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February 5th, 2006, 12:53 AM
((Like the title states, this is one of my very first FanFics, a beginner's one, if you will. I will need some feedback to make it better, add more to it, etc. It is mainly about the trials and tribulations of a teen at the new, expanded PokeShool they added in Orre. The actual plot of the series actually begins in episode 20. Read, comment, and enjoy! ^^!))

Escapades at the World Known PokeSchool!

Chapter 1: The Heated Battle at the Dorm, and the Mysterious Assignment....

Looking out into the sunset, Kiro Namagutchi sighed slightly. He looked at the school hottie, Rai Rurikari. Her beautiful golden hair, flowing down behind her back seemed to flip about like a MagiKarp. She was wearing her usual outfit, a red tanktop with blue jeans. She noticed that he was staring at her, and she winked. Blushing, Kiro quickly turned away. He walked toward his friend, Gan Furu, and yawned. It was 6:30, almost time to go back to his dorm. The thin boy decided not to walk over to his friend, but instead to walk over to his dorm, which was two buildings away. Sighing, he took off his yellow sweater, revealing his dark purple long-sleeved shirt, and tied it around his waist. He ran toward his dorm, in 50 degree weather. As he ran, he felt a hand on his shoulder, and a girl's voice yelling, "wait! Kiro, wait up!"

He turned to see his friend Yuri Tiira, a CoolTrainer. Her black hair bounced up and down as she ran, panting. She stopped to take in a deep breath, and then walked with Kiro.

"So, Kiro, how were your classes on Psychic Pokemon today? Prof. Espeo was so boring, I was sleeping! So, you doin' anything Friday night?" she asked, a hopeful gleam in her violet eyes.

"Erm, no, I dunno, I need to go to my dorm to check," replied Kiro, scratching at his scarlet head.

"Ok then, good bye!" she yelled, running away at light-speed.

Kiro walked the rest of the way to his dorm, which was Dorm #223, Floor #3, Building Complex #3. Kiro blinked many times, since his contact lenses were becoming dry. His teal eyes slightly suffered at the lenses. As he neared his Dorm, he was stopped by a man in a purple lab coat.

"Hello there, Kiro. I was wondering if you would fancy a battle before going to sleep?" he asked, grinning.

"Uh, sure, what could it hurt?" was Kiro's response.

"Ok then, I choose you, Kirlia!" yelled the man in the lab coat, his glasses sliding to the tip of his nose.

The ballerina looking Pokemon danced around as she waited for her opponent.

"I choose you, Eevee!" yelled Kiro in a serious tone, one he usually takes when he is in a battle, and a very different tone he has from his usual non-chalant one.

The cat-like Pokemon smiled at his opponent. Kiro commanded for the Eevee to use a Tackle attack. The Eevee charged at the ballerina, knocking her back a few feet. Looking behind him, Kiro noticed that a crowd of student's had formed, wanting an exciting battle.

"Kirlia! Take him down! Use your PsyBeam attack!" yelled the strange man, a crazy smile forming across his face.

The Kirlia waved her arms in a circular formation, and shot a mutli-colored beam of Psychic energy that formed a swirl toward Eevee. It hit Eevee, full force, confusing him. The Eevee then tried to execute a Sand-Attack attack, but ended up sliding on his face. He shook his head as he stood up, and bared his small, but powerful fangs.

"Eevee! Use your Bite attack!" yelled Kiro, hoping he wouldn't lose the battle against the teacher. Eevee opened his fangs as he jumped toward the Kirlia, and sinked his fangs into the ballerina. She screamed in pain at the attack, which clearly delt critical damage to the Psychic Pokemon. Her eyes looked dizzy, and she fell back, knocked out. Eevee stood next to her, panting.

"Good job Eevee! Oh, and great battle Prof. Espeo," said Kiro, recalling the cat, and walking into the dorm......

