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February 1st, 2006, 2:55 PM

All looked well for Jump City as Chaos was banished. A few lives shattered, but the veil of fear over the city had been lifted. Or so it was thought. Shortly thereafter, Eclipse, the Night Dragon appeared and eventually, seemingly destroyed one of the two who had defeated Chaos. Alpha, as this man was know, and Cassie, one of the girls he had saved were merely sent reeling through space-time until they reappeared in Alpha's home dimension, also the land of Chaos's birth. Now, a few days later, they prepare to return to Jump City.

What a different world it is. Though only several days have passed them by, two years have passed in the world they come to now. Many of the Titans are dead, or might as well be, others have fallen under one of the circular spells of Eclipse and Chaos's sons, the Time Demons, doomed to relive the worst times or their life, or age without end, or... Anything that catches their fancy. Eclipse herself is worse, having enslaved the entire city.

Despite all of this, it can get worse. Powerful as these four are, there is another far greater. Their master, their father. Every death provides them with a new soul for the Dimensional Gate, every soul brings it closer to activation. On the other side, can be heard whisperings for blood, calls for pain and destruction. On the other side, Chaos waits, with his newest slave, Ebony and their son Wraith. Alpha is sworn to end this menace, and attempts to lead the revolt against their power, but what of his brother, Omega? The new shadow at Eclipse's side? Too many questions, and time wears thin.


I do not expect, I REQUIRE at the least, a basic command of the English language. That means proper capitilazation and punctuation, and a visible attempt at proper spelling and grammar.

I expect every post to be read by every member of the RP. This way, we don't have differing opinions on time of day, location, even events to a certain degree.

All other RP and applicable PC rules.

In my absence, Psychotic_Demon is the co-owner and arbiter of any disputes that might arise. Otherwise, have fun!


Titan name: (if different from above)

RP Sample:

February 1st, 2006, 10:39 PM
Name: Cassie(aka Cerridwen, her real name; call her that and die)

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Powers: She can take the shape of a hound, otter, or hawk, and has mastered the power of electricity. In any of her forms, she can shoot charges of electrical energy, bolts, etc., out of her hands, talons, paws, whatever. A rather free-form branch of elemental control, she can pretty much do anything involving electricity/light, no matter what shape she has taken.

Appearance: She used to look energetic and hyper, but that appearance is sort of...dying of late. Suddenly, for reasons known only to her, the enthusiasm is fading away. Her long, wild brown hair is gaining slight specks of gray, her eyes losing their bright green color and becoming blank and staring. Her outfit...well, she doesn't usually care, and most of the time she just slaps something on, jeans with a t-shirt, but her clothes also seem to be becoming worn with the rest of her, and have a few tears they hadn't before. Her former look of 'I'm in charge' has turned into a pitiful 'you're the boss', and it's rather sad to see. She wears round glasses that sometimes go askew, and though tall tends to look down at her feet.

History: Well, you know. She was a Titan...once. She was there at Chaos's seeming downfall, saw his 'fall', witnessed what seemed to be Alpha's death at the hands of the Night Dragon. She then was pulled along with Alpha to his own dimension. During the time right before Chaos had appeared to be defeated, she had been possessed by him for a short time. Ever since she's been slowly becoming less and less like herself...

Personality: Like her appearance, Cassie's personality is fading. Formerly enthusiastic and ready to go, she's starting, ever so slightly, to lose interest in things, becoming at times quiet, reserved, and a bit dangerous. She used to be a natural leader but now just looks on, was once a participant but is now merely an observer. And she refuses, absolutely refuses, to admit that there's something wrong, to tell what it is and go looking for help. In her desperation and inability to change any of this, she's starting to physically and mentally abuse herself...

Other: Her alignance is currently unknown, even to her...

RP Sample: Come again?

February 2nd, 2006, 3:35 PM
OOC: I'm going to try my best to stick with this RP, unlike previous TTU's, and unlike last time, I have the perfect character ideas.

Name: Ryouga

Titan name: Ryouga (Though he may get a formal Title eventually, who knows?)

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Powers: Ninjitsu, Taijitsu, and Genjitsu, Ninja abilities, hand to hand skills, and illusionary powers, respectively. He also posesses some unique shadow ninja techniques.

