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January 30th, 2006, 6:05 PM
It is the year 2025, the world is plagued by 6 teams, Teams Aqua, Magma, Shadow, Elec, Kinesis, and Neura. These teams are planning a hostile takeover of the world and only five trainers who wield Pokemon of the five elements, or the five Eevee evolutions, can stop them. These chosen five have gone undercover inside the Teams as Elites, and they meet every night to discuss further plans. There is a Boss for every team, Archie, Maxi, Techno, Fido, Riley, and Norman. Pick a team, join the RP, but be warned, only six people(including myself), can join.

The Basic flow of this RP is as follows:

When you pick a team, you can only have Pokemon with the Element of that team, for example, if you pick Team Magma, you will automatically have a level 40 Flareon, and your choice of five other fire-type Pokemon and this applies to all teams with their element. When you pick a team, and we have five people, for now, it will be a solo RP until I PM everyone to have a meeting which will happen once everyone posts at least 3 times.

The Sign-Up sheet will look like this:

Age: (18-25)
Gender: (Male of Female, no gender blending)
Team: (Aqua, Magma, Elec, Shadow, or Kinesis)
Pokemon: (Read above to find out which Pokemon you should pick)
Description: (Could be a sprite, picture, or written)
History: (Optional)
RP Sample: (Show me your skills)

Teams Taken:

Team Aqua- Kaishen(Sam)
Team Magma- Taken By Migthy_Mightyena99(Passion)
Team Elec-Taken by Utter Disaster(Storm)
Team Shadow-Taken by Arach(Fritz)
Team Kinesis-Taken by Jack_Skellington(Espeo)
Team Neura- Taken by Burninating_Torchic(Blank)

Here's my Sign-Up Sheet:

Name: Espeo
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Team: Kinesis
Pokemon: Espeon(Lv. 40), Alakazam(Lv. 30), and Guardevoir(Lv. 35)
Description: Espeo wears a purple headband with a spoon-sign on it. He has silky, freely flowing, silver hair. On his neck he wears a necklace of a shark tooth filled with good luck, and wears a white undershirt with a white sweater over it. On his legs he wears black pants to make him look like a yin/yang sort of character and he has a split personality. His shoes glow an eerie pink.

Yin: Espeo's "Yin" personality is very kind, good-hearted. An all-around pure person. He never curses, and almost never is sad, or angry. He is also very flirty on his "Yin" side. Also, he is very social and likes to be the center of attention. However he is highly gifted with intelligence.

Yang: Espeo's "Yang" personality is evil, corrupted, and dark. He is very anti-social and loathes almost everyone he meets, so when is in is "Yang" side, he loves to prank people, and he loves to cause pain, misery, and torture. However, he is still highly gifted with intelligence.

History: When Espeo was just a little 5 year-old boy, his parents were killed by the Team leader of Kinesis, Riley. Because of never hacing a parent, Espeo was severly traumatized, and ended up making two split personalities. Sometimes, however, these personaliities meld together, making him crazier than either two of them. Now, he wants to join Team Kinesis undercover and to KILL Riley.

RP Sample: Sighing, Espeo looks around, and finds a grunt. "Get me a PokeCola," he said coldy, he was in his Yang side. "R-right away sir!" he said, running toward the Team Base Kitchen. Espeo then turns on the TV and watches, "When Torchics Attack!". "Hmm....Nothing on the agenda today," he said, looking through his PokeGear. As he turned it off, a news bulletin burst out on the TV. "Breaking news! Another Team Kinesis Grunt was found looting a jewelry store!" said the anchor-woman who looked nervous. Espeo turned it off as the Grunt came into the room again and handed me the soda. "A-anything else, sir?" he asked. "No, you may leave now," he replied. He quickly chugged down the soda, and then drifted off into a deep sleep....

"Mom.....No....." said a young boy, as she was taken away by a man in a purple overcoat.

"GRR!! Stay away from her! Go, Ursaring!" said a man, Espeo's father. The giant bear growled at the man who captured his master's wife.

"Hm.....I choose.....Alakazam," replied the man, a human like Pokemon with a mustauche coming out of the red ans white sphere.

"Ursaring! Use Slash!" yelled Espeo's father, a look of fear upon his face.

The bear Pokemon slashed his huge claws at the Alakazam, striking with incredible fury

February 2nd, 2006, 4:15 AM
Name: Samuel (Sam)

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Team: Aqua

Pokemon: Vaporeon (level 40), Milotic (level 35), Seel (level 32), Blastoise (level 36)

Description: (See my avatar)

Personality: Sam would do anything for his pokemon, and has made good friends with the higher ups in Aqua (mainly Shelley). He uses his pokemons abilities to their fullest, and would never harm another pokemon on purpose.

