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March 22nd, 2004, 11:51 AM
Alright! Raichu Master is here! If you rp in the pokemon rp, then you know who I am! It's time for me to join the pokemon fanfic!

Chapter 1: Blaze get's Charmander!

Blaze has just moved to a little town in the Keoko (Key-o-ko) Islands. But there's something strange about the boy, Blaze. He's not like anyother boy in on the island. He has flaming red hair, red eyes and always wears a red muscle shirt. He was born in raised on Fire Island and has moved to Kiliko from Fire Island. What makes him so different is that he's from the Fire clan. The legendary clan that is said to be long gone. But as he woke up the morning of his 16th birthday he found a pokeball and a pokedex laying on the table. His mom abd dad jumped out from behind the corner and said, "Surprise!"

"Wow! Does this mean I'm a pokemon trainer?" Blaze said excitedly.

"It sure does, baby." His mom said as alittle tear came from her eyes.

"Good Luck son." His father said as Blaze stepped out the door. "See what's inside!" His dad said before Blaze began his journey.

"Pokeball! Go!" Blaze said throwing the pokeball over to the side walk. A cute Charmander came out and said excitedly, "Char, Char, Char!"

"He's awsome! Thanks mom and dad." Blaze said as he waved good-bye to his parents. Charmander jumped onto his shoulders and Blaze said, "Time to start our journey!"

Raichu Master
March 22nd, 2004, 2:22 PM
Chapter 2: Meeting Team Choas!

As Blaze walked along the dirt path to Gath, the location of the Pokemon League registration or PLR for short. "I wonder if these woods have any useful pokemon." Blaze said to himself. He took a detour into the forest and foud all types of bug types. But the rarest pokemon he saw was a Mankey who decided to have some fun and attack Blaze. "Let's catch this pokemon! Go, Charmander!" He yelled throwing the pokeball to the ground. Charmander came out and Blaze said, "Charmander Ember attack!" Charmander gave the Mankey his best ember attack, and the Mankey used pound. "Okay finish it off with Rage!" I yelled. Charmander unleashed a mighty rage attack and fainted the Mankey. "Pokeball go!" Blaze said throwing a pokeball at the fainted pokemon. The ball finally beeped, signally that it had caught Mankey. Blaze returned to the path, proud at the fact he caught a pokemon.

"Not so fast insect!" A dark and misterious voice called out.

"Who's there?" Blaze said. "Char!" Charmander added.

"Jake! Nice to meet you! To bad I'm taking your pokemon!" Jake said.

"That against the rules!" Blaze replied.

"Who cares Team Choas can do whatever they want! Go Rydon!" Jake said.

"Rydon! No! I got to run away from here!" Blaze said running as fast as he could away from Jake. When he got to Gath he ran into the Pokemon Center and had his pokemon healed. As they were healing he kept an eye out for Jake.

March 22nd, 2004, 5:49 PM
Cna't wait to find out what happens next!! Charmander rocks my socks!! Nice job so far!

Raichu Master
March 23rd, 2004, 5:34 AM
Chapter 3: The Power of the Fire Clan

After Blaze healed his pokemon he signed up for the Keoko league. "Good. The first badge is here right next to the Pokemart!" Joy said taking my form.

"Okay!" he said leaving.

But before he left Joy shouted out a warning to him. "The gym leader uses water types!"

'Water types! Oh great how am I supposed to beat that?' He thought to himself. As Blaze entered the gym he shouted to the gym leader, "I challenge you!"

"I, Marina, the Gath City gym leader accepts your challenge." Marina said.

"Your a girl?! I was expecting a guy!" Blaze said taken back by the fact that the gym leader was a girl.

"Yes, I am. You'll find out that there are only 2 male gym leaders in this league. Now I choose you! Warturtle!" Marina said bringing out her Warturtle.

"Go Chamander!" Blaze said throwing Charmanders pokeball onto the battle field. Charmander came out ready for battle. He didn't seem afraid that Warturtle was water type.

"Ha! A fire type? You need to read the rules more carefully, Water always beats fire!" Marina said mockingly.

Charmander seemed to get outraged by her insult. Blaze then replied to her criticism, "Well, I'm here to show you Fire can beat water! Chamander rage!" On top of what Charmander was already feeling, Charmander used rage and lit the whole ring on fire. He flinched because the ring was a swimming pool, and the water turned to fire.