Appearance: He has medium-short length brown hair, of a medium hue, kept not at all in a messy mass on his head. (Suprising, ne?) He stands slightly larger than normal in stature, but not enough to cause much notice, at just over six feet. His skin has a a light tan to it, but not very much, and his eyes are a bright lavender, which makes it hard to blend in at times. His clothes are typically basic city outfits, though he does have ninja gear, simple jeans, running shoes, and a T-shirt, with his konoha forehead protector usually wrapped around one arm, under a soft, black leather jacket that doesn't hinder mobility.

History: Raised in the hidden village of leaf, known as konoha, Ryouga was trained in the basics of being a ninja, though he was never truly adept at some of the finer aspects. However, shortly after a mission in which he discovered an extremely rare ability, a bloodline limit, which allowed him to touch on a realm of shadows, he steadily became more powerful, learning nearly ever technique, even unique ones that he could, until he was eventually run out of Konoha for spying on private training. He doesn't really bear a grudge against his countrymen, in fact he agrees that he went to far, so he's basically tried to roam until this whole thing blew over, but certain events have prevented him for returning for a few years, by which time he got used to life outside the village, and found other uses for his... Abilities.

Personality: (God, I hate this field.) He's usually very direct and to the point, but that's usually caused by sleep deprivation. He has a tendancy to make jokes no one understands, and is more than a little perverted. He has plenty of self control, however, he just restricts it's use to when it's absolutely neccisary.

Other: He's a ninja, what more do you want? Oh, how about this? He Excels at ninjitsu, and his special abilities make up for mediocre taijitsu skills, and his genjitsu skills are what would be expected from someone of his level.

Name: Ranma

Titan name: Roze

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Powers: She is also a ninja, but unlike Ryouga, Her ninjitsu and genjitsu are balanced, but she's an extreme taijitsu expert, with inhuman speed, and spectacular strength.

Appearance: Unlike ryouga, Ranma is anything but modest, and it shows in her choice of clothing, what little there usually is of it. She has flame-red hair kept in a loose style with a pigtail at the back, bright blue eyes, and a medium complexion. She also has a costume of sorts, for when she goes out with the intent to use her abilities, which basically consists of a red jacket that flares at the waist, and hugs her form everywhere else, with a yellow mini-cape (Goes just barely below the shoulderblades) and to keep her at least somewhat decent, a bright green leotard underneath. Of course, there's also her ninja gear lined in a belt, and Yellow loose-fitting boots and gloves.

History: She keeps her childhood a closely guarded secret, but she was obviously trained in the hidden village of mist, a ninja village that uses mist and water techniques, and upon meeting ryouga early on in his wandering, attempted to kill him. Their first, and consecutive odd twenty or so fights ended in draws, and she continued to follow him, stating that she refused to leave in defeat. Of course, by this time, it's more of a companionship between them.

Personality: (Once again, god, I hate this so much, maybe in a few descicive words?) Bold, brash, defiant, immodest, and even more perverted than Ryouga, which is saying something.

Other: Insert brain-overload here.

RP Sample: I'll edit this in later if you want jake, but you're familiar with my RP'ing, yes?

February 3rd, 2006, 12:51 PM
Name: Shiva Norman
Titan name: n/a
Age: Fifteen
Gender: Female
Powers: Ability to withstand any power that probes the mental mind, but highly prone to physical damage. Also capable of controlling water properties to ice, creating minor illusions and shields, the usefulness depending on her mood. Her powers are mostly used to obscure and protect herself- nothing entirely too major.
Appearance: A pale, skinny girl with nothing significant about her except her albino heritage. Her eyes are usually colorless, except when reflected at a certain angle, the visible blood vessels allows for a common misconception of red eyes. Strands of silver and white fly loosely beyond her shoulders, carelessly swept bangs partially shielding her sight. Her face is usually smooth, flawless and waxy. High cheekbones indicate a foreign aspect, giving her a sort of distorted dignified aura. She wears a sleeveless white top and a skirt, both clothes considerably airy and made of light substance. Matching sandals finish off the ensemble. Her body frame overall is frail and petite, malnourished and late for her current age.
History: Her background is heavily veiled by disturbing memories and the simple loneliness of childhood. Shiva led a relatively poor life in an orphanage somewhere near a destitute province, where her given name was found. She discovered her gifts at an early age, finding solace and minor comfort knowing she was different, physically and mentally, from other children. Her uncanny abilities also made it quite difficult for even experienced psychologists to discern her inner feelings; blatantly put, to them, she was an empty shell of a girl. Shiva continued to live like this until at some point in her life, she made the decision to stay in Jump City. The Teen Titans' downfall was one of few interests she took to.
Personality: Quiet, solemn and unable to laugh, it is easy for people to misinterpret Shiva. She finds little to no amusement in anything, and sees the world in a lost, vague perspective. Her intelligence is significantly higher than average although Shiva never exactly puts it to use. Her mind wanders far too much and dwells on trivial matters. Shiva can and will get angered if her life is on the line, but mostly she's someone who tries her best to avoid attention at all cost. No one can figure her out; neither can she.
Other: n/a

RP Sample: Mind if I edit this in later?