RP Sample: (This is the only thing I could find) Kai stands up slowly, the back of his head throbbing in pain…. He had a slight case of amnesia from the whack in the head with the giant scythe and can’t help but think to himself; “Who am I, where am I?” He notices the rather large warrior, and a girl that looks no more than his age, but has a felling deep down that she is much older than himself. He finally realizes where he’s at, and shakes the feeling of amnesia away. “Hey, Seere? I forgot about how the humans are not supposed to know about the winglies, but did you have to hit so hard?” He heard every word that Duncan said about setting up camp. “Ya know, Duncan’s probably right, I’ve been in the woods for a few days, and we should set up camp. As long as we have a fire burning, the wolves won’t attack us. But where would a good spot to camp be?” He looks at both of them, back and forth, waiting for an answer…

February 2nd, 2006, 4:30 AM
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Team: Magma
Gender: Female
Description: Flareon has been with Passion since it was a baby Eevee in an egg given by Passion's grandparents. Flareon's strong attacks make Flareon almost invincible.

Shiny Arcanine:
Gender: Male
Description: Arcanine met Passion as a Growlithe, who was cruelly thrown away by a cruel trainer. Arcanine is the fastest Pokemon on the team. With Arcanine's fast speed Pokemon have become easy to beat.

Gender: Male
Description: Charizard is quite lazy but dependable. Charizard is a great guider if ever lost. By using Charizard's Intimidate ability it is easy to run away from enemy's if needed.

Gender: Male
Description: Houndoom is the most friendly of the group. He loved to use his Thief attack to take items from trainers but that was in the past. Whenever Houndoom gets angry he uses his Flamethrower attack which is very powerful and could even make a strong Wartortle faint so never get him angry!

Description: http://i30.photobucket.com/albums/c329/Mighty_Mightyena99/Lara.gif
Personality:Passion has a strong love for Pokemon and is not afraid to take risks. She always has a calm attitude. Passion is smart and quick to think. She always sticks up for what she believes in. When she is ever angered she starts to become very uncalm and her kind nature is soon broken down by a a 'gigantic tidal wave'. Her hobbies are reading and riding her Arcanine. Passion will always be there when you need her.
RP Sample:
'Phew!' I cried. 'They almost suspected that I...' I stopped and turned her head around and saw Maxie walking down the corridor. Maxie was with one of the henchman. The siren that alerted an intruder was inside the base was too loud so I couldn't hear what they were saying. I ran quickly to my bedroom before Maxie noticed me in the forbidden room. When I was at my room Flareon greeted me. 'Flareon!' cried Flareon.
'Hi Flareon.' Suddenly there was a loud crash and a shadowy figure stumbled towards me.

February 2nd, 2006, 5:19 AM
Ah, gotta repost my info...
Name: Blank Slate(No, that's his name. Haha. Fits the normal theme, eh?)
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Team: Neuro
Pokemon: Eevee lv40, Ditto lv35, Smeargle lv35, Kecleon lv30
Description: Blank's clothes are very similiar to his name. He wears stark white uniform shirt and pants, which he cleans and irons every day to keep them plain. He wears white slip-on shoes...kinda like moccasins, I think. He even went so far as to bleach his normally brown hair, so he has white hair, pulled back neatly behind his ears. Now, that may not have seemed freaky, but he got eye surgery done to make his eyes white, as well. His skin is very pale, if you couldn't have already guessed that =P. He is 5'10" and weighs about 130 lbs.
Personality: Once again like his name, Blank has a very...blank/bland personality. He doesn't do anything out of the ordinary (well...except for the whole eye surgery thing =P) and usually just conforms to the standard. He's pretty quiet. While many people shun him for this outer nature, what noone knows (not even he himself) is that on the inside he's just waiting for an oppurtunity to break out and be different.
History: Blank was born in Petalburg, where he idolized Norman, the normal type using gym leader. He wanted to take over Norman's gym when he was a kid, but even though he was Norman's best student, the gym was going to go to Norman's kids, May and Max. When Norman became the leader of Team Neuro, Blank of course signed up and became a top executive of the team. May and Max were both opposed to the team, so they stayed and became the gym leaders when Norman went to become leader of Team Neuro. Due to this, Norman has told Blank countless times that he will probably become the next leader of Team Neuro.
RP Sample: Hmm...I think you've already seen my skills in a few RPs, eh? Lemme know if you want a sample anyways, though.