"What! You cheating! That's impossible! Warturtle use water gun to extingish the flames!" Marina yelled. When warturtles water gun hit the flames the flames rose up the water gun and into Warturtles mouth, which then burned out all of warturtles water and then fainted it. "Return! Go Corsela!" She yelled obviously angered. "Use tackle!" She said.

"Return go Mankey!" I yelled back. "Use Seismic Toss!" Blaze yelled again. As Corsela came toward Mankey, he grabbed corsela by it's spikes and jumped up and threw it into the flames. Coresla jumped out severly burned by the flames.

"Corsela's rock type too. So she isn't as weak as Warturtle is to the flames. Use tackle again." She yelled obviously not wanting to use a non physical move.

"Okay Mankey finish it off with another seismic toss." Blaze said as Mankey did the same thing as last time, which fainted the Corsela.

"Here's your badge take it." She said stubburnly.

Blaze took the badge and stepped out side and saw an old man waiting for him. Then old man then spoke. "You are apart of the ancient Fire Clan. They have the power to have fire pokemon turn any non phsyical move into fire. They can also have a fire pokemon turn the battle field to fire. You have a very powerful and ancient power. Many will seek that power. You must not let it fall into the wrong hands!" He warned Blaze

Raichu Master
March 23rd, 2004, 11:42 AM
Chapter 4: Blaze Meets his Brother!

Before Blaze could speak the old man disappeared in a burst of flames. 'Is he from my clan too? I remember seeing him when I was little and I know he's of importants. But why is he important?' Blaze thought as he healed his pokemon and continued onto Nami City, the second Gym.

Once he got to Nami City, he found that it was taken over by Team Choas. 'What am I going to do? If that guy I met was a grunt then I'm in big trouble! I mean he had an Rydon! He thought as he saw the city being patroled by Team Choas. Blaze then walked over to the Pokemon Center and saw that nurse Joy wasn't there. There was a Grunt in her place, obviously they were going to steal whatever pokemon they could get their hands on. He went to turn around when the grunt called be up to her. "Come her!" The female grunt said.

"Yes." He said in a pathetic voice. He went over there and said, "Can I help you?"

"Ya. Do you want to join Team Choas? The boss is very fond of your powers, and might even pay you big bucks!"

"No thank you!" Blaze said.

"You don't have a choice! Go Venasaur!" The female grunt said.

"Go Rydon!" A familiar voice said behind his back. Blaze turned to see who it was and it was that same grunt. "Nice to meet you again kid!" Jake said laughing. "And this is Izzy!" He said pointing to the other grunt.

"Go Charmander and Mankey!" Blaze said thinking quickly. "If you want a fight then I'll give it to you!" he said as my eyes turned red and the pokemon center caught on fire. "That is a fire fight! HAHAHAHA! Return both of you!" Blaze said laughing evilly. He walked out of the burning building as the other grunts came to their assistants. Blaze ran into the forest and hid until the fuss died down. Then he noticed that the Gym had a Choas Headquarters over the Gym sign. "Their to cheap to rip the gym sign down?" he said to himself. He snuck past the guards and into the gym. He pointed to the figure on the chair where the gym leader sits and said, "I challenge you!"

"I accept Blaze! My name's Blade!" The gym leader stepped forward, it was a young man about 25, black hair and a blue buttondown shirt with a tie on it.

"Okay Blade. I take it your the boss of Team Choas." Blaze said getting Charmanders pokeball out.

"Yes I am. And I'm also your brother!" He said.

"What? My brother left for a pokemon journey and never came back yet." Blaze said.

"After I beat the final badge I wanted to take over Team Choas before I took on the elite four." He explained.

"But you had a good heart why turn bad?" I said.

He laughed and said, "I'm not bad! I'm just trying to turn Team Choas into a helpful organization." He voice was calm.

"Fine. But if I don't think your doing a good job of it I'll take beat you for the position, and do it myself!" Blaze said.

"That's exactly why I beat our father for this position! Father created this Team and I was trying to stop him and I had an idea if I could take it over I could change it." Blade said still very calm.

"Fine. Let's battle!" He said.

"I've been waiting for this day, when we would finally battle each other! And yes I have the same powers Brother!" Blade said as he called out a Charizard and lit the field on fire.

"Fine, go Charmander!" Blaze said smiling.

"You sent that weak thing against my Charizard! Your nuts!" He said laughing.

