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January 28th, 2006, 9:06 PM
Reach into Time.. PG-14

A 'mazin RP hosted by the cool awesome rockin' YoshiRiRu.


The world of Pokmon is vast, diverse, and mysterious, with 3 sprawling regions; Hoenn, Johto, and Kanto. Johto and Kanto reside relatively close together, but Hoenn lies on the opposite side of a vast sea. How did this sea manage to separate 3 regions obviously so similar? A 4th region, of unknown proportions, once existed thousands of years ago. Or at least, that's what the books say. In recent Dives, however, signs of this mysterious 4th region have been found. Experts in Kanto, Johto, and Hoenn alike have sent in reports of artifacts from this "Lost Land" found thousands of leagues underneath the sea. Apparantly, ancient scriptures spoke of a supposed torrential downpour that was destined to come, and ruin this region of Kyou. Records from more recent expeditions return with records that this rainfall never came. How, then, did this gargantuan land just dissapear? Were Pokemon fierce beasts, or workmates, like the present? We may never know the answer to this questions masked in the everlasting reach of time.

The S.S. Elixer is one of the only cruise liners that makes the huge journey across the sea from Kanto to Hoenn. One way or another, you have found yourself amongst the crowd of tourists going back and forth between the two previously unaccesible regions. In the middle of the week-long journey, something goes amiss, and the massive cruise line begins to sink. You barely escape with your life and your pokemon.. and you end up stranded on a mysterious place days later. It's a strange place. The people dress and speak differently.. everything is different. As the day ends, you begin to wonder whether you remain in your own region.. your own world.. your own time..

Now it's your chance. You think there are other survivors of the boat crash somewhere nearby, but you don't know where. You want to go home, but don't know how. You want to learn more about where you are, but you don't know what. You're stuck in the past, but you don't know why.

This is a very free RP. Since this is an uncharted region, it leaves a lot of room to customize it to your liking. Keep in mind, however, that;

You're in the past. Pokeballs haven't been invented yet, so don't expect to buy some Great balls at the nearest Pokemart.
The people in this region, are also from 4,000 years ago. They aren't stupid, but don't try to explain electronics and such to them - they won't get it.
Certain Pokes aren't around yet. Voltorb, Magnemite, and other mechanical pokemon don't exist yet.


As with any role play, this one has rules.

Proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling are expected. [Ala standard PC RP rules.]
At least 4 lines per post, please. I won't expel you if you can't crank out page long posts every time, but keep some description in 'em.
Godmodding/Bunnying/Bad sportmanship is frowned apon 'round these parts.
It goes without saying, but no spam. If you have to be told not to spam in the first place, don't even bother posting here.

Pretty easy rules to follow, but since they're so lenient, I expect them to be followed.

~Sign-Ups, whaaat?!~
Name - (Basic. Please tell me you knew this one was coming.)
Age - (Between 14 and 19.)
Sex - (If you say yes please, I'll kill you.)
Description - (Either a really good picture, a really solid post, or both. If the picture is lacking, tell me more about your character. Otherwise, a good four lines describing your character.)
Personality - (Again, 4 lines, let me get to know your character.)
Pokemon Team - (Let me have it. A couple rules - Nothing amazing [I.E. No legendaries, no invincible pokemon.] Give me a bit of background as well.)
History - (A bit of backstory. At the very least, how you came to find yourself aboard the S.S. Elixer.)
RP Sample - MANDATORY. (Let me see something original. Perhaps, describe the boat crash, and your first day alone on this new region. Make it substantial, please.)

~My Sign-up.~

Name - Julian Kensington

Age - 15

Sex - Male

Description -

Since that's only a face shot, I'll give you a bit more info. Julian stands at 5'11", average height for his age group. He has average length flyaway red hair, with deep green eyes. He is in shape, not exactly muscular, but enough to hold his own in a fight, if need be. He has small ears and a small nose. His usual apparel consists of faded blue jeans with cuts in various places, a black longsleeved shirt, along with an unbuttoned brown plaid light shirt over it. Avec classic black & white hitops.

Personality - Julian is a comedian. He loves to make people smile, and he's very optimistic. His wit and intelligence make for a very impressive amount of common sense. However, he can use it against people. His insults can be harsh, and his heart turns to ice when the situation arises. He dislikes the position of leader, but he is often thrust into the position, due to his amount of wisdom, and the fact that he can keep cool.

Pokemon Team -

Sandslash http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/pkrs113.gif
"Slash." Male. Julian's first Pokemon, Slash can be described as a "Cool cat." He always manages to keep his cool under any situation, and always takes his time thinking about his decisions. He has adopted a pair of sunglasses that he wears consistently. Dislikes Ash, because he gives a lot of orders.

"Flash." Male. Despite his sinister appearance, Flash is the most mild mannered and happy-go-lucky member of the team. It loves to battle, but it accepts losing as becoming stronger. It's wings are very defined and powerful, and it can fly at incredible speeds. Dislikes Splash, because he always follows him around, and Flash is expected to be kind to the young pokemon.

"Ash." Male. Ash sees himself as the alpha male of the party. It gives orders frequently, and cares greatly for the welfare of his team. He is much like a military officer, and gives the highest respect to it's CO, Julian. He may seem gruff at first, but the care for his team is undying. Dislikes Clash, because she doesn't pay any attention to him.

"Clash." Female. Like her name suggests, Clash has yet to find the perfect balance between her fighting and psychic abilities. She is usually lost in thought, contemplating which is more important to develop. She doesn't speak much, and dislikes to battle when lost in thought. When forced to battle, however, she is a force to be reckoned with. Dislikes Lash, because he toys with her unability to be sure of anything.

"Splash." Male. Splash is very young and impressional. He can't speak yet, so he imitates the personalities of his diverse teammates to display his emotions. Usually, he doesn't battle well, but when his friends are in danger, he displays an awesome force that blows his foe's away. However, he doesn't recall it afterwards. He isn't dim-witted like most Psyduck, he is rather intelligent. Dislikes no-one.

"Lash" Male. As a Pokemon, Lash is useful, alright, but as a partner, Lash is indespensible. He is very humorous, and can always put a smile on people's faces. Also, as a Sneasel, he can get into heavily secure places in a ninjaic style. He ran into Julian and saved his life while he was on a cross country. He knows a lot about most places, and can read maps excellently. Dislikes Ash, because he hates taking orders.

History - Julian lives in Saffron with his Father and younger sister. His mother died in a tragic accident where she was lost at sea. Thus, the whole family is rather shaky around water. His father was a CEO of Silph Co. for many years, only finally retiring this year. In honor of all his hard work, they gave him and his family a retreat in Hoenn for a couple of months as a parting gift, via the S.S. Elixer.

RP Sample - Boom. Boom. Boom. A dull thud pulsed throughout the entire ship. Julian slowly opened his eyes, and looked around him. It was the middle of the night, and very dark. He turned on a light, and looked at his watch.
"3:30." He grumbled, and began to climb back into bed, shutting the light off with another disgruntled mumble. As he was just about to fall asleep, the loud voice of the captain boomed over the loudspeaker.

"Attention!" It roared in a shaky voice.
"Attention! A massive tentacruel has rammed the ship! The mid hull has been breached, all passengers report to the main de-" The voice was drowned out by a massive explosion. The entire ship lurched, throwing Julian to his knees. He quickly stood, and woke his family.
"The hell's goin' on, Jules?" His father inquired grumpily.
"The ship is sinking, Dad. We got rammed by a tentacruel!" He wailed, unable to keep calm any longer. He regained some of his composure, and spoke again.
"Head to the main deck, and board one of the Life Lapras' that they're deploying. I'll get Karen." His father shook his head viciously.
"No, Julian! You go! I'll take care of your sister. They may need your help on the deck. Perhaps one of your pokemon could help out?" Julian silently nodded - he knew there was no arguing with his father. He ran out of his room, down the velvet carpeted hallway, and onto the main deck. What he saw he couldn't believe.

It was a gargantuan tentacruel, perhaps fifty feet high, hurtling towards the boat at an ungodly speed. He had no choice. He ran to the edge of the boat, blessed himself, and dove off the edge. When he surfaced, he managed to get a glimpse of the boat erupting in flames and slowly sinking. He saw several Lapras and other large water pokemon ferrying people to safety. He swam towards them for what seemed like hours, however it was only a few minutes before they were too far away from him to keep swimming. He slowly sank into the grimy depths of the water, certain he would never see the sun again.

When he awoke, however, the sun had risen, and the sound of the waves crashing onto the beach filled his ears. He had made it!! He stood, and danced around happily. He stopped after a minute, and looked around. Immediatly his happy composure evaporated, leaving nothing but fear and woe. There was no-one else anywhere. He couldn't see the ship's wreckage, he couldn't see any water pokemon coming towards him for rescue, nothing. Then it dawned on him.
"Im on land.." He thought.
"But I'm way too far from Kanto, and Hoenn both to be on either of those.. Unless I floated for like.. a month." He looked around. The place was beautiful, that's for sure. But where was he? He stretched, and began to walk around the area. He didn't know where to look, so he walked in circles for about an hour. When he made it enough inland, he saw a small village. But, what was it? There were roman style pillars everywhere.. It looked like something smack out of his history book, there was no doubt about it.

He walked into the small city, and was shocked to realize that it wasn't purely architectural, everyone was dressed kind of funny, too. He couldn't exactly explain it, but it was obvious that he didn't fit the dress code, because everyone was whispering, and pointing at him. It was eerily quiet, and Julian began to feel uneasy. He began to walk faster and faster, and eventually broke into a panicked run.

As he left the city, he began to cry silently. There was nothing for him here. He released all his Pokemon, and embraced them. He cried for hours, cried for his father, his sister, and himself. He eventually fell asleep, with his pokemon snuggled up in his arms like so many stuffed dolls.

(That's kind of a lot, you don't have to have RP samples like that, I'm just showing you MY ability as a RPer.)

Er.. That's it.

January 29th, 2006, 1:44 AM
My Form

Name: Eliadon Shyndow

Age: 14

Sex: Male

Pokmon Team:


Pokmon Species: Typhlosion
Gender: Male
History: Typhlosion was Eliadon's first ever Pokmon. He had been wandering around Cinnabar Island, while his siter battled in the Gym, to earn herself a Gym Badge. There was a sudden break out of pandemonium, and Eliadon rushed over to see what was happeneing. A Typhlosion was out of control. Eliadon had immediately began talking with the Typhlosion, trying to calm it down. Once he had done s, the Typhlosion went on its way, and Eliadon was rewarded with an Egg from the inhabitants, which later hatched into a Cyndaquill.


Pokmon Species: Tyrogue
Gender: Male
History: Tyrogue had been found by Eliadon in Viridian Forest, while he had been training with his Cyndaquill. Tyrogue had been extremely weak, and washed up. Eliadon took the Tyrogue to the Pokmon Centre in Peweter City, and healed it. As soon as the Tyrogue had been healed, Eliadon challenged it to a battle, to capture it. The Tyrogue agreed. And so, the battle ensued, with Eliadon and Cyndaquill the victors, although Cyndaquill had nearly fainted during the battle.


Pokmon Species: Victreebell
Gender: Male
History: Victreebell had been captured as a Bellsprout by Eliadon while he was travelling to Vermillion City from Saffron City. He had defeated a whole tribe of Weepinbells, and the Bellsprout has seen him do so, and promptly agreed to be Eliadon's Pokmon. But the other Weepinbells disagreed, and made Eliadon capture Bellsprout only via a battle, and Eiladon happily complied, capturing the Bellsprout.


Pokmon Species: Golem
Gender: Male
History: Golem was a very interesting capture for Eliadon. He had just come out from battling against a couple of trainer in Lavender Town, when he saw an Ekans. he h quickly captured the Ekans, and continued. But then he met up with a trainer who was not at all happy with a Geodude. Eliadon, himelf had been having problems with controlling the Ekans, and quickly offered a trade. the boy agreed, and traded their Pokmon in the Lavender Town Pokmon Centre.


Pokmon Species: Pidgeot
Gender: Female
History: Pidgeot was probably the only straightforward Pokmon capture that Eliadon ever done. He had been traing his Graveller near Fuchsia City, when he saw a group of Pidgeottos. He knew that Pidgeottos were quite strong for their size, and that they could evolve into the might Pidgeot, so he commanded Graveller to use Rock Throw on one of them. And the battle begun. Graveller had the natural advantage, and won, allowing Eliadon to capture his fifth Pokmon


Pokmon Species: Poliwhirl
Gender: Male
History: Poliwhirl was Eliadon lates capture. He had been wandering along Route 21, on his way to challenge the Elite Four when from the river he was walking past, a small Poliwhirl was washed ashore. Quickly studying the wounds, Eliadon concocted a paste from a couple of leaves from a tree nearby, and healed the Poliwhirl. The Poliwhirl gave up his freedon as thanks for what Eliadon did for him, and is probably one of Eliadon most loyal Pokmon, second only to Typhlosion.

Personality: Eliadon is one of those people, who can wriggle out of almost any situation. If you drop him in the middle of a desert, he will find some use of that barren land, and find his way home. Same goes for conversation. If he's in a tricky position, he can talk his way out of it. On the whole, Eliadon does not like to be in the company of too many people. He is not what would be called a loner, but he takes time to trust anyone who he stays with. He even doubts his Pokmon for a while before completely believeing them. But once he gets to know the person, he's quite friendly, and loves sharing little tit-bits of information on different things with the friend. He's also very loyal to his friends, although that takes real friendship.

Description: Eliadon is what most people would call lanky. He is tall, exceeding six feet, and because he is not fat, he is thought to be thin. But in reality, he's not all that thin, but because he always wears baggy clothes, and he's so tall, he seems thin. As said above, he loves to wear baggy clothes, and is only seen wearing baggy clothes. He has a black travelling cloak which he dons while travelling between towns or cities. It keeps out the worst of the elements. He also never takes of a silver chain from around his neck. While travelling, he prefers to wear sneakers, because they are a lot more comfortable to travel in. In his opinion.

History: Eliadon grew up just like any other child. The only thing was, that he never had any parents. His father was killed in a gang fight just after he had "planted his seed" for Eliadon to be born. His mother died while giving birth to him. His sister had already begun her journey as a Pokmon Trainer when Eliadon was born, and so he lived with his grandmother. A spindly old woman, with no idea for anything modern. In fact, Eliadon was even made to take Elizibethean English classes, and he soon became an accomplished speaker. But his grandmother had many flaws, one of which was that she seemed to think that Pokmon Training was the biggest no-no ever. Her husband died while training hi Pokmon, although no one knows why. But since then, he's always wanted to be a Pokmon Trainer, and ran away from home. His grandmother was furious, but when he returned with a wallet full of cash, half of which he gave her, she accepted that he was now a Pokmon Trainer. After journeying around Kanto for quite a while, Eliadon got tired of the same scenery all the time, and decided that it was time to make a change. He heard from his grandmother of a ship called the "S.S.Elixer", that took trainer back and forth between Kanto, and the famed Hoenn. Eliadon knew that this was his chance.

RPG Sample:

As soon as I looked into those eyes of that Tyrogue, I knew it was ready. I knew that it could take whatever was coming for it, and would stand strong, never faltering. It was the true sign of power and endurance. But there was nothing enduring about those eyes. they pierced into mine like a dagger, sending spasms of mental pain through my body. But I couldn't give up. Not after seeing such determination is Tyrogue's eyes.


My voice sounded hoarse, and fearful. It was true, I was scared of my own Pokmon's power. I knew that with such power in one's eyes, there was no way that one could lose in a fight, especially against a puny human. I trusted my Pokmon not to hurt me too much, after all, I only wanted to train up for the Elite Four.

Yes, it sounds wierd that I should be training up, when it should really be my Pokmon, but I read somewhere that a Pokmon's physical status, reflects that of its master. I have seen many articles written against those very words, but I agreed with them. After all, if I was strong, then my Pokmon would be influenced by it, and become strong, himself.

Tyrogue and I launched a each other with such force, that had we collided, I would surely have fallen to the ground, but I fell to the ground without touching Tyrogue. A hard and solid piece of rock hit me in the stomach from no where, and sent me tumbling down to the ground, missing a large boulder by inches. My poor Pokmon found himself soaring right over me, an landing in a patch of grass, head first.

I sat up, looking at the piece of rock that had hit me in the stomach. I very soon learnt that it was no ordinary piece of rock, but a small broken piece of some jewel. Perhaps diamond, for it was translucent, almost transparent. But it seemed to have been broken so perfectly that I almost believed that it was meant that way.

Tyrogue came to my side, and immediately began to scan the vicinity for any idea ofwho or what had thrown the jewel at me. But what he found was something totally differernt.

This is from an RPG called "Broken Crystal, and War has Broken". Yes, I have mad ethe RPG here as well, but this one started at PE2K before it started here, so this is from there...what the hell, the hyperlink:


And Now For an Original RPG Sample:

I woke up with a headache. It was no ordinary headache, mind you. It felt as though someon was beating my eardrums repeatedly with some sort of instrument. Most headaches leave a deep throbbing pain, but what I felt was sharp, and very painful. I kept my eyes closed, afraid about what I would see if I opened them. You see, the last thing that I remember, I was happily anjoying a cruise on the S.S.Elixer, when the ship had sunk. I had no clue why I was still alive, but was grateful that I was

I risked opening one eye. I peeped out through the small hole between my eyelids, and took a good look around. From what I could see, I was lying down on a beach. The sand felt soft beneath me, and caressed my back as I rolled about, gathernig up strength to stand up. It was evident that I had been floating at sea for a while, because draped over my clothes were several starnds of seaweed. Not only that, but I was soaked through and through.

I slowly raised myself into a sitting position, pushing my hands against the ground. I was careful to move with deliberate slowness, and calm, because my head still hurt. I took another look around me. Of course, in front of me was the vast expanse of the sea, stretching out until the horizon. But as I looked behind me, I realized the seriousness of the situation.

I couldn't see any for of civilization for miles.

All I could see was a thick mass of trees, which seemed t follow, parallel to the beach, which, itself was pretty long. The trees were not your ordinary same-old-thing type of trees, but these trees were sporting flowers of such awide variety, that it stunned me to think of the nature that we still had upon our very planet.

"****, did I get myself into some deep ****," I muttered to myself.

I stood up on my feet, and nearly fell back down again. It seemed that everytime I made a drastic movement, my headache began to get worse and worse. This was not working for the better...

January 29th, 2006, 6:44 AM
RP Sample - MANDATORY. (Let me see something original. Perhaps, describe the boat crash, and your first day alone on this new region. Make it substantial, please.)

Deathspector - Accepted... however, I wish you had read the RP Sample Rule. I would not at all be offended if you maybe typed something up more in the setting of the event. And in your history, how did you come across the S.S. Elixer? All of these things are mentioned in the sign-up sheet. Don't get me wrong, it's an excellent sign-up. But there are a few things I suppose you missed.


January 29th, 2006, 8:35 AM
Good, a Pokemon RP that I'm in time for...all the other ones seem to be way too far in already...
Name - Jirae Flareback

Age - 17

Sex - Male

Description - Jirae is 5'10" and weighs about 130 lbs. He wears a black T-Shirt and long black pants, with a picture of a flame on the center of the T-Shirt and little flames on the bottom of the pants. He wears sandals that have a red base and black straps. His hair is brown, but is mostly covered by a black baseball hat with red, orange, and yellow lines making a plaid-esque design. He has brown eyes.

Personality - On the outside, Jirae seems to be a very self-centered person. He thinks of other people as lower then himself, and is very selfish. The truth, though, is that this is just an act to hide that he is a very kind person. When not around his friends(from home/school/etc), he is usually very kind to other people, but around them, he is selfish and snobby, because if he wasn't they would probably leave him. Now that he is not near his friends any more, he is usually very kind and caring for others, and is willing to die for his good newer friends and Pokemon.

Pokemon Team -

Nickname: Blaze
Gender: Male
Nature: Brave
History: Jirae started out in Hoenn, and was lucky enough to get a starter Pokemon from Professor Birch's lab. He chose Torchic, and became good friends with it as they trained through Hoenn. Together they got all 8 Gym Badges, but were never able to get to the Elite 4, for lack of money. Blaze is a very helpful and brave friend, and him and Jirae are willing to die for eachother.

Nickname: Gusty
Gender: Female
Nature: Quirky
History: The first Pokemon Jirae and Blaze battled and caught was a Tailow. Jirae had tried many times to catch a Tailow, but finally caught one. It quickly warmed up to Jirae, and became very fond of him-and Blaze. Throughout their adventures, Gusty and Blaze became better and better "friends". Soon, Gusty also became willing to die for Jirae or Blaze.

Nickname: Memory
Gender: Female
Nature: Quiet
History: The next Pokemon Jirae caught was a Ralts. Unlike Blaze or Gusty, she usually kept to itself, a very quiet Pokemon. As she grew stronger, Memory became able to read and understand the human language, but not speak or write it. Because of this, Jirae often lets her read books, and never leaves home without some in his backpack. Despite her quiet nature, Memory is willing to battle, as she does occasionally love to outwit Pokemon dumber then herself-and most Pokemon fit under that category.

