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Trainer Ben
February 2nd, 2006, 4:14 PM
A quiet and peaceful world...suddenly shattered by...


The land of Montelet is in the midst of war. 9 year old Rosabelle Annie, by law of the country, has just been declared queen. However, this was a foolish move. Now going by the title Queen Nexus, she has begun giving outrageous commands to her armies. It has even been suspected that she is working with terrorists from another country.

A rebel alliance has been formed, though. Due to the incompetence of the armies, who believe they must obey their queen no matter what, several dragons, as well as humans and other species, have banded together to fight the Montelet empire.

The reason behind Queen Nexus' plans is simple enough: There are 7 talismans hidden throughout Montelet. 7 temples were constructed in honor of their power, each one guarded by a powerful beast. She has been sending her guards in each of them to retrieve the artifacts...but none have returned.

You have been recently selected by the Queen herself to retrieve these artifacts. Though you know of her cruelty and the recent events of Montelet, you have your own reasons for finding the talismans.


Dragon - Fierce and powerful, they are usually merciless. Their abilities range from breathing fire and flying to even being able to swim (your abilities depend on what kind of dragon you are. For example, a dragon could have both gills and lungs, but he'd have to sacrifice his fire-breathing abilities. Plus, he would not be able to fly for very long.)

Dragons in this RP are unique. Mine, for example, has human hands and knows how to make Gryffin stew. The island he hails from even acts like a modern world (lacking in technology, of course).

Human - Well-rounded and resourceful, humans are the main bulk of armies. They can range from wizards to soldiers to even vampires.

Elves - Basically the same as humans, but possess far more knowledge and beauty. Mostly wizards and archers.

Dwarves - Similar to humans, but obviously shorter. They are usually warriors or barbarians, wielding axes.

If there is another species you would like to play as, let me know and I'll consider it.

RP SAMPLE: (If it's not too good, then I'm afraid you're not accepted. :( )

Here's my character:

Bob: http://img318.imageshack.us/img318/3...00043ug.th.jpg
Chan: http://img318.imageshack.us/img318/3...00021fz.th.jpg

Age: 525 (Dragon equilvilent to 25)

Gender: Male

Personality: Bob is, well, stupid. Think Ed from Ed, Edd, n' Eddy, but slower in the head. Bob can be very powerful, but only on occasion. He won't stand by and let someone hurt his brother Chan of course, because they're attached. After 525 years of being with his brother through everything, he still can't get one simple rule down: if Chan goes left, don't go right.

Chan, on the other hand, is incredibly smart and cooks up destructive plans. He loves his brother as well, but often complains about their attachment. Because of Bob's poor depth perception in the sky, Chan is forced to concentrate and lead the way while flying. His favorite past-time is burning down villages and killing people. He'll never eat another Dragon, so he feasts on wildlife in various parts of the region.

These two don't really have a weakness, except each other (can't agree or get along on some things.). Of course, certain elements have been known to hurt them pretty badly.

History: Bob and Chan were born attached, recieving resentment from all the other dragons except their mother. Their father was especially ashamed, for he was the ruler of their community. Over time,though, everyone came to accept them, and treated them like normal. Except for their father, who will never come to love them. One day, their father gained enough power to kick them out of their home. To this day, Bob and Chan have been living wherever they find shelter.

"...huh?" Chan slowly awoke. The sun had risen, birds were chirrping, and the local villagers had begun attacking them. While spears and rocks were being thrown, the two-headed dragon stretched it's arm out, punching a man a good few feet away and kicking another across the field like a football. Standing up, Bob crushed a few men and Chan swatted some into the air.

"Same old thing every day," Chan said. He breathed clean, fresh air into his lungs. What came out, though, was 500 degrees of fire, which burnt many of the villagers up. The rest of the humans retreated back into their homes. Bob and Chan followed.

"So, what're we doin' today, Chan?"

"Same thing we do every day, Bob. Burn down some pathetic town." With that, they reached the village, took in some more oxygen, and reduced most of the village to what looked like a giant campfire.

"Time for breakfast," Chan said. He turned left, while Bob turned right. The result was some unattractive stretch marks, the torture of previous marks, and the pair falling on their back.

"Bob, you idiot! Wherever I turn, you need to turn as well!"

"Sorry Chan. Isn't there an easier way of walking?"

"...What? It's walking, Bob! You do it every day, and that's it!"

"Well, maybe we should practice more, you know, until we get good at it."

"Shut up, Bob." After the argument ended, the dragon with two heads begun their morning rituals, starting with looking for breakfast. Their feet shook the ground a little each time they collided.

"Wildebeast is good and all, but it's missing something. I've already tried charbroiling it, but my own flames don't taste too good," Chan said to himself. Bob looked over to him.

"Well, we've been eating too much meat lately. Maybe we should try some trees for once," Bob said. Chan slapped him across the face.

"What'd I do?"

"We are dragons, Bob! Not vegetarians!" Chan yelled, ready to scorch his brother any second. Suddenly, they felt a presence behind them. Turning around, they saw a cloaked man, covered by a hood.

"...You, have been chosen..." he said. Bob smiled.

"Oh! We may have already won one million gold coins?!" he asked excitingly. The man showed no expression.

"...chosen to retrieve the talismans..."

"Talismans? What're you talking about?" Chan questioned. Again, the man had no emotion.

"Wait for the others to arrive...then you shall know..." With that, he disappeared, leaving the two-headed dragon confused.