"Am I? We'll find out won't we?" Blaze said grinning evilly.

March 23rd, 2004, 3:37 PM
Whoot! Good story! Plot developing nicely. :-)

Raichu Master
March 24th, 2004, 6:39 AM
Chapter 5: The Clash of the Fire Brothers!

"Charizard rage!" Blade said as his charizard turned the field to fire.

"Nice! Charmander absord the fire and use flamethrower!" Blazes said grinning.

"What!?" Blade said petrified as the cute Charmander sucked all of the fire up and then spit it at charizard. "My Charizards fainted! I never knew the fire clan had that kind of power!" Blade said returning his Charizard.

"What's happening?!" Blaze said as Charmander started glowing. A big burst of light flashed through the whole gym and when it died down it show a Charmeleon were the cute Charmander was.

"Go Quilava!" Blade said sending out his Quilava.

"Chameleon tackle it as you turn the field to flames!" Blaze said as Charmeleon tackled it into the blaze of fire. "Now Seismic toss then use flamethrower to toast it!" Blaze said now confident about his fire powers.

"NO! This can't be happening!" Blade said as he watched his pokemon faint. "You win heres your badge. I hope you do better than me and go all the way to the elite four!" Blade said smiling as he returned his Quilava.

"Thanks brother. See ya later, man!" Blaze said taking the badge and heading into the forest.

Raichu Master
March 24th, 2004, 9:13 AM
Chapter 6: Blaze Meets Mary!

As Blaze came to a small village on his way to Kiliko City, the biggest city in the league. He went to get his pokemon healed at the pokemon center but was stopped at the sight of a beautiful young girl about his age. He stared for awhile before he took a deep breath and walked over to her. "Hel....Hello." He studdered.

The girl giggled at this and said, "Hello. What's your name?"

"Blaze! Um.......What's your name?" He said hesitating.

"My name's Mary. Nice to meet you. Are you a Pokemon Trainer?" She said looking at his pokemon belt.

"Yes I am. I have two badges. I'm on my way to Kiliko to get my third. Are you a trainer?" Blaze said not looking down to see to keep from getting called a pervert.

"Sort of. I have a Totodile, but the bullies in the village pick on me for being weak." Mary sighed.

"They what?! Show me to them, I'll toast them for you!" Blaze said as his red got red with anger.

"Their over there, but I wouldn't advise going over there. Their tough." She said pointing to a group of boys.

Blaze laughed alittle and said, "I'll show you tough. Come with me and I'll show you." She followed him to the group and said once they got there, "I challenge all of you! I'll teach you not to pick on defencless girls!"

"look who we got here. A tough guy, I'll take you on." He said snapping his fingers and his buddies grabbed Mary by the arms and tied her to a pole.

"What are you doing?" Blaze said watching this.

"If I win leave this place. If you win I free the girl." He said.

"Fine. Let's battle." Blaze said calmly and walked over to their ring which was right in front of them.

"Go Bayleaf!" He said sending Bayleaf into battle.

"Charmeleon go!" Blaze said laughing.

"What!? That's not fair! Return Bayleaf! Go Warturtle!" He said recalling quickly and sending out Warturtle.

"Whatever! Charmeleon Rage!" Blaze screamed as his eyes turned red. Charmeleon lit the ring on fire. Blazes eyes remained red.

"What?! HAHAHAHA! Warturtle hydro pump!" He said laughing. But he soon stopped as the fire climbed up the attack and into the pokemon's mouth, which nearly fainted him.

"Anyone up for fryed Warturtle? Finish it off. Suck in the fire and Fire Blast!" He said as his red eyes flashed brightly. Charmeleon sucked in the fire and used fire blast, and fryed Warturtle.

"Return! Okay, go Primeape! Rage! And go Gyarodos! Rage too!" He said bringing out two pokemon.

"Go Mankey! Dodge both of you and use rage both of you!" Blaze said as his eyes became even more red. They did so, and Charmeleon lit the field on fire again, toast the gyarodos. And almost fainting Primeape, but Primeape dodged the Makey's attack. "Mankey return!" Blaze said returning Mankey. His glowing bright red eyes then flashed and a red orb engulped the village. When the orb faded, they found Charmeleons mouth filling up with fire and his eyes turned to fire. "Do it!" Blaze yelled to his Charmeleon. Charmeleon jumped in the air and unleashed all his fire on the Primeape. Charmeleon landed on his feet and the firy field died down to plain grass, Primeape fell flat on his back and fainted.

