sike across the head and said "You can say that but not in front of these humans or me moron!"

February 5th, 2006, 8:36 AM
OOC: Sure, that's fine, Naoko. And, once again, I'm going to use her for one sentence if that's ok =P
"Once again, I apologize for his behavior. We will of course be aiding you as thanks for aiding us." Nich said as the majority of the elf army sped off.
"As for you...I think it's best you don't go in there." Piras said to Regina.
"No. She may go. A human raised by elves may be just what we need." Shina said, walking towards the building and motioning for Regina to follow her.
"What do you mean?" Regina asked.
"You'll see, come on. You'll get lost in this school without someone to guide you, especially with every hallway looking identical due to all the blood..." Shina replied.
"The rest of you, stay out here." Adren added as she turned and joined Shina and Regina. Piras began to say something, but was interrupted. "Yes, even Piras and Nich." Adren said, aware of what Piras was going to say.

"Stupid elves..." Jirae muttered to himself as he entered the japanese classroom. He looked in disgust as even the classrooms seemed to be littered with dead bodies. The japanese teacher, a Red Mage, lie dead on the floor along with several Orc and Drow. Jirae walked over to the teacher's desk and sat in the comfortable chair, resting his legs on the desk.
"Hmm..got nothing else to do." Jirae said to himself, pulling open a droor of the desk and going through some papers. "Hah, knew it...I did ace that final..." He soon got bored of the papers and began writing on the whiteboard.
'Durawa wa baka desu, Oruku wa baka desu, Eruhu wa baka desu...'
"Jirae? You there?" Shina's voice came from around the corner.
"Yeah, what is it?" Jirae asked as Shina, Adren, and Regina walked in. "What's she doing here?" He asked, pointing to Regina.
"Go ahead and do whatever you were planning to do, elf-human." Shina said, lacking a better name. "Afterwards, stay here, we may need your help."
OOC: Japanese translations:
Durawa wa baka desu: Drow are idiots
Oruku wa baka desu: Orcs are idiots
Eruhu wa baka desu: Elves are idiots
Small notes for the heck of it: There is no C in the japanese language, so Cs become Ks. There's no L, so Ls become Rs. There's no F, so Fs become Hs.

February 5th, 2006, 1:14 PM
IC: "Elf-human." Regina repeated in a distasteful tone "That's rather rude."
It was a mere comment though and Regina side-stepped through the dead Drow bodies, kicking aside Orc bodies as well.

Regina sweatdropped as she heard Sike loudly protest about letting her inside alone with a 'rabid' monster.

"Don't mind the other elves, they're just taking responsibility of me, but anyway, I'm sorry Ryxam was so disagreeable today, but he's naturally like that, and I'm wondering about a few things." Regina said "Like, what that smoke signal was for if it wasn't to call for help, and, why the Orcs and Drow were attacking you, and why you won't help us get Eos back from the Dark Elves, and, well...yeah."

There were a million things racing through her head at the moment, but she wasn't going to even think about asking half of them. In the mood the boy was in now, he'd probably 'accidentally' rip off her head.

But the question she dearly wanted to ask was 'Why are you wearing that pendant?'.

Regina sighed and shuffled away from a dead Orc body for lack of something to say. And in nervousness. Effects took awhile to take hold, and well, it wouldn't take too long to mutter a spell that would knock the living daylights out of her. Its not like she had much defense either. She absentmindedly pulled light blue hair from her face, tucked in behind her ear and stared at the almost empty bookshelves of the school. It was so human it wasn't even funny. Was that?...Wood? Chopped into pieces?! She nearly cried out in shock, but held her tounge, merely letting her eyes widen in surprise. Surely Sike saw these shelves! Was this why he disliked humans? Was this...what she would've become had the elves not taken her in?

February 5th, 2006, 5:30 PM
OOC: I assume she did not actually ask aloud why he was wearing the pendant, but correct me if I'm wrong.
"For the last time, we sent no smoke signal!" Jirae exclaimed, flicking his wrist backward as if preparing to cast a spell.
"Jirae!" Shina exclaimed, running over and grabbing his hand to stop him.
"I had a smoke signal sent out, Jirae. We needed help, and you know it." Adren said. "If not for those elves, we'd be dead."
"Hmph." Jirae grumbled. "Next question...why were they attacking? Isn't that obvious?" He held the pendant in the air with two fingers, the necklace still around his neck. "They wanted this."
"As for your comrade," Shina took the liberty of answering for Jirae, "We will be helping you rescue him."
"Do not put words in my mouth!" Jirae exclaimed, jumping up off the chair and onto the desk. "I will not help those ungrateful freaks!"
"Look who's talking." Adren said sharply, her words cutting like knives. "If I recall, you weren't ever exactly a 'normal' person yourself. And we owe these elves, they aided us greatly in that fight."
"You all may go, but you cannot honestly expect me to accompany you." Jirae replied.
"And why not? You owe just as much as the rest of us." Shina stated.
"I do not." Jirae replied. "Even if the rest of you fell, I could have killed every last one of those fools."
"Don't get cocky." Shina said. "You saw what happened just by taking on Z'Gruut. If you had attempted to destroy all of those Drow and Orcs, the pendant would have completely killed you."
"You would think that, wouldn't you?" Jirae asked, showing he knew more about the pendant then he let on. "Z'Gruut knew. If the pendant destroyed me, it would also destroy itself. They purposely held back on the number of people they sent, so I wouldn't tap the full power of the pendant."
"That is beside the point." Adren interrupted. "The point is, you will help the elves. It is polite to return a favor, even if you did not ask the favor in the first place.
"Hmph." Jirae responded. "Alright, let's go."
"Not quite yet." Shina stopped him. "We have one last matter to deal with..."
"And what is that?" Jirae asked.
"The pendant. We're going to destroy it." Adren replied. Before Jirae could respond, Adren and Shina rushed Jirae, each pinning one of his arms to a wall so he could not cast spells.
"How do you intend to do that?" Jirae asked, "You've tried and failed many times before."
"Her." Shina said, nodding her head back towards Regina.
"The Elf-human?!" Jirae questioned. "What pray tell can she do?!"
"That pendant is a dark creation of the Drow, infused with Chiasmus's magic." Adren began. "Only elves can negate Drow magic."
"She's not an elf." Jirae stated. "What are you, stupid?"
"No." Adren replied, "Quite the opposite. The magic of the Golems that was cast upon that pendant made it so that the races unaligned with the Golems could not touch it, except for the owner."
"So what?" Jirae asked. "I don't see any relevance."
"So," Shina said, following Adren's lead. "Elves, the only ones capable of negating Drow magic, could not touch the pendant. But...that pendant was created before humans came to Sevorg."
"Wait..." Jirae thought. "So you're saying, because she has been raised by elves, you think she has the power to negate the magic? And because she is human, she is able to touch it? But, you are human, and were not able to touch it!"
"Incorrect." Shina replied. "We were able to touch it, but it burned us at the touch, because we cannot negate its magic. Other races would be propelled away from it like a strong magnet."
"Well, that makes sense." Jirae thought aloud. "Unfortunately for you, I've grown quite attached to this pendant." His eyes began glowing red and his arms followed.
"Ouch!" Shina shouted, letting go of the red-hot arm.
"I am willing to play along and go on your little search." Jirae said in a slightly possessed voice. "But if you try and take this pendant from me, I assure you, I will kill you on the spot." He waved his hands in front of the pendant, and a red glow appeared like a shell around the pendant, a spell that would protect it from being touched by anyone but Jirae. "Let's go." He said, his eyes and arms losing their glow, but the barrier around the pendant remaining.

February 5th, 2006, 6:04 PM
Regina couldn't really comprehend what had just happened, and said "Oh...well, um, er..."

'Think before this guy kills you for stuttering!!' Regina scolded herself mentally.

"Don't tou-" Sike started as he rushed into the room, and sweatdropped as he saw the Regina clutching the emerald necklace he'd gotten her for her fifth birthday and the fact that the boy had obviously casted a spell around his pendant. It seemed innocent enough...

"What is this pamper you're necklace day?" Sike asked raising an eyebrow, and quickly ducking as a helmet of a dead Orc was flung at him quite quickly.

"Shut up moron! Let's go!" Regina said, folding her arms.

"Why do I have to protect you? All you have to do to defend yourselve in grab equipment and throw it at someone and there's your weapon." Sike mumbled, hands still on his head as the helmet clattered on the floor.

Regina grumbled, out of the nervousness of being stuck with a bad-mooded guy for too long and shook black Orc blood off her hand by flinging her hand back and forth as droplets flew off "Gross."

"That's what you get!" Sike shrugged and quickly ran out of school building as a sword was flung at him, landing on the opposite wall outside the door right where his head had been.

"Idiot." Regina muttered shaking her head, and sure that she wasn't going to be killed off the spot anymore, said cheerfully to the boy "Anyway, don't worry about it, I won't touch your pendant until we get Eos back, but no garuntees after that agreed?" She quickly found a window and opened it scribbling elvish onto a spare peice of lined paper that was stained at the corner with black orc blood, and whistled out the window.

The caw of a bird and a disgruntled yell was heard as Aoi clawed at Sike's hands before flying over to Regina.

"Oh Aoi, don't do that, Sike needs all the help he can get to hit a bulls eye." Regina murmured to the bird, stroking it's feathers and winking at it as she attached the note "Bring this to Ryxam kay? Tell him if he stops his band now we should catch up with him by nightfall."

The eagle cawed sharply and flew back out the window.

"Okay, ready!" Regina said "And I'll make sure nobody touches your pendant until Eos is back, not that I need to, but it's annoying having 20 elves piled on top of you trying to grab one little thing right?"

She was in a considerably better mood now, as Sike finally was agreeind and being his normal self, and she'd made it out of the session alive.

"By the way, I'm Regina, and I've lived in Brandite forest for almost my entire life, so if you ever stop by the Northeastern part, watch out for Ryxam, Sike, and me!" Regina said following Sike's path out of the school. She couldn't believe what a success it had been! Ryxam would definetly be disgruntled that a weak little helpless bard had convinced someone to help when him, a powerful swordsman and assassin hadn't even come close. Beren would be surprised that his leader had failed at something as well. Halfly at least.

"Oh-do you guys have horses, or something you can ride on?!" Regina called the question into the school.