Nickname: Blade
Gender: Male
Nature: Rash
History: Blade was traded to Jirae by a penpal in Kanto. Because of this, Jirae had some trouble controling Blade at first, but Blade eventually became willing to listen to Jirae. Jirae is very careful with when he lets Blade out of his Pokeball, because one of the things Blade is notorious for is attacking any wild Pokemon in sight, even if it is stronger then himself. Neither Jirae or his penpal ever had enough money to afford a Metal Coat, so Blade never evolved.

Nickname: Razor
Gender: Male
Nature: Hardy
History: More then halfway through his journey for the 8 badges, Jirae caught Razor around Fortree city. Trying to find out what was blocking the way into the gym, Jirae came across an Absol battling a Kecleon on the bridge of route 120. The Absol emerged victorious, but it had been a tough battle, and he was greatly weakened. Jirae took this oppurtunity to capture the Absol. It took a while for Razor to forgive Jirae for capturing him while he was weakened by some other Pokemon, but he eventually did forgive Jirae and became a very hard-working member of the team. Now, Razor will stop at nothing to get a job done for Jirae.

Nickname: Storm
Gender: Female
Nature: Gentle
History: The latest Pokemon in Jirae's team, Storm was a Vibrava that had wandered a little too far from home. Jirae came across her as he was crossing the water routes to get to Mossdeep city. Fatigued, the Vibrava looked like it would fall into the ocean at any time. Having learned from his mistake with Razor, Jirae did not capture the Vibrava. Instead, he swam over to it and caught it as it fell. Thankful, the Vibrava allowed Jirae to capture it. Storm is a very kind and gentle Pokemon that usually flys out to gather food when there is none around. She is very thankful to Jirae and repays him every day through her constant helpfulness.

History: Jirae was born in Littleroot town, so he quickly made many friends, as many people live in Littleroot due to the Pokemon Lab. A school opened up in Littleroot soon after Jirae was born, so he was able to get a good education. When he turned 10, Jirae wanted to go on his Pokemon adventure, but his parents insisted that he at least get through elementary and junior high schooling. Because of this, Jirae did not set out on his Pokemon journey until he was 14. It turned out that a surprising number of people either didn't want to go on a Pokemon Journey or were also being forced to stay at home, but this was not the case for Jirae's childhood friends. They all left on their Pokemon journies when they were ten, and Jirae never saw them again. He made new friends in junior high, and became quite popular, and developed his snobby outer attitude. When he finally left on his Pokemon journey, he was able to shed this attitude and show his true nature. He journeyed the land for 3 years and was able to get all 8 trainer badges. Unfortunately, due to being a pretty poor kid, he could not afford to go to Evergrande City and challenge the Elite 4. He heard about a trip to Kanto, and decided he had to go. He was still friends with his Penpal, and he wanted to go visit him in Palet Town.

RP Sample - Note: I RP in third person, if that's okay. Also, seeing as that this was the same crash, I'll use the same crash method as Yoshiruru used (tentacruel).

"Ben? Is that you?" Jirae asked the teenage boy that seemed about his age and oddly familiar.
"That depends, do I know you?" The boy replied.
"My name is Jirae Flareback." Jirae said.
"Jirae?!" The boy questioned in disbelief. "It's been so long! So, your parents finally let you on a Pokemon journey, eh?" He joked.
"When I was 14." Jirae responded, "I've already got all 8 badges, now."
"Impressive!" Ben exclaimed, "But not too impressive. I've already defeated the Elite 4."
"I would have also, if I could have afforded it." Jirae responded quickly.
"Want to test that theory?" Ben asked.
"Sure." Jirae replied. "Go, Blaze!" He shouted, sending out his faithful Blaziken.
"Hey! No Pokemon battles in the mess hall!" Shouted a chef. "Take it out on deck!"
"Come on, let's go." Ben said, walking up some nearby stairs.

"Alright, now we can get started for real." Jirae said, he and Blaze walking to one side of a battlefield painted onto the deck of the boat.
"Go, Mudfin!" Ben exclaimed, a Swampert emerging form his Pokeball.
"A type disadvantage? No matter." Jirae said to himself. "Ben always was worse then me in class."
"What was that?!" Ben yelled, furious.
"Nothing, nothing." Jirae answered. "Blaze, use Double Kick!"
"Blaaaaaa...ZIKEN!" Blaze exclaimed, running towards Mudfin and delivering two strong kicks to its face, knocking it back a few feet.
"Mudfin, use Surf!" Ben shouted. Mudfin stood on it's hind legs, waving its arms around. Water flew up from the sea below and came crashing down on Blaze.
"Blaaazeee...." Blaze muttered in pain.
"It's okay, buddy! You've withstood much stronger attacks then this before!" Jirae encouraged him. "Now, use Sky Uppercut!" Blaze ran towards Mudfin oncne again, and this time delivered a fast and furious punch upside the Swampert's head.
"Swaaaaaamp!" Mudfin exclaimed, recoiling back in pain.
"Shake it off, Mudfin!" Ben shouted. "Use Take Down!" Mudfin charged towards Blaze, hitting him with a full-body blow at ramming speed.
"You're badly hurt, aren't you?" Jirae confirmed. "Don't worry. He's hurting pretty badly too, look." He pointed to Mudfin, who was indeed panting. "We can finish him with this one. Blaze, Mirror Move!" Jirae exclaimed. Blaze began concentrating on the move he had just received, and then charged towards Mudfin. Blaze rammed into Mudfin with all his might, and knocked him back so far that he hit the edge railing of the boat. Mudfin fell to the ground, knocked out.
"Argh..." Ben muttered. "Mudfin, return!"
"Good game." Jirae said.
"Good game? That's not the Jirae I know." Ben said, suspicious.
"Uh...I mean...haha, you were weaker then me after all!" Jirae said shakily.
"No. Something's up." Ben said. "This is uncharicteristicaly nice of you."
"People change." Jirae replied.
"I suppose." Ben said, still a bit suspicious. "Ah well. I'm pretty hungry, are you?"
"Yeah, I guess so." Jirae said. "Let's go get something to eat."

Jirae and Ben were walking down the hallway of the boat, when they suddenly heard a loud crash.
"What was that?!" Ben exclaimed, already somewhat worried. The lights above their heads flickered, and then shut off.
"The electricity's out, that's all." Jirae said, trying to remain calm.
"Attention!" The loudspeakers boomed. "This is your captain speaking. We've been hit, and we're sinking. Please get to the main deck and board one of the life lapras as soon as possible. Once again, remain calm." Almost immediately, the hall flooded with people, frantically scrambling to get to the main deck.
"I've got to find my sister!" Ben exclaimed, about to run off down the hall.
"No! Ben, listen! What if you don't find her? Then we'll all be alone!" Jirae shouted at him. "It's best if we stick together! We'll find her on deck, don't worry!"
"Ugh, I hate to admit it, but you're right." Ben said. "Come on, before the Lapras are all gone!"

"Kathrine? Kathrine!" Ben exclaimed, frantically looking for his sister. "Jirae, help me look!"
"I don't know what she looks like!" Jirae shouted.
"Be-ben?" A small voice came from the crowd. Jirae looked for Ben, but he had already run off.
"Kathrine, is that you?" Jirae asked.
"Y-yes...who are you?" The little girl wondered, walking out from the crowd to Jirae.
"I'm Ben's friend. He ran off looking for you." Jirae replied. Kathrine began to cry. "Don't cry, I'll find him." Jirae reassured her. "Gusty! Find Ben!" Jirae exclaimed, releasing the Swellow from his Pokeball.
"Sweellow!" It said, flying off to find Ben.
"Don't worry, it's all going to be alright." Jirae continued to reassure Kathrine.
"O..okay..." Kathrine replied, holding on to Jirae's arm. Suddenly, the boat lurched. The deck fell to a slanted angle, and people began to fall towards the cabins.
"Hang on!" Jirae yelled to Kathrine. "Go, Storm!" He said, sending out his Flygon. He grabbed its tail as it flew above the crowd of falling people. From above, he spotted Ben and Gusty, struggling against the wind to get to where Jirae and Kathrine were.
"There's Ben!" Kathrine shouted.
"I know!" Jirae exclaimed. "Storm, let's go rescue Ben and Gusty!"
"Flyyyyy!" Storm replied, flying downwind to the cabins.
"Ben! Grab on!" Jirae exclaimed as Storm's tail dangled down. "Gusty, return!" He added on, returning the Swellow back to its Pokeball.
"Thank you for saving me and my sister." Ben thanked Jirae. "The old you would never have done something like that."
"Don't worry about it." Jirae said. "Storm, get us out of here!" The Flygon began to fly away from the sinking ship, when a large Tentacle grabbed it by the tail.
"FLYYYYY!" It exclaimed, struggling. Jirae looked down to see a giant Tentacruel, it's tentacles flying wildly, grabbing all Pokemon in sight.
"No!" Jirae exclaimed, as the tentacle swung wildly, shaking Ben and Kathrine off of Storm.
"Jirae!" Ben shouted, falling to the whirlpool below.
"Ben! Kathrine!" Jirae exclaimed, his hand outstretched futily. There was nothing he could do now. The tentacruel, satisfied with the number of Pokemon it had gotten, dove down beneath the surface, taking all the Pokemon with it. "Storm...return..." Jirae said, returning Storm to its Pokeball so it would not meet the same fate that he was sure he was going to.

"I'm...alive?" Jirae wondered, getting up. "But...where am I?" He looked around. He was on a beach, but he didn't recognize it from Hoenn or from the pictures of Kanto his penpal had sent him. There was a tropical forest leading from one side of the beach, and a cobblestone road leading from the other side. "Ben! Kathrine!" Jirae exclaimed, realizing that he had lost them. "They...they must be here somewhere!" He looked around, but there was noone else nearby. He decided to walk down the road, as it may lead to civilization, he thought.

"A city?" He wondered as he approached some tall stone structures. He began to run, hoping he'd find someone there who could help him. As he entered the city, he saw that it was quite bustling with people, all of which were wearing unusual clothes.
"Uh...hello?" He asked. People began to stare at him, as his clothes didn't fit in there. "Are any of you from the S.S. Elixer?" They looked at him in confusion.
"What's an elixer? Is that some kind of drink?" One man asked.
"No...it's a boat..." Jirae replied.
"Boat?" A woman questioned.
"They transport you across the sea..." Jirae replied, a bit wierded out.
"A raft?" Another man asked.
"Um...no..." Jirae said. "Look, it's obvious that none of you are from the boat, so I'm just going to be going now." He said, turning around and walking out the city gates he had come in.
"That was odd." The woman said, and everyone went back to their business.
So...yeah. How's that? ^_^

January 29th, 2006, 9:02 AM
Excellent sample, my friend. Excellent. I RP in 3rd person too, so that's fine.

Outstanding Sign-Up.


January 29th, 2006, 9:24 AM
Awesome. I've still got it after all...been so long since I RPed...

So, when do we start? After a certain number of people sign up?

January 29th, 2006, 9:29 AM
Well, we can't really start until we have maybe 2 more people, and then more as it goes on (Until a certain point.)

But, if you want to make a post, regarding your solo adventure, feel free to do so. After all, we all are alone until we all meet up. So if you're itching to start, help yourself.

January 29th, 2006, 10:42 AM
Name - Lara Kon
Age - 14
Sex - Female
Description - Lara (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v654/KendoGurl/Black%20Hair/Cassie.jpg) She also wears black skin tight boots that go to her ankles.
Personality - Lara is as sharp as her eyes, and her temper is as hot as magma. She's very sarcastic and is quite hot-headed, especially when it comes to arguments. Lara is a perfectionist, anything of her's that's not perfect, isn't good enough. She likes to work on strategies with her pokemon over and over again until they've got it perfect. She is relentless in her desire to win, to show people what she's made of, and to tell people that she's one tough b*tch. Her eyes are usually cold, angry or sarcastic, and they're rarely happy at all. She complains a lot and likes to complain to her pokemon or...people in general. She doesn't care who gets the butt of her complaints or anger, she just cares that they're even there to listen. Lara is easily offended, and get frustrated very easily.
Pokemon Team - Vulpix~ Female
History:Lara captured Sienna on her way back home, from school. Sienna is often seen hanging off Lara's shoulder, or walking next to her. At first, Sienna was very keen to stay away from Lara, as she had a dislike for humans in general, but after a few pokemon treats and some good old fashioned love, Sienna warmed up to her, though she still dislikes other humans.
Personality:Sienna believes that she deserves the best. She will not settle for regular pokemon food oh no, gourmet or near gourmet only! Of course, she's not going to go hungry for this, so she nearly always has to settle for regular pokemon food due to Ivory's limited budget. Sienna is stuck up, cocky, and likes to argue.

Shiney Rapidash~Female (is shiny okay?)
Nickname:Rapid Dash (Dash for short)
History: Rapid Dash, once a ponyta came into Lara's possession when she tumbled down a cliff and nearly crushed the girl to death by falling on top of her. After setting up a camp for the two of them to recover from the fall Lara teased the ponyta on it's rather fat belly, but good-naturedly of course. The Ponyta was determined to get in shape, to match it's special appearance, and began racing from destination to destination with Lara, and when Lara finally managed to get the Ponyta into a pokeball, it evolved inside the pokeball.
Personalityash is an energetic Rapidash who has boundless energy. She's hyper, optimistic, and one who always has to win the arguements. She dislikes snobby people and pokemon, creating tension between her and the little Vulpix. She's not afraid to say her mind, and she likes giving death threats to the male pokemon.

HIstory:Jet was caught a Kingdra, and a stubborn one at that. Even after being captured, Jet was rather indignant of the fact, and liked to spray Lara with a jet of water to show her his dislike for her. It didn't take her long to notice this, and she sent him off, though his party had already shunted him aside for being so weaks as to be able to be captured by a human, so with no other choice besides get eaten by a gyrados, he slid back into Lara's pokeball. He soon became used to his fellow pokemon's ridiculous arguements, and became the most passive of the party.
Personality: Jet is a passive, sarcastic, wise-cracking Kingdra, who is often sighing at his partners ridiculous antics. Especially since they always manage to drag him into the pranks. His patience is about .2 millimeters long, and when he runs out of patience, he solves the problem by blasting the annoying pokemon away with a hydro pump.

History:Shade was a gift to Lara from her father, who'd been ambushed by the very pokemon in Hoenn. He was subject to many painful hours of sitting in a pokemon center, the chanseys clumsily pulling out the spikes. Wanting nothing to do with the pokemon he'd captured to save himself from more needles, he sent the Cacturne to Lara, whom was extremely pleased, but not so much when the Cacturne deliberately gave her a hug.
Personality: Shade is very mischevious, and whenever he is let out of his pokeball and is not in battle, he'll walk up to a random person, give them a hug and stick needles in them in the process. He likes to argue very much with Sienna and Dash, as he finds them incredibly funny, but usually keeps quiet when they threaten him with a fire blast.

History: Nightmare was a mischevious Haunter at the point Ivory caught him, and he decided to have fun by using dream eater on her. Unfortunately for him Lara's reaction to the dream was to throw all the pokeball in her inventory at him, catching him completley by surprise, she managed to capture him. He was at first angry at the fact she wasn't even conscious at the point when she capture him, but when he met Shade, they became best friends and, partners in crime.
Personality: Nightmare is just as mischevious as Shade, but instead of causing them physical pain, he causes mental pain with Dream Eater, his favorite move. He finds that Sienna and Dash are below his martial status, and ignore them with a refined air, and finds that Jet is a stuck up old coot who needs to get over himself. The only party member he ever agrees with is Shade.
((XD I love this team of pokemon))
History - Lara used to be told that she wasn't good at anything, considering that she used to have physical problems, she wasn't very good at sports and her determination to be good at sports brought her grades down. She always felt the need to show people that she was better than they'd ever be, but never got the chance, as she was made fun of as she stumbled around the school trying to get to classes on time. When the physical problems were gone, she was determined to make everyone sorry they'd laughed at her, though she was still quite fragile, breaking bones easily and bruising quickly. They still laughed though, saying she was a hot-headed girl in a weak body. She was quick not to trust anyone in Kanto anymore, and found that she wanted to leave. And so she did, taking the S.S. Elixir she wanted to start a new life in a different direction, where she wasn't called 'Glass-made Lara'.
RP Sample - "I'll show them who's boss right Nightmare?" Lara asked the Gengar whom stood silently beside her.
<Yeah, yeah we'll show em'> Nightmare said rubbing his stubby hands together gleefully <With a nice Nightmare here and there.>
<And a good hug!> Shade laughed as the two merrily exchanged their prank ideas.
<Oh my goodness.> Sienna said shaking her head, as she sat in Lara's arms <How immature.>
<Immature?> Gengar's usual smirk turned into a frown <How so?!>
"Well let's go!" Lara said ignoring her pokemon "We gotta get to Cinnabar Port."
She'd lived in Cinnabar for all her life and this was the first time she'd go to Cinnabar Port with a purpose. And it was to leave this stupid region. She'd said goodbye to Blaine, the only person on the island who didn't make fun of her, as strange as he was she liked to hang out at his gym, play with his pokemon and watch his Rapidash race against hers. Of course, his always won, unfortunately for Dash.
<Hop aboard ma'am.> Dash said cheerfully, trotting up to Lara to let her climb on.
Jet was stuck inside his pokeball, as he wouldn't be very fast on his...tail, but to make it slightly fairer for him, and slightly safer for the public, she returned Nightmare and Shade.
Dash took the pace in a quick trot, and in no time they were in the bustling crowds of Cinnabar Port.
"Blaine'll be busy today huh Sienna?" Lara asked the Vulpix in her arms while looking at an extremely large group of trainers, all psyching up for their next gym battle.
<I'll say. The crazy nut's probably going to scare half of them off though.> Sienna said sweatdropping, remembering how Blaine could act when he was excited about something. He may have lived in a body older than 60, but his mind was still the maturity of a 4 year olds when he was excited.
"There's our ticket outta Cinnabar. Afterwards we'll be on our way outta this region, and onto the unknown!" Lara said cheerfully as Dash danced in a circle around her, happy as well.

OOC: I'm guessing Elixir takes off in a town other than Cinnabar, so yeah.

January 29th, 2006, 11:06 AM
Naoko-chan: Very good.


We'll take one or two more people, or if nobody else joins by the end of today, we'll start her up. As I said before, feel free to begin your solo adventure now.

OOC: Naoko, It takes off in Cinnabar, then goes to Vermillion, then to Fuschia, and finally back out into the open sea.

January 29th, 2006, 12:00 PM
Hmm, I just thought of something...my character was taking the boat from Hoenn, while everyone else took it from Kanto. Yet it was the same boat trip. I'm going to be in a corner wondering how that's physically possible for some time IRL, I bet...

January 29th, 2006, 12:09 PM
Hmm, I just thought of something...my character was taking the boat from Hoenn, while everyone else took it from Kanto. Yet it was the same boat trip. I'm going to be in a corner wondering how that's physically possible for some time IRL, I bet...

Perhaps there are two ferries? And they happened to both get rammed by a swarm of tentacruel? Since we aren't interacting on the boat, It'd be fine to say that, since there would be no 2 people in 1 place paradoxes.

January 29th, 2006, 12:31 PM
Name - Bridget Murphy
Age - 18
Sex - female

Description - Only a little more than five feet, Bree is nonetheless built sturdily, with stocky limbs. She's fairly broad in the shoulders, and narrow-hipped. She keeps her red hair very, very short, like a boy; that way, she keeps cool in the summer, and doesn't have to worry about hat-hair in the winter. Her face is rather square, and her features are sharp, with a pronounced nose and a thin, severe mouth. Her brows are slanted downwards, so when she isn't smiling she always looks like she's brooding; her face suits her personality. However, to soften the image, her bony cheeks and narrow nose are covered in freckles; almost her entire body suffers from this plague, arms and legs alike. These dots of pigmentation are an endless source of frustration, because they seem to absorb any sunlight, becoming more pronounced as the pale, milky skin around them burns. Her eyes are dark beryl green, a stark contrast to the rest of her face. She wears an orange tank top with blue jeans and old red sneakers. Her ears are pierced, but only once, and she contents herself with small silver studs.

Personality - Bree is never satisfied. She can be happy one minute, but turn into a nagging harpy the next. She'll always find something that doesn't suit her, even if it's a tiny problem. However, unlike most complainers, Bree actually goes to the trouble of trying to fix what's wrong; therefore, she likes to be in a position of authority or decision-making so she can do this. Her pokemon can attest: she doesn't take second-best, neither from them nor from herself. She actually started training very late, at seventeen, and has a certain maturity or objectivity that most trainers lack. However, on the other end of that spectrum, she isn't as experienced as most and has some trouble developping relationships with new Pokemon.

