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February 1st, 2006, 11:37 AM
PG-13, due to violence.

Yeah, This is heavily based of the Inheritance trilogy (eragon, eldest)

Title Explanation:
Well I plan to make a series of RP's with the The Chosen: (Insert something) so I think I should start it now.

In the land of Farthen Dur, Many race's live in harmony these race's include the Elves, Dwarves and humans. Of course Farthen Dur is inahabbited by animals of many kinds, these animal's include dragons. These dragons have forged a trust with the inhabbiting races of Farthen Dur. A force called the Dragon Rangers have become guardians of the dragons from any evil forces. These gifted children are born with magic flowing in their viens. Most of these children or Gift's as the elves know them are elves, it is very rare for a human 'gift' to be born. The Rangers have almost been destroyed untill a new 'gift' is born into the world, His name, Shea, his destiny is unknown. You have been born as a 'gift' you will travel to the elf city of Du Varden and begin your training with a dragon that takes a like to you.

Traits of the Races:

Usually stronger with magic then human's and also have extrodinary bow skill's unless they are trained in the way of the sword. They speak in the ancient langauge whenever possible and have some custom's that are only used when confroted by a person higher in society. Ranger's are the highest on the heiracrhy but their Master's are reffered to as Eithebl.

Unless a 'gift' they tend not to be able to weild magic as a weapon, usually a skilled bow's man or sword fighter. Human's magic (if they have any) is weaker then the elves' magic but if trained as a magician they can rival weaker elves.

Traits shared between elf ranger's and human rangers:
both elf and human rangers can use their mind's to contact their dragons and to a certain extant other animals. They can also use this to talk to elves or if the ranger is an elf to human rangers.


Age (7-13):
Race: (elf or human)
Weapon of Choice:
Secondary Weapon:
Magical Element:
RP Sample (needed):

Dragon's form:


My form:
Name: Kamereon (nickname: Kamo)
Gender: Male
Age: 8
Race: Elf
Personality: An elf that is proud of his gift, he won't talk about it much but still he is proud of it. He is a caring child and will defend friends/loved ones in battle. He is an intelligent elf, he uses words from the ancient langauge to make his own spells that do simple tasks (eg, Cleaning, Cooking etc). Kamo has often become tempted by evil, but the fire that burns inside him has protected him from this (as does the magical element inside all 'gift's).
Weapon of Choice: A sword that matched the colour of his dragon named: Pyroglyph
Secondary Weapon: Magic
Magical Element:Fire
RP Sample (needed):
I was wondering through the forest that surronded Du Varden. I stopped and sat on a tree stump. I had sat in this place, many times before this. I loved this chance to get away from the hustle of life and I could think about things that would happen to me.
"Kamo, I see you have returned to your meditation place" my close friend Necro said
"I thought you were following me" I laughed. Obviously this conversation was in the ancient langauge so neither of them could lie. (ancient langauge will be posted as if spoken in english)

Name: Pyra
Colour: Red
Gender: Female
Personality: She is a caring dragon who will protect Kamo or a fellow ranger from harm. She has just devolped the ability to breathe fire and she is very proud of this. Quite cocky, but attentive to Kamo and other rangers

The Reason the age is so low:

Because you are being trained while you are young so the skill's are emebeded in your mind.

Join away!

Lady Akita
February 2nd, 2006, 12:03 AM
Name: Kris
Gender: Female
Age: 11
Race: Human
Personality: Very determined person, craves the fancy and powerful. Nice to the lonely, shy in the presense of higher powers, secretly despising them. Passion for gore and blood, but not athletic.
Bio: ?
History: Will reveal in RP.
Weapon of Choice: Bow and Arrow
Secondary Weapon: Uh..a sword?
Magical Element: Earth
RP Sample (needed): Kris roamed the countryside, attracted by the wild flowers and beautiful scenery all around her. She was happy, if for once, and perhaps the last time, she could enjoy some peace. Soon, her competitie side would take over.
She laid down her weapon, and sat down in the grassy meadows. A bird was chirping, which was highly unlikely. It made her happy to know that someone had survived, but atthe same time, she coudl sense an evil presense, lurking in the blind spot of her eye. Suddenly, she got up, grabbed her weapons, and was timely enough to avoid the ambush..

that's it for now. Past midnight here. *yawns*

February 2nd, 2006, 11:21 AM
OOC: Welll I can say that your accepted ^^; we can start if you wish.

