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January 26th, 2006, 7:56 PM
The war in the Pokemon world has waged on for much longer than anyone expected and many are tiring. Teams Rocket, Magma, and Aqua have formed into a huge team known as Team Gamma.

Team Rocket, Magma, and Aqua joined forces to capture a new pokemon known as Zubera.
Zubera is a POWERFUL fire type who was just discovered. The teams wanted their hands on this new pokemon that is said can take on any legendary and win hands down. Their problem with capturing it after the have joined forces, is a team of trainers known as Team Koro, who think the pokemon should be left alone.

These to teams have clashed for many years now and now new hope comes from Team Koro. Three young trainers around the age of 16 have joined Team Koro and look very promising. These new trainers will quickly gain ranks but for now we will start at the beginning.

1. We need two people who THINK they are good enough to be heros. I will not decide this the other members will. We will have a vote and you cannot not vote for your own character. You can make your character as you like it, BUT if you want a legendary you have to ask me through PM or MSN if you talk to me. OH I AM GOING TO BE A HERO BECAUSE ITS MY RP AND IT ALL COULD BE MY CHOICE BUT I AM BEING NICE AND LETTING YOU VOTE!
If it doesn't work out I will pick the 2 other heros.





age: (between 16 and 19)
pokemon: (if you want a legendary, PM me)

name: Zane Mirhov
age: 18
gender: male
description:Zane is a 5'10" tall 18 year old who normally looks relaxed. He wears a light brown pair of shorts and an short leave shirt. The shirt is a striped tee, with the POLO logo on the top right corner of the shirt. He wore a pair of Nike Shocks, which were blue and black. Zane's two favorite colors. His hair was brown, short, with blonde tips. His eyes were brown as well but most of the time you could see them because Zane always wore glasses.
Personality: Zane is a very laid back kind of guy. Sadly that is his best and worst quality. It gets him in to trouble with his elders but gets him in with the ladies. WHen he gets yelled at he normally sits with a grin and just laughs...In turn gets him in more trouble. He is very sly as well. He can get a way with alot of stuff, if his cool doesn't go to his head. On the down side, when he gets in trouble, its bad. So he has to use his ablities to duck out of them most of the time.
pokemon: Lugia, Typhlosion, Medicham, Pikachu, Umbreon, and Mew
personality: Ben is very outgoing and will strive to help people. He has always disliked people who thought pokemon were creatures for war. This is wy he fights to save Zubera.

January 27th, 2006, 3:35 PM
OOC: I wasn't in this one last time was I?

Name:Ebony Lash
age: 16
description:Ebony (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v243/Kaiyoseila/a.png)
pokemon: Metagross, Cacturne (Shade), Ponyta (Dash), Gengar (Nightmare), Kingdra (Jet), and Salamence
personality: Ebony is a lively and hyper young girl, who's often so blinded by her desire to win, she can be the most stubborn person you've ever met. She's honest to the point where she won't tell people lies about the way they look, instead she'll outright say 'I think it looks horrible', without thinking about what she's saying. She won't conceal any part of what she feels, as she thinks that people should express themselves. She has a strong faith in her beliefs, which mainly apply to the way others should act. Ebony is a cheerful girl, who helps someone whenever she can. Of course, she expects payment afterward, or some kind of favor in return, which is why she usually doesn't wait for someone to ask for help before helping them. She loves watching arguments, and cheers her pokemon on when they're arguing with someone else's pokemon, though amongst each other she'll snap at them to stop. She has little patience, but she solves her problems by snapping at someone or giving them a good whack around the head. She has a rather childish demeanor, and will often do things older people tell her to do with a good grudge.
RP SAMPLE:“Not again!” I groaned as I whacked the dusty dashboard of my plain black mo-ped.
“Stupid…stupid…stupid…” I said as I whacked it some more.
“Come on…” I muttered as I turned the key, my large amount of keychains clanking against each other as the motor started up and died away once again.
“My hands are so gross…” I said looking down at my black oil covered hands.
I glanced at my ice blue blouse but shook my head, brown braids whipping my face “I can’t wipe my hands on my shirt, it’s the second day of school, one of the most important days!”
I shook my head hopelessly and tried to start the motorcycle again. Thankfully I was on a private road, leading to the collage I would be now going to, and not very many cars passed.
Glaring at a car that honked at me and swerved past, speeding up just to annoy me, I turned the key angrily and more roughly this time.
“Yes!” I hissed as the motor didn’t die away.


“Crap…” I muttered.
I was only about ten feet away from where I originally was when the motor died again…I ignored the silver Cadillac that stopped next to me, in the opposite lane (the wrong direction I might add) after three cars had already took a detour around me.
The tinted window rolled down and a girl with bright blue hair tied into pigtails that splayed from behind her head to her chin and cheeks stared, bemused at me.
“Valerie.” She said in a disgusted tone, smirking, her ice blue eyes glinting maliciously.
I sighed and turned to glare at her after ignoring her for a full 40 seconds.
She sighed, and moved her purse off her lap, opened the silver door and stepped outside, pushing the car door closed very proudly.
She leaned again the now closed door, the window still open, and watched me whack the dashboard.
She clucked at me with her tounge and shook her head “Your hand’s are absolutely disgusting. No wonder you can’t get it started.”
I inwardly sighed again and turned to glare at her again.
She took no notice of course, but instead said “Here. Wipe your hands on this.” She said, bringing her hand across her tan, sleeveless cashmere turtleneck to reach into a fancy bag, that rested on her light brown, skirt. She was about two inches taller than me, with those deadly black heels on.
She held out a tissue holder, and I took it from her, staring skeptically as though it would spray me with water any instant.
She knew me, because she was in my all girls class. We all knew everyone…well, almost everyone. She turned and opened the car door again, but before she stepped back inside, she jumped and turned around.
“By the way,” She said, a bracelet clad hand covering her dark red lipstick “That’s a Gucci tissue holder. Remember to give it back.”
She got back into the shiny car and mumbled as she closed the window and motioned for the driver to go, “And all the kids at school take a car.”
I stared after the car with a feeling of disbelief at her nerve, and amusement at her attitude. Turning over the bag in my hand I scoffed and threw it over my shoulder onto the hard pavement. Trying for the last time of the day I finally turned on the stupid mo-ped, and sped off toward school.
Collage to be exact.