"Kiro! How are ya dude!" yelled an overweight teen, abouth 16 yearsof age, 2 years younger than Kiro who was playing The Sims 2 on the Black GameCube they owned.

Kiro sighed, being very tired, replied with a cold and shrill tone, "Fine Tino, leave me alone, I need to rest. I had a long day."

The teenager's roomate frowned and went back to his game, while Kiro walked to his bathroom to take off his contact lenses. He then walked over to his bedroom, which was right across the hall. As he entered the violet-colored room, he stopped, and then continued to walk to his desk, where he kept a white computer, and a cup of pens, pencils, markers, etc. He pciked up a red color pencil, and picked up his notebook from his white sheeted bed, and began writing:

Dear Journal,
Today, I had a heated battle with Prof. Espeo today! Man, I gotta hand it to ya, what a rush! I just can't believe I defeated his Kirlia, I mean, it IS his strongest Pokemon! Wow, I wonder......If I can beat him, who else can I beat? Maybe the Principal, or even Prof. Rii, the P.E Coach! His Ursaring is pretty strong. Eh, maybe not Prof. Rii, he is too strong. I think I should try to make better friends with Tino, I mean, all he does after classes is play that stupid GameCube I got him for Christmas. Well, I hope he actually does something, like join a club, or soemthing, or I will have to intervene.

He closed the journal, and put it under his bed, between the matress and the black painted wood. He layed flat on his bed, and closed his eyelids, taking away the image of his ceiling, and drifting off into a deep sleep.........

"Play with me Kiro! Come with me to mommy's room!"

"Oh, Ember, why do you do this? Must I always accompany you to mother's room? One day, I might not be around to play with you like I do now!"

The two children walked into a rather large room, which was their mother's. The little girl picked up her Teddiursa plushie, and the two walked back outside.

"Kiro! Play with Teddy!" said the girl, a huge grin appearing on her face.

"Ok Ember, but only for a little while! We have school tommorow and it's getting pretty late," replied the young Kiro.

Kiro got the plush figure from his sister, and pretended to be it's voice. He played with her four hours, until midnight.

"Oh my!" yelled the little girl, "it's 12 O'Clock! We need to slee-" her sentence was cut short as her brother picked her up, and put her in her room.

"Go to sleep now, Ember," he said, and then he sung a lullaby to her, one her mother always sang to her.

When the Jigglypuff sings to you, you enter a slumber too.
If you do not go to sleep, Natu's gonna buy you a diamond ring,
and he will not go to the store,
so you cannot buy any sugar more.

By the time Kiro had finished singing in his angelic voice, Ember had fallen into a deep sleep.......


"Huh?! What? Oh, the alarm," Kiro mumbled, reaching for the Abra alarm, knocking the spoon in, making the loud beeping stop. It was 7:00 Am, time for Kiro's usual routine in the morning to begin. He walked over to the door, opened it, and entered the bathroom, which was right across the hallway. He undressed as he walked in, and took a shower with cold water, to awaken him. As he finished, he walked outside, and reached for a towel, grabbing his black one. He dried himself off, quickly put on his contact lenses, now refreshed and rejuvinated by the solution, and walked back to his room to put on his clothes. After getting dressed, he walked toward the living room/kitchen area, and walked towards the refrigerator, grabbing some Miltank Farm Brand Milk. He then opened the cupboard, and pulled out some cereal. He opened the box, and found a prize inside, and then poured cereal into the bowl, adding the milk after. as he slowly chewed his food, Tino walked out from his room, fully dressed.

"Hey Kiro! What's for breakfast?" he asked, licking his creamy peach lips.

"The same as usual, cereal for me, and a noodle cup for you," was Kiro's blatant response; he was not a morning person, while is chipper roomate was.

"Ok then, what do you say we play some Super Smash Bros. Melee before classes begin huh?" asked Tino, about to go to the GameCube.

"No thanks, I have to get to Prof. Botan's class early today; she said she has a special assignment for me," replied Kiro, as he swallowed his last spoonful of cereal.