Pokemon Team - All the pokemon on Bree's team are female. It isn't because she has a problem with males, or because she's lesbian, or something of the sort. She's just found that being a small group of females brings them closer together, as they share a common outlook. It can, however, be the cause of some spectacular catfights.

Eithne - Vulpix
Bree's first pokemon. Surprisingly, Eithne doesn't live up to the 'little fire' of her namesake. Even-tempered and gentle, almost motherly, it's her who makes sure that Bree doesn't kill them all attempting the impossible. She can be a little vain at times, but that's natural, considering she's quite a beauty. She and Deirdre don't always get along, but she does feel sympathy for the Nidorina.

Mairead ("MAY-red") - Milotic
The first time May and Bree met, all the young woman had to say was 'it's so fugly'. As things go with Bree, this initial dislike of the little Feebas' horrible looks led to daily, ritualistic care and cleanings. It didn't take long before, much to her surprise, the weak, useless pokemon evolved into a beautiful, powerful Milotic. By far the strongest Pokemon in the team, May unfortunately lacks a strategic mind, so she relies heavily on Bree to lead her.

Saoirse ("SEER-sha") - Skarmory
Very few things actually catch Saoirse's attention. Deeply apathetic, only in battle does she come alive. This trait gives her saintly patience and a bomb-proof temper; she remains level-headed in situations that would make even Eithne panic. As a result, Bree often trusts her to come up with strategies and plans when things go awry, and to break up fights and arguments. Not the strongest on the team, but the smartest and probably the most dangerous, when she decides to whip out those armored wings.

Deirdre - Nidorina
Unsociable and naturally wary, Dei's trust is hard to gain and even harder to keep. She can be very aggressive and nervous, often attacking at the first sign of danger. The only human she trusts is Bridget, and even then, the relationship is tense at best; Deirdre is just waiting for her trainer to slip up. Her many scars show she has been abused quite heavily in the past, and has stated on several occasions that she only follows Bridget because it's the fastest way to become strong. She and Eithne often clash whenever decisions need to be made.

History - Bridget's parents divorced when she was four years old. He moved back to his native Rustboro city, leaving her and her mother in Celadon. He tried to become a breeder, something he'd always wanted to do, but he didn't manage, and instead, turned his sights on working at the pokemon school, which yielded very positive results. Her mother worked two jobs--a day job managing the Dept. Store, and a weekend job at the casino--to keep them fed and sheltered, as her father sent meager child support. Growing up without any real male role model, on the beach near Cycling Road, the "spunky kid" made quick friends (despite her mother's warnings) with one gang of Bikers who hung out there. Like the big brothers she never had, the thugs watched out for her, and taught her plenty about pokemon; however, watching the (often ugly, dangerous) creatures fight, she developped a deep dislike for the sport, and refused their offers of pokemon eggs and joining their gang. Eventually the police cleaned out the then-corrupt area of the Road, and Bree migrated to the city proper, hanging out at the casino with her mother or doing small jobs at the store or the Gym. All this time she kept in touch with her estranged father, as their tight budget wouldn't allow her an extended visit.

She had a deep loathing for the frivolous girls at the Gym, finding them too airheaded and impractical for the harsh sport of pokemon training. It was, however, near the Gym that, at seventeen, she met Charlie, a promising young Trainer from Johto. He was dashing to the Center after having defeated Erika, because his Ninetales was giving birth. It wasn't love at first sight, per se, but Charlie did stay in Celadon three weeks longer than he'd planned, for her. Her mother warned her multiple times not to get involved with a trainer, but Bree was aready too far gone. Charlie revived the flame of interest in Training that slumbered within Bridget, and gave her his Ninetales' egg before he left. It eventually hatched into Eithne a few weeks later, and the two have been inseparable even since. Later in that seventeenth year, as she struggled to keep up with Eithne's rapidly-growing demands for love, care and training, Bridget came to the realization that she couldn't do this alone. Loath to turn to the Gym trainers for help, she called up the next best thing: her father.

Brian Murphy didn't particularly adore his daughter nor did he know her that well, but he wasn't unenthusiastic about a visit. Ditching school and ignoring her poor mother's frazzled warnings, she and Eithne leapt onto the first ferry for Hoenn. Bridget spent the rest of the year with her Father, learning how to properly care for the Vulpix, and, in time, the other pokemon she would own. He left his comfortable job at the trainer's school so they could travel together; he was enjoying his last long trip as a real Trainer and she was learning the ropes from someone with a tremendous amount of experience. They found plenty of common ground, and the estranged father slowly discovered he had a blossoming young woman for a daughter. It was then decided that she should visit every summer, and they exchanged all sorts of numbers and addresses to be sure to keep in touch. Now she's heading back to Kanto--and her weary, probably furious mother--without knowing what may lie ahead...

RP Sample - ((Whoo, feel the father-daughter lurve.))

The man waiting for her at the docks wasn't what she'd expected; not that she'd expected much. He had red hair and freckles (her red hair and freckles) but his mouth was wider and his grin was easy and smooth. He might've been seductive if he'd been twenty years younger, she mused. Stepping onto the pier, she shielded her eyes from the sunlight, and shrugged her blue jacket tighter around her shoulders. The soft sea breeze picked up, gently tickling her cheek.

"Brian?" she asked almost stupidly, as they came face to face. Vid-phone couldn't compare with the real thing. He was taller, infinitely taller, and broader (eight feet tall and four feet wide, like in the song), but not flabby and without any real signs of age. Hard to believe he remained single; although, it was a blessing considering what they wanted to do.

"You can call me dad, you know," he remarked, hands slipping out of his pockets to take her bags.

She snorted, "you know I couldn't. You're too **** cocky; your head'd just inflate more."

He knew, and he didn't comment about it. He said something under his breath about how lovely her little Vulpix looked. What was her name again? Eithne, right. A name he would've chosen. And his dear daughter; had she eaten? Was she tired?

"Hungry, tired and jetlagged. It's a week-long trip, you know. I spent my savings on that ticket."

Tourists are not Trainers. Trainers get all the good deals. He laughed.

"I know, I know. I'll reimburse you half, how's that?"

She accepted the offer, knowing he probably wouldn't do it; it didn't matter anyways, both of them had bigger fish to fry. She spotted the silvering hairs on his head, but he wore his age well. His wrinkles were laugh lines, his eyes twinkled like he was still fifteen. He probably felt like it.

"God, it's cold out here. So how're the kids?" The kids in his class, the wannabe trainers who fancied they could get a head start.

"Randi's got a knack with Electric types, it seems. I'm hoping she'll apply for an apprenticeship under Wattson, or even Surge."

"Cool. And what about that other one...Michael? The one with a Sandshrew?"

Brian's smile grew fond, "he's coming along great, he and Burrow make a good team; she's a much better strategist that he'll probably ever be, I'm afraid. How's Eithne in a fight?" He turned towards her, eyed the Vulpix at her heels. Unsure in this new environment, the small creature hadn't made much noise, and regarded the strange man with caution.

"She's pretty good. I've tested her out against the wild Vulpix hanging around, and against some incoming and outgoing trainers, she's never lost a match," she boasted, picking the young Pokemon up. Eithne nuzzled against her, and Bree smiled.

"Don't get cocky, Bridget," Brian warned.

She made a face, "don't call me that, makes me sound old. Call me Bree."

"Gotcha...Bree," he grins easily, putting an arm around her shoulders, "now, hungry for what?"

"Anything but seafood. I already looked up all the restaurants and bistros--we're going to Chansey's, on Fifth, past the Market."

Slateport was a big town; he didn't bother trying to know how she learned the directions so well. His daughter had her will, and when she had a problem, she found a way. He just chuckled, and lead her down a side street that would cut the time. The early afternoon sun was upon them, beating down, but the harsh wind made them all wear jackets. Eithne, from her perch on Bree's shoulder, enjoyed watching the hustle and bustle of activity, so different and so similar from Celadon.

"Got it. Chansey's it is. I didn't know you liked omelet."

"It's the farthest thing from Shellder I could find. I don't think I could look at another Shellder--even a live one--without vomiting right now."

"Ouch. I won't push it then." He checked his watch, "we have time for a quick meal before we get to Rustboro, if we want to be there by six."

She blinked at him, but her steps don't falter.

"Isn't it far? Like, ten hours away by car?"

"If we take the roads, yes. But we'll be flying."

"Wha? We're taking a pla--oh. Oh."

He burst out laughing, and she took the opportunity to smack him upside the head for it.


His house was small and horribly messy; a typical bachelor flat, and she said so. Too much junk on the floor, the ashes needed to be swept out of the fireplace, his curtains were raggedy, and there were cobwebs in the corner. The light of sunset filtered through those tattered blinds, crawling across the hardwood floor. Peck, the huge Fearow, sat preening in a corner. In the hall, Blaze, the magestic Arcanine, was gnawing a bone, while Jewel, the motherly Tentacruel, butsled about in the kitchen. She joked that he was already married, and he grinned playfully. Eithne was sent out of her pokeball, and quickly went about to explore. She quickly discovered Blaze was best left alone.

"I know. What a looker, ain't she?"

"Seriously, though. Your Tentacruel cooks?"

"Better than most of the girlfriends I've had. Does it bother you?"

"It amazes me."

"She wanted to learn, what can I say?"

After showing her around (this is my room, the couch, the kitchen bathroom living room etc.), he lead her to his meager dinner table, sitting her down before fetching a dusty old map of the region. Unfolded, the battered thing took up the whole space; the continent was huge.

"I didn't take this one with me the first time..." he thought out loud, sounding a little choked, and sat. "We'd better start in Littleroot; I need to get my Lisence and equipment updated, and you need to get all of that."

"Lisence? Equipment? Explain, you're making no sense."

He settled his elbows on the table and leaned forward to she could hear him better over the din Jewel was making.

"Well, Trainers all have a lisence. It's a wonderful plastic card that allows them to travel for free, get their pokemon healed at Centers, stuff like that. People take it for granted, but Training is harder than it seems. Statistically speaking, only 5% of kids who start a pokemon journey last for more than a month."

Her eyes widened, "why?"

"It's dangerous. Pokemon are more dangerous than friendly. Take a Rattata. At level 4, it's useless; at level 15, a good Bite will take a morsel out of your leg. Unless your Pokemon can put up a fight, you can get into serious danger. The physical demands are exhausting; I know you think Erika's a wuss, but she's been through her paces; she's strong."

Bree frowned and flexed her bicep, "I can handle myself."

He laughed and reach under the table to smack her calf, "strong down here, I meant. Look at those Gym trainers and Female trainers, look at their legs. Those aren't twigs they walk on, and they're not thunder thighs either. It's pure muscle. It's all hiking, 24-7. Sometimes it'll be even more hiking, when you go out of your way to catch a pokemon or train or other things."

She blinked, feeling put out, then set her jaw. "I can do it."

"Can you?" He looked at her seriously, in the eye. "I don't want you to back out on this. You can't quit if you say yes."

"I want to do this, and I will. I will, and Eithne's gonna be right there with me." The Vulpix leapt onto her lap and cried out encouragement. Brian smiled. "Alright, kiddo."

"Bree, please. I'm seventeen."

He sobered up, and gave her a once-over. "Yeah, you are. You're a woman now. For a new trainer, you're an old hag."

"And for a returning one, you're a fossil. How'd you get off work for this, anyway?"

"I have to report my status every two weeks, that sort of stuff. But they basically approve, it's not like it can harm my career to be even more experienced."

"Right. So, we leave tomorrow?"

"That's about right."



January 29th, 2006, 12:31 PM
Perhaps there are two ferries? And they happened to both get rammed by a swarm of tentacruel? Since we aren't interacting on the boat, It'd be fine to say that, since there would be no 2 people in 1 place paradoxes.

Hmm, yes, now that you mention it that does make sense. The two ferries could have been near eachother, when a school of tentacruel passed through and decided to attack both ferries...

January 30th, 2006, 6:03 AM
I edited it, but I think that its' become too long, and I can't edit it now. :(. But anyway, you've seen how I RP, and I;m accepted, anyway...

January 30th, 2006, 6:36 AM


I've got school, but when I get back, we'll start.

((OOC: Wow. I'm sorry, Arach. I Rp with a girl name Alana in another RP so I got mixed up. My bad.))

January 30th, 2006, 6:39 AM
I assume Alana is me...? x3 *shrugs*

January 30th, 2006, 7:29 AM
Name - Kiro Wakari
Age - 16
Sex - Male

Description - Kiro is 5'3, a very short height for a boy his age, has spiky brown hair with tied into a braided ponytail on his back, tan skin, and bright blue eyes. He wears a black shirt with a yellow vest over it. He has a pair of black pants, and red shoes. He also wears an aquamarine bookbag where he keeps his PokeGear, PokeDex, etc.

Personality - What he loses in height he makes up in skill. Kiro is a very firm and sane person. He is very sure of himself, and can sometimes be overconfident. He is a flirt, a pervert at times, and he is a natural-born leader. And sometimes, he can break down and become one big emotional wreck.

Pokemon Team -

Species: Flareon
Nickname: Ember
Gender: Female
Moves: Flamethrower, Tackle, Sand-Attack, and Bite
History: Flareon was Kiro's first Pokemon, but he got her as an Eevee. He trained very hard with her until he decided to buy a Fire Stone at the Celadon City PokeMart. When he evolved her however, she became entirely different. She became a bit snobbish, and a total jerk just because she became a bit stronger.

Species: Lapras
Nickname: Shelly
Gender: Female
Moves: Surf, Aurora Beam, Ice Beam, and Perish Song
History: Kiro had found Lapras when he was sailing from Pallet to Cinnibar(OOC:Yes, I know it isn't found there), and she just swam up to him, and battled him. She toyed with him at first, but eventually, he captured her.

Species: Snorlax
Nickname: None
Gender: Male
Moves: Rest, Hyper Beam, Snore, and Bite
History: This Snorlax doesn't have much of a history, except that Kiro found him blocking the way towards Lavender Town, so he battled him, and, well, captured him.

History - When he was just 8 years old, Kiro's parents had died in a car crash, and since that accident, Kiro has been living with his Uncle, who trained him and gave him his first Pokemon, and Eevee. Kiro had found himself to be on the S.S Elixer when his friend had given him a free ticket, since he had no reason to go. Kiro was reluctant at first to go, because he could just as well Surf on Shelly to each place, but decided to take his friend up on his offer, since, well, it is rude to turn down a request.

RP Sample -

Boarding the ship, Kiro saw a man checking for tickets, as peple went in. He flashed his ticket toward the man dressed in a white Sailor's Uniform, and he gave gim a key. He walked inside the ship, and went to his room. He lifted the key toward his eye, and it said the number 332. He walked up the long flight of stairs until he got to the third passage, and walked through the semingly never-ending hallway. He walked and walked, unti he found his room. He slipped the key inside and turned it, opening the marble door. As he walked inside, the ship begane to shake, and then smoothly, outside the window, the boat began to move. Kiro looked outside the window and saw the dock seem to float away......

"Hm, I wonder how long this thing will take. Well, I better let
out everyone," Kiro thought, as he let out his Pokemon, except the Snorlax, which he kept inside, for he would literally sink the boat.

Lapras yawned, and then took a nap, while Ember followed Kiro around, rubbingagainst his leg. Kiro then decided to take a nap, and then lied on his bed, returned his Pokemon, and slept...........Mayday, Mayday! The boat is sinking! THE BOAT IS SINKING!!!!!........................................"What? What happened?!" yelled Kiro, as he looked around, the boat was shaking extremely hard. He ran outside and heard the captain say the words over and over again. Then, people were rushing outside, pushing each other in desperate hope of getting out. There was a bright red alarm-light flashing around. Kiro happened to find his way out, and then some overweight woman pushed him to the edge, where the shaking of the boat knocked him overboard, but he managed to call out Shelly before he fell into the Sharpedo infested waters. Unfortunatly, his head was knocked against Shelly's shell, knocking him out.....

"Oww....." were the only words Kiro could muster, his body sore. He woke up on a beach, Shelly on the shore, and he had no idea where he was. All he could remember was the boat shaking, the captain yelling over the P.A, and falling on top of Shelly.......As he stood up, and called back Shelly, some strangely-dressed people walked up to him, they seemed afraid of him, almost terrified.

(OOC: If this is too short, then I could edit it, but that's up to you)

January 30th, 2006, 12:41 PM
Hmm, jack, not like I'm the person running the RP or anything, but In my opinion you left out quite a bit in that sample. You went straight from an alarm to waking up on a beach. No description of the crash, not even a transitioning bit...

January 30th, 2006, 1:13 PM
Well.....He was sleeping....>_>.....

January 30th, 2006, 1:16 PM
Well.....He was sleeping....>_>.....

Somehow, I think a boat crash would have woken him up.

January 30th, 2006, 3:31 PM
Ok then, *goes to edit*.....>_>....

January 30th, 2006, 5:17 PM
OOC: Jack: Yeah, BT is right. It's kind of insubstantial.

For one thing, You couldn't surf that. If it's a week long trip by high speed boat, it'd be about a month of surfing to get to Hoenn, and most pokemon don't have that kind of stamina, to be frank.

Also, there was a little bit of too short of a pause between getting on the boat and the thing sinking. It was about half way through the trip. If I were to never have seen you RP before, I would think that you don't take the time to describe your situations. However, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt, and let you aboard. Just make sure to give plenty of description - especially in the beginning, because we're on a solo adventure for now, until we meet up in some big city place.. We'll fill that in as we go.


Let's get this thing started, yeah?

IC: Julian slowly awoke, and yawned widely, stretching his arms and arching his back. He rubbed the sleep out of his eyes, and looked around. His pokemon... they were gone! He stood up wildly, looking around frantically for any signs of his partners. After a second, he heard someone coming. This was it... these freaks on the island were coming now, and they were going to kill him. He blessed himself, and readied himself for a fight.

"One, two, one two!" A familiar voice barked. He relaxed, and burst out laughing. Out of the brush marched his pokemon, holding various berries and other types of food. Ash was in the lead, drilling them as usual, followed by Splash; The mute pokemon following suit with an intoxicated grin on his face. Behind him were Clash and Flash, patiently bringing food for their friends, with Slash and Lash tailing along at the back, grumbling to each other about the military loser commanding them.

Ash barked a command, and all of his partners dropped their food, and began to eat, making sure to save some for their human friend. He smiled at his loyal companions. No-one could ask for more.

Ash presented himself in a military salute (or as best as a Growlithe could do) and gave a report. "Well, general, we didn't find any hostile humans, but we did encounter several villages along the path, including one large one looking more like a city. My reccomendatiion is that after we eat, we move out at once." The fire pokemon barked, and dismissed itself. Julian could barely stifle a giggle listening to the pokemon's report. Ash had been born and raised in the army, but was honorably discharged for having a weak frame. He referred to Jules as the general, and accepted no disrespect to his CO from the other members of the troupe.

At this point, Slash stood up and flashed a mock salute.

"I agree with Lieutenant Lame." He joked. Ash shot him a venomous glare, which the sand mouse brushed off.
"If anyone who survived the boat crash has any brains, they'd probably head there first. Maybe we'll meet up with someone who actually knows what the hell is going on, here." He sat down, and all the others muttered in agreement.

"You're right, bro. So, as soon as we're done eating, we'll head for this city, yeah?" All his team yelled in agreement, except for Splash, who raised his fists in the air, quacked, and ran around in circles, finally falling down, dizzy.

After they had finished eating, they set off. After a short time, Clash approached him, pessimistic as usual.

"Hey, Julian..."
She queried, looking at the ground as they walked.

"Can I go back in the Pokeball please? Lash is making fun of me again. "

Julian looked up to see the sneasel and the sandslash roaring with laughter, the former making an odd face, and whining in mock sadness,
"My brain or my fists, my brain or my fists?!" To which they would both hold their sides laughing.

Clash got sad, and whispered something to herself, and looked up at Julian, tears forming in her tender eyes. The boy nodded in empathy, and returned the pathetic pokemon to her pokeball. He then walked sternly to the two boys hooting with immature laughter.

"Listen, you guys. You need to ease off of Clash, alright? She's doing the best she can, and you two laughing at her doesn't help at all. "
Lash looked up with an air of fake concern.
"Oh, the poor gal, she just can't decide! 'My brain or my fists!? My brain or my fisssssts?!'" At which Slash burst into uncontrollable laughter once more. Julian looked at them sternly.
"I can lock you two clowns up if you want. It's a long time to wait in that little cramped up ball."
At this, the two jokesters shut up.

Without warning, several men and women armed with primative swords stepped into the clearing. One of the men stepped forward, and barked.
"Attention, criminals! You have been charged of sleeping on the sacred king's clearing, and stealing his food. Relinquish your monsters, and come with us.
Slash stepped back, whispering into Julian's ear.
"We can take these chumps, just give the word, and they're breakfast for my babies." He said, hungrily sharpening his claws. Julian shook his head in disagreement.
"We can, but we won't. We don't want any trouble. Nobody try anything funny. Let's just focus on staying alive." He whispered gravely to his team. He stepped forward, his arms in the air. His team quickly followed suit.
"Come with us, rapscallions!" cried one of the women in the back, who was quickly reprimanded by her husband.