The boy stood stund and slowly returned the fainted pokemon. Blaze looked to see if they released Mary but they were stund. Blaze walked coamly over to her and untied her. She then followed him to the pokemon center. Charmeleon was by my side and my eyes turned to normal. As I handed Joy my two pokemon, "Um.........Blaze what happened back there?" Mary said

"Long story, I'm from the Fire Clan. If that makes sense." Blaze said as they sat down on a couch.

"Actually it does. I've heard of the legendary Fire Clan. All though I never saw someone from it, until now." She said smiling sweetly.

"Wow. Legendary? I never thought I was legendary." He said laughing, with Mary laughing with him.

"Can I join you on your journey? Because I too have defeat to gyms and I need to take a journey, And I don't want to go by myself." She asked.

Blaze froze and said, "Sure! That would be awsome!" He got up and grabbed his pokeballs and charmeleon follow close at his side. "Let's go!" Blaze said smiling. They then walked into the wodds toward Kiliko City.

Raichu Master
March 24th, 2004, 1:11 PM
Chapter 7: The Double Hitter!

When Blaze and Mary got to Kiliko City, Blaze just caught a Pidgey and Mary just caught a Shroomish. As they went to the Pokemon Center to heal there pokemon, they came across the Gym. It was closed! 'What!? Closed! This can't happen!' Blaze thought as they looked at the sign. But Blaze noticed something funny about the door, it was cracked open. He pushed the door open and found a battle going on. 'This gym isn't closed!' Blaze thought as he watched the battle. It was a two on two battle, each pokemon trainer was extremely strong.

"What are ya lookin' at?" Mary said as she followed him.

"Hey kids! This gym is closed!" The gym leader said.

"Then how come there's a battle going on?" Blaze yelled across the field.

"Um.........Because!" The gym leader hesitated, obviously hidding something.

"Because why?" Blaze said trying to get the gym leader to crack.

"I said so, and if you don't like then let's have a pokemon battle right now! Guys move out of the way!" He said as the other trainers recalled their pokemon and stepped aside.

"Only if I can get a gym badge if I win!" I said smilng.

"Fine you runt! As long as you stay away from here. This will be a two on two battle! Go Bayleaf! Go Combusken!" He said sending out the pokemon.

"Can I help, Blaze?" Mary said.

"Ya, you need this badge too!" He said smiling. "Go Charmeleon!"

"Go Totodile!" Mary said calling out her Totodile.

"You take the Combusken and I'll take the bayleaf! Let's go! Charmeleon Flamethrower on Bayleaf." Blaze said as Charmeleon blazed through his opponent.

"How's he so strong!?" The gym leader said, "Return Bayleaf! Combusken fire punch!" The leader added.

"Okay, Mary. We're going to beat this in one sweep. Aim a water gun up. Charmeleon turn this ring to flames!" Blaze said then his eyes turned red again. Totodile unleashed a water gun in the air after Charmeleon turn the field to fire. As always the water that was spincling down turned to flames, so it was like tiny fire ball coming down at the Combusken. "Now return Totodile!" Blaze said

"Totodile return!" Mary said.

"Let's do this Charmeleon. We'll call this the Totally Bazerk move! Okay now Total Bazerk!" Blaze said as he put a red orb, that engulped only the ring and then when it faded, Carmeleon was over flowing with fire like the last time, and launched all his fire at the pokemon. Which toasted the weak fire pokemon. "Return Charmeleon!" Blaze said as Charmeleon returned to his pokeball. "Now our badge!" Blaze said as the gym leader handed us our badge. We walked out the gym and into the pokemon center.

"Did you know Kiliko has three different gyms? It does, because it takes up so much of the islands. It takes up 1/3 of all the islands, that's how large it is. Of course it fits on one island." Mary said as her pokemon healed.

"Wow. So we can get our fourth and fifth badges here?" Blaze asked as he handed his pokemon to nurse Joy.

"Yep!" Mary said.

Raichu Master
March 30th, 2004, 10:20 AM
Chapter 8: Choas Attacks!

When Blaze and Mary exited the Pokemon Center they saw the gym leader the just beat walk toward them. 'What does he want?' Blaze thought to himself as he stopped in front of them.