IC: I woke with a start, this was happening alot recently I knew that it was because I knew that the day when my training began. Although I had already mastered my magical powers, I knew that I still had much to learn. "Well I suppose I should practice with pyroglyph for a bit, drain some extra energy" I thought to myself. I jumped out of a window and landed in the forest that the rest of the elves lived in. I approached the sparring ground and was lept apon by my close friend Elra.
"Elra, ger off me!" I shouted my voice muffled by the fact my face was against the floor.
"okie!" The hyperactive elf replied.
"I've told you to stop that!" I laughed
"I know but its SOOOO fun!" she laughed back at me
"It hurts though" I told the girl.
I continued on my way with Elra behind me, she occaisonally stopped to stroke a squirrel that inhabbited the forest.
When I reached the sparring grounds, sparks were flying everywhere from where blades met
"This should be fun" I told myself as I unsheathed pyroglyph, or as I know it Pyro and raced towards my sparring partner, Uli.
"Welcome Kamo" Uli greeted me
"Shall we spar?" I asked
"we aren't here to gossip!" He replied, he unsheathed his sword.
We both stood there in our respective stances, Uli rushed at me I muttered "brisingr" and my sword ignitined into flames
"Your tactics never change my friend"
"I've been learning more about your style every time we spar"
"bring it on then!" he replied
Our swords clashed, the sparks flew in many directions but none hit either of us. I jumped over Uli and brought my sword down when I landed. Startled I saw Uli holding his sword in the exact place where I had struck.
"your reflexes have improved Uli"
"so they have"
Our swords met again but with more agression behind the blows, many elves stopped their sparring to watch Uli and I exchanged blows. Sparks were flying everywhere and soon enough Uli and I were into our usual routine. Sword fighting was like dancing to both of us, it ran in our blood despite being young I still had the skill to take down several older foe, whether they be human, dwarf of elf.
Eventually we stopped panting for breath. The spell I had used on my sword was sapping my strength.
"I... have ... to stop" I panted for breath
"so must I" Uli replied.

OOC: quite a starting post I must say so myself. Of course Kamo isn't actually that skilled just quite egoistic but he is regarded a skilled swordsman even for his age.

Lady Akita
February 2nd, 2006, 10:31 PM
Yeah. Heh. Since we are different species I guess we'd have different starting points..</ooc>

IC: Kris whipped around, and the arrow took off to the nearby tree, pinned right into the tender bark. She walked toward it, and gently pulled the object out. Poor thing, she thought. It's not their fault that she had just randomly picked one to stick her arrow into. Humans are cruel, but there isn't any other way. She grabbed her bag, and headed down the long journey the the elven city, spitting away arrows here and there. Some trees weren't meant to enjoy live. And some humans, they were meant to be special. She was glad and proud of her inheritance of the gift. It was her right, as well as responsibility.
A few birds flew past, and one nearly dropped its feces on her head. There was nothing better than nature. But if a war really did start, one day, and she would have to fight in it..
She let the thought out of her mind. It was unlikely. She was a peaceful citizen, and disliked hatred of all sorts. Death was for her, a good cause. A sacrifice. Not something done out of sheer brutality...

February 3rd, 2006, 8:36 AM
OOC: Yeah, Once we get a few more people we can get to the Ranger training grounds or something.

OOC (again): Brinsgr=fire in the ancient language, I don't like translating little words like that. I may post a guid for spells in the ancient language etc.

IC: I sat next a the stream near the sparring grounds and muttered "brinsgr" to heat the freezing water, I drank for a while until Uli came to rest beside me.
"you were right, you've been changing your style" he remarked
"I beleive that to be a true swordsman, you have to try out many different styles." I told Uli
"that my friend... is a remark worthy of a ranger" he replied looking at me
".... probably because I'm soon to be a ranger, idiot" I laughed as I poked him
"You know my memory sucks!" Uli murmured under his breath.

