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January 31st, 2006, 8:00 PM
The Love circle:


Hi I am Demon_slayer, I like to write romance stories. Now I am going to warn you, if my writing isnt perfect, then dont offend it. This story is purely fictional, and it follows my character Kai. I worked hard on it so rate it when you have the chance...ALSO...This story has some cussing, and minor love scenes...and maybe some Nudity, or some other suggestvie themes.... So listen, if you arent mature enough or...something likethat then I suggest not reading this story, but I mean there is hardly anything to complain about other than a few suggestive themes...either way If you dont think you are Mature enough to read this, then dont read it.

The Love circle

Name: Kai Toshiba
Picture: http://img65.imageshack.us/img65/1461/duhdontmesswithme6km.png
Gender: Male
history/background: Kai is the hottest Neko in Mecha city, he works at a restaurant, and goes to college for a living. When he turned 18, he got his very own Inyu girl, Hinata. He is in love with her, but soon he also falls in love with Terra, and Sakura. He often finds himself struggling to express his love for all three girls, he loves them all, but he just doesnt know who he wants. When Sakura moves in with him, he starts to show her affection, and love for her. Soon he finds himself in love with 6 girls, Felecia,Terra, Sakura,hinata, Kasumi and Kuaru.
Personality: He is a very nice guy, he loves donating to the shelter sometimes, and he earned his reputation for being the nicest,caring guy in all of mech city.
Weight : 90 pounds
Species: Neko
Night/Day clothing: At night he wears nothing but boxers. in the day he wears a loose white shirt, with long black pants and black shoes.

Name: Hinata
Picture: http://img373.imageshack.us/img373/3788/catgirl892jpg0jr.jpg (she is mine!!!!!!!!!)
Age: 18
Gender: female
history/background : Hinata is a Inyu girl who was given to Kai on his 18th birthday by his parents. All she wants to do is please him, in anyway she can. But she starts to show a little affection torwards Sakura when she moves in, but then she starts to lose affection for her and they just become friends. But Hinata will do anything for Kai that makes him happy. She loves Ice cream, Being with Kai, Kissing Kai, Clinging to Kai, and watching romantic movies with Kai
Personality: She is a loving, caring neko.
Weight: 85 pounds
species: Inyu Girl
Night/Day clothing: Kai's old shirt nothing else...when she goes out, she wears loose jeans,and Kai's old shirt.

Name: Sakura
Picture: http://img65.imageshack.us/img65/6424/catgirl64jpg0yv.jpg (Please notify me if this counts as hentai...a friend told me it doesnt...but tell me if it is...Oh! and the picture is supposed to be of her when she was a slave)
Age: 18
Gender: Female
History/Background: Sakura was beaten all her life, and was used for alot of bad things. At first she seems like a normal Neko girl, but as Kai progresses through the story, he learns about her past as a slave. But she carries a deep dark secret with her, her leashes. The leashes are what kept her from running away from her old sick owners. When Kai finds them, he fears for her health because of the leashes that were embedded on her body.She loves being with Kai all the time, and she always feels good when he kisses her.
Personality: Shy, and scared, but she is never shy around Kai.
Weight: 75 pounds
Species: Neko girl
Night/day Clothing: At night only Kai's old shirt, nothing else. But day she wears a collar, with short shorts, and a white shirt.

Name: Terra
Picture: http://i35.photobucket.com/albums/d181/kitsuneicen/Kitsunes/normal_k23259-10.jpg
Age: 18
Gender: Female
History/background: Terra goes to college, and lives in a dorm two blocks down from kai's apartment building. She loves Kai alot, and she soon decides to move in with him,Hinata, and Sakura. She hardly shows her love for Kai, but Kai is always busy. She plans on being a doctor, or vet, so she studies both jobs in College whenever she can.
personality: Shy, Mysterious, caring, and loving
Weight: 80 pounds
species: Kitsune girl
Night/day clothing: Unknown

Name: Kasumi
Picture: http://img65.imageshack.us/img65/2038/tobariplayingwithribbonjpg7os.jpg
Age: 18
Gender: female
History/Background : When she meets Kai, she falls in love with him instantly. She is one of 6 girls that love Kai with all their heart, which makes it hard on kai to love them all. But when she falls in love with him, he starts to show affection torwards her. Kasumi hasnt had much of a history, at least one not to talk about.
Personality: Active, Hyper, Seductive, and kind
Species: Neko
Night/day clothes: day clothes: Tank top with short skirt. Night clothes: Tank top, with panties

Name: Kauru
Picture: http://img65.imageshack.us/img65/5419/a17621bg.jpg
Age: 18
Gender: Female
History/Background: Kauru was born in L.A. and moved to mecha city with her old master when she was 5, when she was 17 she ran away. And she met Kai a year later just after she turned 18. She fell in love with him when she first saw him, and is the 5th girl to love him with all her heart.
Personality: Calm, Cool, and sweet
Species: Kitsune
Night/day clothers: Day clothes: Short white shirt, with short shorts, and white sneekers.Night clothes: one of Kai's old shirts, and Panties