They walked out of the forest, and into the large city. He paid no attention to his surroundings, trying to concentrate on how to get out of the situation. He was eventually separated from his monsters, and thrown into a dingy cell. Shackles lined the wall, and it was extremely moist, making it feel like a wet blanket. He sat down, wondering what he could do without his pokemon. Then, he recalled..

He quickly moved to the back of the imprisonment, trying his hardest not to be noticed. He released Clash (who was still in the pokeball when they were captured) who immediately began bawling at the top of her lungs, reminiscing of her previous torment. Louder, and louder she screamed, until a large man, who was obviously dim-witted, lumbered into the room.
"Uh.. what's-a goin' on?" He mumbled. After repeated attempts to silence his sobbing companion, Julian gave up, and cracked the guard right between the eyes.


He hit the floor, and the ground shook a little bit. He took the keys from the man's waist, and rushed out of the cell, dragging his still weeping Medicham with him. He rushed down the prison hallway, unlocking all his friends, and ran towards the wall.

"Uh-oh.." He said.
"Dead end." He turned to see several more guards running after him.
"I'll take this one," Clash said quietly, stepping forward. Using her psychic abilities, she weakened the wall's structure, she blew it down with a crushing Mega Kick, and they all ran out into the bright sunlight, all his Pokemon cheering loudly for the girl, especially Lash and Slash, who were yelling the loudest. He returned his pokemon to their Pokeballs, and slowly blended into the crowd of the bustling city.

OOC: (Whoo.. That's my solo adventure. So we all meet up in this city eventually, and discover that we're in the past. I won't post any more until we all find ourselves in the city one way or another.)

January 30th, 2006, 6:09 PM
"Crazy people." Jirae muttered to himself, walking down the cobblestone path. "Don't know what a boat is...what rock have they been hiding under?" He knew he was going to get no response, so he just kept walking. A little ways down the pathway, he heard some rustling in the bushes.
"What was that?" He asked himself another question. Suddenly, an Umbreon lunged out at him from the bushes. Caught by surprise, Jirae was hit by the Pokemon's mighty tackle, and fell to the ground as the Umbreon pounced off of him nimbly.
"Argh!" Jirae shouted in pain. "What in the hell? A Pokemon attacking me? Umbreons can be mean, but this is unusual." The Umbreon looked like it was getting ready to pounce again, a primitive look in its eyes. "Go, Blaze!" The Blaziken came out of its Pokeball, exhausted. "Agh! I forgot you were still hurt from our battle with Ben! Return!" Jirae said, promptly returning the Pokemon to its Pokeball.
"UmbeRRRRR!" The Umbreon roared as it lunged at Jirae again. This time Jirae was ready, and swiftly dodged the move. "Go, Razor!" He exclaimed.
"Soooolll!" The Absol let out a battle cry, emerging from its Pokeball. The two four-legged dark types stared eachother down, each seeming equally ready to pounce.
"Razor, Slash!" Jirae commanded. Razor jumped in the air, using the sun above to his advantage. The Umbreon, blinded by the sun, couldn't see well enough to move out of the way. Razor came crashing down on the wild Pokemon, it's head-blade slashing at the enemy. The Umbreon was hurt, a gash at the top of its front right leg.
"Now, to capture it!" Jirae said, reaching to his belt. "Argh! I don't have any spare Pokeballs on me! Guess I'll just have to finish this. Razor!" The faithful Absol promptly rammed the Umbreon at a quick speed, knocking the Pokemon to the ground, unconscious.
"Good job, Razor. Return!" He returned the Pokemon back to its Pokeball. "I better go buy some Pokeballs, so that another incident like that doesn't happen again..."
OOC: Yeah...head-blade was for lack of a better word...and unconscious is a synonym for knocked out =P.
And I'm aware there's no Pokemarts/Pokeballs, but Jirae doesn't know that.
Also, Yoshiruru...your Pokemon can talk? Huh?

January 30th, 2006, 6:12 PM
OOC: Well, not really. But like most trainers apparantly can, I can understand what they're saying. I personally think it adds more flavor to the Rp to have the pokemon's opinion on the situation, but you can imagine them saying "Slash Slash!" "Sneeeeeezul!" "Medicham.." "..." or whatever you'd like. Look at any other RP (mostly) around here, and some way or another, they have pokemon talking. For example, observe Naoko-chan's Sample RP. She has her pokemon speaking in brackets. I just prefer to type them in quotes, because I write fast, and in bulk, so I prefer to use quotes. Everyone has their own style, and this is the way I do it, yeah?

January 30th, 2006, 6:12 PM
"Oooww, I think I broke something." Lara muttered, in a foul mood "Stupid boat I want my money back- hey..."
Lara snapped her vivid blue eyes open as she looked around wildly "Where're those trouble makers?"
She could see that people had come to collect her, who she had no idea, and why they were so peculiarly dressed she didn't know either, but they were making strange noises as Shade attempted to hug them with a creepy, yet cheerful air.
She could see Nightmare peering into a hidey hole, apparently some animal's household, and Lara could barely pity the victim as Nightmare sucked up a dream and ate it contently.
Dash snorted at Shade, who was chasing the people around, as the others pulled some of his needles out of another. Sienna was absolutely dignified, drying herself off and licking her paws, with Jet sitting in the shallow waters and grumpily watching Shade.
"Call off your monsters!" Two of the people being chased called as they ran past Lara.
"Shade stop it!" Lara yelled, picking up a seashell and tossing it at his head.
<'OW!'> Shade yelled, cradling his head <'What was that for?!'>
"Return you two crazy idiots." Lara said, returning Nightmare who looked at her with an innocent face, and Shade who had fake tears streaming down his green face.
<'You know what they say, never take candy from a stranger.'> Jet said sarcastically to Lara who stuck her pink tounge out at him before returning him to his lure ball.
"Come on you two." Lara said swiping Sienna off the sandy ground and onto Dash's back as Dash began to trot ahead of the mob of people.
"No monster!" A man who seemed unable to string a complete sentence together stuttered in a mad sort of gabble.
"What?!" Lara said indignantly "No! I'm not walking through this whole...island...thing!"
"You set fire on trees, trees go Kablooey!" The man yelled flailing his arms all over the place, indicating to the flames of Dash's mane and tail.
"Oh well too bad." Lara said shaking her head as she let Dash lead the way.
The people were somehow amazed at the fact that Dash's mane didn't set fire to the trees, though they brushed against them quite often.
"What?!" Lara asked, uncomfortable by their unbreakable stare "Haven't you ever seen a Rapidash before?!"
She let Dash trot further into the forest, the people followed her quickly, mumbling among themselves.
"They're really weird..." Lara muttered to Sienna who nodded quickly.
<'Weirder than Shade and Nightmare combined!'> She said shaking her pretty head.
Dash soon found her way through the thick trees and into a bustling...city?
"Woah it's like, city of the humanoid primates." Lara said referring to their more old fashioned way of doing things.
<'I say, we hitch a ride outta this wack show as soon as possible.'> Dash said taking a few steps back.
"I say we don't, and check it out. Maybe we could find some food and stuff first before we leave. From the looks of the place itself, I'm going to take a guess and say their ferry isn't the most hygenical." Lara said examining the crowds.

January 30th, 2006, 6:26 PM
OOC: Naoko, I'm pretty sure there are still Pokemon on the island...I know I included one in my last post.
"Hmm...Pokemarts, Pokemarts, Pokemarts..." Jirae said to himself as he walked down the cobblestone path, looking for some sign of civilization. "Oh, and probably a Pokemon Center, too...to get Blaze healed up..."
"You there!" A voice came from behind him. It was one of the men from the town before.
"Oh, hey! You're that guy from the city!" Jirae acknowledged. "Do you by chance know where I can find some Pokeballs around here?"
"Pokeballs?" The man questioned.
"You know, like this." Jirae said, releasing Storm from its Pokeball.
"What magic is this?!" The man exclaimed, confused. "How does he call forth a monster from that small object?!"
"Uh...it's a Pokeball. Haven't you ever seen one before?" Jirae asked, equally confused.
"H-hey, guys! He's a witch! I told you he was a witch!" Was the only thing the man said in response. After hearing the call, some men appeared from behind bushes and trees, holding torches and pitchforks in their hands.
"You're kidding me, right?" Jirae asked rhetorically.
"Get him!" One rather obese man yelled from the crowd.
"Storm!" Jirae exclaimed, hopping on his loyal Flygon. The dragon Pokemon beat its mighty wings and lifted itself from the ground, flying well outside the reach of the peasants.
"That monster...it serves him willingly!" A skinny villager noted.
"Don' worry, mates!" A rather drunken-looking man said. "I got 'im in this 'ere photo-takin' memory o' mine!" The man then hiccuped a few times, waving a pitchfork blindly.
"I'd love to stay around," Jirae said sarcastically, "But I don't have 'get attacked by idiots' in my schedule today! So sorry!" Storm then flew higher and away from the mob, towards something on the horizon in the east.
"We'll get you yet, witch!" The original man shouted to the sky, waving his pitchfork.

"Storm! Look! There's a city down there!" Jirae exclaimed to his Pokemon, pointing towards a fairly large city only a little ways away.
"Flyyyy!" The Pokemon replied, diving down towards the city. The Flygon landed on a large square rooftop, and Jirae returned it to its Pokeball.
"Great. Now then, to look around here..." Jirae said, climbing down some stairs on the side of the roof.
OOC: Yeah, that's the big city that we're all meeting at.

January 30th, 2006, 6:44 PM
OOC: Really? Then why'd they call them monsters---I'm so confused. Since when did I say there weren't any pokemon on the island?! Ahhh! X(

January 30th, 2006, 6:48 PM
OOC: There are pokemon, for sure. But they haven't been dubbed Pokemon. This was back in a time where Pokemon were just wild beasts - a menace to society. There was no way of capturing, or controlling them - so they were just hunted for game and such. BT described it perfectly.

"That monster...it serves him willingly!" A skinny villager noted.

So the people think that we're witches, or evil beings, because we can control these seemingly vicious beasts. Is that more clear?

EDIT: BT stole the words from my mouth.

January 30th, 2006, 6:49 PM
OOC: Really? Then why'd they call them monsters---I'm so confused. Since when did I say there weren't any pokemon on the island?! Ahhh! X(

OOC: Well, it was just said that there were no Pokeballs. I'm pretty sure there were still Pokemon, but they'd prolly be primitive just like the people. I took your calling them monsters approach and considered it being that they hadn't come up with the term "Pokemon" yet, and just called them "monsters", due to the hostile nature of the wild ones...or something?
EDIT: Aww, Yoshiruru beat me to it =P

January 30th, 2006, 7:07 PM
Enough spam! On with teh ROLLPLAE.

IC: Julian stumbled along the bustling road, looking around him in awe. It was definetely an odd place. Most of the people were dressed in rags and tags. It was much, it seemed to him, like a late Pokeroman (OOC:Somebody shoot me for saying that) village.

Kanto was at this point maybe a thousand years ago, why were these people still here?

He became lost in his own thoughts, and bumped into a young lad, a bit older than him, yet about the same height. He looked down and mumbled his apologies, but as he looked up, he gasped in wonder. He was dressed... normal! Well, normal for him at least; People were giving this boy the same looks they were giving Julian himself. Unable to control himself, he bursted out loudly.
"Are you from the S.S. Elixer?!" he yelled with an air of unintended madness. Several people stopped what they were doing, and stared at him. He slowly backed away, and with a roll of the eyes, and an air of disinterest, the people went back to their business. He looked back at the other boy, his eyes wild with anticipation, desperate for someone he could relate to.

January 30th, 2006, 7:20 PM
OOC: *Takes out corkscrew gun and, POP!* Lawl. Anyway, YoshiRiRu called them monsters, so I decided to call them monsters...0_o;

IC: "Return Dash, Sienna. You guys attract too much attention." Lara said. The mob that had been following her earlier had disappeared, but being in such an unfamiliar face made her uneasy.
The absence of her beloved pokemon made her even more nervous than before, and by the time she'd wandered into the crowd, being pushed this way and that, she'd ended up no where near where she'd started, and most likely no where near the end of the maze!
Lara pouted and stomped her foot "Hey that's not fair at all! This isn't where I wanted to go!"
A man stared at her clothing as though she was insane, shook his head muttering something about 'youth' and rolled his cart away from her as quickly as possible.
"Wha-" Lara looked down at her ensemble. It was definetly more stylish than his! What was this? A big cosplay convention?!

January 30th, 2006, 8:00 PM
(OOC: SOrry I am a little late....T__T.....)


Kiro called out Ember so that he could walk with her, trying to find a place where he could possibly get to a phone, or maybe a PC. After walking for about an hour, he finally stumbled upon a City, but.......It looked a bit wierd, like a 16th century village. He walked inside, Ember at his side, and looked around. He heard whispers sayign things ranging from "witch", to "what is that?", and even "I wish I had one.". He walked around, a little shy at all the staring eyes. Some were glaring, and it seemed like the whole City was staring or glaring at him.

"What the hell man? Haven't they seen a Flareon before? ****, it feels like a freakin' convention!" thought Kiro, anger boiling inside him....

He had finally seen some people who at least looked like they were from his Time Period, a boy yelling "are you from the S.S. Elixir?", and a girl. He ran up toward them, yelling, "hey! HEY! IM FROM THE S.S. ELIXIR! OVER HEEEEERE!". As he reached them, he felt something sharp poke him in the back.......

(OOC: Erm, I certainly missed ALOT! Whatever, I will just keep on posting...>__>..)

January 30th, 2006, 8:58 PM
((Sorry for the lag, guys! I had work this evening.))

She couldn't really move. Not really, as in, if she tried her everything hurt.

"Mairead..." she moaned softly, "I feel like one big bruise."

There was little doubt she was one, considering the report Eithne had given earlier; a purple lump on her right thigh, a black eye, and a cut on her leg that could've been infected if Deirdre hadn't declared it clean. The Nidorina had been very good with bandaging, but her paws couldn't do what human hands could--if only there'd been any humans around...

The last thing she remembered was the high-pitched tenor of their captain, sounding the alarm over the intercom, and the boat's terrible tilt. Then, she remembered falling...and waking up here, almost too battered to call out her pokemon. Almost.

Not that being horribly mangled ever stopped Brigdet. No, sir.

The water rushed up the sand rythmically, tickling the soles of her feet. The rocky sand under her was warm, heated by the pounding sun. It sloped upwards towards some bushes, which quickly transformed into a scraggly forest. Mairead, her lower half poking out in arches above the sea, leaned over her trainer. The Milotic's eyes were soft and full of worry, and she made a noise of inquiry.

"I'll be okay," Bree tried, but her voice sounded tired. She moved a finger, but that only resulted in her entire arm freezing up in pain.

"We've found berries!"

Ah, there were Eithne and Deirdre with her salvation. For the first (and possibly last) time in their lives, the Nidorina and the Vulpix had put their differences aside for a common goal. They came out of the underbrush with big leaves wrapped aroung loads of plump berries--the best thing to get her back on her feet, fast.

The twain came up beside her, Dei dropping her leaf at a certain distance before meandering off towards the water. With a derisive snort, Eithne pulled both leaves towards her friend, and, taking a big berry between her teeth, gently set it at Bridget's lips. All ideas of hygiene aside, Bree took the fruit, biting into it, feeling its fresh juices dribbling down her throat.

"Mmm...s'yummy, Eith."

"That's good. (she said something Bridget didn't understand) These are good for pokemon, but I do not know if they are good for humans."

Mairead said something, but the timing was different, so she couldn't quite grasp--pokemon spoke in sequences, like morse code, so they understood each other, but it was so hard for humans--and she wished she could make out what they were saying, because it was about her. She was made to eat both berry bundles, one fruit at a time, and then Mairead bid her sleep, which she did, although she was plagued by visions of a dark, watery abyss.

She woke to the sun still overhead; around her, she heard voices. Stirring, she tried to sit up, and found, to her amazement, that she could--only, a pitchfork was poking into her chest when she tried.

"M'lord, the witch, she has awoken!" The man holding the instrument cried, motioning for another, bigger man to come forward.

"Well, foul creature, tell us--what dark arts are you practicing?"

She blinked groggily at him, and spoke in a growl, "I don't understand what you're saying. Where are my pokemon? Why are you prodding me with those pitchforks? What did I do?"

"M'lord, she speaks in tongues!"

"Quiet, fool! She is clearly possessed by the Demon!"

"Surely, sire, for I have seen the way she so deftly controlled the monsters."

"Look at her uncouth attire!" yelled a woman holding up a torch, "she must be a witch! She wears a man's trousers, and ne'er have I seen such a fabric!"

Witch? Possessed? What?

She got to her feet slowly, wincing at the crowd tried to push her back down; a snarl at them made the recoil in fear. She saw that moth of them were dressed in rough sack-cloth, and all were thin, with hair so dirty she saw the lice moving about, black teeth and hungry eyes. She saw that two of them were holding Dei down, and the Nidorina was making a horrible ruckus. Eithne was being held by another man, with rope around her muzzle and paws. But Mairead--May was by far the worse, for she was laying, unconscious, on hte beach, bleeding profusely from arrow-wounds--arrows!--and deep lashes and burns lefts by the pitchforks and torches. Bree grit her teeth, and tried to think of a plan.

"Let's burn her, m'lord!" One man proposed, and Bridget felt her blood run cold. The man referred to as "m'lord" came forward; dressed in bright velvet clothing, he looked well-fed and well-groomed. He allowed himself to toss the dirtier man aside with a disgusted expression.

"Do you know who I am, child? I am Lord Keith of Belltrane, and I own the fourth district of the city yonder. If you do not cooperate, I shall have you arrested and burned as a witch."

Bridget swallowed. What would Saoirse do? she thought, wishing for the collected pokemon's advice. She felt along her hip, found the Skarmory's pokeball with some relief. She still had one escape--but only if she played her cards right.

"So, witch? I have witnesses here that say you made monsters bring you food and tend to your injuries. Admit that you are plotting with the Demon!"

"Foul knaves!" she spat, trying to remember her boring eleventh grade English classes on Shakespeare. "Unhand me now, or I shall spite you all with a curse! A curse, I say! Or better--a hex! I shall have fire rain down upon your houses! My Dark Lord will not refuse a good servant like me!"

The crowd stepped back, forming a ring around her; even the Lord, Sir Keith, looked frightened.

"My lord...does she speak the truth? Can she?"

"I...do not know. The powers of the Dark One are great."

"Indeed!" she crowed; and with that, snatched up Saoirse's pokeball, throwing it onto the ground. There was the usually bright flash of light, and then, the regal Skarmory stood on the sand, looking a bit shaken.

"What's happening, Bree?" she asked calmly, surveying the scene.

"They think I'm a witch and that I'm in with Evil or something. Act like my minion," she whispered, getting in close to the steel pokemon's dangerous head. The crowd, some of them shrieking in fear, was stepping even farther back.

Saoirse puffed up like a pincushion, her bladelike wings sticking out. A soft tinkling sound confirmed that someone was wetting their pants.

"The witch controls a sword-bird! Oh Lord above, save us!"

Bree blinked, trying to recall why this sounded familiar, and then it hit her.

In ancient times, people used SKARMORY's feathers as swords.

All the armor on their bodies, the knives at their hips--all of them, from a Skarmory's shedding. Saoirse emitted a powerful screech, flapping her razor-wings. Bridget grinned maliciously.

"Fools! Unhand my minions now, or I shall bid my powerful Sword-bird to warn all her kin, never to give their feathers to man. Then, you shall all be helpless!"

The men went pale. Immediately, Deirdre and Eithne were released. She returned them, along with Mairead, to their pokeballs. The crowd watched her, fascinated.

"You--" she pointed straight at a woman with knotted brown hair and a shabby dress, "bring me my bag! Immediately! If I see a single item missing, I shall have you beheaded, and every generation of your children cursed down to the last male heir!"

What a load of bullcrap. At this rate, she was just trying not to laugh at their petrified expressions, as they bustled about, returning the items they'd put in their pockets--her Super Potions, for one, and all her pokeballs, not to mention all kinds of random knicknacks. Eventually, she was able to hoist her bag over her shoulder.

The people watched with wide eyes as she mounted Saoirse and, very carefully, the Skarmory took off, her armored body reflecting the sunlight.

As they flew away from the scene, Bree finally let go of a few choked laughs, then calmed.

"Lord Ken or whatever his name was, said he owned a city nearby. We should go there."

"But first--let's land. You need to heal Mairead, I saw how battered she looked. The Pokeball will hold her in stasis, but it's not enough."

"And those rope marks on Eithne, and Dei's bruises...I don't even understand what was happening back there."

"Don't ask too much questions until you (she didn't understand this part), you'll only give yourself a headache."

Bree sighed, looking around to get a lay of the land; the forest below them, dark and dangerous, some fields beyond it, and then--a huge midieval-style city, complete with stone walls and towers and the whole shebang.