February 5th, 2006, 6:21 PM
"Trust me, girl, you won't be getting this pendant from me, even after we rescue your friend..." Jirae replied.
"Regardless, we should get going if we wish to catch up with the others by nightfall." Adren advised. They walked out the schoolbuilding, meeting up with Nich, Piras, and the others.
"What's with the glow?" Piras asked, pointing to Jirae's pendant.
"It doesn't concern you, moron." Adren replied.
"Oh, right, and as for transportation..." Shina said, answering Regina's question. "My wings are starting to grow back, so I should be able to keep up with an average horse. As for the rest of them..." She looked at Jirae.
"What? What do you expect me to do? Only the red mages on the staff were able to create elementals for people to ride." Jirae responded to the glare.
"I'm aware of that." Shina said. "But I'm also aware that you've been working on monster control lately."
"Oh...uh...that. Yeah. Hold on." Jirae replied, getting the picture. He created a little ball of green wind in front of him. "Attract some monsters that can be mounted and run at the speed of a horse." Jirae told whispered to the ball of wind, which then scattered and blew around the surrounding area. A few minutes later, peices of the wind began flying back together in front of Jirae, with monsters of all varieties following.
"Let's see...Me, Adren, Nich, Piras, and Adren's friends...that makes 10." Jirae said to himself as he began concentrating on hand motions he was making. "Massinei Contros Bestios!" He shouted, thrusting his hands outward, making a circle with the fingers. A wave of energy shot out, sweeping across the land and hitting the monsters, which ranged from felines to lizard-like creatures to things with wings, and all sorts of different oddities.
"Grrraawwwr!" And variations of that were heard coming from the monsters as their eyes turned white and lifeless, possessed.
"All aboard." Jirae said, hopping on a monster resembling a red lion with a spikey blue combed back mane. Everyone else got on other monsters.
"Let's go." Shina said, flapping her wings and beginning to fly.

February 5th, 2006, 7:03 PM
"Awesome then." Sike muttered angrily as he let Regina heal his hands with a short melody. The wound closed up and the blood disappeared and Regina quickly climbed onto her horse "Bloody bird." He muttered before climbing onto his own horse which had returned at the call of Regina.

"Alright then, Sike should be able to see Ryxam's party, unless they're already next to the Drow forest, so we can follow the quickest route there." Regina said as her horse trooted in the general direction of the dark side of Brandite forest.

"Not much to see through." Sike said squinting his eyes in the bright sunlight, the almost barren plains gave little obstacle for Sike to see through "But we might even get there by the first signs of sundown from the looks of it. Guess they had to stop because you forgot to heal them."

"Oh yeah, guess I forgot about that..." Regina muttered to herself "By the way, possessing things seems to be your specialty huh?" She grinned at the other humans as she had seen the incidents of which many had been possessed under his influence "Or maybe that just follows you around."

Sike snorted as did his horse "Riiight, like he didn't do it purposely."

February 5th, 2006, 8:13 PM
As she neared the Inn, a very slender Dwarf walked towards her.

"Excuse me, but have you seen me wife Fiona?" he asked, tears welling up in his eyes.

"Oh, I apologize, but.....I have killed her, for you see, she was a she-wolf," replied the Valkrie, a sad tone surrounding her voice.

"Oh, 'tis allright dear lassie, she be in a better place now," said the Dwarf, "oh, and me name is Ran. Would ye like to stay at me in for tonight?"

"Oh, I couldn't. Not after killing your wife," replied Luna.

"Oh, 'tis quite all right, I insist," he implied to Luna.

"Allright then, I was going to collect my things, but, here," she said, handing him a small bag full of 20 gold coins.

"Oh, 'tis allright, it's on the house," he said, taking off for the inn, awaiting Luna behind him.

Luna followed suit, walking along the old dwarf. She made a crooked smile as she followed behind him, her Rod in her pocket. She looked behind her as a Valkrie flew down in front of the two, her beautiful grace only doubled by the moonlight.

"Luna! Where the hell have you been! You left me behind in the middle of nowhere!" yelled the Valkrie with an enraged expression on her face.

"Kuna, I apologise, but I did find the shard, didn't I?" replied Luna, knowing that Kuna was watching her the entire time. She knew that she watched her in the battles with Rii and Fiona......

"Well, SORRY for being a little upset! I was waiting for 2 whole days! Living off of berries from the wild, do you think I am some animal!" yelled the mad Valkrie.

Ran merely stood in the middle, between the sisters, in a state of minoral shock. He shook it off, and asked the other Valkrie,

"Erm, would ye like to stay at me Inn for now? We have extra room for all o' ye!" yelled the Dwarf over the screaming Valkrie.........

February 6th, 2006, 1:47 PM
OOC: One-line character control...again...XD
"Specialty? What do you mean?" Jirae asked, rather confused.
"You don't remember?" Shina asked.
"Remember what?" Jirae asked in response.
"When Ekim came from the pendant, you...or him, not sure which...started possessing people." Adren answered. "Me being one of them."
"Really? Odd, I would think I would remember something like that. Oh well." Jirae said, not really putting much thought into the matter.

"We should probably pick up the pace." Nich noted. They had been riding for quite some time now, but still saw no signs of elves, and it was almost sundown.
"Yeah...hey, elf, you see anything?" Jirae asked. He knew Sike's name, but he purposely said elf in a rather derogatory manner.
"Yeah, they're not to far away. We should be able to reach them in less then an hour." Sike replied, angry at Jirae's use of elf as a derogatory term.
"An hour? That's not good." Jirae said, looking down on the beast he was riding. He could see some color returning to its eye.
"Why isn't that good?" Shina asked in a cautious tone.
"The spell's wearing off. I kind of counted on elf boy here to relay us some acurate information as to when we'd get there." Jirae said. "But I should have known better then to trust an elf."
"Isn't there anything you can do about it?" Nich asked.
"Well..." Jirae began.
"He means the creatures, Jirae." Shina said flatly, aware that Jirae was probably going to make some stupid remark about getting rid of Sike.
"Oh, right." Jirae said, thinking. "Well, I can only cast the Mass Possession spell once per day. If these things regain their free will while we're riding them, we're toast."
"Well we can't kill them, who knows how long it would take to get to the elves on foot!" Piras exclaimed.
"Speak for yourself." Shina said, admiring her wings.
"Hmph." Nich said. "Regina, Sike, what do you think we should do?"

February 6th, 2006, 3:09 PM
Sike raised an eyebrow "Hey, I'm too stupid to figure something that complicated out. I'm an ELF remember?" He said shrugging, a comical grin plastered on his face as he made the sarcastic remark. His bow was slipping lower and lower on his shoulder, and he grumpily hoisted it up onto his shoulder for the millionth time.

"Let it go, Sike didn't do anything to you!" Regina snapped and said "I suggest that since you seem to think you're so great, you should just see how fast you can run!"

She sighed and placed two pale fingers into her mouth before blowing a clear whistle across the plains. Soon enough a number of elven horses thundered up, and waited diligently and obidiently.

"Or are elven horses too degrading to ride?" Regina asked the mage, as she patted on of the horses manes "Not to mention these are Ryxam's horses, so they're obviously as bad as they get huh?"

"I'll meet you at camp. Can't stand another Aerandir Helyanw these humans." Sike muttered as he jerked his horse forward. At full speed his horse would get him there in half the time, but having to wait for the valkyrie who's wings were still growing, full-speed was no option.

"Oh, okay..." Regina muttered "We should get going then. Pick your horse and hop aboard, and, watch out which one you pick. Most of these horses dislike humans as much as Beren does." Regina said pulling gently on the reigns so that her horse would move back.

February 6th, 2006, 3:47 PM
"I'm sorry, I shouldn't have expected so much of you." Jirae responded to the sarcastic remark with more sarcasm. "Oh, and, elf-human." He said, turning to her and the horses. "You hit the nail right on the head. Those stupid things would probably try and attack me or something."
"Jirae, you're being a moron." Piras interjected.
"You're one to talk." Jirae replied. "What was it? A 1.9 GPA?"
"Shut up!" Piras exclaimed.
"Hmph." Jirae said. "Massinei Contros Disperos!" He jumped off the beast he had been riding and waved his hand, releasing the beasts from his control.
"Ah! Jirae, what do you think you're doing?!" Nich exclaimed, trying to control the horselike beast he had been riding as it tried to buck him off.
"Massinei Subduos Bestios." Jirae said in a dull tone, waving his hand behind him as he started to walk away from the group. The ferocity of the beasts began to lower as they became drowsy and started to doze off. "I suggest you get on your pathetic elf horses before they wake up." Jirae said.
"What about you?" Shina asked. "How are you planning to get there, if not by horse?"
"Thuundoun Transar Sumthos!" Jirae exclaimed, thrusting his hand in front of him. A small disc of lightning appeared in front of him, and he hopped on. "I'll see you guys there. Shouldn't be too hard to find." He zoomed forward at a fairly fast speed and was soon out of sight from the group.
"We best be going, then." Shina said, taking flight.
Notes-For standard spells, Jirae does not need to utter magical words, but for those more unique ones he must use an ancient language only known by a few mages. He obviously doesn't know much of the language, but as new words from it are revealed, I will translate them in OOCs. The majority of the words are quite similiar to their modern day counterparts, however the key is in the tone, not only of voice but of magic flowing through the body.

February 6th, 2006, 3:51 PM
OOC: I thought you said only Red mages could do ones he could ride on?

February 7th, 2006, 12:23 PM
OOC: I thought you said only Red mages could do ones he could ride on?

OOC: Well, he said only red mages could summon elementals. He only created a small floating disc. In addition, he only made the transportation for himself, whereas a skilled red mage may have been able to make several.

February 11th, 2006, 4:02 PM
OOC: Augh! My post just got deleted because of host problems at PC. **** it all.

IC: "Hey Sike!" Regina said sliding off her horse as it diligently trotted over to where the other horses were corraled.

"What took you so long?" Sike asked "Even that" He uttered a very fake cough as he said 'human' "Beat you here! Ryxam's got his underwear in a knot. Going crazy about how you should've 'gone home'."

"Yeah, I expected that. Is that human arguing again?" Regina asked.

"Beren's trying to pick a fight, but, that's Beren. Let him do what he wants. Ryxam says that the humans aren't going to do much except bail Eos out if he can't do it himself. Not much the humans can do to the Drow compared to what our band can do itself. Says he may make the humans battle for him twice. Although, this is really the only battle we're going to pick for now, and that's just to grab Eos. If he's even alive." Sike said shrugging, as though the death of a comrade was a common topic to talk about.