Name: Felecia
Picture: http://img97.imageshack.us/img97/3599/felicia1100jpg1bz.jpg (she is bigger, but this is all I could find that didnt count as hentai)
Age: 19
Gender: Female
History/Background: Felecia is a playful, bashful, Hyper catgirl she always seems toget into trouble, and thats how she meets kai. She is the 6th and last girl to love Kai, which makes it hard for Kai to decide which girl he wants. But he still shows affection for all of them..including Felecia.
Personality: Hyper, Bashful, Reckless, Kind
Species: Neko
Night day clothes: None (she has furr that covers her private parts)

Chapter 1: Sakura meets Kai

Kai woke up early in the morning, and walked over to his mirror. He looked in it to see his reflection, a Black haired, Skinny, 5 foot tall, black eyed 18 year old, who had a collar on. Kai slipped into his nice soft comfortable clothes, and began to clean his house up for the weekend, when Hinata crawled out in Kai's long shirt. "cleaning house?" she asked, yawning and stretching.

"yep...I am" Kai replied, sneezing from the dust that came off his wooden dresser. It had been 2 months since he had cleaned the place, he was busy with work, College, and keeping his Neko happy while keeping his love for Terra secret. "the dust around here is rediculous" Hinata looked up at him, waiting for the right time to cling to him. Just as kai started dusting off the tv, Hinata clinged onto his back, and held on tightly so she wouldnt fall. "woah!" Kai smiled softly, and continued working as she stayed on his back. "your like a back pack, but but much lighter" Kai smiled for a brief amount of time, and continued over to the dresser by his bed. He picked up the picture of him and hinata kissing, and stared at it with her. "we were so cute" Hinata Nodded and closed her eyes, resting her head softly onto his shoulder.

Kai walked her over to their bed, and layed Hinata on it, resting her head softly onto the pillow below it. Kai smiled as he watched her sleep, and he thought about all the good times they had together, as he sat there in the chair beside the bed. He always found it cute when she slept with his shirt on, it was like the only thing she ever wore. She opened her eyes to see kai looking down on her. "I love you" she told him in a smooth, soft voice. Kai smiled, and pet her face softly, as he bent over to kiss her. They started to kiss softly, as she layed there in bed, Kai pet her head, making her ruby red hair sway. "scratch behind my ears" Kai moved his hand behind her left ear, and started scratching softly. Hinata purred softly, as she pulled him down to her, and kissed him.

"what am I to you Kai?" she asked, looking into his eyes.

"A lover, a pet, everything you want to be to me" he replied. She stared at him, not moving.

"But you understand I dont want you to myself dont you?" she asked in a calm re-assuring voice.

" I understand...and I must be off to work now, or I'll be late, we have all weekend to do whatever we want" he replied, running out the door.

Hinata layed on the bed, looking at the door, waiting for him to return from his long hard day of work that layed ahead of him. She crawled over to the mirror, and sat down infront of it, looking at herself in the mirror. All she saw was herself, a ruby red haired, 5 foot tall, soft skinned, skinny 18 year old cute Inyu girl. she smiled at herself, and picked the controller up off the floor, and sat down infront of the tv as she slipped on her panties. "I wonder what is on tv" She let out a soft giggle and turned the tv on.