February 2nd, 2006, 9:08 PM
Name: Frederick "Fritz" Caspar
Age: 21
Gender: male
Team: Shadow

LUNA (f. umbreon) - Luna was never a very good dark pokemon. Too easygoing, too laid-back, too talkative...Luna is the very counterpart of her trainer. She's been with him since she was but a baby Eevee, so they've learned to depend on each other to the point that separation is almost physically painful. Luna isn't cunning, per se, but she does enjoy getting her way; although, unlike Nox, she isn't willing to go through others to get what she wants. Normally, she resorts to conning Fritz into doing things for her. She enjoys battling for the rush of it and for the special intimacy it creates between her trainer and herself. She and Fritz think very much alike, so they can communicate strategies and plans to each other quite effectively in the heat of battle.
SIRIUS (m. mightyena) - Sirius speaks very little, but when he does, the others tend to listen. A good judge of character, his first impressions are usually right, as he has a knack for telling when people are lying. In battle he's almost eerily in control of himself, calculating up to three moves ahead; Fritz has simply given up on trying to give him orders, as Sirius has never lost a match.
KRAZ (m. murkrow) - Stupid and gossipy, Kraz's only redeeming virtues are his spying skills. He has a very good memory, both photographic and otherwise, and it's not just a little thanks to him that Fritz so skillfully infiltrated Team Shadow, worming his way to the top with blackmail, rumors and a carefully-wrought reputation for butt-kicking; all this thanks to a repertoire of all the member's names, faces and misdeeds, stowed away in the safest place possible--Kraz's head. The Murkrow is a terrible fighter, and is almost never used in battle, although he can defend himself if he must.
NOX (f. sneasel) - Nox is by far the most dangerous of Fritz's team; even he isn't sure where her loyalties lie. Capable of beguiling charm, she lies likes it's her job and has no scruples about hurting anyone who gets in her way. Impatient and often temperamental, she's vicious to the core. Kraz often acts as her lackey, but if he's not available she can usually scam some lower-level pokemon to help in her schemes. The only reason she doesn't get kicked off the team is because Fritz is afraid she'll got straight to the Team Shadow leader and bust his cover out of spite. Furthermore, because she's an amazing fighter, impossible to catch and deadly accurate.

Description: Standing at six feet, two and a half inches exactly, Fritz would be quite an imposing fellow if he weren't so skinny. In fact, the poor lad weighs in at barely over one-thirty, wet--which, for a guy, is laughable. As if to attract further ridicule upon the unsuspecting young man, some higher power decided to give him straight platinum-gold hair. The strands are thin and fall gracefully to frame his narrow, pale, blue-eyed face. His features are sharp and his mouth is expressive; over the bridge of his nose are splattered a thin line of freckles. All this comes together to make an altogether feminine appearance, which wouldn't be so bad, if ugly guys would stop hitting on him...
As a Shadow elite, he wears black for the most part--often black slacks with black turtlenecks, very business-like. Over this he has an equally black trenchcoat, only this one is trimmed with thick white fur--real or not is unknown. He enjoys refinement in the accessories he wears, so he fills his five ear piercings with tasteful silver hoops, puts slim necklaces with colored jewels around his neck when it's bare, and favors his expensive watch. He keeps his boots polished and cared for, but they're military-issue and steel-toed, so he doesn't have to trouble himself too much.
Personality: Fritz is really zen. In general, the man is bomb-proof; very little makes him lose his composure. Inversely, once his temper is flared, very little can stop the destructive rage that follows. He's a man with a way with words, using the art of metaphor and lyricism to con enemies and pleasing friends. Sly and sneaky, if he's not skulking around in HQ or on a mission, he's plotting ways to get the least work done in the shortest amount of time possible; in other words, he enjoys lazing around. His hobbies involve reading, collecting things (such as old pistols and fine watches), eating like a pig and generally making life hell for everyone around him--while they, unsuspecting, continue to grovel at his feet, of course. He has a dark sense of humor and is often sarcastic, but can be very cute and hyper when the time calls for it--heck, he's often dressed in drag, just to get a rise out of his colleagues. If necessity demands, he can become completely apathetic, lowering himself to completing the darkest acts of sadism. He has the horrible habit of running his mouth off when he's nervous, which can irritate others to no end, especially his TS superiors. Due to being an only child (and never properly learning to share) he can be very bratty and prossessive, and naturally, dislikes small children intensely. He cannot grasp the concept of stupidity in others; it simpyl doesn't occur to him that others might not be able to follow his logic; thusly, he's a terrible teacher and gets impatient when having to explain things.