"Okay what do you people think your doing?" he asked.

"What are you talking about?" Blaze replied, insalted to the fact he was accusing him of doing something wrong.

"You know what I'm talking about! Hand over the badge!" he said.

"Why!? I won it fair and square! What's your name anyway?" Blaze said.

"Henry. Now give me that badge, before I have to take it!" Henry said reaching for one of his pokeballs.

"No. What are you? One of Team Choas?" Blaze said mockingly.

"Ya." Henry said ripping his shirt off to reveal a team choas shirt under it. "Now prepare for a battle!" He grabbed one of his pokeballs and was about to throw it.

"I wouldn't do that if I was you." Blaze said smerking.

"Why not?!" Henry said as he raised his pokeball in the air ready to throw it.

"Turn around." Blaze said pointing behind Henry.

Henry turned around and saw Blaze's Charmeleon ready to use his total Bazerk move. "NO!" Henry said quickly putting his ball back and putting his hands in the air.

"Now get out of here!" Blaze yelled. "Before I order Chameleon to attack!"

"The boss isn't going to be happy about this!" Henry mumbled as he ran away.

"Now to the next gym leader!" Blaze said.

When they arrived at the gym, Blaze open the door to see a young lady on the gym leader's chair. He walked over to her and said, "I challenge you!"

"I, Brittany, accept your challenge as the leader of this gym!" Brittany said jumping to the ring. "Go Mr. Mime and Ralts!" Brittany yelled as she called out her pokemon.

"Psychic, okay then go Charmeleon!" Blaze said calling out his pokemon.

"Go Totodile!" Mary said calling out Totodile.

March 30th, 2004, 1:45 PM
Wow this is really cool! Caint wait to read whats next!

March 30th, 2004, 6:14 PM
Yeah me too! Good plot but it seems a little rushed. Try adding more description.

March 31st, 2004, 1:16 PM
I agree with SwampertLover. Take a little time to figure your plot out, then you'll likely be able to hammer something out easily...

Raichu Master
March 31st, 2004, 1:43 PM
OOC: Plot? The first tem chapters are only the intro. The plot is just beginning. Wait and see, then tell me after chapter eleven. You got no idea what the plot is yet, if you think you know your wrong. This is just getting you acuainted with the characters, there's not plot to this yet, so just sit back and watch. :D

Chapter 9: Time to Battle!

"This will be a tougher battle Mary. She's using psychic pokemon." Blaze said warning Mary to be careful.

"Got it. Totodile! Let's watch out, their psychic pokemon. Use rage." Mary said cautiously.

"Mr. Mime, psychic." Brittany said calmly. Totodile was pumping up for a rage attack, and Mr' Mime hit Totodile with a psychic attack, which let Mr. Mime control Totdile like a puppet.

"Charmeleon flamethrower at Mr. Mime." Blaze said pointing to Mr. Mime. It hit Mr. Mime dead on because he was too busy controling Totodile.

"Thanks Blaze, I would have been done for." Mary said thanking Blaze for helping her.

"It's not over yet........WATCH OUT!" I yelled as Mr. Mime was preparing a psybeam. "Charmeleon stop it! Use Flamethrower."

"Ralts, deflect." Brittany said very in control of her pokemon. Ralts deflected the flames and sent them back at Charmeleon. Charmeleon took the hit and inhaled the flames into his mouth. "What!?" Brittany exclaimed as Charmeleon sucked in the flames.

"Now charmeleon Fire Blast a Ralts!" Blaze said happily. Charmeleon unleashed the flames with added power to make it a Fire Blast. It hit the Ralts with full power, severly weakened the pokemon.

"Mr. Mime psybeam now!" Brittany said noticing the opportunity. Charmeleon held out his claws and tryed to stop it and was almost successful but it was to powerful. He took the blast and fortunately he had weakened it by holding it.

"Totdile finish Ralts off with bite!" Mary said grabbing the opportunity to attack. The bite attack was strong enough to finish the Ralts off.

"Ha. If you want to play like that then Mr. Mime Psybeam now!" Brittany said. Mr. Mime quickly recovered from his last psybeam and quickly charged another one up, not giving Blaze or Mary enough time to react. Mr. Mime shot the beam at Totodile. The beam fainted the pokemon with out any difficulty.

"Go...." Mary said getting ready to send out another pokemon.