"Saoi, did we travel..."

"Through time? I don't know. It's a possibility, Celebi be merciful. If that's the case, then this forest, or at least part of it, belongs to that Lord, and that city..."

"We're in some kind of kingdom, then. Hey, there's a pocket of thick bushes--land there."

The big bird did, and Bree released her pokemon as quietly as she could, fishing out Potions to tend to them. Only once all three were able to move comfortably, did she finally realize her own injuries.

"Your bandages are red," Eithne admonished, "you should be more careful."

"Sorry, mum," Bridget muttered, taking a moment to rewrap the things. "I owe you one, Dei. You'd have made a good Chansey."

The Nidorina said something she couldn't understand, but it sounded alot like a string of curses.

"So, where to now?" Eithne picked up again, looking around. "The city seems like the only possible destination."

"Won't they be looking for us?"

"After the show you put on, they'll be too scared." Deirdre put in, scuffing the ground with a maniacal grin. She was speaking slowly, so her trainer could make out the sentence structure.

"I suppose they will be too scared of their last male heirs being cursed...so let's go for it." Bree fisted her hands and returned May, Eithne and Dei, climbing back onto Saoirse's back.

"I must admit, I'm intrigued at this situation," Saoi admitted once they were in the air, headed towards the tall stone spires of the city. "If we are in the past...or in some kind of minimalist, primitive society, this feels like an adventure."

"A dangerous adventure."

"Right. We have to be careful. I'll drop you off in this alleyway here. There's a market close by, trade a Potion for some more nondescript clothes and food."

Once she was off Saoi's back, with both feet on the cobblestone street, it struck her that should would be without any external help for some time.

She was flying solo from here on out, or so she thought.

She didn't make ten steps before she heard a voice yell out:

"Are you from the S.S. Elixer?!"

Wait. She fit that description!

"I do!" She yelped back, dashing towards the voice, too relieved to see a friendly face to care about being recognized.

January 31st, 2006, 5:29 AM
"There must be someone around here from the boat..." Jirae said, stumbling around through the city, trying to blend in, though that was extremely hard as nobody was wearing normal clothes.
"Hey! Look there!" He heard someone call from the crowd. "Is he not the one on the wanted posters?"
"He looks an awful lot like it." Another voice said.
"Here, let's see." The original one said, stepping out of the crowd. It was a middle aged man with brown hair, who seemed nothing out of the ordinary-except that he was one of these people. He held a wanted poster up to Jirae's face.
"He looks a lot like him, but the clothes are much too different." The second man said, a rather skinny fellow, walking up to the other man.
"A disguise?" The original man guessed.
"That's quite a possibility." Said the other. "Sir, you're under arrest for assassinating the king."
"Assassinating the king?" Jirae exclaimed. "I didn't..."
Suddenly, a band of people with torches and pitchforks emerged from the crowd behind him. It was the same band from before.
"There 'e is!" The drunkard exclaimed. "I tol' ye!"
"You're coming with us, witch!" One man exclaimed, waving a torch. Jirae looked around him, and everyone besides his two groups of pursuers had backed away.
"A witch and an assassin?" The man holding the wanted poster said in amazement. "Better watch out for this one, eh?"
"Grab 'is belt! It be the source o' the magic!" The drunkard suggested. People began charging at Jirae, but Jirae managed to call out the first Pokemon whos Pokeball he could grab.
"Scyyyytheeerr!" Blade exclaimed, swinging its arms.
"A monster, a monster!" A man exclaimed.
"Blade, Double Team!" Jirae shouted. The scyther quickly made shadow copies of itself, which began forcing the crowd back in fear.
"Now, wing attack!" Jirae followed up. All of the shadow copies as well as the original rammed their wings towards the people, creating gusts that caused the people to run away frantically. Jirae was alone in the center of the intersection.
"Blade, return." Jirae said, looking around as the shadow copies dissapeared. A little ways down the now clear road, he saw some people that looked actually normal.
"Heyyyy!" Jirae shouted, waving and running towards them. "You-you're from the S.S. Elixer, aren't you!"

January 31st, 2006, 6:16 AM
OOC: Flip! I'm so late! Sorry guys. Okay, I'll have to read everything up before writting my post *Goes to read* Okay done...as much as I can now...I've got a head ache...


The forest around me turned out not to be a forest at all. It was more like a stream of trees that seemed to bar off the sea from the inland. I had no idea how it was, and what sort of natural calamity caused it to be like that, but I'm not worrying. At least my headache was subsiding. It was not as if I felt perfectly well, but I was getting better.

I carefully walked through the trees, and looked around me. I recognised some of the plant life, but most of it was unfamiliar to me. Of course, I wasn't an expert in botany, but I knew enough to tell thhat these trees had been left to nature.

I walked out into the open, and immediately closed my eyes. he sunlight blared into my eyes, sending spasms of pain through my head. I slowly opened my eyes, and looked around.

My mouth dropped open.

And who could blame me? There, about one kilometre from where I was standing, stood a massive stone wall, that stretched almost as far as the beach had. The wall was not only as tall as two storeys, but was also really thick. It was thick enough for four people to walk abreast, comfortably. As I later on found out, there were people ontop of the wall.

It seemed like some sentry, who were protected down to the last millimetre of skin. They had rich and silver mail, chain shirts, with greaves along their legs. They each wore a pair of metallic gloves, and had a helmet that left just enough space for their eyes to dart about. I was really surprised how they noticed me, about fifty metres away.

"There's another one! Those witches! They come from everywhere!" One screamed, in a most recognisable accent. "He has that odd belt around his waist. Guards, ATTACK!"

Suddenly, ten men, dressed in the same armour leaped up from hiding behind rises on the wall, all armed with crossbows. With the bows already nocked. The leader also drewhis crossbow, and they aimed.

"Dammit! Go, Golem!" I yelled, throwing a pok-ball from my pok-belt into the air.

The red and white orb snapped open, and released a great quantity of irediscent light. The light swirled around, and took the form of an odd boulder-like creature, with two arms, and two legs, made of the same rock-like material.

The arrows from the crosbows bounced harmlessly off Golem's tough hide, and fell to the ground. Golem grunted, happy that he was finally back in action. It was borin staying in a pok-ball, after all.

But releasing Golem wasn't the smartest thing I could have done.

"What did I tell thee!" yelled the leader. "He is a witch. Strike him down before he does any damage."

I looked up at the leader, and grinned. I was going to fight...

January 31st, 2006, 6:22 AM
Julian was ecstatic. Finally, people who looked like him! He spotted a girl, and a couple of guys. As they rushed toward him, he noticed a mob chasing one of the boys. They were crying things such as "Witch!" and "Assasin!" waving pitchforks and torches wildly in the air. Playing along, he stepped forth, and released his Crobat.

Several of the villagers yelled, and a large woman in the rear fainted. An older man with graying hair exclaimed
"This one can control the monsters as well!"

Julian whispered to Flash.

"Play along, bro. I'm supposed to be a witch - be evil." The bat nodded, and screamed into the sky, before diving back down, and rushing right over the terrified primitive people. Flash returned to Julian's side, his teeth bared.

"Now, my servant, cast upon them an eternal darkness! Night Shade!" The crobat became very still, and a dark energy eminated from him, casting a night-like darkness over the entire group. Of course it wasn't really eternal darkness, it would only last for a couple minutes or so, but he wanted them to think that so they would release them.

2 more women fainted, a heavy set man began to cry uncontrollably while his frail skinny wife tried to console him, and a man ran away so quickly, he ran into a wall and knocked himself out.

"Leave me and my brethren to our own devices, or next time, the consequences will be far more severe!" He bellowed, and turned on his heel with Flash right beside him, hoping his new-found friends would follow him.

January 31st, 2006, 1:47 PM
"Eternal darkness?" Jirae asked, seeing the people cowering in fear of the night shade. "Either that guy with the Crobat is really dumb, or the people here are gullible as hell...Ah well, can't hurt to play along. Memory!" He exclaimed, calling forth the Gardevoir from its Pokeball.
"Why does he call that beast memory?" One of the people outside the effect of the Night Shade wondered.
"It must have the power to erase our memories!" A woman thought in fear.
"Sure...let's go with that." Jirae said to himself. "Now, my minion of the underworld! Put them to their eternal sleep!" He shouted aloud, putting the emphasis on sleep.
"I haven't the slightest idea what he's babbling about..." Memory thought. "But I can do something about the sleep part." The Gardevoir began waving its hands, waves of psychic energy coming forth. People began falling to the ground in a sleepy daze.
"Let this be a lesson to the rest of you!" Jirae yelled triumphantly. "Quarrel not with the witches, for we wield a power greater then you could comprehend!" This gave all the people who were still awake quite a scare, and they began to run off.
"We'll be back for you, assassin witch!" One man shouted back as he ran off.
"Well then, that was fun." Jirae said, recalling Memory. "Now, tell me," He inquired, walking over to Julian, "Are you really so stupid that you thought Night Shade would last eternally, or was that just some kind of joke?"
OOC: Don't kill me for that horrible pun near the end! =P Kudos to anyone who can figure out what I'm talking about.

January 31st, 2006, 3:01 PM
A confused and a bit disturbed look upon his face, Kiro shook off the confusion and distubiness(sp?), and just played along, and then walked in behind Julian, and then whispered into his ear.

"Erm, what the hell was that? Where are we?" he asked, a bit nervous. He then called out Ember and had her walk at his side. The red-and-yellow cat tagged along trembling behind the Trainers, a scared lok on her face......

January 31st, 2006, 4:24 PM
Julian nodded to Flash in his thanks, and turned to face the boy speaking to him. He scoffed.

"You're just jealous because I thought of it first, bro. Anything I do they'll take as truth, so why not make the most of it? I'm as bright as they come." he boasted casually. He looked around the city, at the terrified people scrambling into their homes to avoid his terrible evil gaze. He stopped, and glared at a middle aged balding man, who screamed, turned tail and ran. He laughed evilly, and continued to strut down the boulevard.

Flash was uneasy. He'd never seen his trainer act like this before. He spoke up timidly. "Hey, Jules.. I thought you wanted to scare them just so you could get away.. it looks like you're enjoying terrorizing them." Julian snapped back "You saw how they treated us! They think we're all witches, so might as well give them what they want!" Looking into the eyes of his crobat, the boy hung his head. The pokemon was right.

"You're right, I'm sorry." He said.

"I guess the moment just took over me." He returned to his companions, who were still reluctantly following him.

"So, all you are from the S.S. Elixir that got thrashed by a tentacruel, right?" He waited silently for their answers, the wind of the empty streets rustling his hair like leaves.

January 31st, 2006, 4:54 PM
"Well, I don't know if it was a Tentacruel or whatever, I was taking a nap, there was an alarm, I was thrown overboard, and then I ended up here!" Kiro yelled in exasparation at the trainer who seemed to be a bit evil. Sighing, he blinked and looked up at the sun. His blue eyes seemed to shine like sapphires as he looked at the giant ball of fire they call the sun as he awaited a response.......

Shattered Moon
January 31st, 2006, 5:02 PM
OOC: I guess joining would be out of the question..?

January 31st, 2006, 5:10 PM
"Smart as they come? Hah..." Jirae said, "I think I'll let Memory be the test of that...in the mean time, this is pretty fun, isn't it..." He watched people running in terror, and the pile of sleeping people on the ground. "Oh, you asked me a question, didn't you." He said, snapping back to focus. "Yeah...I was there. That **** Tentacruel...I had finally found my best friend from way back when I was in elementary school..." He sighed to himself, realizing he was about to start monolouging. "Yeah...so, by chance do any of you know where we are?"
OOC: In case you forgot, Memory is the super-smart Gardevoir =P

January 31st, 2006, 5:30 PM
Bridget didn't get much thinking done about her situation before all hell broke loose.

Someone screamed, a Night Shade erupted, with three boys and their pokemon terrorizing the city folk into heading for the hills. Crushed back by the sea of people, Bree found herself pinned against a wall, unable to see thanks to the darkness of the Night Shade, and hearing nothing except for screams and the stomping of many feet. People seemed to be ignoring her in their haste to get out of the boys' line of fire. A Gardevoir put several townsfolk to sleep with Hypnosis, and a few unlucky peasants were simply trampled by the crazed mob.

When finally the chaos cleared and the dust settled, all that were left in the street were herself and three boys, one with a Crobat, the other with a Gardevoir, and the last with a Flareon. Calling out Eithne for good measure, she walked towards them, carefully stepping over sleeping bodies.

"It looks like we've travelled in time, almost," she declared to Jirae's last comment. "Although, how we did it, I don't know. And yeah, I was on the ship, although I was in my cabin, so I don't remember any Tentacruel."

January 31st, 2006, 5:33 PM
OOC: I recall. XD As for you, Shattered Moon, you're welcome to join, just make sure you can catch up. Post your sign-up sheet, and I'll er... evaluate'cha.

IC:Julian shut up at this remark. Gardevoir were some of the smartest Pokemon out there.. sure, he was a bright kid, but he'd have nothing on a Gardevoir.

He sweatdropped, and quickly stammered. "Erm, just kidding?" he blushed viciously at being beaten so badly. He regained his composure, and looked the boy in the face once more. "As for your question, I really have no idea where we are. I'm sorry about your friend, I lost my sister and my father to that ****ing tentac*nt too.." He swore bitterly, kicking at the dirt paved road with his foot, creating a swirling cloud of dust that erupted from his foot.

He turned to face all his companions. "But we should get out of here first thing, and find out where the hell we are, yeah? I don't think these people like us very much." He smirked at his own lame joke, and motioned for them to get moving.

"We can talk on the way, so we can learn a little bit more about each other."

As they walked, he heard a girl that he hadn't seen before speak.

"Well, now. Another friend come to join us?" He looked her up and down, along with her pokemon.

I don't think she wants to hurt us.. she's pretty cute, too.

He thought about this fact to himself for a moment, and remembered that she had spoken.

"Back in time? Nah.. that can't be. You don't just... travel through time... right?"

Although he neglected to admit it, he agreed with her completely. This seems way to weird to be the present day. The air was amazingly clean, all this talk of witches, and the like, and not to mention their complete lack of technological knowledge. The idea pestered him like an itch that refused to go away.

Maybe they're just really, um, primitive. Yeah, that's it.

He shook the idea of time travel out of his head, and motioned for the new girl to join them, extending his hand in friendship with a charming smile.

"The name's Julian.. and you are..?"

January 31st, 2006, 5:35 PM
Lara sweatdropped "Um, okay I was in absolutely no part of this. But what is going on? Why is everyone so...16th century?!"
Nightmare shifted in his pokeball, and let himself out, seeing the sleeping people <'Heh heh...'> He held his stubby hands out greedily at the people as she waddled toward them.
Shade, seeing this decided he had the right to come out as well and walked over to the nearest person and gave them a tight hug.
"Shade!" Lara scolded.
<'What?'> He asked walking over to another person to give them a hug, much like a child walking toward it's mother when it first learns to walk, with arms outstretched.
She didn't quite care about Nightmare, as he finished off the dreams with one swallow, it was more of Shade's needles that she was concerned about.
"Return Shade!" Lara called angrily, returning the Cacturne just as he was about to give another innocent bystander a hug.
"What I want to know..." Lara said clipping Shade's pokeball back onto her waist "Is why these people think we're witches and assassins. I've never killed anyone! I may have hurt them permenantly, but not killed!"
She spoke as if everyone purposely hurt someone permenantly, as this was quite normal for her. The girl got what was coming for her anyway.
Lara blinked her blue eyes. The sun was so bright here! Almost brighter than Cinnabar.
"Woa- hey!" Lara squealed as a man in a hurry pushed her aside.
"That hurt!" She pouted sticking her tounge out at the man, having fell smack dab on her bottom, due to her small and spindly build.
Nightmare, having finished a well balanced meal, waddled up to Lara, liking his stubby hands as he sat beside her.
"I'm not sitting down for comfort." Lara said frustradely as Nightmare promptly ignored her.

January 31st, 2006, 5:41 PM
OOC: I'm guessing that means you understood the horrible pun, too =P
"Wait a second..." Jirae thought aloud. "Well, wait! If we survived whatever happened, surely our friends and family did too, right?" He said, hopefully. "As for where we are..hmm...Memory!" He called forth the Gardevoir from its Pokeball.
"Gar?" The Pokemon questioned.
"Memory, you read history books all the time...would you say we're in the past? Where are we?!" Jirae asked in a rather intimidating tone. The Gardevoir closed its eyes and began concentrating.
"Garr....Gar, gar, gardevoir gargar devoir gargar!" It exclaimed. It was obvious it knew, but unfortunately Jirae didn't understand a word it said.
"Agh..." Jirae said. "What was the point asking you, I can't understand Pokemon..."
OOC: Yoshiruru, I believe that's your cue =P. Memory has a rough idea of the time period and place, but Jirae can't understand her. You can understand Pokemon by their feelings or whatever, right?

January 31st, 2006, 5:58 PM
OOC: To an extent. As someone previously said (I'm too lazy to look it up) Pokemon speak in a type of morse code. Everyone speaks it differently, but I can understand my pokemon almost perfectly because it's a roleplay, and apparantly, I can do that. XD I should be able to roughly translate her speech, but for the sake of anti-perfectionism, It'll be a bit jumbled.

IC: Julian froze, his greeting arm extended, as he turned to the Gardevoir in pure, uncensored shock. He couldn't understand it flawlessly, as he'd never met her before, but the general message was clear. The boy stepped back, and turned to Jirae, speaking very slowly.

"She said that we're definetely in the past. She said that sometime during the 5th century, there was a newborn star that was born, and became known as the Polari Sanctum. She doesn't see it."
It was obvious that Jules was having trouble translating the pokemon's speech.
"Something else.. about the 4th.. region? What?" He seemed to not believe what the pokemon was saying.
"I..I'm sure she's saying more, but I can't.. I can't seem to grasp it. Something about so many signs.. and how we're stupid for not being able to tell, I'm paraphrasing here, but that's the general idea."

((OOC: If I may control your pokemon for a brief second, I'd be much obliged. If you wish it to be taken out, inform me. I'm just asking to make sure, it grinds some people's gears like crazy. And yes, I'm pulling these facts out of my *** as I go.))

IC: The Gardevoir Jirae had previously called Memory seemed to be pleased at the boy's translation. While far from perfect, he paraphrased rather well for a human. She nodded her approval, and began pointing up at the twilight sky. As she had said, there was no Polari Sanctum shining bright in the sky..

January 31st, 2006, 6:13 PM
OOC: Sure, no problem.
"So...we're in the 16th century or earlier?" Jirae responded. "Hmm, now that you think about it, I can definitely think of some 'signs' we haven't been paying full attention to..." He glanced back at the people in their weird clothes, lying on the ground. One of them had begun to get up, rubbing his eyes tiredly.
"I'm alive?" The young man said, opening his eyes. "The witches!" He exclaimed, scrambling backward and waking up some other people in the process.
"Lucky you, I'm rather upset at the moment." Jirae said to the awakening people. "Memory, Psychic." The Gardevoir thrusted it's hand outward, focusing its mind. A blast of psychic energy shot forth, which seemed to damage the people both mentally and physically. After just getting up, the people fell back to the ground, their limbs weak.
"Two plus two equals fish..." One man said in a confused daze.
"Memory, thanks for letting us know when we are...but have you any idea where we are?" Jirae asked his faithful Gardevoir. "Oh, and try and tell us so our friend here can understand."
"Gar." The Gardevoir shook its head.
"No? You don't know?" The Gardevoir shook its head again.

((OOC: And now I'm just gonna make your character say something, if that's alright...))

"No, she means that she doesn't want to tell me." Julian said. Memory shook her head to confirm this.
"Why not?" Jirae wondered.
"Gargar." Memory said.
"She wants to tell you." Julian translated. Once again, the Gardevoir shook her head in confirmation.
"M-me?" Jirae said, rather taken aback. "But I can't..."
"Gardevoir!" Memory exclaimed. It was obvious she was determined to get Jirae to listen to her.
"Agh...alright, I'll give it a shot..." Jirae said reluctantly.
"Gar, gardevoir, gargar?" It asked.
"Yes, I can hear you now..." Jirae replied, taking a while to realize what just happened. "Wait, woah! I can hear you now!"
"Yes, you can." Memory smiled. "All you needed to do was be willing to focus. Of course, my slight knowledge of human may have contributed a little, but it was mainly you."
"Alright." Jirae said, focused. "Where are we?"
"I haven't the slightest clue." Memory answered, sweatdropping.
"Y-you're kidding me, right?" Jirae asked.
"Nope. I'd need to survey the entire landscape from a much higher angle to be able to tell anything." Memory replied. "I have a decent knowledge of our time's geography, but things can change over spans of 400 years..."
"Wow..." Jirae said, looking to the sky. "I suppose the best option might be to try and find some other survivors, then? Any ideas...wait, I didn't get any of your names...I'm Jirae."