I parked my mo-ped in the janitor’s parking lot, because it was the only place used for motorcycles.
“My mom made you some dinner.” I said holding out a package for the old janitor.
“Why thank you!” He said happily.
“You may be the only student in the entire school who knows what a rice cooker looks like!” He said taking the package gratefully.
I laughed, because I knew it was most definetly true, besides my friend Lara, who lived in a poor enviorment just like me, compared to the rich students all around us.


A man in a drivers uniform hurried out of the black limo, and bustled to open the back passenger’s door.
A girl with red orange hair, swept to the side of her head, with bangs that swept the opposite direction, stepped out of the open door and tossed a yellow tote bag into the drivers hands.
“Hold it.” She said carelessly, brushing her black leather trench coat off with a dignified air, and smoothing out her hot magenta dress.
She used her hands to poof up her side ponytail slightly, and held out and expectant hand at the driver, surveying her surroundings with a superior stare.
The driver jumped and quickly handed her the tote bag.
“Next time, hand me both straps.” She scowled at him, grabbing the other strap and placing it securely in her hand.
He nodded and stammered “Y-yes Miss Misty.”
“That’s Ma’am to you.” She said snottily, walking up the stairs toward the classrooms making a very big scene compared to the other students around her.
“Oh…” Misty said with an air of faked dislike as she saw the girl in tan and pigtails walking about ten feet away from her.
“Ugh…” The other girl said the same.
They both looked around and as the students filtered away to get their books, the other girl, Krystal, smirked at Misty.
She swung her purse on her side twice by it’s plastic ‘chain’ like handle and landed it on her back the third.
She glanced at the purse before turning around, her head twisted to see Misty’s face, yet making sure Misty could see it very clearly.
“Ha! Prada purse. Look at my accessories!” Krystal said daintily.
Misty swung her head around to clear her face of her stray bangs and grabbed the edge of her trenchcoat.
Inside was plaid, and she flung it open on one side so Krystal could see the tag, though of course not be able to read it.
“Huh! Burberry’s Jacket. Top that!” Misty said smirking at Krystal.
Krystal glanced at the last few stragglers that hadn’t yet made it to their lockers and finger the necklace around her neck.
The square was all diamond and she leaned forward, though ten feet away all Misty saw was a glint on her neck in the sunlight, coming through the pillars of the open hallway.
“Millenium necklace.” Krystal said grinning at Misty “Limited. Edition.”
Misty looked at the last person outside uncomfortably and searched herself for a brandname.
“Oh…” Krystal said in mock sympathy “You don’t have anything? Looks like I win…too bad.”
Misty smirked a very amused smirk and then grinned “Nooot yet!” She said waggling her finger.
“Come closer.” Misty said still grinning.
Krystal skeptically swept around the empty halls with her eyes one last time before walking forward a little.
“Come on, I won’t bite.” Misty said, walking towards Krystal, the ten feet diminished now to one foot apart.
“Look very closely.” Misty said seriously, as she let Krystal examine her face at all angles.
Krystal gasped with sudden realization “JULIA ROBERTS’S NOSE!” She said pointing at Misty’s nose.
Misty let out a squeal of laughter.
“I can’t believe you what kind of friend are you?! You don’t even invite me to go get a nose job with you.” Krystal said in a huff.
“You didn’t invite me to go buy the necklace with you.” Misty said as the two began to walk towards their lockers.
“I tried, but I couldn’t find you!” Krystal said earnestly.
“Where’d you look for me?” Misty asked surprised.
“Paris…” Krystal said as though it was obvious.
“You’re ridiculous!” Misty squealed, pushing Krystal away playfully “We’re in Taiwan!”


“A 50,000 dollar nose?!” Lara exclaimed.
Lara had long black hair and beady black eyes, with pale chalk colored skin, and today she wore a light blue poncho and a lime green skirt the fell to her ankles. Her delicate hands were loaded with heavy books.
“I could live for a year on that nose.” I said putting away my notes.
“I could too!” Lara said, taking out her third textbook.
“Why do you have so many books?” I asked Lara.
“Well,” She said taking out another large textbook “It’s collage right? Shouldn’t there be a lot of textbooks?”
“But the list said you only needed this one…” I said knocking against the blue book in my hand.
“Yeah, but I thought that was ridiculous.” Lara said closing her locker.
“If you’re right then I’m doomed…” I muttered.
“Don’t worry about it, you know me, I always think too much.” She said as we both walked to class.
“I guess so…” I said closing my own locker “That usually is the case.”
Just a few lockers away from Valerie and Lara’s lockers, is an open locker…inside, is a red ribbon, with bold letters printed on it. ‘You’ll be dead’. F4 painted sloppily in gold on the ‘be’ in the middle.

January 27th, 2006, 4:28 PM
Well you are ACCEPTED of course!!! No you weren't!