"Don't, this is a two on two match. Your Totodile has been fainted so it's only me and her now. Charmeleon rage!" Blaze said as his eyes turned red again. Charmeleon turned the ring to fire. "Okay now until she attacks three times, so you have enough fire power." Blaze said giving direct orders to Charmeleon.

"What! The ring! Mr. Mime use psybeam on charmeleon, so we can faint it before you faint!" Brittany said obviously worried.

"Why do they have to do it the hard way.' Blaze said shrugging his shoulders. When the psybeam touched the flames it turned to flames and rode up into Mr. Mimes. mouth, severly burning it more. "Charmeleon let's end this! Suck in the flames of the ring and use Total Bazerk!" Blaze said his eyes turned to fire. Charmeleon's eyes did the same as he sucked in the flames. Once he sucked in all the flames, his mouth wa full of fire and was obvious from far away because you could see fire escaping from his mouth. He then fired all the fire he could manage at the Mr. Mime and fainted the pokemon on contact. "Return Charmeleon!" Blaze said as his Charmeleon returned to his side.

"Wow! That was incredible!" Brittany said returning her Mr. Mime. "Here's your badge. And I have to know, are you from the Fire Clan?" Brittany asked curiously as she handed him his badge.

"Ya, why?" Blaze said retrieving the badge.

"What about me!" Mary said putting out her hand.

"Here you go." Brittany said obviously forgetting about Mary. She pulled another badge out of her pocket and gave it to her. She then turned her attentin back to Blaze and said, "I just wondered, because only the Fire Clan is said to have that sort of power. And the Fire Clan isn't supposed to exist anymore."

"My mom, dad, brother, and me are the only remaining members the Fire Clan." Blaze said obviously forgetting about the old man that he met.

"Oh, well I have another challenger. Are you going to be in the area for longer? Because I would like to talk to you some more." Brittany said obviously interested in Blazes abilities.

"Ya, I have one more badge here, and if we don't meet up after that I'll wait for you. See ya later." Blaze said exiting the gym.

"Okay, bye." Brittany said as the left the gym.

Raichu Master
April 4th, 2004, 6:20 AM
Chapter 10: Charmeleon Takes a Nap!

As Mary and I came to the Gym doors of the next gym, we heard a voice and we looked at each other and sighed saying, "Not again." We turned around quickly with our pokeballs in hand.

"Wait it's just me!" Brittany said as she walked toward them. "Blaze, I was told by an old man to give this to you if you managed to beat me." She said handing an amulet with a live flame in it to Blaze.

"What am I supposed to do with this?" Blaze said taking it and spinning it around by it's golden chain.

"Call out your Charmeleon." She simple said obviously trying to remember something.

"Right. Go Charmeleon." Blaze said letting his Pokeball fall to the ground and releashing Charmeleon. "Okay now what?"

"The old man said something about putting the amulet around his neck. And then he'll come into a deep sleep and won't awaken until your strong enough, when it awakes it will be one of the strongest pokemon in the world." She said remembering what the old man said.

"Okay." Blaze said slowly putting it around Charmeleon. Charmeleon went into a deep sleep and Blaze looked up to Brittany and she was watching just as surprised. "Okay now what should I do?"

"Well, he said put him in his pokeball, and try to become stronger." She said looking at the sleeping Charmeleon.

"So all I have to do is go to a weight gym?" Blaze asked.

"I think he means mentally." She said looking at him.

"Oh, return Charmeleon." Blaze said as he returned his sleeping pokemon.

"Well I'll let you be on your way." She said walking away from them.

"Ready Mary! Let's do this!" He said opeing the gym door.

shiny jirachi
April 6th, 2004, 6:40 PM
great story!!! i really enloyed reading it. :16:

some spelling mistakes though.you said......

When Blaze and Mary exited the Pokemon Center they saw the gym leader the just beat walk toward them

April 10th, 2004, 7:19 AM
R.M, I didn't know you had your own story!:shocked:
Well, anyway, it's goin' great.Keep it comin'!;)

April 10th, 2004, 1:01 PM
Wow! *claps* Brilliant story you got there! It took me a while to read but it was worth it. I especially liked the way you got straight into the gym battles, I also like Team Chaos! It was a really cool story. When will we see Charmeleon again???

Oh yeah, since I read yours and took the time to comment on it could you read and comment on mine? Its called: The trainer for Mew
You dont have to though