"I hope he's not causing any trouble. There are already enough wounded elves that we don't need a big-head human tromping around and lording himself over them." Ethine, a white mage, sister to Nadine, said quickly and breathlessly as she ran past them into a pure white tent.

Regina looked quizzically at Sike, and he answered "Beren's made sure everyone knows that the human that arrived earlier is a total and incessant git."

Regina sighed and placed a hand to her forehead "Great."

"Hey, you dragged all of us into this. We would be at home, peacefully sleeping if you hadn't had to 'go save the humans'." Sike said, making imaginary quotes with his fingers "Might as well have let all of them die counting how many died anyway."

"Ryxam's warriors were itching for a fight anyway. You've noticed how loud their base is at night lately." Regina said walking past Sike and into the camp, notioning that the argument was over, and that she'd won.

February 11th, 2006, 4:37 PM
"That idiot better not have done something stupid." Shina said as she flew into the camp, followed by the other humans on horses.
"Indeed." Nich agreed. "Or else we'll all be in trouble...not the first time he's gotten us in trouble, though."
"Not by a long shot." Shina said, laughing slightly. "Where is he, anyways?" She began looking around, flapping open tentflaps with no regard to who might be doing what inside.
"Excuse me!" One elf who was reading a book said when Shina opened the tentflap.
"Oh, so sorry!" Shina said, a bit embarrased. "Have you seen a male human black mage around here?"
"He flew by on some floating disk a while ago." The elf replied. "Looked like he had some kind of relic in his hands.
"Relic?" Shina thought aloud. "If he stole something, I swear..." She closed the tent back up and began flying around the camp again.

"Hehe..." Jirae said, whizzing through the camp on his lightning disk. A small green orb was in his left hand, glowing with some kind of magic power. "As if I was really going to help these stupid elves. I knew they'd have a Mana Orb here..."
"Jirae!" He heard and turned to see Nich and Piras. "There you are!"
"Ah...crap." Jirae said softly, trying to stow the orb away in his robes. "Uh...hi!" He shouted, floating closer to them as they walked toward him.
"What's that?" Piras asked, observing Jirae putting something away into his robes.
"Oh, nothing, nothing." Jirae said. "Where are Shina and Adren?"
"Looking for you, of course." Nich said as they turned and headed back towards Regina, Sike, and the others.
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February 11th, 2006, 4:40 PM
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February 11th, 2006, 7:08 PM
OOC: It's someone's choice if they want to be active or not BT. Not the RP Master's.

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February 11th, 2006, 8:03 PM
OOC: ...0_0;; I didn't completely forget about it...I just didn't post.

IC: Ryxam stood at the edge of the camp. Barely out of range for soaring arrows. One strong pulled arrow and it might have landed at his feet.

"I told you to leave." He said, arms folded and sharp eyes scanning the tall dark trees. These trees were unlike the trees of north Brandite Regina knew. They were tall and looming, and had the dark quality the Drow's did. It reflected what was in their hearts, as the Elders had always said. It was also supposed to be home to some of the most corrupting relics. One of which hung around that boy's neck...

"Well I have to see if Eos is okay!" Regina said defensively "I dragged him into this I have to make sure he's okay."

"Is that all there is?" Ryxam asked "Because if so, then I ask you a simple favor."

"What?" Regina asked bluntly, taken aback by a request from Ryxam of a favor, when she could barely take care of herself. Or, at least, in Ryxam's eyes, she could barely take care of herself. But to her, she was the most capable bard out there! The only one who could do a few one-twos! Well, okay, fine, maybe not the MOST but very close to it.

"He's stolen something of Edith's. Something a human couldn't get his hands on easily without help from a different being. Most likely a dwarf. Go get it and give it back to Edith." Ryxam said coldly as his eyes narrowed at the figure walking along the rim of the trees, halfly hidden among the underbrush "Now." He added as the figure disappeared.

"Oh...kay..." Regina said slowly turning back into the camp as Ryxam drew his Katar and threw it with such force that it landed square in the trunk of the tree nearest where the figure had disappeared.

It wasn't too hard to find the humans. Well, at least, the Valkyrie was easy to find, though Regina didn't pause to talk "I can't believe he'd steal something...Edith never did anything to him..." She muttered to herself as she looked through the camp. It wasn't the hardest thing, mainly because the camp was low lying, and it was almost always set up in the same way, making it easy to get around.

There! Regina quickly walked toward the boy and the other human "Please give back what you stole to Edith." She said "It belongs to her, and I'm sure she needs it." Yeah, like that'd have any effect on the b*stard. How could he steal something after about, 5 minutes of not being watched?! He was like a 2 year old dwarf stealing from other's iron ore mines.

February 12th, 2006, 6:11 PM
OOC: I assume you're talking about the mana orb.
"Eh?" Jirae asked himself, turning around to see Regina running towards him, asking for something that belonged to someone named Edith.
"You stole something?" Nich asked in a flat tone. "How could I not have guessed that."
"He stole something?" Shina asked, flying towards the group, as she had overheard what they had been saying.
"I didn't steal anything!" Jirae shouted in an accused tone, holding his hands up.
"I'm sure." Nich said, arming his bow.
"What are you doing?" Jirae asked, clutching his staff. Nich shot an arrow at the perfect angle and position so that Jirae's robe pocket ripped open, the orb falling towards the ground. "Ah well." Jirae said, waving his staff to begin casting a spell. Apparently, nobody else there knew what happened when a mana orb hit the ground. It hit the ground and an explosion of green energy bursted out, though it was a pretty short range so only Jirae was caught in the explosion.
"Well...crap." Shina said, not really knowing what to do due to having no idea what was going on. The green smoke of the explosion cleared, and Jirae stood there, surrounded by a glowing red forcefield. He dispelled the forcefield and picked the mana orb up.
"Hm...judging by the glow left, I'd say it's only a 10 use orb." Jirae observed. "And a pretty small range...And I doubt it's very powerful, either." He put the orb in his other robe pocket, the one that wasn't ripped open.
"Uh...wha?" Piras asked, confused.
"I saw an explosion." Adren said, walking in from around a corner. "What's going on?"
"Hmm...I don't care to explain that right now." Jirae said, tapping the floating electrical disc that he was still on with his wand. It zoomed backward and turned a corner. Jirae was trying to escape.
OOC: Note: The forcefield was probably generated by the pendant. A black mage typically would not be capable of forcefields, but as has already been made apparent, that's one of the pendant's specialties.

February 19th, 2006, 12:29 PM
Regina clenched her fists. What kind of crazy human was he??? How could he steal from Ethine without even knowing how nice she was?!

"GET OUT!!!" Regina screamed, definetly not the soft spoken voice she usually had, or the voice even a bard would have "OUT OF THIS CAMP NOW! I DON'T CARE WHETHER YOU HELP OR NOT ANYMORE!!! GET OUT!!! I DON'T WANT TO SEE YOU AROUND BRANDITE EVER AGAIN!"

Sike sighed "Bard's voices are never pretty when they get pissed." He muttered to a surprised Ellandra.

Regina turned on the spot and headed in the opposite direction, with many elves staring after her. She hated him! She hated humans! They couldn't be trusted. She truly wished she was an elf then and there. She knew she'd hate being called a human from then on. Nobody should be that selfish, even with that stupid pendant on!

"Take the god**** thing, as long as you leave..." Regina muttered angrily to herself, as she left the outskirts of the camp. Of course, she'd walked away from Brandite, as had she walked toward it, first off, Drow's would've started to attack her, and secondly, Ryxam wouldn't be too happy either.

She never wanted to see the arrogant person ever again! She vowed not to trust any human but herself from then on out. What a horrible impression.

OOC:Gah short.

February 19th, 2006, 6:36 PM
OOC: Whew...at least someone remembered this RP ^^;...somehow though, I don't think we can say the same about the others...
Anyways, minor character control...again >_<
"Unbelievable." Nich said, putting his hand over his face and shaking his head.
"What has gotten into him lately?" Shina asked rhetorically, scratching her head. "It's almost as if seeing the school again made him go crazy...or maybe..." Her eyes widened. "No...no, that can't be..."
"What?" Piras asked, confused.
"Come on. We need to find him." Shina said, beating her wings and grabbing her lance.
"Ugh...this is troublesome." Nich said, clenching his bow. "Elf...your name is Sike, I believe? I think we're going to need your help here..."
"For what?" Sike asked.
"We'll have to explain later. But he's got a green mana orb, that means we're going to need an elf." Nich said as he began running in the direction Jirae had gone.

"Are you sure this will work?" Jirae asked as he crept into a dark corner.
"Yes..." A small, evil voice responded.
"This is a weak mana orb. You saw how small the explosion was." Jirae said. "I don't think it will be able to..."
"No, it will not." The voice responded. "But, it will still create something...A small elemental, probably..."
"What is the purpose of that? We cannot do anything with a mere small elemental." Jirae said skeptically.
"Do not doubt my power!" The voice shouted in a shrill yet powerful tone. Jirae clenched his ears and fell to his knees.
"Augh!" He screamed, but his scream was not loud enough to be heard by anyone. "Alright, alright...what must we do first?"

"Jirae!" Adren exclaimed as the group ran through the camp, flipping open tents and looking for him.
"This isn't good...if he's able to..." Nich started, biting his lip.
"It was only a small orb, right?" Piras asked. "He shouldn't be able to do anything with that."
"We can't take chances." Shina responded. "This is taking too long." She stopped and floated midair. "Seekwind!" She exclaimed, thrusting her spear into the air. Wind began spraying out from it in all directions, blowing through the encampment, seeking out Jirae.

"Did you feel that?" The voice asked.
"Seekwind..." Jirae replied, looking out of the corner. "They're onto us."
"Got that right." Came a female voice from the tent above. There, standing on the metal tip of the tent, was Adren, staff in hand.
"Tch..." Jirae said, backing away from her. He bumped something.
"Give us the mana orb, now!" Nich exclaimed, pushing Jirae away from him.
"Never...." The voice came. It was now apparent that it was coming from the pendant. "Do it now!"
"Right." Jirae said, as he began to smirk. He took the mana orb from his robe and began waving his hand over it. The glow began to grow brighter and brighter.
"Sike! Now!" Shina shouted. "Only an elf can touch that orb now! Grab it from him!"
OOC: Hmm...if its not too much trouble, try and make Sike's attempt...not work. =P.

February 19th, 2006, 6:54 PM
OOC: No Prob. Some character control here.