RP Sample: ((I assumed Fido's the TS leader, as 'Techno' seemed more appropriate for the Team Elec administrator.))

They exchanged private smiles. Bent over his subordinate's written report, Fido was struck by a beam of early-morning sunlight, giving his midnight hair a smoky sheen. Reclining in the plush armchair he'd been invited to sit in, Fritz took note of the way the other man's pale fingers came up to gently sweep the locks behind an ear, revealing the soft lobe decorated with a slim silver hoop. He was dressed in a perfectly tailored black suit, worn over a black dress shirt and tie; only the TS badge worn on his collar would give him away. To his right sat a beautiful female Absol, and to his left, a magnificent Houndoom, both in perfect shape and rigidly aware of everything around them; Fido owed Lilith and Diablo his life, as they'd saved him from many an assassination attempt in the past.

Outside, the sun was bright, the sky was blue and the police would no doubt be wondering who had stolen a rich old widow's prize-winning Tyranitar right out of its pen.

"Not bad. No collateral at all. I like that," the team Shadow leader complimented, eyes gliding over the paper, "didn't even have to take out the old woman, ha!"

"You say that like I'm the only one capable of it. Honestly, stealing from an old woman--albeit a very rich one--is like stealing candy from a child," Fritz replied smoothly, grinning outright. Fido gave him a look of dry humor.

"You'd be surprised at the minority of people working under me that can work this smoothly. A minority of one, that is. Besides, even you have to admit Mrs. Carvanaugh's security system was one tough nut to crack." He tapped on the lines of text with his pen, taking notes in the margins. "I love this, it's like reading an espionage novel. You'd have made a good writer."

"Yep, the next Patterson, that's me," the blonde chuckled, crossing his arms over his chest. On his lap, Luna slept; she deserved it after three long nights of work. She looked weak and tired, her rings very dark, a murky mustard yellow. Nothing some sleep and a trip to the TS infirmary wouldn't fix, he told himself.

"I see you didn't use your Sneasel for this one," Fido remarked, glancing up, his dark green eyes meeting Fritz's pale blue ones, "if it's giving you trouble, get rid of it. Either dump it on a rookie or shoot a bullet through its head, and that'll be the end of it."

Fritz allowed himself a second of hesitation before answering, "Nox is a pain to work with, but she's gotten me out quite a few messes."

Fido snorts, "that was a while ago. Luna's stronger now; the proof is that you managed to succeed in this mission without any problems, without using the Murkrow or the Mightyena more than once each. Splendid work, and to think I thought you weren't much when I hired you," another private smile, "mein Geist."

"Your ghost?" Fritz repeats, laughter in his eyes.

Wrong thing to say; there is no laughter in Fido's gaze.

"Yes, my ghost. A pale specter, like a white hawk that flies for its master...unless you have other loyalties?"

Fritz meets his employer's stare, and they eye each other for a long moment. After an eternity, the pale young man speaks.

"Of course not."

Fido contemplates him for another century that ticks by on Fritz's expensive silver wristwatch.

"Natrlich. Dismissed."

Utter Disaster
February 6th, 2006, 4:52 PM
Name: Storm
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Team: Elec

Gender: Male
Level 47
Jolteon is the strongest on the team and is usually depended on for doing big things. He is incredibly quick on his feet and uses his speed to confuse his opponents. Jolteon is usually used on difficult occasions.

Manectric (shiny)
Gender: Male
Level 46
Manectric is the smartest on the team. Manectric has been a great edition to the team because of his "never-give-in" attitude. He has a very good defense which helps in battle.

Gender: Male
Level 46
Raichu is the fastest on the team and is usually very reckless out of battle. In battle, he is extremely cautious and headstrong.

Description: Storm has spiked yellow hair and a black folded bandana with a thunderbolt symbol on it. He has blue eyes, a white tee shirt, a black jacket w/ no hood, camo jeans, and red and gray shoes.
Personality: Storm is very cocky when against any of the other teams. He sometimes underestimates his opponents and it usually gets him in trouble.
History: N/A
RP Sample:

In the Team Elec base, Storm was walking around watching everyone around him. They all looked like weaklings, he could take them on anyday. Man, those grunts are annoying. he thought to himself. He walked into one of the computer rooms to see a few more grunts. They were tougher then the other ones he saw. They were the ones he took on his missions. They gave a nod for respect and Storm gave one back. He walked over to the training room to see some grunts sparing with each other, one had an Electrike, the other a Pikachu. The battle was probably the only thing interesting going on, so he sat down to watch.