February 5th, 2006, 1:00 PM
Name: Jasper

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Powers: Jasper can minipulate fire and metal. It would seem that he can create fire, but he does need some source of heat to create it, even if the source is very small, he can tap it to create flame. He usually just taps into his natural body heat. He can also use metal to do things he needs. There must be metal in the area for him to be able to use it. He can call for metal from a long ways away though, so this skill is very valuable.

Appearance:Jasper is built strongly, he is somewhere between 5' 11" and 6' 1". He has never actually checked nor' cared. He has deep blue eyes that are almost a direct path into his soul. His eyes always tell a story. They can tell you what is on his mind, or what is troubling him. He dresses casually unlike most heros. He wears jeans, or shorts, and usually a t-shirt and a hoodie.

History: His history involves many conflicts, struggles, fights, obsticles, losses, and defeates. An emense sad story... (More can be found out by researching the first three TTUs.)

Personality: Jasper is extremely emotional, and wears his emotions on his sleeve. He will help anyone in need, and sometimes let's his need to help get in the way of his goals. He has a temper that is uncontrolable at times, and will jump into any fight, no matter if he knows it it doomed to loss, or if the fight is already won.

Other: N/A

RP Sample: (I will do one, but am I required? I believe I had proved myself to you Jake, tell me if I'm wrong...)

Miss Reyna
February 6th, 2006, 5:35 AM
Name: Isabella Dela
Titan name: Reyna
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Powers: Minipulate fire. She can create fire by will and also create thing with that fire. Ex: weapons, brooms, and animals. She can do lots of tricks with the fire she makes as to change the color of the flames and teleporting.
Appearance: She has long red hair like the color of fire which is most of the time in a pony tail to keep it from her face. She is skinny and pretty much well in shape. Reyna dresses in a pair of blue jeans and some sort of light red armor covers her upper body.
History: Reyna is a traveler. She ran away from home due to her parents because they didn't understand her powers or her. She never stays in the same spot and always travels. Reyna has been to Paris and many parts of the world. She performs many shows with her ability and verious good deeds. Recently she just cam from her travels in Mexico.
Personality: Reyna is a nice girl and helpful. She likes to show off when their is a crowd but Reyna knows the differance between a show and work. She is very friendly and tries to see the best of people and situations.
Other: Reyna has a pet she likes to keep around named Fugi who is a fox made of fire. Fugi was the first thing Reyna made with her powers and thus she is close to him. Also nobody has called Reyna by her real name ever since she ran away from home.

RP Sample:Reyna has deep red hair and tanned skin. She is thin. She wears a red bracet around both of her arms and armor on her chest. Reyna wears blue jeans and a pair of black boots on.

RP sample:

Reyna walked up to a large building. She was kind of scared and unsure if she should go in.

"Must I come here" she asked.

Fugi jumped upon her sholder and nodded.

"Ok. I guess you are right." said Reyna.

Reyna remember the day she gotten her powers. It was a rainy day and she was alone at home.

Then something was heard from the living room. There were two big men. Reyna was scared. She was home alone and didn't know what to do. One of the men grabbed her and tied her up.

She was scared and the guys were digging though her house. She then felt some heat in her fingers and the rope began to burn. Soon she was able to break free. The men looked at her. The began to shoot at her but a small fox appeared and melted their guns.

Reyna was abit scared but the men were even more scared. They ran out the house leaving their stuff. Reyna then petted the fox happily.

Ever since that day she had these strange powers to control and make fire. Fugi never left her side.

February 10th, 2006, 4:16 PM
All right, I've waited enough. I'll sign up, we can get this thing started shortly.

Name: Alpha
Titan name: N/A
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Powers: The ability to control darkness, shadow, and a substance he refers to as "shadowfire."

Appearance: His appearance belies his abilities. Alpha is tall and leanly muscular with fine, straight blond hair grown to his shoulders and ice-blue eyes with an intensity to cut to any secret and a compassion to earn almost anyone's trust. He dresses, oftentimes, in a pristine white robe and a simple golden belt.