"I can't believe I'm doing this for the sake of a human..." Sike said his shoulders sagging as he darted forward, his occupation as an archer certainly boosted his agility, but even as he grabbed the orb, and struggled to take it away from the stupid human who wouldn't let go, the human, having a heavier weight class then himself, easily threw him into a nearby tent, collapsing the entire thing. It was a good thing nobody was in it, but it still cause a lot of destruction, like a domino effect.

"D*mn you..." Sike muttered rubbing his head as he sat up. He wondered what the human was doing anyway, and hoped that if he did get whatever he was looking for, it was summoned far from here.

Regina sighed as she bit her lip. It was certainly boring up on the cliffside, looking down toward the camp, but at least she was away from any humans. For a moment she thought she saw a flash of lime green come from the far left side of the greenish tents, but thought better when it disappeared.

"What a cute little thing...a brooding elf..." A hissing voice said from behind her.

Regina quickly spun around, and was mentally scolding herself for confining herself to a cliffside.

"It's rumored grief can kill and elf you know..." A tall female drow said emerging from the shadows "Not that it can kill Drow's anymore...we traded that for power...nice exchange. Trading weakness for power..."

"Who are you?" Regina asked, cursing herself for picking a desolate spot to boot. Nothing to throw...

"I'm Regiel, a Dark Elf, and I'm here to collect you to the Brandite forest." She said, the trademark smirk of a Drow furling her smooth features, and distorting them until they looked like an orc's.

"What?" Regina asked wishing she could take a step backward.

"The pendant doesn't like you, and so I'm here to get rid of you. But getting rid of you, could get rid of a potential power source, so basically I'm here to capture you." Regiel said bluntly, tossing her long black hair behind her shoulder with a dainty flick of her wrist "Get her boys."

Two burly Orc's trudged out from behind the bushes in which Regiel had originally appeared and grunted to each other in Orc. Before easily taking the small build of Regina is their grip. The black slime that always covered Orc hands smeared all over the pale skin of their captive, making her shudder and vow to take a long wash in the lake afterwards "Onto brandite forest then shall we? Besides, we'll have to side-step your pathetic camp, just so they don't see us, why don't we..." Regiel trailed off as she scattered black powder over the four of them, with one swift movement of her arm, and soon enough, Regina realized that this was Dark Elf Blinding powder, keeping you out of view of any immortal, or mortal, except for the one's under the effects of the powder.

Chances of rescue before stepping into Brandite were zero to zero now. Blinding powder not only removed the ability to see people, but the ability to nullify even a dwarf's keen sense of smell. It was like being invisible, and it canceled out all the senses.

February 20th, 2006, 8:04 AM
"Pathetic." Jirae said as Sike failed to grab the orb. "Is this the best you can do to stop me?" He had an evil grin on his face, and his eyes were closed in concentration the whole time.
"Tch..." Nich muttered, arming an arrow and shooting it at the glowing orb. Even with his eyes closed, Jirae sensed the arrow and sidestepped it.
"This isn't good. There's no way to get that orb out of his grasp." Shina said, biting her lip.
"Then our only choice is to run." Adren said, beginning to turn around.
"Too late." Jirae laughed maniacally. A green wave of light shot out from the orb in all directions as Jirae backed away from it and it began floating. Blinded by the light, everyone closed their eyes. When they reopened them, it became clear why they had wanted to stop this. There before them stood a Nature Elemental, a humanoid being of pure energy-energy that it absorbed from the elves.
"Now, my pet." Jirae said, beginning to sound a little possessed. The elemental looked around, gazing at the humans. "Destroy this camp. Feed off their energy." The creature began to lurch forward. "And be sure to find and destroy the elf-human." With that, it began to walk through the camp, launching beams of energy everywhere, commanding natural forces such as trees and bushes. When it weakened an elf, it would then grab it and absorb it into its body, causing it to grow larger and more powerful.
"Should we try and fight it?" Piras asked.
"I don't think we have much of a choice." Shina said as they rushed forward towards the rampaging creature.

February 20th, 2006, 8:24 AM
OOC: meh, this is getting out of hand. Mind if we end this soon? A bit of character control by the way

Ryxam's eye's flew open, feeling his energy being drained.

"Ryxam!" Beren cried running over as quickly as he could "Nature Elemental!"

"No sh*t Beren!" Ryxam yelled pushing him aside "Only the human would be dumb enough to summon one!" He drew two katars from inside his penny sack, the two of them glowing green as he threw them onto a direct hit.

"Good job my friend!" Beren said clapping.

"Don't celebrate, those are Natural Katars, dipped in Regina's lake, they're not going to do anything but make it weaker. It'll move a little slower, but tell every one to mount their horses and get ready to leave. We'll have to abandon Eos for one more night."

"LET GO OF ME!" Regina shouted kicking and screaming as the orc's lifted her feet off the ground.

"Oh, look, your camp is burning." Regiel said in mock sympathy.

Regina's breath caught in her throat and she stared as she watched the camp burn a glowing green "D*mn human..." She breathed.

"Human's stink don't they. Kinda like you." Regiel said sarcastically as the four disappeared through the trees.

"LET GO!!!" Regina repeated in her utter shriek. THe bumbling Orc's let go to cover their ears and Regina darted away "I'm a living bulls-eye for the human now..."

In the middle of the camp she saw a Nature Element, and breathed more curse words. She was glad to be human again, but where was the other human?

Right below it of course.

"Stop it!" Regina yelled running toward the boy, who simply stood, knowing the elf human couldn't touch his pendant with the forcefield around it.

The Nature Elemental spun it's green extensions and turned around, before it glowed an eerie green.

"Sike!" Regina squealed at the sight of her drained best friend, lying with arrows surrounding him, and his bow still in his limp grasp "What did you-"

She stopped when she felt something on her feet, crawling up her legs.

"Oooh No!" Regina moaned as vines stopped her feeble advance. They tugged at her until she was on her knees, her hands supporting herself as they wound ever higher "Just let go of the pendant!" Regina yelled at the human "It's not that hard you moron!"

Yeah, how effective.

February 21st, 2006, 7:29 PM
OOC: Wait...end what?
"Hehe...elf-human." Jirae said in a possessed voice as he turned to her. "Time for you to finally die." The vines continued to wrap up Regina's legs. She wasn't an elf, so the elemental couldn't absorb her energy, but it could definitely still kill her.
"Jirae! Stop this!" Shina shouted as she flew towards him.
"Silence!" He yelled, thrusting his palm in her direction. Vines surged from the ground, entangling Shina and the other humans.
"Tch..." Adren said as the vines creeped up her legs. "You should know me better then this." Her arms were still free, and she waved the one with her staff in it. The staff began to glow with a bright white light. "Light!" She exclaimed. Beams of light struck the vines, weakening them and forcing them to let go. Not only the plant grasping her, but the ones grabbing the other humans, Regina included, retreated from the bright light.
"Feh. I've dealt with you before, and this time I'll make sure to get rid of you for good!" Jirae exclaimed. This voice was no longer merely possessed, it was now distinctly Ekim. "Hey, tree brain!"
"Kraaarghrwa!" The elemental let out a horrible shrieking noise as it dropped the elf it was torturing and turned to Jirae.
"Kill the humans." Ekim's voice commanded. The creature ran toward the group, launching vines and beams of energy out of its arms.
"Fire!" One of Adren's friends exclaimed, launching a blast of fire to counter and burn the oncoming vines.
"Light!" Adren and her white mage friend exclaimed, shooting forth beams of white light to counter the green energy produced by the elemental. This left the elemental itself wide open, and Piras and Nich took the oppurtunity, launching arrows rapidly.
"Naiive fools." Jirae said, still with the voice of Ekim. A shield of green energy appeared in front of the elemental's body and deflected the arrows. Meanwhile, the beast launched a new assault of its own attacks at the humans.
"This isn't good." Shina said, deflecting some vines with the wind generated by her lance. "We're outclassed. It's absorbed the energy of almost all the elves." She turned to Regina. "Any suggestions?"
OOC: If you don't have any ideas, I suggest doing something off the keyword "almost all the elves".

February 22nd, 2006, 3:32 PM
OOC: Such as, ending this insane sub-plot with the pendant?

IC: Regina rubbed her red ankles, for the vine's grips were certainly not forgiving in the least "Ryxam!" Regina cried in surprise as the assassin elf threw another katar that was glowing an odd tint toward the center of the elemtal. When it hit directly, the elemental seemed to slow in it's advance upon her, but it still continued.

"You have to help yourself!" Ryxam snapped "None of us'll last much longer at the rate this heathen's sucking up our energy!"

"But! All I can do is-...sing..." Regina mumbled, racking her brain for any status ailment that might throw the human off.

She bit her lip as Ryxam threw another katar toward the middle, and knew that within two more katar's, he wouldn't be able to throw anything more, with the wobble the knife was giving.


"When you walk, through a storm,
hold your head up high,
and don't be afraid,
of the dark.......

at the end of the storm is a golden sky,
and the sweet, silver song,
of a lark.....

Walk on through the wind,
Walk on through the rain,
though your dreams be tossed and blown....

Walk on, walk on, with hope in your heart,
and you'll never,



You'll never walk....alone....a-lone." Regina continued the sweet melody, as the elemental writhed and the music, and Beren shouted "SMART GIRL!"

The song was apart of an elven...sort of cheering on song. It was sung when someone was losing, to cheer them on, and to tell them that they weren't alone. Maybe it would get through to the stupid human, showing him that his human friends were trying to save him. Then he could fight his own d*mn battle with the stupid pendant.

Regiel, who'd been creeping up behind Regina, shrieked as she covered her ears in a pained sort of disgust. Drow never really appreciated elven music after their switch from good to evil. It came to a point where they couldn't even stand it anymore.

Ryxam grabbed another katar and jabbed it into the very middle of the Elemental. By now, it was moving very slowly, but it was still moving...

"These don't do anything but slow it down!" Ryxam said, his energy replenished by the song, for that was it's essential purpose "Find a way to get rid of it! Only the human can, because he summoned it!"

OOC: Yeah w/e.

