View Full Version : Santa Claus 2004

January 29th, 2006, 9:06 AM
http://tn1-3.deviantart.com/fs9/100/i/2006/029/9/f/Santa_Claus_2004_by_GonbeTR.png (http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/28326967/)

Before 2004 I drew this Santa Claus.
I tried that his head look like a moon.
I hope you like it.

Forest Grovyle
January 29th, 2006, 12:59 PM
Very cool pic, and an original idea to make his head look like a moon! :D
I would suggest a bit more shading, and the colouring on Santa himself looks a bit rushed - try and make your colouring more solid with no white gaps. ^^ But I like this picture a lot! :D

You seem to be making a lot of threads for single drawings - I think it might be better to just have one thread for all your art since they clutter up the forum a bit. :)


January 31st, 2006, 2:55 PM
Thank you for your comment.
Next time I will try to pay attention on my coloring.
And okay, I will make only one thread which includes all my drwings.