History: Alpha, and his brother, Omega were created to combat and defeat Chaos by a mysterious entity known as "The Author." They did so, and Alpha married to a half-angel half-vampire by the name of Serina. When Chaos escaped, he and Omega departed their home dimension to pursue him. They finally succeeded in his banishment in Jump City, and Alpha was accidentally warped home.

Personality: alpha is... Too caring for his own good. He would (and has) willingly sacrificed himself for someone he hardly knows. He cannot stand to see pain and has been unable to harden himself to it, as was Omega. There is little to him, aside from this compassion, he loathes violence and bringing up the memories of what he has seen nearly always result in a nervous breakdown.

Other: N/A

Miss Reyna
February 10th, 2006, 4:58 PM
So are we accpeted and when are we starting? I hope I not interupting anything.

February 10th, 2006, 5:07 PM
Well start as soon as Saphi's ready and signed up, and you're all good.

February 11th, 2006, 7:59 PM
Eh-heh, sorry for taking so long, everyone. n_n' Anyways, I finally was able to upload ze profile-pictures, so.... um.... Here they are!!!




-Saerwen, the Demon Dragon

-Saerwen, Dragon form.


Yeah... 'Scuse the sloppiness and the un-colour, because I was too lazy to go and fix them. Deal with it.

Jakie, if you would like to start us off?

February 12th, 2006, 8:09 AM
"Cassie?" I said, looking up from the letter I was writing. I set my quill aside as I finished my signature and asked, "Are you ready to go?" I blew softly on the paper, waiting for the ink to dry before folding it and dribbling sealing wax onto the join. I pressed my personal sigil into the puddle and waited for it to cool before I gave it to a waiting raven, whispered the recipient, and turned around to pace as the raven left.


"Oooohhhh, did the little Titan lose his way?" I cooed towards the broken and battered figure on the ground before me. I snarled and added, "Or maybe the little Titan thought he was a hero and could liberate his friends. Is that it?" I laughed viciously and said, "Well, little Titan, you can't. I'l let whatever fool leads you know as much." I sent a message of his failure through his synapses. It would resound in the mind of whomever it was that led this resistance.

Unfortunately, it proved to be too much for his system and he siezed up and died. I snorted as my brother Rai said, "We'd best get him back to Eclipse while his soul's still viable. Not that I mind if she lashes out and we get to play with her," Chaos had let us do so as soon as we had control of our abilities, "But more that He's getting impatient. I don't want to see Him angry again." I shivered and levitated the body before me, saying, "A good idea. Let's go." I turned as the two of us began making our way back towards our temporary hom, the Castle Inferno.

February 12th, 2006, 8:19 AM
"Yes, I'm ready," replied the girl quietly, looking up at him with dimming green eyes. Sweeping a wispy piece of brown hair out of them with shaking hands, she looked timidly down at her sleeve, noticing as she did so a small tear that had never been there before. "I'm ready!" she said again, with a pathetic imitation of her old enthusiasm. Plastering on a smile, she looked over in the direction the raven had disappeared.

He'd better not notice anything, she thought silently, before wondering fearfully if Alpha could read minds. He couldn't know. Truth be told, she wasn't even sure what it was herself. She just sensed, somehow, that something was wrong. "I have a bad feeling about this, Alpha," she warned suddenly, before she could stop herself.

February 12th, 2006, 8:31 AM
"It's just your imagination, Cass," I said with a smile. Walking over to her, I brushed some hair out of her face and gently kissed her forehead. Placing my hands on her shoulders, I added, "It'll be fine. You'll see." In truth, it wasn't going to be, and I knew it, and I knew she was far from the girl I had met. Not that I could say anything, but... My senses were more attuned than anyone thought. Even though I refused to read minds, I could easily get a fairly specific feel for their emotional state. "Listen, it'll be all right," I said, one last time. With a grin, I added, "You've got me around, don't you?"

February 12th, 2006, 8:42 AM
"Yes," she said with a small smile. Small, but genuine. It grew into a real grin, and she laughed a little. "You're right, it's probably just my imagination." She met his eyes for a moment, warmth and gratitude showing in hers. "Thanks again for saving me," she murmured, turning her gaze to the ground. She found it difficult to put it into any other words. She still felt like she owed Alpha something, but she wasn't sure how to repay him. "Thank you," she repeated, picking at her sleeve. "I don't know what would have happened to me if I hadn't met you." Shaking her head to rid herself of her overly sentimental thoughts, she asked shyly, "So, are we going, then?"