February 22nd, 2006, 4:28 PM
OOC: Well, the pendant's going to be with Jirae throughout the entire RP, but we can wrap it up for now in a sense by putting him above the influence of it or something. In fact, I think I'll take care of that in this post.
"A Noble effort." Ekim's voice said after hearing the song. He began to clap, mocking her. "But he can't hear you. I'm in control." He waved his arm outward toward the elemental. The katars fell to the ground and were broken by vines, and the elemental's speed began to increase again.
"The elves aren't regaining enough energy to fight it off..." Nich said, observing the situation. "And even if they did, it could just absorb them again." He was so engrossed in thought that he didn't notice vines crawling up his legs. "Gah!" He yelled, looking at his feet as he felt the pull of the vines.
"I'll help you!" Piras said, aiming his bow at Nich's feet.
"No! Idiot!" Nich shouted. "Keep attacking the elemental! It might release its grasp!"
"That's it!" Shina exclaimed, Nich's words triggering an idea. "Guys! Don't attack the elemental! Attack Jirae!"
"Are you crazy?" Piras asked. "What if we kill him?"
"That's precisely it!" Shina answered. "We won't be attacking him...we'll be attacking Ekim!" She turned toward Jirae and charged, lance ready to stab.
"Not too shabby for a human." Ekim's voice said as Jirae easily sidestepped Shina's lance. She continued with an onslaught of blows, but was doded every time. While he was distracted by her, however, he failed to notice Piras aiming an arrow at the orb floating in front of him.
"Gotcha." Piras said as he released the arrow from his bow. It sped through the air, hitting the glowing orb with a great impact and shattering it.
"No!" Ekim yelled as the magical energy within the orb began to flow out.
"I'll take it from here." Adren said, a confident smile on her face. She waved her wand, and the green energy pouring forth from the orb was surrounded by a sparkling white light. It fell to the ground and formed a circle around Jirae.
"What are you-" Ekim began to question. Then it hit him. "No! Not a-"
"Elemental Seal!" Adren shouted, thrusting the tip of her staff forward. The glowing green energy shot upward from the ground, surrounding Jirae in a sort of magical prison.
"Shkraww!" The elemental yelped out a cry of pain. The vines began receeding from everyone they were grasping, and the elemental began to shrink. As energy fled from the elemental, it returned to the elves it rightfully belonged to, restoring their strength.
"You've not heard the last of me." Ekim's voice said as a final word. The green energy flared up, and a black soul could be seen flying upward and then being sucked into the pendant. The circle of magic faded, and a small circle of green symbols appeared on the outer edge of the pendant, containing the pendant's glow within their range.
"Ungh." Jirae muttered, in his own voice, as he fell to the ground, unconscious.
OOC: Feel free to do something with Regiel now...or whatever.

February 22nd, 2006, 4:42 PM
"Finally..." Regina muttered as she stopped the melody.

"I HATE ELVISH MUSIC!" Regiel shrieked as she grabbed Regina's hair "You should've known better then to anger a Drow girl!"

"Ow!" Regina whined as Regiel shook her by the hair.

"That's not wise." Ryxam's smooth fluid voice came, strength returned "Because if you haven't noticed, you're surrounded in an elvish camp, and you've got every arrow, every sword, and every spell aimed directly at you."

Regiel scowled, an odd sort and snarl disfiguring her features as she threw Regina to Sike's feet, whom immdiatly helped his friend up "This isn't the last you've seen of me." She spat "Ekim will call on me again." She said pointing a bony finger to the human on the floor, before quickly turning from the camp.

"Alright you crazy elves and humans get out of the way." Eithine's peeved voice came as she pushed aside elves with a strength that would belong not to a white mage but perhaps to a warrior "I doubt we'll be using any magic on this freak, considering I doubt his pendant will allow it, so we'll just use herbs and let him recover naturally." She said snapping her fingers at some nearby Swordsmen and pointing to the boy "Well? Don't tell me you're going to make a lady haul this human all the way back to the medical tent!"

The elven men jumped with a start and collected the boy up easily, followed by Eithine, who truly looked like a mother duck with her ducklings following behind her.

"Today has been horrible." Regina said pressing a hand to her forehead, her voice now hoarse.

"Tell me about it. That guy needs to get off his throne." Sike said rolling his eyes and picking up his quiver.

"I hope you don't mind if we keep your friend in the medical tent for the night. You can stay with him if you'd like. Although I'm not sure how positively logical that move would be, considering Eithine might throw a pot of tea leaves at you if you crowd around him too much." Regina sweatdropped, through her expression was thouraghly exhausted "I'm sure if you're quiet she won't mind though."

"We stay here for the night. Tomorrow at dusk we will return Eos to our band, and then we will return to Brandite." Ryxam shouted as Beren repeated his friend so the rest could hear the commands "We will all recouperate from the ridiculous event that could've been avoided..." He paused to glare at Beren and Regina, "And we will strike tomorrow."

February 22nd, 2006, 5:15 PM
OOC: Bit of character control.
"Sounds good to me." Nich said, stowing his bow and arrows. "So, where are we going to sleep?" Almost immediately in response, an elf motioned for the humans to follow her to where they would be sleeping.
"You guys go on ahead. I'm going to check on Jirae." Adren said as the rest of the group followed the elf to their sleeping quarters. Silently, she followed the trail of Eithine and her swordsmen to a tent where Jirae was being treated.
"Hey! Get out of here!" One of the swordsmen exclaimed.
"Shut up, fool." Adren said, shoving her staff in his face as he walked toward her. "All of you, back up."
"Hey! I said no magic!" Eithine shouted.
"I know what I'm doing." Adren said, completely disregarding the elf. "You honestly think this is the first time he's flipped out?" Eithine made no response. Adren walked over to beside the bed Jirae was lying in. "Trasmanuos Curos Alvenuos!" Adren exclaimed as she banged the end of her staff on the ground. White light began pouring out from the crystal ball at the end of the staff, pouring out over Jirae.
"Well?" One of the swordsmen behind Adren asked.
"Quiet." Adren said without turning her head. She closed her eyes and began concentrating as the white light enveloped Jirae and gave him a faint glow. "Hmm...just as I thought. Merely overexertion from the use of the pendant." He opened her eyes and banged the staff on the ground again, causing the white glow to dissapear. She turned to Eithine. "He just needs some rest. You'd be wise not to feed him any more of those herbs." She nodded her head in the direction of a basket of herbs on the ground. "The magic of the seal is very sensitive. Certain herbs cause it to rupture, and enough of them could completely break it." With a stern look on her face, she walked out of the tent, headed out to find the rest of the humans and their sleeping tents.
OOC: I think I might start a story in the Other Writing forum about the events that happened 3 years ago, including how Jirae came across the pendant...what do you think?

February 22nd, 2006, 6:33 PM
OOC:That'd be interesting. Although, I find that not many people review at first. So far NOBODY hath reviewed my story. -.-

IC: Regina looked past herself as the White Mage passed her as she walked into the medical tent but quickly looked to Eithine "Do you have anything for my voice?"

Eithine, who looked extremely peeved and pissed, said "Oh yeah, definetly." She said moodily, as the swordsmen edged out of the tent anxiously "Here's some Leirine Leaves. Steam them, and drink the water after you sift out the rinds. You might want to do that in there, where they're cooking the warrior's their dinner." She motioned toward the flap leading to a different part of the tents, behind which Regina saw four elves working on a vast dinner, having regained their once drained energy.

She silently presented the Leirin leaves and notioned to her throat, as an elderly, yet bulky elvish man nodded, just as quietly and placed them into a boiling kettle "I'll have some as well if you don't mind." He said hoarsely, his voice just as died out as Regina's.

She nodded and left the makeshift kitchen, ducking under the flap as Eithine bustled around to meet the elves who were tortured by the elemental's wounds.

Regina found Eithine at a place where she'd managed to stop for a few moments, and when she asked for the human boy, Eithine, merely waved toward the back of the tent, before rushing off again. Regina glanced toward the back of the tent, which seemed to be the only part that was lit by bright elvish lanturns, which burned brightly, lighting up the entire tent like it was day.

Regina walked over, careful to be light on her feet, so she wouldn't wake a nearby sleeping elf, who's long and extremely sharp ears looked as though they heard every slight movement. After passing the elf, she lifted another flap and saw the human boy resting peacefully. Normally, she would've flushed, having walked in on someone sleeping, but instead she sighed and shook her head.

"You cause a lot of havoc. And none of us even know your name." Regina whispered, her voice no longer being able to speak any louder, the rasping was prominent, and she folded the skirt of her icy blue dress, underneath her as she sat on the benches next to the human's bed. Her dress was no longer as beautiful as it had been when the adventure began. The bottom was brownish from falling so much, and the rim of the skirt was torn and frayed, the vines had seen to that.

"I guess you are sorta like a bad luck charm huh?" Regina asked smiling kindly. She was never really one to hold a grudge. How could she? "And now I feel like an idiot! I'm talking to someone who's not even awake!" She laughed to herself and said "But it's nice having another person who's the same species around...even if they're kind of...arrogant."

She slowly eyed the pendant around his neck and whispered "Boy I could probably fill an entire book with theories on how I'm gonna get that thing off huh?" But after the day's events, she wasn't going to think on it just yet. Maybe...later. Some other time, if she saw him again after they'd rescued Eos. She remembered when she'd first met Eos. He was tall and had long brown hair, silky like any elf's. His robes were deep emerald green, and at first she'd thought he was an elder, until she saw him conversing with Ryxam, like an old friend...a VERY old friend.

Ryxam was already about 1,059 years old. He was very wise, but was never one to sit around councils. He was usually Sike and Regina's babysitter, considering they had the habit of tagging along with him on his conquests and battles. Sike used to play all kinds of pranks on their old and stuffy gaurdian, and Ryxam always managed to avoid them, his keen red eyes seemed to see everything.

"You know you're even more of a trouble maker then Sike is." Regina mumbled.

February 23rd, 2006, 8:36 AM
"Been a long day." Nich said as he jumped into his bed.
"I'll say." Piras responded, splashing some water from a nearby spring in his face. If there was one thing humans were good at, it was being prepared. Buckets of springwater lined the walls, and a bag of snacks from the school cafeteria rested in the corner.
"Hello." Adren said as she walked in to the tent. "Not much room in here...where are the rest of my friends?"
"Tent across the walkway." Shina said, pointing her lance to another tent.
"Alright. See you in the morning." Adren said, closing the tent flap.

"So, then we need to..." One of Adren's friends began to say until he noticed Adren walking into the tent. "Oh, hi."
"Hey." Adren said, dropping her bag on the ground and walking over to an unoccupied bed. "Where are the others?" Only two of her friends, the two males, were in the tent.
"Ah, they went to the spring on the other side of the camp." One of the boys said. "You know where it is?"
"Yeah." Adren said. "I'll be back later, I guess." With that, she left the tent to go find her friends at the spring.
"Alright, so, like I was saying..." The boy began again, once he was sure Adren was gone.