February 3rd, 2006, 9:48 AM
Name: Yen
Gender: Male
Age (7-13): 10
Race: Elf
Personality: Yen is the kind and righteous guy who loves to play about with his friends. HE is skilled with a bow and arrow and a bit of magic.
Bio: Yen is a 10 year old elf who is always looking for more friends. He has mastered the bow and arrow and is now practicing in magic.
History:His parents were killed when he was 7. He has always sought revenge for his parents.
Weapon of Choice: Bow and Arrow
Secondary Weapon: Magic
Magical Element: Fire
RP Sample (needed): Yen stood in front of his magic teacher.
"Yen focus your energy into you magic and try to attack that target." He said pointing towards a target standing up in the distance. Yen started focusing on the fireball he was about to make. The fireball grew bigger and bigger, just when Yen was about to fire it at the target it faded. His mind started showing memories of his parents.
"Come on Yen focus" The teacher said to him. Yen pulled out his bow and arrow and shot it at the target.
"I have to go now sir bye" He said as his eyes started filling up with tears.

Name: Delila
Colour: Gold
Gender: Female
Personality: Delila is an experienced dragon. She has known how to breath fire and fly since being a small dragon. She is very loyal to Yen and his friends and will protect them at all costs.

February 3rd, 2006, 9:41 PM

Name: Ember Flamilla

Gender: Female

Age (7-13): 12

Race: Elf

Personality: Being very content with the gift she was lucky enough to be blessed with, Ember is a very normal 12 year-old girl. She is always in a happy mood, never frowning. But when she gets angry, the best advice everyone she knows will give you, is STAY AWAY. She is also a very vigilantic person, always liking to save someone in need.

Bio:(OOC: Is this the description? If so, then) Ember has very white skin, almost pearly white. She has beautiful black hair that runs down her back, and she wears a green outfit that looks kind of like a dress, but is has small, studded spikes all over it, giving her an overall strong appearance. She wears black snadals on her feet.

History: Finding out about her gift at the young age of 9, Ember had always known she was special. Her parents had always said that the stars told them that they were blessed with a gifted child, one would make a difference in the world. It turns out they were right. Ever since she had founf out about her gift, Ember has been training with an old Elf who mastered Fire Magic, named Kindle. He has only taught her one spell, which annoys her at times, but she knows fully well, that her master has his reasons.

Weapon of Choice: A bow crafted from enchanted wood, and enchanted arrows, normally lit by fire.

Secondary Weapon: A small enchanted dagger she keeps in her left pocket.

Magical Element: Fire

RP Sample:

Walking through the forest, the old Elf at her side, Ember sighed, wanting to train more. All they had been doing all morning is walk around, building endurance in case of a very long journey, or so her master told her.

"Master Kindle, when are we going to train my fire magic!?" asked Ember, an exasperated expression on her face. She had finally snapped, after walking for endless hours through an unseemingly endless forest. She then yelled, "do you even know where we are going?!"

The old Elf sighed, and looked toward Ember, a serious expression on his face.

"Oh, Ember, if only you were older and wiser, you would understand the point of these exercises," said the Old Elf, saddened.

"Erm, Master, I apoligize, but I must know, whn are we going to train my Magic? I believe that is the most important thing right now, so that I could defend myself in a time of-" her sentence was cut short when a Shade appeared out of the shadows.

"You are mine, Elf!" it yelled, as it neared. Ember trembled in terror as it neared her. Kindle lifted up his staff, and got into a battle-ready position, and pushed Ember behind him......

February 4th, 2006, 2:16 PM
OOC: ^^ the bio is like a Biography :P and both of you are in :P I'm not gunna post just yet

February 4th, 2006, 4:35 PM
Name: Abisso (It means Abyss in Italian...heh, it ain't the Ancient Language, but I like the word!)

Gender: Male

Age (7-13): 13

Race: Human

Personality: A rather quiet, kept-to-himslef guy whose only travel companion is his dragon. He is kind, and rather softspoken, but when frustrated can lash out with an anger that cannot be forgotten.

Bio: ((Isn't Bio and History the same thing...?))