January 31st, 2006, 6:21 PM
"Greeeat, now we know we're back in time, still don't know where we are, and why these people think we're nutjobs when they're the ones who need to put the peices of their brain back together." Lara said standing up and brushing off her black pleated skirt "We've had fun discovering wecan understand our pokemon, but why are we here? Why US?!"
Lara was extremely angry. She liked order. With order came routine. With routine came knowing what was coming. With knowing what was coming came a sort of safety. But being thrown on a random island with total nutcases, totally blew that idea into the sky.
"I say we get away from these weirdo's before they try to stew us and eat us." Lara said shrugging as Nightmare went for the freshly new dreams.
<'I don't like these people. They creep me out the the total max.'> Sienna said from her pokeball.
<'Well put.'> Jet said snorting at the improper placement of her words.
"I say we find out what's going on. Or does you're Gardevoir know? I can't understand other peoples pokemon, just my own." Lara said to the boy in which the Gardevoir obviously belonged to.

OOC: I've been ignored! 8P

January 31st, 2006, 6:38 PM
I say we find out what's going on. Or does you're Gardevoir know?
Oh snap, did I just get owned? =P
Jirae sighed. "Don't you get it?" he rhetorically asked Lara. "Think about what he translated from my Gardevoir. Signs." He pointed to the buildings and the people. "Here, we are the freaks. Think about it. We're in the past. They haven't tamed Pokemon or invented Pokeballs yet. Why do you think they're calling them monsters? They probably haven't even coined the term Pokemon yet!" Memory nodded, agreeing with Jirae's suggestion.
"I agree with the incomprehensive one." Memory told Jirae. "We should be getting out of here. Say, could you let out Storm?"
"Sure thing." Jirae replied, releasing Storm from its Pokeball. Memory walked over to Storm and boarded. Jirae took her lead. "We'll be right back." He told the rest of the people, boarding Storm. Storm beated its mighty wings and flew up quite high. It circled the city grounds, giving Memory a good look at the landscape. It then flew back down to the group.
"I don't recognize this as Kanto, Johto, or Hoenn." Memory said. "Judging from the short distance to the coastline, I'd say it's not big enough to be any of them. Quite frankly, I don't think its even big enough to be Orre."
"So it's an island." Jirae deducted. "Couldn't it be Mossdeep or Sootopolis? Pacifidlog?"
"Nope. There's no bigger landform anywhere near here. We're in the middle of the ocean." Memory said. "Actually, that makes sense. The ship was about halfway between Kanto and Hoenn when it was hit. We might be in the same place, just a long time ago."
"Alright." Jirae said. "Memory says that she's pretty sure we're in the middle of the ocean, right where the boat was when it sank, on an island that existed here during this time period. So now we know where and when we are...but why?"

January 31st, 2006, 7:04 PM
Julian was so confused, that he went temporarily insane, and began to speak as fast as he could.

"Well, it could have been many many things, one such possibilty is that the tentacruel rammed the ship with such force that the impact caused a rip in the space time continuum, taking those who were not on the ship at the time into the past, or possibly there could have been a rip already previously there, and the tentacruels sensitive tentacles felt the vibrations and took it as an enemy, or perhaps..."

At this point, Flash took the liberty of "mistakenly" hypnotising Julian, and he fell to the ground, snoring loudly.

"Obviously, the shock of the whole situation had caved in on his mind, and he went temporarily insane, although from what I know about human science fiction, those answers may be plausible."
The Crobat explained in a monotone to the Gardevoir, who relayed the message to Jirae. "His name is Julian, as well. Thought you might like to know." the bat-like pokemon noted.

"If you may translate for us, Lady Memory, I'd like to introduce my friends."

At this point, Flash reached with one of it's bottom "feet" and released his comrades, who immediately referred to an attack position. The crobat explained the situation, and the team of friends relaxed. Each team member took time to introduce oneself, which the Gardevoir reverted to her master, who explained to the rest of the group, as Julian continued to snore on the ground.

Each member of the team introduced itself by way of Jirae, and when it was finally Lash's turn to introduce himself, he wasted no time in attempting to serenade the beautiful Gardevoir before him, before any of his team-mates could stop him.

"Your fiery eyes.. like a million burning suns in the summer of Cinnabar... Your magical emerald locks, dazzling in the moonlight like fiesty fairies..."

He could continue no further before he was subdued and returned to his Pokeball by his team-mates.

Like, total EDIT!
(OOC: Naoko - Lash is the Sneasel. Slash is the Sandslash. Kinda hard to remember, but I couldn't think of any other words that ended in "Ash" XD)

January 31st, 2006, 7:34 PM
"I don't care if we're the freaks here," Lara said to the boy "What matters to me, is that they're freaks to me, and getting off this island is another top priority."
Nightmare laughed with Shade, who was still confined within his pokeball at the Sandslash's attempt to court the Gardevoir.
<'Woah there she's a little to high on the IQ status for you mate!'> Nightmare laughed, tears of mirth falling from his eyes.
"Sorry about my pokemon they're rather annoying." Lara said returning the laughing Gengar.
<'I object to that rational generalization!'> Jet said in his refined tones.
"Oh alright, the two of them are rather annoying." Lara rephrased "But I have to say that I think that why are we the only ones on the actual island? What about all the other people on the boat? Were they transferred to a different time zone?"

January 31st, 2006, 7:41 PM
Bridget watched as the situation unfolded, wisely keeping quiet; sure, she'd found fellow 21st-century inhabitants, but could she trust them? Hardly. She hadn't missed the boy's expression when he'd given her a once-over; she wasn't Psychic like the Gardevoir, but she could tell a hormone-driven male when she saw one, female intuition willing. Besides, he was, what? Fourteen, tops? She was disinclined to share personal information, for now.

The various hypotheses being thrown into the air were interesting, but seemed hardly plausible. Rift in the time-space continuum? Right. Eithne, sitting on her trainer's shoulder, dutifully translated the pokemon's speech; as they all came from different regions, the sequences they used to communicate were slightly different, choppier in places and smooth in others, like Deirdre's own 'southern drawl', or the pokemon equivalent.

"I agree with the girl," she spoke after Lara, "getting out of here should be top on our list. It would be only logical to assume we're here for a reason, if this is the work of a higher power, like, say, Celebi. But as for what that reason is, I'm at a loss."

"Maybe you're all on a mission!" Eithne declared, wagging her tails excitedly. "Ooooh, this should be fun then!"

"Sure, Eithne, if getting tried and executed as a witch is your idea of fun..." Bridget muttered, shaking her head. "The other people on the boat..." she swallowed, "I figure it's safe to assume they're dead...but then again, I don't know how this whole time-traveling business works. They could be in limbo while we're here or something."

January 31st, 2006, 7:55 PM
"I dunno? Maybe they were all scattered across this strange land?" said Kiro outloud, unknowingly. He then walked over to the girl to flirt with her. Even though he had no chance, he tried hard anyway.

"Well, HELLO there! How are you doing? How about when we get rescued we have dinner sometime?" he asked her, a romantic lok on his face.

His Flareon Ember merely sighed in exasperation and laughed inside his head.

{Well, he is such a fool! If she becomes his girlfriend, then he won't have time for me!} thought the riled up Flareon, with a jealous look on her face.....

February 1st, 2006, 2:56 AM
OOC: Another headache...I've got to come on more often


I looked around at the ground, where the guard now lay. Their armour hd been no match for Golem's rough and tough fists, and feet, and they were all knocked unconcsious. One was ppooling blood a bit, but then who asked him to get into the way when Golem was breaking down the wall. I had to look away when Golem's fist had connected with his face, sending him soaring.

"Come on, Golem. I think that it's best that you stay out of your pok-ball. People here seem to fear Pokmon, and with you here, they can't possibly think of attacking us."

Golem grunted, and we walked through the rubble that had once been the wall, and were met with an unplesant sight. Standing in a complete semi-circle aroumd Golem and me, were the inhabitants of this small town. They were all dressed in old fashioned clothes, and seemed to eye Golem warily. Held in most of their hands were pitchforks, sharp enough to poke a hole through the thickest piles of straw, but was it sharp enough to pierce Golem?

"You! Our town hath not allowed any of thy kin to break in. We shall not allow thee and thy companions to scare us," screamed an old lady, with a red dress, and a white headdress.

My companions? Maybe there are more like me from the S.S.Elixer! I thought, my heart leaping. I would finally be with people I could communicate with.

I decided to play along with me role of a witch.

"Do thee really think that thee an stop me with my servants? Get them oh Master of Earth!" I yelled.

Golem gave me one of those looks that plainly said "I'll get you back for this!", and he ran full speed at one of the people.

The person placed his pitchfork out to stop Golem, but Golem rammed through, and the person just managed to jump out of the way. Having done so, Golem had created an escape route for me. I ran as fast as I could, though the ga between the people, and after Golem, who was now barrelling down the street, creating a perfect pathway for me. People threw buckets, and other such things at me from windows, but I kept running. How I wish I had a flying Pokmon.

I turned a corner, and almost ran straight into an odd purple flying creature. As I stepped back, I realised that me Golem had also stopped, and we were both staring up at a Crobat.

I looked down, and saw Pokmon Trainers. They had pok-belts! Finally!

Juan Jr
February 1st, 2006, 3:18 AM
im in
Purple Eyes,light green hair,a secret about my character will be realveled later on
Ni'oske' travels alone most of the time but wen his wif others his very silent and look kinda dead the same wen alone
Ni'oske" family has no mother as his mother died wen he was a baby he has a sister who is a white mage
his dad is a well known elf being a legendary swordsman wif the elven blade of Sargaras
he wears a robes made of pure sun energy and crystalised power

Juan Jr
February 1st, 2006, 3:22 AM
omg i forget 2 show my rpg lol

Ni"oske' Walked th the palace window shocked at wwhat he had just heard that his father had died in combat against an orcish horde hi vowed 2 get his revenge 4 his father his sister walked up 2 him "r u alright?" she asked
he look at his sister and started crying thats all i have time 4 my dads tight real tight

February 1st, 2006, 3:25 AM
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February 1st, 2006, 6:04 AM
Sorry, Juan Jr. You're not even Rping in the same style. You didn't follow the sign-up sheet, your rp sample leaves a lot to be desired, your grammar and spelling is almost non-existant, and this is a Pokemon RP, not a Fantasy. Did you even read the storyline?

Not Accepted.

February 1st, 2006, 12:35 PM
Sorry, Juan Jr. You're not even Rping in the same style. You didn't follow the sign-up sheet, your rp sample leaves a lot to be desired, your grammar and spelling is almost non-existant, and this is a Pokemon RP, not a Fantasy. Did you even read the storyline?

Not Accepted.

OOC: I think the funniest part is that that was a signup for My RP...XD Look at it. Elf Naturalist? What other RP would it be for? Oh, and as a side note, my RP is starting, since I know some of you (yoshiruru and jack) are also in my RP...
"Quit complaining." Jirae said to the girl who kept whining about getting out of here. "This isn't going to be a problem. It's going to be fun as hell." He surveyed the wreckage the Pokemon had already caused. "If we play this witch card right, we could end up dominating this time period. And better yet...changing history." A somewhat evil looking glare was in his eye as he thought about this concept. Suddenly, yet another person ran in, a Golem at their side.
"They just keep popping up, don't they?" Memory said in a low voice, directed at Jirae.
"Indeed. It's getting rather annoying." Jirae replied in an equally low voice. Confident that everyone here was only concentrated on getting home, he boarded Storm and returned Memory to her Pokeball.
"I'm going to scout out around the area. Come find me if you figure out anything new." He said. With that, Storm took off, flying over the city walls.
OOC: Jirae begins to show his dark side...dun, dun, DUN! Also, heads up, Jirae may be using the word 'hell' quite a bit. What're ratings for, eh?

February 1st, 2006, 3:23 PM
Lara glared at the boy staring up in the sky, and glanced at Nightmare's pokeball, the pokemon in question was rather content at the moment.
"Stuck-up." She mumbled to him as Nightmare nodded earnestly within his pokeball.
"HAVE FUN TAKING OVER THE WORLD! I'LL BE RIGHT BEHIND YOU!" Lara yelled up at the boy, she coughed twice afterwards, as she wasn't always yelling that loudly, due to her usual loss of voice.
"Whatever you're name is." She mumbled afterwards.
"If there's a reason why we're here, I suggest we look for it." Lara said, placing her hands on her hips "And ignore these crazy weirdo's for now, as maybe that reason can help us finish whatever we were sent here to do as our hypothesis have come up with, and get home faster."

February 1st, 2006, 8:07 PM
Julian slowly awoke from his daze, his head throbbing. He sat up groggily, and moaned.

"Uhhn.. Flash, what happened?" The bat smiled (Or the best smile a bat pokemon can make) and shook his head.

"Er, nothing. You passed out." The boy slowly stood up, and looked around him. The night shade that he had set was beginning to wear off, but people were still snoring. The city was still eerily quiet, and to tell the truth, it was the same as he had left it when he had 'passed out.' Except for one thing.

"Hey, where's that guy.. with the Gardevoir.. and the Flygon.." he mumbled, still trying to struggle through the effects of the sleep. The crobat looked up at the sky.

"I dunno, I wasn't paying attention." Julian sweatdropped, and asked again. "Are you sure?" he queried, his eyebrow raised.

"Yeah, bro. I'm sure. He just bolted off saying something about witches or something. He's off his rocker, man." Flash sighed.

"I introduced everyone, to save you the trouble." The pokemon fluttered to it's Pokeball, and without another word, engaged the mechanism that relinquished the pokemon into it's cozy depths. The others followed suit, one by one, returning to their Pokeballs. The boy gathered his pokeballs, returned them to his belt, and looked around at his human companions.

"So, who are you guys?" He muttered, not wanting to look stupid.

February 1st, 2006, 9:23 PM
Bree sighed and ran a hand over her face; getting angry wasn't going to help her situation. But still, if she had to be stuck in the past with a bunch of people, why did they have to be morons? She didn't even deign answer the boy making puppy-faces at her, getting increasingly annoyed; only the other girl seemed to have a head on her shoulders...figures.

"Calm down. They're all just as tired and frustrated as you are." Eithne quipped, nuzzling her trainer's cheek gently. Bree nodded, giving the Vulpix a feather-light kiss by her ear. Ticklish, the little fox giggled and scampered to Bree's other shoulder.

"I'm Bridget," the girl finally volunteered, stepping forward. "I've got four pokemon on me: Eithne here," she patted the fox's head, "along with Saoirse the Skarmory, Mairead the Milotic, and Deirdre the Nidorina. That's about it. I, for one, think we should all put our heads together--Flygon-boy or not--and come up with a decent plan of action. Staying out here in the middle of the street, at the scene of the crime so to speak, isn't helping. A mob is going to come after us if we're not careful, and despite all our pokemon's strength, if we're outnumbered, we're outnumbered, and that'll be the end of that."

February 2nd, 2006, 5:35 AM
OOC: Haha, that's right, they still don't know Jirae's name =P. Woohoo.
Anyways, I think I'm gonna play off the sword bird concept that Arach(was it arach?) came up with a while ago.
"Morons." Jirae said to himself, his arms crossed, as Storm flew around a field. "They don't realize the positives of the situation."
"Maybe you're just not realizing the negatives?" Storm suggested.
"Nonsense." Jirae replied. "You know as well as I do that we have to potential to take over this technologically inept time period."
"Maybe..." Storm replied, a concerned look on her face. "Hey, look, what's that?" She asked, looking down at a clearing.
"Looks like a whole bunch of people and some gray thing." Jirae replied. "Let's go in for a better look."
"Alright, but be careful, these people might know you." The loyal Flygon reminded. She flew down closer to the scene to reveal people with swords attacking a Skarmory.
"Give up peacefully, Sword-Bird!" Said one of the men. "Just give us your feathers!"
"Skarrr!" The Skarmory replied, batting some people away with its wing.
"Are you mad, man?" Another swordsman asked. "We don't need just its feathers. Look at my armor."
"It's made of this thing's body?" Another man asked while swinging at the Skarmory.
"Yes. And the beaks make excellent daggers." Replied the armor-clad man. "Every part of these birds can be used for armor or weaponry. We must kill it." The Skarmory continued fighting back, its sharp beak, tail, and wings wounding many people.
"Should we help them?" Storm asked.
"I dunno...the one in the armor looks familiar." Jirae replied. "I say we barbeque the people."
"If you say so..." Storm said, reluctantly. She flew over the people's heads and let loose a mighty dragonbreath.
"THE WITCH!!!" The armored man yelled in pure terror. "Everybody, RUN!" People began fleeing the scene, and the Skarmory began chasing them. The dragonbreath hit several trees, but all the people managed to escape.
"They got away...ah well." Jirae said. "We can always get them another day." The Flygon showed a hesitant expression on its face.
"Maybe we should fly back to the city now?" She suggested.
"No. We should explore a little more first." Jirae replied. "Let's fly that way now." He pointed somewhere in the distance.
"Alright..." Storm said, beating her wings and taking off.

February 2nd, 2006, 6:09 AM

I looked at the boy with the Crobat. he seemed to automatically take the initiative, and start a conversation with everyone. Asking someone their name wasn't the most polite question that one could ask, but it was desperate times, and we needed to act fast.

After the girl called Bridget introduced herself, I decided to be next.

"Hello. Call me Eliadon. It's an odd name, but one that I treasure almost as much as my Pokmon. This here is Golem, while I also have a Typhlosion, a Victribell, a Tyrogue, a Poliwhirl, and a Pidgeot...hey! I forgot that Pidgeot was with me. I thought that Professor still had it. Cool."

I stopped, thinking that I had gone too far, and said too much, but at least they knew who I was.

"Who was that kid with a Flygon that just flew off?" I asked.

February 2nd, 2006, 2:50 PM
"I know his name!" Lara said sarcastically "Mr. I'm too good for ya'll so I'm gonna go solo." She rolled her eyes and folded her arms.

"I'm Lara, and this is my crazy pokemon team." Lara said letting the respective pokemon out of their pokeball as their name was called "Shade, and Nightmare, whom you've already met, Sienna, Dash, and Jet."

<'Hey I missed a spot.'> Nightmare said waddling over to the farthest pile of resting people.

<'And I missed a few people!'> Shade said catching sight of the group of people standing within the vicinity of sleeping weirdo's.

"Don't Shade, not now. Maybe later." Lara said exhasperatedly as Shade sat down with a pout "Now I say we cross our fingers and hope that that guy doesn't do something stupid, and all that good stuff, while we find out the rest about this island. I doubt we'll be getting any info from the natives, as we're obviously witch doctors."

February 3rd, 2006, 8:44 PM
Julian shook his head.

"I think he said he name was Juror eye.. or something." The boy stared at the primitive citizens, and after a few moments, his gaze shifted from the snoring people to the girl.. what was her name? Lara? He looked at her for a second, and then slowly spoke.

"Your Gengar ate their dreams, and now they're starting to wake up, and foolo's Gardevoir is gone.. so we should high-tail it before it gets too late." he said, motioning to the setting in the west.

"We can't stay in the city until we find out at least what's going on. Everyone thinks we're witches, so until we can find a way to mask our.. witchiness.." he made quotations with his hands as he said this.

"...then we're going to have to lay low. Now, I'm no genius, but I think it'd be a pretty good idea to stay together. For any of you who have solo issues.." he pointed at the boy flying around on his Flygon.

"...I reccomend that you leave them at the door." He crossed his arms, and moved a bit of his shiny red hair out of his eyes; a serious expression darkening his usually bright face as the sun set lower and lower onto the horizon.

February 4th, 2006, 4:37 AM

Something that never often happens, just happened right now. As I heard Lara give us a sarcastic remark on the boy with the Flygon, a grin crawled up my face. She had actually made me laugh. A great accomplishment if you ask my grandmother...

I looked up at Julian.

"Yeah. I don't really have any 'solo quests' as such. The only thing I want is to get off this ****ing island, and back to civilization, so I'm with you guys all the way. My Pidgeot would be glad to fly one more person, including me, away from here for someone who doesn't have a steed."

I recalled Golem as the citizens around me began to wake up, and hid my pok-belt in my bag. Not that that would have much effect anyway...

February 5th, 2006, 7:15 PM
"Well, better get going before we've got pitchforks and torches thrown at us." Lara said shrugging and calling out her Rapidash "Let's go Dash!"

<'And out to Civilization we go!'> Dash called triumphantly.

"We'll meet back on the beach is that okay?" Lara asked as she brushed dark strands of hair from her face "If Mister too high on his throne comes back, tell him to meet on the beach!" Lara said to the groggy people sarcastically as she let Dash gallop to the sandy beaches.

OOC: Short, but we need to get along with this.

February 6th, 2006, 5:13 AM
OOC: O.o


Technically speaking, that was not the smartest thing that Lara could have done. The villagers had just been nder the influence of a Night Shade, and they may have believed that our Pokmon were just a dream, but Lara had to call out her Rapidash. And after talking sarcastically about the boy with the Flygon just minutes earlier. Did anyone around here realize the danger of the situation that we're in?