Ekim sat alone. He was in a white room, with no apparent doors or windows. The only thing in there besides himself was a small TV-like screen, an oddly advanced technology for this era.
"Master Ekim." Came a voice as the screen turned on. A picture of a male Drow appeared on screen, bowing.
"What is it, Ienitan?" Ekim asked, folding his hands and resting his head on them.
"Did the elemental attack go well?" Ienitan asked.
"What do you think? I'm back in this lousy prison, aren't I?" Ekim replied.
"Oh...right. Sorry." Ienitan said. "So...when do we plan to strike next?"
"Well, we can't until that stupid seal is removed." Ekim responded.
"Seal?" Ienitan questioned.
"The white mage friend of his...she put an elemental seal on the pendant." Ekim answered. "We need to break the seal if I want to get out again."
"It shall be done." Ienitan said, bowing, as the picture on the screen turned off.
"Wait, I-" Ekim began, fruitlessly. "Agh. There he goes again, not bothering to listen." He let out a sigh of frustration.
OOC: Hah, cliffhanger-type thing on the male friends of Adren =P.

February 23rd, 2006, 2:47 PM
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February 23rd, 2006, 3:21 PM
OOC: I dunno what you expect me to do with that. 0_0;; Any ideas?

OOC: Well, I didn't really know what to do so I just did some stuff regarding my characters themselves...you could do the same, like what I did about the characters going to sleep, or something...because there's really nothing left until the next day...I would suggest you could probably start off the next day and the quest to look for Eos in your next post. Yeah, that's probably best...

February 23rd, 2006, 3:44 PM
OOC: Ki'dokie

IC: Ryxam pushed the flaps of the medical tent away so roughly they flew in opposite directions, whacking into the elves who were unfortunate enough to be sitting next to the entrance "Sorry about that." Ryxam said as he quickly entered the kitchen "Is dinner ready?" He asked.

"Yes sir, all we need to do is set the table." A girl no older then 200 years said, curtsying in her bustle to the other side of the tent.

"Screw it, my men can eat around the fire it's not hard." Ryxam said brushing out of the tent "Regina!" He called into the depths of the tent "Get out of there. The human's not worth sympathizing for! Dinner." He barked to the elves littered around the tent.

Regina looked at the flaps and glanced back at the boy "Hey," She shook his shoulder lightly "Want something to eat?"

Beren sat beside Ryxam, one of the many nearest the large fire in the middle of the camp. His vegetable stew was a rich color with potatoes and celery and all that 'rabbit food' as many called it. But it was a thick stew, and the best part was dunking the savory elvish bread into the stew and, in Beren's case, jamming it into your mouth.

He didn't understand why Ryxam had to eat so daintily. Like a woman he was! Sipping his stew without sound, and ripping off the bread before tranferring it into his mouth. It wasn't as though anybody here really cared. Ellandra sat on the opposite side of Ryxam, and she ate just as womanly as he did, although, she had good reason! She WAS a woman!! He glanced over at the young lad, Sike was his name, and saw that he had barely touched his portion of food.

"Boy, don't brood over Regina. She's a tough girl she's fine." Beren said shoving bread into his mouth. He was certainly the least mannerly of the elves around the fire, as most of them ate cleanly and quietly.

"I'm not," Sike replied "I'm just hoping that guy isn't like, attacking her or something."

"Nah, I doubt it." Beren said through a mouthful of bread "He may seem like a big ol' jerk, but I can see it like any elf can, he's a good person, as much as it's hard to see, the stuck up, arrogant, selfish-"

"That's enough Beren." Ryxam said calmly "We all know he wouldn't have done what he did was he not under the influence of Dark Elf artifacts. I find he was foolish to even put on something as ugly as the pendant is, but perhaps he found it...what's the word those humans use? 'Cool'?" He said sipping his stew "Perhaps you should go see if the other humans would like a meal after the happenings of today."

Sike took it that Ryxam was talking to him and said "Oh, okay." He stood up from his spot on the ground, and crossed the now darkened camp to the human's tent. This was the one with the Valkyrie in it...or that's what he guessed.

"Hey, would you like something to eat?" Sike shouted into the tent flaps. He would've knocked, but there wasn't much to knock on...

OOC: I'll do the next day in my next post.

February 23rd, 2006, 4:10 PM
OOC: Bit of character control here.
"Eh?" Piras said, looking up at the elf who had opened the tent. "Oh, dinner...yeah, I'm starving." Without hesitation, Piras got up from the bed he was sitting on and rushed out of the tent. "So..where's the food?" Piras had been the only one in the tent, Shina and Nich were gone somewhere.
"Where are the others?" Sike asked.
"Eh, the springs, I think. Don't really care." Piras responded.

"Anybody there?" Adren asked as she walked around some rocks to the elven springs. Conveniently labeled, there were both hotsprings for swimming, and enchanted springs for fresh drinking water.
"Hey! Adren!" One of Adren's friends shouted from a nearby spring, waving her hand. Noticing the signal, Adren promptly walked over. The girls, all being french, began talking in french as they always did when they talked amongst themselves.

"I don't trust them." Nich said as he eyed the girls talking from behind a rock a good distance away.
"Why?" Shina asked, as she was slouched down beside him, also looking.
"Why do they always talk french? Something they don't want us to know, I bet." Nich answered.
"You're paranoid." Shina said, rolling her eyes. "It's their native language. Why wouldn't they speak it? It's not like any of them don't understand it."
"Hmph." Nick responded. "I don't know, but I can tell they're up to no good." He stood up and began walking away.
"Where are you going?" Shina asked, getting up and following him, floating slowly behind him.
"I'm hungry." Nich replied.
"Yeah, I guess I am too. Let's go." Shina said, flying in front of him.

"They're gone." Adren said in english. She had seen Nich and Shina spying on them, even from a few springs away.
"About time." One of her friends said. "I still think the boy knows french."
"Nah, I don't think so." Said another friend. "Piras does, though. He spoke with us a few times in biology class."
"Hmm." One of the other friends said. "Ah well, he couldn't have heard us anyways. Come on, let's go get dinner."
"Yeah..." Adren said, something obviously on her mind, as they all got up and headed out of the hotsprings.

"Ah, I see everyone made it." Piras said as Adren and her friends wandered to the campfire. Nich and Shina had gotten there a few minutes ago, as had the two male friends of Adren.
"Yeah." Adren said as they sat down. She glanced at Nich, who was giving her a cold stare, but immediately looked away when he saw she was looking at him.
"This stew is delicious." Shina said. She and all the male humans ate in a manner similiar to Beren's, whereas Adren and her female friends ate in a polite manner, like Ryxam.
"Yes, it is." Adren added, wiping her mouth with a napkin. "Thank you." Finished with her meal, she got up and headed for her tent. Almost immediately afterward, her friends followed.
"Well, I'm finished." Piras said, a few minutes later. Even though he had arrived at the table first, he had finished last, due to wanting multiple servings. Fairly soon, Shina and Nich finished as well, and retired to their tent. The day was done, and tomorrow they would continue looking for Eos.
OOC: Hmm...for some reason I feel that we should try and get more people to join this, or remind the others that it still exists, or something...

February 23rd, 2006, 4:25 PM
OOC: Bunnying

The sun rose bright and early, along with Ryxam, though, you couldn't really count the 'bright' part to be apart of Ryxam's daily routine. It was the most prominent thing that was missing and it showed as he walked around the camp, blowing a shrill note against the wood made flute that was pressed against his lower lip, one of the rare instances of which he removed his mask.

"Gaaaaah..." Sike mumbled as he rolled over in his sleep, hair mused and bed sheets torn all over the place.

"Meeerrrgh." Beren replied rolling over as well, though he was less fortunate as a 'THUMP' was heard. He'd definetly woken up on the wrong side of the bed that day. For he'd woken up on the floor, a rude awakening the colliding of head to dirt it was. These beds were almost like stowaways, and only for the highest ranking of the band. Or the most important in Ryxam's eyes. They were made of wood, and rose about one foot high in the air.

"Alrighty sleepyheads wake up wake up wake up!" Ellandra shouted into the men's tent as many of more lazy one's groaned and refused to get up.

Regina was neatly tucking her blanket underneath the makeshift bed and pulled a brush through her long blue hair. It would take a long time to brush it out to the sheen it usually had, but she wasted no time with that. Eos was to be rescued!

Sike slung his bow over his shoulder as he left his hair untamed, Beren doing the same, though his shoulder long jet black hair was much more rumpled, with a large cow lick on the right side.

Ryxam, who always kept his hair as short as Sike's had his hair tidy, though in the sort of muse it was always in. He sheathed his katars, and replaced his mask upon his face "Alright men, mount your horses." He said boredly, as though keep safe and rescue was a regular job he had to do.

"Is your friend awake?" Regina asked the humans whom had left their tent "Do you think it will be wise to take him into Drow Territory? His pendant may react to being where it was created." She pulled the bit into the white horse's mouth, for Ellandra to mount.

February 23rd, 2006, 9:05 PM
OOC: What's bunnying mean?
Btw, there will be a bit of character control in this post. Near the end.
"As long as the seal is on him," Adren replied, "It should be fine. The fact that it's a green seal is even better, as Drow have extra trouble dealing with elf oriented magic." She heard an elf let out a 'woohoo' in the background, and added "The vice versa is also true." That shut him up.
"Ah well. I'll see if Jirae is awake." Shina said, flying from the group toward Jirae's tent. None of the male humans had woken up yet, so only Shina, Adren, and Adren's friends were awake.

"Yaaaaawwnnn." Piras yawned, stretching his arms as he woke up.
"Could you be any louder?" Nich asked, scratching his head. "Where's Shina?"
"Must have already woken up." Piras answered. Suddenly, he saw the tent flap beginning to open. "Who's there?" He asked, grabbing his bow from nearby his bed.
"Just us." A french accented voice came. The two male friends of Adren walked in.
"What do you want." Nich questioned flatly, immediately grabbing his bow. He could tell that something was wrong.
"Oh, nothing much." One of the boys responded, reaching his arm to the sheath on his waist.
"Drop your weapons." Nich said, shooting at the sheath, causing the boy to recoil his hand.
"Clever one." The other boy said. In a matter of seconds, his sword was out and ready to strike. "Now, I suggest you drop your weapons."
"I told you they were up to no good." Nich said, gripping his bow with one hand and grabbing an arrow with his other.
"I said, drop them." The boy repeated, poising his sword to attack. Nich slowly raised his bow and aimed at the top of the tent.
"What on earth is he doing?" The first boy asked, confused.
"Flame Arrow!" Nich exclaimed. By magic, the arrow tip lit aflame, and he shot it at the top of the tent. Almost immediately, the tent began to burn, and smoke rose atop the camp.