February 12th, 2006, 9:17 AM
"Take my hand, and we will," I said in reply, offering it to her. Inwardly, I heaved a sigh of relief. She wasn't completely withdrawn, then. There was still a chance that she might be drawn out of this snap of misery.

Serina came around the corner, and said, "We're leaving then?" I sighed and nodded, saying, "Yes. We are, my wife. Though I'm still not pleased with this. You're still frail, you know that as well as I." She looked at me fiercely and said, "I won't watch you walk out of my life again, only to reappear almost dead. I'm coming, you understand?" I sighed again and nodded, giving her my other hand.

February 12th, 2006, 9:34 AM
The ominous feeling reappeared in Cassie's mind, but she pushed it away again. She clasped Alpha's hand with a smile. "I'm ready," she said, and she meant it this time. "I'm ready for anything..." She stared fixedly at her hand, trying to prevent her gaze from straying elsewhere. God forbid she would meet someone's eyes.

"Jump City," she murmured, "here we come." The name felt strange on her tongue, as though the memory of the place had changed somehow in her mind. It was just in her mind, right? Yes, it was all in her head. It was all in her head. "Let's go," said Cassie, dismissing the thoughts. "Let's go..."

February 12th, 2006, 9:40 AM
Glowing green rings surrounded the three of us, rotating inwards until they condensed us into a point of bright white light. One flash, and we were gone. It was a disconcerting means of travel, to say the least, feeling as though you were being stretched apart and crushed at the same time. Yes, definately disconcerting, and it felt like a long, long, time whilst we were at it.

Another flash of white, then a soft green, and we had arrived. Arrived to look upon a ruined landscape, once-proud skyscrapers leaning at impossible angles with no windows, rubble covering every street. Red clouds were permanantly overcast above us. I shivered and said, "I knew something had gone wong, but not this bad... Not this bad..."

February 12th, 2006, 9:48 AM
"No..." muttered Cassie, her eyes flooding with tears as she looked upon this terrible sight. It was eerie, and she had a frightening moment of deja vu...as though she had seen this before...as though she had been the one who had wanted this to happen, who had planned for this to happen....For a split second, a satisfied smirk crossed her face. She shook her head and it disappeared.

"No," she said again, as though she refused to believe it. "No, it can't be...." Teardrops trailed down her cheeks, but she brushed them away. "Alpha, what's hap--" The question got lost somewhere in her throat, and she choked on it.

February 12th, 2006, 9:56 AM
"I failed, is all," I whispered, before I fell to my knees, vomiting. "I failed, again. It's like Karhold all over again... Or Emond's Field... I've failed, again... Hesitated to kill her... Again..." Serina put a comforting hand on my back, comforting me. Shakily, I stood, and conjured a blade of shadowfire. Rolling up a sleeve, I drew it across my arm, deliberately cuting deep. I liucked the blood from my wound, let the blade dissapate, and whispered, "This time, I won't. She'll die."

February 12th, 2006, 10:57 AM
"Damm it!!"

the table rattled with the impact of my fist, breaking the glass of water on it. The shards of glass fell away, but the water froze in it's place. A chill swept through the run-down room, but it didn't effect me.

Once again, I had lost a member of my rebellion. There were few of us now, since those stupid Time Demons were killing our members. That, and the people of the city were too scared to fight.

But I wasn't. Eclipse would be stopped, hopefully faster than Chaos was.

Miss Reyna
February 12th, 2006, 11:14 AM
Reyna was just flying on the side of her broom. She was getting a bit tired of Mexico and was ready for a change of place. She then saw what looked like a city. Reyna then poked her fire fox.

"Hey Fugi. It looks like we are about to hit some land." said Reyna.

Fugi awoke abit and looked down. He seemed a bit happy because it was time to land. He licked her hand.

Reyna was glad too. She wanted to get down and perform a bit of fire magic for the people. Mexican money doesn't pay fro food here. Maybe she can gain enough for food and hotel she hoped.

Reyna got closer to the city but it was a bit messed up. She flew over the city and saw that it was destorted. She was some what sad. "What happen here?" She looked around and was confuse. She then saw a guy and a few other people. "Best if I keep my distance." she whisper.