History: He is a natural nomad who wanders city from city along with his dragon companion, Miccu. Much is unknown about his past, even to him; like who is father and mother are. Elves helped to raise him, but could no longer take care of his born-wandering interests and let him wander once he turned to the age of ten. They gave him a sword and a special dagger, and let him on his way.
As he traveled, around the age of eleven he happened upon a strange stone that was hidden in the hole of an oak tree. For reasons why, he knew not of, only to find that soon later it had hatched into a dragon. However, he was not troubled by this, for now he had a travel companion besides himself, and now they find themselves in Farthen Dur for some strange reason.

Weapon of Choice: A sword without a name

Secondary Weapon: A small dagger

Magical Element: Water and Ice

RP Sample (needed): "Well Miccu, it appears as though we have found ourselves in another new area..." says Abisso to his dragon companion. The dragon lowers his large, graceful head down, gently into his master's lap. The rather small dragon, small for his species at least, lets out a small sigh as they watch the flame flicker and cast a shadow upon the forest.

Life sure does go by slowly... Miccu says mournfully as the fire-light casts a red gleam upon his dove-white scales, and he closes his crimson-red eyes.

"As a nomad, things always seem to go by slowly..." Abisso yawns, tucking his head between his arms to block the fire from his green eyes, semi-long, black hair covering the rest of his features. "But we should get used to it...for it is how we live."

Dragon Bio
Name: Miccu

Colour: A dove-white with crimson eyes, an albino whose membrane on the wings is a slight pinkish colour.

Gender: Male

Personality: Similiar to his master's, calm and collected. And he's rather a strange dragon, as well, for instead of breathing fire he breathes a cold hard blast of icey wind and crystals, and his body is more lithe than a normal dragons, as well as smaller.

((Hope this is fine, I feel like RPing someone opposite of my gender...))

February 5th, 2006, 1:30 AM
OOC: ... dang your right. I've RP'd a female before. Also your in. I'm tired and outta ideas (again) so I'm not gunna post

February 5th, 2006, 6:10 AM
OOC: I'm going to carry on from my RP sample if thats ok.

IC: Yen layed on his bed sobbing. He didn't know why his parents died the way they did and for what purpose.
"I will get them filthy bas***ds" He growled. He steeped outside when his Dragon, Delila saw he had been crying.
"What ever's the matter master Yen?" She asked sympathetically walking over to him.
"I still can think of why my parents died and I really miss them!" He cried jumping on her.
"Can we go to their graves please" He asked her. She nodded and started flapping her wings ferociously and took off.

February 9th, 2006, 3:14 PM
Can I join? I love Eragon! I have eldest in hardback!

Name: Burakkii (Umbreon in japanese)
Colour: Silver
Gender: Female
Personality: Wise, but has a sharp tongue. Despite that, she cares for Imarik.

Name: Imarik (EEmariK)
Gender: female
Age (7-13): 12
Race: (elf or human)Elf
Personality: Nice, and cares for all, but a ruthless fighter in battle.
Brave, but the outcast.
Bio:Tall for an elf, with elegant black hair down to her chest.
History:She was born at Farthen Dur, But was separated when her parents were killed by the Ra' zac.
Weapon of Choice: Sword
Secondary Weapon: Bow and arrow
Magical Element: Fire
RP Sample (needed): Imarik was walking through the forest with Burakkii when she said,“Burakkii, do you think this sword-resembling stick will ever kill anything?”
“I don’t know, but you can use this claw that fell off my paw a while ago.…”
“Thanks, Kii.”
“Welcome. Don't lose it.”
Imarik jumped on Burakkii and they flew off, occasionally catching a doe from the sky.
Imarik landed and started a fire. She began to eat, but she lost her appetite after flying.
“Goodnight, Kii.”
“Night, Marik.”
She went to sleep under the comfort of Kii’s wing.

Pineapple Pocky
February 13th, 2006, 5:21 PM
Can i still join?