"Uh...are you guys cooking anything?" Adren asked an elf.
"No, why?" The elf replied. Adren pointed to smoke rising up from a tent.
"That's not good." The elf said. Moments later, he began screaming. "A tent is on fire! A tent is on fire!"
"I'd say that they decided to follow the plan, for once." One of Adren's friends said, walking up behind Adren.
"Yeah. We better go check it out, in case the valkyrie saw the smoke." Adren suggested. With that, they headed in the direction of the tent.

"You awake?" Shina asked, nudging Jirae's shoulder.
"Eh." Jirae replied. "More or less." His eyes slowly opened as he began to sit up in his bed. "You smell something?" Shina sniffed the air.
"Smoke? Something's wrong." She said, getting up and looking outside the tent. "What's going on?" She asked an elf passing by.
"From what I heard, theres a fight going on between some of the humans!" The elf replied as he ran by.
"Crap...Nich was right." Shina said, biting her thumb.
"Huh?" Jirae asked. He was awake enough, and got out of bed, ready to go.
"Come on." Shina said, flying outside, Jirae following.

"You've got nowhere left to run." One of the boys said, his sword to Nich's throat as they backed Nich and Piras into a corner of the burning tent.
"You always were annoying." The other one said, his sword to Piras's throat.
"Hey!" A voice came from the front of the burning tent.
"Who's there?" The boy with his sword to Nich's throat asked.
"It's us." Adren said as the girls walkedin, all of them but Adren smirking. Adren had a stern look on her face, staff in hand.
"Kill them." One of the girls said.
"Hold it!" Shina exclaimed. She rushed into the room at put her lance to Adren's throat. "Kill them, and I kill her." The french people looked at each other.
"Hahahaha." One of the girls laughed. "Go ahead."
"What?!" Adren exclaimed. "What do you mean?"
"You helped the boy with the pendant." One of the girls answered. "Multiple times."
"You can't be trusted." Another added.
"No, you don't understand..." Adren began. "I..."
"Don't worry about it." Shina said, removing her lance from Adren's throat. "You're not who we're worried about."
"R-right." Adren said, grabbing her staff.
"What do you think you're doing?" One of the boys asked. "We've still got your friends..." He turned around. Piras and Nich weren't there.
"Always keep your guard up." Nich said. His arrow was now aimed at the boy's throat, as was Piras's at the other boy's.
"Mass Light!" Adren exclaimed, thrusting her staff into the air. Beams of light shot down from the open sky, striking her 'friends', as well as the burning tent. The light magnified the power of the flame, and the rest of the tent was instantly incinerated. Luckily, the ground below was free of grass, and nothing else caught fire.
"Argh..." One of the girls muttered, grabbing her stomach.
"Die." Nich said, as he and Piras shot their arrows, which hit the boys directly in the heart.
"I agree." Shina said, slicing at one of the girls with her lance.
"Yeah...whatever." Jirae said. Still half asleep, he flinged a fireball at one of the girls.
"What's going on?" Regina asked as the group of her and the elves arrived at the tent.
"Oh...nothing." Shina said, rubbing the back of her head. The two french boys lie dead on the ground, blood spurting from their wounds, and the girls lie near them, all types of burn marks covering their dead bodies.
"So...let's get ready to go, shall we?" Adren suggested. Nich, Piras, Adren, Shina, and Jirae walked out of the shell of a tent, acting as if nothing had happened.
OOC: Wow...that was like...crazy. This is what happens when I try and do a RP post and watch TV at the same time. It takes me forever, it's really long, and the plot of it is like holy crap.
Side notes, didn't know whether to use Flinged, or Flung, or what...
And I don't *Think* the image of the dead french people was too violent, especially after the original Ekim eating people scene...

February 24th, 2006, 3:12 PM
Regina rested her chin in her palm as she examined the scene "Oh, well, as long as you don't hurt anybody...nearby..." She sweatdropped, as dead was just about as hurt as you could get...physically...almost...

"Let's go then!" Regina said perking up again, as she hadn't really ever noticed those people "Eos is waiting!"

"Yes, indeed, let us go, and you stay." Beren said placing a large scarred hand upon Regina's head "You're much to little to go out there lassie, you're not one to be on the battlefield. It'll be a mass slaughter I'm tellin' ya', Drow and Elves weak against each other yah know." He talked in his heavy Dwarfish accent, having been stuck in a Dwarf mine for ages on end, before Ryxam managed to convince Elladra to come rescue him.

"But-, I caused all this I should at least-"

"And you'll only cause more trouble once you manage to get yourself hung in 'the damsel in distress' mode." Ryxam said bluntly snapping his fingers twice as two dead silent elves poured the night cold water upon the black mage to wake him up "And since you've got black magic that doesn't rely on any element, generally, you'll be much help."

"And that's how you repay your soldiers, dumping ice cold water on their heads?" Sike said sarcastically as he ran a dry cloth through his hair, which was damp just as well.

"I'd say it's pretty effective." Regina said handing the boy a cloth, much like the one Sike was using, one that was bone dried in the unforgiving sun of the driest part of the plains "And I'm going with you! Whether you like it or not! I'll stick in the back and sing." She said holding up a canteen of the Leirin leaf water "It'll hold up for quite awhile."

"Use a melody that will lower their speed, accuracy, and defense if you can find one that covers all those. Their attack power is useless if they're as slow as a dwarf and as inaccurate as a gnome. Their defense will be equal to ours after you decrease it as well." Ryxam said taking a swooping glower around all the elves congregated around the burnt tent, all wearing as good of protection as the toughest Angorian hide, but still not very high for defense nonetheless.

"You got it!" Regina said mock saluting "I'll find one! ...soon enough..."

"Better find it fast, because I think they're gonna strike soon!" Sike said fingering the arrow resting on his bow as shadows moved behind the bushes, right on the edge where it became pitch dark "By the looks of it, I think they're gonna be happy for some elf blood." He gave an unreadable glance at the human boy and said "What's your name human? There'll be too many humans to just say 'human'."

February 25th, 2006, 4:00 PM
"Is it important?" Jirae asked. "I'll be blunt, I don't trust you elves. Telling you my name could be the last mistake I ever make."
"Stop being an idiot." Shina said, smacking him upside the head with her open palm. "I don't know if you picked the rest of our names up, but I'm Shina."
"Nich." Nich added. After a few seconds pause, he kicked Piras in the shin.
"Ouch!" Piras exclaimed. "What was that-oh, right. I'm Piras."
"I am Adren." Adren said.
"And the idiot who's been causing you all your trouble is Jirae." Shina finished, causing Jirae to shoot her a sharp look.
"Hmph." Jirae muttered. "Let's get going then, shall we?"
"Alright, but precautions need to be taken." Adren said. "You are to stay in the middle of the group. We can't risk you or the pendant falling into Drow hands."
"Then why am I even going?" Jirae asked.
"Because," Shina said, "You know as well as we do that you could kill the entire community of Drow if you felt like it."
"Hardly." Jirae replied. "Not with this thing around my neck. I'd be surprised if I'm even able to scratch them."
"Yet another reason why you should just take it off." Nich said, rolling his eyes. The band of humans and elves entered the forest, alert for any Drow that might attack them.

March 7th, 2006, 6:22 PM
Sike snorted "Very well then. If you haven't figured it out yet," He leaned toward Regina and muttered, "Which I doubt he has," Before he resumed speaking normally, or, in the whisper he used in Drow territory, "I'm Sike, and that's Sikes to you, this is Regina, Ryxam, Beren, Ellandra, and Eithine."

Regina knew Sike didn't quite care whether the human heard what he'd said to her or not, but it made her feel strange, as Sike was acting very defensive.

"Regina." Ryxam hissed turning to her "You will stay at camp, and you will send a letter to the elders. Use Ai. Not Aoi. Aoi makes too much noise, and it will attract the Drow."


"No. Buts." Ryxam said with a blood red eye shooting a dagger-like glare, and Regina sighed, before turning back to the fringe of the forest edge "You may return, but only after you have sent the letter telling of our actions. Watch out for Drow as well. Sing as you move."

Regina nodded quickly, before beginning to sing nervously. Her voice quavered as she wrote the letter, walking along the forest's path, beaten with iron shoes.

But she stopped at the forest edge to whistle, before seeing a fleck in the morning sky.

Ai, a much calmer, quieter, and nicer eagle landed neatly on a low hanging branch beside Regina, and she tied the letter onto the eagle's foot quickly, before it flew off without a sound. The Drow who'd been harboring at the edge of the forest had apparently left to follow the band of human's and elves. When Regina couldn't see Ai anymore, she sighed, but was surprised to have a cold clammy hand clamp over her mouth, and pull her away into the shadows.

At the same moment Sike stopped. A lone arrow had fallen at Ryxam's toes, just millimeters from his iron toed shoes, like a dare to take a step further. Ryxam disregarded the arrow, knowing they needed to go further into the darkening forest in order to collect Eos.

March 10th, 2006, 2:41 PM
"They knew we were coming." Piras said flatly.
"Does that actually surprise you?" Nich asked. "You really are dense."
"Hey!" Piras shouted.
"Quiet, both of you." Shina said, thrusting her lance in front of the two who were walking without looking.
"What?" Piras asked loudly.
"Shh!" Shina exclaimed. "Listen." Rustling could be heard in the trees above.
"An ambush?" Nich asked, aiming his bow at a nearby tree that he had heard noises coming from. He shot an arrow, and a small black squirrel-like creature fell from the tree, dead.
"Yep." Jirae replied. "But not by Drow." Suddenly, hundreds of small heads began popping out of nearby trees.
"Cheep cheep chippidy!" One of the squirrel creatures, who was wearing some kind of warchief headdress, shouted.
"Fun." Jirae said, as the small creatures began to lunge out at the group, bearing huge fangs and claws.

March 10th, 2006, 2:58 PM
"Oh. My. Camthalion." Ryxam said sweatdropping at the squirrel's flung themselves at the group.


"Calm down idiot." Ellandra said slashing her sword through a squirrel "Jirae, could you use a spell to get rid of these-" She shrieked as a squirrel landed square on her head and tore at her hair "STUPID CHIPMUNKS!!!"