"Listen, Julian, you prbably understand that if we call out our Pokmon in full view of these people, they're bound to chase after us again. if we calmly try to blend in, like some acting troupe, or something, we might just pass it off without getting burnt to the crisp," I whispered, leaning over to Julian, trying not to seem as if I was talking to him. Already the groggy vilagers were looking off in the direction that Lara had run off. "Then again, Miss Lara does have a point."

I quickly pulled out Pidgeot's pok-ball, and threw it into the air. The minute I had made this action, the villagers were upon us, trying to grab at us. Quickly, I jumped onto Pidgeot's back, and she flapped her wings three times, and soon we were soaring above a small battle field.

"Quickly, Pidgeot, use Whirlwind!"

February 6th, 2006, 4:18 PM
OOC: I thought they were still half-asleep...0_0??

February 6th, 2006, 4:30 PM
OOC: Wow. I haven't posted in this one in a while. Neglecting my own RP... that's a serious offence.

IC: Julian growled viciously.

"Bastard...!" He watched as the Pidgeot soared into the sky. That guy had just used him as bait to get away! Julian ran in the general direction of the pidgeot, not caring about the people he was leaving behind him. He ran for what seemed to be a mile, avoiding the mob closing in on him. Julian grew tired, and reached for his pokebelt to release Flash once more, when a large beefy man with arms the size of tree trunks grabbed him around the waist and lifted him high into the air.

The boy screamed, and kicked viciously, although the blows to the behemoth seemed to do nothing. He eventually gave up struggling, and a tall man with a frail complexure ripped Julian's pokebelt off of his trousers.

"I've got it! I've got the source of his power!" The man cried, holding the object up for all to see. The crowd cheered and applauded, and began to carry Julian off into the town, with men, women, and children alike, applauding and cheering for the bravery of the two men wo apprehended the witch. As they took him back into the depths of the town, nearly immobilized by the goliath of a man who was carrying him, Julian got nervous.

"This is like, what.. 14th century, right?"

He recalled to himself. The times of witches, and such things.. witches! He reminisced of his sophomore history class, when he learned of the penalty of supposed witchcraft.. to be burned at the stake!! This fact hit Julian in the face like a ice cold blade. He screamed, and began to writhe and struggle once more, but his captor squeezed him tightly, and the boy fainted.

February 6th, 2006, 5:18 PM
OOC: Well, I didn't post lately because I couldn't think of anything, but I got an idea from Yoshiruru's last post ^^.
"Hmm...should we help the boy?" Jirae asked Storm as he watched the scene from behind a clocktower.
"Do you even need to ask that question?" Storm asked, sweatdropping.
"True. They have been quite some entertainment." Jirae replied. "Then again, I have always wanted to see an old-fashioned execution..."
"You're kidding me, right?" Storm asked.
"Yeah, yeah, just messin' with ya." Jirae replied. "I suppose we can go rescue him now." Storm swooped down into the city, claws outstretched.
"Go, Gusty!" Jirae exclaimed, releasing Gusty from its Pokeball. Storm reached down and grabbed Julian, as Gusty began flapping its wings at the people.
"The assassin witch!" One of the people exclaimed, pointing to the Flygon.
"Sweelllooww!" Gusty exclaimed, beating its wings at the man who had taken Julian's Pokebelt.
"Get away from me! I'm warning you!" The man shouted, holding up his hands in defense. Unfortunately for the man, his hands didn't offer very much defense, and the Swellow snatched the Pokebelt back from him.
"Good job Gusty! Bring the belt back!" Jirae yelled from atop Storm.
"Be right there!" Gusty replied, starting to fly towards Jirae only to be grabbed by the tailfeathers.
"Hold it down!" A man in armor exclaimed as other people began dragging the bird to the ground.
"Should we torch it, sir?" Asked a man with a torch.
"No. Contain it for now." The armored man replied, and people began to carry the Swellow off.
"Gusty!" Jirae exclaimed. "Storm, let's go rescue her!"
"I'd be worrying about yourself if I were you!" A deep voice came from behind him. A group of men in armor jumped onto Storm, weighing it down. The Flygon tried to shake them off, but there were so many of them that the attempt failed.
"What? What's going on?!" Jirae shouted, looking around. A man with a sword jumped onto the Flygon's back, holding his sword up to Jirae's throat.
"Time to die, witches. As much as the citizens would love to see a public execution, you're too dangerous to be left alive." The man said.
"I choose you --" Jirae began.
"I don't think so." The man said, slashing Jirae's belt off before he could reach for a Pokeball. The belt fell to the ground and was picked up by some villagers.
"Well...this kinda sucks." Jirae said as he backed up into Julian and stumbled, falling down onto Storm's skin. The man's sword was above Jirae's neck, ready to slash.
OOC: If saving you and sweeping you onto Storm seems like too much character control, just let me know.

February 6th, 2006, 8:11 PM
On first impulse, Eithne had been the one to try and defend her trainer; however, it quickly became apparent the little Vulpix was outnumbered by the mob. Recalling her would be stupid, as that would leave Bridget unprotected. However, the crowd was tightening around her; if she called out Saoirse now, people would get seriously injured by the Skarmory's sharp metal body. Thinking fast, she made a quick grab.

"Mairead! Encircle me!"

The Milotic did as she was told, and at 21 feet of length, took up most of the alleyway with her sheer mass. People were pushed aside by the gigantic creature, who loomed over them with everything but kindness in her usually soft eyes.

Bridget, safe within the Milotic's coils, recalled Eithne and climbed onto May's head, where she was out of range from the torches and pitchforks.

"Water sport, May!"

The Milotic's body began to secrete a substance slightly thicker and slicker than water, becoming wet with it; this would protect her from the torches, and, to a certain extent, the forks and knives.

Safe on her perch, Bridget finally noticed the real trouble: namely, Julian being pulled into the town's entrails, and Jirae swoopng down to help. Mairead slithered after them, leaving a wet trail as she went. Finally they stopped, not because they'd gotten close enough, but because the crowd was making an impenetrable human wall.

With a frustrated sigh, Bree pointed at the man's raised sword, pointed towards Jirae's throat. Water Pulse might've been useful, if the target area didn't have her "allies" in it. She briefly thought of using Surf to wash the horde into disarray, but that could prove potentially dangerous, if the boys' pokebelts got lost in the melee...

"Mairead, Water Gun!"

May reacted with her usual split-second compliance, sending a powerful jet of water towards the warrior threatening the young men. Beneath her, she heard gasps of terror from the crowd as water rained over them as it made its way.

Shaken by the backswing of May's head, Bree had ot collect herself before she called out Saoirse. The Skarmory took one look at the situation and deadpanned, staying aloft on the firelit air:

"How do you get yourself into these messes?"


OOC: woo, strategy. xD

February 6th, 2006, 8:16 PM
(OOC: Im sorry, but this is just moving to fast, I am sorry, but I must leave, it is too much for me to handle...Again, I apologize...T__T...)

February 9th, 2006, 4:35 AM

Pidgeot refused to summon up its most powerful attack to blow away the civillians. Instead, she wheeled around in the air for a while, waiting and watching the scene bellow. No matter how much I yelled and screamed at her, she would not comply, and instead, I gave up that task, and chanced a glance down. I nearly strangled myself.

Both Julian and the Flygon boy were standing there, with their necks pressed against cool and sharp blades. I gulped. What was I supposed to do. I couldn't attack without risking hurting the two friends. Unless...

"Go Tyrogue!"

Tyrogue materialized on Pidgeot's back, and she dropped a few inches before regaining her composture. I quickly explained my plan to Tyrogue and Pidgeot, and they both agreed.

Pidgeot flew lower and lower, until tyrogue jumped off her back, landing silently a way away from the crowd in shadows. After that, Pidgeot purposely flew straight at a man, and rammed into him. Immediately we were surroundined. My only hope was that tyrogue didn't fail us...

February 9th, 2006, 3:02 PM
"Where are those fools?" Lara muttered to herself as she leaned against Dash "It doesn't take this long to get to a beach. Nightmare go see what those guys are up to now!" She tossed up his great ball and he emerged lazy and content on the sandy beaches "Go!"

<Alright Alright...> Nightmare muttered as he lazily levitated into the air and used his keen eyesight to check on the other humans <Seems they've gotten captured by these primitive apes.>

"Oh god." Lara said rolling her eyes as Dash snorted, shaking her head "Well better give them some bail, before they lose their heads. Literally."

<Another dudes helpin' em' out as it looks...> Nightmare said, starting to droop in the air <Doesn't look...too...> And with that he fell on the sand, snoring peacefully.

"Useless." Lara muttered as she climbed back onto Dash "Get me far enough from the town square to go unnoticed, but close enough for me to get near." She said as Dash let herself run as fast as she could to the square.

"Return." Lara murmured as all the pokemon of hers out of their pokeballs disappeared into their balls. She quickly sneaked into a good hiding spot and watched the dispute, the fight with the boy and the villagers, and the mr. mighty and Julian at the burning post, or whatever you wanted to call it. She'd stay out for now, because for sure she'd break a bone trying to help out, and that'd cause a little more trouble then was needed.

February 9th, 2006, 3:58 PM
OOC: Little bit of character control, if thats ok with you, Yoshiruru.
"Well, it seems that our friends are trying to help." Jirae said to Julian, observing the actions of the other Pokemon. "It's a shame, really, that I don't need their help."
"What are you babbling about?!" The man with the sword asked, repositioning his blade.
"Your math needs a little work." Jirae smirked. "Care to guess how many magic devices were on that belt of mine?"
"Does it matter?" The man asked. "You're dead either way."
"Honestly, sir, I beg to differ...Storm, return!" Jirae exclaimed. He revealed Storm's Pokeball, concealed in his sleeve, and the recalled the Flygon-the Flygon that they were standing on. Jirae, Julian, and the man with the sword began falling to the ground, along with the footsoldiers that had been holding Storm down.
"You idiot!" Julian exclaimed. "We're going to be killed!"
"Hardly." Jirae replied. "Storm!" Almost as quick as he had returned the Flygon, he released it again, grabbing onto its tail with one hand and Julian's hand with the other.
"Gah!" The man with the sword shouted, hitting the ground along with all the footsoldiers. A large rattling of armor was heard, as villagers backed up in shock and fear.
"Now, to find those Pokebelts..." Jirae said, hoisting himself and Julian up onto Storm's back.
Wasn't really much else for me to RP in that situation...=P

February 9th, 2006, 8:26 PM
OOC: I think in any RP, a slight bit of character control is required, especially in a situation like this.

IC: Julian screamed as he fell from the recalled flygon's back.

"You idiot!" He bellowed.

"You're going to us killed..!!" Before he knew it, however, he was seated back on the flygon, minus one large captor.

"Never mind." He mumbled.

"Now, about those Pokebelts." His rescuer reminded him. Julian looked hard for a moment.

"I think I see the guy who took 'em!" he tried to say over the roaring crowd and rushing air surrounding them. Julian looked down into the crowd of people.

It was pandamonium. People punching random people, women screaming in mirth, grabbing people who even looked anything (or nothing) like the "witches." He kept his eye on the tall gangling man carrying the "Magic belts." He formulatied a makeshift plan in his head, and prepared to dive for the belts. He leaped off the flying pokemon, and landed square on the man carrying his pokebelts. However, his unthoughtout plan backfired, and he was brought down with the falling man as well. Before he knew it, more men were upon him. He had the belts in his hand.. but which one was his? He tossed both belts into the air, hoping the flygon circling above would catch them. As he tossed the magical objects of salvation into the air, he was tackled by a large black man, and swept underneath the raving rioters.

February 9th, 2006, 11:58 PM
Seeing Julian being pulled under the crowd, Bridget wasted no time in coming up with an idea. Transferring herself from May's head to Saoirse's back, she ordered her Milotic into the fray.

"May, get in there and make them move!"

All in all, she thought, it wasn't unlike being in a moshpit, only nobody was out to kill you when you were moshing...at least, not intentionally.

Mairead slithered into the crowd, using her head and tail and weight to shove people aside, or even pluck them from the ground; a dogpile was quickly forming over Julian, so she had to quickly yank bodies off the mountain before the boy--and anyone on the bottom, really--suffocated.

"Flygon-boy!" Bree shouted, as Saoirse aproached Storm. The Flygon had effectively retrieved the belts, which dangled limply from her powerful claws. A perfect split-second swoop; the creature obviously had magnificent reflexes.

"Do you have any pokemon that's efficient in crowd control?"

Because Mairead, as well-intentionned as she was, could only remove one person at a time, and people were leaping into the writhing human mass three, four at a time. Julian didn't have very long unless they came up with something.

OOC: Character control, sorry BT--but at least I made Storm look good. n_n

February 10th, 2006, 12:22 PM
OOC: Yes, yes you did.
And now to make another of my Pokemon look good.
"This'll be fun." Jirae said, picking the belts out of Storm's hands. He examined them to see who's belt was who's and strapped the belt with a full 6 Pokeballs around Storm's arm, wrapping the 5 pokeball belt around his waist.
"Memory! Let's teach these fools a lesson!" Jirae exclaimed, throwing Memory's Pokeball into the air.
"Do I even want to know how this started?" The Gardevoir asked in a tone that said 'You're an idiot', as she watched the people below scrambling around.
"Not really." Jirae replied. "But I know how it's going to end. Psychic!" Memory floated above Storm's head and began concentrating, lifting her hands to her own head. A wave of visible psychic energy blasted forth from her forehead, directed right at the crowd on top of Julian. People started shooting away from the boy in all directions.
"What are you doing? You'll hurt him, too!" Jirae exclaimed.
"No, I won't..." Memory replied, frustrated that she had to explain everything to most humans, even her owner. "I measured the density of the mass and accurately predicted and gauged my attack so that it would not effect the boy. And look, it worked." She pointed to the ground, where Julian was starting to get up, men lying on the ground all around him.
"Here you go." Jirae said, throwing Julian's Pokebelt to him.
OOC: I figure psychic can probably be used in multiple ways, and this demonstrated a more unusual one of them.

February 10th, 2006, 1:36 PM
Name - Jack

Age - 14

Sex - Male

Description - Short boy with thick brown flat hair. Baby blue eyes and wears a red bandana. Wears a white long sleeved shirt with grey vertical stripes. Torn blue jeans and black sneakers. Wears blue gloves.

Personality - Jack is generally kind and helpful, but not much common sense. Still needs to understand responibility. Enjoys silence and peace more than anything. Very active, but can get in trouble quick.

Pokemon Team -


Shedinja was the first Pokemon Jack found. It led him out of a midnight forest Jack had wandered into. Shedinja is always out of the Pokeball and very skilled at attacks. Jack hates it when it faints from the 1 HP alignment it has.


Jack found Sudowoodo at the Battle Frontier he and his family had taken a holiday to. Sudowoodo is quick to anger and never thinks ahead, but loves fihgting and is therefore the strongest member of the party.


Found in the Safari Zone on one of Jack's trips, Blissey is always willing to lend helping hand...and some scrambled eggs should Jack be hungry. She has an amazing sense of humour.

History - Jack reached his fourteenth birthday and left home for adventure. For his birthday, he was given the ticket to board the S.S. Elixer and headed straight there with his Pokemon. Reaching the port, Jack met another boy named Mark who had a Pichu, Miltank and Torkoal. They ventured around the ship, marvelling at the Pokemon they saw. They went to bed early. Jack woke up alone on the island, with only his Pokemon. He decided to make the most of the situation and check out the island...

RP Sample - Jack stared into the sliver mist of the forest floor. The twisted trees and plants obscured the moonlight and left only patches of white in the forest. Jack looked in all directions, but all that he could see was more plants. The stars shivered in the sky, somewhat afraid of the creepy wood, intimidating them. Jack sat down and cried. He cried for what seemed like forever until he felt time was suspended. He then looked up and saw a small object floating towards him. He stared at it as it approached to him like a magnet. It was a Shedinja, just floating there and looked at him through it's large eyes. It shifted towards the west, and Jack realised it was guiding him away from this prison of fog and darkness. He folllowed the Shedinja, as it travelled across the leaf-littered ground...

Is it right this time PLEASE say it is right this time!

February 10th, 2006, 1:39 PM

I'm not the head of the RP, but I can tell you this much; you might want to spell Shedinja right.

February 10th, 2006, 2:55 PM
OOC: I'm adding a pokemon to her group if that's alright. And, Please tell me if my post seems too god-moddish. I get the feeling it does seem like that...

Lara laughed softly and enlarged a pokeball as she crouched in the shadows, watching the absolute chaos.

"Have fun with this one..." She said sneering at the crowd of people. She took out Nightmare's greatball as well, and let him out quietly, and he instantly disappeared, invisible to human eyes. Standing up abruptly from her hiding place she threw the ultra ball into the crowd with amazing force for such a frail body, succeeding in knocking out one villager she'd hit square in the head.

The ultra ball revealed her latest pokemon, a pokemon she'd caught just days before boarding the ship that would lead to this terrible nightmare. With one roar that rattled her bones, a thick purple slime fell upon many of the villagers, encasing them in poisonous, foul-smelling goo.

"Muk!" Lara called with a smirk on her face "Use Sludge bomb, but make sure you miss the normal looking people!" She snapped her fingers to signal her Muk to let the attack cause havoc within the crowds.

And boy did it happen. The poisonous and rancid smelling goo that Muk hurled from it's mouth was one substance that would naturally be avoided at all costs. The spot where the suldge landed was almost entirely clear by the time it made impact. But there wasn't much to worry about for Muk and Lara, as she requested a Sludge Bomb from her pokemon, and immediatly it complied. Muk tossed it well in the middle of the chaos, and naturally it would've hit the 21st century humans, But the purple slime simply slid off of the shields emitted by Gengar's Protect attack.

But it seemed as though the amount of villagers would never end, although, Lara reasoned, Muk's attack didn't really do anything except cause people to move away, as Muk hadn't had any toxic waste for dinner lately, and the poison was near non-existant, but it still gave the others more room to attack freely. Besides, with Gengar casting hypnosis for another nice after dinner snack, and many villagers falling asleep, it wasn't too bad.

February 10th, 2006, 5:26 PM
Julian stood groggily, still numb from the pile of people that tried to hold him down. He looked at his tattered clothes wearily, and his scraped up arms, his busted lip, and his black eye. His arm felt like it was about to break..

"This is it.." he said quietly.

"Now or never!" He stood to his full height, and caught the pokebelt thrown to him. He quickly fastened it around his waist, and plucked two pokeballs from it's rack, and tossed them to the ground. A bright light erupted from the spheres, and there stood Slash and Clash, fully ready for battle. Wth a solemn look in his eyes, Julian bellowed with such force that he had never exerted before, that everyone was stunned for a brief second.

"Let's do it!"

And they did. The 3 friends rushed into battle, and began battling foes mercilessly. The medicham closed her eyes, and began concentrating intensely. She used her psychic powers to bring a group of people close to her, and delivered a stunning mega kick blasting them into a wall, which cracked, and crumbled into a smoldering pile of rubble.

Sandslash on the other hand, took a less direct approach. With his taunt abililty, he lured a bunch of people into a small square.

"Earthquake!" The pokemon loudly exclaimed, and a horrible rumble brought the attackers to their knees, and a large fissure erupted throughout the ground, casting the malevolent villagers into a crevice leading deep into the earth. At this point, Julian looked up, and faltered, a gargantuan sludge bomb headed straight for him. He knew the devastating destructive power of a sludge bomb, especially one from a Muk. He braced himself for the impact, but the acidic sludge never reached him. He opened his eyes to find a Protect attack, the barrier still swirling around the boy and his pokemon, protecting him from the fierce assault. By this time, several of the assaulters had begun their retreat.

"A wise decision." Julian quipped, a smirk creeping about his lips. Without warning, a large man crept up behind Julian, and grabbed him in a ferocious bear hug. *SNAP!* That did it. Julian's arm bone ruptured, and he screamed, experiencing a pain he had never felt before. It felt like 2 of his ribs were cracked, as well. Slash quickly jumped, and slashed the man across the face, causing him to release Julian and clutch his face and dance around wildly, but the damage had already been done.

"This is it.." he whispered, and the pain drove him into a state of unconciousness. He fell to the floor, and his two pokemon guarded him like their lives depended on it. Medicham, who was skilled with her hands, released Flash from his Great Ball. The bat emerged, ready for action. However, he saw his master's mangled arm, and immediately understood. He took the boy by the shoulders, trying not to hurt Julian any more than he had to. Several men and women tried to grab the fleeing boy, but to no avail. He was up too high.

*Whish...* *Sqelch*

An arrow soared through the air, and peirced Julian's leg. He opened his eyes, and tried to scream, but he ended up vomiting. Crobat's eyes became serious, and the bat flew even faster, bringing the boy to a secluded rooftop, waiting for some form of help. Frantically, the bat released all of Julian's pokemon, explaining to them what had happened in a shaky, horrified tone. The boy's leg continued to bleed profusely, and nobody knew quite what to do.. Except for Lash the Sneasel.