February 12th, 2006, 12:11 PM
I tossed the boy's broken body into the gate and nodded with pleasure as the black in the center both darkened and grew in size, my father hungrily eating the soul, applying its strength towards his freedom. I smiled at the thought of his return, of the power and glory it would bring. Of the destruction. Of what he would do to this resistance, and its leader, the girl I had glimpsed occasionally. I nodded to my brothers and said, "Let's hunt."

The three of us smiled, leathery, draconian wings sprouting from our backs as we took wing, claws extending, fangs growing, our bodies distorted until we looked like a crude parody of humanity.

Miss Reyna
February 12th, 2006, 2:11 PM
Reyna then saw three dragon like creature flying from where the guy was. She was ab it scared now. "Oh my."

Fugi then got closer to Reyna. "Don't worry. We be ok." she reasure him.

Fugi nodded and went on her sholder. Reyna then started to descend down. She landed and but the broom on her shoulder. Fugi hopped down and went to her other shoulder. Reyna then said, "I guesssing the skies aren't safe with those things flying around. So let walk out of this city and we fly once we leave the limits."

Reyna then close her eyes and a small black flash happen. Now Reyna's hair was black and so was Fugi's flame body. Both had turn black. "This is only a disguise. You know. I hate black but still it is a nice color for hair. Anyways you look cute black Fugi."

February 12th, 2006, 2:49 PM
She'll die....

"Eclipse," whispered Cassie. She had only every heard the name once before, but it felt all too familiar. Memories flashed in her mind, memories that, disturbingly, didn't seem to be her own... She glanced at Alpha and Serina, but, unsure of how to comfort either, said nothing. Instead, she traced a thin line on her left arm that had never been there before, longing in her eyes. She instinctively reached for the pocketknife in her jeans, but something held her back. No, she realized. Not yet. Withdrawing her hand, she straightened her expression, resuming playing casual.

February 12th, 2006, 5:35 PM
"I can't," I said to the newcomer, my eyes hardening. "I have sworn blood oath to kill the one responsible with." I hissed, "Oh, and I will... Yes, I will..." Serina glanced at me, concern creeping into her eyes. She'd only ever seen me snap once before, only ever seen my other side once before.

My eyes slowly crept to a bloodred, my posture straightened, and my hair changed to a deep blacck, seeming to suck in the light. Though my mouth was closed, full-blown fangs had replaced my canines, and shadows seemed to dance across my skin.

Miss Reyna
February 12th, 2006, 7:07 PM
Reyna walked around the city and was wondering what happen. She never seen a place like this before. She wanted to leave but felt it was needed to walk this one out. She promise she fly out once out of the city. She was a bit scared. She then made a small black fire ball. She then threw it in the air and she ate it. She just really made it disappear before it went into her month.

Fugi gave her a strange look and Reyna then said, "What? I bored. We need to leave I know."

February 17th, 2006, 6:21 PM
The water finally melted as I calmed down, only to be startled by the crackling of a makeshift walkie-talkie on a chair across the room. I could barely make out what our scout was saying, but once I heard the words Time Demons, I stopped listening. All the other members of my rebellion were out on patrol, I was the only one left at the run-down warehouse we had to use since the Tower fell.

It sucked. I wasn't allowed to go scouting, mainly because last time I almost got myself killed. But, when did that ever stop me from completing my mission? Pulling on my fingerless gloves, I ran out the door, my scarf trailing behind me.


"Really, what a horrible place this is," I mumbled (to myself, might I add), but the girl crouched to my left heard me anyways.

"Shade speaks of what to Syn, she asks?" She said, tilting her head, her hair falling in front of her face.

"Nothing, Syn," I growled. Stupid child, following me around like some half-straved wild animal. Which is what she was, almost. I could use her for the time being, however, so I didn't kill her. She was so messed up in the head, there was nothing left for me to tamper with. Honestly, why was she so attached to me?

"Syn hear you say something, she knows."

"It's not impor..... What are you doing?"

She had started sniffing the air, closing her eyes.

"Strange scent. Three men. Flying closer. Now very close."

Miss Reyna
February 18th, 2006, 11:38 AM
Reyna and Fugi then turn a corner and enter another street. She found this city depressing. She really wanted to get our of this place. Reyna then moved her black hair from her face. Fugi black flame fur shook.

Reyna then saw another girl. There were a few of them too. She thougth that these were nice too. She went towards them seeing if she can get some directions out of the city. Reyna ran up to her and said, "Heya. What you doing here? Do you know how to leave this depressing place? Please tell me."