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March 21st, 2004, 11:58 AM
Wow, this is my first RP that I've ever MADE, but it's not your normal kind, this is a test of roleplaying skill, I will not sign up, but will control NPCs. In this RP, many humans and pokemon have been gathered to a mysterious colloseum in the desert, for a competition of the mightiest of this world, but what would make people go to what will be, at least for some, certain death? The winner will receive one wish...

Here's the form.

Human or pokemon:
history, looks, and perrsonality:
Weapon(s)/armor of choice (human only):

And here are the rules, for your initial fight, you will fight an NPC that YOU control, and you will win, (I will control all others) this will give me a chance to see the type of roleplaying that you do, so that for people who use slightly different styles (a lot more than you'd think) do not get graded unfairly, The emperor (me) will decide your next fight, rather to fight an NPC (might not happen, but if it does, the NPC is controlled by me, not you) or which player to fight, you will both make a pre defined number of posts (I will tell you how many you will need to make when I announce your oponent.) to fight, but NOT to WIN, after the posts are made, I will look over what you have written, and choose the winner, and he will make a post where he defeats the other combatant, if you lose, you are out of the RP, if you win, you move to the next round.

Other notes:

1. I need a fair ammount of people (preferably an even number) to sign up, 7 minimum, but If I have to, I will make one combatant an NPC to make things even, and then once enough people are here, I will tell you your oponents, and you may post your initial fight, then, you will move on to player vs player matches.

2. I live on the other side of the globe, and I have a hectic life, so if the battle isn't graded within a few days, I'm sorry for my lateness, but don't worry.

3. I know I probably don't need to, but I'd like to remind you all that this is an rp for testing skill, so please, work on making it as good and detailed as possible.