Kai walked into the restaurant, and slipped into the kitchen. The manager was mad at Kai yet again for being late, and threatened to fire him if he was late one more time, other than that everything went as usual. He filled the orders, and walked out the door 5 hours later. To his suprise, he saw a cute little neko girl crawling on the side walk. "excuse me" he called out to the Neko.
She stopped in her tracks, and turned to see Kai. "yes?" she asked, hiding her scars. Kai bent down to look at the white haired, Blue eyed, skinny neko.
"need a home?" Kai asked.
"yes" she replied, in a soft seductive tone.
"alright, you can come home with me...whats your name?" he asked.
"Sakura" she replied, handing him her leash.
"thats a cute name" he replied, and started walking along her side. As soon asthey turned the corner, they got into his car, and sped home to Hinata. He picked up the neko, and walked her upstairs and into the apartment, and set her on the floor next to the awaiting Hinata. "Hinata meet Sakura" Hinata looked at Sakura, and crawled over to her.
"hi there" she told Sakura. Sakura looked Hinata over, and smiled.
"hi" she replied, looking into Hinata's eyes.
Kai watched them from the kitchen, as they talked to each other. He smiled, and walked over to the fridge. "what can I cook for dinner?" he asked himself looking for something to eat.
Sakura stopped talking, and crawled into the bed as Kai cooked dinner. Hinata climbed into bed with her. "mine as well get some sleep while my master makes dinner" Hinata told Sakura, looking into her eyes. Sakura nodded and closed her eyes, snuggling next to hinata. Hinata smiled, and wrapped her arms around her new friend and fell asleep. Kai stood there watching them sleep together silently, not disturbing anyone.
"well...they like each other, they should get along" he silently told himself as he walked back into the kitchen. He kept a watchful eye on them as they slept.
The phone rang, and woke them up. "Kai get the phone" Hinata called out, holding Sakura tighter. Kai picked up the phone, and answered it.
"hello?"Kai waited a couple of seconds for a reply.
"it's Terra" the voice on the other end of the phone answered. Kai walked into the kitchen, closing the door behind him so he could talk in privacy. Sakura layed in bed next to Hinata with her eyes open.
Sakura layed on her side, with her back to Hinata's front side as she closed her eyes. Hinata fell asleep with her head on Sakura's cheek, and Sakura just kept her eyes closed as Hinata slept with her. 'Hinata is so cute' she thought to herself, and turned around so she was facing Hinata, she wrapped her arms around her,and held her tightly. Kai opened the door, to see Hinata and Sakura with their arms around each other. "aww" he muttered out as Sakura drifted off to sleep facing Hinata.
After Kai was done, he put their dinners in the microwave, and sat down to his dinner, alone at the table. After he was done, he let out a lonely sigh, and wrote out a note.
"Hey Sakura and Hinata,
I already ate dinner and your dinners are in the microwave all you have to do is heat it up for two minutes. Dont feel bad about me eating alone, you needed the rest, and you looked so cute, I didnt want to disturb you."
After kai wrote the short note, he put it in plain view and layed down on the couch so he wouldnt disturb Sakura and Hinata. As Kai slept, Sakura woke up with Hinata, and read the note taped to the counter. "awww" Hinata muttered out, seeing Kai sleeping on the sofa. She crawled over to him, and gently licked his face. "I love you Kai" Kai smiled as he slept. Sakura heated up the dinners as Hinata took a nice warm shower.
The phone rang, and Kai answered it after it had woke him. "hello?" he said in a deep ruffled voice.
"Hey it's me Terra" the voice replied.
"oh Hi" he said, looking at sakura as she put their dinner on the table. Hinata walked out of the bathroom after her nice hot shower, and sat down at the table next to Sakura. She seemed to be showing interest in Sakura for some reason. Kai got up, and sat down at the table next to Hinata as he talked to Terra. After a while he told Terra to call back later, and layed down in bed.
"going to sleep?" Sakura asked.
"yep" He replied.
"I'm going to sleep with you is that okay?" Sakura asked, in a nice, calm manner
"yeah both of you can sleep with me tonight" He replied. Hinata giggled a little as they layed in bed with him, Sakura layed on his left side, and Hinata layed on his right side. They drifted off to sleep, Kai dreamt about Sakura, Hinata dreamed about Kai, and Sakura dreamed about Kai also. Kai woke up, and looked over at Sakura,and smiled as he wrapped his arms around her. Hinata wrapped her arms around Kai, and Sakura woke up and looked up at him. "hey" Sakura smiled, and wrapped her arms around him tightly.
"dont let me go" she softly said, as Kai's ears slumped.
"I wont" He replied, holding onto her tighter."I will never let you go" Sakura looked up at him, and licked his face. Kai blushed as Hinata and Sakura held him tighter. Sakura had feelings for him, and Hinata but she liked Kai in a special way, and she never wanted to leave his sight.
"do you like me kai?" Sakura asked in a soft, smooth whisper.Kai nodded his head. "how much?" Kai looked into her eyes, and kissed her.
"that much" he replied, as he continued to kiss her. Hinata started licking the back of his neck as he kissed Sakura. "I love you both" Hinata hugged him tighter, and Sakura kissed him more. He got up, and stumbled into the bathroom.
"isnt he wonderful?" Sakura asked Hinata.
"he sure is" Hinata replied with a big smile on her face.
Sakura heard the shower start up. "where did you get that shirt hinata?" Sakura asked.
"do you want one?" Hinata asked.
"yes" Sakura replied. Hinata hopped off the bed, and crawled over to his dresser, and took out one of his big old shirts. She Handed it to Sakura, and smiled. Sakura put it on and smiled at the feeling of Kai on her body, then she jumped off the bed and sat on the floor infront of the tv, and turned it on. Hinata crawled over to her side, and sat down. Sakura smiled as Hinata rested her head on her shoulder.She let out a sigh of relief as she watched tv. Kai walked out, buttoning his shirt. "hey Kai!" Sakura clinged to him, as she buttoned his last button.
"hey sakura" He said, smiling. Hinata looked up at him and Sakura, and smiled. "I gotta go to work" Sakura hopped off him, and fell into Hinata's arms playfully. Kai ran out the door, and locked it behind him.

Lady Akita
February 1st, 2006, 11:33 PM
Nnow, I can see you like romance stories. ^^ No length problem here, but you still might wanna check out the conventions before submitting the story.
Oh and, one more thing. Too much conversation. No descriptions whatsoever. ><; I mean, a few would be good, not just the character profiles, but actually in the story, like describing scenes and so on.
Somehow, tho, I feel weird how Hinata and Sakura could both share Kai and not be jealous. o.O;