He exited the dorm without saying anything, and headed for Prof. Botan's classroom, which was luckily in his building. He walked down two flights of stairs and head for classroom #12, in BC#3. He entered the Grass Pokemon Teacher's classroom, and found a woman in a green labcoat, and darkgreen mini-skirt waiting for him eagerly.

"Hello there, Kiro, seeing as you are one of my best student's, I have a special assignment for you, which you WILL miss some class time for, but it will be made up. I also gave another student this assignment, who should be entering the room shortly. Until then, please, have a seat," said Prof. Botan, as she stood up from her rolling chair.

Just as the Proffesor finished her sentence, Rai walked in. Kiro's eyes widened as he saw the Beauty walk in, her golden locks seeming to float alongside behind her. He made a crooked smile, and awaited to see what Prof. Botan would say.

"Finally, glad you could make it Rai, and now that both of you are here, we can get to business," Prof. Botan began, "as you know, the Orre Pokemon Academy is quite large, and that it is surrounded by nothing but desert. Well, I want you to use this map, and find a hidden oasis where it is said that many Grass and Water Type Pokemon thrive; I have already gotten permission from Principal Ultima, and she was happy to find out about the assignment. Now, I want you two to start this today, and it might take you some time, so no dillydallying, and I want you to watch out for Chasers."

Prof. Botan then handed Kiro the Map, which had the exact cooridnates for the Oasis, and then pushed both of them out into the HallWay. Then, Kiro and Rai walked outside to the eastern gates, greeting the East Gate security guard Kaa as they made their way outside. Rai twitched at seeing what they had to walk through, but was relieved at the though of having some water with her.

((I edited some of it, including the title of the first chapter and the numerous spelling and grammar mistakes. I also edited the entire plot, so I hope you enjoy it better now.....))

February 8th, 2006, 8:49 PM
((Well, I might as well add a new chaopter!! I hope you enjoy Chapter 2....Oh, and this chapter is rated PG for kissing, and minor, and I mean MINOR gore...))

Chapter 2: A Suprising Turn Of Events

Taking the first step into the unrelenting desert, Kiro looks behind him to see Rai slowly walking behind him, reluctantly. They then get closer to each other, while brushing sand away from their eyes. As Rai walked closer, Kiro blushed more, his entire face now a deep scarlet.

"What's wrong, Kiro? You seem flushed," she asked innocently.

"Uh, uh, well, I, erm, er, I um-" his reply was cut short as Rai moved closer to him, and planted her lips on his, the passionate kiss becomeing more and more passionate by the second. Kiro's dream had finally come true, the girl of his dreams finally kissed him.

After their lips de-attatched, Kiro smiled, and was in a small state of shock.

"Ok then, now that that's over with, let's get on with what Prof. Botan wanted us to do!" she exclaimed, smiling at Kiro.

They continued to walk for several hours, and Kiro checked his PD*A, to see what time it was.

"Let's see, we left at 6:45, and now it's 12:00, so we stayed out for......." Mathematics was not exactly Kiro's best subject, "five hours and fifteen minutes! Wow! Whew, I am tired, oh, wait! I see something!"

In the distance, there was what looked like what the front section of a train, and its wheels. Kiro and Rai walked inside, hand in hand, and saw a TV, some people sitting down in small booths, and a rather large man at a bar, who appeared to be the bartender. Kiro walked up to him.

"Erm, do you know where this place is?" he asked politely, for if it was one thing Kiro knew, it was to always be polite, and to never be rude.

"Are you two kids serious?! This is the location for the old Team Cipher Base, which was abandoned about 5 years ago. You kids sure that ya wanna go there?" he asked in suprise to the young couple.

"Yes, we are sure! We've been travelling for hours, and we STILL haven't found out how to get there! Please sir, help us!" exclaimed Rai, with an enraged look on her face.

