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January 29th, 2006, 3:00 PM
Ther Revenge of Cipher: Enter SX001

This story will have more shadow pokemon than the previous shadow pokemon games. THis takes place 10 years after XD.


{Gateon Port}

It was the annual pokemon festival at Gateon Port. Trainers from all over the world had come to show off, battle their pokemon or just enjoy the festival. Thre was,food,music,battle centers and free boat rides/races. Security was tight every year since this was a very special event. No one suspected what would happen this day.

{In the sky}

7 miles west of Gateon port a bunch of jets flew to the port along with a black, shadowy creature. Inside the biggest jet was several peons, a man named Drake and the head of what was coming Derek!

DEREK: So Drake I assume that SX001 is ready for our plan.
DRAKE: Oh yes sir in fact we all are. The pokemon i nthe festival won't stand a chance against us!
DEREK: Excellent, Drake I assume we are over Gateon Port?

DRAKE: Oh yes sir.

DEREK: THe ndeploy the peons and SX001!


Back at the port it was around noon when someone noticed stuff descending out of the sky.

TOURIST: Hey what's that?

Then out of the blue several peons descended from the sky with poke balls and guns/rifles.

HEAD PEON: Freeze this is a steal mission. Everyone fork over the pokemon and maybe we'll let some of you live.

CHIEF JOHNSON: Freeze, stop rig....

Johnson couldn't finish his sentence since he was shot by a rifle. Everyone now began to panic espically when the black,shadowy creature came into view.

TOURIST: What is that.

The nthe mysterious figure shot several beams at pokemon and their balls sending them into cargo jets. The peons apprehended as much pokemon as possible. Several tourists we're killed in the attack with their pokemon stolen. The peons returned to the jests with the black figure following them.

{1 Day Later}
{Phenac City}

In a house in the southeast corner of Phenac rested a 23 year old man. He was Michael who had stopped the evil Cipher organzaiton and saved several shadow pokemon. He woke up when he heard the phone ring. Michael answered it.

MICHAEL: Hello Acri what is it.

ACRI: Michael there was a major attack here and several we're stolen. There was also a pokemon who looked a shadow pokemon.


Michael hang up and grabbed has snag machine and aura reader. He also got some poke and great balls but when he opened the door.....

CLIFFHANGER! So how do you likehe prologue. Anyone also wan't to guess what the shadow pokemon was this time around. ANd yes as from the title this is a cipher/shadow pokemon fic. Reply and I'll get back with Chapter 1!

January 31st, 2006, 1:21 AM
Short, but it has potentiol. Can't wait to see Chapter 1.