"Mmmffflgergh!!" Regina shouted, her face tightly clasped by a smooth hand as she was dragged through the darkest part of the forest. The hand held her mouth so tightly she couldn't even open it to bite it, and the elongated fingers were like vice's.

"Alrighty then." A calm and chilling voice said binding Regina's mouth with some sticky green stuff that she guess with tree vines covered in some Drow plant.

It tasted horrible against her tounge. They bound her hands together behind her as they did to her feet, not that she could've done much without her voice anyway.

"What took you so long?" A drawling voice asked.

"Well, there is the issue that she was singing in Elvish when I found her." The man said cupping a pointed ear with his elongated fingers.

Regina threw a fit. She would NOT stand to be tied up like some damsel in distress while Sike and Ryxam were fighting now not only to save Eos, but herself! Then it caught her eye. Next to a large stone that looked incredibly like the material Jirae's pendant was made out of, was Eos, feet and hands bound beneath his cloak, and eyes boredly surveying the scene. He had a knack for being calm in all situations. His mouth was not bound, as nobody in the Drow forest who heard him would really quite care, and Eos, could not sing. But Regina wondered why he didn't speak in Elvish. That would hurt the Drow as well.

"This girl never shuts up does she?" A nearby Drow asked annoyed.

"That prisoner's certainly better then her." Another commented, and it hit Regina that he was dead silent to avoid being slaughtered. And so she quieted down as well, and Eos stopped surveying his surroundings.

March 13th, 2006, 3:48 PM
OOC: Bit of character control.
"I'll take a crack at it." Jirae said, flinging a squirrel off his arm. "But, I'll have to get them clear of everyone first." He began focusing, waving his hand around as his pendant began to glow. "Massinei Contros Bestios!" he shouted, thrusting his palms forward. A daze struck all of the squirrels in the area, and they all gathered up in a circle, away from any Elves or Humans.
"If you can control them, can't we just use them as allies?" Piras asked.
"With this many targets, his spell can only last a minute, if even that." Adren explained. "And since these are dark element creatures..." She grabbed her staff with both hands and banged it against the ground. "Holy!" She yelled. A bright flash of light came from her wand, striking all the possessed squirrels, killing them on impact. When the light died down, Jirae waved his arms again, dispelling the control spell that was now affecting nothing.
"Now then." Jirae said, wiping his hands against eachother as if he had actually been fighting with them, "Let's find your friend, hmm?"
"Hey, where'd Regina go?" Shina asked, observing that the girl was gone.
"Not her too!" Ryxam exclaimed.
"Fun. So now we have two prisoners to save." Jirae said, automatically assuming that the Drow had taken her.

March 14th, 2006, 6:36 PM
OOC: 'Not her too'??? 0_0 You're good at making serious people look like moron's.

IC: Regina could feel herself falling asleep as the Drow talked in a low murmur around her. It was, A. Boring. B.Boring. and C. A complete waste of time.

Eos sat silently across from her, not even bothering to say 'hello' or ask how she'd gotten here. It made her feel stupid, as she was dying to know how and when he was captured by the Drow. But she supposed, with the random drow taking glances at them every now and then, it would be stupid to talk. She suspected that Eos was just worn out, being around Drow and their magic for so long.

Regina opened her mouth to say something but Eos grunted "No. Elven voices remember?" Then it hit her. Elfish voices effected Drow. Drow voices effected elves, which was why Eos looked so exhausted. But Regina's voice wasn't an elf's. She was awfully confused, but she kept quiet from then on.

"D*mn." Ryxam spat "I told her-Sike, when we find Eos, you'll go with the humans and get them out. Eos is probably on the edge of insanity, being around these freaks for so long. You'll make sure you get Eos and Regina OUT of range of the Brandite, do I make myself clear?"

He didn't mean what he'd said about Eos. An elf never went insane unless they stuck around Drow for a few years. He knew Eos remembered when being around Drow didn't effect anyone. He was indeed, so old, that gray hair was shining from his long brown hair, showing his incredible age. It was a miracle he was not an elder, and that he was still fighting for someone probably three times younger then himself, if not more.

"Yes sir." Sike said hooking an arrow into the nook of his bow "If she'd just sing, we'd be able to find her no problem."

"That'd be foolish. She's probably guarded by Drow, and that'll be smart, sing in elvish in front of them!" Ellandra said rolling her eyes, earning a glare from Sike as they moved along the quiet Brandite Forest Trees.

"They're silent." Beren said in an unnerved voice "Why-"

"They're dead." Ryxam snapped and Ellandra squeaked.

"Don't say that aloud!" She hissed scoldingly.

Ryxam simply rolled his blood red eye and pulled on a blade that rested on the top of his arm, strapped to the arm itself "Get ready."

"Can you feel them? I would ask them, but they're-"

"Quiet Beren." Ryxam replied pulling aside a thick bush and recieving an arrow to richochet off his arm blades ".....Bad aim."

Sike nearly laughed, but picked up the arrow "Poison in the tip....traditional Drow style....with a hint of Orc in it if you ask me."

"Oh it's a twig with a blade on the front and pretty feathers in the back." Beren rolled his eyes, taking the arrow from Sike and snapping it in half "And now it's two twigs!"

Ellandra knocked Beren on the back of the head with the bottom handle of her sword, before an arrow soared underneath her raised arm.

"What are we waiting for?" An elf asked.

"For the Drow to show themselves. It'll be smart to attack something we can't see hmm Orin?" Ryxam said sarcastically.

March 15th, 2006, 1:21 PM
OOC: Sorry about that. >_<
"They won't show themselves unless provoked." Shina told Ryxam. "Which means, of course, that we're going to provoke them."
"Not necessary." Adren said, cutting Shina off. She raised her staff. "Light!" She exclaimed. A bright flash of light expelled from the tip of the staff, illuminating the area of the dark forest. Several Drow archers were in the trees, and some thieves were nearby on the ground.
"Uh-oh." One of the thieves said, backing about a foot away. Suddenly, Nich shot an arrow, hitting the thief directly in the foot that had stepped back. Blood began to gush out from the Drow's sandal-like shoes.
"I don't suppose any of you would happen to know where our friends are?" Shina asked, taking her lance out of its hilt.
"If you mean the other elf," One of the archers hissed, "He's probably being killed as we speak."
"What about the elf-human?" Jirae asked, referring to Regina by a title he was sure would be most appropriate around the Drow.
"What elf-human?" The archer replied. "There was only an elf when we left camp."
"Well, she wasn't taken that long ago, then." Piras concluded.
"We already knew that." Nich said, making Piras sound like an idiot. "She was with us at the beginning of the fight with the squirrels."
"Regardless." Jirae said, interrupting Nich. "She's probably at the same camp as the elf. Where is your camp, Drow?" He asked.
"Why should we tell you?" A different archer replied.
"We'll kill you if you don't." Piras said.
"So?" The second archer asked. "Either way, you won't get your information."
"We have our ways." Adren said, pulling some herbs out of her robes' pocket.
"Those...those are extremely powerful herbs! They can be mixed into a truth-telling syrum!" One of the thieves blurted out. "Run!"
"Not so fast." Jirae said, waving his arm. Blasts of fire shot from his palm, striking down the Drow that were beginning to retreat. None of them were dead, but they were weakened enough from the shock of the attack that they wouldn't be going anywhere any time soon.
"Ellandra." Adren said, handing her the herbs. "You should be able to make the truth syrum out of these, correct?"
OOC: Ellandra was the white mage or naturalist or whatever, right? That's who I meant...

March 15th, 2006, 3:03 PM
OOC: It's Eithine, but I can work my way through it.

IC: Ellandra laughed "Naw, I'm as stupid as this thief here," She knocked on the trapped Drow's head "But, Eithine should be able to do it no sweat."

Eithine sighed and plucked the herb out of Ellandra's hands and placing them into a simple wooden bowl "Alright then," She withdrew a crystal bottle, filled to the brim with a white looking water "Add some holy water, and hold the fumes underneath..." Eithine let the smoke that emitted from adding the holy water waft into the trapped theif's nose.

He gurgled some incessant things for about half a minute before he became in a sort of drowzy trance like state.

"Where is Eos?" Beren said loudly, and clearly.

The Drow mumbled something, and Beren snapped "Speak up!"

"In the middle of the forest. Next to the cursed stone." He said, ever so slightly loud enough for everyone to hear.

"Cursed stone. No wonder we haven't heard anything from Eos. He's being sapped of his life power." Ellandra breathed and Ryxam moved forward. No more arrow's fell, with all the archers burnt to a crisp, and he now moved silently, and swiftly, as though he was about to assassinate a certain someone for getting kidnapped.

"They've defeated our thieves and archers with a spell, that could only have been cast by a human." Someone said to the man who'd grabbed Regina "They must have an alliance for this moment."

"Wonderful." The drow snarled "get out there!" He barked to some loafing Drow swordsmen "Come back with their heads or don't come back at all!"

Regina's eyes snapped open again, and she felt herself truly falling asleep, no matter how uncomfortable the position she was in, was. The rhythmic beats of the rock the Drow stood before was like a lullaby, and when she saw nothing but darkness, she was jerked awake by a sharp kick from Eos, who stared at her as though to tell her to stay awake.

It was easy enough to do, but the stone was almost willing her to sleep, but each time, Eos gave her a firm jab with his foot, and refused to let her to peace.

"Let's go then." Ryxam said to the band of warriors and archers, and the humans "Eos is probably half dead by now."

March 18th, 2006, 8:52 AM
"Yeah." Shina said. "So where exactly is this cursed stone?"
"I know where it is." Adren said. "I ventured there once while you guys were gone."
"Lead the way, then." Nich said. "It's probably best if the elves guard our backs. That way, by the time the Drow figure out we have elves with us, we'll already be killing them."
"Good plan." Jirae said. "Let's go." The group continued farther into the forest, toward the cursed stone where Eos and Regina were being kept. After a little bit of walking, they heard some rustling in the bushes.
"Show yourselves!" Shina exclaimed, pointing her lance at the bush.
"Smart humans." A Drow said, as several swordsmen walked out from the bushes. "But not smart enough." Drow began to walk out from the bushes and pop out from the trees all around the group, even the back. It was an ambush.
"Could have guessed this was going to happen." Jirae sighed, as the Drow advanced forward toward the group.

March 18th, 2006, 7:56 PM
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