"OK! OK! Please, just calm down, you're scaring away the only customer's I get! Here, you take the route north west of here, and just keep on walking until you see a truck that looks beat down, and not too far away, you'll see the base. That oasis your teacher heard about, it's just a little bit more south of the base, you might see some wild Pokemon, but, it'll be OK, as long as you're well equipped. Here, take some of these Potions, and some of these PokeBalls," he then handed Rai 10 Potions, which she then put into her small bag that's attached to her waist, and 10 PokeBalls to Kiro, which he then put into his teal backpack.

Kiro and Rai thanked him for the information and exited the small pub, if you will, and as they walked outside, there was a female Chaser, dressed in white and blue, and a male Chaser, dressed in white and blue.

"Hey there, kiddies, give us your Pokemon, and no one gets hurt!" the female Chaser said, an evil grin forming on her face.

"Hey, hey, please m'am, I don't want any problems, so please step aside," Kiro kindly replied, trying to cover Rai.

"Wrong answer, kiddies! Let's get'm Ron!" she said, and then she looked at the male Chaser next to her, and he smiled.

"Ok then, Nina! Go, Ariados!" he said, as the orange and purple spider formed from a beam emitted from the PokeBall Ron threw.

It hissed, and then Nina said, "go, Delcatty!" The cat Pokemon was a gangster type of Pokemon, who wore a black bandana on her head, and was pierced two times, just like her owner.

"Go, Eevee!" said Kiro. Eevee formed and bared his small, but deadly fangs.

"Go, Roselia!" said Rai, as she smiled, she hadn't battled in a while, so this was exciting for her.

The four Pokemon stared at each other, Roselia staring at Delcatty, and Eevee staring at Ariados. The enemies were set, Roselia Vs. Delcatty, and Eevee Vs. Ariados.

"Ariados! Use Sludge Bomb!" said Ron, grinning. His black bandana flew off his head, but he ignored it, as he put on another one, while Nina commanded the Delcatty to use Shock Wave on Roselia, which didn't really affect her.

"Roselia! Use your Poison Sting attack!" said Rai, as the Rose/Human hybrid shot many purple needles at the cat Pokemon, striking her with incredible force, knocking the Delcatty back a few feet. She panted, obviously poisoned from the attack.

As that occured, the Sludge Bomb attack hit Eevee, dirtying his beautiful coffee colored coat of silky fur. Eevee shook it off, and then Kiro commanded him to use his Bite attack. He jumped at the spider Pokemon and sinked his tiny fangs into it, causing some bleeding, and then let go, causing the Ariados to flinch, not being able to move.

The Roselia then danced with glee as Rai told her to use Petal Dance, the hard petals smacking against the Delcatty, KO'ing her.

"Oh Ron! Why did I lose?" asked Nina, tears welling up deep in her eyes.

"Oh, honey! We need to make like banana's and split!" said Ron, recalling his Ariados, and running off with Nina, "you haven't seen the last of us!"

Recalling both their PokeMon, Kiro and Rai walked back inside the pub.

"What happened? I was about to come out there after hearing all that noise!" said the man, "oh, I haven't properly introduced myself, my name is Tonk."

"Ok then, Tonk? Can we please have somewhere to stay for a little bit?" asked Rai before Kiro could speak. Tonk pointed to an empty booth colored purple, and they both sat down, almost collapsing in it. They sighed and looked outside the triangle shaped window next to their booth, and they saw Nina and Ron, having a conversation.

"Curse them!! They fooled us into thinking they were weak, and pathetic," said Nina, a vein appearing on her face, showing her obvious rage.

"I know, honey, but Greevil won't promote us until we bring back a Pokemon to him, so he can make it a Shadow Pokemon! You knwo what he said," replied Ron, also angry.

February 12th, 2006, 2:03 PM
Hey, this story is really good!!! You did a great job-can't wait to read more :D (awesome description for the battle scenen!!)