"You all, go. Help the others." He said, in a serious voice that was quite not his own. Without a question, the member's of Julian's team leaped off the building, except for Lash and Splash. Lash, who was a medicinal expert, took several herbs from the satchel around his side, and began to treat the arrow wound. He worked quickly and carefully, because he knew that it was all down to him. He began to withdraw the primitive arrow shaft, blood erupting from his thigh. The Psyduck covered his eyes and looked away. Lash tried his hardest to treat the wound, but nothing apparantly was being done.. all he could do was try to stop the bleeding.

February 10th, 2006, 8:22 PM
It was Saoirse who saw the zooming shape of the Crobat winging away from the scene; Bridget barely had time to hang on before she was whisked away by the Skarmory. Trying to follow the Crobat's extremely high speed, Saoirse was twisting and turning like Bree didn't think she could, and the poor girl was having trouble keeping up their itinerary. Where was the bat going?

"Ack! He's going too fast!" The metallic pokemon cried, having to slow down from sheer exhaustion: her body wasn't made from quick chases, it was designed for powerful swoops and aerial tackles. She swore in her own tongue, then flew up, above the rooftops. To their west the scene of the battle stretched, the street looking awful, covered in slime, burn marks and angry peasants. A spot of color on top of a shingled rooftop caught Bree's attention, however, and she directed her mount towards the spot where Lash was busily trying to stop Julian's wound from bleeding too profusely. The cut in her own leg smarted in sympathy. As soon as Saoirse landed, she was recalled for lack of space, and Bree reached for her backpack.

"Please, let me help," she told Lash, getting down on her knees beside the Psyduck and Sneasel, already taking out her depleted first-aid kit. Admirative, she checked the herbal treatment Lash had given his trainer's leg, but then got down to business, pulling out medical supplies. "I've got gauze, bandages and disinfectant, not to mention a few Potions. But that's it, I've already used up a lot. I might have a small towel, but we need to clean the woud out first" she declared, passing these things to Lash, who obviously knew what he was doing. "Kid...Julian, can you see properly?" She examined the fresh purple bruise over his eye, swelling fast--she mused on the fact they matched, only that her own bruise was healing quickly thanks to some Potion. His cracked ribs and broken arm would be all sorts of hell to deal with, but the first priority was wrapping his leg up. She wished Mairead were here; her Refresh and Recovery abilities would've been useful.

Meanwhile, abandoned by her trainer, the Milotic could only undulate away from Muk's Sludge Bomb; after a few moments, unsure of herself, she retreated a bit, looking to Jirae and Lara for guidance. A Surf would clean up the area, or even a Rain Dance...but she didn't know which to use, and certainly didn't want to get in the way. She swatted some persky archers out of the way, who'd been aiming for Storm, and slammed a pitchfork-wielding woman into a wall with a well-aimed Water Gun.

February 10th, 2006, 8:41 PM
"The situation grows grave." Jirae observed, landing Storm on the rooftop where Bree and Julian were. "Memory, let the other Pokemon take care of it." He beckoned Gardevoir over to the rooftop.
"What assistance do you require now?" Memory asked. Jirae pointed to Julian, and the patch-up job Bree was attempting. "Oh...well. Hmm." The Gardevoir, normally able to think of anything lightning fast, was actually stumped on this. "I'm not exactly a healer. What they're doing is probably good, but...hmm..."
"You don't know what to do?" Jirae asked.
"Well, in theory, I may be able to use a self-Recovery move, but direct it at him..." Memory though aloud. "But..."
"But?" Jirae questioned.
"It's never been thought of before. Probably considered unethical. The results may be the opposite of what we're aiming for." Memory replied, still looking rather stumped.
"It's too bad we don't have a Blissey or something." Jirae said to noone in particular. He turned from the others and looked at the scene below. The Pokemon were definitely winning, as the numbers of the primitive people were dwindling. The people weren't the only things damaged, however. Buildings were burning, fountains oozed slime and mold instead of water...it was chaos.
"Well...that's the only thing I can think of." Memory said, snapping Jirae out of his transfixion on the scene below. "It's up to you guys. Should we risk it?"

February 11th, 2006, 2:15 AM
OOC: I think I'll go third person here


Poor Tyrogue. Just when he went down to hep Julian and Jirae, and battle began, and the small fighting Pokèmon was drawn into the fray. It was a good thing he was so small, and able to strike without other people seeing, or else he would have surely been knocked out. But he fought bravely enough, and sent any one of these villagers who came near him unconsious in a matter of seconds.

Back up in the sky, Eliadon looked down at the battlefield gravely. Their unofficial leader, Julian had been wounded by an arrow, and previously have been hurt by a big burly man. This was not a good situation, but the girl, Bridget was at Julian's aid. It was up to Elidon to deal with the last and final problem. the fire.

Flames leapt about on the thatched roofs of these houses, and spread faster than Eliadon had ever seen a fire spread. Sparks were landing on other inflamable objects, and catching fire. Loud explosions shook the battlefield as the fire decided to venture further into the depths of these people's homes. It was a good thing that he had his Poliwhirl

Directing Pidgeot to fly over the heart of the fire, he quickly yelled out a couple of commands to his Pokèmon, who barely heard them. It was a good thing that birds had such good hearing. She flew lower and lower, and was soon enveloped in the thick smoke that was soaring up into the sky. It was time.

Pidgeot bent her wings backward, and dived downward, at a suicidical speed, and seconds fomr crashing into the ground, she opened her wings, and jerked backwards, landing gently on a rooftop. Eliadon jumped off, and Pidgeot flew off, to help Tyrogue. It was Poliwhirl's turn.

Eliadon threw Poliwhirl's pokè-ball onto the ground next to him, but because of the roaring fire, and the thick smoke, Eliadon could hardly see or here his Pokèmon. It was a good thing that he could see him.

"Poliwhirl! Use Rain Dance!"

After a quick dance, and an incanation, thunder clouds appeared above everyone, and rain bega to pour down mercilessly. Yes, it did stop the fire, but it only made the condition of the smoke even worse...

February 11th, 2006, 7:17 AM
Julian moaned in pain.

"Bastards..!" he swore loudly in a delirious gurgle. Lash's face grew grave, and he placed his hand on Julian's forehead.

"Aye, he's burnin' up." the sneasel announced solemnly. Splash looked on in sorrow, and began to snivel, then cry, then bawl at the top of his lungs. He was still a child, and Julian had been the only parental figure he had known ever since he was born. However, it was Lash's last nerve.

"Oy, you! Shut it, right?!" The sneasel snapped.

"I've half a mind to slap you upside the head right about now! If you want to help with Jules, I need you to shut your yap." The Psyduck faltered, and began to cry.. even louder. It was then that the rain began to pour. Lash looked up in disgust, and then horror.

"Bloody.." he muttered, quickly looking for some method of protection against the rain.

"This isn't good. Not only is it rain, but the smoke might blow it's way over here, into the wound, into Julian's lungs.. with the broken ribs.. If this rain wasn't here, I'd probably be able to do more, but.." Suddenly, the Psyduck stopped it's torrential crying, and made a subtle movement. His eyes turned red, and a peculiar force seeped out of the small pokemon. Suddenly, Julian's wounds began to heal, but only to a certain point. A look at the Psyduck, however, would show that his face was contorted with pain. Fiery tears welled in his eyes, but the brave pokemon did not cry.. instead, for the first time in it's life, it spoke.

"Help.. Jullin." He mumbled, trying to cope with the pain and focus at the same time. Lash looked in in wonder and awe.

"Pain Split.. not very many pokemon would do that for their master.. especially a wound so serious as this. We'd better patch Jules up while we've still got a chance." The sneasel began busily working on fixing Julian.

"Hm.. The leg wound has halved in size..." He observed, putting more of his special herbs, plus some of Bree's supplies to work on it. He felt Julian's arm, and gasped.

"Unbelievable." he muttered, quickly working to splint the arm.

"It's only a minor fracture now.. does that mean.." He looked at Splash, who was desperately clutching his arm.

"What a brave kid." Lash commented.

"His fever's gone down too." he noted.

"With proper attention, Jules should be back on his feet in a day or 2." He announced proudly. Hearing these words, Splash the Psyduck promptly fainted, his bill formed into a type of pseudo smile.

February 11th, 2006, 8:24 AM
"Hey you!" Lara said, letting Muk have his dinner of slime and mold spewing from the fountain and looking up on the roof "You okay?" Having broken her own bones about ten times over again she did have a nice supply of medicinal items in Dash's traveling packs, but he looked fine already anyway by the help of the others, or almost... She let Dash out for a breif moment and picked up her own first-aid kit. A rather extensive one at that, considering well...she was...Lara! She needed these items on a fairly regular basis, so why not have them handy? Returning her Rapidash, she shouldered the backpack containing the first aid kit.

"You're smart." She said sarcastically, sitting down on Nightmare's shoulder as he levitated himself up to the rooftop. She made no effort to get off of Nightmare after they'd arrived, instead tossed the first aid kit to the girl, Bridget, and said in an annoyed tone, "Honestly." She sighed as she dragged soaking hair from her eyes "I'm going to catch a cold at this rate. Shade!"

Lara tossed his pokeball out and he was immediatly looking for prey, but no such luck. Hardly anyone was really standing up besides the people she'd forbade him to touch "Shade, use Sunny Day and get rid of this stupid rain!"

Shade hung his head in disappointment of being unable to cause mischief, but summoned the strong sun anyway. Most of the clouds were blown away, but those that remained kept the sun less strong then it would be had it been a clear cloudless day...which it had been before the rain fell.

"We should get you somewhere without these nutjobs all around you, and somewhere that's not a roof. Don't forget to elevate his legs. Helps the bleeding stop." Lara said letting Nightmare float a little higher from their position on the rooftop "Which in other words, means we should start looking for a place to stay since obviously we're not getting off the island anytime soon."

OOC: I think it's still raining...

February 11th, 2006, 3:05 PM
OOC: I feel ignored...XD
"Well...I suppose that works too." Memory muttered as she watched everyone attempt to help Julian, though she was pretty dissappointed that her idea had not even been considered.
"Start looking?" Jirae asked Lara in response to her comment about finding somewhere to stay. "Oh, no, no, no. What exactly did you think I was doing when I flew off?" He smirked, boarding Storm. "Everyone with a flying Pokemon, get on it. Everyone without, there's plenty of room on Storm's back. In his condition, we need to be careful with Julian, so...Memory, lift him up here."
"Fine, fine..." Memory replied, still upset that her idea had not been considered. She concentrated, and Julian began floating above the ground, surrounded by a purple aura. Gently, she placed him on Storm's back.
"Alright, come on everybody, let's get going." Jirae said, waiting on Storm's back as Memory floated over beside him.
OOC: Hope thats not too much character control.

February 11th, 2006, 5:02 PM
OOC:Hey, don't forget, Lara hates Jirae, so I purposely ignored you dude.

IC: Lara huffed and returned both Muk and Shade, and released Sienna, to dry off her hair with the warmth of it's breath, which was a wonderful substitute for a blow dryer.

"Anyway, as long as it's far from here, I'm good to go. I don't want any of these creeps sneaking up on me while I'm sleeping." Lara said pulling knots out of her hair before tying it up in a ponytail "Just the thought creeps me out."

Nightmare nodded as he floated around lazily, bored of the noneventful moment. He let his eyes float over the village, and it vaguely reminded him of a story his Gengar Grandad used to tell him over and over and over again when he was a wee Ghastly. Before he was caught. Something about a disappearing region. He shrugged it off. Grandad was always nuttier than any of the freaks around him at the moment anyway. Scared the living daylights out of anyone who tried to get near Grandma's grave at the Pokemon Tower in lavender...just for the heck of it.

"Something on your mind Nightmare?" Lara asked as her pokemon started to slowly float to the ground.

<'No!'> He shouted <'Rabid Skittys! Rabified Houndours! Gonna...eat...me.'> He mumbled his voice getting sleepier with each word.

"All you do is eat and sleep Nightmare do something efficiently for once!" Lara said waving a hand in front of the blood red eyes that were closing quickly "Let's get to the place already, before Nightmare falls outta the sky."

February 11th, 2006, 11:03 PM

The smoke was clogging up Eliadon's lungs as he desperately tried to recall Poliwhirl. After several failed attempts, he finally managed to get the direction of the pokè-ball correct, and Poliwhirl was sucked in. he then stood up, and watched the rain slowly subside. Of course, it would be much longer before it actually stopped, and the sun came out.

Quickly running to the edge of the building, Eliadon leapt off, and landed, cat-like on the ground, in the midst of a group of villagers, who were now staring at him, as if he were a devil. Of course, that's what they thought he was. Forgeting thier stares, he pushed past two young men, and ran off in the direction of Julian.

"I hope it's not too late," he muttered to himself...

OOC: Sorry if it's short. I couldn't think of anything else to say...

February 12th, 2006, 7:35 AM
OOC: Keep in mind that I was like dead, BT. So I really had no say in the matter. lol.

IC:As everyone began to pile onto their various pokemon of transportation, Julian stirred.

"Oy!" Lash called.

"He's awake!" Julian's pokemon that were still released, which were Clash, Slash, and Flash, all came to his side on the large flygon.

"Wh-where am I..? Did we win? Did I die?" Julian drunkenly stammered.

"Nah, bro. You just got creamed. You're lucky that those other dudes were here, or you'd be a goner." Slash joked, his happy eyes hidden behind his sunglasses.

"Not to mention the little one... Splash. He might'a helped you the most. Used Pain Split on ya. Now THAT'S devotion." Julian smiled at his pokemon, and laid back down on his back, exhausted.

"Well, are we just gonna stay here in the city, or are we gonna go somewhere?" he asked, and with this, he drifted off to sleep.

OOC: BT, the upcoming part in the story is all you. You were the one who went exploring, so take us places.

February 12th, 2006, 5:49 PM
OOC: Woohoo. =P
"Alright, let's go." Jirae said, signaling to Storm who beated her mighty wings and took off from the building, headed out in the direction of some mountains. The other people on their Pokemon followed, not knowing where Jirae was going.
"Hmm...where are we going?" Memory asked.
"I was thinking the cave by the coast." Jirae replied.
"Hmm...no. I think the one we found inland is safer." Memory suggested.
"That one wasn't nearly as big. I don't know that we'll even be able to all live comfortably in there." Jirae responded.
"Can't you have birdbrain make it bigger?" Memory said, partially insulting Blaze. "The coast cave isn't a good idea, it's too close to sea level. High tide, and we might drown."
"I guess you're right." Jirae replied. "We can always have the fighting Pokemon do a little remodeling."
"Well let's go then. You're going to want to turn 45 degrees to your right." Memory said, pointing in a slightly different direction. Jirae turned Storm in that direction, and the other Pokemon followed.

"Alright, we're here." Jirae said as Storm landed on an edge jutting out of the mountain. There was a small cave, about the size of an average living room, carved into the side of the cave. Jirae walked in, releasing Blaze.
"What now?" Blaze asked, looking around. "Uh...where are we?" Blaze hadn't been called out since the fight with the wild Umbreon, so he was a bit confused.
"Well, our new temporary home." Jirae said, shrugging. "We need you to do a bit of remodeling though." He then turned to the rest of the trainers. "If you have any Pokemon that can break rock, have them help Blaze expand our cave a bit." With that, Blaze ran inside the cave and began chipping the rock away with its kicks.

February 12th, 2006, 6:04 PM
"I don't have any fighting pokemon, but I do have Muk and Nightmare." Lara said touching down on the ground and releasing Muk as Nightmare sighed.

<More work?!>

Ignoring him, Lara gave Muk and Nightmare their commands "Alright Muk, use Acid and melt away some rocks, Nightmare, use your psychic power to pull the rocks that are being chipped away out of the cave, and get rid of the melted rock that doesn't disintegrate as well." She said stepping aside a Muk spit up foul liquid that melted a large gap in the side of the cave. As Mr. Ego's pokemon kicked at the walls, Nightmare used psychic to levitate the excess rock out of the caves.

"Oh, what the heck." Lara said releasing all her pokemon, "Shade, go and use razor leaf on some small trees for firewood, Dash, you'll follow Shade, and you'll carry it back here. Sienna you stay out here until we need to light a fire, as your flame is quite small compared to the other's pokemon, and it'll be much easier with a small flame compared to one that'll burn up the wood in seconds rather then one that will actually get us a fire. Jet, you'll stay out here as well, you can supply water, for me at least if the others can't hande drinking water that came from a pokemon." Lara said patting Sienna and Jet on their heads as Shade and Dash went off in search of firewood.

"Did I forget anything Master?" Lara asked Mr. Ego sarcastically as she sat in the nook created by Jet's long tail and body, stroking Sienna's warm fur. She didn't think she'd ever stop referring to Jirae as 'Mr. Ego' or 'Master'.

February 14th, 2006, 3:58 AM
OOC: Please don't mind if I backtrack a little, but by the end of the post, I'll be in the present.


The Flygon was fast, but Pidgeot was faster, and soon enough, Eliadon was flying along side the mighty green dragon. Eliadon looked at Julian, and was gald to see him alive. He was aslep, but the constant rhythmic movement of hic chest told Eliadon that he was well. Maybe Eliadon didn't do anything to help after all.

The boy riding on the Flygon's back, who Eliadon finally learnt was called Jirae, took up the mantle of leadership, and led all of us to a small littl cave inland. Immediately Lara and Jirae's Pokèmon set to work to make the cave more inhabitable.

"Go Tyrogue, and Golem!"

Eliadon decided to go for brute force when it came to remodeling a rocky cave. Partially because he had no other type of Pokèmon, but also because it worked the best...

February 19th, 2006, 8:51 AM
Bree followed the group on Saoirse, glad to know the kid wasn't going to die of his injuries. In such a hostile environment, she didn't think their already shaky morale could deal with casualties.

The Skarmory landed in front of the cave, gave it a once-over, and nodded. When Bridget asked her if she would help with the remodeling, she shook her head and yawned. Now that they were away from combat, she wasn't going to waste energy on decorating; other pokemon were there for that. Returning her, Bridget sent out Eithne and Deirdre.

"Eithne, we might need you to start a fire. Dei, can you go get us some berries, and see if you can find good spots for food and fishing?"

With a curt nod, the Nidorina took off, disappearing in the underbrush. Eithne climbed onto her trainer's shoulder and nuzzled the girl with a soft, playful yip. Raising her hand to scratch behind the fox's ears, Bree surveyed the area; just in front of the cave (an old pokemon den, perhaps?) was a little clearing, but after about ten paces the treeline started, and past the gnarled forest was the seashore, she guessed at about twenty minutes' walk.

"Good spot, she mumbled, and turned to watch the construction--they knew what they were doing, but she still couldn't suppress a shiver of worry that they'd dig too deep and the cave would collapse on them.

February 19th, 2006, 10:22 AM
"Alright...now that the main room seems to be big enough..." Jirae said, walking in and observing the inside of the cave. "I think it might be a good idea to make individual rooms for each of us. Privacy and whatnot." He nodded to Blaze, who began punching a small 'hallway' of sorts into the rock.
"Hmm...we probably need to go get some more materials." Memory suggested.
"Yeah...probably a good idea." Jirae decided. "Storm!"
"Yes?" The Flygon asked, raising its head.
"You can carry heavy loads, right? See that ledge over there?" Jirae said, pointing to a cliff jutting out of the mountain.
"Yes?" Storm replied.
"On our way here, I saw some big rocks there. Can you bring them over here?" Jirae asked.
"Sure thing." Storm said, flying over towards the cliff.
"I'll go with her." Memory said. "I should be able to make the rocks lighter."
"Alright. Blade!" Jirae exclaimed, throwing the Scyther's Pokeball into the air.
"Hmm?" Blade questioned, blinking.
"I need you to chop up and bring us some firewood. I'm sure you'll do that better then any of the other Pokemon..." Jirae said.
"Ok!" Blade shouted, jumping off the cliff and taking flight towards the forests below.
"Hmm. Yknow, I don't think this home is gonna be too shabby." Jirae said, a smile of confidence on his face.

February 20th, 2006, 2:08 AM
Eliadon looked around at the chaotic group of Pokèmon who were all working their asses off to remodel the cave. Sensing that his help was no longer needed, Eliadon recalled his two Pokèmon and stepped out of the cave. He looked at Jirae or comonly known as the Flygon-boy, and quickly told him that he was leaving to scout the area for any possible dangers. This was all bull ****, but he needed to get away.

Before waiting for Jiraw to answer, he plucked Pidgeot's pokè-ball from his belt, and erleased the regal bird Pokèmon. She stretched her wings, and looked at Eliadon, who jumped onto her back, and stroked her sleek body. She opened her wings, and pumping them, she was soon soaring above the workforce of humans and Pkèmon.

"What is this cursed place?" Eliadon muttered to Pidgeot, who circed higher on a thermal.

<It seems that we've been transported backward in time, to somewhere in the fourteenth century at the earliest,>

"You think?"

<I know...>