Name: Karasu (means crow in Jap) (nickname- Su)
Gender: female
Age: 12
Race: Human
Personality: shy and usually keeps to herself, but she's always hyper around her friends, and is very protective of them. You so much as give them a wrong look, and she'll be ready for a fight. (she's kind of a loner) Sometimes she just starts acting like a wolf (howling, panting, and running like a wolf) but she can't help it it's sort of a habit.
Bio: (If this is how you look) Karasu has waist length aqua blue hair (with bangs) in a ponytail, bright green eyes, black cargo pants, green shirt, a black jacket, and a black birthmark shaped like a bird on her left shoulder (that's why the wolves named her crow).
History: Su doesn't know much about her past besides her parents died when she was young, she was abandoned by her village because they found her powers "different", she was raised by a small pack of wolves until she was 10, and was taken in by a new village that had killed her wolf pack. She's now 12 and has learned to act like a human, but she will always remember her pack. (But she doesn't know who killed them yet)
Weapon of Choice: Bo (a long metal pole)
Secondary Weapon: Air katana (air sword)
Magical Element: Wind and sound
RP Sample (needed):

Karasu had never been so scared in her life. Her sister Kiva and her brother Kirin were already captured. She could hear their howls and cries behind her, but she didn't dare turn around. Her siblings had told her to run whenever their was a fight, because she wasn't as strong as them. She didn't know what was going on, all she saw were some strange looking animals that walked on two legs and talked in a weird language. Before she knew it the animals were attacking her family for no reason. She ran on all fours, skidding through the endless snowy feild in front of her. She was headed for the pack's den that was hidden behind a small waterfall. She raced down a bend in the hill as the river came in sight. She tumbled down the slippery rocks of the shore, and swiftly jumped into the cave. She shook herself dry and crawled into a corner of the cave. "Their all alive Su, their all alive..." she whispered to herself. After a few hours Karasu sat alone waiting for someone to come, even though she knew they were gone. Soon she curled up and cried herself to sleep.

Su sat up on the tree branch blinking. The bright morning light hurt her sensitive eyes. She glanced around. Not one lamp was on below, Everyone in the village was still asleep. She looked down at what seemed to be a far away ground. A cool breeze swept through the forest, blowing her long hair in her face. She brushed it away then leapt of the branch. When she was halfway to the ground, a thin silver disk appeared beneath her feet and caught her. It floated down slowly until it was at a safe height, then sped through the closely packed houses. She had nearly gone to the end of the town when she reached a well known door. She was lifted to the roof. When she jumped off the disk it dissapeared. She sat down and waited for Halen and Rena.

(hope it wasn't too long)

Dragon's form:

Name: SilverShadow
Colour: black scales and spikes, with silver tail and eyes
Gender: male
Personality: He's pretty much the complete opposite of Kiba. He's always laid back and funny around strangers, but in a time of disaster he's oddly calm.

February 17th, 2006, 10:22 PM
This is a ripoof on Eragn, and you haven't even stated that you've taken ideas from Eragon. Honestly, if you like Eragon so much, change the plotline to suit that of Eragon, and then say that you have taken the idea from Eragon.

I myself am a major Eragon fan, but dementing the original really makes this a bad RPG. Change it, however, and you'll go far...

February 18th, 2006, 3:18 AM
This is a ripoof on Eragn, and you haven't even stated that you've taken ideas from Eragon. Honestly, if you like Eragon so much, change the plotline to suit that of Eragon, and then say that you have taken the idea from Eragon.

I myself am a major Eragon fan, but dementing the original really makes this a bad RPG. Change it, however, and you'll go far...
Yeah, This is heavily based of the Inheritance trilogy (eragon, eldest)


Get your facts right before your criticise

Pineapple Pocky
February 18th, 2006, 8:31 PM
(ouch... he got told off.) So i take it that nobody's gonna be posting for a while?... Well i think l should stop talking to myself now...

February 20th, 2006, 2:20 AM

Get your facts right before your criticise

Excuse me, Your Highness, but that wasn't there when I posted...

February 20th, 2006, 12:38 PM
OOC: I'm not royalty so please don't adress me as if I was. Well it was. So stop trying to cover up your own mistake, yeah Your in people that have applied.

"training starts soon" I thought to myself "I'm excited and nervous, I don't know how its going to go, I hope that the people that will train with are friendly" I often thought like about the future, I don't know why, but it made me feel safe, knowing what is coming the next day or soon.

February 21st, 2006, 12:06 PM
uh, are people fighting over me? kewl! arf! *twitch*